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What a bachelor, happy hour, listeners, welcome back. We got a jam packed episode for you guys today because last night's episode was jam packed. We had a blast from the past, Heather Martin, Tyler, Cameron, two on one or the conclusion of it. We had a one on one with somebody went home unexpectedly. I don't even know where to start. Well, I'll start with this. We've got a great guest on today, like we always do.


And today we're having on paper James. We saw her. She had her romantic carnival date her one on one. Finally, she's been itching for it. All of the ladies have. And so we're going to talk to her about those details, talk to her about some things that went down in last night's episode and hopefully get a better understanding of what we have going on here. But, yes, what did you think about last night's episode? Like overall?




I mean, I felt like I was watching four different episodes wrapped up into one because, like you said, we and we started with the end of a two on one rose ceremony. Then we get into the dates, then we have a blast from the past. Heather comes back and causing quite a stir. It was just it was a lot like I think I'm starting to realize as a viewer, I need a proper start, middle and end. And we haven't gotten that, I feel like at all this season.


Same with last season. And so it's it's a struggle.


But I mean, we should just get into some of our main highlights because I have a bone to pick with Matt and I'm gonna it with this.


I know this happened in the middle of the episode, but he sent our girl Katie home.


He sent her home. And you know what? I love Katie so much that this was the first one where I was like, well, do you think he ever thought he made a mistake? Like, I still wanted her back. But that's just me personally, because I love Katie. Katie for sure. I'll so that to the day I die. But let's just start, I guess, going back to the top, this two on one. Wait, is that the way to the bone to pick.


Is that he said Katie Holmes.




Becca, compare what Katie was friendzone from the moment she brought the vibrator.


That is true. I bet if we had asked Katie this question, she has a history of being friend zoned. And I'm not saying that she because because she can hang with the guys. And I'm saying this from a person myself who like used to be the master of friends owning herself because you're just so cool that people can't see the romantic side. There was nothing romantic. Right, right. Right. Actually, men make agreement because I remember at one point and I thought it in another episode, too, I think when she first went home and was like, there's really toxic behavior happening, talk to the girls about that.


And then and right when they got together on their date, like they're I don't think they ever kissed. We never once saw them because I felt really, really, truly saw them hug that they kissed on this one. I think they kissed before they kissed on this date. And I'm like you. When they did it, I was like, Huh? Have we seen this before? That's weird. He brought her out. I mean, my God, he brooder like he was way more into Tyler on that date that he was with.


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Yes, one thousand percent, he was more excited to see Tyler, but when he went in for a massage, but he went in so nicely, it was trying to be intimate.


He was I was watching his hands. I was like, oh, I feel like I'm watching a little bit too much. But then when he went in to hug me, all I could think about was like, you're going to get all this oil. I was going to say lube, but it's oil on your sweater. I was like, don't do that, Carrie. But we'll have a bone to pick with you, too, sir.


Did you notice that he can't wink when he's telling Katie what he's about to do? He went he bats both eyes. And I rewound it to make sure I said, Oh, my God, Matt, James can't wake. He's like this. The only time he closes his eyes, he's turned away. Listen, I was shocked. I was like, oh, my gosh. He was like trying to be coy. Like, I got a little something up my sleeve and he, like, winked both sexes go back and watch it.


I want everyone to be watching Rachel do this, too, because as you do it, you like Turtle up with their shoulders.


It's like a full body reaction, I think, of all the moves that are going to come out with this one.


Can't wait.


Yeah, well, OK, since we're on the topic of this one on one date, I would have loved this date. That would be behind the scenes. It'd be just like messing with somebody not romantic at all, but so much fun.


It would be fun. But if you're Katie, you've got to see the writing on the wall. He like there was nothing romantic about that date, right? Maybe she didn't think she was going to get sent home, but she definitely wasn't going to get a rose at the at the next rose ceremony.


Right. It was such a missed opportunity to to not bring out the vibrator and put it on like Tyler's back during this massage, really put it somewhere to start hearing and vibrate.


That that's actually a really good idea. There were a lot of missed moments, I thought there laughing so hard. Did they do things that were just too hot for TV because her rolling on Tyler's head is not funny to me. Where is like once we got to the nipples, there was nothing else. There could have been so many other things. I felt like if they could have done to make this more spicy or for Tyler to have like a bigger reaction to and totally Tyler totally liked when she was like, oh, he's hotter in person.


Tyler looked up like, yeah, I am one of the few the staff at the moment was talking about him. He was like, That's right, go, go, run, tell that to everybody. And it just keeps turning his head and putting it back in this donut. I mean, look, if they can do a whole erotic book, speaking date, talking about everyone's deepest, darkest fantasies, they could have gone a little bit more balls to the walls.


Yeah, it could have been like, can you remove your towel?


Like, at this point in the massage where it's time for you to remove your towel, you know, like just something wild. I'm just picturing Phoebe from friends when she's giving somebody a massage and she bites the butt.


That probably would've been a little bit illegal. I get it. But she said we have no more bachelor bachelorette.


Ladies and gentlemen, that was the end of the show.


Like the only thing. OK, this point, you feed me strawberries, OK, now we're going to put the chocolate syrup, but like, I don't know, the whipped cream missed opportunity. There are so many things that could have been done. Yeah. So that's your bone to pick with Matt. That makes it. I mean, like I get it. We like Katie, but Matt didn't like her in that way.


