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Welcome back. Happy our listeners and happy Humpday Rachel, I have to say, Wednesdays are just getting so much better now that with The Bachelorette back on the air and I feel like this is the perfect time, everyone needs a little midweek, pick me up. And so I'm glad that it actually changed to Wednesdays for a little bit. But speaking of pick me ups, you know who else is given me a little pick me up vibe? Easy, easy.


Everybody's favorite contestant this season. He is he just he's just like so full of life. And it's just like this great character. I mean, I talked about him briefly last week because he was one of the guys from the entire packages that really stuck out to me. And of course, we had to have him on this week because I feel like like I said, he's so full of life. Every time I watch him, I feel like I want to drink a Red Bull or like chug 14 cups of coffee or just like have an I.V. of easy energy because he's just like that lovable and it just portrays through the screen.


So I can't wait to have him on.


And hopefully his energy rubs off on us today. I don't know how it can.


He just seems like his energy just comes through the TV screen. And this is this is important for all the bachelor happy hour listeners to pay attention to. We always talk about the one who gets first impression Rose, or we think has a super big connection with the lead or the crier or the victim or the messy one, the bully or whatever it may be. But you don't talk about the narrator. You've got to pay attention to who's narrating the season one.


That means they're a favorite of the franchises to tell you right now, but to it means their voice is important and it's respected. And if you've been watching these last two episodes, you know that Easy is the narrator. So we're so excited to have our boy easy. Come on. He's going to chat about everything that went down in last night's episode and hopefully give us some inside scoop because I have some questions. I feel like there's some there's some things that are missing and hopefully easy can fill us in on that.


We'll ask him to step into his narrator role.


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But soon they'll unravel an even deeper mystery that'll keep the twists and turns coming till the very end. It sounds so good, right? I know. Big Sky premieres Tuesday, November 17th on ABC. You don't want to miss it. I'm so excited to have him on because you said it perfectly. He's so involved, I feel like we see so much of him, but in such a positive way, he's not really getting involved in the drama in a bad, negative way.


He just is easygoing. I think Claire like spending time with him. And so, yeah, I definitely want to pick his brain. He's been somebody that I've been wanting to talk to for a while, so I can't wait. But before we have him on, let's do a quick little recap, because we saw a lot go down last night. I didn't think that anything could really top the premiere. Let's be honest. There's so much that happens night one.


But this episode is up there and it's only week two, so we just have to dive in. Let's start recapping from the top, because we saw this teaser go down where no surprise here, Claire and Dale got hot and heavy. But then I feel like there's pandemonium breaking loose like all the guys are running around, kind of like bashing a little bit, not quite sure what's going on with their relationship. So I think we have to get into that because it's very still on theme with Claire being very, very into Dale.


Yeah, I mean, the thing what I do love about this season and we kind of talked about this a little bit is that they're giving us so much. But if they're giving us this much, that means there has to be something that we're not getting. And I also appreciate that they know as viewers we're not dumb. There are so many rumors swirling around in regards to who's the Bachelorette, who's not who picked who, all these things. And they're playing into that, which I think makes this season even more fun to watch.


So we get these crazy teasers. Every promo that has come out for Claire's season has been straight fire. I'm loving every single minute of I mean, here at work, we talk about it all the time. We're like, did you see the new promo? Even people who don't even watch the season are into this. You know, kudos to Bachelor franchise.


Y'all are killing it. But I do have to say that I believe that some of the drama we're seeing is not quite what we think it is like.


I feel like they're giving us all the high moments in the teaser, but it's not going to be quite what we think it is, except for that del part. Right where the guys are questioning Del. I need to understand what that's about.


Well, and it's so interesting because last week we kind of I mean, you definitely hit the high points on your favorite quotes. I mean, when Chris Harrison says congratulations, you've blown up The Bachelorette.


But this week there's a couple that stuck out to me, one being Ryley when he says there is no we. There is no us. There is no me and you. And so, of course, when they're showing this, they make it seem like it's for sale. But we'll get into that because it's really interesting.


That's what you thought it was. I thought he was they made it seem like he was talking to Claire.


Oh, I don't know what I thought. So I was like, yeah, I thought he was talking to Claire.


One other part that stuck out to me was Yoseph when he says, you're crazy. And in my mind when I'm watching this back, I'm like, Honey, you better not be saying this to The Bachelorette. And you hopefully are saying this to one of the dudes, because that is not going to go over well with Claire. We know how Claire probably would react to that as any woman would. So that's something. The teaser was crazy. It was.


Leaves a lot to the imagination, so I think we should just get past that and get in to the dates, because I think the first date that we saw the love language, one was perfect for Claire, especially coming out of quarantine where she has not seen or touched anyone in months. Whoever put this date together was so smart to do it as the very, very first state. Yeah, I I thought also, you know, part of watching this season is how are they going to get creative with the dates they can't travel?


What are they going to do? And then once again, they knock it out of the park with this date, which was so relevant, but also so fun to watch if you're a viewer, not if you're the man that are in the room. So my question to you, as we first see them give words of affirmation and speak to her, who do you think had the best speech?


Oh, I'm trying to think who went first. Was it. I'm blanking on his name. Was it.


It was Ben. Ben. And that's who impressed me the most. Yeah. So Ben went first and I thought he I mean, like, he hit the nail on the head right away. So on that date, let's just go through a really quick. So for anyone not watching it was Ben Bennett, Dale Ivin, Jordan C. Riley Yosef XXXI in fact. So yeah, Ben was the best. I felt like it was heartfelt. He really set the standards high, I think to begin with.


Everything they're on after that kind of fell short. Obviously, we saw Claire really wanting to hear from Dale. And, you know, she's just enamored with him. She's so drawn to him. So she was excited. She mentioned in one of her interviews that she that's who she most wanted to hear from. But I think Ben, for words of affirmation, took the cake in that one.


