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Welcome back. Happy hour, listeners, another week, another week full of drama and we saw a lot go down in the Women Tell all episode. But once again, we're going to be starting this podcast a little bit differently. And that's because today I won't actually be joined by Rachel. She has been taking on so much in the world of Bachelor Nation. And I want to extend my support and friendship and just give her a little break. She needs if she needs some time away, as much as she loves to sit here and do recaps, most of the time she just seems to take a break.


And so I'm really just trying to support her the best way that I can. And so with that, instead of having her on today, I'm actually going to be bringing in two new reinforcements, two girls that have been through this crazy journey on a couple of different seasons. And that is with the click bait girls. They're going to be taking over bachelor happy hour with me. So very shortly I will be bringing on both Tasha and Natasha to recap everything that we saw go down with women all before we actually bring them on and get into that, I want to say that we live in such a crazy time like this past year has been heavy.


It has been eye opening. And the fact that we have to sit here week by week and keep preaching to have people be kinder and better and nicer on social media, like I feel like the point isn't really resonating with people all the time. Like I know a little bit of what Rachel has been going through these past couple of weeks. I can't fully understand the extent of it with all of the nastiness and cruelty and hate and just racist actions and comments that she's been getting.


But I want to be the first to say here, we need to stop dragging each other. We need to just be better. And the fact that people are continuing just to talk shit and send terrible demos and comments on people's Instagram, like that's not helping the situation in any way, shape or form. And if we ever want unity and change and growth and more positivity and inclusion in this world, we need to find a way of how to actually do that.


And I think I want to start by saying it's not through sending messages necessarily through Instagram or through Facebook or Twitter, and it's really taking a step back and seeing like, what can we do as individuals in our circles to bring forth that positive change? One step that I think is headed in the right direction that could potentially help. That is with the after the final rose, the finale that is coming up in a few short weeks. And if you have been on top of Bachelor Nation and all of the news that has happened in the past couple of weeks, you'll realize that we have a new host to filling in for Chris Harrison during the finale, and that is with Emmanuel Acho.


He is an incredible human who not only is a New York Times best seller for his book called Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man, he also has a series for that. He was the first guest on talking it out with Mike and Brian of their podcast. So before you actually sit down and watch the finale and wonder why we have Emanuel on hosting it, do a deep dive and do some research and educate yourself on who he is and what he speaks out about because he is all about inclusion and diversity, not only within the franchise, but within our society.


He sits down. He's not afraid to get uncomfortable and hold tough conversations, especially for people who look like me. So I highly recommend please go check him out by his book. Check out his series on Instagram. It's at Emmanuela, look at his uncomfortable conversations and just get a feel for him because he is incredible. We can't wait to see him sit down with Matt and some of the girls on the finale and have those conversations because it is so needed in this day and age.


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That's Babul B a b e l dot com code batcheller for an extra three months for free babble language for life. And one last thing is, I know there's so much going on in the world of education in our society, but the only way that we can potentially move forward and make some sort of change is having these uncomfortable, uncomfortable conversations. I know that they're not always easy. They're awkward, they're tough. And at times like, let's be honest, it's easier to just ignore things and brush them under the rug, but we're not going to bring about real change and unite and just find more of an even playing field where these these conversations become the norm until we start having them.


So that's why I'm hoping that speaking to you through the podcast, speaking with Rachel in private, speaking with any sort of circle that you have and then watching this finale with these uncomfortable conversations is going to be the catalyst that can jumpstart you in your own lives, being able to have the conversations as well. So without it, I don't think we're going to move forward and that's why they are so incredibly needed at this point in time. So before we really get into today's episode, I have to introduce two of my girls.


They've been on the podcast before, and I hope this is not the last time because I absolutely love them. So welcome to the podcast, Tatia and Nitasha.


So see you. So happy to be here on Bachelor Happy Hour. It's like the crossover that I've been waiting for. I truly, truly well.


Well, the last time we had you on like a take over, but we had you after your engagement with Zach. Yeah.


So how have things been since we last spoke so good and obsessed with New York. I was still in L.A. at the time. I'm here in New York. I'm obsessed with it. And I are still doing very, very well. And I don't know. I've got young and in love.


Yeah, I love it that you're holding down L.A.. Becca, how's L.A.? L.A. is great. No complaints. I, I just feel so lucky to be here, especially when things are still kind of shut down with the sunshine.


Yeah. Yeah. I love it. Just feels like I keep saying this all the time when people ask me about L.A., but it just feels magical, like I'm finally getting the groove. I kind of know the streets like I don't need my Google Maps anymore. It's like, oh, that's a good feeling. You guys, before we get started, I just had this thought. We all Professor, the bachelor world is so crazy.


Like it's just this weird said it before this weird, incestuous family. We all know Joe grocery store Joe because he was oh my God.


My season for one night, a whole two seconds. But you guys are sleeping with them. So how are you working with Joe. How you do how you do our bro like that. Like I hope I do love Joe. He's incredible. Yeah. You know, first I thought I was crazy, but he really grew on me after that.