But you know what? Even when he sent her home, he said something that I don't think any leave, maybe from what I can remember, has said to somebody is he goes. Look, I loved our time together, but I know like how like how do you word it? Like how much you mediated and brought to the group of women, which I appreciated to you recognized how she would stand your ground and how these hard, weird confrontations with some of the girls.


But still, I mean, from what I saw, try to keep up the morale and stop the trash talking half the time. So I liked how he actually was attentive to that part about it.


You know how I read that. Thank you, Katie. Your services are no longer needed here. I have cleaned house. I have cleaned house. I have gotten rid of the drama. And you are no longer needed. That's how I read that moment.


Oh, I. Some time. This is why I love doing this with you. I really was like, wow. Like yeah I'm a give you this one on one to get you at the house to thank you for your services to have a little fun. But it's time for you to go home. Rachel, on your season, did you get rid of any one on a one on one date or was it all during rose ceremonies.


No, I got rid of people on yes, I got rid of Jack Stone, remember?


Oh, yes, Jack. Still, for those of you who are not what can't see that that was me imitating him, we all remember that look like Jack Stone I got rid of on a one on one and I got rid of people on group dates. OK, well, Kenny wasn't a get rid of it was a mutual thing because of his um.


Yeah. I'm trying to think I think I didn't get rid of one guy on a one on one date. I come to the mall. Really. It was only on the group dates and the estate is I think it's because like I was I really wanted to invest my time and guys that I liked. And also I just probably was too nervous to, like, actually not give them the rose Adelmo.


So you're nice. You're so much you know, you're like you said, a balance here, a balance here. You know what? I want to create a new segment on this show, and it's going to be called Read the Room, whether you were able to read it or not. And the person that I would like to throw into this who did not read the room properly is Sorina. Oh, yeah, Serena, she gets the award for not being able to read the room, there's a lot of these girls, but today, this episode, it's Serena.


And I'll tell you why. You have seen Victoria. Anna, who else am I missing, M.J., all go home because of the drama that they created unnecessarily, especially at this point in the journey, yet you decide, you know what, I'm going to stir some shit up as if you didn't see all of these other people go home. You see that mad isn't playing games anymore and you just start to cause unnecessary drama with a person you know is really not about the drama, but about letting Matt know he needs to handle drama in the house.


I mean, were you not sitting here at the moment saying. Serena, this can't end well for you in no way, like girl, you know, you got the rose at the end of the rose ceremony to do this shit and you still did it.


It's so I feel like that's so much of these some of these women and the conversations like I keep using the words bizarre and delusional because I truly like as a viewer, things don't add up to me. And so watching her confront Katie and basically blaming her for everything that's happened up until this point for things Katie hasn't even done, I'm like, did I miss something?


Like, there's such a disconnect and, you know, like maybe it's a little bit of editing, but it just like, girl, you're pulling something from a week or two ago that you're mad at now. And now you're just confronting Katie about it. It's just I mean, something's not adding up. I just truly don't get it. She had to help. Known you've got that rose to do this. Literally, this was your sole purpose and somehow you fell for it.


Somehow you somehow you felt it was necessary for you to bring drama back into the house. How do you not see yourself read the room? How do you not see yourself as a mean girl at this point? How do you not see yourself as a pot stirrer? Like, why are you not focused on Matt and the fact that you really don't have a relationship with him? At least from what I can see at this point, it's just makes no sense.


This awareness and like the whole conversation, obviously, that was probably one of the most heated conversations we've seen between two of the women. But when she's done talking about Katie with the group of women, the part that didn't make sense to me is that Katie comes in and seriously basically said, well, you said you're not here for Matt. And Katie's like when in the conversation did I say that?


What exactly full outlier for these people, not either she lives or. Well, she did life and she just or she just didn't remember what she said or like, I don't know, I can't make any excuses for her. I just I don't I don't understand why in that moment she didn't think this information was going to come back. You do realize this is being filmed and recorded, right?


Right. Yeah, well, that's what I keep thinking with all these women. And at one point to like I remember being lead, you know, there's a lot that you miss that you're not privy to when you're not constantly in the house with the group of men in case. But this case women. But when there was something major enough, like I would get snippets, like I was still aware a little bit of what was going on, like who was causing issues.


And so I'm just surprised that Matt hasn't had any of that up until this point, really, with any of the women. Had it not been for Katie. Exactly. Or just anybody who said MJ his name. But yeah, I just. Yeah, maybe. Yeah, maybe because that's brand new to all of this. His journey is way different from what we've experienced, but it's just not adding up. We should add this read the room segment and do a poll on Instagram each week with the viewer's upset.


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That's Batchelor. And you see a AMCOM one more time. That's Batchelor and you see a l m dot com. I apologize, you guys, I can't believe that I just said I was nominating Serena, see when there's one person. Who can't just not read a room? So I don't even know what to call it read. I like society, I don't even know I'm at a loss of words here because I am completely lost as to why a white minivan pulled up to a gate and out pops with a smile, a full face of makeup, hair done, probably a brand new outfit, Heather Martin.


She didn't read the room. So she gets she gets to go into this as well before we before we get into that. Is there anything you want to say about the two on one? Oh, I just I mean, I love watching it again, and this is something I keep saying it didn't like, it was the most random two on one to me. I was like, how are both of these two women here kind of playing? Back to your point, the entire time I kept thinking, MJ, like people are going to watch this back match, going to watch his back, we're going to see what kind of conversations and what what words were being had coming out of your mouth that like you're not really like owning up to the things that you've done in the past and just didn't make sense.


