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All right, welcome back to Happy Hour listeners, Teisha and I just had a little dance party before we just kicked this off. The caffeine is kicking in these days. And you know what? It's a big week because we had a major finale just go down last night. And I cannot wait to get into some of the recap, but I more so can't wait to get into our guests today. And I'm so excited because I have my girl Tatia on today.


Next week she'll she'll be taking a break now. Yes.


I'm still here filling in for Rachel, but she'll be back next week to reclaim her time. So stressed. I'm still I'm not ready to leave yet. I'm still having fun.


I know this has been such a great time. It's fun to switch things up and people don't always love change, but I feel like you need it every now and again. And we've had bringing you on taking over bachelor happy hour with me. That's what we saw go down last night during and after the final rose. You know, I might see Chris Harrison in his typical fashion, but that's OK because we got something new and fresh, a different perspective, something that I think was needed.


So let's just get into last night while we're here. Yeah, but we have the newly announced bachelorette, not Katie, because she is currently in the bubble. But we have none other than my Minnesota girl Michelle coming on. And we're so thrilled. I mean, I've just been having this conversation, but before that show, we saw something very different last night. So let's get into I don't even want to recap the episode. I just want to get into after the final rose, because that was like the big ticket item, the most historical impactful, I think, after the final rose Bachelor Nation has ever seen.


So overall, did you have any highlights, any conversations that really stuck out to you?


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You know, I just have to say, I really appreciated the way that you approached all the conversations, like he did kind of dive in to how uncomfortable things may be.


But he also he didn't let Matt or Rachel off the hook.


He grilled them both, as well as Michelle asking straight up, like, are you still in love with him? And like, he's right, his last name, I got to see him. You have anything else to say? And I just thought he brought such a fresh perspective. And I'm really happy he was the one that was chosen for afar. Just putting that out that first I am I am, too.


I think like it's such a weird position to be in, you know.


Yeah. Nothing like we've ever seen before. Chris Harrison has been doing this 20 years, but I think Emmanuel was the perfect host because it's not like he's infiltrated with. He's right. Biased. He approached each and every conversation very uniquely, I think. And you could really tell that he sat in those emotions of like when he was sitting with Michelle and like, really feeling for her having to, like, relive and stir up some of the emotions.


But I mean, the part where he first sat down with that, James, and said, look, like a conversation between two women is going to look completely different than a conversation with two athletes. But like the conversation between two black men is something unique, and that is something that we have never, ever, ever seen on that stage before. The fact that two black men can sit down and talk about race and diversity and the issues of this franchise.


And, yes, still the love story. I thought the moment he said that, I was like, we are hooked.


No, really, though, it's a different perspective than we've ever got.


And will we ever we would never get really exactly like Chris Ellison couldn't have done that. No one can say that.


No, he can. And even if he tried to, this is the thing I know as the man he is and as the host. Yes, you would try to, but it's a totally different level of having someone actually understand what it's like to Azmat James continue to say be a black man in America and oh, my God, as soon as he said that, I was like, no, this is going to be frickin good because it's true.


No one else could really.


It was just. And Chris, I mean, he has been he is a professional. He's an incredible host like. Yeah, he knows how to get out emotion and have that dialogue. But this was just so much more real. It was raw, as he said at times it was uncomfortable. But that's OK. That's what we need to be having these days.


And like overall, if people sat through that AFAS and like it didn't have a major takeaway or learn something like go back and watch it again and listen, because it's so much more than just a love story, like. Yeah, like there was one.


I mean, there wasn't just one. There was several parts, several points that Emmanuel had made that I was like, damn, this hits home, this hits hard.


But like, this is what we need to be hearing right now is he made a comment at one point when he was talking to Rachel, which I think, you know, you're going to say because it's so good you're going.


Well, he his quote wasn't I don't want to watch it. I tried to write it down word for word. But he says prejudice is a willful commitment to ignorance.


And coming from somebody in the franchise who, you know, news flash, I'm this white girl from Minnesota. I've I have kind of lived through Rachel's shoes in the past. We saw that go down in my relationship on the show.


And after with social media, it hit hard because, like, you know, we've all no, I shouldn't say we all, but like many of us, especially who watch the show, the demographic, you know, we've been that girl, we've been similar to Rachel. We have done things ignorantly and insensitively that we didn't even know. Like sometimes you don't know what you don't know. But when he said, you know, prejudice is a willful commitment to ignorance, but like don't have to be willful, like, you know, try to do better, try to be better, try to educate yourself.


And so that struck a chord because I'm sitting there like, you know, I, I can feel for Rachel because I've lived through a very similar situation, but. Right. But he just articulated in such a good way that, like, really hit me as a viewer hard.


And I hope that that other people could take that away, too. I think it was. I could tell that Rachel is really struggling in her conversation with him, but she was also very open and honest and I think she's really putting in the work.


But your take away, you know, because as a black woman, you probably had different takeaways than me than what I did.


Yeah, no, but I actually really appreciate you saying that because you can relate to Rachel in that way and the fact that you are aware now it's a totally different ballgame and now you don't mean like it's it's something that needs to be seen as something that needs to be talked about for other people to be aware and to educate themselves. And I think that Emmanuel said it honest. It was perfect, he said.


What you did and what the party attended was more so regarding racial sensitivities and racial ignorance, he doesn't he doesn't say like you're a racist, but the fact is the actions that you had were racially ignorant.


And I think that that is so important for people to hear coming from a black man on TV, because it's he's not sitting there being like I think people have this perception that everyone is just like, you know, African-American people or mixed people, whatever it is, are just like automatically calling you a racist the second you do something wrong.


That's not what we're saying. We're just saying you're being racially insensitive right now. You are being racially ignorant. Like, let's just take a step back and, like, educate ourselves for a second. And I think that he just articulated it so well and put it in a way that I think is going to impact a lot more people than just racial.


Kirkconnell And, you know, I mean, it was just like, OK, it kind of makes you step back a second, because I feel like when people are, quote unquote, feeling attacked, they kind of turn off to being like, well, no, not and they automatically get defensive and they don't hear what you're trying to say.


And so I just I'm just so happy that Emanuel was the one that did this AFAS because I feel like he. I mean, he hit my heart in a different way, so I can only imagine him hitting a lot of other people. Yeah, I think and I will say, like, Emmanuel has become a friend, like we've had several conversations about this. And yet to play to to add to your point, I think, like the the verbiage was like racial ignorance and racial insensitivity can play itself out in forms of racism.


