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Welcome to Against All Odds, part of the Extra Points podcast network Cousins out here with producer Jim Cunningham and Mike Walters of gambling, my wizards of wagering, my barons of betting, my overlords of the odds. Degenerate trifecta, Harry, brother Bri and Darren, the Paulie kid. What's happenin, fellas?


What's going on?


S Hey, what's going on, buddy? Oh, I wish I wish Harry could be excited as you are, Brother Bryanna. He's a very, very ornery. What's going on, Harry. What is what's wrong?


I'm not sure. We'll see how the show goes today. You're not betting a ton of money and losing like the rest of us. I know that can't be it. That's kind of smart, isn't it?


Yeah. I mean, because these games have been brutal. Oh, man.


The dogs were nine and five this week. I don't know, maybe I'm counting from I don't know where the week starts, but maybe from since last Wednesday on their dogs are nine and five. We saw some crazy stuff last night. We're recording this on Tuesday morning. Pittsburgh blows a two touchdown lead. Joel Sollom and producer here is very upset about it. Fourteen nothing. Buffalo beats up on San Francisco. I was wrong on both brothers. Brian, I know you were wrong on both.


I don't even know where to start with that Pittsburgh game. First of all, not enough is being made of the fact that Alex Smith stole the game, he stole the ball and stole the game at halftime. What a smart frickin thing to do. The clock was running. Washington wasn't going to be able to. I don't think they were going to be able to get the field goal off to cut that lead to fourteen three. So what is Alex Smith do?


He grabs the ball. He had the last play from scrimmage. He runs off the field with the refs like, whoa, whoa, we got to stop the clock with seven seconds. Even though there was no way they were getting the field goal team on Brian. That was crazy and that was huge towards a game.


Yeah, that was huge. I mean, it would have been forty nothing right at half. I couldn't believe what had happened because when they when they made that play before it, I was like, oh man, they ran out of time here. It's going to go right to half. But then the officials come on and they're like a clock had to stop because we had to change ball. So it's like change ball's weight. If you run off the field with the ball, like, that's it.


Right. And the clock just keep running. Started the clock ever stop a game? Yeah. Yeah, it was it was ridiculous. And yeah. And that three point ended up being huge. I mean being up forty nothing at halftime. It's much, it's much different than fourteen three.


They must not have seen Alex Smith run off with the ball. They must have just been like we don't know where the hell the ball is because otherwise that's a delay a game call. And this matters because the crazy swing of these spreads at these games that are supposed to be played, then they get moved. But Pittsburgh initially opened the ten.


It went to, what, like six, six and a half or something, one to five right before the game went to five. Right before the game. I'm an idiot. I play money line, so I don't really pay so much attention to it. But yeah, it was right around five, five and a half all of a sudden. Fourteen, three, fourteen. Ten was at seventy five then then they tied it. I don't get what's going on Paulie kid.


What Pittsburgh. I see that they have the most drops at any team by ten they have thirty one drops. But Big Ben also doesn't look like he's good. The drops also be the quarterback's fault. I guess if, if it's the boy behind them, I mean in some ways Big Ben had his best game statistically, but he didn't look like he controlled that offense for sure.


I think there's a few things going on with the Steelers. Look, if one lost this year, so. Right. We can't be too hard on them, but I've been lost. Any chance of MVP went out the window yesterday. And Alex Smith, we've been debating about that Comeback Player of the Year award. And it looks like Alex Smith aced it and earned it yesterday with his win over Ben, who is probably the right, who I thought should have been the favorite for a comeback player of the year.


But Smith won it yesterday and now Ben's out of the MVP conversation. It's not going to get it if they don't go undefeated. So he's gone with that. But here's my take on on Pittsburgh. They can't run the ball, so. Right. I don't know why this. I can't believe how poor everybody has been in like fourth and one situations the last few weeks. Pittsburgh in particular. I think they used a very short passing game as like the running game.


So, Ben, that really doesn't take too many shots downfield. Early in the year, he Duffett targeted Claypoole a lot more down the field. He hasn't done it. I think Ben's arm is going a little bit. Bye bye. I think that's hurting the Steelers a little bit. I don't think he can get that deep ball down the field like he normally could. You know, he's coming off some surgery and now I can see he's older, the weather's getting worse.


And so all these factors adding up, but receivers dropping the ball, these guys could say, I know somebody, one of the guys, just the cold weather. It's harder. Look, these guys wear gloves. When you're a receiver running out on that field, you're not cold anymore. Trust me. Those guys are warmed up, ready to play. So watch the player who was made the one handed really this guy's a warm year running around those guys.


They're fun. They're sitting on heated benches and dropping the ball. They're not helping. They're dropping the ball. But some of the play calling up even what Ben had the pass batted down to end the game. He's thrown like a five yard Allapattah, right. To to Ebron. You got all these weapons. It just just some curious, Aaron.


Well, what about the whistle route to the third spot? Ends up being the third string right off the one we. Oh yeah. That was a bad pass. Some people saying that McFarland did a bad job on that. I that was just that ball wasn't catchable. I don't care what McFarland really did. That was not coachable guys.


Not having Conner in the lineup is tough, dude, because then you can just basically only stick to one running back. Plus the Steelers. We've been saying this for a while now. They've been very fortunate last seven games, only two of them, and that's against Cincinnati and Jacksonville weren't were decided by five or tied by more than five. Point showed a loss against Dallas when Dallas was down in the dumps. So a lot of unfortunate things for Pittsburgh certainly came back to bite them yesterday.


Well, Joel Solomon is here, but us, he's a big, big Steelers fans cries. Why don't they bring the kicker out? The first year kicker, he wanted to kick that field goal instead of going for a magnon Joel Swerling wins. Have you have you come around to going forward on fourth one? I just didn't like the play call. I don't even mind the goal line stand. I thought all those plays were fine. They just got busted at the goal line.


But you're right, Paul. I get fourth and one. Fourth and two is we're seeing it all over the league. Joel, have you calmed down a little bit after the game? I mean, they got to fire Tomlin. They just got to fire. They've got I mean, it's just a weird, weird season. And there's no one in the stadium. They had a new kicker, but they're eleven and one. But it is just it's just like a Monday afternoon.


And a Steeler fans need something to complain about. It's just strange that, like everything went out the window, Big Ben won't get MVP, won't get a comeback player of the year. TJ Ward won't get defensive player of the year. It's like this season was ruined for Steeler fans. I would one day. Nothing change. There's still the number one seed. Yeah, that's true. We need terrible towels. We if the terrible towels were there, we would.


Yeah, maybe.


Maybe if the coaches carried the towel. The towels. Yeah. You need some kind of motivation or something. That offensive line is a little messy too, which is why they're not running the game. A lot of these problems wouldn't be there if they could run the ball. Harry, the late the actual Monday night game, the scheduled Monday night game, this was a weird one, Buffalo and San Francisco, but it was in Arizona and somehow San Francisco was favored, even though Buffalo is the better team.


And the guys, people like me and brother Brian convincing our friend Alec, no, no, no, no, no. San Francisco is the pick. Yeah. Buffalo is looking ahead to Pittsburgh. My God, Josh Allen had Patrick Mahomes type game. Harry, you had San Francisco plus three and a half. You bet that was a brai. Everyone got mad at you because you on the money. Well, well, because first best bet last week, you know, he's bragging on Sunday, like only need San Francisco to finish out a plus to seventy four for our starting pick.


And then it's like, Harry, aren't you on this game. He's like, yeah I have San Francisco plus three and a half. Well I was just getting. Come on, here's the thing.


I passed last week, one that was against the on on the show, my best bet and the four team parlay. And I had San Fran at the time money line. But at the time also they were plus one and a half. You know, Sal, over the years I don't like when the only line that was on Monday. That was on Monday. Now we go. That was on Tuesday. Now we got to go all the way until last night and the line has changed.


Flip flop, four points.


I listen in your favor, though, in my favor. But I didn't like it because the bills, again, so crazy. I realized it there on Sunday night against the Steelers. This coming week, bills needed this. We need to take this one the second time they've been in Arizona in a month. And I didn't like it, but I took the three and a half thinking maybe they lose by field goal.


He gives it out.


We get he gets on our case for making money line parlays like, oh, look at you guys. And then he ends up adjusting all his lines when it comes down it Harry, just the more than any of us do, I never even I don't really usually adjust them.


But Harry's always adjusting. And here's the thing. The old Harry, the old him. I don't know what's happened to Harry the last few weeks. This is old Harry. This is an old Harry. I'm not sure about just two weeks ago. Three weeks ago, Harry, I don't know what's happened in his life right now. Maybe he's been separated from his boss. Can a little bit. I think it's mentally playing. It's all taking a toll on him.


