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It occurred to me as I was getting up to go pee that the audacity was still recording so poor Eva had to listen to me peeing in the audacity file. Hi, everybody.


Welcome to.


And that's why we drink a podcast where I can't stop myself from just being gross, a podcast where we can't get it together.


You think it's just never going to happen.


It's never going to happen. I came up with a fun name today and I'm still brainstorming.


So give me a minute and it'll come up when I come up with it for a second. I was like, what was the fun name I came up with? But yes, that makes sense. If you watch our YouTube, you can see what our what our name, what my name for myself is this week. A lot of you seem to really enjoy when we do that. I shouldn't have said it. I feel like it's fun when people realize it, but by themselves.


But oh well, I'm insecure about not having a name yet, that's all.


Hi. Um, how are you, Christine? I've got so many things to complain about.


Well, what else is new? What's up. What are you complaining about today? Why do you drink? Well, the main thing I didn't even plan on complaining about this, but let's just add it to the docket is that our apartment, one of the many cute traits of it, is that weekly our water gets shut off because what? Because they have to fix something with the pipes? Oh, my God. It's literally every goddamn week there's a sign on our door that says, oh, yeah, well, you're not going to have water for all of Tuesday.


And it's like, oh, and so I woke up to do this. And like, I'm one of those people who I need to wash my face when I wake up. There's just no ifs, ands or buts about it. And there's no water right now. So my face feels very grimy. I'm sure it's fine, but it just doesn't feel clean. So I'm sitting here feeling like I have like a film on me and it's gross. And I found out after I put soap in my hand and then I.


That's the worst. That's the worst. That's the worst.


So then I had to like, fling it off and dry it on a towel.


That's the worst. There's a film now on your hand for sure. Oh, I hate that. Yeah, well, that blows.


Sorry, I wish I were the type of person who had to wash my face when I wake up, but I'm certainly not so.


Oh well that's absolute. Allison does the same thing. She's like, I don't need to wash my face when I wake up and I'm like, what is wrong with you? Like you just walk around, like with your sleep skin on. Like it freaks me out. I need to like, have it all exfoliated again.


Oh, that's okay. I'll put it that way.


I feel like I just have like a sheen of grease on me all the time. If I'm not washed, you know, and I'm fine, like realistically there's nothing going on.


But my I convinced myself, I've I've convinced myself it's a lot worse. So that's that's now the problem of today.


But I'm so sorry for you and all your water loss. Do you have a reason why you drink? Yeah, it's because I couldn't find this beautiful object of mine for a couple of days and I finally found it. What is it?


You're Zack Bacon's blanket.


Oh, it was in the guest room closet because I gave it to my sister when she spent the night. And so it was in the closet. I was like, where do I put that blanket? And so I finally found it.


Let's all hear Christine again. So you gave you give this to your guests? That's right.


Of course, I didn't even hear myself say it, but absolutely.


It's like here, this will keep you warm at night. I'm going to miss it a lot.


But you can have it for the evening. Yeah.


So it's it's it's keeping me cozy today. And that's really I mean, I'm going to visit places family in Connecticut this weekend.


So I'm excited about that. I'm not excited for driving like 12 hours to be there to get there with the dog.


So that should be interesting. But we haven't seen them in like a year and a half, so it'll be kind of nice.


We're all vaccinated now, the whole fam. I'm very excited for you. That's thank you. That's a big deal. As I said here, unvaccinated and unwashed, unbathed, unbathed.


I feel so unclean inside and out of your immune system and your whole what did you call it.


Sleep skin. I sleep skin. You know what? Someone's going to be really grossed out by that. That's not you. And someone's going to understand it like me. So I. I feel like we're like we're I mean, I guarantee you I have sleep skin.


I just don't really care. I think there's a difference. Like, I just walk around my house like I don't care because no, I don't wear pants. I don't wash my face. Well, you know what, I don't wash my face when I go to bed, which I think a lot of people think is worse because it's my day skin that I'm going to bed. Yes, that is worse, I would say.


Yeah. Also not great at that on my end. So I'm not judging because I'm just bad at it, I guess cleaning myself ever so, especially this time and time and age, time and place of my life.


I just, you know, just don't feel the need to be presentable.


Why would really during a pandemic, I truly still do.


You know, someone like I saw something posted like. Why are we all complaining about which jeans to wear? Who the hell is wearing jeans? And I was like, that's a great point. Who the hell is wearing jeans? Who cares at this point if you don't have a fear, wondering if your jeans are going to fit when you finally put them back on.


I'm not about to buy a whole new wardrobe of jeans. Right. Like, forget it. I'm not even going to try.


I'm too I don't have I don't have the funds.


Well, my mental capacity is like I haven't worn jeans in a year. So I'm I'm afraid that they're not going to fit when I put them on again.


I know, but that's what I'm saying. So we're going to have to buy all new jeans. No, thank you. I'm not interested in that. So just avoid them altogether. I have to go have that fear. Then you don't have the the monetary span. Just wear stretchy pants.


Yeah, I feel like after the quarantine, like I, you know, fashion, I, you know, a fashion recession.


Yes. And what are you regale us with your tales of fashion.


Well, you know how like, you know, style comes from whatever's going on within your club?


Oh, it's from the eye of the beholder. That's beauty. Thank you. We can't all have very different from style. OK, but no, I like I, I would like to think fashion comes from like whatever's going on historically in the world. And so I would think after the quarantine it would just be like shaggy hair and joggers is all the rage and like no one should. But then what's going to happen? The next historical thing is everyone's going to feel safe to go outside again.


Gerlando Pendulum going to be like sundresses and shit. It's going to be like high heels, which like. No, all the things you've been thinking of wearing during the pandemic.


Yeah. It's going to be a very look, if I'm right, whenever this pandemic is over, if this is how fashion looks, I'm OK.


To be fair, you just gave two opposite suggestions of what fashion is going to be. So like it can either fall somewhere in between this or the other and nowhere in between. So anyway, let me know. Fashionistas, you know, fill me in in six months how how we're doing. So that's where I think we are. I'm not going to go into gene territory. I'm going to stick with the I'm going to stick with the pandemic era fashion, you know.


Yeah. Joggers get well, I guess not shaggy hair.


Allison cut my hair this weekend, but very, very glam. You know, that's what I want. I go for with my sleeps, with my sleep skin. Anyway, welcome to. And that's why we drink or Rachel. A paranormal story and a true crime story. And have you picked up on my my name yet.


No, I'm so scared just to to spoil it for everyone. Evans is Christie sleep paralysis demon like I have to come up with something equally scary.


And then I was like, what is equally scary. Oh yeah. I'm sleep scared is probably just what would I see as a sleep paralysis demon em in their sleep skin is what I would see.


Christine's day schorno. That is right. And he just Kristine's skin in general is scary. Thank you.


And the problem is now nobody's ever going to see the sleep paralysis demon because apparently it changes it for the entire record. Oh, no, I know it's really annoying.


Well, for people who I guess originally said, Christine, sleep paralysis demon. And now we've got a set of skin, a couple of skins between this and this is it is really scary sounding and grotesque.


So, yeah, we I think we we've we nailed it anyway.


Nailed it. I think we did so anyway.


Would you like to hear a story, Chris?


I would love to. I'm going to actually take my Zebb blanket, get it kind of cozy here.


Cover up your little Deskins. Yeah, I know now how insecure I'm supposed to feel about never washing my face, so. Yes. And I know I need to wash my face. OK, I know I watch you tubers. I get how important it is. I just don't do it.


Because here's the thing. Don't your sleeves get what I can't understand how people wash their face. This is going to sound so dumb and I've been thinking it for years and I don't know how else to ask except I'm just going to say it in public. Now, how do you wash your face? Because my sleeves all get wet and it runs down my arms, the water. And I'm just like, how do you do it without getting water all over the bathroom?


I tell me, please, I know you well enough to know that all of your long sleeves there, weirdly loose, long sleeves like they're all they're all droopy, drapey. So like because what my answer is, like, you just put your sleeve up. Yeah.


But then it runs down your arms and then it gets all over the counter. I mean I know that's probably a mean thing too, because I'm as Emme knows, I'm not really particularly cleaner organized when I'm doing any sort of task, but I feel like water gets all over the place, like, how do you keep it?


Somebody said wants to buy those like 80s sweatbands.


So I did that for a while, but then they got all soggy.


I'm sorry, it wait somewhat. It's it's a good suggestion for someone who's as messy as you. But there really was someone else out there says to put any sweatbands on our bread sweatband to keep the water from the water.


Yeah, well OK.


But no, OK. I thought you were going to be like, yes, Christine, I totally get it.


And you're not saying that now, are you not saying that? I'm saying I understand because I shit I.


Oh, shit. I thought I was like. I'm going to nail something that has had a problem with and has nailed and I'm going to get a solution and well, literally, what are you talking about? I'm not saying what are you talking about because I know I understand the complaint, but I have so I always like double wrap up my sleeves. So they're super tight. Like, I'll even, like, roll the sleeves to make sure that they're tight on me.


So they're tight now. I got my my space camp Sweat.


Speaking of fashion with camp sweatshirt, I also I also always have the washcloth or towel next to the sink before anything happens so that so I can just grab it with your hands and then dry it with a washcloth.


You wash it with the washcloth. How do you perform this act, OK.


A lot of people are going to give me shit because I know that nobody teach me how to wash my face. That's the big problem.


Well, the thing is, I was I think I was taught how to wash my face, and then I just still actively went against it because if I was too lazy, but like so I wash my face with my hands. And I'm pretty sure you have to do with a washcloth to, like, exfoliate rights like Buffett or something. I don't know.


You're looking at me who literally doesn't know how to wash their face. Thank you for asking.


