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Look at Miss Christine and her vintage, it's almost like a Christmas glam because you almost got the red and green happening, sort of pink and turquoise, but let's call it let's call it a Christmas.


Jason's New Year's situation, and this is a big deal because today is twenty twenty one. Oh yeah.


Like the first day. I know a lot of people are hungover right now.


I think I think a lot of people have been hungover for a long period of time. So I think OK, they're all kind of coming too and realizing it's not 20, 19 anymore. They're like, wait, what happened all year? They're all come.


It's it's not twenty nineteen. It's not twenty twenty.


Or did I miss the joke? You missed the joke. That's OK. I don't get it. That's OK.


There are no twenty twenty. I'm very glad you're gone. Thank you. Yes me too. We don't miss you at all. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


I hope everyone has a much better year. I already told you that if you listen to the last episode that came out, I am hoping for a lot of sandwiches this year. That's right. And that's kind of that's all I'm hoping for. Yeah.


We decided to scale down our manifesting and focus on food.


I think I'm going to make a I mean, I don't know how long this will last, probably like twice and then I'll never do it again. But it'd be interesting to keep a log of all the sandwiches I eat this year.


So I know you and I probably have a history on post mates to check on, so. OK, that's OK. Yeah, we can probably just go back honestly in twenty twenty.


You and I probably eat a lot of sandwiches just because you know, let's just say I should have invested in post is what I should have done because I probably spent thousands of dollars last year and so. Oh my God.


Hopefully everyone is doing well and excited for a new year and fingers crossed for a lot of graffiti, even if we're hung over like we're happy because it's like, you know what, we're hung over, but we're like, we're ready to roll, ready to move on.


It's the biggest sigh of relief, I think, globally we've all had, correct? Yes. Agreed.


Well, to to start off the the new year, we have a hot seven stories for you onis.


Yes. And I'm going to read them first this time, so I'm going to read them. OK, I'll just sit here. I'll stop. I'll start them first. I'll lay on my fainting couch and be serenaded. Yes.


Yeah, well, that's I would like you to just kind of look like you're just barely hanging on for dear life through. That's what I always look like. I thought you said it's what you sound like, that's for sure. Oh, just ask anyone to listen to this podcast.


So like all of us are the face, we're all barely getting through this. Go ahead, then. OK, so this is story number one. Also, if for some reason this is your first time ever listening to a listeners episode on the first of every month, we put these out and you can submit your own personal stories on the submission form on our website. That's what we drink. OK, dog to you, dot gov, I think.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I figure figure it out. Yeah we'll be there. Dot Nelnet or something.


About what at Hotmail. OK, so this is called the haunted Christmas tree and it is from McKeyla who goes by she her. Thank you for normalizing pronouns. Mikhaela Michail says Hello Amethi, Christopoulos and Evanthia. I am twenty, I'm twenty four years old and have been listening to you all since the beginning of dawn. Oh wow.


Oh okay. That makes us super old. I just feel like, like my skin is turning to dust as we speak.


What did you call me that one time when I turned like twenty eight you called me probably the go to I is usually crypt keeper.


Yeah. You called me the crypt keeper like eighty five times in a row and I was like eighty five years ago. So imagine what I'd call you today. I want to know just a pile. A pile of ash I suppose. Huh. OK, so I've been listening to you since apparently the dawn of time. Yikes. And good Lord it's been a wild fucking ride that we can confirm. Ain't that the truth?


I sucked my mom into your show and she's binged it up to the early one. Hundreds now. Why so more than halfway through, it feels so good to have someone else to gush about your show with. Or anyways, I know how much you all love a good spook. So one might say this is filled with concentrated entertainment. Oh, tall order.


You're really you're really promising something here. OK, so get fucking ready. It all began when I was about seven on the floor, wrapping gifts for my mom's party and just minding my own business. First of all, a seven year old wrapping presents is a skill I as a seven year old did not have.


That was my job. I had to bartend at my stepmother's house at Christmas parties and wrap the wrap the presents.


I couldn't have the presents, but I definitely did walk around and offer people food and then hope they'd say no so I could eat it.


I was like, I've never seen you give away food. It was it was early. I hadn't really learned by my own power yet.


All of a sudden I see a tall, thin, solid black figure lean out of. The bathroom doorway, I always imagine him looking like Abe Lincoln, just as I looked up, he popped back into the bathroom. My stomach sank and I immediately turned around to my mom sitting on the couch behind me and said, Mom, you're probably not going to believe me, but I just saw a man come out of the bathroom. This woman casually and I mean casually replied, Oh, yeah, I've seen him, too, Mom.


That sounds like Renata. Wait a minute. It does sound like it.


Did you she would say she would say, yeah, I saw him, but I saw him eight more times than you did.


He would she be there? Oh, yeah, I know him. He, like his head fell off. One time I watched. And also he's in love with me and he's actually a real dad. Anyway, people get sleep. It's actually your father over. Last name is Lincoln and you're not even sure.


So, boy, are you honest. Dear God, I hope she doesn't listen to this by some miracle that she actually turns the show on, because then she's going to tell you the Honest Abe literally. Is your father OK? Yeah. I don't want to know the truth.


Your father is from the eighteen hundreds. That's why I'm the fucking crypt keeper. OK, so McKale says I was dumbfounded, perplexed and kind of angry that she just brushed it off. And a few years, a few years go by with feelings of being watched, unexplained noises, me waking up with scratches and figures of my mom's nativity set being knocked over. Oh, no. Oh no. And the occasional growling great. Em, don't even ask me why we didn't leave, because trust me, I wanted to know that as a child, you only carry so much leverage in convincing your whole family to get up and move until your our children.


And then you just suggested. That's sure. Like off the cuff, like maybe we should move.


And I'm like, that was a sign, you know, any who onward to the juicy bits like that was not easy.


OK, I can't remember how old I was, but one year my mom bought me a three foot Christmas tree to put in my room. My sister and I shared a room, so I placed it on top of a bedside dresser that was in between our beds. I decorated it with a cute little with cute little plastic ornaments, silver and gold tinsel, and topped it with a golden star precious. That night, when I was going to sleep, I was facing the tree that was maybe a foot and a half from my face.


In the pitch black silent room, I heard the ornaments start to shake as if someone had moved a branch.


OK, this is when I pretend it's a cat.


Whether or not it was moonshine, I was about to say the number of ornaments is shattered in the last 48 hours. Oh Christ. Right after I hear this, the sound of a little girl giggling breaks the silence. Goodbye. Mind you, my sisters older than me, I'm the youngest and my cat's meow does not sound like a little ghost child's laugh. OK, good to know I was frozen in fear and trying to process what just happened. But of course I just roll over to face the wall and drift off to sleep.


I know I spoke to my mom about it and I can't remember what she said, but I guarantee she just shrugged it off. Yes.


Checks out with Renata at least a few years later, my sister's friend engaged in a Ouija board at another person's house and asked about the history of our house. So she somehow found out that two children were poisoned on the property and an old man had died there.


Huh? Oh, my God.


Battlemind is not a friendly ghost and is probably the one to have scratched me and growls. So likely a demon. But it explains the little girl giggling. It makes me wonder if she loved Christmas so much that she just wanted to touch the Christmas tree. Or maybe she was just fucking with me.


OK, who knows? I've got a plethora of stories I could go on and on about, including one with a seance, but I'll write in another time. Seriously and sincerely. Thank you for all the last years and creepy stories. They keep me on my toes every week. And you are all incredible humans. Live, laugh. Woman OK, well don't worry. I'm stuck on something. Yeah.


Tears of laughter. Of joy. Oh yes. What have we done.


