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Ramble, this episode of Anything Goes is sponsored by Macy's check Macy's dot com slash Amida Shop, my personal collection of favorites.


Hello everybody. Welcome back to Anything Goes. I'm Emma Chamberlain, your host. How is that?


Anyway, here's my cat, my cat, Francie's the closest thing we're ever going to get to a co-host or even a guest on this podcast, to be honest, it's interesting, actually, because she is very anti-social.


My cat, Franki, she likes to mind our own business, which I very much respect and admire.


She doesn't really like to hang out with me much. But every time I record the podcast without fail, she is on my lap hanging out with me. It's so bizarre because she doesn't hang out with me consistently. In any other scenario, this is the only time that she hangs out with me and it's really our quality time as a mother and a daughter, which is amazing. And I love it if I try to record a podcast without. Her in the room, she'll be scratching at the door until I let her in like she.


Needs to be on my lap every time I record a podcast, it's so bizarre, but anyway, I'm to stop talking about it because nobody cares about my cats. And I know that because it's the same thing as parents talking about their kids. And showing photos of their kids at social events, you know, those parents that just show photos of their kids in every conversation. It just completely hijack every social situation by just pulling out 50 photos of their kid, photos of their kid at the park, photos of their kid at their fourth day of preschool, like the most irrelevant photos of their child, if I ever become a mom like that.


I give everybody full permission to stop inviting me to everything, like just if I ever become a mom like that, cut me off and I won't blame you. Listen, if a mom or a parent shows me a photo of their kid, like one or two photos, great. We can deal with that.


But when it hijacks a whole social situation, that's when it's just harmful and really nobody cares. There's a certain things that people don't care to hear about. People don't care to hear about pets. They don't want to hear. Nobody wants to hear about your pet. OK, you might think that your pet is the best pet in the whole world. Oh, my God. My dog is an angel. I can guarantee nobody else cares. It's a to everybody else.


Your pet just looks like any other animal.


It's really bizarre how that is. Also, people don't care to hear about the crazy dream you had last night.


There's just certain things that people don't care about. There's probably some sort of psychology behind why, but I don't know what that is.


So let's just get into today's topic.


Today's topic is going to be some embarrassing stories of mine, because over the past few months, I've been kind of gathering and remembering some of my most embarrassing moments. And I mean, there's a lot and I've probably forgot a lot, but I for some reason, like a bunch of them.


I've just been coming to the front of my mind recently, and every time they come to the front of my mind, I write them down and I just have to share because some of these are too fucking good. To not share. So today's topic, embarrassing stories, let's get right into it. OK, the first story I have is pretty fucking painful, so. Let's set the scene here I am in fifth grade and I actually transferred schools to.


A school that was not that was not in the town that I went to elementary school, and so when I went to middle school, I kind of was a new kid, if you will.


I mean, obviously, everybody's a new kid, middle school, but a lot of kids, you know. Grew up in the town that my middle school was in and. Had all their friends from elementary school and felt a lot more comfortable than I think I did because I was. In a group with a hole, I was in a school with a whole new group of kids and it was tough for me in the beginning because I just wanted to find my friend group so bad.


And it was not easy, but halfway through fifth grade, I finally found my friend group and it was kind of like the popular group.


I managed to get myself into the kind of popular group of middle school and.


I was proud of myself, I was like, oh, my God, I did it, you know, in middle school you're like, you just want to be the you just want to be accepted. Like, that's all you want. You know, your personality is so malleable that you just want. To be accepted in any way possible, so its fifth grade, I finally accepted into this cool front group, right? And every day we eat lunch together.


And I remember one day I'm wearing a long sleeve workout top, and it was one of those kinds of workout tops that has a little thumbhole in the sleeve so that you can put your thumb through it or whatever. And so, of course, I thought that was the coolest thing ever, that, like, my shirt had some holes in it. So you best believe that my fingers were through the thumb holes all day, every day.


Right. That means.


During class, that means when I'm in the bathroom, at school, that means. When I'm eating my lunch, all of the above. You guys are not going to believe this story. So it's lunchtime and I'm eating lunch with all my friends and. One girl in my friend group was like, Emma, what's that on your sleeve? And I looked down and there's a brown smudge. Kind of, I'd even argue, a brown blob on my sleeve.