So honestly, like, I I wanted MJ to go home and that in that case, which she did back, what were your thoughts? Oh, I was over them like I forgot. I was like, oh, we picked off here. Like, when are you going to send me home or not? He did. I was done with it. I really didn't have it. Like delusional. MJ was delusional. All these the ones who seem to be the mean girls, really just seem to not get it.


I've never seen a larger group of girls who just don't get it. Like, who's their hype, man? Ladies, ladies, if you're thinking about going on the show, watch and learn and don't do.


Yeah, here's the question. Oh, go ahead. Well, I would say that's why I'm so intrigued for women to all know to see what it's going to be like. Like are they going now that they're being caught and called out and all of America and the viewers who are watching this, like I've seen the things that they've said and how they have interacted with other women, it's like there's really no hiding it. So it's like, how are you going to then act like?


Are you going to try to save face? You stand up for the things that you said. It's going to be very interesting to save and face. They got to increase those followers. They got to get on those beaches of paradise, you know what I mean? Like, they got to keep this thing going. Here's my question for you, Becca. Yes. You're a good friend. You really are. And I know this as a person and like individually like because we have a friendship, but also just like perception.


Right. Like, I think most of our listeners would say that Becca Ghufron, she's a good friend. Would you ever suggest that your friend. Should roll up on a set. Unannounced. To pursue The Bachelor, would you would you call that sound friend advice? I would say no. Reasons I would trying to put myself in that position. It's like if I have a best friend who is now the lead of a show and a best friend who's just my friend from a show, I would have done what I could beforehand to bring them together.


Let's be honest. If they were to meet, if they were really compatible, the real world is a thousand times going to be better for them to get to know each other than in this bubble. So I would say, like, hey, let's have you guys meet before. That would be my take if I really thought that somebody would hit it off. Also, like, you know, there's so much more to play this season, there's covid you have to quarantine people's health is that risk.


And so for me, I think I struggle with the fact that it seems all of that hard work and being in the safe bubble seem to be just like thrown to the side and disregarded. Like there wasn't a carriage, like, how can I be here? I really want to meet him. Yeah. Like, not taking into consideration. They're like it's an entire massive crew, a massive resort that have put time and effort. And however many God knows William covid tests to keep it safe, it's just it was weird to think that you could just drive up and think that you're going to walk in.


Yeah, yeah. I listen, she through Hannah Brown under that van, she popped out and said, not on the bus under the van. She popped out and was like, well, my good friend Hannah Brown told me. I said, oh, my gosh. She came back from commentating with Matt. So that was, what, April? Matt wasn't announced till June. So no time in between there. She told you you'd be great together and y'all didn't decide, hey, we should talk.


It doesn't make any sense. And for all the people who are saying we have to protect Heather.


Heather was manipulated. Heather is a grown ass woman, and I am not in the business of coddling like illogical behavior. Heather is grown. Heather decided to drive up there, put on makeup, get her hair done, you know what I mean? To potentially meet Matt James. Nobody forced her in that van. Nobody forced makeup on her for her to get all dolled up to go meet him. I just don't understand what good she could have thought would have come out of this.


That is the only way that makes me feel a little bit sorry for her that she was that delusional to where she thought that something good would come out of this. Not only are you popping up midseason that only you, as you said, putting people in jeopardy or in the middle of a pandemic, why would you think the girls would befriend you at this point when they've been establishing a relationship with this man? And here you come waltzing in thinking that you have some sort of advantage because you were best friends with his best friend.


It just made no sense. And I'll tell you what. They didn't do her any favors by showing us those videos, those diary videos that she was doing. What was that, Rachel? But never in my life have I been bored enough where I put a pizza box on my head and did a little Two-Step because I was bored, you know what I mean? You always you always the car. I mean, like, I get. But but you're bored.


This is what you asked for. You came here. You have to quarantine. This is what this is what you wanted to meet Matt James. They did her no favors. They did not paint her in a good light showing us those video diaries. I mean, it was wacky, wacky.


The word there was like I was trying to figure out why, like, try to play devil's advocate, if I could please help me, it would be my thought process. Why why would I think showing up here that that it could work? And I like the only thing that really makes sense is in my mind, it's like when you go through the show and you are living in this bubble and you probably experienced it too, is like everything is so romanticized.


It's like like all you want is love. You want to find that like strong, unique love story. And so I think maybe she was just going off of that like, oh, like if this could work out, maybe she's a hopeless romantic. Like if this could work out, it could be the most random, cool, unique story. Like I showed up halfway through. We have these mutual best friends to see that we're perfect for each other.


We probably both have a lot of similarities in our faith. And so that's what I'm trying to think of, like putting yourself back in that bubble mindset of like everything's so beautiful and romanticized. And so that's where I think she was coming from. I mean, I don't want to speak for her, but that's like the only. Somehow kind of makes sense to me, the part that's hard, though, for me is it'd be one thing if they had met and knew each other a little bit and it was like he was the one that got away, that everything like you had had some sort of connection, something was already built upon.


But it was bizarre, not the fact that they had never met. So if it was like somebody like, oh, you know, like we had this sort of connection and then he was nonsense about sharing, it was pulled away and I couldn't get him out of my mind, like kind of like the Nechvatal on Caitlyn season. That type thing, that type of thing makes sense to me.


