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I didn't plan on doing a second season of All There Is, but I've been going through boxes of stuff that belong to my mom and dad and brother, all of whom died. And a couple of months ago, I found something.


I just found this the.


Other day. I buried away among my dad's papers that changed my life.


I thought I was just going through my mom's boxes to organize them. But what I opened up was hidden boxes of grief that I'd stored away, that I'd buried when I was 10 years old. I can't just keep it all stored away anymore.


It made me realize how little I understood grief and how much more I need to learn.


What have you learned.


About it that might help others?


People need more people to sit with them. There aren't enough of us that will do it. To really listen to somebody and to pause for them.


We don't talk much about grief and loss, which is weird because they are among the most universal of human experiences. All of us will lose people we love. If you haven't already, you will.


We live in what we could call a very heroic culture, and we're told to buck up, to get over it, to rise above it. But we're never really taught how to be with it.


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