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Welcome back. Happy hour, listeners, and another week here with so much drama that went down and we continue to, I think, just like not even see love stories in the show these days, it's all about the girls and the cattiness, which, Rachel, I want to take a second to say, like, I don't even want to get into recaps.


I don't even want to get into, like, major moments because I am right now so frustrated with what we saw go down last, speak on it, speak on it.


Becca and I feel like this is the first time that I walked away from an episode being so disheartened, like I said, so frustrated. I just feel like. I don't like what I'm seeing, I like I don't like the fact that they're like this is about sure, I understand that there's going to be drama, but it's getting nasty now.


And it's getting to be just so dirty between these women with rumors circulating about somebody potentially being an escort that could ruin someone's life. And on the flipside, we have then I don't even want to talk about Victoria that much. But I she's living in such a bad taste in my mouth with all of her name calling that I'm like, why? I'm starting to question why ABC is choosing to show her continuously. Call these women sluts and whores and hos because like this now these words that people are seeing on the screen, I think feeds this narrative of like having people, other women, other men, young people watching the show think that that's OK to all women.


These names. And I'm so frustrated right now. Yeah, it's more like what what kind of audience are you trying to attract? Right. When you're highlighting when this person has as much of a stage as the lead itself, who are you trying to attract to your audience? Is it a I'm I'm confused. I don't need to know who it is. I'm with you, Becca. It's very frustrating to watch. There seem to be great women on that season.


Matt's a great bachelor. Why are we giving Victoria so much airtime? And it's like the antics just keep getting worse and worse. Like, I swear to God, she would have taken a crown off my head that Boxing Day would have happened right there in that room. Like you don't touch people like that. It's not funny. It's disrespectful. And I just I, I, you know, when we started this, we were like, we don't want to talk about her that much and I don't want to give her that much.


And what I do want our listeners to realize is most people do seem to be feel the same way about Victoria. We're all Katy in this situation. Right? Like we're all frustrated. We I love that Katie's like, Matt, I want you to approach the women, like take charge and get control of this situation, because that is what it should do. We don't want to see it anymore. So I probably spend about sixty percent of my time snacking, whether I'm carrying snacks in the car, in my backpack, even when I'm taking on walks, I'm always munching on something.


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Dotcom such bad start to stock up and save fifteen percent. But what you need to notice about Victoria is she can't handle people. That are strong. I won't even let me not even give victory that victory is not a strong person. A strong person does not bulldoze over weaker people. They don't fully them. They don't take advantage of them. That's not what a strong person is. That's an insecure person. That is what we are seeing in Victoria.


It is gone beyond humor. It has gone beyond antics. It's just downright mean. And I don't want to see it. You don't want to see it. We don't want to see it anymore. Like, I know you guys can do better than this. You can give us a better narrative. There's more to see. Who cares if we have a boring season? This it's not like we have deer, Binit, you know what I mean?


Yeah, his antics were ridiculous, but he wasn't mean like that. You know, it was over the top. It was obnoxious. Sure. But this just hard and painful to watch. Yeah. Honestly, you're not doing Victoria any favors because she's becoming so hated, whether this is her true personality or not. You know what I mean? It's just the most I love Katie approaching her or her trying to come to Katie and Katie shutting down.


Katie challenged her victory, had nothing to say. Yeah, absolutely nothing to say, honestly.


And I'm all for somebody to stir the pot and give us something. It is cross the line. I am so over Victoria, I am ready for her to be gone. I don't want to see any more of her. And I also want to reiterate the fact that words have weight and what you choose to how you choose to describe or use adjectives to describe people has weight. And when you continuously tear down other women for no good reason, just because you don't like them is not OK.


And we've seen it with well, now the former leadership of the country where you use certain words and phrases that trickle down and they have this underlying effect that is nasty and not not OK. And I'm ready for it to be gone. Like I've never walked away from this show where I felt like just this sick feeling in my gut that I feel right now when I'm thinking about everything that I watched. Oh, well, Victoria can go mad, James, step up, see the bullshit that's going on.


And like you said, even like he needs to take more initiative, even when he's getting interrupted by certain people like he he of course, he doesn't know how to navigate this because he hasn't done it before. But like, he's four weeks in and he just needs to stand his ground and and step up a little bit more. A lot more.


Yeah, we don't. Yeah. Like, come on, let's let's let's create a new narrative here like we do. We dealt with the mean girl situation during a season like come on, let's, let's bring us something. No, we got we got more and more than this. We can do better than this. I mean and hopefully we have a guest on today, which is Chelsea, who we are super excited to talk about, had a very, very big moment in last night's episode.


And hopefully she can give us some insight on what it is that we're seeing because she was right there for her in the mix of all of this. And I don't even like you said, I don't even want to spend too much time on this recap. You know, the biggest thing I want to highlight is the credits. That's honestly really what I what I came here to talk about the credits. The credits, did you see the scene where she's dancing?


Yes. You guys, I was like, what is happening? What is that? This is a sign of the times. This is the sun.


Was it a tick tock dance like I am was a fucking tick tock dance I'm making about it. I'm just as bad about that dance as I am about Victoria and her antics.