Did you like Dell speech? I was underwhelmed. Underwhelmed. Perfect word. He was rambling. I was I was like, OK, I can only imagine how hard it is to be in a room. And you hear everyone go and then you have to go. It gets all in your mind.


But I thought, OK, here comes Dell. And there went Dell. I went I went right back to bed. Yeah. Underwhelmed. Perfect word. Yeah.


And you know, like you said, I'm sure it's one thing to have to open up and express your feelings on a first date. Like that's not. Com and most people don't really get that that deep and heavy on a first date, let alone having to do it in front of multiple men that you're living with. I could see why it would be offered. I was like trying to put myself in their shoes. Like, if I was on this date, what would I say?


It's difficult because you don't really know this person yet, like you've only had one night with.


And so it's it would be tough. So I just kept trying to remember, like, I kept I wanted them to give me more, but that I'm like, give them some grace. This is the very first state of the season.


But I will say once we got past the words of affirmation into the well thought, I was cute. What was it. The touch, not the touch before that, where they had to go back to the villa, get a little gift. Was it acts of service, not acts of service?


Yes, yes. Yes, it was gifts. Yeah. I thought that was cute.


I thought it was thoughtful. Some of them brought up cute gifts, like the guy with the chest piece and the first baseball when really gave her the or his last baseball game that they ever played. That was sweet. But yeah, I mean, obviously it was it was planned.


Right, because why the hell would rarely have bring us baseball with him. Right. Why the hell would Zach Jay have boxes on boxes on boxes.


I was Rachel, if this if you were one of the contestants on this date, what would you have brought the lead?


Well, one, we I would hope that we were prepped like these guys, I'm assuming were to bring something. And you know what? I take this back. I'm pretty sure that they did say to us, bring something that means a lot to you that you want to carry with you. I honestly don't know what I would have brought. That's a that's what I was thinking, that as I was watching. I don't know. Becca, do you know?


Well, first, that would be Mineau, but I'm not ready to give her up. Right.


Because I wouldn't want to go too deep. Yes. I don't know you like that.


Yeah, well, this is so embarrassing. I've talked about this on my Instagram, but I still sleep with my baby blanket. And and that's like the most important thing, probably after Maino to me in my house. But I would also not part with that. I'd be like, I don't know you well enough. You are not getting a piece of this baby.


I would help. Claire gave those things back. Right. Like if you didn't pick some one of these men that was on the date, I really hope you gave them back. Shirley, Shirley. And don't be ashamed.


I still sleep with a care bear named Grumpy is very important with it. But yeah, I guess physical touch we have to get into that because that was that was the moment of the state.


So did I miss that? None of the guys kissed her during physical touch.


It didn't seem like it. Some of them I think, kissed her cheek and her neck and got in there. I didn't like that one. Well, that's what I was wondering. I was waiting for somebody to go in for the kiss because there's always that one person and no one did. And I wonder if that was one of the rules up front where Chris is like, OK. Use other parts of your body, like really show her, but just don't go for the gold at this point.


Yeah, because they probably just would have kissed. So this made it a little bit more sensual. OK, I changed my mind. That could change my mind. I like that. And I love that she has a strong sense of smell and she can smell them. I'm the same way when it comes to people, but I thought it was so funny to watch, like Ivan, who was clearly uncomfortable with the entire I honestly, I would have turned and put my head in a corner, you know, did anybody try to look away?


Anybody try to cover their eyes, ears or whatever?


And then no such rule followers.


Right? Like, I would have turned around and face the corner. Yeah.


Yeah, I. I would have been hiding behind a tree or something. Also, I feel like if I was one of the contestants and had to blindfold and touch somebody, I would get a locker and I'd be like I would go through the book grab or something.


Yeah. And you know, we got to talk about another failure on Dell's part. I'm just looking at this. Let's go back to the gifts. Dell gave her puppy perfume. Now, now I'm analyzing I'm giving Dell harder time and I'm analyzing him with a keen eye like I really, like, give it like scrutinizing him because, you know, the rumors are out there swirling. So I'm obviously anybody who's watching is like zeroed in on Dell, for goodness sake.


She said, I met my husband after and I was like puppy perfume.


I didn't think that that was the thing. I mean, he just make that up. Puppy Perfuse just opened up once again, in the words of Becca Ghufron, underwhelmed, just, oh my God.


OK, so we go on to the group date that night. I think the guy that stood out most to me was really I mean, I really like Riley.


I, I just I like that he took the moment to still have this physical touch, like to still dance with her and just make her feel calm. I mean, obviously she was.


Her thoughts were stirring in her head because that none of these dudes wanted to hang out with her and talk to her that night, so I thought he did a great job of showing up.


I never had that experience. Did that happen to you? No, no. But I always thought it would. Thankfully, somebody always pulled me away right away, I think realized the importance of time. But, yeah, I found it very, very strange that everyone just sat there for a little bit. Yeah.


Like, why didn't any of the guys step up? I just I don't know. It obviously was real because it notat it affected Claire. She couldn't even have a conversation with whoever it was she was talking to. I don't remember, because the way the guys were acting and I like to think that, you know, like maybe Adele, you know, let me get some some positive points here. I probably didn't want to step up because it had so much time with her and maybe was trying to give the other guys a chance.


But still, like, it's so weird. And I also find that extremely unattractive that no one stepped up and grabbed her.


Yeah, I know. Yeah, I know I will.


And it's like people by now kind of know the name of the game every night. When you have a moment, you go for it. So I didn't understand why I was just sitting back. I felt so bad for her. But I think once she addressed it, that's the thing. Claire is so great about addressing these men in any sort of given scenario.


