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You guys, first of all, let me say welcome, welcome to the end. We we finally got here, The Bachelorette, season 16.


The journey is over tonight. You know, it's been a long journey because we started out with one bachelorette. We saw her have her happy ending. And here we are again at the end with another happy ending. What is happening? We're back to normal Bachelor franchise is things. What is this?


What is 20/20 making up for lost like all of the past seasons that didn't work out. Yeah, well, I'm glad I'm happy to see a happy ending, especially with what twenty twenty has has been. And it's great that I'll just say this, that the Bachelor franchise was able to like set a precedent, other shows followed, figure this out, you know, and work to give us the show that we all know and love. And, you know, there was so much sacrifice, so much time, so much just effort put into this season with and then the historic season that it is with with Claire and then the transition to Tatia Claire setting her own rules, then Tatia picking, you know, grabbing the baton from her only to follow the rules again, but to give us another happy ending.


So, guys, quite naturally, it's the end. So of course, we're going to have the happy couple. We're going to be sitting down with them and talking to Tatia and Zak. Forget what you heard and what the rumors were. You saw the episode last night and Zach are engaged. They're still engaged. We're going to be talking to them. So we're going to get into to all of it. There's really no time to waste.


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Starting at twenty two dollars in Madison Dasari. Make sure you use our promo code and you'll get ten percent off plus free shipping on your first color kit. The promo code is back. Visit Madison dash free dot com now to find your perfect shade. Boris Becker, we've got to talk about what we saw this episode, because there was somebody else involved. Yes, there was. As much as we want to just live in the moment of all of this love that we saw go down between stations, there was still another guy.


Well, two guys at the very top of the episode, which this little swapper I mean, we talked about it last week on the podcast, and we had Brendan like we didn't think Taisho was going to say yes and bring them back. And they needed one more episode to switch it up at the beginning. So it was very interesting how it all began. And I want to save the really exciting burning questions, obviously, for the happy couple themselves.


But I think we just start at the beginning, go through it really quick to get to the good stuff, because there's so much that I do want to ask them. Yeah, I know we talked about this Ben coming back and we didn't think it was going to happen. So when you saw Ben walk at well, you know, I shouldn't even ask when you saw him walk into the rose ceremony when you to kiss him goodbye before the ceremony, what was going through your brain?


You sent him home for a reason. You have to stand true in that you can't. You know what I mean? Like, it's easy to it's you have to make such quick decisions in a short amount of time. And it's like, you know, why you sent him home. You thought about it. You made your decision. Just because he changed his mind doesn't mean you need to change hers. But I understood the kiss because let's not take away from the fact that she did have strong feelings for Ben.


And then he comes back and he professes this love and that's what she's always wanted to hear. And she got caught up in the moment. And I can't say I would I probably would have done the same thing. I don't know if I would have let him stay, but I definitely would have gone in for the kids.


There's a really weird moment. And I've had this conversation with some of the past leads and some of the producers, because there was one moment on my season where I said I don't remember who was home. And as I was saying goodbye to them, I wanted to kiss them because I was so used to that. And I was like this weird like, oh, I want to, but I can't because we basically broke up like I still like you and care about you.


And I think that's what she was feeling. But at that point, I mean, she had already invited him to the rose ceremony. So we know he's showing up, but. Yeah, you know, I I'm trying to put myself in her position and to try to relive that last week where there's so much emotion wrapped up into everything and all these three relationships, I, I don't know. I feel like at that point, whether it played out like this or not, I feel like she was pretty much sold on that.


I feel like she went into that rose ceremony when there were still three of them left knowing it was going to be him. And so that last little swap that we saw, I think it was just her being like, well, at the end of this, my heart knows what it wants type thing. Yeah, yeah. No, I completely agree with you. You guys have to understand when it gets to this point. Not every lead, but several leads.


No, the decision that they want to make and my theory is she sent Ivan home because she knew Ivan had very strong feelings and it would have been really hard to send him home as the second guy and give him the hope of meeting her family and really thinking that the next step was happening. She already sent Ben home once. Why not send him home again? You know what I mean. You've already done it once and you've expressed that emotion.


You've gotten it all out. So it would have been, in my opinion, easier to send him home a second time. Ivan, you hadn't gotten there yet. Ivan really was her second choice. But I think that it was easier to send him home earlier because it would have been really hard to bring him to the next level. Yeah, yeah. I think she knows, too, that he I don't know.


I just think not to say Ben's not, but I think Ivan is such a sweetheart and is maybe just a little bit more outward in his emotions that I would have been tougher at that point. So, I mean, we can ask her when she's on, but realistically, what's done is done and hopefully her and Zach are happy. But so, yeah, we go into then both Ben and Zach meeting his family, which I think was sweet. I really I really like her dad watching this back.


I have such a soft spot for fathers because I don't have mine. And so every time I see these interactions between anyone and their father, I find it super special. And so it was just a fun moment as me for me as a viewer to watch that. But I like her dad. Yeah, her dad is definitely a fan favorite.


I always like when you bring the families in because it brings that sense of reality into the bubble. Kind of shows you. Yeah, I felt like the biggest thing that stood out to me was when Taisha spoke about. Having that moment with her dad in the car after her breakup, I mean, that was heartbreaking. I almost got emotional because I could just feel her. I've never had that that I've never been in that situation. But the relationship between a father and her daughter and just saying that her dad, she knew her dad really felt for her because he couldn't do anything but be there for her.


He couldn't be that father to save her, to protect her. All he could do was comfort her. That was a very raw and real moment. And I just it was maybe one of my favorite moments from the entire season. Yeah, yeah. I think it really helped to then also paint the picture going into that conversation when he shows up at her door and sets her down and is just like, you know, we went through that. We we lived this moment and I couldn't do anything except hold you and be the support system.


Like, I'm sure as a parent, you want to take your child's pain away.


You don't want them to ever feel that way again if you can help it. And so that's why I think him sitting her down and be like, think about this, because we went through this together and I never want you to experience what we lived through a couple of years ago. And so I think that was really special. It helped us just paint the overall picture of why he was making that extra step to come visit her and to really sit her down and have her think through.


Like what what is best for you is an engagement.


Is it just ending in a relationship and see where it goes? Is it ended it with both men? What's going to be best for you in the long run?


So, yeah, it was special, which then I think editing was kind of weird because you can tell certain things are off.


But then she goes into her her last date with Zac, which is the stand state where choreography, but she's very much wrapped up in her head and thinking, like, what am I doing?


This is the one what am I going to do about Ben? Which, you know, based upon the clothes choice, we know that that's probably not the way it went. Yeah. So basically, to sum up X one on one after she had this in-depth, hard, difficult conversation with her father. We kind of feel her nervousness, she's on this day with Zach, they're dancing, there's this choreography, but there's like moments where she's like, what's going on?


What's happening? Like, you know, is this right type of thing? And so I think they just needed to get to the night time portion where they could just sit down, really just sit face to face, reaffirm their love for one another.


Yeah. What did you think of the one on one tweet? It was cute for a second. I was like, she's not going to end up with anyone. What's going on? No.


