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The crack news with Genographic breaking by all those crazy Trump tweets give me no trouble in the Middle East. Celebrity Trump Meltdown News with Gina. Gina. The news with Jena grad, first, some sad news and very surprising when it was announced, Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman unexpectedly died on Friday, at the very least unexpectedly to the public. He passed away at home with his wife and family there. Bowsman was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016 but worked on films between treatments and chemotherapy.


In addition to, of course, being an accomplished actor, he went to Howard University, graduated from there, attended British American Drama Academy at Oxford, and he played iconic roles Jackie Robinson, James Brown, Thurgood Marshall. He kept it a secret for years. His team kept it a secret.


And I've a picture I don't know if you guys saw this, but this video came out, I think it was in May of him talking about the 42 foundation, donating to, you know, to front line workers. And people looked at the picture of him. That looks like a completely different person we're looking at now, incredibly gaunt, skeletal, thin, and said, you know, is he sick? What's going on with him? But he never talked about it.


And and fans didn't know. I broke it on KFI the other night, but I kept finding myself saying, but I haven't confirmed it. I haven't vetted it because only like one little source in like some little local station had picked it up. And I said, you know, TMZ, TMZ is usually at it before anybody. No one had picked it up. And so, you know, within 15, 20 minutes, it was everywhere. But it was it was very surprising.


Very sad. Sad.


Yeah. The guy had so much to offer. You know, anyone dying that way. Forty three, you know, had so much had so much work left him. He I guess he in a weird way didn't have a lot of success before his mid thirties or so seemed like it.


When was 40 to come out. I don't know. It wasn't that was like seven years ago or something, something like that. So anyway I missed and I don't know in a weird way, just kind of symbolic of where we're at in a weird way like that.


The guy from Black Panther dies, the title of all the shit, like the king like it, just like a weirdly symbolic and sad and well, you know, other than he'll be missed, I don't know what we can say.


Well, the first thing I thought of was you saying, you know what is lucky because it's lucky the king of a movie that is so heralded and so loved and has played these iconic roles and, you know, just fashion. I mean, everybody thinks, you know, they love seeing him on the red carpet and what a success story. And like that he's gone.


And also the being tapped to play the lead in that movie is the biggest break you'll ever get as a as a performer, as a as a black performer. I mean, it's going to be an icon. It's an icon. And then they're going to spin off the whole bunch of the Avengers, meet the will kind of over there, whatever it is. I don't know. It's not about actually it's going to keep going. I know I saw in the theater with Sunny.


We enjoyed it. It's going to just keep going and going. Going.


So, you know, presumably about the time you go into production for that. You're also someone tapped on the shoulder and says, by the way, you're not going to see your fiftieth birthday like that. You know what I mean? So what is lucky? I mean, the diagnosis was about two years old.


That movie, My Time screwed up now. But he must have gotten the diagnosis shortly after completion of the movie, I guess.


Yeah, he got diagnosed in 2016. Yeah. And I was thinking, I'm sorry, but but but like you said, I was looking at his IMDB. And remember, when the movie comes out, you have to assume that it started a year ago, you know, a year before. Right. And so he probably did get it. Yeah.


Maybe we can work that timeline out like when they went into production and when he was diagnosed. But either way, he would have given all that up for better diagnosis. So all of you were walking around out there without colon cancer. Think about what it is you might want to do.


So if he was diagnosed in twenty sixteen, principal photography for Black Panther began in January 2017.


Yeah, anyway, that's sad. But you know, he made it to forty three and we were talking about him. Yeah. A lot of people don't make it out of high school. They buy it on a motor motorcycle accident high school in Wyoming, you know.


So you know, it's all to me given you know, nobody, nobody. Most people don't see their 90th birthday. So you have from zero. To eighty nine, basically, and then in zero to eighty nine, what what was that life like? Were you on a Bataan Death March where you working with children and saving lives and molding youth? Where you where you with Laird Hamilton riding a 70 foot wave like what were you doing? Were you were you what what side of human trafficking were you on on the losing side of the winner side of human trafficking like.


And then it all factors in from there, you know, lived to forty three. I has a couple of iconic roles. Everyone is beloved. Started a foundation. What I don't know, maybe by all accounts, a really good guy and by all accounts a really good guy, and I don't know how tragic is this life? I mean, certainly not compared to human history and certainly not compared to a lot of people who went to high school with.


