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This for the record. There it is, a win for the ages. Tiger Woods is one of our most on aspiring sports icons, a reflection in a lot of ways of America's history.


Its values and ideals for American Indian mothers have ties to Chinese and for the White House. So you are. That's why you Americans. Yes. Tiger has been world famous for decades. And his story, it comes with many chapters, groundbreaking achievements.


And Tiger Woods is the one hundred U.S. Open champion in history. A shocking fall from grace. I am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior. He was on Mt. Everest and now he's at the bottom of the ravine. And, of course, what many believe is the greatest sports comeback of all time. Many doubted we ever see it, but here it is, the return to glory.


But few people have really gotten to know Tiger, and winning is kind of lonely. I knew we had to keep the world at bay. It's largely been left to the media to tell his story.


A remarkable start to what promises to be a remarkable career.


Tiger Woods doesn't just play golf. He is gone. And he's like another Gundi best in the history of golf. No question in my mind.


I'm Tiger Woods. I'm Tiger Woods. I'm Tiger Woods.


This is all-American, a new series from Stitcher hosted by me, Jordan Bell. And this season, with the help of journalist Albert Chen, we're asking what if the story of Tiger Woods that the media has been telling?


What if it's been completely wrong?


We'll be revisiting the story of Tiger Woods. Do you feel that you're an influence on young blacks, young children? You know, he was a kid. He never gave another interview again. You realize Tiger Woods doesn't know who he is. And it's a very hard place to be. When I saw that scene off the 18th green at the Masters in 2019, it just validated everything that I felt and saw back in 2009. Today is my privilege to award our nation's highest civilian honor to one of the greatest athletes in the history of sports, Tiger Woods.


And hey, maybe we'll even talk a little bit about golf. What's a birdie?




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