I mean, I know when you get to this point, you saw all the doubts starts to creep in. You're so confident, you know what you want to do. But then there's the doubt. And, of course, we'll talk to Zach about that. The great thing is we don't have to wonder about all that because we have the happy couple right here on the show and we can flush all of that out with them. You know, I what I appreciated about this was when she decided to send Ben home before the proposal, which I'm always a fan of, because, you know, especially with Taisha, she's been proposed to before.


She knows the gravity of it. You know, we all do. We know it's a big deal. But if you've gone through this before, you understand it on another level. And I think for her, it was especially after coming off that conversation with her father, it was just important to not let Ben go through that if she already knew what she was going to do. And I think it was probably easier, which we've already said was easier for her to do this because she's already let him go once.


And she dealt with the fact that he's gone. He's gone now. And she was confident in her decision. So why not be able to pull that trigger again, especially when it seems like she already had her mind made up and Ben took it like Ben takes things I don't even know how do we want to get into that breakup?


Because, I mean, like you just said, it happened a week ago, too. Yeah. He just like I don't know where the disconnect is. I think he he made it. There was one phrase, I wonder if I have it in my notes, actually, that he said, I'll tell you, it's hard for when you get down. It would have been different if Bin would have left earlier. But when you get down to the point of accepting a proposal, how can you trust that this man is going to be there for you and be able to communicate things to you when it comes to the hard times when he couldn't before?


You are not always going to be able to run away, leave and then think about it and then come back. And I'm still going to be here. And I think that was the ultimate decision for Tatia. Yeah. Which and she said when she when she first talked to him at the top of the episode, she questioned him. And I think she said, are you going to run away every time something gets hard and which isn't super valid fear and question.


And so I think just talking up these last two guys, Zach's a little bit older. He's just had more life experience.


And he just, I think was there like the solid foundation that Taisha needed. Maybe she didn't always realize she needed it, but she's finally starting to see like she needs that steadfast man to always support her and be loyal and be committed and be able to have a conversation and have this open dialogue through any ups and downs which is giving her. So, yeah, I do appreciate that she did send Ben home early. I think it's it saves that last day for just that one person and makes it so much more special.


And had I had the opportunity I probably would have done the same. So I appreciated that, that she left it for just her and Zach in that last during that last day, that last engagement ceremony, if you will.


But you know how I feel about and decisiveness. Ben is indecisive. He's got to figure some things out and get right before he can be the right person in his best self for whatever woman he ends up with. But right now, timing is everything and timing is not for them. So we'll reserve the rest of our talk because why talk about it when we can be about it with this happy couple? I feel like, though, before we get into any of that, we got to talk about the Matt James trailer.


I mean, wow, what stood out to you in the trailer other than the cinematography? And I don't even know if that's a phrase you use for television shows, but I'm going to use it because it looks stunning.


It looks so beautiful there. A complete contrast to what we see saw this past season. We're not looking today. We're not what in our balls off anymore.


Thank God they were able to give everyone a break and some cooler weather. But, yeah, it was beautiful.


I mean, blown away by the amount of beauty on the screen, of course, and like Matt James's body. But I, I really think we're going to see more tears, more drama than we have seen towards the end. You see, there's one girl, she calls herself Queen Victoria that stands out that I think is going to be the villain. But what I liked is they showed a little bit more of Matt being vulnerable, like there's an instance for him and Chris are sitting outside and Chris is like, are you OK?


He's like, no, no, I'm not. And I think at times as Lean's, especially for the men, they tried to be like, you know, it's OK, it's OK. I got this. And I think we really are going to see Matt because he has truly never done this before, really own this experience differently than any other lead we've seen.


Yeah. And also not just that. We don't know, Matt. OK, guys, we don't know him. So we're getting the opportunity not just to meet the women that come on this season. We're going to meet Matt James. We don't know him.


You don't you think you know him because you know his best friend. You think you know him because you might have followed his crew or seen him on social media, but you don't know him. And I think that will be very interesting about this season. I mean, you can already tell where the storyline is going. The fact that you do see him being vulnerable, as you said, you do see him talking about his mom being a single mother and his brother in the heartbreak they went through.


His father's going to come up, mark my words. His father's going to come up. I do not know if he'll be on the season. I don't know if they'll be a face time, a phone call. Mark my words. That is a storyline, and that's why we're getting that preview when it comes to this Queen Victoria. I'm going to do something. Unless unless there's something that's just so big that I can't help myself, I'm not talking about her.


OK, I'm not even though you come on calling yourself queen and like all these catch phrases that you probably thought about and you plan before you came on the show, I'm not even going to give you the attention that you're trying to garner by coming on the show with all this. I'm not talking about it. Talk about effect on the alleged. She just does something that's so outrageous. I'm not talking about it. I don't I don't feel like it.


I don't feel like it this season. I'm I'm cool with that.


I'm fine with that. Less drama, more real life shit. That's like twenty, twenty one. Yeah.


Maybe it's the twenty, twenty one to me. Yeah baby it's going through twenty twenty. I don't, I can't deal with it. Right. So we had Karen. OK, don't come out here trying to be Karen.


I don't think anyone can ever be be what Chris a like. But you know what's interesting when you bring up the point that we are trying to get to know Matt James, it was before our season because obviously I was on his season like a week or so before they did a get to know him type thing, because he had been, I think at that point, like five or six years removed.


And I really wish they would have done that for the viewers to truly get to know, James, whether it's like it just an hour or two special to just get to know more background.


Maybe we'll see that. Well, I don't think so. It would be very nice, very helpful for everyone, but or maybe it'll just be the storyline. But I think Matt will struggle with not having ever been on this type of on on a show before. And it's tough. It's tough trying to navigate all this and navigate love and understand what your heart and your head are going through all at the same time. But aside from the previews, it looks like it's going to be a good season.


A lot of tears, a lot of drama, a storyline we've never seen before. Apparently there's a sugar baby or somebody. Yes. I mean, let's be honest. There have been sugar babies on the show before. It's just that they're they've never been a storyline. So that's kind of interesting. But, you know, we we shall see.


We shall see. And with that, I think it's time to get into what we are all here for today to cover everything that we saw go down last night. So I think we just have to bring on the newly engaged, happy couple themselves to congratulate them face to face.


And I just realized I took your just roll with it. Oh, no, you're right. Listen, there have been so many rumors that have been floating around when it comes to Teisha. Will she end up with someone who she ended up with? Was is she engaged or is it just boyfriend and girlfriend? Well, guess what? We all saw the episode last night. We know that she is happily engaged. The question, is she still happily engaged?


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No. We'll talk about it because you're talking to two guys who've been here before. So, like, we know what you're feeling, what that feeling is, because it's beautiful. And can I just say I'm a little jealous because you're not going to as far as I know, you're not going to have to sit on a stage in front of a live audience and you know what I mean, like protect it a little bit and you get to just enjoy each other and then sit in the comfort of your own home and do these interviews and talk to the rest of the world, but still feel like you're a little shielded from the world.