I'm imagining the tears are from when we're just like so immensely cute and give each other presents mentally I.Q. is the phrase.


Just see it's when we're. So that's one way to put it. I say mentally cute.


You know, I'm pretty sure I could have like definitely just heard it that way, which is also telling.


Hmm. I don't know what I said. If we're going to be totally honest, I don't think any of us know what we said at any point. So, I mean, we started this with a joke that did not land on my half.


So it's fine. It's like no matter what I say, it's just going to be a mess. I'm hung over. I'm sorry. It's the first of the year.


So, yeah, we want to be fair. We can't blame Tony. Well, actually, we're still in twenty twenty, so we're going to continue to blame twenty twenty. We're recording this before the new year.


I'm sure the day that the midnight twelve one when the bell tolls I will suddenly be reborn and this perfect creature all of a sudden we'll speak like perfect like old English and like oh it'll be beautiful. Everything will sound like a limerick and it'll be just, just peachy all the time. Oh, how fun. And also we'll be like mentally cute and you'll cry or something and so cute.


I really don't know what I said. We'll have to go back and listen to that later.


It's probably not what I said, so I apologize in advance. Well. I think I think the tears came from any time that you and I have been cute together and done something sweet for each other. So I'm glad you think that because I'm assuming we did something to, you know, make others cry.


But that's just my maybe maybe the tears are from the escape, which, by the way, I did on my secret Tick-Tock account. I do regularly check when somebody is telling me something on Tick Tock and someone recently did a tick tock about the escape room and how like, oh, it was so sorry.


And, you know, it's a fun fact.


Everybody does not like give me their tick tock or follow me on tick tock, even though M knows my tick tock and has told me they have a tick tock and yet somehow avoids me on there, which I also to be fair, apparently like don't have you on close friends on Instagram.


I just don't find anything off your close friends.


I don't know if you blocked me. Listen and then I'm going to figure this out in the new year.


I guess we'll figure. Yeah. Next year. Next year. Well, I don't know. I'm just going to keep me at arm's length, which, you know, I don't blame you.


That's part of the tiers category. I think. Actually, it's my tears. Certainly, yes.


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And have you ever said to yourself, I love the fact that I've had the same few pairs of sheets since just after college and I never even liked them then, but I just keep washing them every week or maybe two or three or four or five and putting them back on the bed like it's totally normal. Well, stop that.


And I'm going to say, listen, no, I. I have not had that experience, although I do know many who have had that experience.


I did have that experience. So I'm going to be honest. But Brooklyn and can make that voice in your head. And I my head I guess, and the bad sheets on your bed go away. So just listen. This is me projecting to you. Really. I mean, if you're someone who does not have that many sheets, I will say I only had two pairs of sheets for like a good couple of years when I first moved out by myself.


And now I and first of all, they were also like kind of raggedy. They weren't looking very sharp. And I treated myself to Brooklyn, Brooklyn and sheets. And I have like, just what? Yeah, I'm just saying you can't go back to your excuse me.


I'm in the middle of talking about how much I love the sheets. No, I was just gyrating.


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They're worth it for sure. There's there somewhere that I have the window pane ones I have, I have dark gray. I also have like I think like a pinstripe gray and gray and white ones that I mean they're just they all look so nice and it's twenty, twenty one now. So do something nice for yourself to start the New Year and to help you do that, Brooklyn has a special offer.


Go to Brooklyn and Dotcom and use Premakumar drink to get twenty five dollars off when you spend one hundred dollars or more plus free shipping that's B-R. OK, and end dotcom and enter promo code drink to get twenty five dollars off when you spend a hundred dollars or more plus free shipping Brooklyn and dotcom and use promo code drink at checkout.


OK, this speaking of tears is from Linda who uses she her pronouns. The subject is coerced by listening to others curses. Oh see, I was afraid this would happen, that we would create kind of like rings of hell situation, I guess.


What is. Yeah, I was going to say what a loop that like we asked for curses, then those curses curse others.


And now I'm now understanding the tears part.


Oh, OK. Linda says Dear Eva and Co, thank you. Probably correct.


Yeah. As the subject says, I had to contact you because I think I was coerced by the recent Listener Stories episode. Congrats on the fiftieth. I imagine that has some sarcasm.


Yeah, I hope it didn't feel good entirely. Oh my gosh. I listen to the fiftieth listener stories for a second time last night because I was missing you too. And you both are always a welcome sound in my ears. I was freaking out and thankful as I had never been. Curse by your podcast until last night.


Oh, I was exhausted and feeling low, so I went to bed early. I was plagued by nightmares where I was locked in an airport and the room slowly filled up with water. OK, oh no, I'm sweating.


That's one of my nightmares. That's awful.


I remember clinging to the wall because I knew if I let go I would drown. As I was holding on for dear life, a child came up to me and smiled wide.


No, hang on, OK?


You don't have to smile or exist. I don't like alive, OK?


And in between I just as I'm reading this, um, I just remembered a dream I had last night and I'm getting goose cam. So let me tell you it after.


I'm sorry. Was the child smiling wide. It was something smiling, OK? Oh, I can't believe I just remembered that I woke up in the middle of the night and like GraBois and was like, help.


I was very scared. OK, hang on. So this is not about me, OK? As I was holding on for dear life, a child came up to me and smiled wide.


The child was a little girl with long blond hair and an eerily perfect smile.


She waited too easily through the deepening water that should have been over her head. By then. I screamed at her to hold on to something because I feared the water would pull her away and she would drown in this room with me. Good night.


I want you to let go, was all she said. And see your kid. I ask him. Oh my God. OK, if she's smiling and saying Let go, I knew I would let go of her hand and I'd say goodbye.


OK, Nora. Oh my God. I'm home alone again. Why do we always do this when I'm home alone?


I want you to let go, was all she said while still smiling, and she pulled out a knife. Oh my God. And stabbed me in the back of the leg.


The pain caused me to let go. And I was pulled under the water while I struggled to reach the surface. I could see her face blurry from the water above me and her eyes were black. I woke up gasping for air, literally gasping for air and feeling nauseous. Something was not right in my house. I staggered out of my bed because I could smell propane.


Oh, good night. Oh. Oh fuck. I turn on all the lights and searched the house, opening windows along the way to get some fresh air.


Then I found the source. There's a tiny latched.


OK, this is your first mistake. Linda is a tiny latch door in the back of my closet. And you I briskly away correct where MS is. Why didn't you move out? I'm saying, why did you move in at all?


OK, it sounds like a very Christine move to pull.


I found this little door at an estate sale and I'm sure there's something in it I'm going to go inside.


Well, well, no one's it's a little girl with a match lit as you smell propane. That's what it is.


I'm terrified, OK? Then I found the source, there is a tiny latch door in the back of my closet and the store's hard to open, it takes me a good minute to wrestle with the latch. My shoes in front of it were undisturbed, still lined up correctly. And to get to the door, you'd have to push aside my clothes that hang in front of it. They still hung neatly untouched. That door in my closet was wide open and coming from inside, a propane line was snapped in half and spilling gas into my bedroom.


Good night.


Are you OK? I got nothing good to say. I got nothing to say. Hmm. First. Hmm. OK, I guess I'll read then.


I have a sick feeling that either a black eyed child or a haunted doll opened that door while I slept and wanted me to die. Is it a coincidence that I happened to listen to others plights regarding the trouble you have caused? It is anyone's guess. Love you both and will still lovingly listen, Linda.


But if you genuinely think that we curse to you and your next heart is I'm going to keep listening.


Linda, you got some bigger fish to fry right away from us.


Oh, no, wait.