And speaking of human history, you know, if for for 20, 20 tragically cut short for another time period, he'd been a great grandfather.


So it's all relative, but he absolutely will be missed.


And he was secretly married.


He got engaged in October. So, yeah, during the last week.


Things like that, of course. Yeah.


Yeah. So he touched on this before. But just to give people who don't live in California a taste of what we're going through, we now are on a color coding covid system and you're going to have to play along at the home game to figure out what color goes with what.


So I talked to Dr. Drew about this, say he was reported. Oh, yeah.


The color coding ever worked now. And and like a def con wrong go. Right? I tell you what, I'll tell you what. Color coding never works. And it didn't work with the terrorist threat thing either, because there's nothing inherently different about orange to yellow, to magenta to turquoise.


That that implies green. Right. It doesn't mind if you do a lot of green for a good reason, tell, you know, if you do this thing where you do like you make sense of things like, you know, like where you go, well, there's an acorn and then there's an oak tree and there's there's a sapling. You know, there's there's stages like you go, OK, well, ACORN, that'll be the smallest and the sapling will be bigger and then the oak tree will be the.


But if you just randomly assigned colors and stuff, there's nothing for your mind to grab on to. Nope.


But some of those situations. So just hours after state officials allowed California salons to offer indoor services, L.A. County, our county said not just yet. L.A. County salons with outdoor spaces have been able to offer services outside, but one not chemical processes. You know, you're not going to get your perm outside any time soon. So instead of the tiered system, we now have a color coding system the most. OK, so the colors are yellow, orange, red.


What could possibly come after red? Everybody knows that red is the big alert. No, purple purple is the worst one.


And Gavin Newsom said we don't use green because green would imply that we're safe. And, you know, it's like everything's back to normal green light go so we don't use green. So I guess that was all the science that went into it.


So purple means widespread.


That's seven daily cases per hundred thousand red, blue, purple substantial, four to seven cases per the notion that red is not the worst.


It's always, always bad and the worst purple. I've never heard of that. Named after dinosaur.


Yes, you love range. What is more range of the color red is either extreme danger like of the red lights blinking red or it's love.


Yeah, this is dark Valentine's and then there's the red light district. Don't get me started. That's right. Yeah. The other thing that I was yelling about with Drew is it was driving me nuts. Drew hates the system and it's like we're never going to get to the point where it's safe enough because it's just that people die. That's how it works. People get sick. All right. I mean, he had this I don't know what it was like.


One person for a month can't get it.


Whatever it was, I don't know what is the point is, is the thing that's insidious about the color coded system is it's something for these posters to hide behind when they're saying lock it down because you go, I want to reopen my nail salon and they go, let me check. Oh, we're we're at Magenta. Sorry. Yeah, I wish we could get off of there.


It always reminded me of like when I said to my boss at and be carpet cleaning who ran the whole company out of his apartment in Sherman Oaks. You know, I'd go, hey, shouldn't we get some driving time, Art, for going to be driving the van from your apartment in Sherman Oaks and then driving it over to the Colony Kitchen in Ventura? Shouldn't we get some driving times? I'll bring it up at the next meeting like there was no next meeting with him and his girlfriend, you know, and then I'd see him the next time.


Yeah, they shot it down pretty good. Pretty good. That was kind of a that's kind of for you. It's kind of a non starter.


And I think he's going to do that with the color board. He's going to go like, yeah, I wish we could reopen, but look at the look at the color board. It's out of my hands. There's nothing they can do. We're at we're at orange, purple or yellow or whatever.


And yeah, well, this is something that we brought up. We've definitely talked about this just in theory. And now it's it's close to a possibility, which when we talk about things that just make sense, a consensus is building among public health experts that it's better to keep university students on. Campus after a covered outbreak, rather than send everybody home across the nation and back to their families when something like this happens, so obviously the thinking being it's easier to isolate sick or exposed people and trace their contacts when you leave them where they are in this little bubble.


Epidemiologist and spokesperson Raveena Color is from the Infectious Diseases Society of America and made that point as well. Sending students home risk, exposing everybody that they go home to makes it almost impossible to do the contact tracing. She says there's just inevitably going to be an outbreak. Colleges need to take on the burden of having these students kept at their campuses and take care of them. I think it's didn't we we think, say that when this first happened, like everybody go home, which was crazy, that there's three things that we kind of do as a society.


