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Back. We are back and listen. But I'm going to give a disclaimer out here for you guys, because it's Election Day right now as we're recording this podcast, because as we know, you guys, you guys aren't stupid. We're not going to take advantage of that. You know that sometimes we record these episodes in advance. And this is the moment and it is Election Day. So Becca and I are drinking. So if things get a little loose, we apologize.


But we just want to set the tone of what this podcast is. So we apologize in advance. If we seem a little distracted, we are, but we're not because we're obviously really, really excited about what it is that we're covering today.


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But soon they'll unravel an even deeper mystery that'll keep the twists and turns coming till the very end. It sounds so good, right? I know. Big Sky premieres Tuesday, November 17th on ABC. You don't want to miss it. So why, you ask, are we so excited? Why, you ask, may there be an election day and we are still excited to talk on this podcast? It is because we are going to get to talk.


We are going to get to talk to maybe the most talked about bachelorette, the most talked about couple we've ever had and fascination. And because there are so many questions that we have, we're going to skip a recap by recap this. At this point, we want to get down to the nitty gritty. We want to understand certain things and we want to ask questions. So we're going to sit down with the newly engaged couple, Claire and Del Claire and Dale.


For all the people who are so upset at the way that I say his name, I apologize for my Southern accent. Sometimes I say Del, but you know who it is that I'm talking about. So I've given you a pronunciation for both of both of my audiences, some who don't mind how I say and some who do. But, Becca, how are you feeling about all this? Because there's so much to get into.


Rachel, I'm feeling so many different emotions right now. I mean, to your earlier point, yes, it is election night. I have not drink in a month. So I'm treating myself tonight because I feel like I'm going to need it. And while tensions are high there, I'm so excited that we can still record today and have like this nice, happy outlet to just have a nice chat with, as you said, the newly engaged couple. And it sounds crazy to say this because it was the probably the quickest engagement the show is this franchise has ever seen.


So I'm so excited to have them on and talk about their special engagement. They have the opportunity to talk to them. Just hours after this news broke, we're the very first podcast. We're the first people to have them on to talk to them, to pick their brain. So we're giving you guys the exclusive. So it feels like Christmas came early and we usually obviously have to wait much longer, but we have them on.


So what a gift it is to have them on, to be able to have them dish, give us all the dirty details, but also, like, just really embrace the love that we've seen in the short amount of time.


So I can't wait to have them on to chat with them and to finally cheers to them. So let's get going.


Actually, yeah. We're not going to even do like all the talk and stuff before. I think you guys know, we talked to Claire twice on this podcast already and dare I say it three times is charm. I believe it's the third time we get the happy couple together. And you if you follow Claire's journey, even specifically just with this podcast, you know exactly what Claire is about, who she is and what she wants and what she was going after.


And she didn't hold that back at all. Whether the viewers liked it or not. Claire followed her heart. She followed her own path and she broke the rules. And we are here to say we freakin loved every single bit of it, that she did what was best for Claire. And at the end of the day, she can say that she's happy. And we know that you guys have watched a couple of journeys these last. This last year, and maybe things didn't turn out the traditional way and even with clear things haven't been traditional in the way they panned out, but you got the traditional happy ending and we're going to ask them all the questions about how they're doing, where they stand and how things came about, the way they did and what season and what the best is what's to come for these two.


And so, Rachel, we obviously have to talk to them about what's to come, because our listeners, you obviously dmoz, you comment on our photos all the time. We hear you, we see you. We're going to incorporate a lot of those questions and answers today. So I know you guys don't want to just keep listening to Rachel. I speak. So we're going to just bring them on right away, skip the recap and get it straight from the horse's mouth.


Yeah, let's go. Like like what do they say? What does a young kid say? Let's do this straight.


OK, ok. What is it then? Let's do the damn thing. Is that what they said? Let's let's get straight to this. Whether it's let's do the damn thing or as the kids say, let's do this straight. No chaser, you guys. Let's bring on Claire and Dale. All right, let's get into it. Mekka Claire. Dale, are you ready to do this? I just have to tell you, though, I would not have this any other way than to start off our our engagement with you guys being our very first interview, like I began with you guys and now we're ending with you guys as our first interview.


It's like this is making me so happy this full circle. Now, why did I start crying?


Wait. Oh, well, welcome to visitors.


We have to start this before we even do anything. Rachel, if you will, raise your glass with me to the happy couple, because you guys are finally official.


It's like we are in love. We are happy. Congrats to you guys.


You guys know, it's so weird having to like it's almost like a third dimension of having to be on the down low and to be secretive and everything and then to finally be out. It's like, oh, thank goodness, we can have a normal life, can begin to feel like you can finally breathe now. Almost, yeah, we're almost there, but it's honestly been we've been living our lives and this entire time already. So I think if anything, we've just been anxious to to be able to share our love with everybody.


But we're really blessed with how this turned out.


I mean, it's creeping into like today we went house shopping here in Sacramento and search and search.


And it's just it's becoming more and more regular life for us.


Oh, my God. Right. And even house shopping, you guys, I love this. And so you have already, without even knowing, kind of dispelled one of the rumors that are out there, because there's a rumor out there that you guys are already married, but you're still saying engagement and you're calling each other beyond say. Let's not even say it, because it's honestly, there are so many rumors out there since day one so that I mean, he's my fiancee right now together and that's what's important and that's what matters.


And if you guys if you're listening to this, you also should be watching this because they are glowing. They look so happy. These are two marches, beautiful people. It's slightly annoying right back. Like, look at them.


I'm I'm a little bit jealous, like, I miss having that partnership, but I'm so incredibly happy for you guys.


Thank you so much. It's just so much better once the cameras are out and it can just be real life.


You two truly getting to know each other in your daily lives.


That's a thousand times more meaningful. And so I hope with the rumors like that, they're married.


It's like enjoy these days, like enjoy being able to call each other your fiancee and just truly soak it in because it goes by so quickly.


Yeah, well, I'm sure I really do. It really does. I think so. But it's, I don't know, it's it's unreal.


It's still like, oh my God, he's my fiancee. I love playing it. But I think this is definitely the time where we know this is the best time we get to really share that. So just from the beginning, though, it's it's not uncomfortable for us to go looking at houses like we're in this to build a future and build a life. So and that's what we're doing.


Everybody always, like the people who do know about us are like, is he when they ask me about him, they're like, is he? I think it's just like you go in and you see one person on camera and then you get off camera and you're like, I think it's that same person. And I always told people he's not the same person that you see on camera. He's even better, even more of everything that I wanted, even in the little little things day to day.


I'm just like. Is it I don't for one second, I have a doubt in my brain, like, no, I'm so glad it's him, that's how it should be, I would agree with you. Same thing with Brian. I felt like I remember thinking you're engaged and you're like, oh, shit, I'm in games. And you spend those next few hours and you're like, oh my gosh, this is even better than I thought.


