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Welcome back. Happy hour, listeners. We hope you've had a great week. I have had a very enjoyable week because Rachel, I have to admit, I really listen to our podcast and the 90s really got me walking down memory lane. And for the past seven days, I have been blasting 90s music like no other. My neighbors probably think like, I don't know, I'm on this 90s kick, but I can't get rid of it. It's the best.


But how are you doing after the fun, fun episode we did last week? Your neighbors are probably saying thank you. Oh, they're like all she's taking me down memory lane. I'll remember that you even sit in the group chat that you were listening to Wonderwall.


I actually have been Morvan in a 90s country mood like I'll listen to that playlist too. I'll get into like my Garthe those Jam and Garth the other day. She doesn't like some Garth or some Shania.


Here we go again tonight. I have seen both of them in concert.


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She's a newbie with us. But I'm sure if you have followed by for a while now, you definitely have heard of her. We have none other than Miss Catherine Low joining us. She is the wife of Sean Lowe, who is on season 17 of The Bachelor, which seems like I mean, I remember watching Sean's season in college, I believe, and but like to this day, it doesn't feel like that long ago.


But when I say season 17, I like to have that. That was actually quite some time ago. But for those of you who don't know, Katherine's incredible. She has a beautiful family with three amazing children with Sean. So she is a true bachelor success story. She is also a proud Filipino woman. And she has recently been very outspoken about the hate crimes that are affecting the Asian community. And so we're looking forward to sharing our platform today with her to continue that important conversation around this topic.


So she will be hopping on very shortly. But before we have her on, I just want to check in with Rachel because you have a lot going on this week.


We know copper had some health issues. He was there. A lot of rumors circulating around poor copper, like the speculation has been driving people wild since we have you here. We just need to set the record straight with what has been going on with Mr. Copper.


You know what I think it is? Because people first met copper and he had a cast on.


So and people people always think, oh, my gosh, he's always wrong with some poor copper. And the story is kind of like what happened to copper casting. Like he jumped off something and then like, wait, we need more details when he hurt his foot. So now it's like, OK, wait, what happened to copper? He's in a cone.


You know, my Michael goes on another podcast that he had a beeble say a and I and I had to refute that rumor that it's not true.


That is not true.


Copper had a lipoma and so like a benign mass on a stomach and it was growing like his he had it. I saw it a couple of months ago. I've been measuring it with fingers. It got one finger bigger and I was like, absolutely not. So I had it tested for a second time. It was benign, but I was like, let's remove it just because the stomach is getting big. And so you had that removed. That's it, you guys.


He also had a deep cleaning of his teeth. He did not have any teeth pulled, nor did he have any replaced.


OK, just so over the years, just some, you know, touch ups that he needed some touch.


So he is doing fine. Thank you so much for asking. Thank you everybody else for asking. People were very worried and I love that copper has just wiggled his way into your heart. You know, he's become America's or at least better nations dog. And I love that.


But I am not alone here on the dog stories. You becc have a story to tell about Homo Menno.


What happened?


Let me tell you what I swear. She turned two years old two weeks ago. And when they say the terrible twos hit, I swear that's a real thing because when she when I was singing Happy Birthday to her, I made a joke about the terrible twos and it's happening. She's been so stubborn, so extra over the top, sassy lately.


But she so usually when I walk her, I just have like a normal leash and collar Malayali because she loves to go squirrel hunting so hard that I've been putting her in her harness, which is then attached to this like very elastic leash that then goes around my waist with a good little fanny pack like the dog mom that I am. And she lately has figured out how to finagle her way out of this harness. She just does this like weird, really quick, like, scary thing like through the back of it.


And so I was walking her yesterday and there's always one corner. I don't know what it is. There's this one intersection by where I live that she I don't know if it's like there's not a sidewalk, so I don't know if it just freaks her out. But she somehow so quickly, I think I was like digging in the fanny pack for a poop bag or something. She finagled her way out of it, started running. And luckily there's there's like this tucked away park behind some homes where I live.


And she always knows where to go. Like she loves going to the park. We always go there to play fetch. It's the area. She can be off leash in our neighborhood. So she thankfully ran there running after her, like with my coffee, swinging the poop bags, like literally screaming like a maniac and get to the park and she's just like in the corner, like sniffing.


And then all of a sudden she starts rolling. So I'm running through the park, like trying to find like what she's rolling and thinking. It's like dog poop or something. And lo and behold, she loves her squirrels. There's a dead, half eaten squirrel that she was rolling in guts.


