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Well, I guess we're stuck doing these forever now, surprise, you're stuck with our bonus episodes. I guess they're not bonus anymore. They're just like the norm for now.


They're just holiday bonus 2.0 or one point five or it's like, well, like one point two. Let's go. Let's go.


Lion King came out with their like one point five, like, yes, this is a prequel to the sequel or whatever it was. That's kind of what I want this to be, although it will never be that creative.


Yeah, but anyway, welcome, Brian.


Welcome to a whole other listener's episode made by yours truly and also my cohort right over there and mostly, mostly EVA and brilliantly, but really are fully welcome to our voices were heard reciting everything that Evea has done for many hours. We're like even those little puppets happily.


Oh my God, you call Kermit. Oh, he's been in me all along.


Anyway, basically what we're doing is we're doing we get so many listener stories that we decided to do another listener episode throughout the month, like midmonth to kind of, I don't know, get more of your stories out there.


So I guess we have kind of a I think even called a comfy cozy, somewhat Thanksgiving eve, loosely themed Turkey Turkey adjacent.


I like to call Turkey adjacent. OK, so I guess it's probably getting cold where you are. So OK, Christine, it's been.


Oh, I thought I meant not you. I know it's not cold where you are. You're in Vegas. I heard it, but I heard it after I started talking.


But Christine, it's actually been freezing here all week. OK, that's really weird because it's seventy five degrees literally outside right now.


It's beautiful. It has been fully seventy five out here. It's been like windy and cold and like we like Alison and I, we've been trying to do isolated dates where we go to like parks like a half an hour before they closed because no one's there. So you get like the whole park to yourself and the freezing cold.


But it was freezing and we were like, OK, fuck this, we're not doing that. Like, if not good try on like a date. But it's been so cold. Like we I had to bring two sweatshirts for myself. Oh my. I've been having a blast.


It was so weird cause last week we had like a like a full on freeze, like a frost and all my plants.


Oh not all my plants but the plants that I left outside died by accident, but now it's seventy five degrees and gorgeous. And so I don't know, I think this might be the one week I can like hold above you. I'm moved.


I'm having such a good time like I went. We all know I love my Iceland and Fogg's and Starbucks and I got a hot London fog because it was too cold to drink in Iceland.


It was a lie. Anyway, I'm having a blast and I'm going to be so mad when this little phase is over and L.A. gets back to itself.


So anyway, I'm fully enjoying this before we freeze to death again. But I bought my I bought my vitamin D lamp's.


So we're we're good to go. What is that, a vitamin D lamp.


Yeah, the sun, the sun lamps like happy lamps. Fergy Affective Disorder. Arjay has one of those because he wakes up at like 4:00 a.m. for fun. And so he has it's his own way of making the sun rise with him because he wakes up before the sun. Oh, so I've seen I've seen those ones that like are on timers.


This one you're supposed to sit in front of it for twenty minutes every morning, just stare at it and reflect on yours. You'll see it on my Instagram. Don't worry. I can't wait also for those of you who are slightly late to the game, but maybe you follow us on Instagram. Christine has a little kitty cat and now another kitty cat.


Well, I announced it only to patrons so far. It's like a little surprise sneak peek, but it'll be out by the time. But yeah, the this episode comes out, it'll be public knowledge.


So if you are watching this on YouTube and you see what looks like Juniper, but it's shadow walk by, but it's actually a totally different cat that Peter Pan broken in half.


OK, yeah. Yeah, yeah. You're not losing it. I'm losing it because I keep adding cats to my house so.


Well, OK, so this week or this episode, Eva suggested I go first, which is the first time that's ever happened.


I'm very excited. I'm shocked. It's a lot of pressure to follow in my footsteps. Ms. Fisheye. Fluffy footsteps. I almost wore my fish fops today, but I know I felt it in my bones. And then I thought, no, no, no, too much of that, but so too much. I'm glad you finally learned they'll be back the second.


I think that it's over, it comes right back to life. That's what I've learned over the years.


So this first story I have is called a spooky, starchy potato story right down our alley.


Now, this is from let's see if it's an Irish name.


It's like the Irish version of Eva. Oh, so beautiful name.


Who's this year? Pronounce this. She's her Irish folklore gal. So you could call her by any of this talk about a pronoun.


Oh, my gosh. I know she even gave me a pronunciation guide, but I think I might still mess it up because for some reason, these Irish you know what, the Irish are bananas when it comes to their spelling, just like the.


Our own stuff in there, I'm pretty sure they know that they're bananas when it comes to their spelling, though, like even though Kim has a pronunciation guide, like for a reason, right? Yeah. So it says, how how are ya? How are ya. Tis effa here from Kiev on. OK, I'm not going to say why.


This is why Eva gave us to you. Because maybe actually maybe we all know that I was going to be such crap at this.


OK, well in the last Samhain or Halloween listener tales you mentioned that you hadn't heard a starchy paranormal story.


Oh didn't did we. I think we did say something like that. And you said if it's about a potato. Oh my God, we don't wait it this.


Oh, my gosh. Evea literally literally went to this church, burnt up potatoes.


Also you all literally listen to us and went, oh yeah, I have one of those which is incredible, like the most incredible part.


Oh my God. OK, you mentioned you hadn't heard a starchy paranormal story.


But on Brand, me being from Ireland and all, I have one excellent. I am very happy that I finally have a short but somewhat relevant story to contribute. This is a story that was passed down to me years ago in old Ireland before we had the luxury of electricity.


