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Thanks for listening to the Adam Carolla Show on podcast one. Well, more fits dog, plus news and good sports coming your way. First, I'll tell you about the LifeLock. There's a new phishing scam masquerading as a billing error alert from Netflix, pushing victims to update their payment details within 24 hours or their subscription will be voided. The link, even Durex to a very real lueken capture form. So please, people, they're out there. They're trying to steal your identity.


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Give me the good news with Genographic break by all those crazy Trump tweets, give me no trouble in the Middle East. Celebrity meltdowns with Gina. Gina. The news with Jena grabbed a lot of hair salon talk the past few days and a lot of barbershop talk. Well, guess what now? Hair salons and barbershops will be allowed to reopen for unlimited endorsed service in Los Angeles County, with officials announcing that during the show as we speak today. So while the state releases overall guidance for individual counties can maintain tougher restrictions, which is what L.A. County has been doing and the catch is the capacity will be limited to 25 percent of normal capacity.


So at this point, business owners are basically just going to have to decide, do we have enough savings to now run on, you know, a quarter of what we are used to making, but at least that can happen now in L.A. County.


I would argue that the standard spacing for like a barber shop type salon chairs, that you get your hair cut or colored or whatever in its eyeball, it is right around six feet. They're already kind of spread out, if you think about it.


If I picture all the barber shops and places I've gone into there, about six foot people can line up outside or show up and wait outside and then they can just sort of let them in and fill the chairs, which are already about six foot.


I don't know. I guess if you get into high capacity nail salons and a lot of women getting their hair hair blown out, all that kind of stuff, I guess that's something. But again, I had two ways to do it.


When I went to Houston, I got a haircut. You came in, they did your temperature. They like I think they like spritzed your hands with the alcohol. You put the mask on and then you walked over and you got your haircut. And when I got my haircut in San Antonio, it's in a mall and they lock the door and then they just put the phone number on the door. So weird. It's like a prison visit, you know, and you call the guy and he picks up the phone and you're looking at him.


He's six feet away from you, but you're talking to him. And then you're having this high pops. OK, when you when can we. Five o'clock. It's your head. Come back at five, you know, and you're talking and then they buzz you in and they seem to have it worked out.


It didn't didn't seem like dangerous. Floyds in Venice put all the chairs in the parking lot. They got a big parking lot. People are sitting outside getting their thumbs. Got to have because my house is fucking insane. Look at my head. Look at my head. My dog I just gave up. My daughter takes a buzzer she buzzes it off. My son has my daughter shaving it at four different length buzzer's. My daughter's cutting her own bangs.


She looks terrible. Yeah. It should never cut their own bangs.


No, they're putting the shit in the parking lot. I don't know when we're having record breaking heat.


Yeah, I got an eleven in two days and also. All right. Anyway, it all it all feels like theater to me. Oh, not at all. A lot of it feels like theater. Some of it makes sense once they open the airlines and people are just at the airport waiting in line like they attempt to do a lot of things like they do, they go, we're going to we're going to board people in boarding groups and all that kind of stuff.


It's still people standing in line and it's still people clustered together. Everyone's just sitting together waiting at the terminal. Yeah. Once you get on a plane, you're bumping past people that are putting luggage up top. Once you're on the plane, you know, you hook your mask off, you take a hit off your sandwich or your drink and you hook it.


You know, it's so catch as catch. So why are you doing it? I'm not interested in it. I'm not scared of it. I'm not worried about it. I'm not I have no thoughts. I don't have any thought. I don't have thoughts about self-preservation.


Well, I answer the question why he is doing it because he's not a KARREN and doesn't want to draw that kind.


Oh, why am I wearing a mask? No, no. Why do you why are you flying if you think it's dangerous? I don't think it's dangerous.


It's just of theater. I don't I don't think it's my sister said to me, I said, I'm going to San Antonio tomorrow. She's on an airplane. I'm like, yeah. She goes, what are you thinking about?


And I was like, oh, I only know two guys that went to San Antonio to do stand up.


And they both got covid when they went there.