She's literally rolling in guts. Yeah. And I like I don't know why dogs roll in that, like, I don't know. I hope it's not. Well, thank goodness you don't need to spend some time with copper because she's wild, she's a wild dog.


And I always joke with my sister because my sister also has two corgis and one of them is like the star student, the sweetest little corgi in the world. The other one, Junebug. We call her the trash dog because she's the same way she'll like role in dog shit show like eat squirrels and mice. Now, Mineau, of course, is like turning into this little trash monster. So instead of bringing her home and I wanted to scold her, but I also didn't want to get too close and touch her like she is.


She talking about her? She knows we're talking about her. I know. So I but then I had to pick her up and put her in the bathtub. It's really not that great of a story. It was just like I was really flustered for a while, gave her a bath. Thank goodness for Scout's honor. We do ads with them through the podcast, but like, oh my God, it actually smells incredible. So, yeah. So she was in time out for a while last night I.


OK, so Kopper's not like that. He's such a you know, you've been around Copperfield's so I'm not used to that type of behavior but I've mean is wild. Oh my gosh. That is a good story to tell Menno. Wow, wow.


Copper, we're not going to be you're not allowed to hang around. So that's going to be the bad influence.


Seriously, if there are any traders out there, please do me, because she needs she needs to be she needed some tough love these days and I can't discipline her.


I feel too bad like if I yell at her and then she just gets extra snuggly so she doesn't really learn. And because then I think it's cute. So I just I think I just need to pay somebody to help me with her a little bit. Yeah.


I actually know of a trainer give you one. And listen, I feel like we talk about our dogs a lot on here because there are babies, there are four babies and a lot of people will ask I'm sure they do with you, but ask questions about like, oh, where did you get cougher?


Where did you get Menal? Both metal and copper are rescue dogs, you guys, which, as you can see, come in all different shapes, sizes, big personalities. But if you're in the L.A. area, I work with a group called Paul Works and it's Paul Works Dog. And you can go on their website and they have their amazing, amazing, amazing group, rescue group. And they really do a lot with with just like dogs and finding them in different shelters.


And especially like when they're fires out, they take fires in the area. They take dogs in the pandemic. They've done a lot.


So, yeah, if you're in the area, you're looking for a dog with you go I to join you with this. Yeah. Come with me next time. I swear, like my goal in life is to be the woman in Bridesmaids where the one when she's driving the minivan and she is like the seven dogs in the back seat. That's my goal one day is to just have those very for interurban full of dogs.


But I clearly can't even handle one right now. So that's like very, very far off in the future. All right, you guys. Well, without further ado, we are going to be bringing on our guest. Hopefully you are excited to hear from her because I know we are. Again, this is the first time we've ever had Katharine Low on our podcast. So Badger happy our listeners. Please welcome Katherine Lo.


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Hi, Rachel. Hi, Becca. Hello. Hello, Catherine. I guess just to kick this off, we want to check in with you, see how you have been through all of this craziness in the past year, obviously checking on your babies.


I mean, so honestly, like, I can't complain about how Koban has affected our family. Obviously, it's been really hard to explain to our children. And there's a lot of things that has affected us. But our normal day to day really hasn't changed very much. There's really nothing for our to complain about. We both work from home. Our kids aren't old enough to do virtual. So we've been in a similar pattern as before, which is very nice and comfortable for my kids because they're not affected too much.


So it's not a huge conversation. Pieces of the virus hurting people and we want it to go away and do all these things to make sure that we're safe. But other than that, they haven't been traumatized or anything like that. So we're very, very grateful for the way that we've just it's kind of been a similar way we've lived was traveling and things like that. But, yeah, I mean, we've we are just raising a bunch of kids are we are we are.


Is it three. Are we three now. Are we, are we. I don't know.


We don't think that's fair. We've talked about adoption in the past and we're praying about it. We're talking about it. We're trying to see if that's right for what we are. But three, three and a pandemic under four is really tough. So we're like, oh, yes, this is something that we're capable because we want to be present for if we bring another child into it, whether it's natural or it's through an adoption agency. So we're just trying to kind of tread water now, see what we want to do and be present because we really want to be present for each of our children's chapters and then see from there, like is is something that we want to take on because it's a huge responsibility to bring another child in, whether it's, again, through pregnancy or any other means.


Sale the ages again for two and one half.


Man, the last one that last one was a surprise.


And I was very I was very shocked.