But they had never met. Right. Right. I don't even know. Maybe they had face and I have no idea. But the fact that it's like a total complete stranger was the weird part. Right. I would give you the romantic part, except for she was out of that bubble. She was living in the real world. So, you know, it's not like she was sitting in this bubble the whole time waiting like she was quarantining the whole time she was in reality, they were in the bubble.


And the only other thing I'll say is if Hannah Brown was telling you that, you would be great with Matt when she returned from quarantine. Was she not telling Matt, hey, you'd be great with my friend Heather? I'm pretty sure she was and he didn't act on it. Men are very simple. If Matt was interested in Heather, he would have pursued her before coming on The Bachelor, but he didn't. And even if he did, he felt it was a better opportunity for him to go on the show rather than pursue something with you.


Yeah. What are you doing? Well, employing Blake, anyone's going to have this opportunity and probably be in the lead over anything regardless at that point in their life.


So I would have I would have flown to you, Becca, and said, this is a bad idea. Please don't do this. In no way can this end well for you. It just can't. And I just I mean, I don't want to talk to Heather on the podcast, but I have all I would love to know why you thought it was a good idea. Maybe help me understand why you thought this was a good. I actually I really don't care who's who's coming on our podcast today.


Again, what is it again? The guys I really, really don't care. I like I don't care what you know.


Speaking of gas, she's been a favorite of our since the beginning and we could read for hours. But why not just get to know the girl for who she is, the incredible woman that we're starting to finally see. So with that, I think it's just time that we bring her on, because last night she was the one who had her first romantic one on one of the season. And we can't wait to hear all about it and then some.


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Welcome, Piper. We're so excited to have you on BATCHELLER, Happy Hour. And before we get started, I think both of us want to say we're excited to have you today because we've had this conversation about some of the girls where we're really not fully getting to know you for you.


You know, there's been so much drama wrapped up in each and every episode that your first one on one, we really got to see more. But that's why we wanted to have you. Here is where we can hear from you. You can give us everything of who Piper James is, how she got to be, where she is. So with that. Welcome. How are you?


I'm really well. How are you guys?


Good. Good to talk to you.


For all of our listeners who obviously can't see the backgrounds, Piper's background is stunning right now. Where are you? Where do you live? Where are you based?


So I'm currently at home in Oregon. So this is Oregon. This is what it is. And luckily, it's not pouring down rain today, which is always a treat in the winter here.


Why is it like always raining? Is it is it very twilight ish, very twilight, always raining?


We need to snuggle up in a blanket weather. Do like that.


Do you like is someplace you always want to be.


No, I mean I'm not trying to move. I'm moved to New York so it's not like I'm trying to be in Miami, but I love Oregon. I, I went to undergrad here.


It's just a little, a little too cold and a little too small town vibe.


Even if you're in Portland, a big city girl, you're talking to a girl who lived in Minnesota. And I moved to L.A. and I feel like I'm thriving here, so I totally get it. Yeah.


One thing that I want to start off the bat asking you, because this is the first this is the first moment that the world saw Piper is nine one. You come out of the limo and I think said this when we recapped that episode was your entrance was one of my favorites because of what you said, which was something along the lines that your dad really wanted you and your sisters to keep your last name. Now, is that something he's always expressed to you?


How do you feel about that? Because I loved it. Like, I was just like, you go, girl, you have. Well, obviously, that wouldn't change his last name if that was the case. But like, you make that man change a word for your name. Yeah, my dad always said to my sisters and I and I only had sisters. I don't have any brothers. So my dad was like, yeah, you're going to keep your last name.


Like, it wasn't really a question of if it was like that's going to happen. And I like my name Piper James, like it's Rohloff.


So I was always like down for that.


And so it's so perfect meeting that and being like, I get to express it to somebody. That's not a conversation that you have to have down the line of who is the last name Balasingham conversation. So perfect. How many of them? How many sisters? Two to. Yes. Where do you fall? I'm the oldest. They're twenty two and a half years younger. OK, OK. Yes. So Piper, piggybacking on what I almost called you, Rebecca, I've never in my life said Rebecca, I have trouble.


I have no idea where that was coming from. I'm stop myself picking piggybacking on what I know. Becca said, I don't know why I love your name, but I'll call you back. It has been and I want to know your take on this.


It's it's hard to prepare questions to talk to you because it seems like we don't know you because there's been so much focus on the drama that's frustrating for us as viewers, because we're like they all seem to be on the same plane we like who is, first of all, Ismat and who are these ladies? Do you find it frustrating that we didn't get to really know or we're not getting to know the women who are left on on the show so far?


And what is it about you that you want us to know?


Yeah, I think that it is it is frustrating just because obviously I know all of the women, because we we live together. And so it's it's hard to watch it back and be like, oh, that moment didn't make it. That was really cute. And that part of Matinées relationship did make it. And that was like a really big moment for me. So, yeah, that's probably the hardest part about watching it back and just being, like I always said, like I felt like a bystander in my own love story.


But now it's like now the parts of my love story that I was so excited about, people aren't seeing. So I guess I don't really know exactly like I wouldn't say that there's one thing that I would like. I wish that people would have seen this. It's just kind of like the combination of different conversations I had with Matt that kind of led up to the one on one that kind of makes it all makes sense. I feel like we had a lot of really good conversations about where we stand emotionally and kind of how we express our emotions.