And because I probably would not have reacted that way, I would have said some like weird, awkward joke, thrown myself under the bus. And so I really like how assertive she is.


And they they listened they to heart so well, some of them listen to. Not all of them. Yes. And you have Yoseph what what do you think about him? Because like this is where we start to see his true colors.


I'm not a fan and I'm not getting a lot. Oh even my one. I wasn't a huge fan. I mean, we talked about him in the drama with who was it last week, Tyler? See, I mean, great like that. Was it really drama? Yeah, I just I'm not a fan, and he he's starting to obviously rub me the wrong way if we see him slowly, slowly spiral downward real quick in this episode. So we saw Riley get the group date rose.


And then we go on to the one on one, the first one on one of the season with Jason. I'm really glad she picked Jason for this one. I really liked the date that they had planned.


I love the date that Claire and Jason had because it might have been one of the deepest dates I've ever seen a contestant had, especially the first one. Yes. Yeah.


And were you shocked she picked Jason? Because we know he came out with the belly and he was the pregnant guy and that could have gone horribly wrong. But obviously it did something to Claire and it really, really impressed her.


Yeah, well, I think she picked him. I mean, I will say I was shocked because had night one, he just seemed so humorous and easygoing.


But she did say she saw herself in him and they had a lot of similar tendencies of, you know, kind of resorting to humor when things aren't always going their way or as planned or if things get tough. So I think that's why she did choose him. And yes, it was definitely for the first week and the first one on one, it was heavy. I feel like the things that they talked about and admitted to each other and opened up about our things that we don't see until.


Right. Like a second date, maybe even closer to hometowns. I would say it was a lot. And so but I really enjoyed Jason. I he pleasantly surprised me. He was able to do what she was asking together without, I think, getting awkward or shutting it down. So I feel like they were a good team. I loved the fact that they burned the dress up.


Yeah. I wanted to be there right there with them. I still have my dress from the bachelor season when I got engaged too. And it's just sitting there and I'm like, I should have been there.


Can I just like have sex or do you have your dress that you got engaged in? Yeah.


Listen, we got and said you're nothing but a word. I'll come over tonight and we can burn that sucker.


Oh yeah. No we should. Somebody actually deemed me like last year and she was getting married for a second time and wanted a black dress for the wedding and she's like, can I have it? I'm like, I don't think you want that juju. Like, I don't think you want to walk down the aisle with this dress and so don't. But I'm all I'm all for I've talked about this many times, like in the past with my with my girlfriends back in Minnesota.


We've had burned parties when people break up with somebody. And so this is my kind of dates to it. Let's do it.


I love it. We'll plant to be continued, you guys. We will document on the social's.


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S dot com b style and sustainability meet to create your new favorites. Had Dorothy's dotcom today. But back to Jason and Claire, what I just like kind of like piggybacking on what you said. What I loved is that Jason wasn't afraid to tell, or maybe he was, but he power through that to tell Claire some of the things, like using words like manipulative and selfish and unable to love how people have described him.


And he trusted her with that. And then she didn't break that trust. He didn't scare her by telling her those things. And I thought it was a really beautiful moment between the two. And even if Claire doesn't pick Jason at the end of this, I think that Jason can always look at that moment and say, you know what, I don't have to be afraid to tell women some of the scary things because the right one won't run away from it.


I just I love that that whole moment once again and was on a great day. It was a great it was meaningful.


And I feel like that's a lot of what we're seeing in these these episodes like this episode particularly, we saw deep, rich conversations. And Fascination is always saying we don't have anything to talk about.


And that might be true over these last couple of seasons. But you cannot say that about Claire's season. And we'll get to that when that we saw that happen in this episode. Mm hmm. Mm hmm.


And maybe chalk it up to and I don't ever want to say because Claire's older. I think she's just as mature. She's lived life. She knows what she wants. And so are these guys. They're a little bit older. And so I love the depth that we're seeing. I feel like it's something that we haven't really had much in the past couple of seasons.


And so it's so refreshing to see it so funny.


We pivot from this very heavy, deep, you know, connective date to strip dodgeball.


It's called a balance. Right. Like that was a little heavy for us. That was a lot. There was screaming, there was burning. There was like the breaking of the tablet. So we needed to lighten the mood. And for this, we thank you. Thank you for the strip dodgeball. So we see the the blue team just get demolished by the red team. And what I also loved about this is that Claire was like, no, I'm setting the rules and this is what I want because this is what you see.


And I know I know people are going to have their opinions on the fact we're going to some Josef's in the room. We'll just put it that way. You know, you're either a Claire or Yossef in this situation. And I love what Claire did. I thought it was it was her decision. It was empowering. She set her own roles. If you didn't want to play by them, you didn't have to. We all have a choice here.


And I love that the guys were just like having fun with it.


It wasn't to me. And because I really want to hit on this, because I feel like it's going to be an issue. It was in jest and I didn't really see it sexualized in a way that I know, like in the way that Joseph talked about it or being humiliating. It wasn't that way. And I'm curious as to your thought.


Yeah, no, it was all in good fun.


I never got I never got but cringe like it never to me was borderline like this is appropriate. I think the guys were laughing and having fun. Claire and Chris were laughing and having fun. I mean like they weren't fully naked. They had these little what. Yeah.


They were stressed, they were strapped in and there were and there were black boxes. For all the viewers at home, the kids may be watching. Maybe this one will be rated TV 14, maybe in May. I don't know.


I do at that point. I did want to see more. I do like my fox as I wanted to see because I wanted to see that working with a friend, you know, girl up.


I think it was who she talked about Kenny when she's like, just look at his butt and Chris just looks and I'm like. Zoom in on a little bit here, Chris, you should out on sunglasses or something like talk about I know that this worst group date ever for Chris Harrison, that one of what he's been subjected to, he has to watch all of these men blindfold them and slowly essentially touch Claire.