That is I mean, that's honestly one of the scarier ones I think we've ever read, if not the scariest, because it's like a real life terror yak's with.


It's like it's like whatever if something was there and it wanted to scare you, it shows some real properly, you know, fear, properly based fear.


Yeah. Hmm.


Like, that's extremely, extremely dangerous. A B how does that even happen. And that the door was open even though your shoes were lined up properly in front of it.


Also, like really picked like three of the worst ways to go of like drowning, stabbing and fire like. Oh, I didn't even think of that. Yeah.


Holy crap. That's even worse.


I didn't even think of that because you I would argue that one of those three are definitely the worst ways to go. Yeah, I would I would not argue with you on that. I mean, they're all bad ways to go. Oh, that was really scary.


I'm going to like nuts. Oh, I guess I'll tell you, my dream is not even remotely as scary.


But last night I had this dream that and I found this doll, OK? Now I'm just like wondering what the hell is going on. I had this dream that I found this doll and it was just like it looked like an Egyptian sphinx sort of. And Blayse was like freaking out. And he was so weird and he kept freaking out. I was like, what? What's the big deal? We just got to throw it away, like because we knew something was wrong with it.


And then he said it's not where it's supposed to be. And I said, What do you mean it's not where it's supposed to be? And he said, because I used to be in it in the good up. And I was like.


And then I woke up. But I was too scared to open my eyes because I was convinced I was like a kid. I was like convinced that if I opened my eyes, there would be like something standing there. So it took me.


I kind of it's like a hundred. And then I eventually, like, turned over with my eyes closed and I was and then I grabbed his arm.


But then I was like, oh, my God. But in my dream blaze, like, was the demon.


So then I got all of my hair so you could open your eyes and rolled over and seen a human sized Egyptian sphinx doll lying next to a weird sphinx.


And he was like, because I was in it and I was like, goodbye anyway.


So it reminded me of because it was smiling in it. Yikes. I have bad dreams.


It's about like murderers, not like demons. So this one was very uneasy for me.


I had some really interesting nightmares last night, but they weren't. They were surprisingly for the first time ever, like just like a nightmare where like I kind of woke up and was like, oh, that's just a nightmare. Instead of a being like, oh, there's a demonic force in my room waiting to die like this.


Like it was like I made up in my dream. I made up a Marvel movie that was like that doesn't exist. But it was like really fucking scary. It was like a Marvel horror movie. And then I woke up and thought that would have been a scary movie. And then I went back to sleep.


That sounds like a good dream. It was it was kind of disturbing, but it wasn't like it was finally not paranormal, which is, what? Ninety nine percent of my nightmares.


I know. I feel like we, like, switch places. Yeah.


Anyway, apparently Blaze was in a doll as a demon in Egypt.


So, you know, and also, you know what past lives in your weird attachment to Egypt. It makes me think that there could be something there anyway here.


Story number three, this is called I Picked the Wrong House for the bachelorette party. Oh, so did M Zach Dagens Muzeum. You know what?


I picked the exact right house, so I know you're right. Like it came with a twelve page NDA and a like a life I don't like an insurance liability for. And I bought an autographed poster so I can just go right to hell.


Yeah. The house. I'm lighting a candle. Sorry. The house I picked for the house I picked for your bachelorette party literally had peed in it so that's OK.


You know what, you're right. I'm having a great time. OK, so this is from Lakotah. Who uses she her pronouns.


So thank you for your pretty name. Lakotah. Yeah, I was afraid I was. It's like Dakota but with an L. Yeah, that's a very nice name. OK, I picked the wrong house for the bachelorette party. Hello, Christine and Eva Zenon. I think this is the first shout out. I think so.


Two girls, she's like she knows she's she's XRX Unmount. Yeah. She just flying above.


She, she, her ears are ringing. Oh big whoops.


Are there like satellite dishes, xenon lemon and most importantly, Ghajini and Moonshine. I've been wanting to send this story in for what seems like forever. But alas, I am lazy and I don't want to waste any more time. So let's crack into it. In October of twenty eighteen, I was tasked with planning my best girl, Brit's bachelorette party she was on. She was set on Savannah, Georgia, due to her love of all things, spooky and stuck and stuck in time.


So I'm, I'm down with that but makes sense. Loves Savannah. I feel like Savannah, Georgia. I'm sure people from these two places are going to like clash on Twitter or something.


But Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina have the same level of like timelessness and his old school, but like historical ghosty vibes.


They yeah, to me they feel the same. But yeah, OK, great, great location. I too am a lover of all things, dark and haunted. So I was stoked to get this party planned with the help of some lovely friends. I finally pictured Airbnb for the weekend, not too far from downtown, large enough for all eight of us. Seemed perfect, right? Incorrect.


Oh my gosh. OK, half of us arrived in Savannah a few hours early to decorate and set it up. Side note, young girl had a surprise Game of Thrones feast planned and it was the shit that sounds dope. That sounds like God.


How cool. If all you had to say was feast. OK, Christian bachelor party. OK, feast.


The amount of wine that I see on Game of Thrones, I always ended up just like craving wine and like, I don't know, I would like my gross, I would like my theme to be feast actually.


So just well remember that we just described, I walked around with trays of booze for my parents friends and you walked around with trays of food. So I think this is pretty fitting.


Honestly, I would like my party to just be like me sitting on a throne and every person I know and love just offers a different platter of my face.


I need you to actually write that because I'm not kidding. I'm saying that. I would like it like it's not a joke everyone can pick, which it is that they're serving me, but I would like at least one steak, one fried chicken, one mac and cheese, I mean, Wolf.


So I know that part. But ever write down this idea because it's pretty good, actually. It's actually it's a delightful, delightful. OK, so thank you. You might have actually just changed the way that why my party goes. OK, Feast, where's that word. OK, here.


When I first stepped in I was in love, though it had been beautifully renovated, the house was very old and still had the original architecture intact. It was perfect and I decided that the bride to be and I should would share the master bedroom for obvious reasons. So I went upstairs to get our stuff set.


We were lovers. We wanted to spice up. I know. I wish I wish the drama were there for the sake of this story. Only of like for obvious. Obvious.


I know I'm like obvious reasons like wink wink.


I guess we're best friends, but maybe you're also like the other bride.


I mean Game of Thrones, like you never know what's going on with these. You know what, Lakotah, you walked right into this. That's what happened to this so far. From the second I walked into the room, I knew I was very much not alone. Great. Because the master bedroom, I'm pretty sensitive to this kind of stuff.


So it wasn't anything new, but I was still on edge because I had to sleep there all weekend. That's first of all, the bride to be isn't there yet. You can leave. You can be like bride to be. This is your room. I have one. Good boy.


I know we're lovers, but you can have the truth to your Christine. I know. I know we're best friends. Obviously obvious for obvious reasons, lovers. But I think you need to have alone time. Well, I'm going to be the fees. I'm going to be at the feast.


And you that's going to be actually when we did stay in a haunted Airbnb, you went to the cryptid museum and left me alone in our haunted house.


That is. I did do that, by the way. You did certainly do that.


And that was in the year 2020. So I'm lumping it into all the horrors of this year. Also, there were two people who were coming to our live show the next day. They were also on that tour.


Oh, really? At the museum with me. OK, I knew that they were like, wow, we really lucked out. Like, this was the exact time to come to this exact location. Also, not tomorrow.


Super hard to find out where M is at any given time in any city.


It's like like just east or like cryptid or swamp alligators. You could find them just to let you know.


I usually base my I'm really giving myself away here, but like I really do plan my entire trip. Ninety nine percent around Atlas Obscura. It's true. And I usually come in at least a day early if I can, to every city so I can spend the night exploring. So like it's not hard to find me.


