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What's up, everybody? Welcome back to BATCHELLER, Happy Hour. Once again, we've got another great show for you guys and another great guest. Now, you guys have been giving us excellent feedback on the episode that we had with Matt James. I mean, we were so excited to have him, as you know. And I feel like you guys were excited to learn more about him, because let's be honest, you're not necessarily getting that from him on your television screens at my right, Serena.


OK, and that's all we're going to talk about on that date, because that's all we got left. The great impatience got great energy, but we got nothing from thank God we had him on this podcast. So you can know that he there's a lot more to him because you ain't getting it on your TV screens. But it ain't about Matt James. We had him last week. It's about Katie, who is our next guest, who you probably didn't know where you were going to land with Katie after she came on with the vibrator.


You know, we had never seen anything like that, but she has slowly buzzed her way into all of our hearts. And we're going to break all of that down with her and all the rest of the other interesting things from this episode.


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We want you to be prepared for snack time, so go to perfect snacks. Dotcom such bad start to stock up and save fifteen percent. Yes, Rachel, you know, I think it's going to be a long maybe not so much of a hard episode, but we're going to get all of the tea from Katie because let's face it, it's no surprise she's one of our favorites. I loved her. Night one she tapped on the on the shoulder with the vibrator.


I was told with her. But before we get into that, we did see some drama go down.


And we're not going to do a full blown recap because I feel like like I said, we have Katie on. You can hear from the horse's mouth. But I think some of the major moments that took place last night dealt with one or two people, and that is Sarah and that is Victoria.


So I guess let's just get into it. We don't need to go into the dates in detail because, I mean, as you said, Serena, they had a great, great connection. I think I personally, Rachel, and tell me tell me your thoughts on this. I loved the scripted idea.


Really. I actually would have been terrified. I would be terrified, too. But I found it as a viewer, so entertaining. The fact that they had to blur out so much commentary makes me hope to God that a lot of the girls still have their books with these stories written. Because if we ever have any of the besides Katie, anyone else on the podcast, you'd sure as hell know I'm going to ask them to bring this erotica. But absolutely not.


That's for Matt. OK, I don't need to hear a bunch of sex crazed fantasy ideas about math. I don't want to hear it. I don't need to see that, as Phoebe would say. I don't want to see it. OK, but you know what my main thought was when I watched this day, what is the TV rating for The Bachelor?


Because we have come a long way from wholesome family TV show. It's got to be in May. It's I don't even know what comes after that. It's got to be we'll think about this.


Remember two weeks ago when we were covering the premiere and we were talking about the fact that now as a family friendly show, they're bringing on this vibrator like, yes, it was blackbox, but I feel like ABC is testing the limits.


They're stepping out of this little comfort zone, this bubble, if you will, and see how far can we push it sex wise to get viewers. And I mean, I found it hilarious.


They pushed it. You know what else they were pushing. A perfect letter written by Chris Harrison, apparently in two thousand fifteen, I wasn't aware Chris Harrison wrote a book and I'm pretty sure a lot of us what we saw it strategically placed behind him as we watched The Bachelor greatest seasons ever this summer. And I was like, oh, Chris wrote a book. Now we have a whole date surrounding it. So if you haven't already, Chris Harrison and the master franchise wants you to know that he wrote a book called A Perfect Letter, and you should go out and get it, because obviously it is erotica, which is hilarious.


Sounds like it is juicy. I need to know if there's any truth to these stories. I do know that I knew Chris wrote a book. I did not know it was this type of book. And so and I feel like we know Chris in one way and I think viewers know him another way. But this is like a whole new facet of Chris Anderson that I'm learning. Have you seen the cover?


No, we got Fabio on the front of it.


So I was like, what it is, if Franco was on the front, Franco took the picture.


Franco is one of the main characters. Yeah. So basically, we obviously see the girls give their fantasies. We don't need to get into it. We'll have Katie on to pick her brain because she was very well part of this. And since the beginning, she's been very sex positive. So we'll pick her brain. The main part of the state, though, really isn't what happened during the day portion and set the night, which obviously we see Sarah, who is not part of this crash, and then it just continues on into the week with her kind of spiraling out and not knowing where she stands with Matt and being part of the show, if you will.


Can I ask you a question about the erotic. I do. I agree with you. I totally want to talk to Sarah. But I meant to ask you this. I kept thinking. If this were the other way, like I just felt like mats and they joked with him, that story was very PJI, how would the audience have accepted if Matt had had a story on the same level as the women? I feel like there was a double standard here.


Imagine if Matt had was saying some of these things. I couldn't stop thinking about it. Do you think it would have been as well received by the audience? The women would have, because like they're horny for Matt.


But I think well, my first thought actually was when he was reading his like I did he actually read it or was it somebody that's just like, hey, here's the date. Here you go. Read this to these women, like, did he eat? And I think I'm sure it's that he had on the Sorina date. Yeah. Yeah. And would be blank because she made me laugh. But as the lead, you tip to this fine line of you can be to out there, if you will, because you have to still appeal to the viewers like you are the one carrying this season.


It's kind of on your shoulders. And so I think for any lead, whoever it was, I think that they probably wouldn't have been a I don't want to able, but they probably wouldn't have been able to go that extreme. Like, there's no way that they could have read probably what Victoria was reading.


I don't think so. I think if we were the bachelorettes and the men were reading to us, they could not have spoken to us that way. I think there's a double standard. I could not imagine them saying, you know, and then I did beep and beep and she felt beep and we did beep together. But right before we beat and I made her beep, you know what I mean? Like, it would have sounded totally different coming from men.


And it's just I just I kept thinking that I thought, could this be in reverse? And I think there's a double standard. I don't think it could let us say, yeah, yeah.


You guys think, yeah, please write to us, because now I'm very interested. I wasn't even thinking about it in that way. And I'm so glad that you brought it up. And that's why I love doing a podcast with you.


Does it make me think in different ways and push the boundaries and see things differently? So I appreciate it. You're welcome. Oh, but I'm very interested to see what what our followers and our listeners have to say about it. Yeah. Yeah. But, Sarah, you were talking about Sarah. Yeah. So let's get into Sarah. I mean, I have my own thoughts on what we saw with her, but I want to hear your take on it first overall.


And we see her basically steal time from a group that she's not on. We fear then hide in her room, not really confront the girls until the very end of the day after a lot more has gone on. We see the women vocalize very much so why they're upset with her. And then we do finally actually see her go home, which I wasn't expecting. I thought she was going to do the bags and then stay. So what were your thoughts overall on Sarah?