Oh, and Jane, now I get you trying to make Maggie feel comfortable. I get that she said she liked dancing. You thought, you know what? Maybe I'll do a little one two step boogied for her to get her loosened up, to get it to loosen up. Matt said, I'm going to dance. I even know which ticktock dance he was doing, I did because I don't know if it was a rap song, but when he proceeded to do every trendy move.


What's the sign of the times? What's wrong with us? You guys, the proper thing to do and then when you finish what you finish, she goes, That's all I got. That's all you've. Know you. That's and you were trying to court this woman grab her by the hand. That is exactly what I wrote down. She said she likes to dance the prophet, the Smoove, the the the like. GQ recalls suave move. The charming movie would have been like, Let me take you by the hand.


Let me pull up close and let's just dance to the music that we hear in our heads.


How much do you tip top dance for her? If I were would say one of the girls is off the podium.


Yeah, it was it was bad. Or I would have said at this point I would like to eliminate myself in the competition once.


And I feel like production is trolling, that you should have never shown us that far. I am so sick of it. I wish I would have stopped it when the episode was over with. I normally don't even say that. You never said, Rachel, don't stop watching. And I regret it. Oh, I can I can not wait for this oh, I. I am so worried what Van Lengthen, my co-host, is going to say, but I, I.


Oh, my gosh. Black Twitter is going to be soft. All I'm going to say is I thought Cotton was a bad dancer. I think Matt James, you may have toyed with this go on and on about this.


I was so upset. One other thing that I want to touch on two highlights and then we can get going with our guest. Obviously, one was the conversation with Chelsea and Matt about her hair. We're going to have her on, so we'll get it from her first. But another highlight that I want to touch on is the fact that did you notice? OK, so obviously five new girls are brought in. One of those new girls got a one on one date with Matt, which, you know, caused a rift between the women.


But on his one on one day with Michelle, I feel like I saw a different side to him, like he was glowing. Like we haven't seen him have a connection quite like that, I think, with the other women. And so it was refreshing to see because I feel like I can finally start to see, OK, maybe he could see a partner here. Yeah, yeah. No, I agree. He seems softer. He seemed lighter.


She seems to bring out the best of him and he seemed to really be into her, but not just in a physical way, like obviously there's the physical attraction. But he really seemed to be drawn to her. And I think it says a lot that he gave her that data off of one conversation when these other women have been there for three weeks. So, yeah, if I were the other woman in the house, I would be like, wow, this is one we have to watch.


I mean, she just came in here and made an immediate impression on him. I like her. Well, you know what?


She's a Minnesota girl, just like me.


So I knew I liked you. I was like, that's my girl. So, yeah, I actually do.


I hope we have her on at some point just because I live in Minnesota girls, but I like her with that.


I mean, I think we should just get into it unless you had any other highlights or anything that you wanted to get off your chest. I feel like we've been out for a while there, though. I know you don't want to say this moment takes me back to give it to me. I'm just as angry as when we had Hannah and on and you said, who's your dream person to have on the show? And she said, Addison Ray, who at the time I had no idea who that was.


And then of course, I went out and a deep, dark hole researched her. I couldn't believe that your dream guest is a Tick-Tock star. You know what I mean? Like, this is this is like Dancing with the Stars, but it's like it's not a this isn't a dance show.


You know, this is somebody who even heard has to speak, I don't believe, we don't know, half past 15 or 30 seconds, you know what it's like. So that what I said was that's about that. Do I get tripped up? I can't get over. I close my eyes and I see him dip. I'm so proud of himself. He was very proud. I think he thought Maggie was going to be like, oh, yeah, I love that dance.


Maggie was all of us. Maggie, I would have been so disappointed if I was Maggie. I literally was like my jaw dropped at first and I thought it was a joke. And he kept going and I was like, oh, he's serious about this.


Like I said, I would have Masback no matter what, I can't have your back on this one. We'll teach him how to dance. I can have your back on this one. I feel like this is something I say, like I usually will see something that's like a defining moment with someone. I'm like, I know everything I need to know about you. Dare I say I know everything I need to know I did.


I just got death. In all seriousness, he did talk to you maybe for all future seasons. Whoever picks the leads and gets them prepped and ready to go, we need to do a little bachelor swooning course for these men.


Can somebody out there please put a funny video together of him dancing to just like the most outrageous, random, weird, crazy song? With those moves, I just want to see it like, yeah, like you wrong, you didn't read the room, OK? The quarantine crew was not in the room. It was Maggie. And you were trying to impress her and you gave her a 30 second Tic TAC dance card. And you know what? And with that, you know what?


You would never do that. You would never do that if they had the opportunity. Chelsea. And that's right. It's time for our next guest. We loved her from the moment that we laid eyes on her in the BYLES, we were intrigued by her. She had a byl like we had never heard from the corporate world to the runway. Yeah, for the corporate world to the runway. Katie told us last week that she's funny. We obviously know she's fierce.


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And I'll say it one more time in case you missed it. It's Neum Dotcom page.


Chelsea, we are so thrilled to have you on again, we have another fan favorite, I feel like on the podcast today.


