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All right, everybody, what is up, it is shot and Natasha. Hi, guys.


And I'm Joe. And welcome back to another episode of Click Bait. All right, listen up. Today we have on a meesa. She is an OG reality star from the challenge, still going strong. And we are going to find out what she's got going on in her world.


I cannot wait to talk to her. She's so dope. But look, I just want to say a little something. I know this past week has been a little crazy for a lack of better words. I just want to say we are here to spread some love because maybe that's all we can we could do. We can only spread some love so we can do. Right. So we're going to start your Thursday off. Right. With a little love lights and click bait.


Yeah. So let's get into it, shall we?


Let's do this. Let's do it. All right, guys, we have some bachelor nation breakdown because as we all know, we always have a lot going on. We're always doing something we're up to no good, but a lot of good at the same time. But with that being said, Mike Johnson addressed not becoming the first black bachelor on the podcast, his podcast, talking it out. And to be honest with you, I am so proud of Mike.


I know that so many people always have their opinions and they shoved down our throats, like, why don't you do this and that and this and that. I think that Mike addressed it so beautifully by saying, you know, everything's out of his control and he's just controlling what he can say.


Yes. Yeah, I agree with that. Like, you know, I think that it's probably very exciting when you're going through the process and then when you get done and you don't find love, but, you know, you are a candidate to be the next bachelor. And especially, you know, to be the first black bachelor would be such a big thing in bachelor history, long overdue. And I think Mike would have been great for it. But everything happens for a reason and he's crushing it right now.


So, yeah, really, it was it was really good to hear his point of view. And I know it's been like he said, they've been beaten it like a dead horse, but he has so much to look forward to. And I think he's in the right mindset to continue to focus on his future, regardless of being the bachelor or not. So being able to make very happy for him.


We all have so much to look forward to. And I think the perspective of where it is could take what we got. And, you know, Ron does exactly this is not happening. That is me not going to happen later. So the next thing that we have is a Matt James actually revealed the reason why he joined the Bachelor franchise in the first place, which I think is so. It's just super sweet. It's basically a homage to Tyler Cameron's mom, I did nominate him way back when.


So when Tyler was on Hannah season, his mom's all how amazing it was for her son. And she thought that Matt would be an amazing bachelor. And look where we are now. He is a bachelor and he's basically paying homage to her. So I thought that was so sweet.


And Matt, really, when I watch him, like, he really fits that role, like he's doing a great job and he's very genuine. And I'm not like a real spiritual person, but I just said it like probably 30 seconds ago, that, you know, everything happens for a reason.


And it's it's true.


I mean, you look at like Matt James looks great, is The Bachelor, and I'm very entertained or the apex.


Is that what it is, is for me.


But he comes off like you could tell. Like I could tell when I watch Matt. Right.


I could tell this is I mean, he's a good looking dude. He's probably done pretty well. But you can tell, like, he's never really been in love. I mean, at least that's how it comes off to me. And it's it's you know, I mean, I'm a Bachelor fan.


I watch the show every week online. I think I think he is going to fall in love.


And I'm I'm into it. I can not wait for the season. It's so different being a person on the show and then being a person watching it. It's like so fun to see these girls, like, on the dates and like, I know like the behind the scenes of like how giddy I was feeling when, like hosting a date. So I'm I'm stoked for that. I can't wait to see how this goes down. But yeah, he I think it's great that he also said that he has so much other stuff going on.


And the reason the whole reason why was to pay this homage to Tyler's mom. It wasn't like he was trying to come for the clout, basically, which is right. It's just it's really sweet. And then you get to you know, you find Bay in the in the moment. So happy for it. I'm ready for it.


You know, actually laying off the fact that you. Joe, you are now watching The Bachelor weekly, which before because of your roles, because of you, before my season, you weren't watching it weekly. So with that said, I'm sure as being like it now, seasoned watcher, you'd been seeing the drinking games that are going around. Yes.


And I'm kind of jealous that I'm not part of them because I like drinking and I like games and I watch The Bachelor, so I too am watching it.


Should we do like a virtual drinking game between a click bait version? Should we should we do that next week? Sure. Let's watch and play virtual drinking game like during the next episode. Yes. Yeah. That we this is going to be so good. OK, I'm so excited now. OK, but with that said, I thought it would be super fun to play a game of our own. Basically there are games out there that you take a sip.


If someone says like I'm here for the right reasons or my wife could be in this room, it's super fun. But I thought we would just do our own little twist of a little game between us because I want to get to know you guys a little bit more. And also we're going to play a game of this or that bachelorette. Yeah, I mean, who doesn't want to play a game? And then I guess because you threw this at me and I wasn't prepared, I don't have alcohol, but next time we're drinking.


All right. I mean, honestly, I love catching you off guard. OK, we're going to get into this or that bachelorette. So first question is, would you rather get sent home night one or get sent home on a two and one date? Natasha, I'll let you go first. I would say two on one for sure. Yeah, I would rather get cinnamon to a one, because that way I feel like I would have gotten to know the person long enough to if they were to send me home then, whereas on night one, it'd be like we could have had beautiful babies and you just didn't even know it.


So I would have more clarity of like, OK, this really isn't going to work out because clearly he hates me. I'm into it with this other girl and I think it's not going to work for me. I hate competitions. What about you choosing another person? So I don't know.


OK, well, I'm not going to bore our listeners with the same thing because everybody knows I went whole night one and I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. So I would take the two on one date as well.


Going home night one is just it's because the set up and because, you know, you're going through the process for so long, it just it's a big letdown. So. All right.


Well, you were. You were. And I will say it again, and I said it before you were the night one success story.


So absolutely. Yeah. I mean, I in my situation, I take night one, but I don't you know, I would say from now on if I ever go back on the show, oh, my God, this guy.


No, he's just gone. OK, if I get tested again, you kick me off to on one date.


All right. OK.


Now, would you rather find love in paradise or bachelor or bachelorette? OK, I'm going to ask you a question. OK, are you the lead or are you a contestant?


Because that that's going to make it the second bachelor bachelorette, yeah, the contestant contestant, OK, who I think I would rather find Love in Paradise won.


Oh yeah. Yeah, maybe. Go ahead.


