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Welcome back. Happy hour, listeners. Now, I know I said this last week, but we're going to do it again and we're going to be doing things a little bit differently because we're having a guest today, Rachel. And I just thought we're up on here and give a good old fat old fashioned recap for you all, which.


I need to president with this. It feels very strange to be doing this and get caught up in the show and everything has gone down in the past week and a half within the franchise. But for Tom and it's job, we are professionals most of the time. So here we go. But I do have to say, Rachel just showed me she's drinking some board down with some good old tin foil on the back.


Do you call this tin foil? Tin foil? Oh, I just say foil. I've never heard. So, I mean, it is tin foil. I've just never heard somebody use the full name.


Got to give it the problem. What do you say, aluminum or aluminium? Aluminium.


The fact that you can't say it, it's aluminum. Somebody the other day said aluminium.


And I thought they were talking about a rocket ship or something like, what the hell are you talking about? Are they from. Yeah, but pro tip here for anyone who loves to drink some champagne, stock up on your board. Don't don't put the tin foil on the top. Just stick a spoon in it and it'll keep the bubbles. Keeps it fresh original. Before we get into all that, we go down with hometowns we will get into.


I don't ever want to say the drama. There was really no drama during this. But I just want to check in with you as a friend overall. How are you doing? How's your head? How's your heart? You know, I was OK initially, I'm not 100 percent OK now, just more like just sad as humanity just is, that's really what it comes down to. It's just sad the way people think. I don't care what side you're on on this.


It's just sad. We're so divided. Like to be. It's link to a story we part of a story and then to see how I lived it, I was in it know, so it doesn't get more truthful to me and the other person, Chris, that was involved in it. And just to see how people are twisting things and they kind of like adding their own flair to the story. And it's getting so far away from what originally happened.


It's just disheartening. The name calling, the accusations, the assumptions, the misconceptions, stereotypes. It's just it's a lot. It's a lot, you know, but if you think it's going to make me stop doing the things that I'm doing. You got me f up. All it does is embolden and empower me as I know my brand, I know who I am, I know what I stand for, and I'm never going to stop standing for those things, nor will I stop doing my job, which at the end of the day, that's exactly what I was doing, my damn job.


Yeah, you know what I mean.


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Free babble language for life.


Well, and to your point, through all of this, you have handled things with so much class, with so much grace, you I think I said this on the top of the podcast last week, but you are a fighter and you are such a good friend. And I mean, I'm always inspired by you. I'm always just in awe of you and your and your presence and how you carry yourself and you continue to fight for what is right.


And so for me personally, I am giving you a virtual hug. And I want you just to know how much I still look up to you and respect to you and just keep being you keep shining.


Your support is everything. Thank you, Becca. You're always sweet, always so sweet. And this is why I love you, Rachel, and I love you.


We have the good weeks. We have the bad weeks. We have drama. We have zero drama, whatever it could be, the ups and the downs, we got each other. So I think with that being said, we'll put our little therapy session aside and just get into it.


Right, because you're right, hometown. And I want to say something. Give it to me. The reason we don't have a guest. Because nobody wanted to recap the steps of why. It was boring with a capital B.. It's the most linear episode I've ever seen in all my bachelor years. There was nothing I kept backor tell me if you feel the same way. I kept waiting for something to happen. I kept rewinding it.


Oh, I must have missed what he said. No, you didn't miss anything. Nothing happened. And I mean, I guess that's it's almost like they were all the same hometowns just put in a different parent, a different sister, a different contestant. But it was all the same. The same conversations, the same responses right out.


Yeah, it was. It was there was no pizzazz. There was no to it. And it's so interesting because all season I feel like there's been so much drama and so much cattiness and just heaviness. And I'm like, I just want a normal episode, you know, like I just want the love stories and nothing that we have it. We're like, wait, where's the drama? What are we watching? Careful what you ask for. Exactly.


Not if you know what if Serena hadn't self eliminated, nothing would have happened. There would have been really nothing at all. And I don't know if it's due to the fact that they can't travel home and there's they can't really show where they grew up. It's like it's hard to bring a city in a home town to the Nemacolin, but it was just. Yeah, I mean, at one point, I mean, not even at one point for most of it, I just kind of zoned out and I was like, oh, you know, pictures, paint my nails, do whatever I got to do.


But tell me that I guess this is the moment where the love stories really are coming out. It's you long.