So just to start out, but we just want to check in with you. How are you doing? Welcome to the show. How have you been with this pandemic and going from filming and just fill us in on your life.


Thank you.


I'm really excited to be here and meet you back. I've already met you.


We about it. Yes, but I'm doing good. I mean, modeling got really slow for obvious reasons when it started. So I kind of took some time to go home to my mom's house in Georgia.


So I've been there for the past couple months, which was amazing and something I thought I'd never be able to do again in my adult life. So I took a bunch of time after filming and it was like hanging out with my family, my niece and nephew and my parents. And they and I just got back to New York like a week ago.


Oh, so you're fresh out there, right? I have to say, I did some digging on your Instagram. And even before the season started, when we had all of the cast bios, Rachel and I were raving about you, that you are this incredible runway model. And right before you came on, I told I told Rachel that I was looking at all of your photos and you are doing incredible things like you weren't just for anyone listening, please check out Chelsea's Instagram because you aren't just like an Instagram model.


You are the real deal, like huge brand deals. You were at Fashion Week like you were crushing it. Thank you.


I mean, I'm definitely proud of it. I had some really cool things happen at the beginning of last year, like I was on my first billboard and I was and oh my. And the Fashion Week for the first time, like, it was amazing. So, yeah, I can't complain. Like, we like my agency that I have in York and I was looking for some good stuff with covid ran things.


Yeah. I mean how does one and this is really for our listeners too, because we were as I said, we were so into you just from reading your bio. And I mean, I'll admit I was until you dance me, I'm like, oh my gosh, I have met her before. Right. But as you explained on the steps that we saw last night, like, you look different from the last time I saw you. And then it all came back to me and everything.


And we'll get all into that. But I think it's so I just love when people can change careers, you know what I mean? In the middle of whatever it is that they're doing. And you went from corporate to the runway. So a little bit about like why you made that decision and then how you were able to make that decision, because that's not something you can do lightly. And so I'm sure there are other listeners who may be in the same space that you were in when you were in corporate trying to figure out if you wanted to step into something you were passionate about.


Yeah, for sure. I've kind of always had in my mind that I really wanted to be a model since I was a girl like I used to watch America's Next Top Model when I was 10 and be like, oh, I'm definitely going to be like, I'm going to do that. And then as far as my career, like I went to the University of Georgia and I got my degree in fashion merchandising. So either way, I was planning I'm moving to New York.


So when I first moved here, I was working in corporate I was working at a buying office and deciding what products go into stores. But it was like always tugging at the back of my mind. Like I was like, oh, I really want to be modeling here. And I try to do it in my spare time. I'll go to a casting call here and there. So after a couple of years working corporate, I was kind of just like I didn't like the company.


I was that. And I was like, OK, either way, I believe this specific role, but I could either get a new job or I could try to start modeling and, like, go full on. So I just quit my job. And he's like, there's a ton of agencies in New York. One of them is bound to me up. This is my thought process. Obviously, I had the money saved. I was like not doing that just blindly.


But yeah, after a couple of months of hunting and like, trying to find the right agency and the right fit, I signed with two agencies that I'm with now and then started working more consistently. And yeah, I really it worked out well.


It seems like it from everything that I saw on your page, it seems like everything is going very well. Hopefully more to even come once everything kind of goes back to normalcy in the vaccination is around for everyone. But speaking of just jumping in and doing something totally different, obviously you have been on the show now. We've seen you for the past four weeks. First off, I want to say your dress on night one was stunning, like Pam's favorite dress, probably one of the favorite dresses I've seen come through the entire franchise.


Like you wore that dress. It was incredible.


You are the only one who could be only one who could run actress.


Did you? And maybe this is just me because I need all the help I can. Dressing myself, is that something like you and shopping for dinner? Did you work with the designer? How did you find that dress?


Yeah, so I was shopping for a month or so, like leading up to film and trying to figure out what I wanted to get as the limo.


And then my name is Akki and I actually wore for him in New York Fashion Week like two or three times. But he's amazing. And he, when I first met him, was 15, like the first time I was 15. And then like, he was on Project Runway Junior. He's like a prodigy. And so I thought of him and I was like, oh, my God, I wonder if he'll let me borrow a gown for the show because I couldn't really say what I was doing.


But I was just like, hey, I have a thing. I borrow a gown. And he's like, yeah, of course. So I was like deciding between the one I chose and then a couple that I had bought, which I ended up wearing later in the that you've seen so far. But yeah, it was like right before I left, I was like, I think this is the one. And then I got there and everyone was like freaking out over.


And I'm like, OK, thank God this one is incredible.


It was. What made you want to come on the show and how did you get involved with it in the first place? Yeah, I mean, I've been a fan for a while, like I used to watch the show with my mom, but honestly, I really never thought I would be on it myself. But when they announced that it was my James, that's pretty much what it was for me. Like I was like, oh, like I would actually date him if I just ran into him in New York.


So I really applied because it was Matt and also with covid and everything, with modeling being kind of slow. And I was like I was also at home with my mom during that, during the time I applied. And I was just like, you know what? Like, let's just see what happens. I think that's great. I think it's great. So let's get into your you being on the show now that our listeners know a little bit more about you and how you you got to where you are on the show.