Oh yeah. He's we're both like we love Joe. I mean, honestly, I don't know. Our personalities clicked really, really well. And like, we fight and but we just get each other. I love him. I really do love him. Maybe I don't know. He's just a little bit more done with our man, but, you know.


Yeah, yeah. I love Joe, too. He's really funny. He really makes fun of himself. And like, we love when guys do that. Also, I think that the pressure of the first night is a lot of fun. You know, he's fun and he's so fun to kind of go at like Tatian. I go at him pretty much. Right, especially this last episode. I stayed out of it. Honey, you heard Joe and Taisha.


They went for it just like me. So funny it was. I really enjoyed it. I hope our listeners enjoyed it, too. I enjoyed it a lot.


But that's like that's why Joe's so great, because I got to know him a little bit more, obviously outside of night one, because I was just chaotic in itself. But he's great and I just love somebody who can kind of, like, throw themselves under the bus and don't take themselves too seriously. But it's kind of like, do you feel like he's got this Big Brother mentality, like looks out for his girls, like you guys?


He looks out. I feel like he's definitely protective over us in a way. I mean, but he definitely tells us how it is. And I love that he doesn't just try to, like, go with the flow. He I mean, he has a totally different opinion. And it's sometimes it's really nice to get the guy's, like, opinions and perspective on things. Yes, we have our girlfriends. We always talk to you. But getting like a guy that's like in the know like kind of knows this world knows what we've been through.


It's just been really, really, really fun.


I have a question for you, Becca. Now that you know, Joe, outside of night one thinking back, would you still like now that you know him, would you have still sent him home tonight?


One. Oh, my gosh. Yes.


He may come in hot early in the morning and we have to click bait. OK, we're dealing with the nitty gritty.


You know, I. I probably would have kept her out a little bit longer. He was just and he he has said this himself, too, like he was just so nervous that it was like trying to pull teeth. No one talking to him. And I just I just felt bad. I don't know if I can put him through an entire season and know he probably would have loosened up and gotten more comfortable and would have been completely different. But but yeah, I would have also like so when I finally started, I say started hanging out with him.


So I actually randomly. Randomly last minute. Well, not last minute but ran into him in Chicago when I was there a couple of years ago after my season, we were wedding dress shopping for my sister and he happened to be walking across the street as we were walking into my sister. And I had to go to the bathroom at like a Bloomingdale's or something. And he was turning the corner in Bloomingdale's with his friend. And I was like, Joe.


And it was the night before he left for paradise. So he's buying all these trunks. But then that night, he ended up coming out and meeting up with us and grabbing drinks like he brought his family. His cousins were there. We had his family was incredible. And so he he's just like good people. His family is good people. And so, yeah, I mean, in hindsight, twenty twenty. I probably should have kept a little a little bit longer.


And I know the production team really wanted him on longer, like they really liked Joe, which is something. So I should have listened to them. But here we are, here we are now working with my girls. So yeah. Yeah it all he's and it's all that matters that I felt that. Yes. Yes. Well you guys I mean I feel like I could sit and talk with you for hours and catch up about everything. But we do see stuff into women tell all because I feel like this is women us and mental too is always the episode that people are like, oh, I wonder what's down, what's going to happen.


And funny enough, the three of us sitting here are talking about it, but not one of us have ever been to a woman. Women tell all before and I'm not going to lie. I am. I don't miss it at all. I don't I don't have any Selmo. I don't have any remorse for not being there because I would try to dodge that thing as much as I can. Anyway, that is a hot mess Xpress and I would not want to be there.


What did you after Paradice did you go to like that reunion show? Yes.


Which is different. Which is so different.


So different. And I had like hives afterward.


It was like the more I think the tension is just so high because it's like you're watching it back and then like things come back to you, even though you could have been over it, you still watch it back and you hear what they're saying, like behind your back.


And it's like, yes, OK. So then it's like to stir up a little bit more and then you want to finally say something because you're just like, first of all, that's not right. That's the thing.


And that's what viewers and listeners don't understand, is they're all like, oh, you've lived it. You know, everything that happened on the seasons, it's like, no, there is so much behind the scenes with everyone else's interviews, everyone else's conversation, that it hits you in a different way. And you're like, oh, I had no idea somebody felt that way about me or that they said this or that, like this situation was going down.


It's it's a very weird thing to kind of know what you are getting into when you watch it back, feel like you really have no idea now. Yeah. And and Natasha, you weren't there just because you were over it. Well, it was a complex of things, but yes, I did not go because, yes, I was like, listen, honey, I told all for seven weeks, the seven weeks I was there, I said that every girl there knows if I like them, if I don't like them, if I would have all the beef.


It's like squash. If there was any or I just I would I said my piece to everybody. I apologize to whoever. I said everything that I need to say while I was there and after. And I just felt like, you know, I was going to miss work to go to this thing and just be a part of this drama filled thing that I just I just knew it was going to be crazy and. Right. This woman tell all, in my opinion, was surprisingly very different than the one that I saw from my sister.


