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How does this election result, assuming that it goes the way that we all kind of think it's going to go right now? I mean, do you think it's going to be good or bad for comedy?


Because there was a lot of talk about how Donald Trump was beyond parody. You couldn't even make fun of the guy because the you know, he is the joke and the people seem to have managed OK. And now in a Biden administration, is this what it was?


Are people going to be open to making fun of him in the same way that, you know, Bush was such good fodder for the jokes?


I think if there's still Trump screaming from outside the White House, I think there's comedy there.


I think I think the bigger the bigger issue is if the Democrats get control of the Senate, if they have the control of the Senate and you have Biden, oh, then you're really in a weird place for comedy, because now it's just can you score without fumbling the ball?


Can you do it without stepping on your own feet? I think that I think that Trump winning was good fodder because laughter consumes pain.


And I think people will still be I think there's this there's this fake veneer that, yay, we did it.


Evil has been defeated and the movie ends. No, no, no, my friend, there is a lot of stuff that's got to be done that has to be changed. And I think there's going to be people still mad about that stuff. I don't think we're out of the woods on a national shutdown. Again, I would argue that the day after Biden, the day after Biden gets sworn in, the next day is like, all right, shut it down.


No bars, no drinks, no movies, no sports.


And that's going to piss off a lot of people because there's a lot of people on the blue side that don't want a shutdown. They can't hang hanging black people and white people. I'd seen videos of white people at football games, black people in the club chillin like a no caronna.


So if there's outrage in that, then I think you'll find the humor.


I think you just have to find the things that people are mad about. And from there, especially from a political satire POV, if you're talking about Daily Show or Sambi or Seth and Oliver, I think that we have to find where the conflicts and the conflicts will be less obvious.


I think it'll still be good for comedy, but it's going to force people to really mind the jokes and really find the nuance and stuff now.


And I think that it's going to make it more.


How can I put it?


I'm trying to put it a nice way to a Democratic presidency tends to create a more expressive style comedic experience because it's refined and you have to really get to the beans of whatever Trump was, gas station, coffee.


Within that, there were a lot of comedians serving up espresso and slow drip and all of that shit.


But there was also a lot of just gas station coffee out there in terms of humor that was funny and was fine. But that's going to be pushed off the table. I think so.


No more. No Marquito Ojito, Cheeto bad style humor.


Yeah, but but you know. But you know what you're going to get now, though? You're going to get a rise of conservative comedy.


I think, again, where a lot of comedians that lean right will have space to exist again without the instant alignment to Trump and being seen and painted as demagogues and screw you like say like right now, like.


I'm just using one, I'm just using him as an example, and this isn't Shade, he's a comic that's worked for many, many decades and TV and all of that stuff. OK, enough preface.


I would I would believe that the world would be more engaged with a Tim Allen comedy special now than they would say, two years ago because it feels safer.


He's not as much of a bit of a threat. Correct. There's a perception that, well, they're the they're the group that's down right now. And you can't necessarily attach any conservative comic to Trump anymore. They're just a person who doesn't agree with the president. And that's always been par for the course where comedy is concerned.


Even under Obama, there's people that want as black comics against Obama.


So there's I think in that regard, I think that's where comedy is more likely to change is on the conservative side than the liberal side.


So you don't think there's going to be layoffs at the Laugh Factory now that you know that Trump is gone? Oh, no, no.


There's there's going to be standup comedy done as a traditional business model. Three hundred. See, comedy club is not going to survive a pandemic and it's definitely not going to survive another shutdown.


The fact that Broadway in October said, fuck it, we'll see in May. If Broadway knows that they that they need to shut down that long, then everybody else needs to follow suit. I think everybody else is living in a pipe dream. You know, the outdoor show shows working depending on the climate. The drive in shows are working, but that's a Band-Aid. It's about to drop below 50 degrees. Anybody want to stand outside for two hours and watch you talk about Biden?