Last night, we saw you have a conversation with Matt, which I loved.


I smashed my wig off just for this interview because the conversation that you have, this is a true story. I said, you know what? I'm not going to say we're going to talk about hair. We're talking about hair. I we don't get to see a lot of the the conversations I feel like we've been able to see in the seasons that have been during covid have been very meaningful because you're not traveling around from place to place and back. And I have talked about this.


So you're kind of left with nothing but conversation, which is great because you're trying to figure out if you're going to potentially marry this man or woman, whoever is the lead. And when you apply for the show, you have longer hair. And then I believe you. You cut it off during quarantine. Yes, yeah, I did in during the summer, OK, during the summer, and so now you come on the show looking absolutely stunning, standing out like nobody else can truly.


But you sit with Matt and you showing pictures of yourself to show you're sitting with Matt and showing pictures of yourself to show what you look like before you cut your hair off and you explain to him why you did that and how you used to feel before and maybe some insecurities that you may have felt. And basically the black woman struggle. And I loved that this conversation was on air. And I just want to know from your perspective, because I'm sure that was probably a little nerve wracking for you to talk about because you didn't know how it was going to receive it and you don't know how the audience is going to perceive it.


So if you can, please take us through that thought process of why that was so important for you to have that conversation about black women and their hair. Yeah, I just think that as women and especially as black women, like so much of our self-worth, is tied to our hair and I don't know if a lot of people realize that or understand that, especially as far as black women go. And it was I mean, it was just a really big deal to me.


So that's obviously something that I wanted to share with somebody that I am potentially going to end up with my partner. And I just think also so many people, like I like I said, I watch the show since I was younger and there haven't been that many black contestants. There hasn't been a black bachelor lead. Nobody's going on there talking about their hair journey. And I think that some people might have hopefully they don't anymore, but might see as trivial because it's like, oh, it's just hair.


And like even for a while I felt like that. Like I felt like it wasn't important enough for me to bring up, like, two people or it wasn't like a big enough of an insecurity to be like valid. And then it wasn't until I shaved it all.


I decided to shave it off that I realized how important it was and how much of an effect it had on me, because it was just such a low for variance to be like, I'm going to let that go. I'm there and I'm not I don't need hair to be feminine. I don't have to be beautiful. I don't care to be attracted to men. Like, it's just it was just such a liberating thing. And now I feel like I feel even more like myself, even though I've never had a shaved head.


But somehow I feel more like myself without hair. So.


Oh, yes, I'm no, it's it's really it's it's they're going to be so many black women who are going to reach out to you about being brave enough to have that conversation. Because for our listeners, what you don't understand with with black women and the pressure, there's a lot of pressure for for us to fit a European a European standard of beauty. And that means processing our hair, straightening our hair, wearing extensions, wearing wigs. And we've been programmed for so long that our natural beauty isn't beautiful.


And it is. And here you are in your natural state, representing yourself as a black woman and showing that that's beautiful and it is beautiful. And I I want you to talk a little bit, too, about Matt's response to what you said, because I thought it was great. Yeah. I mean, when I was showing him the picture, he's like, I think you look beautiful both ways.


Obviously a great thing for a guy to say, but he was really receptive to it. And I feel like just based on our kind of upbringings, like I'm from a little suburb in Georgia and he's from somewhere, somewhere in North Carolina. And we both grew up in places that we're predominantly white. Our schools are predominantly white. So I just felt like it was like that. He could relate. And he also said that he used to have a four and he shrugged it off and that people said that he was more approachable afterwards.


And it's just like even black men have the same issues with when it comes to hair. But it was it was really nice. I loved his has gotten better in my in my head. I planned it. But yeah, like you said, I was kind of like a little bit nervous to bring it up, but and can I just go good about it. And, and for the listeners too, which is also probably scary for you too, to go in there and have that conversation is because there is also I've experienced this I want to speak for you.


I don't know if you have, but where there are a lot of black men who put that pressure on you as well to have your hair looking a certain way. And so you might not have known how that was going to respond to that. And he responded in the best way, girl, he opened I kissed you, which is what you know, he likes you. You know, like I said, I was like, if Chelsea doesn't get this group, Debro, something's not adding up here.


Have you guys ever heard the song here by Lady Gaga? Which is like I'm as free as my hair, my hair, I'm going to send it to you after because I feel like this India already has, as has the black version.


I am not my hair. Just a moment and I will say to especially I mean, like, obviously I'm a white woman.


I grew up in a predominantly small white town in Minnesota. And it wasn't, I think, really until getting to know Rachel better and talking to you a little bit more about your hair and how you changed it for different shows that I think it's playing along to.


What you're saying is like it's such a good conversation to have for people who don't even know what women in general have to go through. But then black women like I hope that anyone watching that conversation last night took something away in a good way to be like, oh, my gosh, I didn't even think about, like, how much you do you put into your hair and how it makes you feel a certain way. So kudos to you. I love that you say you feel more like yourself now, like that's just for any woman to say that it's such a beautiful thing.