OK, well, let's get into it. That's a perfect segue way, because overall, it felt so tame, like knowing what we know from what we have seen this entire season with all of the drama, which I felt like all it was for weeks on end like I was doing there, I'm like, this is actually a very boring woman to all because usually, like, they get into it a little bit more.


But I have to say, maybe it's because they got into the entire season like this watching and we've all been watching and have been so disappointed in all their action.


So they all probably try to reel it in a little bit. Totally.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's a good point.


And it's weird because there's so much time between filming and then there's time in between filming and when it airs and then there's time between when it's airing and women tell all. So there's this whole chunk of time that I'm sure and I know there's always the group chats. We always talk about the group chats like I'm sure there were conversations where people apologized, where they hash it out. So, yeah, going back to what you said about having Natasha, but like, you didn't want to relive that again.


I totally get that. But it was very cordial. It was very buttoned up. It felt like they didn't let the women talk with each other as much as and there was a lot more hot seats, it felt like I'm not used to this many hot seats.


No, I don't think I like it as much, though.


It's not. I know. I'd rather hear the going back and forth. Yeah. Also, I think I just I have to bring this up. It probably is also because so much has affected this season with everything that has not to keep harping on the whole Chris Harrison thing. And Bob and the thing that happened with Rachel, it's like Rachel clearly wasn't there, of course. And there's so much looming over the season. So people are probably like compared to this issue, our little beef that we had in the house, it's like, let's squash that.


Yeah, exactly.


Because they all came together and they probably all had to talk with that statement that they spoke about, that they all released saying that they all kind of formed together. And so they probably had to all talk at some point in people where people probably just dish things. And also the drama, like on my season, it was from all corners. It was from everywhere, like you could like it was just boom, boom. There's probably maybe three people that never got into drama during my season, maybe one of them, but it was very, very few.


Whereas here it was. It was like a main four or five people that stirred the pot, it seemed. Yeah, right.


Well, let's get into one of those people because we saw with the two on one and we started with this conversation at one until all between both MJ and Gisenyi. And it felt like I mean, I personally like watching it go down.


I I'm like proud of just having a four still standing her ground and being like, no, you lied to Matt. Like, what were your thoughts on that conversation? Did you expect MJ to apologize? More like what what what did you girls think?


I mean, to be honest with you, I like to. Yeah, I didn't I thought she was a straight shooter. Like, she's like a bullshitter. I think she had a lot of, like, facts that she was feeling like it wasn't like she was trying to stir the pot.


She's just like now like you're actually being a mean girl and she's calling it out.


This is the reason why the show is so great, because people handle things so differently. We're just zinnias. Instinct was to go to Matt. And Jay's instinct probably would have been to go to Jacintha if she were Jacintha. And I think for me personally, when I have an issue with someone and even on my season I saw this happen with many girls in my season, it's like some girls decided to confront each other. Some girls decided to confront it through Matt.


In a way, and personally, I would have if I were MJ, I would have preferred her to come directly to me and talk to me about this or bring it up in front of the girls that you say that I'm being upset, you know, personally.


But again, MJ, just Cynthia, you're two different people and you have, you know, one thing like if I remember correctly, I think Matt was the one who brought it up to Gisenyi and asked her about it. She didn't go and tattletale.


Yeah, sorry, but go ahead. Oh, so I was going to say so. I think in that case, that's why it initially started, was because Matt was questioning her about it. But I do agree right after that she said she probably should have been KMG. By the way, this was the conversation that took place.


Just so you're aware, all this brings back memories. I hate to bring it back to me, but I have her on my bed. You know, I had some I was confronted by Colton and he asked, you know. What's going on in the house, like how are these girls and I didn't really want to say much, but I just said like protect yourself in a sense, because, like, there might not be people that want to be here for you.


Of course, what they showed was me saying, you know, like Caitlyn and Kasey did have a conversation and one of the two said, like, they just want to be the Bachelorette and they just want to end up with him just so they can get whatever. And I said that to him. Oh, yeah. And then I got called some names, but then I looked like the bad person.


But I will say, like, when you when you're confronted and asked the question, it's very different.


I don't know how to say it. Like it's just like, what do you do, what are their faces and be like, no, we're all puking. I hope you like makes a good decision.


Like no, you start caring for these people and you're like, look, this is just what's going on. And to be honest with you, now that I've been on the other side, like, I would appreciate if the guys told me because I don't see everything. You don't see everything. Yeah, I would appreciate it if the guy would have been like, just a heads up, do with you, do with it what you want, which is cool.


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And I'm like, I did not bring her up to Peter. And the part that, of course, was shown was me saying she puts on for the camera. And the other was, but you got to deal with that. You have to deal with that. If someone is performative, maybe that's just how they are. And you have to say if you want to be with them or not. That was my advice to Peter. It wasn't like, oh, no, honey, she's like, no, I don't even know this girl.


I don't I don't talk to her. I don't know her. Right. So it is a different thing when they ask you and if and you recalling Becca that he asks just Sanea, then yes. It's like you want to say how you feel. But also what I said about Alia, she knew I felt that way, you know what I mean?