For taxi, I know I did. I said, damn it, Rachel, you spoke too soon. I longed for the days of the cardboard taxi hometowns we might have joked about.


But there was some pizzazz, as you say. It was interesting. There was it was fun. There was character to it.


I don't know, like even though they were only on the little things, the property that had an opportunity to be bigger and better, it seems like they left the property a bit and still was just so flat. Even Rachel falling out of the sky onto her face. It still was anticlimactic. I don't know. There was just nothing. Nothing did it for me. Oh, you know what? I think this is a good point to just walk down memory lane because I feel like what we lived was maybe way more exciting than what we saw go down with and take a step back to the old wonder years, if you will, when you were.


Well, I want to get both into when you are a next season for your hometown date and then when you were about to get on those.


So on next season, you brought him to church, correct?


Yes. To your hometown. What was your favorite part about showing him around? I was really eager to take Nick to church because even though I wasn't well versed on pastor before my season, I figured this was something well, one, I knew a black person had never made it this far. I never had a hometown. So I knew whatever I was doing was going to be very new to this audience. So I really wanted to show him what a typical Sunday was like for me, which was church, which was so much fun.


Even I remember the cast and crew were like, thank you so much for taking us to church. It was we had a blast like Nick was clapping. He wanted to dance. I was like, chill out, you know, like don't embarrass me in front of these folks. I actually come back here every Sunday.


You, on the other hand, could be just a visitor. I don't know where this is going to go live. We went to brunch at a hotel zasa, which I don't even know if that brunch is still pop up, but it was and back back in twenty sixteen when I went and which is typically good church, you got to brunch with friends, maybe you watch some football. And then we went to my parents house because sometimes that's what we do is Sunday lunch or Sunday dinner.


And it was a lot of fun. I the girls had a lot of emotion.


I don't remember being that emotional. They all were crying and everything was the same as you cry, you cry, you cry, you have a boring poem, tells you everything was so linear. My God, I wasn't emotional like that. I was just so happy to see my family. And I remember there was a big game on that day.


It was Packers maybe, and somebody else was Packers. And I can't remember the big game Osos. I'd give it away to watch. Gave it. No, my hometown was fun.


It was easy. Nick fit in in a very effortless way with a little soul food. We had good conversation. My parents, my family kept it real. I loved it.


What about yours there? Well, there's just something to be said for being back where you grew up, like driving down and being able to point out that's my school. That's where I had my first kiss. That's where I got in the car. Whatever it might be. There's just something special about that, that the past two seasons, it's just lacking. What did I do? So when I brought it to my hometown, we went apple picking with.


Oh yeah. Which is something I, I grew up doing with my family all the time. And the orchard that I took him to was amazing because not only can we pick apples, but they had the slingshot. I don't even know if this aired, but we had a massive slingshot where you could put the apples in and try to hit the targets.


But the day that we filmed, it was freezing. It was snowing. It was so cold.


I thought there I was like, I don't even know if there's going to be apples to pick. Like Art Department's going to really have to show up over time because it was so frozen. I ended up working out. We just sat and drank whiskey in front of the fire and made apples. But yeah, I mean, doing a hometown in Minnesota in the winter is not the easiest. But I think it was I didn't cry. I was so excited to see my family like the fact that they don't wait, like, stop and go stop and go and wait.


I was sitting out in the car in front of my mom's house for maybe forty five minutes before I could actually meet him to walk up. And I was so was like, I'm quitting the show now. I just want to run in there, I want to see my family.


But it was just special.


It was just there's something about being like seeing all of your family's artwork and being at the kitchen table that you grew up where there's crayon and marker stains all over that just make it special. But my favorite part and this I didn't even realize in the moment until it aired back later there was a part which. What is what's the saying in hindsight, everything is 20, 20. There was a moment where I was sitting down with my mom talking about like how this could potentially end and we are falling for each other and this could end in an engagement.


My mom looks at me and she just goes, no, that's all she said, no shakes her head. And that I think now, because hindsight was probably one of my favorite moments, because I think in that moment she knew that it wasn't going to work out or it wasn't totally right or there.


But, yeah, a mother knows best.


It's so funny that you say that because I kept looking for my parents to be like, now the it snap out of it.


And they were like, he's cool. And I know you are the reality that is supposed to check the situation. So I remember walking being like, oh my gosh, my parents liked him a lot. My family liked him. They were very accepting of him. They were supposed to check me and bring me back to reality. Right. And they were like, no, this is what you want. This is great. And I was completely thrown off about that.