And then on the flip side, half these men have to strip down to their little skivvies.


And I guarantee you, Chris, if you ever need somebody to host for the next season of The Bachelorette for dates like this, you know who to call the school.


Yeah, this is where you call in the sub. You tag team, you get out of there because I guarantee you he's in contract negotiations after this season Aaron.


OK, so we all have we definitely all have a good time on that group date.


But there were some people who didn't when the losers went home, which can I just say really quickly that I appreciated that finally, the franchise acknowledges the winners of the group date and doesn't let everybody go on the group date. I fell victim of that. I understood Crystal when she was upset about that. It was nice to see the losers go home. So they go home. And it caused a big stir, not a big stir, a stir with one person.


And that was Yoseph who was clearly upset. No. Two of them because Blake. Blake Blake looks like a sad little puppy, but I know, like it's here for the wrong reasons, was a person, it would be Brandon and we'll get we'll get to that. But if you care for the right reasons, was a person, it would be Canadian, Blake.


And I appreciate about him. So his feelings are clearly her love that they made him do the interview naked. Oh, yeah.


With the strap on, I was like, that was Anspach, right?


Shout out to the producer behind the camera for that. That was really funny to see.


So we get to the cocktail party and the men are very grateful because it's a limited number of men. So they're happy about the time that they're going to get to spend with Claire uninterrupted by the other. However, many men went home on the date, six women. All right. And then we see we see Blake Canadian Blake crash the day I called it.


I knew it was going to happen when they were showing the guys meander home and they were walking naked, looking all bummed. I knew, because from last week when Claire talked about him breaking the rules, I had this feeling like he's going to he's going to crash the cocktail party tonight.


I, I was completely lost. Good job, Becca. I didn't see it at all, but it crashes and it looks like it really crashed on him. Claire didn't seem like she seemed caught off guard. She seemed uncomfortable. She really didn't seem like it was really cringeworthy, especially when he went in for the kiss like he was trying to go Alec and Claire stiff arm to him. I mean, I was shocked. I thought, Mike, I'm I'm honestly surprised he didn't just leave that date, hop in the Cadillac and go home.


Oh, he was shaking. He was he was so sure he was going home. What hope did he have after that? All right. Then we see Branton, somebody I thought was a front runner and all of this and was so shocked. Then he starts to look like me from catfish to me is the date continued to go on is weird. I never saw that before.


I saw Nene. So we get to Branton be Munyakei here for the wrong reasons, here for the wrong reasons if it was a person.


Yikes. Your take on Brandon.


I just don't understand.


Like, you know, regardless of how much you know about the lead, like you still can talk more about them than just their looks, regardless of who it is. And he falls so short. He was like already buried underneath the ground. Like, I just I don't understand it.


Like, you are a man like you clearly made it this far, like you went through casting, talking to people about being on The Bachelorette. So like, why would you sat down with Claire and she asks you why you're here? And he just goes, well, you're a beautiful woman.


It's like, I love she sent him home. I was sitting there thinking, this is so cringe worthy and he could do so much better than this.


This is what happens when you're attractive and you don't have to put any effort in with women because they always come to you.


That was as he just tells people what they want to hear and they don't challenge him on that. That's what I love about Claire. And I feel like that's what we're going to continue to see. Players like, you know what? I know who I am and I'm calling you on the B.S.. Yeah, he deserve no chances. It was very matter of fact. Claire wasted no time. And I love she didn't skip a beat. She sent him home after that.


It was the worst. But also, like for Claire, it was a power move. For him, it was like Brax, like go home with your tail tucked in between your legs.


And honestly, I don't think the guys were shocked. And that's the thing. It's like maybe maybe that's just him. Like like you said, he's just used to kind of sitting back, like good looking, not putting in much effort. And yeah, he's got some good friends. He's the one he's big money. Right. We had so much hope for him when we were going through bio's.


Now, now I think so. And now the money sounds cringe. Yeah. Like he's a Cringely dude.


Now I know, I know exactly the type of man he is, the way that they're portraying Binit I believe with the scarf in the Rolls Royce and all of that. That's probably really Brandon and Ben is like, just like a fun loving guy, which is why they can joke with him about that. I mean, talk about a wet towel personality.


Oh, nothing to offer. And then to say to Claire, can we not talk about that?


I do not talk about me like this.


This guy is awful.


I wanted to like, knock on his face on my screen to be like, hello, earth to Brandon. Do you know where they are? No, there's no show. I called The Bachelorette. Welcome. Nothing there.


Nothing there. Yeah. So rightfully so. He went home. Thank God he didn't make it another second minute rose ceremony on this show. So the group date ends.


We see I talk to the guys and she ends up giving the rose to Jason and then basically it ends. We see them go into the final cocktail party. We obviously do not have a rose ceremony. But she did give Blake the rose to keep him safe because like I said, he was shaking in his boots. He was convinced he was going home. One thing that stuck out to me in the commerce. Issue between Claire and Blake when she said, I appreciate you kind of breaking the rules, you know, you reached out to me before the season starts and I appreciated that.


I appreciate you making the effort now to come see me. Just don't make it an every night thing, which I like. Like she set the boundaries. That's all she had to say. She didn't have to go into it more. And so I think she's very good about setting boundaries with these men and being very articulate about what she likes and what she's looking for. But don't cross her.


I love it, Claire, as a boss. And that's how I feel after we finish every single episode, like we already knew that. But now the rest of y'all are figuring that out. So I feel like it's that time to we can only do so much when we're observing from a distance back. I feel like it's that time to get that inside scoop that I'm telling you my pot has been stirring. We've talked to Claire. I was able to interview her with Extra and I'd like trying to get all the tea that I can.