I know, but they're they're fine. Yeah. Who are they? Brian Coulon. Oh yeah. Brandon Brandon Chubb.


But they're fine. That's my whole thing.


Like I'll get it. I'll be fine. Yeah. That's I've been to Texas two or three times. I've been to Nashville. All right.


Going back, I think it is it is like a there's degrees of suicidal and there's the people that will take zinc and they will jog with a mask on and they will. You know, sleep with a fucking apnea, whatever. All the things you could do to extend your life, those are people that really must really be enjoying their life, because I don't try that hard to stay alive hard enough that I won't fly, but not so hard that I won't, you know, ride a bike without a helmet.


Right. Or, you know, everybody's slightly suicidal.


Yeah, well, considering we're all going to die, you know.


Yeah. It's just a it's just a question of when. But yeah, I've flown throughout this whole thing. I was going to fly a couple of days ago where I'm going to Nashville coming up, I think. Right. Yeah. I'm not I'm not thinking about it, but I get that other people think about it. I just never had those thoughts. Yeah. I've never I've never thought about I've never had thoughts about that in terms of personal safety.


I never, I don't know, low or no self esteem. It's kind of interesting. I was talking to Jay Leno about it. He doesn't have thoughts about that either. No, he wouldn't.


I can see that a guy would like he would literally crawl into a dragster and sit on some guy's lap and try to lay down a four and a half second quarter mile. He'd be he'd be completely fine with it. Everyone else would have a lot of questions.


He drove a 1938 fire truck across Mulholland Drive.


Yes. And he doesn't care. No. And it's like there's no seatbelts or airbags or nothing tempered glass or safety glass. Yeah, some of those things he he has some of those things he fires up like he has a fire truck there and it's got a fucking flywheel that's four feet around. It's serrated. Looks like a giant. It looks like the scariest Chinese throwing star ever. Yeah, it is. It is scary shit. All right, Gina, sorry.


What do you got?


Amber Heard is not done fighting.


The actresses countersued ex-husband Johnny Depp for one hundred million dollar boy, claiming he used trolls and fake social media accounts to smear her and ruin her life.


Amber is asking a court in Virginia to toss her ex husband's frivolous defamation suit. She calls it. She's also seeking twice the amount. So he wanted fifty. She says, oh, yeah, how about a hundred? Johnny's suing over a twenty nineteen op ed piece where she spoke against sexual violence and didn't name him specifically. Meanwhile, Johnny's asked the court to delay the defamation trial so she so he can film his role in Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.


Three in London and the couple still awaiting a judge's decision on Johnny separate legal battle in the UK.


Oh, from the, you know, the article that they were basically that Amber was basically like a subpoenaed witness for what we learned about her pooping in the bed.


I said a few times, it's really not worth it being famous anymore. Right? It used to be lots of perks like it used to be. You get any table you want, you get pulled over driving drunk. The cop would escort you back to your palatial estate right now. And I mean now it's like Yahoo's filming you at the mall and you've got pictures of you with not wearing a mask outside. You know, it's just it's just now you're too big.


You're too big. I, I crawled my way to the middle. I'm staying right there. It's sweet to hang out in the middle if I'm right on the show and that show gets canceled. Was my show right? I get another one next week. That's right. That's right. I think I think the middle is the place to be. No one's going to me. To me. Me who. Yeah, no problem. Yeah it's true.


Yeah I agree. Yeah. And she's, he's too famous. How much of his life really. I mean if you think about his fame, it's brought him all this money, it's brought him many accolades but a lot of wine, a lot of wine and a lot of hassle too. Right. Also I think we should all go Ronan Farrow in the sexuality department, which is you ask what it was. Yeah, I don't know. So now what's your name?


I'm going. Ronan Farrow asked me what my thing is, what you think. Nothing.


But what do you really entail?


I like to watch a lot of screen saver porn. It's just porn, but it has like there's tzion there's a Grand Canyon and stuff like that. John right.


Oh the galaxy. You're a jerk off to the galaxy.


