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All right, welcome to Against All Odds, part of the Extra Points podcast that we're cousins out here with Helix Producer Jim Cunningham and my gurus of gambling, my wizards of wagering, my barons of betting, my overlords of the odds. The degenerate trifecta, Harry, brother Bright, Darren, the Parli kid.


What's happenin, fellas? What's going on? S Now, what's up? What's going on, buddy? Oh man.


So much losing so many games, so much fantasy to talk about. I don't know where to start. We could I guess we recap that Bill's Pats game. It wasn't even a game. The bills went out there and slaughtered them. And now there's buzz that they're not the chiefs, but they are the team to beat. Let's start right there with that parlay, kid. I would say, depending on how you want to analyze it, that the bills are, at least you could say, the last team the chiefs want to see in the playoffs, correct?


That's correct, Sal. I think back in maybe late August or early September, I gave the Bulls out to win the Super Bowl about thirty five to one. I've think this is a team that's been improving all year long. And Josh Allen is at the top of his game. This guy went from throwing for two thousand yards two years ago to three thousand yards now. He's over four thousand yards. He's has any trade ever worked out better for a team then get picking up.


Diggs What a trade that's turned out to be is unbelievable for this team to give up the first you get the guy and he's performed better than you could have even anticipated. One hundred and twenty catches on the year. The defense has improved steadily over the last month or so. They were a little shaky for a good part of the season, but they're picking up their game now. This is a very dangerous team heading into the playoffs. Yeah, it's probably the one team maybe with an improving Ravens team as well right now that the chiefs do not want to see.


But they're a fun team. They they have fun. Don't the bills have a lot of fun out there? They have fun. Their fans have fun. I'll tell you who has a lot of fun. Andre Reid, who broke the table. He did. He got popped this cherry of bills mafia jumped out of a tree onto a table, broke it in the name of scandal is part of the Fanjul family. We're going to talk to him in just a little bit.


Hall of Fame wide receiver Andre Reed, of course, of that great Buffalo Bills team in the mid early nineties. But the bills are nine to one now. Paulie, kid, you talked about them being thirty five to one, nine to one to win the Super Bowl. Man still still pretty good as you watch that offense click more and more bad. Not bad at all. And Belichick going down is so much fun to and we knew that we're making the playoffs before yesterday.


But him throw the phone and the press conference with the mascot and everything else, it's so much it's so good. And now the bills need to win to get a two seed. They don't need to win. The Steelers could lose also, am I correct? But but they they now look like they're going to play and which is bad news for the for the Dolphins. Good news for the Ravens. The team you mentioned earlier, polychaete, is thirteen to one to win the Super Bowl.


But Harry, by the way, you weren't at that game.


Harry, we went to see Andre Reid and the Bills. They beat the Packers back in nineteen ninety four. Twenty nine twenty. We're going to ask him about this. He had fifteen receptions. One hundred ninety one yards, two touchdowns, polychaete. I remember you making a choke sign. Our friend, our stupid friend Frank was always often makes fun of you making the choke sign. But in regards to the Packers. But they lost. They were losing.


I was I was trying to make heads or tails of that the losing twenty seven twenty. And then they took a safety but maybe, maybe they just had momentum. I don't know. That was a fun out and I was the only bills game.


I was Evraz that was, that was a fun fun game to be at around Thanksgiving time up in Buffalo. And as we know I've spent some time up in Buffalo lately. I've got a couple of things I'd like to ask Andre Reid about Buffalo to. Yeah, look. What. Did you have a beer that day there? You know, what do you what do you think then? That Big Bear patriot at the stadium? I believe it was that.


Yeah. Harry, where were you?


You didn't come with us because you were living in Vegas squandering your whatever you had seventy eighty dollars in your bank account, right? Yeah, I know. We made the trip after college out there. You forced me into moving out to Vegas and I was there.


I was there. Right. So that was it. I'm Forestier. Oh that's another story. Try to think. All right. So that that was November ninety four. No one cares about this. Is that November ninety four. When do we make the trip. Yeah we, we made the trip and I think we literally left on Friday morning and came back on a Sunday night through the night just right. No. Yeah. No but to Vegas to get married.


So that was December ninety three that we were, we went out to Vegas December ninety three. How. I came back home to Oswego, New York, packed up his stuff and moved back out to Vegas six months a short while later, and it wasn't too long before he was banned from Vegas.


So, yeah, he theoretically had a job in Atlanta at Turner, CBS or something. Brother Brian, the idea was that he would get the majored in broadcasting, which you'd never believe by listening to this podcast. And then he was going to drive there to Atlanta to take his job, but he kept going west. The great thing about this country, did Turner have like a radio station?


There's no way were putting him on TV. I don't know, man.


Anyway, let's get to the good stuff. You know, our friends, a prop Solop know as great as it is to brag about the bet you win, it's even more fun to complain about the ones you took on the chin. It's time to deep dive into the collectively crushed soul of the degenerate trifecta in a segment we hate to call bad eggs when all to makes you sick and you make the wrong.


So father to Big Brother, I want to start with you, because this is not, as the song says, necessarily because you made the wrong pick, you didn't even have the opportunity to make the wrong pick. But it's a very involved story. I'll let you get right into it. What's your betting? Oh, my God. All right.


So it's Christmas Eve morning. I really love Hawaii that day against U.S. and I don't know why I love some of those West teams. I'm getting ready. I'm cleaning up. I'm wrapping gifts. I'm feeling good. Right. I go outside to thoughts of garbage. I walk by. My car is not there, Mike. I had to give it a second look because like my car is really not there. So now I know immediately my car has been repossessed again.


This is the second time in a year this has happened. So the credit union, Bethpage Federal Credit Union, which I use incorrectly, applied my payments the first time and they just came and took my car. It was just a big fiasco. So what ends up happening? It takes me about four hours or three hours to get in touch with the credit union. I'm going crazy. I am losing my mind. Nobody's getting touch. They finally on Twitter, I get a hold of somebody.


They call me back like three hours later. Nobody is working. Nobody is working. We can't get you the car until Monday. It's Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve. Christmas Day. I have places to go. I still have to shop. There's still stuff I have to do. I cannot get my car until Monday. I am furious. I you know me. I'm very calm. I lost my mind. It was like Brad. It was like being Brad, you know, breaking Brad.


Whatever I was, I lost it. I lost it on them. So basically what ends up happening, they said they they sent notifications. I've been trying to call this bank for months, for weeks. Every time I get put on hold for hours and hours and hours, nobody nobody answers if they call me back. So basically they said, well, we tried calling you. You didn't leave any messages. I said, I've been calling you.


I've been calling you. And they said, well, you haven't been calling this number. I was like, I'm calling the number that's online that says make a payment. And they're like, well, that's not our department. That's that's that's that's right. No services. So I lost it. I'm going crazy. I don't get my car back until late last night. Lo and behold, I have to pay a thousand dollars to get my car back, which is great, which is great.


So this all goes on. I'm so pissed off all of a sudden I'm like, holy shit, it's whatever time it was. I have missed the opening of the Hawaii game. I have not even had a chance. I have not even had a chance to put it in the game. The one bowl game I like this year, or maybe there's a few. But the Hawaii was the one bowl game. I wanted to bet it's a big underdog I didn't even get.


I turn on the TV at seven. Nothing already. My day is shot. It's like the only game to bet I'm losing my mind the whole day. It was just. And then that just ruined Christmas Eve. Christmas Day. I didn't want to do anything. I literally on Christmas Eve, I laid in bed for like six hours, which was miserable.


So there's a lot of questions. I know you guys probably think, yes, we have questions, my car being repossessed and me being a really, really, really bad degenerate. It kind of makes sense that I couldn't pay a car bill. But I assure you I assure you I can pay my I can pay my car bills. I tell them I'll pay you a year in advance. I don't care. They'll you can't pay in advance. I might.


Well, I was like, can you send me an email? No, we can't send you an email where our systems are antiquated. This is a credit union and they start laughing at me. I'm like, holy shit. I mean so I was just laughing at you. Yeah, they were just absurd. They were laughing that how we're still a credit union.


We're behind the wheel. First of all, Brian, I need to ask you let's reset for a second. Do you promise you don't need help? Do you promise? Because otherwise this isn't as funny. I'm not saying I don't need help. Yeah, I'm not saying I don't need help, but I. I can make your payment, but I can pay a car bill. That's OK. All right.


Jamie, how is it that the Bethpage credit you, whoever that is, the only person working on Christmas Eve is the one that was physically hitched your car to a tow truck and pulled it away? That's the only person in the whole department. I find that crazy. Harry, you you make payments. Did you ever have trouble with this, Harry sporting a New Year's? I don't know what that is, but is that like a little horns or something?


Yeah. OK, all right. So he's got his New Year's horns. He's got his ill-fitting headphones and he's got a white shirt on. How are you in? You're the voice of reason right now, if I've ever had to. Yes. If you come across us, I've got to own a car first.


So I've got to own a car, which I kind of do. I do make payments, I guess, on this car, I guess. Just gets. Taken out, but I really don't physically do it, so I guess since I haven't made a car payment technically by myself in 11 years. Wow.


I wonder what kind of deal do you have? Can we get Brother Bri the same deal as you? Can everything go through your your boss and your savior?


I got the deal. Just comes out just comes out of my bank account. I don't worry about it.


Well, I guess I guess you can say Ken is probably repossess that car multiple times, right?


Yeah, that's true. He could just take it whenever you want. Numerous different cars. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Parli kid, promise me off to the side, you'll let me know if I need help here because I got two years. Is not Joel Solomon. Jim, you guys were concerned about this, too, right? This is two years is weird. Yeah.