I knew. I trusted my gut and my heart and I made the right decision. And it's so it's so great to hear that that's exactly how you feel. And what I liked about this episode with the two of you is I felt like LeClaire people have been ridiculously hard on you. And and what I said, I'm not going to soapbox, but because, you know, I get real defensive over you.


But what I what I've also noticed is that people these days are so comfortable being mean and nasty and they they thrive off that and they feed on that. And it's really disgusting to watch and see it happen. And and in this episode where we see you, we finally understand the meaning behind the words, congratulations, you've blown up The Bachelorette. We see what happens with you and Dalle. We see leave the man. We see you guys get engaged and we see you go off to live happily ever after.


I think what was so key is that first day, the first one on one, the two of you have with one another. And the way you guys connect and the the things you have in common that you didn't even realize. And so it solidifies that feeling that you felt with one another because you also have so many other things in common. So I just we want to break all of this down, but I hope that people watching it are like, OK, you know what?


I was wrong. And I jumped the gun. And what they were feeling, they trusted it and they took a risk. And it is has been extremely rewarding for them. And I really hope people change their tune. Not that you have to please everyone, not that this is what it's about, but that people have a little bit more of an understanding as to why you to fail so quickly for one another and why it's real and it's right.


So let's get into it.


Let's get into it and be like asking the tough stuff hard so we will care for it, because I agree wholeheartedly, Rachel, with what you're saying. This has been like I've been a part of the franchise for almost seven years and still like as thick of skin, like as anybody can have with all the hate that's going on, with all the negativity that's spoken about this. Like, I really. I get that I am not for everybody. I get that everybody might not do what I did or agree with, well, what I'm doing.


But at the end of the day, this is all for love and to be sitting here just feeling that feeling of love at first sight. Granted, it's not the norm. It's not what people are expecting or what people are used to. But how can you predict something like that? There's no way to predict it. And I think honoring yourself, honoring your truth, I don't comprehend with all the negativity, like how people can take that any other way than something that's beautiful to me.


And even I don't know, I try to rationalize all the hate in my brain. I'm like. I know that it's a different type of year, it's covid, it's the elections like there's a lot of high stress things going on and people need this outlet, I guess. And we're an easy target, this relationship to easily point fingers and judge. It's easy to just spew your hate on something from the inside to get it out. But I think I really do hope that people take a step back when they see this and watch it to know that this is just coming out of pure love.


And whatever happened to get us to this point, even even though a lot of this has been. Overwhelming at times, just from just even having to see and deal with some of the things like Claire, just like on the show, has handled everything with such class and elegance. But like, whatever happened, it's got us together here right now. And we committed from the beginning and we both felt it. You could see it from episode one.


And then after this last one, it's undeniable. So whatever whatever had to happen so we could be here together, it's all worth it.


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I will say, Claire, you just have to try to rationalize that hate and how mean people can be. You're never going to be able to like that's why it's it's unfathomable.


And it's so sad that people think this way because, like, your relationship is truly stemming from the most pure place. Like, you guys are just simply two people that fell in love and everyone's journey looks different.


Some couples sped up and that's OK. And some takes a little bit longer. But at the end of the day, truly, all that matters is that you two have each other and have each other's backs and that support system. And Rachel and I say this all the time, Bachelor Nation, like our minds, are fleeting. Something else is going to happen in one week to take their minds off of you, too. And so I truly hope that people just back off and let you be like in love, be this happy couple, because you guys deserve that.


But one thing that you said was just the connection that you guys have.


So I want to take it back tonight, one, because obviously we saw you step out of that limo and it was like done so for Claire. She she said, like, I think I just met my husband.


So what was it? No pressure at all. But did you like what was it what was it instantly that drew you and declare?


I honestly just felt. Safe and secure. And I just trusted her, I couldn't even put my my finger on it right away, but I just I knew that she she she had me I just felt unbelievably comfortable just sharing and opening up to her. And I think that's the biggest thing that's difficult in any relationship or any time is just putting yourself out there. But I never, ever once questioned it. And I remember before I got there, I was riding with my dad and I was like, you think she's going to like me?


And he's like, when your soul is when your souls connect. There's there's nothing that will keep you apart if it's meant to happen, and that's exactly what happened on the first night. It was powerful. It was amazing. I think that's what was so powerful about the one on one date that you had and you're sharing the story about your parents and their own love and then to see what was happening in front of us with the love that the two of you have with one another.


It was like, OK, you guys like this is serendipitous. Like if you don't believe in that word, you got to believe in it now because it's all starting to make sense. And I know that we constantly see the other men who don't get it or maybe outsiders from Boston who don't get it. But what's so important is that you guys get it and you're sitting in front of us today as a strong, united couple. One of the things and I and I and I understand is on the personal level, is being in an interracial relationship, which I'm so happy to see it happen again.


I, I do. You guys I know, right?


If you're black, you come of black Colomba in the world and you a break out and make a better life.


We all get our letters here. Everybody loves everybody.


And I could I could explain it pass. But there is so much and this is the question that I ask everyone pretty much you come through, but like 20, 20 is such a crazy time. And full disclosure, as we're doing this podcast, the election, it's election day and it has happened. It's going on right now. And we've seen a pandemic and we see sadness and sickness and suffering. But then we've also seen so much discord when it comes to race and and socially and culturally with you guys.


Have you had those important conversations about how you're going to be a united front and face the world as an interracial couple and build a future for the children that you're going to bring into this world?


It's going to be so cute, by the way. Tell me about it.


I want to be like a first baby sitter called. Oh, they her back. And this has come up naturally within just our conversations. I think the biggest thing is we know that we can come to each other for anything. There's no judgment. There's no word. And that's what's so important about having a relationship and building this. And we both leaned on each other for advice and perspective in some of these situations, like right when we left, like I was getting emails about race and being with a white or mixed woman where people don't even really understand all the background.


There's things that have come up where Claire has just come directly and ask me what's the best way I should approach this or what is respectful. So I think that's honestly even things that it's not because, you know, do your thing, but even things that I have had questions about where I'm like, is that inappropriate? Because now that it's coming to the forefront, which I am so thankful and I'm so happy for the awareness of what's what I'm looking for, like what's appropriate, what's not appropriate, and even things that I was never even aware of.


What was it was a question about I mean, I think just for example, for example, which like when you were talking about like a black woman in a bikini, in a bikini, things like that, where I was like, tell me, like like we talk to each other about everything we're on.


And he makes it so comfortable that I'm like, let me know. I want to know. Because the truth is our babies are going to be mixed and they're going to have to face those kind of things and they're going to have those questions, hopefully not at all. We'll have so much progression and by the time our little babies are grown up, but it's like he just makes it so comfortable that we can talk about this and that it's not an uncomfortable, kind of like elephant in the room.


And it should never it should never be that way. And just with anybody and making sure that people you know, it's OK if you make a mistake or say the wrong thing from time to time.