And I look down and. I was like, oh, fuck. I think a little bit of doki got on my sleeve when I wipe my ass earlier in the bathroom and it's on my sleeve, but of course I'm not going to admit that. You kidding me? I finally got accepted into the cool group in middle school. You think I'm going to be like, Yeah, that's Dukey. Hell no. So I said. Oh, it's peanut butter.


And thankfully. I had peanut butter and apples in my lunch box that day. Which I honestly ate that almost every day, but I was like you, that's so weird, I guess it's some peanut butter and I took my thumb out of the thumbhole of my long sleeve shirt and I rolled it up a little bit so that nobody could see the doki. Later, I went to the bathroom to check and I was like, is this actually shit on my sleeve right now?


And lo and behold, oh, it was shit. So I cleaned it. And for the rest of the day, I was an emotional wreck. How would I ended up here, I was so obsessed with the fact that my shirt had these little thumb holes in it that I didn't even take a moment to realize that maybe that was going to lead me to get Doki on my long sleeve shirt.


And it did oh, it did. The fact that I got called out for it, I think was easily the worst thing that's ever happened to me.


So let's just say I learned at the ripe age of 13 that it is very important. I don't even think I was 13, maybe 11. I learned at the ripe age of 11. To roll up my sleeves when I worked my ass and I learned it the goddamn hard way. I can't believe that that happened to me. Can you guys believe how fucking embarrassing that is? Like that is so bad. I wonder if she bought it, like I wonder if she believed that it was actually peanut butter on my sleeve and honestly, in the defense of my 11 year old self, like that is a great.


Great excuse like that is a perfect storyline, like it aligns perfectly. It was like I had peanut butter and apples in my lunch box. I mean, the whole thing lined up perfectly. But damn, I hope she believe me, she probably didn't. She'd probably knew it was ducky.


I don't think peanut butter looks if that story is so bad. Y'all I. Holy shit. That one still haunts me to this day, this next one is dating back to even younger, I was probably in elementary school, maybe nine years old. And, you know, when you're a nine year old, you're weird, right? You're just weird.


You don't understand anything about your mind, body, soul. You have no connection to anything. You're. Not even a human being yet, really, you know what I mean? When you're nine years old, you're all over the place and you're very much in moments of development. You're you're transitioning out of being a baby to being a tween. You're like almost a tween, you know. And it's a confusing time. Well, when I was nine, one of my hidden talents.


Was being able to fart on command. And I would show this to everybody, OK, I would show this to my dad at the time he had a girlfriend.


I would show it to his girlfriend, the fact that I could fart on command, I would do this in show my mom, I would show my cousins, I would I don't think I showed my friends, thank God.


But I probably I might have it was like my one party trick as a nine year old. Hi, I'm Emma Chamberlin and I can fart on command.


There's something funny, like when you're a nine year old, you're obsessed with the idea of having like a hidden talent. I don't know why that is. It's like there are certain things that kids get obsessed with. Kids get obsessed with collecting certain things. They get obsessed with certain kinds of animals or whatever, like it's very common for kids to that's like a huge personality trait of kids. And so for me, my one of mine was farting on command.


Well, I remember when I hit younger adulthood, I recollected my. Is that a word recollected? Well, I remembered how my hidden talent used to be farting on command. But then I remembered something a little bit. Dark about this. I realized. When I remembered this phase of my life that I wasn't farting on command. Because the fart wasn't coming out of my butt. So where was the fart coming from? Do I have to say it, it was coming out of.


The hole right next door. OK. I was command. And I didn't know it was that was different than farting, and I was going around showing everybody this, OK? For like at least a year and a half like this was my party trick for at least a year and a half and I had no idea that what I was actually doing. Was not a fart, and when I realized this, I was mortified, I was like, I hope nobody knew.


That that was not a fart, OK, and I know people know that it wasn't a fart, like adults definitely knew this wasn't a fart, and I always wondered why they were so repulsed.


And like, we're like, Emma, don't do that because I was fucking I was not farting. It was much worse. Anyway, so that's mortifying. Luckily, you know, it was never like I was doing this in front of teachers or like whatever, it was always, you know, in front of my close family and acquaintances.


