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Bramble's. Hi, everyone, welcome back to Anything Goes. Good morning. It's always morning for me when I record these. I don't know what time you guys listen.


I'm feeling very, very chill and relax today.


Very level headed for the first time in a long time because I've been kind of crazy the last few weeks. Like, I don't know what's going on, but the last few weeks I've been very high anxiety, very paranoid, very.


Crazy and like emotionally unstable, but today is like one of the first days that I felt relatively stable, which is why I decided, you know what, Emma, record an advice session, because it's a great time for me to give advice right now when I'm feeling normal.


Thank God I'll catch you up on the last few weeks, I'm prerecording this, so this is going to come out in like two weeks. But tomorrow I have the relaunch of Chamberland Coffee, which by the time you listen to this, everybody will have seen it.


That is tomorrow. I am definitely nervous in the last few weeks have been very stressful for me because I'm so nervous. I feel like I'm kind of at a place now where I'm like, you know what? Forget like it's going out tomorrow. There's nothing I can do. I have an amazing team. They're covering all their bases, making sure everything is perfect. I've been making sure everything's perfect, everything seems perfect, whatever. Let's just do it.


I feel like I'm kind of accepting the fact that it's tomorrow and I'm not as freaked out anymore, but for the past few weeks.


But for the past few weeks, I've been very just tense and nervous and I didn't really know why, and I think it was because of this relaunch. It's just like when you put a lot of work and time into something and then it's finally time for everyone to see. It's very uncomfortable and nerve wracking. And I think that that was causing me a lot of anxiety underlying. And then I was just projecting it onto other things and, you know, just the normal girl stuff, not even girl stuff the fuck normal humans shit.


I don't know why I said that, but.


It's normal human shit, you know what I mean, whatever, but I'm feeling a lot more chill today, huh?


So I'm ready to give you guys some advice. We're going to go straight into it today. Get straight into the the heat of it. Right. I feel like the last few weeks energetically in the universe have been a little off. I know a lot of people have been feeling really, really stressed and depressed and anxious and like it's just been a really tough few weeks. And I feel like I say that every week. So maybe that's just the state of the planet in general right now.


But I do feel like the last few weeks have been a little worse. And I don't know why, at least for me. And even my dad was telling me that he's been feeling very like stressed and upset and he's generally a very chill guy. So the fact that, like, he's feeling it is a sign a lot of my friends have been feeling super bummed out. I've been feeling really bummed out. The vibes have been off with everything.


I feel like a lot of people have felt really disconnected from the planet and the, you know, the energies of the planet, and I think personally, I'm starting to come back to Earth a little bit, but it's been a rough few weeks. A lot of bad energy in the universe. And so.


I think a lot of people are feeling that, and I was definitely seeing a lot of shit about that in my DMS and on the Twitter about things like that and just whatever. So I thought it would be a good time to just kind of talk about those things and my experiences within the last few weeks. And, you know, without further ado, let me take a sip of coffee and we'll get into it. All right, someone said, hi am, I'm going to DM's since I'm scared of my friends seeing the response to your tweet.


Totally fine if you guys ever want to do me stuff, I am constantly checking that anything goes DM's. I may not respond, but I'm reading and ready to address. In the episode, so keep that in mind. But anyway, I'm struggling a lot with my body right now and eating, so can you please give some tips on how to eat? Because I just can't. And if I do, I suddenly go throw up and I know that it's not healthy.


OK, so No. One, this is very triggering. So if you would like to skip ahead a little bit, I'll probably only talk about this for a few minutes, but I totally get it if it's triggering. And so feel free to skip. But I also feel like what I might say might be kind of reassuring. So we'll see. I talk about this relatively frequently in most advice sessions. Usually something regarding food or body image comes up.


And to be completely honest with you, I don't have the answers. I don't have it figured out. I struggle with this stuff myself. I've always struggled with this since I was probably 12 or 13. I've had. On and off, severe and not severe struggles with this, and so I totally get it, totally, totally get it. And I can try to give some advice, but I know that it's so much easier said than done and there is no right way to fix this or to move past this.


But I do want to say that I think a lot of people are struggling with body image right now.


And I'm saying that because I got a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of DM's about this a lot. And I just want to say that you guys are not alone. It's been really tough on social media recently because I feel like especially on tech talk, there's been a lot of triggering content. I don't know if you guys are watching take talk or on Instagram rels or like whatever. I don't know what you guys use to pass time, but like, I've been seeing a lot of really triggering content on the Internet recently.


But take talking like rels Instagram Real's being the primary source of that content. And, you know, some examples would be like, you know what I eat in a day videos that are clearly not healthy habits. That's one thing I've been seeing a lot. Another one being, you know, all these hacks on how to lose weight or hacks on how to not be bloated or like all this stuff about weight loss, how to keep the weight off once you get up like all this shit.


Right. Even like girls.


I know one thing went on went viral on take talk of, like, you know, a girl who was kind of.


Showing off her body when she has an eating disorder, clearly, and she stated that I'm not assuming that she stated that she has an eating disorder and but she was kind of also showing off.


There's a bunch of debate. I don't know what my opinion is. I don't want to get into it. But like a lot of people were really triggered because she was saying clearly that she had an eating disorder, but was also kind of showing off her physique regardless, which is kind of contradictory when you're promoting, you know, let's all heal together. But then, you know, she's kind of showing off, in a sense, her malnourished body, and that's very triggering.


So a lot of people were really triggered by that. And I saw a bunch of uproar about that. And so in general, I'm not commenting on that because that's just not my journey and not my place.


And, you know, I'm absolutely wishing her and everybody else that struggling with this the best. And I know how toxic the mindset can be. And so I'm not going to judge or say anything. But the point of me bringing all that up is that a lot of this shit is getting views right now. It's being pushed in the algorithm for some reason. I know my Facebook page has a lot of triggering shit on it. And, you know, not only that, but I think that there is a very toxic obsession with body image right now on the Internet.


And I don't really get it. Like I don't get where it came from or where it started. I feel like we were doing so good as like a community on the Internet of like, you know, not being like that.


But, you know, with all this triggering content. Going viral right now. It's inevitable that a lot of people who tend to have issues with this stuff are going to be struggling with this right now and me included me fucking included, I am no exception, I. I'm very, very prone to this stuff, and I can only imagine that a lot of you guys are too, but what I've found helps me a lot is. Listen, going on your phone and looking at shit online is inevitable, right?