I have a question for Brian. Sure. We're going crazy on the phone. Like, do you remember did they have one of those, like pre where it says this phone call will be recorded? Is there any chance you can get that recording?


And I just want to know, were you yelling about Hawaii and they thought you were going to a flight? Like, what is wrong with this guy screaming?


Well, they called me back, so I don't think I got the recording. I'm sure it was recorded that I should ask. Yeah. Oh, my God. It would be terrible.


So we got to get a hold of that. Yeah, that's the closest any of us is going to Hawaii. Christmas brai almost petting them on Christmas Eve day.


I'm pretty sure. I'm pretty sure yesterday when I called them back a second time. Well, the funniest thing is I called them back yesterday and I'm yelling now. The woman is yelling back at me. I'm getting yelled at and I'm literally almost I'm literally almost crying on the phone. It was it was getting so annoying.


At this point, you may you may have to just sell the car just to be done with this cockamamie. Well, I was thinking people should tell me, like, what's a good thing?


Because I was like, well, you could probably, you know, maybe you could sue for something. I was like, I want to buy a billboard and just say how much Bethpage sucks and put it right by their corporate office. That's I'll spend my money on that.


Right. Right, exactly. Seems like good.


Well, I don't know if you unless the two of you have better that stack up against. I know how you want to talk about a second half thing. Go ahead. If you want. Harry, what's your bet? That's not even worth it, really. By the way, the best Hawaii beat Houston in the Bethpage.


You're that's twenty twenty eight for a poly kid. Do you want to add to that or.


Oh look, I mean, my bet is kind of just the opposite where I got my bets in way too early this week and I Cleveland, all Cleveland, all over the place and every little thing, about 20 different parleys. And then on Saturday it all went south. And, you know, people still at like the Jets pull a stunner. That wasn't a stunner. I mean, I was at a stunner. The the Browns had really nothing.


I understand that they still threw the ball fifty three times, which is kind of an interesting scenario. But they fell behind fourteen to three. Yeah. Yeah. I just I got my butt, I got things in too soon. Lesson learned again during the season. I guess you can't really put any, any NFL in until the day of the game with covid season as it is.


Yes, you're right. And especially the part like a lot of the Sharpes out there I want to take advantage of the line is at six, six and a half. I got to get this in Tuesday versus Friday. We're taking money line parleys. You're talking about couch cushion change when it comes down to waiting till Friday. Right. And money. Right. It's not going to balloon up from minus three. Sixty to minus five. Right. So why is that right.


Unless unless the Jets said although I don't even know if this would if the Jets had covid problems, then I guess it would be a budget. You might as well wait if you're doing money. I should have. I should have. But you know what? This this was I mean, I, I know Saturday this happened, you know, you know, this was it like I got it in on Tuesday and Wednesday. It's like, oh I don't at this, I get this in on Thursday or Friday and Saturday.


It just all went south.


So I have two questions. Harry, first of all, that Odell Beckham wasn't involved in this hot tub fiasco and Cleveland Browns wide receivers were were tagged as is unbelievable. And secondly, Harry, with all the hot tub thing you do with undesirables, how have you not caught this?


I'm there by myself. I'm there with my girlfriend, and that's it. And there's nobody else around.


I say, OK, all right, there you go. What else do we need to hear? That's another installment of beddings.


Let's hear the music.


That makes you sick and you make the wrong. A little Hawaiian thing, it's like that, I like that. That's good that Don Ho, poor brother Bri. All right. FedEx is brought to you by FROB Swap America's marketplace to buy and sell sports bets are certain things we know to be true in sports betting. The Falcons will always blow a second half lead. Yes, indeed. The Jets will always disappoint their fans. That's true. And no one ever goes broke when taking a guaranteed profit.


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No questions asked. He didn't have anything to do with the ticket buyers. A chance to win. Thirty one grand. Everyone wins. Yes, I guess everyone wins if you treat that Clemson thing right. We kind of like Clemson. We're going to get into that. It's a new way to bet on futures. Go to prop up dotcom or download the prop swap app right now. All right, guys, lots of first of all, you mentioned Brad there, brother Brad.


You've been following the program. Brad's called in the last couple of weeks. This is heartbreaking. He's doing OK as well as Brad can be doing. But he started in a pool with almost fifty three hundred entries and eliminator pool. It's going to pay like over half a million dollars. We laughed at him when was down. One hundred and twenty people like, all right, you're still getting crazy. That's still a crowded room. And then all of a sudden it was down to forty and thirty.


And as when his game kicked off on Sunday, it was down to ten. And the Eagles were up. What, Bri? Because I know that too well. They have fourteen, fourteen three. They're applied and they had the ball, I think. Seventy seven percent winning probability at that point. That's all he needed because he had the bears over the Jaguars. I don't know how many are left, but at most it was going to be four or five people.


He was going to be one of four or five people. So he's despondent, you know, thoughts and prayers out to know how that works out. We were trying to figure out. Yeah, go ahead. What are the same Billy who was on the verge, on the verge right there on the fourteenth and had the ball drive in Dallas, totally blown them out?


Well, I told them and we'll get to this because and let's start off because I told them, like, I'm sorry. I know what you did. You picked against the Jaguars, you picked against the Jets for as long as you could. And then you had to figure out the NFC East for two weeks in a row. You figure it out. Last week it took the Cowboys to win. Somehow they did. And now you took the eight.


You just can't do it. And I'm not going to pretend to know what to do with Dallas. New York Giants, Giants Favre getting three points now. Forty four and a half. Is he over on there? I'll check in with you, Harry. I'll take Dallas because I think they're better. They have the horses, but I'm not cop anyone who goes on TV or radio or podcast and screams about that, they know what it's going to be happening with the NFC East.


They're full of crap. So, Harry, you're one of those who are full of crap you take not. So actually you're dead on. I agree.


I say the three here with Dallas, three wins in a row, all three games. Thirty points or more. Has it taken Andy Dalton long to figure out this offense? Yeah, probably too long. But with the circumstances that are that are at its OK because he's managed the team just fine. Just one game, one game. He's got two picks in. Other than that he's been just fine in the last six games. Thirteen touchdowns, four picks.


And I and the Giants just don't have it offensively. Gallman three games in a row, 60 yards or less. And Jones really has like one drive a game. That's it. He manages one decent drive. He's had one game since week one where he's had two touchdowns or more in the game. He just can't get it going offensively. And I know Darren's mentioned and doesn't like Jalen Smith on the Dallas defense, but I mean, it's smoke and mirrors with the Dallas defense, maybe seven games that just got twenty eight sacks.


They've only got nine picks. But Jalen Smith, he's got one hundred and forty four tackles now forced three of the twenty one turnovers that they had.


You know, you're not watching the games and one hundred and forty. He's got more than double over anybody else on this team and tackled double what he doesn't. One, he doesn't leave the field at first because they do pay him a lot of money. So counts for something. But you and Brian can attest to this, and I think Sal can attest to this as well. Many of those tackles are ten, 15 yards downfield. Yeah. If anything if anything, Sean Lee made a big difference in this.


I know it's crazy, and I'd say what Randy Gregory might have played the best, yeah, defensive game I see in a cowboy play, but also in two or three years. He was phenomenal, Cooper. And that's fantastic, too.


Yeah, but they don't play defense. So this is what I mean, you're not watching the games? No. They've lost 19 points a game. It's a game since Thanksgiving, 19 points a game polychaete I'm worried about.


And when I say worried, I don't even know how I feel. We gave up on this team, then we gave up on them after Thanksgiving, like, good, they're done with us. We're done with them now. They're making a comeback here. They could, I don't know, fan the whole story before. So they're forced to tend to win the division. But if you make the parlay of Eagles, cowboys plus to forty one, that's the only way they're getting in, I think.


Right. I'll think maybe you're right. I there's a tie in there. Maybe I don't. I think that's the only way they could, they could really get in but plus two forty one if you make that parlay Washington minus one twenty five to win the East, the Giants plus three sixty. Everybody needs Washington to lose in that, that nightcap polychaete I am worried about. I'm worried about Jason Garrett. I'm worried about him screwing us, I'm worried about three gadget plays that we write right from nowhere and oh my God, he gets the last laugh.


Does this concern you or do you just think, like, Philadelphia is not going to give us any brotherly love so it won't matter? Well, you remember that that Philly game is going to be late. So, you know, we're going to be rooting hard for the Cowboys no matter what at that point, you know, of. So like Harry to go against his team here. Yeah. This game, the Cowboys for the Super Bowl, if you remember.


Yeah, well. Well they should. Said this is a thanks for that. Yeah. This is a weird spot. No, I read somewhere that the Giants with the with this is a win win for the Giants because the Giants with the little help could actually with the loss could get as high as the third pick in the draft. That's outstanding. That's amazing. So, you know, there could be that incentive. Joe, judges too prideful to not want to win this game.


The Cowboys do have a little mojo going for them right now. They seem to be coming together as a team. I think I don't know what to make of this game, so I don't know what to make. This is I don't know what to make of any of the games this week. It seems almost impossible to win money on anything this week. So I'll be really hard for Dallas. But I feel like we've seen this story before last week of the season.


We need a Dallas win to make the playoffs and very rarely get it. So what's going to be more excruciating or whatever if you think the Cowboys will advance and beat Tampa Bay and all that stuff, that's excruciating. If if that's what you have in mind. What's more excruciating, they beat the Giants in a crazy game and then the Eagles blow another lead and Washington gets in or we just get slaughtered by the Giants. I think both will be fun ways.


I think the probably the easiest thing to take would be the Cowboys lose and then Washington wins. And that would be. Yeah, brother Brian, let's go right to that game. I know it's a Sunday night game. NBC bought this. This is the last game of the year they're going to get either Alex Smith or Taylor Hinoki or Hanaki versus Jalen Hurts. This can't be what NBC envisioned as the as the final featured game of the year. But either way, Washington now favored.