But the biggest thing is just feeling secure enough to know that you can learn from it or you have resources. And I mean, I'm from a biracial family. My mom's side disowned her because she married a black man. I grew up in an all white community where I can stay at my friend's house houses when I was a kid. Like we had to really fight for respect into to make our place in the community in which I grew up. So this is something that, you know, I've been around since the time I was a little kid.


But we know that we'll deal with some of these things. But it hasn't been a worry or anything like that. We just get through everything together just like we would in any setting.


And like talking about the questions, I think it's not something people should ever shy away from it. It's it provokes conversation and learning. More knowledge, and it's it's something that to me is beautiful and should it be backed away from and shouldn't be not talked about? It's not a negative thing to talk about interracial relationships or tiptoeing around like that's not it's not a negative thing. All right. We're proud of who we are, what we are like to me.


To me, that's what makes them beautiful. Like, I mean, I don't know, I just start singing again.


You keep giving me the chills.


I don't know. It's something that's different. And I think it transcends like love to me just transcends everything. It does. It does. It does. And I don't know.


I think it's one of those things that, just like I said, is just beautiful to me because it shows that it's coming from here and the electricity that we have at night, one I know you can see in my face and in my nerves and I got so shivah like.


You can't replace that, it doesn't even matter the color of anybody's skin, like it's replaceable that you can. I knew it. I knew it.


I you it's you guys as I love shirt. So I didn't see that. Obviously, I didn't know that happened, you know, I never knew that happened in that. And when I saw that I was goose, but I was like, damn. Like I be pretty incredible.


I really felt exactly what you were feeling. I felt that in every sense. So that was that was beautiful to see.


I look forward to that.


The world seriously, where I need to turn off all my lines right now. We just see the everything.


Have a moment for those of you cannot see except the dog.


And, you know, we're all we're all cool by being over here with We Are the World Moment right now.


This is going to be my mom's favorite podcast that she's ever listened to because she's like she's going to say she feels the love with everyone.


That's not what I think that you guys is that when when you're watching a television show like like The Bachelorette, there's so many awesome, great. But dramatic and crazy and kind of like different parts of the episodes. But you're seeing as far with as you're seeing, eight hours, ten hours of two hundred and fifty hours that were that we were all were taking part in. And so you see a little bit of what of what the real picture is.


And behind it all, it's like. Yeah, there was a lot of hard things that were going on, on a lot of dramatic things, but at the end of it, it's like this. This is why I went there. This is when everything I was looking for and I don't know, man, I just I'm so thankful and thinking the same way as nothing in all my 30 years of life. I don't want to even talk about my age anymore, but it's it's a once in a lifetime thing where you just like it takes your breath away.




Well, Claire, we've obviously had you on the podcast and have chatted with you prior to you starting your season. But obviously this is your first time ever being on the show. We haven't had a chance to pick your brain yet.


But I mean, I'm curious. I think all of our listeners are curious, like you coming on to The Bachelorette. Like, what did you expect in your mind? Like, what did you think the potential outcome would be like? Did you like in your wildest dreams could do fathom sitting down now, like, what, four weeks later, being engaged, getting down on one knee with Claire now house hunting in Sacramento? Yeah, I mean, I honestly, I could have never planned it to go this way, but when I decided to go on the show, a big thing was to give up control for once in my life and just be fully vested, be fully present.


And when I saw that Claire was going to be The Bachelorette, that's exactly what made me comfortable enough to to do it, because I knew that even just from our interviews and the little bit that I saw, I felt her excitement, but that I could truly trust her. And I was willing to, I don't know, just say, like, screw it, I'll be fully present, give up all control. And it's something that was outside of the box.


But I, I was just in it with the open heart. And I think even mentally preparing for all those months I was preparing for her. I was visualizing and thinking what this woman would be like. So when I stepped out of the limo, like one, like my mind and heart was dead set and focus on being with her at the end of it, I wasn't going in it to try to figure it out. I was going to give everything I had and she was going to feel me in my heart, in my presence.


But I was giving everything in a way as if I was going to be there at the end. And this was just the beginning. But we were going to have a life together. So, no, I couldn't have predicted it, but I went into it in a place where I trusted it enough, where I was going to put my heart and soul into it and just open up. And that's how you have to be. When did you know you had it in the bag?


Like when did you know that you're like. Honestly, because I want to know that, too, so, I mean, could I have been more obviously terrible? I'm so nervous. Saturday night, the first night.


But after I got the first impression, Rose, there was a little bit of time where we were just walking and joking around that you didn't see in slow motion.


There was. But after that at night, I was like, damn, like, I don't know what happened. But that shit shook me to the core and I saw it.


And the next time I met, I saw Claire, which was with our group date. I was like. We had a little bit of alone time and we were just speaking the same language, and after that time, that connection in that spark was there, but it was even more intense with, I would say. Like surety with how we were both feeling and after that moment, I was just like, there's no way she's just saying this to say it like she she is she's got to be feeling exactly what I'm feeling.


And I've never had had those feelings or something happen that fast. And I was just like. There's no way that it's not me and she didn't come out and flat out say that, but we had it was weird and I've told people this before, like I had so many extensive, which you guys didn't see, but really long, great conversations with the other guys and where we're getting to know each other and talking about a lot of different things.


But when I was around Dale, it was like by night two or even night one. I think we had inside jokes. We were like it was like we knew each other for so long. And it was hard.


Are you going to like it? But we have these inside jokes.


Are these things where the serendipity things where it was literally in every conversation that we would go, oh my gosh, no. Me to me too. Oh, me too. And then I would go have another conversation with a different guy. And it would be like, so you're you know, you don't want to move out of your state and OK, and where did you grow up? And it was that very surface level where you're trying to get to know somebody within.


It just was like we felt like you just knew each other, actually. The icing on the cake, though, like hands down was pineapple.


Oh, I know you. Oh, my God. So we had on a group date the one that said three man had all the drama. That's all good. So Claire has a tattoo right here that says password. And we're we're in the El Presidente suite. And I'm asking her, I go, what's the tattoo, man? And she talks about it was like a sign for her and a friend when she was getting a little bit of anxiety.


They would have a password to basically say, get me out of here, help me. And then so she told me the story and then I go, oh, pineapple. And she goes, What told you?


Told you. So I guess the password of her, like like a pineapple that her and her friend used to have as a safety word, like save me or I'm like spinning out and I guess signs and we are like freaking out that I mean, like in my interview that night, I got my final call, my best friend on camera.


And I was like, what's what was the original password? And she was like, pineapple y.


And I was like, and he's being like, he's moving into the president's suite with me. I mean, obviously, Becca, what would you have said? I would have said care bear. What would you have said? You know what I mean. Like a neighborhood.


Yeah, exactly. Exactly. That was what I was saying, where it was like, OK, this is getting weird.