I just use my hands and soap and then just like judge my face and then I take like hand soap, like a bar, like a bar of soap or a handshake or whatever is nearby.


OK, well, that I know you're supposed to not use just bar soap. That's kind of just. Oh no. Whatever civilizational cleanser or something.


So, yeah, I probably I don't know, whatever is on my sink I use I don't know, I, I know, I know people are going to scream like but I can palm oil.


You just sprinkle for it. What if it gets in your eyes.


Oh God. I had, I have used that in the past in a in an urgent need where like I didn't have anything else in my face felt gross. I have used like dish soap buildOn.


I have it. My thought was like if we can get the grease off pans, you can get the grease off my face and all of the moisture and nutrients of my skin.


Yeah, those are in pinschers.


But like, I like whatever soap is in my bathroom, I don't really pay attention to it. So I but then I just like use my hands and then I do the thing where I make a cup with my hands and get all the water and then I just press my face black on your face, but then it goes all over the floor.


And this is because you said splash and I said press for my face. Yeah, potato. Potato. It's like it's like I imagine it's a little pool and I'm a kid trying to, like, hold my breath underwater.


I just kind of go and then I let go of the water with my hand in the sink and then I grab the towel and then I blah blah blah. What do you do? Apparently, you splash around like high and I get in so much trouble, ask Alice and she lived with me.


I used to just I still I can't do anything whether it's brushing my teeth, washing my hands, wash my face without just a like a lake, like I just create a lake around me.


It doesn't matter what I'm doing. There's just lakes of water wherever I go.


And it's it's just bad. It's just messy and it's bad. And now I have my own house. And so I have to actually be like pretty damn careful about destroying my home. So I'm like, I don't want to get water all over the floors and the but that's what I do. It's just a disaster. I don't understand.


Next summer in the same room together will like I'll I'll be teacher, we'll wash our face together and see what happens. Because I also don't I know people can like Akseli drip everywhere, but I don't know people who can make like monsoon's like you can so.


Well I suddenly feel so special, you know, worse way you teach me and I'll teach you.


How about that. I'll teach you what not to do. Right. Anyway, sorry that was such a derail that I was like it just suddenly hit me.


Why I don't wash my face because I find it so difficult to act like the stupidest thing ever. But it's just like I feel like I don't know how to do it properly.


And so it just ends up being a huge complication of my life. My my issue with washing my face a lot, especially when my hair is like longer and on my forehead, is I don't know how to wash around my hair when it's like in my face. So that was an issue. But then I just got one of those little hairband things I just like, held my hair.


Oh yeah. That actually is smart anyway. OK, well if anyone else has this problem, let me know because I'm going to feel real dumb in about how many days. Four days when this comes out. So thanks in advance anyway. Please tell me a story while I hide under this large photo. Exactly.


OK. Oh can I, can I make an announcement by the way. Of course this late in so I don't know how on earth my world's decided to collide like this, but one of the people that Allison works with her name, I don't I don't know if I necessarily want to say her name. I don't know. We don't have permission but her. Let's just say her name was Bea. And somehow Allison was working with her at her job where Alison's not in the entertainment industry.


She's like, no, she's like she's like the only L.A. individual doesn't work in the entertainment.


And she was she met this person who works for CBS and does casting for Let's Make a Deal. And Alison, trying to bond with her was like, oh, yeah, well, you know, my my significant others parents are doing have been done, let's make a deal and all this. And she like, freaked out and like went to meet them and all this. And basically, long story short, my mom and Tom got on the pandemic Zoome version of Let's Make a Deal, Stop It, which what which airs soon.


I can't tell you what happens. I can't tell you if they win or not, but it will be coming out soon. You're kidding me. That they, they got there's like like literally let's make a deal. Decided to make a remote episode or your kid and Alison basically casted Linda on my my mom are credible.


Allison got them to connect and apparently my mom and this person are not like friends in real life or say, ah, I mean what did you expect?


And so they like my mom because and let's make a deal. We remember the bucket. You have to be like dressed in a costume that usually helps you out. They really like to see, like, people in costumes and all amped up. And so my mom, because it was during the pandemic, she worked with what she had and she dressed her and Tom up as their cats, which she also got during the pandemic because she was home alone for too long.


And so she started collecting pets.


Sure. As we all do. And somehow she was able to very perfectly make costumes that looked exactly like these animals. Oh, my God. She dressed up her and Tom dressed up for their interview and they had a bunch of interviews. It wasn't just like this woman just got her on the show.


It was like a normal casting situation where they had like four or five interviews over the weeks where they had to be. I don't know if they had to be dressed up yet, but my mom was like not allowing them to not get on board. She was just a cat the whole time. She every time she would send me pictures of her and these and her cat costume with, like, full makeup crap like like little paws and everything.


And she kept saying, like, I have another interview with Let's make a deal. And I have a feeling no one else interviewing that early on was in costume.


Yeah, but she made it. She made it. Her and Tom, they are they're going to be on the show. And I can't tell you how far they get or if they win or if they lose or anything like that. But it will be out soon.


So, OK, well, we'll definitely have to post about that because I'm excited as someone who attended the original event, excited to watch it from inside my home in safety and no cost without having to stand in a casting line for eight hours.


What a nightmare for any L.A. resident. Really, what a night.


If you if you happen to have someone who lives in L.A.. Don't ever ask them to take you to a TV taping, because it's it's the thing we hate the most is going to nightmare.


It sounds fun and it is as a one off, but it just becomes so unfunny.


I know that sounds so jaded, but like it's like eight to 10 hours. Yeah.


Without your phone, they take your phone they like because they don't want any spoilers or anything. So you just sit, you get on one bus, go to another bus, go to another bus, you just sit like never air conditioned.


It's just a nightmare. It's just it takes literally a minimum four to five hours to even get into the studio. And then the taping is always longer than what you see on TV. So you sit in this like on the set for hours, not being able to do anything until the cameras aren't. It sounds so L.A. douchy, but I'm just giving you advice. Please don't ask your loved ones.


It by all means, go ahead and do it, because I'm sure it would be a fun experience. But once you do one, you're like, oh, I see.


This is not as fun as it sounds. My my mom, when her and Tom came to visit L.A. for the first time, she planned like three TV tapings. And I was like, I love you, but I'm not going to all of those with you. It's like too much. I'll go to let's make a deal. And then I'm I literally didn't call out of work. I mean, I went to work instead.


And you went with my mom to the my brother went, oh, my brother and I went, that's right. My brother and I went, yeah, we are such suckers.


Get falling into your little trap.


That was very nice of you to take care of my mom and take her to the TV taping. I left it all out.


Don't worry. Christine, Miserly Harvest just got here, and I am very excited for lunch when we are done recording, I'm going to go to town on a flat bread and I'm very excited. I'm sorry that I'm going to hold you away from your father for like six hours because that's probably what's going to happen.


But I woke up three hours before you because of the time difference, and I had my little mint Cachao smoothie.


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It feels good for one's daily harvest.


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Let's talk about Christine's feet. Let's talk about the shoes she wears. Let's talk about Rafi's.


That's beautiful, Abigail. Let's wait.


Let's talk about Roz's. That's how the song goes anywhere, is it?


But anyway, let's talk about Ravis. Good. Hello. We are going to talk about Roddy's. I just want to tell you real quick that finally it's starting to warm up here. I think it's 70 degrees here today. And so I pulled out. I just bought sandals from Rosses in places like, well, it's still cold out. And I was like, just wait. So I have my sandals prepped for spring, OK? They're super cute and super cozy and made from water bottles, by the way, and easily washable.


And I still have my yellow my beautiful lemon Marigold Pointe Flats that I'm going to wear in the springtime when I can finally leave my house.


You heard it here first, folks, and second and one hundredth check out all the amazing shoes, bags and masks available right now at Rockies' Dotcom Drink. That's Rothko's dotcom are y slash drink style and sustainability.


Meet to create your new favorites. Had to write these dot com slash drink today.


Here is this is some law and some Canadian law. OK, this is the story of the headless nun.


Oh what.


OK, and this is a super fast story just so everyone knows. So I'm trying to break even with all the kuhnen stuff from three weeks ago, it's going to take us a few years.


But we'll get there. We'll get there. So this the story begins in the mid eighteenth century. We know it well. I think it was definitely know it.


Well, the it was I think seventeen fifty ish. And it was in Nova Scotia. Apparently in this area there were the British and the French were fighting over land, which by the way did not belong to them to begin with. But OK. And they the French people at the time this subset of French people were called the Acadians. I hope I'm saying that right. Acadians accordion's.


I think it's Acadians, Acadians who became Canadians.


I don't know. That's a fun little ditty is I don't know if it's true, but it feels right. But so in seventeen fifty six eventually as they were, as the British and French were fighting over this land, the Acadians or the French were driven out of Nova Scotia by the British and they basically all fled to Quebec. But there were a few of them who ended up going to New Brunswick. New Brunswick, by the way, is the part of Canada.


I'm currently obsessed with it. Oh, it varies. But I'm really into like the the most eastern tip of Canada right now. Interesting. So I've been planning my fake Canada trip to New Brunswick lately. So anyway, so about thirty five hundred of them went to northern New Brunswick and they stayed in a town called Miramichi. Apparently Miramichi is it translates to Micmac Island. So in the town Miramichi, I guess there were indigenous people called the Mentana Mentone and they called it the McMellon because they hated McMath's and they were calling it the land of bad people, basically.


What are McMath's there?


It was a whole other tribe or. Oh, I see. It just I don't know. I don't totally know what they're what the term is just a different group of different groups. Yeah. And so there was the Montagnard and the McMath's that the Maytag's or Mahtani, they called Miramichi the MC MacLane because it translated to the land of bad people because apparently they didn't like the McMath's and it was like them just like let's name a town while also roasting the people.