I want to know because obviously that's a scary thing to share on a date with somebody. You probably don't lead on a first date with that kind of conversation, let alone leading it on national television in front of millions. Was there any part of you? Obviously, this was filmed a while back, but knowing that it was going to air in this moment, was there any part of you that that was nervous or hesitant or were you just like, this is me and I own it and I can't wait to share this with the world?


Obviously, I mean, I'm a little nervous when any episode airs just because I'm like little I don't know, I guess.


But for this specific thing, I was really excited for it to air just because I feel like I've gone through the emotional work already myself to get to this point. So right now where I'm at, I'm just excited to celebrate it and let other people know about it. I'm not nervous about it anymore. Like, it's like I, I can't if I can hide, I just walk around proudly. It's like, OK, here's my shaved head. So I was more excited for everyone to see it.


And like I said, I used to watch the show and like I never imagined this competition or anyone being on you're talking about it. So like other black girls at home, I can relate. I'm happy that it will resonate with them. And then like even everybody else, like my white friends or anybody that just doesn't know, that's just like never had to think about these things. Like I'm just happy that everyone can see it. You guys know at the start of every year, we all do it, we set these New Year's resolutions to improve our lives and our present year and be better than we were before in the prior year.


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I have to keep going?


Or did you just simply make an appointment and go take it off?


OK, here's what happens. I am really bad at doing my own hair, so I've been going to the hair salon like every two weeks for my lady that I trust now. So I let her handle. It could have been my hair salon clothes closed. I didn't have to do my hair. And I was just like, you know what, forget this. I'm going to shave it off. So I bought some clippers on Amazon and I shaved it off my bathroom with my roommates.


With your roommate? Yes.


You should you should post pictures of if you already have, and I might not know, but yeah, that's that's awesome. That's what I love that made with the back and we shaved off in the bathroom, so.


Oh my gosh, I would have loved to see this. Yeah. Pictures, video footage, whatever you have, please share with us because I'm sure I'd love to check it out.


So going back to this conversation with Matt, obviously you said he responded in the best way possible for that conversation. But what is it in general that you're most attracted to with Matt? I. Really, like that map is super genuine and I've said this to him many times, but like, he just it doesn't matter who he's talking to or like even when I saw some of his other relationships with the other girls, like, it sounds weird, but you could tell just like how genuine he was and how he always was, like, I'm sure as you and Rachel both know how hard it is, it must be to be the leader.


And he was just always so president with each and every one of us and made us feel so great. So, yeah, he just seems authentic and genuine and present all the time. And that's like something I don't take for granted. I ask all the girls this and we always talk about him kissing with the eyes open. How is he as a kisser.


And he was a good kisser.


Everyone says he is good. I just want some dirty juice.


One of these days, I think the general consensus. So I'm just stop asking this question.


OK, let's talk about some people who don't come across as genuine. You said Matt is genuine. Let's just take let's take a sharp left turn. So last week, Bachelor Nation was up in arms. And not about that, not specifically about Sarah, but about the group of women in the house, except for Katie, people were teen Katie, I have usually receive a lot of DM's about like miss like Rachel. Are you going to call this person out or Rachel, shut your mouth.


You talk too much is like one extreme or the other. But I've saved a lot of DM's about bullying. That was the word, which is another word. People infatuation, love to use a lot. But the word was bullying. And it was made mainly in reference to the conversation that the group of women had with Sarah. It was like the house versus Sarah. You were there. You were in the middle of it. I would love to hear your take on what happened.


I mean, I don't know how long that conversation was. And I'll be honest, it looked bad. It looked really bad.


Yeah. I mean, it obviously was a longer conversation and situation than was shown. I mean, it's a two hour episode that was days of of what we're trying to say. It was days of conversations that happened and it was all shown in like a ten minute. Couch combo, I think that bullying. Is not a word that people should be using so lightly. I don't think that's what was happening personally from where I was sitting. I think it was more the rest of the house trying to figure out what was going on from there.


And we obviously weren't aware of the conversation that she had with I with Katie upstairs. We only knew about her interrupting the group date and her feeling like she needed to talk to Matt. So it was more of us trying to get information. I can't speak for any of the other girls, but that's where I was coming from with it.


Did anyone other than Katie try at any point in that week when they kind of knew Sarah was in her head and hiding in her room and potentially wanting to go home to anyone else, try to approach her and have a conversation? Because I think for the viewers and at least for me personally, it was really I think the part that was hard to swallow was that it felt like one against everybody. And we did see the conversation with Katie private supper, which I wish that more girls would have done, and maybe we just weren't privy to that.


But did anyone else try to pull her aside or have a conversation with her? I actually don't know the answer to that. I wasn't really super close with Sarah, so I personally didn't speak to her individually, but there might have been other girls that did. But it definitely it wasn't it wasn't malicious. It didn't. I know it didn't come off looking so great on TV. It never does when it's a group against one person. But it was an attack.


We were very much trying to attack the problem and not the person. Yeah.


And I mean, Sarah's a crier, right? So it's hard to watch. All those people are saying something and then she's crying and the whole presentation. Just look off and listen. I'm no stranger to calling people out myself.