He's not betting on games. He's not watching games. This this is a movie done. Guys, this is true, though. I know the old Harry would have been stock. He would have been at that game last night outside the stadium. Right now, players coming in. Harry, welcome that the. To the state, he would have done it, but this was his this is his upstate New York team, right? Right. Perfect combination.


The old Harry would have done these things. Where where is he? Where is he been? Where what is he doing?


I did in fairness to myself on Friday, I did go to the hotel where I pretty sure a told me what the Rams were staying and was going to try to mess with the Rams, but they weren't in yet. The lady told me so and I didn't. All right. Apologize, Father Ken is back. Well, here's the thing with you, Harry. It's very obvious when you're not watching the games because you text every three plays. Everybody know you're watching the game and then you go amea for two and a half hours, like, what the hell is he doing?


This is a long time to walk. A dog died eight weeks ago. Well I'm not when I watch it. I'm not watching San Jose State, Hawaii like Brian is. So I mean, you know.


Yeah, but Brian's got a real problem. Yes. Yeah. Real real gambling problem.


But yeah, that that's just what bothers me about Harry is Harry then yesterday and Sunday is basically making fun of us for losing money, gambling. I know.


It's like the smart one. You did that thing ten times. I'm taking me back, that's all. Well, your picks were awful.


This now is not even now. He's taking his record down off his best bet quarter because he's been his record is gone. You can't play it. You're supposed to say that right up there.


All right, listen, we have a lot of a lot to go through here, but I think we're going to go NFL games.


I think I picked eight of them. I remember looking at the slate, like at these games aren't very good. I'm like, we have to go over like eight games. I even threw out the college. I don't know. UCLA plays USC, Michigan plays Ohio State. I, I don't even want to talk about those. We'll talk about NFL. We're going to talk about the NFC East. Who's going to win that? I'm going to take a ride on the riverboat casino.


I'm going to jump on. And then these guys, Shark Tank, best bets. But first, you know, our friends at Prop Slop know as great as it is to brag about the bet you win. I haven't heard any of that so far. It's even more fun to complain about the ones you took on the chin. It's time to deep dive into the collectively crushed soul of the degenerate trifecta in a segment we hate to call better.


Expression of that makes you sick and you make the wrong. It's a battle, yes, so many to go through, let me just give you mine real quick. And it wasn't even in the weekend. It was Friday night I had Louise. It was a dumb bet, I'll admit, and I bet it on the show. Fox-Pitt live five p.m. Eastern, actually four thirty PM Eastern tonight on FS one. So I bet ten dollars on the show to win 140, that the Louisiana game against App State would go to overtime and I bet it in real life, too.


And there were weird circumstances to which it got to Louisiana State, Louisiana three with a few seconds left. Now we saw a thirty six yard safety brother, Bri, which is insane where we have that to go, to go from six to three back to back to back to back safeties in the five to three.


Right. They were up five to three. That's exactly what five. And they tried to safety. Right.


It was two but they took one from seven back five, seven to seventy five and then five to three. But that just quick five wasn't on purpose.


That was three was on purpose.


Right. A thirty six yard instead of quick kicking. I don't care if you've never practiced that play in your life. Quit kick the ball ten yards in front. It's a better situation than what you're getting into. But anyway, they take a safety, they kick off Abertay, they comes all the way down. They attempt like a thirty two yard field goal, which is going to put the game into overtime with no time left and then gets blocked.


The guy like a fourteen ounces of rain in his beard and still lined up and kicked it. It got tipped and went wide like forty feet. I was like, that's great. So that's my bet. That's how it rolls here. I lost on that brother. Brian, you have a good one. I think that a lot people could relate to back from the Sunday night game.


Yeah. So Sunday night I have. Well, this is the thing, right. So I have Tyreek Hill to score the first touchdown and it's like it was probably six to one to score any time. Touchdown. I have him to go over yards. I have the Chiefs to score on that drive. I live beat them to score a touchdown on that drive. I have KC minus six and a half adjusted to end the Parli. So now when it happens.


Right. So you know, if people can watch it, a TYREEK Hill obviously would have been one of the craziest catches of all time. Right there was it was a crazy side. Doesn't count parly kid. Good, good job. I probably get right away saying, look, I don't I don't think that that hit the ground. I saw it right away. I know I was on that. Now Al Michaels is like, oh, wait a minute.


And then all of a sudden there's like a six second gap between him saying, wait a minute and then lining up to punt the ball. Now I'm screaming at the TV. I'm like, what the hell do you do it? Like Tyreek Hill is the first wide receiver ever in the history of wide receivers that didn't think he caught the ball. Yeah, they had enough time. How is somebody not they had that angle from that one side. How is somebody not buzzing down or at least just saying, hey coach, time out, time out.


It's the first half. Who cares? Just call a timeout. Even if you need to waste the time out and a challenge, who cares? So I lose on the first touchdown. I say underreported over yards.


I don't think it's all my fault. That's quality control guy. You should be monitoring that. And Tyreek Hill. I mean it's cause guys when we see them not make catches they say they make a catch polychaete.


I was just going to say the same thing. Eighty percent of the close ones that they like the point to the score book review review. It's like OK we'll review and it's like yeah we didn't see enough. Sorry. No he just didn't know because he had his eye off the ball so long and then it like landed in his lap. He's like, well it must have hit the ground. But yeah, you usually can count on the receiver himself going nuts and pointing to it.


But yeah, that's a that's a bad one. Although I will say Fandor, they did end up right. Fanda paid out first touchdown and any time touchdown. That's pretty good, right. Over a million dollars.


I still feel like a loser regardless of that, you know, even I mean, it's nice of them, but it still feels like lost and ripped off.


But I want the rules to apply.


But I lost like six bets on that one play. Yeah, literally six bets probably cost me. Then I scored again and they scored again, Bri, when he did the call, but he scores again.


That would have gone any time. Touchdown yards over.


But you know. Well so then he does the flip. Yeah. Maybe he was conserving his energy for the flip. He could have challenged and run up and everything, but he had to do the backflip into the end zone where there was a penalty down. Oh, great stuff. All right, Paulie, kid, what is your betting?


Simple sells. The Seahawks this weekend had them lined up on just about every parlay this money line right to I had them on our AAO podcast. Here is my Shark Tank. But last week, that minus nine and a half did not forget MONEYLINE and what happened, you know, we really changed that game around. So I think is when they blocked that punt and they got to safety out of it when they should have had a touchdown, right now they go up ten nothing before half.


Instead, it's still like a five nothing game. It's a five point swing. It doesn't seem like a lot, but in that game, as it turned out, it was. And now we got to listen. You know, not only is it better because I. Had them all had settled, they never should have lost that game, I'm sorry, play calling on fourth and one very questionable in some cases when you have Russell Wilson, I don't know what was going on.


Kudos to the Giants defense for playing great. Let's not give McCoy really any credit because he didn't really do anything. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. He didn't do anything. He completed a couple passes. He's an NFL quarterback. He should do that. The bottom line is that that giant fans going there, five and seven, five and seven team, why is everybody going nuts? So this is the NFL. We've seen Seattle lose games like this before.


Slow your roll on the Giants. Relax. You know, Jerry and Eddie Spaghetti, take a step back and breathe a little bit here. All right. Wait till they start winning some more games. But look, here's the thing I'm scared about as a cowboy fan. Judge is a great guy. He's a good coach. Yeah, he's a good coach. They got a good one there. That scares me more than Daniel Jones. A safe on board.


It scares me more than any of those guys. We got to watch where we were when Moore came down.


They've won four in a row. What do you want him to win? Big Blue to the bowl?


A five and seven. I don't care what. Five and seven. Just relax. What is that a standard for people getting excited? I'm sure that you can be excited because you have a good coach in the fold out. Harry, you're not even excited. You don't even say anything about it to us. You know, where does he look like?


I'm going to get pats on the back. You better because the Seahawks. Pete, I don't know. I can't get on Pete Carroll. I mean, he used to live right by us here. And but I just feel like there's some times I'm just like, I don't know what they're doing. Seattle, I don't know.


I know it does seem like Russ was like trying to I commented on this. It looks like he wants to make a monster comeback every game. So, yeah, it's fun if we're down nine. But if we're down twelve, I could throw four touchdowns in the fourth quarter.


Darrent, Bradberry, Logan, Logan, I mean, Logan as well. I mean, look what they're doing here with the defense.