And one of them has been argued away or been removed because of school shooters and terrorists taken over airplanes or or mini malls or whatever. But we have this reaction. It kind of reminds me a lot like we all we all comically laugh at the 50s in the 60s when, like, they're showing films at school going duck and cover, you know, an atomic bomb, atomic bomb is being dropped on your junior high. You got to climb under the desk.


You know what I mean? Seems like now we all look at that. It's like, oh, God, where were these fools thinking of? Well, they were adults at the time and it was in color, you know what I mean? Like, these were normal people going, it's nineteen fifty seven. There's a problem with the brewskies. And if someone drops an H bomb then we should, we should take cover. The kids got to cover under the desks and we all look at it and we laugh and we got police.


What were they thinking. Like how is that going to help? And then we got to hey, if somebody pulls a gun on you or does we got into this compliance thing, you know, you hand them the wallet back off, let them do it. You know, if they want to come, they want to fly the airplane, let them fly the airplane, you know, get out of the way. You know, let them take what you know.


And then somebody started figuring out, you know, if someone's shooting up a classroom or wants to fly the airplane, you got to fight them like that. That that was the next thing. I think when we get a bunch of distance from this one, this sort of go home and don't leave, everyone just gets sent home and told not to go anywhere. That'll probably play out like the crawl under that the desk. But this is what we do as a society.


When we don't have answers, we go go home and lock it down or shut the business or, you know, shut the door, shut the park down or but I went to the beach today.


They had a massive panic and find I went to the beach and they had this big wooden like slide and swing set. It just had the tape around. The swing set in the slot is OK, except for it doesn't do anything. But all right. You've saved the nation. It's a it's outdoors. It's at the beach. It swings. And they took the swings and swung them around the pole they were swinging off of and then put the police tape.


Right. God, this has been the greatest year for police tape. Guys used to have to be like a gang style shooting or something for there to bust out the police tape. Now, it's like every single patio, every every place, every bathroom is like the bubble. So we're just going to go back in and look at it. Yeah, it's the winner of the covid-19. It's the police tape guy are the. It's not the Beach Club.


Yeah, that's the Beach Club.


Damn, I recognize it from that swing set.


You too. Seriously. Yeah. It'd be fun for the kids to play on and perfectly safe because they're outdoors. But you got to put the tape around the police so the police tape around the swing set because it's too dangerous or something. You know what it is. Here's what really here's what it is. And here's what I worry about. When people go, hey, we did something and you know what you do? Well, we sat down.


We had a long talk about race. Yeah. And then and then we got out the police tape and we went around the swings set. So our work is the problem solved. Problem solved.


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That was a week ago. Capture.


Oh yeah. Select all the traffic lights or make sure you're human.


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What else you got, Gina? I will tell you in a second. I was looking for a picture to show you but I can't find it. It's Andy took this where it looks like a time life picture will be the historic screenshot of our time.


It's the other day they went, he and the kid went walking around and went to the playground and it's all bolted up. It's chain, you know, big chain around the chain link fence. And it's just the little five year old with his mask on, like looking sad and confused, like why he can't go in. And he took the picture from like 20 feet away.


It was just like, don't you? That's the picture.


Don't you guys feel that a lot of the outdoorsy stuff like the swing set and a lot of those sorts of measures or the proclamation of, hey, we got to shut down the swing set, a lot of that stuff was made when we were unclear and somewhat obsessed with spreading it via touch. You know, like people were in a lot of like wear gloves. You don't like, remember when so. Seems less about four months ago when people were dropping food off and setting it on the porch and then sort of walking backwards away from it, and then my daughter would bring it in and she'd spray it down with alcohol, like wipe everything down.


So everything that came into the house needed to be wiped down or quarantined or take your shoes off or wipe everything with wipe wipe it down, wipe it down, wipe it down. So we were in a wipe it down phase and wipe it down face. You got to shut down the swings in that place. If people are handling things and their germs are all over the place and we're in a kind of wipe it down germ thing. So we're at this, this phase where we're really worried about touch and spreading via fomites and touching and objects and wiping everything down.