We don't want to love that. OK, and so the Acadians who went to Miramichi, who ended up in this area, they made a fort to fend off any others of the British that were to come and try to fight them. The place where this fort where they built this fort is called French Fort Cove. And it's now a park that you can go to. Fun fact. So it still exists. And the fort had the reason that a lot of the Acadians were afraid that the British would find them and Miramichi and attack this fort is because around this area there was a lot of timber.


And so they thought that the British would try to take over the land and then take the resources for whatever they wanted to use it.


So the French settlers who went there and built this for not only were they dealing with the British, trying to find them and fight them and take their resources, but they were also dealing with the fact that they didn't have a lot to eat. And apparently there was an outbreak of leprosy.


Oh, shit. Yes, a double whammy there. Yeah.


So no eating leprosy. And also the British keep trying to kill you, Wolf. So to try and contain the spread, the people who had leprosy were exiled to a nearby island called Sheldrake Island. Just to, like, put them somewhere, I guess. Yikes. And hearing what was going on in this near the sport with all the leprosy and people dying and needing help, there was a nun and this nun wanted to go help the people in Miramichi.


Her name was Sister Mary Ann Kanou, and she wanted to help those who sought refuge. And there is one historian who claims that Encarna was actually Latin for unknown. So it either means that her last name was literally unknown or that she has an unknown last name. Right.


That they just call her that like a Jane Doe type situation.


Exactly. Exactly. And a lot of people there's actually I did see this one website where someone tried to make the joke. I think she's like, oh, mom are like, right.


God forbid are like I mean, it just feels like a mom. It feels like a mom joke that like on their blog they try to make a joke with someone asking, like, what the nuns name was and someone saying unknown, white, unknown. Why.


Like like a like a Three Stooges. Sorry. Yes. On first. Yeah it was, it was. I mean it was like OK, let's I appreciate the attempt. Do you. I know it exists. Let's put it that way. We acknowledge its existence. But anyway, that's apparently a joke.


At least one person has made it now to because I'm saying. Yeah, well, I love that. I love it. So Sister Marie. So I don't know, by the way, if Sister Marie in Kanou actually is just basically Latin for Jane Doe.


No, because Marie is also super common name. Yeah.


For four nuns. Catholic nuns. Yeah. Yeah, I don't know. So Sister Marie, they according to the law at least she was probably born in northern France and she I don't know why, but they the story goes that she was the youngest daughter in the family and apparently at the time, if you're the youngest daughter, you were expected to go be in a convent and become a nun.


Elsa, I feel like that's rough because how do you know? Because what if you get pregnant again, right? Well, shit, I thought we already sent the youngest to the convent. Now why? We got to send another one.


Every daughter ends up in a convent, apparently, I guess because you're like you're currently the youngest. Yeah. What is it?


That's probably actually a pretty solid plan if you're trying to send everybody. Yeah. It's like, oh, you're the youngest for now. We're not going to tell you we're pregnant, but it's a technicality.


So I don't know how true that is. I think that might just be part of the law. But anyway, so strangely, I feel like I've heard that before, that like the youngest goes away to a convent. I feel like I've heard that before. I just never really processed what that meant as far as like the youngest also or now, if that's true, I wonder historically.


Like, why? Like what? Yeah.


Trying to protect your your younger sister. Virginal child. Oh, maybe.


Or maybe you're just like, listen, I married off the rest. I'm just too tired to find your husband out. I have no I have no more funds for dowry. This is no more dowry. That could be it because like the youngest daughter feel like you're kind of screwed, right. If you have multiple siblings who are either boys or older girls because, well, you're kind of shit out of luck.


Yeah, that's probably it floating around. So this is my sister. This is our historic research. This is why we don't actually get a Ph.D. in history. We just kind of make shit up.


That's the reason why we don't have a PhD.


Yes, that's the only reason. So Sister Marie, I guess, went to the convent. I guess she was the youngest daughter and she began to hear the stories about what was going on with the Acadians. And she begged her to assign her as a missionary sister and go to go help them. So in 1750, she left for Quebec and in seventeen fifty six she ended up moving to Miramichi. She moved to a community on Miramichi called La CompE.


This spells and.


Oh, beautiful. Thank you. So and in this community, she became like a huge value to people. I mean, people really, really loved her. And so one of the responsibilities they gave her was in case the British ever came back, all of the women wanted to make sure that their jewelry and everything was safe. And so they gave everything to Sister Marie to protect in the event.


If this were a GRIF, this would be a good gift because they could just say one nine. Let me watch your valuables. Exactly.


If you're a runaway found, if you're out there and you happen to be a grifter, this is this is the job for you.


All you have to do put on a habit.


And then when someone says, what's your name, be like Jane Doe and then ask everyone for their pearled, ask anyone who is maybe coughing a little bit for their pearls just for safekeeping if they're coughing or.


Hungrier, like their husband is not at war, just just say, you know what, I have some empty hands that can hold things important to you.


And I have a large cloak that I could hide and lots of pockets. They're already filled. Don't look like a cargo cargo habit, cargo cloak.


And I will say you may risk contracting leprosy, but that's part of the gig. You know, part of it half the fun.


I yeah. I have always wanted one of those cargo, one of those jackets, revenge coat, trench coats. We have a million pockets.


So, yeah, that's like what perverts wear.


But yeah, in stereotypical I would have I had a trench coat growing up, I would have different intentions than like a flasher, but yeah. Yeah.


The fact that there's so many pockets, why wouldn't you at least want one. You know I don't think there are pockets.


I think people just like pinch it to the inside. Right. Or Oh see I always literally just took the cake.


There are pockets and I'm just like because I had a trench coat. It definitely didn't have, you know, what I did is I, I pretended to flash my friend. Listen, it's a whole thing. Don't worry about it.


A friend of mine, my friend, and then the other friend took a photo and then we and then we expose yourself to art. Never mind. We thought it was clever.


It is it was illegal. It is original, I will acknowledge that it exists.


Let's put it that way. Oh, no, I'm the unfunny mob. Oh, no. OK, it is hysterical. It's it's very on the nose. It's on the tip, if you will.


It's it's basically what I did when I was 16 and everyone else was drinking beer.


This is how I spent my my time so that I would I would like a copy of that picture if I have it. Actually I can we could post it on Instagram.


We can we can we print that as a canvas option because I what's what's our canvas sponsor. I don't remember anymore. We haven't worked with them in a while. It's been a while. Well, it's wrong. Thank God for them. They're probably like, get out. I don't even like we had a bad feeling.


We pulled we pulled out before you guys got to this point. I would like it to look artsy like as like a nod to the fact that watercolor. Yeah. Like like an oil painting. Maybe maybe some stipple. Oh sure. He got stipple some crosshatching.


But yeah. If you could, if you could send me one of those that would be super great. I'd like to be exposed to art if you know what I mean.


Yeah I will, I will certainly expose you to art. So just, just wait.


I suppose you like a soon it'll be that powerful.


That's really saying whoever handles the out of the. And that's why I drink out of context please. Right.


I will expose you to my monsoon and it's very powerful. OK, I'm sorry. Can you tell me about the nun. I need to get a stop talking about grifters and perverts.


Oh I just wanted to say was like I really took back the comic literally where you would see someone like like who is who like sells you a bunch of watches is they had hundreds in there.


And I was like, wow, so many pockets. It's pretty cool if someone could just make me a trenchcoat full of a hundred pockets of watches like a creepy coat.


Yeah. It's a much more literal sense, a creepy coat. And on the inside, more pockets. It's so many pockets. It's scary.


Yeah. Well, also because you're you'd be kind of a big creep, but it all works.


It all molds. It's a double entendre. So many layers are happening right now. The layers anyway. Leprosy I'm sorry.


You told me this is a short story and I took that to mean why don't you ruin it? What did you tell?


Whatever we do, tell each other like, hey, we've got a short story. Feel free to banter. We should not give each other that license.


Dangerous, dangerous license to give. OK, so anyway, she was as much as we just totally made fun of her, she actually was super fundamental to the community. Oh, and not a grifter. Not a grifter. Not a pervert. Not exposing anyone to anything except love.


Oh, and the exact opposite of the person we just described actually. Yes.


That was me putting myself in that position.


Chris, Christine is the exact opposite of Sister Murray.


Sister Christine would be problematic for sure. So don't worry, it's not Maria's fault.


I feel like if I met a sister, Christine, I'd be like, she already sounds fun. She already said she has a flask in her pocket. Certainly somewhere she has in her Bible. There's a carved out space for a class. Yeah. So she.


Yeah. So everyone loved her and they gave her all of their treasures because they genuinely did trust her and they only trusted her one other person in town with this role and the other woman died of scurvy. And so it was just Sister Marie who knew exactly where all this treasure was because her and the woman who died from scurvy, they decided that they were going to hide all the treasure by burying it somewhere and they were never going to tell anyone the location.


Oh, shit. And then the woman died. And so Sister Marie was the only person left who knew the location of this treasure. Oh, no. And then let's remember that the story is called The Headless Nun. Oh, I didn't forget to worry.


So she becomes headless because one day she was walking home from work and she basically got robbed and murdered. Oh, no. So there's different accounts where it was either two people who had escaped from Sheldrake Island and they were because they were people with leprosy and they were they heard about her somehow knowing where all the treasure was. And they thought if we rob her, we can get enough money to, like, flee and get out of town. Another version of that, as instead of it being two people from Sheldrick Island with leprosy, it was two sailors with scurvy.


And then there's another account where it's just like a random person in the woods just found her and wanted whatever she had on her. Whatever the case was, she said, no, she wasn't going to help them rob her and help you rob me.