I didn't know that it's a surprise. Oh, my gosh. I didn't know that. Yeah, I was eleven. Like, our our youngest was eleven months at the time. And I found out the day before my birthday and I was like, I need some time. I'm going to be Refat four for yourself and take it really hard. But she's like a beauty. She's such a gem. And we love having her. She's just so loved by the kids and she's a very strong personality.


So I'm I'm I'm trying to learn from other moms with very Sasseville how to handle and what to do, because it's a lot. I'm just to say how I'm going to handle this, because I know she's going to be opinionated and that's an awesome thing for a girl. So just like, how do I channel it?


Not towards me, maybe where we can put that energy.


But yeah, it's been it's been awesome. We love being together, so just wait until she gets to middle school. It doesn't matter what you are. I feel like. Oh, man. Rachel and I were just talking about how. Well, not for Rachel because her dog is a gem. I'm like, I can't even handle one dog right now. Like, so kudos to you to raising these three beautiful babies in in the midst of this pandemic.


How are the boys taking to her? They're obsessed with her, and it's interesting to see the dynamic the boys bring individually so stable makes her laugh and that's what he wants to do, is like make her laugh and be there for her to be silly. And then I say, is somebody who nurtures her or goes up to her and just kisses her. And he is such a sweet, just dynamic between each of them and their relationships with each other.


But there's something special about Isaiah and which is the two and the one. They're like babies together, but they at very, very close. And and it's kind of interesting because, you know, that you're your kind of personality is very well crafted very early on. And I can see them being best friends forever and how they treat each other and how they respond to each other. So it's really cool. And I'm just like trying to witness it and taking everything that they do together.


It's a very zylon. Oh, hopefully you have a lot of scrapbooks. Yes, I have like twenty thousand pictures on my phone and I don't know what to do about it because I think phones will be documenting everything, all of the things.


Is Milwaukie yet?


Yes, she's climbing and we don't have a baby gate like we've never been proved anything in our house. So let's see what happens with the stairs. And we're just she she's good about it. She'll walk all the way up the stairs and crawl up there. And then at the top, she'll just like, OK, I'm ready to come down and she'll scream. So it's kind of like, OK, will they at least no risk and they know how to do things safely.


So we're not it's been very interesting. And she's just running all over the place trying to keep up with her brothers, which I was just going to say she wants to keep up with the boys and then she always has to have them. She has them to protect her, I'm sure.


Yeah. And but she also like I can do this on my own. So it's it's really fun. Just I didn't grow up with boys really. I grew up with my sister. Me neither. And I don't know anything about boys. I'm learning it.


It's weird because you're like oh that starts ok, ok. And I'm just like learning a lot more about my husband through seeing babies that like this is like really comes out of the window.


You guys do this. So I'm giving my husband less of a hard time.


Well, you know, your husband how has then he's a great guy. He has a very successful furniture company now and just expanding and really thriving in that and really loving what he does. He's a really good partner in that. They're best friends and he was the best man at our wedding. So it's really cool to see him do something he really loves, something that he is passionate about, but also just excelling. And again, we're so blessed we get to do stuff at home together.


We get to just be a family, eat breakfast, lunch, dinner together every single day we get to play stop things. And that's like that's the beauty of of having your own business and wanting to be with each other is that we get to be with each other and like, hey, if you guys all want to go to the park, it's such a nice day. Let's do that. And we get to do that. And we don't we don't.


We see the beauty that we have that we are very, very fortunate. A lot of people get to do that. And so we're trying to what we hope we're not spoiling them with time because at some point this isn't going to be the norm. They're going to school and stuff like how are they going to adapt to when we are together 24/7 by one at a time. And we are just so grateful. That all sounds amazing.


I mean, like I'm kind of like you give me a four year old or two year old and a one year old. Let me do this thing. I don't think I could.


So kudos to you, Catherine. One of the things we really want to talk to you about is we want to talk about your support for the Asian community, what's happening right now in our country. It's absolutely disgusting. It's despicable. You've been using your platform to bring awareness, telling some of your own personal stories about what's going on, how you've been impacted, how it affects your family. And we really just want to dig into it, because unfortunately, the Asian community and culture, we don't see that represented that much in our nation.


And our listeners are fascination. That's pretty much who's listening. And so I want to talk about what's going on from your and you give us the perspective. You take the floor and what people need to know about what's happening and how they can help.


So it's really like what kind of put everything over the edge was the spa, right, and spa shootings. And I think it's really that was that was it was boiling over at that point for a year now. The attacks have increased one hundred and fifty percent because of you know, I think we all kind of know where that comes from. And it's a really scary thing to know that people obviously mental health has a huge part of what's going on in so many things, ignorance, mental health issues and just kind of the environment right now and people feeling scared and feeling disempowered and they feel like, OK, well, now I want to kind of empower myself and try to do something, take things into my own hands.