Thought about it. I know I a jerk off. I may not. And when I do, who knows what I'll be thinking about.


I know. Are you attractive? I don't know. Is she attractive? I don't know if you attracted to them, OK?


Yeah, there you go. Scandal free since nineteen eighty one. Yeah. There's nothing going on. Laughs No, you can't pin the man down. Right. And that's why he's the perfect sleuth to go blow the lid off of everyone else's shit because he doesn't have any skeletons in his closet. Is he married to a guy. I mean he's he's gay, right. He has to be or is he. Let's ask him.


Heroin and FIRREA you gay. And he said, oh yeah. He's he's married to John Lovett.


Oh, excuse me, love. It's not that job of it. The other John Lennon, Freakonomics. God save America. It's fair to say. Steven Levitt. That's Levitt. Sorry.


God, it it's just too many people right now just in the love the Levitt. I'm already my head spinning.


All right.


Go round.


So Kanye West, who's spoken openly now about his mental health issues, explained his interruption of Taylor Swift's Video Music Awards acceptance speech back in 2009.


And I have it if you need your memory jogged. So let's watch that first, just in case you you need a refresher.


That was only that wasn't about what it would be like to maybe when one of these someday, but I never actually thought it would happen. I sing country music. So thank you so much for giving me a chance to win a BNA Award I. I'm really happy for you and let you finish, but Beyonce, you have one of the best videos of all time. She's got comfortable with the videos on. Next year for the Oscars. So now the best is Beyonce is smiling.


She appreciated the effort. Yeah.


So right after all these years there, he has thoughts about it. Now, Kanye says he listened to a voice in his head, which he claimed belonged to God.


He justified the interruption by saying, quote, If God didn't want me to run on stage and say Beyonce had the best video, he wouldn't have sat me in the front row. The Lord works in mysterious ways, he says. And four years ago, Kanye was hospitalized for 10 years for temporary psychosis, 10 days, I'm sorry to say, 10 days.


Yes, that's sad, but I think I thought you meant 10 days. Yeah, he picked. Sorry, did I say ten days? No, ten years. Like, easy.


Oh, I'm like the reporter that said the man climbed all the way up a mountain. But he's gay. He's blind. I mean, why. Yes, I know you got that.


You got Kanye, you got gay and you got he sees his shoes are like easy. And he's he should be measured in units of ten years. Yeah. Yeah. Number three, you're right. I tried to fashion a rap for me and my volleyball on the seventh year he arrested. That's right.


Thank you, guys. So he picked up the Bible in the psych ward and now says that was part of what God hit me with. You know, God has a calling for all of us, and he uses it in different ways, different ways. And so that explains why he ran up on stage, because God told him to do it.


Have you ever had the New Orleans delicacy, the dessert called up and days they have.


And I also use that sometimes when my muscles are sore. Oh, Ben. Yeah, you're right. That's right. Yeah. I wonder if, like instead of he picked up the Bible and the insane what he picked up the TV guide without talking with the Gilmore Girls. Tell them to go on stage. Yeah. You know what I miss?


I miss this current reference I liked. So if if you're God telling you what to do.


But was it Berkowitz who had his dog telling him what to do? Yeah, I kind of miss that. Right. Like your pet having dominion over you. Yeah, like my dog.


If my dog could tell me what to do, it wouldn't be killing prostitutes to be a lot of getting him jerky treats, you know. Right. Right. I love him. I, I mean, look, I'm no prosecutor, but I will say if your dog, in fact, is telling you what to do, saying kill, run away. Right. He's saying bring me kibble. Yes. If my dog could tell me what to do, I he his dick would be in my mouth as I stretched my hand out to feed him little pieces of pork.


That's right.


Yeah, that's right. It would be a sexual component as well.


There's no doubt that, Phil, because when you pet him, your pet, your dog's belly in a male dog every day moves that dick right over to your hand. He thinks, why is this guy tease me every day he gets so close?


You should write as long as you're down there, you should write children's books like we talked about a varied career you've had, but you've never you don't have a children's book. People love pets, pets. They listen. I took a picture Max iPad.