Totally. I'm not going to say put your phone down and not don't look at your phone ever again. No, it's impossible. The first step is to mute people or unfollow people that make. This works for you if you follow somebody that, you know, posts weight loss content and that triggers you, unfollow him. It's weird because I feel like people allow themselves to see things that hurt them, like even like if you're in a relationship and you, like, are obsessed with stalking, you know, your significant others ex or you, you know, love looking at your ex boyfriend's Instagram or something like, you know what I mean?


People love to look at that shit, take initiative so that you don't let yourself see that stuff. It's hard because sometimes you're like, fuck, but I'm so curious. And like, this stuff satisfies an itch almost like whatever, but it's not healthy. There's a lot of things that we have access to that that are not healthy. So remove those things from your feed as much as you can. And when it comes to stuff like take talking to you on your for you page, follow a bunch of funny accounts that you love, and instead of going on your four, you page where some shitty content could be forced down your throat.


Go through your following tab instead. Just try to avoid this content that can be triggering I've been really having to do that because I think it's just so toxic right now and it's so depressing and upsetting to see and not good for my brain personally. So I've been like, you know what? I'm just going to mute people, block people, fucking unfollow people, fucking do whatever I need to do so that I'm not seeing this shit. Because guess what, at the end of the day, it's no one else's fault.


What how your brain processes things, you have to take that initiative. It's not cool when people post things that are that are promoting toxic diet, culture and stuff like that. It sucks. It's not good. People shouldn't be posting shit like that. It sucks. But at the same time, you know, people can do whatever they want. You cannot control what other people do. So you have to take that initiative and you have to avoid that content.


If you are on your for you page and you see it, you swipe past it, it might hurt. You might want to kind of watch it, but just do everything in your power to not see that stuff. And that really, really helps because you get so sucked into the Internet world and you start thinking that all that's real life. But if you avoid the shit that makes you upset and you watch the shit that makes you feel good, whether that's cooking videos, whether that's funny videos, whatever the fuck, horror movies, whatever, I don't care.


Whatever you watch that makes you feel good.


Do that, watch that, consume that stuff, and when it comes to, you know, trying to heal from. Disordered behavior, it is an ongoing journey. I say this every single time, please seek help if you can. Or if you feel like it's truly needed, I think most people who struggle with this need help and most of them don't get the help that they need. Please get help. It really, really. Changes things and can give you a new perspective.


And also remember that there's so much more to life than that shit, there's so much more to life, there's so much fun to be had. With food and with socializing around food and with enjoying the flavor of food and like, you know, with it nourishing your body, it's so important. And when you're not feeding your body properly, you feel like shit, you feel so terrible, you feel you have no energy, you can't exercise. You can't you don't have the energy to walk around.


It affects your moods like it's it's terrible. It ruins your quality of life. And, you know, I get it.


It's more than just wanting to look a certain way sometimes, too. It's like it helps with anxiety sometimes, like it makes you feel like you're in control and all that. But it doesn't matter because when you turn that off and you reroute in, food becomes.


Something that you associate with happiness again. It will be so much better for you long term, you don't want to fuck up your organs, you don't want to fuck up your brain, you want to keep yourself in the best shape that you can so that you can live a long and healthy life and you can have kids and you can raise those kids and have a beautiful family. There's so much to look forward to. Don't waste your time focusing on food.


Put food into your body that you're proud of. Enjoy it. And that's that I wish that I had a solid answer, I wish that there was a clear way to fix all this, but just know that everybody struggling with this right now because on social media, it's so fucking prevalent and it's awful. But we're all dealing with this right now more than normal.


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What's been helping me is spending time with my friends and family and exercise.


That's pretty much all I have left.


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I text her every day, but I don't know how to make her feel better. This is definitely one of the hardest things to deal with ever when someone you love is struggling. Or dealing with something that's so terrifying. And so beyond upsetting and trying to like, trying to navigate what to say and how to be there is so emotionally challenging.


I, I know what you're feeling. It's the hardest thing to figure out and to navigate. And for starters, I want to say don't be hard on yourself because no one knows how to deal with this yet. It is really, really hard to know what to say in these situations. But the key.


At least from my experience, is continue to offer support, even if they're not asking for it, continue to check in daily. If they don't respond for a week, don't take it personal, it's not about you right now, you know what I mean? They're dealing with such a terrible thing. That their emotions are going to be all over the place. Be gentle with them, be patient with them, offer support if they don't accept the offer.


Don't put pressure on them, just constantly be giving them a stream of support and they'll take it when they need it. But if they don't need it. That's OK, but continue to offer it and. Remind them. How strong they are. And how brave they are. And remind them that you love them and that you'll always be there for them, give them space, but also don't give them too much space, because something that I learned the hard way was when someone is dealing with something like this, giving them too much space to you may seem like, oh, well, they I don't want to be getting I don't know what to do.


So it's better if I say less than say too much. I don't want to like make things worse. So like, I'm going to step away a little bit. It's very easy to do that because you think. Oh, well. There, you know, I need to give them space because they don't want me, like all up in their business right now, like they're dealing with their own shit. Well, the thing is, when you're going through something that emotional in that scary, it's hard to be like, hey, I need support.


They're so emotionally exhausted. I don't think that they're able to ask for that most of the time. So you have to give it. Whether they're asking for it or not, and if they don't accept it, it doesn't matter because it's the fact that you're there and that you're checking it. And so even it might feel like you're annoying them or something because they're not responding. But that's most likely not the case unless you're, like, harassing them.


I'm not saying that, like just checking in on them daily or every other day, making sure that they're doing OK. If it's somebody who's really close to you, even if they don't accept it, you need to understand that there's so much going on that you are not aware of in the you aren't feeling yourself. So give them space, but also give them that love. And when they're ready to accept it from you, be there to give it your all you know, and that's the best that you can do.


But also, this is all out of your control, you know. So don't be hard on yourself. Just do your best, OK? Because at the end of the day, no one's perfect and nobody knows how to handle these situations perfectly. There is no formula. There is no rulebook. Yes. You can read articles about how to help and how to, you know what to say. But it's like even then, it's every situation is so different and so busy on yourself.


But don't give up. Next, help me, Amber. I love that everybody calls me Amber. Now, it's so funny. Thank you to all of you for coming up with my own new individual unique nickname. I love it. Help me, Amba. What do you do when a person you like very much slowly fades away? Did I do something wrong? Anyway, I love you so much. I love you so much to some extent.