Right. So the unfortunate thing is that one Asian's, I think, from such a long time ago have been viewed as weak because they're not very loud as a culture. Like culturally. They don't they want to assimilate. They want to succeed. And that's what they've been seeing as in society. And so I feel like with these upcoming attacks, they feel like one Asian communities are weak because they're not hugely represented in ton of positions. They're culturally a little bit more quiet.


And then they go for the elderly, which it's just like, honestly, it makes absolutely no sense to need one that is an elderly person at all that are being attacked. That's like the equivalent of a baby. If you see a baby baby, that's the equivalent of an elderly person and also an Asian community. Elders are so highly revered, like we look at our elders, there are storytellers. We protect them. We take them into our homes.


We make sure that they are safe. We make sure that they are honored. So it's been a really, really hard for the Asian community to see that not only the Asian community has been targeted, but the elderly are being the victims and the targets of these just terrible, terrible crimes. And obviously the shootings were disgusting. But there's also things that have happened throughout the year that maybe they haven't been newsworthy. For some, they're disgusting acts of violence and hatred that pushing elderly down and just treating people like not people because of little things that are allowing them to see Asian people as maybe an an issue or a reason why the virus is.


So I think just people are taking things too far on mental health, has to has to be taken, has to have a part in this. And then also ignorance. They they don't really understand how how beautiful the range of Asian cultures are, what they what they add to society and what they want to do as Americans. I I've read this article, I think was on Time magazine and they called that the Asian community, perpetual foreign press. So when people see it, Asian people, they think that they're not American, which is a really, really hard thing, because just like everyone else has come to this country, they have learned the the language, they've learned the systems, they've learned everything.


And they're trying their best to do what they can within their families. They're taking their families into a really hard place, but they know it can be better if they come here and they do what they're supposed to do. And just because your head is down doesn't mean that you're not that that you shouldn't be valued, that you should be heard, that you shouldn't that your your life doesn't mean anything. So it's been really, really hard to watch this go down and this increase over the last year and not really been talked about until the last couple of months.


All right, the world has become increasingly more uncomfortable these days, and I know I'm not the only one who's looking for as much comfort as I can get. Now, speaking of uncomfortable situations, I don't know if it's just bad timing or my personal bad luck, but for some reason, I have one neighbor who always comes over to see if I can watch her dog literally the second I hop out of the shower or if I'm just in my robe.


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You'll get 10 percent off of any order of two hundred dollars or more. Just go to purple dot com such Bache or ten and use promo code better. That's purple dot com slash batch of ten promo code. Bachelard ten for 10 percent off of any order of two hundred dollars or more. Again that's purple dot com bottcher ten promo code voucher. Ten terms apply. Is this something and granted, the children are still so young, like Samuel's four, but is this some sort of conversation that you're having in your homes with these children?


And I can imagine once they do become a little bit older, you definitely probably want to bring your culture to the kids as well. And that's something that I'm sure you want to keep in the household and near and dear to your heart. So what kind of conversation are you and Sean having of how you want to bring your cultures together with the children?


So my mom is like she's full Filipino. She's born in the States and she's a Filipino historian. So she is she has a she has a book she wrote, I think it was at twenty four years old about Filipino history in the eighteen hundreds. And then so she's like very well versed in the history of the Filipino community in the United States. She also has like my mom, she looks up. She has a Filipino exhibit at Winlock Asian Art Museum in Seattle.


So there's this Asian art museum and it's she has an exhibit and she's run it for years because she's just so proud of her culture. And in turn, my sisters and I were only half Filipino, but she made us we learned the how to spell Philippine as a very young age. And we were in Filipino folk dance. We were so immersed in the Filipino culture and the community in Seattle. And now, like I it's part of me like it's something that I love so much, that Filipino dancing and karaoke and the food and the family and elders like that just is part of me, just like everybody else.


How how you grew up is how you kind of want to either some people want to bring it for or some people want to suppress things. And we've just celebrated not only the culture, but like every other culture, my parents met in Japan and they took a honeymoon in Africa.


And you're very well traveled and they're very cultured. And something that I love is bringing the food and the stories very at the forefront early on, eating falafel at home. We're having Gio's we're trying I mean, we put out to my kids, we start with food because that's just something that they can grasp. And we start like, OK, this is this is from Africa. And what does that mean and where does that look like and what did they hold dear to them?