I thought first my first thought was, well, mighty is the fall, because last week Sarah was great. This week we were like, this is another side of Sarah. Then I thought, if it's all good, just a week ago was a person, it would be Sarah. Sarah flipped on us real quick.


I mean, I thought watching Sarah is look, I don't want to be too hard on Sarah because I'll leave that to the to the bullying circle that was at her. Everybody wants to throw the word bullying that was bullying. You might not have agreed how Sarah navigated this episode. I personally don't agree, but I wouldn't attack her in a in a big way. I'm on my season when they want to do that with Karen. I hate it that there were several of us who walked out the room.


I'm not down for the let's gang up on on this person. And they defend themselves. But I thought I did feel for Sarah because this experience isn't for everyone. And watching Sarah, I thought, listen, it's this is hard. It's tough. And if you can't if you're not strong enough to survive this, for whatever reason, family insecurities doubt, then you have to remove yourself because the best side of you will not come out and the lead will never get to see it.


And that was Sarah. She was slowly deteriorating. And I don't I'm not confident she would have made it far because she wouldn't have been able to give Matt her best self. I will also say on the other side, we saw another side of Matt and how he handled this situation. We are seeing mass inexperience in this episode. We all know that Matt has never been on a franchise show before it we saw it this episode, the way Matt does not know what it's like to be a contestant.


And I feel like if he had gone through that experience of The Bachelorette, then he would have better known how to handle the situation with Sarah. He wouldn't have entertained it. He would have realized that, hey, you're taking away from other women. I know what it's like to wait all day, all week, just for five to 10 minutes with whoever the lead was. He didn't know how to fill that because he's never been through that. So his first thought was just to cater to Sarah because she was hurting, not realize, realizing the consequence that it was having on the rest of the women.


And he wasn't putting Sarah in a good place, but also wasn't putting the other women in a good place. And it's on the lead to kind of navigate this show and to make everyone feel more comfortable. It's your responsibility as a leader. Yeah, yeah.


And that's a really good point.


I think, especially when you go on blind and have no idea, you do want to comfort the person who's hurting. And in his mind, she's the one who, I guess, had the wound and was bleeding and was the injured one and not taking into account that there's so many other women still here, which I had two points of.


And I really, really do try I do empathize with Sarah because obviously she's going through something way bigger than the show and that's dealing with her father and his sickness. So I understand that part and how hard it is to be away and to not know on a day by day, even hour by hour basis of how a family member and a loved one is doing. So I empathize with her. I also could empathize with her in the fact that I'm putting my back myself back into her position as one of the many contestants on The Bachelor.


I was our very first one on one date, and I, I remember what it felt like to have the very first date to build this really strong, solid connection. And then the week after, go on a group date and see him interact with multiple women, see him have formed sort of a same connection. And so I get why it was difficult for her. That being said. You also know what you're signing up for, and if you really want it to work in the long run, you have to have confidence not only in yourself, but in the relationship that you're forming, that if it's going to last in the long run and if it's going to work out, then you have to have faith that he's going to navigate the other relationships that you're seeing go down with some sort of stability and still have a strong head and heart.


My issue with with what we saw with her was two things she kept saying throughout the entire episode. It's just really hard for me. It's just really hard for me and that as a viewer, I couldn't fully swallow because it's hard for everyone and for different reasons. Everyone had to leave their family and their friends and their work and their home and their phones and their everything that they were used to behind. So it's truly hard for everyone. And I think she wasn't able to step outside of that and see that it's difficult for everyone in a different way.


She just kept saying it's really hard for me, but she didn't say, yeah, I understand. It's hard for you, too. And going into that, because she kept saying that, I don't think she fully considered others like she was on. It seems like she had her agenda and needed her time and her reassurance, not realizing, you know, Matt's being pulled in a thousand different directions. There's a whole crew who are on certain time limits that are filming this show.


There are still 20 plus women sitting downstairs who half of them haven't had any time with them. Really. They they haven't had a one on one. They haven't had time with him during a cocktail party.


And so it's very easy. And sometimes I can be a very selfish person and wrapped up in my feelings and thoughts. But but I have a problem when people can't see the bigger picture and empathize for others around them. And I felt like I wasn't quite getting that with her with with the entire episode. Absolutely.


That's why I'm really interested in talking to our guest, Katie, because she was right there in the mix. Not only was she an observer, she was interrupted by Sarah. She had to fight for her time back with Matt from Sarah. Then she chased after Sarah and then she consoled Sarah and saw another side the other group didn't get to see. So Katie's like our go to she's she knows it all. Plus she's funny and all the things we love to see the bachelor contestant.


So. Yeah, yeah. So I think we should bring her on.


But before that I want to play the game because sticking with the donkey theme that we saw in the one on one date with Matt and Serena, I think, I think we should nominate a person who's the ass of the episode and one person who's the rose of that person, because obviously every time we have a guest star, we ask them the rose in the thorns. So let's call this one the for, if you will.


OK, this one's new. Do you want to go first? Yeah, I will sort it out so well, Rose, I'm going to say I'm going to give it to our guest, Katie, because I am I so appreciated the way that she handled the last conversation that she had with Sarah, the fact that she remove yourself from the group of women who are already going hard at Sarah to sit down and have the confidence and the wherewithal to say, hey, if you're still feeling Matt and if he's still feeling you, you need to explore this.


I think it takes a strong woman to not just say, let me help you pack your suitcase out here. Yeah. So I would give Katie Thoros and vice versa. Not that I want to say Sarah was the aside just because, again, like I do empathize with what she was feeling in certain moments. But yeah, I think she just kind of took a lot away from the group of women. Yeah. But also I think I would give it to Kate and Victoria as well because they went for her hard and I don't think it was the proper way to handle that, that situation.




I'm going to agree with you for all the same reasons. Katie is absolutely the rose. The ass definitely goes to Victoria, but this is why I'm going to give it to her. I thought we were going to see another side of Victoria. Remember, Victoria is the first one we saw run out after Sarah. And Sarah was like, yeah, you've been my girl. And she's like, Yeah, girl, I got you. I'm just making sure you're OK.


And I thought, wow, she was really able to put how she was feeling inside to go after Sarah and make sure she was OK. But it was all calculated. I mean, at the beginning of the episode we see that she particularly wants to eliminate Sarah. So her going after Sarah, her motives weren't in the right place. I mean, she really was more so cuddling up to her so she could destroy her. And then B, C, that happened later on when they're all in the group and she's annihilating Sarah by going after her for what she did.


So. No surprise, here it goes to Victoria, that ass goes to Victoria, the queen and something, guys. Yeah, yeah. So let's put that ass to the side and let's talk about our rose, because our Rose is on the podcast today. She's probably been one of the most talked about ladies since night one for a whole lot of reasons. And we're happy to talk to her today. We can't wait to meet her. You guys, please welcome to the podcast.