It's funny that you talk about waiting outside of your family home. We waited for almost two hours. Really? My how do you know why? Why? You know why?


Because my sister and your sister, older sister Constance Fashion, wore a shirt that was merengue on camera and they told her not to wear that shirt. She picked this outfit. Al Qaeda taken the time, the money, and she want to wear it, put her on camera, doesn't work. She spent two hours upset. And like venting an angry over the fact she couldn't wear the shirt until finally she picked out the shirt that she was wearing. Then my sister, against the advice of my mother and my younger sister, decided to announce her pregnancy during my hometown as well.


It ain't about Rachel. It's about.


I remember thinking a neck. And I was like, well, if this I showed you how the family is, I don't know. I only made the whole hometown about herself. I love that only because I feel like that compared to my sister and I, that would have totally been me directly. But if I would have waited two hours because, you know, it's like everything has to be filled within a certain time, like you can't go all night filming.


I would have been so I would have walked in that house to be like, take your top off or you're not coming out. You're not coming to the state. Like, do what you got to do.


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Scout's honor. Natural and preventative. Gruene solutions for your pets. OK. Who was your favorite, because we we obviously had four hometowns when it came to when we were bachelorette, don't want to go through all of them.


Who is your favorite like? For me personally, when I was lead.


Now, when you watch The Bachelorette with your favorite hometown. I would say Blake probably. Was that Betty who? That was Betty who. Oh, I mean, come on. Yeah, there's no Betty here. I mean, honestly, I had more of a home town, I think with Betty who like her. And I just had a moment. We're laying on the floor, like rolling around, singing, dancing. But I and I don't get I think it's because I don't get completely surprised and shocked ever, really in my life that that was the first time where I was like.


Speechless, like, what the hell is my life right now? It looks like you're one of your favorite artists, right? She is, and I think it's and I think he knew that because coming back from a date prior to that, we were in the van for like 15 minutes driving back to a hotel. And I mentioned her and I think he went to his producer who was like, hey, she loves Betty, who how can we make this happen?


And the powers that be somehow got her to be who you are. Incredible, by the way. Yeah, I was blown away. I didn't. I thought we were going to go to his high school and play basketball or something. And I was like, oh, this will be fun. I'll do whatever.


And the fact that it was Betty who I almost fell over, like, I think I drew blood on his arm because I was so shocked because I, like, spun around just like. That's pretty awesome.


I mean, I would say mine is Bryant's and not even because I ended up with him, but it gave me a taste of who he is. And then we did little things that I would love to do in real life, like explore the city. We export a certain area of Miami. And then he introduced me to a food, a certain Colombian food. And then we were like walking the street. And then we stopped and bought like little trinkets and stuff.


And we went dancing to live music, which is one of my favorite things to do.


And so I was like, oh, I love just like the flavor of all of this. And it was just a lot of fun. And it felt very despite the cameras, despite being miked and it was an actual TV show, it felt very real life and it felt very comfortable and effortless. And I was like, yeah, this is I would hate it if he had taken me to, like, on a yacht and shown me, like, those of the more glamorous side of Miami.


That's just like all the fluff and just very stereotypical. Miami, you showed me the heart of Miami, like playing dominoes. Listen, I love playing dominoes, like playing dominoes, Domino Park and all like that to me was like, oh, you hear me going?


That's why it's always interesting when I watch some hometowns when, like, somebody will go horseback riding or bungee jumping or like you said on the yacht, it's like, what are you doing this in real life? Like, isn't this supposed to be all encompassing of who you are at home?


And so I never maybe it's just like they ran out of contact. I don't know, no ideas, but yeah, I would have loved that day to just explore in a city and having somebody show you like their favorite go to spots absolute the best. Whose family were you most nervous to meet Brian's hands.


Because because of his mom and because of his mom.


What he told me he was my first hometown that I had. Yeah. Between his mom and the first hometown. And I, I distinctly remember thinking these could be my in-laws. So I really want to make a good impression. Yeah. Like, I was nervous even walking up. I remember. And it's so weird now to think about it because I go to that house all the time. But I remember standing around the corner, we were walking and I stopped and I was like, oh, it's like, give me a second, just give me a second.


That was thinking these could be my in-laws and I didn't really have that same thought with the other ones. I was nervous, but I was really nervous for Bryans and heal and heal.