Like, so well. And there's something to be said to because putting myself back into one of the contestants, one of many women, and then also being the lead, like there's something to be said when you as the lead, feel comfortable enough to go to certain people who, you know, are probably going to tell you the truth, who are going to give it to you straight and not beat around the bush.


And so as the lead, it's kind of comforting to to have those people to go to, like now, depending on how it's portrayed, it can blow up and not be in their favor. But but like, if I was Kolten or if I was Peter for you girls, I would I would feel comfortable coming to you because I'd be like, they're not going to beat around the bush here. They're going to give it to me straight. And so, like, that's what I'm I'm assuming that's what mattered when he went to Judge Sonia.


I think so, yeah. But he said those exact words to me, like, I actually trust you and I really value your input and your I would love to hear from you.


Right. And also, like, please don't get people better not continue to bring this shit up. We were just using it for this scenario. We are not here.


We don't live in the past. We have institutions. D.M. You hate that.


Don't bring about love. Don't start that. I was not a part of the mean girl crew. You know, like just stop that. Like the whole mean girl every year. Oh, God. Yeah, yeah.


But I will I do want to bring up the point that Mari stood up for MJ. And was it Katy that stood up for Justin. Yes. You definitely from this woman Talaal. You could definitely tell who was kind of friends and kind of not, I think as well.


Yeah. And speaking of mean girls, friend groups, obviously the comment was said about like the varsity squad versus squad, which leads us to the next big bit of women, all which is the new arrivals, the five women that came in and all of the drama surrounding that. I'm really glad that they highlighted Ryan because I feel like we did not see nearly enough of her in the couple episodes that she was on. But I'm so glad that she was finally able to vocalize on this platform of how uncomfortable it was with the bullying, with the like.


Look, I understand the girls in the house that were already there and not fully wanting to welcome and embrace this new group of women. But I'm glad that she finally spoke out, because if I was Ryan, if I was one of those new girls, I wouldn't look, I don't know if I would have shown up straight at that. I would have I probably would have been deflated like them. It was very.


Yeah. And that's why it's like it was a hard situation to be put in. And I listen to Happy Hour when you guys had kept on and she said like she was sorry for her friend that left and he picked these other people over them. And being in that environment for our listeners, it's a very selfish place to be in. You are thinking about yourself. You're thinking about your relationship. You are you're thinking about your friends. You're not thinking about when these new things arise.


You're not necessarily thinking about that. So it's such a hard position to be put in and it's hard to be them, but it's also hard to be the girls who you've been putting in the time. It's it is drama, honey.


It is. It is especially as late as it was this season. I think my season was a little bit different. I think there was so much changing even with Claire leaving. And that was just it was me like I think if it was me. And then three weeks later there was another group of guys like that would have been like next level. But it was just like a lot of change in one night, in the days.


And I understand the whole not welcome committee for these new girls. I get that. But it got toxic and it got bad, which we obviously, obviously saw with Victoria. And again, back to Ryan. I'm glad that she spoke out about it because, like, she's a dancer and being called a hoe on national television. And when Victoria kept saying, calling these women sluts and whores and blowers and whatever word she was making up, I'm. So glad that this was addressed, because this is something that Rachel and I had spoke on our podcast about is like it got to the point where I'm like, why is this even being aired?


Like, why is this like this type of language, especially women against women like to me doesn't say, well, it feels so just gross. Like, I just I remember watching it be like, this is disgusting.


And and so when Victoria addressed it on national television unimplementable, I should say, I'm just like, come on, girlfriend. Like, did you not watch any of this back and feel even more remorse? Like, yes, she apologized a little bit. But then when she got into this, she's just a sensitive person and I know I lost it.


It was not OK with that.


Are you just sensitive? Why no one like the words of Matt James and what world is it OK to call somebody like I mean, like, it's.


It's no, my issue with Victoria is a like have the wherewithal to understand how words impact people like it and like, of course, somebody is going to be sensitive if you're called a whore multiple times on television, like, of course.


And just because Victoria has been getting hate in her DMZ, she talked about it's like that's either no one's condoning that behaviour just because you couldn't stomach it and some other woman can it doesn't make them overly sensitive. I just, like Victoria, had the chance to step up and speak out and really give an apology, like she's had time to think about this. And I feel like she fell so short of that.


One hundred percent, like like like watching it back shouldn't feel bad at all or feel like, well, I could have done things a little differently. It was it was the defense.


It was the defense for me.


Honey, I think too with Ryan saying that wasn't national television, like you can literally delete your Instagram. Right. Like you can like like Victoria did for a short amount of time. She deleted it or wasn't on it for a little bit. But what is said is said on national TV to so many people, you don't have to display what someone sends you directly to on your Instagram. Right. And I'm not saying that it's right, of course, but it's just different levels.


You called someone this thing on national TV. A lot of a lot of these trolls on the gram, they wouldn't say it to my face. No, they won't ever they would never come to you and say what they say exactly.


So it's even worse that she did say it and then she. I know you guys. Have you read the room?


That's it. Victoria, for me. You didn't read the real money know. Not apologize, period.