I also love you so much. No, you did not do anything wrong at all, you could like someone so much in the beginning, but then throughout your guys relationship or throughout your guys is friendship, whatever it is. I don't know if you guys are dating or not, but humans are constantly growing. And evolving and people grow at different rates. And I was actually watching a video about this today about. Marrying young and stuff like that and like the philosophy behind it, and it's super interesting to me because they were talking about how, you know, when you're in your 20s or late teen years, you're still finding yourself.


So you still have so much finding yourself to do, right, and when you're in your younger years, like every month can be so different, like I look at myself six months ago, a whole different human being. I swear to God, I literally reinvent myself once a month. I like Im different every single month. There is no two months where I am the same person I learned so much. Every day I learn more about myself, learn more about the world, learn more about what I care, about what my morals are.


Me a year ago. Me two years ago. Different person. Completely different person, and I am constantly changing and everybody is so if some time passes in your feelings for, you know, a significant other fade, that's probably just because you are growing at a different pace than this other person. Same thing happens with friendships. I've had friendships where somebody was my best fucking friend, but then I grew and we didn't align anymore. And yes, you feel bad because you're like, fuck, like, that's that sucks.


Like, why do we not click anymore? But that's OK. Because that's normal. Everybody's growing at a different rate. At some point they might catch up to you and you guys might be able to be friends again like you were before. But it's just like. People are always growing, and sometimes when you're growing with someone, you guys can grow apart and that is so normal and with some people, you know, you help each other grow.


And so, you know, the journey is a lot more intertwined and that can be like that with some relationships. I know that there are some relationships that I've been in where I'm like. The reason why I've grown is because of this person and I've kind of, you know, grown to their level in a sense, because they've shown me new perspectives and shit and made me want to grow. And like, that's amazing. And that's definitely an option as well.


But sometimes, you know, you grow apart and there's nothing wrong with that. And that just means that it's not the right time or it's not the right person anymore. And that is OK.


And this shit's going to happen again and again in your life until you find your hopefully lifelong partner, which is seems like it's very outdated now. Everybody's like, oh, although I want a lifelong partner, for fuck's sake. Like, I don't want to be like floating around from dude to dude for the rest of my life. So even though that may seem a little bit outdated, like a life partner, I definitely want that. Like I want to be oh, my God, the other day, this is off topic, but the other day I was at a mall and there was like it was like an outdoor mall.


And I was trying to find these pants that I wanted, didn't find them, but whatever. And there was a live band. In the middle of the park at this mall, and there is this old woman sitting in a wheelchair and her husband was pushing her around. And I got choked up. Thinking about. Super off topic, but I literally almost crying, I was like, that is the sweetest shit I've ever seen and like, imagine like being with somebody for like 50 years and then you guys are all that I just I like never.


That shit never made me emotional until recently. And I don't know what has happened to me anyway. Somebody said, I feel like I'm stuck in an endless cycle of doing things. Same thing over and over again every week. And I don't have any motivation for anything anymore. Do you have any advice? Everyone's feeling like this. There is no escaping it. I am so sorry. It is. I've tried everything. I've started going to the beach.


I started I'm buying a drum set like I there's so many things I've tried to do and I'm so sorry. But were this is just the climate we're in like it will pass. But it's just we've all been so isolated for so long that it is just inevitable at this point. Everybody's burnt out. Everybody's fucking sick and tired of it. You know, you just have to ride the wave.


And I mean, obviously, there's things that help any any fucking activity that you can do. I swear to God, just do something like you, anything, organize your closet, fucking go online shopping, make a fucking folder of clothes that you think that your friend should buy, like do something, anything that will pass the time. I swear to God, we'll get through this. I feel like twenty, twenty one is going to be actually really amazing and I don't want to jinx it.


So I will knock on wood. But let's just ride this wave. Everybody is feeling this. It will pass, and when it does pass, it's going to feel so fucking good, so just be patient. OK. So this is a little bit more of like a mature question and maybe I'll answer it, I don't know, my demographic is on here. But you know what? I'm a big kid. I'm 19, so I'm like fuckin seven years old in human.


I feel like 19 is so young. But whatever someone said, hi, I'm I'm super insecure about my body hair, especially downstairs. I have a lot and I feel cause and pressure to shave or wax to feel hot. And it's so tiring to do it everyday thoughts. OK, so here's my experience. I don't think it really I really genuinely don't think it matters. I like I mean, OK, I totally get it. Listen, I don't judge everybody.


Do whatever the fuck you want, shave, don't shave, whatever. Personally for me, like I don't like having any body hair at all, which is ironic because I like, forget to shave my legs constantly, but I'm just like not someone who likes the feeling like I just don't like it.


Like if I forget to shave my armpit for a little bit too long, like I freak out and I'm like I need to shave it. And that's just a personal preference for myself that has nothing to do with anyone else. I don't judge. I don't care. It's none of my fucking business, period. You can do whatever you want with your body hair and no one else should have anything to say about it. And that's point blank period. But.


I also understand the desire to want to, you know, have a clean shave constantly. I totally get it because I mean, no one is this society thing.


But I also think a lot of people just feel more comfortable and it feels like it's like physically more comfortable to be shaved. That's how it is for me. And. I've struggled with this issue, I'm such like I'm the type of person that I'm so fucking lazy that like when I'm in the shower, I shave everything so fast that, like, I it doesn't it doesn't end up it's sometimes we have some user error.


Right. And things don't look the best. It's not like I did the best job. Like I can guarantee that every time I shave my legs there's a missing there's a missing strip of leg hair that I did not like. It's it's a mess. So you can only imagine it's a mess. But the thing that you need to remember is that body hair is so fucking normal and I can guarantee that your significant other, if they have even half of a brain, are not going to care if you are perfectly shaved every single time.


That is a completely unrealistic expectation. And I think that that expectation to be perfectly shaved everywhere all the time just comes from, you know. Society's. There's just a stigma in society that you need to be perfectly shaved constantly, but that's so unrealistic like nobody unless you're like getting waxed constantly or you have laser hair removal or you just naturally are like lucky and like don't have this issue.


Like having a slightly messed up bikini line is pretty much everyone. Like, it's so hard this summer I was just a mess because I was like, oh, like every time somebody would want to go to the beach, I was like, I just don't.