So I'm happy that for the first time we're getting the opportunity to talk to somebody from the season who had a front row seat to all this drama to this season we've never seen before. We've already talked about them, none other than the narrator of Claire season. Now he's going to come on and narrate this podcast at this point. Let's just turn this show over to easy.


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All the details can be found at Courcelles or Dotcom. Celebrate responsibility. Coors Brewing Company, Fort Worth, Texas.


Welcome. How are you? I am good, I'm excited, I'm in a lovely mood, I will say that I've been listening to some good love jams all day. I'm like, Why?


What's on your playlist?


I'm in my mood. So I've been listening to some Jodeci. Oh, you go 90s. I love you for life. So maybe Alicia Keys. I've been to the Music Soulchild. I'm in my feelings right now.


Easy. Why do I get the feeling that you're always in this lovey dovey mood? Yeah, I am.


I'm not going by. I have to start out asking you. You are the first official guy from the season to be on our podcast. How does it feel?


Oh, really? Yes. And the way we want it, I'm honored. OK. All right.


You know, this is the way we want it because we were talking about you before you got here, because that's what we do on. We were talking about you and all positive ways because you are the narrator of the season. But what we love is that you are narrating the show. And I feel like the narrator is an underrated role. I don't know if you realize that when you were going through it, but it's a role of someone who's respected on both sides, like in the House and by producers.


And it means that, like, you have a lot to say, like good things to say, good observations. Did you feel that when you were going through the show?


I appreciate that. I felt that I was just I was just kind of just being me. And like, the way I kind of live my life is just with no no filters and no like if I feel something, I say it and if I I don't hold anything back. So I think that kind of just was just genuine, too, like who I am. But no, I didn't do that. So I didn't feel like I was like the narrator.


In fact that but I mean, hopefully it's a good thing. It was great is a very good thing.


I will say you have and I was seen Rachel, this you have such a good mix of being present and camera loves you. The audience loves you.


I feel like your energy is magnetic through the screen, but you act like you're so involved with the guys but in such a good way, like you aren't dramatic in a negative way. And so it's very refreshing to watch. Like you, you don't seem like somebody who I want to say is like a camera who are just like trying to fight and fight over time. Yeah, but how is it watching yourself now back on the big screen?


Obviously you lived it, but is it weird watching you? Yeah, no, it's weird because you you live through these moments and it's almost like every conversation, every day. You remember in your mind how it went and then it's like you relive it and you pick up on the smallest things. I don't know if you guys have seen that too, but like, it's just different and I don't know, like even kind of just like the interviews and seeing people's feedback and being able to kind of like pick up on like, all right, maybe they didn't go over too well.


You know, maybe maybe that could have been a little bit better. But no, it's good. What what's better for you, was it. Is it easier watching it or have having lived through it? Having to watch it is tough, I will say that like it's it's I don't know, like you'll see like on the like let's say like a group that you weren't on and you'll see, like, everything that they did and like all these, like, little interactions that they had, it's almost like, damn, I know what model.


Like that. Like, OK, you know, like so it's a different point of view.


And then obviously the good stuff, you're, you know, you still get the butterflies and all the stuff that you felt in the moment. But yeah, watching back, like all the different stuff we didn't get to see is is new.


So let's talk about that.


I wasn't even going to go there. But but now you just you just opened the limo door, opened the door and gave me a Segway sort of step into it.


So you obviously don't get to see the limo entrances because, you know, you do yours and you bounce. Maybe you all look through a window and see something's going on.


But but now you have seen them. You think about Claire's response when Dell walked out the limo. I will say this like. It may like I felt like everything made sense, like and I've always been one to say that, like, if you feel the way you feel and. You know, it's it's genuine and it's OK to see somebody and be like, I see a future with them, but yeah, like everything made sense. I didn't know it was that good.


But, yeah, she was definitely in her feelings. And you can almost just tell, by the way. She hugged him and just like the neck, like the neck, looks like, you know, when you really wrap your hands around somebody like that, that means something. Yeah, that's, you know, like back neck the back of his neck. Because, like, I was watching, I was like, I didn't feel anything on my neck.


I had, like, the neck, you know? I'm like, no, I do it all the time.


I just cried all the time. I always grab the back of his neck. Yeah. Now it's a thing. And I didn't even realize I did that.


Next time I go on a date, I'm going to have to see if I get the next hug the next day.


Yeah. If I don't do, it's not the way I'll do it. I don't know. To do that you have to do it.


Yeah. Like you used to.


But like if that's how you know like oh she was, she was feeling it. Or like if you get like the friend hug with the pet.


Oh that. Yeah. Like the, like the body hug and boom. You know that's not we are friends. Yeah.


Question. How did you get on the show. Like what, what made you want to do the show. Were you a fan of the show before.


We need the details. Yeah. So I, I actually watched the show before in college, just kind of like with my teammates back at A&M. Football players love it. Yeah. And it's like Texas A&M.


Oh Texas A&M. Come on now. This interview is absolutely amazing.


I imagine this is a Texas fight. How do we solve our city's horizontal? What do you mean disrespectful? My podcast. Are you from Texas?


Yeah, I'm from Allen, Texas. Here from Dallas. Speaking of. Yes, I'm sorry, I did not even know this.


So, Rachel, you want to say, you know, my my receiver coach drive.


I felt like yeah, yeah, yeah. I call them twin. That's my twin. Oh, my dad's dhiraj. My guy twin. Oh yes.


This is the biggest date and I feel like it's such a small town. Everyone knows people. It's weird. Yeah. Black people. Yeah.


Guess it really is small. It really is a small even smaller for black people. I feel like not like we're not there. I just feel like your your two degrees separation from everyone. It's weird. Yeah.


