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The news with Genographic. Well, first up, we have another cautionary tale tale about a hot mic this just happened to Nathi Redds announcer Tom Brennaman has been suspended. He uttered a homophobic slur while calling the Reds game Wednesday, not realizing his mike was on. It's an odd thing and will kind of take you through it. Here's a clip. You really have to listen closely. Capitals of the world. Like pregame show presented by Ray St. Clair losing so very, very quick turnaround, realizing his mike was on, as soon as he realized his mistake, he went on the air and gave an immediate apology while still calling the game in the middle.


I know I heard about this man. You've got to you got to go with fan capital of the world and just say we're just like reading or misspoke. Say, what's the plausible explanation?


I'm going to give you a possibility after this. Here's the apology.


I pride myself and think of myself as a a man of faith, as here's a drive in a deep love field like you called a home run.


So that'll make it a four nothing ball game. I don't know if I should be putting on this headset again. I don't know if it's going to be for the Reds. I don't know if it's going to be for my bosses at Fox. A little apologize for the people.


Well, hold on one second. First things first. You always have to be during every break. Here's a new protocol. I'm going to tell my son this because he wants to get into sports and sports broadcasting, all that kind of stuff during every break. Because of this hot mike situation. You need to have half a peanut butter sandwich. You need to be eating the peanut butter sandwich. And when you come back on camera, yeah, just always show it.


Oh, that'll be your trademark. And then you show it. It's Fan City and then you can always just kind of blame the roof of your mouth. Like, I was just I had the Skippy smooth. It was stuck up on my palate. Everyone knows I love Taffy.


I love the Jaffey. Yeah. Now, so not only does this guy get busted with the hot mike, but he has to continue announcing and at the beginning of the apology, the guy hits the dinger. Yup. Yup. You how I mean was that really in real time. Like he just, he just started to apologize. The guy hit a home run four and a half seconds after that he started the apology. Watch it again.


Right myself and think of myself as a a man of faith, as is a drive in a deep love field like the first pitch into the apology.


I mean, this is a game that takes forever. I mean, the average time between home runs or between coming back from break and a home run has got to be nineteen minutes and twenty eighteen. He got under four seconds. A guy hit a dinger first man. Chris, back it up.


I don't mean to sound, but I look at the box. Well look, a fucking detail here was that the first was that the first quarter of the game.


Well it's the first batter after he came back. Now that was top of the fifth he. Oh OK, OK.


But still he he he he does the slur during the break, then they come back and he's like the first guy after they come back, which is still horrible.


What was the location he was referring to as fans.


I think they were in Kansas City.


OK, and I will give you a possible reason why this happened. Even though it ain't clean, it's not a perfect day to be. But the team issued a statement saying the Cincinnati Reds organization is devastated by the horrific homophobic remark made this evening by broadcaster Tom Brennan.


Brennaman Jesus, he he was pulled off the air and effective immediately was suspended from doing Red's broadcasts. He will be addressing our broadcasting team in the coming days. Now, it was funny because as this happened, we were on the air last night on The Conway Show. Petros Papadakis, I'm sure you're familiar with.


No, I was on and exactly Clacy, he said, well, it kind of might have been like a sort of an ode to Blazing Saddles. And I was like, well, I got to look that up.


So it's a it's a sort of weak connection. But here's a clip that possibly he was referring to. Do you have that? Here we go, quite wide, wide world of sports, is it going on here? But how do people try to get a little pratley not to jump around like a bunch of Kansas City faggots?


Oh, Casey. Yeah, well, I got to tell you, thank God. And he's the announcer for the Reds. Yeah.


Thank God Marge Schott isn't here to hear this because she would be very tarnished. She had very delicate sensibilities.


The former owner, the Reds, Marge Schott, you can look her up and she'd be very upset if she knew. So you know who's to blame here?


Hmm? Who's to blame? Here is Tom Brenham himself, because you never do it. Pat O'Brien did his sound guy and tell him, if you fuck me, you're dead.


Right. So he he did a pretty long winded apology during the course of this game, like it may have lasted an inning and a half or something. He's also a Fox NFL announcer. Anyway, Fox has pulled him as well. That's that.


He's been calling baseball games since the 90s, before the red, since 2006.


And he's got to come up with some answer. And so he can get back to where I don't need everyone removed from their job, just apologize or equate it to something or do my peanut butter thing and get on with your goddamn life. But anyway, he his apology, like, kept going because I was reading it. It was on SportsCenter. And it's just like it's also a weird thing when you go see if there's a little if there's a little time.


OK, so what I'm saying is, is Jimmy Fallon gets in trouble for blackface or Jimmy Kimmel gets in trouble for blackface, which is not blackface. It's doing an impersonation of Karl Malone, are doing an impersonation of Chris Rock, but whatever. Or you're the senator and they find your yearbook and you're wearing a Klan robe or something. And then you go, I was 19. That was forty one years ago. You know, that was a different person in a different time.