The I look up, I see a lot of defenses, but they spent money on their defense. The defense has been great.


But, you know, you just don't expect like Colt McCoy and Wayne Gallman to come into Seattle and win that game. That's they've got to win that game. Exactly. That's it. And so now Seattle is set and that's looking like it could be a rematch. Harry could be Seattle against the Giants. Giants hosting that. If the Giants were to win the division, Seattle could be the best wildcard. Fun stuff going on there. All right, Harry, what is your better?


I did have a party on Saturday night that was like six teams needed the I know we used we do this for the bowl games a lot, but now I still have this available where you have the longest touchdown of the game. I had the Colorado Arizona game, longest touchdown of the game. I needed over fifty three and a half. Now, the rookie freshman running back for Colorado Brassard, he had over 300 yards rushing. They had five originally for Colorado at four fifty five plus yard runs in this game and I needed over fifty three and a half for a touchdown.


Longest touchdown for fifty five plus yard runs all tackled inside the ten ones that are insane and I loose. It's pretty funny. I like that. I don't know.


I mean I feel like I'm judging a roast. I'm going, I'm watching, I'm watching it. You guys are roasting yourselves and I have to judge which is watching the secondary try to catch up to this running back and they tackle him at the to the for the eight and the nine.


That is the only game Howard paid attention to. Yes, he did. In Texas saying that he'd be like Colorado running back, got tackled at the two. Yeah. Four times he texted it like I was just I don't even send him to salad to somebody.


You could s probably just annoyed by that. Although, Daryn, it's hard to figure out on his text what he's texting. Right, because he sends you back the whole parlay he has. So you're reading the things and you have no idea which is winning or losing.


You know, you know everything he said Zapotec saying Colorado under, you know, touch. That's what happens here.


Lose a game like Saturday around noon West Coast time. And then I'm like, that's it. I'm not watching football.


The rest of the weekend you Hamilton had Auburn plus plus seven and a half up six going into the fourth. And they don't cover that.


Howard, this is what you do, though, now, and you've got to be fully invested into this.


Yeah, this is kind of what you don't really do anything else, you know, for a living. I know.


No. All right. OK, OK, good. I'm done. I'm done. Do you have ESPN yet?


Last time we checked in with you, you were waiting for the cable guy. When you call them the bug guy, I don't know what you call them. ESPN locked and loaded. I got it in.


Really good for you, man. That's good. Say, I didn't think you could do it. I was like, now he's going to be it's gonna have to be at least fifty five years old before he gets ESPN. But now he's got it. I'm proud of you, buddy. Proud everybody. Our Cowboys pay the bills.


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Go to prob swap dotcom or download the prop swap app. I bought a ticket off Propp swap Northwestern so win the Big Ten as soon as I bought them they lost to Michigan State. But that wasn't that bad because then it was looking like Ohio State wasn't going to have enough games to play. That's my only hope here. If Ohio State gets bounced from the Big Ten championship because they don't have enough games, if Michigan pull some shenanigans midweek here and that's not a game.


But even so, it looks like Barry Alvira, it looks like they're willing to reverse that decision. Right. Like it and let Ohio State in it at any cost.


Yeah, that's what's going to happen. I mean, you got to have Ohio State in that game. What happens? They go into it.


They go, oh, listen to this. I was on Jimmy Kimmel. Well, I wasn't really on. Tony Romo is on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night appeared and Jimmy told a story about how we went to his house for his retirement dinner. And that day, you know, Romo had done like a test for the broadcasting was, you know, he's like, I don't know if I'm going to. It's crazy that he was doubting himself for any sort of and now he's like the best in the in the business.


But I was like, hey, why don't you play Madden? And we could do play by play and we could see you know, we'll see how it goes there. And they discussed that. We actually did that. And it ended up we did that for like three minutes. And then I just ended up watching him play Madden for like five hours. Jimmy's like, what the hell are we doing here? Jimmy just went on his computer and it's like, you guys have fun.


And he was like beating like 12 year olds rank in the world. It's crazy. And I don't know why it surprised me that he would be so good. Paul, kid, he's calling out these plays. He's like, OK, so I know what this defense is. This is cover three. I'm going to be all over this. But he explained it on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And I think we have the audio here playing Madden.


And it made me realize that Madden is really like I mean, that's a that's like a real game, right? It's a real gem, I will say this, they've actually done a better job in the last five years, they've really evolved it to where you can almost teach your high school kids by playing Madden. And I know that sounds crazy because our kids get to video game time. It's cut off at certain times, but ultimately it teaches you cover three.


These are the concepts to be covered, to cover three, man to man. And the game does a really good job at that. And that right there is what taught school about football. That's right. Anything.


That's how Cousins learned about football.


Another one if you go. I knew nothing. I knew nothing before watching him play Madden. Now I'm a wealth of knowledge. What about that, though? Parli kid that I know as a coach? You don't want to. I wouldn't want to, as a coach be like guys play Madden for three hours. You'll be able to learn how to handle defenses.


He's exactly right. So I have a we I hear kids all the time who don't even play football. They understand coverages, though. They understand like cover to cover three cover for. They know what that is because they play Madden. So he's correct when he says that. So yeah.


I mean, look, does he know did he know about your your your winning streak that you had twenty five years ago in and Sega was it was it was it was it was the college football you had like years of you never lost.


I mean he aware of that.


I mean, I don't think he's aware but yeah, it was doing that when Romo was still in diapers, really feel like it was a different thing.


I was Georgeann, I would just run Garrison Hearst off tackle right. Until I had 60 points in the game.


But that is interesting. I wonder you were quarterback yourself. Would you recommend to a caller like your teacher? Would you have recommended someone you like just play for a couple hours and tell me what I think?


You know, if I think there's better things to do, is it better to learn a playbook that to study than to play Madden at this point?


You know, I don't take a look. I'll believe anything Romo says. So if if he says it, I believe it. Look, my own son's the quarterback, right? He plays he understands the coverages because he's he learned playing. So but I think it really it can't hurt, put it that way. Right. And, you know, in high, especially for a high school kid, I'm not sure how many different types of coverages they're saying, yeah, it is evolving.


But great point for Romo. I think, you know, I think you're better off going out and actually doing it than playing it. But like I said, Tony is the man. So they he says it. I believe it. And let's see, maybe his sons will grow up playing it. Being unbelievable prospects down the road right now could happen.


By the way, I talk about Romo. I talk about all you guys in my book. You can't lose them all. I bet my publisher that I would receive a thousand preorders by the by Christmas, I think. And I'm donating ten dollars for every order to World Central Kitchen. They they take care. I mean they have thirty million free meals they've given out and they're taking care of our men and women in the food service industry. Order now via Amazon, Barnes and Noble Bookshop dog or your preferred retailer.


I'm going to lose money on this book. I'm going to lose all my advance and and everything goes to charity and find what you guys are all in it.




Do you have an appendix or like in to point out you're going to write about me again how much of a problem I have.


I know I'm going to have to. I'm going to I'm constantly updating because of brother Brian. Can't just put this book to rest, for God's sakes.


I can't wait for his book to come. Look, you know, Brian, next, Brian, this coming week, just text me all of your bets I'd love. I know who you say you'd getting killed. You're getting killed again. Let me know what all of your bets are. Well, I really factored in. I can really look at it.


It's more the fact I'm betting everything. I just didn't stop saying live.


Let me see. I live to die. And you show your hand. You show your taxes first. Harry, we want to see your. You know what? I bet you see it. It's it's a rollercoaster.


Hey, we can't be the only ones losing reach out to us. That Cousin Sal against all odds at Gmail dot com. What we still have that degenerate gamblers hall of Fame being built because of the pandemic. We had to put it on hold. We let the workers stay away. It's an Pahrump, Nevada. But if you have a better make yourself reach out to us, Cousin Sal, against all odds at Gmail dot com. All right, let's get to the NFL Parli kid.


By the time people listen to this, maybe this game is over with. So let's go through a real quick. Ah, Cowboys travel to Baltimore. They play the Ravens Baltimore favor by eight. The overunder is forty five. I will be picking the game on Fox NFL Thursday, but on Tuesday on the pregame I'm going for win number six in a row, so I'm not going to give out my winner right here. But Paul, I can't.


It seems obvious to you. Well, what's that? Yeah, you got four, six in a row. That's incredible. I mean, people do that like on like nobody that you're the best at that.


Truth be told. Thank you. I'm picking straight up so it's not the greatest. But I did have a couple I have a couple on the dogs in there and I have a three point favorite in there, so not in the back.