She didn't read the resort. She didn't read all of Nemacolin. She didn't read Pennsylvania. She's not reading the country like she's just not reading. We have to have a little little education lesson for Miss Victoria. What were your thoughts on? OK, maybe I'm biased because we've had Katie on our podcast and I just love Katie. I love like how she owns who she is. She's sex positive. I was kind of taken aback during this moment all that it seemed like a lot of the women were kind of coming for Katie.


I was really surprised, actually, like every I think a lot of people had a lot to say to her.


And it's like I thought Victoria was going to get that energy, but I don't really know, like college, like maybe two or three girls called out Victoria, to be honest.


It wasn't like all of them. And yeah, it's like and again, I'm going off of the two hours that I see every Monday. But it seemed like from the side that I was watching, the angle that I saw everything happen. It seems like Katie, of course, Katie was not afraid to go to Matt and tell him when things were going wrong or when there was toxic behavior in the house. But she always left it in his court like, hey, this is what's happening.


I'm not going to name names, but confront it. And so I was taken aback that so many women came for her specifically when it's like she was she was not a catalyst, but she brought some issues to light. But she never named anyone. She never degraded anyone. She never drug anyone. And so that's where I was sitting there watching this. Like I love Katie, like from what I've seen.


But what am I missing here? I want to say thing, what are we not seeing? Because they all felt very strongly, too. Like it was like they were upset.


It wasn't just like, well, you know, you did mention this one thing. Now they were coming for her. We said Chelsea confronter. We saw Murray confronter. We saw during the C confronter, obviously. Oh yeah. Victoria everyone.


Toria Victoria did apologize to her and Katie accepted that. And we're happy about that. I am I she actually gave her a real apology. I don't she didn't really give that to to to Ryan. I felt it didn't I didn't feel as genuine. Yeah, right. But she did do that. But when it came to Chelsea, their whole exchange, I made some notes about it.


I don't know if you guys want to go, but we do hear that. Yeah.


Because she she basically said tell Katie said to Victoria after Victoria said, well, I was called a bully and these things came for me. And she was like, well, you probably were. That's what Ryan said to her. And then Katie basically said, any hate that people are getting on the Internet, they deserve it. And Chelsea was saying, excuse me, what? No. And I don't know if it really came through on the show, but I got with Chelsea was trying to say, which I agree is what she was trying to say is if someone's calling someone I know I know that there were people who were talking.


A lot of shit to Sorina story to see about being Asian, right? Like, that's not OK. No matter what she did or what she said, that's not OK. And I think what Chelsea was trying to say is when people come and get hate because of the way that they look or the way that they speak, or someone like Victoria had her eye thing or body shaming, and Katie said that that's not OK. But there are people who are getting a lot of hate for all of these physical things.


And I think what Chelsea was trying to say is, is regardless if you are in the drama or not like, that's not cool.


Yeah, like you said, it was very karma and it's your karma. Yes, exactly. And it's like, that's not karma. I can't change my skin color. Change that I'm Asian or black or for any of the girls who are getting that type of hate. So I think that was the real point that Chelsea was trying to make. Their Katie made sure that she said, I don't think that body shaming or this or that is appropriate. And so, again, the whole point of the women tell all is to have these conversations.


And in the sense that the way that Chelsea took what she was saying, she was saying, but wait a minute, what about this unrepresented side? And Katie was saying, no, no, no. If you were a person who was basically calling people hos and now you're getting hate for that particular thing, then that is your karma for that specific thing. Right. Do you guys think.


I think she was speaking more to like I think when she said karma, she maybe mentioned more of like the situational karma. Like you said this, you were bullying. You call these women whores and hos and jayvee squad and all the things that I think is what she was referring to.


But I don't think Katie would ever condone body shaming, hating somebody for the way that they speak, the way that they look like. So you're right. She's positive.


Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So it was it was it was good because it's like there was a lot of and I think watching it back to there's a lot of misunderstanding, but the same thing that happened with Katie, too, was, I think one thing that I mean, we have to bring this up. We haven't brought it up yet. Sarah was a big part of the season. She was there. You know, I completely forgot about Sarah.


I didn't even think about my and she now in the back, after everything I thought she's come in hand-in-hand with Matt and be like, nah, this is messed up or would be easy.


No doubt about her, too, to be honest with you. But I do.


But I do think that it's great that, you know, people brought up Sarah and Katie and Sarah had a fall. It was it went full circle. It was like she interrupted me. I confronted her. Then I. I said some things about her. Then I realized what her situation was. And then I apologized. And that was a full circle thing.


And I think we kind of got that in the women tell all as well, you know, is it being cordial? As we said, it was super chill. It was like people came full circle with confronting, I think Victoria and Ryan. They said what they said, regardless if they're ever friends again. They said what they had to say. And it's like, boom, the same thing with Katie. People said what they had to say. And, you know, and it seems like it's done.


It's squashed, at least with Katie. One thing that. Looks like it became full circle, but I can only imagine, like I don't know if it's ever going to be this healing process was for Britney, who had the first to the first hot seat in regards to the entire situation of her being called an escort. And I truly don't want to get into it of that whole conversation. And I think Britney said it best of whatever your profession is like.