And even I arrive and like go to the hotel bar Emori early and like goes on six a.m. tours. It's I think our entire tour.


I did come in at least tonight early, at least for most of the shows. I came in and a night earlier before you and I. Yeah. Just so I could do all the weird shit before I had to, like, go on stage. So anyway, that's how you can find me. It's not hard.


Let's let's try this thing we've never, ever done before, Christine. I'm ready. Ready? Hello, fresh. Wow. That just came out of me like that was natural.


Just just innate. Almost, it seems. Welcome to where we talk about how much we love. Hello, Fresh. This is probably our favorite part of every episode where we get to talk about the delicious meals that go into our bellies and how delightful this company is. It's true. So how fresh is America's number one meal kit?


For a reason?


With help fresh, you get fresh, pre measured ingredients, mouthwatering seasonal recipes delivered right to your door, and you get to skip the trips to the grocery store, make home cooking easy, fun and affordable.


And you can, like, feel like you're actually cooking.


So I like I'm just going to tell you right now, I made these black beans and poblano flautas, which they always make me feel so fancy because I make I make plays, I'm making flautas.


And he's like, don't bother me, don't bother me. And my Floud says, don't bother me. Don't talk to me in my fluctus ever again.


And there in the Hall of Fame, OK?


And I swear, every time I get a Hall of Fame recipe, I'm like, I wonder how this will be. And it's always just like out of the park every time.


Amazing. Every time. My favorite is when Alison isn't in town so I can have her portion than I do. Hello. Fresh meals, which is exactly what's happening right now. And it helps you cut down on your grocery bills and your food waste and hello fresh delivers preparation ingredients to you to you're not overbuying, which is a burden on the planet and your wallet.


That's right.


So go to hell first dot com slash drink ten and you could drink ten for ten free meals, including free shipping. Hello, fresh dotcom slash drink ten and use code. Drink ten for ten free meals, including free shipping.


I decided I was just overwhelmed and letting the house get the better of me and brush it off. That is until Brit got there, Brit is bride to be. She walked up to our temporary room and I heard her laugh out loud and exclaim, Oh, OK.


I walked upstairs to ask her about it and she said she felt it too.


OK, that's exactly it, Christine. That is extremely. So you would walk up and be like, oh, never mind. Got it.


And that is what happened because I showed up and realized I had left like the creepiest fucking room to either me or Eva. And so I literally went, oh, OK. And you were like, I got here first. It's like your problem. So guess what we did. We put it up.


So don't tell all of our secrets. Eva, I again, we haven't said this in a while, but the day you decided to quit, we will say only one sentence and it will be we understand. We will applaud.


We'll be like, you really suck it out a lot longer than we thought, OK? The whole day went by without too much happening. Save for that oppressive energy in our room. Luckily that night we drank enough to pass out and sleep uneventfully. No issues. Great, smart. The following evening we took it easy as we had a big day night planned for Saturday and we both went to bed and had considerable difficulty falling asleep, mainly because I felt like someone was sitting in the corner staring at us.


Oh great. After I finally drifted off, I was pulled out of sleep by Brits shaking me awake. If you shook me awake, I wouldn't even wait around to ask what happened. I just feel like it would be I'd be like, my shoes are on. What where how fast are we running? Yep. She was super distraught, smack in the middle of a panic attack. She said that she had woken up out of nowhere with her heart racing and feeling terrible and scared.


I sat up for a bit trying to calm her down. We turned on the TV and watched an X Files. OK, not helpful.


I think also a Christine move.


Like, let me just turn on the lights. Let me put on Sinister while I calm you down from your panic attack.


I finally fell back asleep, only to have one of the strangest dreams I've ever had in my dream. There was an Egyptian sphinx. I'm just kidding. I'm just.


Oh, oh my God, that is not funny. I literally stopped breathing. I was just about to yell at me again and I've over it. Holy Conolly.


In my dream, I was in the same bed I was sleeping in. Brett's back was to me and she was sleeping on her side. I nudged her shoulder to wake her up because I was scared and she rolled over to face me. Only it wasn't her. Good night. We've had a few of these. We've had a few people write in about dreams like this where the person sleeping next to you is actually not that person. It's always bad.


It was an old woman.


Yep, that's what I thought. That's what I was afraid of.


The woman sat up and just stared at me, OK, so she sat up looking so she knows you're awake and can see you. It's the worst. It's about time. Yeah. Yikes.


OK, I was immediately terrified and in my dream ran down the hall to the room where two of our friends were sleeping. I opened the door to find that the whole room had changed different furniture, etc. and there was an old man with a walker sitting by the window. He looked at me confused and said, Why are you here? You aren't supposed to be here.


Oh, hello. Chill's OK. You know what the fuck that?


I was scared down to my core, frozen to the spot in my dream. I was woken up then by Brett who said I was crying and moaning in my sleep. Thank God that your friend was a light enough sleeper.


Maybe I do want to you to be in the room.


I won't abandon you for reasons. For obvious reasons. I get it now. I get it now, everybody, buddy system, that's where that's what we were missing before. Oh, you and I just went straight to like fuckin HBO drops and we sat there together, unable to sleep, just kind of holding each other, OK?


I mean, we're all waiting.


We spoke too soon, as usual, a holding each other for what seemed like forever. And then we heard of footsteps on the fucking staircase.


Oh, sorry. That was so loud into the mic. Twists and turns Lakotah. This story is such a roller coaster. I would have told myself I was imagining it, but before I had even mentioned it, she said, Did you hear the footsteps on those stairs? Nope. Goose Cam. What's even stranger is that they sounded like they started in the middle of the staircase, not the bottom. Fuck you, I hate this.


So it couldn't be any of our friends. We very clearly heard the steps ascend the stairs and then we heard a board creak directly outside our fucking door. Now I do not scare easily.


And let me just admit I was terrified. Mortified, scared. Yes. Well, that makes total sense. We sat there together until the sun came up and then I finally got angry and threw the bedroom door open. Nothing, no one. We bolted downstairs and laid on the couch in the living room. Somehow we managed a fantastic bachelorette evening that night on our two hours of sleep. And that night we switched rooms with our two friends that aren't as sensitive to that stuff and with the assistance, with the assistance of more alcohol set slept soundly that evening.


The oppressive energy never left that whole upstairs, though you better believe I left a lengthy review on Airbnb and we left that day and coincidentally got introduced to your podcast on the Drive Back Our Friend Way. It was us, actually. We were trying to tell we were tapping into your psyche saying, listen to me.


We were like, hey, you guys should make out because you're lovers.


Right? And also their fees because we came for. Also, I came I came for the feast. Christine came for HBO. And also like wine mead, if you will, for the meat.


Yes. Me also. What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here. You're supposed to listen to our podcast.


Sorry, you saw me. You caught me with my walker. My knees are in the crypt keeper and my knees are really bad.


Our friend Ashley showed us one of your early shows and the rest is history. Thanks for listening to the story. Can't wait for. And so the world is back to normal and I can maybe see you live again in Nashville. Oh, well, I'm sure we'll be in Nashville one day and then hang in there. Twenty twenty is almost over. Well by the time we're reading this Lakotah twenty twenty is over. You did it. Lakotah made it.


Hash tag team win. One more thing. I know you guys have issues, questions, problems with disembodied body parts. Weirdly enough, my job requires me to have great prowess in this area. So basically, if you have any questions about human body dismemberment, I've got you. And yes, it's legal. Maybe I'll write about that in the future. Maybe you should have was literally my next question.


