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Hello and welcome to you, and that's why we drink the podcast about true crime and also comedy and also spooky ghosts is a sign. Is this a thing you're doing now? Yes. And you never go along with it. And you instead you just interrupted me and asked what I'm what's going on. And I wish you would just improvise. OK, yes. And and say, OK, let's play along. OK, try again. Try again. Try again.


I'm ready. OK.


Hello everyone. Welcome to you. And that's why we drink your top spot for true crime. Ghosts, the paranormal, the spooky and sometimes LeMans. I'm Christine.


That's me. I am your favorite co-host.


I'm sure that's me. After I said I'm Christine. Yeah, I had I was trying to jump in and upstage you. Did you not hear well, did you know the favorite the favorite part that I'm everyone's favorite co-host.


Yeah, but I said I'm Christina. You said yep. That's me. Oh, hang on a second. Wait ham. And here I am. I can't do this.


Yeah, I know that that much I can tell you. You're not you're not.


I mean, playing along. You're just trying to override me.


I need a musical entrance so maybe I'll do a little humming. We'll see where it takes us.


Well, you want me to sing for once, is that what you're saying?


You'd like for me to start preferably German in rhyme? Well, I can only sing as you know in Flemish, huh.


That's true. OK, I love that song. OK, anyway, hi. Welcome, welcome to the podcast. Christine wonderfully introduced twice and I butchered thank you a million times.


Actually it's been about thirty times when you've butchered about thirty one but that checks out OK. Great. Well welcome. We are here. It's fitting that I'm, I'm feeling cranky today because I am pretty mad at you. Why. Because you refuse to honor the holiday.


Oh my God. Love our guests. Yes. That for yourself.


You know what? I try to bring Joy into this show. OK. Hey, God, you try what? You got a sack with you. OK, here's the thing. Lemon had a birthday.


It came and went without so much as a flutter from his stupid little mouth. And nothing happened and nobody celebrated.


There were no parades. There were no there were no gadgets and gizmos and gadgets. And who's and who's you? One sunsets and m just sat around blabbing around and poor lemon trapped in Em's freaking closet, had to wither away. Celebrate another birthday in the dark and dust.


Do you want it to be worse because he's actually alone and that's why we drink apartment.


Why are you doing this to me. Which maybe he threw like a real cougar like he knew he couldn't get away with that at my place. That wasn't kind of.


And Robert, the doll who both live together now, they're roommates. Question what is like the lemon to to human? You're like, what number did he really turn?


Well, just who makes our newsletter so wonderfully put in the newsletter? Happy third birthday, Lemon. You don't look a day over eighty seven. So I think that might be the equation.


I guess somewhere in the eighties is where he lives now. That means he's aging real quick is it.


Twenty eighteen knows. Twenty nineteen twenty nineteen thirties two. So he's two. So he is like roughly like fifty eight or something you know. I don't know.


He's eighty seven. That's what I just said. Well look, don't look a day over eighty seven.


Well I look congratulations to them and I do feel bad because I, I didn't, I really didn't know the day truly pass and I didn't know otherwise.


I even though it's on everybody's hoodie's from our tour. I'm not looking at everyone studies I'm inside. But how do I know. Do you wear it. Had I had I remembered I would have done something over the top.


So I do feel so that's even worse. It wasn't even intentional. I'm just fucking for here, I promise you. Give me your little pinky. No, you want this. I want this. OK, what?


I promise that there's going to be a ransom that you don't know about Lemon Appreciation Day. That I will be only nice and I will be as extraordinary as I should have been on this. Extraordinary.


OK, fine. OK, thank you.




So I took matters into my own hands and I went and took out and that's what we drew credit cards and I did a lot of money and I spent a lot of money without asking and I texted Eva or even her on the phone or forget we were talking and asked something about the the cards that we send out to patrons.


And I said, oh, it's been a little eva fucking around on this. Yeah, well, she knew about it. She had no cash.


She had no way of stopping me. So don't blame her. I can like that.


I know she was like, maybe we'll get another one soon. And I was like, how about right now? Because I was like, Eva, when someone's birthday, she's like in two days.


And I was like, OK, well, I'm mailing it out tonight. So within I literally threw everything aside I was working on and spent like two or three hours creating a beautiful card. And then I sent it out to the thousands of our patrons. A birthday card to celebrate this holiday, the national holiday that is Lemon's birthday. And on the card, it says, Mom doesn't know about this so that nobody can blame poor or poor people for my.


And then and then I wake up one day to a tagged Instagram post. Many tagged Instagram posts, by the way, where everyone's like, I got my card and I went, what happened?


I spent all that money. I didn't. I still feel bad. I don't care. You know what?


That's that was that was my retribution. And I think Lemon was happy and I'm. Have you have yours. Has yours arrived yet? You're no. Mine always arrived super late. OK, ok. So I'm probably work.


I know the second I the second I saw that that card existed mother fucker. I was like now I have to hate my mail man for the next few days.


The best fight is a lot of people have like a UPS service where it sends them a photo of their mail before they go pick it up.


And they were like, why is there what looks like a photo of a lemon in a glass mirrored case that is common mailbox comedy gold.


I got to say, that's Hoboken style, baby. Finally I made the cut. I, I am happy that Lemon had someone remembered their birthday. I know you wouldn't forget, but even my mortal enemies should have someone remember their birthday.


So, yeah, that's that's at least one rule we live by. So before I forget, I know that I was mad at you. That's why I drink.


By the way, I just wanted to preface. That's why I drink.


But I want you to I sent you a present for Lemon's birthday in honor of someone's birthday.


Are you fucking kidding me? OK, so I knew about the gift.


I don't know when I got so much time on my hands all of a sudden, like, I don't know. Or money or money. That part that part's all on credit cards for that part was easy. That was expensive credit. Are credit OK? I was excited about so Christine texted me and said, by the way, a package is coming your way, don't open it. So I haven't opened it. And I did say to you the other day or yesterday, I was like, please, God, if it has anything to do with Lemon, I'm going to be safe.


And now I'm here.


Doesn't I don't think it does.


What's going to find out something?


I say that and then I forgot. And then yesterday you said that your package arrived and I said, what package? And you were like, I think you mailed me something. And I was like, Oh, yeah.


So it got sidetracked by other things like Lemon, I did. It happened to coincide with Lemann's holiday.


But this is a gift because I feel like you've been suffering over there and I needed you to help.


Yeah. Because you're not here. Come for you're not here, right? Well, exactly. Exactly. Since we're not recording together and I can tell it's paining you and your soul.


So I thought maybe you should open a thank you before I open it. I like how you're thought of. I'm suffering as I'm not there. So I know that you're really a fucking mess.


Yeah. OK, do you need me to explain that any further?


No, because I would do the same thing. It makes sense. I'm just I want to make sure you hear it. So I did cut it open, but I haven't opened it. OK, so I just wanted to make things.


Just don't show your address for anybody's beautiful. Also, I'm trying not to show my crotch because I'm only in underwear, so.


Oh, good. And you're holding that thing. What is that again? A foam square. It probably does nothing, but it makes me feel good. OK, so it's like my security blanket on the podcast at this point.


Well, I think that goes pretty hand in hand with what I've mailed. You can't. OK, did. I giftwrap that I forgot. Why did I pay five dollars to give drivers?


It's about time you get a professional setup from C and L.


Oh, I did sign off and I have no memory of this.


You're drunk. So you think, hmm, I wasn't there.


And I have a hunch I know what the answer was. OK, so what on earth did C and elegant move. I bet everybody can already guess what. Is it a foam squares and another foam square? No. Hang on.


Why are you laughing so hard? It's funny. I cracked was it's a little plunger.


Oh look, it's a plunger for your own plunger for since you have to always hold your little squares up and down. That's actually going to be so helpful.


I just saw your pain and suffering, not having your own little plunger for like we used to have, you know, what year that you're on to something.


Because I really could have this entire time used an actual plunger for it. And I think we have a plunger at the apartment.


But I thought maybe I'll send you one that doesn't have toilet germs. So please. Thank you.


I love you so tiny, I feel like he's like not normal sized, which makes that so weird. I tried to find a normal life, but apparently not the Docklands cuter than he's literally like a couple inches bigger than the bike.


OK, well, maybe you can pull a car seat and stick him on some loaves of bread. And I love his books. I'll use him as a drink like a flask. Oh, really? Get weird with it. Oh, actually.


OK, I do love this. Thank you. Little whoever you are, whoever. Mysterious holiday on holiday regulations.


This is our new way of celebrating that. I'm going to have to figure out how to include P in this.


What I'm going to I'm going to figure him out. Don't you worry. Oh, he's going to sit right here. I'm never going to let him leave the table.


And Alison's going to be like, I wonder why my table already hates me for the things that I do.


Oh, that's so nice.


OK, well, thank you. I appreciate it. Anyway, there's been a lot on my mind this week.


So you know what we should do at this point. Here's a random had no context thought go for it. We should at this point have like our own and that's why we drink awards like the Dundee's. But we should have the golden plunger. Absolutely.


We need to give out plungers as awards and only we win them because we're the only people who work. They're us and Yuga or even wins.


That's what I'm saying. All three of us. We could do a secret soon like polecats and each of us awards the other with a random golden punch.


I love that idea. OK, I'm on the case.


Don't worry little and or be hot to trot.


Don't worry. Anyway, new and improved plunger for just wanted to bring things back to our roots.


It makes me so happy. Thank you.


I would like to be able to use this as an actual plunger for it, but it's this tall so it's not going to. I guess it is. It is.


I'll spray paint it gold as the first the golden trophy or whatever. And I love you. Thank you. That's very. I love you too. I miss you a lot. I could I guess this is what I do when I miss people. I behave really erratically on the Internet.


This is like I feel like this combined with the lemon card is me and Eva's retribution basically for the book that we sent you.


Oh, yeah. And Eva sent me this weird freaking package and I open it and it just was from Amazon.


And again, it was wrapped and it was like the princess in her celibate prince. I don't remember what it was called. It was about being celibate. And I was like, why are you mailing this crap? To me?


It was so because even I are obsessed with the Plath's. And so one of the documentaries are the like very, very, very fundamentalist Christian purity culture documentaries. Sure shows that book. And Eva was like, wouldn't it be funny if we sent that to Christine?


And I was like, it's already in my cart, we're doing this and we just, God, we wanted you to be included. We want you to relax, you know, just in case.


I just in case I have my in my living room and my mom came over and didn't that was the most painful.


But she didn't even ask what it was, which is really embarrassing because, like, if she had asked, I'd be like, oh, it's a joke.


But then I realized she had looked at it and immediately dropped it and walked away. And I was like, so much worse because she's, like, scared to ask me what it is. And it's literally about being celibate. It's a really disturbing children's book.


It's really it's about it's about saving, saving yourself for yourself, whoever your first prince, your prince or whatever. It's very odd. It's just like not our thing.


And I knew Christine, but apparently we we contribute funds, tons of money to the cause by gift wrapping and just like five bucks it was for for the sake of the joke, it was worth it, but it was worth it for the joke.


You're right. I did appreciate days later, Christine was like, what the fuck did you Sunbus?


And you were probably like, I don't remember. Like I do at least, you know, it was that or a plunger. So I don't know. That's those are the only options here.


I think I'd rather have the plunger, but I appreciate the book and I can't wait to read it to my grandchildren someday.


You know what?


If you're going to read them like Struwwelpeter or whatever, you can read them this. They're gonna leave. This may actually be more harmful, which I never thought I'd say that this would be more harmful than German children's tales, but like it could be.


Finally, Krampus has a competitor. Oh, no. Anyway, so let's dive in, I suppose, dive and plunge and plunge in.


Also, I'm going to light this candle in honor of the holiday we're celebrating.


Oh, excellent. Happy birthday, Lemon. How sweet. How old are you?


Eighty seven. How old are you today already. Seven.


Oh, I said this here in front of my jayashri. I'm sweet.


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OK, so let's get into these into my store, into it, plunge into it. So Christine knows my story this time around.


And I, I do want to I'm going to be annoying with the pissers or the warnings in advance just because my goal here is to not offend anybody. But it is very telling.


I know that's shocking. Our goal usually is to offend everyone.


Usually my goal is to be a raging dick, but this time is really good at it.


So it's going to be really hard to avoid.


Well, I believe in you. This is a very topical with some topical content that a lot of people are affected by and one way or another. So I just wanted to warn everybody, also apologize in advance to your devices algorithms, because I'm going to be saying a lot of shit that's going to end up on your feeds.


So I'm so sorry.


So I'm going to give you, like the next couple seconds to, like, turn off all of your, like, listening devices, unplug her, you know what I'm talking about, unplug her.


And I will also preface this with I would really like people I know some people like to listen backwards or whatever it is. But if you need a refresher, I would suggest you go and listen to Episode one 75 before listening to this episode, because my topic is Kuhnen dun dun dun.


An episode one seventy five is anonymous, which is where Kuhnen comes from and oh, I'm so amped for this.


So I just wanted to say I know a lot of people, I know a lot of people, especially because I've been doing Tea Time Tuesdays. For those of you who don't know shout out, that's a perk for Patreon. But on Time Tuesdays, a lot of people share with me that they are dealing with losing somebody to Kuhnen, which is like, no way.


So I am going to be respectful. And this is also a two parter. I'm going to be respectful. I was going to be respectful anyway, but I'm going to try to be really sensitive to that.


This, I feel like, is more of a true crime angle you have to take. Yeah, you know, usually it's like victims, you know, it's more of my my wheelhouse. So I feel like it's going to be a big episode.