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Emma, thank you, Macy's. OK, next, this one is we're jumping to something more recent, this actually happened within the past month, so.


OK, this one's really gross and like I know that this is kind of fucked up, but like, I'm just being honest, like this is something that happened. I'm not going to lie. OK, so I have a cleaning lady that comes once a week and she is amazing. I love her so much. And she has been my cleaning lady for almost three years now. She's like my girl, like I love her and.


She's seen it all right. Well. A couple weeks ago or months ago, I don't remember, was a month ago, about a month ago, she sends me a text and I'll read you the text. She texted me and says, hi, I'm texting to tell you to be careful with the cats, they're taking your used tampons out of the trash in your bathroom. I found one under your bed today.


OK, now this is mortifying as is. Right. The fact that she found a used tampon under my bed is disgusting and mortifying as is. But I have some bad news for you guys. It wasn't the cats. I accidentally. Threw a tampon. Used tampon. This is so I don't even know how to fucking justify this behavior. I was in bed, it was late at night and I had a tampon in and it had been in there for far too long.


But it was the end of my period.


So I wasn't really bleeding anymore. But I was so tired that I just threw it onto the ground.


And I was like, I'll throw it in the trash tomorrow. I was honestly kind of half asleep, like I wasn't even, like, fully conscious when I did this.


And it was definitely a low moment, OK, but the thought of getting up out of bed to take out my tampon, it was not going to happen at this hour. So I threw it onto the ground and of course, I forgot about it. And my beautiful, amazing cleaning lady found it, and I'm so sorry, I know you like that is awful, but the fact that she thought that the cats did it, not me, was so precious to me.


I was like, that is so kind that you think that it's not because I literally am a fucking disgusting rat that throws shit on the ground like that. Listen, this was a one off thing. This doesn't happen a lot.


OK, but of course, the one time I decide to make a disgusting decision like that, I forget that I did it the next morning because I was half asleep.


I felt so bad.


I was like, damn, that is just like not even fair to her poor thing, you know.


Anyway. OK, next story is. Something that has been happening to me more recently. That's embarrassing, but that I'm still trying to figure out, OK, and guys, this one is going to hurt like I don't want to tell this story. And but. I just think it's too funny not to tell. OK, so. Whenever I sleep in a bed with somebody else recently, you can put the you know, I don't fucking need to say anything more than that.


You can put the pieces together here.


Within the past few months, maybe two months. This specific thing has happened to me twice. I know one time I told a story about how I slept in bed. With a guy and I thought I should is bad, OK, because I because I had a really bad stomach ache and. Like, whatever I've told that story before, I'm not going to tell it again. But something kind of similar has been happening to me recently where? During the night or in the early hours of the morning when I sleep in a bed with a guy.


I will. OK. I will wake up. Hey, guys, I don't know how to do this, I will wake up. As I'm farting, I can't. I can't make this up like in the middle of the night, I'll wake up in it and as I wake up, I'm farting. Like like I come to consciousness literally at the exact same time as I'm farting and I don't know if the fart is waking me up, you or if like, I don't know.


But the confusing thing about it is that every time it happens, I'm like half awake. So I don't know if I'm actually farting or if it's like a part of my dream. But it's happened too many times now. Where like and I don't get why it's happening, like, I, I don't understand why I'm like waking up right as a fart slips on like, I'm not kidding you. It's happened like three times, OK? And I mean, I don't care anymore.


I'm over it like whatever, OK, we fart as human beings. But my question is, do they know that this is happening? Like is this waking them up to? I've never talked about it with them. Oh, my God. It's so bad, I don't know. OK, here, like, I feel guilty now that I'm talking about it on the podcast, not with them, but like, it's so fucking embarrassing, like. Every time I go into shock mode, like my whole body goes into shock and I freeze because I'm like, there's no way they didn't just hear that.


But then again, they're sleeping.


So probably not. I don't know. But this is something. But the funny part about it is this doesn't happen to me when I'm by myself.


I swear to God, this never happens to me when I'm by myself. This farting and waking up simultaneously thing only happens when I'm in a bed with someone else. Why? I need to bring this up to them because it's it's just like I can't. But it's so fucking embarrassing, I you know, it's killing me to think about it's killing me to think about the fact that, like, they've known this. And who knows how much more I fart during the night, listen, you I got stomach issues, I have IBS, I have fucking all the above.