So it's just it's fun for me. I think also what's really, really important now is representation. I'm thirty four years old, but Right in the Last Dragon is a new Disney movie. And now I finally have the Disney princess, you know, so if these things where as a kid, you don't really think about it, but as a half Asian woman, it's really hard to kind of fit in. And you're trying to think, OK, well, I'm not where do I fit in?


So many people now are kind of feeling that way. And the only real way to start at a young age to understand is exposure. And my kids are exposed to so many things and that's so important to me. She knows how big of a part of my family and what my heritage is. And he is so excited to celebrate that with our kids. I mean, when we were trying to figure out what kind of name we wanted to name, our daughter is my middle name and it's my mom's maiden name and it's my grandmother's last name.


And Mickey is Filipino. And so when we're talking about names, he said me and I was like the and he's like, what about me? And he was like, OK, you just you like this. That is absolutely her name. And so he and I are just so on the same page of exposing our children to different cultures, different people, different abilities and making sure that they are just aware so that they can they can have meaningful conversations.


But that starts really early. And to show them, hey, this is somebody that means something to you. This is somebody that means everybody means something to you. So when you see somebody that is out there at the park, you're not like, OK, I shouldn't be scared of them. It's no, this is a person. You need to treat them with respect and you always have to be nice to everybody. And I think so much of what we're experiencing right now could be just pared back to how do we tell our children how to act.


We listen to ourselves and how we're speaking. Other people. Do you like hey, kids, you need to listen. You need to share you need to respect other people and their space. I mean, there's just so many things. If we just bring it back and understand how to treat other people just at the base of humans, like so much of these things would not be happening. And I just it's such a sad thing that we kind of have to unlearn so many bad things.


And hurtful things to get back to basics, I mean, what I do, if you if you see something that's going on that's bad. Do something about it. It doesn't matter what it is. If there is an injustice, you do something about it. If someone is getting talked loudly, getting talked down to the park and they can sense that it's something wrong, you say something is different. Is there something I can do? Doesn't matter anything other than what humans should be doing for each other.


And I think that's where it should start at. So, so well said. Like, one of the things we've talked about is like we have to be better in this generation to be better for the next generation.


And like you said, it starts with your children. And it's it's so sad because by the time that we get to the point where it becomes mainstream, it's been happening. Like you said, you know, it's it didn't start with what happened in Atlanta. This is it. It did start just last year with labeling a virus that a certain way where it allowed people to blame other people for a virus. It started before that. I was looking into this.


And this is goes into what you were saying about awareness. If we have to unlearn things from the past and we need to be aware, though, of how things were started in this country and the Asian community has been discriminated by this government for centuries with the Chinese Exclusion Act and then internment.


So these are deep rooted stereotypes, stereotypes and and discriminate discrimination that has been come from the top and trickle down into our society. And we need to be aware of it and we need to know that so that we don't repeat that.


So for people who are looking for resources on maybe didn't know some of these things, maybe you're just now becoming aware to what's happening, to what's been happening to the Asian community. Where can they go to learn more? I don't know if it's like a social media page, if there's a website, if there are books, where where can people go? Well, I mean, I'm not an expert on the actual people that are really, really making a difference.


But when you see people posting stop and hate and there's the resources, there's like a ton of people to follow websites to to donate to, education to donate to. But I feel like so much of it needs to just be at a human level. Let's start with having this conversation with our kids. If we see somebody out like I was at the zoo and saying I saw this girl's beautiful black braided hair and she's let go and she had this beautiful long red hair.


And Samuel said, oh, her look at our hair. And I said, Isn't it cool? Like, I don't like it. Isn't that beautiful? These are things that we need to be kind of talking about in in every everywhere has an opportunity.


And whether that's supporting local Asian cuisine right now, because they've taken a huge hit on any Asian business right now is struggling because of what's going on, obviously, covid. But I think starting a community, making sure that I wouldn't necessarily say like check on your Asian friends, maybe that's maybe that's going to be helpful to some people. But I feel like making a fundamental. Point to, hey, OK, this week, let's try a different cuisine, let's try to Vietnamese food, let's go to Thai food or let's go to a museum of art and see like an Asian artisan and see the differences because the range of Asian is so big and I think so many people think, OK, well, this is like Tiger Mom.


So that's that must be all of you. Well, I didn't grow up with the tiger mom. That's not a Filipino thing. So I think really educating yourself on the beauty of all the cultures in Asia is really just somewhere because, you know, I love to talk about the fact that a Filipino or at the park or whatever some people come up to me is like, oh, where are you from? I love that because it's an opportunity that some people don't like that because they might feel like, oh, is that all you think of me is like that's it's just you just want to know where I'm from.