I just think it's more of like, you know, maybe if people pulled her to the side and I think maybe what was the nail in the coffin was what's the blonde, curly haired girl's name? M.J., M.J.. And I think with the nail in the coffin was was when MJ when she tried to pull it off to the side, she was like, nah, it was like, oh, gosh, that was it for her. She didn't have anybody left.


I mean, I guess she thought it was for one friend. MJ was like, nah, not today. Not today, Sarah, but OK. And I think and I want to kind of say along this theme of like. What I have written down in my notes as the mean girl mob, OK, not saying that you're a mean girl, just there just seems to be it's not you. OK, so I just want to be particular.


It just seems that that is the theme that is trying to ah, the narrative that is trying to be pushed here. OK, not I'm not calling you out. It just seems like there's like and we saw during season two. I don't know if this is something new. I don't like it if it is because all of pitas girls seem to get along quite well. But we saw that there was like this mob of mean girls. And it seems like here we are getting the same thing again.


And so obviously the drama didn't end last week. Once Sarah left, we see a new crop of girls come in. There's so much drama, truly, that went down last night between what I guess everyone's calling like the O'Jays or the varsity squad versus the new girls. And for you, you seem like you're still a bit removed from the drama like there are. There are few people in the show who are like very much stirring the pot, who are in the drama causing the drama, like name calling.


You don't happen to be one of them. But of course, you are part of the group. You've been there since night one. And so what were your thoughts whenever when everything went down, when the new girls came in and then the rumor also that was circulating about Britney once she was there?


Yeah. So when the girls came, I was like the thought was, wow, what a great party.


Have a rose just like you can, just sick that dirty martini swirling if you want to. I was very, very happy that I had a rose at that time. But obviously, I mean, just my character. I'm not somebody who tries to insert myself in drama. I'm very much like, do you? I'm going to worry about myself. So when the new girls came, I'm kind of like they they didn't choose this. I think if they had chosen, they probably would have wanted to come in at the same time as us.


So I had no issues with them. I wasn't holding anything against them. I was just like, hey, I'm Chelsea. Welcome. Yeah. And that was a good thing.


I mean, I'm like, I can't control it. I'm not going to be upset about it. I'm just going to try to focus on myself and my relationship with Matt. So there does oh, do you want to keep going? Right, sorry. So there does seem to be this this narrative, this ongoing narrative that there are a bunch of mean girls, which I've noted as the mean girl. Bob, not saying you're a part, you are a mean girl.


It's just we saw it last year with Peter and now we're seeing it again in Matt season. And I don't know, as viewers, people aren't really a fan of it. People don't really want to see that, because the beauty of part of this journey is also the friendships that you have. I get it. If I had been in one of the originals and I saw new girls in, that's tough. That's paradise. You sign up for that in paradise, you'll sign up for that on The Bachelor.


So it's it's tough. It's tough to see. By the way, if you're friends with Hanna, please let her know that Oji stands for Original Gangsta and the original girls, which is what she said. OK, so I get Hanna. Oh, jeez, Anna.


And I was like, who's Hanna? So I know I'm going to stick with Hanna because she said original girls.


She says she got that wrong. And excuse me, no apologies. And Anna.


Oh, there's this there's this scene where it's you guys are on the night time portion of a group date and it seems like MJ and is it just Zinnia? Yeah, M.J., just Scindia, you, Katie, are all sitting there and you're talking about Piper as well and you're talking about the women who are the new the new girls. And you're kind of like laughing. And the girls are like MJ is kind of talking about, you know, we're the varsity and they're them and you're laughing.


And it just paints this whole narrative of like this mean girls. And I just like maybe we want you to give some context behind what it was we were watching in that scene because it was tough. It plays into this this narrative that we're seeing on that season.


Yeah, I mean, I'm not a fan of the narrative either, and I. I really don't think it's accurate. I think what you're seeing or what everyone seeing is just us trying to process what's happening. Like this isn't the day after we got there and then there's new girls coming in. Like we've already formed relationships with Matt, we've already formed relationships with each other. It's also just a lot just being in this isolated bubble. You'll have your friends, your family, like there's a lot going on.


And we were just we're just talking to each other, like about new girls are coming. You know, it's it's like I don't know, I don't want to be a threat, but it's just like it just it just it was defeating because it felt like we were going somewhere.


We're moving along. We're getting a little bit more time to spend with Matt. There's less girls. Ceremonies are happening. And then it just felt like five steps back because it's like, OK, people that we had been with since the beginning went home last week and then now we have five more. So it was just it was just a lot.


What did you think about Katie's point, though? Because obviously Katie was taking it the way that the audience sees it and Katie kind of stands up to you guys and is like, listen, but they are here. So we all kind of have to get along. And it almost makes you think like, well, how would you feel? It's not those girls fault that they had to stay longer. I'm sure they would have loved to have been there the first night.


You know, they're kind of at a disadvantage coming in, you know, not at the beginning, not knowing what you guys have with Matt. So what did you think about Katie had to say in that moment? Because she seemed to be the only one thinking that. Yeah, I mean, I don't think she was the only one thinking that I think that that was kind of where I stood as well, like I wasn't holding anything against the new girls.