And I apologize, but that's not the man you see before me here today. But you can't go. That was an evening and a half ago. That was the old me.


Get over it, be bawling, I think, to look out into the weirdness. Did you mention he was relieved? Mid game. Yeah.


So I didn't. And that also happened. Yep.


So what happened to it was a double header so said it so he said it at the end of the first game and then didn't realize or had to apologize in the middle of the second game.


Um and yeah. But you got the sound guy, he was doing the thing where it's like that's not who I am and everyone knows who I am and that and that kind of thing. And, you know, I made a mistake. But again, if it's an old yearbook, there's a kind of a distance deniability thing. If it was ten minutes ago, it's difficult to do the. That's not the man for baseball. That's not the man.


First off, it was a very different time. It was five forty five in the evening. Now it's almost seven. So it's a different era the way people spoke at five. Forty five, you know what I'm saying?


Everybody thought that was OK around dinner. Yeah, that's right. And well now the son was there. Now the street lights are always on. So it's a different time. Different era. Yeah. Set in my ways. Yeah. Yeah.


Man can you find the written version of that.


It's pretty damn it's pretty damn good in the coming days if earnestly Biggart has thoughts on this earnestly.


My take over in the booth. Oh no. I also doubling down who's calling the second game. Like they have an extra guy. An extra play by a guy. I'm waiting. That's a good question.


Yeah. And they somebody got on the put up the bat signal like somebody had to go find some triple-A guy to haul over. Yeah. You know, your big break, right?


Yeah, that's a really good question. I don't know. So this guy does it during a double header. Bad, bad timing and then has the home run hit right in the beginning of his apology after he says he's a man of faith.


And, you know, the real victim here is the guy who hit the home run, not the gay community. The real victim is a guy who hit the dinger. That's probably the first of the season. You know, he probably wanted the ball as parents were watching. It's like I want to apologize to the gay drive to left home run. Anyway, back to the gay community. Can we can we see the clip of you hitting your home run again?


No, it's really just a guy apologizing to the gay community.


I'm speaking of that. I don't have it in front of me. But I did see him trending this morning. Somebody we've had on the show, Randy Rainbow, who is very out and proud music.


I want to apologize to Randy Rainbow. Oh, liner hit the left. Anyway, Randy, if you're listening, Froud resident of Kansas City.


Well, he has that. Well, that people are calling for him to apologize now in case, you know, just so he can get the whole spectrum up, old too old song parodies included words that now are not appropriate in the LGBTQ community.


So apparently, Randy is no longer an ally of its own community.


Well, so we're not there yet. You know, it's we are there their word, though. Yeah.


I mean, that's I really just looked at the headline I'm browsing, but what is it queer that it might I mean, I, I and I feel the same because I don't want to guess, but that was the headline.


I'm happy to scan for it.


And, you know, it's a sad realization. I realized when I was a kid there were always the promise of technology and one of the things was a time machine, like we're going to build a time machine. Half the movie sucked. We built the time machine and then we'd gone back to the Jurassic period to study the dinosaurs or watch how the pyramids were built or something. If there is such a thing as a time machine, rich people are going to use it to go back to cover up a photo they took in junior high or blackface.


Or some of the first people who use a time machine are not going to be scientists going back to study the origins of the Earth. They're going back to get rid of this day that they said something into a hot mic, right?


Yeah, I have the the little blurb here from On Stage blog does musical theater parody.


Master and political commentator Randy Rainbo is under fire today for a series of old offensive tweets that resurfaced the tweets that consist of offensive language regarding the black, Asian and trans community.




So I think he was he was being a little cheeky and a little a little too much.


We have a Tom Brennan apology to have at my expense. Yeah. Jim Day's going to be taking us the rest of the way through this game. I made a comment earlier tonight that I guess went out over the year that I am deeply ashamed of. If I have hurt anyone out there. I can't tell you how much I say from the bottom of my heart. I'm so very, very sorry. I pride myself and think of myself as a man of faith and there's a drive into deep left field back home.


And so that will make an affordable game on top of us. I don't know if I'm going to be putting on this headset again. I don't know if it's going to be for the Reds. I don't know if it's going to be for my bosses at Fox. I want to apologize for the people who signed my paycheck, for the Reds, for Fox Sports, Ohio, for the people I work with, for anybody that I've offended here tonight, I can't begin to tell you how deeply sorry I am.


That is not who I am. It never has been. And I'd like to think maybe I could have some people that could back that up. I am very, very sorry. And I beg for your forgiveness. Jim Day will take you through the rest of the way home.


Wow. Well, there's got to be an overwhelmingly large group of the gay community watching the Reds and Casey Royals game game 14 of the season.


So he does all those people an apology and regretted that there is so much emphasis on the people who write my check. That was another funny part of it. Like he went right. He cut right to the heart of the matter. Like, let's let's talk about what this really means for people to address the decision makers.