Like, my stomach is not OK 90 percent of the time. I if things are not happy in my tummy, OK, not good. The ecosystem in there is bad. OK, and. So I'm not surprised that this happens. But that just begs the question like, how much am I farting through the night and are they ever noticed on? And I know that, like, nobody cares like anybody that I'm. Did I ever sleep in a bed with would not care, like, you know what I'm saying?


Like if I were like. Any of my friends, anybody that I love, nobody would care. But it's almost the fact that I'm not conscious of it that just haunts me. So that's my next that's not really a story. That's just something that has been happening to me. I just can't believe it's so bad anyway. Next is a shorter story, but I feel like this is just still so terrible and embarrassing. So. I was at the nail salon and I was getting my nails done.


Now I like to get my nails done really long just because it makes me feel like a baddie and whatever just makes me feel good. So. I lied to get my nails really long, but anybody who gets really long nails knows that, like, shit gets stuck under your nails, like I'm constantly cleaning underneath my nails, cleaning the like. It's it's a constant battle because I just get stuck behind. They're like, if you eat avocado toast, you're going to have avocado all behind your nails.


If you eat a peanut butter and jelly, there's going to be peanut butter all behind your nails. It's gross, but it's just part of it. And so. I'm usually pretty good about cleaning it, right? I'm like very much. On top of that, because I have such a phobia of somebody seeing some shit behind my nails, it's gross. But apparently one day I was slacking in that one day I was at the nail salon and I was getting a fill, so I was getting my nails kind of redone and in spruced up and.


The lady who was doing my nails. Was like. Hey, there's something under your nail, go wash your hands, and I was like, oh, OK, whatever. Didn't really think anything of it.


I was like, OK, I probably ate something or whatever that got under my nails. And it just like was stuck there and like, I totally get it, so I went to the bathroom and I flip my hands over to see what was under my nails. Bougere. Just a bigger. Under my now. And I mean, there is no way I could blame this on anything else. I mean, it looked like a bugger, like I couldn't be like, oh, that's just avocado now.


Oh, that's paint, I was painting something earlier with green paint now. Nope. Oh, it's pesto, no. Now, a. It was a bugger, there was no mistaking that for being a bugger, and I feel like I'm somebody I like, I'm not somebody that loves to pick my nose. Like if I'm I'm not a booger eater. Oh, my God. You know, I'm proud to say I've never ate my boogers. And listen, I'm not judging if you guys do whatever, do your thing, but that's one thing I'm proud of in my life.


I've never eaten my bugger's. And to be honest, I'm kind of disgusted by because I really don't like them, and so I always really make it a priority to, like, find a napkin, to put a booger in. Like, I'm not just going to let that thing fly around, you know what I'm saying? I mean, listen, sometimes we got to do what we got to do.


But, like, I'm I feel like I'm good about that. Like, I usually handle that situation very well. No, not that day.


Full on bogey under my new paw nail technician. She was such a good sport. Let me tell you the walk of shame from the bathroom back to the seat. Where she was going to finish my manicure was. Excruciating and this is the dangerous part about having long acrylic nails, because if I just had short, cute little nails, yeah, stuff can get stuck under there, but.


Not like that, not like that, like I had a full booger under there. It wasn't just like a little bit. No, it was like a full fully formed.


It was just not OK.


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This OK, so I've told my first kiss story on the podcast, but I've never told my second KISS story and this one is pretty epic.


So I'm a freshman in high school and I had a crush on this boy for a really long time, probably like three or four months.


And he always was dating other girls and he never dated me. He was kind of popular or whatever. He never wanted to date me like he always wanted other girls. And but we are friends. But I had a huge crush on him, like massive crush on him. I thought he was so cool. In retrospect, I'm like, what the fuck? I don't know. It's always funny when you look back at that stuff.


But eventually he came around. And he had a crush on me. And I was stoked, but. I was only stoked for about a week. And then when it was time to start, like. Holding hands and shit, I was like, I don't know about this one, I don't know about this one. And I got very nervous. Mind you, I'd only had my first kiss, which was a terrible experience. I was so uncomfortable with any kind of physical affection like that, like that was just so foreign to me, you know, I didn't know how to like.