And so we rolled right into will shut down all the swing sets because it's out. So it's outside and the kids in the sunshine, but they're touching everything. And then we went from that to droplets. So then we got deep, you know, crazed mass mask and more mass of the way to solve this was now through wearing masks we abandoned wiping everything down and spritzing everything with alcohol and wearing the rubber gloves. So why are the swing sets still closed down?


Like, I feel like that's just see, I'll tell you kind of the problem with this, the problem with this and in and living how we live in Los Angeles, especially in California, is the governor or whomever. It's sort of like this. I tell you guys all the time when I used to work in Koreatown, I should do earthquake rehab. And the sign said, no parking street cleaner, 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. and I'd pull in at one forty five to park because you couldn't find any place to park down there.


And I'd see the fresh tracks of the street sweeper that just went by and then the meter maid would go write me a ticket.


I'd go, I'd say the sweeper just went by and he'd go, he pointed the sign. You go to the two and I go, Right, it's one forty five. And I go, yes, for the for the sweeper. And the sweeper just passed. So now I may park here. No, you may not. When you start getting into that realm as a society, it's bad. And so what happens is they go shut down the salons and shut down the parks and the swings and shut down the hair salons and the nail salons or whatever, and you go, OK.


And then at some point you go, you know, and it turns out no danger is posed for the swings and no dangers posed for the hair salon. And they go, yeah, but we shut them down. You go, I know what you really want me to do now. Well, we'll accept your apology in the form of an arrangement of flowers and now fucking open them back up. It's like, wow, the shut down and we'll have a meeting about opening opening a back up because it's going to take something to open them back up now.


And so now we're live in a world where all the fucking parks are just shut down and, you know, the trails are all shut down for a while on the beach is and it's like, OK, but then the science came in and it turns out it's from droplets. It's not from kids holding seats and chains and whatever it was like. Yeah, but we're never in a hurry to re undo or fix anything. It's a kind of a that the parks are chained up.


We put shit on the basketball court like now none of that. It's like, OK, but now we should reopen. It's like, yeah, we could work or we could not like we do whatever we want to do.


And this is the problem with the power people, big problems.


There's no reason why parks and kids and also kids, kids like to play. And there is a there is what they're all doing when they're all in zoom school.


It's when they go to the park now than ever, 90 degrees. And Caitlyn, I think you have that picture I sent you.


This is kind of that time life picture. He's kind of peeking around the corner with his mask on, wondering why everything's chained up.


Yeah, it's chained up because they don't care and there's no forces, there's no powers that be they're not going anywhere. They don't they don't really they don't need your vote. They're in they're not going anywhere. And there's no competing parks opening up across the street. And if there was a competing park, they'd have to go to them to pull a permit. And then they dictate the rules to the competing park, which is you can't be open as long as we're close.


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All right. Well, you know what? I know we just had this whole discussion and I was on your side, but then I remembered maybe it's not safe to be outside. Maybe it's not safe to go to the park, and maybe it's not safe to fly a kite because this was caught on tape.


And it's I will say in advance she's OK and she's not hurt. But it is sort of terrifying and disturbing. A toddler was caught in the strings of a kite. And this happened this morning as we as we record this and swept several feet into the air. You have it. You're watching right now. There's a big orange kite.


Well, let's explain. That kite is enormous. Yeah, it's giant. And there she goes. Oh, my God. I mean, people are screaming. Oh, they're saying, yeah, wow, this is real. Two hundred feet in the air. Yeah. I mean.


Wailing She became entangled in the long tail of this giant kite. Gusty winds, just wistar up into the air, whipped her around above the crowd screaming and the little girl remained in the air for 30 seconds.


She's still talking the whole time. We're able to grab her and pull her back down. Oh, that's amazing.


Yeah. The next time I see one of those Chinese acrobats, like, talking shit, I'm going to be like this chick had no training whatsoever. And at times, whatever show you just put out. That's right.


That was crazy. She was in the air. And the other thing that's always random about this stuff is she was randomly hooked in to the strings of this kite that could have randomly undone themselves at any point or broken or anything. And that kid was dead, dead and dead at the height that that young person was.


And she was being like, you know, thrown a bunch of floating clues about this girl floating like a rag doll. Oh, my God.


And landed in the arms of everybody. They just yeah. They just grabbed her as soon as she could. As soon as she was low enough. I mean, she was up there like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz.


How in a in a world where, you know, some of the stuff is like a little underwhelming once it's advertised, this this this exceeded expectations.