I took a picture of Phil laying on the bed with my dog, with my son last night with his like his arms around him. And there's I the reason I got one hundred and ten pound dog is because I just love a big Gertha dog and he sleeps with my son and my son just like gets him in kind of a bear hug and goes to bed, you know, then feel like grunts he makes like a bull, you know, he like pulls on him like I just love that notion of that big.


I also I like the loose fur, like the neck fur that just you could pull out. Yeah. You could go full stretch, Armstrong with like you could give him a dorsal fin and he wouldn't even know you're touching him. Like you could pull out like seven inches of just loose. What kind of dog. It's a black lab. Oh yeah. And he tease. But again, if I was in fact, if he had dominion over me, it would be exclusively giving him food.


Yeah. I'd say that would, that would be it. Possibly some some walks and again a turn for the sexualise not off the table. Let me tell you while Max Hepatis finding that tell you about Geico right now Geico is offering an extra fifteen percent credit on car, motorcycle and RV policies. That's fifteen percent on top of the money. Geico would already be saving you if you were with Geico. So there's never been a better time to switch a Geico save an extra fifteen percent when you switch by October seven, save the fifteen percent.


Hop over to Geico and save in general at Geico, and by the way, this deal is up and running until October seven at Geico Dotcom. All right, there's a picture. Yes, Sunny, with the big Phil right before we went to bed. And I said, let me take a picture. This this is cute, but this is another picture, too. I think we're feels like looking at them and stuff. But it's sweet. It's it's nice seeing a kids nature.


And it's also funny. This dog is my daughter's dog, but he's smelly and he sheds too much fur. So my daughters, like, get him out. He smells like they're perfect for a boy. That's what dogs do.


Yeah. Man, does she ever watch the video of when little baby filly trotted into the room with a big bow on and she was crying and crying this year? Remember that?


Yeah, that video is my favorite. It is. It is a great old video. And the thing about everybody is it's like, you know, saying, oh, I'm going to play the song we used to listen to when we're so deeply in love and they listen to they go, yeah, I heard.


You know, I wish that was that. Yeah. Like, that's sadly how people go. Only in movies do you jar people's memories and they go, oh, and then the the harp trace you transport back.


Yes. You're not interested in big smelly fill shoes. Old miniature filled.


You have that Maxo part of that old. Yeah. They were cuneyt up. Oh God that was great. I put a big bow on him and he was a little puppy dog and we let them on Christmas. See someone dropped them off and we just pushed him. I just sort of pushed him down the hallway with his bow on everything like this.


Like like I should be sorry, Georgie. I want to include a bunch of lepers.


Here comes. Well, I guess that should show her that said, hey, what are you saying about a white. Oh, right. Oh, look, look, I'm not ABC was you Merry Christmas. Twenty minutes later, he took a huge jump in the room after his honeymoon was over. Tears of joy. It was over. All right, now it's just a big smell. He doesn't sheds too much as balls smell. They don't want them in the first dog.


Everyone in my life I got from my kids when they were probably that age. And you got four.


Sorry. You got for your kids or they got it. You got from your kids for the kids.


You got it for the kids are. How would I get a dog from my kid? I don't know, I talked to the two, he said the first dog you ever got in your life you got from your kids. Now, I think I said gay and, you know, you were saying you've got four years just like from you. Yeah, I got a dog from my kids and and it was a little little dog.


I like little dogs, little shits.


Sit on my lap, take out a plane. Yeah. Yeah. So it's a little lasagna's with Phil and we bring this dog home and we're so excited. It was a rescue place and he was the cutest one and my kids fell in love with them. And he comes home and he gets into the living room and he has explosive diarrhea on the carpet and then proceeds to roll around in it. Oh yeah. So we spent the first hour getting shampooing diarrhea out and then he went to my bed where he sat on my pillow, which is a sign of dominance, and he bit me repeatedly on the arms until we had to return him to the rescue place.


