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Hello. Hi. Hey, what's up? Clixby is back for another episode, and we have lots to talk about today and I'm really, really, really excited for our guest today. She has been a person I have watched on TV for quite some time now, and it has been a dream to interview one of these people, so.


Today's episode has to do, obviously, with The Bachelor Nation breakdown, as well as we have tips for you to stop feeling so insecure in your relationship. And without further ado, we have the one, the only Teddy Mellencamp as our guest today on the podcast. And I. I can't wait. I mean, she's basically in my backyard, and I'm surprised we haven't hung out a lot sooner.


Yeah. So, OK. For The Bachelor Nation breakdown, we have Matt James relating to Meghan Markle talking about her biracial child. Did you watch the royal interview between Oprah?


Queen Meghan, honestly, I'm going to call her Meghan and Prince Harry. Yes, I did not. It was a royal interview for sure. And the tea that they were serving at, you know, well, I don't know why people are shocked in general that, like the royal family is out of touch, like they've touched the crown jewel.


Yeah, well, yeah.


Well, it's the crown. They were out of touch in nineteen sixty. I mean, it's not like they're going to be in touch in twenty twenty one.


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I think one of the things that she said, and you know why I know you said you didn't watch it, Joe, but I think the reason why everyone was so shocked was because Megan said she really thought that they had her back and they said that they had her back. And then when it came down to things and matters of her child and the questions that were being asked, she realized, oh, no, they don't have my back. They don't have my back at all.


And I think that is why she felt so sad. And I think that's why with Matt James and I mean, I'm not a biracial person, but I think that, like, my nieces are biracial. And, you know, that is a thing that ignorantly people say, what are they going to look like? What people want to know that makes babies are cute babies.


What does it frickin matter? Are we all like a melting pot of plenty of. Yes, that's what we are.


That's because that's what makes the world interesting. Imagine if everybody was just one, how fucking boring that would be.


I think all babies are pretty babies, but I don't think that it was the part of the pretty it was more so than dark or light. This kid is going to. That's what that's going to be. Yeah. That's what's so crazy and what's so messed up.


And like, well, it makes me wonder if Meghan Markle skin was a little bit darker, how they would have know how they would have accepted her if I would have anything to do with it, to be honest.


Yeah, they said they they said that in the actually said that in the when they were talking as well and they were talking about that. And he said he was surprised at how everyone welcomed her in the beginning, how everyone was so nice to her. He was actually surprised, which is a scary thing.


Yes. He kind of in his mind, he already knew it was going to kind of be an issue.


Yeah, but I going back to Matt James relating and honestly, myself being biracial, relating to like it feels just it's funny, though, because, like, when you are biracial, you never feel good enough to relate to a certain ethnicity.


You don't know where to kind of like, am I black enough? No. Am I Mexican enough? No. Like, it's you always are trying to figure out that balance. And so for me, that coming from a white mother and an African-American father, I can only imagine like how difficult that was for him, because it is very different being, I think, Mexican and black as opposed to white and black. And also in the article it says that identifies as a black man because of society.


Right. So I think that it's important to talk about the fact that how society views a black or a biracial woman and how just with all the police brutality and everything that we have seen come up, black men and what they have to go through as well. So because his skin is darker, he automatically gets, I mean, I guess, seen as a black man and not even considered a white man.


Well, and that's what was so crazy. The child wasn't even born yet, you know. And Meghan Markle is a biracial woman and Prince Harry is a white man and from the royal family. And Archie is is and again, it shouldn't matter. But they're talking about Archie like he's my complexion. And he's not he's more he's closer to your complexion, Joe, you know what I mean? And it shouldn't really matter. But the fact that it did is something that I think what tieback was what Matt was saying is like, why, why?


Why is this even a conversation? This is a royal this is this is your grandson's the prince's son, period. Should it matter what their ethnicity is?


I, I couldn't agree more with that.


So we also have Mike Johnson saying how confident he is. He will find his wife on Instagram or Tic-Tac. And I think this is so funny.