Most comparable would be like being the lead because like you, I guess in paradise you do have you have a lot of people to choose from. Yeah, that's a very good point, Joe.


Yes, I, I'll take the option. So I do paradise, OK? I definitely think maybe because I haven't been on paradise, I would say The Bachelor because that just seems like such a beautiful love story. And I look at like Tatian Zaken, like all the other people who are in the franchise who are together, it's just like you don't got to deal with none of that. Oh, I liked him. First girl on paradise, stuff like all that mess.


Like, no, I like this guy was here for me. He loves me and we're together and like I personally would have preferred the bachelor. Yeah.


Yeah. But paradise is also fun because it's almost like you're you're back on like spring break again. Yeah. And you know, your spring break, Mexico. And I wish I would have found love when I was 18 in spring breaks and I get a chance on TV.


So we going to win on this for a little bit because I've done both your three oh three oh oh, I've done all three. OK, so I will say on Paradise, if you do find your person early on like it can be just you two. But I will say most exciting things really happen for like the. Like finding your person, I feel like going on dates and like doing like I mean, you'd be stuck, like sitting in a hut, like just chillin.


Did you remember that, Joe? Yankee paradise. You could just hang out. Yeah, that's what I liked on Bachelorette. Now, I liked it because, like, you get challenged like a really like see if you like a like like this person in different situations. I don't know. I feel like your connection comes out a lot stronger and bachelor.


Yeah, but. Oh really. So you're saying being a contestant or being the lead will be a lead being a lead. Yeah, yeah.


Because being a lead I think is the way to go. I think your odds of finding someone are the best in the lead because you have all these people vying for you.


Yeah, definitely. Right. Next, would you rather be at home after hometowns or after fantasy suites or hometowns for sure. It's tough, but hometown for sure, it's like you meet the fam and it's not violence and me home, if you meet the fam and you get the goodies and you send me home, you don't have to watch out because I think I might be coming for you.


What about you, hometowns? Because honestly, I actually did go home after phantasy sweets. Oh.


Oh, wow.


I wouldn't want to I wouldn't want to get sent home after Phantasy Sweets because you're going back out in the world and you're single. And then there are people that are going to be like, well, how was the performance that you put out a performance?


Oh, no, not good on your rap sheet. Just saying just to clear the record, I did not do a performance. OK, there was none of that going on. So I guess it kind of hurt that, you know, I introduced him to my family. Oh, yeah. Who? Kolten, right. Yeah.




OK, well, it's I think it's funny that Joe brings up performance because it's like that's something that I think I don't know, I never even thought about that. But I think that's a thing that I think about. Right. Like, yeah.


Yeah. I think guys really they really want to perform well. I think. Yeah, I think everybody wants to perform well. I don't think the girls think that on Bachelor. And definitely the guys think that on Bachelorette. I think. Yeah, well that's that.


Yeah. Because you're like you're really trying to show her all of you.


Who would you rather go home after fantasy suite. No, I wouldn't want to go home after fantasy suite because I want after fantasy suites. Yeah. I want you to be like. God, yeah, that is that is I can't go anywhere else, so. So is it implied that if you go home after fantasy suites and you did the deed, that the deed was not done great? Is that what you're trying to say?


Well, what if it's rave reviews and it might be I'm not saying it. I'm all I'm saying is to the public. Right. To the public there. Like like I said, now I get it. You know, I think I'm thinking like here, but I don't want to go into private business because it's already happened. But, you know, I if she sent somebody home after the fantasy suite, I'm thinking to myself, Joe, you better watch yourself.


Me. No trouble here, Joe. Let's move on. Let's move. You think. You think so? You think Izak put it down is basically what you saying. And that's why he mean we are moving on that anyway.


Next this. Ah, that I can't even see straight now. OK, would you rather be known as the crier or the villain. OK, I would rather be I would rather be known as the village crier. I don't I I mean, listen, there's I've said it before. There's nothing wrong with crying, but. Me, as a man, I don't want to be known as like somebody that's constantly crying on a vulnerable thing.


I'm so sorry, but OK, I mean, classes in season villain.


If you don't want to be like that, I guess it depends on the villain. But yes, I agree. I agree. But what if what if what if I'm crying? What if every time you walk in the room I'm tearing up because I'm like, oh, I'm just a crier. And now the very difficult I would be like, oh, yeah, he cried because he loved me, he loved me, I would love it. I think I would like it a little bit.


I would definitely say the crier I mean, the villain. That implies that, like, every time I see the villain on the show, it's sort of like you care more about arguing with people than finding love. In my personal opinion of the shows that I've watched, I haven't even watch that many of them of the seasons that I've watched. But the Krier, it's like they're more like they're just, you know, they're rich, very emotional.


It's a very emotional time to be away from your family.


And so do you ever think like sometimes I think like the Krier is. Is crying because they're guilty. Guilty? Oh, no, see, that's a difference, that is a difference. I will tell you this very quickly. Men crying as kind of the weakness women really find endearing at times and mean like, no.


Yeah, but you're not even guilty. You're not label you're not labeled a crier because you cry once. But if you are labeled a crier, you're someone that is crying constantly on the show. You know what I'm saying, you know, it's not like I just cried once. I mean, my girlfriend Nicole was like, I guess kind of known as a somewhat of a crier on our season. But like, it's not because she was guilty of anything, because she's a very passionate person.


And I think people actually defended her.


Hmm, yeah, I mean, there were there were there were waterworks all at every day, all the time on my season from a lot of people. I mean, I cried more than I've ever had in my life. But I mean, I guess compared to the other girls, it wasn't that much. I was not labeled the cry. I cried a lot to not only cry, but OK. So I guess you want to be the villain.


We want to be the cry. Yeah, we want to cry. OK, so on a two on one, would you rather get left on a deserted beach or get left in the middle of the desert. Um. I rather get left on a deserted beach because at least I got to go swimming. You know that.


Yes, same same same jump in the ocean.


I jump in the ocean next. OK. Would you rather have champagne spray in your face while talking to the bachelor or bachelorette or trip and fall coming out of the limo? All coming out of the limo. I don't want champagne sprayed in my face, kind of like what happened with Kelsey. OK, OK. Yeah, like it was an accident.


I still you know what I don't want I don't need that visual on TV. I trip anyways. I'm somewhat clumsy. I'll take the fall. I think I might come off and drink. So I trip. That's made visual on television.