And, you know, it's like it's getting right. That's a call it. And I love these behind the scenes stories because it's people we've said this before because we talk about this in the show. But you film for weeks. People get two hours, not even two hours because you got tired and commercial break. So it's really like when a sex you don't understand all the background. And that's what these moments are so special. And that's why I love podcasting, because we get to understand how you guys, even if we don't but fully understand because we weren't there, we're not the two of you, but a little bit better as to why you guys connected so quickly.


OK, I don't know what's going on as of late, but I have not been able to go to sleep at night. I don't know if I just have a lot on my mind because of all this going on in our country. And I don't know, but I've been very restless. And so when I'm restless, I try to figure out what can I do, where I can just, like, ease my mind and have a little fun while doing that.


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So that being said, let's take a bit of a turn down. This is the compliment, Dale. This is the compliment for those people who make fun of the way I say it. This is the compliment sandwich in it, because, you know, we've got to get down to the nitty gritty. Obviously, you guys love each other. You found love. We were thrilled by it. But we like to answer questions that people have. Yep.


And there is a moment in the in the middle of this where we're kind of like. Dale, what's going on here? Things seem a tad shady, and I said it like when I, you know, like real shape, but just like I'm talking about the way that it seems. So we see you and you said it like and it clearly hearing the connection that you have, I get like you were like, well, I feel like I'm the best suited.


That was a comment that you made that was imposed on these guys. So I'll let you go through this. Explain why, one, you said that you felt like you were the best suited to talk to Claire. First, please explain the group hug. Hey, sorry. I want you to explain why you were dazed and confused wandering into the rundown. Poor Jay Largemouth recently got stepped over.


So this is so when I look at that and I feel like watching it, like if there's one thing I would have handled a little differently, maybe would have been that situation. But after the Yoseph incident and Claire had to deal with all that, yeah, it's just a lot. I'm very protective of Claire. I was from the get go. And so even understanding that verbal abuse and some of that aggression like it immediately sparked in memories of my sisters.


I have four sisters. I'm the only boy.


And all the women in my life dealt with physical or emotional abuse in some way, shape or form. And I've been the one who's always had to pick up those pieces. And so for me and also there was a lot of drama about guys cutting and showing up on other people's dates and all this stuff and what you'll see and realize. I wanted to get out in front of it right away and say, hey, this is what I want to do.


I want to speak with Claire first. If it's five or ten minutes, I don't care, but I want to see her first. The group hug thing was like a little bit like corny, whatever. In my mind, I didn't even think anything of it. All I was thinking about was Claire. And if any instance, even if it was over the top and made her feel loved, I don't care. And just naturally, in my day to day, I do a ton with community building events in the wellness space.


It's just love. So while it comes off a certain way, I don't care because I just wanted her to feel overly comfortable and just know that she was the focus. Obviously, I spent a lot more time with Claire than five or ten minutes.


It's hard in all one showed up. I don't even know these other guys that, you know, usually like a guy will come in. Can I steal you? Can I steal you? No one was there. There was.


Because you guys won the presidency. No one could find it. I've never been there before. I didn't even know where I was like. But there is a time in the video where I'm getting up and you're like, what are you doing?


I don't know. I do like you don't need. So it went like that. It really felt like that. And in all fairness to that, that was the night where I thought I can have a long period of time with each guy. And so him being the first guy, I thought, great, the next guy I'll have a long time with the next guy. I'll have a long period, time and each night. Truthfully, I. I made a conscious effort, even though it wasn't shown, I made a conscious effort to go above and beyond to give these guys time, to spend time with these guys.


And even if it was a limited amount of time that we got together, I was completely present. There is not like each and every guy I can tell you extensively stuff about their childhood, about their growing up, where they live, their jobs. Like I learned so much about every single guy and spent a lot of time with every single guy. Granted, that was a lot of time with him. But I just until that point, I thought we were going to have a lot of time.


There were five guys.


Who were you dazed and confused. Explain that. Explain the days that I want to give you an opportunity to explain why you don't listen when I came back.


Yeah, I don't want to explain it.


Oh, I was like sprung after I was there. I was like I this time. Oh, the second time when I came back. So I what you'll see, the guys started arguing. I think Riley and Ed, if guys were arguing, I didn't even want to sit on the like I didn't even want to be in it. So I always get up and leave, you know, I just got up and left and I was chilling for a little bit.


And then I was like, well, I'm going to see if Claire or someone somewhere saw me walking through. I didn't know Jay was in there. I didn't even know they were going to be sitting that close when I opened the door and then they were there, you know, so I was like, hey, I can give you some time, whatever, come back and say, oh, come on, I'll come on.


I'm not going to I'm not going to deny that or deny time with her and coming back out of it. I was sticking on some things that guys were trying to say that I had this plan in my head, in this malicious intent, I was like, y'all were arguing. I went up, went to the restroom, couldn't stand there anymore. That I was like, I'm just going to go find Claire. It was like an impulse thing. That's who I came to spend time with.


So you had said that I think people would have accepted it more like, oh, I know.


I went looking for you in my chair.


I was cringing, thinking like watching your back. I was like, oh, my God. And then it comes back. Just own it. Yeah. You don't have to keep peace with everything in every situation. If you try to make everyone happy, you just end up hurting the people you care about the most. And that's exactly what that situation was. I had respect for the guys. I didn't want to step on their toes, but also like I was at a point I could no longer, like, cut into the time Claire and I had and I wasn't willing to.


But you can't make everyone happy. And also after that point in the night, but also during filming and everything, I said, if I was resonating here, I'm here now because I'm no longer worried about the opinions of everything else. It's just as long as Claire's happy, that's all.


And in all fairness, I will say this, too, when he came in and like you just said, like he came in and what it's easy to watch it on TV, I think. But in the moment it was I'm in a jacket. It's probably one hundred and fifteen at that point. And you're tired.


And on top of that, I started to have anxiety because it was like one day after another, after another. And it was almost like I at that moment, I was feeling a lot of I was feeling overwhelmed by the conversations and and then so at that point, I was already really, really comfortable with Dale. And so when he came in the room and was like almost like a little bit of a relief of a breath of fresh air, that was like, OK, you know, when, like, you see your sister walk in the room and you're like, OK, I can calm down or like, hey, this is going to make it a little bit of a relief from that anxiety.


And it wasn't Jay wasn't giving me anxiety, but it was almost like it was just a breath.


Sure, it's overwhelming. It was like, oh, so nice to see. Yeah, we have just a really good time was really and such a fine line to walk like that.


I don't think viewers always realize is like you as the as the lead. And there's The Bachelorette like you're trying to give all of these guys enough attention and be invested, but also like you have this relationship that, you know, is like really solid forming to you, of course, want to spend your time with them and vice versa for you.