Is this something we're allowed to discuss on air when people say like, oh, here's something really fucked up, maybe I'll write you, it's like, what a tease. Just write it. They know what they're doing.


You know what they're doing anyway. Lakotah, this is that's kind of nannas.


All of these are really scary. I don't know, like what's going on even was like there's no theme. And it's like apparently the theme was pooping my pants, Eva and like terrifying dreams also.


Yeah, this is freaking me out.


I honestly it makes me wonder if there's like a time slip where it's like the old lady was in bed and she maybe saw you in her lifetime and was like, oh, she's in my bed. And then the old man was like, what are you doing here?


I thought the thought of like it being like the other situation where both of you are seeing each other in different life.


Times are different times like you like your astral projection, you've both crossed over into each other's worlds.


Oh, no, no, no. Yeah.


See, that freaks, because then you wonder, like, oh, are they seeing you in some other, you know, like are are you there ghost or.


Yeah. Or is it the like you know I guess the more standard theory of like they're dead and they, they can tell you're alive and you shouldn't be able to see them, you know, it's like every our that. Yeah.


They're both awful like they're both like just equally as bad as each other somehow.


The fact that they're also shocked to see you is what makes it extra startling, because usually you think like, oh, ghosts are here because they want you to see them. But like when clearly they're asking you, like, what is going on?


You know, Jill gets it. He gets it.


Earlier today, he was barking like crazy. And I went to the side door and I looked out and there were like, I'm not even joking with you.


Maybe 30 to 40, like I would say like sixty five year old men in, like, velour tracksuits. What? And they were walking down the street in a line and I was like, yeah, I would be barking too.


And I couldn't figure out, like I literally see how this happened. I, I was freaked out. I locked my door. I was like, I don't know what's going on.


And I like living a pretty quiet neighborhood. So I'm like staying.


And then like five minutes later, there's massive tour bus drives down the street like like huge double decker situation where I was like, how does it even fit on my street?


I do not know what was going on, but how many of these suits, 60 year old.


Or 60, more like 60 to 70, and they were probably like 30 to 40 of them, but that's wild.


It was so weird. I'd even give you a situation where it's like, oh, maybe it was this. Yeah, I was trying to figure it out.


I was like, it's not like unless it's some maybe.


Oh, maybe it was like a bowling team or something.


I'm trying to think of what sporting event it would be like. It's not professional basketball, but they were in velour tracksuit because it sounds like it could be like like like a senior gay pride or something.


OK, some of the more velour, but a lot of them had like designer sneakers, like it was senior gay pride. I have a hunch. I know it was tucky I guess in December. That does not check out, but it's all I've got.


So that's the other thing is it was like twenty five degrees out and they were not wearing I mean they were wearing like tracksuits but not like coats or hats or anything.


I don't know. It was really like a gay Christmas.


It's got to be gay if it's all valore and designer shoes.


I know what I'm going to Google it and I'm convinced that it's like some sort of like bowling league that takes itself really seriously and was like, we're going to get out our, like, nicest sneaker.


I don't know the fact that like three or four dozen senior men can all get matching outfits and like do like they weren't matching.


That's the other thing. None of them were matching. They were all that's the weird part is they were all different outfits and shoes.


And I was like because they were tracksuit, if they were team, they would all buy the same thing. Yeah, you're probably right. So, you know, it's a club.


It's like a running club or something. Well, they're definitely running on me. It was like maybe like a senior, like power walking club.


Maybe they weren't walking very fast, though, I got to say.


OK, ok, ok, fair.


But I will say I live right across the casino.


Like maybe they were like going to the casino with the tour bus. That's the only thing I can think of. Like why would there be a tour bus. I don't fucking know my mom.


She said, I don't know why this reminds me of my mother, but she told me that one time in college she was I think it was birth control. It was some sort of birth control. I think it was just like the pill or condoms or something. But but when she was in college, she and her friend were like, I don't know, like maybe we should go get some, like, birth control or something. And I guess, like, people weren't really openly talking about that stuff yet and at least in her circle.


And so they decided that they were going to do it. And they hype themselves up.


They're like, we're going to go get birth control, we're going to go do it. And as they were like traipsing to the parking lot where other people were just kind of like popping up out of nowhere, being like, where are you guys going? And they be like, we're getting birth control.


And then slowly just became a crowd of, like, really excited college girls that were like all like a little power squad being like birth control. And like by the time they all went to go, like, set up appointments or something, there was like a little pack of them. And it just reminded me of like like a gaggle of girls, just all kind of popping up and nowhere.


What's that TV show, musical TV show? It's it's the way she describes it. Sounds like it was a bit in a musical like that was just like it started with two people and it slowly grew with a crazy ex-girlfriend. It sounds like like meeting up like in song. Yeah, that's what it felt like. And I'm imagining it's just like that, except a bunch of old men being like, we're going to go bowling and everyone just shows up in their own tracksuit.


I'm like trying to Google it.


It's like not working. What a shock. I'm going to Google it later because I'm like, really? Oh, you know, I also like horse racing down here.


Maybe horse industry.


I can promise you there are no 70 year old jockeys and only tracksuits that are jockeys, but betting, not like betting riding horses, but betting on the track betting.


I thought you said betting.


I was like, I think they don't I don't think horses are beds, you know, maybe like it's the horse track. OK, I don't know that that could be it. That's it. That's not a bad idea. I feel like that. Are the casinos the only thing that makes sense? Why they're all glammed out?


If you happen to be in the Kentucky, Ohio area and you have a grandfather with a tracksuit, ask them what the fuck was going on that day and tell them I love those one person. Personality's these like neon yellow sneaks.


And I was like, well, those are those are cool. And I'll ask how they also got a tour bus to like, accompany them and how did it fit on my street because the moving truck told me they couldn't fit.


So I don't know how they got their double decker bus, but OK, anyway, sorry everybody.


I guess I should read story number four. Yes.


The next story this is called My Family Secret was made into a movie by I'm in my HBO dream. OK, this is it. This is from Abby.


Who's she. Her pronouns. Thank you, Abby. Not only am I a lover of all things true crime, but with that love comes my deep seated curiosity. In other words, I'm nosy as this sounds like a chapter book.


A diary entry novel.


Yeah, I don't know. I've been nosy. I'm nosy as hell and have been my entire life.


Growing up, I picked up on a certain topic that would result in a look shot across the room from grandma. We call her mama. I hope I'm saying that right. This is the look that halted any further discussion. Finally, I had reached the age that my grandmother finally deemed I was old enough to be let into the secret garden.


During one of my weekly phone calls while I was in college, Hamma spilled the beans.


The secret her cousin, Gary Paul Carr, was involved in the kidnapping and murder of the most hated woman in America, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, her son, John Garth Murray, and her granddaughter, Robin Murray O'Hare.


Oh, my gosh, that's a lot of landmark. OK, OK. I don't think I don't know any of these people yet, but I'm excited to go watch the movie tonight. Seriously.


Madalyn Murray O'Hair was an activist, best known for being an atheist and publishing the complete division of church and state.


No publishing pushing Koslo that woman.


Wow, I thought it was a book. I was like, wow, I wow.


OK, sorry. Being an atheist and pushing the complete division of church and state. In 1995, O'Haire, her son and her granddaughter disappeared from Austin, Texas.


All that was left behind was dinner on the table. Oh my God. And a note on the door stating the Murray O'Hair family has been called out of town on an emergency basis.


We do not know how long we will be gone at the time of the writing of this memo. Oh, my God.


Ultimately, the investigation honed in on David Roeland Waters, who is a former employee and ex felon. Both he and Carr were arrested and imprisoned. The only other person involved in committing the crime was Danny Frye, who was murdered by water and car.