Easy in the town where you live. So. So I'm in Newport Beach so. Yeah I'm in. Yeah. I moved out to Orange County randomly so yeah. I'm here by someone else.


OK, so before I rudely know you rudely interrupted me by talking about Texas A&M. Oh wow. Wow.


How did you get on the show though. Yeah. Somebody, somebody from the franchise reached out to me and at first like, yeah, because I've watched the show before and I've, I've loved the show and I'm like a a crazy, hopeless romantic and I love love stories and all of that type of mushy, gushy stuff. And so I first I thought somebody was like, you know, like kind of like testing me to see like where I was at.


And then like we start talking about, you know what, I you know, what love is and like what I see in a wife and all that type of stuff. And that's when I was like, it's kind of real and just just kind of having those conversations about, you know, what I was looking for. That kind of led into a lot of other stuff, and it was just right, it was perfect. Anybody that knows me knows that this is like the perfect, I guess, love story for me.


I'm a live in the moment type of person and I go with adventures and doing all this type of stuff. So it's perfect.


I want to go off of that because you see obviously live in the moment, just touching, no pun intended, easygoing guy.


And like intended. Intended. Yes. And you just like, you know, I've said it before, but your energy is just contagious.


So for you personally, what was it like living first of all at this resort? That's a thousand degrees with a bunch of other dudes and essentially competing for just one woman's heart. You know that for you personally.


Oh, man.


It's it was so like I it was somewhat like football because it's like you have a bunch of like alpha males and a bunch of dudes that are in the same room living in the same house and you have the same goals or whatever. But it was so different because there are so many different personalities. That's one thing I appreciate about the show is everybody had like a different viewpoint on like the same thing and everybody had their way of doing something. Everybody had their way of talking to clear.


Everybody had different things that were specific to them and the competition aspect at first I will say it was very chill and like nobody knew really how everything went. And then, like, you got real like an amped up a little bit and you have to, like, really figure out where you're at and really think about the time you're spending and everything that you were doing to make yourself stand out.


Mm hmm. So you rub Claire's feet.


I mean, you said where you stand out and I think you rubbed Claire's feet. Is that your go to move or was she you saw her maybe limping or complaining what happened? Yeah. Yeah.


So you got to be attentive. You know, that's one thing I have learned. You have to pay attention. And so Claire was like it was it was a long day. Like she was like, and you guys know how it goes. It was just a long day of like a lot of stuff. And we were talking and she was just, you know, she was like, oh, you're like. I've been standing all day, my feet.


My feet are killing me, and so, you know, I'm just so very like I. I want you to feel good regardless, like weather. However I do that is is is a different thing. But I want to go above and beyond to make you feel the way that you deserve. So, yeah, that was that was a moment where I just, I don't know, started to get a rub in other languages.


It hurts. Nobody is what I thought it was great.


So this is down in my notes a perfect segue way because you are one way. And then we saw a completely opposite side to another man, Brandon, who could it, who did not seem attentive whatsoever. Could it really hold a conversation with Claire when you watched his conversation with Claire go down, were you surprised? And what was going through your mind when you watched it back? Oh, my God. I don't know what you need to teach him some pointers.


I don't even know where to start looking like.


So so, Brandon, all day he was talking about how he wanted to talk to Claire and like he wanted to time and he wanted to get in there and talk to her and and like even on the date he like he tried to pull her a couple of times. And so it was just very aggressive on that date. And I've always said, like, you have to be who you are first. Like, if you're not an aggressive person, don't be aggressive.


If you're not like a shy person, don't try to act shy because that's what you think that she likes.


And so when so I'm thinking, OK, well, he has something to say to her, like he really needs to get this off of his chest. He's he's going to go out there and do it. And then when he got his time, like watching his time was one thing, but he told us he was like, yeah, I. Like, I messed up, like I'm not ready, like I you know, I think I ruined that.


I'm not ready to be on the show and like, date her not ready?


No, I'm not ready for the moment. I'm not ready to, like, talk to her and I'm not ready to to really go in and I guess say what he was going to say was this after he put both feet in his mouth or what like what this was after.


So this was always and I saw him go home right away.


You came back and talk to you guys. Yeah.


So so he so he was like. I think I think I just messed up really disappointed that we were like, you like, messed up like what?


Dude, it's OK. But, you know, conversations when you're when you're in this environment, it's tough to, you know, in the limited amount of time that you have. It's tough to communicate everything you want to communicate. It is what it is. And so, yeah, things might not go as smooth as you want them to, but I mean, it's going to be OK. But what, like watching it, brother, can you can you say something to anybody I like like it was it was a train wreck.


Like I don't, I don't know like where he went wrong but like I felt like watching, I wanted to reach into the screen and like shake him and be like, it's OK.


Use your words man. Well, he did use them. He basically said, you're pretty. And that's all I know about you. Can we talk about something else? Quote from him, actually?


Oh, that's great. This is why we need Eazy as a coach to train these men on what to do on being attentive.


I was like, what and what? OK, and so jumping on another thing, what I thought was so cool about that, too, is like Claire gave him so many chances to to correct his mistake. Like she she was like, OK, maybe he messed up. Like, here is an opportunity for you, OK?


Was there something that you saw about me? Like maybe I, you know, have these great qualities. Maybe it's, you know, I'm ambitious. Maybe it's I, you know, love people like what is it about me? And like, the fact that he wasn't able to articulate anything and still say anything I thought was was shocking. So, I mean, that was I think he's used to talking about himself.


Sophistication, well, he can talk about her even picking apart his body language in that conversation, he sits down, he kind of leans back and she's just like. She's pulling anything out of him and he's just so shut down.


I want to ask you, this is from a male perspective, because you're the first guy that we've had on a recent start trying to represent.


I'll try to represent it.