Dale, as a contestant, I mean, like you seem to get along with the guys, like you were close with a lot of them in the house, but at the same time, like you were there for Claire at the end of the day, like you were there to find love in her. And so it's it's it's a difficult balance, like on on all sides. But still, I want to ask you, was it difficult to maintain friendships when you obviously knew you were a very high up front runner with Claire and that you had caught her eye and you were getting more time and attention from her?


Was it difficult to maintain those friendships? But then also, like, have they now been supportive since the news of the engagement? How is that then?


Yeah, I mean, honestly, it wasn't difficult at all for me personally. And I have so much respect for all the guys and there's been nothing but love and support. I said to each and every one of them, I learned so much about Claire through the other guys by listening and asking questions time when we were together. And I think certain things can be shown and people might have an opinion. But there were like hella great guys there. And I think there's just a lot of love and respect.


And that might have been why some of the drama was so intense the way it was, because we all had those relationships and for something to come off. And I think that there was cool intention, I would definitely seeing and hurt a lot. But I I have a great relationship with them and I think it's respect across the board and they all get it especially. That's something that we all went through and it's a unique situation for everybody.


Here's how you tell Dell. Are you in the group chat? I am in the group chat.


You made it in. That's all chat the. But we made it in. Yeah, I definitely have it.


So that's the key. That is. Can I be part of the group? You know, I think you don't want to be part of the group chat room chat, but for our listeners there is always a group chat and it's always advised to not be a part of it.


They hate that it happens, but it's inevitable because you do establish these connections in these relationships. But the people that you spend more time with honestly than the lead, because a lot of people I mean, not a lot of people, not everybody makes it to the end. Only one does. So that's the. Key question, did you make it to the group chat? I did a group chat.


Obviously you did things right on both sides, dealt the tug, worked the issue, like if they see me because I host a lot of fitness and wellness things and like, I don't know, it was it was corny or was too much, but whatever did it work? It was. But it doesn't matter. At the end of the day, that group hug gets you into the group chat.


He loves me. And I'm like, come on. Come on.


It's a..


It's a South Dakota thing. I don't know. I never been to the state. And maybe that's all.


Have you heard this? I feel like if anyone would have heard this, when you hug someone, do you do it for at least seven seconds because it releases endorphins.


A long time ago when he was saying it awkwardly, oh, I thought it was seven.


I think if I had somewhere between 20 cents, OK, let's do the research, I think just seconds and if it's not 20 seconds, I'm going to be so embarrassed because because I held I've held Robert Mills for, like, he's trying to back out and I'm just hold on tight.


Googlebot it right now. There you are. Right. It is 20 seconds.


If someone for 20 seconds, you definitely got to get there.


I was seven and I had seven was awkwardly long.


Other things start moving besides the arms in 20 seconds. I don't like it. I don't like it. I don't I'm not I'm not here for it. But I do want to get into the first day. We touched on it a little bit. But I still like that first date with everything with you guys. And I was a game changer every it was a game changer. It and it explained so much. And if the viewers don't get it after watching the first day, then they're just like death.


They're really just trying to be hateful and nasty. So I want to talk to you guys about the group date and what it meant to you and what you guys were feeling to finally, because, I mean, even for you, let's just take a couple of steps back or Chris Harrison, who worked harder than he ever has before. And any third season prepares and pulls you to the side. And he's like, Claire wants to spend more time with with you.


And so, you know that information, but nobody else does. Yeah. You're walking into this not really knowing what to expect. Claire does, but you don't. And you share so much with each other, not just of your backgrounds, but what you feel for one another. And then you get into a good time. And my parents call it the closed door. So just to talk a little bit about what that first statement to you and maybe maybe share a little bit of what as viewers we didn't see.


Yeah. So when Chris pulled me out, I didn't know exactly what was going to be happening. But when he said, Claire, you're finally going to get some you're one on one time with Claire, by the way.


I was I know it looks awful. I was s I didn't realize he canceled when Chris canceled that rose ceremony, I was like, let's do this. It's on. It's on now. I was like, that's all I wanted the whole time was just one on one time because there had been other guys that had gotten it up to that point.


And I think I even said, once we get time together uninterrupted one on one time, it's a wrap. And that's so I was excited. I didn't know what to expect as far as the date.


But I mean, I could have easily just been like I could have easily dumped you.


So, I mean, how confident is he right now? How confident he's going to make it? If I was what we were feeling together, it was undeniable. So I said I was going to make her fall in love with me one way or all you think you want to.


One time I was like, well, that's why we're here today.


Goals the same thing to Brian. So I actually understand. But yeah, but that's that's all I wanted. I just wanted time with Claire from the moment I got there and as much as I could possibly get.


So once we got it, whatever it was I was I was I was happy to make you go back to the guys after the after everything that happened, because I was like, I don't after the night and especially after our date, that I was like, I don't know how I can go back in the house with the guys.


But also, like in Claire and I talked about this, I wouldn't have felt comfortable with it. And I don't feel like it's like, what do we do now? What do we do that? So and be honest, it was a date and a fantasy suite.


Okay, let's just call the wedding. You probably had more time overnight during that night than we did in fantasy suites.


Yeah, we was. Just because they what people don't see is that we had that essentially that from as soon as it got dark we had it was like a two or three hour dinner sit down dinner, which we did not eat the food because it was so hot and it was like getting the food over the phone.


It was gone. But we sat there for like two or three hours and I. I don't get nervous very easily, and I was so nervous because. It's easy for me, I don't know, it was it's easy for me to talk to you guys and have conversation because I do that every day. I work at the salon. I have conversations all day long. But with him and that level of vulnerability of telling him for the first time that I loved him.


With like I was so nervous, I just see my lips flickering the whole time and trying to stay composed, but it was a long dinner and then he didn't know I had a surprise for him of Christenberry.


That was unbelievable. And that song, I still cry and I still play it every single day. And it's not, my God, they are just everything. They also cover of. Would you guys be Beyonce? Yeah, Beyonce is. And it was the most beautiful thing ever. They're amazing. Yeah.


That like, I literally have goosebumps right now thinking about it.


And we've talked about how much literally for the last few months, like we can't wait to see this back because in that moment and anyone who sees it, I know like who saw it, it's undeniable what we felt. And it was it was so beautiful. Oh, oh, it was one of them. One of those moments where you're like, it can't get better than this. Can I get better in life? Like, it cannot get everything I ever dreamed it.


And that's why when I feel those feelings and I look back and I watch it and I remember those thoughts, it's like. I know it's hard going through the process and no, no, it's hard watching the guys on the other end struggling and not knowing what's going on and. It's hard it's one of those really hard situations because in that moment, my heart is like I understand what they're feeling, I understand the frustration, but to honor myself and to honor the feelings of what I came there for and to be in that moment of like this is exactly what I want and this is exactly what I came for to do.


And I found it. I found it. And so it was that. I don't know I don't know if the right word is like just what's the word I'm looking for juxtaposition of understanding, like there's all these, but just there's all these guys waiting and not knowing what's going on. And then just just having one. The greatest moment of my life. It's hard. It's a hard thing.