But that doesn't automatically make you that which I think is important. And I think like in this day and age, it's so easy to cancelable, it's so easy to label people.


But if people can realize their ignorance and their insensitivity and like for me, realizing my white privilege and how that hinders where we're at, where we should be in this country and to be able to check ourselves, I think that's the first step. That's the most, you know, acknowledging and and holding yourself accountable and moving forward in a positive way where you're not willfully, willfully committing to that ignorance. If it's the first step that I think we're seeing with Rachel now.




And another good point that he made was that because, you know, and I've I've read DM's, I've seen what has been being circulated regarding Rachel and the antebellum themed photos and.


Yeah, you know, like people are still having the argument of like, oh, well, what she did wasn't bad. And I don't want to get all into that because I don't want to you know, I don't want to take away from that conversation that was had last night. But he did make a great point that said, history can be remembered, but not all history was meant to be celebrated, which keep that in mind. We're not saying erase this history, forget this history, but acknowledge it and remember it.


But you don't have to, like, revel in it in a way. Right.


So I think that was another major takeaway moment, too, for me. So overall, I mean, it's not something that we're used to. And again, I know people don't like change. People aren't used to change at times. It's hard, it's uncomfortable.


But I think after everything we've seen in 20, 20 and at the beginning of twenty twenty one, there was no better person, I think, to come in and host that and to make I completely agree to make myself feel comfortable and just to have a real raw, open dialogue with Rachel.


So I also think, like with Rachel, I look, it's an uncomfortable situation to be in, you know. I mean, but at some point the conversation was going to be had. And I'm glad that we were able to have it. But I do appreciate the fact that No. One, she has apologized, but also that she was just sitting there and listening and she wasn't trying to defend herself. And I think it's so easy to, I don't know, just be scared and try to give yourself a little like help yourself out a little bit.


But the fact that she just was trying to listen, I appreciate it. And I think I hope it was so hard for me to watch, like the conversation between her and Matt or should I say the lack thereof. I hope that those feelings are the feelings that she uses to motivate her to do better.


Yes, because I know I know she felt how hurt Matt was. And I know that she. It was just an awkward silence, and I think I know that was really hard for me, but I feel like that's what. He felt at the time, and that's what you have to you have to appreciate that, you know what I mean? Of course, we wanted to hear more from him, but at the same time, like, that's how he was feeling.


And that was granted. And I really hope that Rachel took that. Yeah.


Yeah, he's hurt. They're both. I mean, a breakup in itself is never easy. A breakup on a public plan. And with the pressures of being the first black bachelor, I can't even fathom the range of emotion.


And I don't think it's going to be fixed overnight. It's not something that is going to, you know, like like you said, he can just turn off his feelings for her like a light switch. It's going to take time. So for everyone listening, please allow them as individuals to do what they have to do internally to move on from this, to heal their hearts and their heads and allow Rachel the room, like if she's very genuinely wanting to be better, to educate herself, to put herself in this new space of growth and acceptance, please allow her to do that, too, because that's that's what we I agree.


This country, you know, like if she was to say, you know, I screwed up, but I'm not going to change, like, that's one thing.


But I think she I hope she means it from from what she was saying yesterday, I, I, I could I think she's she's really trying to put in that work.


But for Matt to like he's grieving, they're going through this weird heartbreak and there's enough pressure just being on the show. So like please give them room and space and time. You know, no one likes being blown up when you're going through something like this. I know. From experience. So just allow them time, time to heal.


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Another thing that really struck a chord with me is when Matt said that just, you know, with everything going on in the country and the social injustice and everything like that, it sucks that he felt like he had to take all of that on and be the voice for all of that.


And I empathize with him for that because I never would want him to feel like he had to take that on and be the voice for the country, like for all of Bachelor franchise, because I don't think that was ever like intention. There's just so much that has happened in the last two years that I think we were all kind of a lot of people were looking for people to have like the right words to say in the voice of reason. And like, you know, I just empathize with him because I really hope that he's able to move on from life and not feel like he he constantly has to carry that burden because he has enough to worry about just being a black man.


So, Matt, I also just want to say that you did such a spectacular job, and if you haven't anything, you have us. Yeah.


You know, you're part of us and part of this crazy about your family, whether you like it or not.


You can't get rid of us, baby. Yeah, I know Matt said several times like he didn't sign up for what all transpired. You know, he signed up to to find love, I think, and to do what we've all wanted to do when we became this like as the lead.


But he signed up for that love like that. We all do like you go in. I think anyone goes into this, not naively, but just being like, I want to find my person, you know? And there was so much more to it. And I'm sure you felt it, too, as as bachelorette in twenty twenty, you probably felt a certain amount of pressure in the same way he felt. So thank you both for, I think handling it as you did.


Everyone's journey is different. Everyone handles situations and these types of conversations differently. So, but, but as long as we're having these conversations, we can't just watch this and be done like I want this to continue to be shown in the franchise, to be I want like I want what we see in society to be reflected in the franchise more. And I think this was a major step in doing that with having Emmanuel on after the final rose was a major step in doing that.


If you want to continue to have these conversations in your circles, like I highly recommend checking out Emanuels book. It's called Uncomfortable Conversations with the Black Man. I just finished about two weeks ago and it's so eye opening, I think I turned over every page with a different takeaway. I was highlighting it like crazy. So a very good read, especially for me like that. I can now take certain conversations back in my white circles and continue it.


OK, Patricia, before we bring on our guest, we have another major revelation. We have a couple actually. The first is that we only have one bachelorette this year. We have two. So before we get into Michelle's season, we have Katie, who is currently in the bubble, ready to meet her men.


But Katie's not the only one in the bubble. You and Caitlin Bresso both there.


You are going to be her mentor, her advisor, her friend, her confidante, somebody who has been in her shoes, who has walked through this crazy journey that is The Bachelorette. So how are you feeling, knowing what you're about to get into?


I mean, the fact that I'm in my third season is insane just because I wasn't that season. I mean, it's the bloopers.


So in case you didn't know that, I'm going to buy first do any bar with you in Jojo.


But I have to say, I am so excited to be here for Katie. I mean, one of the best parts about my journey was having all of you guys come and see me and nothing.