But anyway. I didn't even really think about that. We'll get there because it does stop social media. But you guys. Congratulations. Let's just stop there. Congratulations. Thank God for a happy India.


I mean, I am sick of the stuff not working. I'm trying not to curse. I we're going to raise a glass to the happy couple that work out. Oh, cheers to you.


We'll get into the Family Act, which I love. Yeah, he doesn't know much. He knows nothing about this world, which is the best part.


So refreshing though. It's kind of nice when they know it's like they enjoy the experience for what it is and then calculated and you don't know everyone or everything that's happened. I find it very refreshing to watch.


We will get there. Yes. So first of all, how are you guys? Good. Good. Well, it's nice to meet you guys first and foremost when we get back. So I'm glad that she roped you in. Yeah, it's been good. We're good, I think. US both been through it, right there is just a little bit of a roller coaster moments of like why isn't she texting me back and that relationship?


No, it's by coastal living, but also like we're hiding in secret. And it's kind of like we want to be as pleasant as we normally are in a regular relationship, like we can't be. It's just it's a lot to take on. But it's fun. It's it's going to be crazy the first time that you guys can be out in public together and you could actually say each other's names in front of strangers. I remember the first time when I was still with my ex when I could say his name through the airport.


And at first I was like, oh, oh, wait, I can actually say this. So then I was like having gay and straight from the rooftop. So when you finally have that moment, what's the first thing you want to do once once you're out there? Well, yes, we have to get brunch at such a brunch, girl. It's kind of hard to get go to restaurants right now, but we'll find something outside brunch. I have a picnic basket you can borrow.


You can make it work. Yeah. I mean, honestly, my family's down here. We're in Orange County, so we're going be able to be with them. My dad wants to do a whole barbecue thing. He's like school. We'll go on the side of the road just so people can see you guys. Lawrence County doesn't give a fuck, you know, saying it's right. Don't get me started on that stuff. Like, seriously, that's the place to be.


Apparently, if you want to go to a branch of our Orange County listeners, that that would be to our own. Apparently not all of us, but a lot of them. So obviously, you guys, it's been such a whirlwind for you because you just starting your journey in general was not the norm. And, you know, and it's never easy watching a full season back. And I can probably feel for you to having to watch it back and have to relive all these different relationships.


And so now that you guys are well, I want you back. How is it been like watching it back and how has it been since filming ended and Aaron began like that time frame in between? Well, OK, so. We saw each other what maybe we had a couple of days right after airing, so we got engaged was actually my birthday, so we got to be with each other. So that was super fun. Please tell me you weren't looking to.


They did not keep you there. No, we're going to go home. We're going. Yes.


Yeah, we we were back. We were in L.A. It was really nice, actually. But I don't know, it's been a whirlwind of, like, adjusting because we see each other every so often and it's kind of takes a half minute to, like, get back into like. What we're doing here, I mean, for me, I just the whole world is so foreign to me and so. This first episode happens and we're like there with Claire, we're getting out of a limo and I think.


That moment for me is like, OK, we're live like this. It's real now and I don't know what the hell I just signed up for. And so going back and kind of reliving that stuff has been a trip for sure.


And then once he got into our love story, I mean, that that was a blast and we had a blast of that. And, you know, to your to your question about. What's it been like, I think we've got a lot of practice and having real conversations, just as things would come up on the show, she would take a minute and kind of say, hey, look, this is coming down the pipe. You know, I still love you like this is.


And until, like, I didn't really understand that piece of it, but she walked me through it. So super helpful.


That's really good. Kudos to you for that, because I think that, listen, this is this whole system is not really set up for success. Right. And such a quick amount of time, they have to navigate all these relationships. The person that you pick at the end of this has to be strong enough and confident enough to withstand you dating all these people all over again, even though you've you've passed it. It's very it's really, really hard.


And so one of the keys to success is being able to say, hey, this happened. I'm going to be honest about it, but it doesn't change how I feel about you. Hey, I had to be completely in this relationship to know you were what I wanted at the end of the day.


But those conversations are not easy by any means. No. You know, even though, like, my heart is in the right place by telling him and like, I'm not second guessing anything at all, I've never changed a thought. Like, it's still really hard for him to digest that. And then not only to just hear it come out of my mouth, but then also watch it like it's definitely absolutely it's a lot on a new relationship.


And add in social media to where everyone's family came, your DMS and your photos and commenting. It's like it comes at you at all angles. So it does take a strong person and couple to really get through that and to navigate it on your own, in your own way.


But, yeah, it's it's it's not easy. I completely get that it's not an urgency or point in including family in that like. Yeah, I had to talk to Zach's parents and just look it up. They asked or like anything was wrong. But I just had to be like, I need you to know that you're going to see a lot of things. And just because that's happening does not take away from what's happening here.


I went back I landed back in Jersey. I saw my mom. She said I just got a message on Instagram from The Bachelor detective.


I'm like, what do I got in the car?


I drove down to shore. I sat the family out. You know, it's about to happen, but don't respond to nobody.


Yeah, it's nothing can prepare you for all of this. But that's why it's so exciting when you see that you're able to withstand all of this. And yeah, and I'll be honest with you, you're honestly just starting because once you announce yourselves people, they think they know, they don't know. They don't that people have their favorites. They they they think they know you and they don't know you. And, you know, you're really going to have to be strong and united front as you go out and introduce yourself as a couple.


It sounds like you guys have really built a foundation, which is fantastic. Zach, what I find refreshing and so interesting is, you know, nothing about this world and yet you survived it and you're successful in it. So how in the world did you even get on this show?


OK. So the first part of that, I will tell you, as you know, I was married and my first wife and I, I think watched three or four episodes of this show, like years ago, Ali, I think was the lady of the league, Ali. Does this ring a bell?


Do you guys shout out to Ali? That's how that was my knowledge.


So, yeah, my my story how I got there is pretty interesting. So my my mom and sister watch the show. Right. And they also have been wanting me to find love for four years now. And it's gotten to the point where you guys are not going to talk to this talk like this with you guys because it's just too much. And so my sister, it's kind of heavy to talk about, but she was pregnant with twins and she lost one of the pregnancy.


So she was sitting at home when they started to recast, totally like super depressed, super anxious, so pregnant. And the way she tells the story is that, you know, these these ads come on like casting for the next season. I guess when quarantine shut that season down, they decided they were going to recast it. Screw it. I'm going to I'm going to go on I'm going to send Zach's application in. And she sent me this text message and I said, OK, good luck, have fun with it.


And then next thing you know, it was a Friday night. I walked in from a long day of work. I was fried and Ella was calling on like, who the hell is calling me to pick up the phone?


It's a producer from the show. And she said, is there any chance that someone might have submitted you to this? And then I just really put one foot in front of another. And I think I got the call on July 1st that I was there, whatever, six days later, it was nuts.


Oh, my God. You know nothing you know nothing about the show.


I mean, I knew there was roses. I knew your and you didn't watch any episodes before you went on because I didn't watch I didn't want to show either before I went on. So but then I was like, oh, let me do some research. And then I cried and I was like, oh, my God, I've signed the contract and I'm not going to get along with these people. This is not me. So I'm I'm always fascinated by the people who come on and have never seen anything I did.