Well, I feel like you're you're a good one to ask this, because for me, just as a female watching Claire, she's such a powerhouse. She's so inspiring. I love how she she says what she needs to say, but does it in a respectful way. Like, I just I'm very inspired by her.


And now as a man who was able to witness that firsthand interaction, interactions with you and also these other men. What's your take on that? Do you do you have those same feelings when you watch her? And and do you have just this utmost respect for her? Like, what's it like as a man watching her?


Yeah, I thought it was refreshing. Like, that's something that drew me closer to her because. Like when she says something, she's not like dancing around anything and especially especially like, let's go back to that that Brandon situation like she. Clearly, it wasn't what she wanted and it wasn't the way that she wanted to go or whatever, and she could have just kept him and be like, OK, that conversation sucked. But she was like, no, like, I know what I want.


And I've been through this before. So I'm not not going to waste your time. I'm just going to cut it and move on. And so just seeing like that and other things that she's done in the house was was kind of inspiring because like I said, like anybody could just go along with anything and just go along with the script. And she was more of like, I'm going to I'm going to make this this journey my own and I'm going to play tomorrow.


Yeah. Talking about things that sucked.


Let's talk about Yoseph for a now. There is so much that we got time all my time.


We have time.


So we only have a scene. And that really I was going to ask you this question and we've seen a piece of it and it's it's not looking good and not liking what we see from him. Any time I see him on camera, it's not good. Yeah. So I can only imagine what it was like being right there because you guys and and also, look, this is a side question.


You guys did all live in the same house. You have roommates. Yeah. He wasn't your roommate, was he? No.


Charlotte Jason. My roommate. My roommate.


Yeah. Yeah, Jason. He's the we we speak highly of him here on campus.


Is the man OK? But what was he like off camera? Was he just as bad or worse. Better because, you know, he's going to come out and say he was out of it. So, yeah, the thing about Yoseph is. There was there was definitely red flags with Joseph, and I'll say that like and everybody kind of picked up on it, like just the way he talked to people and just the way he kind of acted around the house.


But I don't know if I was just naive or I just I believe in, you know, there's all this good in everybody. And it just you know, some people are maybe not comfortable in an environment and maybe they just act different because, you know, he had a situation with his daughter where he was missing her. And so it's like I gave him the benefit of the doubt and like, I was like, OK, I do like it's OK.


But yeah, like him talking for Riley, don't ever do that. I don't talk for the group, please. Like we're grown men. And then just like him speaking up for the guys that were on the date like you weren't on the day I was up on his like how adamant he was against the state.


He wasn't even there anymore to witness it. So did anyone say, hey, you weren't even there, you didn't have to take your shirt and your shorts off, you didn't have to wear this jockstrap and run around with your little buns out with your little buns?


Oh, yeah. It's like I think it would have been different if you saw, like, Domar or like, oh, God damn it, Blake or or anybody just like speak up and be like, no, that wasn't cool. But to have somebody that wasn't on the date, that didn't see the context of anything and didn't even like you weren't on the date. So how can you raise an issue, something that you're not involved with? So I don't know, just little things like that.


It's you pick up on and at some point somebody true character is going to come out. And I think for him, you're kind of seeing that.


How did you feel about the dodgeball date? Because people are split on it. And you were there. You played in the game. I won the games, yeah. Oh, yeah. Sorry.


Oh, yeah. No, I love dodgeball. Like, can I just say, if there was no way, if I wasn't clear that I would have played in the game.


I know what I'm taking a little detour here.


I was a teacher for year one and yes, I knew dodgeball every day, every day.


You know, like we would roll this dice. And if it landed on dodgeball, we play. If it didn't, we still played every single day. I had those kids playing dodgeball. I was a substitute teacher.


I was terrified of you as my teacher.


Oh, my gosh. I hated dodgeball. Oh, my gosh.


No, the girl, anybody big sister. I don't know how I had them passed their physical fitness test like this is Duncanville. So you'll you'll understand our lives in Duncanville. Substitute teacher.


OK, anyways, as a people or people are split on how they feel about the dodgeball date.


How did you feel being in it. Yeah. Like I say, being a competitor and already like like I'm in that mindset of like when we started playing at first, like with Claire and everything, it was it was fun and it was fun and games, everything like that. But once Chris Harrison said, like, we're playing for extra time with Claire, like you can see everybody's face, like it's game faces, like we're strategizing like like Joe is like taking us through, like, line drills, like outside like Jarrin is like practicing his run up.


Like we're practicing strategy in match ups. We're analyzing every single person like Blake has a bum knee like Kenis, you know, fast or whatever. So we're it gets serious. And so something's on the line. So that's that kind of ups. Everything go easy. I'm referring to the nakedness. Yeah, I know. I know. I simply believe the nakedness.


We're talking about that. We're talking about OK, reality. And so when, when, when Claire when Claire says that is strip dodgeball, that upset a whole nother level.


And so it's like everybody's like, OK, like we're playing for real. And so everybody knew what we're playing for. Like it was it it was OK to everybody. Like we all knew, like OK, like I'm not going to lose because I don't I don't want to let my balls hang right now. That's not what I want to do. And so everybody knew what was going on. And so to everybody on that date, at least, at least to me, everybody felt OK with what we were doing, like we know we signed up for.


And it was all in good fun, like it was. I mean, it's fun on my part because I want but everything was fine. And then I think it took a turn when. When the guys walked home and all that type of stuff, but, yeah, I think everybody that was on that date kind of has the same feelings so back and that was funny. That was a crazy day. Like a lot was on the line and it didn't.


And I think to kind of what we're just talking about is like it didn't seem overly sexualized, like the men were objects, like it's all in good fun and just in good jest. And, you know, obviously you want to win. Yeah.