No one can give you more sound advice and another bachelorette, a previous bachelorette, because no one really gets what you're going through. And the fact that I can be here for Katie and help her along the way is so fun. And I feel like I hope that I can really add to her experience and help her in times of need, because I know I wish I had you guys a little bit more than I did at times.


And I was like, I need a girl with my girls. So if I can be her friend, her mentor, her confidant, whatever she needs at the time, I will definitely do it. I cannot believe I'm here. I cannot wait for her. She's going to be amazing. I just can't wait to get like I want to get my curling gauge, I just want to get her started. I'm excited for her.


This show needs more love. We need another relationship like what you and Zack found on the show. I'm I feel like she's in the best hands with you and Caitlin. Like, I have no doubt that you will be there for her, that you will make her laugh when she needs a laugh, that you'll have different emotions than then what she probably could have if you two weren't there.


So I'm so excited to not only watch her, but to see you and Caitlin on the big screen again, because, you know, we can't because I love you guys, so I can't get enough of you. I will have to send you some of my Bordo that you guys can pop and drink over your. I'm going to have some mimosas in the mornings, but send her my love, give her all of my best regards, give her a huge hug for me and just know that I will be thinking of you all when you're along this journey with her.


So I can't wait to see I can't wait to get all the T like, you know, I'm going to be blowing up like crazy.


I'm also so excited to be doing this with Caitlin. I feel like Caitlin and I have such different personalities and we've had such different seasons. And I think, you know, Katie is very lucky to have both of our different perspectives. But her and I have just been through a lot, also through this entire franchise and journey. So I feel like we have the experience in order to help her.


Caitlin and I got to rock and she has the best wing women. I will say with you, too, it's going to be incredible.


I cannot wait. I'm thrilled also.


The fact is, like Caitlin and I both had very different seasons. I mean, like she said, the season in the beginning with Brett, I shared my season with Clare. And now, although Katie is her own bachelorette, but now Michelle is also the bachelorette. So it's just like the sisterhood. It's just weird parallels that are all it is very weird.


But also at the same time, I feel like we are definitely the right girls for the job. So, yes, you got so bad.


I'm so pumped. I'm so important for this year. It's going to be crazy like boom, boom, boom, season after season after season. But like, hey, yeah. Kind of took a break in twenty twenty so I feel like we're just making up, making up for lost season. So this is going to be great.


So with that all being said about your nation, I mean we have to just get into this because I know you don't want to just listen to Tatian as much as I think we have the woman of the hour coming on very shortly.


So without further ado, I think it's time to bring her out. She took time out of her classroom to chat with us today, and we can't wait to get to know her better.


So everybody, please welcome your newest bachelorette. She's upgraded from Mrs. James to America's Bachelorette. Please welcome Michelle.


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OK, well I'm just going to dive right in because we are so incredibly excited to have you and so excited. I'm a very selfish person and to have a fellow Minnesotan on the line here, I have been waiting for this moment since the second you stepped out of the the the late arrival level, if you will. So how are you doing?


I'm doing so well.


It's been such a crazy season and I'm watching it. It's just watching it back is something that you can't really prepare for. Oh, it's been interesting. It's been a wave of emotions. But I'm I'm doing well.


I am considered.


Well, you look great. Yes. Amazing. Looks so good.


And before we really dive in, we I want to first start by saying, like, we don't want to really dwell on the past. We'll ask you a few questions about Matt and that relationship, obviously. But like this is a time to celebrate you because your world is about to change. It's about to blow up in the best ways possible. And so. Before all of that, we want to check in because obviously this major news dropped like you were announced as the official second bachelorette of this year, which is something the world has never seen before.


Like, this is crazy and it's because people love you so much. You're such a fan favorite. So now that this news is out in the open, like, how are you feeling in your head, in your heart?


You know, I'm kind of laughing because you're saying, are you ready for your world to blow up? And I'm like already has blown up.


I mean, oh, we're going to go out to eat with my family or going to the grocery store and people recognize you. That's just something that I'm not necessarily used to. And they recognize my family, too. So they're kind of going through that with me. But it's been really supportive from everyone. And it's a lot of teachers that have reached out to me and just have spoken about how they're so happy that I was honest about the difficulties of the school year and that they feel inspired.


And so it's really nice that the attention and the support that I'm getting is because they felt like I inspired them in some way and even to like not even only adults.


But I can only imagine how your students feel watching you. And let's be honest, like I can say this because I'm from Minnesota. I lived there for 28 years.


That not a ton happens in that state. You know, like we have some claim claim to fame, like we had Prince. But like, I feel like when I was on The Bachelorette, it was like the coolest thing that had happened to Minnesota in a long time. And now I think that I can probably speak from experience. I know like that the people that live there are probably going to be so excited and embrace you. But how has it been for your students who maybe not they don't necessarily watch the show, but they know kind of, you know.


Oh, that my teachers on the screen and she's going to become The Bachelorette. How are they receiving everything and like celebrating you?


So I had the students that were on that hometown episode. Those were my students that I had the previous two years, actually. And so I knew them really well. They knew me really well. And to leave for the filming of The Bachelor, I had only been in the classroom that I'm in now with those students for two weeks. And so this is kind of a new group that I'm working with. And there's been a lot of adjustments because of the pandemic.


And so we're kind of in a position where it's we're like on a week two of getting to know each other. And nobody had mentioned anything for the first week or so. And then I had to leave the tape afar. And when I came back, I was completely interrogated and they had found out and they had all of the questions in the world and there was no why didn't you tell us?


And I'm just like, OK, can you imagine having this conversation with your students?


Well, you know, exactly. And so I let them ask a few questions. And I thought they found out earlier because they said this young, I know that you're famous and I'm thinking, OK, here we go. And they're like, yeah, you're on TV. And I'm like, all right. I got by so, so much time without actually having to find out or say anything. And then they're like, yeah, we're basketball. So there are all these moments where I thought they knew.


But according to last week, they all know. Now, I'm not sure of if they know about the whole bachelorette thing quite yet, they'll have time.


The basketball court let them revel in that. I'm going to find out. But I mean, they they think it's pretty cool, their families or their parents watch. And I've spoken highly of me.


So, yeah, they're a little starstruck at times. But, you know, when I get them home, so we're back into shape.