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Well, welcome to the podcast, Katie, we will Rachel and I ourselves are huge fans of you. I think as a collective whole bachelor nation is a huge fan of you. So we're so excited to have you first here on Bachelor. Happy hour.


Thank you. I'm happy to be here.


Before we even get started, I need to know where is the vibrator and will it make an appearance in this podcast?


I do have it in my house.


They will not make an appearance on his podcast and he turns it on.


I love the fact that it matches your dress.


Night one. It was definitely sparkly and a lot bigger than I expected when I was holding it.


So, yeah, but I mean, it was like the perfect statement for like twenty twenty.


I mean it's like twenty twenty could be like a meme for women. It's that during this pandemic. The purple sparkly vibrator. Yes. Are you nervous about coming. I don't know. I don't know how familiar you are with the show before you came on, but you can answer that in this question. But were you at all nervous where you like it? Was there any apprehension on your part of thinking? Maybe, maybe this isn't a good idea, like this is a family show like were you concerned it help in the moment?


It's the moment like you're in it, but then afterwards be like, oh, my God.


I mean, for me, it actually summarized me perfectly and our time is so short and I could do nothing but be myself. And I knew Matt is religious. I know I don't know him personally, so I knew it could very well send me home that one, and I would have no regrets because it really summarizes who I am as a person, my sense of humor, my confidence, my sexual empowerment for females. And I didn't know what to expect when I did my little stunt, but he laughed.


And so I just felt like this huge weight lifted off of me after that. I mean, I saw his laugh is just the biggest, most genuine laugh. That's all right.


It was as if he used the vibrator that well, I will say this. I think it was after you walked away. He laughed uncontrollably for a couple seconds. And I think that he probably needed that. There's so much pressure. It's so intense, as you know. I mean, you lived through night one. So I think it was needed on all parts. And and I'm glad that you just set it right on the table. You named it and made an appearance later on in the night.


And before we actually get into the show and night one and the few dates that we've seen so far, this is kind of your thing, is it not? Because I'm not going to lie. I've done some krupin on Instagram and ticktock. And you actually have some hilarious videos out there that are pretty on par with what we saw tonight. One, I mean, yeah, like I said, my entrance kind of matches my personality and what I'm about.


And over this last year with the pandemic, of course, we all downloaded tick tock and we just kind of start creating our own videos to entertain us and each living soul.


You don't have to check it out at all. I don't like it. I don't I just I can't get down with it. No, no shame. So to everyone else, it's just not my thing. That's fine. It definitely tweaks itself to customize your your like. So that's cooking or comedy like with me or dancing videos for other people. It'll cater to you. But yeah, that's kind of what my thing was this summer about being single and in quarantine and just being sex positive and it just kind of randomly took off.


I never expected anything from it really. Well, I think they're good videos.


I want to see your videos because I like you, so I'll go look on I'll go on your page and check them out. Did you watch the show before?


Yeah, actually, Chris Harrison calls me a resident super fan. So the first I watch was Ashley and JP, which OK, a little unfortunate because they were always my example of like I believe the show works and it does.


They built a beautiful family. Yeah. And people change and life happens. But yeah, I've watched the show for a long time.


The reason I asked you to watch the show is because you continue to talk about being sex positive, which is fantastic. And even in last night's episode, we saw you kind of gather the women around and talk about how much you appreciated the group date that you had because you got to see the women be sex positive. So I'm really interested on your take of because you're a fan of the show and you've seen that the show always hasn't been supportive of those who are sex positive.


Caitlyn Bristo was definitely the one who had to walk through that door first, and she was slut shame. And then we saw Hanabi proclaim the statement that she made. And people some people were more receptive to it, but other people were really upset with what she said. And so now here you come and your vibrator out the limo and you're really kind of putting this in our face to accept it. And so I'm just. Curious with you, was that something that you really wanted to put out there, that you wanted to be a part of your message and who you are on the show?


It wasn't some agenda that I had coming onto the show, it's just who I am and I've been this whole time and, you know, it wasn't until after the fact that I realized how big of a deal it was, which excites me because I do believe it's twenty, twenty one. Women should be comfortable talking about their sexuality. I had Taylor Nolan here in Washington State and she's a big advocate as well. And I just I appreciate being comfortable being able to talk about it.


And hopefully that means other women will soon start to open up a little bit because being sex positive is important in a relationship in yourself, in your self care and so many different things, especially in this pandemic. So it was never really an agenda. I just continue to be myself. But with time, you definitely see that it becomes such an important topic for women and hopefully more people can start feeling comfortable talking about it for sure. So I'm going to drink to that.


I love that does.


I wish somebody would have tapped me on the shoulder with the vibrator to butt in and was the highlight of the episode. If it's a sequel, I will say I was inside.


So I obviously have no idea what's happening when I come outside and you pour my bless her heart. She's amazing, but we do need comedic relief night. Everyone is very intense and I feel like I was able to kind of provide that a little bit.


Yeah, yeah. I mean, look, you are a smart girl. You're bright. And I one, hopefully you stick around for a while and had it. I'm sure no one else in the house is able to entertain themselves. It's a long two months. Let's be honest. So smart woman. I want to so obviously you have watched the show, you kind of know you've learned more the ins and outs.


So how is it going from being this resident super fan, as you call yourself, to watching yourself back and listening to you speak in interviews and to Matt and all these women? Like, what is that that like for you?


I mean, you think you know what you're getting yourself into going on the show, but then when you actually experience it, it's it's nothing you can prepare for. It's emotionally draining. And to watch it and see the connections you was building early on for me, you're just like, oh, I thought we had that connection. But also you have a connection with all these other women, too. And so you watch it back and to relive some of those emotions and those memories.


And, you know, it wasn't really that long ago that we filmed, but it feels like a lifetime level has done to us. Yeah.


It puts you in a few different states because it's you're in one mindset when you're filming and then you come out and you're in this weird limbo phase, if you will, between filming and airing. And now it's airing and the entire world has something to say and they have their opinions and comments being thrown at you. How are you able to navigate through the world of social after this? This is on TV. How are you able to navigate that?


I mean, for example, Nightline, it was going to be a love hate relationship with some of the viewers. But for me, I'm thirty now and I feel very comfortable in who I am. And I know I'm not going to be everyone's cup of tea and I know how ugly social media can be. And so I personally felt prepared for the backlash that some people are going to have when it came to night one. But also I know what my journey looks like and I am as a person, and that's all I can really kind of hold on to.