Philly was favored. But now I think they're feeling like Alex Smith is going to play. So Washington's favored by one and a half. Forty two and a half is the overunder. I actually do think Philly is going to emerge victorious. But if I had to get the one and a half or what do you sing?


I actually I like Washington minus one have I'm totally basing this on Alex Smith playing and I assume. Right. I assume this line maybe moves a little more if they know for sure Alex Smith is playing. But with what he's endured this year, I expect nothing but him to come back in this game. So the thing that would concern me. With the Eagles is the Eagles defense against the Cowboys was atrocious, right, once Fletcher Cox went out of that game?


They just they fell apart, but they had so many injuries. Right. Barnett's not playing. They have a ton of guys missing. Who knows if any of those guys will be back. There's there's really no point. And for some of those older guys especially to play. Right, not saying they want a tank, but a win could potentially drop them up to like four spots for a better pick in the draft. It's possible. But the one thing I rely on is Washington's defense has been really good.


They haven't given up more than 20 points in their last six games. So with that defense with Smith, they're much better off. They'll be much better with Smith and a healthy Antonio Gibson back. We don't know if McLarens inspired he. I'm guessing he probably won't because it's a high ankle sprain. But there would be nothing funnier, right. If the if the Giants are Cowboys fans are riding high going into this game and the Eagles Eagles blow the game to Washington, I just that's how I kind of see this playing out.


Well, nothing funny. If your car got repossessed a third time, that that's close. That's close. I don't know. I don't know what's funny anymore. Parly kid. Green Bay, Chicago. Now, Green Bay. It's easy. This is a fun game. This is the game I thought would be Sunday night, but I guess Chicago could be out of it. I don't know what they go by. Yeah, I think that's part of it.


Yeah. So Chicago needs to win to get in. They fought their way to that seventh seed. Somehow Mr. Becka's brought this team back to life. I guess Glazer's calling the plays on offense for the last few weeks. That's big to polychaete. I know you have David Montgomery and on one or two or seven of your fantasy teams couldn't average more than two yards a carry. And now it just is all of a sudden Bo Jackson. So that's a whole new team.


Maybe we don't get too excited. They beat up on Jacksonville last week, but Green Bay, like I said, needs to win top to bottom. They look pretty friggin awesome in Lambeau Sunday night, laying five and a half. Fifty and a half is the overunder. I'm going to take Chicago and the points. I think there's a little scoreboard watching. I think Green Bay wins by like three or four somewhere in there, but I'm not ready to give them up in a touchdown.


Yeah, I do like the Packers up. Yeah, I'm going to roll with the Packers here, so, you know, Bears might not be in this situation if they had just stuck with Sobecki the full season. I know he's not. So a lot of people don't think he's great and he's not great, but his career record is pretty darn good. Yeah, and Montgomery's been awesome since he's he's been maybe the third best back in the league since he's come off his injury.


Well, too too little too late for my fantasy team. But but I like Green Bay. Here are we saw Green Bay did at home in that cold weather game. And for them to maintain that home field advantage, they need this win. Right. So we it's amazing how that weather hardly affects a guy like Aaron Rodgers. Right. So that is huge. Huge. Can you imagine Drew Brees having to go play in that weather compared compared to being home?


So I do think I'm just throwing Brees. I don't know if the Saints are going to make it there, but I think that home field in Green Bay means a lot more than almost any other place. I think Green Bay plays hard. Chicago's arrival. Let's let's knock Chicago out. And I think they cover this five and a half points there.


So, you know, I went over this on Simmons and the home field means something to a lot of the teams that are normally good at home. Right. The bills are six and one. They six or seven to one that they're six and one probably soon to be seven and one seven and one all the trouble they've had. Kansas City is probably going to be seven to one if they want to. They have a meaningless game this week, but they're six and one.


Packers are seven and one Saints six and two Seattle and the twelfth man missing seven and one. So these teams want to be home. Then you have older quarterbacks traveling. If for no other reason, it's not the fans screaming. But yeah, Green Bay wants to be home. I just thought five and a half is a little steep because there's going to be recency bias and everybody's going to be all over that Packers team. But that's a fun game, by the way.


Can it be a fun game? Can we can we have the greatest rivalry and football in sports? It's shoved down our throat. Can we at least see a fun game between Green Bay and Chicago for the greatest rivalry? I don't remember too many instances of like being wowed by this this matchup.


Yeah, we haven't had that in a while. And this is where the chips are all on the table for the Bears. They've been fantastic, like we mentioned. What up forty on the road last week. Let's let's see them win a game, be in it, be competitive against Green Bay, especially after Green Bay, what they just did against Tennessee on Sunday night. Be competitive in the week after when you need it most.


Who is the quarterback? Harry, when they played was at the NFC championship or the Chicago championship when Chicago was home, was with Cutler.


Now it wasn't he got hurt, but he got hurt. But he started. I know. But who who came in? Who was the who was it. Shit.


I could see the name Joel Fine as far as I know saying so it's not happening. It's not happening. But it's now, now Fuller now. And that was like the nineties.


Now, this was only seven or eight years ago. Right. Let's find this. I was trying was this was that was heavy.


It was something. Hey, I can't just say I'm like my dad become my father all of a sudden. Right, Harry? While these guys try to find that. Let's go Arizona Rams. This is another one. So the winner is. And Caleb Haney. Oh, I almost had it. Talabani He came in there. Right. And they they sucked. They just couldn't score at Arizona in the Rams, Rams minus one. I see why NBC didn't want this, I get it, Murray's shirt looks like he'll play golf is hurt.


Could be good for the Rams, but they got this, Wolf. Who is this guy from Wake Forest? He's never taken a snap as a four year starter at Wake Forest. And then Darrell Henderson is heard for the Rams. I could say they're going to do it running the ball, Harry. I like the Rams because their defensive unit is the most attractive feature in any of the units out of the four Arizona and around Mosul. A little sick of beating Arizona and losing.


Thanks for that. I was a nice Christmas gift to that Arizona MONEYLINE. You're with me on the Rams. Yeah, I am.


I'm in Arizona with a life lesson, that San Francisco game at Wilton Junior. He went for 190 combined. They had nothing in the tank, Arizona. They're just three and five in the last eight. Murray and we really, like we've mentioned before, text matches. We really think he's hurt. They've lost seven in a row to the Rams. What a difference, though, for the Rams the last couple of weeks after they rolled Arizona, like I said, for the seventh straight time.


Then they rolled the Pats on Thursday night, looked invincible. I think that's when you bet the Rams after that. So, yeah, that week on Fox and then lose to the winless Jets and lose the division to Seattle and lose a quarterback. But still, you know, this wolford I looked them up is last season. Twenty seventeen a week for he did have twenty nine touchdowns, six picks get ten rushing touchdowns those thirty nine touchdowns in one season.


But overall I think if he can just manage the game, like you said, the defense is where it's at for the Rams. Leonard Floyd was awesome versus Seattle. He really was. He had two sacks, third multitracking of the year. Donald had a sack to the first in yards allowed in the NFL, their first in the NFC and sacks with forty nine. Just don't think the Cardinal Cardinals to win playoff games this year. And one of them was the Hail Mary.


They've lost to Detroit, Carolina, San Fran and the Pats this year. Overall, even without golf, golf hasn't been the greatest, that's for sure. Rams minus one at home. Like I said, the one seven in a row against the Cavs.


Let's make it eight in a row where you can read off a thousand stats and I won't even listen when I want to know. As you're checking Kliff Kingsbury trash on a daily basis, what do you find it? Because that's where his coaching abilities have gone in the trash.


I mean, it's been it's a it's a mismatch almost every time, every single time he hits play calling their play calling last week against San Francisco was atrocious. I mean, the running plays I mean, Murray did have seventy five yards rushing what most he's had in quite some time, but a lot was in desperation on fourth downs because they didn't have any play calls to make. And when the running Kenyon Drake, the running him right up the middle and he's getting a yard or two every single time, it's been that way for a month.


And overall here just the Rams defense is better and they'll probably win the game. That's the reason why they win the game. All right.


I want to know more about his trash, not more than Ali's running backs, remember? I don't know. Oh, that's right. You're not there. All right, Brother Brian, we have Andre Reed on momentarily. Buffalo, Miami, four and a half. Forty seven and a half as the overunder. You know, it's too far removed. That Miami Raiders game we checked in at halftime, right? We checked at halftime of that one. And then the second half was just bizarre.


Just a bizarre way for the Raiders to lose.


And you had an emotional hedge bet with Miami, and that didn't even work out because they didn't even cover a last second field goal. Paul and I was amazed by that. Ryan Fitzpatrick completion one the greatest of all time considering his head was spun to the ground. Mazet dropped it right in the bucket and then they kicked the field. Goal is really the only thing they had to not do, like a forty yard pass and fifteen added on it. Really, they were fine.


It really was. I mean, although as Raider fan I thought there was like a fifty fifty shot.


There were losing that game with ninety seconds left this big confident that was Floras said who's starting. Fitzpatrick should start. It had to he said to I thought wow wow. I didn't.


He was asked after the game who the starter is and he's right to say this but I don't get it because everybody's treating this with kid gloves and the like. What a great thing they have going here with this one two punch. It's like this Fitzpatricks suck in the first half. It's that's not the case that he's a great closer until can't close. That part is right. But I don't know. Brian would it would seem like I think it's a little too steep again, recency bias, short week buffalo, maybe a little scoreboard watching.


They see Pittsburgh's losing like fourteen three in the third quarter. They call off the dogs. I think four and a half is too much. Not saying Miami wins this game, but I'll take them with the points. You're going Buffalo.