You're also a ways to go with this one. Sales. That's right. What do you think of this? Listen, how can I get excited about the Cowboys? I know they've had an extended break here for this time, but I think ultimately I think we might see the Cowboys play competitive football for a half. I know the Ravens are still down, right. Andrews is still out there for the Ravens, who I think is by far the biggest offensive weapon outside of Lamar Jackson.


But we've seen what running quarterbacks can do to this defense. I think Lamar Jackson, if he really wants to exploit this defense by running the ball, this is the game. He's going to do it. If he's healthy enough, you know, maybe they maybe they pull back a little bit on that. But I'm banking on that. He's fully healthy, ready to go, and he exploits the heck out of this defense. Cowboys play pretty tough for a while.


I have I have something on our extra points today where I have the Ravens and Dez to score a touchdown in the same game poorly. I like Dez. I think they're going to somehow try to get him a touchdown against the Cowboys. I could see that happening. I think they cover this eight. So it might be close for a while, but I think they pull away, maybe even get a defensive touchdown at some point in this game. Right.


Ravens win. Twenty seven, seventeen polychaete, I can't give out a winner here, but I will tell you, I like Des at 13 to one to get the first touchdown and I could just see him holding up the X and like, oh boy, not a crusher crusher to Dallas. But I wonder if Baltimore looks at Giants winning and Washington winning yesterday is like, whoa, let's take this team even less for granted because this is a weird week and this is a weird season.


But I'll have a pick for that at at about 8:00 Eastern tonight. Let's take a quick break to talk about scandal. Yes. Add a little excitement to your sports watching experience by betting on all the action on vandal's sports book this football season. There's a reason I'm telling you guys there's a reason Vandal's America's number one sports book want to know there's actually a few therap is simple to use. They've got great odds on all different betting markets, unique fun bet types like same game parleys and exclusive always on promotions to let you get more action out of every game day.


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Sorry. Another one I can't give out because I. I'm given the picked out on Thursday night. Pats, Rams, Rams, six and a half point favorite. Forty four and a half is the overunder. My God, the Patriots are not going away. They're literally not going away. They stayed in California. Belichick beat the crap out of Anthony, Lynn and the Chargers. Can anyone believe that Anthony Lynn was twelve and four two years ago?


Yeah, like they tied for the division lead with Kansas City. They lost on a tiebreaker, otherwise they would have had a home game there anyway. Harir, stay away from the side. You like the under. Yeah, I do like the under here. Look, Pats twelfth in total defense and getting better as the season goes along. Rams are second. Both defenses face Kyler Murray in the cards last two weeks, New England allowed to seventeen points.


Meanwhile, the Rams had a pick. Six allowed just one hundred and seventy three passing yards and the Patriots play their best defensive game, obviously of the year last week, last week against the Chargers shutting them out. I just think that Cam better be ready to get better, be ready for Aaron, Donald, Troy, Reider and and Jalen Ramsey. I don't know how many points are going to actually score here. And I don't know what they can do in the red zone if they even get there.


But again, their defense has been solid lately. And I think this game stays under forty for an hour. I think they control the red zone when they're on defense, too. Don't allow Goff to get to maybe a touchdown or two passing, but that's it. I think this game, it's a like I said, under forty four and a half it may not hit forty. Oh, you might be right. I mean, this could be what was the Super Bowl when they played each other in now and forever, 13, 13, three could be looking at something like that.


I like you're under forty four and a half here. I remember watching that Super Bowl being like, oh, why can't this be New Orleans, Kansas City, both those teams, a hair away from winning their championship games. And now we got a 13 three what was like six to three forever. I like that on there. All right. Let's go to you, brother. Bri, this is probably the game of the week. I'm looking now, Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Tampa, coming off a bye six and a half point favorite.


Fifty two and a half is the overunder. Minnesota doesn't matter if they play Carolina or Jacksonville. It's going to be close at home. Justin Jefferson, I think I can't say enough about this guy, probably because I have him on two fantasy teams, but over a thousand yards, receiver receiving, really keeping Minnesota in the playoff picture here. I like them in this spot getting six and a half much better than I like them giving seven and nine to Jacksonville and Carolina teams like that.


I feel like this is where they sneak up on them. Meanwhile, Tampa Bay kind of needs this game, right? It's no longer just gravy at this point. What do you think, Imbrie?


Yeah, I like you know, this is the thing I was going back and forth on this one. Minnesota's been one of those weird teams. Always hard for me to bet on or against, especially with the spread. But they've won five of six. But yeah, I'm definitely taking them plus a six and a half. I feel like everyone everyone this week I'll probably be on Tampa and money line parlay or taking them on a teaser. Right. Six point teaser.


Vikings are not going to be able to cookes, probably going to struggle on this one a little bit. They probably won't be able to run much. But Tampa's really, really, really struggled against the pass. So Mahomes a golf ball through for a combine over eight hundred yards in the last two games against some cousins. Thielen Jefferson should all have big games. This is a one o'clock game, so that's kind of where Minnesota kind of thrives on those early games.


I think they keep this close. They only really had one bad game, I think at the Colts early and early in the year.


So they're going to keep this one close by. Only the only thing you could possibly say is Brady has been Brady has been good coming off a bye. That would concern me a little bit. And maybe the ending of that Chiefs game, you know, they'll work on some stuff offensively, but six and a half seems like it's too much. I'm going to take that.


You know, Simmons and I talk about week fourteen being a killer. It seemed like week thirteen was a killer. But I may have to have a press conference and warn people about teasers this week. I really there are too many spreads right around six or seven. The league is so screwed up. I may have to take a press conference, Joel SARM and see if you could set that up for me. Let me know when Garcetti has his next press conference.


I'll just when he's done. OK, thanks, Mayor. Great. We can't walk around our backyard without a hazmat suit. OK, let me let me get in here. Please don't take any six or seven point favorites on a teaser. Don't do it. There's too many. There's Tampa, there's Green Bay over Detroit. And it's like this Tennessee over Jack. Well, we'll get into Kansas City, Miami. Same thing, right?


The problem is, I keep saying to it, I'll text you guys and I'll fucking do the opposite. I'll be like, we need to just tease these underdogs up. Right? Just just keep teasing them, because only one or two of them, always one or two of them mess it up. But if you just took all of them. But I keep going against it.


I don't know what the hell I'm doing. Yeah.


Joel, can we do that? Can we do something like that?


I got the Four Seasons book.


You can get three minus three seasons book. I like it. I read Harry. Wow, you are torn here. Arizona, New York Giants. This is a big game. The Giants are getting three overlanders off the board on Thando. Really Torn grew up a Giants fan. You now live in Arizona. You routinely stalk Coach Kingsbury, you're checking his trash. You live around the corner. You might even watch this game, right?


I mean, this is so and look, I'm throwing I'm done. I think I think I'm done looking at Kingsbridge trash. He's going to be having, like, banquet dinners from now on. He's going to be out of a job soon. The way the team is going.


I mean, they've lost four or five Arizona, if not for the hell, Murray, five out of five they would have lost, right? Yeah, I know Salimi. And you like Arizona, like around nine wins for the season. That's not going to happen now because of this run that's been going on. But look, the Giants amazing, like said, amazing defensively against Seattle. They have not lost. I'm I'm taking the plus three here.


They have not lost by more than three since week four versus the Rams when they covered up and lost only seventeen to nine, won four in a row. The defense again, it's been amazing. The five five wins, by the way, despite having the thirty first ranked offense, five wins by a total of twenty one point defensively defensive end Leonard Williams, Amazing Sack, Russell Wilson two and a half times. Who does that in games to sack Russell Wilson two and a half times.


Again, I mentioned Blake Martinez. One hundred and eleven tackles, Leonard Williams, eight and a half sacks and Alfred Morris at Galman was great to visit. Danny, is Danny Davis playing in this game? You know what? It doesn't matter.


If he hasn't, then this is such a crazy Danny.


I know it's a quarterback league right now. What does it matter if a guy throws for more than 80 yards?


It doesn't. It wasn't. It doesn't matter with the Giants because Danny Dimes wasn't throwing touchdown passes all season. He gets like eight for the season.


It was a little marching. I know you never want to give anyone credit. Cam Newton has like a ton of touchdowns rushing. He doesn't throw like they do different things, like still. But Danny Thomas can run the ball there. He can run the ball. Sure. But again, Alfred Morris has been picking it up two touchdowns and Gallman was great. Throw those two guys in, you throw the defense together plus three. And again, they have again, haven't lost by more than three since week four.