Actually, you have to put in all the work here. OK, I'm just going to sit down. So anyway, she she refused to give them anything. And the person or people cut her head off. Oh, I mean, I knew that was coming, but like, startling still.


Yeah, it was like they if it's the sailor story, then they use a sword and just like with one slash.


And I also think the story that had to do with, like the two people with leprosy, that it was like they just had knives on them. But apparently they hit her. They cut her throat so hard. Her had this immediately was severed, which I don't know if you can physically do that with a knife, can you? It doesn't matter. And it's also law. I don't think I don't know if this actually happy, exaggerated or. Yeah, fingers crossed.


This never actually happened. And this is just like a random, spooky tale you tell people in Canada. Yeah. So fingers crossed it's never happened to somebody.


But anyway, so her the the next part is that they either took her head and threw it into the river to keep her from being identified, some other versions of the story or that they just ran off with her head in their hands.


Huh. Either way, they removed the head from the situation so that nobody would be able to identify the body. Sure. But I guess people saw her in a nun outfit and they were like your probably sister Marie.


So they were. We know you.


Yeah. They probably realized she wasn't like anywhere to be found. And they were this person was wearing her clothes. So the body ended up getting sent to France so that, well, they a bunch of soldiers heading towards the airport ended up discovering her the next morning and then her body was sent to France to be with her family. And that means the treasure was never located.


Well, who died with her? So today, Sister Marie is still seen as a headless ghost. And there's, again, different versions of this story. Some say that she is there to protect the treasure. Some people say that she's there to find her head. Other there's another story where she already has her head and she is just trying to bury it with her body. Oh, she has been seen throughout the whole area, but she's usually seen next to the bridge where she died.


Wow. Which I thought I had the name of that bridge across the Brook Bridge is that is the name.


So creepy name already. Yeah. And apparently a bunch of I don't know if, like, the name came after the scenario or the scenario came after the name, but it happens to be Chromebook Brook Bridge and a bunch of crows are seen gathering at sunset.


So it's all bad. Yeah. I think you know and let's remember a group of crows is called a murder.


Precisely. Precisely.


I don't know why. By the way, why did zoologist or whoever give every animal a different name for their group?


It's really kind of rude, rude, practical joke, if that's what they're pulling.


Can we say a group of birds, a group of fish group? I mean, everything's got to have its own damn name.


I mean, you can kind of probably say whatever, but probably, like I could say, a gaggle of crows if I wanted a school.


It makes me sound way more silly and lighthearted than a murder of them. Yes.


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That's friends without the R best.


So anyway, this this bridge happens to be where she ran into these robbers and died. And so that's where people most often have experiences with her. Legend has it. If you see her at the bridge, this is a weird take on the account, but maybe my favorite one where people say that they have seen her and she will offer you a thousand guineas to help her find her head.


Apparently nice. A thousand guineas and seventeen fifty six when she died is equivalent to of like almost two hundred twenty thousand dollars today. Holy shit.


So I would sure like to help you find your head or your body.


How can I ask, like kind of a gruesome question but how does she offer that if she doesn't have a head. I don't know. But there are some people who say that they see her holding her own head and they're like either she's completely helpless, looking for her head or she's holding her head and looking for her body, or she's holding her head hoping you'll help her find the treasure. I mean, it's it's always a different form of, you know, its own law.


And also, I don't know scientifically how that would work either, but whatever. So in the blog called Dark Hauntings, here is a quote about what people experience with the headless nun. People have reported a powerful feeling of being watched and studied by an unseen force on the bridge and that she is said to hunt. Ghostly voices have been heard in the wind and an uncomfortable feeling of being followed and stalked in the woods past the bridge, which is where it is believed Sister Marie was killed.


Visitors to the area have claimed they were approached by Sister Marie's spirit late at night, asking them to help her find her head. Others believe she has found her head and carries it in her arm, asking them to bury it with her body. The presence is very active and both day and night, but but become stronger upon sunset. And apparently she will only come forward to those who she thinks would help her. So basically, if you are a people pleaser, your shit out of luck.


Yeah, we're screwed.


Emma, shut up. We'd be like, well, oh, this is awkward. I guess we have no way of saying no.


I already felt like kind of obligated, but now they're offering me money. OK, I guess to two birds, one stone here.


Oh. So the upper end of the French fought cove, which you can still go to today, is said to be also heavily active because not only do you see Sister Marie here sometimes, but you can still hear ghostly sounds of cannons from when they were fighting the British. There was one documentary that mentioned the headless nun are a few different stories of the headless nun, where one treasure hunter heard about Sister Marie's treasure and went looking for it. And when he found where he thought the treasure might be, he hit something solid in the ground with a shovel.


And then he got pushed. And when he fell to the ground and looked up, he saw the headless non hovering over him.


Oh, jeez, she's still protecting it. Yeah.


And and I guess that wasn't enough because the next morning in his hotel room, he died. Oh, shit. Yeah, they found him dead. They say it was a heart attack, but people like to link the two things together. In the 1920s, there was apparently a male man who was trying to cross the bridge with his horse, but the horse refused to go near it. And so the next day, the guy went to go check it out and see what was going on there that might have spooked him.


And he just saw two footprints standing in the middle of the entrance of the bridge with no other footprints that would suggest someone like in the snow or something.


It was like in the dirt. And there was like, oh, yeah.


So that's less. Less. And then also there was a group of tourists, ones who were crossing the bridge, and one of the guys felt someone kind of like tap them on the head, apparently tapping on the head. He sort of felt like fingers and he got tapped three times. He turned around, he saw the headless nun. And the next day, the spot where his head got tapped on the hair had turned white.


Whoa, that's not good. Yeah. And then the law goes further on to say that he like. Went mad or something like that. So she's like this nun suddenly getting very, I know, so aggressive. I feel like the like there's a huge gamut, like a very wide. Yeah. For like the stories here, because it sounds like she's was a lovely person in life and she just wants someone to help her find her fucking head or her body or the like, put it to rest or something.


She just wants closure and she never did anything wrong. And then all of these other, like random stories come out where, like, she's killing people. It's like sounds really out of sorts. Yeah.


She's like cursing people who are just crossing the bridge. They're not even like, what is that noise that you're. Hail, that's the hail. Oh, my gosh, you guys, earlier we were talking before the recording and even made a face like she was about to get stabbed and I was like, well, I think we're recording this for the police.


And then she screamed, exhaling and then she disappeared and came back and said, I tried to get you a hail.


And you're like, thank you.


And so now it's hailing on, you know. Huh? I know.


Well, it sounded to me like that the door was opening and I was going to tell Alison, like, get out, I'm recording.


But it was I literally was like, your cat's coming in. Those like it sounded like a cat was trying to get in the door.


Oh, it seems like it passed really quickly.


That was the whole thing was loud, though. It was loud and I was gone. Did you get me a hail though, in spirit.


But now. Oh, I couldn't leave. I couldn't leave. I didn't have enough time. But anyway, so yeah. So it sounds really wild, like she went from being really, really like loved and respected and trusted by all community and now she's like killing people. So I think you're just crossing the bridge.


It's not like they were like trying to find the treasure. It was like, yeah, just taking a walk. Yeah. So it feels like the stories I've just really like gotten hyped up and it's very. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're also like not to like put her in a category here, but like there's I'm sure the headless nun it feels like kind of a broad story. So maybe when you hear about the headless nun, you know, you might not always be talking about the same ghost.


It's just like, oh, the other had less not so many headless nuns that we started calling them Incognita or whatever, Sister Incognito.


But yeah, for all I know, it could just be like another like people could be just mixing and matching stories from all their own hometowns or whatever. I don't know. I don't know. It just it doesn't make a lot of sense to me why the person would be so wide and varied variety. So there's one there was one guy who talked about his experience with the headless nun. His name was Mark Robert Allen Steeves. He said he once went to the cove looking for the treasure to, like, find the nun with his friend.


And he found like a really old cloth. And then he got stuck in quicksand and felt more like a like an adventure tale. And then the next time he went back to the cove, he, while in the cove or while near the cove, looked out and saw a guy having a fire, a campfire. He saw two people out by a fire and one of them was sleeping. But he was sleeping really close to the fire where his clothes looked like they were almost going to catch on fire.


And so he sprinted at them and pushed the guy away from the flames and woke him up and was like, where's that other person that was with you? And he said, Oh, I've been here alone. And apparently he remembers that that second figure, almost like, you know, either allowing this to happen or or it felt like the story was implying that this guy was like asleep or like in a trance and couldn't be woken up because the second figure was like having him catch on fire, was rolling him into the right, but slowly pushing him closer to the.


So then that's another thing where it's like, OK, so that's apparently the sinister headless nun.


But I was trying to give where's that person who is with you, who is dressed like a nun and also didn't have the head. What did she do? I thought she was your friend who was dragging you by the collar right into the flames, who was like rolling your right to a live fire. Yeah.


So anyway, so there's a lot of stories about the headless nun. Most of them are just that. You see her at the bridge and she either asks you to help her. Apparently someone has at least once been offered money.


What do you do? Like do you like if you say no, is she going to give you a heart attack or like, I don't know, I feel like you're screwed either way.


Or if she's you say, yes, I would like to think if you say yes, then like you blink and all of a sudden she's not there or something. Yeah, that's what I would like to think as well. I would like it to be like a really tame story like that where it's like, oh, I agreed to help and then she left me alone, you know. Yeah, yeah. I would feel like that's probably most of it.


I would also imagine near this bridge there's a lot of teenagers who go there and swear they saw Shadow where their car doesn't start or they hear crying or, you know, just sort of cross a murder of crows come flying in all at once. But anyway, you can still go to this park, the French Fort Cove. They do have a headless nun tour. Oh, okay.


