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Previously on Season one of Blood Ties. Now, this isn't just some fight over justice anymore. If this stuff about another Richling kid becomes public, I don't even know how much money us you and me personally, I'm not helping you anymore. You are on your own time. But just don't. Just to try and stop me, OK? Just don't work with them. Can you promise me not? No, I can't promise that. Because what you're trying to do now is threatening me.


Sophie. Please, just. Just listen.


Nursing your high during surgery. Prescription controlled. OK. You've had three in the past. It's not true. Oh, heck. All of this from me. Right. Your whole time about everything.


Your money isn't an issue anymore. So if I can fight anyone, I'm going to take a jab at Richland.


I know about the boy. I just found out today. I think it's really, really wonderful. Do you think that's enough? That's the voice of the late Dr. Peter Richland. And an explosive new recording that came to light early this morning. A front page story in the Times alleges decades of sexual misconduct by the once beloved physician. Shares of Richland Health Services stock were down sharply. Michael. A listener note, this episode contains adult content. Oh, my God.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Coming up, as they go to a. OK, I know you already know this, but I'm not really the skydiving type, but I'm pushing myself to try new things, although I have to say this feeling plummeting like this, totally out of control alone, set for the 250 pound guide. I'm strapped to it all feels very familiar. It reminds me of my old life. Six months ago.


But now it's summertime, Fourth of July. I'm living across the country. I'm looking out at the Pacific Ocean, beautiful Oregon forests and rivers and everything that happened last year with my parents and my brother, that feels really far away.


Is that your phone? I like your ring tone that makes up. I've got the basic. I feel good. I like my colleagues on the faculty. I love my work and now I can finally say I'm not afraid anymore, although I should be, because as bad as last winter was, this summer's going to be so much worse. I'm wondering, this is the second season of blood ties. Every time it rains, it rains in his room.


Do you find your fortune? Oh, no, down. This is Episode one, Independence Day. So if it is a David Hammer or my favorite CEO, Ellen or a group will go. Deal is dumb. It is. I just got the OK from your lawyer tomorrow, the board meeting. But I'm not going to be at the board meeting because I have exams to grade and grant proposals to write a grade and work on the fly. I'm defending the company jet for you.


David, I got to be honest, I kind of don't want to do that at all. But I think it would be a nice gesture for you to show up in person to show that this is a friendly breakup, you know, conscious uncoupling between Richland Hills and his favorite daughter. Fine. One last spin on the company jet, I guess. Fantastic. I'm gonna have to your the for the details. Okay. Oh, wait. Hey, David.


David. In just three days, Rachel and Health Services will launch a new era in health care for your children for the future. Miss Ridgeland, welcome aboard. Oh, thank you. Something to drink? No, thank you. Just wanted to tell you, on behalf of everyone who still works here at Ari, just go fuck yourself. Excuse me. They wanted to destroy the legacy of a great man and drag his name through the mud. And you've helped them do it.


I don't think that's really appropriate. And in the meantime, anything I can do for you? Just give a shout. We'll be touching down in Boulder in just over an hour. Boulder will be picking up your brother. Michael, watch. Labor and delivery. This went right to their. Sorry. This area is closed to visitors. Not a visitor parent. Here to check on the little guy named Michael Ridgeland.


Sorry, Martin. Sophie Martin. Is the mom probably under her name, right?


Hold on. I just need to check. Look, I just want to pop in and see my son really quick, I promise. You don't have to call. Please don't call. I know who you are. You used to work here, right? Look, right now, I'm just a very nervous first time dad who wants to see his little boy. Please. I'm sorry, Dad, but they said you might show up.


We have a problem in the nursery. Dr. Reginald's stop security. Get out. OK. OK, guys, I'm already leaving out. OK. Oh, easy there. Tiger monster. I'm on my way out. Call. Just call Sophie. She's the mother. I can talk to her. God damn it. Hi. So I have to leave for New York in a few hours.


Please let me see him. I've got to go, please. I'm not giving up. I will be back soon. Dr. Richland, welcome aboard. Thank you, Michael. There she is.


You, me, the same corporate jet. What a coincidence. Hey, long, long time. Congratulations, by the way. Thank you. These beautiful pictures. Not now. Please don't sit down next to me.