And this delivered man, that kid was way under where that was in Thailand.


Remember Balloon boy, hoax loon boy.


Yeah, well, I watched on the news is supposedly this, you know, family created that rocket. The dude created a rocket.


And apparently he said that his son jumped and on it. Right. And it was this balloon and they watched on the news for like seven. Forgot about that one. This is the real that one took eight hours. This is just one thirty seconds.


You know, it's real. Wow. That is that is crazy. But she better go on to do something with her life.


Like if I think magnificent if I roll up on her in twenty years and she, she's like she's just ordering GrubHub and watching Real Housewives and she a webcam girl, I'm going to be pissed because you were next story. You have a webcam. Sorry, I do care.


But if you hear it, it's so funny that you said that. So remember I told you the other day about former Disney star Bella Thorne and she's doing this fans only site now. And she she raised a million dollars her first day.


I can verify that. Checks out. Turns out I'm sure you did, because guys like Brian were dying to see a former Disney star and all of her glory on a on a whim Webb girl site. Well, now her let's say her co-workers on the site are pissed because now they they say it has to be because of her.


This all happened at the same time. The new subscription service is imposing all these different things now. Payment caps of fifty dollars on pay per view posts a hold on payments that would force some international creators to wait a month to receive their money. And for a lot of these gals, this is this is the livelihood. So they like the way it was going until. So let me ask this, I'm a little naive. Yeah, you know, the webcam thing I always like there's things it's kind of weird, like the phone sex.


You know, back in the day there was phone sex, you know, and I was like, I never really into phone sex. And I feel like you're talking about this thing over the phone. I get why it's alluring to some people. But again, it was it was never quite you know, there's no visual aspect of it or whatever. And then there's this part and it's the lure.


I don't know who's into the webcam here, but it's the lure, the communication. Like you get to go, hey, touch your boob. Is that is that how it works or what that drop in it?


Because my feeling is like you got porn and then you got prostitutes. This feels like neither fish nor fowl. But look, it's a multi million dollar business, like it definitely, definitely worked. And I wasn't down with the phone sex either.


But sure, I got I worked.


You just didn't have the right girl. Can you ask me a series of yes or no questions?


OK, are you wearing lingerie?


Oh, yeah. It's Gwen Stefani doing phones. I'm just a girl. Are you hot for me?




Who's your daddy?


Oh yeah. Well, who else is on this call or that? My dad. Hey, I'm thinking I'm thinking about coming over there and paying a visit with that.


Oh yeah. Is his. Where do you normally model or is it all the webcam stuff.


Oh yeah. And do you have your bachelor's degree or your master's degree.


Oh yeah. Yeah.


Who do you like in the upcoming election. A Trump guy or five year.


Oh yeah. What do you think about Pence and his foreign policy. Do you think he always in the Trump. Yeah. Yeah. And what about God. I don't know. You think who's going to finish with a better record this year? Is it going to be the Patriots or is it going to be Tampa Bay now with Brady and Gronk?


Oh. Oh yeah. Yeah. That's why that's nice right now. Thank you. Yeah.


I got on the right now I'm naive and I have not been to all the fans. Is only Vince a webcam site or a porn site like or is it for ostensively anyone.


I don't know anything. I'm telling you back in the day when I would go rent a porno film because I could not, I could not afford to own a porno and I rent it, they would all start with the chick in the in the eight hundred number. The nine hundred number.


I can't remember which one it was, but they wanted you to call. But again, even then the chick would be blowing a guy and she'd like, look at the camera, go, oh I've been thinking about you. And I'll be like, well why are you blowing that guy? Like I thought we had something here.


He said, Oh, the poor fellow Adam. Yeah. What about that guy you're talking you're breaking down the fourth wall while he's trying to bust a nut? I don't think so.


Good luck with that kid.


I swear to God, the security check that you're blowing, the guy they like, stop and go, oh, it's you. Good. I've been wanting to talk to you. And I'm like, Yeah, yeah. Well, you're blowing this other dude. And yeah, you're right. Brian's right. What about the perspective of that guy and his family? Right. Like, what's his mom? Think about this gal who's blowing it to son and now talking to me.


So I was like, I bet I bet we're not going to have a substantive discussion on almost anything. So I never was I never was in that. But I got the porn part and I get the strip club part and I get the prostitute part of. That's not never been my bag. Yes. You have anything mixed bag.