Yeah, I mean it really this is really, really, really a tough game and I can see why you would take the dolphins here. If Tua is playing and if two of plays a half of this game, I would definitely take Buffalo. I mean, two of them might be on a one drive leash, right? Potentially. Maybe they started four one drive and if it's three and out, he's done. But the bills offense, I mean, they're just clicking in every way.


I mean, four and a half. I mean, this game probably should be more the way the bills are playing. It probably should be six and a half, seven again with two a starting grant. Out for the game, we don't know if Parker's back now, a few things could happen, right? Like Bill's on a short week. When do you think the bills will play? The following week in the playoffs. Are they going to get a Saturday or Sunday game?


Because it's three and three this year, right?


Saturday, three Sunday for the first, because I was trying to think if they get a Saturday game, that's three games in 12 days. Right.


You go Monday night, Sunday, Saturday, if they have Saturday, they got the early Saturday last year against Houston.


That was the Shakey's Bowl. I guess it just I guess it's more of a draw this year. Yeah, I guess it just depends who they're playing. I mean, hopefully it's Sunday, but if it is Saturday, I could definitely see them scoreboard watching and want to rest players. I mean, I guess they won't even know. So it's tough, right?


But what I would actually definitely look at here is I would definitely look, even though I'm saying the bills for the four and a half, I think it's I would definitely look at the bills first half, whatever that line is. Right. That bills first half might be four and a half to right. When that comes out, it's very, very possible. But I would definitely lean the line is not out. I would lean whatever the bills are first half in that game.


I think they they play really well early on, especially if two is two is in there. They're not going to be able to move the ball that much.


So here's the interesting thing with Flores, who I haven't seen for coach of the year, but I imagine he's top three now, Joe Judge kind of bowing out of that race. Stefanski is up there who we miss in Flores Stefanski. It's funny, in the beginning of the year, that's one of the few futures I like. I said, take all four AFC East coaches for Coach of the Year. I think one of them wins it probably not going to be Belichick or even Adam Gase long shot at this point, but those two I mentioned.


But McDermott and and what I say to Stefanski. Yeah, sure. I mean, there's a bunch there's five or six. You can imagine Jon Gruden.


There you go. But maybe it's better if Fitzpatrick if like, you know, if he's only going to play if the bills are going to be scoreboard watching. Right. You want to have a lead in the second half. This is sounds stupid, but of course, you want to have a lead going into the second half, especially if they're going to start setting their players. If they see that the Steelers are cooked. I don't know. I don't know.


And then you can play two in the second half. It doesn't make sense about that Steelers game, Paul. They're getting seven at Cleveland. Can you believe the favor they've done? Cleveland? I was thinking about it about one forty five your time. Everyone's like, oh, my God, Cleveland's going to win the division. And everyone, Steelers fans like, all right, is what we get. We have a team that's going to score fourteen points in the playoffs and and that's that.


And it turned around like that. And all of a sudden the Steelers did the Browns a huge favor, knocking the Colts to the eighth spot temporarily. And they're going to do him another favor by sitting their starters. At least the seven point spread indicates that's what's going to happen and then they might meet them in the playoffs. So this is very weird to try to map out.


Yeah, this is the problem with all these games. I can't really figure it out. I mean, the steal, which you just mentioned this before. So about the home field, these teams records on their home fields, even though without crowds of very small crowds, it still seems to play a factor in it yet. You hear like, well, we might the slide indicates that they might not be playing some of their daughters when they still have a possible second seed at hand.


So how do you figure this out? Right. How do you figure this out? So and already went to Buffalo and lost. So, yeah, you would think they want that home game if it came down to two three. Right. Because Miami has something to play for. Right. So Miami's got something to play for. They could beat the bills. So I, I don't really get it. But that line speaks to me here. And obviously Cleveland does have more to play for than the Steelers that they're playing for their playoff lives while the Steelers are not playing for their playoff live.


So I'm going to say this is going to be the effort of a lifetime. I think the Browns are angry about what happened to them last week. And I think they, combined with their their dynamite running game, which really was non-existent the other day, at least for most of the game. I think they get it going. I think the Steelers look, I think they are a little bit banged up. I think they do rest some guys here.


So I think the Browns just they get it done. They cover this somehow or another, maybe with the late field goal, they go up 10 and they cover this. That's what I'm banking on. But it's surely a very tough one to want to do.


You have the Browns on a money line parlor. You've got to you've got to check in for any late night hot tub action Saturday, Saturday night, Friday night. So don't put that in just yet. But I have a feeling we're going to have the Browns on African money line parlay. Lots of fun. Yeah, a lot of great AFC matchups. Ravens, Steelers, Dolphins, when we get Baltimore, Buffalo in the wildcard. So that's there's going to be some really good first round games.


Hey, there's basketball. I don't know if you guys know basketball is back. It really is in this season. I mean, do we have a text chain? We just got a text going that's just like 80 or 90 percent. Oh, no, we have that. We have that with our friend Alec. This season, though, Charles Barkley has joined the Fanjul team, jolly old St. Chuck Santa Barkley given away over thirty million dollars in gifts to all fans or customers, such as free fantasy entries to all customers, free site credit and risk free bets.


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You sign up today and let you place your first that risk free up to one thousand dollars back. If you don't win and you get your winnings in as little as twenty four hours, you have to track down some shady bookie for your money. Do me a favor and download Vandal's Sportsbook app, sign up promo code against all odds so they know we sent you. That's Vandal's Sportsbook promo code against all odds. All right, let's go and see double play football.


This is fun. Time is bowl games all the time. Now, brother, if you could stay off the phone, stop screaming to creditors, you could get some of these bets in the big one. January 1st, Alabama, Notre Dame, Fox bet live is up against this. Now I urge you to watch Fox Bet Live and not Alabama, Notre Dame, Fanjul as it Alabama.


Nineteen and a half point favorite. Sixty five and a half is the overunder. Here's what I thought was interesting, Paul. Before we'd get into this, I suspected that a lot of people are betting Notre Dame on the money line. Like if Vegas was fully open, this would be your trip, your New Year's trip or whatever you go with your friends and you bet your Notre Dame fan like. All right, I got to put a few bucks on them on the money line.


Right. You're probably not going to win, but this is the kind of thing that Notre Dame backers would likely do. So Notre Dame is eight to one to win the game on the money line. Sorry. Wow. Plus six thirty plus six thirty as a twenty point underdog to win and to give that some perspective. The Jaguars are as a 14 point underdog, plus six, 10. So you're getting like six I don't even know what point I'm trying to make here, but a lot of people are betting the money line on Notre Dame, not necessarily the points they got thrown in there as the, you know, the afterthought, the 14 team.


This is a three horse race, maybe a one horse race with Alabama. But I'm going to take Notre Dame and the points I didn't like Alabama. Let let up a little bit. You like Alabama to win by three touchdowns.


Yeah. So I think I kind of have a philosophy with these bowl games is maybe you take the favorite two with the points, OK. Or if you're going to take the underdog, you just take them straight up to win on the money line. That's kind of how I look at it. So I think sometimes these games can get a little out of hand. It's going one way. I could see that happening here. I think Notre Dame will play close for about a quarter and a half, maybe into the half before Alabama really puts their stamp on this game.


You know, the one thing you have to worry about is if there are up like, say, twenty one late in the game and they've already kind of clinched the game and they rest in guys. And you have to worry maybe about that. But I think Alabama is just the much more talented team here. And as we've seen, their offense is tremendous. They'll put up their points at Notre Dame, can't keep up. I think this will just be Alabama when each quarter by three to seven points in this game.


So if you add that all up, it gets you it's at least about twenty points here. The Devonta Smith minus 180, what does this January fourth or fifth, they give out this award, this will be after the semifinal game about this one eight minus one eighty four Heisman, Max Jones, plus one fifty five, Trevor Lawrence, plus six fifty and Kyle Trask. Twenty seven to one odds. That's weird stuff, right, with the wide receiver and the quarterback right there, one and two for Heisman.


So that'll be fun. A lot of playmakers on this side, a lot of great athletes. It's going to be a and you know, I don't know I don't know being Buckeyes enough to enough firepower in that offense, though, to keep up with Alabama. But I think 19 half is a lot better. Probably stop paying attention because my favorite ball bat is the overunder longest touchdown in a game. Always go over. The thinking is normally these teams have had a month off between their last game in the bowl game.


The defense is going to struggle on at least one play. That's not the case that went right into the bowl games that said it was foreign to the over. And now I bet there's five out of the last six have lost. Right on that.


We have yeah. The last the last couple have been low scoring, like of all short touchdowns and three touchdowns in these games.


Yeah. I don't get it. So it's probably like one.


Yeah, it's probably like four and five. I forget there's not that many bowls so far, but yeah it's definitely I think losing slightly, expecting the a lot of points in this Clemson, Ohio State game.


Sixty six and a half is the under Clemson, a seven and a half point favorite oddsmakers saw vandal's saw that they struggled with northwestern Clemson, went out, beat the crap out of Notre Dame. They don't want to take any chance. This was a really fun game last year. Came down to the wire a little a couple of weird calls, officiating calls. But now I think that was like a two and a half, three point spread last year.


Now seven and a half. Bri, I'm taking Ohio State. So are you.


Yeah, it's weird, right? I have like Clemson to win the whole thing for a while now. Most things say, like Parlak was saying, like, if you like Clemson, just take them to cover. But it's just too high. Right. Ohio State's had a rough seas and covid. And now now they've had to deal with Dabo for two weeks saying they don't belong in this game. Orlov's back for this offense, which makes it much, much more explosive.


