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From Karola One Studios in Glendale, California, this is The Adam Carolla Show. Adam's guest today, Erin Brockovich with Gina, grad on news for Brian on sound effects. And Dave Dameshek is back for good sports. Plus a spirited round of the Rotten Tomatoes game. And now he talked so long with Kirstie Alley yesterday, he's now a Scientologist. Adam Carolla, yeah, get it on. Got to get it on, no choice but get on the mandate.


You get it on, man. Thanks for tuning in and thanks for telling a friend we love that about you.


Right. Gina Grande. That's right hand ballroom.


You suck. I had a thought for any young people that want to screw around with old people and have a have a laugh about it.


Well, listen, I had a show last week.


I was sitting around my house. It was Friday.


It was like 8:00 at night. And I got the call from Linnett and oh, we're up the street. Neighbors kind of have and they're not really a block party. It's kind of a cul de sac. Have a few drinks out on the lawn with a folding table party.


But the kids is block party. Yeah, a cul de sac. Get together.


Kids are having a good time, you know, come on by.


So me and Sunny went on by and the parent party soc pas de sac party. So we were having, you know, having some drinks and sitting out there. And it's funny because if you get it, you get old enough people to sit together, sit around, start talking about stuff eventually. And if they're guys, they'll start drinking like eventually they start going out. But, you know, I played a little triple-A ball back in the day or I was pretty I was a standout defensive back of my high school back and whatever, and start talking sports.


And then people get a little buzz and then at some point, see the kids aren't drinking and they don't really have anything to do except for kind of physical stuff. So at some point, one of the kids or bust out something. In this case, it was a pogo stick. And so what happens is, is the kids it and the kids are 14 and very sober, you know, so they bust out the pogo stick and they'll just be bouncing along in front of the garage on the driveway.


And you're 12 feet away talking about how good you are in high school. Right.


And then at some point at some point, one of the buzz, the adults are gonna have to give that a shot and they'll grab the pogo stick. And you already know where this is going because the pogo stick is like the non motorized version of the ATV or the quad or the whatever. They look pretty innocuous, like, oh, let me give that a shot. You end up on your ass in the driveway just like you do on the ATV.


You get on the thing, put a beer between your legs, you got your flip flops on and you know, you're in a drainage ditch with Ozzy Osborne.


You go full Simon Cowell, right.


So you go to the pogo stick. Look so innocuous, you know what I mean? So then the kid, by the way, the kid's nailing it, right? He's been on it for five minutes. Not so then at some point. Well, adults, one of the adult again, this has to work through the prism of a buzz. You know, I mean, at some point, the parent, one of the parent, one of the dads, gets up because that might give that a shot.


Just eat shit out on the drive.


Well, what happens is you get you get you get two good ones in. And then the third one, you get a little out of whack sideways and slips out from under you. You have to abandon ship at that point. That's the one where you kick it out and let it go. But your pride says, I can salvage this. It's a plane you need to jump out of. But you think you can nurse at home, you know what I mean?


You needed to bail out. And so when you're in the air and you get a little catawampus bail, you'll land on your feet. But if you tried it, hit the landing and correct it, then you go further toward, you know what?


You've got a blue ankle.


The yeah, the dad hit the driveway like made contact with your role on the drive.


Yeah. Then the mom. And again, this only works in the context of a bus, you know what I mean?


Then the mom says, let me give it a shot and she makes she's got road rash as she's on right now. The great thing is, is no matter what happens, everyone's got so much pride that they pop up and go, oh, my God. Oh, good. You'll be doing that move the next day when you're stepping out of the shower and you see this huge black and blue whatever on your right hip when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.


But then I was sitting there like, give it a shot at them. And I was like, there's one thing you can say about me and alcohol, which is I'm one of the few people who realizes I'm drunk, you know what I mean? Like, I will go. I shouldn't do this. I know what this is. Like everyone else, you're the one the booze is is the enabler. Like the booze is what makes they think makes them think they can do this stuff.


My stuff is like I'm perfectly aware of the fact that I've been sitting here drinking for the last three hours.


I got a buzz and this ain't going to work out like the Little League coach, the Babe Ruth league coach used to tell you, play within yourself. I know my limits. I'm going to do things I can't do.


But after the third person said, give it a try, I want I did it anyway. Now, my my unicycle riding will even out my buzz, so I was able to pull it off, but even I, I gave like eight good bounces and then I hopped off.


I was like between the unicycle and the jump rope, you should be at least adepts out of minus the booze medicine on a balance ball. Right.


And that that will bring me down to a regular person being sober, I guess, as what it is, because that that balance makes up for the buzz. But also you have to kind of make sure where you are in the buzz spectrum, you know what I mean? But either way, I didn't like yo, I did video. I did like eight good bounces. And then I hopped off because I'm like, I don't need to do twenty five ounces, I'll do eight and then I'll hop off.


But I thought to myself, if you don't like your parents are you don't like your parents friends and you're, you're young and you're listening and they're having their pool party or their whatever their thing is, let them let them get let them let them get emulsified a little bit, let them get a few beers in their gullet, let them get a few cocktails at them and then bust out that now don't bust it out and presented to us. That's the whole thing busted out.


And like, you're having fun, you have fun with it. And at some point, inevitably, one of the buzz, the adults will stand up in their flip flops and their board shorts and go, hey, let me have that. Also, they all see they all bounced on one when they're a kid and we're pretty good at it. So they sort of think I can just go over. And that's so again, get the if only if you don't like your parents and their friends, get get that pogo stick, have it in the garage and bust it out.


And I guarantee you'll see some old guys asses hit the pavement. Yes.


You know, it's a good version of this. If you have a pool and not a pogo stick, is the back flip or front flip into the pool. You're the kid.


Do that ten or twelve times and then everyone did it as a kid. Then the adult comes waddling over drunk on booze like, oh, I wish I was done. And the next, you know, back floor, bottom floor. And I don't think they make these anymore.