I think it should happen naturally in conversation. But there's so many different variations of Asians, what they look like, what they eat, what they revere, what what they just who they are and how they grew up and what kind of cultural values they hold. But for the most part, they're all their food is really important. Their stories, their elders are really important. And I think we can all kind of agree on. So I feel like if we kind of just, again, take things down and we take all the layers away, we're all wanting the same thing.


We want health for our families. We want love and we want respect. But again, I feel like the just to kind of go back if you go, because so many people are posting and it's such an awesome thing if you follow a ton of publications right now are showing the resources. So even if you don't follow Asian people, which maybe branch out and try and see if there's something that you might like, whether it's a chef or an artist, there's like a ton of wonderful small businesses that are owned by Asian people that are proud and want to show our culture to check out that all the resources there's like so many that I can well, and I love to that you're just like your mentality is like immerse yourself in different cultures.


And that's one thing that I mean, obviously twenty twenty has put a hit on so many different things. But the fact that now people can't even travel. And so it's like go and travel to these incredible places, like I like to La di Di will see.


My favorite places that I've traveled are Thailand and Bali for the religion, for the culture, for the food, for all the things that if people can just for a lot of people, too, because I grew up in Minnesota and a lot of them are like homebodies and don't necessarily like they don't know what they're missing until they do it. They don't feel that need. But if you can just step outside of comfort zones and push yourself to have a conversation or to go eat at a new place that you never normally would like, those are baby steps.


And those are simple things that we can do in our society to just gain a better understanding and respect for others.


One thing that I want to ask you, because I recently read an article, I think it was the one in E news that you that you wrote a new said you felt like when you were on the show bringing it back to Chauncey's and you felt like and I don't want to I don't want to quote this if this were your exact words, but you said you felt like you were on the show because you were kind of checking their box for having an Asian woman portrayed on his season.


So and that was season 17. So that was several years ago. So since then and I'm I'm assuming you still watch or keep up with the Bachelor franchise as a whole for the most part. A little bit, hopefully in some way. So since then, since you felt that back for season 17, have you seen any sort of change for the better? Do you wish that the franchise would have moved faster in more diversity as a whole or watching it now?


What are some steps that you would urge the franchise to to take to include more Asians, more people of color, to better represent society? Well, I feel like they're doing a good job of now, kind of going in the the lead has to have some sort of attraction to different ethnicities. I think it starts there because other than that, it's like filler. And that feels wrong. That feels wrong because you're not giving people a chance to really go up higher into like how long the weeks go on and you can't see them represented long enough because they're not genuinely attracted.


So like Sean has dated a black girl, is dated a Filipino. And I feel like when he said I'm attracted to any race, he meant it. And so when they all came on. Right, we all came along. I didn't know that. I thought, OK, this one white guy, he likes blond rolls. Like I'm just here because I just am an ethnic and I'm checking the box. And that's generally because I didn't know.


And that was my bad because I just assumed because he looked like that and he was from Texas and I do exactly so. Right. So I feel like if we are getting in and I think it's also a responsibility to say, like, well, I'm really not attracted to X, Y and Z, like, I'm sure they're saying like, OK, can you did you say Raichel like who you were attracted to. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.




But like, if somebody doesn't mean that you're just saying it because it's like the next day, then they're going to they're going to cast beautiful, rich cultural people that aren't going to go far because they just didn't have a chance because they're genuinely not attractive.


So I think when we're getting into now we're having black leads and we're having now this just really much half Latina. So I think it's it's starting with the lead because genuinely I feel like Casey has a job to do right. And they want to represent, but it's also the lead who chooses who stays longer. And if they're genuinely not attracted to people of different cultures, I think it starts there because then they're not going to get to stay longer, which you want to hear their stories you want to see represented more.


So it can't just be like, OK, we'll see what goes on the season now. And they're all following off in the first couple of weeks because they're just getting a read who sort of tapped into that.


And that is fair. So I feel like they need to maybe just trust someone. And I don't know if that's looking into the background more. I don't know what it is, but I think it's it's having an honest conversation with the leads. Hey, if you're not attractive, then this is a deal breaker. Yeah. Oh, no, definitely no.


Amazing suggestion and something that we definitely need to see. And hopefully we will. Hopefully we will. Moving forward. Now, Catherine, you're what we call a superwoman, OK? You not only are the mother of three young, very young, beautiful children, you are a wife. You are using your platform to bring awareness to what is happening to your community and how and how we can all be better in that sense. After listening to you talk, I'm saying you're a human humanitarian as well.