You know, I'm going to want to see that we're going to display some shit maybe one day. But, um, Natasha, I would yeah, I would do champagne in the face just because I think first impressions are really big. And just like as a woman, when you're trying to be like elegant coming out of the limo and then you trip, it's just like, oh, and if the champagne thing happens, it's just like an accident. And I think with Peter in the in the scenario with Peter and Kelsey, what he did, which I don't even know if it was aired or not, but he actually took the champagne bottle imported on himself because she was, of course, so embarrassed so that it was so sweet.


I mean, that didn't even happened to me.


But after I heard that he did that, I was like, oh, that's so sweet, Peter, because she wasn't the only one that was clearly embarrassed from being having champagne sprayed in her face. So it became a moment that they shared, I think that actually might have brought them closer, opposed to me. Just trippin, Abdellah. Oh, honey, I'm tripping over you already. I don't know what to do. Be so embarrassed.


So that's I that's actually not a bad line, but it can come off sexy to come off sexy if a girl spills champagne and then if you know you play it off like you got when she got out of the when she got out of the pool scene.


Yeah. You know, not imagine champagne.


Yeah. Like a get hot. It can get real hot.


It could be like lick it off. OK, let's see. Would you rather go to a nighttime cocktail party or do a daytime pool party. OK, now I have a question about this, hmm? Are we far along in the journey or are we early on in the journey?


This is still early on, very early on, probably the second date. OK. Joe, what do you think? No, I want you to go first. Oh, you OK? Yeah, I would say if it's early on daytime.


Because I think that you are still trying to get to know someone and it is like, you know, you're still to get so you want to have more, in my opinion, more of a conversation, whereas the you you can show some skin, you know, type of thing.


And it's like the cocktail parties, you're like normally dressed a lot. So you want them to see your body and not like in a weird way, you know, like not in a sexy way, but like an adulterer at a pool party because clearly I have on a bikini. Right. So I'm saying I'm saying the pool party early on.


OK, OK, Joe. OK, I'm going to say cocktail party because cocktail party to me is more romantic in at the beginning of a relationship that is where I strive is being romantic. So I think I would be really in my element, not that I don't strive at a pool party as well, but I would take the cocktail party.


Oh wow. I like that. What about you? I'm with you. I would do the cocktail party. I feel my success and I'm in like a really cute dress and like makeup done, I don't know, pool parties. I get uncomfortable because I feel like it can go both ways. People think that I'm trying to flaunt my body because I have like some bigger assets at times and I don't want them to be the first shade for me. For me, I don't like to look at our assets.


If I had those assets, they would be on display all the time. That's why I know what he did was, was letting people take it the wrong way. People like I'm just wearing a bikini, like I can't actually do anything about it. Like, that's just me. And I'm enjoying a full coverage one. So but some people could take it the wrong way, like, oh, my gosh, she's trying to show off when really.


No. Yeah.


And I don't care. So I will be like, yeah. Showing off what God gave me. Thank you. Thank you very much.


I think it's so funny because it's such a different conversation for each woman. It's like, yeah, I know for sure that confidence sometimes. OK, next would you rather. Show up at Chris Harrison's room by accident or have Chris Harrison show up at your dinner instead of The Bachelor or Bachelorette. OK, well, if Chris Harrison showing up at the of Chris Harrison showing up ever as your contestant on the show in the lead doesn't I don't ever want to see Chris Harrison until the rose ceremony.


Yeah, yeah. Agreed. Agreed. I definitely will. I mean, I would show up at the room opposed to him coming to the to the dinner because that means that The Bachelor probably not going to show up because Chris is here. It's a bad sign. It's that. Yeah, definitely. OK, last one, would you rather go on a super physical group date or a group date where you have to perform in front of an audience? Hmm.


Um, for me, I would like to I would choose perform in front of an audience because I have now I have experience doing that and I would I would not have chosen it because I have I used to have terrible, terrible stage fright.


But that's what I would choose because I think I would do well performing in front of an audience.


Interesting. Natasha. Yeah, I would do the audience as well, because in physical dates, I'm so competitive. It's not about the guy anymore. It's about me being like like winning to to us and like me performing in that way. So I'd much rather do the audience performance because then I can still be like Q and like so like keep an eye on him, like, you know, whereas if I'm doing a physical thing it's over, like goodbye boy, I'll see you like whatever like I'm not crush this got a crush.


This is like the I don't know, it's the athlete in me I guess I wonder and I'm so happy that we're having any sale on later. I wonder what she would do because she's been on TV for so long.


But also she does these physical challenges, which absolutely I we're definitely gonna have to ask her because I definitely want to know she is like supreme queen when it comes to these kind of physical dates and like really just owning it. So I think physical group day is her thing, too. But we'll ask her later. Let's lighten it up a little bit and give some tips to our people, our little baiters out there, basically, for those of us that are not as lucky as Matt James to be writing in TVs or flying in planes like, you know, like our girls getting to have fun on that season, we had to get a little creative with dating during this pandemic.


But you guys. You're in luck because we found some click bait that spills all the tea on how to have the perfect quarantine date. Well, virtual date that is.


Have either of you been on a virtual date like Natasha if you've been on a virtual date yet?


I haven't been on a virtual date yet, but I need to do it. So that's why I really loved this click bait, because I'm not kidding. I had Foma when I saw Matana and the Jacuzzi. I saw him on the plane.


I was like, what the I was like, I want to go on a plane like like New Year's. You know, you could go somewhere with a bang. Nope, not this year. So I haven't done it. And I really want to do it in the and there's a guy actually who messaged me. I was like, hey, do you want to meet up? We talked a little bit. Then I was like, no, can I call you?


Can we talk first? So this is like, you know, I want to I want to. We got to figure it out, guys. What should I do? I mean, yeah, let's do I do you know, what's the setup?


What are we doing here? How are you dressing? What are you doing. What are you going in.


Changing lighting. Are you using face lunch or dinner. Like is this again a weekday day after we got into the team.


So I have to ask you guys a question for dressing, because, you know, that's like a big thing for me, is it, Joe, do you think if you got on like this Zoome call date with a girl, would you be like, wow, like she got a full face of makeup on, she got a dress on? Like, this is a real dinner date. Like if you're having dinner, would you be impressed by that or would you be doing a little too much.