I tried to be as welcoming as I could. I understood that this wasn't a situation that they wanted to be and they didn't choose it. And again, I was just trying to, like, focus on my relationship with Matt, what I could control. And I was going wasn't I didn't go. I went out of my way to be nice to them because I'm like I didn't I didn't want them to feel ostracized. Like I put myself in their shoes.


And I'm like, if I came in, it just no matter how confident you are, it's hard. It's just tough to come into this group of women and be like, OK, I'm here and everyone hates me. Like, it's just it's hard to do. So I tried to be like, you guys can talk to me, whatever, like I'm not yes, I was here first, but I'm not like somebody that you can't not ripping somebody's crown off their head.


Right. Which is which is a sexual assault. Not my style legally is the definition of a simple assault.


I just want to put that into and I want to ask anyone that we had any guests on on the podcast. But obviously we have you this week, Victoria, and I've said a lot about her in my recap with Rachel prior to coming on. But Victoria, at this point, like it's not even entertaining. She's not funny to me. She's not enjoyable to watch. I have so many thoughts on her, but it seemed like from what we saw.


Katie was the only one who had ever called her out and stood up to her and said anything, but watching all of this go down and her behaviour just like continuously tears women down over and over, and her actions, in her words, like, did anyone else other than Katie stand up and say, hey, you're in the wrong or you shouldn't say this, you shouldn't be doing this. Like, look at it from a different way. Did anyone else call Victoria out on any of her bullshit?


Yeah, I was there just like if victory, but anything to me or to I don't know any any of us that we didn't feel was cool, like I had no problem calling her out, which and some of the other girls. Yeah. I just it wasn't I don't know, I think maybe she didn't specifically come for certain people that she knew.


And looking back, I mean, salute like she didn't come for me because she knew that probably wasn't a good idea. Absolutely. Nail on the head. She goes after who she can. She can bulldoze over me of a mean girl in high school. Yeah, I don't I mean, I personally, I have no problem with Victoria for what I don't agree with. Many things that she said and done, but I don't I don't think she's a bad person.


I think she just. She is a she has a lot to say about her statement. So last week, though, we had Katie on the podcast and we played a little game with her and she had mentioned that you were actually one of the funniest people that she knew in the house. And so how did you manage throughout all of this craziness and the drama and the new girls coming and going and the tears and the name calling, how did you manage to still stay positive, still have this funny attitude in such a stressful environment?


And how did you manage to like you? I mean, you say you don't want to get involved in other people's business, but still stay out of that drama because I feel like it's like right now, just this black hole sucking everyone in.


I mean, I have always been such a girly girl, like I wasn't in a sorority or anything, but like my girlfriends that I have from high school and college are like the world to me. So I'm just I love hanging out with other amazing, beautiful, strong, powerful women. So I was just kind of focusing on that and like spending time together. We weren't on dates and stuff and just like building that friendship. And then I was journaling a lot to get all my feelings out, stay sane.


But yeah, that's I don't know. I'd like to consider myself a decently positive person. So I was kind of just trying to focus on myself, try to stay away from the crazy drama. I know. It's kind of like it'll pass. So that was my mind. That's good to hear. Did you stir crazy in the hotel where you guys allowed to go outside and take walks and be in nature and get fresh air?


The actual house that we were saying I was so beautiful and like, I don't think they've shown the backyard too much, but it was just like a huge pool and a Jacuzzi and like we could walk a little bit and then just the scenery with it being like fall in Pennsylvania is stunning. So if ever I felt like too crazy, I would just go for a walk outside or something, but. It wasn't it wasn't too bad, I think I mean, I heard the bachelor mansion is a little more tight, so I was grateful for what we had mentioned.




Don't you don't think you missed anything by big, but by not saying the bachelor mansion is just a regular ol old house dishwater washer doesn't work the hard work.


And so you got the part. I would have rather been at Nemacolin beautiful. But then I would have wanted to leave though that I am sorry I didn't get to experience that. I am glad to hear that you guys got along. That's nice to hear. We had Abigail on the show and she said You guys are friends. So it's nice that there is a friend group because I was going to say, are y'all even friends? Do you follow each other?


Is the group Chadds? Is the group chat even exist? Does it all have a group chat and. Well, we know you do.


We talk about it all the time on the podcast chat. Yeah, we know you do. There's no shame in that. You know, I adore some of the girls who who who are you closest with and who did your room with. So I was my roommate and he went at the second hour ceremony. So that was a little sad to see her go. And then Piper for you to see Abigail, but that's who I was. And Bree, who I was close with in the house.


And Rachel, I love Rachel.


Do I know that's good. I mean, listen, we love to see it. How do you think you would have done on the Boxing Day? I wish I was. Were you on the backside? Did you know my partner decided to take a knee? Who is your partner? Was. Who was that?


MJ, all I'm talking M.J. is doing and she don't have any hands to back it.


She's like bark. And no, I'm surprised that she does not believe in fighting.


Honestly, like the day we were all kind of uncomfortable with the date because like just the idea of it, like a bunch of women are going to go fight over a guy like that was kind of like to me, you do that every day.


That's what you sign up for. You're fighting every day to fight me every day.