Take the Giants. It makes sense. It makes sense. I just it does. It just doesn't make sense when you look at how they're going to move the ball. Eventually added, I'm with you, though. I'm taking the Giants plus three. I don't I don't trust Tyler. We've been talking about how we think he's injured and everything else. It feels like everyone's mutualising New Orleans is not getting any good for like maybe a touchdown and fifty two yards or something.


It's not enough for Arizona. I know you Kenyan Drake, but also their offense was used to be the one of the top three most fun to watch. They're not all the PAC. Yeah, you're right now. But also now you look at Arizona, you said you just mentioned Hopkins, who isn't getting many passes. Plus, Christian Kirk has been absent for about a month now and Larry Fitzgerald has been hurt, too. So they really don't have too many weapons to go to on offense.


They do hit the tight end a little bit, but not a lot. Offense on Arizona side of the ball, I'm looking at Harim.


We've made a lot of fun of his headphones. It shouldn't be much different from the rest of ours, but it really looks like you took a wire hanger and put it separated and took both ends and stuck them in your ears and made a nice little heart, heart shaped thing for yourself.


Yeah, that's good, but I don't know what the hell you're doing there. All right, let's let's breeze through a mesmerized by her. Kansas City, Miami. This is a one night one of the ones I warned you about going to pick, Brother Brai, Kansas City playing seven and a half at Miami.


Forty eight and a half is the overunder. You're sticking to your word here. You're going to take one of those underdogs, even though dolphins have not been too impressive moving the ball. Yeah, you get excited about a second touchdown, I guess, every now and then. I don't know.


I like Kansas City to make a statement here. I think it's going to be too much offense. They finally, finally, I think, get it together. But you like the Dolphins policy points. Yeah.


You know, the chiefs used to be the one team. Right. You could count on to cover, but really not anymore. And I'm not going to shit on them because they do what they need to do to win. It just doesn't seem like, you know, it seems like they toy around with teams. They do just enough to squeak over for the last four in our government.


But the thing is that, yeah, it's true. But the thing is, they play they really do play ball control football like so most teams I had to look this up because every time I feel like the Chiefs game, the clock goes really fast for teams that throw a lot. But on average possessions per game, most teams get twelve per game. Twelve per game. The Chiefs now for many games that are row get between eight and ten possessions per game.


They have these long drives. They give up long drives. They've been struggling on third down defensively. So I just don't think they get enough possessions to put these teams away, especially right now. So I do think seven and a half in Miami. Miami needs this game. This is a huge game for them. So I think they'll keep this close enough defensively. They're good enough to maybe get a couple of stops, hold them to a few field goals.


So, again, I think I'm going to be playing most of the underdogs this weekend, it seems, apparently. And, you know, I'm sure that this will be the week.


You know, this will be the runaway.


Yeah, I, I don't know. It's it's a bummer if you have the chiefs in the last few weeks straight up or on a parlay, here's why. It's a bummer. For some reason, they're kicking field goals on fourth and goal from the two. Yeah, I don't understand that they've done that a couple of times. And also, it's a bummer because you see, when the chiefs need to score, you know, we were texted back.


I'm like, they should just pass every down here. And they did pass every down and they scored that drive. It's like shit, they can score whatever they want. What do they do in here? Mahomes is throwing like sidearms. Like, by the way, I have a new theory. I think Mahomes should win. I know there's no award for best two sport athlete, but I feel like he's playing to sports and football. Paul a kid, right?


He's playing baseball. He sighed.


Arming, passing through. Yeah. Oh, man. Was a player right outside pharming balls, like through five helmets.


Oh, it's amazing. I don't know. You're right.


He's like complete like start and double plays. I'll just do like a front flip like that for you.


But yeah, whatever. He's his right hand, whatever it is he wants to do is you're right. But that's why you like shouldn't this team be scoring like forty eight week. It just seems like it but.


Well that's, that's what I worry about. I feel like want one of these weeks they're going to you know, you don't want to overreact to the week before. Right. Right.


You don't want to you don't want to share a Giants fan. Right.


Then you want to do it and. Well, this is where you would overreact. Pittsburgh, Buffalo. Right. Yesterday, Pittsburgh looked like crap. Guys have dropped balls. I can't score. Right. They can't score down low buffalo. Rick and Josh Allen is in the MVP discussion all of a sudden. I don't know why everybody was open. Every seven yard route was open yesterday. Their defense wasn't great. I think they pressured balance three times and they didn't they didn't sack them at all.


But definitely look like the team to beat. Harry Buffalo is plus one now. Pittsburgh still favored in Buffalo and the Sunday night game. This is actually the game of the week. I don't know. What I said was I said Minnesota, Tampa Bay. But this is probably the game of the week. Pretty good for seeding implications and stuff like that. You like Buffalo? Yeah.


You normally get in the situation. Yes, I flip the other way. I'd go with Pittsburgh, but I still like Buffalo. Yeah, I mean, I was watching last night. I can't recall the Bills offense looking better than they did. They were so efficient they had moxie. They're going forward on fourth and one looking for it on fourth and two then and they took care of business. They had one punt in the game and that was for sixty eight yard one point.


I mean non stop first downs. They're using Colt Beasley. Fantastic. He's all over the place is catching first downs. Josh Allen. Thirty two touchdowns for the season. He's been tremendous. And look back now. The trade that they made in the off season to get Stefon Diggs, probably the trade of the trade of the year. He's been fantastic. He's probably going to wind up like thirteen hundred yards. Gabriel Davis, who's a rookie, he's been great, too, out of central Florida and Pittsburgh, just been shaky lately, especially yesterday, but also Pittsburgh.


All right, I just want a big band, first nine games yet not only to pick for the whole season, he's had three and three, three straight games. Yeah, I think Pittsburgh here does not show up in terms of this game. I think could win this game by two touchdowns to the way the Steelers are playing, but kind of not being there. What Darren said, lack of running game. I think Buffalo rolled them.


So here's what's weird about Buffalo. Without John Brown, that offense was different before yesterday. Like, I think Josh Allen tweeted, like complete thirty three percent of his long balls after John Brown or when John Brown's not in the game. Forty six percent when John Brown is in the game. None of that mattered yesterday. My God, that was like none of it. I felt like I was watching like some like Clemson or something yesterday. Everybody would seem to be open, like where they don't and they never have to.


You never get stopped. And they never punted. Yeah. So all that said, I'm taking Pittsburgh. I think this is the overreaction game of the week. I really do. I think the Steelers come down. They they play defense and they get to Josh Allen. It's not going to be nearly as easy as it was yesterday. And and they figure out how to run the ball a little bit. I'm not saying Snell is going to have one hundred and fifty yards, but if he can get close to 60 or 70, they can get close to 80 or 90 combined.


They can win this game and I think they will. All right, brother. Bri, your team, the Raiders. Colts, I can't believe you're still with us. You must have had some kind of heart attack with that Raiders Jets game. But just the same Colts do this every week. They play a team that they're about on, on level with, and yet they're on the road. And yet they're given points and they were given three, three and a half.


And now it's two and a half in Las Vegas. Fifty one is the overunder. You don't want to touch your team here. You're taking the total guys.


It's it's not healthy to hate the team you root for, right? I mean, you guys the same way with the with the Cowboys.


But I was going crazy on the Raiders the other day. I usually it's funny, I was actually as the past was up in the air, the car I will admit the car drugs best. I was making a video just cursing everybody on the Raiders saying get rid of everybody. I'm sick of this team. You can keep watch. You can keep Krosby get rid of everyone. I was going nuts, right? It was was I mean, thank you, Gregg Williams, for giving us giving us that win.


And but, you know, you get the people like a winner is a win. That was pathetic. The Jets move the ball up and down the field on the Raiders. Literally, if they didn't have a few of those turnovers, they would have scored on every drive. I mean, you have Ty Johnson and Josh Adams never even I mean, I've heard of everybody. I don't even know who these running backs are. And they had one hundred and eighty yards between those two guys.


Yeah, but like I said, if not for a few turnovers. But what a bad job. Sorry, this is the Raiders fault, but what a bad job by May I congruity drafting defense. We need to fire Paul Guenther. He's the worst. You look at our draft picks we have we drafted our net in the first round last year.


Twenty four year old quarterback, he has three concussions in two games because all he does is tackle it. He said, you watch this guy, Abram's just Abrams's a game every other game. So I just it's a it's a weird team because you're like the Raiders beat the Saints, the Chiefs and the Browns. Right. They definitely have the best wins of any team, but then they can look pathetic like this. I'm sorry. They have the best loss, too, against the Chiefs.


Right? I mean, if you had that. Yeah, that's loss. It's just a weird see that.