Brian's probably be the only one who knows what I'm talking about. If you don't have a pogo stick just off your pogo ball. Oh, yeah. The bouncing ball is what they call it.


Oh, they have a way.


Is that the when you sat on with the handle, it's it's like it's a little like hard rubber ball with like a satellite with like a flange around it.


And you balance yourself on that. And while holding the ball in place, squeezing your feet and jumping up and down, that was.


Oh that one. Yeah.


We had people had a hoppity hop I think they call it, which was, it was a yoga ball with a kettlebell handle on it. You would hang on to and scooch around this novelty of scooching around with something we do. I remember you sat on the right, you sat on it.


It's weird, you know, transportation. Like if you knew a kid that had an electric car that you could sit in and go around and like that was a big ticket item. My kids, kids in general, like I remember very clearly when I was sitting in the shop, must have been ten years ago I had a bunch of go carts and mini bikes and stuff like that in the back. And I remember when Jimmy son Kevin, who is even longer than ten years ago because I've had God, I've had this place like fifteen years.


Anyway, he was like eleven and he was just walk into the back of the shop and he literally just stepped over the go cart and kept walking. And I was like, oh my God, if I was eleven and there's a go cart pack in the back of a shop, I would had 2000 questions about it. And one had been begging people to fire it up. And I realized all that stuff again, the driving, the riding, the go cart and stuff like that.


It just doesn't I don't know, maybe it's video games like, I don't know. The kids don't feel as though that's a very specific slice of today's kids.


Kevin Kimmell And like a sunny like these are kids who have access to things that, yes.


Maltsev say most kids don't have access to. Yea right there. Definitely, definitely true. But and we're looking at the hoppity hop from new and improved.


So I had hey Max Pada from the show The Monsters, Marilyn the Blonde. I think her last name was Price or something like that. I don't know.


I think I met her son and in The Munsters that priest.


That priest. Right. So she was a starlet kind of, you know, blond starlet from back of the day.


Billy Clampett looking. Yeah.


And she sent me an autographed picture of her because she was in a movie called the what was it called the transplant. Two had a transplant. Right.


So we already had that, Aaron. Two heads we had a Rosey Greer movie with. Which was this movie with Seventy-one, the Rosie Greer one with 72, this is like our two volcano movies coming in like, you know, 88 and 89 or 92, 96, 97 or whatever it was. But I mean, it's like too bad transplant head monster movies. And I looked at the trailer for this bad boy. Now, a lot of it is visual, so I won't bore everyone.


But in the first 20 seconds, it was such a we had such a bizarre taboo around sexuality. Like like when I was there was there was a lot of rape themes in the 60s. In the 70s, one of the most popular magazines I would always see on the newsstand at like the 7-Eleven was like True Crime magazine. But but it wasn't true crime, you know, guy with red hair laying dead on the floor. It was always the Lettow in between the bra.


It always got where the where the where the turnbuckle were.


The place where the two cops met. Yeah. Turnbuckle were there. So it was always a stiletto in there. And the chick was like oh and her blouse was always torn open and it was lots of threats of rape. Like she didn't want this but he was doing it anyway. Like that was our kind of sexuality in sexual violence.


Yeah. In the like it was like for me I would have been like, look, if I can see titties, I'll see titties. You don't you can put the knife away, you know, it's like, no, no, it's better with the knife. It's better, it's better if we force the titties and it's like, why not just show the titties? No, no, this is better. Yeah. See, later on, we kind of got into the sort of Porky's phase or the Animal House phase where it's like, hey, here's just kitty for TV sake.


Here's just boobs. You can enjoy your boobs. What are we supposed to do with all these knives?


And that's a good point, because I think they went from that that real rape vibe to the early 80s. Like when you talk about Porky's and Revenge of the Nerds and that stuff, it's all voyeuristic. She doesn't know you're going to do it.


We went yes. We went from rapee to voyeuristic. Which animal house? Yeah. It's a step in the right direction. I guess we're heading toward consensual sex. God willing. You have to stop through peeping town. That's right. But I'll play the first twenty seconds of this just to just to hear the trailer.


And I should let everybody know that it's actually called the incredible two headed transplant. Oh, good.


A massive monster menaces the world.


The most intimate terror a woman ever found, all right, threatening the most intimate terror a woman has ever felt, that scream bigger than saying rape.


It really is the most intimate terror when I hear that one more time extra sleep being turned inside out.


It's a it's a blonde chick. It's the gal who sent me the autographed picture in her underpants with her blouse torn open. It's good. And I back then, when you sold the hot chick a blouse, I'd be like, you know what? We don't sell our blouses with buttons. And they'd be like, why not just going to get torn up, open some damage, is going to tear it open the way some material is going to end up on the ground anyway.




So I'm sorry. Go ahead into material. You got to go back a little. I got a little head there.


Max Bader, who threatening the most intimate terror a woman ever put, you know, because of an experimenter with life, got a bunch of animals that they made lay next to each other.


This is Dr. Esq. Yeah, incredible to have and transplant you.


I your brother, you and I. And now one tell me.


Oh, sex, rape, rape, incest.


This journey out of the way, they never they're caring or off to be. Right. Bruce Dern is in this movie, by the way.


Why big names. These movies are always weird because it's like, all right, you've successfully transplanted your brother's head onto your shoulders.


Why do you have superhuman strength, like super horny strength, super horny strength?


Why why are you so much stronger?


And everyone I don't I wonder if there is a line of exposition like now he has the strength to mend it.


Oh, I wouldn't be shocked. Bruce Dern is in this movie and I was looking at the credits. I think Casey Kasem is in this movie as well. I have no idea what Jackie do Casey Kasem is doing in this in this movie. But anyway, there are now two two headed transplant movies that came out in one year, part one calendar year part. All right.


Let's see, Brian had something to say, a philosophical statement about how uninteresting thought you ask me for the show.