So if you get your age and you test and you can ask me a question like, yeah, oh, the one thing I do want to touch on throughout your entire season with Matt and even at AFAS and the conversation that you had in the last episode with Matt's family was a lot of it was about trust, which I think any woman can relate to wanting, and man to man can relate to wanting in a relationship.


It was such a big thing for you and Matt. And obviously at the end of this, you were very blindsided in the way that he ended things. You know, most people go into that last day either expecting to get engaged or get broken up with at that older, quote unquote, if you will say that. So I'm sure you didn't expect him to call things off when he did. So what was it like?


In terms of trust, what was it like when he when he was sitting there talking with you about to leave and breaking things off and then is it still something moving forward that you keep high on your list in in in relationships when you become about moving forward?


Yeah, it's going to I mean, when I see people watch, it's very clear that I didn't excuse me, I didn't know it was coming. It was a thing where I'm a person that I I read other people's body language. And, you know, if I kind of felt like he was holding back a little bit, I would have to and I would have, you know, kind of figured out what's wrong, what's going on. But that was something that, you know, Matt and I even spoke about.


He kind of put on a face that day. And as much as I understand that, it was also really difficult because as you know, being on the show a few hours or minutes together, your relationship really is expedited. This is not a situation where, you know, you spend all day, every day together and it's a slow moving relationship. It's like every hour, every minute counts. And so for me, it was so hard to continue to put myself in that vulnerable position and fall even throughout that, you know, repelling the chateau date and continue to fall to then get to the evening portion.


And these uneasy feelings were going on the entire time. And so I think that was the difficult part, is I understood that things were going to change fast. I understand that I wanted the best for him. And the show was about him finding his person. But it was more for me caught off guard as I asked how he was doing and asked, you know, all of those questions during the day. And I kind of kept getting a positive response.


And so that was the hardest part for me, is that I felt like I did the groundwork to cover my bases to make sure, OK, cool, I'm going to keep being vulnerable.


And then it was, you know, pulled away a little bit. And also the nature of this show. And I and I get that, but that I honestly think I was sitting there trying not to throw up because my stomach was turning when I was happening.


And so it was difficult. It really is. But I'm doing OK.


Well, for women who have gone through something similar and have been you know, we've all been now broken up in very weird ways, very bad both ways. It's never comfortable. It's never easy. You know, at the end of the day, I hope that you realize, like you came out on top, you're winning now. And I hate to say this because it's so cliche, but everything happens for a reason.


Then I think you, like you needed that moment. And I'm kind of glad that he did it prior to actually that last day where you think you could potentially be getting engaged. But, yeah, it's never easy. And it's so hard to articulate those break ups because like when you're blindsided, at least for me, like I'm shocked. I don't know how to put into words what I'm feeling. But you expressed yourself so well. And the moment I think women especially I mean, me watching it when you were like, well, do I need to fight for you?


Like, what is this? I was like, yes, girl, you ask those questions because I felt like when I was being broken up with on the after the bachelor season, I just like shut down completely and didn't have any words. I couldn't even fathom the questions at that point.


And so I think in that moment, during that breakup and then even at afar, like you asked the right questions, like you worded everything so well where you left it all on the table, I hope you got your closure. How are you feeling now after seeing him on that stage?


Yeah, I, i that break up, it was really hard for me to get closure. And there was a conversation that I wanted to have because I was really struggling.


And as I was coming back to Minnesota, leaving Pennsylvania, it was really I felt like I was spinning in circles and I felt like I was trying to put the relationship down and I had but emotionally, I wasn't able to move forward. It was really difficult. And so. Because I wasn't able to get that closure from Matt at that time, I think that's what was making it hard for me. But I think the most valuable thing that I've actually learned from this process is that I now know that I can get the answers and closure within myself to give that.


So even walking on that stage from afar, I had the closure I needed. I had some questions, but I also wasn't putting the ability for me to get closure on Matt's responses, if that makes sense. And so so, yeah, it was it was hard to sit down and have those conversations and honestly get back into that headspace of leaving. And what that felt like in the questions that I had at that time, because in the end, I had already given myself closure.


I love that you say that you are able to ask the questions in order to get the response you kind of need, like you were doing the groundwork to try to understand if I could, you know, get the reassurance because I feel like it's so important in this process.


And that's part of the reason why you can make this such a transforming journey, if you will, on yourself, because, again, yourself in the world, but you rely on yourself to make those questions and decisions. You don't have anybody else to really consult being like, OK, so should I call him or text? You don't have the opportunity to do that. So you are sitting in the moment and you're trying to get as much clarity as you can.


And when you don't get it, it's more like a feeling. You have to just be like, no, like I know better, you know? And she always going to go with this. Oh, yeah. But the fact is. As hard as this journey was for you, I'm so kind of happy you went through it. So that way when you are The Bachelorette, you kind of understand how these people are feeling, you know, in that moment of time and.


Again, as hard as it was for him to break up with you that day, as opposed to like making you go to the altar, like I've even been there in that situation, and as weird as it it's hard to comprehend he was doing that because he cares for you. So it's like one day you will you're going to see it very soon, but you'll be in that situation to where you can kind of.


I don't know, you'll be feeling the same things, you'll kind of get it on a different level. So the fact that you are able to I don't know.


Yeah, and that's something that I look back I look back and understand is that, you know, I'm very black and white person at times asking the questions and just say just say yes or just say that I don't need a reasoning, as you know. Do I fight for that, too, OK?


You know, I this but I mean, to go back to what you said also, because it it really has helped me think about what I would do for the men coming in on my season of how do I handle those situations, how you know, when someone is pouring their heart out to me and maybe I don't feel the same way, how can I respond in an honest and authentic way? You know, at times when I know that the relationship is no longer going to be there and I'm going to be putting down or I have to put it down.


And so, yeah, it's such a hard balance. I mean, I yeah, I'd be curious to learn about any tips you have for that.


Well, we got a lifetime of your tips.


I have a feeling that this is going to be the first of many conversations that you will have with all of us women. And welcome, I guess. Let me just say that to welcome to this bachelorette family, if you will. We will you will soon be added to the group chat between all of us women. It's such a fun, uplifting, supportive group like we're all behind you supporting both you and Katie all of the way. So and any time I mean, like we are all open books here, like come to us at any point, we will give you lots of advice.