There's always going to be hate no matter what you do. And so I'm just very comfortable and I am as a person.


Yeah, I was going to ask you, how old are you, Katie? The more you talk, the more you're my favorite. Actually, you are my favorite.


It's not the more you are. I mean, it's just you could tell that, like you I don't know, you just have life experiences. You've been through things. You just get it. And I don't want to get into this just yet, but it segues into kind of what we see happen in this episode, because part of the show is survival of the fittest. And it's not a not to who you are as a person. It's just that if you aren't strong enough to survive with this experience is it'll take you out.


It is the freakin Hunger Games. I remember my season. We were all like all volunteer volunteers tribute. It truly is that. And y'all had a group date. That was The Hunger Games, so you were really in it. But I'm curious with you, you really just seem to like have it together to know who you are, which is also key to the show. How did you get on it? How do I become who I am or how to go?


No, no, no. That's another plan. Yes, I know.


How did you get on the show? He's applied and it's so funny because I joke with my friends, I'm like, oh, I'm the target version of a contestant because like, I'm not this. Like, there's so many beautiful women, supermodels who are on this show. And in bachelor world champions are older. And so when I was casted, I was actually pretty shocked. I was kind of in denial, even like getting ready for it. And I was just my one hundred percent self.


And I guess they found that pretty refreshing. Like I had no filter, I didn't hide anything. And I was like, OK, they must think I'm a good match for that and let's go with it. And so I just you know, it's a pandemic. This is a perfect opportunity to date somebody I've been locked up in online dating sucks and once in a lifetime opportunity to meet someone like Matt and, you know, I went with it.


This is why I think we like you, because you own who you are, too. I feel like every time we talk to somebody and ask them how they got on the show, they always put it on someone else. Like, no one will just admit, yeah, I signed up, I filled out this application. I went through the process on my own because I wanted to. So I think it's so refreshing that you can say that until everyone and I feel like I can relate to you personally because, you know, I was a little bit older now and I'll say this to Rachel all the time.


Like, I feel like I joke that I feel like a grandma watching the show. So I'm glad that they still are having good down to earth quality and a little bit older, more mature women on the show. What is it like for your family and your friends watching you back? Like, I'm assuming the Katie that they know is what they see on TV, but what is it been like for them?


I mean, none of them were really surprised when I was going to go on the show. They know my personality. I feel like I'm very outgoing. And obviously I'm I think I'm a catch. So let's stop me on the show and see if Matt agrees. So they were very supportive of my mom, I will say, has never seen the show. And so this is her first time watching it. She was very excited and like a lot you don't know, Mom, so enjoy just not watching it with you.


Yeah, you're refreshing. It's it's a lot of times we see people come on the show and especially someone who's a fan of the show. You're what we call the encyclopedia. Usually those people are trying to be like another lead or another contestant or play a role because they know how this game goes. You're so it comes through the TV screen that you are authentically being yourself. You really don't care. You're very I don't know. It's just it's fun to watch.


And then you find as a viewer, we find ourselves rooting for you.


I want to get into last night's episode, the erotica date, which you've already talked about, you being sex positive. And I loved how you got the woman around and had that conversation.


But we missed a lot of the date because a lot of it was beat out. Now, I myself took the liberty of filling in the blanks, so I'm pretty sure I figured out the details. But you were right there with the front row seat and participated. What who had the best performance? Victory.


Take yourself out for victory, even with me in it. Victoria, it's an amazing show. We actually had to reenact it back at the house.


She said, I'm sorry, but who played Matt? Who played Matt? What do you re-enact? You reenacted her story. She reread the story.


No, I'm just an actor who played Matt. I know she read about it at the house because it wasn't that good. Like we just did an encore and it was just it was hilarious. And with how intense the house can get, we can all use some good laughs regardless of the dynamics and the drama we thrive on. Laughter So she was great. Did you feel like I mean, obviously this date seemed to be a little bit within your wheelhouse because you are so sex positive.


Did you feel like you were kind of like a champion or a mentor, if you will, for some of these women? Because I can imagine some of them probably got on the stage and they're like, oh, my gosh, I'm so uncomfortable. This makes me nervous. How am I going to get up in front of Matt and this group of women and, you know, like my deepest, darkest fantasies? Yeah, I wouldn't call myself a champion necessarily, but people knew I was going to go all out with this one, especially because I had PTSD from not getting to go on that evening portion of the date.


So every time I'm like, I got to go all out, I got to make sure I am here the whole time. And so I'm sure that kind of help women knowing, like, well, hey, even if mine's a little vanilla, like, we know Katie's like setting the bar over here. So good time that we're all very comfortable and having these conversations. And that was a fun date time.


You mentioned obviously having PTSD from not making it to the night portion from last week's group date. Fast forward to the group date night portion this week. We see you sitting down with Matt finally having a conversation. And in this Hunger Games journey, if you will, time is of the essence. We say that all the time. So obviously you're interrupted by Sarah, who wasn't even on the date. And so when you see her walking and her basically interrupt Matt and pull him, what was going through your mind?


My first thought, just because there are so many women, was she on this group date? Because I just didn't remember. I just kind of like, let her have her time because I'm like I was just I wasn't prepared. And so the girls know and they're like, go get your man. And so that's what I'm like, OK, it's starting to kind of come together like, wait, wait, wait. She's not on the group date.


What's going on? This is not right. What's happening. So I let her have her minute because you just don't know what she needs to say. And I thought maybe she wants to go home. And by all means, you can go home, if that's what you're telling him. But I just was not prepared so early for that kind of environment that I just like I said, I thought she was on a date. Really?


So when you realized she wasn't on your date and she takes your time and you went back and told the women, which at first, OK, I love the sequence of events, because when you left, I was like, oh, come on, Katy. Like the Katy that I feel like I know would not let it go down this way. And then you go back to the women and you're like, look, you guys, Sarah is here and everyone gets all riled up.


And Victoria, this is the moment where I actually liked Victoria, where she tells you to go back in there and get your time back. And you did. And then we see you standing in the corner and then you sit on the couch. Can you just tell us how long was that? Was that time period of you standing?


And it wasn't five minutes, which is the kiss, right? Couldn't you hear them make out?


I really like the concept of time during a pandemic meeting all of this. It doesn't make sense. And so I felt like I gave her enough time to say what she needed to say. But then she wasn't leaving. And so I just had to sit there and be like, OK, your time is up. I don't know how, like how much I can be like, you need to go. Do you wish in that moment Matt would have stepped up a little bit because I felt like he left it up to the two of you.


But also, there are moments where you want the guy to want to spend time with you and be like, no, like you're on this date. Sarah, kindly leave. Let me have the time with you. Do you wish you stepped up in that moment?