I hate feeling. I thought, well, funny you should mention that because I started my medication, my new round, 25 percent less dosage two days ago.


So three pills instead of four, God willing, you know, I won't suffer the same debilitating side effects I had for the last two months. And I was thinking I it was a weird thought. I wonder what you guys sort of philosophical take is on this. I was thinking. So I saw Sunday morning. So Saturday evening I'm sitting there with Christie and I'm just thinking to myself, this is I feel great.


I feel I felt legitimately great energy. My everything stopped hurting. I was like, this is the best I'm going to feel until the end of the year.


Like today. Right now it's probably the best I'm going to feel for the rest of twenty twenty because I'm scheduled to finish my medication and like early mid-December.


And it was just a weird mindfuck. I guess I can't put my mind around it other than like yeah, I wish I would have taken advantage of this more. I mean, I feel like I did, you know, went to the beach and do all this stuff.


But like the next four months are going to be some version lesser than I felt. You know, Saturday night is just a weird don't know. How do you guys reconcile? You know, that's going to be a rough road for the next few months.


I think you're you're sort of ahead of the game in the acceptance department, you know, even knowing it at the time. How often do people know that at the time that the moment they're in is the best they're going to be for a while? Nobody everybody looks back at those moments with regret. So the point you're aware of it in life time is really a special thing, I think.


Do we know that taking that dosage and bringing it down 25 percent will make you feel 25 percent less shitty than you felt on the four pills? Or might it have a greater effect?


You say it again against you. That's not the point. The idea is to have a greater effect on him because let's say the says, I'm making a line in my eye, let's say the toxicity levels here and that for fourth pill put me here. You know what I mean? That if you bring that down by 25 percent, it puts me here. I'm putting my hand now below my eyes. Maybe it has the same efficiency, the same effectiveness, but not a toxic effect in terms of side effects.


So the hope the dream is that I will not suffer the same debilitating toxic side effects that I had for two months while still getting the efficiency of the actual medicine.


Right. So you might feel better than twenty five percent less shitty. Right. And that's that's the hope.


And that's the idea was only it only struck me that. Well this. Could be this could be the best I feel for the next, you know, the end of the year. Well, you know, anybody who gets a little older and didn't appreciate how they felt when they were 25 physically, like bouncing around on a pogo stick.




How easy how easy everything was when you were 25 or what your Bollywood what your body would tolerate without feeling saw weird, you know, or whatever. I think there's kind of a longer form version of this, which is try to enjoy everyone who's, you know, healthy and everyone who can. Even if you don't feel like you'd like to feel you can get up, put your feet on the ground, get up and walk to the kitchen. You don't your bathtub doesn't have a door on it, you know, like all that.


You have to wear socks and slippers all across every all day, every day just cause your feet hurt so much. Right. So you can walk around. Yeah. It's it's really it's really hard to do that, unfortunately.


I mean, I think the kind of the key to life is that appreciation in the moment and everyone takes it for granted. And then when they get an illness, I think they're in a weird way, maybe able maybe the blessing of a of a of a situation like you, Brian, is is a forced appreciation for when you feel good and and things you get to do and where everyone else is just it's a status quo. It's a it's their default setting.


I feel good. So what now? I'm pissed because it's omelettes cold.


No, you're right. We went to the beach on Saturday and I was just so happy to be able to be able to walk on the beach like without any help.


I was just happy about it. And then I like, you know, I was like heroic moment was like telling Kristy like, hey, hey, me the umbrella, I'll put that in the sand because I could do it. I couldn't do it, you know, two weeks ago.


Well, and it sounds clichéd. I would never say it to somebody who's grieving or who's struggling because you don't say things like this because it's obnoxious. But in those moments you think, man could always be worse. There's it's that that that toggle switch of like. Yes, everything, you know, everything that is around you sucks. Everything feels bad, but it could be worse. We were I know this is a one to one comparison, Brian, but the little guy to Big Bear over the weekend and for his birthday and it was phenomenal.


He got to be know, like for the first time he got to see mountains. It was it was amazing. Coming down the mountain should have been about twenty minutes. It took two and a half hours to get down because there was an accident up ahead, two and a half hours with a kid squirming in the back and everyone has to pee. And finally, when we were at our wits end, I said, you know what, thank God we're going to a modern car.


We're not afraid of anything overheating. It's one hundred and fourteen. We're not afraid of being stuck on the side of the road. We're comfortable. We got music on. Will be OK. There's it could always be worse.


Well, how many times you've been pissed off that you're stuck in traffic because they got the jaws of life out trying to get that person out of the car that's two hundred yards in front of you. And it's like that that person's got real problems. Yeah. Would you rather be you're listening to the yacht rock in an air conditioned vessel? That's exactly right. All right. So we got their Rotten Tomatoes game to play in this first part two. Do you have a do have a theme?


Dassa That's covid. Part two, a new list of actors who came down with the virus on the otherwise.


So back in March, we dedicated a round of the Rotten Tomatoes game to famous people who contracted covid-19.


Well, it's been five months since then, and even though everyone on our original list has recovered, you just know you never know who will be next. So on that very positive note, let's use this week's Rotten Tomatoes game to honor the latest group of celebrities that have fallen onto the couch. That is, we begin with this theme keeps giving.


We going do this for a long time, unfortunately, forever. We'll begin with a celebrity who was recently on this very broadcast talking about his coronavirus experience, Bryan Cranston. But many years before he contracted the virus, he appeared in a film that Adam and the Porcelain Punisher's saw together in theaters. That's right.


About a lovable, misunderstood monster from 2014 Godzilla.


We're on the road. Were we we were we in Minneapolis on the road? Yes, we were.


The Mall of America was for your president me book tour. Did we go out that night, like, hang with some chicks at the bar and have too many drinks and you got sick or something?


Like my wife is listening. No, but that did happen.