It's definitely big for me. And that makes me really appreciate what you have to go through every week because I usually don't have to live with a little bit of fear in my heart. I really I commend you for doing this because it's scary. I probably don't have to live with fear in my heart. I live with you, but I appreciate the adult thing.


Well, everything I'm going to say, everything in this when I'm talking about specific people is a legend. Is sure. Yeah. And I also want to say that, oh, and I tend to go on to your thing really quick because I do feel like this is kind of stepping on your toes in a way, because usually I would imagine that you would cover Colts' and I would cover conspiracy theories. But this is kind of a bridge in between the two.


Yeah, no, this definitely fits your your vibe, I think, for sure.


So if I do talk about anything you plan on covering, stop me and we can stop it.


I'll give you my name. But oh actually can we stop the business for the future. I have an extra bonus episode. Bingo. No, no.


Because especially since you did Anonymous, I feel like this is such a like hand in hand.


Well, I wanted to also I wanted to personally apologize in case this was one of your stories you wanted to cover. And I'm.


No, no. I'm just excited to hear about it honestly. And then the last little warning, I guess I'm going to do is that for all I know, I don't know. Hmm. There are a lot of different people that listen to this show. I would say most of them tend to follow our line of thinking. But I know that there are some people who have different opinions than us that have. To listen to our show, and I don't know, amongst everyone that listens, someone is probably affected or maybe for all you know, there are some similarities that in your beliefs with Kuhnen and that's not to attack you.


One of the quote worst parts of Kuhnen is that it's so gradual and subtle and it kind of feeds into things that people might believe.


So if this is treading on territory that is personal to you, I'm not trying to attack you. I'm just trying to give as much information as possible. So if you are someone who even aligns with Kuhnen and you're a supporter, I might be saying things in this episode that are going to offend you. So if your thing is to just not listen to that, then I'm warning you. Yeah.


So good to know. So should I leave? You should you should just hop off. Yeah. I'm going to talk about a little pigot this.


So I'm being replaced by my own spon. OK, look, he's not my spawn to be the most fun yet.


One day. Oh my gosh. One day he can hold lemon. We can just.


Oh that's cute. One day when you free him from his shyla citrusy shackles.


OK, so I wanted to cite a lot of my source. I'm going to try to cite as many sources as I can, but there were so many.


I mean, Kuhnen, I didn't know anything about it. I knew kind of like the more fringe parts of it, because those are usually the most shocking and worth talking about. Sure. So I didn't really know a lot. So I am telling you about this as someone who didn't know about it like 48 hours ago and is trying to catch you up. So, OK, just letting everyone know. And I used pretty much every source that I could find on the first page of Google or the first page of YouTube.


So that does include Wikipedia. I know a lot of people have issues with that, but this is such a wild story or such a wild belief system, at least to me, that Wikipedia is almost one of the only sources I could find where it was really, well, chronologically documented.


So nowadays Wikipedia has to have not has to, but typically has sources and footnotes.


And it wasn't like it was a really good source. It was.


And also our generation has has always respected Wikipedia, our parents maybe not so much.


Our not so much. Not so much. Yeah. So I always feel like whoever's listening I feel like give a caveat. But the two that I really want to give a shout out to the there was an article in the Atlantic by Adrian La La France or LA France. And I just if you happen to be a listener like this was the fucking best article, like really you should get promoted for this article. It was so useful, especially with a topic that is just so tough to wrangle and and like serve it well.


You did such a great job. So there is an Atlantic article. It's apparently part of a whole series of conspiracy thinking in America. So that was really good. And then the other one I want to give a shout out to is there's a podcast called Kuhnen Anonymous, and it's three guys who have been researching this, I think, from the very beginning. And it's super useful. One of the hosts specifically, his name is Travis View, and I feel like he has been doing interviews everywhere, trying to get information out there about Kuhnen.


So Travis View or Adrienne LaFrance, a few either of you listen to this. I hope I did justice. So when I say when I talk about some of the more wild theories, I also want to say that these are not believed by every Kuhnen person. So all of this varies. So when I talk about Kuhnen, some people could really be at the very beginning stages of it and not actually think the more extremist things. Right. But I'm also going to talk about the extremist thing.


So it all started.


Who do do do do do do do do.


It all started October twenty twenty seventeen. OK, I'm just like I'm not even breathing.


OK, ok. OK.


So for those of you who are defying my request and not listening to the anonymous episode before this really quick, the anonymous started on Reddit in a 4chan on a 4chan thread or at a forum on 4chan in general, which is basically at the time that it was created, was used by people who are typically loners and kind of were trying to impress each other or compete with each other to post the most wild viral thing, which if you listen to Anonymous, you can get a full scoop of that.


But everyone on 4chan, unless you put a username, most people went by anonymous and so Kuhnen, which I didn't even know. The Anon part is because this was an anonymous poster on 4chan, by the way, what do you know about it?


Like virt. I mean, just like the shit you see on Twitter.


OK, like the very basics, but like honestly, probably less than than that.


OK, that's that's where I was though. So this is supposed to be kind of like a crash course for people. I also know that there's a tock channel. I don't know the name otherwise I would say it. But apparently they're also doing like very quick, like one on one videos on Q and on to so.


Oh, check them out. Fun so. On 4chan, on this like this board where people could write whatever the fuck they wanted in October of twenty seventeen, there was one anonymous user who called himself Q Clearance Patriot, and he posted in a thread on 4chan that was called calm before the storm, which I will discuss that in a second. But this is the very first post from Q which now makes sense. Q Annon It was. Q A member of Anonymous.


Sure or not a member of Anonymous. Anonymous. Please don't fucking attack me. But they, they were an anonymous poster. So this is the post and it's not supposed to totally make sense. Hillary Clinton will be arrested seven forty five a.m. and eight thirty EST on Monday, the morning of October 30th. Twenty seventeen. And then there was another post right after that that said HRC, Hillary Rodham Clinton, HRC extradition already in motion, effective yesterday with several countries and case of cross-border run passport approved to be flagged effective.


Ten thirty at 12:00 and 1:00 a.m. expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. U.S. EMS will conduct the operation while while Engy activated proof check, locate an N.G. member and ask if activated for duty across major cities. So you're not supposed to totally go with the National Guard. Check my guess. I don't know.


Well, so it was supposed to. And I'm going to talk about I did mention really quick, this is going to be a two parter. And in the second part of this so next week's episode, I'm going to talk about exactly how this came to be and how Kuhnen spread. So I'm going to talk about I'm going to if I sound like I'm leaving things out because I plan on talking about the next episode. But there was a lot of basically posts like this kept coming in where I was acting like someone was Intel.


Basically, he was a non that called himself. Q He claimed that he was a high level government insider and he came from a top level clearance given by the Department of Energy. And it was Q level clearance. So that's why he calls himself. Q So. Q Level clearance gives this poster access to classified materials. And over time, the whole thing about Q posting on 4chan was that Q was going to be posting this classified info for people to figure out, but so Kilink in trouble would post it in code ha.


And so this Intel came in codes that a bunch of other anonymous people were trying to decipher. And so these cryptic messages, first of all, they were really cryptic. A lot of them were in weird abbreviations. A lot of them had like poor grammar. But then part of the thought is like that was on purpose. And you're supposed to figure out all these clues.


So the cryptic messages continued appearing on 4chan and people were solving them to understand insider knowledge. So the very beginning of this was super seductive because you were like in on this thing and trying to figure it out together and nobody else knew about it. And it was like a secret society. So it just it was very alluring. Yeah. So the blanket summary is that insider knowledge is the blanket summaries that this insider knowledge is the original of Kuhnen and the several theories and factions that now exist, all kind of blood from this.


OK, and so basically, if something does not fucking make sense to you, the best way I can describe it, shorthand is like it was probably some code that someone deciphered and decided that's what the message meant. OK, which definitely helps because I'll list some of the things that they think are real. And the only explanation is they, in my opinion, Miss Decisive or Miss Ciphered code. So these coded Intel posts that are super cryptic, they're called Q drops.


So basically they're hints coming from Q And they're not supposed to totally make sense. But these Q drops are also known as breadcrumbs because they're supposed to lead you to the truth. A lot of Q And on folks who follow these breadcrumbs call themselves Baker's OK, which because they take the bread crumbs to make bread, which is backwards to me because you need bread to make bread crumbs.


But I feel like a like a Hansel and Gretel angle would have made more sense. Yeah. I guess we can go with that. Sure.


Also if you would like to see what Q Drop's looked like for yourself or these bread crumbs, you can go to Kuhnen Pub Pub and it's just like a compilation of I don't know if it's all of the breadcrumbs or just some of the more wild ones, but it'll give you a taste of like how chaotic a lot of these look and why people think they must be codes to decipher.


So now, should we go on incognito when we do this, or is this like this is just like a common website that people this is just a common website.


OK, as far as I know, you don't have to do any weird background stuff to have access to it. I looked it up last night and no one has come for me yet.


So I guess we've looked at weirder browsers, so I don't know why I'm even asking. No, it's a fair question. Fair question. So it's just kuhnen. You don't even have to be in 4chan or on Reddit or whatever, so these bakers, they all started banding together trying to analyze KUZE messages, and then because they were trying to take it from 4chan and then spread awareness of it on their public platforms, these original bakers ended up becoming like many celebrities and the Cuban community.


Hmm. So there's a lot of famous Kuhnen people that have been awake from the start. Oh, great.


OK, that's not creepy. And they're I think they're pretty proud of like they go to like there's cue cons like Q and on conventions and stuff. And they should be fair. They've written books, they've done miniseries to like, which is I mean we I'm trying to not get into like how damaging the Internet has allowed this to get. But a lot of them have also made miniseries on their YouTube channels of like the basically Kuhnen 101 to kind of like feed you the the nice softball information.


So it doesn't sound that bad. And then. Sure. And then it over time gets a little worse and worse. So a lot of these crumbs and messages have become slogans and phrases over time. And the Cuban community and I said earlier in that very first message that happened in twenty seventeen, that they were claiming in three days Hillary Clinton is going to be arrested and it didn't fucking happen. Right. But they kept posting anyway, which this becomes kind of a pattern where they're posting things, making predictions.


The predictions aren't happening, but they still keep posting with hope that it will eventually. But some of the phrases that have been getting popular in the Cuban community are very cryptic and they're ones that people have tried to decode. And some of the phrases are fine, the reflection inside the castle. And then also, like Kunhardt in the middle of his post has said, I've said too much, follow the money and some things must remain classified to the very end and said too much.


Oh OK. Thirty five Q X hashtag. I've said too much.


Oh no. I spilled my bread crossbow and then a pretty popular one with Q is that he will finish things by saying enjoy the show.


Oh that's so fucking creepy. OK, so another thing that I'm going to talk about in the next episode, but I'll kind of mention now is that there are a lot of one of the reasons people think this has cult tendencies is because there's a lot of initial falling for like biblical enjoy. The show is very apocalyptic and a lot of the things that get spoken about in Kuhnen have some really religious backgrounds or at least interesting. So a lot of people kind of fall for it as easily.


Pretty easy if they're already familiar with the Bible, because it's something they know when it's easy to speak to them on some level. Yeah, got it. Got it.


So other things in case you happen to look through these cue drops, just, you know, the word castle means the White House crum's again means clues, one that a lot of people have put on like posters and signs when they're at rallies and stuff is W-W one, which stands for where we go one we go all. And that's like their that's their unifying slogan. It's really scam. Yeah, it's wild. Another one is the queue clock, which apparently a lot of people it's like a calendar that to supporters used to try to decipher codes.


I'm not too sure on that one. Q Plus means Trump red pilling means when you're joining the movement and you're finally seeing the truth, which is very like the Matrix. Yes, it is. Also it's the color for Republicans. So I don't know if that has anything to do with it or like Magga at the time. The MCG. Sure, sure. And Pande, I don't know what that means because and one of the vice documentaries I watched, they wouldn't even mention it because it was apparently so sick and awful.


But man does like a bad word. Oh, OK. And then the other thing is CBS, which means calm before the storm, which was the thread that this all started it. Right. So I'm sorry for like throwing all that at you, but it's just if you want to try to start getting educated in this and try to learn what this is about, then that's what some of the words mean. OK, so basically all of the messages that Q has for people ultimately have something to do with the fact that if you want to be a patriot, you need to be paying attention and ignore the media in the press and what they're saying.


And here's where it starts getting kind of wild. Some of the other now famed captions are you are the news now. Nothing can stop what is coming. Trust the plan. Oh, and then also very apocalyptic is when the world as we know it comes to an end. Everyone's a spectator.


Oh, my God, this is scary. It just it's kind of just like if you're decoding all this stuff and you're finding you think you're coming up with like. Wild things, it really explained for me why a lot of really extreme versions of Kuhnen people seem to be so against listening to logic because they're are backup. It's so easy to deflect when your answer is, oh, I'm supposed to ignore that.


I'm supposed to totally like that's just completely off the table.


Yeah, yeah. It's just it's so, so easy to isolate yourself when the main rule is don't listen to what people are telling you. Yeah. And so he would always sign things as. Q There were certain times where he would even like post Bible verses about putting on the armor of God to fight against the devil. I mean, it's all so it got really wild.


Yeah. So now the the calm before the storm, which was the name of the thread, that was one of the very first things that implied that Trump was also behind this, because what you'll see with a lot of Kuhnen people is that Trump is their savior as what a lot of the extremists are so far to believe. So this the thread was called calm before the storm, and that's because only a couple of weeks before Kuis ever first posted on 4chan.