Fields will make enough plays, I think, with his legs to keep it close. Both teams might struggle to run the ball. But the one thing in that northwestern game for a team that has a great defense.


Ohio State's offensive line just started beating the shit out of Northwestern in that game. They dominated as that game went along. I think, you know, between factoring in Davo, picking them apart for two weeks, the revenge factor in this game, Ohio State just being shit on. If this line was six and a half, seven, I would probably feel a little bit different. But it's seven and a half. I like Ohio State.


Yeah, Harry Dabb, that dabo stuff. What did he have? Ohio State ranked at eleven eleventh in the country. So there's bulletin board material. And you think he's going to back up his words? I do. I mean, I agree.


I think teams and players, coaches are shitting on Ohio State like Bryant, that I agree. But I just don't think overall that that good Clemson only one win wasn't by 18 points or more. It'd look great in the championship game. Eleven games. Their defense has forty four sacks and nobody on that team has more than four. That shows how deep Clemson's defense is that twenty two turnovers and field has been sacked 18 times in six games. Clemson quarterbacks only eight times in eleven games fields.


And this two main games that he had to play against good teams. He had five picks in those games combined in the last two games at less than two hundred yards passing, and they gave up five hundred yards passing to Indiana in the game. I just think overall here, Clemson is so much better than them. And I know last year you said a couple of calls, one against Ohio State in the cost of the game, probably. And normally I'd be on the side, too.


But I just think overall, Clemson is just too good here. And I don't think just because Ohio State's in the Big Ten and they went six. No, they get they get to be in the in the top four. I just don't see it. I don't think do that good. I think Clemson is going to prove it. All right.


Always a fun game. Clemson, Ohio State. I think we're looking at a good finals matchup. Was that January 11th? It'll be that Monday, right. So I can't keep track of days anymore. I'm done keeping track. Paulie, can I ask for some scattered bowls? You like Northwestern? Boy, I had that prob swap ticket. I didn't hedge against it. I wish I had Northwestern came up short, didn't come out as Brother Bryce says, didn't play in the second half Ohio State, stomp them out.


But you like them as a short favor in their bowl game.


Yeah, I like Northwestern here. I have a great deal of respect for their coach, Pat Fitzgerald. These kids play hard every single game. Auburn is really with that. They have an interim coach going right now. They're in the process of looking for a new head coach. I just think this stability right now in northwestern Fitzgerald history, you know, with this Northwestern team and his last three bowl games with them, they. Play hard. We know they're going to.


We know that you know that you're going to get that from them. They're going to come and smack you in the face on the defensive side. And sometimes I can like what we might perceive as a somewhat of a meaningless ball game that I mean, who you know, a lot of these teams don't want to be roughed up. And Northwestern is going to rough up Auburn a little bit. They're not going to like it. And I just think they cover the spread fitz-gerald.


They're going to want to win this game a little bit more than it's going to mean more to them than it's going to mean to Auburn. So I think that at least in Fitzgerald's world, he's a great coach. I love I love him as a coach. They go, this is the one this is a drunk one that a lot of people sleep to. Right. This is January 1st, early game. I believe it is. Yeah, it is.


All right. So try to stay up for this lost game, guys. Last year, too, when they played Minnesota in that early game, I knew. That's right. They got blown out by Minnesota.


Yeah. There you go. Harry was awake for it. A drunken, drunken weed sort of stupor. He stayed up for Northwestern minus three and a half hour. And how are you like Iowa State? You always like Iowa State. Well, they really didn't show up in that in that championship game. No, they didn't.


They still had a chance, though, at the end to win the game. Yeah, I think Oregon got their big win in upsetting USC in the PAC 12 championship. Crystal ball got his new contract. So they're happy as as of right now. Meanwhile, my quarterback for Iowa State, Brock Birdie, he's from Gilbert, Arizona. So it's going to be here for the Fiesta Bowl game. And but I think it's going to come down to the running game.


And Restall, again, for Iowa State has been fantastic this year. He led the nation rushing. He led the big twelve in rushing by over 400 yards. I'd see the cyclones win in this game going away by two touchdowns. Oregon gave up huge games in rushing the ball to UCLA and Oregon State. Oregon State running back at two hundred twenty six yards in their loss. So I watched the cyclones here to bounce back and win by two touchdowns.


All right. Any serious stuff? We went through an outfit change for those you're not watching on Zoom went. Yeah, he's like share with the outfit changes. He's like, never shared his meals.


All right, brother Bri, Oklahoma. Oklahoma wins this game minus three and a half. That boy, that that's a that's a small line for that offense. Yeah. And it's clicking. Yeah.


Well, that's the thing. Right. So Florida opened up as a three four point favorite. Right. These ball games, though, they're so hard to predict. I do like that Northwestern one, that part of the kid. I should put that in before my car gets repossessed again.


But a lot of guys, this is the thing, right, for these these bowl games. A lot of guys opting out for the draft, guys missing for covid reasons. That's making hard to predict. But Florida hits. It hits is out. Right? Tony is out. Grimes's out. So they are out their top four receivers in this game. So that's that's that's not that's like the Browns last week. Right. But those those Florida guys are all studs, though, so I feel bad for not having them.


Oklahoma's one seven in a row. Florida struggled to stop teams all year long, at least Oklahoma defensively. They've been pretty good this year. Not not to say they're going to completely stop Florida. I just think they make a few more stops in this game. I'll take Oklahoma City. Yeah, I do think the SEC was a little bit overrated.


Yes. This year, you know, you can yell at me, though, for back in the big twelve in here because it's it usually bites me in the ass.


Now, I know that SCC hasn't played defense, Brian. The seventy point over on their basically sixty nine and a half shout out to Tate Frazier. Yeah. That you could see a lot of points and especially with those guys out and lot of defensive players missing as well. Well, I like that that game's tomorrow, right? That's a Wednesday game. Yeah, it's to interesting. All right. So there you go, brother. Bri has Oklahoma, Harry was Iowa State and Paul Lockyer with Northwestern with a few scattered ball games we had them throw in there in addition to the semifinal match ups.


All right. He's with us. Our guest today, one of the most dynamic wide receivers in NFL history, a member of the Buffalo Bills. He broke records and over the weekend he broke his first table. Look at that, pro football hall of Famer and now a member of the Fanjul family, Andre Reed. Thanks for joining us, buddy. Yeah, everybody was tripping, man, everybody's like, what are you doing? I don't do.


First of all, thanks thanks for having me on. Thanks for having me on. I was hoping it was nine o'clock here on the West Coast, not six a.m..


So the work that I've done, I've done that before. But yeah, I, I think that was so fun to do. I think the fans really needed that because they weren't able to be a stadium at all this year and be able to do their crazy things. They do. I'm sure they might have did it in their backyards or other people's backyards. But to see me do that and I had former teammates and my mom and all these other people and people on social media saying, what are you doing, man?


I go, Dude, I'm not you know, I said, I got hit harder than with a lot.


And Steve Badwater hit part of it.


And they're like, Well, you're fifty six years old. I go, well, there's a lot of fifty six year old guys are doing a lot of good stuff.


Well I don't know that they're doing this, that we have the clip ready. First of all, I want to ask you let's play that clip there, Jim. But was this one take or multiple takes? No, no, no, this was going on. No, no. Here we go. Yeah, no matter what no matter what, it was going to be one whether I broke the right or not, it was going to be one take.


I was not doing that.


And so you when you climb the trade, basically, is this is this just off to the side of the road or this is a yeah.


This is what my house is to find me and this is the road. And I wasn't going to do it because they asked me where I was going to do it. And I said, well, you know, the beach would be awesome to do it at the beach, but I didn't want to drive down there. And the weather was really not as conducive because I ran newspapers untied.


Wow. You really putting a lot there's a lock on tide.


And the funny thing about that whole thing, guys, is that tree was very slippery. It wasn't like little knots on it. The jump up in it. You know, I had it the whole time. I'm climbing a tree.


I'm going do not lifting all climbing up. That's pretty damn impressive.


And so that was I was I was just trying to set the scenario the whole way of getting a tree fall off the tree, hit the thing, do that for you. It's like going back.


It's like getting hit. I guess.


I guess. Yeah, but you're not you're not paid as much. Or maybe you are. I don't know what Vandal gave you, but.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, again, I think I think people got to realize that, you know, regardless, sometimes people do crazier things. And this was really I thought about the fans more than anything because that's really the Bills Mafia. That's really what they're about. And what they've done. They do the squirting of the ketchup and muster and they're the best fans.


And I think they weren't able to do that. They banned it from the parking lot in Buffalo. But there's a parking lot on the side there in the stadium. They still do crazy things. And I think it's just part of their persona, the bills, mafia and all the Bills fans. That's what they do. Drop it off off of wherever he goes. And I was not myself. No, no.


You have to build up to that. Yeah. You that's that's that's going to hold on for our money for that. Yeah. Yeah.


But people, you know, people needed to see me doing that and I think it really up here for them to see me doing that, it really made them feel good about not only the team but just you know, I have a partner, I have the team. I mean, I played there my whole career. I I love what they're doing. I love the direction of going in. And that's just a a little bit of, you know, how I feel about it and for all the fans that that's great.


So that was part of the spread the love campaign for fans, all everybody for every twenty four hours bet they've raised the spread. The bills ended up getting a hundred and thirteen points. I don't know if you gamble, but that's, that's a lot of points. You would not take the favorite.


Yeah. No I'm not a gambler. I'm not a gambler. I know. Just know if it's anything over to the point.


There are very few games that end up at one hundred point difference. What about this business team? A lot of people say they're the team to beat the chiefs, but maybe they're the team to beat. I mean, I've seen enough of this. They're damn good.