Reference that to who is your top four. Brian Peter. Eric Dean here was the fourth OK. Yeah, Eric was fun to. And obviously, Dean was the most awkward, right, but my role in Dean's was more of like I wanted to make him feel comfortable because he was so uncomfortable and worried about what I was thinking. I felt it was like a matronly role. I was just like, I just want him to know. And it was fine, but I wanted him to know I'm OK.


Everything's all good. Let's just go meet your family. We'll have a good time. And I want him to like, OK, we're going to be fine. Nothing's weird, OK? He made it through and he made it through. It was fine. Actually enjoyed it until it just got like crazy towards the end.


Let's just get into it with these ladies. We I feel like it's not going to take us long. We're like, yeah.


Did you have a favorite? Did somebody stick out to you?


My favorite would have been I liked Serena's only because I felt like she actually brought a piece of home with her on her date, like all the other ones didn't feel like anything unique to them. It's like anyone can go biking. Anyone can go skydiving.


Well, Michelle's I actually really did like Michelle's day, the bike, you know, not that I forgot about that. I probably dozed off the kids. Oh, the oh, that is. Rachel, I totally forgot. I don't blame you, but the kids was I thought, oh, whoever planned this, this is a really, really cute idea.


Yeah, that was sweet. That was sweet. I am. And honestly, it felt like she didn't exactly know if the coup was all going to show up, like if the entire class is to be there. I can't believe I cut that part. But no, no, I get it. That part was wonderful. And then, yeah, I think it's is just because it felt like something different and it was done.


I will say I too, Matt James, call the hack that is currently on my have a toboggan.


No, no, Rachel, it's a sled. No, I'm going to go ahead and say this is something that's with black folks.


When Matt said it, I said, yeah, that is what we call this on our head. Is it toboggan? I mean, a beanie. Yes, I know. But we also say toboggans.


So with that said it, I go, yes, that's what we say.


I did an Instagram poll on my story maybe three weeks ago about this because I always call it a beanie. Canadians called it what it took. And then somebody, some random person was like, no, it's dbag. And I was like, black.


Is it a Southern thing? And maybe the southern thing. But I when he said it, I was like, Yeah, yeah, it's what we call it.


It's like I had this whole debate with my uncle because he went back in the roots of how it started being called. This is like. I just all I know is a dog is what you put your ass in and we. Except for what's happening right now in Texas, we don't typically use violence, so we don't know anything about that. Now, also, if you're listening to this podcast, you're in Texas. We hope you're safe. We hope that you are somewhere that is warm, that has power.


But Becca, shout out, Samiah, this one's for you, Maya. Maya has given us the definition of a toboggan.


It is one of a vast array of words used to describe a knit hat. So because of the freezing condition, conditions to riders are often, oh, gosh, I cannot breathe because of the freezing conditions. The bike riders often wore knit hats to keep warm. These hats soon became known as toboggan hat, but since at least nineteen twenty nine, the second word has been dropped, meaning they are just called TOBOGGAN. Interesting.


You'll learn something new every day.


Also, black folks say what I think of a toboggan. I don't know why this pops into my head. Is Carrabba's like that's it? I'd like to show you something second. OK, what do you have to tell me, Rachel?


OK, since you mentioned Toboggans and Kerberos, I'd like to show you something. Stop. I feel like I had one, I wonder if my mom still has wine when she looks a little disheveled, but this is grumpy. He's from a nineteen eighty five. I'm pretty sure he's probably worth something now.


Well, now that is yours. It definitely is. Do you sleep with him every night? Yes, I try to attack them.


And this you mentioned Carrabba's but maybe that's why I have a love for toboggans.


Maybe that's why I called for that, because we're all here.


We have a club here with us today. Grumpy. How did you feel about hometown's? His face says it all. I get it. I feel you in. You guys, when you find something amazing, is it the best part of telling someone else about it? Right, not being selfish, not keeping it to yourself, but sharing this knowledge? Well, everyone knows I'm a dog, mom, but our producer, Maya, is a huge cat lover and has two cats of her own.


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OK, yeah, I wouldn't be fond of the stink boxes either. Can you tell us more about the litter? Not the bombs. My employees.


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One more time for the people in the back. Pretty litter dotcom promo code BATCHELLER. How did I not know that you slept with the carrier? I talk about sleeping with my blanky all the time and people give me so much crap for it. But you also have a visi of grumping. Now, that really is worth a lot of money. I'm selling them as Brian feel about him. He moves to the side, but he's around. He's around and he's still here.