Here's the thing. I find that very interesting because we do live in we do live in that time where social media and dating apps seem more realistic than actually meeting somebody in a bar or on the street or in a coffee house. So I think it makes sense for me personally. I never saw myself as someone that would meet anybody, virtually. I always thought it would be in person. I did. I was going to be in person. You would feel that chemistry.


And that's how you would do, you know, Joe. I do, I do, I still hope I meet somebody who I am going to marry, I hope I meet her face to face or, you know, like paradise, it's still face to face.


OK, I want to feel I want to actually feel that chemistry. That's that's my opinion.


So I personally don't think I'll meet my wife via Instagram or Tic-Tac.


And that's why I think I find it so funny. It's like I've never in my life have thought that I was going to meet someone up, virtually, if you will, based off of pictures and a profile that's so bizarre to me. It is.


I always said that I would meet somebody mutual, like with mutual friends of mine or. Gavin Bartlett, how you were saying, but not based off like, oh, look at that, like those shoes, which is Argenta. That's weird. Is that not weird? I don't think it's weird.


I think it's newer. Like it's. You're not accustomed to it, but is that I don't think it's weird, it's not weird anymore. I know a lot of people who have gotten married from meeting on Instagram, honestly. OK, let me ask you guys this, do you agree that Instagram is a highlight reel? Of course, for sure. Yes, of course I do. So facing a potential match off of a highlight reel, do you think that is conducive for honestly along?


Because I feel like you don't. Yeah, because you don't really know this person. I mean. You know, when I feel like sometimes as sad as it is when people are opening up and being vulnerable or like even crying on Instagram, like sometimes a lot of people take that as like, what the hell is she doing or what is he doing? And so but that's a real person, you know, so. That's that's I guess that's why it's so much it's so much better meeting somebody in person because you can't really hide at that point.


You can't fix up anything. You can't put a filter on anything that gets you.


But when you initially meet someone at a bar, you don't you don't know anything about them other than what they look like and their voice. Right. How you feel, maybe their chemistry, like their pheromones, maybe you smell them. I don't know. I'm a smeller.


Sorry, but that type of stuff. But on the on and you're also and you're also intoxicated as well.


You're probably you probably have a few drinks.


So, you know, the state of for some for some people for sure.


I think that's definitely a thing. And I'm not I'm not debating here. I'm just playing devil's advocate in the sense that. I do know people who have met on Instagram just for that initial like is it because for some men, a lot of my guy friends become it's like easier for them to talk to a girl because if they could slide into 15 girls dorms and just see what happens as opposed to them walking up to 15 girls at a bar and, you know, like that, just you pick the one you're going to try to break, it's you.


But then it's like also like, look, I get it.


It's a great way to meet people, especially nowadays. I'm sorry, but we're still at our houses. I don't expect you to go out to a bar or restaurant or find meet people. I'm not saying that that's what you need to do. So you need to be creative at this point. But what I'm saying is just like, I don't know, I'm also like good vibes and energy person. And I like to see people in their own element, like I like to see like, are they the loud one in their group or do they kind of like, you know, the like, cool, calm, collected or like I mean, they go buy people drinks.


I love to observe. So I feel like that kind of takes away from the whole. Scoping out and the Tarsha to touch on what you said, I think when, like guys, I agree, like you would just slide into 15 D.M. So it just becomes. A regular, yeah, regular thing, and it becomes easy, so for me, when you if you're going to fall in love, that's something that's great, right? I think we would all consider being in love is a great thing.


And I think when you take fear out of anything that has potential of being great. It doesn't work or at least doesn't work for me, I think you always need a little bit of fear, so I think you always have to have that like, oh, I'm actually a little nervous to talk to her because I think that's good.


But can't you be nervous to talk to a girl and then talk to her on DM and then be nervous to meet her?


Yeah, but not if you're doing it all the time and if you're doing it all the time. I'm not. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But nothing Mike is doing that. I'm not like just it back to Mike. I'm not saying he's doing that, but I do see how like you know, like maybe he might find someone that does embody all of the things that he is looking for on Instagram, especially because it is a little bit harder to find somebody.