Absolutely. It's so awkward as we're getting to know Matt for him to have to see me being like this like leader and like essentially a little gushy, like, hey, this is my time and I'm just like kind of sitting there like, OK, so now also he's never gone through this experience. And so I don't think my expectations were low. It's just we're all kind of navigating this together. And he's trying to do right by all the women he's dating.


Obviously, he's coming off his hi. This is one on one with her, so I don't know how that went with him. So he plays it the right way to handle it, as none of us really do what we go through this. But yeah, it is unfortunate to have to kind of take charge and be like, this is my time. This is my group date that you are not on. Keep mind you had your one on one date.


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I have to say, you were definitely the bigger person because Sarah didn't care about your feelings or anybody else's. That was on that day. But yet she expected you to care about her feelings and how she was feeling and what her motives were by taking time away from you guys. And then even on that date, after she gets emotional, we see you go after her to have a conversation. What was going through your mind when you decided to do that and why?


I just wanted to check in with her. I was getting mixed emotions from her and feedback from her mixed feedback from the girls like nothing was really making sense that night. And so I just kind of wanted to talk to her, just meet her nomad girls and just kind of figure out what's going on. What can we do to give you the clarity? Because like I said, I thought maybe she was trying to go home that night. And if that's what she wanted to do, I will give her her five minutes to say goodbye.


But the D was saying just different things. Nothing really made sense to me. And so I personally was just trying to get clarity and understanding why she felt like that night was a good time to talk to Matt when there was no closure at that time for what she was going to do. And so I want to get into because obviously the close of that that evening, no one was, I think, thrilled by any means. And then it trickled down into the next day we saw Sarah locked in her room.


All of the girls are talking about what went down and why she's not here and how she's kind of trying to soak in this attention, if you will, and say she's going to leave and come back. And there was just a whole lot of mess going on when it came to Sarah this week. I will say. I think. Going to a group of girls, what what was there at that point, twenty four maybe of you, I don't even know.


There are still so many for Sarah to walk in into this arena, if you will, of all these women. And I'm sure she knew what she was going to be getting thrown at her the way that you then approached her later on and had this one on one conversation when she was questioning going home. And in that moment, what made you compelled to go up to her room and sit down with her and have that conversation and hash it out like an adult?


I mean, just like human to human. You watch this woman just be verbally abused by everybody. Sure. She's been gone all day and everyone's entitled to their emotions. That's fine. But like to witness it. It just it wasn't fun to watch. You just felt like you're watching this girl get beat up for no reason. She interrupted me and I felt like I was less mad. And some of the other girls who weren't even on the date.


And like I said, this environment just kind of changes you a little bit. Tensions are high. You don't have your phone. And so it's it's a tough environment to be in. It's the hardest thing I'm sure any of us have ever done. And so, you know, when I thought that maybe she was going to leave, I didn't want to have happen was next to feel like she was the one that got away. And so I wanted to really just make sure she was leaving on her own and that there wasn't any unresolved feelings toward that, because ultimately, if she has instrument, I need her to stay and explore that out completely.


I don't want to be matched back up plan if Sarah was his first choice. And so just checking on her and saying, like, hey, how are you doing if you're leaving? Because the girls like I will have your back. If you have feelings for Matt, just explore that and focus on that. And so that was really the motivation behind it. I don't want to be Matt's plan B. Do you really think that the girls didn't have a reason to be upset?


Because I agree with you, the way they handled it was not OK. I'm not I'm not big on ganging up on one person, just like last week. I wasn't well, that wasn't the whole gang, but I didn't like the way Victoria handled the Maryland situation. So this week I didn't appreciate that it was her against everyone else. I would have gone to her personally. But you said you were interrupted. You and girls were more mad that weren't even interrupted.


But I do think the women had a reason to be mad. I'm interested in why you don't think they they did.


So, I mean, I think everyone can be mad. It's just how you handle it. And yes, the whole Sarah situation took up a lot of the rose ceremony and then into the next day we don't see her. So we don't know what's going on, where she's at, what's happening. And so ultimately, I do think Sarah could have also handled things differently. I think her being gone all day didn't help the situation at all because then we're all speculating what's going on.


Is this an act? Why is she doing it this way? You know, I just can't sit there and allow people to badmouth somebody. You know, we can be upset that our time is disrupted, but it just felt like it's just hard to watch. It's one thing when it's two girls fighting that's going to happen in this environment. But when you just feel like the whole house came down on one girl and so early on it just as a human, I just I couldn't feel good watching that.


I will say I appreciated the fact that you did take initiative to go up to her room and have a one on one conversation with her. I, I would hope that maybe some other girls wanted to and it just wasn't aired or shown or couldn't pan out based on timing. And also to you, I think we're the best person out of the entire group of women to do that. Not only could you be this bigger person and have the confidence to say, look, if you still have feelings, you need to explore that, like most people, I think would be like no leave by.


I will help you pack your bags and wheel it out. And so the fact that you again, it comes with maturity and just being confident in yourself, I think to say that stay. But also I found it and because I can relate to very much so the fact that you were able to relate to her when she opened up to you about her family and her dad and the fact that he is very sick and she's kind of the caretaker with her family members, I thought that was a really special moment.


And just for me personally, my father, like you, passed away about ten years ago now. And so I think to have somebody that relates and that gets it and has lived through that helped her astronomically, I think, make this decision for her. Did you, after having that conversation, just feel more bonded with her? And have you kept in touch with her since regarding her father and the illness, if you will?


Yeah, that moment for me was probably one of the most raw moments in our experience together, because I had no idea it's so early on. We don't have time to really get to know the girls in our backgrounds. And so when that happened, it was just the most genuine, unpredictable. Beyond that, I was going to have with her and when she said I just I felt like this tingling feeling of just like, oh my God, I'm feeling it right now, as you're talking about.


I get it. And it's hard. And then you just I just felt very protective over her. Regardless of dating the same guy, regardless of what drama has happened at this point, families, family and like losing a parent is really hard. And if she's struggling that I cannot do anything but respect her for wanting to be with her family. And I'm sure you can understand why we would do anything for more time with our dad. And so, yeah, it was just the most unexpected moment while I was there and definitely bonded with her over that and became very protective over her because we don't know what's going on in anybody's lives.


So he can watch everybody and judge and critique. But we don't know everyone's story. And that's how I felt like with Sarah. And once I got to know her story, I understood everything she was going through and respected her decision. Yeah, we don't see those moments very often. We we the people are typecast and we see them playing a certain role, whether they're trying to do it or it's just the way the story is told through the season.