He's the first man in your life. He's the first man in my life.


Nineteen eighty five Rumpy. And the name fits into the way we have gone down the wrong path between Vitameatavegamin and Grumpy. I'm revealing all the things that I that I love outside of fascination.


I don't even want to break down these days. It's like the activities I just want to get into, like the families.


In the conversations following your lead, all four of these what family stuck out to whelks. Oh my gosh, I'm pretty interracial. I can talk stuck out to you the most. Or did anyone ask, like a really good question, I guess, Michelle, maybe because she was first. Michelle, Michelle's family. They'll sort it out. They seem to care for her, whatever she went through in the last relationship, you could tell her family was very much so involved.


So she's very close to them. Seems like she leaned on them when she was going through it. They seemed to really be concerned about that, but also were very perceptive of how she was feeling with Matt. Like the mom was like, I'm paying attention to how she looks at you. And then she was kind of asking the questions before Michelle was was even able to talk about it like she just knew they were very much so in sync. They got it.


I just like Michelle. She she is very I would have guessed she was a teacher before I knew. She just seems very like she gives off that vibe very warm. You just seem like you're comfortable with her. There's no airs about her. What you see is what you get very it's things just seem effortless with her. I like Michelle. I do. Yeah.


It felt like watching the way that they interacted, it's not over the top. It's not like in your face. She's like her family. Really, truly. Maybe it's the Minnesota kind of reminded me of how mine was like just very even keeled would ask the right questions, like it wasn't you. They were a little bit hesitant of maybe like how the show was running, but still like open and trusting. I do like how they were like we trust our daughter.


Like, you know, if she's feeling this way, then we'll go with it. We will accept the relationship, whatever that might be. I think out of all of the families, I I liked Serena's sister because she was the first one to call her out and be like, hey, I don't see it with you. There's no pizzazz. Something's missing. I like it, which I think it's so easy. And granted, like, I can't put myself in my family's shoes because I'm the one who went on the show.


But I think it's very easy for people to feel like they want this love story to work out.


And it's like this beautiful, perfect, like extravagant situation where they want they, of course, want the loved one to find a partner. But the fact that she's like, I don't know, you just seem different. It's not like you're you're not all. And I'm glad that she had that moment because and her sister and her mom not had that conversation. I don't know if she would have sent herself home.


Do you know, you're right. That's that is what I was trying to get from my family, like a reality check.


I mean, I liked Nick, but I thought that they would have checked me like her family checked her like, yes, they were like, now you look like you really like this man. Yeah. Yeah. I thought, I absolutely agree with you. If if Serena didn't get that from her family, I don't know if she would have been able to see it. And that's the beauty of hometowns. I think that's the bigger picture is your family is your reality check.


They're not living in the foster bubble. They they don't understand what it is to go through this accelerated version of finding your person and falling in love. You can tell I've been watching Grey's Anatomy that I just said my person I sorry in a piece. That's when I really don't like when people say that. But I've been watching a lot of Grey's Anatomy shout outs to Cristina and Meredith Cristina and Meredith Grey, who are each other's person's best friend.


I know, but I, I liked that Serena would have been my second pick of a favorite hometown just because there seems to be of like let's just like cut the B.S. and get right to it. Serena, this ain't for you. And kudos to Serena for taking that and then actually saying that's true. Kudos to Serena for being able to take that in and say, oh, no. I was saying a lot of times you see other families try to tell the contestant, hey, I don't really see it or are you sure?


And they just kind of brushed that off because of what they're feeling in the bubble. Serena said, I'm going to listen to my people. My people know me. They get me. And she made her decision. Thereafter, when they sit down and she's, you know, kind of hesitant about how she's feeling with him and he just goes, just trust me, just trust me. Was there a disconnect there? Because I'm sitting there as a viewer being like she's trying to tell you how she's feeling right now.


She's like, not fully and she doesn't know how she totally feels. But for you to just say, just trust me seems like a very odd response, correct? Yes. There seems to be a disconnect with Matt and all the women except for Rachel, which it was interesting that he came back and then said all those things because there wasn't a disconnect at that point.


Yeah, it was weird. It's like I don't know if he took it as she was hesitant because she was thinking, oh, he still has Thriller. What? I don't know. I was looking at it like, oh, she wants out and she just can't say right now. And he's still trying to convince her. But I don't think he was aware that that was happening. Like it was just strange. But then but then when they actually sat down for her to leave.