And this is a little nod to beat you, Sandy. But here's a review for you, Sandy M, who says great tour with some very good acting. So apparently there's actors on this tour.


Oh, shit. A headless nun actor. Now, that is quite a role to play.


May may be somewhat frightening for children as the cove is very dark and people jump out of the dark areas. Great value as the cost was only ten dollars per person. And you get a tiny souvenir fleshlight.


That's cute. It would be. Yeah, it's kind. I like that. I'm getting a freebie out of ten dollars worth of a tour. I'm wondering the quality of the store for it's only ten bucks and they're also paying you and Flashlight's you know.


Anyway, so I'm just going to end on an excerpt from a poem by Doug Underhill about the headless nun, and this little line says she won't hurt you. She's just alone. She's just asking make my body whole, which is sad, but also goes completely against all of these scary stories I just told you, like she hurt you.


It's like I beg to differ. Well, I don't buy to differ, but a lot of people share what apparently people are having heart attacks and shit. So I would say that all of the more elaborate stories are not very on par or if they are, it's a different headless nun that has been misconstrued with this one because it sounds like this one just very lovely. And you happen to just walk by her every now and then and maybe she has had maybe she doesn't.


But we love her no matter what.


But maybe she thinks that you're the one who beheaded her arms. She's getting her vengeance.


I'm surprised that storyline didn't come up in all of this, that she's, like, looking for the person who hurt her. But I guess if she's not a vengeful ghost, then that would dismiss that, too, but then also dismiss the heart attack and all that. Yeah, that's rough, man. I mean, and, you know, it would be really rough as if you were you recovered from your leprosy and you were like, I'm ready for all my pearls.


And then it's like awkward. We actually I hope you have insurance because they're under the ground somewhere.


So apparently this this treasure is still out there, though. So if you happen to be someone who doesn't mind pissing off a very kind ghost, I guess you could go find it.


But please don't, because apparently don't don't start digging in random places that you're not supposed to be digging.


Well, that's that number one. And number two, also, we don't want anyone to accidentally die on our watch because a ghost might get you, you know. Yep.


That's definitely a big reason. I just I know I talked about how I love my metal detector. Oh, right.


People saying, like, hey, just so you know, like people shouldn't be metal detecting in public places.


Oh. You know, that's where archaeologists and people who are meant to study history should be taking the reins, which I understand. Let me let me re retry this. If you're an archaeologist and you've got to be near the French for kov, there's archaeologists. If you have. Yeah. If you have an adrenaline rush, that means that you're trying to pull out of yourself, maybe associate a thirst. You need quenched, maybe go go digging around French for kov and see what happens and say it's all for science.


It's all for science, all for history. So we get ten percent please. And that's, that's the story of the Adlerstein.


So wow. That was fun. I, I didn't expect that. When he said lower I thought we were going to go with like a a cryptid or something. So I was pleasantly surprised.


No ghosty you know, it's weird is like it's for I don't know why, but in my head lore and ghost stories are sometimes completely different and sometimes exactly the same thing.


And yeah, I can see that in her lore. It's like a story how you become a ghost, although it felt like it was a ghost story that happened to be part of an urban legend or something. Right. Right. Because you don't know if the history is actually real.


For all we know, this literally there really was like a nun who I guess by their standards at that time, it was called it was basically Jane Doe, but it was Marie-Anne Connew. And there could have very well been a Jane Doe nun who got killed one day. Something has made a story about it. So I don't know. I don't know how real it is. I don't know. I just imagine a bunch of teenagers use that to, like, scare their little siblings now or something.


And a bunch of grown ass adults use it to scare each other like us. Yeah. Yeah, it works.


Yeah. All right. Well, I have a story for you today. This is the story. It's pretty disturbing. So I apologize in advance.


But it's a story of Savanah, la Fontaine, Gray Wind. And we are headed to North Dakota.


Oh, North Dakota. Have we have. I know. Have we ever been in North Dakota? I don't remember. I don't know in Fargo. So I'm not sure if we've been to Fargo. Also never watched the series, watched the movie, but never watched the series.


So I feel kind of bad about that because it supposed to be good, humble brag.


I worked on the series. Oh, did you watch it?


I did watch it, but I also watched it for work. So I was at home. Yeah.


That was like if my brother mentioned this the other day where the sorry to bring the office in again, but when someone when Pam was like, have you read this book?


And he's like, read it, I own it, I've never read it. Yeah, OK, we're done it. I worked on it. So that should be enough for you. But no, I've never I've never sat down with a bowl of popcorn and watched it.


Oh, my brother.


So that's very good. So you can trust him on that. So we are going back to twenty seventeen. So not even that long ago. It's a summer day, August 27th. Twenty seventeen around five forty five pm on the Red River of the north, which is a river that forms the border of North Dakota and Minnesota and empties into Lake Winnipeg.


In Canada, two kayakers are out on the red, paddling the red. You know what they call it? Mm hmm. When they spot a strange looking object bobbing several meters away, retro, it appears to be hooked onto a log. So the pair decide to get a better glimpse of what this object could be.


Oh, they paddle over and immediately notice it's not an object at all. It is, unfortunately, a body tightly wrapped in plastic and duct tape. Fuck, yes, indeed. So obviously, call law enforcement. They pull the body from the river around eight 20 p.m. and the body was soon identified to be 22 year old mother, to be Savannah LaFountain mother to be.


That becomes the focal point of the story.


So that's another warning I will warn you guys when we get closer to kind of the more disturbing aspects of this story. But and it's not like super in-depth or anything, but it's pretty, I'll tell you when we get there.


But OK, so she had first been reported missing eight days earlier on Saturday, August 19th.


And I want to say at this point that I wanted to mention a little podcast that I found called Wounded a Native True Crime podcast. And I listen to their coverage of the story. It was so well done. And it was I just really, really I found the host very endearing and I really enjoyed the show.


So I went to follow them on Instagram and they took a hiatus like they went on hiatus last week and were like, oh, for the indefinite future, we're going.


And I was like, now I just found you. So just shout out. I really like their show. It's called Wounded a Native True Crime podcast. So they did a great job covering this. Just want to give a shout out before I continue.


So Savannah had been reported missing eight days earlier on August 19th. If this tragedy hadn't happened the following months, as you kind of noted, we're going to be life changing for Savannah and her family. She had been living with her parents and brother in a basement apartment in Fargo, and she was about to move into her own apartment with her boyfriend, Ashton. He was her high school sweetheart. They'd been dating for seven years and we're very close. But he worked out of state or out of town.


And so they were finally going to be able to live together. And on top of that, in four weeks, they would be welcoming their first child to the world. So in other words, she was eight months pregnant.


OK, yes. Sorry, I'm just not yikes that she's pregnant, but. Oh, yeah, it's just like the story that much more disturbing. Yeah, exactly. Like she was like like that was a full ass baby.


Yeah. Eight months is very far along. So from what I know of the mothering world.


So, so and I had also recently been given a job as a nursing assistant. She was hoping to fully qualify as a nurse specializing in elder care soon. So basically just one of these tragic stories where her life was just picking up steam and she was, you know, getting in the career she wanted. She had a steady boyfriend who was starting a family.


Just all very tragic. Tragic. Yeah. Yeah. So Savannah, her family and her boyfriend were members of the Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe. And according to the Spirit Lake Nation website, in 2014, the tribe had seven thousand two hundred and fifty six members. Savannah was extremely close with her family and she was only moving out of her parent's apartment to have more space for her and Ashton to raise their daughter. So this was kind of cute. I learned this from the wounded podcast's.


I guess her parents moved with her. So after high school, she moved to Fargo and her parents went with her family, went with her, which I just thought was so cute that they were that close that she moved and got pregnant. They were like, we'll come to which I think is pretty.


Can you imagine, though, if you like, happened to be someone who was trying to get away from your parents? Right. There is specific circumstances like, oh, we'll just come to. And it's like, no, no, no, no, no. That was I'm moving out of say, yeah, but boy, very sweet, very sweet of them. Not all of us can say how pleased we would be in that scenario necessarily, but I see what you're saying.


Yeah. But for them it was a very like a loving, supportive move rather than like a clingy helicopter, like like my mom, she would be willing to show up in Burbank.


You know, I think I thank God for Tom all the time because I'm pretty sure if my mom were still single, she would have absolutely moved to L.A. to be with me and she would have married Wayne Brady after that.


All of a sudden, you have to think you would be screwed.


She'd been like, let's make another deal, God bucket. I think about that bucket.


It just makes me so happy. Anyway, sorry, this is just such a tangent off of.


Oh, my God. Yeah, it's very disturbing story.


So to get back to what is happening here.


So Savannah was living with her family and was going to be moving out soon to have more space for her and Ashton to raise their daughter. They like I said, her family had followed her to Fargo when she moved after high school. And so I just want to describe their apartment complex real quick.


So it was more of like a. House type of building, it wasn't like a big complex, it was sort of like a multi family house.


OK, so the apartment above the LaFountain Graylands apartment, it was like kind of cattycorner was occupied by 38 year old Brooke Cruz and 32 year old William Hoenn. They were a white couple who had begun dating in 2014 and had moved to this apartment in 2016. And they were known throughout the complex as being that couple who was constantly fighting, constantly screaming, like constantly getting in these physical altercations and shouting matches.


Well, my neighbors upstairs. Oh, so you're telling me to be quiet? I was like, no, I was thinking like, oh, that that that couple in the complex, we all know we all know one of those loud, loud neighbors.


Yes, exactly. So they were known as that couple there. Their shouting matches sometimes like shook the ceilings. That sounds familiar from your experience. Sure does.


