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So men like back to the like the relationships and love and you being broke apart, going to show I. Tell the people what is Mr. James type as easy man, a down to earth genuine person, and that is ambiguous of what you look like because I've dated beautiful women. Well, I would I would say I've dated people who I thought were beautiful and then I've dated people who other people would be like, you're dating her. And the people who they were kind of skeptical about was the best relationships I have because.


They were carrying their compassionate we respected each other. What I'm looking for is someone who I could spend my life with and the qualities that I'm looking for have. So little to do with what you look like and so much more about where your heart is and what type of person you are. So let me ask you this, just expanding a little bit on that. Do you feel like The Bachelor now? You said you dated you dated a lot of women.


Did going on The Bachelor expand your taste in women?


Let me explain what I mean. Did you maybe only date a certain type of girl or was it like all of a sudden you're thrust on this show and a wider variety just hits you right in the face? And.


Oh, yeah, that's a great question. And let me let me set the record straight here that I for people for some reason, think I don't like black women. Like the last the last women I've dated have all been black women and people on it. You know, like I don't I don't understand why it's so hard for people to understand. You know, it's like people to want you to be happy regardless of if they're white or black or Asian or whatever.


And I've dated all across the board. And that's why I was happy when I saw the women that I saw when I got there, because my dating life looks like what we saw on night one Spanish woman, white women, Asian women, black women, everything that I've ever dated. And what I'm into is it race specific. And when you're looking for things that aren't race specific, you have to have a broad cast of characters to fill all those things.


And thank goodness they had it because it allowed me to enjoy the process the way that I did.


I like that because to me on it's always been the same. I don't know if we spoke about that some time in New York, but it's truly been the same.