So I guess this was the few weeks where the calm before the storm threat was building itself. Trump did a photo op with a bunch of senior military leaders, and he there's footage of him saying, you know what this represents. He was like with the military people and he was making a weird motion with his hand and he was saying, do you know what this represents? Maybe it's the calm before the storm. And the reporter was like, what's the storm?


And Trump was like, could be the calm before the storm. We've got the world's great military people, I'll tell you that. And the reporter was like, What storm, Mr. President? And Trump said, You'll find out.


Oh. And so it was like kind of you really could just toss it up to the fact that personally, nothing he's ever fucking said has made sense.


But it's like but like anyone who's, like, listening and don't pay attention to the media. And if you're a real patriot, you'll follow the thread here. People took that and the hand motion he was doing looked also a lot like a Q like he was Dracula.


So this storm becomes a huge threat and thank you. And not everyone's like the storm is coming, the storm is coming. And this is where we get our first real kind of crazy. I don't want to say the word crazy kind of odd noodles, bananas, noodles thought.




And this this the storm is I know you keep saying it's like the big popular one, but this is the one that kind of lures everyone in from the very beginning. This is especially now like when you're like, how are like random like soccer moms getting in on this? How was my grandma finding out about this? So the storm is an imminent event where eventually the storm is going to come and we are going to see that thousands of elite, specifically the Democratic Party and Hollywood stars, they will be arrested and possibly even executed for their nefarious ways.


They'll be in prison at Guantanamo Bay and executed. And there are nefarious ways are that the Democratic Party and the media elite are part of a huge human trafficking ring. Right. But specifically children trafficking. Right. And so this is how they get a lot of people because they start out really easy work, just like, don't you want to save kids from shore being trafficked? And then, I mean, originally you're like, of course I do like that makes so much fucking sense.


Why wouldn't I want to be in on a group like that? And we're like and I mean, another thing I'm going to talk about next week is that one of the wildest parts about Kuhnen is that they have found a way to combine all of these very like almost ancient at this point, conspiracy theories. I mean, this is not the first time people have thought there was like a crazy, you know, trafficking ring in Hollywood or whatever it is.


This, by the way, I want to say I am not comparing this to, like, the me too movement or like Hollywood actually having a real problem on their hands. But there is a conspiracy theory that's been around for decades and generations that there's like this Hollywood sex ring. And so they're latching on to things that people have already kind of heard about. So it is familiar and it's easy to to swallow in terms of a conspiracy theory. But the big one is that and often they were using hashtags to promote saving kids from this child trafficking ring.


The hashtag was called Save the Children, and that was the main thing. And their social media posts, again, of course, you're going to think like, yeah, I want to save the kids. And so that's how it starts.


And then as you get more and more into Q and on it goes from just you're aware of there being a human trafficking ring in Hollywood, that the Democrats are a part of it very gradually. And again, kind of cultlike because you don't see it coming, and one day you're an extremist believing the worst of the worst and here is the worst of the worst. This is what a surprising amount of people believe. Hollywood is stealing kids, especially newborns.


Some say they're even breeding them just to continually have a supply of newborns keeping them underground in caves and elites are hosting a cult human sacrifices with these babies. And then the these elites, they're what the Democrats in Hollywood, they are either possessed by demons or they have been lizard people all along and shed their human form so that they can either eat the babies or drink their blood in order to harvest what is called the Adreno Chrom, which is a psychedelic chemical that basically works as a fountain of youth.


And so so so some of these elite, by the way, are Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres, Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama, again, Chrissy Teigen, maybe us. I don't know if this is a staple of Hollywood.


He lived in Los Angeles. I could tell you he is the top dog.


And then also the big ones are Hillary Clinton and the Obamas. Those like the blusher, also George Bush as a big one. So.


Oh, anyway, he's invited.


No, he's invited, I think, because he's friends with Ellen DeGeneres. I'm not sure.


Sure. You're right. They did go to a basketball game together. So, yeah, that makes sense. Anyway, so those are just some of the people. But apparently one number I saw was up to like one hundred thousand people are in this ring are involved in this regard. And the storm that's coming is that all of these people will finally be found out and arrested, taken to Guantanamo Bay and executed after the storm will be the next big part of this.


And by the way, like pay attention to the biblical references here of the storm. That's maybe like the flood or something like that after the storm comes the Great Awakening. Oh, great. I can't wait where people and this is, again, where there's a tinge of koltai ness. Just a tinge. Just a tinge where the Great Awakening is after they've been arrested, we will finally see the Kuhnen was right all along. People will want to follow cue and we will enter a utopia.


That's how it always ends, is that it always had a God goddamn utopia. Yeah, it's always a goddamn utopia and yet everyone dies at the end.


So explain that to me. So that's the main idea. Everything else after that, because there's a bunch of different random completely have nothing to do with each other theories. But really whatever faction you focus on or what theories you favor, that's kind of the factions you fall into. So that's why I say I would say most people have some belief about this human trafficking sex ring in Hollywood, but they all branch off into their own sub factions for that.


So not everyone believes in lizard people. Some people just believe in like that. They drink Adrianna chromes or something. I don't know. So. Oh, my God, I'm sorry. I'm just over. Is a dream to Crome something they invented?


Because I've never heard of that before. Is that so?


My literal next bullet. Oh, is they believe that children are being so they think Adrianna Chrom, what they what they think it is is that it is harvested in children and the younger the better. And the only way you can access it or harvest it from these children is by torturing and killing them. Oh my God. Because the only way to access Adrianna Chrome is through, quote, Adrenalized Eisho.


I don't like that icky adrenalin spikes from fear or pain. What? Not enough. OK, PSA.


This is according to a vice documentary that came out two weeks ago. Oh, Adrianna Chrom is a real chemical compound. It's used for blood clots, sometimes not a lot, but sometimes and it is not harvested by torturing children, I would hope, just so you know.


So the next big part of I would say the second big part of Kuhnen is that in some way, Q is a savior. And all this, ah, Trump is a savior in all of this. Q And Trump sometimes with the same person, sometimes they're not depending on your belief system. The really fucked up part about this is that there is no crystal clear line of anything everyone believes different versions of, in my opinion, craziness. So they think that Trump is a savior.


A lot of people follow, obviously, because he's giving them signs on how to save the world. I do want to also really quick say that they were using the hashtag Save the Children to in their social media posts like recruit new Kuhnen people are kind of lure them in.


I want to say that this hashtag was hijacked by Kuhnen people. And Save the Children is a real organization that has no affiliation with CU.


I was like, I actually know of that actual organization. So it could actually. Apparently, a lot of human trafficking organizations, she went on, has fucked with them because they are they like genuinely want to help and they don't want to be associated with this horrifying I mean, because obviously child trafficking, human trafficking is like a very, very real.


Yes. Modern day slavery issue. And so to like. Yes, just muddle it up like that is so horrific.


Yeah. And so they've been having a really hard time distancing themselves from Kuhnen while also trying to do their job at Kuhnen is out there preaching Save the Kids, Save the Kids. And it's like, yeah, save the kids. But like the leave it to us, like we're doing that.


And also like our social media team is fuck now because you took our hashtag, it got to a point where Save the Children had to be banned on a bunch of social media sites because only the wrong people were using it. Wow. And so then they were like, we can't even, like, tag ourselves and shit.


Oh, my God. So anyway, I just wanted to say I'm going to do a shout out about a shout out about human trafficking at the end. But I'm going to give you like some like actual organizations you can look at. Yeah. Yeah. But hashtag Save the Children. Just go to their actual page if you want to talk to them, because you don't even know anymore what you can. Tagamet, you can't. Yeah.


So a lot of people think that Trump might be cool or Trump. OK, so a lot of another thing I'm going to cover in next week's episode is who is? Q But one of the leading thoughts is that Trump is at least on the Q team because there's a thought that Q is now being managed by a bunch of people with the same login and they're all like, aren't you getting the password for the luggage?


I approve this login. I'm trying to get on my shift on Q queue, but God, I got so Android somebody.


So a lot of people think that you could be a team. A lot of people think you could be like a random person in their fucking basement. A lot of people think you could be just an individual like working for Trump. Some people think Trump either is cute or he's part of the team and he has posted a couple times, but not all the time. It could really be anyone. And when I say it could be fucking anyone, I mean that one of the bigger theories just isn't funny.


Is that you what is it? Your face?


They a lot of people think and say this very casually. There was a Jim Jefferies interview I watched where the guy said with the most deadpan of faces was like, oh, well, because Q is JFK Jr. who is dead.


So I'm sorry. It's like I think I'm missing something. No, I'm not. I'm not.


JFK Jr. is dead or he's alive and he's Q or he's dead and he's Q because lizard people don't die or. I don't know. I don't I'm sure to follow the thread here.


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So he basically JFK basically there's no basically mix. Let me simplify it.


So this is this is this is a thread that I'm pulling from where the main thing I'm trying to explain to you is that Trump is seen as a savior by these people. So why do they think Trump is a savior? How was he involved in this sex human sex trafficking ring?


Because obviously JFK is alive and he has been in hiding this whole time since he, quote, died. And JFK and top military people have been looking at Trump since the 90s. And for some reason, they thought that he would be the only one powerful enough to stop the human trafficking ring, maybe because of his ties to Hollywood or something like that. Or he had a lot of money, I'm not sure. But so the theory here, which gets very Project Pegasi.


Yeah, I think is that he was recruited back in the 90s, that JFK went to him with plans and said, this is what we want you to do. We're going to start training you and prepping you now to become president one day. Start golfing now because you're going to need it. You're going to need to know. You're going to have to know exactly what you can laugh on every golf course.


So basically, JFK helped with this presidential campaign and with the help of JFK and top military officials, Trump will end the sex ring. And so that is where he becomes a savior to all these people because they're like he's going to end human trafficking. How can you not think he's a follow my gut?


OK, first of all, JFK is a Catholic and like, I'm sure they don't fucking like Catholics. So I'm very confused.


I guess is are they saying JFK turned on his people, Hollywood and Catholics, and is now against them? And that's why he's like a hero, I guess.


I don't know what like the original reason for him going into hiding was. But another big failed prediction with Kuhnen was that July 4th, 20, July four, twenty nineteen, JFK was going to reveal himself as having never been dead and that he never showed.


How awkward can you read? I mean, especially because people are believing this for real. Like waiting for JFK to show up and you're like, check your Twitter feed. And he just doesn't show. I mean, they're like, where is he? Come on on earth.


They also the next thing that happened after that, because one of the things that I will get into that's very cozy is that you're you're making predictions that are failing. And instead of that disillusioning you, you're finding reasons to defend it and you're making excuses for why these predictions aren't coming true. When he didn't show up July Fourth twenty nineteen, they said, oh, well, because they changed, they changed the plan. And he's actually going to come out in twenty twenty and he's going to run as Trump's right hand man in his presidential campaign.


And so, and so a lot of people thought well right before the election at least JFK is coming. He's coming. He's coming obviously.


And then he didn't show again, color me shocked. Also there's there's a whole other faction because remember, even though they're all Cuban, they all have different beliefs. A whole other group of people think Hillary Clinton killed JFK Jr. So sure, they can't even agree with each other in some ways. But anyway, when asked about Kuhnen just to, like, get back to Trump himself, he has been asked about Q and on many times and he's never been able to give a firm fucking response.


Color me shocked again.


He has said, Well I don't this is a quote. Well, I don't know much about the movement, but I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate. It's pretty much is a very fine people.


Yeah. Yeah. You're very loved. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I said I've heard it's gaining a popularity. These people who don't like seeing what's happening in places like Portland, Chicago, in New York, I, I heard these people just love our country. That's what I heard. Yeah. He also this guy who knows nothing about nothing. He also has regularly reported a. Out Q And on content and according to a company called Media Matters that has been tracking Kuhnen on this whole time, says that as of last August, which God fucking knows what the number is now, but as of last August he, quote, amplified Kuhnen messaging at least two hundred and sixteen times by retweeting or mentioning almost 130 Q affiliated accounts, sometimes multiple times a day.


Oh my God. Even if he lets pretend there's a world where he doesn't know what he's doing or he doesn't know what's going on, he's still amplifying their voices and perpetuating it and making people feel special. And they're like the president is in on this. The president isn't saying that this is like the leader of the free world is propagating this exact information.


So I'll just just spreading fake news on. And one also in one campaign at an event, they asked if he would denounce the group and he just said, well, Kunhardt opposes pedophilia.


Yeah. So that was his answer. Another time, an interview with Hitler was a watercolor painting like Cool Another Time.


In an interview, the interviewer themselves was explaining what Kuhnen is and they were saying Kuhnen is a satanic cult and that are they think you can count on things, that there's a satanic cult being ran by like Hollywood elites. And it's not true. It is not true. And Trump said, quote, No, I don't know that. And neither do you know that.


So, like, of course, if you believe this shit, like, he's only making it worse, he's very much feeding into it.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. That being said, many people, like I said, think Trump is their savior. And then I think he is much smarter than he lets on because he hasn't given away any information, but he's not denying anything. This is a quote.


It's one of the wildest theories so far that he's smart. Here's a quote. Here's a quote. This is from the Jim Jefferies interview that I saw where he had a panel of Kuhnen people show up. This was a quote from one of them. Donald Trump is one of the most intelligent men probably in our lifetime, like top five.


The hurt here a little bit.


Here are some of the reasons why. And also like, oh, good reasons. Let me sit back. I want I mean, I as a GM and I get it because, like, I desperately want to fit, like, little pegs in the wrong holes a lot just to fill my own belief system. So I, I get where people are trying to go with this, like in terms of, like forcing a reality.


But and by the way, Geminis in Cuban, I don't know if I was like, but I'm not jumping into your fucking pool here. You could be whatever I was.