I really owe an apology to the people who pay me. Yeah, it's weird.


It's an interesting conceit. Like you're going I'm going to apologize to the gay community, but most importantly, the folks cutting the checks. We're definitely not gay, but I definitely need their checks.


Oh, boy. All right. Well, now it's on. What do you think happens is that it's at the end of the career. You come back somewhere. I think it's toast. How old is it?


Can you find sixty years old or something?


He is fifty six. Four.


Oh, man. That's the announcer. Guys can go on to their eighty, you know. I mean how Vin Scully. Vin Scully. Yeah. Chick went on for a long time too.


Is that something that should have happened ten years ago, would have had the same ramifications. Are we this much more sensitive now?


There are certainly versions of it. I mean, there was Jimmy the Greek who got himself famously and a lot of trouble. There's, I think Al Campanis. The Dodgers. Yeah, the GM or something.


Director of baseball operations. Yeah. But it was pretty flagrant. You know, it was a couple of things it had to really do with the black community. We didn't really give the same. We didn't we didn't really give the same amount of concern to the gay community, the Asian community, the transgender community, that that was still on the table. It was really about the black community. And you had to kind of say something that. It's like I don't know if these people intellectually are capable of coaching, you know, they're players, you know, like they say things that were really that cut really deep and that that was enough to get you to get you booted unless you're the president of the United States.


Then you say whatever you want. I mean, that Hollywood access tape of Trump, I mean, it's pretty remarkable that the guy feels sorry for Billy Bush.


I don't even get. Why did he get I don't get why he had to be off the air for five years or whatever it is he's back.


By the way, do you want a good show footnote to all of this? Sports commentator? Talk anecdotally, but it's true. A lot of these guys are very conservative, like they obviously had a very straight and narrow, you know, persona on the air. But I happen to know someone who was very good friends with both Al Michaels and Vin Scully.


And he has told me just like, oh, yeah, they're they're like almost like what's the word he used to the extreme conservative, as he called them?


Oh, fine, fine. When talking about Hugo Chavez, I mean, that's the greatest that's you want to talk about. One guy is apologizing while calling the game. The other guy is calling the game Vin Scully and taking digs at Hugo Chavez, which is a perfect thing to. That's it. It's on Brian. Sort of conservative thought. The word.


The word. I was looking for you. He referred to one of those guys in his own words as a seditionists.


He's basically said, all right, what's the definition of seditionists?


Cruz can put it on the screen, but I think some of those are extreme views.


Well, I don't know about Vin because I agree with him about Hugo Chavez, but that's not that I don't think that was part of that clip. Was that clips awesome?


If you want if you had seditionists is one who engages in or promotes the interest of sedition, typically not considered a sort of subversive act and the overt act that maybe prosit prosecutable under sedition laws sounds like something that you could be put in the in the clink for during the civil war.


Like if it works. Kind of like insurrection. Like treason. Yeah. Yeah. All right.


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Here's the great Vin Scully. Work in a dig and we're digging. We're going to dig into Venezuela in the middle of the Dodger game.


Socialism failing to work as it always does in Venezuela. You talk about giving everybody something free and all of a sudden there's no food to eat. And who do you think is the richest person in Venezuela? The daughter of Hugo Chavez. Hello.


I got to let it play out. It's the only oh, I'll find the one that's got a little more head and a little more tail on because he goes right back into the game, too. I could listen to the apology or the digs on Hugo Chavez or whatever. And then back to the count. Amedi, I could answer that all day.




All right. We'll find that little more head, a little more tail. Sorry. What else?


Gina wasn't wasn't even the one that said if you have a sombrero, throw it at the sky or throw it in the air. Do you know what I'm talking about?


I don't know that somebody of of Latino heritage like it was like a grand slam or something.


And I said, if you have a sombrero, throw it into the sky or something, something along those lines.


I can't believe you don't remember that. I know he got he got a dog, a new one for that or like cold. Oh, corporation. You know, I'll take kind of the problem with where we're going with all this stuff, sort of bigger picture is it's just going to create sort of less conversation like I have. I run a business and you start thinking about like you have a young lady who worked for you and in the past you would have probably taken her out to lunch and done a wedding.


What are your goals, you know what I mean? No one wants to go out to lunch with the young lady now because it sounds like I don't want to get into trouble. I don't know what she's going to say. I don't know what I'm going to say. And and so what it's doing is it's actually hurting the young lady because they want to go talk to the boss and tell them their hopes and dreams. But everyone's kind of leave the door open or don't hire that guy.


I don't want to get into trouble if we try to fire him. It's a real issue.


It's going to it's going to have consequences. Sorry, Brian. You're saying I'll Mike.


My country's right to be left alone with a woman in the room. Leave the door open. We have a we have the better. Yes.


The minute one. So, yeah, it looks like they took down most of the other ones. So this is a this is a guy film TV, which it's to work harder at first now.