Seven people lived in what resembled stone built cattle shuts down the road hen's race. From where I live today I lived in.


I know well, what is the level of what's the metric system? I was a Hendry's is equivalent to about four point five meters, which is equivalent to a stone's throw.


No bullshit. Oh, I don't think it is an actual literal measurement. I think it's like a stone's throw. I think it is. Like I said, sorry. You're right. OK, you said it with such confidence.


I was just like that whole thing. I say things with confidence. People believe me. And I'm like, ninety nine percent of the time I need to work on your I'm kidding eyes because you are too serious.


I like it when you believe me. It's more fun down the road ahead. Hen's race for where I live today lived an old woman with her sons again on Brand for Ireland.


She died sitting at the table peeling potatoes or spuds as us Irish call them. Oh my gosh.


She was WACHT and buried within a week as her sons came walking back to the house. After the funeral, they opened the door to find their beloved mother's ghost, sitting at the table, still peeling away into the afterlife.


Oh my God, that's eternity for you now.


Just feeling heartwarming, you might think. But her sons didn't think so, as they never entered the house again and went as far as to board up the windows. To this day, if you drive by, the windows are boarded up in the house and attached yard.


Agfarm are like they were the day she died. So yeah, there she go. Sorry.


So, yeah, there you go. And I guess there she goes with the potato. I'm sure she died doing what she loved.


Thanks in advance. If you read this now I want some cheesy potato gratin. Be careful preparing those fluffy God apples.


Wow. That was. That was beautiful. Thank you.


So, Christine, how are you feeling about that? How are you feeling? I'm scared now because I say that so often. Like, what if I'm stuck playing in the afterlife? What if you're manifesting people who are actually feeling things like, oh no, then they have sharp objects around me at all times. I don't love that idea. Wow.


My question is, if you're for the rest of your life, you're peeling potatoes. Are you at least taking little breaks to eat them or do you only have to look there?


I guess. But they're raw, right? So, like, what if you don't even what if your creed, Bratton, you won't know the difference.


This is true. That's true. That is true. OK, well, thank you so much for that story. Here is round two. I never do the even one, so I'm also excited. Oh, this is called a fence jumper and a mashed potato. Oh, my God. I like more than one of these. OK, this is from Devin. Who is she? Her pronouns. Thank you for losing pronouns. And Devin says, Hi, Eva, Christine M and associated animals, petrified fruit.


I always love when people get creative with their at all. Like, yeah, it's always fun. I'm a lifelong true crime paranormal fan and also team wine. So when I discovered your podcast back in twenty seventeen, I was immediately hooked. I'm from Vancouver Island and I was here. Vancouver Live Show. Oh my gosh. You saw me on stage in a onesie. Yeah. We all saw you. I saw me.


I had to look in the mirror and think, oh this is, this is a day for me too far.


And I hope you all get a chance to come back when everything blows over. I don't have many crime stories because I come from a pretty boring and safe part of the island bone and mention a potato theme. Oh, I guess I'm responsible for this.


Yeah, well, for once, you can take the burden of being responsible. That's nice.


Didn't you didn't you pick a cheese episode? I did. I did. I think I said I want a cheese theme and poor Evo is like, OK. And it was like a long time ago. So she was like, I still don't know if they're being serious or not.


And then I said, Eva, you're clearly too good at your job. Let's really challenge you. Yeah.


When I mention a potato theme, the first thought I had was finally, I have something to contribute. It's like you've been. Waiting and waiting in the grocery aisle for us to mention your story, so to give a bit of a better picture as to what happened, I live in a duplex in a pretty tightly built suburb of other duplexes. Everyone's yards were small and all three sides of my background are my backyard. We're touching other backyards that were also often surrounded on all sides.


The street was on a hill, so each duplex was built slightly lower as you went down the street. This meant sometimes if you hopped a six foot fence, it might actually be a 10 foot drop on the other side, as was the case with my yard. I think I was about 11 or 12 when this happened. I was sitting at an outdoor table with my mom and a friend of hers when we heard shouting coming from the neighbor's yard, right.


When we all looked to the sky, suddenly full on hops over the fence like feet right up into his chest and completely clears the top, only to drop 10 feet straight down onto the concrete. Oh, no. Thankfully, he totally ignored the three of us who were only a few feet away and tried to run back to the yard. But a combination of him being very obviously hurt or winded from the fall. And my puppy named Joey, who was a very good and scary guard dog, slowed him down and he got stuck because the only fence he could try for would have been another ten foot climb.


OK, before any of us could really process what happened, our backyard was suddenly swarmed with RCMP. Military police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Oh, the Mounties, yes.


Oh, my God. I've never looked terrible. I don't know. It's America over here, OK, who all had their guns out, OK? They tackled the guy and cuffed him without incident, thankfully. Turns out he and his girlfriend had been leading the RCMP on a high speed chase through town on his motorcycle. He crashed his bike pretty badly. The handlebars were basically pushed into the gas tank from what I saw. And he ditched his girlfriend, although I don't know if she was hurt or not, and took off running between the houses to try and lose the RCMP.


I later heard from my dad that his helmet, which had been found in my neighbor's yard, had been lined with cocaine. Oh, and as for the as for the potato part, because that's what I'm looking I guess it's kind of starchy.


We had an old baked potato in the fridge that we had given to Joey to eat a few days before, but he had just taken it to the backyard and played with it instead. He never ended up eating it. And we had we hadn't gotten around to picking it up yet. So when the guy was tackled to the ground, they pushed his face right into this week old half rotten baked potato off at my most vivid memory I have of this entire incident is this guy's now mashed potato covered face as they took him away.