I'm just saying I can relate. Anyone can relate with like if you really it is just human thing to do. If you want something to work, you're going to look for the coincidence very easy, especially with the Internet, to fit anything into your belief system.


So here are some ways people have fit into their belief system. And Trump is fucking intelligent, knows all about the human trafficking ring that he's saving, by the way. He is, of course, taking them all out. So everything he has done apparently has a meaning to it. So basically, the Hollywood elite and the media and all the people you're supposed to ignore, I think that he is being really stupid or he doesn't know what he's doing.


But all of it is either an act or it's a strategy to let Kuhnen in. The people who are awake know what's going on.


So when he drank from a Fiji water bottle, apparently because I know because Fiji is one of the most human trafficked areas, it's also one of the most drugged water bottles and stupid by rich people.


So this is what I'm saying, though, because if you desperately wanted, like a lemon prison, you'd be like, well, I'm in a yellow room. So, yeah, it's like that's all I'm saying about like the lemon in that Fiji water bottle.


Exactly. Yeah, exactly. So another time, another thing that's pretty common is when he misspells things and tweets like caffé or whatever, he is giving you clues.


Stupid. How do I know that I'm such an idiot for want to. And one example, one tweet. He capitalized a bunch of random words which like I would just think it's Autechre.


Grandpa does that. Yeah. Yeah, grandpa does that.


Apparently the capitalized words, if you follow numerology, they make up the number seventeen, which is Q the seventeenth letter in the alphabet. OK, another thing is a lot of people do kind of like the free Britney thing of like asking for a clue and then see it later. So people have said, Trump, can you say this is like through. Q On 4chan Trump can you say tippy top that in a speech? And the next speech he did was during an Easter during the Easter speech where he said, quote, We keep it in Tippee and tip top shape.


We call it sometimes tip top shape. And so, like, that one's weird. I'm sure there is like an argument against it, but it was weird. And I guess if I believed in Q and on, that would be like just not feeding directly smoking gun. Right.


So another time he also wore a yellow tie, which apparently means coronavirus isn't real because I could have told you that.


Yeah, because the tie is the same color as a certain maritime flag. That means health.


I so I mean like. When I say they're shoving, they're they're coming up with the code and then because they're supposed to go against it, everyone's saying it's the perfect formula to always hype yourself up, that you're right. So even if the code totally could be wrong, ignore the press, ignore the media, ignore government officials, you are awake and they're not seeing the truth. And so if you're trying to come up with these random codes and reality and wherever you can.


It's so easy. Yeah.


Especially if you're saying, oh, everything he does is on purpose. And so it's like he misspelled something.


He he's no, he's doing that on like there's no the second. You can't argue against that. Well, I didn't put this in my notes, but this that Atlantic article, the the writer went and talked to a bunch of Kuhnen people and even said something like, well, do you have evidence of this? And they're like, do you have evidence that it's not true? Right. And it's like, right. OK, well, I guess I'm fucking stumped by, like, exactly.


It's the second that you decide something broad enough, like Trump does everything on purpose, then you're going to try to find that narrative. Whatever you can, you win every time, like. Yes, no arguing against it.


So I'm just going to tell you a list, because I originally I was very overwhelmed with Kuhnen for many reasons, obviously, but I was overwhelmed because I wanted to like there's like stories about like lizard people and shit and all this. And I was like, I want to find the origins to all this. I want this to be really well encapsulated and understood where all these come from. But then I remembered that this is borderline cult behavior and not everything has a logical beginning.


Right. So I was like the best thing for my mental sanity is to just in one clump explain kind of the different maybe not the factions, but a smattering of what all the beliefs are amongst share. And I'm sure I'm missing a lot of them. But these are just the ones that I could find like a Google search. So imagine what you could really find if you're diving deep. Yes. Here we go.


A smattering of beliefs from Kuhnen by myself by making a PowerPoint presentation to my fifth grade class by if I had a laser pointer right now, things would be so much easier. Let's just after the big one covid as a hoax. The Bill Gates created Kodansha China created covid covid as bio warfare meant to target only pedophiles. Which, by the way, that means if you got covid, you're a pedophile also like, isn't it kind of bananas? Because like, according to my understanding of things, the people not wearing masks are most likely to get covid and they're also most likely to believe in Kuhnen.


So like and also it wouldn't be a good thing if it was meant to target. Like, it does not mean it's from your side. Does that mean you want people to you or you want to create you want to like pull out from behind the curtain who all the pedophiles are.


But then if all of your family is getting covid, then pedophiles, maybe it went wrong. So maybe it went wrong somewhere manyways. Well, for sure. Or maybe they're just two completely different factions who fucking knows the true church. But one of them is that if you have kids but apparently are a pedophile, anti vax people, that's a big following. And Kuhnen, the vaccines have trackers in them. Specifically, Bill Gates donated one hundred million dollars to the World Health Organization so they would help him insert the trackers into the vaccines.


A lot of flat earth laws are in Kuhnen. Trump is our savior. A lot of the classic conspiracy theories that 9/11 and all the mass shootings were inside jobs. Great Robert Mueller's looking into Russian interference was actually a cover so he could look into the pedophile ring, which confuses a lot of people because you would think in different times him and Trump would be against each other. But that was a cover up, so you wouldn't even really know anything was going on.


Also, M.K. Ultra is real. Here's a very, very, very common one that surprisingly a lot of people believe in and also was wildly transphobia, but they think Michelle Obama is a man. Oh, my God. Apparently, the government created AIDS. Apparently Black Lives Matter is just to distract us from the media sex ring.


Like if you look if you look at this thing over here, you're ignoring the thing we're trying to protect ourselves from.


It makes me think I feel sorry. I just moved to Kentucky, as many of you know, and I have a Black Lives Matter sticker on my car.


And every time I drive down to brings you to daycare, it makes me just wonder now, like who is looking at that and going, I know what that really is about.


Yeah, exactly. Knows the truth about it's like that would never have even crossed my mind.


And now that you're saying it, it's like, oh my God.


People believe that after researching this for like twenty four hours of my life, not that I started believing this stuff, but it was almost like a slippery slope and that I could understand the quick, gradual I definitely didn't fucking believe any of this. But like in terms of like, oh, Black Lives Matter is just to distract from a media sex ring, it's very easy to think of it in terms of like a sleight of hand of like, oh, here's something we don't want you to look at the screen.


Yeah, exactly.


So, like, I, I can see how easily it is for people to fall and. These rabbit holes, if you are just at home clicking around, sure, and if you're desperate for some sort of thing to cling to.


We're going to cover all that next. Don't worry. So also that cancer has been cured, but the government doesn't want us to know that one because big pharma. Sure. Also, there is an industrial bletch called miracle mineral solution, which is a miracle cure for covid, which I thought didn't exist. He also did say inject yourself with bleach.


So I guess it does go hand in hand.


There you go. Anti malaria drugs, apparently cure covid-19, which is not true. Don't do this. We are telling you. Begging you.


Also, 5G Wi-Fi towers interfere with the body's natural chemistry and therefore transmit covid through the fucking waves of the sky. Wayfair This is a fun one way. Wayfair is involved in human trafficking also. And you can tell because they leave clues for you to find out about this by naming expensive furniture after after the missing people that they have kidnapped and then charging a wild price for the furniture. And that money goes straight to the buyer of the human trafficking.


Do you remember when this went on our Facebook page, just like many viral on our Facebook page and people were reporting it and I had to go in there and be like, y'all, we're not getting involved in this because we are not getting about the Kuhnen.


You are not is not welcome in this in this little Patriota safe space that also that was all over. Tick tock. I remember that. Well, so to it, we're going to talk about the Wayfair thing specifically next week, because a lot of Kuhnen stuff started on Facebook. But to gain traction with you, it all went to Texas and went to get the youth involved.


We've got like eighty million views or something because of this. And then they to put out a release anyway. So so apparently Wayfair had a whole scandal. And also like I'm confused by that because why would the company involved in the sex ring want to post clues about it to people so they'll figure it out like that would be a fun thing on Criminal Minds, but that doesn't make sense to real life.


Exactly. And so what else? What else? What else? Courts just throw it at the wall. Something's going to OK, aliens, reptilian people and interdimensional demons are real.


Oh, OK. Can't confirm to no. At least show aliens and demons.


I'm behind. I got that one. We are maybe pretty sure belief system. That would be the way Kuhnen got to us when they were like alien aliens and demons. I'd be like, yeah I know about that. Well duh. Right. OK, so aliens are telling people in interdimensional demons are real. The sex ring arrests with all of Hollywood's elite have already begun. And that's why, if you're looking hard enough, all of Hollywood and their pictures and videos, all of their ankles are always covered because they have ankle monitors so that they can start gradually imprisoning people.


But it's it's so subtle you wouldn't even notice. But people are sweating, OK? Ankle monitor is attached to them. Also a fun one. The queen of England is a shape shifter and a whole group of people witnessed her change form. And we're not talking about it.


And my personal favorite is that the government was behind the creation of Monsters Inc, but that I was not that was it's not a new one for me. That was the new one for me.


So bravas because that's one of my favorite all time.


Well, the point was for it to be such a great movie, so everyone's eyes would be on it.


So people would wake up and they could come up with those Monsters Inc. Really, it's supposed to be an allegory for the human sex trafficking ring because they just just like Hollywood baby. And all of these people, all these monsters are harvesting the Madrina or something that you wouldn't want them to steal, but they need it for their own company in their own global corporation by scaring them. OK, I got you. And so it was supposed to be monsters are harvesting children screams or monsters harvesting.


They're ordering crumbs. So just like the pope, just like the pope.


Don't you get it? I get it. Who is sitting?


They're like, oh my. Like just like, hi, watching Monsters Inc. Like, oh my God.


I got a post about this to my friends that well that's the best part about this. And like the best, I mean like the wildest part, remember that it's like 4chan started as like a trolling place. Yeah. Like literally someone in their basement to be Nazis. Like what is he talking about.


So people like we're literally in their basement thinking like, oh look at the similarities of this weird conspiracy theory. And I mean, it's just like those memes where it's like make it make sense or you play, you know, it's like, Oh, Monsters Inc and Human sex trafficking. Try to. Find all the similarities and then someone ran with it and now real people believe it, so. Oh my gosh. So how did this all really start historically?


And this is the last big section of got. But how did it all really start? Like, where the fuck did this come from? And I know in two thousand, please tell me. I know in twenty seventeen was like the first mention of Q but what really got this chicken. And the answer is pizza. Yes, sure. So pizza for those of you who don't know and I'm embarrassed to say it took me a long time to learn about it.


I think I was overwhelmed. I at first, literally during a Marvel Monday, someone was like, what do you think about pizza? And I was like, I like pizza.


Oh, it was during hours. Oh, was it during our Instagram live?


Because people kept saying, you guys have to cover pizza, there's so much and I'm going, I like pizza.


And I was like, I'm thinking, no, I had no fucking clue. And you know what? If someone from CU and I was watching that live, it would be me like a prude. I love it. So we're going to have to shut it down. And they're like, oh my God, they're trying to reveal the clues. And I'm like drinking cocktails on Instagram. Yeah.


So anyway, I do like pizza, but I do not like pizza. And they are not to be confused with Pizza Rat, which was a fun sensation that also occurred a few years ago.


OK, there's too much pizza happening here. I never thought I'd say that's a different thought. I'd say it. OK, so the most common understanding of pizza gate was that it was a viral conspiracy. Initially during twenty sixteen. I am going to talk about pizza guy here. So I guess you get a two in one situation in terms of storytelling. But basically Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, John Podesta's personal email account was hacked and then the contents of that were published on WikiLeaks, which I also talked about the anonymous episode.


So please check that out. In the emails were coded messages which like and remember, this is before Kuhnen. So this is the first of coded messages that are showing themselves. But there was allegedly coded messages about politicians and elites, specifically Democrats and restaurants, that somehow all combined into a child sex. Sure. And so that this was kind of the predecessor of the sex trafficking theory that everyone on Reddit is trying to debunk. So one alleged restaurant happened to be the Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria in D.C. and people went through.


And by people I mean people who were trying to troll this this company, they went through their social media, found pictures of kids at the restaurant and ended up claiming that it was evidence of the sex ring that was happening at the restaurant. They even inserted their own pictures from locations that were not a part of the restaurant because the restaurant doesn't have a basement. And they were saying like, oh, the ring is held in the basement. Gosh.


Anyway, the pictures and this theory, again, like the Monsters Inc, when I assume, like, people were just like, oh, here's this. And this theory now make it make sense. And it went crazy on Reddit. And people even started finding out that these coded words and emails, if you looked at all the food related words, you could tie it into like codes about pedophiles or whatever.


It's kind of it's but to me, it's like listening to a song and like trying to think of it and like are like watching like a like a conversation on TV. And like, you want it to sound a certain way and you can tell make your brain think that. So people use like confirmation bias. Yeah, exactly. So people were thinking like, oh, pizza and pasta. I mean, like little girls and little boys. OK, so that's OK.


That's where pizza guy basically came from I think because it had to do with one of the terminology. Also one of the words in the emails was walnut sauce, which I don't even want to know when and today. So but then that became one of the words that people now still use in Kuhnen because it has to do with pizza. But anyway, the obviously the Reddit page got completely out of control. It even got banned. And then people moved to another page and people involved at this pizza place, we're getting docks and harassed just so everyone knows this pizza place comment.


Ping pong pizza in DC is not affiliated with a human sex trafficking ring. They were just real collateral damage.