Own and allow people to accept you and give you grace for what you do. I just I felt for Britney because when she sat there and she's like, my life is ruined when you Google me. Now, the first 20 things that are that are these headlines of me being an escort when it's not even true. I know like how the show can change public perception of people so quickly and the position that Britney was put in, I don't even think it should have been shown or aired.


I'm glad that her and Anna were able to talk it through. And Anna genuinely seemed. It had gutted her and then she apologized, but I just I, I feel so much for bringing in the situation, like, I don't know if it's ever truly going to go back to normal for her, like previous these stupid rumors that aren't even true.


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Audible is the leading provider of spoken word entertainment all in one place. I believe you can find the largest selection of audio books ranging from best to new releases to celebrity memoirs, even languages, business motivation and original entertainment from top celebrity creators. With an audible membership, you can get one credit each month to pick any title in the entire premium selection. The new plus catalog makes audible membership so much more valuable and gives all of its members a chance to listen to and discover new favorites and new formats like the exclusive words plus music series or podcast that you've never considered before because it audible dot com or text B to five zero zero five zero zero.


That's audible dot com slash or text to be to five hundred five hundred today. What are you going to eat, even if they were true, still don't like that's not for you to to to put like, put shame on that profession, but also put it towards someone. And it's not even true. I feel for her. I felt very bad because even in the clip that they showed of Britney, it was like she came through, she kissed Matt.


You have a company, she said they say the best for last. And then she was just coming with it. And I was like, I love this energy.


And then it was like it was like that popped. Yeah. Wounded, just completely like her self-esteem. It was so hard to see that go go down so bad. And if anyone was trying to call her sensitive or whatever, you know, like that's not the case. It's like it's hurtful. It was it was it was hurtful. Is very, very I felt for her so hard, so bad for her.


I did too. And to be honest with you, I hope that people can see that and can take that with I don't know, just think next time you say things about people and like maybe, I don't know, start a false rumor, I mean, because it really can hurt somebody and affect them and affect their family, affect their image. It's just not worth it.


And if you feel that strong, go to the source.


People go literally if her and if they just had a conversation and she didn't tell the story and didn't go off and say all these other things to everybody else, guess what?


She would have had a conversation and that would have been so much more powerful, going to the source about it and ending it and getting it right then right there doesn't have to go any further.


I don't even want to really get into all the hot seats because I feel like a there was so many and they're not as juicy to talk about. But one that I do want to touch on is going down to Abigail's hot seat because we had the conversation with Chris.


They're like when he read the tweets, I think was so meaningful.


But it was like I I love how Abigail talked about, like this gray space where she was born deaf.


She has these implants. So now she can hear, but she doesn't know sign language. I think this was such a beautiful, unique conversation. I thought it was beautiful that she had that conversation to help all of us, educate all of us on what it's like to be deaf and to be able to have implants, but not be able to read lips, but not the sign language. I'm glad that they highlighted that conversation as opposed to just only her relationship with Matt.


Yes. Yes, I one hundred percent agree. And like you said, I mean, I also do not know everything there is to know about the deaf community. And there are people who don't know that.


And just like it's OK to have that conversation, like an invoice that Becca, you don't know everything about it and it's all shattered out. Everything about, you know, everything about it. That is the whole point. And for any unrepresented, underrepresented people. So having more people with disabilities, having more people that are just whatever the societal norm is that we say that is OK on television to teach us about their journey, I'm here for a lesson here for people.


I open your mind who doesn't love to learn. That's fucking Bulbul.


It's a lot of I maybe don't, but I will say, do we really talk about that?


It just baffles me because I feel like it's a lot of people that I surround myself with, like their SP1, just like they love to learn, they love to be taught something or to have their mindset shift a little bit. I think it's such a beautiful thing and that's how we truly grow and change and adapt in this world. And so, yeah, I mean, that's the kind of conversation that I was like, yeah, that's why I love women to the show.


Like when you have conversations like that that are meaningful and impactful.


Yes. And that community, I'm sure, was very happy to probably see someone that is a part of their community on a show like this and have a real chance. And she got a first impression, Rose, and she's and she's just a light. She was just really a beautiful light on the show. And that's the best part about the shows. Like you get to see, like the impact you have. And I think that it's great. It's a lot bigger than people think, especially when you do carry yourself like Abigail did.


I mean, but also not feel defeated by any type of. I don't know what do you what do you call it, characteristics that you might see as an imperfection? It's not right. It's not. We're all beautiful and unique in our own ways. We all have things that we all feel insecure about. But like when you see somebody that has the same security insecurity as you and they're like talking about it with confidence, it really does help people out there.


So and I want to go the I love her and I want to give a shout out to Abigail because I'm sure that I can only hope that her inbox is flooded with people in the deaf community or who have a similar disability or impairment and who feel like now they can own it and make it a beautiful thing as opposed to like a floor. And so I think, Abigail, is that light. I can only imagine how she's shaping shaping people's lives and feeling like they have somebody to go to.


And so, Abigail, thank you for opening up such an Abigail fan. I've been a fan since the beginning, though.