Well, they kept sending over shots or something at whatever whatever it was. Yeah. You don't want to, you know, grace them.


All right. This is there's one there's something that's nice about travel and that you're allowed to eat bad food in your allowed to watch bad movies.


You can't do that when you're at home, when you're on your home turf, let's say post covid, you're not really allowed to eat McDonald's or eat junk, you know, fast food, whatever. But when you're traveling, you get to do what you want. And I find myself stuck in city sometimes with nothing to do until a show that night or whatever, and we'd always go out and soak in the bad. So Cranston was in this this the beginning scene where his wife died.


I think it's always great. They take a movie that's not that great. But when a guy's a really good actor, man.


Well, I remember specifically being so frustrated when I saw this because Cranston is all over the trailer like he's all over the trailer. And if you notice on the on the top right of the poster, it's and Bryan Cranston, he a very small role in this movie. And that was a real bait and switch.


So the movie is not great. It's OK. I, I hated this movie. I think it's got some environmental theme. That's the undercurrent, a kind of like don't fuck with nature kind of thing, which is good for a couple of points. All right.


Nobody love this movie, but it was certainly serviceable and I'm going to say fifty eight percent.


Yeah, I want a little higher taking a chance here. I think this movie got decent reviews, even though it's garbage and sick.


Well, now I'm close to you. Sixty seven. You said you hate it, so I should I do it.


I hate this fucking thing you learned by now to ignore that shit.


I certainly do. So the only thing I know about this movie is the one year we went to Comic-Con, it was the Godzilla interactive experience and that's all I have to go on. It was a barely fresh experience. I gave it a sixty one.


Godzilla is certified fresh. It's seventy five percent now. I know.


And now I remember when I was in this movie Sucks and the people at sixty six see I got, I had to listen myself.


I think this movie got a couple of environmental graft on points and also we talk about sometimes nerd points like well all the nerds were so happy to see Godzilla back and it's like well how about a good movie. All right.


All right. Lena Dunham recently tweeted about how she became sick back in March, and she's mostly famous for her TV work. But back in 2012, she appeared briefly in Judd Apatow film about what happens when you hit the big four to technically. It's a sequel to Knocked Up. Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd reprise their roles in.


Twenty Twelve's, this is 40. Never saw this, one of the few jobs that we have not seen, it's a good movie that it's not in Judd's top five or three or whatever, but it's a it's a solid movie. Like it's thoughtful. It's kind of a little less, you know, raunchy comedy and a little more introspective or something.


But it's a good movie and in it and I think it was sort of needlessly panned. I don't think the critics liked it very much. I saw it I saw like a sneak preview of it are just a rented theater house to watch it, whatever. And it was good.


Also, it also featured Graham Parker. So, you know, I liked it, but I don't think the critics liked it. And I think it was one of these things where he was being judged against himself and, you know, and the 40 year old virgin and that kind of stuff. So for that reason.


I think it's. I'm going back to I'm going back to rotton at 58. Oh, and again, I thought I was playing it safe at 71.


Again, I have not seen it going back to my roots to I said 61 for Godzilla, 60 for this is 40. This is 40 is rotten, dammit, and 52 percent of the people had it at 50.


Yeah, it's it's a good it's worth a watch. It's Judd Apatow. It's all the Paul Rudd and those guys. And and it's good.


It's it's not his not as top movie, but it's certainly watchable to Judd Apatow if it's decent. But it's nowhere near the best then that just speaks to his catalogue of work.


Yeah. All right. Here we go. We got a game on now. All right.


Mel Gibson, you hear the name now. It's all bad news headlines, but the man was a goddamn legend back in the 80s and 90s. Case in point, it's a great film maker, a film that took home five Academy Awards, including Best Director and Best Picture, to quote William Wallace.


Coronavirus may take our lives, but it'll never take our freedom. Oh, wait a minute. From nineteen ninety five.


Braveheart never saw it. Oh, really?


This is Sonny would love this fucking movie.


Yeah, it's epic. You see it. Yeah. I don't think this is a spoiler at this point, but I'll just say the the last few minutes are grotesque, tough, tough to watch. I don't think you like the last few minutes.


It's pretty brutal, the battle scenes, but it's also got some humor in it. Like, it's like it's, you know, Mel Gibson. It's it's silly at times.


Well, Mel was fine with the critics at this point. And everyone loved this film. And it has to be high, but it's very violent. But is it into the you know, this is sort of before everyone was WOAK and all that kind of stuff. So there's no no baggage. There's no and there's no Mel baggage here.


There's no there no thought pieces, think pieces about why do we have to see another sweeping three hour movie about a white guy. Right.


There wasn't any of that. So but do we make it into the nineties here or are we into the eighties? And I'm just going to settle on ninety even.


I want bald ninety four. This was this was a huge, huge, huge movie.


I think I may have gone low, but I said 91.


Braveheart is certified fresh. Yes. Seventy eight percent.


Oh I am surprised.


And the people have it at eighty five. I wonder if some of these came in after Mel's hot tub dust up antics or something.


Eighty one reviews may of of a handful of these come in later and driven the score down a little or just was it. Seventy eight percent.


Now it's been looked at as a little lightweight I guess by certain critics because you know, it's, there's a modern ish retelling of this period piece. But good movie.


All right. Well, we got a game on here, people. Now, earlier this summer, Madonna tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, suggesting she had the virus several weeks earlier while wrapping up her tour in Paris. But don't cry for her.


She's been all over the world and spent a lot of time in Argentina filming her role of the iconic Eva Peron in the nineteen ninety six movie musical Evita.


She and she she may have won the Golden Globe for best actress is certainly nominated. Thank you, Brian. Jane, I was just saying. Yeah, I've seen it, yeah. How was it?


I mean, I. I don't mean to be the book was better, but like the musical like if you see Patti leaphorn, you know, doing clips from Avita on YouTube, it'll blow your mind to this. Blow my mind. It did not.