And so I found it. I didn't know that that's where it was going to go. And to see even even knowing because we were privy as viewers at that point to know that her father had been diagnosed with ALS, but had no idea how you were going to open up with her and how you were you all were going to share that bond. And it really was something. And honestly, it it shocked me. It was like, you know what?


You don't know what everybody's going through. Now, that's not going to stop me from giving my opinion on certain people. But it was like you. You really don't know that being said. Do if Sarah chose not to go home, right? She was just like, I'm going to I'm going to do something for myself, because it really does seem like Sarah is a very selfless person. When you watched her package and you watch her navigate the show when she talks about her father, she's selfless, but we saw a different side of her.


Do you think knowing how the rest of the season goes with the extra women, with the alleged escort, with whatever whatever other drama we don't know about, do you think she would have survived?


I really don't. I mean, like I said, it is the hardest thing any of us have gone through. And if you have a big family thing looming over your head during all this, you can't really expect yourself to give your all. And she might want to. It's just not her time. And I am probably glad she left when she did, because as you've seen in previous, things are only going to get more intense. And if she was feeling this way so early on, it was probably a good time for her to consider leaving the show.


Yeah, yeah. I think because I felt like as a viewer, all episode things are escalating and escalating and escalating and getting worse and worse with her to the point where I was like, oh no. Like this is not going to be good for her. I know what's to come when the show is done, airing what people or what the fans and the followers are going to say about her. And so I think that moment, perfect timing on your part and in her making this decision to finally say an actual goodbye to Matt and leave all worked out in the end.


But, yeah, it could have been bad. But I'm just glad that we were able to see, as Rachel said, more of this this human side to both of you. And we talk at length every podcast, I think we say this is we only see two hours of an episode. You guys are filming basically twenty four seven. There's so much more there's so much backstory to everyone to still even in moments where you think somebody is a villain and hate them and think they're manipulative.


And I will say, like I get wrapped up in it too as well. It's it's what the show does. It's why it's been around for so long. But but to have grace on everyone that's putting their lives on the line and their lives unfold and coming out here to do this just to hopefully find love.


Yeah, I mean, the Internet is harsh. And I do want to take this time to remind everyone we all have our own stories and our backgrounds and we are the way we are for a certain reason. Some people are amazing individuals and some people are struggling during this whole time. And I've seen some things being said about some of the girls. And it's just a good reminder that we all have our own stories outside of the show and we all are just regular people and remind people to just think twice before being just this Internet troll.


Really two questions. One, this is a logistical Lissa's logistics. Everyone kept saying Sarah was hiding in her room. Did she not have a roommate? And if so, who was it, you know, if that was so long ago, I really don't remember who her roommate was, if anybody. Yeah, I don't I don't know, I just know, like I know there was a time I went to try and find her and we couldn't find her, so she was definitely gone.


She was OK. And finally, there are times people tried to find her. She was missing.


So I just kept saying, where who is her roommate? Like, can't we do like a wellness check? Like, she just knock on the door and be like, hey, girl, you all right in there? Or use her key to get in there. I was so confused by this. And then the other thing, it was just what you were saying about like like no one should be a troll. And I and like, we definitely have had our fair share of criticism when it comes to being contestants and then leads and now doing this podcast.


But what about people and I'm specifically speaking about Victoria. I'm sure there are other sides of her, but Victoria to me is not a Sarah who was struggling with you. Yes, with at home, but also just navigating how hard this environment is, which, you know, it's difficult and you question yourself a lot. That's not Victoria. So what would you say to the people who it's like maybe bring on this type of attention because they're playing into a certain role for her?


I guess it's the queen.


Yeah, I've struggled with that because obviously a lot of people want to know what is she like?


And ultimately, I don't I mean, we are there on our own free will and do and see what we want. And if you want to lean into your so-called persona and just be this, like, ultimate villain, that's your choice to make and the consequence is for you to deal with. I do think Victoria probably has some great moments that America might get to see or not see. I don't know. But ultimately we make the decisions we make when we do and say the things we do.


And fortunately, she may not have realised what she does and says and how it comes off. And I do hope she grows from this. But yeah, I mean, you see in previews her and I don't exactly see eye to eye and we'll just see how that goes going forward.


I want to know, and this is something I brought up to Rachael this morning is why did no one tell Victoria to change her bra?


I don't want to pick apart somebodies attire.


I think, like when you get into the pettiness of that, but like twice now, her blackbriar showing throughout the dresses and was no one there to be, like, honey, like here here are some chicken cutlets you can stick on your boobs, like maybe push it down a little bit. Where where was wardrobe here. I mean, you guys saw how Marilyn, who's just so sweet, tried to speak to her on a very neutral ground, very sweet level.


So you can only imagine what it would be like when someone was correcting her on her appearance or her wardrobe. So. So she had no friends, no friends. So it's all because she has no friends in the house. Interesting, though, is because we do see her in moments and maybe no one else is really picked up on it, but she'll go in, hug the other girls and, like, lean into them. And so it's like I feel like she's still correct me if I'm wrong, Katie, but it seemed like she did still form some friendships with some of the women.


Yeah. I mean, she definitely has her go to bed moments like we all do. Like I said, that date is erotica day. She was hilarious. She was a superstar that day. We all loved it and laughed. And it was all together for at least a moment of time. But yeah, I mean, there's only so much that can be shown in the two hours. And like I said, you can't edit someone to be a certain way because you said what you said you did what you did by that.


She has good moments when she's the center of attention. And that's basically what I just learned. When she's the center of attention, she's the star. Everybody's laughing with her. It's something that she's done. She's it's a good day for her when she's not getting the attention. We see how that how that goes. Real quick, before we ask you the last question, I do want to say, because you brought up Marilyn, I'm not sure if you guys were aware in the moment that Victoria and Marilyn kind of had that beef.


I don't know if you were privy to what we've now seen as viewers when Matt sent Marilyn home. Did that make you question Matt at that time? Were you like, how could you keep this one over this one?


Well, two things went through my head. One was, yeah, absolutely. Like, Marilyn is a sweetheart. And what I've seen a victory at that point send her home. But also, I don't see these private moments she's having with all these other women, including Victoria. And I'm like, is she just really good in her one on one time with Matt? What's happening? I see them kiss at the wedding day. And so, like, is there actually a connection that I'm just, like, blind to right now?


And so it did have me a little nervous because not only with him, but everyone else and stuff like if Victoria is still here, what kind of connections is he building with all these other women that I'm just like naive to? And so probably a really hard part for me is seeing Victoria stay and wondering why did you see his face when he kissed her on that wedding day?


In a moment, I was not watching, but I have seen his face and. Yeah, yeah.