You just asked me to see pictures of my kid. Oh, come on. It's been six months. You don't call me back. You don't text led. So let's talk through this. I don't need to, Michael. What you did was crystal clear. Fine. Fine. Well, you seem awfully calm about this whole airplane thing. Yeah, people change. Yeah, yeah. By the way, I'm sober now. I doubt that very much.


Seeing anyone in New York while you're out, any of the.


Oh, my God. Why don't you just ask me whatever David Hamer asked you to ask me. So this conversation can be over. Okay, fine. Are you currently in contact with anyone involved in any of the lawsuits pending against our company? No. And it's your company, not mine. What's that supposed to mean? I'm getting out. Out? Oh. The company's buying back my shares. Are you sure you want to do that? Yes.


Can you please find a different seat now? Fine. Nice catching up with you, too. Would you like something to drink? Dr. Richmond? I have a Diet Coke coming right up. They're still out there, huh? Oh, yeah. Think they'll ever stop attacking Dad like that? You know, maybe the driver should take us in through the garage. Why? They're not attacking dad. They're protesting the lawsuits. They're protesting against the women they're protesting against.


You watch these people go to the doctor or the drugstore. Whose logo do they see? Dads who built the synthetic valve that's keeping their parents alive. Dad, you threaten his company. They feel like you're threatening their health. All right, ladies and gentlemen, if you'll step away from the windows and those fun shot there. But it's time to get started. Later, we can go up on the roof and drop pennies on them. For those of you I've only met on conference calls up to now, it's great for us all to be in one room, especially with Peter Richlands, two children.


Hi. Hey. Well, it's no secret that it's been quite a shitstorm to navigate this company through as acting CEO, only to know I'm going to be thrown overboard when you find someone better. First of all, the civil suits against Arches regarding Peter Richlands alleged misconduct while fighting for our lives in court right now.


And wait a minute.


I thought we were settling with them all when it was three women. Fine. But we're up to seven team lawsuits, which means we fight, we fight hard. We're going to turn this around the slide. Our biggest issue, though, is PNL is upside down. Share prices are in the toilet. First slide, please.


Paracon were launching that recall. No way it'll be ready for market by fall.


Wait a second. Anyone remember when my father wanted to launch Varicorp in 2016?


Yes, I do. It wasn't ready because, well, we never gave up. Or rather, your father never gave up. In fact, he kept trying. He kept trying so hard that he leveraged the profits from our core business on the R&D. Now, as the board is painfully aware, this is the big reason our balance sheet is so spectacularly fucked right now. But there is a silver lining. It looks like, as with everything else, the old man was right.


In the end, the drug works.


What's very core to polypill? On the medications, you need to prevent a heart attack in a single, beautiful pill.


This is the Holy Grail. Your dad saw it years before anyone else here. Pharma is the future of this company and it's going to remind the world why they love Richland Health.


David, can you tell me why this is the first time I'm hearing about any of this? When you went back to Boulder, you said he wants to be totally off line. So we respected that.


That's bullshit. And you know it. I'm chief medical officer of his company and, oh, also one of its larger shareholders.


I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the board came to a no vote decision this morning. You're out, CMO.


Oh. Oh. OK, well, first of all, thank you, guys. And what's weird I'm looking for. Go fuck yourself.


Look, listen, this is a very fragile time for the call because I'm going to tell you and all these psychos out there protesting that you kicked Peter Richlands son out of his own company, Michael. These are terrifying people. They're insane. And they're all Richland Health has got left.


Michael, I'm sorry. The decision has been made. OK, then. OK, then what would you do? Me. Oh, this. I'm Jay. I'm tweeting Michael. David, what's your handle? I want to make sure I include everybody on this. Hilarious. Look, Michael, just stop it. Hold on, please. Sorry, Michael. Sorry. I'm just. I'm searching. Let's David Hammer. David, this is ridiculous.


Mike, you're going with at Hammertime with us at King David.


I mean, this is the reason. All right. Fine, fine. Just put the phone down at Sharbel fan 69. David, you're going to get Michael. Here we are. How could I not see this sooner? So perfectly obvious at David Hammer R.H..


Well, you put the phone down, Michael. So here's the deal at David Hammer. All right. Just you are going to keep me honest, chief medical officer, and give me a role in this very important, literally, medical initiative.