But it's a great musical.


I'll always remember, this is a movie. That earthquake happened while I was in theater. Only time it's ever happened.


Oh, this starred Antonio Banderas as well.


He was like the de facto narrator or something, right? Yeah, well, I remember watching. Because you remember in the movie, the documentary Truth or Dare? Oh, yeah, and remember, that was in I don't know, what was that? Ninety one or something like that. Ninety two somewhere in there. And she there was that whole storyline about her being at a party and like Antonio Banderas being in there and she lost it after him but he was married.


Wasn't that Antonio Banderas. I don't remember and I just remember seeing Sean Penn was the one who got away. That's all I remember. Yeah, he is in truth or dare he's in truth or dare.


So she a few years earlier was like, oh, who is that guy?


I wish he was. And then and then I think she met his wife like he was at the thing with his wife. And she was all bummed out that she was there at the wife. So there was definitely some banging in a trailer on the set of this movie. God damn right we should verify this.


But I think the director, Alan Parker, just died, didn't use it like a week or so. Oh, yeah. Two weeks ago. Well, I don't want to look at my phone and look like I'm cheating, but I think we I think that did come up all right.


I'm going to say I haven't seen it. I think that maybe they liked her performance, but they didn't really like the movie that much. But it's a that's a strong woman and a lead and beloved character are beloved humans. So I have no idea. And I'm just going to say 73 percent were right there with each other.


71 playing it safe.


Only eight. Avita is fresh.


Yes, 63. Oh, oh. This is a close game. Yeah.


It's not that good of sixty eight.


Here we go. And would you believe it. Speak of the devil. Avita co-star Antonio Banderas has also recently come forward to share the news that really tested positive for Quyen Antonio Banderas.


And now that's our next movie guy. Wow.


We don't even that is has worked with director Robert Rodriguez in several different films, including this one that surprisingly spawned three sequels and a TV series taking a break from all the ultra violence.


Two thousand ones, spy kids. Oh, I thought we're going to Desperado Down.


Desperado Spy Kids was on heavy rotation at this house for a while with the kid 2000.


And you never see this. This is the first one they did a few spy kids. Oh, yeah.


Spy history. Yeah. This is our last one. Oh, boy.


This is tough because sometimes these movies, these kids movies like I was nice, give it up, give it a 78 and then sometimes a thirty nine. So I've no damn idea here.


I think this movie was considered a good kid's movie and I guess sometimes if it's a good kid's movie, the Hellboy, I don't know who's winning this game.


I think we're all pretty knotted up. I think we're a few points off of one another. And I don't actually know what Jenah scores because I don't pay attention to scoring normally just a force of reflex. I've got to focus on smart. Yeah, most focused.


I don't think they actually keep track, but it feels like we're all about the same here. So I'm now now this could be a it's a lightweight movie, but sometimes lightweight, fluffy kids movies. They're 80 percent because it works, you know. Good. Hey, I recommend it to a twelve year old. I have no idea. And for that reason, I'm going sixty four.


Well, this is where the game gets decided because I don't I think I'm playing from behind so yo, load it and went Ninety-One.


Whoa, whoa. I split the difference. I've seen it. It's great. It's spawned a bunch of, you know, spin offs. But I feel like any more unless you're at Disney or Pixar, you're not cracking eighty. So I said eight.


Well, probably due to a groundbreaking and dynamic performance of one Cheech Marin. Spy Kids is certified for us. Oh, yes.


At ninety three percent of the people having a forty six YOLO man. Yo man. Hold on, hold on man. Hold on.


How can it be more than twice of what the people have on a smile that I had in the back of my head, this was like, oh well reviewed movie, but I don't have seen I can't say it's good or bad.


I was going to watch Braveheart this weekend, but look like it's now Spy Kids.


It's their kids movie where they got them. The critics have it at ninety three in the and it's under 50 percent with the audience.


That's a maybe like some foreign, you know, animated film or something. Yeah.


This is, this is not that, this is very real. Oh Jesus Christ.


What does a damn Gina grad. Oh congratulations. You made the podium with a score of sixty five.


Oh right. Adam Corolla holding the lead for a long, long time in the game and then threw it out the window in the last movie. Your score.


Seventy four huh.


And that's good for third place ball. Brian, is he inside or outside of that goalpost. Feeling good is ninety one. Got him close but was it enough. Congratulations to our first place winner. Paul Bryan, 53, YOLO man, got a gold at the end of the game and around for going into the last one, it was 45 meh, 51.


Bryan in 50. Jenah We were all was in last place knotted up.


But when you said 90 something for Spy Kids, I was like, he just took himself right out of this. And also I was thinking, we're only four or five, six points off of each other. Why go into the nine?


I should have played it safer for sure. Jesus Christ.


Well, that's why I have to play the game here.


I got one thing to say, YOLO, man. Right. You know how we. All right, let me hit Aaron's over here shopping, no fun when you're worried about your credit. Aaron's makes it quick and easy to shop for furniture, electronics and appliances for you. Go to the store head to apply dot Arun's dot com to discover your leasing power. You immediately know how much your proved to lease to own. So they will let you know.


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Stay tuned for next week's announcement of a brand new Atom's Monthly not giving you the news with great news with Grand Prix fire. All those crazy Trump tweets give me no trouble in the Middle East. Well, she was with Gina, Gina. The news with Genographic. Gina, hold on this just in, Alan Parker died two and a half weeks ago. Wow. Piece breaking news so you can tell when a role hasn't been written specifically for someone. If you can swap them out with another person and that person is a different gender.


Comedian Tig Notaro is replacing Chris D'Elia and Zack Snyder, zombie movie Army of the Dead. This is according to Variety Dotcom. News of the recasting comes after allegations that Daliyah sexually harassed underage girls, women 16 years old. They're saying, according to these reports, accused of misconduct, including sending them inappropriate and explicit messages online and in the wake of these allegations was dropped by CAA. His agent, Dalia, has denied the accusations, calling it all legal and consensual.