OK, what, what night of the week is it. Oh gosh that is. Yeah. Yeah that matters. I want to, I need details.


Latasha, you get home every day. I don't know. It's whatever you want it to be. You're making a date. But here this is your virtual date that you're going to be going on when we haven't set a date yet.


OK, because it's up to me, I guess. All right. So let's do it.


I'm going to say it's a virtual date on a Saturday nights. OK, seven. That's a big deal for her. She's gawking, that means like a Saturday night, that's a big deal. OK, well, Natasha, when are you setting up the stage? Let's give you the details and I'll tell you what I think you should do. I probably wouldn't do it on a Saturday, to be honest, but let's say let's say like a Wednesday or Thursday, OK, OK, yeah, I'm in for like.


If we were going on a virtual date, I've never done it, but if we were going on like a virtual date, we're going to order some food, have a little, you know, have some dinner maybe, and then just talk because it's the middle of the week. I'm a big what day of the week? I would go casual, casual. OK, I agree.


So if it's Saturday and you're not going anywhere, it's OK. If she's in a full on dress because it's Saturday and you're not going anywhere, like she's not going to meet friends afterwards, because clearly it's we're not we're still locked out.


So I really think that you should ask, like, it should be like a thing like, hey, we just up or like, how are we doing today? She'll come in through with the goods.


You know, I feel like I like I actually I actually have some pointers, if you want to know, because I've actually been on a virtual date prior to my bachelorette days. So tell me what happened. Yeah, well, spill that. I met this guy right before quarantine started and he, like I was obviously staying at home and quarantining and he was he really wanted to be dead. But I'm like, yeah, it's just not going to be a good idea.


Then he was actually really smart and said, look, let's do a virtual date. And this is like before all this stuff, like, became like a normal thing. So he was I really I felt very special back then because he thought of it and he was super cute. And as I would have to do and he actually suggested, he's like, I'm going to buy you dinner. So he's like, so let's pick out a restaurant and I'll actually send you a meal and order from the same place.


And, you know, I was really excited about that. But then I realized, like, I had to give this guy my address and I was like, I actually don't know this man. And so I actually told him that I'm like, you know, but that means I'd have to give you my address. Now, I don't know how I feel about that, obviously, jokingly. And he's like, OK, well, then I'll venmo you money and you can order whatever you want from the restaurant.


And I was like, I'm not I was just so weird. But it was like I felt so bad accepting money from this man. But anyway, I have to buy my own dinner. But he also said, like, let's dress up for the occasion, so. And you did. Well, like at the end of it, would you have would you have wanted a second date or were you just kind of like this was awkward and I didn't have fun?


No, I actually really loved it. It took the pressure off, like I actually got dressed up from the top or like just my topless dress up. And I had, like, your assets. My assets were covered and we opened a bottle of wine and like, we both poured at the same time. It was like really cute, actually. Oh, yeah. And and except for when you have to get up and go get another glass of wine, make sure that your bottom isn't showing because then you definitely saw that I was wearing sweats and like I didn't get fully dressed.


She's a little embarrassing, but that's what. Yeah it was great. Definitely a second date because it was cute unless pressure was fun. I really love that idea. I love that idea, Teisha.


So as a guy like maybe if it is a second date, you should definitely offer to buy her dinner because I mean, I would always buy I always on a first date or even at the beginning of a relationship. For the most part, I'm always paid. I like to I like I like that. To me, that's just, um. Chivalrous. Yeah, classy. I don't know, whatever. I just I it's part of the experience for me, so I enjoy.


So what if she doesn't offer like what if Natasha went on this date and he didn't offer to buy her dinner. Should she be? I don't know, I'm not I'm not I'm not a woman. I don't know how how you guys would feel about I mean, how would you feel about that? I am a spoiled A.F., So I would feel that way about it, right?


I would I would feel what I mean, but also with this new dating and I think that's where we have to give some people grace, because it's like, do you know, that guy was very thoughtful. Um, yeah. You know, and yeah, I would have I would have accepted the Venmo thing and bought myself something and like I would have totally done that. And I would have thought, yeah, I would have thought it was very, very thoughtful to do that.


But I also know that this is a new thing for a lot of people. And if they didn't think to do that, I don't know if I would hold it against him on the first date or something like that. Absolutely. I would, yeah. What about on a on virtual date? Oh, no, I. Oh, God, absolutely not. Do you offer, do you offer. Oh always. Always. On a first date.


I always because you also don't even like if I'm not even vibing with a guy I almost insist because I'm not going to call him again, you know. I mean I insist on like splitting it. Yeah.


Because I'm like yeah but I always offer and I think especially on a first date, like I'm fully prepared to pay for, you know what I mean. But when a guy is like, oh no, don't worry about our don't be don't be silly or whatever, then I always really think I like that more of course. But if we split it, I also think like, well, maybe he's not really into me either. I don't know. Right.


Yeah. So that's fine. I'm totally fine with splitting, especially on a first date. Like I'm totally fine with that. OK, so we definitely think you should dress up on a date even if it's virtual. Do you guys agree. Yes.


Yeah, I think, I mean, for me it depends on the dinner where you're ordering from and what day of the week it is. But yeah, if it's a nice restaurant and it's the right night of the week. Yeah. Dress up. OK, OK.


And possibly if the guy's listening out there, if there are any men, you should definitely be buying a girl some dinner. I think honestly playing something like a cute little fun game. Maybe it's like, you know, game night is cute or going to dinner and just having a romantic little set up. I'm I'm just saying, like Bible talks in Texas after the phone call, it's so weird because usually you attack somebody after a date, you know.


I'll text how many times do you virtually date before you meet up in person? That's my question. Well, actually, they're not a killer survive, and you got to make sure they don't have Korona, so you really want to kind of I mean, that's kind of why we're virtually dating anyways, right.


Which I think virtual dating is going to become accepted because I think it's an easy way to, like, break the ice and meet somebody without having to be in a situation you don't want to be in.


Yeah. What about what about on what about mask going for a walk with a mask on. When you when do you do that. I would say after day one, I think it's a great second date to be honest. But is it weird because you won't see their face stand six feet away from me and show me your face.