But you know what? I think the way that you went about everything, like I'm sure in that moment to the guys, because they just felt like they were waiting around it, probably. But in hindsight, like what you did to know and to say, like, I love Dale, like this is it for me, I have to remove myself from the rest of the season.


I think they'll look back and they'll respect that decision because you didn't waste their time.


And that was something that was really, really important to me. And I will drive that home no matter what people think, like I respect the hell out of those guys. And that's why it was really hard to go speak with with all the guys to let them know what was going on with Dale. And I didn't want to drag it out. I mean, it was it was a hard thing to do. You go through the whole season four to just be Dale at the end and to have them then feel like that time was wasted or give them another opportunity with another woman to find love.


And as much respect as I have for these guys, it was that really hard, hard position to be put in. But I think one thing that I can stand behind is, is that I spoken to you guys about it before, about my past and stuff that I've gone through.


But it's. It's it's for me, a big thing for my heart to be able to disappoint other people, to not let myself down. And I've done it in the past where I've. I have put my feelings aside and done what I thought the guys wanted or my feelings or my thoughts and done what's best for them, and then I end up hurt and I am. So to be able to honor yourself and honor your truth is something that I pride myself on.


And so it's a hard thing when you have to disappoint another to make yourself, you know, to do what's best for yourself. But we all have to do that. We all do. And we've all been there and we all have our own journeys as to how long it takes us to get there. But I know I've been there. Beck has been there where, you know, like you do sacrifice yourself and lose yourself a bit in a relationship.


And then when you come out on the other side of it, you're better for it. You know exactly what you want. Your better you're better prepared to accept when your person comes into your life. And I want to move into that because I want to talk about the proposal. Oh, it was beautiful.


And the good stuff. Yeah, it was.


Because, like, we got so many teases before that made it seem like Dell was thinking maybe it was Dale was maybe thinking that that wasn't the case or he was getting nervous, figuring out like, is he ready for marriage? And then he gets down on one knee even before he gets down on one knee and just lets it all out there at all.


Dell's been ready, OK, almost is waiting for the right person to get the needle full.


You really Dell and I want to talk about that because, you know, full disclosure, you know, I'll always whatever I say behind your back, I'll say to your face. And I sat behind your back. I said it on the podcast. But when we had you were on the Love Languages Day and we saw you do the words of affirmation.


I said, OK, I was just expecting just a little bit more from a little underwhelming, really underwhelming. And then comes the proposal.


And I said, you know what?


If this is what we were waiting for, I'll you play it again. All right?


It was beautiful. And I wanted to take you guys back to that moment and leading up to it. And we we heard from you, obviously, when you proposed, Dale, when you obviously proposed to her. And then we heard player talk about what she was, what the whole moment for her. But I just want to hear it. We want to hear it from your perspective of leading up to that moment and then what it took for you to get down on one knee and make that commitment to clear.


Yeah. So if you know, like anyone that knows me, like there was a lot of time and early on that I was nervous, obviously it's a new experience going on the first few times with Claire. But as we went on, like this was the most confident and we both say this, like that portion was not nerve wracking for me or us. I don't like we I felt so calm and so confident and I knew exactly what I was going to say, because I've run that through my mind hundreds of times, you know, and.


It wasn't it was never an option on. Whether or not I was going to commit and be there for her and give her everything that I had, so that's exactly what I did. And I told her even earlier, I was like, I will never leave you hanging. It will never be a time while I'm here that I will ever leave you hanging. So for me, I just I just expressed what I wanted. And just long story short, that whatever we have to go through, both the good and the bad, I'm going to be by your side throughout.


And I still love hearing. And honestly, like, I think a lot about it, too, like I was very, very, very emotional after our one on one date. And like, you don't see this, but there's an interview like, what would your mother say to you? And I was bawling and I was like and I said that she would say that. Thank you. Thank you for everything that you've done in holding our family together.


But thank you for putting yourself first for once and finding happiness. And all I can think the entire time is how much my mother would love Claire and just. It's and I know she know she feels her presence, but, yeah, it was just never difficult, like it was always written, it was going to be her and I and from the moment I stepped out of the limo to be in there at the end, there was never a time when I was going to keep rocking with her and give her everything I have.


I think one thing that at least didn't hit me because I kind of understand, like I've lost a parent, too, is as you both have seen, you get it. One thing that Claire kept reiterating throughout the entire season since the beginning is the fact that, like, unfortunately, Claire, your dad passed away, but he would always show up. He would always show up. And he told you to always show up. And I think from what we saw, like Dale, especially in those last moments where it kind of makes it look like, is he going to show up?


Is he not like what's going to happen? Like you showed up?


And and I want to know, like, now that you've seen it and you've watched it back, because there's a lot that I'm sure Claire has said in interviews that you weren't privy to unless you watched it, is that she said you reminded her of her father, which hit me really deep because I said the same things when I was The Bachelorette.


And I think it's probably one of the best compliments anyone could give a person.


And so watching that back, like those moments of her speaking about you in regards to her dad and holding you to his similar standard, what did that feel like for you? Oh, I thought you were asking it for. Sorry about that. I know exactly how much. Losing Claire, losing her father affected her just based on what she shared with me and for her to say that and say that I'm by her father and she felt protected and she also felt the compassion.


That's all I ever wanted as as a son and a brother. I only wanted to provide that for my family and be that for my sisters and my mother. And I've always wanted to be a father. I've always wanted to have a family. Life and career takes you through all these different turns. And for her to say that she felt that in me and saw that in me, like, I can't even put that into words because that's everything I've ever wanted as far as just to be that for someone else and have that be reciprocated.


And I know that it's not. It was quick, you guys. It was quick that we got engaged. And I know you don't know, obviously, when it's that fast, you don't know everything about somebody. Yeah, but what I do know is that the things that he embodied, the I he showed me that we talked about things that were just even him showing up at the very end and not even wavering on it for one second.


These these type of things are what I have always looked for in a man and in the most intense I mean, look at the proposal. The most intense stressful could have been like a nerve wracking thing. He had written a letter to me. We'd written letters to each other. And and I was I was so I was like, is he going to show up? Is he going to be there? I don't know. I know how I feel, but I don't like.


Does it scare him, but it was it was like there's never going to be a moment where I don't show up for you and whether it be at the proposal and to this very day, months, months later, he's still when I'm just a wreck.


And it's he's in New York time, I'm in Sacramento time, and it's five o'clock in the morning, New York time, and I'm crying and he's just fading off, I'm like, are you still there?


And he's like, I'm still here. I watch the sun come up like I'm still here if you need me. And he hasn't wavered on that. And that's exactly everything I've ever looked for, like I said. And he he really does embody that. So the basis of what I'm looking for, he or what I was looking for, he has so albeit it quick, you can't replace those qualities. You can't just go there. They're not there.