They were fucking victims of being really very cruel to make pizza for you people where I mean, the owner was saying, like, everyone is getting death threats, like all of this shit. All the people that worked there were like getting docks. The building got set on fire. Oh, my God. It even got to a point where there was a shooting. And so eventually pizza gate, because it turned into this wild spiral of conspiracies, it became less about Hillary Clinton and became more about the Hollywood sex trafficking ring.


And pizza guy got brought into Petto gate. I see. So people getting pizza gate was the successor, if you will, likely successor.


And basically, it was a satanic group of elites of a new world order and they were involved in sex trafficking. So Pizza Gate then resurged in twenty twenty and it stayed around all these years, but in twenty twenty during the election year, while everyone was inside during a pandemic and had nothing to do and people were very quickly climbing into. Unknown territory and everyone, including us, discovered tick tock, it resurged with a whole new population of people who weren't involved with it before.


And so that's why.


That's right. When I got together, people started getting like really invested. Hashtag peace reached over 80 million people. And that's why I didn't know what it was about because I was not ticked off yet.


But I just saw it on Twitter. And I was like, this is not something I would like to associate with.


But then you're right. Like, our listeners were like, you guys need to look into this. And I remember being like I was like, where the fuck did this come from? I was like, you know, maybe you should click on those links and read what's actually happening, because I don't think any of us want to know what this is about.


Well, a lot of Kuhnen people associated with like the Eppstein situation. So like I mean, it's right. And I think those things combined at that point, it was just like obviously people were talking about it. Also, it got even further bullied by Kuhnen people that Justin Bieber did an Instagram live stream. And then they asked, like, touch your hat if you were a victim of the sex ring when you were a kid.


And he touched his beanie and people freaked out like, oh, my God, I'm telling you now, as someone who has done Instagram lives with a lot of people, you do not see every comment. And so there is a massive chance, if you're Justin Bieber, like, oh, my God, see like point one percent of your comments coming in. Yeah. So, like, a lot of people freaked out realistically, probably just fucking touched his hat after someone posted.


So that's like blink. Blink if you're guilty of this. Exactly. Yeah. So apparently other people then went on to say that either he is the he he was a victim. Again, this is all legit. Justin Bieber, please, God, don't say no. But he was an alleged victim of the ring. And then there was another weird twist that he became a member of the ring. And that like the song, Yumi had said, Oh, I remember that.


Oh, my God. I mean, for God's sake, just leave him alone. Then there is another video that came out called Frazzle Drip, which apparently was like the worst of the worst videos of Hillary Clinton decollete in the emails. And it was her like wearing a child's face, like a mask or something, who so kuhnen all of these things, even though they feel really dated. Now, Kunhardt has been perpetuating them underground, like they're still being talked about.


Right. And so, anyway, pizza is generally the beginning of Petto gate, which led to the sex ring craze, which then led to Kuhnen. Got it. And the basic understanding of how cute I came to be after enough influence cuz supporters began committing crimes in the name of Kuis because they were now inciting violence because they were so mad that this ring wasn't getting saved or Donald Trump. A lot of people, even though they think he's a savior, they think he wasn't doing his job well enough and that they should start doing like vigilante work or like whatever it is.


So some of those crimes were in twenty eighteen. Matthew Wright took guns and drove an armored truck over the Hoover Dam and blocked the entrance and kept everyone basically held hostage on the Hoover Dam with a sign that said release the OIG report, which apparently is a list of all the people on the ring because a drop or a breadcrumb told them that Trump released a very edited version and he thought Trump wasn't doing his job of upholding the oath. Also in twenty eighteen, another a guy in California apparently had tools to make a bomb and he planned to attack one of the capitals like the Illinois capital or something.


And he wanted to, quote, make Americans aware of pizza gate and the new world order who were dismantling society and quote, In twenty nineteen, the guy named Anthony Carmello, he killed a mob boss named Frank Calley or Colly, because a drop told him that he was protected by the president to do a citizen's arrest on this mob. Oh, boy. Because apparently the mob boss lived in the deep state. And for people who don't know, I forgot to say this earlier, the deep state is like the Hollywood elite, dark underbelly of all this scandal.


So if you hear the deep state, they're talking about like their mortal enemy. Right. So Anthony Kumalo thought he had permission and protection. That's protection to go find Frank, found his house online, drove his truck into his truck, and then shot him ten times. And during his court during his court appearance, he had drawn queues all over his hands.


Oh, God. In twenty nineteen, there was a fundraising event at a school. First of all, can you imagine being a mob boss and a literal child online found you and killed you like it was that child. It was like a teenager or something. But I think he was like twenty something.


He was twenty early twenties. But like I mean, he was a random guy on Reddit who thought, oh, I have to go kill this mob boss. And that's how the mob boss died. I think anyone should die a certain way. But the irony of it wasn't even someone like in a mob. It was just a random person on the computer.


Right. It wasn't like the way a classic mob hit. Yes.


And it wasn't The Godfather. No, not quite. But yeah.


I mean, terrible that it happened at all. But I mean, it's just like, what are the fucking odds? Like, you would think a mob boss would really have all the protection in the world and then oh in twenty nineteen a school had a. Fundraiser, but the school was called the Grass Valley Charter School in California, and it had to be canceled because apparently there were tweets that basically the there was a trend going around called five jobs I've had.


And all of the jobs that a former FBI agent posted, his job spelled out G, v, c s F, which was the school.


So a lot of people thought that that meant that there was a planned attack at the school. Apparently, the time he posted it also had something to do with 9/11. So people took that as a sign. So then like this random school has to shut down all their fundraising events because Kuhnen is coming after them. Also, multiple parents tried to kidnap their kids who they thought might be in danger or trafficked in some way from their own other parents and were like taking them away from custody.


And then in twenty twenty, there was a girl named Jessica Primum who had knives and live stream that she was going to take out Joe Biden. And when she was arrested, she screamed, Have you heard about the kids? Hillary Clinton? This is a quote. Have you heard about the kids? Hillary Clinton and her assistant, Joe Biden and Tony Banesto need to be taken out in the name of Babylon. I can't be set free without them. God, wake me up.


And then she said, my God.


And then she said to check out Q for clues. I'm like, this is Goose Camp Central.


Also in twenty twenty, the wildfires, apparently Kuhnen folks believed all these false rumors that antifa activists were going to were intentionally setting the fires in their area to loot evacuated homes and therefore they refused to leave. But the oh, the firemen were like, you need to evacuate, your house is on fucking fire. And they're like, no, I'm not going. Like Antifa is going to swarm my house. I'm going to defend my property. And so it ended up putting themselves in danger and ended up perpetuating it got worse and worse, I think allegedly, according to Wikipedia, Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr allegedly also perpetuated this and said that, like, Antifa was like coming in buses and stuff to, like, loot homes or something.


So and then also in twenty twenty something very recent, the coup. Good times, good times, good times.


One of the coup supporters was shot by police while storming the capital. Other people who stormed the building were seen wearing clothing with cue and signs and are wearing Kuis on their clothing and on signs. And they also had phrases on their clothing and signs like Follow the White Rabbit and trust the plan. And because follow the white rabbit. White Rabbit is like rabbit holing and getting further and further and believes another Chira supporter. And I keep saying to your supporter, I mean terrorist.


Another key supporter who got attention that day was Jake and Jelly Angeli, the the shaman, the stupid fucking horns and fur loel.


Yeah. I will never get that image out of my head. Who, by the way, got transferred from one person to another four because he wanted to eat organic food or something. Get out of here.


That sounds very fucking L.A. to me. It sure does. OK, so with so many events of inciting violence, the the FBI published a memo that Kuhnen is now classified as a domestic terror threat. But because of fucking Q and on their whole purpose of don't listen to the government, don't listen to the media or everything's on purpose and you're awake and look at the narrative and where the sheeple. Yeah, yeah.


They ended up seeing this memo where people were like, oh, Kuhnen is a domestic terror threat. They read it as, oh, that doesn't really mean anything. But Kuhnen is now a publicly released memo and now the press has to ask Trump about it. Trump will spread the word of Q and on to others.


My God again, sounds very koltai of like, oh, this bad thing is happening to us. But we found a way to warp it into like we're getting press, we're getting attention. So the last thing I have to say is from daily dotcom. These are just some of the other failed predictions that are pretty common. One is that the storm, the arrests would take place on November 3rd. Twenty seventeen. They said it again on Joe Biden's inauguration.


Neither of that happened. A major event would take place. A major event would take place on February 1st. The major event was that I ate a fucking sandwich. People targeted by the president would die on February 10th. Twenty eighteen. There would be a car bombing and log on today's February 10th.


I was like, oh, no, twenty, eighteen, nineteen. OK, there would be a car bombing in London around February 16th. Twenty eighteen. The Trump military police would never or the Trump military parade would never be forgotten. It was canceled. And also in May, twenty eighteen, both a revelation about North Korea and a quote, smoking gun video of Hillary Clinton would emerge. Neither of that happened.


I couldn't even Photoshop that. I didn't even that would be too easy. They also think they also said. That John McCain would resign from the Senate. Mark Zuckerberg would be forced to resign. Facebook and Jack Dorsey would be forced to resign from Twitter. They also said Pope Francis would be arrested on felony charges and Trump would be re inaugurated January 20th. Twenty one, despite losing the election, in the words of Trevor Noah, all of these predictions not coming true hasn't changed the move.


It hasn't changed the movement. And quote, that is the classic sign of cult behavior. Hey, man. So next week we will talk about one how Kuhnen has spread through politics and social media to the difference between a cult and a conspiracy theory. And three, who exactly is. Q And until then, the real human trafficking resources? You can look at our freedom United Drug Human Trafficking Center Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking and the National Human Trafficking Hotline, which is one 888 three seven three seven eight eight as a PowerPoint I ever thank you.


It was literally waiting for my homework.


It was literally so long I didn't know how else to do it. No, this feels like like a college course that everybody wants to sign up for.


And you're like, you know, I'm like, wait a minute. I think you're I worked. I'm not going to tell you what time I went to bed last night, but I was I wanted I really wanted to make sure that I wasn't throwing anybody. I wanted to do justice because, like, a lot of people that listen to our show are also suffering affected by. So.


So, yeah, there you go.


Well, it's big and it's current and it's dangerous and it's far reaching. Far reaching.


If you did a great job, honestly, I don't know how I would have been able to pull that off. So good.


There's a lot of sweat. And I ordered like literally eight drinks from Starbucks yesterday and I just made them work. I was like, every hour I'm going to chug something.


I talked to you in like eight something p.m. my time, and you were like, sorry, I have to grab the Starbucks from the door.


What are you doing over there? Why are you going to Starbucks at like six o'clock? I drink so much to start.


I just to stay awake to get all this done anyway.


And that was great. Thank you. I'm amazed and I, I only knew vague snippets and I was always kind of embarrassed at how little I need to see.


A lot of people wanted me to cover this or will and or pizza at one point and I was like, I'm not even going to touch it because I don't know how to, because a lot. So there you have it. Wow. Great job. Thank you.


Well, fun fact for you. I have a cult story as well. Oh my gosh.


This is so topical about my topical topic. Oh, my gosh. Right about.


Oh, my God. I mean, mine goes back to the 80s, so it's a little scary that yours is so much more current. And this is more of just like a look back in history.


But I guess I bet you there's going to be some overlays here.


Yeah. Yeah. OK, so this is a story I've also wanted to cover since twenty eighteen. It was there was a documentary, a docu series I guess released on Netflix in twenty eighteen called Wild Wild Country.


Oh I've heard about that. I have not watched it. It was very good.


I watched most of it back then and then I remember feeling so overwhelmed by this topic because it was such a big story and like went all over the place that here I am in twenty, twenty one finally actually committing to it.


But I finally finished the docu series. It's a great show.


It is a business is about this is about while. Oh while our country was about this. Yes.


So what. Valkyrie is a docu series about the Rajneesh movement, which is a cult that I will be covering today.


So a lot of things from that docu series and a lot of the info in the docu series is not in the notes because it's such an extensive documentary. I highly recommend even I bonded over a long time ago and maybe that's how I know about it.




Yeah, it was it was really big in twenty eighteen and it's been awhile.


I remember being all over like Netflix or something. Right. It was almost like it was. Yeah, yeah. It was a big deal and it's kind of amazing because I again I'm kind of embarrassed. I never heard about this. I didn't know it.


You're just going to hear this and go wait. What. It's it's one of those things where you're, like, shocked.


You never wow. You missed this. Like, this just wasn't on the radar.


So this is the story of the Rajneesh movement. OK, now, here we go. There we go.


The main character of our story is Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and it starts with this lovely man.


I have a hunch he is not very lovely.


His name is Bugan, sometimes known as Osho, which historically, at least in Japanese, it's an honorary title, meaning the blessed one, often translated to the blessed one on whom the sky showers flowers.


Oh, so that's a fun, little fun fact for you.


Sorry, I'm updating the my seat. My butt has been in the same position for a long time. Oh no.


OK, it deserves to be resting spot. It's been, it was like, it was like gravity has taken its toll. It's time to shift. Experts fear anxiety for so many hours now. All right, I'm ready. So he is born December 11th, 1931, and raised in a small village in central India. He completed his B.A. in philosophy in 1955 and earned an M.A. and philosophy in 57 and began teaching as professor. And then he started traveling and outside of academic institutions, started teaching and eventually gained a large following for his belief system and the teachings he was his philosophical teachings.


He lectured mostly on capitalism, science, technological advances. He was critical of institutional religions, socialism and popular figures such as Mahatma Gandhi and over time as often starts with cults. He attracted quite a few wealthy supporters who ended up being his patrons and basically supporting this new movement he was creating.