If you still if you still currently have that episode recorded, I suggest you rewind and do it in slo slowmo and see the look are terrible at hiding how they feel. So it's very obvious to tell who they're into and who they're not. They just they just don't have that gift that women have to not not the best actor.


If you will give one more question before we get into a game, because we love our games and this is something that we ask every guest that we have on. And and for the viewers, obviously, we've only seen three episodes at this point. So up until this point, in your experience, what has been your rose and what has been your thorn? Oh, the thought would be the drama, I know that's such a generic answer, but it's so early and it does take so much away from you and the nights and the environment, just the drama, as vague as that is the roast.


I mean, you didn't get to see it. But Matt and I, we we get to kiss and we have this moment and we are building a connection up to this point. And and it's exciting because this is the first time I've been able to just be fully myself. And he's been accepting of that, including my night, one entrance. And so for me, that's pretty exciting to feel like I'm on track given episode three and where I feel like I stand with Matt and I hope he is a kisser.


I think great kisser, actually. I saw Abigael, like, not really respond. I'm like, I had a great cause. She's more reserved.


Eyes open to see with his eyes open. My eyes are closed. I wasn't paying attention.


He goes, he goes mouth and eyes open. And I'm just like, this is not OK. This is I just I don't know how to reason it.


I mean, I'm sure I've heard now from multiple people that he that he kisses with the size of it like that, paying attention does any address because he's like you said, you're like people are interrupting so many times, like, how do you really enjoy a kiss when you just feel like you just hear a rumble girl?


You do. You do. You're talking to you real quick. And if you ever I don't know how far you go, you don't know what happens. But if you ever get the opportunity to be the lead, believe me, your eyes will be closed and you'll be all the time. No one no one's there.


And you're give a shit level when you're the lead is just like whatever. We don't know how far you make it on the season or not, but when you are the lead, you know what it's like to be a contestant and then you know what it's like to be a lead. And that's something that Matt doesn't have that experience. So you'll navigate it in a different way because you'll have seen both sides of it. You'll know what you're getting into.


Katie, it has been so fun and we can already tell that you are just a blast to us. And I'm sure you were with the other girls in the house. But with that being said, we always love to play our fun little games that reveal a little bit more about your housemates. So since it's no secret that you're familiar with Good Vibrations, we're going to play a little game called Vibe Check. So we're going to ask you a series of fill in the blank questions.


And you just need to choose one of the women in the house who best fits that vibe. So you can say any women, you can say yourself and just spur of the moment, whoever you think fits. OK, OK. All right. So the first one, I'll kick it off fridge if mad season or the Oscars blank would win best actress Victoria.


I'm convinced she really is an actress so that if you if you answer Victoria on all these, I get it. She's going to listen to this now and think that she's going to have a career in acting.


She's going to get into Hollywood. She might she might you know, she'll be on another reality TV show. Number two, there is a zombie apocalypse and Nemacolin Blank is most likely to survive. Bree comes to mind right away, I don't know, I don't have a specific reason, but Bree. OK, all right. Vogue is choosing one of Matt's girls for their most stylish issue and Blank will be featured Kate.


Yeah, I see that without a doubt.


She was my roommate and our sales are very opposite.


Did she did she offer like like, hey, do you want to wear this? Or maybe you should try this or maybe did she do that? I think twice. She called me a soccer mom.


Oh my God.


I can only imagine what she would call me if I like it.


So I like this pairing with the two of you together. Do you pick did you get to pick or did the the team choose for you? We just had a roommate and it was my roommate. OK, yeah.


To the river at Nemacolin is flooded with tears. Blank is the culprit. It's like me or Rachel.


Honestly, you really we've seen you cry once. We've seen you cry once. I was taken aback but I was like, OK, that's fine, I'll cry. We all cry.


When you're thrown into this weird position where there's a lack of sleep, you can always eat at your normal times. You get up your phones. I get it. I went into the season like I'm not going to cry and I think I cracked up to get it.


OK, if all of Matt's girls were cupcakes, Blank would be the sweetest. Maggie. Maggie, I love Maggie. Yeah, she she was one of our our favorites since the beginning with the cast. VIEAUX All right. The fantasy suite opened up a few weeks early and blank is the first one ready to attack.


Rachel. Really? Rachel she's very outgoing. I know we haven't seen it.


Well, we know she was she was being dragged down by somebody in The Hunger Games, captured the heart date. Right. I love the eye on the prize. I mean, I like it because this is what this is why I like interviewing you guys, because I would have never pegged her. She's either sad about not getting time or crying. We just see your personality and their Rodica date more. But yeah, OK, that's interesting. I like that.


All right. Next, there's a survivor. Same date on the season. The girls are kicking blank off the island. Kit oh, just for made out there like that, right? City girl, like when it comes to survival, I just I think she'd be a burden more than a help, honestly.


The sun is out in Nemacolin.


You can count on blank to bring the shade. Oh. Victoria issues, I mean, the maze, she's not many people are funny, she's just mean, OK.


Chris Harrison is to drama as Blink is to comedy. Oh, I mean, actually, I will say Chelsea Chelsea is a funny girl, I must say. Chelsea, were you also say yourself? I was, but that's OK.


But Chelsea entertained a lot. OK, I want to see what Chelsea Instagram is looking for.


Its next big influencer blank fits the bill. Now, you've already you've already given up on one, so you've got to you got to know this one's easy. Well, it's a tie between two, but I'm going to go with Sarah. Who left she if you've seen her Instagram. She needs to write a book on how to be an Instagram influencer. So, my God, maybe she could teach me what to do with my hands in a photo.


She's like she's like an A plus Instagram.


Like if I had to grade anyone's horses in a plus and she left early. Most people who have that big the dream of being the next big influencer want to make it as far as they can for the followers. Kudos to her. Seems like she really left because she really needed to go. So good for her.


Yeah, OK.


Last but not least in this game called Good Vibes, Badshah and Paradise is looking for its next Viksten and Blinkx has her bikini packed Alanah.


We is the reason we have a slight pause, I need you to understand this because we don't know who they are. I I'm looking at a chart. Every time you say a name, I pull up the chart I go to. I am now. If she doesn't, she is. We have seen a lot of her on the screen. But I just want to explain the pauses in the podcast. We're trying to wrack our brain with who this person is.


We do here. We'll get to know them.


Well, she's the blonde hair. She has some commentary. Episode two, she just she's a beautiful girl and would do great on Paradise.


You know, what I think screws me up is because when this episode that we just saw happen last night started, we only saw Marilyn leave. So now I don't know who actually left and who still here. That's why. So true because you don't know who I thought left was Anna. And I was shocked when I saw her on the group date. I was like, wait a minute. No, no, no. She left. But maybe that was Ileana.


