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Welcome back. Happy hour, listeners, and I got a great surprise for you, I also have a great special gift for myself because we have a none other than my girl Rachel back. And I could not be more thrilled to be looking at you right now, to be hearing your voice. And before we begin, Rachel, I have to say I was with one of my neighbors last night, Dustin, who you've met. Yeah, likewise. And he always talks about how much he loves your voice.


And I was like, I know your voice. Like, I've been missing it for the past couple of weeks. I thought you were going to say Dustin always talks about how much you lost copper because, you know, he loves copper. He does love copper. But he also loves your voice.


Oh, thank you. Shout out to Dustin. All our bats are happy, our listeners. It's good to be back. I swear, when I was listening to you say I have a surprise, I was like, Oh, girl, what is it?


You know, I was thinking maybe because I have been keeping up until you show holes in it down on Baso. Happy hour. Thank you all. I needed this much needed break. I knew that you announced me coming back. So that's why I was like, oh, what's this?


I'm just so excited to have you back on. I mean, I'm excited to be back with you. Good, good. You know, I missed you, of course. Like we wanted to be here and support you in any way, shape or form. But let's do a quick little check. And you have still been working like crazy. You've been busy. You just hosted the Grammys. I know Brian's coming into town soon to fill us in on the life of Rachel.


OK, so how how long has it been? Maybe three weeks. Listen, I took some time for myself, which I encourage everyone to do. You know, often we're like, oh, you know, you need to take a break. You need up. My grandmother is always like, listen to your body. Your body will tell you when something's not right. I needed that break from social. Just needed the break to like detox a bit.


And I feel refreshed, revitalized. What is this?


She says this is just the way I did that reminded me of oh, I am ready to report back to. I saw it in my head but I couldn't verbalize. So even though even though full disclaimer you guys, we were just talking before we got on the podcast that we are not fully adjusted to Daylight Savings Time, even though we are several days in. It is late at night as we are recording this podcast. So please excuse all errors, mishaps.


You know what is a major marguerita right now. So but I might be on Luthe tonight.


I'm OK. Back to you.


I wish I wish I was I, I feel like I should be doing that. Make it even loopier than I am now.


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I've also been preparing for a move, as you stated, yes, Brian, the days we're counting down, the days I'm so ready a part of you gets in a groove of just like being a part of the routine which I've been doing for so long.


But now I'm like, no, I'm over it. Get here, get me actually moving. Yes.


In less than two weeks without a place. And then hopefully after that this we can find a house. That's the goal. So we'll look for a house while we're doing this. But we needed a bigger spot. I'm in a one bedroom. It is just for me and copper and I'm already outgrowing this space.


So it's going to be so good to have him back. And I'm also very selfish because I am looking for a new chiropractor, so I can't wait to have my go outside of broken up.


I'm like I'm always like, anybody need a chiropractor. Brian's got to feel good. We'll have so many people once he moves out here. I can't wait to just spend more time with the both of you. Maybe, who knows? I'm just going to manifest some double dates in the future.


Dating back. Yes. Name right there with you, which actually this is the perfect segment to get us into all of our fan questions, because that's what we're going to be doing today. For all of you listening, obviously, no more recaps, thank goodness, for a while. And so many people have been writing both to our personal demons and to the bachelor happy hour Instagram account, wanting to know every everything, all the things. And so actually, one of the questions which we'll get to later we can answer is if I would ever trust you to set me up on a blind date or would we double date?


So let's get into that, I think, shall we? Because that's what I'm here for. And those some of these episodes are my favorite when we can just, like, kick it, it doesn't feel like work. We can just answer questions, reminisce memory lane for all the good things. So let's get going. I should start by saying thank you to everybody who wrote into us, who still listens, who still wants to hear from us about our point of view from when we were on the show.


Yeah, we were on the show so long ago.


I feel like a lifetime ago I was like reading through some of the questions. I'm like, I don't remember a lot of this. Like, I really have to sit back and take this deep walk down memory lane. Some of it I try. I've tried to blackout, but so thank you to all of you who have wrote in and let's, I think, just get into it. So first and foremost, let's start it easy, because this is one that people always ask still to this day, and it's about the styling on the show.


And they always ask, like, what were some of our favorite looks? And if we were able to keep the clothes on the season. And I think we talked about this when we had Carrie and Gina on.