So in fact, not long after they moved in, William pleaded guilty to assaulting Brooke after throwing her in the bathtub. The court ordered that William have no more contact with Brooke. But six months later, police responded to a disturbance report found William in the apartment. So he was charged with violating the no contact order. So they just had a very toxic, hostile, violent relationship is basically the moral of the story so far.


So Brooke and William had several run ins with the law separately before they had actually met. So both had had a long string of partners before meeting. And with these respective partners, Brooke had seven children and William had two, and neither of them had any contact with their kids from previous relationships. They were known as just not being supportive of their children, their their previous partners, Brooke, had been sued repeatedly for not paying child support for any of her seven kids.


And so just very not well respected members of the community.


I would say not Pillar's.


Not not Pillar's. Yeah, not in the not in the pillars.


Well. Well, yeah, Pillar's, I feel like usually means a bad thing in general in the show, but not no, you're right, they were not known as pillars of the community. That's a good point. So let's see. Savanah and her family didn't know the couple that well. They only saw them around the apartment building in passing and mostly heard them upstairs. That being said, a couple of weeks before Savanah was found dead, Brooke had come to their apartment and asked Savanah if she wanted to come smoke weed with her.


And Savanah was like, no, thank you. So I guess Brooke was trying to befriend her. So jumping back to the day that Savanah disappeared, which was August 19, 2017, there was nothing especially unique about this day to start off with. It was a warm summer day in the mid 80s. Savanna, who was eight months pregnant at the time, was struggling in the heat. So her family had popped out for some reason. I don't know where they were going, but they were just spending the day out of the house and she wanted to stay home, kind of put her feet up and just be home alone for a while.


But, yeah, just veg, hopefully, with some air conditioning.


And she was home alone and she was startled by a knock on the door.


So, of course, it's Brooke on the other side of the store. She asks Evana if she could come up later to model a dress she was making for a sewing project.


And Burke says if you come model this dress for, like some photos or whatever, I will give you twenty dollars. So Savannah's like, sure, I guess I'll do that. Which part of me also like red flags at this point, because it's like she's eight months pregnant, like unless this person is doing maternity wear, which maybe she is, but it's just such a specific like, can you model this eight months pregnant?


Yeah. This dress I'm making, it just seems so.


So it doesn't sound like they're that close. It just sounds like close or not. It just sounds like this person keeps knocking on her door and asking for favors or asking passing acquaintances. Yeah. Most yeah. I'm thinking of like my upstairs neighbors who do nothing but piss me off, came downstairs, was like, hey, can you model some stuff for us in our apartment and I'll give you 20 bucks if you like. You owe me more than 20 bucks for how fucking annoying you are.


This horrible. Yeah. And I feel like Savannah is one of those people who just was, like, friendly and, you know, didn't ever think anything bad of people, really, and just, you know, was just one easygoing people who.


Yeah. You know, this woman said, I really need somebody to try this dress on. And she's like, sure, I'll do it just. Yeah. As a favor basically. Or I guess for 20 bucks, which again, it just throws me off that she was eight months pregnant.


So I'm like, why don't you try to find somebody who was eight months pregnant to model your new dress? Unless again, unless it was a maternity dress, which reads like a very specific unless it was a maternity dress.


And also like like you couldn't think of any other person to contact before the exact before a stranger.


Yeah, a little weird. It's a little weird. So, yeah, it's definitely strange, especially like you said, they don't know each other that well.


So at 124 p.m. Savannah text her mother and her boyfriend, letting them know about her plans to help Brooke. She orders a pizza for lunch to share with a family for when they return. But by the time the pizza arrives, she's already kind of running late. She has to run out the door for this appointment at Brooke's place. So she leaves the pizza, calling on the countertop, runs upstairs to Brooke's apartment. Norberto Gray went to Savannah's mother, replied to Savannah's text about helping Brooke, but never heard back.


Ashton texted her as well to ask more about this and never heard back either. So Narborough continued to text her daughter throughout the afternoon, but never received a reply, which was strange because Savannah was not the type to just ignore messages from her family right at the Great Win Department, Norberto got home and sees the pizza untouched on the counter and is a little bit worried because at this point I'm assuming it's cold and not one slice has been eaten in.


Savannah's purse is also in the kitchen when she checks outside, Savannah's car is still in the lot. So she's a little bit like weirded out. And she sends her son, Savannah, six year old brother, up to apartment five to her mind, Savannah, she needs to drive him to work later. But when he goes and knocks on the door, nobody answers. So Norberto is like, fine, I'll drive you to work. We'll figure this out later.


So around 4:00 p.m., they still haven't heard from Savannah.


And Norbert starts to get pretty worried. She's like, OK, I understand if the appointment went long, but it's been hours and we haven't even gotten a text back. So she goes up and knocks on the door herself.


And at this point, Brooke answers the door and Roberta says, where? Savannah and Brooke says, Oh, she left around 245 p.m. to go home. So obviously, this is like red flag central for Nevada. She knew that her daughter wouldn't have just, like, left Brooke's apartment and then, like, left the building without her purse or there was no reason for her to leave.


And in addition to that, her feet had been really swollen and painful from this pregnancy. And again, it was like in the 80s, she was she if she was going somewhere, she would have driven like to go to the grocery store, the bank, whatever she would have driven in her car was still in the lot.


So just extra strange, like, where would she have walked off to? Right. Especially without her purse. She didn't have, you know, a wallet with her. So she gets really suspicious.


Nobody does. And she obviously doesn't trust the couple living upstairs because of the constant fighting she knows pretty well. Like, this is an unstable couple here. I already don't trust him, trust them. They're, you know, constantly having run ins with the police there.


She's a little freaked out already by like the fact that Savannah was even at their apartment for some strange reason to begin with.


And now she's just kind of disappeared. So a 430 Norberto reports her daughter missing to the Fargo police officers arrive at the building around 5:00 p.m. and after speaking to Norberto, they make their way to Brooks and William's apartment, which obviously was Savannah's last known whereabouts. So they search the apartment on August 19th. Then they come back on the 20th and search the apartment again. But neither Savannah nor any clues as to where she could be are found in the apartment.


In other words, she had seemingly disappeared. Sure. Yeah.


So Fargo Police Chief David Tord would later comment. We were running constant surveillance and investigating several different theories regarding Savannah potentially being held against her will. And Norbert was not having any of this. She basically said they were not running constant surveillance. That's like totally false. According to her, the investigation felt lackluster and she would later tell a reporter that she felt as though they were not taking her daughter's disappearance, disappearance seriously, and that they really didn't seem to care.


So, you know, as much as the police said, oh, we were doing constant searching and surveillance, Norberto was like, that is not how it went down.


So she also remembered later saying more needs to be done. I begged them from the beginning. From the moment I called them, I pleaded with them, there's something wrong. You've got to do this now. And it just felt to her like they weren't particularly concerned and just kind of did a brief peek in and said, no, nothing and left.


So Brooke and William were the only suspects in Savannah's disappearance, but the police weren't really getting any information of value from them. And that changed when police stopped at William's place of work to check out what people at work were, you know, saying about William.


And this is where things got a little strange.


So the police began questioning William's coworkers, who revealed some somewhat confusing anecdotes about their colleague William.


Multiple employees at the roofing company told police that William had recently been talking about the new baby he had at home.


Oh, fuck. Yeah, yeah. So I just got goose cam from my own story.


So this was, of course, incredibly suspicious to police because there was no sign of a baby when they were searching the apartment multiple times. Nobody had been hearing a baby. So this is the first. In other words, this is the first they're hearing of a baby at the house.


So so that's when they realized, like, oh, things might be more nefarious and worse than we had imagined. So the reports of William and Brooks new baby, quote unquote, were enough to grant police another warrant to search their apartment again, which they did finally on August 24th.


OK, they arrived at the right time. And luckily enough, Brooke was home. She was in the apartment and on the bed lay a perfectly healthy newborn baby girl.


Oh, fuck that. Yeah. OK, so Grace pretty much. Exactly.


So imagine so what I would what I would hope the police would do next is take that baby and then somehow I get a blood test and confirm that it belonged to Savannah and they could they could charge her for at least kidnapping. And that also. Where the fuck is Savannah precisely?




So that's where this this is like the breaking point where everything kind of I'm just saying what I think should happen before what I find out as this is not what happens. No, no. That's what happened. So so they find this baby. They obviously arrest Brooke right there. They go to William's work, arrest him. And three days after they find the baby there, they find Savannah's body by the it was discovered by the kayakers, like I said earlier, just across the border from Fargo and Moorhead, Minnesota.


So they they run a DNA test on the baby girl. And this confirm that she was Savannah's and Ashton's baby.


Horrifying. Really horrifying.


At least the at least the baby was OK. Yeah, yeah. I mean, the baby survived and was healthy, so that's at least good.


That's still so terrible. It's just so traumatic and horrible.


So the daughter is taken to live with Ashton. But from what I heard in that other podcast, Wounded two, they were saying, you know, it took days for the DNA test to come back. So this whole time, Ashton and Savannah's parents don't have access to this baby. And it's like, that's my child, that's our grandchild. And they just weren't able to even hold the baby until this DNA test came back. So it was must've been excruciating.


So a couple of days you're probably going to say it, or maybe I should have already put it together. But was this a situation where they killed her and cut the baby out?


You'll find out.


Pretty, pretty fun. Specific detail. OK, terribly. So don't worry about that. Yes. And I will warn you folks, before I kind of get into that. So a DNA test confirmed she was Savannah's and Ashton's. It took a few days. So, again, like must have been just excruciating for the family to not know what was happening to the baby, whether she was safe, whatever, while the police were holding her. I assume she was in some sort of foster care situation.


I'm not totally sure. On December 11th of 2017, Brooke pled guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit kidnapping and lying to police. She was weeping throughout her testimony and apologizing and was like it just kind of kicked me out, to be honest.