Thanks. Or even if this isn't even if this isn't going to be right out loud. Well, Lowell, your podcast makes my commutes and chores much more enjoyable. And I look forward to everything. I've attached a link to a picture of my baby boy. My gosh.


OK, have you seen it?


You've just texted it to us. No, let me see. You can I can I think I can probably show.


OK, look at Joey. Oh you see in the tracker. Wow, what a sweet babe, I love that he just played with the potato instead of eating it. I know.


Meanwhile, my dog like eats rocks and snickers bars and if you gave him anything, it would be swallowed in like four seconds if you lined up a bunch of food items in front of you and one like there's like fried chicken and there's like peanut butter and there's like Cheez its and then there's like a little little vial with a skull and crossbones on it and it says toxic poison.


He would gulp that one down in a heartbeat and he would just look me right in the eye.


That's exactly right. That's that's him. That's my boy. Oh my God. Monster. Anyway, thank you, Devon, for that seven. What a story.


I cannot believe the feeling of like, did they just say a potato story? That must be just the wildest feeling.


Yeah. And like for you to have one, like you said earlier, to have one just immediately, like, ready to go of like, oh, I guess this is my moment and this is your moment that you weren't waiting for or expecting.


But we just thrust it upon you also. I love I saw a text come in that said this is the photo that goes along with the story. And I really thought it was the guy with the dirt on his face.


That's what I was hoping for to expecting. What a good Joey boy.


I think one of the few things I could say, the few things I know about, you know, too many things, but one of the many things I know about you is that you are a hot sauce connoisseur.


Oh, gosh. You know, I love a good hot sauce. And so there's this new one out called Trough. And actually, Alison and I, we we decided for one of our quarantine dates as we had all different types of hot sauce. And then at like midnight, we ordered chicken wings to come. And then we did like a whole taste test extravaganza.


Fun with all of that was one of the more exciting packages I've received recently, was it was it was like hot sauce and classiest. The packaging was out of this world, George. I felt I felt rich.


Yeah, well, that's because it's a luxury hot sauce that makes every meal five stars. And that's kind of, you know, all we want.


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I'm keeping mine and is probably keeping theirs, but I actually we got we got another one that is just white truffle infused and I'm going to give it to someone in my family. I'm afraid they listen to the show.


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I have some very huge news. Oh, my goodness, what is going on? I have a lot of huge news and it's all about you. So you actually care about it.


I am so excited about this. I used and bark. It's the Umbach Breed and health kit, which, by the way, I'm about to tell you about in a second. But I found out that Joe has more breeds in him than I thought, like the ones I know.


And OK, get this, he's apparently part dock's and like 10 percent dachshund white and 12 percent Australian cattle dog. So I'm just like, shocked, like he's more of those than he is German Shepherd and he has a Labrador retriever in him and twenty seven percent pit bull.


So he is really quite a mutt and I we get some of it. I knew some of those, but like I didn't know quite how detailed and how much of a special mutt he is. He is mixed out the wazoo.


I got to say I was doing that's a little you just from what we know and from what Mubarak has taught us, he is made of like seven or eight dogs. It's true.


And the best part, OK, so in bark is amazing.


Basically, it's really easy to do. They send you kind of a swab and you can put it you put it in your dog's mouth, very easy.


Geodon care and cares about everything is very difficult and sent it in and like pretty quickly I got the results and it was so much fun. There's like a little video and it told me and it can help you find your relatives.


So like, if so, I found like the equivalent of like an aunt or uncle.


That's how related they were, like that close or half sibling. So and I find they live in San Francisco. And I was like, oh, my God. Oh, my gosh.


So you could have a little family reunion and reunite. Oh, did you figure where the hell this derksen is to find it for me? And so if you guys think Joe might be related to your dog, please let me know. Please do.


Please order Barch and let me know. Anyway, I apologize. I didn't mean to just totally take over this ad, but. Oh, my gosh.


Oh, my gosh. So let's fight. Let's fight. Goes goes. Ancestors his whole family tree. So Umbach is developed by FDs and veterinarians and Umbach provides the most accurate and comprehensive breed identification and genetic health results and can identify over 350 fifty breeds, types and varieties and screen over one hundred ninety genetic health conditions to help your vet provide the best medical care for your dog. So not only are you finding Jesus family members, but you're also finding out like, you know, how he's doing health wise.


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So highly recommend. It gave me such insight into Gino and his his issues that he had some behavioral issues and where they might come from. And it's just one of the coolest things I ever got to do. So I'm very thankful to them right now. Embark has an exclusive offer on their Bredon health kit for our listeners this holiday season. Go to embark vet dotcom now to get the best deal of the year and free shipping use promo code drink to save sixty four dollars off your embark breed and health kit is embark that dotcom and use promo code drink to save sixty four dollars today.


OK, time for story number three. This is fun. This is called the Armed Tricyclics.


Oh my God. OK, this is from Jenna who uses she they pronounce.


Thank you Jenna. Jenna says Hey y'all. I recently rediscovered the podcast after I started working as a dishwasher over the summer. I remember having listen to the first episode within a couple of weeks of it coming out when I was in high school. But I guess I didn't have to do dishes clean for two hours every day.


So it only now came back into my life. Oh, yeah.