Yeah, my gosh. Almost a year ago now, at least like when quarantine first hit, when we had the stylist and makeup artist on. But we unfortunately don't get to keep most of the clothes. So some of it we do. But like the gowns that you see during the ceremonies, we usually don't get to keep. But Rachel, what was your favorite dress that you wore throughout your time on The Bachelorette? My favorite outfits. I don't I can't really think of de outfits, definitely gowns, definitely raining Rom's, I'll say one of my favorites is when we fall floor because it was a story.


I wore it when I was after the fantasy suite in the final three and four.


I said, Eric home sadly. But I wore this orange dress and it was see through. And I remember we went back and forth with the producers about or whoever it was, it might not even the producers, but it wasn't the stereotypical dress you see the women wearing because it was see through. We had to die the body suit underneath to match my skin tone. Yeah. Like it was. And it was almost like Xena Warrior Princess, like it was thin material.


Then the arms had like this blue pattern. I don't know, I look like I was going to battle. But also walking down the runway, it was fierce.


I remember that one. I remember when you first walked out, I was like, damn, that's a look like that was just like a look. It wasn't just like a dress.


It was so much more it was such a statement. And actually, funny enough, when I when I then became bachelorette and I was working with Carrie, he kept talking about how how difficult that dress was to get approved, if you will remember, and to talking about dyeing the body suit and everything. But, oh, that was one of my favorite books of yours. Like, thank you on that, I think will go down in history books and we might never see it again because we had to really fight for it.


What was your favorite look?


Oh, man. Well, and we give you two and one wasn't even my look, OK?


There was one dress that I loved. It was a gown that I was going to wear to a ceremony I was going to actually wear to the rose ceremony in Thailand. It was the same week that you sent Eric home. I was supposed to have three, but I had ended up sending Jason home earlier. So I just had the two guys left. And it was funny enough, Taisha actually ended up where I ended up wearing it on her season.


And it was this like a bubblegum pink and had this deep V low back. It had like this really pretty floral print. It was silk, but it was all beaded. It was a brand irom gown and it was so heavy and because it had such a long train. And so that's a randy gal. It was a Randy. Yes. Four for you guys listening. Some of the dresses that the bachelorettes wear are so heavy, like my nine one gown, I had bruises on my collar bones because it was all beaded and like the bottom line and it was just like pulling.


But yeah, I ended up not being able to wear it because where the rose ceremony was, it was in like it was kind of in the middle of nowhere in Thailand.


And it took us it was a hike to get there. And it was like in this clay.


Like Outdoor Factory, I would say, and they were like, no, you don't want to wear this like long, beautiful gown, it's going to get dirty, doesn't fit with the vibe. And I was just like, no, I don't care. Like, I will wear it anywhere. Like, send me to McDonald's and I'll wear the skirt. I just really want to wear this gown. And they're like, no, it's going to be too heavy, it's too hot.


And so I didn't end up wearing it. But that's why I was so excited when I saw Taisha wear it on her season because I was like, at least somebody can at least like the world can see the snow. Yeah. So that was one of them, but one that actually ended up wearing. Again, the well, the cocktail party got canceled before a rose ceremony. We were in Virginia. I had maybe like six or seven guys left and it was kind of like yours.


It was see through and it started off with more layers. But Carrie and I kept being like, oh, just just cut one more out, just cut one more out.


And it ended up being just like a couple thin layers of tulle with, like beading all over the front, like, but it was like a silver gray, but then it had floral beading all throughout, crystal strapless on the back, all pretty well.


So that's one that I actually got to keep because it was so fitted they had to do so much work to it. So I have it in my closet, actually, but I worked for the bathtub challenge and really when people were taking pictures.


Oh yeah, it was that gown.


At first I was like, oh shit, this isn't going to fit me anymore. Three years, but that's probably one. But I was I really wanted to wear it because like I said, it was see through and the and the Rose Ceremony venue, like all of the men were standing down below. And I had to walk down these like big, narrow, beautiful, elegant, this big, long staircase. And it's like, oh, they're going to see that it see through it.


I was so excited that I couldn't even wear it the rest of the night because you know what you wear for somebody you'll wear for some one day. One lucky man lucky is correct.