This is so. All right. I'll see you guys in in an hour. Now I have to go in the shower and fucking be in there for like three hours to make sure that I'm like, it's tough, OK, but anybody who's expecting you to be perfectly shaved all the time just doesn't understand the human body. Nobody can shave perfectly, it's not normal to be able to do that, it's impossible. I swear to God, everyone has problems with it.


And if your significant other expects that of you, that's just stupid, who gives a fuck like it's your body here, it's however you want to manage it.


And, you know, obviously there's certain people who have preferences and stuff like that. I totally get that. And like, those things can be communicated respectfully if there's like a really severe issue or something which whatever, that can be a conversation within your relationship. But like, you know, on a day to day, like if you didn't shave perfectly when you shaved last and it's like not a whatever, who cares? It just doesn't matter in 90 percent of time, no one's even paying attention, I swear to God, think about it.


Are you ever paying attention to that stuff on other people? No, I cannot tell you. One time I've ever been like, hmm, they didn't shave. Good. What who gives a fuck it just like doesn't matter. I mean, unless it's like a very extreme situation, you know, I mean but I'm saying, like day to day, like, there's it's an unrealistic expectation to make it perfect. Don't be self-conscious. It is totally normal and natural.


And people love you for you not because you have a perfectly shaved, you know. Hey, am I want to hook up with this guy, even though I don't know him, but I'm scared that my friends will judge me because they will think that he's weird or something. What do you think I should do? Listen, who gives a fuck what your friends think? If you think that they're cute and you're into it, go crazy. Have fun.


You can't make those decisions based on social. Judgment like you just can't because it doesn't matter and. Those things are so personal to you and your preferences. It is none of your friend's business. You don't even have to tell them, like I say, go for it. I truly am somebody who just believes, like as long as somebody is trustworthy and cool, like, just fucking go crazy unless you're in a relationship, no cheating. I have a phobia of cheating.


So, I mean, I think everybody has a fucking phobia of cheating.


But as long as you're not cheating on anyone, then who gives a fuck how fun hook up with anyone. As long as they're not a douche bag and are disrespectful, then you're fine.


Somebody said, do you ever feel like you're growing, you're becoming the person that you want to be and you have your standards and you have your morals, but do you ever feel like you're fighting with the old you?


If so, how do you handle that? Yes, yes, I. OK, so over the past year, I've done probably more growing than I ever have in my entire life.


And I'm at a really good spot right now where I feel like I'm the most mature and the most grounded in the most. Morally sound than that I've ever been. I mean, I've never been this connected. I don't think I mean, don't get me wrong mess consistently a very much a mess all the time. Still a mess. But I feel like I'm more grounded than I've ever been. And I feel more mature and more, you know, in a good place than I have been in a really long time because I've always been a mess.


So it's more of a matter of how much of a mess am I. And I think that right now I'm doing pretty good. And I think that I have figured out a lot of my priorities and kind of settled all that out a lot recently. And so, yeah, but I look back at myself six months ago and I want to puke. Right. Like I was a fucking mess. I was so dumb. I even six months ago.


It's just like it's crazy how quickly you evolve.


And like I look back at some of the shit that I did, you know, even a year ago, six months ago.


And I'm like, Emma, you were so immature. You were so impulsive. You were so you had, you know, no confidence, no self-respect, no like.


You know, no spine like I mean, definitely a spine, but like less of a spine than I do now, like just very like doing things that, like I do not approve of now, you know what I mean?


And none of them were harmful to anyone but me, but it was just and they weren't even harmful in general. They're really not the things that I've done like whether it's like it could be like from kissing a dude that I like kind of regret because I'm like, I didn't I was just doing that because, like, I was like, whatever, why not? But not because I like really more honestly, just for like reassurance that like someone was attracted to me, like something like that.


God, I don't think I've ever talked about that.


Maybe we talk about that one episode, but maybe we need a few years on that one. But like, you know, like.


Getting with a dude just because I felt insecure, like that's something that. Is a good example where it's like, yeah, that didn't harm anyone, I didn't hurt that guy's feelings, it didn't hurt my feelings, but it's like. That's not something that I am proud of now, and that's something that I beat myself up about because I'm like, I mean, you would not do that. Now, that's not you. That never was you. Why did you fucking do that?


You did that because you were insecure, you idiot. Why would you do that? Right. And shit like that. It hurts. It hurts to reflect on. But. You know, you also have to remember why you were behaving the way that you did. There's a lot of circumstance. I mean, there's so many different circumstances, right? Like you were learning you were working through something so you wouldn't be at the mature, amazing place that you're at now without every mistake that you've ever made, because those mistakes.


Helped you grow and so there's nothing to be angry about. Yes, you can be like, I wouldn't do that again, but you can't be angry at yourself or shake you done. You've done it. You're done. It's over. You did it. You can learn from it. That's it. So don't beat yourself up over it. Just learn from the mistakes that you've made and. That's it, you know what I mean? There's nothing to be shameful about.


You, the old you, is still you and they. Needed to make every mistake that they've ever made so that you could be the you that you are now, somebody said what do you do when you're having a breakdown slash panic attack in public?


This actually happened to me super recently. So I wanted to tell you all the story.


I went to one of my first socially distanced in-person meetings in a while because there has not been meetings in person due to covid in a in eight months. I've been just doing Zoome, but I had a meeting with a few people and we were in a backyard and mean socially distanced and it was really nice by the beach was great and. A few minutes into this meeting, I. Start to my vision in my eyes, starts to get fucked up like there's blind spots in my eyes and I was like, oh fuck, I'm getting an or a migraine, which is basically where you get a migraine.


Well, basically how it works is you start to kind of go not blind, but you start to lose vision in your eyes. Your eyes become very like you can't see anything properly. Like imagine you have a bunch of goopy shit in your eyes and it's just like a bunch of goopy, like stuff. So like there's blurry spots in your vision that starts to happen and then you basically can't see properly for about an hour and then your vision comes back and then right as your vision comes back, you get an excruciating headache.


My mom and I get these. We've gotten these forever our whole lives.


It is the reason why I cannot go on hormonal birth control, because if you go on hormonal birth control with those types of migraines, you get them all the time and they're really scary and terrible.


Well, I haven't gotten one of these migraines in a super long time, but they can be triggered by anything, whether you like. If you didn't eat enough that day, you didn't drink enough water that day, you were overly tired.