Well, as you know, we were quarantined. We've got to Lakita. And I don't know, I had this thought to kind of go into the. Guide, and they actually had a couple episodes of the goat like they were doing these goat. So what did you see me now?


There I see Becca.


No, I was not on it. And then you go talk for somebody. What do you mean? Weren't you on somebody's season? Like, no, no, no, Becca. Oh, yeah, I did. Well, no, no, no. To introduce Claire season. Yeah, they had some of the past bachelorettes on. So actually that would have been that week. Yes. Because they had me and Indiana. Right as Clair season was about to start filming.


See. Yeah. Yeah. Who did I watch that said something smart, I don't know what was the season with the guy that Chad was a little out there? Jo, Jo, Jo, Jo.


OK, ok. So yeah.


So. Oh, sorry. Did you finish. I mean that's what I know. And I had, I had verified then I love you.


So sight of mine who I've gotten close with in New York is actually within japes wedding. So I had met JP a few times and so good guy. Right. And Ashley are good people. So for me as the started school like you did it y y and I did make a phone call to him, don't tell anyone and kind of just talk to him about his experience before I all did it.


I know I did and I know that's good. You were trying to figure it out. And JP, I feel like you are similar in the sense of like he wasn't really all about the show either.


So I want to focus on you, too, but I just think the story of how your sister applied you to be on the on the season, not knowing who season it was going to turn into, let alone now that you are engaged.


Taisha Like what?


What is your sister what is your family thinking about all this?


My family's past, I mean. I got it, I got to say, by the way, let me just preface this. He pauses a lot when he speaks, so don't think it's like a negative thing. Even he's thinking my dad. And if he thinks a lot of you know, if they say anything, I call him out on this all the time anyway. Continue, though.


I mean, look, my my family's super excited. Obviously, a couple of them got a chance to meet their hometowns, which was really special. And my mom is over the moon. He's just you know, she's one of my best friends. Right. Like I say that my mom and dad are my best friends. So, you know, for them all they've wanted for forever is for me to find love. So how why where? Like, all that stuff doesn't matter to them.


So they're they're super excited. And I think my sister selfishly is a little bummed because she was pregnant. Right. She had the kids if she couldn't come out for hometowns because she had this little child at home and she hasn't really been able to be in the mix yet. But we'll get it. We'll get it.




Oh, how special. I mean, that's that story in itself is incredible. And now she has one little bundle of joy that I'm sure some sort like something will trigger the memory when she looks at him or her to think of how I got my brother on the show and he found love.


He found what we all wanted for him. So I'm super grateful for I mean, like, I would have never done it, obviously. And now a little baby, Liam and and Uncle Zach, we're having this parallel process of. Yeah. Being born and getting engaged.


My God, I had a nephew born right when I got engaged literally the day before. Really? Yeah. Yeah. Hendrick's like we waited telling my family because we wanted my sister to have that moment, moment before we told that we were actually engaged. Yeah.


Oh my gosh. Well that's kind of cool. And we're married now.


That's exactly. Um, OK. So going back to the big one, not even to the beginning of the season, because there was a lot that went down those first couple of weeks, but. After going through all of that drama and the what ifs, you don't know what's going to happen if once Claire left with Dale, is there still going to be a season? Are you going to go home? Like when you said when you said, Tasha, enter the room for the first time, what was going through your mind?


Yes, they shared the class. I mean, obviously, physically, physically, I was attracted off the jump. Right. But that only carries you so far. So for me, it was excitement. It was excitement about kind of a second second opportunity, a second chance to find love. I told myself coming into this process that I was just going to keep an open mind and try to be as authentic as possible and not kind of hear the noise.


So when Claire left, I just saw that as another opportunity to meet another human being and hopefully be able to build a connection. So she comes in the doors and. You know, I start to sweat a little bit because she's very attractive, but from there it really. We had to see if there was something there on a personal level, and there was so that first night there was definitely some of sweat and then not just from the heat out from the Palm Springs.


So when was the moment for both of you? I want you both to answer where you felt the spark, where you were like this could really be something serious. Like this can be the one.


For me is on our one on one. Right. Yeah, I think it was when we were jumping on the trampoline and like, that whole day was just hated.


It hated that I hated hated it. Well, I love it. I loved the photographer.


I felt like I love the whole felt like it was just so uncomfortable and not just because I was watching it, because I personally would not have wanted like I don't know, I just kept putting all in uncomfortable situations. But, Zach, you're very good at making you feel comfortable. So it worked and maybe that your relationship grow. But I, I hated it. I will tell you, I was I mean, I think I've told you this.


I was not really looking forward. I didn't think he was going to be into that day at first. So when I was going, I'm like, he's going to hate this. Like, it sounds fun to me because I just like getting dressed up and doing all that kind of stuff. Like, I didn't expect him to think that he was going to like it as much as he did. And he made me enjoy it ten times more. And I was like, OK, if I'm like getting all dressed up and I'm making getting like bizarre suits and we were just having the time of our lives, like we could really do anything because he likes you.


Yeah, you know what I mean. That's the important thing. And he's willing to sacrifice it because Sandy.


Yeah, Nimia. For me, one hundred percent, the one on one. As someone who walked into this process and didn't know a lot about how these things go, there's so much hype around the one on one, the one on one, the one on one. So in my head, I knew that it was a big deal. And I will say that up until that that was the first day that I really felt like a human around her because every other.


Can we talk before that? Super nervous. No, it's these little spurts is the first time to really get some quality time with her and. You know, for me, like I have the divorce, I have the the drug addiction and some other stuff going on that I need to come forward with, and I knew that, but I didn't want to kind of overshoot the mark early on. So that was the time when I really felt like we got to know each other a little bit more.


And was that something about the Ferris wheel that night was for good when you lost your rose?


Yeah, that was it. And that was a deal that we were freaking out.


But then we found that they show that on TV and don't know what.


Did you did you keep all of your roses? Do you still have them all? Yeah, I do. That's sweet. It's good to hang onto them, don't put them in books because, well, they'll run, they'll hold up another data, wasn't it? Sounds so maybe I wasn't a fan of was the daytime. I love the nighttime part of the hometown. And Zach meeting your family, which they seem lovely and just like so relaxed and like I just I don't know.


There was something about your family. They were fan favorites is always one family. That's a couple of families that were fan favorites. And your family was definitely hit the mark on that without even trying.


It was very effortless with them, but I didn't like the daytime part. And it's not your fault you're stuck at the Laquinta. Like there's only so much you can do, you know, shout outs of production for trying their best. But I said it. I said it. And whatever I say, I'm going to say to your face, I didn't feel sorry for Tatia about I didn't feel sorry about you having to do your season at the Lakita until I saw the hometown.


And then I felt so bad for you because I thought it was creative and it was sweet. But I felt bad for you because there is something about like like Zach, somebody who doesn't you know, you don't want to show when it comes to hometowns, the contestant takes control in the lead follows and they get like you're the lead at this point. And you get to show like where you grew up and where you went to high school and your favorite thing to do in your hometown and you go down memory lane.