Army of the Dead had had completed shooting already. Everything was in post-production before the pandemic hit in March. So the movie is going to undergo reshoots with green screens and CGI and other special effects to add Notaro to the production and take Lia out.


You know, one of probably the worst thing you can be accused of in today's current culture is being creepy. Like you better to have an actual label of, like, arson shit out of him.


That creepy like, I swear to God, if you were a celebrity in this town, like if you ask most publicists and agents and representatives, would you rather your client be convicted of arson or convicted in the court of public opinion of being creepy? I'd be like, let me hear the arson story.


What happened was he tried to collect insurance. The injuries might be easier to spin.


Was this some business partner, that scrotum? So like on it because creepy is vague ish and never goes away like a dodge feeling.


And you can't when you're creepy, you can't pay your debt to society. You're just creepy. It's an evergreen, you know? I mean, if you do a thing where it's like, I killed a man, but I paid my debt, now I'm out of there and we kind of like that stuff we can process. Yeah, yeah. We go, oh, God, I'm all right. He he read the Bible and he learned he learned how to do pipe fitting when he was in the joint.


Now he's out.


If you lead California, you can even say that we owe them a debt of gratitude.


Right, if you live in L.A.. Yeah, yeah. So but being creepy and being labeled as creepy is kind of a thing that doesn't really ever go away. You always think it, by the way, like if I have a guy again, like if someone's convicted of a crime and then they served their time and then they get out, we kind of like that. Stories like he's turning his life around, you know, a bit creepy is the crime that keeps giving it never it never goes away.


You don't do time. It doesn't have a beginning or a middle or an end. It's just creepy.


Well, and to your point, this is exactly what happened to Kevin Spacey. What was the Gary movie called Ryan for all the money in the world? Yeah, that was Donald who who took over.


I was Christopher Plummer.


Yeah. I always get them confused. Kevin Spacey shot the whole movie and then allegations came out and he was replaced.


There's yeah, there's two trailers that still exists with Spacey and him. And Spacey never really has been formally charged with anything like there was there was the guy and he was going to he's like a waiter, the waiter at the diner. But it turns out they found this text where the mom and the girlfriend, it's like, don't get money out of whatever that got thrown out. Like, I don't. I don't know what even like this is the worst thing ever, you get accused of a bunch of stuff, you never really get your day in court, but you're still put out on Creepy Island with Chris D'Elia, and that's it.




Yeah. Forced to live out your days now. And and and do we ever. And also. Here's the other thing they don't really tell you about, and it's secretly why we love sports. It made me think of. Island being out on the island, if you are a shut down cornerback in the NFL, if you're just a guy who's just a shut down corner where they can just put you out on that island with any receiver in the league and you can hold them to three receptions and 18 yards for that game, you know, there are always going to be a job for you on a team somewhere, somewhere you could get put out on Creepy Island for ten minutes.


But eventually you're coming back because a team is going to pick you up because you provide something that only 10 people on the planet can do or maybe six people on the planet can do, or three, you know, if you if you're shut down corner or whatever, your field goal kicker who's whose money from fifty five yards every time like we will find you a job if you're a baseball player who hits, you know, three eighty five and, and, and in 41 home runs we will find you job.


If you're Chris D'Elia we'll get Tig Notaro to do it. You know, like acting is one of those things where it's like we'll get plumber to do it. Like there are some great actors, but even really good actors. How many are irreplaceable, right? Very, very few, if any. Right before this, I might have said Kevin Spacey.


Right. So all and then all you have to do. So then what happens is, is you go, well, I had an idea for this guy. You know, we're looking for a 40 year old good looking guy to play this part with some comedic chops. And they go, how about Chris D'Elia five years from now? And then you go, oh, I even I didn't want to open the camera. I get into that and then someone will go, you know, I think he's innocent.


Like, I think he's paid his debt to society and you got to want that headache. Yeah, but what do you want to go sell that to the studio?


Every interview at the junk, it's going to be about that.


There's not a 40 year old white guy with some comedic chops that could do that role. I had to go get get Joel McHale. Let's get out of it. Get at him. Right. So there you go. That's that's unfortunately now the way can go home. So go back to Gina's original point.


I love the movie Alien and I about cast getting recast gender lesslie or from gender switch genders, which I only just learned recently, that the movie Alien, the reason everyone's named Ripley and Kane and Dallas and whatever is they were written without genders that could have been a man in the lead is going to Weaver, but I don't think it was intended to be a woman. That's what I just heard the screenwriter I describe.


It's even more sort of interesting and progressive to not instead of saying this is going to be a woman, it's it doesn't matter.


It's going to be a bad ass character will deal with the rest later. Yeah, that's really interesting.


Yeah. And in that movie. And then an alien. The alien and the aliens, they had that tough Hispanic woman who was always doing chin ups and, yeah, the shotgun and then you had Bill was Bill Paxon was the whimpering said, I'm going to die, came over.


And, you know, he doesn't get enough credit for that for that role. And for Chet from weird science. I love I love him, Chet.


I love him in both those roles. OK, I won't kill them all.


Just hurt him real bad. He was great. He was in Michael being shot. Shadow and aliens. Give him a break.


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I took mine about two hours ago and part of my morning routine. Use a code and get that twenty bucks off any three month plus supply. It's good stuff. It's true najin. All right.


You know what else you do. But Lord I love the baby hirable. I love that. I love when he open the cabinet source to catatonics. He was funny that whole thing. Awesome.


Yeah. Served pork sandwich.


Yeah. I like, I liked it when he was yelling at that. It is brother and then he got a look at Kelly Le Brock or whoever that was and he just looked and he goes, I want to butter your muffin.


Lisa. Yeah, sorry so much to my horror and and shock and awe, the hashtag boycott Dolly has been popping up on Twitter.