Give a goodbye kiss like the concept of I even actually struggled with that up until like this year, like, you know, when you are saying goodbye and then you give somebody a goodbye pack, like, that's so awkward to me. I've always struggled with that. Now I don't care. Like, that's normal to me. But like, I used to not be able to do that. Like, that was like so I would like fucking like glitch out when shit like that would happen.


I've really had a hard time with being affectionate in a relationship. It just did not come naturally to me for whatever reason. And so you can imagine as a freshman in high school with my first potential. Boyfriend, kind of. This was very uncomfortable for me, so basically I don't remember how we even started kind of dating, but I remember he sent a text to me and it was basically like, am I have a crush on you? Like, I really like you, blah, blah.


And I was like, Oh, I really like you, too. And then from that point on, we were kind of dating, but we didn't really ever hang out alone. It was like very much not a real relationship. But one of the first things that we did together as a couple technically kind of was go on a double date because our best friends at the time were dating as well. And so I remember we decided we were going to go to a movie and then go to lunch, the four of us.


And we went and saw this movie called I Can't Remember What The Movie Was, Doesn't Matter.


But we went and saw this movie and it was the afternoons. The movie theater was very. Chill like there wasn't a lot of people there, and when we got into the theater, it was literally just the four of us in this theater, there was nobody else. Not one other person. Which was bizarre, but kind of awesome, we were all very excited because, you know, it's fun. It's like you have the whole theater to self, so.


It's the four of us, me, this kid that I'm kind of dating, but very nervous around and wasn't even sure if I actually liked him as. To enough to date him, I thought I liked him enough to date him, but I was starting to question things. OK. And then we're with our best friends who have been dating for months and have like a super mature relationship, like they were the kind of couple that even though we were in freshman year, like they were.


Very mature, like they were already, you know. Hanging out one on one all the time, doing everything together, like very comfortable with each other, with affection and stuff like that, mind you, like, I'm just not there yet. OK. And I don't even know if I like this kid, so. I was kind of the type of girl that was like I loved, I was like in love with guys until they'd like me back and then I'd get really freaked out.


It's normal. So many people deal with that, but I was very much dealing with that at that time. And so we're in this movie theater, the four of us, and. Basically, the couple that we were with, our best friends, were like sitting on each other's lap and like kissing each other and like doing all that, mind you, me and this kid are not even touching each other. Like, I think he maybe put his arm around me.


Maybe. Oh, my God, that just reminded me of another story. OK. Anyway, we'll get to that later. He maybe put his arm around me, OK? If that. Nothing was really going on, we're enjoying the movie, whatever. All of a sudden, he whispers in my ear. Should we kiss right now? And I was Barack, and I'm like, yeah, sure. Listen to what this savage does, OK?


In retrospect, this takes fucking balls, this kid. Pushes up the. Like armrests. On the seats in the movie theater. And lays down and I'm like, What are you doing? And he was like. It's go time, and I was like, what? Mind you. We're with our best friends, like I'm going to like what? But I didn't know any better, so I was like, OK, we're going to make this work, so I'm in the movie theater, OK?


I'm like, this is completely embarrassing. Like, this is so just bizarre, you know what I mean? Like, mind you, I never kiss this kid before, ever. Like, we'd been talking kind of dating for like a week. I'd never kissed him before. My first kiss with this guy is laying down in the movie theater next to our best friends.


So awkward. Now I'm feeling like anxious. Right? I'm like, this is so weird. I don't want my best friends to think that, like, I approve of what's going on right now. So this doesn't even sound like it's a real story. But it is.


I start. I'm laying down OK, and I reach my leg. And I out and I start kicking my friends. To kind of in my mind, I was like, this is notifying them that, like, I'm I'm not like that. This is weird to me, you know what I mean? Even though, like, it was fine, but I was embarrassed. So I was like trying to send them a signal, like, guys, I know that this is weird, right?


Well. Finally. It ends, I'm mortified because I'm like, even though these are our best friends, like no one, this is like so foreign to me, like this whole concept, like just like that. I was like, what? What it was my second kiss ever. And it just felt so extreme. I was like, this is so extreme. And it just was so uncomfortable. I just was like so nervous and like I didn't know how to like even my hair is like in his face, like the whole thing was a fucking mess.


