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Michael. From wondering, the audio drama Blood Ties returns with a new six episode season, answers, answers, answers. So in season one, Michael is struggling with control of his destiny. And as we learn at the end of season one, he has a very big secret, which is that he's the only one who realizes and knows that his father is still alive. I think it's time for me to come back up. I'm sorry, but you've got to stay put.


Our Elinor's start, season two falling through the sky, literally sky diving.


And so that already tells you that this character has had some growth and change. Santino Raya's gets what he's owed or I don't sign. If we give Sentido, he shares. I mean, who's to say 50 more children of Peter Rich than won't come out of the woodwork? Hey, my name is Dominic Monahan and I'm playing David Hamah in blood ties. David is a businessman and has come in after the change up in the boardroom to see if he can steady the ship and keep it moving.


This is the Holy Grail and he's going to remind the world why they love Ridgeland Health. Think they'll stop attacking dad like that? They're protesting the lawsuits. They're protesting against you. What I have tried to humor you. But enough is enough. Blood ties start. Gillian Jacobs, Josh Gad. Dominic Monahan. Wayne Knight. Amy Landecker and Horatio Sanz available right now. Ad free on the Wonder app. And on July 15th on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you're listening right now, Cheesus story has no bottom.


Hi, I'm Justin Long. I host a show called Life is Short with Justin Long. Every Tuesday, my brother and I, we dig into the lives of some of your favorite actors, musicians, thinkers like this week, who's our guest. We have our guest, Tom Green. Tom is somebody that we grew up watching and really revering his comedy on MTV. And he's from Canada. And we love Canada on the show. And then afterwards, Christiani, we talk about the conversation.


We've also had Chelsea Handler and Josh Groban, Judd Apatow, Sam Rockwell, a friend of the show. So subscribe to Life is Short on Apple podcasts or Spotify and join wondering plus.