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Hey, Bri, I'm excited about this week's episode. I am too very excited. I never thought even a year or two ago that I would be interviewing Martin Luther King the third. Me neither.


I never thought two years ago that you would be doing that either. Here is a short clip of the episode. And if you're interested in hearing more, please do subscribe at Patrón dot com Bad Faith podcast.


There's also a lot of stuff about Neera Tanden, how funny it is that she might not get confirmed in this. So there's there's a multiple of stuff happening in this episode. It's a riot.


So how can we have accountability when even in these moments there doesn't seem to be a real willingness to say, hey, we'll support you as a president, but you can't undermine us at every turn. We need to hold you accountable.


Well, let me ask this question. He has done some things through executive order around policing. And also there's a George Floyd Act that was passed and there's a John Lewis Voter Registration Restoration Act that was passed in the House. The hope is that it comes to the Senate now and it will. The hope is, I hope is going to pass the both of those. But the fact of the matter is, I think that there's some of the things even that Sherrilyn Ifill talked about.


Are manifesting in an executive order, but I think you need legislation for it to be sustained, because just as he's come in and put us back in the climate accord, which I think is good by executive order, Trump goes out in that same way. So the next president could do that. So the hope is that there are laws that are put into place because those are much more difficult to overturn. But I also think that, you know, we've got regardless, we got to keep pressuring.


And those who have tremendous ability to do that are certainly Congressman Clyburn, because had he not been able to deliver South Carolina, we wouldn't be having any of these conversations about Joe Biden. And I think Joe Biden knows that. But it's not just one individual. It's a whole lot of people. He did say when he was elected the first time it was acknowledged that he and Kamala Harris were winners that he owed the African-American community. So we have to hold him accountable to that.


This is the question that I'm glad you brought up Jim Clyburn, because part of the consternation among the political left is that, yes, his endorsement, 50 percent of South Carolina voters said that it was pivotal to their choice to vote for Joe Biden. Majority of South Carolina voters also supported a universal health care system, which Joe Biden doesn't support and Jim Clyburn doesn't support. This is a difficult, sensitive area because, you know, Jim Clyburn is an icon and an advocate in so many ways, but he also has been oppositional to universal health care.


Some would argue because he is the largest, he has taken more money from the pharmaceutical industry than anybody else in Congress.


And so if we're unwilling to talk about the corrupting influences of money and the fact that our politicians are always making decisions on the basis of their individual feelings, how can we speak to our community about who really is acting in their interests or not?


That that's a million dollar question. And I mean, I, I think that much of this went even more further to the right or left. Want Citizens United was embraced by the Supreme Court. Anyone who knows if we are able to get more money out of politics, we'll probably be better off. I don't know the answer to that. I do know that that's part of the answer. That's we're part of the answer lies. We've got a Republican Party that still is fully in trying to engage with President Trump because.


They believe he has the will the voters have sent, the Republican voters have said that who also vote for them is really a sad set of circumstances. When you have a nation where president has turned the people on the government in a way that is nothing wrong with turning on the government to say, look, we don't agree with this and the protests in a positive way. But when it becomes a negative kind of protest where you're trying to destroy people and governments and you bringing guns and everything else, I mean, this is the most awful situation that we can be in.


Now, the president today, Biden has a very unique opportunity, but he's got so many challenges. The question is where where do you you start when you say how do we hold them accountable? Well, you know, the nervous breakdown is, you know, God forbid if you allow and decide, I'm going to sit this one out two years from now, we don't have that luxury, but we've got to find a way to really continue to put pressure on on on the administration.


And I hadn't thought about it the way that you're articulating it in terms of how do you do this when you have stabilized forces that are really not neutral or not unbiased for legitimate, maybe someone would say legitimate reasons.


I think we could we could change the whole discussion. By what I talked about earlier, some economic withdrawals, you say, would you know, they may say, well, we didn't we didn't do this to you, but you didn't do anything to help us either.


Why should we support you? I mean, we've got to do something dramatic in such a way that we have more partners, because I believe that when corporations join with the cause, it's her differently. And all presidents ultimately capitulate to some degree. I mean, unless unless it's just something truly crazy, you know, and we didn't know what crazy was really until visibly crazy until we saw what President Trump was willing to do every day. I mean, just I mean, every day you're like, oh, my God.


So today there's a semblance of stability.


And that's good, but all of that has to be dealt something meaningful that is delivered to the people.


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