I don't know if you should. I mean, let's be honest.


You probably shouldn't take my advice, but stop it. Stop it. Yes, you should.


But you have you have something that Matt James never had like he had he had never filmed anything before. Like this was his first season going into it blind with you women. And so now you have the ability to know, OK, I've been on the contestants side. I've been one of many women. So I kind of know how the men will be feeling in this situation or if this were to happen or if somebody were to say this or if they're upset over something like you can you can revert to where you just were in the in mad season to know kind of how you would be feeling and how to navigate that, which I think gives you such a leg up.


You know, it'll help you empathize with them so much more than what Matt was ever able to do. So you're in a really great position for that. But like, let's just get in to the men, let's get into the future, because that is the exciting stuff like big you did for him.


OK, so I saw you. So let me just say this one more time.


You are The Bachelorette.


It still hasn't sunk in a thousand more times. And then maybe I'll wake up one morning and be like, OK, you might not like I still to this day, three years out, wake up.


And I'm like, that's like, did that actually happen? I don't feel like that for a while.


And I still got I got a man by my side. I'm like, well, where'd you come from? Oh, yes.


I was looking down at that ring like, oh yeah, we went through all of that to get to this moment.


I'm telling you right now, I don't think it takes a minute to sink in. It's such a surreal experience. But I'm very happy to be passing my crown to one of my favorites along with another favorite.


So I'm so happy for you. We are so excited. Oh, my gosh, Michelle. Yeah, but you are glowing and it's just incredible. And it's only just begun. It's only just begun. So buckle up. Yeah.


OK, one thing before we get into the future and all the incredible things. What, what. Something major or something that we didn't learn about you on your season, that you feel like the world now that you are announcing about. Sure needs to know about Michelle Young.


I'm such a strong question. I think that I mean, this is a side that people maybe had glimpses of. But I am pretty goofy. Like, I'm pretty, you know, don't get embarrassed easily. I'm constantly laughing at myself. I don't really take life too seriously, but I can have serious conversations. And so, yeah, I think that America might see my goofy side come out a little bit more. And I mean, they said they saw glimpses of it in the bloopers, but yeah.


Yeah, I like to joke around.


I can't wait. I mean you seem so well rounded, like intelligent, kind, patient. And we did see the goofy side. You don't have any of the women on that season, I think brought out that fun, playful, goofy side to him.


I agree with that. I completely agree with that. And you picked it up like right away. It was never like it took a little bit of progression.


It was just like boom, boom, boom. OK, so some that they haven't learned about you, but what about like for your relationship, like something that you're, like, truly looking.


Or in a guy and what kind of guys you date, what's your take? What are you looking for? Mm hmm.


I think, you know, I think the biggest thing that I look for in someone is if they have that intrinsic motivation. I'm a very motivated person. I have a lot of goals. I want to make an impact. And that's super important for me to have that in my partner and I. You can bring the best side out of each other when you're with the right person. And I love that. But also, I think it's super important for whoever I'm with to come into that relationship with that intrinsic motivation, because that's something that I'm really attracted to, somebody who is not just going to super cliche, talk the talk, but also walk the walk and also emotional intelligence.


I mean, are you not not that you have to perfectly be able to talk about your feelings, but to know what you're feeling and to be empathetic to the person that you're with and to be open minded. I mean, have an argument with someone who's close minded. And that's that's a really difficult situation. And so I think those are the two things that I'm really looking for. Mm hmm.


Challenged a little bit. I love that. I can't wait to watch this season. I'm just going to say, like, I obviously have to watch it for the podcast, but I have no doubt that you are going to have some of the best conversations. You are going to push these men in ways that they've probably never been pushed before. And I mean, in terms of emotional intelligence, you know, going on the show, like there are certain like everything is so sped up and there are certain conversations and discussions that have to be had like very, very early on.


And I think it's a good test to see who is able to kind of get themselves out of that comfort zone and who might be more guarded and and able to open up. And I think you will do an incredible job at that with them. And I think that they'll be able to feel comfortable with you. In the past, have you ever dated like a certain type of guy? Like are you are you like is there anything on your list that you like are really besides the motivation and the I like looks wise like anything else that you want or do not want.


What is a hard no for you.


Anything you seem to like. Um like in the head and I mean. Yeah. See with eyes open.


Yeah yeah yeah. You can add that to my list.


Everyone listen up. All the cast and producers add that to the very top of your eyes.


She is a prude. But I think one thing, I mean I'm a very active person as far as lifestyles. And so I go to the gym, I lift weights, I stay active, I play on club basketball or kickball or all these different things. And not that you have to be this chiseled athletic person. Right. But I want you to be able to live a fit lifestyle with me, because I think that's, you know, something that can hold two people together.


And when life gets busy and you both are going to work or you have all these other things going on, being able to go to the gym together and knock out a quick workout is something that I would love to have in my partner. And so I think that's something that I really look for the guy to keep up with you.


You got to be able to keep up with me.


You know, if you could keep up with the whole classroom kids, that means you got like you got the energy to do. They better step up.


Yeah, that's a different type of energy. I'll say that the more exhausted energy I can only imagine. Well, OK, we just got to throw this out there. This is the perfect time to say because like, we want nothing but the best for our baby. Like we want the top of the line men, a brother, a cousin, a best friend, just an incredible man in your life. Please submit them for our girl, Michelle.


And if you don't know where to go, I mean, we say it before and during every episode you have to just had about urination, dotcom slash apply. And like, I'm not kidding when I say Michelle, like, I'm ready to sift through some of these applications and find men for you because we need it's going to be men who are motivated, who are driven, who are ambitious, who are kind, like all the things like please apply for great men for our girl.


Michelle, what kinds of things does a guy have to do to really impress you? Like, what's one thing if a man does it on a date or just like in general, you're like, damn, he's good one.


I mean, when somebody listens to the small things and to listen to the small things and it's not just I mean, I can even go into the love languages because I feel like everyone goes into the love languages.


But I think it's super important that when you are talking that that other person is genuinely listening to you and genuinely interacting. In those conversations and is able to bring up those things that you said at a later time because you know that they were listening, and so that's something that I look for. And obviously that's going to be kind of hard for me to ask can be a challenge, because now I have this wide array of men and I have to listen and I'm going to do my best to remember everything that is said.