Yes. I think of all the naysayers and all the people do not want to give Buffalo their credit, but they've earned their they've earned their due this year. There's no doubt about it.


They last night's performance was just dominating, you know, beating the chiefs. I mean, beating the. Yeah, I hope they leaves no doubt about it being the Patriots for the first time, twice in the same year in twenty five years, they wanted division for the first time in twenty five years. It's all setting up. Just want the fans to know it's all setting up for something. So don't be surprised. But Josh Allen is playing an MVP type of season.


He's in, he's in the building there for MVP. Stefon Diggs is in the building for for the Player of the Year, Sean McDermott in the building for Coach of the Year. So people got to realize that this team not only is playing together well, but I think you've got to give a lot of credit from the top all the way to the bottom. And they started this four years ago. And this is what you get when you have a good coach.


You get a good game. You have great fans. Players believe in what you're doing. You bring in a guy like Stefon to to to be the offensive juggernaut. They needed the guy to make plays. All these other guys are making plays because he is it's all setting up for like of nineteen ninety. Yeah.


Speaking of nineteen ninety and I think I was looking at your numbers, you retired second on the list of most receiving yards. I think James Lofton, your teammate, was number one at the time. Is am I right with that.


I think you were too. Now, Jerry was gone for it because he was still going, I guess. All right. Yeah, Jerry, I was second and third, I think third and third and catches in like 15 yards and seven touchdowns.


This is 19 times retired and you never did it with more than 90 receptions in a year. Now is very different then because the rules very different versus a passing offense league and the rules are different for backs. They're not allowed to breathe on the receivers. But you're impressed with this. You're definitely impressed with Stefon Diggs, who I think has one hundred and twenty catches now.


Oh, definitely. Definitely. This this kid is a he's a baller. He's a he's a playmaker. He could do anything. He catches it's short and run. Last night he caught a ball and got hit twice. And before he can catch the ball, he's the complete guy that they needed on that team. They needed to sign a guy like that for Josh. And look what Josh has done. I mean, if you look at his, they put a stat up there yesterday.


His completion percentage, when he rolls out to the right is like 60 percent compared to rolling to the left, which right hand quarterback, obviously you go going this way, but. And then the mistakes he's made. Housing costs in the game, and I've always said that as a quarterback, as you progress, you want to limit mistakes that you make. That costs games, and he hasn't done that this year. Yeah, and then you're just playing as a team, right?


It's your turn. You make the play. Well, now it's your turn. Again, kind of reminiscent of the 90s where we had seven, eight pro bowlers and we had Hall of Famers all over the place. We got a great coach and the same thing. So people got real. And sometimes, you know, a good move back around. Some comes back around. And this team is really primed to give Kansas City or whoever it is, you never know.


Kansas City yesterday didn't look like Kansas City. They didn't have it in a while.


They didn't they don't look like the team. They look like in the middle of the season. They kind of took a little bit. But it's Kansas City. When you know how to win, you find ways to win. When you know how to. When you lose, you've won a lot of the players.


You know, I was thinking like in the now a situation, the bills are where they they play Miami and they're going for a two seed. It's not the one seed, but you want to play at home. All these teams do better at home. They just do what, as a player, as the mindset. Maybe you don't have anything to compare this to because your bills were always like thirteen and three. But in a game like this where it kind of matters but doesn't matter, what's the mindset of a player going into something?


I think you. They really are going to have to build on what they did last night and it's really up to the coach and how to coach is going to approach it. And you mentioned there has been there was years, a couple of years, maybe one or two years that we didn't even suit up for the game. We rested, guys. It was again, it's up to the discretion of what the coach is going to do, and I think I think Sean is going to play everybody does that.


I think that's just the kind of guy he is and let you know how it's going to play out. If you go into the game and thinking that and you're playing and I don't get hurt, don't do this, don't do that, then your probability of getting hurt goes up. So you just got to go out and play and play with the mindset that you're going to play in the game and make sure you're doing everything you're supposed to be doing.


So you don't know your percentages of getting hurt. Don't go up. So I think he's going to play everybody now. You're going to have a home game, whether it be the wild card or whatever game it is, they I think it's going to do something. Then I play those. Yeah, it seems like they're going to and just keep going until the following week. I know one year we play the year we want the comeback game. We played the Oilers the last game and ended up coming back and playing them again.


So yeah. So it is it is a mindset that these players got to have knowing that you win a game and let all the other stuff happen the way it should, and then you act accordingly to whatever you have to play when you have to play. So I think I'm going to put you on the spot here.


Randy Moss ran his mouth a little last week and said he was the best receiver of all time. I want to hear your top three is Randi. I mean, in a way, he's right. He was impossible to cover and guard.


What do you where do you rank them? In your head? You can leave yourself in it or out.


Well, first of all, I was on I was on Tío and Matthew had a podcast like last week and get your popcorn ready. It's called. So those two go at each other. They're good friends and they go out. So I was in the middle just trying to OK, you know, it was it was funny. And then they asked me the same question and I was like, boy. And I said I said, now to be real.


Obviously, I'm going to put myself in the conversation. I'm just I'm sure you heard me here.


I played in bad weather, I don't know if those guys are going to play in bad weather all those years and had the numbers, so that's that's my argument. Now, I said statistically, Jerry Rice definitely statistically, and what he's done as a receiver in the league for as many years as he's done it. He is the greatest receiver to ever play the game. Is he the most talented? That's that's that's where it gets a little iffy when it comes to debate with Moss and T.O. and other guys.


So statistically, I put Jerry at the top as far as Super Bowls and all that kind of stuff. He has he has the more fluffy resume. Second, I think I put I put Moss in pretty much one A and one B. And again, they were different type of receivers. No, there's no doubt about it. No doubt about it, Te'o was one of the greatest warning to catch receivers of all time. Big Strong can go up and get it to run.


But Moss was Moss was not that kind of receiver. Moss was just straight out woop al jump you outrun you fifty fifty balls. He was more on his side because he was he could jump. He was six for all that kind of stuff. So there's arguments for each guy of who has the best chance of it is hard.


Right. Hands down, hands down, you're the best player ever, cuts down state, though, right now, cuts that, by the way, as it cuts down state.


Anyway, I thought it was cuts down state. Now it's just cuts down, right? Yeah. Hands down your best down state. Well, you know, I'm I don't I think I did what I did in Buffalo. And if you look at all these receivers over the years and this is again, this is nothing against them. So when the Hall of Fame votes for different positions, the receiver is probably one of the hardest positions to not only to pick and vote for, but there's so many different variables involved in it, just like any other position.


But the receiver, because it's a it's a glamour position.


There's so many different variables that they pick the putting guys in the Hall of Fame, so you talk about. Again, Jerry, statistically the greatest ever play Moss was the a guy that can run and go get it. He wasn't an ogre, the middle guy. He wasn't taking hits that much. He was that's what Moss did the best. T was like again, was like Jerry and Moss put together, right, because he could run. He did come across the middle.


He did. He was probably the most to me, the most complete at all out of those three, because he could do more, but. They talk about me and say, well, you were part of a system. Every part of the system, sure, Jerry Rice is part of the West Coast, the West Coast offense, I was part of a no huddle. You know, look at guys like Tim Brown was Tim gets no credit to a certain point.


He played with ten different receiver quarterbacks and put up those numbers. Tim played in Oakland. None of those guys played. They knew at a certain time of year their catch. Got their catches, we're going to go down to wet. And. So when I was in the in the conversation, as far as being in the hall, I had guys that actually took that into consideration and that's what the guy was voting for. I'm talking for me on my behalf, told me that they that was a real big factor of playing in that weather and having read about just the numbers forget, I don't even think you needed to mention the weather.


Your numbers stand up to anybody. And, you know, it's funny you mention that like the Hall of Fame has a tough time, the committee picking wide receivers, that's only going to get more and more difficult because it's a passing league. Take a look at the Pro Bowl. Each conference can only take two wide receivers out of Hopkins Diggs Yeah, Tyreek Hill, Julio Jones, Metcalf, AJ Brown, Devonta Adams, Michael Thomas. You get two for each conference.


That's that's craziness, right?


Yeah. Yeah. And again, it's as the years go on, you know, one hundred catches really is just routine now. I mean Kelce, Travis Kelce who is I think the best tight end in the game. Has over 100 catches this year, Stefon Diggs has one hundred seven. I mean, Stefon Diggs having a career year, Josh Allen career year again, I said earlier, they're all in the MVP race. Josh is definitely in the room for MVP, along with Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, whether he wins it or not.


That's I don't know. But I think he's he has earned that spot in that room. Diggs has earned a spot in as far as Player of the Year. Mike is one of the last one receiver. So and Sean McDermott is in the room as the coach of the Andre deju, Andre.


So three years ago when the Bills did draft Allen, that was their guy. Of course, I mean, I don't I don't think I ever had anybody since, Jim, so we no fans in Buffalo are thinking this is the guy this year. This is the guy this year, this is the guy this year. I think Josh just fits the mold of a blue collar kind of football player who went to Wyoming. He played in bad weather. He he didn't get highly recruited out of high school or whatever college and all that stuff.


So, again, I think he he was just the right fit. And then again. This is a quarterback driven league, you've got to start building around your young guy as you can, and you've got to have a good GM, you've got to have a good coach. And the bills right now, they they yeah.


So I don't want I don't want to end on a downer, but you have a couple of Cowboys fans on here, and I was just wondering, with Super Bowl loss hurt you the most, I feel like you would do vastly better than that Giants team. And it got you off to the wrong start.


But then you get yeah, I think know I think the only out of the four we probably should have just.