But then also just like fun, goofy conversations that someone's playful side that, you know, are like, give us an example, because more than ever, like normally we see somebody say, I'm falling in love.


Right. But more than ever, it's like where how you like who, what, when, where, why, how? Because it's just like you look like you get a date and you're like, I'm falling in love. And surely there's something that you guys had in conversation, like give us an example of like something we missed out on, something you were excited for us to see that wasn't shown.


Yeah, I think the biggest thing was so obviously I'm in grad school and education have always been like a big part. I love school. So obviously that's why I chose to go to grad school. And Matt and I have this really good conversation about what it means to support your partner. And I was kind of expressing to him it like relationships for me, how I view them. It's not one person is just cheering on the other person. It's a mutual cheering on of each other.


And that's kind of how I see in a relationship. So I would my ideal partner, somebody who would support me and be like, I get your degree, get your dream job. And for whatever goals they have, I would also support them. And we had this great conversation just about like where we stand and how we view relationships as partnerships and that kind of dynamic. And I think that for me, was it really solidified point, because that's not something that I see in my family.


That's how my parents are. That's how my grandparents are. And to have that confirmed to me that that's exactly how he feels to that, kind of like like, wow, this is a big moment.


We can see eye to eye on the fundamental foundation of how to build a relationship.


I want to piggyback off of all of this because this is something that I've just thought about. Obviously, Rachel and I, we watch as a viewer now. We know kind of what goes into filming and then going through an entire season. And I remember being in your shoes and getting so excited for Monday nights because we didn't know what was going to air. We were so excited. Like what parts was my relationship with The Bachelor at the time going to be shown?


And, you know, I guess playing up the fact that people really aren't seeing those more intimate, in-depth conversations between you and Matt, like for you and I'm assuming you probably still talk to some of the girls to have you had this conversation with them. We're like, do you guys feel sort of gypped in a way where, like, you thought it was going to be one thing watching it and then it's the drama has just really overtaken everything, like how is that for you now viewing it back?


Yeah, I mean, I think because you're you're only one person. And we started off with have thirty two women now. Thirty seven women. I think that I was like so hyper focused on like my relationship with Matt and then making a few friends, but that was like a happy side effect of the whole process that I didn't really realize that all of these other conversations were happening and all of this other drama like, you know, the Britney anything, because there was a group date that I wasn't on.


I didn't I wasn't privy to that conversation or just certain things like that. So I think it's frustrating. But it's also just kind of like I had no idea, like, I kind of feel stupid because I'm like, I didn't know this was going on. I didn't realize to what extent everything happened because you are only. One person, and it is only a two hour show and there's so much that goes into everything and so many different conversations.


Do you feel like it's a little bit of a letdown? In a way? Yeah. I mean, I feel like there is amazing women on this season, and I would have loved for everyone to get to know them the way that I know them because I'm only focusing on the drama. It's kind of disappointing. I want I want everyone to have their equal shot to share what an amazing person each of these women are. And everyone is just so focused and only sees a lot of the negative stuff that happened.




So one of the things that was like a surprise that we were kind of like, oh, OK, there's something between these two was when Matt popped up on the farm date and you're in your ITM and you all start making out not a pack, not a kiss. They might have even had his eyes closed for this. I'm unsure, but you guys were going at it and it was like, wow, he really has this connection with Piper. And then we see you get your one on one, you finally get it.


We know you've been waiting for it. And I know it's like it's hard as time goes on. But again, this is the sweet spot. Midseason is the sweet spot to get the one on one, talk to us about what it felt like to have that that day. Carnival dates are always fun. Plus, you had, you know, like the romantic part with the group as well.


Yes. Yeah. To the farm datapoint. That was I didn't realize that he was running from MJ. I didn't know that that was even a thing. I saw him running over and I was like, obviously joking around, like, come join my interview. And then it was kind of just a happy surprise. And it was just nice to have that moment away from everybody because, I mean, as you guys know, group dates are so hard to find your moment and be seen, but without being, like, overtly annoying or whatever it may be.


So that was really cute to just kind of get that validation of, like, I see you, like, let's take this moment and really capitalize on it. So that was really special. And then, yeah, the carnival date was so I mean, like the whole time in the car when he was like, why do you think we're doing?


What do you think we're doing? I was like, I don't I don't know, I'm not going to get thing. And so I was like above and beyond what I could have dreamed of. It was amazing.


He asked you what you would do in the woods at night. I was like I thought that was I was like, what the fuck do you think? She's going to have a question is this what do you think?


You got nervous, though, because sometimes I say stupid shit like that when I get a little bit nervous if I'm into someone and then I'm like, what? Just popped out of my mouth? I don't know. Let's just chalk it up to he was really into you and you made him a little bit nervous. That's perfect.


But speaking of dates, what if he were to ask you instead of a carnival date, if it would have been a picnic, how would you have felt if I had a bone to pick with you on your bio when it came out?


Because I'd rather you didn't like picnic.


So I doesn't like a good picnic.


I mean, if it was a picnic in the middle of a forest at night, I'm sure it would have been romantic. I don't know what it is about picnics. I don't know why. That's like some weird quirk that I have. But like something that's sitting on the ground, it's just like uncomfortable.


The posture, the I just got a table in there, even just a chair on my lap, but something about the posture and kind of look cute on a picnic.


Not like if you were not jealous of Sorina to get one of the first dates, the one on one. And it was the picnic.