Yeah. Like, no, I mean, listen, I will say Kenny is a sex symbol, like, oh he's like a block muscle like nothing even jiggles or shook on him.


Was he on the losing team? Kenny was on the loose. Like it was like, let's be honest.


Kenny wanted to lose. Kenny wanted to take his shorts off.


Yeah, it really a loss. That's a great question, Kenny. What can he beat the system like? We're going to lose because, like, I'm going to show what I got. My goodness.


Yeah. Whoo! Who loved camera time on the show? Who wanted to was always like, I'll do a man chat, do it any more. I don't know if I can say easy.


I do have to ask you this. So who had the best abs? We've been doing this selfish, I've been very selfish. Yes, I need to know, other than Kenny, who. That's a great question. I would say. Brandon, maybe Brandon, Brandon, Brandon, Jordan. Yeah, I think so. Oh, he was on the day. Oh, no, I mean, around the place. But nobody. Nobody. I mean, it's Kenny.


Come on, let's let's let's be even clear point.


Kenny is a Ken doll. Seriously? It's Kenny. Come on.


What you seem to be close to so many of the guys is the group chat poppin.


This is like it's yeah. It's it's interesting because it's any time anything happens, like every time anybody remembers, like one thing, like the group chat, like will go off and I have to turn my phone on silent.


But yeah. You know, y'all are chattier than women. Yeah. You know how it goes.


That's a thousand percent real. Oh. To be a fly on the wall with all of you men. Easy.


Before we let you go, we have to ask now. Usually we ask like the Rose and Thorn. So what is your best and worst moment from this episode for you? Best and worst, I'd say best moment would be. Just that like time that I had with Claire just because it was more like. I felt that we let our guard down and like all our walls came down and we were just talking as humans, our first conversation, it was, yeah, it was loose and it was cool and everything like that.


But obviously there's just so much tension and so much stuff going on that night that I thought that I don't know. We had the pretty good moments on the dodgeball. The worst moment I don't know is just seeing Claire upset like and that's that's one thing that always hits home for me because it's like seeing somebody that upset and that hurt by something and not being able to do anything about it is just so. I don't know like that, that kills me, so yeah, you think that's but I do I do have one more one more question.


What was it like for you being a black man? Unclear season or just a part of the franchise? Yeah.


So if. Like I'll say this, this season, this season has just been very different and like I said, like I've watched the show before, and so it's been like Eye-Opening to be able to be a part of it because like, I've watched it and I've always been like, OK, that's cool for them, but they don't look like me. So I'm like, I'm never going to, like, speak to me and I'm never going to have that chance or I don't, you know, I'm not going to be in that world or be able to live like that or whatever that is.


And so, Rachel, I commend you on this, too. Like I I've known you before from being the first to do it in, like, all the stuff that you've accomplished and done and that you're doing now. That's awesome to see people of color like. Doing great things in like it being highlighted, you know, and like seeing love highlighted in different colors, you know. And so for me, I thought it was it was just awesome just to be a part of it and to live it and.


That may be like next year or years down the road, people are going to be like, OK, well, easy looks like me and easy access to whatever, so I feel like I can do this or do that. So well said.


Easy. It's everything. This interview was well, we thought it would be and more. You do not disappoint. You have to come back. We'll have to. Yeah, we'll have to have you guys please.


And let's see you around. Oh yeah. You're in California. US down the road. Yeah. Your neighbor. Let's go. Becca, you know, I like to keep my Bachelor Nation family small, but I was so welcoming easy. And he was he was fantastic.


Yes, it was so good. He's won since I mean, since night one. I feel like he was a fan favorite. He's so great to watch. And so I'm so happy we had him today. We're definitely going to have to plan a time when we can get together with him. Oh, yes. Down the road. Absolutely. We definitely will. And and I feel like we'll have more great conversations or controversial.


We'll get more tea, that's for sure. Things that you can't see it on the podcast that we'll get. But but I do hope to have them on later on just because he's fun to talk to. Yeah, I hope we see more of him. But that is a wrap for us today. There's obviously more fun to be had. So make sure you guys keep following us each and every week. The show will be Tuesday nights at eight seven Central on ABC.


And next week we pick up with a dramatic rose ceremony. So I can't wait to see what happens with that. Who's staying, who's going. And we also have a spa date. I'm a little bit upset that we weren't invited to this, Rachel, but we'll have our own. And we also have a good old fashioned roast hosted by comedian Margaret Cho. And if next episode is anything like what we've already seen, Rachel, you know, it's not going to disappoint.


I wouldn't have had any friends after the roast, OK?


They know they know who to give the roast, do it or not to you guys. We say this every single time, but please make sure you have everything you need for this election. It's so, so, so important. We're getting down to the wire at this point and just things are getting more crucial. So if you need more information on how and where to vote, please visit Rock the Vote Again. Worner Media. Every single vote counts, whether you're voting in person or mailing in your ballot.


Be prepared, meet your deadlines, but also be an informed voter because you're not just voting in the presidential election. You're probably going to be voting on other things as well. And a lot of propositions specifically if you're in California, there's a lot on the table. OK, and one last thing, since we are on the subject of voting, the People's Choice Awards are just around the corner. And this year, The Bachelor has been nominated, not one, but two categories.


The first is the show of twenty twenty and the second is for the competition show twenty twenty. So please, please, please make sure you go out and vote for our favorite show, because we of course want to see it succeed. Now you can vote up to twenty five times per category per day per method. So each day just take a few minutes to go out and vote because what are you waiting for. It's open until Friday, October twenty third.


So please don't miss out. Just head to PC online dotcom to cast your votes today. And before you guys go, we've got a lot happening this week. Don't forget to check out click bait with Bachelor Nation. We have Joe that wants to give you the lowdown right now. So take it away.


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