But I after all that, I am taking the over fifty one here just because I don't see how we stop them at all, we can't get any pressure. I mean I guess you could say the one thing is historically, especially last year we saw the Raiders against Rivers and Rivers really struggles sometimes against defenders.


But but I just don't think we can get enough pressure. I think if the Colts go up seven nothing right away in this game, it's going to be a shootout because then offensively we're just going to have to put up a ton of points. Fifty one seems kind of low for a Raider game here, because, again, I don't see us I don't see us stopping them again. Maybe they'll prove me wrong. I don't necessarily love either side because I don't really love the Colts on the road.


Yeah, yeah.


I think you're always you always have a chance because Philip Rivers is the quarterback, right? Yeah. It's as bad as you've been playing, as bad as the defense has been playing. Philip Rivers may have to throw a big pass in the fourth quarter and then you're in decent shape. I think he does. You know, out of all these games we mentioned, this is in a way the most important because it could be a loser leaves town match.


We could look back at it at a flow in Pittsburgh, both making the playoffs. Kansas City, Miami, probably both making the playoffs. Tampa Bay's making the playoffs.


You know, that's one up, especially if the Raiders if the Raiders lose this game, they're pretty much done. I mean, they'd have to win out. They have to beat Miami and hope Ryan has some losses.


But this is huge for the Raiders, even more so than the Colts. All right.


I'm sorry, coin flip here. I don't feel great about it, but I'm taking the Colts only because I'm wrong on them every single week. But I think I'll go with them this week. Raiders not as bad as they look. Colts. Also, not as bad defensively as they looked last week, but I'll take the calls. All right. Paul Hackett, you're the Ravens expert. You took them for the night game tonight. Yeah, they are at Cleveland, as great as Cleveland.


Look, they're an underdog on the road to a team that has inferior record. Baltimore favored by one and a half in Cleveland Monday night. Fun game. I like the Ravens. I think you do as well.


I mean, it all depends on what happens tonight and marketing yourself flip flop, flopping back and forth on this game. As as you guys are talking, I'm thinking like, which way do I want to go here because. You know, we talk about fishing lines, I don't really I don't know if the Ravens should really be the favorite in this game on the road, so it kind of seems a little fishy. Why are they why are they favored here?


But I don't believe in that. So, yeah, I think a lot will depend on tonight's game. But I'm going to flip here, so. Oh, the Browns, we're going to get this game. They're going to attack the dog here. I'll take the points with the Browns. Plus, I think they're going have a little bit more rest time here, right. The Browns are going to have a whole week and an extra day compared to the six days from now till the next game for the Ravens.


So how about how about a full week, an extra day and three quarters since they really just blew out like they kind of kind of go on cruise control?


You're right. That's a great point. They were on cruise control, at least for the second half of that game the other day. They didn't have to put forth a max effort. So good point. So I think all the all those things decided Cleveland's going to do what they do. Right. They're going to pound the ball. And with Chubb, as Harry has mentioned many times, with what Chubb they've benched the six and one which in their lineup.


So let's split seven and seven to one now, seven to one after this week. Right. So I think it's the dog. I'll take the points here. So I know I flip flopped on this, but I think in the short rest time for the Ravens having to travel to Cleveland. I know it's not much of a road trip, but I think Cleveland, which is pounding the ball, they're going to be very physical with the Ravens, I think.


I think they went and Mayfield's been a little bit even more than a game manager as of late. He's been pretty good.


He has I think I like you were going off on the Giants, like people going a little crazy. I think people won't go a little crazy about Mayfield because he's supposed to have more than two good games a year. Right at this point for sure. But he did great, great play, fake everything kept that had the Titans off balance. I still think the Browns could be the titans of last year. Right. Just, you know, just run just just run down everyone's throat.


Their defense plays well, obviously, obviously a different ballgame when Myles Garrett is in there like him or hate him. That said, I like the Ravens here. They need the game more. I'm playing the overreaction thing. I think people overreacting to how great Cleveland was. I get that it's not a lot of rest there. It's going to be five days for the Ravens. But I think they win this. They beat them up pretty good last time.


I think it's a close game, but they take it. Polychaete, real quick, NFC East thoughts don't even take the Cowboys. Cowboys, eagles are out of it. Right. So you've got the Giants minus one forty Washington team, plus one sixty five.


Those teams that I mentioned that don't have a job or team is very weak down the stretch. You know, probably a loss tonight. And look, Zach Martin's done for the year. People don't realize how big when he has been in the lineup this year for the Cowboys. They've been terrible. So it's probably done for the year at this point with the calf injury. So the cowboys are not going to wear out. The Eagles have done so. You got the Giants at minus one forty and the the Washington football team at plus one sixty five.


So I'm going to take the Washington football team here. So I'll take I'll take the plus money here and I'll tell you why the Giants have Arizona Cleveland home at Baltimore home versus Dallas. So they do have three out of the last four. Oh I think they split these two between Arizona and the Browns and then I think they'll split at Baltimore home versus Dallas, probably losing the airport, but it's two now. That means San Fran because they've got San Fran excuse me, the Washington football team.


I know they're playing San Fran coming up. They have to win three because the tiebreaker is going to go to the Giants. But hear me out on this, OK? They got this game coming up with San Francisco. It's an Alex Smith kind of homecoming game, right? I feel like this team will really rally around Alex Smith here and they'll they'll win this game against San Fran. That's what then they're their home against Seattle. Seattle is the type of team we've seen it they could on the road.


They might lose this game now. So but I'm going to say they lose. They lose to Seattle. I'll give Seattle that game now. They got to win their last to their home versus Carolina. Another game, Ron Rivera against Carolina. The team will rally for Ron Rivera this time and win that game. And now they're going to have to win their last game against Philly in Philly. Philly's done. Washington wins this division plus one sixty five.


They go three and one the rest of the way Giants go to or two. Sorry, everybody. Washington football team. That makes good sense. Darren makes good sense.


I'm going to here's what I'm going to say. The Giants that I could I could hope I'm wrong when I say the Giants and then I get it both ways. Right. Like I said, the Times the Giants win Pawtucket. Did you feel like weird, like weirdly defending the giants in the NFC East when they beat Seattle? Like it's kind of a proud moment, a little bit like, oh, this division is dead. And then Washington yesterday, all my bets.


Would I honestly, we both had Seattle. We both had Pittsburgh money line. So can't be so proud. But it's a weird position. These teams that we hate are putting us in right defense. They are. They are. And but again, I don't think the records are anything to write home about, so nobody should get excited about. Right back for a look. You know, when the Cowboys beat the Vikings, we weren't doing cartwheels a couple of weeks ago.


I was excited.


I kind of had one word. Who wins this division? The Cowboys, all right, see, I see what happens. He doesn't believe that's true. What about you, Giant? That's one word. Cowboys is still one word. I'm going giants. That's all right. That brings us to our UNsponsored segment, the make believe riverboat casino, where each week the degenerate trifecta and I set sail tackling for 10 propositions related to sports and pop culture events.


Hanukkah starts this week. Is that true? Joel, it starts Thursday, right?


It is Thursday. I can't wait. What did you get me, pal?


Well, that's a surprise, right? Wouldn't that ruin the whole all the festivities if I told you right now? But anyway, my mother is Jewish, so I feel like we could do this segment here. Harry, we asked you the other day off off mic. We asked you how many days there are in Hanukkah and you told us you thought there were eight. Did say, right? Yeah. I don't know. 12. I don't know.


Yeah, it's 12. But you said eight. Yeah, it's 12 days of Hanukkah. Yes, of course. There's a whole song about the 12 days of Hanukkah. Yeah. And I never met a Jewish person. They'll tell me. Break up. All right.


Sorry. Yes, I was 30 years to now to learn how many days on Hanukkah. There are eight days. You idiots are actually atheist. It's that time.


Anyway, it starts this week. It's Thursday. Got us thinking, what is the greatest season in Jewish sports history? Joel Solomon. I don't even know how to phrase that question, but I think that's the way to do it. Greatest season in Jewish sports history, not Jewish sports, but in sports history for Jewish people. Anyway, you'll get the idea. Sandy Koufax, nineteen sixty three minus two twenty Sue Bird twenty four four to one odds.


Mark Spitz nineteen sixty eight six to one odds Andre Tippit was Jewish. Defensive back for the Patriots. Nineteen eighty four twenty to one odds at a great year or the field at minus one eighty. All right Harry, let's go with you. You've not met any of these people.