It's I think I think they're being nice to us, but I bet it was like they lost in the first episode and we're like, I don't get it. And then six years later we're like, oh they they sound a lot more established now like maybe I'll give it a whirl. Other people say they're like, fine, so I guess I'll try it. Yeah.


I've been wanting to send in a listeners episode for a while now. I've had a few run ins with ghosts and some super fun true crime stories that I never thought I had any stories juicy enough. That is, until I remembered this incident involving an armed tricyclics that happened less than a year ago, basically on my street.


Now, technically, I was at college while this happened. So this is kind of my dad's story. Shout out to Jean.


OK, Jean. OK, Jean, what's the big love? Big Daddy.


So Big Jean. John is about to swear. So I just want to warn you, Freddy, I don't know what the fuck kind of theme this would fit into, I guess this one. But let's get into it. So flashback to November twenty nineteen.


It's a normal Thursday morning, early afternoon, and it's a little before Thanksgiving break. I got a call from my parents, which is weird because they usually call later in the day. I answer it and they immediately start asking me if I knew anything about what was going on.


I being a stressed college student whose only thoughts were about organic chemistry and being gay, I have no idea what they were talking about.


I can relate to fifty percent of that from college love. Except organic. What if it was just organic chemistry, you were like, I loved chemistry, that was I really just the best. All well, I thought about so hard to get em to listen to me because all they think about is organic chemistry. All I do is like it's just the worst. It's just it's a it's the cross I bear.


Yeah. That's scientific cross. The scientific brain you have is incredible. That's me. I have no idea what they're talking about. And they proceed to tell me that the high school and middle school were both put on lockdown. Both of the schools were on our street and one of the ends of our road had been blocked off by a police barricade.


My then dorm mate, whose father is a cop and then a cab comes in and starts to comes in and starts telling us what she knows from her dad about the situation. A local police officer tries to pull over a car for some minor traffic violation at the intersection of my street and a major route on the East Coast. The car then speeds through the intersection, hitting a random car. That was my own business.


Oh, my gosh. The officers approached the crashed car and a man hops out of the backseat and fires at the officer multiple times.


Oh, I was going to make a xenon joke at first of like Joe crashes in the face, dropped her child, I think. Yeah, it got dark. I got dark. Yeah. Yeah.


The man then runs off into someone's backyard, steals a tricycle and takes off. Oh no. Oh my gosh. The officer wasn't injured, but they also were able to catch him I guess because a massive manhunt begins in my town.


I'm talking our entire police force, the other towns, police force, state police helicopters and fucking SWAT team. Oh, my God. Police put our schools on lockdown because they're literally about a mile from where he was last seen and the town goes bonkers. My dad being the dumb white man he is. Don't talk about Gene that way.


Yeah, come on. Unless unless maybe you know him better than we do. And maybe you're right.


But that's probably none of my business to make that call. My dad being the dumb white man, he is like horror movie.


White people kind of dumb decides he wants to see what's going on. So he decides he needs to stop at the wall, but not the one we always go to. No, he needs to stop at the sketchy one just down the road from where this all happened that we never go to.


OK, but like I would have asked if I could ride with him, I would have been like, OK, I call shotgun and would have been I but I got my tricycle.


Let's go to the one who into the juicy drama to it like not it's like this is it's kind of like in the office when like this grand strangler is doing the car chase down there. Right. And they cancel everything. They're like, I have to be part of history. That's how history.


That's how I yeah, that's m and I would for sure be the people. So right in the middle of it, like inserting ourselves where we don't belong.


I mean white people. But yeah. You know, at least tell me what you need to. Yeah.


I guess I'm not going to deny it. OK, let's see. My dad drives around the blockade and heads to the Wawa, but the entire parking lot of the wallet was filled with police. There are police helicopters overhead, SWAT and police dogs. The only cops that I trust.


Good. Yeah, my dad then parks at another business and then walks over and tries to see if they will let him into the wall.


Well, for half and half a minute. OK, I love Gene. Hang on a second. Seems like you don't understand.


I need to have something to drink while I watch history happen in front of my eyes and it's only half and half that I will drink.


Nothing else. The officers of course, do not.


And my dad leaves without half and half frown face.


But he did tell me all about the cute police dogs for a while. That's all we know. And we assume that he's probably hiding out in the woods around our house. It would not be the first time criminals did so. However, as my roommate finds out hours later, he in fact tricyclic his way to the wall while my dad had stopped. That called an Uber, threatened the driver with his gun and had them drive all the way to Union Station about an hour and a half away.


Oh, my God. Can you imagine having a gun to your head for an hour and a half? I mean, obviously not, but like it for an hour. That's that's an eternity. I can barely imagine being in a car for an hour at this rate. Right.


Quarantine, let alone a stranger, like having you like armed, you know, or being armed. And I mean, I want to go.


Did you know that every one of my household drove for Uber at some point? Please. Me and Alexander all drove for Uber at different times.


I saw a guy you drove for Uber. Yeah. And I guess I was leading or. Yeah, sorry. Bleeding.


It was when I lived in Glendale. Yeah.


I don't think I have ever really asked you enough questions about that. So we'll have to have.


It wasn't very interesting. Nobody held a gun to my head otherwise you definitely would have heard about it. Excellent. That's very good.


So I made it out alive.


OK, so for days all we know is that he was at Union Station, which connects to several major train stations. So really he could be anywhere.


A few days later, we learn that the guy was arrested at Penn Station in New York City by US Marshals. Fun fact. My brother and I had just been at Penn Station to go to a Hozier Hosier Osier concert. How do you say thing?