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That's right. You can find that and so much more. Head over to Rafi's dotcom today. Yeah, oh, my gosh, so fun reminiscing about all these things when people ask if you like, what's the one thing you remember about being Bachelorette? I'm like, I was just exhausted the entire time. Like, you're sleepwalking for two months.


Like towards the end, you just kind of get delirious. This is what it is. And there's just so many factors that make you tired. But, yeah. Do you do you have a funniest memory?


Um. Oh, man.


Well, looking back, I feel like they're funny now in the moment they weren't. But like, well, one time I ended up having a nip slip like week two.


Oh I'm sure that was a foul that got the guys, but no one even told them first.


No one ever said anything like what they it until I like I think it was Kailin, my producer, who at one point was like standing farther away and was like pointing to my address and like I think I was indoors, like next to the fireplace. So I didn't feel it wasn't cold. But I think it happened. It was like some guy came up from around the corner and like kind of pushed me up against the wall to kiss me. And then and then we just kept on talking and walking and I just wasn't paying attention.


But I would say, like one. And when I say it's like funny in the moment it wasn't. I was really I just felt terrible and I was really embarrassed.


But when I forgot Jason's name on a group date, that was funny, like I was so and like Jason was one of my favorites. And so I was mortified that I forgot him, and especially because my girlfriends were there on this date hosting it for me. And I was like, OK, we have so and so and so and so and so and so. And then I was like. Oh, crickets, crickets. It's like she said, I felt so bad for him in the moment, but he's like, well, he got over it and he's such a good sport that I'm like you, you know?


I mean, he made it up three, he's OK. But like so many names to remember, you know what I mean? Like, they get it. It's not like it was one on one. Oh, my gosh. That was funny. I remember I remember that scene and I'm like, oh, I'm so glad they aired. This is actually quite funny because it could have been any of us. That's why I would avoid names.


Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, you.


That's actually good advice for future bachelorettes is just have these cute little pet names for anyone because. Yeah. Yeah. Unless you yourself for failure. Yeah. Because like it's a win win, you don't have to say the name, you have to pretend like you'll know it and you call them something affectionate like you little tremaglia. That's so good to see you. Like man they don't, they don't realize you don't know their name. A cute little pet names for you.


No, he says, like a more love, the typical stuff, yeah, typical stuff, nothing, nothing.


I think I hate when men call like their kids, like sweetie or sweetheart, that's all.


Yeah, for sure. We're not there yet. That's not why I took a break.


What else would you ever be a contestant on another reality show and part B of the question, have you been asked to be a contestant of another reality TV show?


Oh, reality like a dating show. Any kind of reality TV show? That's a good question. Well, so the second part, yes.


I have been asked a couple of times for details for other two other dating shows.


One, I think was an MTV dating show. I don't remember the name. And then one ex on the beach. Are you the one? I don't even know if they gave me the name.


To be honest, I just said no real quick so I didn't even get to that point. MTV is really loving The Bachelor crossover into. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just.


I like. OK, probably not. No, I don't think I would actually ever do another dating show unless I got paid like a lot, but also then going into it I would do it for the money. Like I don't I want to now meet somebody more organically, like I really am.


I'm really hoping for like a meet cute in my life. Oh. But I don't know, like I, I would probably do another reality show, like depending on what it is like if I have a great partner for Amazing Race or something like that, I could see you doing that. I wouldn't say no to that, but I wouldn't do like actually though. No, no, no. I still live in like the nineties early two thousands when real world was so big, like the real work in the house, like my fourteen year old self would be so excited.


So those ones. Yes, dating probably not. And also that there were two shows you were asked to be on. What was the second one. There was another one and it was another dating show. And I don't know the name of it, but it was for it was like a YouTube series for dating. OK, like a six part. Series, I don't know, I said no again to that one real quick, it's just not for me like I do The Bachelor, because it's like The Bachelor is the show, you know, it's like, yeah.


What do you think of a dating show? That's the cream of the crop. So now that I've checked that off my list, I don't know if I'd go back to anything else.


I totally get it. I was about to say I would go on a date.


You know what I who I was. But if Michael Strahan was a contestant, then I would slip, manifestation, manifest this manifest this.