But you've already seen it because you've been on a virtual date, right? Yeah, I think that's cute, actually. Maybe second or third date. The wheels are turning out here and us over here, listeners.


I want to be. I want to be. In proximity of the person I'm dating as soon as possible, OK? OK, that can be a danger.


Yes, I can say for sure I would even do it if the first date was going well, I'd say, hey, you want to meet up?


She would be like, I got to put pants on now. And I would say, no, no, you could leave them off.


All right.


Well, let's I think we got they were getting a little too far. OK, everyone, first date.


Keep your pants on.


But that's it. I'm moving on.


I'm moving on from this. We got our guest here. I'm very excited for her today. She is the OG reality TV star and someone who is very familiar with click bait. She currently hosts an MTV official podcast, as well as a current member on the new challenge, double agents. You got to watch it. It's one of my guilty pleasures. Everyone, please welcome Anissa. Nysa, what's up? Welcome to the show. How are you?


Fine, thank you. I'm good. I'm exhausted, but I'm good. OK, yeah I know that. I feel that for sure. We were we were just talking about virtual dating in quarantine because we were doing this little quick thing article. Are you single? Yeah. This is not usually how we kick off the podcast.


Why are you saying right inside and have you gone on any quarantine virtual dates.


Yeah, I went on one. So the first one I went on was with a nurse who had had covid already. And this is like March. Everybody is nervous. I, I had so much booze in my fridge. I'm like, OK, hold on, let me get this rosé. I don't know if it was like the best way to start off a date, but break down this bottle. But it just wasn't really going well anyway, like in the real world.


Yeah. So spice it up with some rosé with some cheap rosé from Bullshit's. But I have like.


I don't say that, but I have my like my roster of friends there, not a lot actually. I'm acting like the roster is a full team. It's really just like your star player, like somebody else sometimes. And, you know, once people are cool. But I'm like, OK, have antibodies. I'm like, I had cowbirds. I'm like, all right, we could be safe. And I've been around like my best friend who's in my bed right now and, you know, maybe like a couple other people.


But dating has been really awkward. I mean, dating apps are weird as is. I mean, yeah, I'm used to walking up some data bar and be like, hey, you know, it's just sparking the conversation. I don't know. I don't know.


I feel like I don't know if we're ever going to get back to that like bar. Hi, how are you?


Meet you organically at a bar. I don't know if we're ever going to get sad. How old are you?


I'm thirty four. I, you know, would like to meet somebody and like write your number down on a piece of paper or and or memorize. I've had it.


Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. That's more fun. Yeah. That's where I write you tells me, OK, I want to see you again on an app and then I meet you and you're a dud which is probably nine out of ten. Nine out of ten. Yes. It's horrifying.


And then tell me where are you from. Where are you right now. Where are you dating. Oh oh. Philly is the worst city to date and interesting.


It's so great.


I mean, we have a lot of transplants, so it's like, OK, but I'll go to L.A. or I'll go to like New York. And then it's like an abundance of, like, people that I could go out with. Well well, it also is an abundance of drugs as well. That number from nine to ten. It goes from like ninety to one hundred. And you're like, you know, a lot or just visiting. And I'm like, well, put that little traveling thing on there.


So I know one to tell me what you're looking for because or tell me that you have a girlfriend, like at least be honest, because you know what I'm going to do, respect you if you are otherwise and we find out all this other stuff and then you lose out on the goods.


So I'm well, I'm glad we clarified that we all hate dating because dating is just the worst these days.


But at least I want to take you back to all the way when you were nineteen years old and you made your reality TV debut on The World Chicago.


I remember watching that. I'm from Chicago, but it was same.


It's interesting because I'm that accent. Right, right.


We're going to go to the next part of the interview and ask you what you think about online dating.


Yeah, right. So used to it. Yes. It's you know, it's my it's my thing. But you are I'm interested because you were on reality TV before it was Main Street. I mean, it really was kind of like the real world from what I remember was like the only show, like the only real reality show which I was obsessed with. What was your life like before that, before you went on?


Um, I mean, a regular teenage life, like school and dancer. I played sports. I went to summer camp. I went to clubs like I didn't drink. I don't know. That was you know, I was drinking Shirley Temples, life of the party, like super outgoing and like, you know, you never drank before.


You were twenty one before you went on the show. Really? Probably a couple times. Yeah, I could count on one hand I was a designated driver. I was like, listen, I will get your kids home safe. So I kind of was like Mama Bear before was Momma Bear right?


OK, so then what was life like after your first season of The Real World? Because then was over.


Yeah. Oh yeah.


Because some people just don't I just didn't need to see a need for it. But after that it got like really bizarre because I was like I couldn't walk a block without somebody being like, oh my God, you should have beat her as you should.


And this one was like, oh my God, you're embarrassing. I was like, all right, I'm nineteen twenty at that time. This isn't for you. Like we all have time to. I don't think anyone knew that reality TV was going to blow up and then just come into our lives at every angle between like my six hundred pound life intervention. Housewives like all of these things where people were going to see all these people that were super relatable, that were probably never going to be on TV otherwise, like we just jumped on there.


And then now you have like a million new best friends in your mind. But not only that, but also I feel like it was such a platform for a lot of people to actually finally careers and like other jobs and other franchises and things like now there's a couple of like bigger names in Hollywood. I feel like there's like actors like, um, we're talking about Jamie Chong and Caramel Caramel now.


Yeah, there are there are some. But when you think about it, like, I wish I knew how many how many seasons were there. Real world like 30 or something like that, yeah, there was a lot, so many, and that's seven or eight people each. I mean, if you do the math like it's not that much, not that high percentage that people that actually went on to do other things, because I have to say when I was on the show, but it just never if I had the platform I have now street also women could talk about sex and sexuality and whatever else.


And there was that freedom of expression. It would have been different to. Right. We're just in a different time and I kind of am happy that I did it when I did it, though, because the trolls are there.


Yes. Yes.


And do you think being on coming on, like you said when you did, you can deal with it so much better now, whereas newer people who come on like, you know, I was just on the thing last year and I'm like, what is this world?


I feel like I'm the only one I watched. Yeah, I did. Do you watch girls get it?


No, I watch because I get so mad because I also feel like that not to go off topic is just like they're not a lot of brown people just are.