Well, I'm going to go off the I'm going to go take the field and take Mark Spitz, but I'm going to say 1972 season. Well, I see in the Olympics in Munich, you won seven gold medals, was named World Swimmer of the Year in it, three times in the square and sixty nine. Seventy one and obviously in seventy two also from sixty eight. Seventy two at thirty three. World Records was inducted into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in nineteen seventy nine.


Why not take a guy who likes to be in the pool like I do. Mark Spitz is my man.


Yeah. I did a lot of similarities with you and Mark Spitz. Seven medals and seventy two.


Is that what he did. That is correct. What was the sixty eight year old first. That was just his first gold medal here and I believe it was. Yeah. OK Brother Bri, what about you. Greatest season Jewish history.


Yeah. Well in terms of career you have to give props to Sue Byrd. Right. Overall career for four for Olympic titles, two NCAA championships, undefeated season one guy I was thinking about Shaun Green. I had forty nine home runs one year. We had forty over and three seasons.


But we're looking at just pure like one season and you'd have to go. Colefax and sixty three won the Cy Young and the MVP is twenty five and five one eight Adira over three strikeouts to win the World Series in a World Series where they swept the Yankees. So I think in terms of just one overall great year, it would have to be that that was my pick.


I mean, you could go with Sandler and Waterboy or you can go Sandler in happy, tremendous seasons, tremendously, almost unstoppable. And, you know, he had mental difficulties and and Waterboys so overcame all that too. But yeah. Twenty five and five one eighty eight and sixty three like you said at twenty six wins and sixty five and twenty seven in sixty seven. It's so funny because he was on the Brooklyn Dodgers as my father tells the story, he was a wild pitcher.


He would hit the back backstop. Then they move to L.A. and he becomes a phenom and a whip of point eight. Seventy five like you said in that one year. Sixty three. I'll go with Sandy Koufax right there as well. All right. Parlay kid. What do you like?


Yeah, I think you left a very important baseball player off this list. I was going to go Hank Greenberg was going to go Hank Greenberg right here one year I think nineteen thirty seven hit three thirty seven. A hundred and eighty four RBI is rising. So in the summer of nineteen ninety four our friend von John Darrow thinking oh and softball hit three fifty. He actually out hit Hank Greenberg. So why would it really may be going down as one of the greatest hits.


And we know what we know about Von John, what he did in this season. He said he did something that nobody has done since or before he perfected what was called the swinging bunt. Oh, yeah, right.


So if you remember what. He would do he could run, right? So he he knew his ability level, so he would take like a little bit more than a sex swing and dribble, want the third? And he would beat it out. So but we watch baseball now with all these shifts. If somebody could just perfect that little thing that Fakin did in the summer of nineteen ninety four when he hit three fifty out out hit Harry by three.


Is that, is that who is that who Jeter stole his from. So our friend Vonne John Darel Finkin a legend and especially the summer 1994 hit three fifty s why I would surprised and that's twice Harry's lifetime average.


Daryn was at least twice. Daryn was twice with Van Jones on base percentage better than sales that you know, actually, I think I looked at that year.


I think I said, I think I'll hit 650 that year. Thank you, Harry. Stupid.


I said on base percentage, maybe walks by John. John also was probably one of the first few players in softball history to be called up multiple times for bunting.


Well, so that's the thing he had to get. He had depended on what umpire got. Right. Right, right. Exactly. And it also launched the above softball feud that I've never seen before against the team that was not made up of Jews. I don't want to say, but we I mean, it was a crazy people threatening to come back and kill off the main enemy.


And we still play like I'm going to come back with a gun and shoot you guys.


Like, there was there was a way there was a body on the body slam.


There was a body slam on the field. Steven Bonavista. Yeah, our friend Steven. It was all because of Von John swinging. But yeah, partly Kennedy. Well, partly at a softball.


The guy fired softball for some reason, maybe six feet away, etc., and said, yeah, but the guy.


Yeah. Do you remember that. Yeah. That was he's after me for I didn't do anything. I was you know, I don't know.


You were cooking the books, you were behind this one.


You beat me to it, so you beat me to it.


All right. Jim Cunningham, who do you like for greatest season in Jewish sports history? Von John Finkin. Really tough to beat. Yeah.


At first I didn't realize Sue Bird was Jewish. I thought she had played at Christ the King. So I looked it up and she's from Syosset.


And Christ is Jewish too. So I tell the truth. And I yeah, I knew I had some cousins who went there, so I was that good. That's where. And also her dad's name is Herschel. So that checks out according to Pedia.


So Dad's Herschel Walker and a lot of. There you go.


I was thinking maybe the Hebrew Hammer met Bernstein from Wisconsin, who I played against in high school. Yeah, maybe Bill Goldberg in ninety seven was a hundred seventy three, you know, during his streak and you.


But I'm going to go with Timir Goodman, who was the Jewish Jordan, if you remember this. Right. So it's ninety seven. Ninety eight averaged over thirty five points a game in high school, junior high school got a scholarship to Maryland. He turned it down because they played Friday and Saturday nights. And then, well, I think he was going to go to town town and then he ended up playing in Israel or something. But you remember Jordan.


Yeah, right. I remember that name.


I don't remember that movie. Harry, you remember that documentary had red hair. Harry, I'm surprised you didn't say Dolph Schayes look up doll shape.


I did. I looked at Syracuse. I did look at all Syracuse all over the place. I thought they would do it. What do you care about Mark Spitz?


Well, I know Mark Spitz, seven gold medals. I mean, one Olympics is pretty amazing. But I did look up Daltrey's his stats. I mean, it's great. I mean, only a championship I think Syracuse had ever had in professional sports, but still, what was Spitz?


All right, Joel Solomon, thank you for this question. Happy Hanukkah. Who is your do you have anyone to add or did we cover them all?


I mean, Dolph Schayes, Danny Schayes, Amar'e Stoudemire. There's so many, you know, I mean, Bill Goldberg. One hundred and seventy three in a row. He wouldn't wrestle on Yom Kippur. I mean, yeah, that is hard to beat. Bill Goldberg. Bill Goldberg.


I have a star. It's hard to see him. Yeah, he's responsible for it. I pillow fight him on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And I was I was getting the best of him and he was getting the best of me. And then I try to tear away and he grabbed my shirt. I was running away and the shirt rips off in my head, hits into a curtain and behind the curtain was a three inch. Now, I missed my eye by like this much and I have a scar going down.


And he was very, very apologetic. And our producer, Daniel Callison and I had to go right to the hospital. I was like, no, no, no, you have to stay out here for the sign offs the next seven. So I'm going to fucking bloody mess. I got to get footage of that. That's it was really the wild, wild west. Great. And. All right, let's go. Shark Tank. Did you guys go on three last week?


No one. Oh, you want. I had the best the best shark tank of all time, the Pats getting a point and a half. Oh, right, right, right. Forty five. Nothing. I'll never do that again.


That was great. That is a massacre.


But you want that one. You should have one. All right. Let's start with you then. You got the hot hand. You are red hot. Yeah. Yeah. Two in a row.


Two in a row, which is red hot. It's crazy. You guys are probably going to hate this game. But I am going I'm going to take Iowa plus a half at home against Wisconsin, minus one sec one. I'm so sick of watching this Wisconsin team. Yeah. For some reason, I keep falling into this damn team. It's like they play in quicksand on offense. Is there a slower team in football? I don't know how they ever win.


I mean, they look especially slow. This team. It's just a bunch of slow white guys on the field. The freshman Myrto is supposed to be one of the best quarterbacks coming in this year has really struggled, turning the ball over, especially against Northwestern and against Indiana. Iowas defense is really good, too. I think they're better offensively than Wisconsin, no matter how much I hate that I was quarterback Scotty, that he has been better. I was lost four in a row in this series.


So this is the one they have to get. This is the one they have to get. And while Wisconsin is struggling, I think I'll win this game. They're getting a half a point, but I think they win this like twenty four. Seventeen.


Am I crazy or do we never used to see plus a half a point. Minus a half a point. Yeah. Yeah. That never. Never. The thing is too it was like plus two originally. Right. It was even or plus two and a half maybe even.


I thought they just go even and then minus one twenty or plus one ten or something. Yeah. All right. OK, let me look at what I'm in Wisconsin. No the the Long Island quarterback didn't work out right.


Said he had foot surgery. They were much better. They were great with them last year. OK, yeah. Especially in that bowl game. But they've got to he had surgery and they got to this started for Michigan this week.


So we're and I'm sure Wading River quarterback started again for Navy. So now that's a lot of football is on the rise.


We have Army Navy this weekend. Right. Is that this weekend? Yeah.