Like just not taking care of yourself will trigger it. And I got one.


And I'm at this meeting and I'm like starting to see that like. Everyone's getting kind of blurry for me, and I'm like, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, goddamn it. But I'm like, I need to remain composed, like I know that this shit will pass in about an hour, so I'm just going to ride the wave, right.


It's hard, though, because you can't make eye contact because you can't see properly. So it's like really hard to make eye contact and shit and.


So they're talking for like probably a half hour and I'm just listening and I'm trying to focus, but I'm starting to spiral into a panic attack because I was like.


Holy shit like this is weird, I even got one of these migraines in so long, like would have. What if, like, there's something else wrong, like what if one of my lungs are light is like filled with fluid and so I'm not getting oxygen to my brain and my brain is failing and that's why my vision is getting fucked up. Like, what if it's not nor a migraine? Like, what if it's something else? And I started to spiral about maybe I was having a larger issue.


And so I started to panic and I'm like shaking in like my limbs started to lose feeling.


And I was basically getting a panic attack while having this or a migraine while I'm at this meeting. Right. And having to act normal.


And so we all ordered sushi. We all had our own little separate sushi boxes.


And I only add a few pieces because I was so nervous. But I was like, you know what? Maybe getting some food in my stomach will help, so.


I start eating the sushi. And I'm using chopsticks and I have my hands on the chopsticks and I go to reach to get a piece of sushi and I have no feeling in my right hand.


Like, my hand was paralyzed. I could not move it. And I was trying to pick up the sushi by clamping it with the chopsticks, and I couldn't do it, my hand would not move. This made me panic 50 times more. I couldn't tell if my hand was asleep because I had been sitting on it for, like the past half hour or if, like, I was literally losing feeling to my limbs because, like, there was something wrong with my oxygen going to my brain and it was like cutting off and I was going to pass out and die and have a heart attack and have like brain some sort of brain.


Like, I literally thought I was dying. And I talk to my mom later and she told me that she thinks that the reason why I lost feeling in my hands and feet was because. I was having a panic attack, but I was really managing it well, I was like, I am not going to let them know that I'm panicking, like, I'm just going to let them talk. Finally, after, like, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, they were done talking.


And I was like, oh, fuck, it's my turn to talk. And they asked me a question and I would think of the answer in my head. And when I would go to say it, my mouth would say a different word than what my brain was thinking. Like I was jumbling my words on accident. Let's say I was thinking of saying. I really like the last option, let's say that's a sentence I was going to say.


I would start out and be like option, like I like, I cannot make this shit up. It was like I could not I kept, like, starting my sense is wrong. And then I be like, oh, my God, I'm so sorry.


And I was like, I had to admit to them.


I'm like, I'm sorry, guys. I have a migraine. And it's giving me a little bit of a panic attack. And I'm really sorry, but like, I'm jumbling my words, like I'm kind of a mess right now. And they're like, oh, my God. Like, no, totally fine. Then they brought me some water and I was like, no, guys keep going.


And I was so embarrassed because I hate being like the person who's like, you know, I don't like getting injured in front of people or whatever. I don't like being a fucking liability.


Like, I'm just I hate that type of attention. So and I hate when people are like, are you okay? Are you okay? I'm like, shut up. Just leave me alone.


But that was so embarrassing. And so. I think the way that I deal with it that helped me move past it was admitting to them like like my panic attack virtually went away immediately after. I was like, listen, I'm so sorry, guys, but I'm having, like, a really bad migraine and like, my anxiety and I'm panicking a little bit. It's like bad. I'm so sorry because I'm just nervous about the migraine because they make me anxious and they're like, no, it's totally fine.


Like, do you want to take a break? Like, whatever. And then once they had that understanding and I didn't feel like I was hiding my struggle and I didn't feel like I was like trying to, like, bottle it up, I felt so much better. So I think that my tip is to tell someone that you're around, that you're having this struggle. And that really helps because then you're like, OK, well, they know what I'm dealing with.


And so we're all on the same page. Let me just get through this and we'll be fine. And that's literally that. Somebody said, how do you know it's time to have sex with your significant other? I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about this, so I will ask my team, but I don't think it's that big of a fucking deal. And I think that's something that's important.


I've always been somebody that. Doesn't judge that stuff like at all, I think genuinely, as long as you are respected by the other person and you're having safe sex. I don't think that there's really any limit to what you do with that. Like, I think you can, in my opinion. And I mean, of course, everybody has their own, whether it's like religion or whatever, totally respect all that.


But like at the same time, if you have no as long as you are being safe about it in the other person is somebody that you trust in that is completely respectful of you and your body.


And you know what?


In your requests, when it comes to all that stuff, there's really no reason not to if you want to. This is complex. Actually, there's a lot more complex than I had anticipated when I started answering it. There's no issue in waiting. But at the same time, if you feel safe and comfortable with your significant other or whoever you decide to do this with and you trust them and you know that this will not harm you. Physically or mentally, I mean, it could obviously affect you mentally, just if, like, you know, this whole thing, like it's very emotional thing.


And so, you know, I'm not saying like I'm saying emotionally as in it might make you feel weird at first because you're like, oh, what the fuck, I'm a big kid now. Like, that's weird. And like, that's what I mean by emotionally. But I'm saying, like, you know, that this person is somebody who's nurturing and caring and respectful and won't hurt you emotionally or physically at all. That's super important. And if.


You know, everyone's tested and you're wearing protection, like just obviously all those things are so important. But if, you know the age is appropriate and the comfort is there, I don't really see any reason to wait. If you have that all those, you know, elements, I say definitely wait for those elements to be present.


But actually, there is something to be said for waiting. A little bit to have sex, I think. It can make your relationship a lot stronger if you wait longer before you get into that, because you have your whole relationship to do that. So there's also no rush, like if you guys have been dating for a while, like, go crazy, have fun, whatever. But like, if you just met. And like, you want to wait a while because you're like, you know what, I kind of want this to last, like, I kind of want to see how me and this person get along without that physical element, then wait.


And sometimes it's tough. But I think that waiting, like even a month or so, two months, three months, it doesn't hurt because it builds like an element of excitement that you wouldn't have otherwise. And it also forces you to to grow a relationship that has nothing to do with that. Right. So I don't know, I mean, I think that if you want to and you feel ready in all of the factors that I mentioned earlier, are there go for it?