Dell, we got to get you on the West Coast so you can get some sleep, which is what I did.


Just, you know, I like make jokes, but you know how we feel about you guys and how happy we are for you and for you guys have found each other in this crazy, crazy world and the shortest amount of time ever in our history. But as both of you have said on separate occasions, when you know, you know and Diana said that as well, the one thing I do want to piggyback on is the future the two of you have together and the planning routes and wherever that may be, and buying a house and having little light skinned babies with one another.


So what does the future hold for Clare and Dale?


Yeah, I think the future is. Is that. Starting off, what I love about Dell is that he nothing scares them with talking about the future. I talk about babies all the time. So many babies it does. He's like, yeah, that's what I want. And it doesn't scare you. And I'm I'll remind him of things all the time. It's like, you know, not getting any younger. I'll say things like that. And he's like, you think I don't know this like yeah.


Like let's do this. But like I told you guys earlier, we were house hunting today and pick out the area. We live it or we want to live in and.


What's important, he knows what's important to me is right now being here for my mom. And that's and that's something that's honestly this hasn't been a tough decision like what needs to happen in the future, because as long as we're together, for me, that's that's all that matters. And thankfully, we have the ability and myself included, even though I have roots in New York to where I can be, where I need to be, what I need to be.


But we're building a life. We're building a foundation. We want to have a home here. And ultimately, in the number one thing is to make sure that we're both that she's secure and safe, but that her family and we're doing what's best for us, but also our family. So whatever it is, as long as we're together, that's the only thing that matters.


And I say, yeah, I'm probably going to cry. But Claire, I've talked to you about this before is like one of the first conversations that we had. But just to hear you say that that's what's important and to be there for her with when you're here from the perspective that cry.


I've tried to find the right words when someone, a loved one, is going through dementia, it is so hard on the caretaker. And I've I've been very honest with Claire about this. I it runs in my family and I make my grandmother my very, very close women of my family that that I have grown up with have suffered from dementia. And it is very, very hard on the caretaker. And so just to hear you say what's important and that you're going to be there with her, I know is everything that you get and you understand it.


And I just want to acknowledge that because not everybody gets what it is to be there for someone who's taking excuse me, taking care of someone who's going through that. And so, once again, it's like the further we get into this conversation, the more it's so relevant. You guys are so meant for each other because not everybody is so willing to understand that to put their life on whatever it may be on hold to be there to support the person who's going through that, even if you haven't been through that yourself.


So I just I'm sure Claire has acknowledged that a million times. I just want to acknowledge that because I know what it is. Yeah, it's brutal. Dementia is a good one, not a good one to do. But it's I mean, even things down to there was a moment where we're going we're going through this process where people don't know we're together and we can't talk about it or anything like that. And obviously this season there was not hometowns.


But since my mom dementia, it gets rapidly worse.


And he had actually what people don't know is that he had come up here and had it was when they were just allowing window visits with my mom because of covid, he had come up and. How to talk with my mom and just said it like she sees you, she was like, where do you live? And he said, New York. And she's like, are you taking my daughter to New York with you? And he said, No, we're keeping it right, right here in Sacramento with you.


And so it was just like things like that that are just a re reconfirming everything that I have been looking for and that I wanted in a man, somebody that will understand this in real life stuff. Show aside, the fun stuff aside, I've always said I want to go. I will be around for the hard stuff or the nitty gritty. But when it's not pretty for when it's not easy and he's just embodied that, I'm so happy for you.


I think you guys have that with each other and that you have that support system. And now that you're just like supporting her through it all, I she's done the same valuable. Yeah. And I get that constantly from Claire. Another thing we and this is in a short span, we both had to support each other emotionally in a lot of different ways. My high school coach, who was a father to me out of nowhere, was diagnosed with stage four cancer throughout his entire body.


And they didn't think that. I mean, it was it was ugly. And she was with me the same thing. I'd be crying all night. She'd sit up on the phone with me, was willing to risk everything just to fly to South Dakota. She didn't care about contracts or anything just to be there and support me. And by the grace of God, like, he's so much better and things are great. But she really, really, really was my rock throughout that whole thing, because I was I was I was a mess.


And it's just it wasn't a question of if it's like, what can I do? How much can I do no matter what I got you? And that's special. That's something that I haven't had outside. And I think that's all we want to do is we just want to know that we have someone in our corner and we know that we have that and it's not gonna change us. That's not to be long winded. But that's that's what I'm talking about.


With such a short engagement and with knowing each other, the root in the core is we're not going to give up on each other and we've got each other's backs and anything else we can handle. But at the core of it, we've got each other's backs. And I don't need a lot more than that. And we got love.


We got that to when the cameras go away.


Audio All of that is about sticking with each other through the hard times. And that's the things that people don't see. And so I you know, like I'm saddened that you guys have gone through hard times, but I'm glad to know that you've been able to be strong for one another. When one is weak, the other one's strong. You've been able to lean on one another to get through it. And that is why you have a successful relationship, not because it's been serendipitously you found each other about love on television.


It's because you have one another's back through the hard times when no one else is looking.


Yeah, yeah. I'm really happy for you guys. I am.


I can't wait to see what the future holds. And I have to ask you, I just actually I don't even want to ask you I just have to call you out on one thing because I took an audio recording of it. So give me two seconds here. Oh, God. Hopefully my phone doesn't die. OK, here we go.


This is what we're proposing to do that after you stole the damn thing from do I all the way back to the day, I literally won it when I watched it, I watched it because I literally I blank out the moment. It was just like, ha. But what I was like, that's because I think that's funny.


I was watching it and it was I was late with my dog was like, did he just like, oh my line.


But it was so worth. And so I'll, I'll give it up for this because it was very, very worth it.


Thank you. OK, two more questions. Before we let you go, I have to ask this, and this is going to be the beginning of us hearing this one million times in probably the next two years. But do you guys have any wedding plans?


Oh, OK. So. We're dabbling, you know how it is with guys like he doesn't he's not scared of anything, but I'm like, so here's a wedding dress I.


And here's the day that I want to get married, and he's like, OK, look, I mean, everything is like he truly is like the into my yang. Like, I'm I'm passionate and heated and I have intense with everything.


And he's just like this very I mean, like he can hang with me, but he's very even keeled and very reasonable and just kind of like levels me out on some on some to some extent. So when's your sign. What's your sign. I mean, Libra, September. Twenty fourth scales. Right.


So I'm saying yes, but we definitely talked about it.


Obviously the times we're in with the pandemic makes some of the things a little bit difficult, but we just want to enjoy this time together.


But we I would literally marry him tomorrow if I could, and it wouldn't be what we could do this in a court. How are you going to do the wedding?


I'm an ordained minister party a little bit. I'm an ordained minister. Do you want to just do it right now?