I say Hozier, but I'm sure I'm not right. I say that, too. And the. Someone told me it was wrong, so I'm going to say a Hozier concert days before that, when the guy was arrested, we learned that he had had a warrant out for his arrest in Connecticut for kidnapping and attempted murder. Another fun fact, my brother lives in Connecticut, pretty close to where this dude was running from. So apparently this dude was on the run from police states away driving with some buddy of his.


And they just happened to pass through my town and mirror a lot of my family's movements.


I don't know what happened to him since, but I'm happy he's no longer tricyclic around my house.


Oh, my gosh. Oh, that got me when this was all going down.


It was really hard to keep the severity, severity of the matter in mind because this was the photo of him circulating. Oh, is this the one that the photo is? Oh, wait here. There's more on the back story. OK, I'm going to leave a link for a news article in case you want more detail.


Oh, my God. Feel free to use any of the pictures as you wish.


Oh, my gosh. OK, I'm going to show this on the. Oh, so the picture epee of the guy on the tricycle, you know, it's sort of OK, the thing that makes it like either more or less ridiculous, I haven't decided yet is that it's an adult tricycle. I was thinking this whole time, it was like a little tiny. I did, too, like like a clown tricycle and tri-star, like a child tricycle.


But it's an adult three bike, three wheeled bike. So it's like a god. It's like a guy who who wears teeb sandals. That's his bicycle that somebody stole is not very nice.


Chelsea has this bike. Why do I want that. And then we wait. Hold on. Sorry. There's one more line here. Jenna says, I just wanted to say this is very important for you to listen up. I just wanted to say that as a student studying biochemistry and microbiology, I do support Lemmon and the Associated Fruits. As long as they are being stored in a dry area, don't worry, they're in a dry area.


My closet is like the driest place they could be stored.


So I'm going to I'm going to put out a little request right now to the people is like, no, no, no, no. This is specifically for people near the town that I went to college. And so I went to school in Newport News. I went to see you. If you're from the area, you know exactly what I'm talking about there when I went there, so I went there. And this story has to be from like twenty thirteen ish.


Twenty twelve ish. If you're from the area and you were there around that time, you might know what I'm referring to when I say the bicycle gang. And I really need an update on where they are today because they there was this group of kids. So seeing you was on one of the main streets in town where like you could leave campus pretty quickly and it's like restaurants or blockbuster back in the day or like the only two places you need to.


Or there was like a few restaurants nearby. And so me and a few of my friends, we would walk to restaurants, you know, pretty regularly. And there was this group of like little kids like they were we call them the bicycle gang because they didn't they were too young to drive cars like they literally were their own little like crew on a bicycle, on bikes. But they were like like we were nervous whenever we saw them. We would, like, turn around like they were literally like little children who would try to, like, harass you.


Like little rapscallions. Yeah. Like and I I'm I was convinced then and I'm convinced now that at least half of them are like currently incarcerated somewhere like they were. They were terrible. They were scary. They really twelve years old. And if you if like one of my friends saw, like the bicycle gang you like, wouldn't go to that area. Oh my God. They were like they would come and sit next to you and like harass you while you're trying to eat your food in restaurants.


They would like make scenes in public were like they like if they were adults, the police would have been called on them. They would try it over. So scary. I heard from other people in like my friend's circles, like they got they tried to get they tried to rob people and like were successful sometimes, like they were little little children, criminals like blood.


And I was terrified of them. And I always wondered what happened to them. And they all rode the little bicycles up and down.


Warick If you know what, if they're all just like accountants and I don't know.


And they were so scary. I was I felt so violated and uncomfortable around them.


I bet you if any of them do happen to ever hear this, they're going to be so proud. Like that's all we ever wanted was to terrorize some.


They did it, I mean, to a point where adults would text each other and be like the bicycle gangs out, like don't go to the same source. And we are legitimately would not go out of here. So if anyone is heard about these people and you know who we're talking about, please give me an update, because I'm so curious about how their lives turned out. Wow. OK, well, you heard it here first, folks.


Christine, I have a crisis on my hands. Oh, what else is new this morning? I woke up and I was ready for my daily Harvest movie. I was very excited for this. I go into the freezer, I put my name on this thing. I put my name on the smoothie because all of the rules, every time I come to our house, we all have to sign off on which ones we get to have. My smoothie was on the freezer, die hard and go my pretend.


He was like, oh, I will. I wrote my name on.


No, you did not. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Very different letters.


M and RJ, I we cannot we cannot get ourselves away from the daily harvest. It's true. It's amazing.


It's so it's actually the problem in my I also have a problem which is that recently Bleys was like, hey, I've been wanting to try your daily harvesting, so can you just throw some in there for me too?


And I was like, OK, so now we're going to have the same issue.


Now you have to share it. Welcome to hell.


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So it helps also reduce food.


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Anyway, speaking of children and their own little squads, I just found out recently my grandma, when she was ten, she was in a gang. Oh yeah. Oh my. I need to get more information before I tell you the whole story, but apparently she like.


It was like, I don't know, it sounded violent, so I'll, oh, ask about it another time. OK. Anyway, it started before moving on. This one is called the one time my dad found a 60 year old ransom note hidden underneath the floorboards.


Fuck, yes. OK, this is my jam. Let's go. This is from oh my gosh. This is from a sand monster. This is from Rachel, who refers to themselves as sand monster. Rachel, 10 months or if you don't know what that is, that's what I lovingly named the people who listen to you, Sandy.