All in one. Whereas twenty five years old, originally drafted by the Tiger, lives in Venezuela. Boy, can you imagine, you're a young kid playing in the United States, you're from Venezuela. And every time you look at the news, it's a nightmare about a business running from a wholly owned to. Socialism failing to work, as it always does, this time in Venezuela, you talk about giving everybody something free and all of a sudden there's no food.


And who do you think is the richest person in Venezuela? The daughter, you know? Hello. And you went to.


Oh, God. It's also I like it when everyone gets to the point of their job where they don't care anymore. It's like, hey, man, I'm 91. I got my money up the wazoo. You want to shit can me not save it? I want I mean, you know, marriages get to that place. A lot of stuff gets to that place, which is like there's no way young Vin Scully in nineteen forty seven is doing that rant or anything close to anything for the first thirty years of his career.




You get so you get, you get to the point where it's like I'm a national treasure, I'm old, I'm rich. We're going to do. Yeah. Throw me out there.


I like it. All right. What else. Gina Gran DAX Shepard.


Was it a pretty bad accident recently when he flew over the handlebars of his bike while racing around the track at Sonoma Raceway? He suffered multiple injuries, including road rash, four broken ribs and a broken clavicle. He admitted he has nobody to blame but himself. He said he made a rookie mistake for his first time at the track. He said, I was passing six guys on Sonoma Raceway. I was braking very, very hard, hard enough that the back wheel was off the ground for one hundred yards.


I went over the handlebars and I landed pretty hard. And he said this on his recent podcast, Armchair Expert. The track employees read him the riot act for careless writing.


They said he's being carried away on a gurney. They said you risk the safety of six other motorcyclists. And he said, I was too injured to object.


I want to know what I being carried away on a gurney. I wonder what he was writing. I wonder what kind of bike he was riding. I don't know if it says anywhere he's riding his bike here.


He's got Moto goosy. No one wants to do cut his a Ducati or is a few bikes and the it was probably just like an open track day where guys were going out there and doing their thing. Sonoma is a very technical track. It's difficult and and technical. I've driven there probably four times or maybe four events.


Also took a car there. Oh, I took a car there for testing and I also took a car there to shoot and shoot to shoot an episode of Jay Leno's garage.


But it's technical, it's long and it's going to big.


And there's a couple of blind turns on it. And it's a it's a difficult track. If you tell me where he crashed. I wonder if we find out if we find out where he crashed. I can tell you if he was hauling ass or not. But that's also the track, I think, Max. A pat on Shark Tank. Oh, God. On Shark Tank, one of the sharks who's been on the show, I can't think of his name right.


He has the Polish last name, like a long last name. What's his name? Robert Herjavec.


Herschbach. Yeah, maybe it's not about Robert Herjavec was racing and like a Ferrari challenge race on that track and just went into the tyre wall at one hundred and thirty miles an hour and on that track as well. It's a fast kind of technical track and it's it's actually where my next race may be in the five, 10, but it takes a little getting used to that track. Some tracks are off camber, they call them, and you can't see around things and all kinds of stuff.


And you can see there's footage of Herjavec going going into that tyre barrier like one hundred and something miles an hour. So I wonder what he was riding on when probably just like an open track day, but.


Well, People magazine certainly doesn't know now that it is not.


No, no articles saying that. Well, we wish him a speedy recovery. You know, the stuff about the track is it's good and that you don't you won't get hit by a car. But there is the self-inflicted wound part where you just start. You just start.


The problem is, is nobody wants to go out there and go slow. You just start pushing it and then you start pushing it a little further and you don't really know where the limited it the limit is until you find the limit. And that's you going over the handlebars in some cases. And that's kind of the catch 22 is is if you're into it, you're not going to be into going around at half speed. You're just not. And you're going to have to start ratcheting it up each lap.


And you if you're really experienced and you do a lot of it, then you know where the limit is. I believe me, I've done enough stuff in cars, on tracks that kind of know you don't really know where the limit it is, the limit is. And then when you find out where the limit is, it's immediate. It does. There's no turning back from crossing. So if you're going fast, you're right at the edge of the limit.


If you go just past the limit, you're immediately backwards or on your back or going over the handlebars immediately. So it kind of it's a catch 22 that if you're going to go out there and try to get near the limit, all you have to do is pop past it, Amila a millisecond past it and you're on your back.


Maybe Suzuki TSX. I don't I don't know. All right, Max Spanish put it on the screen. What else we got, Gina?


Well, I know Stevo has a couple of tattoos, and that's very cute. That's adorable. But how do you feel about this guy? There's a guy in Australia. He spent about nine grand to have 203, three characters from The Simpsons tattooed on his back. And we have a picture that he broke a Guinness World Record.


According to Men's Health, Michael Baxter says the tattoo took one hundred and thirty hours to complete.


The Baxter was done in session the Baxter by his friends because his back to the entire town. And what's the record?


Well, he's at two thirty and he broke the record to thirty one to one hundred thirty tattoos of two hundred thirty separate Simpsons characters, man and his ultimate goal is money lost.