I'll leave my telling of the story brief but sorry, brief. As all my knowledge of the situation has been gathered from my own research and the movie adaptation of the story that was released in 2017, my grandma divulged no additional information as this is still a topic she doesn't like to discuss.


Well, I'm unsure of how close the relationship the cousins had growing up, but I'm assuming it has to be strange knowing their intertwined childhoods resulted in very different outcomes.


My great Aunt Gary's mother has been a figure at family gatherings my entire life.


She is in her mid 90s at this point and lives in a small cabin on a lake with her other son. She recently survived a stroke and is a hardy Midwestern lady that my family is all convinced may outlive us all.




Flash forward a couple of years and I bring my boyfriend up north with us in Wisconsin. Believe is a vacation in the summer to spend the Fourth of July, also my grandma's birthday with my family. This is the first time they're all meeting him.


And by the second night of knowing him, my family tells him I waited twenty years to be privy to this information, which he obtained in less than 48 hours. I was salty, to say the least. Thank you for being the voices that fill my home so I'm not lonely and being vulnerable enough to share your highs and lows. Love you both and ever so much and all that you do. Yours truly, Abby. She her piece. I brought my best friend, also a lover of true crime, to the Milwaukee show and it was the greatest friend ever.


I can't wait for the day you could come back.


Oh also like what. Yeah, I want.


So her cousin was a kid kidnapped and murdered.


Oh, my God. An activist and her son and her granddaughter, holy shit, that's horrifying.


It's wild because, like I mean, like neither of us get to be surprised anymore.


But it is wild when you think, like, there is like a murderer does have family, like someone out there is related to the dark stuff we talk about.


And it's like crazy coworkers and like.


Yeah, acquaintances and people you just don't think about or like, oh my God, how creepy is also that is also the most or not a thing of like my boyfriend shows up and all of a sudden he learns all these family secrets. I'm like, yeah, that's like the time again with the and ad when my mother told me this at my 13th birthday party and I was like, mortified.


Sometimes I wonder how she landed Tim and how he didn't just, like, escape, like just like he was like, this is too much and just fli like, yeah, she does a really good job of spreading out really. That's the thing, the dark, the dark facts, because I think he probably found out after he said I do, it was too late.


He was like, oh it was too late for me too. So I get it. Don't worry, there was no escape for you know, he had a chance. We're all in it together. All right.


So this is number five. This is called My Aunt Caught a mass murderer.


Holy shit. This is a lot of, like, powerful. Intense. Yeah.


Crime and ghost. Jeez, this is from Irene. Who is she? Her pronouns. Thank you for normalizing pronouns.


I mean, I, I do do it makes me I know this isn't the same name, but it makes me think of Eilene and then I think of the song. Come on I. Oh no, no, no, no. I don't get that stuck in my head.


Please. OK, I just. Come on Irene. OK, come on Irene. OK, so here we go. I was watching some Tic Tacs tonight because of course and I came across. I like how there's no hide or anything. It's just like that's what this one was do. I was watching tech stocks.


Ah. I think maybe it might have gotten cut off or something.


I love how this one was like not only deep sea of curiosity and that was like I was watching tick tock one night. It's like I'm nosy. Let's start there. Yeah. OK, I was watching tech stocks because of course and I came across someone telling me the story of Richard Speck. I don't think you have covered him before, but it's one of the worst crimes in Chicago history.


All right. Let's write that down. I thought I did. Maybe I didn't. The name is familiar. Richard Simmons, very famous. I feel like you would have covered that like at a Chicago show, maybe.


I don't think so, because I feel like that's too big of a mess. We'll check the story.


But anyway, long story short, in nineteen sixty six, he killed eight nursing students, one by one in their home. Only one woman survived because she hid under a bed. And after his murder. Yes. Oh, so you did cover this.


No, wait, wait, wait. Where did where did you put the list of episodes?


I can't find some. It's almost like I'm listening. Well, no, it's on the listen to. Hang on. No, I didn't. I must not have covered it. I don't know why I thought that. Hmm.


But I know the story really well. Maybe that's that's why I was saying. Did you do it at like at the Chicago show when they could.


It could be no, because I did Chicago Tylenol murders. I don't know, whatever.


I think maybe I just heard it on my face murder and assume I covered it, too.


OK, well, TBD, we need who. OK, so only one woman survived because she hid under the bed and after his murder Speck was on the run and then tried to kill himself, but then changed his mind and went to the county hospital where he checked in under a different name. No one at the hospital knew was him until someone spotted the Born to raise hell tattoo on his arm. The story goes that a young first year Doctor Spart the tattoo and told the nurse on duty, Kathy O'Connor.


Aha, and I'm not good. OK, Kathy O'Connor.


So I told the nurse on duty, Kathy O'Connor, to call the police while he took credit for saving the day classic. Well, however, my aunt is Nurse Kathy.


Oh. And she was a very she has a very different story to tell. She was the one who spotted the tattoo first and alerted the doctor to it. Now my aunt is for OK, I love the sentence.


Now my aunt is, for lack of a better term, a bitch, but a bad ass bitch. OK, but also a bitch is literally the sentence here. Noted. I loved getting to say that a million times. I was fun too. Damn, I'm jealous. She was also twenty three and had heard about the eight, the eight women her age in her profession that were murdered in cold blood. That checks out like you would be alert and aware that like people like you are dying around you now, huh.


Yeah. OK, so this isn't reported. But she said some pretty horrible things to him that made him cry while she waited for the police. She has made me cry on many occasions for for doing things not even close to what he did. So I cannot imagine how badly she treated him anyway. He deserved it. You know what? Sometimes you need to know, just like one cold hearted woman, to just say the things we're all thinking that there's a.


Having a place for the cold hearted bitch in everyone's life and Nurse Cathy was like, this is my fucking moment. Here we go. Her name is Nurse Cathy.


That's like the least suspected name of all time.


Also, I'd like to think if she's that mean of a person, she also had a few choice words for the dude that took the credit.


That's what I thought we were going with. But this is even better. Like I thought we were going with the doctor. But wow, she she called out Richard speculation.


She also deserves some of the honor for helping to catch him. She's retired from nursing now, but spent her whole life dealing with Cocchi doctors always taking credit from her. So I just wanted to give a little shout out and set the story straight. Any who love the podcast and all of you, I have a bunch of ghost stories I'll write about later, but wanted this one to stand alone. Oh, and Christine, I went so American what really yay for other famous alumni because Judge Judy.


Besides Judge Judy and Michael. Yes.


And who. Oh, yes, yes, yes.


I thought you said Jimmy Fallon. I was like, oh, I got to add that to the list. Now, I always tell people Judge Judy went to America and nobody really cares except me.


You know, what's interesting is like two people I admired the most as a child, which is like says a lot about my childhood and Judge Judy. No, Judge Judy and Jerry Springer, you have something to say about both of them? I have something to say about a lot of people.


But yes, I do have to say that you're right. But it also shows a connection to me.


Say something about my upbringing that, like they were my idols growing up, I was like, wow, my favorite daytime programming.


I mean, it's literally my favorite fact that I'm connected to both of them. So clearly, you and I are not far off in our admiration for these people.


I should have known the second you threw that like fun fact to me. The first time I was like, this is this is a friendship meant to be. Yeah, we have we have something in common. Anyway, thank you. Irene, I, I hope Nurse Kathy knows that, that we appreciate what she's done, but also maybe don't let her listen to this episode because we did call her a bitch.


So OK, we say this and I said yes and said it, but she's going to know what you think of her.