I would I, I don't think I would do I'm not I would consider myself athletic, but I don't think I would be great on Amazing Race. I would not do well on Survivor. I don't know, like, I, I don't I feel like I'd be impatient. I just don't know if that would work with me. I don't. But maybe if I was doing the race by myself I wouldn't need a real good partner.


But like you Brian, balance each other out so well and like you are a lot like you're so intelligent. Like I feel like you would go really far in that show.


Well, we did do Fear Factor and we did make it to the finals. They had a bachelor version of Fear Factor or like bachelor people. And Brian, I did make it to the finale. Now we lost to Vanessa and Danielle, but we did make it to Sally. Let's go say, no, we wouldn't do well together. But we have we have done well together.


Um, no, I just I, I love to watch reality TV, not the dating shows, but I do love to watch. So, like, I could be a part of it. Yeah. You know what I mean. Like I like it. That's right. I love the housewives. I love all that stuff. Right. I'd host a reality TV show in two seconds. Are you kidding me.


But yeah, no, I don't know if you could if you could be part of any Real Housewives series for or city for a week, what one would you pick back?


A fantastic question. It is something that I've thought about multiple times. I know.


So I can't just pick one franchise. Sorry, I cannot. If I'm going to participate for one week, I would do Potomac. Obviously, um, all those women are beautiful. They are funny, entertaining, and I just like want to hang out with them.


Like, please sit me next to Karen Huger all day, every day and let's just shade people, OK? Let's just be shady, shady, shady. And on the other hand, I'd want to hang out with the New York Housewives just for my pure for them to entertain me. Yeah, they seem fun. Like we go out, we'll go drinking. But the New York never disappoints top two franchises for sure.


And Real Housewives I would be a part of just for a week. Just for week. For a week. I'll hang with Lisa Rinna. Garcelle is already my girl, but I'm Lisa Rinna all day. But collectively, they're boring and they really need to step step it up. None of these one storyline seasons, even though I have heard from Garcelle, though, that this season of Beverly Hills is fantastic. Like normally they have the very uptight, like they don't want to let you in.


They used to and they sucked. But I hear they're letting it all hang out this season. They should hire. There's no more. Matter of fact, they do hire me to promote it. What am I saying? I do it on Instagram all the time.


What do you produce for any of them? No, no, no, I mean, I I wouldn't want to be a producer, I just rather hang with them. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, no, no. The only I would only want to be part of one season for one episode, and that would be throw it way back to New Jersey. I think it was season one with the with the table flip.


Theresa, a lot has happened to Theresa over the years. I know, I know. I, I have to say I haven't caught up lately, but oh my gosh, the table was iconic.


It was nine times prostitution here. I thought that was terrible.


That's my New Jersey accent.


They do Judy she or Judy student, whatever, whatever. Is anyone know how to pronounce their last name?


I think it's Judy. But don't don't quote me on that. I would not bet on that. I don't agree with that. Even though you guys listen, that's that might be the most accurate thing that has been said on the right about Cuba.


You know what I think is a super fun question? Give it to me. Favorite 90s nostalgia.


Oh. Oh. Oh, my God, where do we stand or nostalgia? I just was like, OK, yeah, nostalgia. Yeah. Oh my gosh.


I mean, Lisa Frank, I actually I actually tried looking for a Lisa Frank face mask recently because.


Shut up, I'm so serious. It's a good idea. I found one, but it was a kid size and I'm like, oh shoot, that's not going to fit my face. But if anyone knows where to get a good Lisa Frank face to face, so make it. I think so.


I mean, if if they are still making Lisa Frank items like the trapper keepers and the back, I used to get a bad rap every year and it would get so cold in Minnesota that they would crack because it was like that plastic material that they would always crack. So my mom would give me one at the start of the year and then it would break within a week or two. And then she'd get me like a transport one, like, OK, you are really taking me back here.


So that's actually a really, really good thing to bring up, because I always forget about Lisa Frank and I was such a fan, like just the colors, I don't know, is just something beautiful and bright and happy. Like, you can't be mad when you look at Elisa Frank piece of art. Not at all. And we all had to have it. As tacky as that stuff was, we all had to have it. I mean, it was just colorful shit.


Yeah. So I like that little known fact about Rachel. I love playlists on whether it's Apple Music, Spotify or whatever, and I love decades playlists and I love to listen to the 90s playlist, 90s music.