But like physically hitting people over it was was. Yeah. MJ decided she didn't want to fight. And I was the one she was supposed to fight for then by default. Item five either.


Were you happy about whether were you ready to get some aggression out?


No, I was not mad. I didn't want to fight. I'm not a fighter.


I don't think I would have been like, oh, God, I have somebody. But I'm surprised that they did it. Like, I thought that the production in some way somehow was going to pit the the O'Jays, as you guys call them, with the new girls, which I'm glad they didn't, because that was good.


That ended terribly, terribly. Somebody would have been going to the hospital. But but, yeah, I'm surprised. I feel like they're pulling out all the stops this season. So it's like I feel like that would have been fitting. So so far, what are we in week for? I want to say. What are you without giving too much away, but still giving us some sort of t what are you most excited for the audience to still see this season?


Her. I mean, I'm like as someone who has been previously in the audience, like I love for people to see the love stories, like I'm excited for the audience to stop seeing the drama, for that to go away and the people to actually get to see us having conversations with Matt and having good conversations with each other. Like I want people to see the romance. We want that to show what the love story, not the drama. Yeah, I live for it.


Absolutely. OK, we're down to our last question, which I this is Becca's question.


So I'll pass the baton to her to ask you, do you ever want to ask it, you know, like this? I know. It's like Becca, it's really cute. And Becca, you came up with it, at least in my mind, you came up with it. So I'm always like, Becca, I actually did go giving it to you. Yes. So, Chelsea, we always ask every guest that we have on what was your rose and what was your Thornes thus far in the season.


So basically your highlight and your low that we've seen. Or maybe that we haven't seen that you that you just really enjoyed or hated. I think that would be the first group date with the wedding dresses and the capture the heart, because I was already so uncomfortable, like obviously I've never been on a date with that many people before. It was like the biggest group date in bachelor history. So I was just super uncomfortable all around. I'm not like a person who goes out of their way to try to, like, stand out when there's a bunch of other big personalities in the room.


Like, my mentality is kind of like, OK, well, if you want me like I'm here, I'm not going to like, be extra and try to get somebody attention. So I was just super uncomfortable. And then we had to go in the woods and it was so cold. And then my team lost and we didn't get a good time with Matt. So that was that was a rough one that was born.


And then my rose would be getting the group date rose like that was a great day. And then I loved having my conversation with Matt and getting the validation.


And in the open I'd kiss a girl that's like, you know, he's Silverdale. That's like Chelsea. It's been so great to talk to you. I mean, we were definitely on the top of our list, one of our favorites. And you're just as great, if not even better in person. So thank you so much for stopping by. That's our happy hour. We can't wait to see what else happens, to see how far you go.


Not looking forward to the drama or you friends with the escort.


Was that is there, you know, I mean, it's just it's it's crazy for her.


Absolutely. If even if it's true, don't bring that up. You like. It's it is so outrageous. I don't even care if it's true. It's just like, wow, if that was a rumor that was started about me. And please give perspective on this, Chelsea, because you were right there. If that's a rumor that was started about me, how do you get past that? Do you know what I mean? Like the moment those words are spoken, you know that that is going to be your entire narrative even before the show is aired.


You know that's going to happen. Chelsea with the inside scoop from inside Nemacolin. What happened?


I mean, it was definitely a tough spot to be in, especially when Britney had just gone into the house. There was already Ogie versus whatever drama, and then she got that thrown into the mix, too. So I don't envy her. It was it was a hard place to be, but. Yeah, she handled it like a champ. Yeah, she it but I don't know what was harder waiting in quarantine those extra days only to go home then at the ceremony that night or what happened to Britney.


That's your name, Britney?


Well, definitely Britney, because now it's going to stick with her for the rest of her life. And let's be honest, Bachelor Nation fans and people who are so into the show, like that's all they're going to remember her. It's so sad. It's like that should not have been any sort of storyline. It shouldn't have even been there at all. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see next week what happens with that. But yes, Chelsea has been an absolute pleasure having you on.


Thank you for joining us at BEDSER. Happy hour. Hopefully we can have you back one day.


So I'm so happy I got to be here and talk to you guys. Oh, Chelsea, I like her. I like was great and I'm glad, like I feel like she's not somebody that we're getting to see a ton of up until this last night's episode. So I'm glad that we can have her on and pick her brain more about what actually went down because there was so much. And to get an inside scoop and I'm really glad with the fact that she can confirm that, like the girls, for the most part, still all get along and the drama can hopefully be left in the past.


Yeah, I mean, we'll see. But it sounds like there's a lot more to come. It seems like Chelsea stays out of the drama, which is probably why we haven't seen her up until now. And she had this big conversation with Matt. But, yeah, she was she was good about not giving us too much. So like the rest of you, we're just going to have to stay tuned and watch. Yes. I can't wait to see what keeps happening.


I mean, it's been a crazy season so far. So thank you guys once again for hanging out with us. We'll keep these recaps and also keep these amazing guests coming. So keep watching Mad Season with us. Write to us. Let us know what you want us to cover, who maybe you want us to be chatting with next. You can always find us at Bauscher. Happy hour on Instagram and at that happy hour on Facebook and Twitter.


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