And maybe it's if you did have like this white man was the bachelor and all black girls that were fetishized, whatever, it just you can't win. Right. It's hard to find that big of a diverse group and a man or woman that wants that. I mean, and but I do I do watch. I mean, the one what's it called? The Beach Paradise. Paradise? No, it's the house. I like nuts. And you all kiss each other too much.


I thought I did the show. I did.


It's so fun. I think of mono. I'm like meningitis when I watch the show but it's ultimately entertaining.


Would you. But would you go on The Bachelor or Bachelorette or Paradise. What you got? Listen, because I would be like, you got to go. We all need to leave.


Like, if I feel it, it's hard for me to understand one person having a genuine connection with a lot of people. I can get that. You can, but like, really, really loving somebody wholeheartedly when you sang with a plethora of people, unless you're trying to bang them all, you. Well, I mean, you put on my season. Yeah. But it also I know though I think this is what I think though.


This is what I think really happens on our show. I think feelings really do form and love begins. And that's why then once you get into the real world, no pun intended, you know, you're on the road once you get into.


Yes, I do. So well in that sense. Oh, that's cute.


That's cute. The quirky, like nerdy stuff. Thank you. I appreciate that. But yeah, I think once you get into the real world, that's when you really when that kind of love actually starts forming. And that's why I think our show is a success.


Well, but I think also a lot of people to understand one week is like a month and a half like you are even with the people. So you develop different. I mean, the challenge is the same thing. We move in and it's like, I love you. Like I dated, I didn't date, but I want to have one on the show. And I I had feelings for him because I saw the man every day. I see our age there.


We it's like going on a first date and moving in with somebody. And yes, I just think when the purpose of the show is for love. Yeah. I think it changes that a bit like so many people fighting for that versus like you just meet somebody on a competition show, we're trying to win money and then you. You find somebody to find that it's like it's like going to a bar, like you said, just meeting someone again versus being on a dating app, you're like, this person's here to date me.


Yeah, but the date, at least with your show, I hope that these people are genuine. You do see the people who are there for like personal reasons and self-serving reasons. It's kind of easily, you know, I mean, I feel like their vibe is just different. But also at the same time, I feel like it takes away so much of like a guessing game, which to your point, when you're going out to the bar, you don't know what the other person like where they're at.


Exactly. So that gives like that's the fun and dating, right? You're all like the dating show for love. You kind of like take out that guessing part and like, no, I'm looking for someone. Let's see if we actually have something. So like, yeah, I could see the hesitation. But I also feel like if you were to be put in a situation, you'd probably be pleasantly surprised.


I think you do not need to go and do something like that one times. Whatever her name was, I would want. Yeah, yeah. I think you did great.


Oh, stop doing that cast would be insane because they've never done it with girls and guys. That would be fun. Well, there you go. That would be crazy. You know, you never know this might happen, but you don't.


I mean, you never know. I mean, I hope it does. It should. It should. And I hope in the league.


I think that would be awesome.


All right. You've done but you've done 13 years of the challenge. What's it is there anyone is there anybody that rubs you the wrong way initially? So like a rookie, right? A rookie comes in or somebody new comes in. Is it something they do that you're like, oh. I don't like this person or they don't get the game or their hair for whatever wrong reasons for 17 years. Oh, really?


I started when I was twenty one.


I'm thirty nine, so I thought I meant 13 seasons. Right. You're going on 14 seasons, adjusted my fourteenth.


OK. Wow. That's what I've done. Champs four stars twice. And then I did a movie for MTV, so I've been in there for a minute. I was the last this long. But your question, rookie, is what they do to annoy me or anybody for that fact. If I want a show and I'm like, they're like, yeah, this is really going to make the episode are like this is definitely episode six. I'm like, I've been doing this for so long.


Like people like, oh yeah, challenge thirty too. I'm like, there's a name for it. At least the name is like because I'm, I'm old school. Like I went from like the name of the show, the people that were on it, like I didn't care if it made the episode because you're going to get me one thousand percent. So when people start to do that, it it becomes problematic because it takes away from the natural process of the show.


And I almost teeter in between like being production of being a cast member because I see I know what they want, but I'm never going to put on for the camera. But Bri, we will reduce stuff like if they miss a conversation just to fill in the holes naturally. Like, how do you get from point A to point B like what happened in the middle? But when these younger kids come in that haven't played, they're so adamant on being on the next season.


They can live in like the now and again. They're so edited in interviews and they're I love everyone. So no, you don't, because no one loves everyone and it's OK to dislike people. And, you know, and producers have told us, like, if you're going to be fake, we're going to know our job is to like pick you guys personally, someone like is picking you. So when you are fake, they know and it really does take away from the process.


I think it takes away from the viewer's experience, especially if we're relatable characters. I want that to be authentic. I want that to translate.


Um, what do you think takes what do you think it takes to be a good contestant on the challenge?


Speaking of that, have a good story. I guess I've always been like the underdog and I really do love the underdog too. So I'm always rooting for the person that people don't really believe in, even though they've proven themselves time and time again. But throughout my life, I've been faced with those challenges. So it's just another another hump to get over. It's another time to persevere. Like, I don't see it as a bad thing. But, you know, you want somebody who's relatable, who has the growth.


I think now they're just throwing people on because we need people, because everyone from my golden era is like older and married or whatever it has their life.


And I'm still kind of living until, like, the wheels, I'm going to ride this to the wheels fall off, or I have to actually finish school, which is OK.


Yeah, yeah. I think the people that are relatable in whatever way, you know what I mean. Like if you take sexuality out of it or gender out of it or race out of it, and you just have this human that's relatable in some way, it's like, OK, well, if this person can deal with this issue then I can too. Or if this person finds love, I can to change these spaces where where things can be.


You know, things are a little murky. It's a little weird right now. And I also think especially in this time, like any type of comedic relief or any time to escape your real life feels good. Do it. Yeah. Yes.


I couldn't agree more with that. So I'm of I'm a I always watch the show.


I actually try it out for real world because I was obsessed with it.


Oh we would go on there. Yeah. Did it go well. I didn't make it but I.


Yeah yeah yeah. I'm going to the bachelor shows I think.