Also, I think Mike, let us know something. He is a very visual person and that is probably very high on his list by saying this. Right, because that's the number one thing that you see on Instagram and Tick-Tock is how someone looks. So thanks for letting us know, Mike.


I know if you want to date Mike, essentially put up some hot pics and. Exactly. Show your best self. All right. I'm going to save Mike here.


We got to move on. Let's move on to the next one.


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You guys, it is almost that time of year for paradise. And is it really paradise?


I don't think so, but for many it really is is the island of love. And, well, a lot of people are starting to make their dream a bachelor and paradise couples, because fans just like to just come up with their own idea of who they would like to ship together and who they think should be together. So this article is very interesting to me and I can kind of see a few of them, like the first one they were talking about was and Bennett, I feel like they're both like, well, socialites in New York.


And I feel like that aspect kind of like chimes in. But I also find. But it is much older than it, and I don't think. I don't know, bingo, I'm a job sonti here, kid, I don't think it likes the day older that much older guys. I mean, we're talking. Like how many years she's twenty one and then it's thirty six. It's it's 15 years. Yeah, I don't I don't think age really matters that I'm older.


I'm older. Well, I think it's two years old.


No, but we're not talking I'm not talking about you thinking she's screw up. I'm sure. Bennett, I think she's cute as well. If she's older men, older men date younger girls all the time. It's a thing. Right. But I'm talking about from her to old. I don't think from the conversations that I've had with it, I don't think it is into older men is what I'm trying to say. Got it. And well, I think I get that.


I mean, I think all the I looked at the couples that they kind of matched up. I don't think any of them really made too much sense. I would say not one of them is correct.


I, I will say Honeysett calcium. Blake. Oh, I can't. No way. No way. I don't know. I don't know Kelsey.


I don't know Kelsey. But I feel like she's really pretty and I think Blake is cute. They can make it look. So I think it can make a cute couple.


Kelsey as fire and desire. Honey, let me tell you she is an Aries and she ready. Honey, she is ready.


I don't know if I don't know, like is ready now. Be ready Kelsey. That's my girl and she looks.


See you my dear. Up. Well, what's going to what's going to happen this year? I mean, paradise, it's going to be it's going to be a mess. I mean, how many people want to go and we missed the full year. So you have you're going to have a lot of characters on that island.


I have heard about a lot of people dying to go to paradise. So and I don't think anyone is being shy about it.


Can we can we talk about look to bring Mr. Misr talking it out, back up.


Remember when we just had our paper, our lovely paper from this season of The Bachelor on Click Bait? And she dropped the T and said that she was into Mike. Then Chelsea goes on talking it out and s Brian, who he thinks Mike should be with and he drops BRI. So there's your love triangle, right?


That's what I'm saying. Something swirling over here. And I'm just going to put I'm just going to put this out there. This season of The Bachelor was so different because all of these girls knew who The Bachelor was actually going to be. They knew was going to be Matt James. And so that means that regardless of who they have been attracted to in the past and every single woman on his season is attracted to black men. So I think Mike should go one hundred percent.


I think it's going to be there one hundred percent. Right.


That is so true. And that and that was everything that Mike brought up.


Yep, yep, yep.


We also but we also have the girls we also also have the girls from our season two. Yeah.


A lot which and we have some hotties from my season too. And there is a good melting pot there. So like Riley, I wonder if I would go though. He seems like he's way right.


Who do they match. Riley with Riley. With friends with Becca. Is so funny, I don't see that couple panning out, but I could see. Riley with like. I don't know yet. Be honest, tell us we should have Riley on and find out. Riley is a good one. Yes, yes, we should.


I like it seems like one of the more popular girls that will be going on paradise is Abigail. I don't know if she's going on. I don't know. Maybe she's going to be the next bachelorette or whatever the case may be. But it seems like she's the one that people keep matching her up with. So if we had to take a guess.


Right, let's do a hypothetical here.


Who do we think if Abigail goes on paradise, who do we think would be her best match? Oh. I mean, we only have I don't know. All of your men, your men, to give one of them up, sacrifice one of them for began our swedo for me, Abigail.