It's really special. And then you had. The taxi, which I loved, by the way, I'm just going to throw that out there. I love this craziness of it all with the taxi. You're good. So you have to tell them when you picked it up and took and you took six six feet off, six feet. I didn't know if it was cute in theory, but anyway, I want to give you a chance. This is what I want to do.


This is I'm going somewhere with the steak with me. I just rag on the date because there was something sweet about it. It let's just say that you were able to go to New York City and were able to give her the Zach Clark experience. Hypothetically speaking, what would you have done? What would have a date have look like? Can you paint that picture for us? I'm off easy here, to be honest with you.


I think I would do the cheesy tourist stuff, you know, the Empire State, the world.


I like that because what happens is when you live in New York City like I do, you don't do shit, right? You just see it and it's like, oh, cool, maybe take a horse, horse and carriage in the park for some things to do.


Yes, there are.


And the food is next level. Right. So we I mean, she can eat. I don't know.


I mean is saw the landscape in New York. Have you ever had a hot dog off the street in New York. No. You haven't done New York unless you get the hot dog off the street stand. Well, I have a little event in New York with them or like I went a couple of times. I visited Sydney for my season. She lived there. And so I did a couple of things, like I went to go see the next play at Madison Square Garden.


And we did a lot of fun little things, but I never had a hot dog off the street. This could be your next day, your first day hot dog stand. I missed the first day of my internship because I had a hot dog off the street. I don't do it anywhere in New York.


Are you on the Upper West Side? So I live on the I'm on the park, so. OK, well, you stay down there first a little more like twenty blocks north of Columbus Circle.


Yeah. You got OK, cool.


People used to come visit any time. I love New York. Let's just jump ahead. Since you just said we have to come visit and are we moving to New York. Are we are we moving to the east. What's happened? What's the what's your plan in the big leagues tonight that what some of these guys were put on?


You guys, you think you can handle New York? I mean, I think the jury's still out.


Yes, I'll be fine. I'll get it. You'll be fine.


You'll be fine. You do well on Central Park. Upper East Side. You'll yeah. It'll be perfect. I'm yes. So I'm going to be bicoastal. I'm I keep my place here. But yeah, we're moving in together. Oh. Where are we moving in together. New York.


So Christmas, New Year's. That whole deal. We're going to we're doing the thing best. We're going to get a little east and East Coast, the holiday season. No return flight yet, but.


Yeah, and we're just going to play right here.


I mean, I'm excited to date her and take her out and do things that you would typically do if this was a normal relationship. And that's really important to me.


I said I just want to just date me and that's it. I don't know. We have obviously we're already engaged. We can, you know, sped up the process. Do you go back to the basics? Now's the time thing.


Yeah, I was talking to a mutual friend of ours, Rachel, so she told me a little bit about you and your husband, that you guys did some strategy around living here and kind of tried it out here and it all worked out. So we stepped away from the spotlight because it's it is tough when so many people, people were not happy. They were very negative about the fact that we chose each other in our finale. So for us, it was important to go back to the basics, go home, be around family and really get to know each other without anybody else giving their opinion.


And that saved us like we didn't do anything grand. Like we did a couple of fun things, but we stayed out the spotlight. And I think that's key. I really do. I love that. I feel like I love that my family is just. Being so supportive and just please go and move and do what you need to do, because they want me just to know, like it would be a normal relationship if I did meet him and we were to be like bi coastal.


I probably would. I want to go to New York last November, but it didn't work out. But look at it now. It's kind of like that.


But I love that so much. That's so.


It was mostly like I was supposed to go on in November. She spilled those beans.


And the first conversation we had, I said, OK, we're like your life because you're New York for your where you have basically you have to be based in New York, correct?


Yeah. My business is on the East Coast. Yeah. What do you do? So I own an addiction recovery company. So we have two programs in the city, one for men and one for women. Then we have another one in Westchester County, about 50 minutes north of where I live. So we have 40 beds in total. And then I do a bunch of interventions and consultation work and whatever help people. But when I came down and I talked to Taisha, this is literally what she said to me.


I'm like, OK, so like who's who's last who's here? And she's like, oh, gosh, Zac, we've already said we love each other, it's OK. And I was like, well, I mean, I still here already. So I mean, it's so thin for me. I was asking around and it was like, oh like tell me about this. That guy I didn't meet you guys. I know. I mean nothing.


I came in, I talked to Tatia and that was it. And I got so many compliments about you. It was he is a great man. He's one of the greatest men we've ever seen come through this show. I mean, like, I was so nosey about it so and and so I'm glad to see like, this all work out. And it's come to fruition because I'll tell you, like, even in watching the show on the podcast, I was like, I don't see the connection between them.


I was like Idol and Out of Love. It's because they weren't showing it what. But here I was like, I zachy checks all the boxes is he seems to be amazing, but I don't see the chemistry. And I got to Fantasy Suite Week.


And there was a twinkle in his eye looking the same way she keeps looking at you now that I was like, oh my God, has it been here the whole time? And I just had these other weeks, it I mean, and you're looking at each other the same way now. And I really don't have a question. I feel like I just want to say that I don't try to move this long. I just wanted to say that because I knew how she felt about you, I didn't know if she got engaged.


I did know how it ended, but I knew how she felt. And then but then I didn't see it on screen until that moment. I was like, oh, there it is. Oh, my gosh. And it wasn't much different. Like, I think what we have is different is even when I'm watching back, like I, I am a little more reserved when I'm with you, a little more shy and so and usually I'm a little bit louder and a little bit more bubbly.


And with him it was more of like I knew I was in trouble because I knew he had something that I've been looking for that I have never found before. Yeah, but like, I was too scared to, like, even acknowledge that, like, you might be really good for me kind of thing. I mean, I'm always used to being treated the wrong way.


It's so easy to make excuses when it's good because you're not used to it. So you think something must be wrong with it, almost as if you don't deserve it. And then it's kind of like, but what if this is how it's supposed to always be? And that's how I feel. That's what I gather with you and Zach. You know, like this is what you deserve. You just used to dealing with pieces of shit, you know what I mean?


And so it's like when it when it's almost like you don't recognize it, when it because you don't you've never had it before. So that's just kind of assia. So I want to piggyback off of that because. So when we see you sit down with your dad, when he comes back after he's met both men and he shows up at your room and has this really hard heart to heart with you and really makes you think through life, what is the best decision for you?


Obviously, we then see you go in and things with Ben. But after that conversation, what was it that made you all of a sudden so convinced in your decision to to send Ben home and know that Zach is the one? Well, it was just. I had already had a feeling that I knew it again, it goes back to me knowing that Zack really does possess a lot of the qualities that I was looking for. And I think it's not that I think Ben is an amazing man, but I just think that.


He checked off boxes, Zachary checked off boxes that I was looking for and then some things that I didn't even know that I wanted, and when I was with him, I was like, I want that. So it was just I think it was that realization that just kind of clicked with me. It's like when I'm with you, I don't know when you and your parents, you can't hide like they know who you are. When I was with them, it was just like I just it clicked in my head, like I already know what I want.