You know, well, two out of the four, I think the Giants and the second Cowboys weren't winning, it should have won 13 six, right? Yeah, we should have won that game now for that Cowboys fan. But I think that Cowboys team was probably the best team in football for a lot of years. On paper, they were the best Team five future Pro Bowlers Hall of Famers, Hall of Fame coach. They had everything that we had and it kind of was like two is like it was like Godzilla against King Kong in those games.


I think the second one, I think we had a chance at both. But it doesn't matter if you turn the ball over against a little peewee team, you're going to lose. So we just turn the ball over too much. And I think we matched up well with Dallas. They had probably the best offensive line in the game with Larry Allen in Newton. And Rasta's up there. I mean, it never got touched until he was five yards into the secondary.


And I think we were a fast paced. Quick, quick, quick, quick, get you kind of offense, so that was kind of the mindset, how do we how did the Cowboys stop us and keep us off the field? The mindset like the Giants did. And then on defense, we had to limit the big play. And again, we didn't do that, so. I think we should have warned that probably that first or the one of the the one or the other against the cap, we should at least one of those.


And then the giants, obviously, that came down to that that field goal, the only one we probably shouldn't have long was probably the Redskins. We we really didn't play. Really good football team football. That way we're not going to get sick of it.


That was an insane offense, no doubt, and I think we just didn't play. We weren't it's not that we weren't ready to play by that third Super Bowl. We were so tired. I think we were the. We were just exhausted because we played a lot of games, and that's not that's not the reason I'm like making an excuse for that. But we played in a lot of games and a lot in four years, more games than any time in history at that time.


So we were a tired, mentally tired football team. And I think it's show, by the way, I want to thank you.


And it's hard to say that a Hall of Famer is under appreciated. But I do look at you as an underappreciated wide receiver, and it's a shame that you won't get to prove yourself on Dancing with the Stars like Jerry Rice and T.O.. Maybe there's a jumping through the tables version of that. But I also want to thank you.


Yeah, you know what? Here it is. I don't need to I don't need to prove myself that what I've done and naked. They can rate their guys as much as they want. I was blessed enough to play in the league as long as I did and do what I did and do it with the guys I did. They can't take that from me. And I think there's a lot of underappreciated guys that have done great things in this league.


And as long as they know inside their heart that they gave every single play out there for their team and for for winning, you can let everybody else outside their talk about who's this? Who's that?


Well, they can't take that from you. And no one could take the one hundred and fifty dollars. The few of us won betting on you. We went to the game.


You probably don't remember how we're going to send you out like an edible arrangement or something. You went for ninety four. You beat the Packers. You might not even remember this at Rich Stadium. Twenty nine twenty. You had fifteen catches for one hundred ninety one yards and two touchdowns. And we benefited from that. And I want to, I want to thank you for that. Andre Reed.


Good job by you. Yeah. And I think again, real quick, I think the three best teams in the league right now, I'm not in this order. I think the bills are probably playing the best football team football. I think the Packers are second. And really I think the Chiefs right now have dropped the third. Wow, interesting.


So I midseason it was the chiefs who were chiefs, but I think they took a little bit of dip the last I believe there's a few ways to beat the chiefs.


Right. It used to be like you have to play ball control like the Raiders did and score 30.


I mean, my home my home is going to be my home. That's like that's like, you know, back in the day, Fran Tarkenton was running around like a chicken with his head cut off. You can get him and homes. He has the throws he's got. Receivers that can run, you got Kelsey, he's got everything running for him as long as that guy's on the field. You got a chance, you got a better chance to win.


So how do you beat that? And you got the chiefs. Their defense is you attack.


Speaking of chickens with their heads cut off, the poor kid has a question about for you regarding buffalo and chicken, right?


Yeah. Just real quick, if I'm from up in Buffalo, what's the one place I'm getting wings at?


Oh, there's so many different places I been I mean, ever since I've been there, it was always my number one waiting for to say Duff's there we go.


I mean, what's the matter? Ba ba ba ba anchor ba, but you know what, there's there's actually just little small mom and pop and she's able to place their.


And hopefully, you know, because of covid, I hope hopefully they're able to they were able to stay open. This is a crazy 20 20 man and we got, what, five, six days? Let's get out of here. So hopefully all those mom and pop stores, especially in Buffalo that were there, really more prevalent there have made it. And some of those mom and pop stores their wings and.


Well, I'm going to get your information. And hopefully Gold Belly send you some Duff's Wings, an appreciation of your big performance in 94 where you were. You made us money. Thank you. It was great having you on Endre. You have anything to plug? Yeah, man.


Thanks, guys. Appreciate it. Any time you guys want to talk about things, you know, we are going to try to go play golf today if you're on the East Coast. But they just got blasted.


All right. Just don't jump through any more tables. Yeah, just putting is a lot more now than my table.


I retired from that. That's not a good job. Hall of Famer Andre Reed, thanks for coming on. Against all odds, buddy.


Thanks. Thanks. I appreciate it. You got it right. You got it. He was great. Wow.


Bills No. One. I'm buying it. I really am. That could be the best team.


Well, it's nine to one odds that I like you, though, so that's not what you know.


I always like Bill. I told Brian I was like, I'll probably put a lot of money on the chiefs. And then when they lose, I'll just be like I told you. So that's probably that's more thing that worries me about the bills. Is the running game right when it comes down to it, if they really need to run the ball, if they need to slow down, if they need to.


I mean, Allen is their best rusher, really.


I know a little kid like the last year, the forty Niners with the offense that screwed everybody up. Right. A lot of pre snap motion, everything. Nobody can figure it out until maybe the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. I think this year it's the bills. It's there are a lot of weird packages out. Yeah, they do. And the bottom line too is, is Allen will run even more if he has to up in the playoffs.


Right. Right. That's going to add even more of that dimension to what he already does. But Barrandov, Moss and Singletary are the going to be the experts. But then again, maybe not doing the same thing is Mostert. And yeah, the credit or whatever the organization that was that was that the thing last year, you don't know. So but like I like it at nine to one. At nine to one. It's good.


It's a good taking a shot of Garrett though, Daryn. All those years that you had Beasley with in Dallas, Beasley's having his best season in this town. So good. And see what he's up against. But he's having a thousand yard season for the bell to get close to that and gave him a shot undrafted out of SMU. I've always been a huge Beesly guy and he does seem to love Buffalo right now. Rochester, Buffalo. He does not.


I don't think if you ask, Beasley doesn't have a lot of good things to say about the Cowboys. I was a huge Beesley guy, as was Brother Bryant last night when he went under four and a half or so.


Yeah, of course we're like, what happened? He just disappeared off the off the field.


I went and only they did pass eight, ten different receivers. I know half the staff. Well, that's what I'm talking about. But the offense is that Lee Smith is a beast. Tight end. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I guess the only thing is the only thing is when you look at the bills, I do like them too at nine to one. But it's like you look at the last five, right? New England, Denver, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Los Angeles and Pittsburgh obviously was playing really poorly at that time. So it's not like it's not like in those five there's not necessarily a great group in there. But they have they have been dominant.


Hey, I loved Andre Reed, but was he suggesting they could have won the fifty to seventeen game against the Cowboys is one everyone except the Washington game?


I can't. I just was staring at the Hall of Fame, Bustan. I know I was great strategically framed it really great. It literally was maybe the most accurate picture I've seen. I mean, it was a little, you know, you could get a great look at it, but it was like a real perfect replica. Yeah, I one of Harry I could show you I might have played the in the Mr. it's Mr. Potato Head shot up Andre.


Andre was very keen on getting he didn't take care that his real head was in the frame. He needed that busdriver for more of it. And we can't skip sharp tank here. Oh we can't. We can't. Oh we got I think you guys went oh for three yesterday.


Brother Bryan, we'll start with you. Best bet. Oh God.


I wonder if I shouldn't let you guys choose this one. I was debating. I did like Trevor Lawrence under three hundred thirty nine and a half passing yards. That seemed really high. The game's a really, really tough this week, so I kind of like that. But the one I'm going to jump. On sale, you might like this. I mean, it could they could be down like 30 at some point, but I do like Houston, seven and a half against the Titans.


There's something weird is going to happen on Sunday, right? Some type of like this weekend's going to be a disaster for betting. That's that's for sure. Yes. But Houston was Houston was awful defensively against Cincinnati. They've been awful here. But the one thing is what calls out the whole team on Sunday. Right. Is one of the best press conferences I've seen of somebody just ripping their own team. And the effort that the team game gave Watson is going to be able to throw the ball and the Titans, the Titans just really struggled.


The first game was really close to Houston. Should have probably won that game. So I don't know, just getting seven and a half against a division rival. They could they could put a scare into the titans of making the playoffs. I like the Houston seven and a half.


All right. Did Ward mentioned himself? I never listen to it because I was annoyed. I was one of the idiots who had used it on a money line. I forgot that they fumble every last possession. That's just how it goes. But what jumped out offsides on a crucial fourth and fire against that team. So he didn't call himself out? Not that I know of, but interesting. Houston plus seven and a half. All right, Paul, I get what you're what a tough week.


You get another loser for me based on the fact that I had the Browns on the three team teams, I should mention, polychaete, it's just announced Mason Rudolph will start week seventeen against the Browns.


And so that means Mason Rudolph against help. Yeah. You know, I guess maybe put the Browns on it to save or at least and the ringing endorsement there.


But no but I'm going to go this is going to be a little interesting. What I'm going to take Texas A&M minus seven and a half over USC, oh, Saturday. OK, Texas A&M is a team that has been outspoken about the fact that they should have made this playoff. You have in mind here has been a four year starter looking to end his career on the right foot unsee. A lot of their premier players have backed out of this game, which is getting to the point now where a lot of these what you might consider now, meaningless bowl games.