I'm not quite sure.


Oh, so Illium Elian and Elian both left alone and is still there.


No, Ambassador Illana, I am also there.


A lot of spaghetti girl, a lot of Lady and the Tramp. Yeah, she left and Illiana left.


The Onas not Anna Joto.


She's ready. She's ready. OK, Alanah. OK. All right, well, that was the end of our question game, Katie, it's been so fun to talk to you. I mean, I, I, I kind of want you to come back and I'm going to talk again because I feel like it's too early for us to be talking to you. Like I want to see more from you and then we'll talk to you again, just like you.


We like you a lot. We're big fans of you on the show. Yeah, we are. We are huge fans of Katie. Actually, I want to ask this one last question before we actually get you. I know we always say this. One more. One more so and Rachel touched on this in the trailer for next week. We obviously see it. Well, apparently, five new girls come in. And so if you had to fill in the blank for what it's going to look like, give us three words.


For the rest of the season when when these new women walk on. Tierce. A drama. I mean, it's so cliche that that's it, that's what sounds like The Bachelor. It sounds like you're all I meant. Last week's episode was boring. This week was great. And it sounds like next week it's really taking off. So I'm excited. Do we dare say this might? Well, I think last last season kind of topped it. But could this be one of the most dramatic seasons of The Bachelor ever?


You know, it's been a while, and I think having lived it, I think it could be Katie.


It has been an absolute pleasure having you on. And as Rachel said, we would love to have you back one days pending. If you make it far. If you don't. Who knows? I hope to God regardless. We see more of you. So thank you for joining us about your happy hour today. Thank you. It's funny, you guys, and thank you for just being you know, it's not trying to be anything else, like just going in taking the experience for what it is and like just figuring it out as you go, just being yourself and.


Yeah, but really, I think the one way to be successful in this season is just to be open and to whatever comes your way. Friendship, love, opportunity. It just it doesn't matter. So I'm excited to see you there. Thanks, ladies.


I appreciate your time, OK? I'm a huge Katie fan. Always was, I feel like we're a good judge of character here on Bachelor Happy Hour and Katie did not disappoint, but that's what I'm saying. I'm kind of bummed we got her so early because I feel like she's going to go far. We just don't know how far, because she's kind of she's kind of given us all at this point. She's funny. She's smart. She's one of the older.


And I'm using that in quotes. Women in the house. Now, we've seen another side of her in the conversation with Sarah. We've seen the vulnerable side of her. We've gotten to know a little bit about her family and what she's gone through in certain life experiences. And I'm like, oh, gosh, she's like the whole package to me. Plus I to tell her this, she's freaking Christina Schoneman. All women tell her that she will.


She obviously knows because she says she's well versed in bachelor. But yes, just like Christina did when Christina was on next season.


She, I like her. I mean I liked her since the premiere tonight. I mean I thought she was hilarious with the vibrator, but she seems like she has so many facets and she's probably one of the only contestants so far. And yes, we've only seen three episodes, but one of the only contestants that we've seen so many sides to usually we see like like Victoria, where it's just like this villain edit, if you will, or like the Queen and some of the other girls who have you know, we're seeing so much of her story.


And and the fact, though, is that she's still so down to earth and still knows who she is and owns it and doesn't change to appease Matt. She doesn't change to appease the women or for the TV show. I just really like like what we see is what we got with her today and then some.


Yeah, no, absolutely. Katie is the real deal. And, you know, we try to like poke around a bit with Katie about the trailer that we saw at the end, the sneak peek for the next episode. Becca, these producers know what they're doing.


I mean, we say it all the time. There's a reason the show is still on in twenty, twenty one next week. Looks so good. This is what we've been waiting for. We've known that there are more women. We've known that there's an alleged escort. Now we're going to get to meet these. I'm so excited.


And how about the one girl, the one girl who's like, well, I guess they save the best for last I thought, oh, my Victoria versus her.


That's what I need to see. I just I like I try to put myself in that position. Like if I was one of these remaining girls who have already been here for a few weeks, how would I feel? And obviously we saw it happen last season when she came in and we had a new crop of guys come out of the limo. That made sense to me because we had a new bad start. You had to give her this proper entrance, this proper moment, if you will, to really initiate somebody into being the lead.


And here I'm like, what the hell is happening?


Matt's already been delayed for a few weeks. And it makes me think like, is this now is this going to be the standard from here on out? Is every season going to have this new flock of people come in after three or four weeks? No, this is a heart can handle it.


This is a pandemic thing, right? I would hope so. I think maybe the fact that they can't travel, they can't, you know, like, they're really trying to make do with what they can at one resort, which and they're doing a credible job. I will give I will give the show that. But yeah, there needs to be something to spice it up. But, man, I'm if I was one of those remaining girls that have already been there, I would have lost my mind.


You would have found me by the balls are like, I'm done. I'm just going to eat. I'm going to hang out whenever I have to go, I'll go home like it's just you would have been with Sarah up in the room, you to buy yourself up in a room, staring out a window. Look, it's just the stare because that's all the donkey's out of and running the farm with the donkeys or something.


And what's interesting is we don't know a lot about Matt. Right. And I got a lot of people and I'm sure you did, too, who wrote me saying that. Thank you so much for the podcast that you had last week with Matt, because we feel like we're getting to know a lot more of him because you don't really see it on the show. I mean, you're seeing the personality of the women. We don't really see a lot from that.


And that's because we haven't seen him from prior seasons. So the only thing we can gather from that is how we've seen him behave and other episodes and the way he sent home, who seems to be a sweetheart play by the rules, a straight laced girl. But keeping a Victoria who he said on our podcast he found so funny when we were trying to dig for the humor, he thought funny, he liked her. It lets me know that with these this new group of women, the one who said, oh, he saved the best for last, that's Matt's type.


Matt likes a girl who pushes the bounds, you know what I mean? Who push the boundaries. Well, and don't forget, remember last week when we had them on, we asked him who was the best kisser? And he mentioned it's one of the girls that has yet to say, up we are.


Trait and I could not wait. I'm ready with the popcorn. Rachel, come over, we will have popcorn, we'll have some beer down.


We'll get a little loose. Like next week is going to be one of the books.


You guys, thank you so much for tuning in to this episode.


And we are all in for a treat next week and thereafter, we can't wait to see what's ahead this season. And while we have no idea what's going to play out, we do know that we are going to bring you the best guest and the best teasers. So you have to keep tuning into bats or happy hour because that is an exclusive that you can only find on our show.


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