Yeah, I if people don't I mean, my you know, the thing about young Phil is no one knows how much a dog eats. So they, like, fill up an army helmet with kibble and go, here's your dinner, boy. And the dogs, you know, you work out the feeding and the times and the right food and blah, blah, blah. And also my daughter had this sort of novelty shag like weird 70s, like sort of ironic shag, like it's so shaggy, it's a novelty shag.


And Phil just walked right in and just took a giant sloppy dance all over that, like literally that afternoon that tossed the rug because that shag nothing coming out of that.


It's I'll tell you, one of the best pieces of advice I will give to anybody out there is get one of those little bisel hand-held stiehm carpet like spot whatevers. If you've got kids, if you got pets, if you got carpet, if you got rugs, that'll be the best. One hundred and twenty six bucks you ever spent on your life in your life.


You just fill that little hopper with hot water and just boom, you know, you will be buzzing the shit out of that.


And don't forget promo code. Adam, promo code. Adam at Amazon. All right, Gina grad. Let's bring it home. You got it. I'm Gina grad. And that's the news.


Gina, Gina, that was the news with Gina grad Jim Jeffries going to be in tomorrow night.


Yeah, haven't talked to Jim in a while. And last but not least, there is simply safe fear has no place at home. So please get yourself simply safe. There's two eyes in there, simply safe. Dotcom slash Adam is where you go. FETs Dog Sunday papers, fets dog radio radio available on Apple podcast and Spotify as well in the new YouTube channel I should say. Sorry, but you do shit on the YouTube Simmons so please go there and let's see.


Oh Tempe Improv coming up, Rob Schneider is going to join us at the Tempe Improv. That'll be on the 19th as well. Go down, call dot com for all the live dates and Salt Lake City coming up, doing live pods. They're wise guys, October 2nd, 3rd. And I'm your emotional support animal. My book available on Amazon. I get that as well until next time I pearl for Greg Fitzsimmons saying Mahallah.


Stick around. Dave Damasak and Adam Corolla return with good sports next. Good for the broadcast on Sports Network presents, good sports, I love sports fans.


Welcome to the Thursday edition of Good Sports. Dave Damasak here. Quick reminder, make sure you check out Dave's of Donder. We put up on our YouTube page about a week ago. The JetBlue letters, they require no back story. Just sit back. If you have an hour to laugh, you will be delighted by the letter writing campaign. It's kind of the precursor to phony phone calls. It's letter writing to JetBlue and making some preposterous claims. It's very funny.


Anyway, enough about that. Dave Damasak here. Adam Kerl over there. ASW, how are you doing today and and what shall we kibitz about. I have a list of items to go through.


I'm well why don't you run off some of those and we'll see. All right.


Decide on while we have some things to talk about from really last week, you know it looks like Sophi Stadium is is going to be the real deal. It's a glorious thing. Although where did you come down on that? We've talked about dome stadiums. Have you gotten a look at the new Los Angeles football stadium?


Yeah, I haven't physically been inside of it. I have flown over it a few times. I do kind of miss that part where the pilot would give you the heads up, you know, upon approach. You know, they used to always do a thing. If there was the Grand Canyon on one side of the plane or a stadium under construction or some a volcano or something, they'd go, hey, if you're sitting on the left side of the plane, look out your window.


You'll see. I think it may all be part of the new world order, which is each one of those announcements would start with. If you're on the right side of the plane, you'll be able to see the grand arch in Utah or or Monument Valley or some some something. Something. Right. But you immediately eliminated fifty percent of the plane and more than 50 percent of the plane, because if it's a window and you're not on a window seat, then maybe the person in one from the window can catch a glimpse at something.


But you really have to look out, look down as you fly over the stadium, obviously. And famously, the stadium was put subterranean so that it would not stick up into the sky. They probably had Gary, you can probably find it, but they probably had a drop dead height, which is nothing on this stadium can go higher than. And there was a mark. I'm sorry. Why is that advantageous? What's the what's the. I'll tell you why.


So first things first. They it's on the approach of LAX so I can find the height. But I know that the playing surface is ten stories exactly. Down from ground level.