But, yeah, I have a lot of people helping you with that.


Yeah, it's going to be hard, but you'll be fine.


You'll be fine, you know, with a little notepad making notes. But I couldn't imagine what. Yeah.


How many can truly listen and understand and learn about you and somebody who actually wants to continue to learn about you. And when I was on the season with Matt, I talked a lot about staying in love and I got a lot of that from my parents because I've watched how they treat each other, how they listen to each other when they're talking.


And that goes such a long way.


Mm hmm. Well, OK, I want to get into your parents because I think all of America fell in love with them when we saw them at your hometown like they were just the absolute cutest.


I mean, can I just say hashtag a couple of goals? Like, they were like they just seemed like they had like this zest in this love for each other and for you. It was very apparent. It was. And we've said this on the podcast like it was one of our favorite hometowns, especially this season, I would say, for sure. So how are they feeling for you? Like, what if they could manifest anything for you?


What would they want for you?


You know, in the episode where Matt got to meet my family and my mom asked, does he feel like that? That was something that was very true, as when I was dating, when I was looking for my person and when I'm going to be looking for my person. It is somebody who really does treat me like my dad treats my mom because she is so respectful. He continues to go out of his way to do whatever he can for her.


He's so supportive, gives her a voice in times and and vice versa. And so I think that's what. I'm so thankful for is that I had this amazing, healthy relationship that I could see. Grow continuously as I was growing up and still now and supporting each other, and that's something that I'm going to look for and I know it's out there, it's might it might be hard to find, but that's OK. I'm not willing to settle.


That's why it's so rare, too. So congratulations to your parents and able to, like, show you exactly what a healthy relationship as I think it's so hard to.


I don't know, especially when you're in your own relationship.


There's so much to navigate. And if you don't know how to do those navigated properly and you have those tools, it makes it really hard. I mean, it's doable still, but it just makes it really hard. And so you're honestly one step ahead. Kind of been a lot of people.


So which and also, too, I mean, you like you're coming in in such a special, unique way and much like Taisha, like you're coming in, you're like your parents are this beautiful interracial couple, like, have you been able to and maybe you had this part of the show, too, but also being on the show and like moving forward, knowing that you're going to meet 25, 30 men of all walks of life of, you know, black, white, Asian, you'll see more so than you've ever been able to date, probably in Minnesota.


Are you able to navigate those types of relationships with your parents and get advice in terms of like potentially being in an interracial couple with them?


Yeah, I think my parents have a lot of insight on sometimes the challenges of being an interracial couple and growing up, I mean, I knew that there were some situations that my parents had experienced where they were traveling and they walked into a restaurant and were treated completely different because they were an interracial couple. And so we've talked about those things. We've talked about those challenges. I've seen how they've handled those challenges. And so that kind of gave me a perfect example of what to do, how to handle it, having children that are biracial and potentially the challenges that that can bring with people's views, unfortunately.


And so, yeah, I do I do think that I'm in a good place where I have had that example.


And I can I mean, they're always going to support me and they're always willing to give my advice, give me advice in an open way. So I'm yeah, I'll be leaning on them a little bit. Yeah.


I'll definitely say you're going to start dating people that you probably have never even imagined yourself dating. But I think that's the best part about this process is like you are given opportunities that you might not have had before.


And just to lean into every single one, you never know who will surprise you. And I feel like I mean, that's what happened to me.


And I feel like, I don't know, just be so open minded and don't take anything off the table, like feel it out if this is your time to actually do it, because you might be coming out like engaged, you know, and then you ain't got no time to do it again and take full advantage and definitely utilize your parents when they come.


I am so excited for you to do this entire journey. I feel like it definitely comes out of nowhere. I know that. But I feel like you have such a good foundation and you're exactly what you know, the franchise needs. And an example for a lot of people. So I'm so happy for. Coming up, honey, you're coming up. Coming up, I want to I want to leave some time because I feel like so we've had a bad Bible in the past where we've passed it down to all of the bad.


I think it was given to me actually on my season. So three years ago from Kaitlyn, Jojo and Rachel. But do you have any advice or do you want to ask us any advice or tips before you go in? I mean, I know that you have some time. Like like I said, we will continue to talk. But right now, just since it's all so fresh, like anything that you want to ask us, since we've been in your shoes, I honestly want to know what you feel like.


The helpful the most helpful tip is going into this position or after you finish, if you're looking back and you're like, oh, I really wish I did this or I really wish I would have thought of that beforehand. So now that you've been through the experience that you have, what is the biggest tip or. Yeah. That you would have for someone like me?


Oh, one thing I would say and I feel like you're going to do this like so I feel like I don't even really need to like, explain it that much is to stay open minded in the sense of like, you know, when you're dating, you have the luxury to like, go on one date. And they're not for me, I'm not into them here. You still have to keep a certain amount of guys around each week, as you know.


And when I say stay open, like you never know who is going to surprise you. So you could have one date or one group date with somebody or one conversation and be like, I don't know if they're for me.


Like, you know, it's not all there yet, but keep pushing through because some people will pleasantly surprise you and you will be so shocked.


Like I went through most of my entire season thinking it was going to be one person. I was like dead set. And then, like, towards the end, I started to open up and be more surprised by, like. Other other men where I was like, OK, I'm glad I didn't write this person off week one or week two and they got to week five or six whenever. So just keep that in mind. Like there's going to be times where you're going to be exhausted and your amica I'm over this person like I wasn't feeling it this night.


They might have had an off night. You might have had an off night.


So just, just be open to that.


Like you never know when it's going to slap you in the face and you're actually really like this person.


One thing in hindsight, and I can say this now, years later, because I've done a lot of thinking about it and, you know, really going back through, like, how I handled my season versus then and now ask the right questions in the right way.


I went in thinking, you know, I didn't think he knew. And I know what I know what I'm here for. I know what I want. I know what I needed in a partner, what I'm demanding of these men. And I thought I did an OK job at the time. I'd like navigating certain conversations and asking certain questions, whether it was on camera or off. Looking back now, I didn't. And so now I would just like be so direct and intentional in what you're wanting to find out about these men, even if it's uncomfortable, even if it's going to be hard, even if it could lead to like the end of whatever relationship you're having with any of the men, just be very intentional about what and how you're asking things.