Got it. So one of his first quote unquote disciples was a woman named Lakshmi Sakaki Karua, and she bid at the first opportunity to become his secretary.


So over time, he ended up basically having all these people kind of infatuated with him, bowing down to doing his every bidding. And so one of these people was Lakshmi, and she herself had powerful ties to politicians, political parties, and helped him raise enough money to give up traveling in order to settle in Mumbai, where they could create like a real like an ashram, a place for a religious retreat where people could come and follow his teachings rather than him traveling around the world.


It was like a central spot for him to to, you know, propagate his do his thing.


Do you think it was bang? Exactly. Thank you. This is why you're my T.A., I think.


Could you imagine if I was the teacher and I was like, yes, we found this land to do his thing, I'd be like, you write that down.


How do you spell that as a silent X, if you ask?


So eventually his team purchased two large houses on six acres of land. This became his ashram, a place of religious retreat. It was sort of like an oasis. And this was built in Pune, India. And it was there that he started to preach his beliefs, which was a mixture juxtaposing experimental avant garde Western therapies such as primal gestalt, an encounter with classic Eastern meditations like Kundalini, yoga and zazen. So, you know, I mean, we get it so far.


It sounds kind of swanky. Yeah, it sounds like our podcast kind of like ideas. It sounds like what we deserve after the podcast. Yes.


It's like a little meditation, a little Zen. Yeah, I studied psychology. We'll just mix it. Yes. Sprinkle it on top. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I'm feeling always.


Oh, so this is kind of what he started and it took off pretty quickly.


So there's this guy named Josh Barron who ran a support organization in Berkeley, California, called Sorting It Out. And this organization was for people who had left spiritual groups and needed like guidance and assistance in leaving like a for example, like an intense religion or cult or something like that. So he described the practice of Bhagwan to be quite fluent in various altered states of consciousness, much more than other cult leaders I know of. His techniques included chanting, meditation, Sufi dancing, staring into lights for extended periods of time and powerful music, all of which induce altered states of mind.


What went on at his ashram in Pune was literally a smorgasbord of altered states of mind.


OK, so that'll get you a meme. That'll get you.


It sounds like a lot of it is also like some form of like a delirium are like like. Like, yeah.


It's like altering your without without drugs. It's like. Yeah. Is it conscious.


Maybe. I was going to say originally I was like sleep deprivation, but that doesn't really sound like what it was. The, the looking into lights with loud music of course that's going to fuck up your.


Oh absolutely.


That's there are two things that your senses are, your senses are an overload. So of course you're overwhelmed exactly like you're over the overstimulating, you know.


So OK. So far it sounds if somewhat if I stopped by this place and they were trying to pitch it to me, I would be wary.


I think that was like an expert class and I felt like I wasn't ready for that yet. But so far I haven't left the building.


I'm just going to sign up for like a beginner is like a like a stretch.


You're in the doorway with a pamphlet, like with your your hand on your phone, like texting your friends. Like here's where I am in case things go south, but I'm still going to stay a little bit.


I heard that they had like free, you know, little muffins or something. So I was there. They do give out beer. Well, you're not into that. They also have sex orgies. You're not into that either. I don't know.


And this might be more money.


This sounds more like like you would be texting me about it and I'd be like, yeah, I'd be like, um, talk me out of it. And you'd be like, no girl.


Do you do your thing. Do your thing. Yeah.


So that's where it all began. So you can understand how people got kind of into this. By the way, yes, it was also during that time, 17, I was going to say this feels like kind of like Pruyn psychodelic, everyone was really into like the free love.


Yeah. Like the whole thing finding like a new way of living so far. Totally seeing the power totally makes us totally makes. Yes. It's pretty on Brand for what we expect from that time period cult wise. So a clinical social worker in Berkeley named Hili Zeitlin also described Bhagwan to be one of the best hypnotist's I have ever encountered. Oh, well, the way he uses language, his tone of voice, the way he sequences ideas, all are essentially hypnotic.


So I'm going to read you a lecture or I'm going to not read you an entire lecture.


I'm going to read you a sentence from a lecture to give you an idea of how he kind of spoke to his followers.


OK, so at one point in a wild, wild country, Bhagwan lectures one of the most interesting words in the English language today is the word fuck. It is a magical word surahs. It can be it sure. So far. And wait a minute, Christine. OK, so I think I know what you're about to say, like the whole little spiel here, because this was like a common like this was in a bunch of like I don't know if you knew this was like a bunch of weird, like, gag gifts, like not maybe adult stories, but like quirky tchotchke stores.


I remember like many things in my house, my mom fucking loved anytime she could collect like a piece of paper or like they had like greeting cards or whatever, where it had the spiel of like how wonderful the word fuck is because you can use it in every part of the sentence.


What are you talking about? What was this like, irreverent, like picture books or something? I remember it. No, it was like, you know, how like little like trinket stores we could get like. Oh yeah. Like key chains and stuff there. I remember growing up and there my mom obviously didn't try to cuss for me as a child, but I remember there being like multiple trinkets growing up. The like had this as a quote written down and the like of like fuck is such a great works.


You can use it as a verb, you can use it as a noun, you could use it as a blah, blah, blah.


So this is definitely not new then. This is like Lindas like been there, done that man. Maybe she was part of this fucking cult.


OK, I gotta say America is they probably sold keychain.


That is what I'm going to check out. OK, she had it on on a cuzzi. I think I might use it anyway. Please read the quote because it's going to bring me back to my childhood. OK, I'm going to read it to you.


One of the most interesting words in the English language. This is along longest keychain of history, by the way. It's one of the most interesting words in the English language today is the word fuck.


It is a magical word. It can be used as a verb, both transitive John fucked Mary and intransitive. Mary was fucked by John. Yeah, the disciples laugh and the guru continues.


Ignorance sucked. If I know fraud, I got fucked at the used car lot.


So this is just an idea of how people in the seventies were like, oh, I get it. It's free thinking. We can say the F word.


You know, it's all very open minded. Sorry, plays keeps calling me. He says there's a blizzard coming. What where do you live.


I know there's like another dry patch for a year or so coming our way. It's like crazy.


I've look out the window and he's like, you need to leave and get go. And I'm like, I'll be fine. Oh my God says you won't be able to leave.


Oh, freaking me out. OK, I'm just going to keep praying. Oh my God.


Until he tells me evidence that you need to do. We can always do this later too if you want.


I don't know what to do is freaking me out. I'm going to be I don't know. It's just snow.


I don't know why so freaked out. Oh, God. Biggest winter storm in years.


Better Cincinnati winter storm to slam Cincinnati overnight.


Do you need to go get go? No, it's fine. Are you sure? Only three thirty. We can just put on elevator music and come back to another day for three hours.


No, it's fine. I've gotta keep going.


If if it gets to that, if it's the point of no return, you'll let me know and then try to do something about it. And then I'll end up in a ditch and you'll have to bail me out.


I'll have to watch helicopter. I'll drop the highway to Cincinnati. I guess so, put out the call on Twitter. I don't know. Have someone rescued me. Oh, my gosh. OK, well, let me know. I don't I don't mind if you have to.


I appreciate as likewise. Blaze calling. It's fine. All right. So anyway, we were on how much my mother loves the word.


Yes. The keychain she had for you growing up.


So the Rajneeshee, over time, as I kind of hinted at, became known as a sex cult because Bhagwan would encourage his followers to seek sex as a form of liberation in what they called therapy sessions, which is where things become a little troubling, as you can probably imagine.


I sure have imagined it already. Yep, yep, yep.


So one ex disciple named Rosalyn Smith, who went through six months of therapy, Rajneeshee Ashram and Poona from 1980 to 1981, says that coercive psychological pressure was applied in the ashram, especially on women, to enforce participation in sexually promiscuous behavior and in the ashram's notorious group Sex Orgies.


And her quote, which is disturbing, is the lingo at the ashram was say yes and say yes to life. Good at one night. I know.


It's like, oh, it really, by the way, in that metaphor where where I am in terms of the building, I am on the ground.


I am it's not a bar where you're literally in the snow bank on the highway. I'm actually on the other side of the country. Oh my gosh. OK, ok, ok.


Yeah. So she said one guy made an approach to me and I wasn't the least bit interested, but I felt guilty for refusing him because I felt I wasn't saying yes to life.


Sex orgies were castigated by group sorry. Women who refused to participate in sex orgies were castigated by group leaders for being selfish, frigid and rejecting.


Oh, Good Bye Birdie. Yes. And it escalated very quickly into a cult, by the way.


It did. It did.


And I I'm skipping forward a bit just because the banana stuff happens once it's been established as a whole, sort of it got it. But yes, it did quickly become like a free sex kind of idea where people were flocking to it for that reason and became problematic pretty quickly.


So the whole group of Rajneeshee, as they were called, were red. And that was another I mean, that's a very classic, like cult thing where everybody dresses the same and it kind of equalizes everyone on this.


You're not your own individual anymore. Everyone's talking. Yeah, you're one of many.




And so they all were read like Gestalt psychology, one of many. OK, I get it looks like are you driving back a little dewy on the highway. Come back. I thought about I saw the exit sign.


I went now I'm going to go. And I was like, come on, come back.


I almost stopped for gas and I was like, I'd rather just die. I'm not even worth whatever. Not even for snacks. Yep.


So Bogen had a huge following. In fact, by the late 70s, Rajneesh community thrived and received on average, thirty thousand visitors a year, with many of those coming from abroad, mainly Europe and North America. And until 1981, the Osram was the Rajneeshee home to his spiritual teaching, his lecturing and these therapy sessions.


However, Bhagwan began to run into some problems with the Indian government. So Lakshmi, his secretary devotee disciple, was sent out to scout for a new ashram somewhere and while she was sent out on her mission.


OK, well, I'll tell you first why India was pissed. So what happened was the Indian government gradually caught wind of Rajneesh as fandom and was like, we got to put a stop to this community. It's like America to us.


Stop somebody, stop it. This guy gets out of hand. The boozers, the shakers, they're out of control. All they're all there.


We don't even have anything is all other letting other Levon's like anyone have anything as dramatic as free sex movement. We're just kind of like hanging out, drinking at home.


But stuff a force that can't be stopped.


So the government crackdown on Rajneesh with allegations of drug use, tax fraud, physical harm to the to his followers and visitors.


And also the ashram was growing at an unsustainable rate. So Bhagwan knew he had to do something and get out of there before things got out of hand and he was stopped by the government or things got out of control as far as like being unsustainable. So Lakshmi was out looking for a new ashram as she had been sent to do. But while she was out, she got replaced by another female disciple.


Oh, my God. Very scandalous because she just was sent on a mission. And when she came back, she'd been replaced. So fucked up.


Sorry, it it's a little funny.


So the woman who replaced her was named Ma Nan. Sheila and Sheila becomes one of the main, if not the main character in this story aside from Bhagwan.


So it was because of Sheila that they found a new location. So they were moving from Mumbai to, you guessed it, Oregon, USA. I sure did. You know what took my time? It's pretty obvious, I know. Where else would you go? Right. So this is where in the TV show I'm watching the docu series.


And I was like Oregon, because if it's in a different country, you're like, oh, I get why I haven't heard of this.


But then when it's suddenly like like in the United States yelling terror feel like home. Turmeda, hang on.


You know, you've heard of Jonestown. Obviously, that was very dramatic. But like, I can't believe I've never heard of the story.


So in any case, she like I found a new spot for the ashram.


It's in Oregon. OK, so they acquire 64000 acres of land, which in fact was the ranch. It's called the Big Muddy Ranch, where John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn had once filmed the movie Rooster Cogburn.


My favorite.


Not really. I haven't seen it, but that's my after hours name. Yeah, that's like in your robe with just like my Edgar Allan Poe name, like Rooster Cogburn, like one of those.


When we put our Mexican wrestler like it comes out, I was going to say too, like for like people like obsessed with like Bridgton right now it sounds like one of those like like basically the Gossip Girl name, like, I'm for sure obsessed with Birgersson.


Just FYI, in case anyone's with me on that, doesn't it sound like Rooster Cogburn would be to one of those family members? It absolutely does.


Creating some sort of scandal. Yeah. Yeah.


So they they renamed the Big Muddy Ranch to Rancho Rajneesh and the followers of the followers of Bhagwan labored around the clock to construct a huge meditation hall, an open air mall with restaurants, clothing, boutiques, which only sold red clothing, and a shop that sold hundreds of books and videotapes by and about only Rajneeshee.


So you're thinking, I don't know what you're thinking, but so far I'm thinking whatever comes next, I'm going to ride that ride.


Like, what could possibly go wrong? Yes.


So you know what I'm wondering, which is answered pretty quickly, is how on earth did they afford this? Well, you guessed it. It's a cult.


So everybody I keep guessing it. I'm so lucky. You're so smart. I'm so full of brains. And research is looking at your ears that your mother would be so proud.


I know it. So everybody was forced to donate large quantities of money.


According to Oregon Live, the ranch was bought for five point seventy five million dollars at the time, which today equates to sixteen point two million dollars. That's how much money these followers were were contributing as part of their holy shit being part of the greater whole, basically.


What was that number again? Sixteen point two million today, five point seventy five million back then in 81.


Jesus. OK, so people these Rajneeshee followers began flocking to the area. They a lot of them bought houses in the closest town, which was called Antelope. Oregon projects also becomes a central player.


Oh, yeah. Most, however, adjourning for another nineteen miles up the mountain roads to the plateau where Rajneeshpuram, which was the name of the community, rested pretty bananas.


So Bhagwan, meanwhile, had taken a full oath of silence. So he's the leader of this whole organization. They called their religion this religion.