Kathy, I'm scared you're gonna have to put my IV in someday. And I'm not going to say a word about you.


Nurse Kathy, if you ever ask if I was a podcast, I'm going to say no, ma'am. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Not a one sname. Anyway, I definitely have heard that on my Fatburger.


That's probably why I thought I had covered it. Right.


OK, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. All right. Where am I now.


OK, la la la la la la la la.


Oh we didn't also get the name of the movie that that other persons that Abby's family was in. I want to know the name of the movie. That's what I thought was going to happen to.


Yeah. Oh well OK. Let's see, this is call, OK, this is from M.J. Sheu. Thank you, M.J. And it is called the one where I accidentally gave a convicted killer a ride.


The Canadian edition sounds Canadian that you would accidentally give a.


Yes, it does.


I'm from a city called Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. While Moncton does have its dark history, I'd highly encourage looking up the stories of the monster of Miramichi and the most recent RCMP shootings. It was and still is a fairly safe place to grow up. It's a type of city that friends show up unannounced for a visit. Most people know us so and so's daughter, and every visit to the mall ends up being a high school reunion for.


All right. Now that the latest stage set, let's crack into it.


The year was 2010. And I was a very, very, very naive 21 years old. That night, my friend was hosting his annual end of the summer keg party, and a group of us had spent the day setting everything up. The festivities were well on their way and everyone who was meant to come was there being way too drunk in true East Coast keg party fashion while talking with some friends, a guy that I sort of recognized came up and went, Hey, MJ, right?


You're friends with so-and-so. It's Andrew.


I looked at him trying to figure out where I had known him from. But again, small city, everyone kind of knows each other, not thinking much of it.


I talked with him for a bit when he pointed out that I didn't have a drink. I explained that I was leaving early the next morning to go to a concert in Halifax. It was an all day outdoor festival. Pitbull and LMFAO were the headliners.


Oh my gosh. So glad you told me because I was wondering that immediately. Elmau in Canada. OK, see you in love with Fox of all places. I know.


You know I love Halifax.


I was definitely going to be drunk enough for everyone at the party at that party then OK at the festival and that I wasn't going to be staying much longer and heading home. He then asked in which direction I was going because I was actually looking for because he was actually looking for a ride downtown. Lucky for him, I live downtown. I told him I was yeah.


I told him I wasn't really sure when I'd be leaving, but if he was still around by then, I'd let him know. He then proceeded to ask me about every 20 minutes when I'd be leaving. OK, well, get a guy. Yeah.


Finally I thought I would just drive him downtown and come back. Not a big deal, right? Wrong. We got to my car and I started to drive. He then looks at me and says, So Rebecca, what have you been up to? I look at him puzzled and said, MJ, which is her name. Right. He looks at me and says, I know you used to work at this restaurant and you're friends with this person.


So clearly he knew who I was. Haha, I think it was just the emphasis on, gosh, sorry, we're literally sitting there and I was like, I feel like I'm taking an sat turn our brains could it.


Like I couldn't process the sentence but it was like, I think it really was just like a matter of punctuation, figuring it out.


I really think I had to read it out loud for it to like make sense.


No, that no. The way that you just said it makes total sense.


OK, well, I know you used to work at this restaurant. You're friends with this person. So clearly he knew who I was going to ask me where I work now. So I told him that I was working for the government, conducting supervised visits with children in the foster system and their parents. He proceeds to say, no way. You used to be in the system and now you work for the system. Again, very confused. I tell him I have no idea what he's talking about.


I've never been in any system trying to change the subject. I ask him what he has been up to and that is when he drops a bomb. He tells me he just recently got out of prison not wanting to hear why or what happened.


I don't so much in that moment of like, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.


Oh, how about some tunes. How about. Yeah. Beriberi disc. I mean that is. Oh my God.


Not wanting to hear why or what happened. I don't say much. And then he decides and he then decides to pull out and show me his laminated prison ID.


How what a party trick that is. Yeah I certainly feel it. Yeah. I glanced at it and saw his full name and that is when it hit me.


I knew exactly where I knew him from. Rewind a few years ago when my friends started dating this guy, dating this guy. I didn't have a good feeling about him at all and told her there was something about him that just rubbed me the wrong way. She laughed it off and told me I watched too many murder shows.


This friend needs to listen up. Yeah, yeah.


And that it was fine. A few months later, the same guy was arrested for beating the literal shit out of someone with a baseball bat.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God.


The poor guy later passed away from his injuries and my friend's ex ended up in jail. Whoa. Oh, shit.


In case you haven't put two and two together yet, I mean, I think this mass and I can do this this is this is the logic, reasoning and satti that I got this is what I wish that he had been because I think I could be B, equal, C equal.


In case you haven't put two and two together. That was who was in my car. I tried to not say much and not to mention the fact that I'm an idiot and just realized he killed someone.


Oh my God. He asked to borrow my phone to call his friend to let him know he was close and to meet him outside the bar he was going to. I let him do it because killer duh. And quickly dropped him off.


He tried. Calling my phone a few times that night from his friend's phone and I didn't pick up, so he knew that he had called his friend and then started calling the number back, knowing it was your phone.


Oh, it keeps going. OK. OK, great.


Later that night, when I was finally home, I was in my room getting ready for bed when all of a sudden I hear pounding on my front door and someone screaming, Rebecca, good bye, ok.


I froze.


I couldn't believe he found where I lived. And of course he did. I said, I live downtown. He knew the car I drove and I parked right in front of my apartment. I got out of my room and woke up my roommate and her boyfriend, who are both less than impressed when I told them what was happening.


Oops, I accidentally brought a murderer here.


Like what Giambrone was. Seriously what? What a mistake. Oh, Whoopsies.


Luckily he got the hint and I didn't answer my phone or door and left. He left a series of bizarre voicemails on my phone, but I never heard back from him. More of the stories. 21 year olds are dumb. Always, always trust your gut about someone and never, ever, ever give someone a ride when they call you by the wrong name three times. OK, so that must have been Rebecca was the wrong name. That should have been my first hint.


Don't worry, we didn't get it either. MJ, love you guys. Love the podcast.


Thank you for keeping me company and sane during these weird, strange times. So MJ and I will add definitely not Rebecca definitely.


But what a noodle head you might you are that night, because I if I found out that I was driving someone, if I was driving someone who I knew that they just like bludgeoned someone to death, I might not drive home immediately. I would be like, I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to go out of town for the weekend.


Now, I would really just pull over at the police station, be like, arrest me. I've done something terrible. I don't even know what I've done. I would like you to lock me up just so I'm safe, if you could.


I feel like this. Yeah, exactly. I think this is something I would do this, so I'm not even going to pretend like it isn't. I feel like I would do this and then I would be like, well, I'm sure it's fine. And then like it's a very I mean, I get it like it's something dumb.


I get it. I drug parties and done way stupid or shit.


So as as an adult though as I'm slowly like reaching the age of like parents, I'm just like yeah, god I'm so scared for you closer to thirty.


Yeah. I'm just thinking I now that I know better I'm scared for you.


But when I was twenty one I absolutely would have also done I think the time when we started the podcast I was still like pretty friggin stupid. I think like doing the podcast has really put a new storyline in my head about strangers.


I mean, it really it was like I mean, it's like, you know, my theory murder like don't you know, fuck politeness, you know. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. We hadn't heard that phrase before. All learning.


Yeah. Yeah, exactly. OK, so this is the bonus one. This is from Nicole Hughes. Is she her pronouns. Thank you for normalizing pronouns, Nicole. And this we got to Richard Speck stories this. Oh what a week and on.