If I have to tell the happy hour listeners that Tatia on Click Bait was she was she was Abigail fan from the beginning since day one.


Hopefully that just opens the door for more girls like her to come on to the show. Yes. There's room for you too, baby.


OK, so let's get into we got to get to the man of the season, because I feel like we have never really talked about Matt that much. You guys, what did you think of the beard? Like, God, I'm like, this is such a conversation. I think.


Matt, what do you do it. It's like I like it, but also like. I don't know. So here's my window. Why did the hair from the top get so low? Yes, why don't you just stay the same at the top and then we just got the beard is just like that that the contrast is what, like we love a beard.


I really do love a beard. But the the low and then the battle.


Natasha, that is the same thing. I thought I was like, there's really a difference here in the Berlin miss going on on the upper chest up.


But it it's very oiled and very well manicured. I did notice that as soon as he sat down, I was like, oh, that looks like it would be very soft. However, I think it threw me for a loop because I haven't seen one picture of him with the beard looking his Instagram like in the past. Did you?


Yeah, I guess it just came out of nowhere. You Timmy's like if it's like a previous hairstyle then it's like, OK, that's just like his thing. But this is like actually came out of nowhere.


How do you guys feel about kissing men with that much facial hair.


I'm here for it. I've done it. I don't I mean, the guy with the beard like that, you have it sometimes that big of a beard irritates the skin.


Like if you have a strong Makushi with somebody and then you're like my moisturise extra on my face.


Are you doing to these men back maybe when there's like some stubble that's like really scratchy. Oh my God, I've had to drive out right here before.


One hundred percent stubble I get because it's like sharp but like this this they're like like like like like I don't want to go back because I, I don't even think I've made out with anyone with that much facial hair that I could recall, I mean, back in the day in my youth.


But yeah. Yeah.


Like I'm really here for your beard. But also at the same time, like we can maybe like it's got a little bit shorter. Yeah. I was a little I will say I'm sorry to go back here for two seconds. As far as the hot seats, I just want to say this about Piper's Hotsy because I know you guys had her on Happy Hour and we are having her on click bait this week as well. She's great and I'll get into this with her on that.


But basically, her journey is the journey that I think so many women have that are afraid to open up. And then they get to a point where they open up and then maybe it doesn't work out, but it just bursts open. This new it seems like of all the women Piper learned so much about herself in this journey, then like anyone, I mean, I'm sure everybody learn things about themself. But there's the just the her being closed and then being open and, like, feeling all the feels and then, of course, getting shut down, which is always not fun, but it's like I got shut down and I'm OK.


And now I can go out there in the world and do it again. And one day it's going to work. Yeah.


Calls are the biggest kind of transformations. Yeah. Yeah.


And she's she's one that we had on the podcast couple of weeks ago where she really like. It's one thing when you're in this season and kind of have to put that guard down and open up and let the the flood rush out, if you will, of the feeling and the emotion.


But she's also one that really went home, I think, and internalized a lot of why did I feel this way in this regard? What made me think this way? Who she really watched it back and took so much more and learned so much more from that moment that talking to her, I was like, you like you are transformative. Like you have this growth and she can speak on it. Yeah, I think that's a beautiful thing. And I truly hope, like most people that come from the show have that like I think everyone like there's no way you could do the show and not learn more about yourself and in relation, you know, like past traumas or like why you are the way you are or how you can be better in the future for yourself or a partner.


But she has really done it in an incredible way. You guys are going to love having her.


I can't wait to wait. I can't wait to go.


We got we don't have Piper on, girl. We go.


Oh, my sister. I'm excited to talk to her. Yeah. She's going to bring her up. How to bring that up. That transformation journey. She looks for it. OK, yeah.


So Matt, so did you guys have any standout moments when he was confronting any of the women, like anything that really like we need to talk about right now, because I know we have more fun stuff to come and nothing pressing in, at least for me and Serena.


I'm still.


You feel OK? That's true. You see him as Serena. I just I don't know how to feel.


I don't know. I feel like they would be together. I feel like they would be together. You feel I don't know how to feel.


I look at her and I'm like, You don't like him. But then she was crying when she was talking to Chris at that time, and I'm like, what? And then Matt comes out and he was like looking at her, but they're not looking at her, but then looking at over the Internet, like I was like, oh, we'll think about it.


She's like the only girl that really turned him down and was like, you know, I know. I don't know how to feel. I'll tell us something. OK, well, OK.


Because, Tasha, you say like I feel like he was so into her. I think like the situation very much so. Reminds me of like a Colton in the Cassi a little bit where. But he pressed her like I think she wasn't as into him.


But could it totally vocalize it. I think she here's the thing. I think she and this is just to me in my head thinking this.


So to this is really intriguing.


Right. But it's like I think she appreciates who he is as a human, just the fact that he was so patient, so kind, so and so fun, like he's this incredible human that she would want in a partner. It's like all of the checklists are there. But you have to be with somebody like you have to see how they interact and they make you feel like, is there that passion is a drive. Like if Rachel's on here, she would say, does he make your vagina dance?