Right. And it was just like terrible. Like my hair is in his mouth, like it was just bad, but it was so bad. And I'm like kicking my friends, trying to notify them that, like, you know, I know that this is weird. They're not getting the message later. I tell my best friend at the time because she she was the one that was dating our other friend. I tell her I'm like, dude, like that was so I'm sorry.


Like, that was very bizarre. Like, I don't know why we why he wanted to do that, but I didn't know. I was like, I guess this is normal. I thought it was normal. I don't know any better. But I mean in retrospect it's weird. I think he was trying to one up our best friends because they were dating and they were being awkward and like sitting on each other's lap. I think he was like, OK, you guys are being cute like that.


Well, we're about to make out laying down in the movie theater, like I think he was trying to compete with them.


And I ended up telling her I was like I was kicking you because I was trying to tell you that I thought it was kind of weird.


And she was like, oh, I thought you were kicking me because you were enjoying it.


And I was like, no, no, hey, no, no, no, no, no. And it was fucking embarrassing. So anyway, that whole thing was a goddamn mess. Yeah, a mess, so. That was my second kiss. Anyway, we pretty much. That was the only time we actually ever kissed each other and I ended up texting him, telling him that I wanted to be friends. About two weeks later, maybe a week later, and that was the end of that relationship.


We literally never even started dating.


It was like we talked for maybe two weeks. And it was it was bad, but I mean, honestly. Shout out to that kid for being ballsy like that, seriously mad respect. Hope you're doing well. You know who you are.


But that was that was funny, I actually have another story, though, with that kid, because we actually went to the movies one time. Together. And I believe we went with a few other friends. We did we were with a few other friends. And this was before we had ever like this was before this the movie incident that I just mentioned, this was prior to that. So we were just kind of warming up like we were just kind of getting a little flirty, you know what I mean?


Not like. Anything serious? We're in the movie theater and we're with all of our friends. I'm just sitting there watching the movie, I'm sitting next to him, and all of a sudden I get a bonk on my head like a little like my head got pounded. By someone's arm and I look over and it was him and I was like, what? He's like, I was trying to move my arm around you and he just bonked me in the head with his arm.


And I was like, oh, fuck, OK. I, like, leaned up and he, like, put his arm around me and I was like, damn, you just give me a fucking concussion. Like, thank you. But like what? I had such an awkward dating experience in high school. Like it didn't even exist. Like, I never that was the closest I got to a boyfriend in high school. Besides that, I just would like.


That was it, that was it, I really didn't do much more than that. That was pretty much the only relationship I had in my God. Was it awkward?


I mean, seriously. Like, that's all I had and then that's all the experience I had going into moving and moving to L.A. So it's like I moved to L.A. with that being my dating history. So you can only imagine once I started dating in L.A., how awkward it was for me, like I had no. Cuz. With relationships, I had no idea how to spend time with a guy one on one, I had no idea how to like, you know, you know, it's like, OK, like when you see your significant other you give them a kiss usually.


You think I knew how to do that? Fuck no, I didn't know when it was appropriate. Like I didn't I was like, OK, oh, am I supposed to give him a goodbye, kiss me, whatever. I just had no queues at all. I was so bad at that stuff. It took me up until now to finally have that all figured out.


I think I really like took me forever. I was just so fucking awkward.


I don't know. I was just so awkward. Those are all the stories I have for today. Those are all I could think of. I hope you enjoyed those I thought those were some of those are pretty bad, so I hope you enjoyed them.


OK, guys, that's all I got. That's all I got for today. It's time for me to stop. I definitely overshared a little bit here. These stories probably shouldn't be on the Internet, at least most of them. But I enjoyed it.


I had fun. And next time you get embarrassed, just remember this podcast episode, because I can imagine that these stories are worse than whatever you just went through. So that's useful, hopefully.


But anyway, I love you guys. Thank you for listening. Thank you for hanging out with me today. If you enjoyed this episode, subscribe to anything goes on. Any place or platform that you listen to podcasts, give us a little review on Apple podcast. It really helps me out.


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Guys, I love you. Thank you for hanging out with me for another week. And I will see you soon. Have a good day.


Sweet Bay, Besty. Love you.