But he had decided to take an oath of silence before even arriving in the U.S. and therefore Sheila was in charge. Got it. So Sheila took charge. And this allowed Bhagwan to be as vague as he wanted by not saying anything.


And this allowed, interestingly enough, like you were just talking about, allowed followers to project whatever they wanted to believe on to him by saying, like, oh, he wants, you know, whatever they wanted it to be. It kind of became because he wasn't saying yes and he wasn't saying, you know, it's I mean, it sounds a lot like in the Q and on things of like if you're not going to if, like, officially directly say that you are not for something or for something, like how would anyone know if you're just going to retweeted and not say anything?


It's like, well, we're going to read into that, you know. Exactly. Yeah. So even though Bhagwan was silent and was not saying a damn word, he was living the dream. He at this point owned 93 Rolls Royces oh six oh oh oh my God.


Nowhere. This made him the single largest owner of Rolls Royces in the world.


Now that's Hoboken. Now that is that ball is a fun fact. OK, I just reported it. Q Kuhnen and that was that one took my breath.


Capital F Capital F off fun fact owned the largest number of Rolls Royces in the world.


His community of disciples and supporters showed their devotion to the Great Oh show by increasing his private collection to a total of 365 Rolls Royces, one for every single day of the calendar year.


Y o o. Boozers and shakers step. Up, I have an old hard hang on a second week, I just got a tweet by. Oh, yes. Oh, I got a tweet from someone who said, like the shields. When are you going to stop asking your fans to make you or buy you or send you things?


And I was like, well, not to a girl, because now I need 365 Deloria and back to you.


I love that I tweet.


And then they responded and tagged me in a second tweet and said, by the way, you don't do any community service. I'm like, are you stalking me? How do you know that? Like, what a strange thing to yell.


The bio says something like, I want you to hate me or something. It's like it's well, OK, great.


I was very taken aback by that. I was like, I don't do community. Where did this come from? It was like so random.


I don't know. Anyway, I'm in one of my three hundred sixty five Dorians, but that's the business and Shaker's said Choire. No one tweeted at Bourgoyne to stop asking for calm and here I am in my forehead and getting yelled at also. What did I ask for.


I don't know, probably because I don't know maybe or like a a crocheted blanket or something. I don't know. I feel like. I feel like people read into some of the stuff.


Look, if that's the cult that we have cultivated, let's go.


I'm in. I appreciate it. I appreciate people wanting to drink alone. And Fogg's that's obviously that's that's become a big, big part of the drink of choice sandwiches or the food.


Oh yeah. I mean I really I'm starting some.


I think so.


And the fact that we have one singular hater is proving that it's working. So once you've got a hater in the midst that rings on her and my her bio even said, I want you to hate me.


And I'm like, well, if you're creating this persona, you're really just feeding into our God complex here.


OK, Eminem in their Subaru, me and my Ford, we're going to take over this and we're going to take over this one horse town.


Yeah, me. Oh, Cee Lo say watch out, Kentucky and you're stupid. I'm coming through and MyFord.


OK, anyway, here we go.


So he had three hundred sixty five Rolls Royces and they were proud of this fact. So he would drive.


Should be I guess so he fucking should be, he would drive his Rolls-Royce down the road a different one every afternoon and all the followers slick sounds fake. All of his followers would stand along the road dressed in red, wearing a locket with big one's face on out of here. I know.


And they would bow in place roses on the guru's car.


I mean, it is like something. I mean, OK, this first of all, if you've got the time and you've got the cars and you've got the people, why fucking not?


But like, if you got the people in the roads so far, it sounds like he has a swanky end of this deal. And also, it reminds me a lot of Sarah Winchester with where she was like just because she fuckin could and had nothing but time and money, she was just not building different rooms every day. This guy was driving a different car up and down the road every day just because we got nothing else going on, just collecting the love.


Sounds like the pandemic sounds like what rich people are doing during the pandemic of like I've just just drive up the street with one car money to spend down the street with another car. Got time to waste.


Love to collect. Exactly.


So Rajneeshpuram shockingly was not going to thrive in this way because unfortunately, the neighboring city of Antelope, which I told you about, who is not thrilled about the sudden influx of random people. This is rural Oregon and this population of antelope had seventy five poor antelope.


I know. And these people are interviewed in the docu series about their experience through this. And it is just the wilder story to hear them tell it from their perspective. So there are like thousand plus Rajneeshee versus 75 antelope citizens. So the locals were obviously nervous that the Rajneeshee were moving in. They were even talking about how they could hear them having sex all night long.


Can you imagine being in a town that only EKOS because nobody lives there and it's just all these people having orgies around you, orgies.


And they were describing they were like it was so uncomfortable. And this is like our property values going up. Children, our children are like at risk here.


They don't know what's going on.


There's this headquarters of a free sex cult down the street and it gets worse because, well, this is an example of how things go wrong pretty much immediately. So the town of Antelope starts a petition to get rid of the menace that is the Rajneeshee. And according to New York Times article, in nineteen eighty two, the guru's followers took over the Antelope General Store and cafe, named it Zorba the Buddha and began serving only vegetarian meals.


And then, according to the Atlantic in 1982, Enough Rajneeshee is voted in nearby antelope, in nearby antelopes local elections to win a majority of its city council seats.


Soon thereafter, the new council members changed the town's name from antelope to Rajneesh raised property taxes to extract money from the few remaining local residents and passed. Other bizarre initiatives, including renaming the local recycling center, the Adolph Hitler recycling. Good night. That's what that is. I'm glad you have all the facts. You could have picked that one. But also it's bananas. I've said, first of all, of all the things you could have, I can name that place, but I mean, truly like that poor town.


So they must have intentionally set their sights on a town they could take over because there was in terms of numbers, right?


Well, there was that huge plot of land, the muddy ranch, and it was just empty. So they bought this like five point seven million dollar tract of land. And then the nearest town. Yeah. Was this tiny town that they were like, yeah, we can was dominant to them aside. Yeah, exactly.


Very easy to take over. I mean, 75 people. So there was a lawsuit filed in 83 by the state of Oregon to invalidate the city's incorporation.


But the these attempts were blocked. The followers began to build an antelope, take over, build houses again, change the name of the general store. They changed the street names like they took down Main Street and put up like Rajneeshee Boulevard, like they took down everything.


So things got even wilder.


When the governor's personal secretary, Sheila Love, she loved to say provocative things to the media to piss people off like she was the public enemy number one of basically everybody in the state of like she was the face of this of the Russian yeshe movement, because Bhagwan was just like the silent guru in the background. And she was up front going like buying property, like putting people down, taking over elections.


And I will tell you, she gets violent and loony tunes like it goes it goes even wider than you can imagine.




So she's definitely like the Alpha for sure. Amongst. Yes. And she's interviewed in this documentary as well. And she pretty much just tells her side of the story, but still doesn't look very good, like she definitely still stands up for what she was doing.


And everyone kind of still stands by what they did, which is a little bit questionable.


So over time, pamphlets began coming out and they would mix hunting humor with dehumanizing characterizations of the Rajneeshee.


As these pamphlets would come out in Oregon. Oregonian Gun clubs, Turkey shoots. One of them declared an open season on the central eastern Rajneesh, known locally as the Red Rats or red vermin.


So this is becoming like high tension, like racially fueled, it's becoming disastrous.


But the Rajneeshee are like, fuck you, we don't care. We're more powerful than you. And Sheila is like Surabhi mad.


Try me. I don't care. She doesn't give a shit. So tensions remain high.


The Wasco County Commission, throughout this point, there's nothing they can do, which is the county they were living in.


And then in June of 1983, there's this hotel called Hotel Rajneesh in Portland and an Islamist militant group named Jamot or Futura bombed this hotel. And thankfully, nobody was killed in the bombing, but it put Rajneeshee on their guard. And Shela kind of came out and said after the bombing, it was clear if I didn't take measures to protect our community, no one else would do it. That's when we went out and bought weapons.


Well, that's right. So, like, Sheila got rattled. She was Layla.


She was like, it's time to really step up our our presence here. Wow. Yes, exactly.


She is like, you do not trifle one does not trifle with Sheila, with the Sheila, you know, with the shields and not get a get a little get a little work out what you want on their face.


If you want to tussle, we can tussle. Oh I'll tell you downtown with my feet.


If, if you, if you. Yeah. I'm your son.


Yeah. That's what I said it and I mean it.


That's me by the way. Trying to pick a fight. All that's you and I arguing it's the worst.


It's why we don't argue. It's just not worth it. It's so stupid to come up laughing by the end.


Really over the whole time I just like I literally cannot get one fucking word.


So they went bought semiautomatic weapons. Oh, it's not funny anymore. Oh yeah. Becomes unfunny pretty fast. They very intentionally create an image of imminent violence to Oregon, to native Oregonians, which became even more dramatic because the Oregonians and their gun clubs, turkey shoots are not loving that these so-called peace peaceful people showed up and suddenly bought assault weapons, assault rifles. Sure. Meanwhile, the COMMUN itself was embroiled in a range of legal disputes. For example, the Oregon attorney general maintained that the city was essentially an arm of religious organization and was violating the principle of separation of church and state.


So they were trying to like, hold their own and they felt like they were being persecuted as a religion. OK, so they're going through these fights with the state and the government already. And then finally in the summer of 1984, the. She's decided that the only way to obtain the building permits they need was to take over Wasco County in November's election.


Unfortunately, even though they had more people than antelope, they only accounted for less than 10 percent of the county population.


Oh, my gosh. God forbid. Wow. So they would need to unseat at least two of the three sitting commissioners and replace them with Rajneeshee. But don't worry, Sheila had a plan.


Excellent. I was worried about where we were going with this. I know. Well, you should because she had a two two step plan. Oh, yeah.


Step one, build even more numbers in the community by launching an initiative called Share a Home, where Rajneeshee is chartered dozens of buses and went to various cities around the United States and offered people experiencing homelessness the opportunity to come and join the Russian.


And they were promised a place to stay free food as well as a free beer every night.


OK, initially this was a wildly successful initiative and more than 2300 people were brought into the ranch. As soon as they got off the bus, they were forced to register to vote because that was the whole point of bringing them there, was that they would up the numbers and vote on behalf of the Rajneeshee.




However, it was soon discovered this wasn't as easy as Sheila had planned because a lot of the people who had moved in were suffering from severe mental illnesses and they did not have the capacity to treat these people or to take care of them. The Oregonian called it an unruly mob that showed up and they were not equipped to handle all of these people. I mean, it's pretty upsetting when you watch the docu series and the newscasters keep describing them as street people, which is just the term that was used in the 80s, I guess.


And like literally you would say, like Ronald So-and-so street person like that was.


Oh, wow. Yeah. Not even try to not even pretending.


OK, so all the news were like the Rajneeshee bringing in street people to try and bolster their vote, but things were not as smooth and peaceful as she had hoped.


But she said, you know, don't worry, I got this. So what she would do is she would awake the new arrivals five thirty every morning, blindfold them and forced them to listen to hours of religious chanting.


And then when that wasn't really working, she started to spike their beer kegs with Haldol, which is a description medication often used to treat severe schizophrenia.


So she was drugging them in order to subdue them. And this was, again, just in an attempt to get their vote to increase their numbers.


Wow. So obviously, state officials pretty quickly found out about this and the voter fraud scheme. And the secretary of state halted voter registration and invoked an emergency rule to prevent anyone from registering to vote in the county. Everybody had to appear personally to prove that they had satisfied Oregon's 20 day residency requirement to vote. So the Rajneeshee were overruled because they were like, this is voter fraud. You don't get to do this.


Totally makes sense. So it's kind of up in the air. A lot of them still argue that this was unconstitutional. I mean, you can argue this probably back and forth all day. Nothing like this I don't think has ever really happened before. So it is very new territory. It's easy to see both sides. Yes, I agree. I agree. Yeah.


I feel like I want to give an opinion, but I don't it's hard to say.


Yeah, you can definitely see both sides. And if things had been maybe spun with a more positive, it's all about it would have been different lately.


I think since I know where this ends, I don't really want to give her my vote of confidence. But so next up, there's no two steps to this plan.


So here's to fuck.


OK, don't you forget step two, Sheila decided to depress turnout among regular voters.


So like native Oregonians, she wanted to depress voter turnout by poisoning thousands of residents with salmonella.


Excuse me. Oh, my God. Now, just how how is how does she plan to do that? Of course, she planned and she did.


Oh, no, I know it's banana for Oregon.


Oh, it's really rough. So basically what they would do. So there's this this town called The Dalles, and this was the largest population center in Wasco County.


What she did was she chose the biological agent, Salmonella and Tarika Tifa Maureen.


Oh, so literally just a literal salmonella. Salmonella like salmonella extract. Yes.


Just like a little a little dropper of it. She bought it for a medical center.


Then they cultured it in labs, secret labs within their comune.


Oh, my God. And then they spread it all over salad bars in ten local.


Oh, whoa.


So also now I'm scared now that I realize how easy it would be. Yeah.


To the point, doesn't the whole town, especially while we're in a pandemic, it's like, wow, this has next level like meaning now that minister it's very sinister.


So by September 24th, nineteen eighty four, more than a hundred and fifty people were violently. By the end of September, seven hundred and fifty one cases of acute gastroenteritis were documented, 45 people had to receive hospital treatment. Some were pregnant and end up extremely ill in the hospital.


And in a more aggressive measure, the group allegedly poisoned Wasco County Commissioner Bill Hulce by offering him contaminated water on a hot day. And he ended up being in the hospital for four days.