Yeah, I love animals, but to have to sit on the ground and deal with the animals, I don't know if that would have been my my cup of tea, but any time with that is good.


So I would have sucked it up and done and mules that that not just any mules with goats. Mules. I make them baby donkeys I think. Right.


Mule mules.


Somebody was in their faces, they were making those. So yeah. You, you lucked out on the carnival one. Yeah. For sure.


Talk to us about the night time portion because I think we were a little obviously we know like we can't get the full day, but you have this intimate moment with Matt and you're talking about your family explaining why it's so difficult for you to open up and express your feelings even though you say you're falling in love with him. So something made you open up. Talk a little bit about that, because I think we were a little unclear as to what it was that has kind of held you back from opening up.


Yeah, that was kind of capitalizing on a previous conversation that we had. We had had my love language. I feel like there's a difference between, like, the love language you want in a love language. You give in for me my the love language I've been talking. My family is love through actions. And so, like, you know, the bachelor world isn't really conducive to that because I'm the kind of person that wants to do something for you or like, let's go do this together are like quality time and that kind of thing.


It's for me, it's so hard for me to open up and just tell. Somebody how I feel, and I think that comes from just a fear of rejection or fear of judgment. So that's why that's kind of what that conversation was about, was I am so used to in my life being like, let me get you a gift. Let's do this. Let's have this experience together. And that's kind of how I show and typically receive love.


But having to verbalize that because nobody can read your mind and not something that I kind of had to remind myself, like no one's going to read your mind, no one's going to come out for you how you feel. I think that's what made me so really emotional, was having to be like point blank. This is how I feel now. You have no I'm just open to that rejection. That's that's what it was.


I want to know this is a two part question. And they're both kind of random. First, like after you had that conversation with Matt, I mean, and granted, it was filmed months ago. So that took place a while ago for you. But now watching it back, was there any part of you that was nervous to have your family watched that and hear what you had to say? Or was that something that you would had either a conversation with a while ago or right before it aired?


What was that dynamic like? And then my second part to the question is, since coming off of the show, because we all know and talk about this on the podcast all the time, the show opens you up in such a weird, unique way of just cuts you open and everything spills out that you have to share with a partner. You know, things are spun up. So since then and and going through that experience and having to go through opening up and the emotion and the feeling behind why you're feeling certain things, do you think your love language has changed or a couple of them have maybe changed or swap swapped areas?


Yeah, yeah. The first part, like my family, I definitely gave them a warning that this is what's to come. And I think that since going through this experience, it's kind of made me more cognizant of mentioning it, like saying giving words back to my family, because I know that's something that we don't typically do. But I'm like this has kind of taught me how to do that. And so I think that there is definitely a growing experience there.


And then, yeah, I think that. I think that my love language, I've just become more perceptive to what they are, and I think above all else, this experience has taught me how important quality time is, because I think that I don't think that quality time can even be considered a love language. I think it's just like the foundation to build all of the rest of them onto because you can't tell someone how you feel if you're not with them.


You can't give them gifts. You can't show them affection if you don't have that time together. So I think it's just made me perceptive of, like, above all else, I need quality time. And now I have the tools and I feel like I'm better equipped to share how I feel and to give those words of affirmation or be able to express how I'm feeling and understand that that's not a weakness. That's just a part of growing with a partner.


What's your master's in marketing? Oh, I thought you would have said like counseling or something. I mean, I was like, well, OK, well, maybe you understand people. I feel like that's like a a good tool for a key. Like for a marketer, like a successful.


Yeah. Yeah. Just from that that statement alone, I feel like you're so perceptive. Yeah.


Well, my undergrad in political science and sociology, so the sociology part of the understanding of people for poly sci fi and go to law school, that was I thought there was a good amount of time where I thought I was going to go to law school.


How much school do you have left? And so I'll be at the end of summer. So like August, I've got to go then. New York, hearing your bio. What did you say? Getting my mouth so I don't have to deal with the B.S.. Did you come up with that or did somebody else. I did. She's a she's a she's a marketing. That's how I market myself.


So I said, well, speaking of B.S., unfortunately, Piper, we have to get into it because that has been so much of what the season has been about. You lived it. You were right there in the mix. And when I say in the mix, as in you lived with them, you seem to not be a part of the drama at all, except actually, I'm going to detour, except when all Heather Martin came in.


Oh, yes, she interrupted you. And my favorite part might have been that you had no idea who she was. I actually laughed out loud. I thought these girls have a really maybe watch some of the most more recent seasons, because a lot of times, like that's a world, people expect you to know who they are. And you were like, I don't know. Some girl just walked in. I was dying laughing. Then in the previews we see you get very emotional over the fact that she's there.


Can you talk to us a little bit about what that felt like to have the stranger walk in Matt's reaction of laughing and then to find out who she is and then just another girl, new girl added to the mix? Yeah.


Yeah. I think at that point the well, the reason I was so emotional, I think and obviously I've had some time to think about it, but I think the reason I was so emotional and I didn't know who she was because I've only seen one season you.


Yeah. So I was emotional because I had just it was coming off my one on one and I was having the last conversation I had with not be like such a serious conversation about feelings and everything. And I mean, as we all know, you don't just stop with the one on one and be like, that's it, we're good, let's get engaged. It's like you have to continue that relationship. You just are better equipped to do so. So at that point, I was just trying to have a fun, more lighthearted, lighthearted conversation, but still, you know, get into our feelings and talk about what like what life would be together in New York.