But also it doesn't like waiting. Doesn't hurt either, because there are a lot of pros to waiting a while. But I think that. You'll know when it's the right time, and that's that somebody said, do you agree with right person and wrong time? This is really interesting to me because I used to think that. But now I'm not so sure because. It's it's really tough because I definitely think that this can make sense. For example, let's say you meet your love of your life in high school and then you guys both go to college in different areas and it just becomes really hard.


But there was never an issue with the relationship, right? I think that that is a great example of right person, wrong time. And you guys can reconnect down the line because there was never an issue. The problem with right person, wrong time and saying that and throwing that around is I found a lot of people, including myself, have literally said that in justified a partner's actions. By saying that when they were just genuinely toxic and fucked up like like, you know what I'm saying?


I think that, you know, people can say shit like that when they're, like, blindly in love with someone and be like, well, it's just right person, wrong time. Like, they're just in a bad spot. So they're being, like, really emotionally abusive. But it's fine because it was just right person, wrong time. Like, they'll grow out of it, blah, blah, blah. No, no, no. That's not how that works.


That's just wrong person. Wrong person. Like, that's point blank period. I just think that a lot of people use that term to, like, almost kind of subconsciously justify their toxic partners. Terrible traits like if you have a really toxic partner and they cheated on you six times, but you're like, well, it's just because they're young. Right person. Wrong time. Like they're just going through this phase. No, they're just a piece of shit.


And you just love them too much because you're a good person and you care about people and they're taking advantage of that. They really are not. It's really not like that. When when you meet someone and they're the right person, the only time that it could be a wrong time is if there's something that is worldly that you guys can't control.


That is keeping you apart, whether that's like college or.


Or maybe like a job situation that's like super time consuming, like, let's say you're dating someone who, like, has to travel like across the country constantly for work, like things like that and that make it really difficult and like not work or like, you know, even if you just need to be single for a few more years.


But you found somebody that you really want to be with, but you just know that you need to have that time by yourself before you date like. Yes, shit like that can happen. But that's also let's notice something about that. There's no red flags with that. There's no red flags with the with that person. They can absolutely be the right person. But it's just the wrong time that. Yes, but they're look at the other situation when you're just saying right person, wrong time because you're justifying someone's toxic actions.


Hello, red flags, red flags all over the damn map. But we're still out here being like, no, it's OK because they just are having a no, no, no, no, no.


Listen, everybody, if someone's treating you like shit, you're out. I'm done. I'm done with anyone accepting. Listen, I cannot believe the amount of bad treatment that I experienced in my life and how I just was OK with it. It blows my damn mind, especially like in dating, like I just got fucking thrown around like a pinata. I was just stabbed constantly in the neck, like just demolished every time. Listen, y'all, it does not need to be like that.


You do not need to justify a shitty person's behavior. Why are we doing that? You will absolutely find someone who has no red flags, you might even find him at the wrong time. God only knows. Doesn't matter. No red flags, 20, 20, one, 20, 21. We're not we are not ignoring the red flags ever again. Listen me. You hear me right? We are not ignoring red flags anymore. And we're not using little sayings to justify red flags.


Thank you. Somebody said, what do you do when you see someone that you are not on good terms with in public? I ignore them for as long as possible and then if I make eye contact, I give them a little wave and say hi and be polite and then immediately act like I'm busy and walk away.


So, yeah. Somebody said advice on how to motivate yourself to eat when you're going through an episode. So I know, one, I'm really anxious, I have a really hard time having an appetite, like I'm not thinking about it right. And it like it stresses me out to do anything. So, like, whether that's going downstairs to cook or picking out a meal, like to eat, like, I'm just like I don't even have it in me.


Right. So I totally understand this. I think the key is to when you're having an episode to feed yourself something that is exciting and yummy to you. Like go get your favorite food, like treat yourself a little bit because. You you need to eat and you might as well make it something fun, like let's say you're really, really into this pasta dish from an Italian restaurant down the street.


Go there and get that and eat that. That's something that you know, that you love, you're excited about.


Whatever, let's say, you know, you're like, you know what, I do need to get out of bed and cook something, cook something like really like fun, yummy and healthy, that, like, will make you feel super good. Like that could also feel really good or like go get ice cream and eat. Actually it doesn't matter. Does anything that you would feel. Excited about anything that excites you that, like kind of makes you feel a little hungry that makes you like that makes your mouth water a little bit, find something.


And eat it in. I promise that will help. Somebody said, I got new dogs who are brothers and they won't stop humping each other, how do I stop this? Listen, let them have fun, OK? It's not harming anyone, you know, I say just let them hump it out and they'll probably grow out of it. Eventually, someone said, I feel numb and sad most of the time, but I have an amazing life.


I want to talk to somebody, but I don't want to sound like I'm downplaying people who have actually dealt with depression or burden. My family is they've also helped me recover from an eating disorder. I love your podcast so much. Thank you so much. I'm going to address all these things separately. Number one, I also feel numb and sad a lot. And I also have an amazing life. And it sucks because it's like, why? Like, what's the fuckin problem?


You know what I mean? It's like I have nothing to be bummed about yet. I'm constantly but I'm like, what is up with that? I think that it's normal and I think that sometimes in the peak of your life, you can feel the worst because you're like God, like everything's so good. I feel pressure to feel perfectly happy all the time, but I don't. And then that just spirals you into a deeper sadness. Enjoy the amazing moments by moment.


OK, tomorrow is not promised. Remember that. And just I almost wrote this down in my journal the other night because I was having anxiety about a friendship that I have. And. I was like, oh, my God, what am I doing, this is so dumb, like. Imagine me. Being anxious about this friendship. That could potentially last a very long time, like and imagine nothing ever going wrong with it severely, right. And I spend the whole friendship just anxious about the friendship.


Right, like, imagine spending your whole life anxious about something that will never happen or being upset about something that will never happen. What's the point of that? I think that when things are really good, you start to get worried about those good things going away. For me, it was that friendship. I was like, wow, that friendship so important to me. If that ever goes anywhere, I'm going to be fucking sad. But imagine me wasting like I'm wasting time.


Worrying about that when, like, there's a decent chance that nothing's even going to happen and if it does, it was meant to be like, I can't we can't spend our whole lives being worried about something going wrong or whatever. We have to enjoy it right now because, for fuck's sake, we could die tomorrow and like none of it had mattered. And did we even ever enjoy the moments that were so amazing. I, I don't want to waste my life feeling anxious about things going wrong while things are going good.