That's me, I mean, I could go on and on, but I think the main takeaway is at this point, she probably has completely different ones. No, that's not true.


I kind of agree with you, but I feel like you know that now because you're you're you're more mature, like you've grown and you know what you want. Now, I feel like, Michelle, you have a really good head on your shoulders.


And I feel like I don't know.


I feel like I'm not worried about you asking the questions that you're going to need answered, but I feel OK. So I'm going it.


I will say. Have I ever told you you have no expectations and don't just cling to what you're used to? I feel like that's what you'll be most pleasantly surprised at is because, like, when you open yourself and you're just allowing the moment to just happen and not overthinking everything, it allows you to put your guard down. The guys actually see who you are. They automatically become more like calm and like able to open up to you.


And it just it just take it for as normal as you can make it. It's very abnormal. But at this point, you kind of have a little bit of experience under your belt and just be confident in who you are.


Like you own it, like, you know, you have to offer.


So just go make them work a little to just be you like it's fine. Don't think about it. Like I said, test all the waters.


But as far as like looking back, to be honest with you, obviously I don't regret anything because I'm heavily engaged. But I really, truly think that I was myself. And even if I did mess up or I you know, I could have asked a little bit more questions, I think that I have a good enough intuition and I think I have a good enough sense of self that I was able to navigate those waters.


And so I think that's also a really big part of it. Like, again, being reassured that, you know, what you're doing and you're making the right decisions because you can continuously think that you're not doing the right thing and then throw away another relationship that should have been.


You don't mean like second guessing yourself. You don't need to do all that.


We always play a fun game with our guests, which we will get into. But I want to leave the floor open to you because your big moment will be coming up in a few short months. But before that, we obviously know that Katie is going to be the current bachelorette a little bit before you. So before before she goes off into filming and all that. Is there anything that you want to say to her? Any words of encouragement? Like what sentiment would you leave for Katie at this point?


I think it's a lot about what you two just spoke about is truly being yourself. I mean, this process, if you do throw yourself in, I mean, there's that quote that everyone says, trust the process, trust process. But really, when you put down social media and your phone and you kind of put down small talk, you can really dig deep and get to know one. And I think the biggest thing is to not she doesn't need to be robotic.


She she can be her complete, genuine, authentic self so that at the end of this, even when the cameras are done rolling, those two people, her and whoever, hopefully she ends up with, truly know each other. And it's not necessarily the situation where it's a surprise coming later. And obviously there are going to be bumps because it's a relationship in such a short period of time. But I think Katie will stick. I think Katie will stay true to herself and I think she'll do a really good job with that.


But like you like you just said, that's the biggest thing that someone in his position can do.


I want to know, Michelle, who were you closest with at the resort?


Yeah, I was close while Ryan, we were we were roomies for a little bit. And then Serena P and Bree.


OK, good group. Oh, cool. And do you still stay in touch with most of the women or I guess those women? Oh yeah. We talk every day. Yeah, I love it. I'm sure we'll be seeing more and more familiar faces on your season too, so I can't wait. OK, game time because we know that you're all about the games.


OK, so Michelle being the new bachelorette, we're going to play a game called a Rose or I'm going to try to put on my best announcer voice. OK, Rose or goes we're going to give you a few scenarios that could happen on your season, OK?


And you have to tell us if it's a rose or if they'll go.


So I will kick it off. We're just going to give you different scenarios. You tell us, are they going to stay or they're going to get that rose or go? It's very straightforward, obviously.


And some of these have happened on past seasons. So I don't know if you would handle them the same way. Some maybe. I just like made up scenarios, but here we go.


It's night one and a guy steps out of the limo wearing a costume, maybe a squirrel costume.


Is it a rose or does he go, oh, gosh, I feel like I had to talk to the squirrel, but.


I'm going to say, Rose, OK, maybe nobody, maybe not my final rose, I don't know what that's we're working with. Maybe she wears the costume.


I feel like they don't ever make it that far. Oh, that's true. I mean, to be more open minded, you don't know that Prince Charming underneath there. I would talk to the squirrel I girl and I always say this.


People people always knock the costumes, but night ones are always long. They're always freezing. And so it's like if they can get a leg up and stay warm in that costume. I mean, I had a guy show up in a chicken already, but I was jealous by the end of the night because I was so cold. I was like, can I wear this now?


OK, Rapid Fire. OK, you got to go quickly to see. OK, buddy, you're at a cocktail party and a guy sprayed champagne in his face Xeros or goes Rose, Rose, Rose.


All right, it's night one and a guy wants to be the life of the party and cannonballs into the pool rose or goes.


Goes yes. A guy arrives late a few weeks into your journey. Rose or goes rose. Obviously a rose.


Look at look at the gold. We got out of the shell. Literally. Literally, yeah. What if a guy rides up in a horse? Rose, a guy walks up the driveway with Alpha1 serenading you. Does he get a rose or does he go? He gets a rose.


OK, what about what about if a guy drives up in a hot tub car and I get it.


Yeah, you better probably.


OK, what if a guy steps out of a limo and speaks to you in another language rose or goes after Google Translate.


Mm hmm.


I tell you. What do you say he just leaves you hanging. It's like, well, come on, I will also talk to you, OK? What do I want to do? A wedding photo shoot with you? Oh, goes Taisha factory, I tell you that without permission, she wouldn't take the Taisha exact, they had to do this awkward wedding to date and look look at this ring on her finger.


Show it off, Teisha.


Well, I'm getting it resized. I don't have it all.


I know this is really awkward, literally gothic.


So I swear it's going to be coming in tomorrow or whatever. But I will say, look, that was the most uncomfortable situation.


But literally the way that he handled it is what kind of made me look like take him in a different light.


And I was like, oh, wait, he's very attentive. It's amazing.


As long as they're not like one upping you and like taking all the spotlight in this phone like it was. Yeah. Like he clearly knew I was uncomfortable.


Like maybe you shouldn't, you know. So it might be it might be helpful though.


OK, my turn is what is something that a guy can do that definitely means he's getting the rose.


Trying to think about something different than I already said, something different, I don't think. Motivated, honestly, if someone is lazy, that's like the biggest turnoff for me. Do you do you like overly confident men or does it kind of weird you out? If it's like borderline cocky?


I want them to have confidence, but I want them to be humble.