So what what am I doing? You know, I was just honest with myself. Pleasantly surprised when you find the right one that checks all the boxes that you didn't even know were missing, that's when you know. I know. But the thing is, it's scary when that happens. It isn't. And I said this a million one times, and I don't think you ever saw an interview, but it's just like. He has everything, but I don't know if I'm ready for that.


I really I know that I want that, but it's like, holy crap, I don't think people realize also, like, I got the phone call and I left, like, I never really have the time to, like, OK, this is what I'm going to look for, like all the boxes down and then, like, know where I stand. I just kind of went with it. And I was authentically myself and I put myself out there and I knew what I had wanted deep down in my heart.


But like seeing it all in front of me, just like kind of like took me by surprise. And it was like, oh, my God, it's actually here.


So and Zach, with you not knowing anything about this show and to be on a season like we've never seen before, like, I don't know if you know this, but there aren't normally two bachelorettes in a season. So I picked that up as it doesn't happen this way.


Yeah, I hear Demara was the encyclopedia when it comes to all things bachelor for the season. That late night over some cereal. There's always one.


There's always cereal. Yeah, there's always that one who who knows all the details. But I'm interested for you because you just didn't know so much. And and this was hard to navigate because we had never seen anything like this before and there was so much drama and there always is. How was it for you being able to navigate all of that and then stay focused on what you had with Taisha? So I think in many ways, this season was almost built for me, you know, I.


This is where everything happened. I don't know about a big fan of the travel, I feel like that would have taken away from the real love story. I mean, for me, the way I was able to think about the entire experience was for all the reasons that they say this thing is not going to work right so quick. It's, you know, how can anyone fall in love in six weeks or whatever it is for me? Right.


I have this big, busy life being given the opportunity to put my phone down. Right. And put the computer away and really just be present with such a gift and. Once I did that and kind of got comfortable without any noise around me, I was just in the mindset that I was going to. The open minded, so Claire comes in and. I mean, people ask me all the time, like, what do you think? I don't really know, Claire.


I got to get to know. And that's not a bad thing or a good thing. I just I didn't I don't know where it happened so quickly. And then. The funny thing for me is that that Rose, I think I was going home the next the next rose ceremony, if there was one, because I kind of I don't know.


You went on down. I think I went in on Clara.


Oh, no, Miss, you and I, we love Clara here. Of course. Of course. Yeah. You don't you didn't know her. You didn't know she had her eye on the prize. And thank goodness, you know, because then you never to see Dale is very handsome.


I might tell us a bit about Dale and Clara.


They're very, very happy.


Good. So after that, I mean, look, it was a it was a little bit of a reboot. And I'm a guy that loves a second chance. So she walks in and I don't know, I I was talking about it with you or someone. You are one of the prettiest. That's all I can really talk about. But just. Really trying to the best of my ability, not get involved in the other relationships that were going on, I knew there were some other really good guys there.


So I can't blame you for exploring all those relationships truly. And that that made it difficult. But I hit a point when it was down to four of us where I was like, these guys are my friends, they're all really good dudes, but I'm going to focus on this love story and see if. It's the real deal, and it turned out to be one thing that was different with him. It's like he never asked any questions about any of the guys like ever.


You remind me of my husband, but I'm laughing because I know this is how you felt, because when you were standing there with Ben, you go, honestly, I hope Ivan goes on like. Like what? That's a very real comet. You know, nobody really cares. You I mean, you don't care about the other people there. You're there for Teisha. It's nothing personal, Ivan, but I'm here for Tatia. And if you go home, that means I'm closer to Tatia and cackled when I saw it.


And we also like. It crossed the line like there was this point, there were 16 of us and they were scrambling like anyone who says they this was like a planned thing, like I was there, I lived it. It was chaos for like three or four days out there. The 16 of the guys that were left were kind of. Running around, they let us not be miked up a little bit like we were we were having a good ol time, and then it hits a point when you get down to that ten, eight, six.


Like this is this is real. Like it shifts from out. I was going to say, yeah, it always does. Yeah. It hits you harder, which we saw. I will say I think we saw the change in you because it seemed for the most part, you always got along with the guys. You are you are always respectful, never involved really in the drama. But I think it was like the moment Bennett came back and tried to touch you and you're like, don't touch me.


I was like, oh, he's you know, now things are getting down to the wire. They're getting serious and he's in it for the girl.


And I love how earlier you mentioned that, like, usually the reasons why people go on the show for the travel, for the extravagant dates, all those things. Since they were removed, it was made for you because I think that's something that Rachel and I have been saying all season. We love that it's kind of gone down to the basics. Like you remove all of that extra stuff and it's so much more focus on the relationships, which is why the relationship of the hour, I have to get into the proposed deal because your words to each other were some of the most beautiful, heartfelt and I think it was probably one of the longest proposals we've ever seen from a season.


I mean, and granted, it hasn't happened recently because we've been lacking that. But yours, I think they just gave you so much time because you had these genuine, heartfelt words of affirmation to each other. So I have a two part question. First of all, when you are giving your speech, which I know that we've all been there when we're getting engaged and we have to still keep the men on their toes a little bit, we can't give it all the way up from when they show up.


So if Zach is ready to propose to you and you are speaking back to him and you pause and you give the but in the middle of your speech, Zach, what was going through your head at that moment? And then at the end, it feels like you guys were able to switch it and really get into how much love and commitment and loyalty you have for each other. So how was it then to now watch that moment back? I did, Ash.


I mean, I I'm a believer man. Like I was I was thinking until she said no, I was all in, so. I was so hopeful, I mean, there was a moment of kind of, you know, gut punch, but it was short lived and she came back around, I don't know, it was just an intense moment then. It's hard to really put into words what was actually going on. I kind of blacked out, which is why it was actually that long.


It was.


I did say but and then I was thinking about the next words I was going to say, and then I was like, oh my gosh, this is actually going to happen right now once I feel like I'm in love with you, really, really in love with the last single. It's kind of fun, though, to to still leave them. Gessen's you know, you can't give all of your cards away right away. I mean, I remember I feel the same like there's a lot of emotion in that moment, like, you know, what's to come.


And, you know, probably that you're both in this and committed and going to say yes. But there's still, you know, some some little thing in the back of your mind where, like, you know, is this going to be what I spent the past two months working for and like saying that I want it.


And so there's a lot of emotion. So now re being able to kind of relive that moment and watch it back together, how does it feel? We were just watching it all wait. Well, we were just watching it before we came on here with you guys and well, he is going to be mad if I call you whatever he said.


And much like he loves that, he cries watching our love story all the time. And he was completely in tears. And I just I just it was really good. We loved it. I will say I'm not really a crier, but there was, I think, the moment when you were like, you know, I'm going to be loyal to you. And you you use the word loyal and loyalty. Several times I. I shed a few tears on my couch.


I'm not going to lie. You got me. We had long conversations about that on and off, I mean, to the best of our ability off screen, but, you know, about loyalty, about commitment, about some of our past relationships and where they went wrong. And it was important for me in that moment to just let her know that. Good times, bad times, whatever it is. Each morning I wake up and choose her and we're going to do this together and I'm a big believer in that kind of like ride or die energy.