There's no point to that. So that's something to consider. Just enjoy it moment by moment. Also, when it comes to talking to other people about your problems, that is what other people are there for. OK, just because it's not like it's a point system where it's like, oh, OK. When I talk to my family about my eating disorder, that used up 10 points and now I have no points left to talk to them about, think no, there is no fucking system like that.


You can go to people whenever you want and you should be going to people whenever you want to talk about these things, because life is a constant battle. Just because you struggled with one thing doesn't mean that you're not going to struggle tomorrow or the next day or the next day. Nobody expects you to get over one problem and then never have another problem again. That's not how this shit works, unfortunately. So go to your family, talk to them about this, maybe find a therapist or somebody that is kind of removed from the situation that you can talk to if you don't feel comfortable talking to your family yet.


Whatever it is, you're going to have problems for the rest of your life, as will the rest of us. And so don't waste precious time bottling this shit up when. There's so many people that would love to help and support you through this. Somebody said how to handle my mom who prioritizes her new boyfriend over me. I've been there for her through everything, and she knows I'm hurt by this, but doesn't really care. This is really tough as somebody who's dealt with a divorce myself, it is really, really tough.


For not only you as the child, but also for your parent, and you have to remember that it took me so long to understand that like a divorce is equally as jarring for parents, right? Like they are learning just as much as you during this time, a divorce will shake shit up in a way that, like, is very unique and.


It's so hard, but you need to not take it personal because your mom is a human being, right? And what she's doing right now is not cool at all and is not the way that you deserve to be treated by any means.


But at the same time, don't let this change your view of yourself, because this has nothing to do with you. Your mom loves you just as much as she did before, but she's trying to fill a void right now.


With her new boyfriend. She's trying to. Find happiness in something that. Inevitably won't probably work because you can't really find happiness another person. But when a parent goes through a divorce and then starts dating again, I can only imagine how confusing that is because, you know, you go from having somebody that you thought was going to be your lifelong companion to being alone. Again, it's, you know, put yourself in her shoes for a second. That shit must be awful.


Does it mean that she should be neglecting? You know, that is not fucking fair. But I'm explaining this because it's important for you to be aware of that so that you don't take it personally and think that there's something wrong with you. Like why is my mom, you know, hanging out with her new boyfriend and not me? Like, am I so shitty to be around? Like, what the fuck? No, it has nothing to do with that and everything to do with the fact that your mom is trying to fill that void.


She's trying to figure it out. And so all you can do is communicate this to your mom as much as you feel comfortable. It's really hard, but you need to let her know how you feel as often as you can and really be respectful about it. She's struggling, even though she's your mom. It's hard to comprehend the parents struggle, but they do communicate this with her and say, Mom, I miss you. I, I need quality time with you.


Like I live at home right now. I, I need you to prioritize me because I'm your child.


You brought me onto this planet and I need that love and reassurance in nurturing from you because you're all I have. You're my mom. You're the only mom that I have and I need that from you. Please give that to me. And keep trying to plant those seeds, she'll have a wake up call at some point and she's going to regret it, too, but. You need to not take it personally and just try to help her through it, right?


Parents are human beings, and they're going to fuck up and it sucks because as a kid, you get the brunt of it when your parents fuck up, especially when you live at home.


Be the bigger person and try to teach her a lesson through this, all right? Someone said, I think I'm losing feelings for my boyfriend. We've been together for like a year and a half and we haven't done anything sexually. I think because of that, I see him more as a friend and I don't know what to do about it. I feel really bad about it, but I don't know, help. There's something to be said for people who, like you just don't have romantic chemistry with.


And that's totally normal, like you're not going to romantically click with most people. Like, it's it's not like every two combination of people will, like, be able to have a romantic chemistry with a lot of people, it's just not there. And that's why relationships are so special, because, you know, you can have an amazing friendship with somebody. But like I think of some of my guy friends. Right. Like, I love having them as a friend.


I love having them around blah, blah, blah, blah.


But if it came to, like, ever anything more like no, no, like that would not work, you know what I'm saying?


And that's totally fine and normal. And that is what makes romantic relationships differ from friendships, is that you have that romantic chemistry that you can't just have with anyone. And throughout your life, you're going to meet a lot of people that, like you just don't have that chemistry with. And that is totally fine and normal. And it can be hard because sometimes if your relationship is built on a foundation of friendship, which is important, you can kind of get the lines blurred and you're like, well, I guess it doesn't really matter that our physical element is not that great because we have such a great friendship.


Well, unfortunately. As a human being, in a romantic relationship, you need I mean, not everybody everybody is very different, but. I think a great amount of people need like that physical element. I know, I do like I'm sorry, but like I need, like, a lot of affection. So, like, if I'm not getting that, like I'm I'm out of here, you know what I mean? And. So it's normal and it just might not be the right physical match, and that's totally OK.


And this is a conversation that I think that you need to have with your boyfriend.


Just be like, listen, you know. I would rather just be friends with you because I feel like we really just have a friendship. Anyway, like we don't even really have, like, a real romantic relationship, so I would rather us just be friends because I think that makes more sense so that you can go explore a true romantic relationship with someone else, because we need that as human beings. Right. Like we need physical affection and like to feel.


In a way like sexually connected to someone else, like that's what we need in a relationship ship most of the time some people have totally different situations. But like for, you know, people who. Are in that headspace where that's something they need, like that's very normal, so I say that you break up with him but try to be friends with him still, God knows it probably won't work because that shit is a fucking mess every time, but.


You know, you need to be checking that box, if that's something that's important to you, even if this guy is great, like if you don't have the physical element and you're losing feelings, be honest with yourself about that and don't waste either of your guys time anymore.


Somebody said, how do you get naks back, we are not in full contact, but talk here and there, I miss them so much and I know that they feel the same, but we need a push because we are both stubborn and neither of us will make the first move. You know, I think that this is something that you grow out of eventually, because I'm actually like in the process of growing out of this shit myself, not specifically with, like an axe, but when it comes to, like, being too stubborn to, like, reach out or like make plans and stuff like that, like.


I think that you grow out of that, but what you need to realize is that you live one life, OK, send the text. What is the worst that can happen? Put your ego aside for a second and be like, you know what? I'm just going to Texas person and tell them exactly how I feel. Put your egos that you're going to feel so much better, the relief that you feel is so much greater than the ego death that you have when you send a text like that.