I'm sure he shrug that shit. Yeah, right. Like, what did you. It's so diabolical, you know. But we can be thankful that they didn't go with their alternate plan, their original plan, which, believe it or not, was even worse and more diabolical.


So the original plan was to poison the local water supply or crash a plane loaded with bombs into the county courthouse.


Wow. No fucking prisoners. Just it's just like, oh, nothing too extreme, I guess. Wow.


So ultimately, they actually lost the election.


And as soon as they lost the election, Shela kicked all of the people that they had brought, all the people who had been experiencing homelessness that they basically dragged there with the promise of free beer, kicked them all off the compound. She drug them and then dropped them off on park benches.


And if anybody saw what was going on, they would point assault rifles at them and say, like, I don't like, why is this still shocking?


I know it's going on, but it's so bad, so bad.


So you can see this all progress's, a six part docu series. So it's definitely like a longer storyline. But in Wild Country, you can see the progress that Shela pretty soon finds out.


Osho is having private conversations with his personal doctor.


And it turns out Shela had been spying with spy equipment on everything OSHA was doing.


And she was a very jealous person. No, I know.


And she was the one who replaced that other woman, Lakshmi. And so clearly, this is like a pattern. So she finds out that she was having private conversations. Now there's a doctor. His name is George Meredith. Or once he joined the Rajneeshee, he became Swami de Virage or Devarajan.


Now, Dr Meredith or Devarajan was married to a woman named Francoise Ruddi, who was the ex-wife of Albert Ruddi, who produced The Godfather in Hollywood.


So like big Hollywood woman. And she was the ex-wife of The Godfather producer who had won an Oscar. And so she was very wealthy and she was married to this doctor. And the two of them joined the Rajneeshee movement. So they had powerful connections to money, to Hollywood, to underground Algate, I was going to say.


So obviously, they're part of the storm or they're going to know they are. Part of the storm is coming.


It's coming in hot because Sheila suddenly is finding out that she was having private meetings with these two and starts favoring these two wealthy Hollywood elites over Sheila herself.


His private disciple, Secretary Sheila is pissed and she finds out that Osseo Bhagwan is having these conversations and he asks she's listening to her spy equipment and she hears him ask Dr. Meridith or Dheeraj about death. He asks him, how would one die in a like, peaceful way, like how would you initiate death in a peaceful way? And Dr Meredith or Demiraj explains that you would you would inject somebody with morphine, then you would use a paralytic and then he would stop their heart.


So Sheila's listening to this. She's jealous, she's pissed, and she decides I'm going to use that angle and tell my followers we need to save Osako from these two horrible Hollywood elites who are going to kill him.


Oh, no, because she's like they're bringing in drugs.


This is a drug free zone. I mean, not really, since they're literally drug.


I was going to say, OK, yeah. That she's like they're bringing drugs. They're promoting this idea of him dying. We need to save his life. So she uses that angle to kind of rally her troops.


And she says she needs to eliminate Devarajan and eliminate him and his wife.


So after hearing this news, Sheila had meetings with her circle to plot the killing of the doctor in order to protect Bhagwan and her own secretary.


Shela secretary, who is also one of the main characters in this docu series, agrees to murder Devarajan on behalf of to save hagwon.


But really, there's a lot of other underlying issues here.


But so what she does is she's given a syringe of adrenaline and during, like a big, joyous meeting of dancing and whatever, she leans in to tell the doctor something and stabs him with this needle and basically, like, pieces out just and he survives so he does not die.


However, later, she does go to prison for ten years for attempted murder, but he does survive. But according to the two Shela, because of the length she had gone through to murder this man and the fact that this. And I was going to come out, she was like, I need to leave this commune like she's pissed that Bhagwan has abandoned her is like now with these two rich Hollywood folks, maybe she just tried to murder someone.


It didn't work. And now it's going to come out that she tried to murder.


Got to run. God, she's in a corner. Got a blast. So she's like, I got to go. And her inner circle, who also helped try and murder this man, are like, well, we're going to come with you. So up and leaves.


Doesn't say goodbye. Just peace is out. And this was apparently like the most heartbreaking thing, like to this day when she talks about in the docu series, she's crying and she's like, we were the same. Like, she you can tell she was like in deep, like, wow, disciple wise, like this was her spiritual God, basically, and she had to leave him behind. So this was a big deal that she left.


So they mysteriously left for Europe and disappeared, didn't tell anyone where they were going.


And then Bhagwan broke his silence and came out against her and basically went on the fucking attack because he was like, Sheila left us.


She tried to murder somebody in the commune.


And of course, everybody is in this. Commun is like, wait, what she tried to like. They're living in this fantasy that this is like peace and love and they're finding out the hard way.


They're like hang on, where it murder. Yeah exactly.


Like this is totally new. It was heartbreaking to all these people who had given up their lives to be a part of this happy free love cult I'm sorry, religion.


And so September 1985, about a year after the salmonella incident, Bhagwan publicly shamed, sorry, blamed Sheila and her team for the bioterror attack. He told he admitted the salmonella incident said, oh, yeah, we did that. But it was Sheila. He also brought against her alleged crimes, such as the attempted murder of the doctor, more poisonings of like local authority figures like that guy that who was sent to the hospital. The water guy. Yeah, dying.


He warned his followers that she was always jealous of people close to him and that he had never had sex with her. And that's probably why she was upset. She said she has proven that she is not a real woman, but a real bitch.


So, oh, it got like drama for someone who was silent for so long, he got real lucky.


He had built up a lot of thoughts and words over the years. Several years of silence. Yeah, not a real one, but a real bitch.


And everyone starts cheering like I mean, he's turning everybody against her.


It's like, here's the real cult, really go against her.


Now we have a public enemy basically. So with a search warrant was granted to investigate more. And basically, U.S. authorities discovered that in Sheila's bathroom, there was a button you could press that would lock all the doors in the building. There was a false back panel in the closet in her hot tub room door.


It was in the hot tub. OK, what? We really just went right over there. Yes, that should have been topic number one earlier. Yeah, OK. But also, we should we should not be shocked because she had spy equipment earlier, too. Yes.


And she had apparently they said it was like one of the biggest espionage cases. The FBI had seemed like it was a massive and she had like hi tech.


I mean, these people had millions and millions of dollars, like they were buying sixty five Rolls Royces so she could afford, like, top notch security stuff.


OK, that's so fair. Yeah. And, you know, this is the eighties, so this was like next level. So the panel in the hot tub room had a ladder that when they climbed down there, that's where they were brewing the salmonella culture in this secret lab underneath her bathroom. I mean, it's like so bonkers.


So they were said they were down there in the dark and one of the investigators backed up against a bookcase and it sprung open and they said it was like being in a Nancy Drew mystery science.


So it sounds like an Abbott and Costello or something similar, like if that were my my parent and as an investigator, like, tell me again the story of how this bookcase broke in the home.


I mean, it's like it's like being a cop and like a mad lab. Yes.


It's like you never expect this kind of thing to be real life. And here it is.


So they found numerous glass vials of salmonella. The CDC later concluded that indeed the ones discovered in the salad bars in The Dalles were from Sheila and her confidence that they had brewed in her fucking basement. And so in eighty six, they hunted Sheila and her confidants down. She pleaded guilty to attempted murder, electronic espionage within the commune, immigration fraud, poisoning incidents, and she was regularly sorry, widely recognized as the architect of this attack.


So she was sentenced to 20 years in prison for her crimes. To this day, like when she was interviewed in prison, they said, do you have any guilt about making people sick? And she's like, people get sick every day.


And it's like, oh, my, not the point. That's like saying, oh, covid is really bad. Well, people die. All the time, it's like that doesn't make anything OK? Yeah, she clearly hasn't learned anything. Right. I'm here. Yes, yes.


And she definitely had it, at least in the interviews I watched, she didn't seem to have changed much of her mind.


So as for Bhagwan, according to the ex mayor of Rajneeshpuram, who turned state's evidence and he became a huge enemy of the group because he basically went against them and said, I have insider intel on the entire cult, if you promise I won't go to jail. So he turned state's evidence.


He was the former mayor of the cult and he was comparing apparently Bhagwan was comparing himself to Hitler toward the end of this, quote unquote, religion, stating that like actual Hitler, like the recycling plan.


No, no, no. I'm just talking about the recycling center. Oh, my God. I don't even think about that.


Apparently, he's comparing himself to Hitler, saying that Hitler had been similarly misunderstood like he was OK when he sought to create a new man like Bhagwan was trying to do so.


Not a good look. Half a month later, Rajneesh renounced his status as a religious teacher. Everything started to go downhill. The ashram citizens and supporters burned 5000 copies of the Book of Scriptures that they had. That was basically the book of Rajneeshee them.


So say that ten times the Book of Rajani schism, which was like his scriptures, basically, they burned the signature red robes in a bonfire.


Hundreds of them deserted Rajneeshpuram for good. A lot of them were heartbroken because this was like their life. They raised their families here. They were like deeply invested in this cult. And all of a sudden it was like the wall had been removed from their eyes and they were like, wait, people, there's espionage and murder. And like, we didn't know we were part of all of this.


So it's really hard for a lot of people. People are becoming like, what's the word?


Disillusioned, basically.


So like what was really going on?


So Bhagwan continued alleging that Sheila was entirely responsible for anything that went south, even though he was also Hitler. So, OK, I guess that's not really a fair argument, right?


Yeah, OK. And he was ultimately this was a huge deal in this show, but ultimately he was deported from the United States or according to federal prosecutors, arranging a series of fake marriages between Indian nationals and his followers to gain them resident status.


So that's basically what they caught him on, is they were like, OK, well, we can prove that you're sending people off the compound to get fake married so that people can gain citizenship and then they're coming back to their real lives and real partners on the compound.


So once they were able to kind of prove that he pled guilty, he was deported, and after his deportation, he was denied entry by 21 different countries.


Oh, so that's how bad of a dude. People were like, we don't want you in, ah, Oregon or not.


Well, and or antelope. Don't you take our Antelope Valley, get out of here. Antelope. Oh, so 21 countries rejected him.


He ultimately returned to India. Indiana.


Oh my God. The other way to get into, you know, Oregon.


He returned to India where he was given like gods welcome and people were cheering. And this is when he rebranded himself as Osho and he basically just continued living his fucking guru lifestyle. He expanded his spiritual teachings. He devised a series of new meditation methods. He began to focus his discourses entirely on Zen. And then in 1990, ultimately, he passed away.


His books had been translated into more than 60 languages. And to this day, the Osho International Meditation Resort continues to attract around two hundred thousand visitors a year. It's still like a huge deal, has a big following. Books are still sold on Amazon about his teachings and essentially the entire city of Rajneeshpuram was, which was meant to be sort of a utopia, was dissolved. The remaining valuables, including the three hundred and sixty five Rolls Royces, are all sold off in auction off the car Rolls Royces.


And after thirty nine months, Sheila was paroled.


She now runs two residential homes for people with disabilities near Basel in Switzerland, which is perched on a hill surrounded by a forest overlooking a small village of 900 people. And she has lived and worked there for more than twenty years, mostly just in peace. It was kind of hilarious. At the end of the interview, she she just kind of looked around, said, is that it?


This would never end. And then she said, we all need a drink.


And she just, like, stood up in the room. I was like, what a fucking ending. Wow.


So there's like I feel I know I rushed through that. It's probably because I'm watching a blizzard pile up outside of it. There's a lie if you watch the. Treats everybody like there's so much I wish I could have put like one poisoning example, there was this woman who said, like later authorities asked me, like, were you ever poisoned?


And she's like, and then I remember one day I was handed a coffee and I ended up in the hospital. I was in a coma for several days and she didn't know why.


And it turns out that Sheila had seen this woman during one of the Rolls-Royce parades.


The car was covered in roses. And Bhagwan had said to her, like pointed at the roses, she said, Do you want me to take one? And he said, take all of them. And she picked up all the roses. And I guess Sheila got jealous and literally fucking poisoned her coffee coma for several days because of that incident.


Oh, my God. So that just gives you an idea of, like, how dangerous this woman was and how much danger she put people in.


And now, which even I've talked about the the compound, interestingly enough, has become the home of the young life community, which know which now is a an organization, also a religious organization that preaches abstinence. So when they interview the folks of Antelope, they say, like, listen, well, we're still not thrilled.


There's this new text, or at least we're not hearing them have wild sex all night. At least I feel like that opposite. Exactly.


So they're like, we'll take it compared. But it was kind of cool to see. Like they had a party when the city was finally given back to them, they renamed the antelope. They put up a statue like they it was really fascinating to see because like, how have I never heard of this? This whole town was taken over.


Yeah. And I mean, you just never knew about this rural Oregon. Oh, poor little antelope. But now these people are like, yeah, it was a weird time of our lives anyway.


Yeah. I hope that's funny. Funny history that Bob Wilde.


OK, well anyway, that is the story of the Rajneeshee. I highly recommend the Netflix docu series Wild Wild Country. It's six part series, very fascinating interviews. All the people involved just really, really next level stuff that I couldn't even begin to cover it all.


But that's OK.


Well done. Well done. Thank you.


I same to you man.


I could have just listen to you talk all day about that, but that's why we got a podcast and I will catch you next week for even more. Yeah.


No know next week will be fun because it's, it's a lot more information too. But it's crazy stuff. I mean both of us covered some pretty wild stuff so. Oh yeah. People are bananas. Sure are.


Well thank you everyone for listening to the chaos that was this week. And hopefully you're doing well. That's when is Valentine's Day. It's coming up. It is Thursday, the 20th.


It just happened when you listen to the spelling. Oh, happy Valentine's Day. Everyone is with their loved one and enjoyed time with their loved one. And if where your loved ones.


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