So I want them to be sure of themselves, of what they bring to the table. But I don't want them if they have to feel like they are showcasing it all the time or, you know, you get a huge group of men if they're trying to one up each other. Well spoken like a true Minnesotan. My mom's going to be listening to this music. I love that.


Michelle Young, when I was when I left for my season, she's like, just stay humble, stay humble, make sure the guys are humble.


So she's going to love this conversation. How do you feel about, like, kissing that one?


Like if a guy came out and, oh, my gosh, kiss kiss me. Fresh dilemma. How that make you feel?


Um, I like to take things slow, which I'm cracking up because I'm on The Bachelorette.


Good luck.


I mean, depending if he's a good kisser, if his eyes are closed right now, it's not hard to not hurt us.


Do people with his eyes open then? You know, we.


Would you send him home night one if you knew he was kissing you with his eyes open door that you would not?


Michelle. I would not. No, no. I would use PTSD. This girl's scarred. Are you okay?


PTSD, but I would definitely say that what if something that if a guy did this, he would have to go right away if he drank too much and was super sloppy, honestly.


Mm hmm. Yeah.


No one likes sloppy, no sloppy. And this is why this is great, because everyone listening and can know exactly what we are looking for and not looking for. And I say we like I'm with you.


If you're driving like a composed man, that's kind, humble, that does make you laugh, likes children sweet, but like also motivated, also kind of doesn't need to work out a lot but is still fit.


Family Guy. Family Guy. Yeah. Huge. Yeah.


So anybody that applies to you go apply for Michelle's season. The Bachelorette now I feel like a co host there.


Mercial. Yeah.


This is, this is weird. OK, yeah. So go apply. Oh my gosh. I'm so excited. Michelle, I feel like we could have you on like a party doesn't want to let you go. But I also realize you are a teacher. You have to get to class. You have thirty, I'm sure thirty students that you have to look over so we can't hug all of your time. One last question before we let you hop off.


Overall, throughout the entire season, everything that you just lived through, what was your rose and what was your Thawne? Meyerrose was finding other really impactful women that are so close to me, you know, I mean, Ryan, Sorina, Bree, we have such a special bond that we just get what each other went through and being able to we say it every day because this season has been hard this season, season has been super heavy. But when we're on the face time at the end, we always are like, I would do it again, or this was all worth it because I had them because I came out.


So yeah, I didn't come out with Matt, but I came out with three best friends. That's are our lifelong friends. Pretty funny.


I love that. Honestly, it's the bass is the bass and those big will get you through a lot of things. So I'm so happy you had such a good experience and you have another one coming up. And we were so happy to talk to you.


Yeah, Michel, it has been such a pleasure, so excited for everything to come for just for the world to see your own love story unfold like it's going to be something so special I cannot wait.


So thank you for joining us today. Please stay in touch. When I come back to Minnesota, you know, I'm going to make you hang out with me. We're going to grab wine, we'll grab coffee, whatever it may be, we'll catch up.


Oh, right, I I have to say, I have a girl crush on Michelle.


I know she really is like the sweetest thing, but she's just so I don't know. I don't want to say, like, down to earth because obviously she has. But like, it's just she's humble, she's quiet. She's kind of like reserved like this is all very shocking to her, which I love. Is that what it is?


I'm just going to keep saying that she just I mean, even even the second you stepped out of the limo, like not her. I mean, her night one, but not at the top of the season, like she just brought out this different, like, wow factor.


I think with that and we saw it early on, like she was never one to, like, be guarded.


She's always been very open, very vocal, like fun, playful, smart, like all the things wrapped up into one.


She is going to make such an incredible bachelorette, both her well, like, I completely agree. Can't wait to see what this year has in store like and after like this last season, I mean, it felt like it just was being dragged on and on and on. And yeah, I truly hope I see this every season, but I truly hope for her sake, like.


Back to the basics, back to that love story, like she deserves somebody like so incredible, so I can't wait, you know, and hopefully she'll stay in touch with us and we can bounce ideas off with her and give her advice, whatever she needs. I feel like she's not going to hesitate to be shy about reaching out to any of the bachelorettes, which I absolutely know I could already seeing.


I already see her being part of the girl growing very quickly. So she did such a phenomenal job. And she's going to I can't wait to see her again like it hasn't started yet. We've got to get through Katie first.


But buckle up. I don't want one bachelor nation going to be great.


But we also want to say, Matt, thank you for being such an amazing bachelor. Like, personally, I thought you handled a lot of the situations with such grace and as well as you could, but we're wishing you the very, very, very best. And with that journey may look like and I think he'll figure it out, he's going to be going to his shoulders.


He you know, he went through a wild ride on his season. It's not something that I think he expected or anyone expected that was very clear during, you know, his chats during AFAS. But he is smart. He, I'm sure, has learned a great deal about just being vulnerable and expressing more feeling and emotion and what he does and does not want in a relationship. So, Matt, your journey in this regard may have come to a close, but your journey in life, I think, is just starting.


So go off, take care, stay healthy. We wish you nothing but the best. And we hope that you find what you're looking for one day very soon.


Also, I just want to say thank you guys so much and you back up for taking me in these past couple of weeks. It's been so much fun being a girl. Rachel is cut and will be here next week for another episode. As per usual, thanks for having me.


This is so much fun, Tyisha. It's always so great to have you. I love our girl chats. You just bring something different and unique and fresh to these conversations. And I mean, you you are The Bachelorette that literally just lived through this. So it's it was so good to have you on to speak with Michelle, you know, to let her know kind of what she's in store for, because I'm a little bit I don't remember everything.


I'm getting old and forgetting things. And just so thank you for coming. And you guys, one more time, I'm going to say it again, please. If you have any incredible man in your life that you think would be a great fit for Michelle, don't forget to sign them up for the show. If you want to do that, you can head to Bachelor Nation dotcom apply today.


So everyone out there listening.


Thank you for listening through this entire season. I know it was a roller coaster of everything and always thank you for hanging out with us each and every Tuesday. And a huge shout out to Michelle. Thank you for stopping by. I know that your life is crazy busy and it's going to get even busier. So we're so excited for you and we hope to talk to you again very soon. And as always, you guys keep writing to us and letting us know your thoughts, opinions, concerns, questions, all the things.


So if you don't know where to find us, if you're on Instagram, you can check out at Bachelor Happy Hour and then it's at Bache.


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