Trust me, it is so.


Fulfilling to send a text like that, and even if the response is not something that you want, it feels good to know that you did everything you could to try to get this person back.


Hopefully they're a good person and it's a good person to get back because sometimes getting back with an ex is like the worst thing you can do, but sometimes it's also necessary. I don't know, hopefully they're not toxic person, but either way, send the text, put your ego aside, hang out with a friend of yours and just sit there, write up a little text and send it and put your phone down for an hour and come back. You will feel so much better.


It's even hard for me to make plans, right? Like literally even in a relationship, like I'm the type of person where I'm like, hmm, I don't want to make the plans because I am scared of them being not wanting to hang out with me and then me getting embarrassed.


What the fuck is that? I'm growing out of that, luckily. But like only recently I used to, like, never make plans with anyone. And now I'm like, you know what, I'm putting my ego aside because I want to hang out with this person. It's like I would be like, oh, I want to hang out with this person so bad, but I'm just going to wait for them to ask me to hang out. What the fuck is that?


What kind of games? Like why wee wee life is too short to be playing those fucking games. Say how you feel. Be honest. Who gives a fuck about what happens next? You're going to either learn something or you're going to get the result that you want win win even if it's a little bit painful. Kim Nans are one more.


Somebody said, do you think it's OK for your partner to follow lots of other girls, how do you set those boundaries?


God, this is actually something that's so interesting, like the whole issue with like, you know, significant others liking other girls or guys, photos that maybe are a little bit provocative or like following other girls, whatever. I think that there is a clear line. Here's where I'm at with it. And here's what I've always thought. Out of respect for your significant other. I say that it's best to. You know, keep the following to a minimum unless it's like necessary, do you know what I mean?


Like. I have no reason, like when you're OK, when you're in a relationship, there's really no reason to just be like following random. Like for me, like if I'm in a relationship, there's no reason for me to be going around and following random guys.


There just isn't because I don't what do I gain from that, right, like especially ones that I don't know. It's like, what's the point of that? I don't need to be seeing that shit anyway. And out of respect for my significant other, I'm definitely not going to be engaging with our content. I think that, you know, if you're boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever, let's say in this scenario, because it sounds like you're dating a guy, you're dating a guy and he's following other girls, I'm using this as an example.


But this can go with any relationship or any any combination of two people, just like basically your significant other following people that they could be potentially attracted to. That's what this is. I think that out of respect, it's best if both of you are not liking super inappropriate content of.


You know, a potential competitor, if you will, right? I think that out of respect, it's best not to do that because it's so unnecessary and.


It's it's not respectful, really. And I mean, I understand, like, let's see if it's like your friend, like, let's say if it's somebody who, you know, you guys are friends with, that's very different because it's like a friendship. And if they're, like, liking, you know, your friends posts and stuff like that, like there's nothing wrong with that because it's not like, yeah, you guys are all friends. So like, whatever, as long as it's not like weird, but like, you know what I'm saying.


I think that keeping that shit to a minimum is just best for both of your guys is mental health. Just so that there's no worry about some secretive shit going on, you know what I mean? It's so easy to not like a bikini picture. Or some dudes like APIC, it's very easy not to like that, right, so like you might as well just not fucking like it so that your significant other can, like, sleep a little bit better at night because we're very competitive as human beings.


And, you know, most people have fucking trust issues. So like when you see your significant other liking hot pictures of, like, somebody who's a potential competitor. Yeah. Fucking sucks because you're like they saw that and they like liked it and which means that they like, consciously liked this photo.


Like, it's just it's so much easier to just not do that. And if they're constantly liking photos of hot people and stuff like that and it's making you genuinely insecure and uncomfortable, have that conversation with them and just be like, listen, I know that you're probably not doing anything wrong.


And like, I don't want to be all up in your shit here. But like you engaging in this content makes me feel insecure because it's really hard for me not to compare myself to these other people and worry that you're not like doing them on the side. Like, I have trust issues, blah, blah, blah. But also there's a decent chance that, you know, people just like shit that's on their feet. There's a great chance that it just doesn't even mean anything.


But if it's bugging you, communicate that because it's such an easy fix. And also, you know, a lot of you are like, well, that's something that's a problem with you. Yes and no. Like a lot of people have trust issues, me being one of them. If, like, I was dating somebody and like they were like liking a bunch of hot photos of girls, I'd be like, fuck, like, goddamnit, like I mean, I, I don't know if it bugged me to the point of bringing it up, but like, it would definitely suck a little bit.


I mean, come on, I'm like human, I'm a human being so. Like, I would definitely like sock a little bit, I'd be like, well, why isn't he fucking talking to them than Jesus Christ? Like, you know, I don't know.


That's the way that my brain sometimes works, unfortunately.


So, like, I can totally see where that could be an issue. So I think it's just. Being honest, you know, anyway, well, that's enough for this episode I just recorded for a long time.


I hope you guys enjoyed this and had fun hanging out with me. I love, love, love coming on here every week and talking with you guys. I literally look forward to it.


It is my favorite part. Actually, this in Chamberlain coffee right now are my favorite things to work on, I just love both of them so much and I love everything else as well.


But this has just been so amazing and I love hanging out with you guys for an hour or so every week. And I hope that you guys are enjoying it if you guys are. Feel free to leave a review on Apple podcasts. Give me a little five stars.


I love seeing your guys opinions on the pot and letting me know what you want me to talk about and shit like that. Also, if you want to ask questions or participate in the episodes, the Twitter is at a podcast. You can ask me questions. I give props to you guys to ask me questions and shit. And if you want to be an advice session next time, that's where you can ask those questions. And I believe that that's it.


So I love you all.


You guys are awesome and have an amazing week and I'll talk to you guys next Thursday and.


We're going to get through this together. We're all in this together. We're all a team. We're not on separate teams. We're all on each other's team. Everybody who listens to anything goes on the same team. We don't argue with one another. We don't fight with one another. We support one another and we love one another. And that is period, OK. I love you guys. Have a great week. OK, bye. I don't want to say goodbye yet, but I have to because it's getting too long.


OK, bye. Another thank you Talbert's for sponsoring this episode of Anything Goes Right now. We all need to look out for each other and come together to protect the things that we care about, including the planet and especially the planet.


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Hellyeah, thank you. All words.