It did not look ten stories at all. Ten stories is one hundred feet. That's that's a lot.


That's interesting that it was at sea level or like terra firma. But anyway, we'll dig into that that we'll get into the weeds here. But so it's on the approach of LAX, so it cannot be higher than five stories are no building could be higher than 50 feet or no no antenna or nothing shall protrude past this 50 foot mark.


So the the ceiling the the the roof rises to two hundred and seventy five feet above the field. So one hundred and seventy five feet above ground. Right. All right. So the drop dead mark is 200 feet or whatever it is, but it can't go higher than that. So anyway, when you're flying in, it's random. Sometimes you see it out of the right side of the plane. Sometimes you see it on the left side of the plane.


But you have to know to look as I always do, because I want to I like construction. It's kind of cool, my Rams fan, whatever. But it is interesting that the pilots have dropped the prompter to go look out the window because in a world of haves and have nots and everyone sitting on the wrong side of the plane is all of a sudden I have not and we don't do that anymore because it was a very common thing in growing up in here.


You know, if you watched a sitcom, it would go. And for those who are sitting on the left side of the plane, you know, that was just a common trope, right?


Yeah, no, you're absolutely right. And I am vain enough that I would always resent that. And I feel like that this is true in my heart. I feel my brain may disagree. I feel like I was never on the correct side of the plane. I don't think I ever was in the line of sight, which then I also I know that I'm trying to look through the other side, you know, I'm trying to look through the other guy's window, but he's got the laugh.


Well, who gave this guy like the God of the window at the thing? Like, if you get the window seat, like this thing of like, can you lower that? Because I'm trying to watch a movie over here. Like now I like it open. And and conversely, sometimes he has a close like. But the pilot just told us to look out that window and now you're depriving me of that. You know, I do I do miss the guy who wouldn't slide his shutter shut when they were playing a movie, but that's when they used to play a movie.


Now it's in your phone or it's on your seat than in front of you. Like it doesn't have it. It effects it. But it isn't the it used to be just a deal breaker. Like if you were up in first class and they had that movie screen or a monitor up there and they were showing a movie for the flight, imagine how quaint that sounds, explaining to our kids like, what's the flight in this movie? What? Oh, I've seen that before.


Or they read that thing where it's like, oh, they changed the movie for the flight. You would actually check what the movie was for the flight, but it would be ruined because the one guy didn't he did not close the shade in the middle and it just shot sunlight all over the screen and blew it out. And my thing is, the stewardess, as we call them back then, would ask everyone to shut their shades. But some some would inevitably not do it.


And the stewardesses never enforced it. They never, like, came by and went, hey, I don't know if you missed the announcement I made into the into the machine. That amplifies my voice. But I'm going to have to ask you to go ahead and shut that shade for me like they never enforced it.


I also like the idea that your response to that, if if if the woman said that to you, that you might have blown some cigarette smoke in her face. Right. That's one of the things that is hard. I can't imagine if you are our kids age like the notion that half the fly used to be burned and nails is so sore. And even to me now, I can't even imagine sitting in the smoking section of the airplane how insane that must have been.


Was it just I can't I don't remember. I remember being on smoking flight, but the whole thing must have just been a big plume of smoke on the inside, right? Yes.


And although I just heard this because I have done a fair amount of flying in the age of covid and everyone is always kind of wondering, well, why aren't you know, if the edict is spread out, stay outdoors. You can't go in the you can't go into the Supercuts, you can get a cut. You can get a haircut out on the sidewalk, but you can't go into the supercuts. That's too dangerous, you know, which is obviously insane.


But anyway, what's going on on an airplane? There's there's ninety people and and a Southwest flight. And if you really think about it, it's 90 people in a space cubic foot. Why's the size of my living room, except for with a lower ceiling, you know, so what's going on? How come every pilot how come every flight attendant isn't ravaged by covid-19? And they say, well, it's not as bad as everyone says it is, but B, it's circulating the air.