When he said goodbye, it didn't seem choppy when he's just like, OK, well, can I walk you out or can you walk me out? There was like, no, like I could tell he was upset. But do you think it was because he was gutted or because he was this was one of the first girls who really self eliminated besides Kit. I think that he felt embarrassed that he said came to her room so that time, extra time to come and talk to her and then she was like, Yeah, and she said, you're not the person you going to said you don't want like, I'm not ready.


She said it's not even that I'm not ready. I don't see it with you. Kind of harsh.


She didn't say it harsh, but it was like very direct, which I liked. I appreciated. Loved. It was that she was so matter of fact about it.


She didn't to run the bush. She was just like, nope, it's not you. And I think that caught them off guard now. And you see that he was kind of taken aback. There was silence. And then in the car he seemed upset. And then we saw the emotion from him. And my voice kind of goes up the emotion with the questionmark from him. I'm convinced they took that from something else that just didn't flow quite right with me.


I said, where's this tear coming from? Given Serena anything Aubury or machaut this whole time?


He's very dry. And I find I find this all very interesting.


We've clearly seen him weeks ago. Tell Rachel that he's falling in love with her, but he won't tell any of the other women that. I mean, what do you all want us to do with this here?


Which is interesting because I felt like when I was the lead, I was very I knew I didn't want to tell anyone I loved them until I was at the very end, like there was one person left. But I had conversations with with the team about it because a lot of a lot of the producers had worked on similar seasons. So they're like, OK, you know, we saw so-and-so say, I love you to two people. So it's like, where's the balance?


Like, usually I feel like if they give one hand, they have to give the other. So it leaves the audience wondering. And right now it's like, yeah, apparent is I don't want to say it to them just yet.


We said to Rachel, so an early on, a first one on one.


I don't know. For me I didn't mind saying I was like my top four. I told all of them that I was falling in love with them because I was like I had feelings for them and I was falling. But I only to one person. I was actually in love with them like I did. I had love for all of my top four in different ways, and it all meant something different. And for me, I didn't even think about.


Like what that could mean in the when making a TV show? I was very much so in the moment, so if I felt it, I said, OK, I didn't want to have any regrets. If I said it to you, I meant it wholeheartedly. And I didn't want to go back to my room and think, oh, I wish I would have said it. I didn't think about all this. Could be bad for the person I choose at the end.


And I watch it because I wanted you to know that what you saw was real. And if I chose you, that means I chose you feeling everything and still said, but it's you. Out of all these people, I wanted to give myself fully in whatever way that I wanted to with each person.


Yeah, I wanted a C and I was so I think I was so scarred for my time on The Bachelor where I needed to multiple people. So I was so guarded. But if I was just to go like balls to the walls and say I would have told Blakelock to this even before, he's like, I'm in love it I don't care who knows it.


That's how I felt were the producers were like, maybe rein it in a little bit, like don't give all of your cards away right away, two weeks in and then have whatever. I mean, obviously we saw how it all went down. Yeah. It's such a weird balancing act.


It is a weird balancing act and you can't and you are kind of like, you know, you can't give too much to each person. You have to keep it. And it's just part of it and for their sake. But then also because TV show. But I don't know. I just think it's weird that he hasn't told any of the other women or we haven't seen it because they're saying it and he's not saying it back. He's kissing them.


Usually at this point, he they're at least saying if they're not saying they're in love with you, they're saying they're falling for you. Right.


But do you think it's can you chalk it up to the fact that he's never done this before so he doesn't know what it feels like on the other side? Like he's just so that's lasered in on this one woman that he just maybe and that makes it even more true.


You know, like it's very obvious. It's with Rachel God, one of the hometown. He was dead in the eyes. Oh, I think it might Embree, I think it was Briese, he was dead in the eyes. There was he was giving her nothing. Oh yeah, she was saying it. She was there. He was kissing her. There was nothing. Yeah. Know it's all in your eyes, ladies. It truly is. I know that song says it's all in his kiss.


It's not. It's in his eyes. Men can't hide it. They don't know how to. They don't know how to do that. If you want to know if he loves you so much. Oh, my God. If you want to know if he loves you. So is it in his heart it's kiss. That's where it is.


It it is hot. Oh, not if you want to know it. He loves it. His eyes.