Yeah. Matt the hold on the person Punisher Matt his room was dedicated, obviously to The Simpsons is super attracted to this dude. We're looking at young Matt in his room with a Simpsons slippers and a vest and posters and dolls and figurines.


So the theme to my bar mitzvah theme to your bar mitzvah, Samat, I don't know if you're gay, but.


But when I worked my way up to by we've discussed.


Oh, you want to buy. Well, all I'm saying is you may have found your partner because if in fact you're a top and you're by or by plus, as I have you now ranked a this is your man because you would get to stare at the entire town.


Right. Right. Only if you were a top right from behind as as this gentleman is this gentleman's partner. And I think that, you know, and I think, like originally, your dad might be upset, but once this guy pulled his shirt up, they'd be impressed at the barbecue. They'd be they'd be impressed. Yes, that's right. So you can see the entire town of Springfield, the residents of Springfield on this guy's back. Many people are represented.


He said he his goal is to do more than 500 characters from the show. That would consist of every single character that has ever appeared, including guest stars. I don't know where you put them.


Hmm. Is there anyone doing The Family Guy? Because I feel like I could be represented.


Oh, that's fame like me, too. I think I was on the Family Guy.


Oh, what were you you on the Family Guy. Yeah, playing yourself on a sitcom. And our animated series is either good or bad. It's either it's it's in your case, Stevo, I'll say it's a good thing. But I've I've played myself in like Dawson's Creek.


I put myself in Dawson's Creek and the Ryan Reynolds, two guys, a girl and a pizza place, whatever, where they would just keep referring me to Adam Carolla.


What's so important here that Ryan Reynolds sold a brand of alcohol for over six hundred million dollars? Yes, you did.


He sold his gin company for six hundred and ten million dollars and had been working on it for two years, whereas Man Grea had been twenty two years and someone just offered me whatever was in the ashtray of their truck.


We did discuss the amount he didn't want to say. He just said, you're the I got the Ford F 150 with the with the Bondo on the door.


Tell yourself you did really well with me. The right. Yeah. We're still doing Mangrum and we got other things to offer is as well, but not Ryan Reynolds. Well, oh good God.


You know, the next guy is going to do that is probably the rock with his stuff here.


I guess you don't have to kill him. All right.


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That's Geico Dotcom. All right, Gina, one more. What do we got?


All right, well, let's let's get this audition tape in. So as many people know and some are excited about Bill and Ted face, the music is supposed to be coming out in the next week or so. They're going to do streaming as well, since, you know, nobody but AMC seems to have a plan to open anytime soon. The Daily Mail has posted Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters lost audition tape.


It features them doing these scenes together, doing a chemistry test. And The Daily Mail said he that Keanu is head and shoulders above everybody else. But it was his instant connection with Winters that helped Winters get the job. And this is like eight minutes. I pulled like fifteen seconds just so you can see them as young boys, young budding actors. Car. Do you not believe you will get back Halen on guitar until we have it and it's pointless to have Trent T-shirts before we even have instruments?


How can we have instruments we don't even know how to play?


That is why we need vinyl. That is why we need to. All right.


Winter's off script in that thing. And Canice got the got the script on his knee and went pro.


Yeah, winter work for quite some time as a director on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


I tell you guys, Director, is he still directing documentarian.


Yeah, I just saw a documentary about him called Show Biz Kids. Oh yeah.


Oh yeah. That's good. Really want to see it. Yeah. He came in and because he did that talk about cryptocurrency, that was really interesting. Oh that's right.


Yeah. God people have been around for too long. Keep track of everyone ever and more so that's coming out.


Can we get what are our. All right. I get we live in California. We're not allowed to do anything. But aren't there places where not that much is going on where they're allowed to open theaters?


Well, AMC has a plan to open like 100 across the country, but I don't know if that's going to if that's affecting us or not.


I got to say, in other places in a world where. They're sort of substitutes like I went out to Pasadena with Chris Morgan Fast and Furious fame, and we had a delightful surf and turf in the parking lot. All it was, I don't want to eat a stupid parking lot, but they put down some Astroturf and they put some, like, throw up tents and just sat outside Nate like it was fine surf and turf. I miss going to a movie theater.


I really did. I just miss that experience of going into a movie theater. And I would I know. I would like to go back to that.


Yes, I agree with you. A thousand percent is how the conversation yesterday about how I got to see two or three or four movies in a week generally, you know, 10:00 a.m. on a Tuesday or whatever, the place was empty anyway.


So let's get that going again.


Yeah, just, I don't know, just spread everyone out and limit it. And and there's something going on. I know we haven't really gotten into this, but other people have gotten into it. We fly constantly, I've flown a lot since this pandemic is going through, I just got back from the east, you know, Drew one from L.A. to Heathered, L.A., Vegas. He did Vegas, Georgia, to Georgia and New York and New York.