Oh dear, it's Dolly gave an interview to Entertainment Tonight Canada and answered a question about Black Lives Matter, about the movement. Now, this is crazy because most people know she is extremely apolitical in her public life. She she it's not even that she sidestepped stuff. She will just say, like, I do not answer that. I don't talk politics. But she answered a question about the movement and kind of wove her way through it, but it ended up rubbing some people the wrong way.


Here's the clip.


I think that everybody needs to express themselves however they feel they have to. I'm not out. You know, like I said, I'm not out here to tell you what to do. I don't want you to tell me what to do, but I just do what my heart tells me to do. I ask God to direct me and leave me. And if I got his direction, I don't have to worry too much about any anything else. But I do understand people having to make themselves known and felt and seen and of course, black lives matter.


Do we think our little White House is the only ones that matter? Know everybody in very incendiary.


So you want to boycott her?


This is her way of sort of weaving through a political conversation. And it really seemed to ignite something on Twitter, people saying Boycott Dolly.


I'm not I'm not buying her Christmas album. And there seems to be someone who is the ringleader, who a lot of people are supporting is just very confusing.


The good news is I now I was confused like a few months ago. I was confused, like, do these people really believe that X, Y and Z like that persons are racist, like everyone's a racist, or are they just talking shit? Like, do they believe it? And I now realize they're just talking shit. Nobody believes it anymore.


I mean, no one's genuinely upset at telling nobody. There's nobody there's nobody who started that, you know, canceled dollie hashtag that's legitimately upset legitimately has a beef. The legitimately offended there just isn't. The problem is they're going to weave that into every interview. And there's only one correct answer, which is I'm 100 percent down with Black Lives Matter. You cannot do you cannot say, well, yeah, but I think all lives matter some. You can't do any of that anymore.


It's just boom, black lives matter.


Just to clarify, the the ones that are ordering for her boycott are the are the other side.


Oh really. Yeah. Oh that was so let me. Right. This is the great equalizer because this I don't know who this is.


It's a woman named Diana Lauraine. She is I guess, a correspondent for Newsmax and has a book called Taking Back America. She put up a tweet that said Dolly Parton just said she supports Black Lives Matter. My heart is literally broken, literally time to literally she had she had to go the emergency room. I guess it's time to boycott Dolly. And that's sort of where the dominoes start. Oh, this is that is Jesus.


Do you think it was the more liberal side that was attacking her? I thought it I thought that's who attacks when you do the Black Lives Matter, when you don't give a concise Black Lives Matter answer.


Well, and that makes normally what we've seen. This is yeah. This is one of those exceptions that you just realize cancel culture. Is is it becoming the great equalizer? It's crazy.


Well, what I was basing it on is kind of your Drew Brees kind of thing where he goes, hey, I'm down with the cause, but I stand for the flag. And then he got chewed up and spat out.


Like, I think if she had said something like, sure, black lives matter, all lives matter, that would have upset the left.


But the fact that she said, oh, she did that, I thought I misunderstood.


So he said she that was part of her.


It's also blurry and confusing now that I can't even tell what side is upset by. Right. By the commentary. Absolutely.


She said Black lives matter. Why do you think our little White Houses are better? All lives matter. We all matter.


Yeah, that how those candidate that was a candidate platitude. That was just, you know, she was she didn't take a strong stand.


No, that's what she does. She will say I don't talk politics. But in another clip where they try to like, give her a gotcha question because she has well, she had a restaurant at Dollywood called the Dixie Land Stampede, which is like, what's the thing in a park with the jousting?


Oh, yes, medieval times. It's basically that.


But like civil war. But it's like it's that same type of vibe. And people said Dixie is is offensive and racist. And she had a quote saying, I'm a business woman. If I'm being told it's offensive now, we get rid of it. It's a business decision. And she's very she's not she's not afraid to say that.


Well, I guess the new the new World Order is just I. Unfortunately, this is like silencing a lot of people, people just don't want to do interviews anymore, like you said, you didn't even know what side was mad at or how do you get more middle of the road than that?


No, I was just playing that odds that normally it's the Black Lives Matter side that gets angry when you start watering down, if you start watering their message down. And so I was just playing with forget it. It's not done. It's not worth talking anymore. Who was it who might have been Paul F. Tompkins?


Somebody. And, you know, it's a joke, you know, whatever. But it said something like on Twitter.


Imagine being so racist that you literally can't enjoy Dolly Parton anymore.


Yeah, I get it.


Like, you know, if you're if you're out there and it's your job to comment, you know, give commentary on social things or political things or whatever, whatever things, if you're bench a pair of fine talk and all the mikes you want, if you're Dolly Parton or whoever, actor or actress anymore, I find a publicist, I'd just go, don't do any you just don't go on that show. Like, don't talk into a microphone.


Well, and and talk about, you know, fringe audience. The people that go to see her shows are very, very conservative and drag queens.


I don't really, really she knows that. She goes it's it's people from her home town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and it's all the drag queens that show up looking like her. She's going to walk a tightrope. Yes, exactly. And she's the most aware of that. I don't know if we'll ever see this in our lifetimes or now, you know, nowadays, but it would it would get trending if some celebrity was asked a question like that and their answer was, excuse me.


The answer was basically, look, I have thoughts, but frankly, it's you know, it's too hot either way. So I'd rather not even express them and risk my career.


And I think we're we're getting to that point, which is I do know, like I literally talk to guys who run, companies who do like media stuff and they're just like, I don't even know what to say. They were like, I, I the the young folks have taken over and I'm scared to talk like everyone is just just literally freaked out to talk. It's not it's funny. Like, you know, I've always said I've been this broken record that said, like, not all progress is good, like not all evolution is good.


Like we were evolving into this place where everyone has a voice, really, where everyone has a voice or maybe no one has a voice like or some people have some voices like this is not an evolution. This is not progress. This thing where we're going to cancel everybody, it's also kind of it's the anti progress getting it is.


