How to make your job posting more attractive, accessible, and effective with subtitles

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André Bastié
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Job posting subtitles

Adding subtitles to videos can increase audience engagement, improve accessibility, and help promote a positive image of a company, making it a useful tool for job postings and promotions.

Do you wish to increase the awareness of your company and hire valuable employees? To achieve the maximum impact, you can make promo-ad videos – it is a dynamic and amusing way of presentation. Besides, using subtitles is the best way to draw the attention of viewers. Many big companies now use subtitles in their promo videos. And there are several reasons for that. Let’s have a look at the benefits one can gain from using subtitles.

Note that, in this blog post, subtitles mean both "subtitles" and "captions".

Why do subtitles work?

Subtitles are convenient for both users and hosts of the video. They are user-friendly and help gain more audience. As a result, viewers become more interested in the content, in the company itself and potentially browse for its job vacancies.

Happy Scribe's Subtitle Generator can automatically generate subtitles to videos or it can be used in combination with a professional subtitle editor, who ensures that the subtitles are 99% correct.

The product is designed to help people get access to content that, due to language barrier or situational inconveniences, is inaccessible or difficult to perceive. It makes videos more understandable, serves to summarize the speech, and displays keywords that draw attention to your company.

Within a few clicks, you will receive subtitles for your videos. When the editing stage is finished, you can download subtitles in a separate file or hardcode them directly on your video. Here is a quick tutorial on how to embed subtitles in your video, so you have no chance to get puzzled.

Subtitling for job videos

Direct message

If you want to achieve the maximum impact on your audience, present your company beautifully, and make the experience of users memorable, you should add subtitles to your videos. Many companies receive more clients by introducing their services through free online webinars. Subtitles to these videos hit the box – they increase the impact on viewers. They display keywords to draw attention to your company and help you “sell” it to potential employees.

What is more, the transcription helps prepare unique content based on audio and video materials: collect expert opinions, thoughts, explain complex topics in simple words, prepare sales funnels and sell texts. You can add marketing information and job vacancies in the subtitles!

For example, a potential employee sees your job posting on Jooble, gets redirected to first see a promo video, and finds the key information of your company in the subtitles, they will become interested in your company. Moreover, if there are subtitles before their eyes, the viewer will profoundly understand the ins and outs of your company functioning, its values and work atmosphere. Subtitles sum up this information from your speech. Besides, if you transcribe all key points, they can be then easily copied and transmitted further.

Subtitles help you form a positive image of your company. When there are subtitles embedded in the video, a viewer understands that the video was carefully worked on and, thus, will contain valuable information. This promotes attention to the contents: people pay close attention to subtitles to understand what is being said.

Subtitles help you globalize your video

Your video can be reached by millions, but not understood by some unless translated into other languages. When you translate your content to various global languages, you break the language barrier and let more people reach you. So people from all over the world will see your video and, if you hire them, you will create a work team from the best minds of the universe. Do not miss the opportunity!

Moreover, if your job is available for people with a disability, you absolutely require transcription of speech in your video. Over 50 million people in Europe don't hear well or are deaf.

More languages = more audience

When viewers watch the video in their mother tongue, they get the point clearly and the speech sounds more familiar, pleasant and, thus, more convincing. On Happy Scribe, you can translate your videos into 20+ langauges (and more in the future) from all parts of the world: English, Spanish, French, Greek, Mandarin, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Uzbek, Polish, and so on.

After all, any international company will require translation of the information of its services and job vacancies in different languages.

Remember that, translation can be difficult for some languages, when subtitles are generated automatically. Japanese and Chinese, for example, cannot be transformed into written text that easily. Interpretation of Japanese speech requires context and human proofreading to make out what is being said. That of Chinese requires perception of tunes to understand the difference between words.

What is more, the multiple languages option is a huge bonus. It helps create positive attitude towards the video. A list of languages looks more appealing and harmonious, when you click the settings.

Finally, you provide a viewer with an opportunity to choose from different variants. Your user feels the freedom to choose whatever they want, so this opportunity is definitely a positive experience for your users.

Useful for learners

The number of people using Youtube videos for studying is increasing. And, of course, subtitles help those who watch webinars on Youtube.

Learners can listen for a long time, then pause the video and type the text by ear, what you have made out of it. Or they can do it more efficiently – they can just click on subtitles to better understand what is being said, receive ready contents of the speech and easily memorize it or copy it in the notebook.

And for the language learners, they want to immerse themselves into a foreign language environment and can, for instance, switch on subtitles to see translation in their mother tongue while listening to the speech of natives of the foreign language.

People, who devote their time to attending webinars, studying and developing their skills, are brilliant potential workers and are constantly sought for by HR agencies. Someone who learns a foreign language is a potential valuable employee and maybe he or she learns languages to increase job opportunities. Wouldn't it be great if such a person worked among you one day?

On the go

We usually surf the net while we commute. And when it is too loud in the room, or in the public transport, but we need to learn the content of the video, we click on subtitles, so they are true life-savers. Statistics show that 85% of video on Facebook is watched without sound, because people are too busy and cannot watch them in silence. Or they do not like the way the video starts loudly. It means that you lose 4 out of 5 viewers you reach with your video unless you accompany audio with a script. It is a trick of video bloggers to use transcription when preparing subtitles for videos for people with hearing impairments and those who prefer to watch content without sound.

Is it possible to have 99% accurate subtitles?

If you create the subtitles automatically, you can proofread and edit them yourself. Happy Scribe is a user-friendly platform, which makes the process of editing subtitles effortless. However, it is a very time consuming process, and if you're not an experienced subtitler, it can be very tricky to get the 99 in the percentage (%).

Though, there are experts are working on creating the best subtitles. They make sure the text of subtitles is absolutely accurate: edit it until everything clicks into place and there is no misplacement of tags of subtitles. The finished text should consist of logical phrases built according to the rules of the language.

So, we see that adding subtitles in the job offer video has become a useful tool nowadays. It is a step in the future of job posting, as it combines important features: it is convenient, language adaptable, and makes the video more attractive and understandable. Thus, it produces a great impact on the viewer. With the help of Happy Scribe, people can create a subtitled video that introduces a job offer, shows the culture of the company, and so that video viewers will browse for job vacancies right on the spot.

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