I just for Brian, so only Fans is a content subscription service that allows porn. So it's not just porn, but since it allows pornography within the content, all the porn stars have flocked to using it. Yeah, there's daffs fitness people.


We should find the one mainstream like actor who's on there. Yeah. This is I mean Balachandran by the way, like popular sites that allow porn, it's like we're we're a small, well-kept park and a beach city. We allow homeless. Now the park is for barbecuers and taxpayers, but we will allow the homeless like how long before that place is just filled with homeless people?


Like, that's kind of how. Sites work. All right, let's bring it home, Genographic. You got it. I'm Gina grad, and that's the news that, you know, that was the news with Gina grad.


Last but not least, simply say, if you want to feel safe at home, might I suggest simply safe? Tucson, two eyes in their protect your home today and get free shipping. It's simply safe dot com slash. Adam, I'm your emotional support animal that is up and running. You can check out my book and leave a review. It's up there on on Amazon. I will read them. Brian Baumgardner from the office, going to be on the show tomorrow, which is our Somji and his favorite show, by the way.


It's a great it's a great series. Tempe, Arizona Improv, September 18th and 19th. Do live podcast there. And I'll do stand up there as well in Salt Lake City. Wise guys, October 2nd and 3rd. Same live there and stand up. Good. And there come and find out where all the shows and merch and all that good stuff. And until next time. And Carolla for Vinny Tartaric and Gina Groundball Ryan say mahalo.


Stick around. Good. Sports is coming up next with Dave Dameshek and Adam Carolla. David recopying Hocker. Joe Johns with. The broadcast on Sports Network presents good sports, I love sports fans. Welcome to a brand new week. Sure to be filled with some hot sports talk. Dave Dameshek here. Adam Korol over there. Welcome to Good Sports. A weird week last week. One of the weirdest that I can recall in sports, because there weren't a whole lot of sports, because the NBA, WNBA, and then that led to Major League Baseball to some level and then even the NHL taken taking the games off.


How say you what's your reaction to to what we saw last week?


You know, a former version of myself would have cared. I'm now at the point or maybe my prostate is just that, a sufficient size rightest. I turn on the news. LeBron James is screaming about having a target on his back. And I'm just like I take take some games off and come back and it's not even worth it anymore. Like, thank God, in a weird way, sports has been taken away from us sort of incrementally, like it was like, hey, I don't know if the season's going to start.


And then it's like I don't know if it's going to continue, then it's like it's going to continue, but it's not going to have fans in the audience or we'll do it in the bubble or whatever it is. And now everyone going on strike and not going out or canceling the games or whatever it is, it doesn't feel. So what it feels like in the past, it would have felt like I was pushed off of a two story building.


Now it feels like I'm just hopping off an apple crate because I've been lowered sufficiently, you know what I mean? Like it does. I'm not breaking bones anymore. It's like they're not playing. All right. Well, they kind of this has been something we've been sort of slowly it's the difference between somebody dying in a horrible car wreck and then somebody who gets diagnosed with cancer and over the course of nine months passes away by the time the death happens.


It's sad, but you've kind of made your peace with it. Boy, that's interesting, and that's kind of true, whatever your political leanings, yeah, this the twenty twenty calendar year has in fact, I remember talking with you about that six months ago, that we are going to learn what is not just essential because obviously to jamoke talking into microphones and cracking wise stuff isn't by definition essential. But would you miss it if it's gone? And I feel like I remember you talking to you back in twenty six.


We were doing the caroler radio show. And I remember I don't even remember the context of it, but I remember you saying like, gosh, you got to understand, you've got to use you don't have juice. No one gives a crap about your demands. First you got to get the juice, then you can make demands about right. And I feel like when people say that, what's the point of all this? Well, I think that at least in theory, this is something whether you considered essential or not, people's lives will be less pleasurable.


If you like watching basketball, if it goes away until you pay attention, is that so? Therefore, isn't it on that level a righteous cause to threaten, to remove? Or do you by the people who say, I'll never watch an NBA again? Oh, those players, Nield, I'm not watching football anymore. I suspect that those people end up coming back anyway.


Yeah, you know, I'm starting to kind of think about it, and I will tell you that there's probably more gray area than we talk about.