And if we have that for each other, I to work out.


And I think why this holds so much weight to. Is that I don't know if we've ever had and I'm not well versed in the history of fascination battles we've ever had a couple where both of them had been married before. And so you bring more to the table because you've been here before. You know what it's like. You've gone through the heartbreak, you've entered a marriage, and now you are both taking that chance and that risk to open yourselves back up and you're trusting one another with with each other's hearts again.


And that's what makes it so even more rich, not taking away from anyone else's proposal. My goodness. Like we both have them on the show. It's just that it adds another element that I don't know if we've ever seen before. Becca, have we have we seen that before?


I don't believe so. And again, like, I haven't watched too many seasons before mine, but I don't think so.


I don't think I'm sure you'll get called up real quick about if we're away.


So we'll find out very soon. There's nothing new with that. It's just I. I just really think it's so beautiful to watch it. And I think that there's so many people who are watching you guys and who are like, you know, I've been married before and I've been scared to open myself up and I'm going to do it again. Or, you know, I just it adds this other element that, like I just said, we haven't seen on the show before.


And I know you guys have touched on it. We'll wrap up in a few in a few minutes. I know you guys have touched on it already that you're going to be bicoastal, but it really sounds like East Coast. I mean, that's what it sounds like. What does the future hold for the two of you? You're out now. You're like, what? Take us take us through twenty twenty one. My gosh. Where to start off the year?


You know, like talk about a year. I know. I know what I mean. You ended it. Well, you got to start out this journey together. The world's opening up and so are the two of you. As this new couple up.


It's poetic. I it if you don't know something that's great, we'll talk. We'll talk about twenty one. But what's crazy is last New Year's, like before I told my girlfriends, I'm like I thought I lived like this last single New Year. Like we have to go out, we have to do something fun. And all four of us were single. We went to Miami for New Year's and now Sydney has a boyfriend. Nicole has a boyfriend.


I just got engaged. And my other girl. Where did you go?


Because, you know, I was if I lived in Miami last year, it was all about. Yeah, you know, I just moved to L.A. I've been my friends still Miami. We're bicoastal. I understand this whole thing. I understand. Oh, my gosh. OK, we're really doing right now. Yeah, we're bicoastal right now. But it's hard, it looks like you will make it work if it works. It's about the people. It's like forget all the outside of Brian's phone number.


I will a hundred percent will give it to you because, like, how old are you again? Thirty six. OK, Brian was thirty seven and he came on the show. There's a lot of similarities here that will will make all of this happen.


But no, we're talking out of Miami. We, we were at the one I was at the one now that you wore this one hotel.


We, I was there and we were the Jonas Brothers like we had the VIP tickets that the Jonas Brothers concert or whatever. That wasn't at the window. No. And then we went there after we started there for when the ball dropped. And then we were there at the one. We were there.


We were there. We last. But we started out actually started out the one. OK, anyways, the question was, what does the future hold for the two of you? If it. For me, initially, it's all about we got to do the family friend thing, right? She's got an amazing family who had the opportunity. She's got all these friends that she keeps talking about. And I'm just so excited to get to know. So that's going to be huge and vice versa for me.


And then I think it comes back to just what we talked about earlier on, dating and getting to know each other and. You know, you start to spend extended periods of time with each other, you learn to live with another human being and like. Is the is the toothpaste on the mirror going to cause some resentment that you're going to get a fight about? He's going to wipe it off. Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom up?


You know, these are things that a couple needs to talk about toilet paper. There's a lot of things I still have to discover with them. And it's fun, though. It's so much fun to figure all of it out. Yeah, I think the best part about all of that is that we know that our heart's in the right place. We know that, like all the big picture things, the conversations that a lot of people have down the road, we've really taken care of a lot of that.


Our communication is phenomenal. So that's it. It's more so just like, oh, no, gosh, I'd like you guys together and I don't break and disappoint us. I'm like, I'm not kidding. I like it. I like it a lot. And I'm going to be really upset and I'm going to have words. I'm going to tell you guys, don't disappoint. I've seriously it's I'm not I'm not worried about a I'm I'm not either.


I OK, we have a couple more questions and then we'll let you go live your lives, because there's a lot of things that you guys need to do as a couple. And we don't want to keep you for too long, but. First of all, before we even get into the last couple of questions, you looked stunning at the finale, the dress like the silver, everything was gorgeous. So I just have to tell you that you were glowing.


There was a ha moment where I thought you were like, oh, I don't know if I'm ready for this.


I was like, no, no, don't back down now.


But but beautiful. So beautiful. I hate to be this person to ask you this because you will get it at least twenty four times every single day for the next year or two. But I want to be the first to be the annoying one to ask this, do you? I don't even want it because I know how it feels like. But do you have any wedding plans, any wedding plans? We talked about all this. With this, we talked about things like.


Yes, no less. Date back at least a year or so like. Learn to love each other outside of this whole thing and work towards a wedding in twenty twenty.


We did this in the last two years and like you, yeah, there's so much to do and to figure out sometimes we're not in to be with that. I mean, I feel like, again, we have to date each other. Enjoy. I think she would go to an island or something. Kubitschek like I'm all for like the six hundred per person who.


Just the people I love, the people I want to do like I like on Wednesday to Sunday. Come on, hang. And he wants the whole shebang.


And I'm like just a little sliver of hair that's made to me.


And he's like, now like where all your friends contact your kindergarten friends. Like let's go with that statement. If Rachel I don't get an invite, we're going to have real words on the podcast about you guys.


Are people on to me like. Well, you already do. What do you togher first? You don't have to worry about that, frankly.


He loves FRAGO. I love it. I love Trinko. I want the more afraid go. He's in New York so I'm sure it will be our last forever. That's what I think.


She saw a different side of me when I ran. I was like Franco. And he's like, Where do you live, Chelsea? Like New York. They like to live on it. I was going to be like, oh my gosh. Like his shorts were like something different. And like, I loved it. And I was like, let's just have fun with it. And he what that was like, he hugged me, hugged me. And Zach's like, I don't get to hug.


And then like, of course you do. And then they just hit it off.


Franco. Oh, my, what was another question so I can let you guys go, Rachel, before Rachel knows what I'm going to ask, but did you have any last burning questions before we let them go?


No, I don't have any questions. I mean, I think it's you guys have said it before. You've been communicating. So communication is key. So, yeah, I don't have anything else. Yeah. And I just one will be probably the nicest interview you. I was just going to say you don't have any questions. I don't feel like going there.


Just to be honest, I'm going to be honest. I was like today it's been a day. So I just we both know what it's like to be in your position. You're going to have so many people that are going to ask you about the moments before you got to the proposal, about the heartbreak, before you got to the proposal. So honestly, Becca and I don't need to do that. You're going to have so many other people that are going to do that to you.


It's uncomfortable. The important thing is that you guys are on the same page.