I mean, seriously, I was motivated. I was like, let me have a baby so I can I can take this baby to be better for this country because country seriously.


But you are also a businesswoman. And can you talk to us about what it is that you do, your business local, the importance of just working, owning your own business and setting that example for your daughter?


So I never expected to be on tomorrow. It's like it's too scary for me, it's too unknown for me. I was like me at eight, 30, clock me up five. I'll go live my life. I was fine with that. I was a graphic designer at Amazon, and so my background is in the creative space. And when I met Sean, obviously most people, they fall off their normal job right when they get out because you're like we we have some flexibility here.




And so when I came to Dallas, I felt like a fish out of water, to be honest, like it's one hundred and eighty degrees different from Seattle. I didn't know what my value was because I'm like, wait, I'm just here as your fiance. I like that's that's crazy because I have this beautiful resume have like I feel like I have a lot to bring to the table, but it's kind of OK. Well now the sky's the limit, but you have to choose.


So I started Loko, which I thought was going to be easy when I was pregnant, which is the dumbest thing. If you ever start a business, do not do it while you're pregnant. Although pregnant people decide to take on a ton of things because they're just I don't know what it is, but you're super motivated when you're pregnant, just like, oh, let's move. You're like your idea, but you're like, you got to do something that I did that when I was pregnant with Samuel and I brought my love of design to like high and paper goods.


And so and I also wanted to just understand of the industry.


And because I, I felt like, OK, well, I don't know anybody I'm going to do. And I just started talking to a woman who owns her, a small business for herself. And I felt like, OK, well, I hope she doesn't take this the wrong way because I never started anything before. But I asked her, like, what do you like? Where do you start? And this awesome. And I'll always credit her to the day I die.


She her company called Southern Fried Paper, and I I loved her pieces. She's like an event wedding planner. And she does like all the the beautiful pieces for it. And I said, I hope I'm not stepping on your toes. Please tell me if I am. I just don't know what to do. But like, who do you who does your paper? And she told me she like girl you like women have to help each other and you're not going to be like we're not competitors.


So I was like, wow, this is the coolest. That's how I want to start my business. I want to inspire other women. We have to help each other like there. So she helped me out and I started from there and I make a luxury greeting cards. And now we offer political cards, which is like the coolest thing that we do. We have like, like erm embedded wild cards that have the seeds so you can plant the car and stuff on it.




I love like it's like basil, thyme, lemon and parsley and then there's also like non-invasive wildflowers and like that was, I was, it was kind of hippie in Seattle, like I was in and I rode the bus and also so like when I started the company I, I wanted to start with the plant, Tibbles, but then I didn't want to be only known for that. So we have like this very elevated. It's called one emboss, which is really hard to see, but it's a very intimate elevated take on a greeting card.


So there are like keepsakes there in super thick so that the common ones are the ones that aren't plentiful and the ones are fully flexible. These one percent recycled paper, the United States and everything else about that collection is super conscious. We have recycled envelopes, we have compostable sleeves. And so I just I took that one so to heart. And I absolutely love that collection. People really do, too. And it's on it's only a seasonal product, but it has a shelf life of three years.


So people can use them, they can get it down. I think they're great for your condolences because you don't want to say here's your card and here's a plan PLANTA and just think about it, Forget-Me-Not.


But I just I love what I do. I feel like it's such like I worked really hard to get to the place where I was professionally and to kind of have that stop in and I got to reassess. Now I get to do things that the flexibility of staying at home with the flexibility of, OK, I'm on maternity leave for a year, putting it on pause if I want to. And that's the beauty of being an entrepreneur is really choosing the pace.


And I haven't really been that hard for climb the ladder person. So Shaun and I are just so blessed that we get to do things at our own pace and then we it's tough. I mean, I will not like it is there are so many things. There's tons of challenges to be in leadership position. But I think showing your children that you can do very things and have a. Helen, that's been something that I prioritize my life is about right right now we're going going nice top.


I have some pants on, like, how do we get by?


We can do that and feel like we don't need to compromise as long as we have our priorities in check. And that's what I feel like. When I started the company, I was like, oh, I'm going to say I'm a woman and work with my poor, my baby, I'm a boob. And you're like, OK, well, it's not really as easy as pie, but eventually you'll get super flexible and you will.