I think it's good. No, I know I'm telling you but it's really nice. It's about guess it's in his eyes. There's so many people are going to write it and be like these are the singing, they're going to stop singing.


I mean the more though that I feel like the longest time I couldn't tell what that James's type was like. Who is he actually into? I mean, obviously about he's very individual, but I think he's into that's why I think he likes Sorina so much. It's like childlike in a way, like their interaction.


And she's so playful and lighthearted and fun that I think. And maybe and also to I don't know if that's the best thing at this point for a long lasting relationship, but that's that's what I'm slowly learning about him, is that he gravitates towards the fun, giddy, playful. It's like we saw with him and Tyler Cameron. He always talks about how he loves to play, brings up people. And, yeah, that was his favorite. They'd be surprised.


So, yeah, there just doesn't seem to be I can't see him getting engaged at the end of this one, to be honest. Like it's I can't see from where we are right now in the show more than ever. I can't see him jumping to engagement. You watched other seasons is just a different feel. If this is your first season watching The Bachelor and you don't know. But if you watch other seasons, something's missing and I just can't see him like I can't.


First of all, this has been a very long season. So thank you for being with us and staying with us through this through this long season. But something is off. I don't know what to do. You feel it? Something's missing that he's not getting engaged at the end?


No, I totally would agree with you. I can't I cannot picture him getting down on one knee at the end of this. But that's what made it interesting when he went into the rose ceremony. And he's just like Syria people at home because she couldn't see engagement. And that's what I'm looking for. So if you're going to accept this Rose, just know that that's what's in mind, which we all know. That's the premise of the show. That's why people come on.


It's to potentially fall in love and get engaged. But that's where I was like, OK, are his words going to add up to his actions or is it going to be like is it going to get down to the wire in that last day and be like, oh.


Now, I actually put my money where my mouth is and I'm not quite ready, so, yeah, I'm the Meryl Streep meme.


We don't believe you. I got my hands up to my face. I'm standing up like I don't believe you at all. Yeah, I got a couple more weeks. So. Well, speaking of what we think is going to happen, let's get into some predictions here, OK?


Because we do have predictions, Stuart, who do you think is top to our. Oh, yes.


As of right now, I'm going to say Rachel and Michelle. Because the room is gone, yeah, it's clearly Rachel. Yeah, I mean, we already we've we've literally said it. We said he was dead in the eyes talking to bring Serena eliminated himself. It's got to be Michelle and Rachel at this point. Yeah.


Yeah, well, that was it.


So, I mean, other predictions back and I have already said we don't think he's getting engaged. It's just too far of a leap.


Someone's lacking here unless unless something we got we got these tweets coming up. So unless something boom, bam happens in the boom boom room, I'm not seeing it. What do you think?


Prediction for this one? What do you think makes him break down that we saw in the teaser when Chris said and before I said he has not shown any emotion with these women.


So it has to be something coming from the outside, in my opinion, that makes them break now because that's zero to one hundred and we have not seen him show that type of mean towards them. So something else out of his mom, what, he has a brother, maybe his brother, I don't know, something else makes him break down that way. It's not these women.


I have a feeling that it's going to happen in fantasy suites where one girl, because there's always somebody that can sew in their head and they're like, I can't imagine you being with anybody else. I have to leave or is on the edge of being like, I, I can't do this. I got to see myself out. And that's what I think it might be.


I just don't think he likes anybody enough to really break them down that much. I don't even believe the one tier isn't even a tier. It was like wetness that was on his face after Serena left. And I think the only one that could do it is maybe Rachel. Maybe Rachel. You're right. Because he likes her. Yeah. Yeah. Is there anybody reading the do who couldn't read the room this week? I must say Matt Matt with Serena, Matt with Zarem and with Serena when she's having that conversation after he met her family.


And she's trying to basically say, like she's still kind of hesitant, is unsure and he's like, just trust me, just trust me.


That's where I was like, Matt, get it together. She's not that into you. We've all seen the movie. Mm hmm. It was that it was that yoga day. I yeah. I'm giving it to the sky diver professional fell on top of Rachel.


Did he not look so young when they were sitting in the plane, too? I looked at him and I was like, I don't think he's qualified to be doing this right now.