That's what I was just looking up on my phone. Nineties music. It's like these one hit wonder songs.


Do you remember the song the way you sing it for me? Even even though the road that they walk on is paved in gold, I think I'm making up the words as I'm saying it. But, you know, I know you're going on talking about one hit wonder. I'm looking at this list right now. These are one hit wonders. But like, remember Mr. Jones Wonderwall.


Oh, God, I love, love, love to say all that love me home. I just it takes go ahead and said the and it's on the list as I said. Oh.


Do we need to start about your happy hour playlist with all these old. We can. Totally is good. OK, are you ready for this one.


Yeah. I'll tell you what a wall. What. I really really want to wait ok.


Spice Girls. Oh my gosh. So that Spice Girls a thousand percent like when I think of nineties that's what I think about. I was always Sporty Spice growing up, which is so funny now because I'm the most athletic person in the entire universe. I don't know why. I think it's just because I kind of looked like her.


The brown hair, you see it. What was your favorite? Obviously scary. Ouvea want to be probably because I knew the rap and it was I thought I was so cool because they would like and obviously it was scary rapping so well, actually, it was back and it was scary and sporty, baby.


Yeah. I like to do all that much. Maybe it was a ginger. But I think seriously, now I'm drawing I'm actually embarrassed that it's definitely scary, but I feel like somebody else with her anyways.


I want to be, I would say, but there's a slow song that I love, too, that I can't think of right now forever.


It's not that I will be waiting. Oh, wait. What about when to become. That's it. I need you like it never happened before. I don't want to make love to the baby.


OK, we should not have been singing that at that age. We should not have been sitting here for about stop right now.


Thank you very much. And somebody with the human touch. Hey, I'm doing it for over listeners, I'm sure. Do you remember that in the movie? This is this is why I love the 90s, OK?


We could keep we could keep singing many songs, but I love the 90s because it takes me back. Doesn't it take you back to, like, being young, dancing with your friends, having a slumber party? No responsibilities, not a care in the world, just like a carefree time eating pizza rolls like it was no one's business like it's not going to stand for life wearing matching PJs.


Somebody just real bitch in the in the chat. And it just makes me think of the I'm a bit shy, a lover, my child, my mother, my sister was saying, please, please tell me, you know, Robert.


Oh, yeah, yeah, I still listen to Robert Dole, always been told that I got too much to read. OK, listen, this is going to go for an hour, see, because it brings back that like young girls spirit.


Great question for whoever put that out. Like, I feel so good. I feel like I could go run a mile. That's how I feel right now. OK, I'm nine years old again. Y'all, when you find something amazing, you don't keep it to yourself, you share that wealth with somebody else. I mean, isn't that the best part of it all? Listen, everyone knows I'm a dog. Mom shut out of copper ash. But our producer, Maya, is a huge cat lover and has two cats of her own.


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Nice. OK. Can you tell me a little bit more about it?


Because pretty litter is kitty litter reinvented. It's super like Crystal's trap odor and release moisture resulting in a dry low maintenance litter that doesn't smell and pretty litter is virtually dust free because it's manufactured a specialized testing process. Oh wow. That's awesome. It's really cool. But most importantly, pretty litter monitors my cats have by changing colors when it detects potential underlying issues, you won't find that kind of innovation in conventional litter.


You guys, you just heard it right there straight from Miah with two cats, a cat lover herself. So get the world's smartest litter without leaving home by visiting pretty litter dotcom and use promo code BATCHELLER for 20 percent off your first order. That's pretty litter dotcom promo code BATCHELLER for that. Twenty percent off one more time. Pretty little dot dotcom promo code BATCHELLER. One day, once Bryan's here, and maybe you are my wing woman for the night, we can go do karaoke when the world is open.


I am a fantastic wing woman. I've said this again. Now, I don't mean to brag, but I have to on this and I'm perfect because I'm married. So I don't care about embarrassing myself. I'm not trying to take the guy in the room. It's like I am so good. I mean, yes, I could do karaoke, but I can also we can hit your local a local bar near you, do it for club or whatever.


So whoever asked if I would let Rachel set me up on a date. Yes, it's happening. We were one day very soon, hopefully, that would be so fun. OK, well, this is another cute question because I feel like we always need to have women build each other up. And so I always love when people ask me about you because I just love your age. So somebody asks, what is my favorite thing about working together? What's our favorite thing about working together?