But I have a question. Yeah. How do you prepare to be on the challenge because you've obviously done this a couple of times now, so you kind of probably could do it in your sleep to be honest. But do you have to like, mentally prepare, physically prepare? Like what do you do to get ready to go?


Well, I mean, years ago I guess I trained, but I was also when you're younger, it's a little bit easier to keep the fat off your ass as you get older. There's this thing called metabolism and it just really just comes out of nowhere. And my body has gone through its things. So, like, even if I train, it may not look like it. But even if you train the most I mean, I've seen the biggest guys fall in five, so I get voted in and lose in an elimination.


So as much as you try and prepare physically, yes, you can get in shape for the end, but you actually have to make it to the end to run it. Right. So is it more of a mental game for you than for me, but I excel in weird, weird areas of life, like we were in a bunker last season and I was like, yeah, this is fine. But it's also I found out that I'm much more of an introvert than I thought.


So, like, I like being at home. I like to sit on Netflix and I have to go home and recharge the social batteries. So when you're going to show for two months with people, you're like, oh, wait for me. I've talked to my mom and dad and I'll talk to anyone. I want to hide in a hole. But mentally preparing is just like, I think the problem solving thing. It's like, OK, if this happens and some girl gets crazy or some man gets crazy and talks to me, how am I going to be 10 steps ahead of this?


Especially now we're in such a sensitive time, like how do I defy these stereotypes of being like an angry black woman or whatever? Because I do think about those things and I also think about my paycheck and I also think about how I was raised. So you don't like what someone saying and I don't hit people because of that. Right. If somebody attacks me, of course I defend myself, but I've never really been confronted with, like, physical stuff necessarily.


But I've definitely been confronted with stuff about my sexuality, stuff about my my race, like all of these things. It's just super problematic. I want to kind of touch on what you were just talking about, because I think it's such an interesting topic. But do you consider yourself like a pioneer for minorities in your franchise? Oh, yeah, a thousand percent. I mean, I've been I think I've been trying to like champion for brown and black women and queer women and strong women and thick women and all women.


Just people in general. Yeah. For forever. And that has been naturally, naturally a helper. So like it's such a big thing for me, for people to feel OK in their own skin. And yeah, I totally think I was part of that. I mean, there were a lot of strong women when I started doing this. I just don't think we had the space to really like, speak on it. So now that the light is kind of being.


Flashed on us now, like everything's kind of out there. It gives us even more of a chance to talk about it. So I'm just happy that, like, you can show that women can still be feminine, if you will, and look really strong, badass, you know, have an edge and be smart and, you know, do all of these things. We don't have to be this one dimensional creatures that are, oh, my God, I'm lost and I can't reach the top shelf.


Like there's so many things that we can do without the assistance of others. I don't say we don't ever need help but showing people that you can do this. And, you know, I'm asking how exactly do you identify. What is know at this UNICOR and a good. Yeah, Jewish Caribbean woman I love. Oh yeah. My father's from Trinidad and my mom's mom, some neurotic Jewish woman who was my love, could be crazy. But yeah, I mean, I was raised in a Jewish neighborhood.


I went to Jewish summer camp, and then my father's from Trinidad and he was just, you know, a cute little nomad.


So it's just, you know, I think it it made I definitely had different struggles. So that's a whole other conversation. But growing up with, like, my identity, I'm like, how do I identify when you feel like you're not enough or you have a certain kind of privilege within a community and then you are kind of punished for that. It's just it's a lot. It's a lot. But it's nice when I get messages where, like, I'm around you, too, and I love seeing you on there.


They're not a lot of them are like, I'm biracial. Like, it's so great to see somebody else who is. And, you know, all of our lived experience are different. But I feel like we all have kind of that shared experience of being around girls being on the show.


Have you learned being on TV just for as long as you have been, what have you learned about yourself? You know, like you said, you were talking about being an introvert earlier. Is that that twenty twenty that made you realize that? Or was that being in a house full of people being on these different shows that made you realize that? And like, what have you learned about yourself from being putting yourself on TV?


I mean, I think that that allowing myself to be vulnerable was a thing like you don't have to be tough and strong all the time, like it's OK to show this other very real side of you. And I mean, to listen more, to be a better friend, to be I mean, I've learned from every mistake that I've made on these shows, and I've really used it as a tool in my growth process. So I think that's the biggest thing.


Like I've had this mirror. For 20 years almost, and I've been able to just look at myself in every phase of my life, basically, and that is incredible, some of the things that I don't like and and some of the things that I love about me and, you know, how can I be a better friend? How can I be a better daughter? How how can I be a better person in general? And how can I hope that that translates when I'm on TV because I want to be able to go to sleep and wake up and be happy with the person that I am.


And we're constantly evolving. So I thought I was great when I was twenty four.


But I look back and I'm like, oh girl, you should like people are like Tagami to like your best picture. I'm like, please, it's so embarrassing. I really don't want to see it. But I think that we live like very different lives where we can press pause and rewind and play. And fast forward on these things, but you always kind of have these time capsules, and that's a lot to face and I think it takes a certain particular kind of person to deal with it and come away from it.




And and I also love that you talk about just evolving and how we're always growing because, yeah, people back then would say you're a bad ass bitch. And they were talking about something probably negative. But now seeing you on the challenge and just your determination, yeah, you're still a bad ass bitch.


But now that term, that term has completely evolved. And what that means for women now, you know, it's it's more of a strength thing. It's more of a determined dating thing and a more empowering thing opposed to it just being like the drama and you drama and you tell her girl, you know.


Right. I'm like, oh, yeah, yeah. Don't let it go.


Exactly. So what like what now? Are you trying to get out of the challenge. Right. Or going, just going back on something I did.


I mean, you know, I get that. I mean is there anything else as far as like just like learning more about yourself and learning more about other people?


I mean, for any woman, I mean, I don't have kids, but like a woman who is like Third-tier, that's like I can't do that shit. And then I just pop on there like, well, here I am. And then I do that shit and they're like, I could do that, too. That's an amazing feeling. I mean, my DMS are flooded with like my son said, oh, she is like your mom, you're his mom.


You just move around. She's still one.


I'm like, that's not the message that I thought I was going to get. But I guess you you know, I've just had to work with, like, what I have. So it's been really great to receive all this positive stuff because body positivity is like another thing for me, because when I was doing what I I know that you've all learned you can't please everybody no matter what you do.