I also don't think I ever told Alexander that. So he's probably like, why does everyone say this to me?


It makes me so happy. I really I, I think it's such a great name. I like it. So anyway, this is from a sand monster. And Rachel says, well, hi, it's me, Rachel again. So I guess Rachel's written before. Oh, hi, Rachel. Or Sand Monster, as you graciously nicknamed me. Oh, this is the oh you sand monster. OK, the reason we called it. OK, I get it.


I had just begun your podcast when I sent in my last story, so I apologize for not sending my pronouns she her by honestly I think I prefer say monster. Well.


Oh that's right. We said oh she didn't add her pronouns. My color San Juan. So that's how this all began. Yes.


And you don't don't give me your pronouns. I'm going to give you a name, but you'll have to leave. So my life has been surrounded with true crime, creepy experiences, too many to share all at once. This one is from my dad. When he was in his twenties, my parents had just gotten married and moved into their first house. It was an old house, maybe a hundred years old at the time. Wow. So there were some creaky floorboards, cracked walls, peeling paint and so on.


My dad, being the handyman he is, immediately began renovations. He was rummaging around his closet floorboards, trying to remove them. He started feeling around underneath and he found a piece of paper and folded it. And I kid you not my dad found a ransom note. Scrutineer burped out of here, a ransom note.


You found a ransom note stating that two hundred thousand dollars had to be dropped off at a certain time or else someone's son was going to die a lot, which immediately once I if I were to see that I'm holding it, I would be like, OK, so someone died in this house because the like the ransom note did not get delivered. Or maybe this is the house it got delivered to, in which case someone who used to live here got abducted and maybe died.




And also if somebody hid it under the floorboards, maybe they were like, well, I don't have two hundred grand, so I'm going to hide. This one accuses me of their death. I don't want anyone to know that I had the exactly the intel immediately.


My dad reported it a few days later, an FBI agent arrived. A few days later, by the way, an FBI agent arrived at my dad's store to inform him he'd found a ransom note draft. If you're from Washington State, which my family is, you've heard the name, OK, fuck you guys.


It is. What is it? What? Weyerhauser. Weyerhauser. OK, well, that's if you're from Washington State. If you're from California like me, you don't know what that is. What you may not know is that the chairman of this company and inherited inherited it from his dad and was once kidnapped and held for ransom in May of nineteen thirty five.


Yeah, I remember I actually Weyerhauser I did this story at the Seattle Live Show. Oh I don't remember that. I'm sorry. I know.


No I know. But I was like this, this name sounds familiar. It was like a logging, like a timber and logging company.


Holland. Well they, the guy was kidnapped. Yeah. So anyway so I think so the sand monsters.


Dad found his ransom so crazy and she probably doesn't even I mean she has no clue that I obviously covered it at the show in Seattle full circle right there.


That is. So I saw one of your one of your beats, you Sandy listeners. And that's why your drink listeners helped you finish that story. Wow.


I wonder I'm curious if, like, if we have that, I'm sure we have it somewhere or I probably have the notes.


If we never posted it, maybe I'll cover it at some point, maybe.


And then we can we should start this and then we can. Yes. Sorry, I almost like showed like the email but we can yeah. Start this and then like added to your notes. OK, anyway he was returned after the ransom was paid and a little over a month later the kidnapper named Harmon Mezze Waili was caught. What my parents didn't know was that Harmon Metz Whaley had had at some point lived in that house that they were now living in.


It's crazy. So sixty years after the kidnapping of George WYO Houser, my dad found the ransom note in his floorboards that apparently was never mailed. I swear, bad luck follows my family around. And I have so many more stories to share with you both. Thank you for taking the time to listen. And I can't wait to see where your podcast goes. Love Sandblaster.


Rachel Simonsen. Rachel, I can't I can't imagine living a life where, like, you end up with the FBI on your doorstep just because you are renovating. Right?


Just like, oh, not again. I see FBI, my one of my friends and.


College was at a at a frat house, at a party, and people were drunk and one guy fell into the wall and oh yeah, I ended up I think I probably have mentioned this on the show, but it's such a cool story to me.


He fell through the wall and then the whole that the one spot that he fell, which makes me feel like it's like divine in some way, that all the parts of the house you could have fallen into, he fell into the one part where someone had hidden a bottle in the wall with like it was clearly people who used to be brothers of this fraternity, like decades ago. And so they, I'm assuming, had a party then and broke a hole into the wall and decided they were going to put pictures of themselves and notes and stuff in this bottle and leave it.


Fingers crossed that some other drunk fracas I would one day break into that same part of the wall, which is exactly what happened. And so they ended up taking pictures of all of it, then putting it back in the bottle, putting it back in the wall, and then they put their own bottle next to it for future drunk people.


So, you know, I bet I bet the reason that it was that spot specifically is probably because it was it probably wasn't covered up as well.


So, like, probably light pressure, like broke it without having to, like, smash through it. Probably, you know, they probably bounced off, although I feel like drunk people bounce off walls all over the place. Yeah. Left and right.


They were bound to like ping pong into specifics. But eventually anyway, the coolest thing I mean, that's really fun.


If you're at a frat party, there's probably a few bottles of old pictures in there.


Yeah. You should punch holes in every wall just fine, Kyle. No, I'll be careful. OK, anyway, I have to pay for that.


Oh, OK. Here we go. This is a story from Kira. She her pronouns, thank you, Kyra. This is called Ghost Pups and Murder Parentheses, not connected, thankfully.


Thank you for clarifying for me, HUF.