Like the things are so much dancing. And so I think it's like she has this internal battle of like he's everything I could want in a partner and on paper. But there's just that one, like the click of like it's not there. And that's where I think she was struggling.


But she couldn't a thousand percent articulate that to him or like, you know, it just but the crying, the crying really did something to me. And I feel that and I felt that. And that's how I felt when she went home. And that's how I felt. And I feel like but after seeing her mom and her having that breakdown when her mom said, you know, you you had such a bad time in that last relationship, is it a self sabotage that's happening here where she's just like, I was hurt so bad I'm still not healed.


My wounds are still broken open. If I go through this whole process and he doesn't pick me, I will get just as broken as I was before. So I'm just going to self sabotage and take myself out because the tears were real.


Yeah, they were.


So if she wasn't really into him, would it be like would she be crying like that at all?


OK, or if her family would have been like, you really love it. Like do you think they would be together? Like do you think she would have let herself continue on or do you think she would still like stuff that I think she sort of stopped it honestly. Like if she's really basing it off of, like the past relationship and the hurt there, it's like she made like, I can assume, like you some need time and she's young, like she's still young, like she still needs to learn and grow and spread your wings and fly and have fun and.


Yeah, yeah.


I think even if the family was like, oh, he's great, go for it. And the stakes are so high too. It's not like this is just a relationship where you can date around and see where it goes.


But yeah, she needs to get on paradice, have some fun, mingle with those men on the beaches.


Do you think should go of paradise. I don't know. I don't know. Why do always like I always get so excited to see like the cast and whatnot. Yeah. It'll be away like they surprise you. It's going to be I mean we have, we have so many seasons now of new people like we've like because we haven't had a paradise and it peters season. We have mine in Clair's, we have maths. There's going to be a and we'll have whoever the bachelorettes is it's going to be.


We have four new fresh meat on the on the Mexico beaches on top of like the already like, you know, people from Bachelor Nation that need to go find people as well, like my friends. Are you going to be leaving me. I know. Becca, are you going to be joining me?


We talked about this.


Really, we can tag team the bar well, but we musicological obviously, we have to do a read the room for this week. And so I know we kind of touched on it, but give me your read the rooms.


I told you, Victoria Radio just to say Victoria. One hundred percent. OK, I'm going to go off of script a little bit and say I'm going to give it to you. I'm going to give it to all of the haters who have slid into people's DMS with cruelty and ignorant, nasty, hateful messages. That's why I'm giving the read the room to this day. This day probably forever. But today for sure. You guys take a step back.


Don't get your little tappy type happy fingers and. Be better and be kinder and realize that it's a human on the other end reading what you have to say so you can go shave your backside by it.


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. That is a great read the room, honey. And I also want to say, and I said this on my Instagram, outside of the bachelor world, we all are real people. We have real lives. Unfortunately, this week I had to deal with some real stuff that happened in my life with people passing away. Nobody cares about that. These trolls don't care about that. They like what you think about this, what you think about that, what you say about this.


Hey, stop. Stop it. Just stop. Read the room. Yeah, there you go. Yeah, exactly. Like life goes on. Real shit happens like heavy stuff that not everyone, not everyone can and needs to respond to. Every little thing that happened, every scandal that happens in the bachelor world. I would hope that for important ones like, yes, you know, we address it at times, but like we're all human. We are everyone on the show, whether people like to think it or not.


I think that we're just characters like we are people we have we are not hearts and brains and souls. Yeah. We're not just robots. Like what does that be nice. If we were interested in care, didn't give a shit, send an automated message.


If, you know, we had a lot of things to do.


We're working girls for sending your hate to me, but I'm letting your voice affect every person, just like you guys.


That was so incredibly fun. I mean, we really, really do have to do this more often. So I'm just glad that you girls were able to step in and be here with me to still be able to support Rachel throughout all of this this craziness that's happening in the world of Bachelor Nation.


So thank you both for being here. Of course, is just across the pond to always call on us if you need us. But also you have to come by sometime soon.


You have to come to base.


We can make you very, very uncomfortable. Let's just have you just surprise him. I would love to see him squirm a little bit. Oh, yeah. Let's put it on the spot just exactly.


Thank you so much for having us back. You're the best.


You're the best to I love you girls. And for all of our listeners out there, thank you guys for hanging out. We, of course, have a lot coming up in the next couple of weeks and we cannot wait to see what happens. Make sure you tune in next week, too, because we have Serena on. We have obviously not have had a chance to sit with her. We are a little bit on women till all, but we really just want to sit down, pick her brain, get to know her for who she is a little bit more, and maybe you know how she was feeling in those last days with Matt and why she really did send herself home.


So if you have any questions in the meantime, any comments, concerns, gas ideas, you know where to find us. It's at bachelor happy hour on Instagram and at Bache. Happy hour on both Facebook and Twitter. And there's always you guys, if you never want to miss an episode, please subscribe to our podcast. You can do that on Apple podcast, Spotify, the one free app or wherever you are listening to this right now. And please go show our girl Rachel some love because she needs it.


So thank you guys for tuning in.


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