The board will have to discuss it. Eleanor, to. That's not happening. No, Michael, I'm not. It's not happening. What? She's perfect. Here's a peach. She's an amazing researcher. She's a data person. She's great for this united front family standing strong. Bah bah bah bah bah. It's perfect. No, I'm still out. Stop. Come. I'm not really giving here shares. I am. I mean it.


All right. If I continue, I was going to get to this at the end. But maybe now is the appropriate time. As you know, Eleanor Richland is selling her shares back to the company. She's moving on. We thank her for her support of this company, for trusting us with her father's legacy. And we wish her all the best.


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This case is a puzzling mystery because no one has any clue why he would have made that journey or what may have happened to Jacob. To hear Jacob story and many more subscribe to the vanished on Apple podcast Spotify or add free on one to replace. We're ready for you, Elena. What the hell is that out in the crowd? That's the thing. It's an effigy. The protesters protests have effigies. It's like.


It's a noose around its neck. Well, they're angry at it. Who was it supposed to be? Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Security. They put the fire out. Jesus Christ. It's the third time this month, isn't it? It's mad. I know, I know. It'll die down eventually. Santino Brass, you're stonewalling him, Eleanor. We talked about this.


We did. And you said you were gonna drop the countersuit against him, have you? We told your attorney we couldn't. All right. And I'm not signing. If we give centenaries shares, I mean, who's to say 50 more children of Peter Rich than won't come out of the woodwork? Then I'm keeping my shares. No, Elena, not until you execute the will as written. Your attorney said this was settled. I don't care. Santino Reyes gets what he's owed or I don't sign.


Hey, wait up. I disabled the logging. Excuse me. Come on, it's me you're talking to. You're logging on almost every night with all the cool, looking around, checking things out.


Maybe you should be asking my brother about this. Michael's an employee. He has a log in. It's still one of the largest shareholders and part of the family. OK, so something you want to know. Do you have a question? Just ask me.


Do you really think it's a good idea to fight these women's claims? The people in leadership weren't aware of Peter Crichton's personal behavior. Really, David? Eleanor. We have no choice if we settle for what they're asking with our current financial situation. That's the end of our age. Yes. Full stop. My sincere hope is that Varisco can change all that and then maybe we'll have more options. I hope it's ready for market before we all have heart attacks and die, just like your father.


My father would have said, David, don't fuck this up. Oh, over over there with that, guys. Be careful. Careful, please. It's like my dad's favorite Rauschenberg. Okay.




Michael, here are the files you asked for.


Oh. Oh, nice. These go all the way back. Yep. Perfect. Okay. I need to focus. Do you mind closing the door?


Sure thing. Thanks. FDA far removed in 71 investigational new drug application for fair court. You had me at hello.


Nancy, Eleanor. We'll talk here. This is about as far from my apartment as I can go these days. He enjoyed for a moment. What brings you to town? Oh, you know, some company stuff. Hopefully for the last time. Sounds Oregon. It's good. It's it's really good. I'm good. So, Nancy, I know Rahni is still not giving Santino what is owed, and I'm still trying to help you up. Stop right there.


What? Please. But I can get Santino his inheritance. Eleanor, when you first came to me, I told you stop. Then you followed me to Mexico and I said, stop. Against my better judgment, I followed your lead. Now you're back here again. So for the third time, please stop. OK. All right, just talk to me for years. They ruined my career. My name threatened me, my boy. What the public is doing to us now.


Tell them my stories up here. It's so much worse. I know, I know, I know it hasn't been easy, but we need to keep fighting for what you deserve. Fighting costs money. The lawyers charged us a fortune just to file the papers to execute the Willis directed. Santino is entitled to hundreds of millions of dollars. If we win and if we don't, all we got his lawyers to pay. I can keep helping you. No, not even with your help.


It's just. It's just not worth it. Whereas, Santino. Can I talk to him? He's upstairs. He doesn't want to talk to you. Look, I appreciate what you tried to do, but please listen to me this time when I say stop. They're never gonna let us win. Hello. Hi. Governor, your father. Yeah. Yeah, of course. How is he? Harkaway. Well. From One Tree. This is episode one of six of season two of blood ties.


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