It was like, hmm, you fucking suck.


You can't you're crying and be like, oh, no, I'm so sad.


It's like like she was taking me off. She was acting like super like sugary, apologetic. I like, you know, exactly what you did. Yeah.


It's almost like this wasn't an accident. You know, it just feels and for all I know, like she was fully sorry for what she did. I am not saying that, but it's just like I just didn't like watching it. She you know, she apologized. She said, I can't believe what I did. Savannah's family. She said, there's no excuse. There's no rationalization. There's nothing. My actions devastated a family and shocked the community that I called home, much like.


Yeah, I mean, yeah. You're spot on with that, I guess. Yeah. So Brooke revealed that now this is where Brooke tells us pretty much what happened. So Brooke revealed that Savannah had come to her apartment on August 19th under the pretense of modeling a dress for her. As soon as Savannah arrived, Brooke began arguing with her. I'm not sure about what in the two ended up fighting in the bathroom where Brooke pushed Savannah, causing her to hit her head on the sink and fall unconscious.


Now, this is Brooke's story.


So we don't know. You know, it could have been like, oh, I'm not saying this is what happened, but like, you don't know if she changed. Right. She became unconscious. But just pointing that out that we don't know if all of this is 100 percent true.


So that's what she said happened. She said Brooke went into the kitchen and retrieved a knife because that was the first thing that came to her mind when Savannah fell unconscious.


I mean, I'm I'm operating under. Did she think that she had killed Savannah and now she has to use a knife? Nope.


Oh, and you'll see why.


So she thinks, OK, this this girl is alive and I'm still on my way to grab the opportunity.


Yeah, OK. I see. Yeah.


Which is why I'm almost hesitant to believe the full story of well it was an accident. She hit her head because it's like you seem to have a fully laid out plan for what happened once she quote unquote hit her head.


Yeah. Like OK, so she hit her head and that was an accident. And it was also accidental. Exactly when she was unconscious. Then you went to go grab a knife.


Yeah, it doesn't line up for me personally. And again, like, we don't know what actually happened, but to me it seems more intentional.


Everything else is so intentional that the hitting the head on the sink seems a little bit like, oh, are you sure you didn't intend for that part or like hit her with something or who knows?


So here is where I want to give a pretty a trigger warning for childbirth and pregnancy trauma.


It's a pretty short description, but it's it's pretty fucked up. I'll put that out there so you can skip ahead if you're like, no, thanks.


So on returning to the bathroom, she proceeded to cut into Savannah's abdomen and. Yeah, and faith and what, and pull the baby out of her womb, you know? And at this point, Savannah was drifting in and out of consciousness. So definitely still like fully alive. Oh, no. Oh, my God. I know, so she had lost enough blood at this point that she was basically on the verge of being, you know, fully gone or unconscious at least.


So her loss of blood led her to drift pretty much in and out of consciousness the entire time.


It's just the most horrific, it's just the most darkly horrific thing I I don't even know how else to to explain it other than that.


But so that is the end of the the gruesome detail, I guess, but pretty terrible.


So while Brooke was cleaning up the blood from the bathroom floor, William returned home to find Brooke holding a newborn baby. And she said to William, This is our baby. This is our family.


Huh? That's I mean, I'm sure not the first red flag, but like, definitely one of them. Yuck.


In terms of what I like to say, that you just walk in and she's holding a baby and you hope that she just adopted a baby magically overnight. But also they come from, huh?


Yep. So for a bit of insight into basically Brooke and William's relationship leading up to this, just to kind of give you some background into what went on behind the scenes before this occurred earlier that year, in January of 2017. And again, this is in August.


So. Eight months later, Brooke had told William she was pregnant after he had threatened to leave her fun fact she was not pregnant.


So essentially it was a ploy to say, stay with me, I'm having your child, which they mentioned this unwounded. Like, I'm surprised this worked because she had seven children. He had two that they didn't associate with or care much about. So it's odd to me that this would be like the thing that kept him in her life.


That's a great to care about the other kids. You know, like they didn't have any association with their other children.


That's a great point of like like you. That's it's not like children have been something you attach yourself to. Right. And also, I'm sure you're going to get into this, but like. So is that the story that she ran with this whole time? And was she, like, filling up like putting pillows under her shirt and stuff?


So it made it look like she was pregnant or so it actually ends up having more to do with William. Giving her an ultimatum, but I'll read that to you in a minute. It's just what you would not expect.


So at this point, obviously early on, she's she's pulling out ultrasounds from her previous seven pregnancies.


And she had quite a backlog. So she had a backlog. Exactly. She had enough to work with to convince him for a while, like you were saying before, she had to, you know, stuff her shirt or anything.


So this OK. Oh, God, it's horrible. So later there came a point where Brooke just couldn't lie to him anymore. And for whatever reason, instead of saying, like, hey, I lost the baby or, you know, something of that nature, she admitted that she had made it all up. So William flipped out after he found out she had lied to him about her pregnancy and enraged.


He ambiguously told her to produce a baby or he would leave her. Oh, wow.


What a magic trick, though. You know, it's like, wow, just careful what you say. It's so.


Hmm. I'm wondering what he thinks.


Well, remember, his co-workers are saying, oh, yeah, he's talking about his new baby, like he's clearly fully on board with this because his coworkers, like, yeah, he says he has a baby at home.


But for him for him to be saying, like, produce a baby, was that his like, are we now treading really lightly into, like sexual assault territory where he's trying his best to get her pregnant? Or does he literally think like she's just going to, like, immaculate?


No, I think he just since this was so many months later, I think he was like, well, you promised me a baby, so where's my baby? Like, it was very ambiguous. Again, like, I don't know if anyone knew if he meant like find one or like a dog to steal one or grow create one.


Like, I really don't know what it means. I don't think to this day we have any full understanding. I think he was just angry and screamed out at her and she took it very literally.


She's like, I don't care how this happens, but I need a baby here in nine months.


Make it happen to say no like now, because this was like months later that I found out, like, she's lying. This whole time he's she's been lying.


Oh, OK. And so at this point, he's like, well, you promised me a baby coming like any day now give me one.


So she's like, OK. And I took him literally at his word. And this was basically Brooke, producing the baby for William. I mean, really next level, like you would never expect this twisted in this to happen on the part of both of them. And it's just so beyond anything I could comprehend. So it just gets worse. So in the bathroom with Savannah on the floor, William asked Savannah or asks Brooke if Savannah is dead, to which Brooke replied, I don't know, please help me.


Then. According to Brooke, William left the bathroom and came back with a rope, which he tightened around Savannah's neck until she was no longer breathing. And then he said if she wasn't dead before, she is now. So that's Brooke's story.


They then yeah.


They then stash Savannah's body in a closet in the bathroom, clean the blood off the bathroom floor. And this is where people often bring up like the ineptitude of the investigation. Both times, police said they thoroughly searched the apartment and were doing full surveillance. But it's hard to believe, A, that they hadn't been able to find Savannah's body if it was in the apartment that whole time. Right. But at the same time, you could argue which they had brought up and wounded, that you could argue that without a warrant, you can't open anything.


You can't open drawers, you can't open closets. So if something's behind closed doors, you can just look, you can't open anything. So in some way, I guess that's an excuse.


But these also I don't feel like the most smart people in the world who would have known that loophole. I feel like if that's the case, they just were really, really lucky or they've had enough encounters with police to know that because. Right. They've just been in this situation before.


But as one publication puts it, Brooke and William weren't exactly criminal masterminds.


OK, like you were just saying. Yes. How did they get away with this for so long with the body like they were sleeping? They were going to bed with this with her body in the closet. I mean, it's really beyond. And the other thing that blows my mind, it's like there was a baby in there the whole time. Nobody heard a baby crying. Nobody heard. Yeah, anything it's just baffling, I mean, I don't know what they were doing, I was just shocked when the baby appeared days later and nobody had ever.


Yes, and also looked at it, I mean, I'm not a cop, so I don't really know what goes into an investigation process, but I feel like an every show I see that there's at least a black light on the carpet. Like you couldn't see blood, like, I guess not.


I guess they just kind of did a cursory glance to see if she was in the apartment, didn't see anything. They probably bleach the floors and.


Yeah, that was it. So it's definitely debated how. Thoroughly, the place was searched and I'm sure people go back and forth on this, but just want to call that out. So.


So the murder likely occurred from what they can gather between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. and the police arrived at the apartment at 5:00. So basically, like you're saying, they would have had to really pull something together to hide this from police officers walking through the apartment. Like two hours ago, we murdered someone on this floor and now you're walking through.


And you couldn't have possibly bleached everything then because you would have smelled bleach for two hours.


There would have been bleach. That's a good point. And, well, there's a now a newborn baby in here. Like, where are you hiding it?


So baffling to me that they were in the apartment multiple times and our own baby, exactly like hours old newborn.


So baffling, honestly baffling.


So that that makes me feel like they really didn't do that good of a job because of an investigating, because if there was no way they could have really, like, scrubbed that place down, then they definitely could have found evidence of something. It was probably a very cursory like. Yeah, let's peek in and see. No, there's nothing here, you know. Right. I can't imagine if you didn't go near that bathroom that you wouldn't have at least had a sense like.




Something's awry. Like, I don't know anything. But again, I was not there. But that's just at least the thought in my head. So even William later revealed in testimony that each time the apartment was searched by the police, he was in bed and the baby was just hiding under the blanket next to him. Like literally he was laying with the baby and just, like, threw a blanket over it. Serious.


Oh, my God. Nobody even noticed it was there.


It was like, oh, holy shit. I mean, my God. Yeah.