Well, so for those of you who don't know if you join Patrick on one of your spectacular little benefits is that you can catch me on Instagram every Tuesday. Forty touch me at time. It's going to get weird. It's I'm likes to say it gets weird. It gets way fucking weird. People really don't hold back when it comes to announcing their secrets.


And I'm not by the way, just to be clear, I'm not invited because for whatever reason, I've literally never seen one because I saw the first two. And then I was like, wow, this is so fun. And then like literally every Tuesday it's on our little. And that's why your calendar and I don't see anything. And then the next day and post like some screenshots of it and I'm like, wait, it happened.


I really I wasn't invited.


Christine, we just talked about this, by the way, like twenty four hours ago and was like, I checked my close friends.


And your fear that you have to understand why I'm skeptical, because you have removed me.


I have removed you for like nice reasons. OK, but I just to you, just like well, the first time you never added me, you were like, oh, I just forgot to add you. It's never there's never any malice to it. It's just me being silly, just me being sensitive.


So I'm just going to continue to to watch the screenshots I guess, and listen to this story and participate in this third party. One day, Christine might make it to close friends.


Who's to say it's not for me to say clearly, but you certainly could become a close friend. Wait. Oh, I'm not a patron. And that's why. OK, I'll start giving you money. Is that what you want from me? Just give me a couple of bucks. Yeah, OK.


But so basically people can submit their anything they want.


Usually I prefer gossipy drama because I'm trash and have no moral ground and firm and so people like to anonymously submit their there's their secret is fun.


From what I remember it's a great time since yesteryear. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not going to be petty about it I swear.


But OK, so the reason I mention all of this for tea time Tuesday, by the way, join Patrón if you'd like, and you can be a part time to say. The reason I mention that is because every week so far, we have started a murder tally where what? So every because every single time we do two time Tuesday, at least a dozen people are like, I know a murderer. And I'm like, Jesus Christ, how many people know murderers?


And so I've been like at least once. Every time Tuesday I caption one of the the posts with like, please submit your story to and that's why you drink. So apparently I've seen those apparently someone actually finally did. So this is our first day. This is our first time Tuesday submission crossover. I love it. And this says, My dad spent time in prison with John Wayne Gacy and Richard Speck, which means we have two listeners out there, one whose dad spent time with Richard Speck and one who's and yelled at Richard Speck.


So this is crazy.


That's way fun, really bringing the world together. So this is what Nicole has to say. Hello. And that's where we drink Färm. My name is Nicole and I have a story that my dad shared with me not too long ago. My dad grew up in Illinois and was a bit of a troublemaker. And to this day he refused to share with me what he did to end up in prison. Oh, Michael.


But I'm going to guess it has something to do with drugs, OK? At least not murder. He has to have and he used to have an eight hundred dollar a day heroin habit and the 70s. And it's amazing he didn't die. Well, I'm very proud of your your dad's recovery then me to whatever it was that he did, it was bad enough to land him in prison in oh, this is a French word, jail.


Illinois, I don't think they pronounce it in Illinois. Like, OK, then jubilate. It's literally toilet with a ajai.


Yeah I, I know. I think it's Joliet.


I'm almost Sholes Julia Jubilate. No Joliet. The eyes before the L and mostly spelled wrong.


They spelled it wrong because it's definitely Joliet. Oh.


I literally was like I'm going to avoid saying toilet if I, I'm sorry.


I mean as if it's that joyal Juliette that I know that it's yes.


It's drolly from now on when I want to like sound class you I'm going to the bathroom, I'm going to say I'm using the toilet. How about that.


Just twist the letters around. OK, so it was bad enough to land him in in prison in Joliet, Illinois for nine years. He said he was incarcerated in nineteen seventy eight and he met a man named John Wayne Gacy who was in the cell next to him. Holy shit. Oh God. He refused to go into detail with me about it when asked, but also told me that he knew Richard Speck as well since they were in at the same time he told me you'll never know what true evil is until you meet someone like that.


Oh, oh, oh oh. My dad is pretty closed off when it comes to those parts of his past and has for the most part refused to talk about it in great length. He thinks my obsessions with true crime and all things spooky are weird, but then drops this bomb of knowledge on me like it's no big deal. Ha, thanks for reading. I've got lots of other spooky and some true crime stories to share, but I'll save those for another time.


Nicole Wow. OK, just to have like to to hear your dad say that's true, evil must be like the scariest, most sobering moment, especially a man who who according to you, doesn't really talk about things or share things from the past.


It's always the more cryptic and mysterious it sounds, the worse it is. Yeah. Like if I said like you, you'll never know true evil like that. Obviously, I'm going to go into as much detail as my ADHD brain will also.


You say that to me like all the time. So. Exactly. But this man never talks about his past yet you will never know evil like that.


All of a sudden I'm like, I got to know now you better tell me, because at the beginning I was like, oh man.


I would have found out why if this was our dad. But now I'm like, I don't blame him.


I would have been like, you can't leave this room until I know every bit of information.


But at this point I'm like, I don't blame him. If my dad was like because my dad definitely does not appreciate my true crime.


Now career, I guess he is not a fan and he calls it disgusting stuff and great. I judge him for that. But if he then was like but I also sat next to John Wayne Gacy and experienced true evil, then I'd be like, I get it, I get it, I'll have to like it.


It's like not going to judge you so Wolf.


OK, well anyway, thank you for well, first of all, to EVA for reading all of those and figuring out which stories we would read. And thank you to everyone who wrote in.


Those were good. Those were juicy. Twenty, twenty one. Wow. Really, really rang in the New Year appropriately I think. Oh I have a fun fact about Joliet. I just looked it up.


Oh. So apparently this is a really actually fun fact. Mispronouncing is a misdemeanor in Joliet.


So you'd be fined fuck a town.


Oh sorry. I was going to say I didn't mispronounce it once, not even a little bit.


So not even a little tiny bit. Town fathers in Joliet reflecting the pet peeve of hearing their town's name mispronounced Jolivet or I guess Joyal.


Sorry if it was spelled that way. That's, you know, when all local folk know it's pronounced Joliet made pronouncing it Jolivet a misdemeanor punishable by a five dollar fine, five bucks, although most of Illinois five bucks.


That's fine. That's wild.


OK. Wow. Well, fun, in fact, in Virginia Beach, which was like right near where I went to school there, it's illegal to swear in public. And I was. Yeah, and I was always like I was like, oh, boy, I'm in big trouble.


The end was like I was in jail for some time. I'd be like, I know why.


Well, all of it's really fun if you ever look up like the signs are like no swearing or no cussing or whatever it was, it's like the red circle with a slash through it. But it's a bunch of explicit expletives, like it's like like symbols. Yeah, it's a bunch of stuff.


Oh, I love that. But yeah, that was that was always the one law that I knew. I was like, if I'm going to jail for anything I can promise it's this one.


So I'm not surprised.


Anyway, thank you. Everyone who submitted stories for January. Next time we see it will be February. Oh my gosh. Wow, wow, wow. Which will be I guess whenever this the second episode comes out or the February episode comes out, we'll probably be talking about the fact that we've had for years.


I will be I was going to say our three year anniversary, but I guess it's our four year is our fourth. I can't wrap my head around it for your anniversary next month, Wolf.


Oh, my gosh. So thank you to everyone who submitted. If you would like to submit, you can do it either through. And that's why you drink Gmail dot com or which is more preferred is the submission form on. And that's why I drink dotcom. That's all right. So, yeah. Thank you so much. And we'll we'll catch you on the flip side, KALKAT catch on the fly.


OK, thanks dad. You're OK. And that's OK. We drink.