And then the other one was what was one of your favorite traits of the other person? So Rachel, I can say you want me to. OK, go ahead. So when we do the podcast together, like, yes, at the end of the day it's work, but it doesn't feel like work with you. It just it's always fun. Like it's like, look at us. We just had a karaoke jam session talking about Real Housewives and Lisa Frank.


Like, it just it's and it's easy. It's just good girl time. Things that we would do that we would be doing at home and not on the podcast is like what we're doing here. And we just have a lot of people listening in to us singing so much fun.


And then one, oh my gosh, I don't even think I can just pick, like, one trait that I love about you, but. I would say. Oh, my gosh, I can't say one, I mean some that come to mind, like you are such a loyal patient person and just such a good friend. And I feel like people just see us on the podcast that it is like this working platform. But like you have been there for me, I mean, especially within this past year through so much.


And people like they like to blame you for certain things that have happened in my life, which is so not the case.


And if anything like you helped me through and you've just been so steadfast and loyal, but also you're just like you just have this pizzazz and this like fun or to you and you're just like your charisma and fun and energy just like rubs off on me. And I think I see it with other people too. And so those are so I would say some of the top that I talk to, it's that I love about you all back.


So sweet. Well, it's interesting because I feel what you just said on the last part, like you light up a room when you're in it. It's one of my favorite traits about, you see, like I feel like I do it with a dry sense of humor and you do it with much more positivity. Like it's you just like you're just a light. Oh, and I feel like other people say that to me about you. They're like there's just an aura about you even and we joke about this.


But even dear Astrid, who I don't believe you've ever met, has an obsession with you from and she's she's going to a different country.


I mean, there's just truly something about you, your presence that's infectious. That's my favorite trait about you. But one of the things I love about our friendship, too, is I am a person who can get so buried down in my day and my schedule and I lose track of text messages and emails and myself. Sometimes in my day I don't even know how I get through it. You are a connector.


You're a gatherer, if that's the correct term.


But you're very good at saying, hey, let's get together and do this. Hey, and I wish I'm like envious of that. I wish I had more of that to like, take a beat and connect with my girlfriends or my guy friends or whatever and bring people together. You're so great at that. And you've always got to have a friend who reminds you to step step back and do that.


So, yes. Oh thanks Range. I got my knees are tingly again, that's all I subside.


I just just through the night. I'm telling you we are starting a big back, a bachelor have our playlists and you guys it's going to be fire.


Can I just say that we are probably enjoying this podcast more than our listeners because we're happy we're back together.


And you guys, I listen to thirty eight minutes worth of I'm singing. You're welcome. But don't you guys feel like you're at a slumber party with Becca that I like? That's kind of how it is. Like Becca and I are just girl chatting and you guys are just listening it. This is our baby. This is how it happens. Except when the when the mikes aren't on and the cameras are all in, we get into a lot more in detail.


People total is such a side note.


Your sister Candice is visiting, right? It's constant. Constant. Oh, my gosh. OK, your sister is visiting.


Yes, Constance and she. OK, crazy. She came in Tuesday. She's already gone. Oh, she came from Dallas. Yes. I said she literally hit me up. She really came to check on me to make sure that I was doing OK. And I was like, yeah, I'm fine. And I was fine. But then just having my sister here, I haven't seen her since Christmas. I didn't know I needed it until she was actually here.


So but then me remember, I get caught up in my schedule. I'm doing I'm like Tuesday to Thursday, I got to work, I have to podcast. I have things to do. How are you coming during the middle of the week? She was fine. One of her best friends lives here too. So she was doing her thing. But it was it was really great to have her here to spend time with her again. It's revitalized, fresh, nothing like a good sister.


But I will say that a couple more questions here.


Oh, OK. This is good because it's a good tip for people. What shows are you currently bingeing? If you've been following me? You know, I'm smack dab in the middle of Grey's Anatomy still because there are seventeen seasons. I'm quite far along. I'm almost done. I'm in season fourteen. That's right. I have gotten past some of the biggest heartaches of the season and I'm going to be honest with you. Spoiler alert. Let me just announce a spoiler alert.