And it's it's it's too easy to do. I mean, with with the Internet. Yeah, I agree.


I think I made the point here on this very show that we've the curse of social media is that we've given everyone back in the day, you know, you had to be James James Baldwin to have a platform like, you know, eloquent and have some thoughts and a point.


Now, everyone's got a platform and it's small, but it's you know, your platform goes to the world.


Well, it's funny. It's you have earned it. You know what I'm saying? It's it's a it's a two part thing. It's a everyone has a platform and B, businesses are scared shitless. So the second five of these people, these nudniks, get together with their non platform and create a little bit of a platform and then they want to boycott, fill in the blank. The business will immediately fold. They'll merely fire this person or pull advertising off that.


They'll go, look, I don't care if it's eight people all working out of one trailer home, I'm out. That's how busy. So it's kind of both parts. You kind of need Hollywood or a business or whomever to kind of go forget it. I'm not working with that guy anymore or I'm going to fire him or they're going to pull their advertising. And then you take these relatively few people and you give them this huge stick. Now.


Now they now they do mean something. They are weaponized. Yes, right.


I was going to say the businesses will do all of that and they'll devote a sizable amount of resources to like replying or fighting. But I fighting back, just reacting.


I know this because Christie's business, her company has a crisis division that handles, you know, when there is, you know, CEO, it's kind of scandal or, you know, someone gets sick off the food. God knows why it could be anything. But it's a crisis or. Right.


They are thriving because everyone everyone is essentially going every business is essentially going through a crisis right now. The only reason we, the rest of us know what a crisis manager is, is because that's someone that ratted out the Papa John's guy.


That's right. It was them. All right, let's do one it we're not seeing. All right.


Well, let's do this because it's breaking as we record this. So two arrests have been made in a 2002 murder of Run DMC is Jam Master Jay, according to ABC News. And this just came through my through my phone before we started. Carl Jordan and Ronald Washington have been charged with the murder of the pioneering rapper born Jason Mizell while engaged in cocaine trafficking. This is according to an indictment unsealed in the Eastern District of New York that also charged the two with drug offenses.


WASHINGTON One of the guys, Ronald Washington, is currently in prison on a prior robbery case. Jordan will be arraigned today. Mizell was murdered in Hollis, Queens, October 30th, 2002, shot at point blank range in the head with a 40 caliber handgun. He was 37. This is 18 years old.


So he was just executed. Yeah, I remember the story. It's funny. The two guys are being accused of it. Have the world's whitest first names in the world's blackest last names. So I'm keep my my ethnic wheels spinning in my head. Now we need to recalibrate you. Yes.


Carl and Ronald. Carl and Ronald. But then the last names are good, right? Jordan, Washington.


Couple couple of Beach Boys. Yeah, well until you get to the last name. So I don't remember.


Is this a big story when it happened.


I guess it kind of I guess it kind of was and was I mean the fact that it was a murder, you know, a pioneer of a certain type of, you know, popular, it was a deal that he was involved with the drug. Trafficking. This is literally all I can find right now. This is just hot off the presses. I'm sure we're going to find out way more.


But it says while engaged in cocaine trafficking, I wonder why it took so long to stop. Somebody must have said something. I mean, why was there nothing for so long?


I mean, I am talking on my ass. This might be a Mark Geragos question, but if Washington's currently already in prison, maybe confessing gave him a shorter sentence, I have no idea. Yeah.


So he's I, I like I said, all I grew up watching cop shows and they just wrap the whole thing up in a 60 minute episode, 18 year episode.


When you watch real crime shows, it's always the same stories like we had nothing. The case went cold and there was nothing. And then four years later, my phone rang and there was somebody said they knew everything. So I talked to them and now we've solved the case. But it's like it's never you. In every show I ever saw was all the footwork and the gum shoeing and all the diligence like, yeah, I'm not going to rest until I take this case down.


They rest all the time. The one thing I've realized is the detectives arrest and the cops on the street have plenty of time for backup. Those are the two things. I thought it was the opposite. I thought I was never going to arrest. That also would argue with their commanding officer when they wanted to take the case away. I'm giving this case to Kowalski, God damn it, over my dead body.


That's my collar, right between stakeouts and cold cases. These fucking guys ever work.


I know. All right. Let me know.


The New York Times said says prosecutors claim that the two had executed Mr. Mozelle after he sought to exclude them from a multi kilogram multi-state narcotics transaction in July of 2002, just months before the murder. The court papers say that Mr. Mozelle had received about 10 kilos of cocaine on consignment from a supplier in Maryland.


Can't you make enough money just being in Run DMC? Like, yeah, that's mailbox money.


There's a lot of these stories in sports, like the guy was a starting cornerback for the Rams, but he was caught with seventy pounds of weed in the trunk. It's like you have a good job. There's good jobs. Was it Nate Newton? There was a Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman, I think it was, who did the same thing.


It's like you guys, you guys are all stars. You're making good money. That should be enough. You're in Run DMC. What do we wear? We have to side business here. All right. Yeah.


So those two guys are supposed to be as partners and supposedly he got them out after an argument.


That's not nice.


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It is Madison Reed, Mr. Wright, Dawson, go to Madison Reed, Mr. Dotcom, that's Madison already Amazon.com and use Code Karola for 10 percent off plus free shipping on your first box. Again, that's code Karola.


All right, let's bring it home. Genographic. You got it.


I'm Genographic and that's the news that you know that was the news with Genographic. All right, Erin Brockovich is coming in here in the flesh. She's going to be in here in a second.


Of course, you know her from I think Julia Roberts won the Academy Award for offering her plastic and the movie was named after her anyway. Got lots of good cases, lots of good stuff coming out there, one on one with her.


And I'll bid adieu to Balde and Jena and we'll take a quick break.


We'll be back with Erin Brockovich right after this.