You know, L.A., I'm going to D.C. in a week. I mean, I've been around and the answer is yes. Oh, yeah, it's safe to fly in a plane because a plane scrubs the air. It's like it's all confined. I mean, it's it would be the worst thing ever in terms of a movie theater would be a lot safer than an airplane if the airplane wasn't scrubbing the air. I'm kind of holding my fingers up in quotes, but it's like everyone is confined.


It's a long cigar tube. I mean, the Southwest flights are flown on picture. A nightclub, except for the ceiling is six foot two, not ten feet. And the nightclub is only six feet wide. And there's 90 people in it, you know, I mean, that would be the most packed nightclub ever. Yeah. With no music and no booze. Right. All right.


So evidently then they'll tell you, oh, flying is one of the safer places to be because they scrub the air.


I don't know all the best scrub there. They have like some kind of HEPA filter that zaps the you know, I understood it was that the air is recycled, that is brought from outside.


And now it's recycled, I think from within. But it's it's it's circulated quickly and zapped or scrubbed, you know.


I mean, which is what you said it they filter like every two minutes, something like that, which probably already existed. Because if you're going to be on a six hour flight and in a pressurized tube and you can't crack the window and somebody breaks wind or they're cooking in first class or whatever, you're going to have to circulate it. So they've already, I guess, have an air scrubbers. I'm calling like a way to purify the air and then kick it back out again.


So but would this be fairly easy to do in a movie theater like they have systems, they all have AC systems where they're constantly sucking, they're in cooling it, spitting it back out vents. And they do have like pretty advanced air scrubbers. Like I have had electronic their stuff. You can hook up your AC system that plugs in and actually zaps like the little bits of dander and and dust and everything else, like it's a pretty advanced business.


Why can't they just recirculate it and scrub it and then just spread everyone out? I don't I'm guessing whenever you don't really find the answer to things like this, there are some financial or legal component to it.


My guess would have been, if you want one that's going to not just work on dander, but on virus particles, I would guess it's cost prohibitive because I guess well, what if airplanes used that?


I mean, every commercial airline flight, every Southwest flight is evidently fine to fly on. So what are they doing? What is their technology? I mean, some of those planes are twenty five years old. Like, where's that? What technology do they possess? And then how do we infuse it into the theater chain or the restaurant?


Well, AMC did announce because they actually reopened today as we record this and they said that they have upgraded their ventilation systems. That was one of the things that they announce that they're doing. And it's a fifteen cents to go today to watch a movie. Oh, all right.


Well, that's good. Well, not in California, though, right? That that's that's nothing. Yeah. Call the cards. You go there. All right. Let's bring it home. Genographic. You got it. I'm Genographic.


And that's the news. Jean.


Jean, that was the news with Genographic. Well, last but not least, simply safe.


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And Carol, until next time, Zanker for Steve Oh, and thank you and Gina san Mahalo, stick around. Dave Damasak and Adam Carolla return for good sports right after this. The broadcast on Sports Network presents good sports, high and low and happy Friday, sports fans, and welcome to Good Sports. Dave Damasak here, Adam Caroll over there. Quick reminder, make sure you track down Days of Thunder better than ever. You can watch it on YouTube even if you want.


And also extra points with Cousin Sal and Charlotte Wylder. Good times there. But to the matter at hand, kibitzing about sports and the game of life with Adam Carolla. What's on your mind today?


Where where do you come down on this activity behavior? The super speedy we're talking about, some of the fast sprinters have played in the NFL, some with more success than others, Willie Gault comes to mind. Yeah, where do you come down on this behavior? The Kansas City wide receiver caught the ball. He's he's he's put the the Duke on his last man, and he's going to be run unfettered to the end zone for the next thirty five yards.


Tyreek Hill number ten. The speedster has to run up to him. Is he ten or eleven. He has, he's number ten. He's number ten. He has to do that move where even though he's eight yards behind the guy who's clearly going to score, he has to catch up to him and then run next to him and kind of pat him on the back. Now you think he's congratulating his teammate, but he's really letting everyone in the stadium know that I'm faster, in fact, than the guy who's scoring the touchdown.


And I'm just going to make this little game of speeding up to him. And then it's in a weird way, steal a little of the guy's thunder like we're going to he doesn't get a full touchdown. I'm going to run up to him. Everyone's going to first off, I was going to realize how much faster I am than this guy. The number two, they're going to thank God. I wish that guy had the ball instead of that guy.


That guy so much faster. The number three, I'll run up and I'll slow down when I get to him. Even though he's running full speed, I like condescendingly pat him on the back and then we'll both celebrate together.


Nyanza I long a short answer to that question is I don't care for it. I don't mean to sound like a curmudgeon, you know, coach from 1968 or whatever, but legitimately not just once either. Very often you see the guys doing that and it's like, well, that the guy actually got tackled, the guy with the ball got tackled because you were busy celebrating his successful or what should have been a successful journey to the end zone. But you could have turned around and blocked the guy chasing him, but instead you were too busy wagging your finger next to him.