I knew that McDreamy was going to not be with us. I just didn't know when it was going to happen. I had been told so much that I had pictured in my head how it would happen by the time it happened.


I was not into it. I was not into it.


I didn't like Meredith's reaction. She wasn't as upset as I wanted her to be. She was cold.


So I was cold in the way they led up to it, like they were highlighting him so much. It was like, hey, something's about to happen. It was very weird. I was much more upset when Denny left us. I'm still not over Denny Dukat.


I have to say, I was with Rachel on Monday when the Grey's Anatomy teaser commercial came on and forgot about her whole demeanor changed.


And I wasn't even watching the TV, so I didn't know what she was so upset about or hyped up about. And then I was like, oh, no, I get it. They were showing previews.


I got I had my ears covered. I was my eyes closed and I was screaming to the entire 20 seconds. The commercial was, yes, I'm currently stuck in Grey's Anatomy, where I'm living in Seattle, and I have I got to get caught up. I stopped watching. It was probably like season three or four. Remember when the torpedo got stuck in the guy's stomach and she had.


Oh, yeah, that was tough. And so that got me stopped. I think I was maybe a ninth or tenth grade. But I mean, I'm always looking for a good show to, like, usually watch.


And I feel like this is a good one because it'll probably take me seventeen years. No, no, no. It's great to watch. I was warned by somebody who's on the podcast now that you lose interest because you lose the originals. And she's right. I don't like the new interns.


Every time they bring a new interns, there may be one that sticks out, maybe one stop bringing in family members. Stop if they were dead for ten years, don't bring them back. We don't we don't want to see it. That's what we're really dealing with right now.


Speaking of the originals, what was her name is Katherine Hizzy. He had to go see.


Have you watched Firefly Lane? No, but I heard it's really good. Are you bingeing?


That's what I'm thinking right now. And I had like so for me, I don't really watch a ton of TV just because I can't just sit and, like, focus on one thing. But I started watching it the other day and I'm already on like episode eight or nine and it's actually really good. I think you would like it.


It's it's cute with the way that they put it together where it's like the same two girls who are best friends. It goes between current day ones, one's mom, they're a little bit older, established, going through different life things. And then it flashes back to when they first met, when they were, I think, fourteen. And then like in the early twenties, when they're like really getting out of college and in their careers. And it's just a cute way that they piece it all together.


Yeah, it's good. I actually told one of our friends and she ventured in one night. I was like, yeah, but I heard he's good. Yeah, I did. I did.


And then I just watched, like, a lot of weird true crime murder stuff, which it shouldn't be a woman living alone. But hey, I like to I like to know what I'm up against in life.


So do you know what? I'm bingeing in my ears right now. Dateline podcast. Oh, actually started that like.


Well, I started it and then I, I should keep up with it.


I can't get enough of it. I listen to them all the time and it freaks me out. I'm always like looking behind my back or whatever. But that's true. Crime is I can get. I know you're into it. Dateline guys, check that out for all of our listeners.


I just need to do a nice little PSA for somebody who never pays attention to detail. Listening to Crime Junkies podcast. I now every time I'm walking, no matter no matter what time of day it is or if I'm with Mineau or with friends, I'm always paying attention to like what people are wearing now, like what they look like in case there's ever a murder or crime that takes place. And I have to go to the place like I saw this person walking and this is what he was wearing.


And so, yeah, you actually learn a lot of good life skills from knowing what was smart in the past.


Smart. Yes, smart. OK, last question. You want to do the honors.


Oh. Why don't we go with rage? Oh, there's so many. Oh, I actually like this one because I feel like it's going to be different for everyone. But somebody wrote in and asked us if we still feel like the pressure to be perfect coming from the show and in the public eye. And how do you feel now? I'm sure it's been like a roller coaster in the last four years since you've come off the show. Yeah. When you first come off the show, you definitely still feel that way because you've been on TV for so long.


Then your season airs and you just feel like you have to live up to the way people saw it. Last saw you on television, especially if you come off as a couple because people you're like, oh my gosh, we have to be talking all the time. We have to be laughing together with building hands because people think that you're unhappy even though you walk around and you see most couples not doing any of that. That wears off. I would say after about a year, probably year now, do I feel the pressure to be perfect in public?