Catherine, you have been so incredible to talk to. I feel like in a way, I feel like I relate to you so much. It's all about the work life balance and you work hard to be able to celebrate and appreciate the moments and the memories with your family and friends in life. And so I'm just so happy that we've had you on today. But I also, for all of our listeners, I truly want to express and just urge you to please go check out Katharine's Loco and Katherine, I'm going to have you plug everything so people can find you when it's so important.


And I want to stress, like, you know, it's important to not only support women run businesses, but Asian businesses. And so please tell us where all of our listeners can go and find you find loco. I know I'm going to personally stock up because these plans will sound incredible.


So let's say and I pack them personally, so I'll just love it. Love. I am the janitor. I am the designer. And Jack of all trades. You guys do it when you're an entrepreneur.


But it's been awesome to just be on here talking to you guys. I honestly, it's very empowered by your messages in the past year. And I feel like we have to band together and just show show what women are capable of. Yeah, because, I mean, I just women like I could go on about women, but like, what would they do without us? Truly, it would be chickens with their head right there with their thumbs. Right.


I do. You take an apples off trees each other hit me till they're knocking each other down is like women are also men.


I love it. I think it's so cool. And just to kind of keep keep in like holding each other's hands and bring all of us because it's just so, it's so important today. It's important yesterday. It's for tomorrow. And I think it's really cool to start to see change and to start to see people speak up a little bit more about how how incredible women are, how old people are. And I just I love people.


Before you get off, please tell us, where were our listeners? Can you OK, go local, which means go crazy. A lot of people say low income, but I didn't steal my husband's last name for nothing is local like crazy. So go loco, go crazy. Go see. Yeah.


So everyone, please go check out of support. Catherine and Catherine, it has been such a pleasure to give those cute little babies hugs and squeezes from us. Give Sean a big hug. I haven't seen you guys. I mean, the last time I saw you, we were in New York City. Yeah. And no sleep, no event, which is like, I have to say, probably the coolest event to just, like, sit on beds and talk for tonight.


But I hope once the world gets back to some somewhat normalcy, we can all reunite and just catch up.


But thank you for joining us. So good to see you. Nice talking to you guys. Take care.


Bye. She's awesome. You know what, they don't make contestants like that. She's awesome, awesome. I see why Shaun picked her.


I've I've met Katherine once, but, gosh, I just, like, fall deeper in love with her each time.


She's just somebody that I think, like, any kind of woman can can relate to her or like she just makes you feel special, like she's not you know, sometimes people come off the show and they're like only into the glitz and the glamour and the hype and the bachelor nation, if you will. And she's obviously didn't know her prior to the show. But like, she just seems like she stayed so grounded. So, like, who she was before the show is who she is now with just an incredible husband and three incredible kids.


And like, she's a badass businesswoman like she is also. I mean, when she said, have a nice top blouse on top, but I'm wearing sweatpants on the bottom like girl, it's it's the Zoome quarantine look.


And I feel because I do it every day and I have to say to her reputation precedes her. I did not watch their season. You know, I've been outspoken. I don't watch the show before I was on it. But once I got on the show and I came back to Dallas, mutual friends would speak so highly of Katherine. It's funny.


They were like, no, we don't get shot. We know Katherine Katherine's awesome having so much fun. She's so, like, such a good time. She's so great and so warm. And I was like, I didn't make this. Katherine, we have a lot of mutual friends, so I didn't end up having the chance to meet her. But yes, she's she's just as lovely in person to talk to on this podcast. We hope you guys enjoyed her just as much.


If you weren't familiar with her before, we hope that you do a deep dive into her now, into her company, into her family, into what she represents, who she represents. And, yeah, I can't speak highly enough about Katherine.


Yes. And please, as always, make sure you support your fellow women, and especially right now the the Asian businesses, like she like she said, go loco on Instagram.


But I also just loved how she said just immerse yourself in the culture and appreciate anyone that is different, who acts different, who looks different from you can bring to the table.


And so I'm excited. I really, truly just see how her children grow up because I feel like they're going to raise those three kids so well in the world. Yeah, exactly. So and her message, it starts with you. You guys don't wait for something to happen. Don't wait for change to happen. It starts with you see the difference. Preach it, girl. All right, you guys, as always, it has been so much fun hanging out with you this week.


And Rachel, I said it last week, but again, I'm so happy to have you back. It's always a great time. So you guys keep writing into us and letting us know your thoughts, maybe who you want to hear on the podcast in the coming weeks. You know where to find us at Bachtiar. Happy hour on Instagram and app. Happy hour on Facebook and Twitter. And don't forget, if you never want to miss an episode, please subscribe to our podcast.


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