I mean, that's happened at least a couple of times watching a game. But, yes, the spirit of it is also bogus that you're that you're taking your teammates shine a little bit. I'm not a fan of it. I thought you were going to say, do I like Tyreek Hill once he runs past everybody giving them the peace sign and that I say yes, the NFL says no because that's taunting somebody and shame the devil that you would ever do that in pro football.


God, it's it's so insane what speed does to be faster than everyone, especially when everyone is fast, that always that is that is quite that is quite a thing. Yeah. So his guy broke loose and then here comes Tyreek Hill and he runs up and he catches them and then he's got to like celebrate. But I would also argue that if I'm the coach I would say, look, you don't have an infinite number of bursts of speed per game.


You know, we've got a fair point. We've got to put a cap on it. You don't have fifty. Maybe you have thirty one, you know, or maybe you have twenty eight. Like, you're not you're not a machine. The fourth quarter is going to come around at some point. There's going to be a little dehydration setting it like, I don't know if I want you just running your ass off down the field for no good reason.


I would go ahead and ask you to conserve some of that for the next route you have to run.


I love that point. Randy Moss. Ruin that for everybody because that was always his excuse was like, I can't go full speed every play because then I'm running a 50 yard sprint on every play. So I have to when I know the ball is not coming my way, I have to save a little in the tank. So, yes, what that is a great point. That's right. That I don't know if this is too nuanced an issue.


Who would you rather drive across the country with that guy, the guy who feels like I'm going to like, bask in the reflected glory of somebody else like that or that helpful cornerback who always when he gets whipped, when he gets beaten by the wide receiver and the guys in the end zone, he turns and points at the safety who was supposed to help him in coverage? Like where were you guy? Like, you know, make it clear to everybody in the stadium and watching on TV like that wasn't on me.


That was that guy over there who should have been over here, who's the worst human being.


I'm going to add a third guy to this mix, OK?


Oh, I have another one that the guy who you know, it's first and goal on the six yard line, he's playing corner. The guy throws an out, he breaks it up and he's doing the wag the finger and not my house. It's like, hey, you got four more you got three more downs here. You're probably going to get scored on in the next play or two like. Yeah.


What good thing you were playing Josh Allen and not Drew Brees or else you would be walking off the field after six points.


Right. So. We'll throw it doesn't make you a hero, do it on third down when the field goal team is coming on, but don't do it on first down. You've got a couple more plays for these guys to score here. I always feel like I'm a coach.


Exactly like I'm yelling at my TV when I'm watching the Steelers in particular play that. When they do that, I'm like, guys, two more plays before you're out of this thing or they celebrate after third down and it's on the one yard line like you guys are celebrating, like they're not going to go for which they are.


Keep your heads in the game out there. That's right. That's how I feel. The fourth I'll add to this is and this is really Odell Beckham more than any other wide receiver I've ever seen. But if if the ball is thrown at Odell Beckham direction and it doesn't result in a catch, then by definition it was pass interference in his hands wildly to the right. Where's the flag? Where's the flag on? He's basically our old pal Ray from the Blue Tops.


Every time he missed a basket like foul foul, nobody touched you.


I completely agree. I cannot stand that. And Gary, one more for Shaq out of the I don't know if you can find it or not. I'll answer your question. But, Gary, that Rams footage from last year, us going nuts on access the other week, but we never saw the footage of it. But Scheck's the guy to talk to about this, the what is deemed a reception is driving me out of my gourd. When the Rams were playing the Ravens last year at in the Coliseum, the more that the Ravens just shellacked the Rams, they, they scored a touchdown the first six times they had an offensive possession or something like that.


But there was a play. And like the third quarter where the Ravens threw downfield the tight end and the Ravens are already up thirty five to six. At that point, the tight end turned around, caught the ball, then started to turn forward and run. The Rams DB made a good play and punched it out. The Rams recovered the ball. They probably needed it as much as they needed anything at that point. And then they reviewed it as like that.


No catch. And it's like, well, he caught the ball and then he started running. And it's like, yeah, but he didn't have it long enough. It's like, well, he caught the ball. Why is that not a catch? I don't. Why are you nullifying a good defensive play saying a guy didn't catch the ball. Oh he caught the ball and then it was strip. That's what happened. He wasn't juggling the ball.


He caught it. Why why can't that be a point? I don't get the definition that.


Well, nobody I mean, legitimately, it's been. Have we learn anything more since the day's catch and Jesse James with the Steelers against the Patriots was a big one? There have been a number of examples of that. Yeah, I think a good although it's imperfect, too. But still, I guess kind of the answer is for me always is if the DB hadn't hit the ball, what would that guy have reasonably just turned and run with it to the end zone?


The answer was yes on the play you're talking about. So then it's a catch, right?