I don't think when you're playing in them, they're meaningless. But I think from a fan's perspective, I think this is what they have to go to six or eight team playoff, because obviously those games mean a lot more than this type of game. And players are going to just right out of these games with you and see just kind of a lot of their premier players opting out. I think Texas A&M wanted to make a statement that they belonged in the the what?


The big boys. I like them here in this game, giving the seven and a half to you and say, so let's roll with Texas A&M. I think the NFL is so tricky this weekend and it's been tricky as it is this weekend. More so than ever. I wish there was I wish it was clear cut of like this team needs to win and that's it. Right. And, yeah, we don't really have that. I mean, you have you could say that about the cults, but they're giving so many points and you can't if you could trust Phil Rivers, whatever it is.


But and that might be the way to go. They're not even in with the win, you know. So it's they need help. It's, you know, it's ridiculous. So. All right. On a seven and a half over Tate Fraziers, North Carolina tale's. Yep. All right, Harry, what's your chart? Tank pic.


I'm going to go with the worthless game. I'm going to take the Vikings not just to win or to win by fourteen or more on Fandor. It's plus one seventy five Detroit without coaches, key players. Stafford situation up in the air as usual. Even if he's playing and he's healthy, who knows with the team that you up five hundred and eighty eight yards last week to Tampa Bay. That's the second most in team history. The Vikings beat Detroit but fourteen in the first meeting.


Dalvin Cook at two fifty and two touchdowns in that game breaking to scored twenty seven or more points in five of the last six games and Minnesota's beating Detroit six straight times by an average of almost fourteen point. Detroit has nothing left. Cook, Jefferson and Cousins destroyed Detroit.


All right, you're probably right. I just short Detroit the rest of the way. They got nothing but the Vikings are like the Falcons. To me, that's a stay away right now. But that's a good, bad polychaete. I like yours, too. I like that you're staying away from NFL altogether. My brother Brian. I'm going to jump on yours. I like that. I think you put sprinkle a little on the money line, too.


If they don't have so many, you know, fourth quarter woes with just dropping the ball, they keep everything, everything close. I think Tennessee won this game in overtime the first time they played. Right.


Have thirty six thirty. I was like forty something. A thirty six. Thirty to thirty six. That's what it was. There are soft team, the Titans. That's what I'm saying. I saw a soft defense against the Browns. I saw a soft defense against the Packers. Obviously those conditions are different than in a dome against Houston. But and they may not be able to tackle Derrick Henry as. So many teams are having trouble doing. I know it's a must when there are some scenarios where Tennessee gets it not as a division winner, but as a wildcard if they lose.


I'm not saying they're trying to lose, but seven and a half, if you can get that hooked. I like Houston there again. I'll go down with you on the Houston ship a second week in a row. I'll take Houston plus seven and a half. All right. What do you got going, brother? Bri, big New Year's week. Just just just sit in your car all week, I guess, right.


For them. But I don't know how. I'm not. I don't know how I don't wake up when they're taking my car away or I'll slide. Right.


Is a giant truck just. It's got to be strapping it up.


Is an alarm go off when, you know, disengage it. I don't. I don't know how. I don't know how it works.


Right. I all I know is I had to back it off the truck last night to get it back on my drive. I thought I thought they would have done that for me. I even had to take it off the truck. Oh, my God.


Yeah, I won't be doing anything.


I'll just be losing tons of money. Probably. There's a good reason. Garcia Lou. Campbell, that's a pretty good fight. Garcia It's obviously like a huge, huge star in the boxing world. So he's like minus three sixty right now. I'm sure we're going to parlay him in on something.


He's had a lot of knockouts in a row, but I'd probably look, maybe they don't have a decision yet, but I'd probably maybe look again, maybe. All right. But some type of decision.


The UFC doesn't jump back in the mix until January. Well, we got yeah, we got a we got a few weeks and then it's awesome. And there's like a seven day stretch where you have three CARLISS. Yeah. So it's going to be great. Good.


The kid. What's happening with you. You're at the Chalk Talk about their talking at the brother. By the way, I should mention these guys every single day make picks on extra points. Dotcom Harry had a nice little streak going. I haven't heard him brag about it, so I imagine he lost. We'll get to that.


It's amazing, right? What you don't you know when Harry wins, right. And you know what? He loses because I think that goes for anybody who is a gambler.


But, God, I know we all kind of like commiserate in our losses, too, except when Harry does.


You know, I didn't win a thing on Sunday. Either party like it. You know, the hey, if I had the bills yesterday, minus seven, that was so easy, so easy. But yes, I have actually another little bone to pick with Harry here. I don't know if you see what's going on. You know, I was going to get to this.


I think you know what you're talking about. Listen, this isn't some more nonsense going on with this guy. Not really got a raise on go fund me. Yeah. Twenty one thousand dollars and chained himself to fat camp. Yes. It's actually there's there's there's at least five people are actually giving money to this right now. It's up to five hundred. And so what he's already proven he can he can lose the weight with that. Right. Can't.


Right, exactly. So people who are struggling right now, earning a living with money that this guy has the nerve to ask people and also so he can go buy private plane. Oh, yes, very expensive. But I also need to travel there by private jet. Oh, I didn't know. It's this this is this on his go fund me. So this guy's got what kind of nerve is this where you got to decide if you're serious or not knowing how you get the private sector and the private jet thing at.


You got Hollywood Kinnell.


I don't know if the biggest loser is still on air.


Were looking at him. I said, yeah, yeah. But I think they do run a version of it on some type of network. Right. Let's get Harry on that. That would be more fitting. Like nothing's happening with him now. Harry, got to get the private jet thing out of there. No one's going to donate that put you on a private jet unless the jet is the only way you could travel because of the weight capacity. But go fund me.


Page is on. You can find Harry on Twitter, but we can get that out of there. But listen, the fat camp is in Utah. Yeah. Did I lose the weight before? Sure. But that was three, four years ago. Little older, a little heavier. And look, I'd like to lose some weight. And the fat camp is in Utah. Let's go for it. And everyone can enjoy me losing the weight when I'm really busting my ass to get it done.


This there would be they'd have to be some stipulation. Right. Or you got to keep that weight off for a certain people.


Get that or that is good. Let's let's come. Brian, you're in charge of it.


The stipulations we should probably talk to Joel Cajoled said this is like when Jonah Hill tried to lose weight. Right.


And then he goes, You're my God, you're my God damn personal trainer, asshole.


You know, Joel, this is what Garmo on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he threatens to lose weight. And Jimmy like, no, no, no, don't you dare do this. This is this is part of the gimmick. I don't know, I think I think it's a curious move during a pandemic when there are a lot of worthy causes and charities out there and has place in this place to stop smoking the weed.


Harry. Yeah, a cut back a little bit. And that's all that's what needs to happen here. You don't need to go to fat camp. Although this being said, if we had full access out, this is really.


We're never going to see it. Well, that's what some of the funds are going to see, this one. That's where we are.


And that's where, Jim Moret, if if he comes with me, if we had full access of Ken and Harry, both at Fat Camp for most of the time, it's definitely worth twenty five thousand.


If we are we sure this fat camp is going to let you record what's happening now? Not now. Well, we'll investigate. Ken Doll of money based. You're asking for money based on the fact that you need to pay somebody to record what's happening in camp. What do you think of this? You have some ideas is that this might be a scam. This might be some other motives in buying time of year.


There's a lot of play offs on this. I think this is an elaborate excuse by Harry to go somewhere where they have cable and ESPN people.


Listen, Joe, you ain't one you ain't one of them.


Joe, I am going to I'm going to like I'm going to do for five dollars.


I'm going to I recommend nobody donate to this. The kid, I they hit it on the head. We've seen him lose weight before. We've seen him in videos, losing weight, doing like step tests in the middle of a strip club. So you could get all this for free. You don't need to you don't need to donate. What do you want? Twenty one thousand dollars. The private jet thing is insane that you're not. I'll get that removed.


I will get that removed. Get the whole thing removed.


Jim Cunningham, what are you thinking about this? I think, yeah, it's really inappropriate. It's disgusting to ask for money during this pandemic and shut up.


If you're going to donate money, though, you can donate it to my go fund me, which is to make this Harry Busts come to life. Harry's Hall of Fame busts know why we're going to put this little hat on.


There we go. That's amazing. All right. I'm in. How much you need to be me. What's the total there, Jim?


That people can't see that, but we'll put that money to. What do you need for that? OK, fine.


You get it just for me. I'm going to give you twenty two thousand dollars. It's worth that. That's actually what everyone should see as they enter to degenerate gamblers Hall of Fame and Parole. That should be right there in the front step. A little Harry bust up. His eyes are two away.


So now he's got the belly button my way to Utah. I'll listen. I'll drive to Utah, to the fat camp. I'll go through Pahrump. I'll see how the construction's going. I'll do that for the show.


Harry, can you at least get down to that weight? The gold figure we're seeing in that? I mean, that would be a good start. Now, I don't know, maybe. Wow. All right, a Harry Jim, Jim Cunningham, Jim Cunningham, the eyes are one's eyes.


There's one's Joel Solman. Michael Suckley. We did. All right, fellas. Happy New Year to you. Yeah. Yeah. Happy New Year.


Thanks for watching and listening. And we appreciate everyone who has been part of the Extra Points podcast network and making the changeover. I hope I guess by now you have changed from the red eho.


Was it green or whatever? It was, it was green.


Now it is blue and purple and we appreciate and that'll do it for another episode of Against All Odds. Watch Fox bet live. I don't know all different times this week and follow us on Facebook and follow us at extra points. Pod and me at the Cosmos Alpha did the degenerate trifecta. Jim Cunningham, Joel Sollom and Michael Skully and Andre Reed. I'm still waiting so long and happy handicapping now.