So we talk about the fans of Ted Nugent who announced that if they're taking a knee, I'm out. I'm out. You know, there's that. There's those fans and then there's the other fans on the other side that are, you know, more Black Lives Matter and all that kind of stuff. But the reality is, is most people are kind of hanging out in the middle a little bit. We don't really get into the middle of life because the middle of life is boring, you know what I mean?


Look at movies.


Movies are I don't know. Are you familiar with the Star Wars series, David? I I mean I mean, you've heard of it. If I if having watched each each film one hundred and seventy eight times at minimum means am I aware of it, then? Yes.


OK, so you've seen them? I think so. You're familiar. I know. I well look for the first week. I see them this week. No I have not. All right.


So the people who are listening, who aren't familiar, there's the dark force, you know, the dark side. There's the force of the evil force, and then there's the good force. You know, there's no middle force. The middle force is a minivan with the with the chick that was bankable in high school. But she's put on a few pounds since her third kid. You know, I mean, no one wants the middle. We talk about, you know, in this country, it's like the poor, the impoverished and downtrodden and then the elite, the rich.


We don't really the middle is kind of boring, but most people are somewhere in the middle. And I do think that professional sports and and and the NBA and who knows how if the ratings reflect this or not. I do think there's a large group of people that are sort of like you have your favorite barber, let's say, and I'm going with another metaphor here, but you have your favorite barber and you use that barber and then some point you move across town and you're like, I like that old guy.


But there is a fantastic Samms right across the street. Like, I'm just going to go there and there's a kind of an element. Gary says ratings are down 30 percent from last year, but who knows how much of that has to do with other circumstances. But there's a whole kind of group in the middle. And this is the danger for the NBA where they go. I don't know if I want to deal with it. Like it's like I'm a little bit in that group.


Like I hear LeBron said this and LeBron did that. I'm kind of kind of like, I just want to watch a basketball game.


And then the next, you know, you find yourself sort of like the Lakers played two nights ago and you don't you didn't check to see who won, you know what I mean? It just kind of it kind of drifts it kind of drifts away. I'm from Los Angeles. I remember Magic and Kareem and the Skyhooks and and Kobe and all that because I was like into it, you know, and then it's just kind of like, hi, I'm I'm too old.


I'm not I'm a little turned off. Like, I don't I don't want that. I don't want to think about all the politics. I want to watch sports and kind of not think about politics. And so I think there's a danger of the middle. You never going to you're never going to get back the the Ted Nugent fans and you're never going to lose the take a these guys. But there is a large group in the middle and you may lose a percentage of those people, not because they're making a political statement just because they kind of go like I'm a little I don't I don't want to hear all the arguing anymore.


And I can I tell you something else?


You are I think you identify as smart, right? Are you self-identified?


I do. No one else has labeled me that.


Well, I'm about to tell you then you are smart because I talked with someone very high up at the NFL three years ago, very high up. It wasn't Roger Goodell, but it was somebody very high up. And he said almost exactly what you just said. He said that their research indicated that it's roughly 10 to 15 percent at the extremes at the end. Everybody else is in the middle. And that's kind of the larger concern. And you just said it's not politically motivated.


I'm turning it off because I disagree. Who are these millionaires?


Because I think I think that's tone deaf to it, though. They're not human beings anymore because they've made a million dollars and therefore they should forget about anybody else in the world is a weird statement to make. I think it's exactly what you get out there. Some people are just like I just and back to where we started from six months ago, six months ago. It's not essential. It's are you missing it, you know, and to round it out with your barbershop, that was my thing.


It's like I've now realize I don't need a barber anymore.


I could do my own hair. I know.


All right, fine. I've a couple of spots here and there.


But, yeah, there's there's there's something pretty insightful than what you just said. I think you've just identified that the big business of pro sports is that what they're concerned with is that middle portion. And, you know, not coincidentally, most politicians are shooting for that moderate centrist kind of target more often than not, rather than aiming at the extremes.


Yeah, but obviously the news is going to be aimed at the extremes. And sometimes politicians right and the left are going to take cues from the news. So there's definitely that. All right.


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All right, check. One episode down, four to go, that's right, good sports coming at you all week, tune in tomorrow and through the rest of the week until the end for Adam Corolla. Dave Damasak, good sports.


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You came of age in the 1970s.


It was revered for being unapologetically big and boisterous.


And it survived a horrific midlife crisis in the 90s.


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