OK, Kira says, hi, I'm Christine, Eva, Ghajini, Lemon. And the list goes on. Oh yeah.


Now and Juniper or Juniper. And what does your sister say? June Shine and Juniper Precious. I've got one of each paranormal and true crime, so let's crack into it.


I'll start with the fun one. When I was young and finally got my own room, I have a twin brother. I have other fun twin stories for another time. Have I ever requested twin stories? I have, but I want more twins.


We should do it. We should do a reboot on that because I think we requested twins a long time ago.


We did. I would love to have more twins stories. I would sometimes feel a breeze on my face while I was trying to sleep as a young kid. I justified this as maybe being my stuffed pooh bear who I slept with every night. I also had a stuffed paper that I slept with every night and I lost him and is still traumatized.


Really interesting.


I miss him so much. OK, maybe being my stuffed pooh bear who I slept with every night, who might be breathing because kids can assign anything unsettling to something comforting.


As I got older and knowing unfortunately that my stuffed animals were not alive, it got to be concerning that I was feeling cool breezes on me even when my windows were closed and my fan was off.


Whenever these breezes more like breathing started happening, I would hide under my covers until I could finally fall asleep. It wasn't until I went away to college and these breezes followed me that I started thinking that it might be paranormal. Yeah, it took long enough. When I came home for Thanksgiving, I finally talked to my mom about it. My mom is very sensitive to paranormal activity and her grandma, who was a witch, told her that she had the gift, which conveniently skips a generation.


As soon as I told her, my mom said, Oh, Mr. Turner, who lived here, my childhood home, used to have your bedroom and he adored his poodles.


That took a turn. I'm sorry I didn't see it coming, but OK, sure. But I love where we've ended up.


Yeah, it's true. He adored his poodle, so it's probably his dogs checking in on you. That or it's Mr. Turner deeply upset that someone is sleeping in his room. So I just to believe that it's some nice pups checking in on me when I'm going to sleep rather than a dead old man. But I guess we'll never know. Oh, well, now that I've moved out of my parent's home officially, I haven't experienced anything like it in my new place.


But it still happens whenever I visit home. Now for the not so fun one true crime. I know it's such a bummer.


Trigrams always the lesson that I've warmed up. Time to really come crashing down.


My family's a little messy and a lot of ways, but messiest of all is my little cousin's bio mom who is now a murderer.


Oh dear. Oh my God. She has a lot of other issues beyond what I'll add here. But to get to the point, while celebrating someone's birthday, she apparently got in a fight with her boyfriend or her boyfriend, sister Questionmark, which resulted in her attacking her boyfriend with a bar stool. He was dead upon arrival of the paramedics, which resulted in the conclusion that the cause of death was by suffocation. My family's theory.


OK, whoa.


I was expecting the barstool to be the blunt force trauma, usually where we'd be by now.


Yeah, my family's theories are that either she punctured his oh God. OK, that she either punctured his lung with the barstool. OK, oh, this is bad.


Why, Eva, I hate you. Or that she broke his neck at the CIFOR. OK, well OK. Just going to get through it which prevented him from breathing. Either way, she is still pleading not guilty at her trial, regardless of the witnesses at this party who say she undoubtedly did this. So I suppose I will have to respond with an update post trial. Hopefully this can be selected for read. If not, I still adore you all and I'm glad that someone else could enjoy the story.


I love you all and will gladly drink a glass of wine in a toast to this podcast. Lots of love, Cura.


Oh, no wonder it was like, why don't you read this one, Christine? It's about spine's invertebrate.


Well thanks also. So sorry about your your cousin's mom's boyfriend sister or something.


Yikes. That's really messy. Yeah. Well my family's messy too. OK, maybe not that when you said my family's messy I was like join the club and then you kept going and I went, oh no, we should have known better. Anyway, thank you for that. And here's our final story. I think you get to do the finale this. Yes. Yes, I do. I do. Sorry for a second. I thought there was a bonus, but no, no, no.


I'm the bino. The bonus.


I get to read it. The bonus was you all along.


That always was. So this is called. Oh, wow. You're going to fucking love us, OK.


Oh, good. Slipped into a parallel dimension during the blue moon in Halloween.


OK, ok.


I don't know. Maybe this is from Theresa who goes by. She her. Thank you for normalizing pronouns, Theresa. And it says, hey, Eva, yes, always you go, first of all, Eva and Christine and Co, I love it. OK, cracking right into it. This year on Halloween, it was a blue moon and things definitely got weird. My girlfriend and I were finishing up the last few episodes of Haunting of Blyer Manor and we took a break before the last episode to eat dinner and put on one of the seasons of Rupal Drag Race.


This is just the queerer story I've ever heard. I was a good palate cleanser. Yeah, I see. She her my girlfriend Rupal.


I'm like, I'm so excited. Yeah, yeah. OK, so they're watching her.


But my girlfriend took the dishes to the kitchen when we were done and I was still on the couch. She came over, kissed me on the forehead and said she was going to go to the grocery store to get some Halloween candy before we watched the last episode of Blyer Manor. She leaves. I was I don't know exactly how long it was after she left, but at some point I looked up and saw her walking into the bathroom. And she's not there.


Oh, no, she left, she left. The second I pictured as she was on the toilet and saw her walking into the bathroom and I was like, was anybody knock anymore? OK, now I get it.


She was gone. I went to the grocery store and then a couple minutes later, Theresa sees her girlfriend going into the bathroom.


No, no, no. That's not good. That's no good. Oh, my God.