And that was kind of the context of what was going on. And then to have her interrupt. And then it wasn't in the way that like all of the other women in the house, we typically would ask the other woman, like, hey, can I steal him? And it was like, that's kind of the repertoire we've come up with. And she asked, not specifically. And I was just kind of like, I don't know who she was.


She started laughing. And I was like, why is this funny? Like, I just felt like really invisible. It was a hyper action.


Yeah. His reaction was and I think about kind of I cracked. I will fully admit that I did not, but that's why I was so wild.


Let me ask you this. And in that moment, because I mean and this is something I think Rachel brought up at the premiere is like when Matt's uncomfortable and nervous, he laughs like he did that I think during one limo entrance, like he just broke down. And obviously we saw that when Heather walked in the room. Was there a part of you who thought, like, you know what, magically make. No, like, Heather, take your time.


You can wait. Let me sit here with Piper right now. Like, how did you feel when he was like, OK, Piper, I'll see you later, because as you said, at that point, you already had a one on one. You already had this relationship form. So I feel like if I was you, I'd be like, but I'm the one you're really dating here. Why are you telling me to take a hike? You're going to give this all the time of day.


Yeah, yeah. That was definitely a thought that went through my mind was like, I think that's the that's like the part of it. I was like, oh my gosh, I feel so invisible because it's like we were in the middle of a conversation. It's not like we are like a stopping point. So for him to laugh and then be like, give me a I can, I was like, oh, OK. And I mean, like the embodiment of Heather, a beautiful white blonde woman is a lot of the insecurities that I know that I have.


So that was just a projection told about guys talk about that. Why do you have that and those insecurities? And I mean, it seems me like a lot of different places.


I mean, growing up in Oregon definitely doesn't help. It's very white state. I think that that's known to most people. So I think that a lot of the times dating had. Then, like, does he even like black women? Does he like women with curly hair? I never do anything to my hair. It's always curly. It's beautiful. By the way, is beautiful. Thank you so much. So I think that coming into the season, that was an insecurity that I had had.


And then obviously I developed a relationship with Matt and that wasn't a problem. And the other women in the House that were white women, I knew them personally. So it wasn't that I didn't feel threatened by them. It's just that I didn't see I didn't really place that insecurity in them. But then seeing Heather is like this new person. I don't know who she is. I was feeling very insecure at that moment because she embodies basically the opposite of me and a woman.


And I was like, I don't know how to deal with this. I don't know. I haven't gotten to the point. I will fully admit to deal with those insecurities when they happen in front of me. It usually happens in a reflection period. So that was that was really hard to deal with.


Yeah, that's real. Is that a conversation that you eventually were ever able to have with him?


And I maybe I don't know if that's going to be giving too much away, but just so you could express that to him. So he realized, like, why you did feel invisible.


Yeah. I mean, we we kind of touched on like there is an apology and everything. So but I don't think I ever expressed to him that specific insecurity because like I said, I think that it was only on reflection that I was really able to be like, why did I act like that? Like I was so levelheaded until that moment. And then I completely lost it. And I think that through the combination of things that was probably in the top one or two things, that really was the reason I acted the way I did.


You cared. There's nothing wrong with you care. Yeah. Let me tell you what it seems like y'all didn't care about Katie. And I found this moment weird. When Katie suitcase was rolled away, nobody was emotional. Nobody cried at this point. How many of your to this? But I don't even know at this point. I remember I cried every single time one of my girlfriends went home. There was a little bit of chocolate. There was covering up of their faces.


All my life is like I don't want people to see. I'm smiling just as Katie was. She not liked in the house? I mean, we saw the way the Serena see came at her, which was illogical. No, it is. I know why she did, but it just was was off.


But then I thought nobody really took up for her in that moment. She kind of was by herself. Can you give us some insight on that? Yeah.


I mean, I obviously don't know Katie's relationship with everybody in the house. Obviously, her insecurity did not get along.


I don't really I think that we were all a little bit shocked that she went and I think that was part of the face covering, but I don't know. I think that because Katie had taken it upon herself to bring the drama to that, that she took on that role. And I think that in doing so, that kind of created a lot of division. So maybe the reason that a lot of women didn't feel as. Herge, or sad that she was leaving, was because at this point, we didn't really have drama in the house and so it was like we all kind of had this underlying fear, or at least I had an underlying fear of like, is she going to create drama and bring it to him?


I just I don't know.


But Piper, she wasn't creating drama. She told no lie like the shit was actually happening. And yeah. So, I mean, were you close with Katie? I'm confused because it seems like people were upset for her for telling what was happening in the house, but it was actually really happening and it was pretty toxic.


Yeah, I can't speak to why everyone did or didn't like her, whatever their reason was. Katie and I were I have no problems with Katie. The day that everyone else is on the group date, Katie and I went on a walk together. We were able to just talk about, like, real life, like nothing really. Just the show, just kind of bond. I'm like a more human normal level, like you would have a friend in real life.


So I have no qualms with Katie. I was shocked that she laughed. I didn't I didn't really see that coming. So I think that the reason that a lot of people were annoyed with her was because she kept bringing the drama. But I I personally didn't have didn't have anything.


And if you weren't in the drama, you weren't in the drama, which kudos because it seemed like a lot of people got wrapped up in it this season. I just like I feel like if I was one of you girls, I've just been on edge with everyone, like who's going to fight this week? Who's going to go on at this time? It was just it was a lot going up. And then obviously this week we saw the end of the Gisenyi and MJ two on one, as we know, went home.