I mean, like that they always just go if the DB was never born, I don't want to get my here. I don't want to bring politics into this. But if he was supported with the guy, still have the ball.


If the answer's yes, then you want to know why? Because he caught it. That's why he would still have the ball. Yeah. Even if that's even if that act is illegal in some states. I mean, I don't know I don't know where we are now.


A third trimester type situation that was only in the case of rape or incest. Let's not get let's not get political. All right. Let's just say he didn't make the move. Forget about the we've got the politics and the abortions and the right to lifers and the pro-choice. There's let's just say he didn't punch the ball out. Would the guy still have the ball? And if the answer is yes, then he caught the ball. I would also argue when they go, yeah, he he caught it, but he didn't make a football move off.


Guess what? Catching a football.


Yes, that's always what is more football. A lot more the move being on a football field and putting both hands on a football, which you cannot play the game of football without.


What is a more football move that I would argue that running your route and catching the 30 mile an hour spiral that was over your head and starting to bring it in is a much, much more of a football move than turning the other direction like he caught it. But they didn't make a move after he caught. That's a more of a football move than turning the direction of your goal. I checked.


Yeah. When I checked into the hotel the other day, I turned around in that whole lot. Other people were doing it, too. That that's a football move. I don't think so. Catching the balls of football. Yes, this guy that the tight end for the Ravens just caught it on the fly and and actually turned he turned back to catch the ball and then he turned forward and then he got stripped and drives me nuts. When we have review and they review it and they're under the hood and they come back in like, I know catch you really.


You saw it in slow motion. Oh, I'll tell you what drives me the most nuts. The announcers, then, is a good call. That's a good call. Now, that's a correct call. It's a correct call. He caught the ball and then he got it stripped. Why is that a correct call? Why is that why you play with this? But why? It's also what I resent is like a flip flopping is as apparently bad behavior, according to many people in the twenty first century.


But the inability to be fluid enough, in your opinion, when you see the replay? I can't stand the the guys in the booth when they're the analysts, when they're like, oh, that's a catch. They decide it in real speed and then they see the replay. It's like, oh, obviously he dropped the ball like it fell out of it, hit the ground before he got in there. Like, I think he got to keep that.


I don't think you've got to hold that one up. That's a catch. Like, well, you know, you're wrong. Why are you that the whole thing is so it's so screwy. It's ridiculous. And I really do. I know you think I was kind of like but you have the technology and so shouldn't you get the call right. And and applying that kind of logic. But this far in I mean, it was not it feels like they added instant replay, like, I don't know, a half dozen or so years ago, went around for like twenty five, thirty years now.


And they still and I feel like they get the same percentage of calls wrong. It's now if you go dig up as I do, because I'm a loser and I watch playoff games from nineteen seventy eight, it'll drive you crazy on that level like well he obviously dropped that ball.


They have to. Oh they don't have instant replay to reverse it. But now in twenty nineteen you watch games and you think like oh they, they reversed that call and they got it wrong. It was right initially and now they reversed it. It all stinks. I don't know.


But you know what, I'm excited to watch football with you out of control and let's keep that in mind that soon with unless something I don't know what, but we're really tracking towards pro football at least. And I can't wait to be sit with you and Cousin Sal and Hatch and the gang watching football.


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One very nice thing. You know what? Since it's the end of the week, we don't know how we can get stupid. Terry found the stupid play, the stupid announcer. That's a good call. That's a good call. It's a good call. It's a good call. It caught the stupid ball. He. All right, well, we'll try to figure it out or you can see it, but they'll show a replay of it. By the way, the Rams at thirty five to six probably needed that call more than error ball, catch, turn, run, strap.


So you could call. That's a good concept. Good call. Caught the ball one to his third foot hits as the ball comes out.


I mean, legitimately, that's a catch to me.


If you have two feet down, like if that is the back of the end zone and that other guy had been aborted, he would have like that would have been that would have been a touchdown.


That that's the kind of not only that he turned back toward the quarterback, caught the ball, then turned forward and started running with the ball and then he got it stripped. Why? Why is that? He's running down the field with the ball. He gets it stripped away, gets a good dog call. Hey, that's ten months ago. It doesn't matter. And this game is being replayed in my head. It's being relitigated in my head over and over.


All I see is a boy, the son. He made the biggest mistake of his life. I was watching the NFL Network on my rowing machine. He innocently walked into the gym. As I was watching his play, I grabbed the like son, sit down. You're going to learn.


Life ain't fair. Gary am.


Gary is. That's a fucking. Did he catch the ball and then start running?


He caught the ball and then he made a football move, which is the head toward the end zone he wanted to go to. And they reviewed it. Yeah. And then they won. That's a non catch and the fucking announcers run.


That's a good call. That's why I could never be in the booth.


Now, does America see why I'm so excited to watch football on Sunday? That's right. All right. All right. Good times. Good job. Life may not be fair, but here's some good news for your life will be back with more hot sports talk for you next week.


Until then, for Adam Carolla.


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