Absolutely not, especially after all the stuff that I've gone through. No, I don't care. I think at this point, you know, it's it's interesting because I think part of that pressure comes from. People, you have to reinvent yourself, you know what I mean, people. It's almost as if people think you were born the day that you walked out of the limo for help from whoever season. And that's the image that they have of you.


And that's it. And so you feel like you have to live up to that. And then as you start to let that go and kind of reinvent yourself back into society or re-establish yourself and back into society, you start you start to not care about those things. Yeah. So, yeah, well, definitely I'll feel it. What about you now? I would say no, I did very much so. I mean and I've gone through a couple of different stages because obviously when I came from the show, I was in a relationship for two years.


So like you said, it's one thing when you're in that relationship and like wanting to not ever, like, put on a public facade or like a brave face. But it's like people will build me or the writer. They'll post and be like, oh, my gosh, they're not together when weekend or someone's not wearing the ring or they're not talking at, like, all the weird things that it's just a lot. And it's just like a weird world to transition to, especially like coming from like where I what I was doing beforehand.


So at that point, yes. And then obviously like going through a very public breakup, I, I kind of like not that I felt pressure to be perfect, but I felt pressured to like I do want to like. Give too much to the public to have them feed into any sort of narrative, so I felt pressure like, OK, how do I walk this fine line of, like, still being who I am and trying to navigate this new world that I'm living in and being a single woman versus like still giving, especially our listeners, because I know they put so much stock into into us in the podcast and want to hear from us and feel relatable to them.


So it was like this weird fine line that I was walking. But, you know, these days I give a shit level, so I'm just done to the point where, like, I realize I'm never going to please everyone. I'm not trying to please the majority, but as long as I stay true to who I am and what fuels me and is still respectful to my friends, my family and what I believe in, that's all I can do.


And so I feel like I've gotten to the point now where I can. Feel better about not always having to be perfect or saying the right things or appeasing everyone on social media, and so it finally feels good to kind of come into my own in this new chapter of my life, I would say good for you.


That's a perfect way to in the podcast. Yeah. So I hope I hope people realize, like at the end of the day, we are all humans, whether we are on a TV show or not, whether we are a host of a show or of a podcast or working in public relations or whatever it might be at the end of the day, like we're all humans. And I know people look at us like we're these characters and that's not the case.


And so, yeah, it's been a journey, but but it's been so fun and I'm just so happy you're back. This was just the best way to end the night. Honestly, it feels good to be back talking with you. So, yes, I'm happy as even though it's late, it doesn't matter because I had so much fun. I swear, you know what is going to happen when we get off this podcast?


We're going to play Alexa nine. Oh, you know, Roberts have been going up.


Oh, I'm so glad you mentioned Robert on music.


Is that copper? Alexa, it played 90s country Alexa and it's country all my roots, I showed up in boots.


Do you hear this? It ruined your black tie affair.


Last one to know, the last one to show was the last one you thought you see there, I got it.


I do this country. I love Garth Brooks.


And then what?


One way to go out.


We aren't even going to do the outro. Let's just sing this song and then all your chorus.


Alexa started off. So Lo is going to change the way you want to stop.


I think I I really appreciate this, but we're going to let one person down, Rachel, and that's going to be Dustin, because he's going to want to hear you sing because you love your voice so much.


Oh, listen, Dustin, know, I just disappointed you because you did not like that.


Oh, my gosh, that's so hilarious.


And that Aleksic 9D country. What is that? She must know. She knows my heart. She knows what a way to end the night you guys and that and like, we can't beat that. So we just have to say thank you for listening in for another week. And Rachel, thank you so much for coming back. Like I said, I missed you so much. So it's so good to see you. To hear you, to catch up.


I missed you. I just really missed you. So, you guys, thanks for hanging out again. And to all of our listeners, as always, you know where to find us, but keep writing to us because we love these questions and we're going to continue to do these fun little episodes when we don't have to recap and do anything else like these are the moments that make this for me, at least personally, so worthwhile. So if you guys don't already know where to find us, you can find us at BATCHELLER.


Happy Hour on Instagram and app at Happy Hour on both Facebook and Twitter. And as always, if you never want to miss an episode, please subscribe to our podcast. And you can do that on Apple podcast, Spotify, the one app or wherever you are listening to us right now. And Rachel, I love you.


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