The worst ones. We made eye contact.


Yes. Why is it so scary? I hate that I couldn't. I have instinct, Skip. I continue watching Rupal and then after a few minutes I thought it was weird she had come out of the bathroom. I called out to her, asking her what she was doing and no reply. I didn't think much about it. But then as more minutes passed and she didn't appear, I called out asking if she was OK. Still no response. I got up and walked to the bathroom and she wasn't there.


She wasn't in her room or anywhere else in her small house. I started to panic a little because how the hell does someone disappear into thin air? As I start, as I'm starting to walk more frantically through the house, I hear a car door shut and realized I didn't look to see if her car was in the driveway. But also, how the hell did she leave the house without me knowing? She comes in the grocery, she comes in with grocery bags, and then everything in my brain clicks together.


I remember her telling me she was going to the store and I remember her leaving the house. My face clearly showed my confusion because she asked me what was wrong. I told her I had seen her go into the bathroom and then never come back out. Then I searched her house and had absolutely no recollection of her going to the store until I heard the car door. So it's almost like it's almost like it put some sort of veil on her so she wouldn't freak out.


It's like or like it's like her her her own understanding went with her to the other dimension where that one doesn't even exist in her brain anymore. Right. Right. Oh, that's creepy.


She asked me if I was high and I definitely wasn't. I asked her how long she was gone. She said twenty minutes. But the whole thing felt like an hour had gone by at least.


Holy shit. This whole thing shook me.


I tried. I started to try and rationalize what happened in my head. I have a seizure disorder where I have seizures that can manifest as a blackout. So I lose a short period of time, but only fifteen seconds. I haven't had a seizure in years, but I also but also I know I didn't have one because I didn't miss a beat of Rupal.


No, I can't explain the complete absence of memory of her going to the store or how I saw her walking to the bathroom when she had clearly already been gone, or how the sound of her car door brought me back to the present. But a part of me feels like maybe for a brief moment I slipped into a parallel dimension. It was too real to not be to me if I. I totally forgot this was going to be about parallel dimensions because I thought of it as a ghost.


And you're seeing a doppelganger.


Yeah, I thought doppelganger too. Yeah, that's what I said.


Then I think your theory of like a veil or something makes a lot of sense of like that's I think that whatever it was took that memory out of your head.


I think that's the route I usually go, because in the times where I have seen something, it really puts like this wave of calm on me so I can't write out. So it feels like there was this doppelganger who like wanted you to see them, but also didn't want you to freak out until like later on.


The fact that you made eye contact gives me.


That's the worst. That's the worst snow. No good hope. My story brings some chills because holy fuck, I'm still shuk. Love the podcast. Love following your tangents can totally relate. Also congrats Christine on finally getting verified. Oh thank you. And that's the last sentence of this episode apparently.


Don't worry, we'll find other sentences to throw in there before the episode is fully over. Wow. Well thank you. That was terrifying. And whether it's a doppelganger or a parallel universe, either way, it was really scary. It wasn't great for you. It wasn't great and wasn't something I wanted participate in. Right, right. Right. Eye contact, especially whether I'm in this world or not. I hate it. So. Yeah.




Thank you guys for all of your wonderful stories. Thank you, Eva, for reading them.


Oh, I have another request. Oh, can we. What about full moon stories. I don't think we've ever done a full moon. Oh that'll be fun.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I feel like that's kind of creepy. We're going to December. Things are getting darker and shorter.


I'm down to a full moon episode. OK, yeah. There you go. And thank you for everyone who submitted your stories. If you would like to submit your own story to be in the running for the next episode that comes out on the first of every month you can go to and that's where you drink dotcom. And we have a submission box there for you.


Yeah, well, thanks, everybody. And we will see you in a much shorter time than usual in like two weeks.


OK, well, thank you. And that's why we drink.


OK, so welcome back while I'm sitting here with him and I am a Virgin podcast, so while I'm in your hands, I think you've got a lot of experience at this.


But welcome to All Things Vanderpump and welcome to Villarosa.


I am excited to be here. It's everything I'm excited to have. It's really so far you have not disappointed. Oh, OK.


Well, I'm excited to continue to satisfy you. So unfortunately, you couldn't be here because you've got allergies, Joe, is that right? I have.


I would have been love sitting on your porch with, you know, a glass of rosé, a glass of wine. My voice is a nice Rahmon, rum and coke.


I could facilitate that as well. You know, we'll start with a cup of tea would end with a rum and coke. Well, here I have got a smorgasbord of things to be allergic to. So if it's not the flowers and the lavender and the grass and the birds, I've got. No, I'm not. No, cos you I'm saying if you've got allergies, I've got horses, turtles, swans, six dogs that may be your knight may be sneezing and spluttering.


You are a fish. You are officially taught to do this. You know I am a bit eccentric. A lot of people say batshit crazy but I'm going with eccentric.


So I was like bickie like you lets people live. I don't know why you're judging people that like you're no angel, like this crap you do on the show is crazy. Like you've peed on the bed you were with. She peed on the bed.


She's peed whenever she wanted to be on the bed in the scene. Vicky, she was laughing despite all over the Tamara's hotel bed.


What on purpose? You know, I don't know. But I'm sure we've all been somewhere where laughing hysterically, hysterically right now.


So it was kind of a good way, was it? So, yeah, it's learning to manipulate them with it when they're very young. With the glove puppet, it became part of the family. Hey, listen, I was a crazy mother. I'm a crazy woman.