Whose side in that whole rift were you on? Because it seemed like the most random, bizarre two on one to me.


Yeah. I mean, it felt really random when we got the date card that that was going to be a two on one. It was kind of it was shocking because the conversation where MJ, where Matt brought the Bursey versus Jamie to MJ and then it was apparently just it's about to Matt. That was kind of a conversation that I heard part of it, but didn't really realize I didn't really understand what's happening. And then for it to actually be a big thing and something that Matt felt like he needed to address, that was really shocking.


I don't know if I have a side. I definitely don't agree with MJ making a decision in the House. When we were all we kind of were like, this is what it is. There's no reason to be mad at the new girls. It's not their fault. And I think that just did not ask your question. And she told him how she felt there. She told them what happened. Like, I don't think it's really aside. It's just kind of like, do you want to be the girl that is dividing or do you want to be the one that's bringing people together?


I don't I don't really know. It's not really it's kind of just kind of it was like a dull kind of moment.


What does she say? We bitch energy. What was it? Something like week to week bitch versus Strong Bitch Energy Week, which I was like, what does that stop trying to make this happen? It was like set. Right? Like some trying to make that happen. That's all I felt. OK, real quick, women tell all we know. You just returned from filming it. If you had to describe it in three words. What I'm expecting big things from you.


Marketing Kuyper one, those three words being no pressure.


OK, I'm going to hyphenate the first one, which is going to be surprisingly Cordarrelle. Oh, two more. Apologetic. And. Insightful. OK. Who are you still close with out of all the girls?


I would say I'm probably closest with Chelsea and Brie and Lauren because she was my roommate. And Abigail because Oregon girls. That's right. I would probably say those are the people that I am closest with their own kids.


I was going to say a kid named, you know, I don't know. How could I forget?


Good crew. OK, Piper, before we let you go, we ask every guest on our podcast the same question. So up until this point of the season, what would you say your rose and your Thawne was? My thoughts are with my thought, and I think it's a little more fresh in my head, my thought was. React, react to facial expressions without actually thinking all the way through, I think that was something that I struggled with and just kind of like instead of like taking a thought, I was quick to react, especially in the face and my rose.


I think I tried to listen to everyone tired, I think that was something that was helpful to me in the long run, was I was kind of able to understand after I had an initial reaction to things taking a step back and being like, let's let's listen to this. And that was definitely helpful.


That's a good answer. Most people would say only something physical that we saw go down with. So I love that answer, that it seems like you're. So what's the word not. I don't know. I'm trying to say that you made it like a growth like a learning educational experience for you. Yeah, just a beautiful thing. Very mature. How old are you? Twenty three. Yeah. Way to get to like those those myths people have about the youngest people in the house, like.


Yeah, very well. I wish we would have seen more of you Piper. It's a disappointment, but we're so happy that we were able to talk with you today and then our backs are happy. Our listeners get to know more of you. You're very interesting. Thank you. Thank you so much. It was good to finally see you through through the screen. But I think our our listeners each week, they love being able to get to know you for you from you know, from another TV show.


So this is wonderful. So thank you for joining me. Yes. Thank you for having me. This is fun. Absolutely. Take care. Bye bye. James. Keep that last name, girl.


I will choose first names. They say you can't trust us, but yes, you can.


You can see by. Thank you guys. Oh, I liked her, I liked her, too. Like, this is what makes finally having these women on the podcast because we get this deeper sense of maturity, of growth. Like same thing with Kate last week. It was so good to just hear from them about why. Who they are as a person, it's not just the drama and the cattiness, so always good to have them come. And I loved her last concert with her Rose.


I thought that was beautiful. It was.


I think this is going to anger the viewers because you're going to feel like something was taken away from you, and that is these women and their personalities and their stories. And I get that we have to have the drama and we do want to see that as well. I'm not going to lie, but there's got to be a better balance of it. And I think that if we can find that balance, then we can kind of go back to the basics of the show and feel like you're getting that love story mixed in with the drama.


And right now, it's just it's too top heavy with the drama. So thank you, Piper, for coming on here and showing us that there's a reason you were on this show. There's a reason you got the one on one. There's a reason you're still with us on this journey and you've made it as far as you did. And then also giving us some insight as to how great some of these women are, too.


Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you, Piper. And as always, have our listeners. Thank you guys for hanging out with us again this week. As always, we're excited to see what happens with Heather next week, because I have a feeling it's going to be very juicy and I truly don't know how it's going to go. Will she stay? Will she go? But we will find out. So please follow along. Let us know what kind of questions you want to have ask next week.


I don't know if it'll be Heather herself or somebody else, but keep writing to us, letting us know your thoughts, opinions, comments, concerns, all of the good things and hopefully by now know where to find us. But if you don't, it's at BATCHELLER. Happy Hour on Instagram and at Fadge. Happy hour, both Facebook and Twitter.


Let me say something, Becca. Whether Heather stays or goes, she will not be here. I'm telling you guys that right now. I don't want to see it. I don't want to. OK, she will be here maybe on somebody else's podcast and Bachtiar. Happy hour, listeners. We have some exciting news for you. We have a bonus episode of Bachelor Happy Hour available on Wanderer. Plus this Thursday, just for you, download the app to check it out.


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