We just want to bask in your love. Honestly, I. I don't I don't want to go there. I don't want to go there. We don't we don't need to click bait. It's shameless plug. We don't need the headlines.


Do you know what I mean? Like you guys are happy and in love.


That's it. Yeah. And and in moments in these next couple of days and weeks when you're getting grilled by press and you're being asked all these random crazy questions they probably don't want to answer at this point, just go back, revert to the moment when you knew, like you were each other's person, like when you fell in love and why you made that decision and just lean on each other. It's like you will be your best sources of comfort if you do have that open and honest communication.


So I can't wait to see where life takes you to. I can't wait to come visit, hopefully in New York once things open back up. But we have to end this because it's not only the end of an episode, it is the end of the season. Sixteen of sixteenth season of The Bachelorette, which is amazing.


We made it. But you guys did the damn thing.


If I do say so myself lieto to end this, I need to ask you both what was your rose and your thorn of the entire season?


I had a blast, you know. Me too, actually. Maybe the heat was in thought. I'm kidding. No, we were both there. It was no, I was hung over when I came to you.


Were you with Carrie five minutes before? Which it wasn't him. It wasn't his fault. I know it was. Yeah. OK, let me think in all seriousness. I think it's never fun to. To break up with people, but I knew I had to do it. I mean, I think that's the part I genuinely care about those men in my life. You're all amazing. So I think that kind of sucks. But I mean, my rose is like finding him, but not even just finding him, but finding.


A genuine, real love that I don't think I've ever experienced, and I feel like it's like things that people talk about, like in fairy tales. So it's like I'm not kidding when I say, like, it's from the different. So my life, I love you and I need to be here.


That's all I wanted to see. My role is obviously is meeting my fiance.


I love my God. I feel that the secondary rose doesn't have anything to do with you. I'm sorry is I really had a powerful experience watching the people who work on the show pull this thing off. And I think the unwritten story about our season is and probably the season they just film is like these human beings with their entire lives on hold. No family, no friends, no nothing like come out and create this environment for us to find love.


So I'll forever be grateful for that all. I mean, I made so many good friends with that ABC, whatever the production company, just really good humans. And watching Nalley gave me, I don't know, some feeling of like we're going to be OK in this world as a whole.


And the thorn, I don't know, I don't like wearing Speedos and doing weird shit on TV.


I wasn't cold enough, but I did it because I did for love. I thought, who were you close with, Zac, like, who were your close friends in the house? I love Kenny. Kenny was just Kenny, I had the same same taste in music, so he was a man, Tyler, who went home a little bit earlier.


That was a good hang. And then on and literally Blake Brandon, I mean, these were all good guys, Ivan and Jordan. See, we had to really. Helpful conversations for me, and we bonded over these kind of like late night sessions, talking about some of the stuff going on in the world. So overall, it was a really powerful experience just getting to connect with all these guys. I'm glad you had those conversations. I'm glad.


I wish we could have seen them, you know what I mean? That would have been awesome. But what's important is you had the conversations and not everything is this is for television. It's for you to get something out of it. So good for you. You guys, it has been an absolute pleasure. Like I said, I can't wait to see what the future holds for you both, whether it's going to be New York five babies one day, who knows?


But I'm so thrilled that you guys took time out of what I know is probably a lot right now. A lot to take in and deal with, with everything. And honestly, I'm sure you guys just probably want to get everyone the hell away and close the doors and spend some real quality time together. So with that, we can let you go. But it has been such a blast to have you both on. So thank you.


But before we leave, don't worry, all the hard hitting questions that you guys want to ask, I'm sure Joan and Tasha will.


So Zach is actually going to be a guest on the podcast on the Thirty First. So make sure you tune in, because first of all, how did you think? Yeah, that's the spirit. All back, I'm into it, I'm into it. I started to see it at the end they got us. I feel like they tried to not make us believe this was a thing. I didn't see the chemistry. I felt like that was a good man, obviously a great woman.


It wasn't until the end then I saw it. But talking to them, oh, I'm so happy for them. They're so giddy. It's just like they're still into each other. Like, is it. They're great. They're great.


You know what I love about seeing them now, like together and being able to pick their brains about everything is like you said, they're giddy. They have this nice playfulness and this banter. But they also are still, I think, very grounded and they balance each other out so well, which is like. Like a real relationship, what you need, and so it's fun to see. It's not like I think they understand, it's not like all sunshine and butterflies and it's going to be like this perfect thing.


They know that they're going to have to work for this relationship and figure out where we're going to live. Like what's what does the future look like for us?


But it was it was so charming to see them just finally interact face to face and be able to announce that I remember that feeling how like just incredibly elated I was. And so I'm glad that they can that we were the first to have that that they can share it with us. Yeah. That timing is definitely everything for that relationship. A lot of in a lot of ways it reminds me of me and Brian. And so just to hear them talk about certain things, they're very they're different, but it works.


And how and what I love and watching that interview, as Zach allows Taisha to be herself and she allows him to do his thing, recognizing the differences, but knowing that together they're like this powerful force. So stay tuned, guys. Big things coming from that couple. And by that I mean a wedding, five babies. And who knows what else is to come. That couple is taken over New York City.


I can't wait to see the first day. If you know what, I might just be one of the paparazzi there just to watch it go down and maybe get a bagel and get like a cute little cardboard taxicab walk down the road.


I never want to see it again. I wonder for that is, does the art department have that trash? It's trash. And if that shit shows up in Nemacolin. I hope so. I hope so. Rachel, now I know what I'm giving you for a white elephant gift. You know what? With that, close the show up on that note, ending with trash. You guys, I can not believe that we are here. The end of yet another love journey with two in one season.


Who would have thought, you know, when Chris Harrison always says the most dramatic season, truly, this season, 16 of Basharat took the cake by far. And, you know, coming from both of us, I think we both wish Taisha and nothing but the absolute best. We can't wait to see where they go in life, the two of them. And in terms of happy hour, we are going to be around next week. We're going dark for the holidays.


And although we won't be releasing another episode, we do wish you and all of your loved ones a very happy and safe and healthy holiday season, no matter where how what you're celebrating. So we were sending each and every one of you love this year, and we know that it's been a tough one. So hang in there. And twenty, twenty one is right around the corner. Can't wait. That's right. That's right. Back and listen, you guys, we're taking some time off, some much needed time off.


But don't worry, we'll be back. And you know what else will be back? That's our franchise. They never stop giving you guys what you want. A new season is just around the corner. The Bachelor season. Twenty five, a black bachelor, finally. Nineteen years by the time twenty twenty one rolls around. Yes, January 4th. People, we are back Monday. Thank goodness, because I know it's been a bit confusing there with Matt James this season.


And we'll be back, of course, with a brand new episode of Happy Hour on Tuesday, which is the morning after. Oh, and of course, we're going to have a very special guest because we're back new here. I don't want to say new us, but New Year, new season, new guest. And in the meantime, you can keep up with us on social at best or happy hour on Instagram and at that happy hour on Facebook and Twitter.


And as always, don't forget to subscribe to our podcast on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you're listening to this right now. Guys, we will see you later. Have a very happy New Year.