You're probably starting in that. Yeah. Sal you're sure? Sal, your favorite game. I love it. I love it.


I was going to take the under or army in this game, but I've decided to stay. By the way, I look, I am with you with Wisconsin and watch and especially their offense. I think I'd rather watch Army Navy three strike watch Wisconsin much, much better. It's much better.


Harry, what do you like? You're going college also.


You're going to college in Alabama, Arkansas over sixty eight and a half last three weeks for Bama. They hung 63 on Kentucky, forty two on Auburn and fifty five last week in Baton Rouge. Quarterback Mack Mack Jones been amazing. Seventy six percent completion percentage. Najee Harris running back on going for over six yards per carry and wide receiver Devonta Smith. Darren, you mentioned him in a tweet earlier this week. He's been amazing. Eighty catches, thirteen hundred yards, fifteen touchdowns.


And the hogs have been decent this year, but boy, last three games combined, two of them. Ninety eight points against Florida and ninety eight points last week against Missouri. The teams combined for I'm going to go over sixty eight and a half and I think Alabama might, people might think they might be looking ahead to Florida here but still can't stop their offense. And, and even with their second team, Saban is going to put the numbers up.


So I'm going to go over sixty eight and have Arkansas get there.


So you might not see that second team as quickly as you would think with Mack Jones in the Heisman race. Right now, it's a pad. Those numbers probably aren't polychaete.


You go and you see yourself as you watch the disclaimer you put on before. You know, I was looking at all these like really? Tizer said I was like a difficult but a teaser for this week, but I'm just like, I'd better stay away from the teasers. It just just doesn't seem like something will happen this weekend. So I'm going to be taking a parlay, basically an even money line parlay here in the UFC card this week. It's up Figueredo versus Moreno.


I'm taking Figueredo is minus three fifty five on the money line. These guys just for a few weeks ago. But the fights were so easy, they they've moved this fight up. You know, they made this fight for three weeks later. So I figured, right, if you see this guy fight, he is how can I put it? He fights with bad intentions. He really he really looks like he wants to kill someone out there. So I really like him.


He's minus three fifty five for a reason. And I like Tony Ferguson this week against Oliviera Ferguson. Look, he's been in the ring against he's probably the great one of the greatest UFC fighters never to really hold a bell to win a championship. He's battle tested. He did. She beat him up in his last fight. But at the same point, the cowboy here on the other side hasn't really been here would be Kevin Lee in his last fight.


I don't think he has the qualifications to beat a Tony Ferguson, who's minus one eighty four on Fandor could find him, you know, is right around there. I think that one might even come down a little bit in a couple of days, but minus one or two. Bodyline parlay Ferguson Figueredo.


All right, Ferguson, Figueredo, minus one or two. Brother Bri has Iowa plus a half over Wisconsin, Harry, Alabama, Arkansas, over six to eight and a half. I'm going to go. I'll live and die with you, brother Bri. Coming off a forty five. Not them. When something something's got to someone's got to give here. I think you win here in Iowa. We'll have fun rooting against Wisconsin's three and outs and hopefully it doesn't come down to the wire there.


I'm going with Bri at Iowa. All right, you guys. Bri, what do you have going on at the brother Bri on Twitter.


Yeah, I don't know. I've just been sitting in my basement, just never leaving, just watching all these sports and just draining my bank account. Watch them.


We can we got basketball coming up to in a couple weeks, right? Yes. Just just tons of stuff. I mean, between, you know, just the college basketball being on.


But looking forward to this pay per view. This UFC pay per view should be really good.


I, I actually like Alvera a little bit better than Ferguson in this video, but it's it's a plus.


You have the Joshua is fighting to this weekend to boxing against. Oh right. Right.


And so we got that and now it's like minus thirteen hundred is like it's like that's so tough.


I did the smart thing instead of going Spence on everything I took Spence bad decision. I've never really a doubt that he was going to knock out or get knocked out. And I was just, I just had to hope that the the the judges did their jobs and they did it was about eight for nine. And that was right in there. They got it right. All right, Paul, I. What about you talk to Sal?


Same thing. We got to, you know, just sports. What sports are more sports. Yeah, I saw I think hockey's looking January 13th, I think. Right. So it's a fifty six game season. I'm sure they're going to come up with some type of Canadian division, et cetera, et cetera. I can't wait NBA. I'm, you know, the NBA is I'm actually excited for the NBA this year. Maybe it's the albe top and thing with the Knicks.


I don't know, but I'm excited for that to start to. So a lot of stuff going on.


Yeah, absolutely. Harry, a lot of stuff with you or not. A lot of stuff. A decent amount. Something I'm now not a resident of Scottsdale anymore. Now I could say I'm a resident of Phoenix. It's going to be eighty three degrees today, so it's going to head to the hot tub as soon as we're done here at.


AOH, Harry, I know we got to get going here, but I've been armed.


I need to hear the Harris story. OK, apparently the same to Harry needs to hear Harry needs to hear it to all you living with your girlfriend and she doesn't want to work. Is that what's going on.


That's not true. No.


That's what you were told, that she was going back December 3rd and then you called her on and she's like, no, January 3rd. And Ken Ken is livid about I didn't call her on it.


I could have swore that she told me January 3rd. So I if I if I gave Ken that the wrong information, I apologized. But she's got to work on January 3rd. All right.


Harry's talking as if she's right in the room. Is she there? Yeah, she stood on her shoulders. Let's go. What is going on? She's going to start massaging Harry soon. Start shaving his back. Baby could do that for us.


Well, this is what she's doing. Instead of working, she's shaving. Harry's back in the shower. It would be better to go back to work, wouldn't it? Who's paying the rent there in Phoenix? What's happening? Yeah, um, it's not a topic we haven't been discussed, hasn't been discussed yet. So, uh, and Harry.


Harry, there's a hot tub at the house, too. There's a hot tub at the hot tubs. Everyone gets hot. It's hot enough, right.


You think you don't need a hot. I don't mind my think it's out. Like if I'm here, shouldn't I donate to the fund of the bills.


Oh, you're talking about something else.


No, no, I'm not. Yeah, I'm just saying like to the rent to the to the cable. Oh. So now I'm starting to see what's going on here so I can told you that you shouldn't have to pay anything for living with her. And you're saying you should because. Because I didn't pay living with him but I explained to him that yeah. I didn't pay anything to live your life.


But but I did tons of things for you and you have me basically for twenty four hours a day. If you need something, I'll respond and get back to it, because I said if you sent me a message and I said and I didn't respond for six, eight hours you would be upset because you have been during that time to do you do your errands for you.


And if I asked me to do something to make this up, I wonder if anyone cares about this. I will let his girlfriend pay for everything. Harry's got January 3rd, circled five times on his calendar. That's your Super Bowl. Shouldn't I donate to the fund, though?


I mean, honestly, I mean, he says I should donate to the fund. This is your new living situation right now. Sure. I mean, this is the woman you're going to marry.


Well, yeah, maybe. Maybe.


No, no, Ringo. Jim, do you have any comment on this? Can we can we sum this up? What should what should Harry do? Should he pay?


Why does he keep going to donate. Yeah. Right. Donate to the fund that.


Well I mean, I know, but again, the reason why I didn't pay Ken and he chipped away at it, I told him we had a deal.


I do you have me for twenty four. If you need a favour I'll do it. I'm running round the place for you still and I get paid.


He's like, yeah, I paid you back then. I said, OK, that was between, that was the deal. Now what's the story.


You can do favors for her for the winter. Yeah. Right. Does that work monetarily. I don't understand.


Jim, are you donating to your parents fund.


No, actually they're not here. This we got to go. I got to go.


Do you and your girlfriend, do you label the food in the refrigerator too? I'm not. I'm trying to separate bank accounts. Yes. No bank accounts. It's all Western Union, Jim. You know that. Come on.


It's all the milk in that fridge is like seven weeks too old. Isn't paying for the ice cream.


Harry ice cream. Yeah, that's true, Harry. I pay for those I pay for. All right.


Wow, wow. So much I still get an answer out of you, so. I don't even know what that fucking question is, I forget it is Big Mike paying?


Oh, well, you know, Jersey, my jersey, my ex is paying for I. Yes, I don't know. I got she's not working. Yeah. I think someone's going to have to pay mechanics'. Mechanics are paying for it too. I don't know.


There you go. All right. Well I think that's enough. You'll give us an update next week on something I don't even really understand what's going on that'll do it. But another episode of Against All Odds for the general trifecta, Hill producer Jim Cunningham. I'm still saying so long and happy handicapping now.