A Proportional Response


‘A Proportional Response with Sean Walker’ is a podcast based on the premise of gaining greater understanding. Life is a rather confusing adventure which most struggle to navigate. I am intrigued by people and how they flourish, but the real area of my interest lies in their struggles. The omnishambles of our day-to-day experiences sometimes ends with us flat on our face; I would like to explore how people pick themselves back up and the lessons they learn along the way. By talking to friends and family I hope to discover that there is more that unites than divides us in our endeavour through this complicated life. I hope you will join me.

Ep. 14 Cameron Finlay
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Cameron and I went to the same secondary school, but never really spent too much time together. We took this opportunity to talk about our thoughts looking back on school, intertwined with performative aspects of identity. We followed up by having a conversation about male body image and recognising the potential harm of a “I would be happy if…” mindset. Finally, we briefly spoke about Cameron being a personal trainer, including the difficulties and high points involved.Enjoy!

4 months ago
Ep. 13 Alice Watson
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This is my first virtual interview and I couldn’t have asked for a better guest than Alice. We started off with her passion for golf, followed by discussing her studies at University of St Andrews and University of Oxford. Finally, we chatted about podcasting, since Alice has a wonderful podcast herself, called The Quarantine Diaries. You can check it out here: https://www.mixcloud.com/oxideradio_live/ Enjoy! 

4 months ago
Ep. 12 Yannic Welter
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I met Yannic through university and became almost immediately captivated by how funny and honest he is.I’m sure you will develop the same reaction from listening to our conversation which starts off with me asking him about an entertainers quality he possesses. In particular we mention the difference between having confidence online as opposed to interpersonally.We then go on to chat about his course in film studies and art history, including why he chose to study it and the creative layers that many fail to notice despite the democratising nature of film.Enjoy!

11 months ago
Ep. 1 1 Ava Clements
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I had the opportunity to chat with Ava while she was back in Aberdeen over the summer so we met up to talk about some topics she is particularly passionate about. We cover climate change, veganism and learning languages. I loved how much energy and entusiasm she brought to the conversation and I found her very compelling in her advocacy for these subjects, so I’m sure you will too.I hope you enjoy!

11 months ago
Ep. 10 Sean Caldwell
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I have a conversation with Sean Caldwell about our experiences working at camps in America. We chat about our initial reactions to arriving at camp before covering some highs and lows of this incredible immersive experience.It was really fun to recount these fond memories and hopefully it may even inspire someone who is unsure of working in a US camp to take the jump towards going.Enjoy!

12 months ago