We get to go back and look for the actual dates and you have your day planned, but do you have a wedding planned? Let's do the damn thing. Do we have a wedding planned? I'm going to make us all shirts. Oh, oh, I got you like it. Have you your dad that's we've got that one settled done. Mega party and the party. What's it called. The party popper. Yes. I'm coming along.


I got you. I will text you all information after all of this. I'm not wasting any time.


The Superdome, we don't we don't have anything crazy right now planned. I think we're just we're excited. I mean, I feel like I hear people when I relax, those people are like we're just excited to do things. And I like genuinely, he's like he knows what I want to do.


I'm like, I just want to go to Target together, you know, I get that we have we have so much fun to get. Like, our biggest thing has been just itching to go where we can go out and do the simple things. But we have fun. Just I mean, just chillin around the house. You guys take talks to come. We have been talk mainstone. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was crazy. Ridgeley. I have to get Tic-Tac.


No, no. You know, how much is that.


Why don't you change my mind if you guys wait till you guys go to Costco for the first time together, it's going to be magical.


I cannot little think back to the wedding planning. So my vision is to because I've never been a fan of like big weddings, but I really want to go to, like, Island off to different countries, different like tropical places have a couple of different just me and him ceremonies and come back and have just a huge, beautiful party with everybody in my mind.


I'm hopping with you.


You need somebody here, carry your suitcases and pack because I volunteer as Tribute Christenberry.


I'm like, look, I know you guys are kind of a big deal now, but can you serenade our wedding? And Chris was like more farmstay that they're so wonderful. Yeah, there's so on, isn't there like the suitcase guy for The Bachelor Bachelorette or.


Oh yes, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You can make that happen too.


I'm sure you more than happy that you had another. Oh, one more question. I did add one more question.


Well, because I truly want to talk to you for hours because you're just so damn cute.


But obviously you guys have a life to live and probably other things to do right now. So we'll clear, you know this because we've had you on our podcast. But, Dale, this is very new for you. But each week with our guests, we'd like to play Rose and Thorn. And so for both of you, I have to ask you, what was the dawn of the season for you and what was both of your roses? The rose?


I'm going to start can I start with Rose? Of course. All the roses, the engagement. I mean, hands down. I think that was the ultimate and. I mean, it was just beautiful. It was everything, you know, I was looking for. I know with Claire as well and that's what got us here to this point. So the engagement was definitely the rose of your Thawne.


Disrupted in I mean, the president like the thing was the thing that hit me, like I was fucking pissed. Oh yeah, well let it out. I like it.


Let it out. You can be. It's at because Claire can handle herself. She can she she's grown. She's been through things but. That's I know that affected her, it wasn't Yoseph that affected her, it was the action in hearing those things and that bothered me that whole night. It doesn't show those things. I was in this and. Again, I just I just don't like that that's that's not how any man should ever act in any instance and.


I just I would never have hope for her to go through that, but so that was the thought. But, you know, I'm happy at least even that night I was able to be there for you.


I will tell you guys this. That is not my thorn, because I will not give any man that credit to affect me to that level. First of all, I'll start off with my Thawne. My thought was probably the day that I had to walk in to talk to the guys to let them know that it was that I was taking off with Dale, although it was one of the greatest moments feeling confident in that. It was a really, really excruciating thing for me because I've talked about it a ton before.


How grateful I was for these guys to show up and to go through all the testing and to put their lives on hold at that opportunity, the chance for just love and. I thought it was a really, really hard thing because I. I have so much love for these guys, I have so much love for these guys and I really they showed up, but I know I repeat that all the time, but they really did bring some really deep conversation, some great things to the table in each and every one of these guys at any other time in my world, in my life, I would be honored to date any one of those guys.


And it would be such an honor to me because they are such great men. So that was a really, really hard thing for me to deal with. But on the flip side, my rose was probably. Standing there that first night when Dale got out of the limo and when you go into something like this. Even though there's thirty one amazing guys there. There could have been it's only thirty one guys out of this entire world. What if my guy wasn't there and I would never if my guy wasn't there, I was willing to walk away because I'm happy.


At this point in my life, I was established and had everything I'm looking for and just very content in life. And so knowing that he got a limo and felt like that electricity with each other, it was like when I said I knew it, it was like. It's everything I've ever wanted and waited for and hoped for in my life from a relationship that moment where you just feel it and it's mutual. So that was my rose. You guys both fantastic rose thorns.


This is what I need at this point. You guys, it's been absolutely amazing to talk to you both. And Becca and I want to do a cheers to you guys. So if everybody can grab their drinks, cheer if it's water. We are so happy that the two of you have found one another in this crazy, crazy world and are living proof that it doesn't matter the time, it doesn't matter the circumstances. A year, 20, freakin 20, if it's love, it's love.


You fill it, you fill it and you connect, you connect and you know it all can happen. So here's to hope and here's to taking risk because you never know what's on the other side of it. So cheers to you guys. To you guys.


All right, you guys, what? Just what a lovely couple.


I'm so excited for them as they continue on this journey. I hope that they find a home. I hope that they make the cutest babies so we can be aunts to them. But, you know, as sad as it is to watch another quote unquote season come to a close, we're not done yet because we still got the rest of the season as as we saw the New Jersey and The New Bachelorette with Tatia.


Finally, we can talk about it. I, I Becca has felt silly, silly, allegedly, and rumored bachelorette tatia when we all know that Tatia was going to come at some point in the season. And I'm just so happy that we can acknowledge Tatia that we have finally seen her acknowledged by the franchise. I get it, though. I do. I get why Claire needed to play out before we brought into show. We need to give respect to Claire and let her do her thing and then fully let Taisha have her moment.


I do understand it, but it has been frustrating having an opinion on the whole thing and not being able to speak on Tatia. We knew it was coming. I mean, my God, I'm out of season. I sat out there so, you know, so it's it's just great.


We feel so free in this moment. So you guys, we have such a treat for you in the next podcast because we're finally getting to talk to Tatia and we're going to talk to her about so much. We're going to talk to her about some of the questions that you guys have had. We're going to talk to her about how this all came about, what she was feeling, why she decided to say yes, what it was like coming in after Claire, what she was feeling, what she was excited about, what she was fearful about, and what is to come for her.


And, of course, we're going to try to, like, bear a little bit and see if we can get the tea on all of this. Plus, we have a surprise for you about what we do in this conversation with Teisha. We don't have the typical interview with her. So you don't want to miss out on what is to come in this interview. And the way to do that is to make sure that you subscribe. So let me tell you all the ways that you can subscribe to our podcast.


You can do that through Apple podcast, Spotify, the wandering app, or go subscribe wherever you listen to podcast, because we have got the team here. We have the tea. We might not have the tea. Unlike Tea says he has tea that he alleges can can cure covid. That's not that's another story. That's for another place to talk. We've got tea that's piping hot that you can't find on any other BATCHELLER podcast because we have our exclusive guest and we have our exclusive commentary as former Bachelorette's.


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Next week we are ready for you then say.