Say that again. That's No. One reality. And here's to this. My body's to this. So if I get too thin, but I'm still bigger than the other women that I'm on the show with. And I'm I'm like, I was one thirty then, which is like a stick figure for me. And now it's like if you put a skinny girl next to me, I'm always going to look bigger than you're comparing two different objects. One just has some more curves, which I'm fine with, so.


Why not show all of that, so it's nice to show, like, let's not just be ageist, sexist assholes, like put the people on here that are older, that have I mean, when I'm 50, I mean, you can stop calling me at some point, but I don't like crow's feet and I could still, like, move my ass. I'm going to keep going. Yeah.


I want to show that determination to have, like, you know, nothing's really going to stop me, I guess. And I like that. I love that too, because that representation is so important because everyone made such a big deal about Claire and her age. But it's like at any age you should be able to find love at any age. If you feel you have the will to compete, you should definitely do it. So I I'm I'm here for that.


No ageism here.


I wish I would get married at twenty four.


I'm like when I think about twenty four I'm like no what color. What am I here to be. I'm like it's like not all bad. Everything I was doing I was just another phase of like bad clothes and bad hair and horrible talking eyebrows, horrible eyebrows. All of this stuff, the whole face was pierced. My body was just like tattooing every minute. And then like I would have I wish I would have got stuck with somebody I dated when I was twenty four.


I would be miserable probably. But now that I know what I want, like, I'm just not going to settle for anything less than that because I know I deserve better. So there's going to be a lot of trial and error.


Can you give our listeners a little preview? Because you have so it is the official challenge podcast. Right. Could you give us a little breakdown on what's going to go on on that?


So we actually filmed Episode six today. I want to say it's like all the stuff that you didn't see on the show, like the background info, all the juicy shit that cut out a lot. We were doing shows that were twenty two minutes long without commercials and we packed it full of drama. The Challenge, the elimination and fuckups in twenty two minutes now y'all got an hour and a half. Y'all don't know what to do.


Yeah. So there comes Tori and I giving our perspective on what happened. Plus like, like little secrets from the show that people don't get to see and then you get shocked producers where it's like where do you guys get the ideas to do these challenges to test them out? You know how to get the location. How do you pick the cast? Yeah. So can talk about a lot of Muslim populations being a host of that. Yeah, because it's a lot of work.


I didn't think it was going to be fathers thought to show up and be funny, but no script.


There's yeah. There's that prep. We love that. I'm like okay we have to do it today.


I'm like have some things to do today.


Yeah but but I'm honored, I'm like I'm honored that they picked me. I'm honored that they keep just giving me lovely stuff to do and like opportunities to talk to like amazing people that I don't think I'd ever get a chance to do. So I feel blessed for all of that.


This has been amazing. I definitely will say if you do retire in the challenge, you definitely can you should definitely think about coming over to over to the VA.


Just have me on the beach. Look, I just want to be in paradise sitting there observing like an absolutely not. And just like you just told that girl over that hut something that they were making out with him and him. And we need one of you. We definitely do. Yes, we do. This has been great. Hand sanitizer. Mouthwash. Yes.


Yes, you can you can you tell us we're going to wrap it up and you can you tell us what you're looking for forward to in two thousand twenty one and where people can find you.


Oh, yes. What am I looking forward to? I want all of this madness pandemic to be over. So I'm really looking forward to hugging my mom, to be honest. Yes, that's a big thing. And see, my family, that's like my number one. Like, I don't know if I have any other things. Like I just want to stay healthy. I want my family to stay healthy. I want everyone to be healthy. I want this shit to be over with.


Yeah, I agree. And maybe to win Powerball because it's really high right now. Yes. Yes.


But if you do, you never have to go back to paradise because that's right here.


Fair. You call it it.


I'll make you live your life by province.


That's all smart.


And where can where can we, where can we find you. Where what are your social handles? Tell everybody where to find you. What's going on? This is the most active I've ever been on social media, but I'm not really on Twitter that much because it gets messy and trolly and weird. But on Instagram, I'm MTV. It's an essay, MTV. It's really easy. They made me do it a couple of years ago. I can't change it.


It's fine. And you never forget, and it's really hard, we were dating when they're like, hey, this, what's your Instagram? When I say that, like, you know, you're the chick.


And I'm like, oh, great. Oh, it's so hard.


Yes, I could find me on it. Do me if you need to check all of them. I don't answer them, but I check them.


There you go. Good to know. Good to know. Alisa, thank you so much for coming on. We really appreciate your time.


Great having you on. Thank you. Congratulations to you. Thank you very much. Very happy. And the ring is beautiful. Oh, thank you very much. I only just watched that part where you.


Oh, shit. He's crying. Yes, bitch. You're too fine and nice to be single.


All right. She was. She was great now. Oh, my gosh. Obsessed.


It's actually it makes me feel good about going on reality TV because you could just see how much she's actually learned and benefited from it. So I think her first season of Real World was twenty two. Wow. So I guess she was there. She was there five years before the Kardashians were a reality show.


Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Yeah. Freezone right. Think about but at the same time and like how she was talking about back then, like it was real reality TV, like nobody was like trying to, you know, be the next big thing, like it was just like what they wanted to do as opposed to now people are so like thought out and they wanted to be on the next season and like this and that, you know, I mean, it was so good back then, you know, and no social media platform to take advantage.


Yeah, I think she's really great now. So I think that the biggest part that she said is like, you can't take what you can't please everybody. And I think when you don't go on a reality show or when you're not putting yourself out there and being vulnerable on TV, sometimes it takes people a lot longer to learn that, you know. But then when you are doing it like her, I'm sure she stopped caring after her first two seasons or whatever.


Right. So at a very young age, she got to a point where she was just like I was going to do me the real I'ma be myself. And so that's really great, too.


Yes. Very, very refreshing. Very fresh. Yeah. I can't wait to listen to our podcast. Yeah, it's a sweetheart. Well, everyone, as always, thank you so much for listening today and with many thanks to any says she's an OG and we love talking to her mom and click Bader's. You know what? We really, really love hearing from you, so please make sure to check us out on social inlike comment DMAs. I want to hear from you guys.


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