So during her testimony, Brooke confirmed that while William had demanded she produce a baby, he didn't know if her plan to murder Savannah and claim her baby as her own. Brooke would later in her testimony even admit to bringing the baby to Walmart in public, just like basically took this child and was like it's mine now and lived her life. I mean, like I said, even William was going to work and describing his happy newborn life, you know, and new dad just beyond twisted so well, Brooke testified that William had strangled Savannah.


This is disputed by a fellow inmate of Brooks who testified that Brooke had actually told her she had strangled Savannah herself. It's unknown whether Savannah died of blood loss or strangulation. The autopsy only listed homicidal violence as the cause of death. So we don't know which of the acts actually killed her. On August 20th, after police had searched the apartment for the third time, with no luck, William hollowed out a dresser and stashed Savannah's body in it.


And then in the early hours of August 21st, Brooke and William put the dresser in their jeep, drove it to a bridge called the dresser over the side and dumped it into the Red River.


Whoa. Yes. So it wasn't for six days that that's not English. It wasn't until six days later that her body was found. However, it was not in the dresser. Like a saying is like attached to a log almost.


So it's unclear whether the dresser was ever found. And on February 2nd, twenty eighteen, Brooke was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole. And then on September 4th, William pleaded guilty to conspiracy to kidnap and for lying to the police. He was also charged with conspiracy to commit murder, which he to which he pleaded not guilty. He was tried and acquitted of this charge on September 28, 2013. But at the same time, he was already charged with plenty of other things.


So he's still far away.


Yeah, he was originally sentenced to life in prison, but the sentence was overturned by the North Dakota Supreme Court, who in October twenty nineteen sentenced him to twenty years instead of life.


Well, the judge told William, I want to sentence you to as long as I can by law before sombrely, noting that Savannah Gray, one's child who survived the attack, will still be in high school when William is eligible for parole.


So by the time she's in high school, this motherfucker's basically has a chance to get out of prison, like the old man who has put your.


Yeah, it's it's horrific. Oh, my gosh. Wow. Very, very dark.


So his exact release date will likely be decided by the State Department of Corrections. So we don't know that yet. But on August 19th, hazily, Joe had been born hazily, Joe hazily.


Joe and her grandpa's middle name was her grandpa's name was Joe. So she was named after Peaslee Joe.


Such a cute little sweet sweet.


I know. I can't imagine the parents to it through all this of like, horrifying. Yeah. ATWA Savannah's parents. Yeah. Yeah. Just like to know that your kid was like mutilated and stashed away and then not even like a cursory look as you were saying, like it wasn't even. Found what it could have been so easy to find, and then your baby was just like living with these people, your grandchild. Exactly. And like, yeah, I just can't imagine those days where the baby had been taken into police custody and they couldn't see the baby knowing it existed, knowing she existed.


Like, I can't imagine how fucking awful that weight must have been, especially, you know, like she like that baby's the last link you have to your kid. Like, you also don't know where she is and completely.


Wow, completely so hazily.


Joe had been born August 19th, and as her prosecutor, Johnson Martinez put it, taking her first breath as her mother was taking her last.


Wow, really sad. That's really, really miserable. Yeah, wow. So despite the traumatic experience, thankfully hazily, Joe was actually born remarkably healthy. So at least we have that to think.


22 year old Ashton and his daughter became inseparable.


But he also found it obviously incredibly difficult to deal with the fact that he had a baby. But no, Savanah Ashton is being supported by his Aunt Savannah's family. So at least he has a support system around him hazily, will be four in August this year and has been described by Ashton as a calm, happy baby who is always smiling. Oh, my gosh.


You want to cry? Yeah, it's just next level. Horrific. So a public Facebook group run by the group and family frequently post photos of little hazily Joe growing up and some some sweet ones of her at her mother's grave. They visit it quite often.


For what I can tell, Savannah was buried on Thursday, September seven, 2017, at first assembly church, and almost a thousand people attended the service. A lot of them were red shirts to red shorts to honor Savannah and other missing women from the area.


And this is kind of where the aftermath there's at least a silver lining here in that as a result of Savannah's murder, former North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp introduced Savannah's act in the U.S. Senate in October of twenty seventeen, and it was co-sponsored by Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.


And the bill, quote, aims to improve tribal access to federal crime information databases and create standardized protocols for responding to cases of missing and murdered Native American women. So basically, it requires the Justice Department to report statistics on missing or murdered Native Americans, develop guidelines for responses to these cases, conduct outreach to tribes and Native American organizations, and provide training to law enforcement on how to record specifically tribal enrollment for victims in federal databases. So it's at least something good came of all this.


Aside from Heasley Joe, obviously. And then in September of 2010, we actually saw only a couple months ago, Savannah's act was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives and Republican Senator John Hoeven of North Dakota and chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs co-sponsored the bill. He stated Savannah's act addresses a tragic issue in Indian country and helps establish better law enforcement practices to track, solve and prevent these crimes against Native Americans. We appreciate our House colleagues for passing the bill today and sending it on to the president to become law.


At the same time, we continue working to advance more legislation like this to strengthen public safety in tribal communities and ensure victims of crime receive support and justice. And then this bill was signed into law by President Trump this past fall. So thankfully, we have, at least again, another positive change legally that came to pass.


Obviously, you would have thought you would have hoped that something like this would have already been in effect long before 2020 and long before it took this to happen, but at least something came of it.


So Savannah's act was passed alongside the Not Invisible Act, which also aims to increase coordination efforts to reduce violence against Native American people. And in just to kind of give a little overview, I know I've covered this one. I did a story, got a probably almost a year now that I kind of went more in-depth because I was right at the start of the quarantine. It was like one of our first Zoome episodes that I went into more of the missing and murdered indigenous women statistics.


But I'm just going to refresh everyone's memory. So in the U.S., indigenous women are twice as likely to go missing than white American women, even though they make up a far smaller percentage of the population. Wow. In many parts of the country, indigenous women are 10 times more likely to be murdered compared with the rest of the population. And in Canada, specifically, the issues of the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women has been formally described as a national crisis and a Canadian genocide.


Statistics show that between 1980 and 2012, indigenous women and girls made up 16 percent of all female homicides, even though they only made up four percent of the female population.


So just wildly out of proportion and wildly.


Wow. Yeah. Wow.


So crimes against indigenous people are underreported and when they are reported, are often insufficiently investigated. Which kind of links back to this story? In other words, non natives often commit crimes against indigenous women because they know there is a higher chance they'll get away with it.


So just fucking horrible circle. Wow. Sorry, I feel like all I'm saying is, wow, over and over. It's hard to say anything. I feel like I'm just spewing out numbers and information, but it's just all really sad.


It's just all really, really sad. This brings us to the end of the story.


But on August 1st, 2019, Aniba or water walk along the five hundred and fifty mile Red River took place over two weeks to bring awareness to the tragedy of missing and murdered indigenous women. Nebe walks are described as indigenous led extended ceremonies to pray for the water. Every step is taken in prayer and gratitude for water or our life giving force. And as of August 1st, one hundred and thirty four bodies of indigenous women have been found in the red.


Oh my God. Yeah. Wow. OK, so I'm going to have Eva put a link in the show notes and I'll put it in the YouTube as well to a website listing resources for both indigenous folks, native folks, as well as others who want to learn how to, you know, support and be an ally. So instead of reading that aloud, because it's a long link, I'll just put it in the show notes.


But there's definitely things you can do to help in ways you can call your representatives, you know, contribute any resources you might have.


So, yeah, you know, just touches on that whole subject again. But within that is just a horribly gruesome story.


Wow. Well, the end the and now come to our party.


Now we're all happy.


I but wow. Thank you for telling a story about indigenous woman. I know. Yeah, I know. A lot of people want to hear us talk more about that stuff.


So yes. Yeah, I've been definitely looking into them. I definitely have a lot saved. Obviously, I don't just want to, you know, go hard in the paint on. It's just, you know, I like this sounds really bizarre, but I like to keep things mixed up, you know, so that sometimes we're like, let's cover a cult, you know, like a switch up the the narrative every week a little bit. But it sounds because it's like which type of victim am I talking about today?


But there's not one that's like more. Exactly right. That's it. It's hard to put into words, but, you know, I just like to spread the you knowledge.


You want variety in your stories, but society in the stories and also in the most fucked up way representation matters.


Yes, exactly. It certainly does. I mean, I fully believe that. And I figured it was about time to kind of touch on this. It's been almost a year now since I first, you know, went into that. Yeah. Really long winded story of how I remember.


It was very long, so. Yeah. Yeah. Well, thank you.


Hopefully everyone listens to this and then finds a way to have a positive day.


Feels bummed out. Yeah. My bad everybody. Sorry to bring you another bummer, but that's what I'm here for every single day.


That's my job and I do it well.


Hopefully this is your low of the entire week and it just only gets better from here. So that's what we do.


We drag you down as far as we possibly can so that you only can go up from here. That's the that's the truth.


Well, thank you, Mike. You're welcome. For for tuning in. And hopefully you are looking forward, us bumming you out next week.


We'll do it again and again and again. We promise we will do it every Sunday until you don't want us to. And then we'll probably still do it to ourselves if we're not listening anymore.


Oh, well, thank you so much. You can find all of our information on and that's why I drink dotcom.


Yeah, and the the escape room will be out next week also, so and I'll put my we'll have just even put by exposing yourself to our picture.


Yes. If anyone's interested. I certainly am. I would like it. Except it's just going to be one like it.


It's just it'll be I'll find a way to call Instagram, make it a love instead of just a life. I'll be like, I need this. I need the heart to explode when I click on it.


Christine's going to cry for the rest of the week if I don't give her one heart, one love her stupid post. I can't wait to turn it into a legitimate art and then the circle will be complete. Wow. Beautiful circle.


Well, thank you guys. And that's why we drink. Certainly need one now, yes.