They have good air scrubbers and big air circulators. And the reason the air is circulated at such a fast volume is because it was originally there for smoking. So you would have to have that air scrubber basically turn the air around like, you know, pull in, you know, completely, I don't know what the stats are, but like in two and a half minutes, it circulates all the air that was in the cabin. And initially, I think I'd heard that a lot of that was for smoking, which kind of makes sense that it would do that volume.


Huh. That's interesting. That is a good question that I. I am not with you as much. I'm much more frightened about the 19 than you are. But yeah, that is an interesting question that you would think that's just a vessel to spread the 19 all over to anyone who's within that airplane.


I also wonder, you know, you go to those things when you go to the amusement park, they have like the if you're not this tall, you can't ride the ride. It seems like there are more stringent requirements for riding the roller coaster than sitting on the sitting in the seat that opens the escape door. Like, shouldn't there be some should there be some minimum standard tasks before you actually can claim that thing like that? Don't even when if you book the light your flight early enough, you can get that seat.


And there's no like can you confirm what your bench press is? Or like should there be some. I know, but they just come like it's too late now. You're not getting me out of the seat any. Would you agree with, sir? Do you agree with what you've just said? Like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll, I'll bust that door. I'll play hero for this flight. Like, yeah. Never mind the fact that who knows if you can do it.


I don't know. What if you're a weakling. What if your Damasak your you I want to get on a plane. We're damaged to escape. No you don't.


The average American, upon arriving in the driver's seat of the rental car, takes fifteen minutes to figure out how to get it into reverse. What are the chances could be smoke billowing out of the back of the plane and you're going to all of sudden undo that thing and kick the door out, deploy the raft, you know what I mean?


Hey, fatty, you let the that this plane is now 30 feet under the sea and sinking fast. Get that thing open. Don't worry, everybody. Damisch got it. Jump. Ten minutes later, we're all dead. We're all at the bottom of the sea now that enough of that apply us.


But the other thing I was thinking about is you're saying that is I have been in hotels. I was in a hotel in Chicago. I've been to a few events and things of that nature where they took your temperature before you went into the whatever the venue was or the hotel or what have you trying to think. I know I did it in Chicago in a hotel, and I think I've done it out here at some other events, but not to get on the airplane.


You walk right on the airplane. They don't really I haven't flown in six months, so I would know, but they really they don't do that now not to get on the plane.


So it's that way.


That's another into a hotel, but not on an airplane. I don't want to hear. I don't want to get it. No, they didn't hit me when I flew either. Yeah, they don't take it on a plane.


So that's why you need standardized across the highway. I don't want to write that or say, but now there's two arguments. One is, is you've got to start doing it before you get on a plane. And the other argument is, is why do you have to do it to go into a hotel like it's both arguments now. I hear you, but, yeah, well, you can't leave it to private corporations to decide what their standard is going to be, and I hope the hotel does the hotels, the private, whatever.


I mean, they don't want to get sued or whatever, and maybe they're just doing it for their high end clients to feel safe. I don't know what it is, but Southwest is going to get sued, too, if they spread it all on one flight or whatever. There's just something there's something about flying that just ignores every rule you've heard of with covid-19 and your traveling by nature, like you're going from one city to the next city to the next day, like you're traveling all over the place and picking up this potpourri of human beings.


And it's been the last thing I read about it a week ago was that flights are not a perp, are not perpetuating the 19 as much as people were afraid it was going to. So, yeah, it's it's unusual. But bottom line is that Sophi Stadium looks great. I hate that it's got a glass roof over it because it's better. Some of the greatest games ever in the L.A. Coliseum or when it rained and it turned into a mud field.


And the Chargers are going to look great because of their uniforms. And I don't know what the Rams did to them selves with that weird gray uniform, but it ain't.


I saw that and the guy saw the weird fade on the numbers at the bottom.


Numbers ain't good, but that Greatbatch thing that they're going to be wearing out there on purpose is, well, gharial.


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Good times, Friday edition, a good sports coming at you tomorrow. Until then for Adam Carolla, Dave Dameshek, good sports out good.


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