Well, and it shows I hope he's been bench it benched, suspended, license revoked. You know, I mean, it's it was it's not funny, but it's like she's giving the thumbs up. She's having the time of her life. She's, like, mad. I'm literally falling for you. And then the next thing they show is this man falling on top of her with his way. So this is what you do for a living monoplanes. If you jumped out of how many times have you done this?


My goodness of show hired you to do your job and you failed?


Well, they could only have so many people in quarantine. And Nemacolin so they actually asked the chef to come fill in that day.


And you literally have you seen have you seen The Dark Knight Rises?


No. You have it.


No, I'm not a big movie watcher. I'm not either. I am not either. But my God, Becca, if there's a trilogy to watch, it's obviously the dark time. It's The Dark Knight. No, it's The Dark Knight begins. I think something like something like that in The Dark Knight is Dark Dark Knight Rises. There's a point. Oh, my gosh, when everybody thinks Batman's dead, I want to give too much away. And Alfred, the one who's been taking care of Batman ever since his parents were gunned down in the streets and he says.


It twisted me and I got to trusted me.


That was Rachel Wood, that was the special trust issue you felt. Oh my gosh. Can you imagine now, like I I've been skydiving before and really.


Oh, and I love it. It's so fun. But but the landing, like I mean, all you're supposed to really do is like stick up your legs and they'll land nice and smooth. But it's not easy. But I can not. There was like there was not even legs up or anything. Like the guy was just like straight roller like what is it called.


Steamrolling me was he was OK. Right. So she broke. He broke no, she broke his fall, he landed on top of her to be OK. That is awful. Like this man needs to go back to training.


I'm not quite sure. Let's hear hire again. They should have brought in Dean for this one, bringing the people.


Did they sign disclaimers? You might be more than happy to represent you and to everybody.


OK, somehow, I don't know. This was I'm going to go ahead and give this award as the most boring episode I've ever seen since I've been watching The Bachelor. And somehow we were still able to talk about this episode for over 50 minutes. That is what you call professionalism.


Well, I also think you sing for about 20 minutes of it. So I thank you it.


And I'll be back next week for more tunes.


Everyone, please send in your karaoke request to Rachel. She will try to cover as many as she can. I will throw some in there as well. I will maybe bring out my tambourine, my harmonica, whatever you want. We are here to entertain you.


Yeah, I mean, I think that is it. I'm very proud of us, I must say, I'm very proud of it. Honestly, though, I am looking forward to next week for women tell all because I feel like not even for the drama, but just to get into some more conversations about the women, their thoughts on what they I feel like, what they lived through on the show versus what was portrayed, I think it's going to hopefully be one women, all that has a little bit more depth.


And from what we can take from the women that we've had on the podcast so far, it doesn't seem like it got crazy catty. It just hopefully more insightful, if anything else, which is probably something very much needed at this time for Bachelor Nation. So you guys stay tuned for next week. We can't wait to have the one little episode. And while we've had the pleasure of speaking to some of the ladies from the season, we're eager to hear from some more who we haven't gotten to speak with yet.


Yes. And next week we are veering off the path. I know you guys, you come come here. I'll be honest. You don't want to hear Becca and I talk. We've seen your reviews. You want the guests. And we know there was no guests this week. But guess what, we have next week, not a contestant on the show, not a former lead, not someone I don't know if you've ever heard on your podcast, whatever it may be, where you listen to things I love.


You ever heard from this person? So you're getting a bachelor happy hour special here next week for women. Tell all. To recap, we have a very special, very funny guest that we've really been waiting to have on this broadcast for quite some time. And that is the hilarious, the talented Amy Schumer. That's right. She's a huge fan of the show. She's been keeping up with all the drama this season.


We're so, so, so excited to have her here on her take on everything that's gone down this season. But also the women tell of you guys, I don't know any other podcast is bringing you guests like Amy Schumer. I'm a drag on that for a second.


I can not wait. I feel like I have to send her some Bordo before she hops on. But like, I feel like I haven't been this excited to have a guest on since we did listen to your heart when we had some awesome musical talent. So I can't wait to bring her on. I feel like I'm just going to sit there and just like I probably won't talk, I'll probably just laugh the entire time. So I apologize in advance everyone.


But in the meantime, if you have any questions for her, please send them into us. You know where to find us. It's at Bauscher. Happy hour on Instagram and app and happy hour on both Facebook and Twitter. And as always, please don't forget to subscribe. If you want to keep listening to us week by week, you can find us on Apple podcast, Spotify, the Wonder App or wherever you are listening right now.