OK, Abigail. Maybe Ivan, that's why if he decides to go, oh, that's cute. I could see them. I think it could be very cute together. Who do they match up? Who do they match up? Brendon and Mike. Mike. And having my kid be cute with Abigail, to be honest with you. That's the beauty of paradise. We don't know who's going to be there. We don't know who is going to be a match.


So we'll just have to wait till I would say, somewhere around the end of summer to find out.


Here's the real question. Do you guys think and I know there's this all this t about Dale and Claire, Dale and clear, if they aren't together, do you think Mr. Dale will go to paradise a hundred percent? Oh, sure.


You think he'll go to the beach and blow it on that like the thing? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. There's a lot of back and forth in this that I'm just saying a lot will happen in a month or two months or whenever, whatever.


I just hope they're both happy, regardless of the fact all that matters.


But if someone were to end up in paradise, I would imagine that either.


So the click of the week, we were going to talk about it last week and we got all matched up until Bachelor World. But this week we're back. And I really want to know what you guys think about this. It's for ways to let go of insecurity in your relationship. And I think our listeners need to hear from you guys. And I'm going to just round out what they said. And you guys will go through it, communicate effectively with your partner, communication, resonation.


We say that all the time, counter negative thoughts. That's a big one as well. Taking stock in your value, knowing what you need, knowing your worth and build your self-esteem. What do you guys think? How do we counter these insecurities that we have in our relationships? I think I'm like. I think communication is the most important thing, and I don't know why people have such a hard time. I feel like that's like one of the biggest struggles as a society is.


Knowing how to communicate and not being scared to say at least what you think, so I think it's very important in a relationship if you if you're going to hold things in, it's going to be impossible not to have insecurities. And it's eventually. Doomed to say the least, in my opinion. Mm hmm. I'm actually really happy we're talking about this just because I feel like this is very real and I feel like every relationship can benefit from this conversation.


I feel like at some point we all experience all these things. I mean, I can even talk about me experiencing all this with Zach or in my past. Relationships and communication is huge. And that's something. That is not. You don't learn it overnight. It's not something you're going to master after one or two years of being together. It's something that, like my parents being married for thirty two years, are still trying to figure and figure out.


But I think, like the deep part about this right here, they're talking about feeling insecure in a relationship and how that can lead to.


I don't know, like your communication link missing, you say like insecurity just really can start to druids peoples people's know.


But perception about what you're trying to say, like if you say something to me, my insecurity could flip that to being like. So like you're telling me, you basically don't want to be with me. It's not right. Yeah, it's it's like what you're doing on this issue. Oh, shall we? Oh, here we go, boys.


Based off of your insecurities. Yeah. And I think that that's so important to learn because, I mean, I'm not going to lie. This is something I am working on personally with like. Zach saying a certain thing, and it's just me being like, oh, my gosh, maybe he actually doesn't want to do that anymore because he doesn't want to try. And it's not because he doesn't want to try is just like he's just trying to find a faster or more effective way of doing something.


And I mean, and then that could make me shut down or make me read a different way and react in a different way. And then he reacts a certain way because I reacted in a weird way. You and I mean, so it's just. Communication is really it's so important. Yes, I think a good example of what you're saying is like if we have date night planned and I was just working all day and I'm tired and I'm like, oh, actually, can we just order in?


And the other person thinking, oh, they don't want to go out. Maybe they're having second thoughts about us, blah, about that. That's what you mean. How it's like your insecurity. Like it's like taking over. Yeah. You're like no I really just am tired and just want to stay in with you or if you're not living together maybe you just want to stay in because you're tired and not see that person. Only because of that, not because you're not interested in them.


The real problem is what most people do is we hide our insecurities. Right. And we don't communicate them. Yeah. Because we say is also you have to believe them and it's our insecurity that overtakes us. You mean like if they say no, it's just because I'm really freaking tired today and like, I just would love to just stay home instead of you being in your mind being like whatever, and then just being in a pissy attitude, you have to believe what they're saying and move on.


So, yes, hiding your insecurity, but be like, yeah, OK. And then starting to have, like, that little. Sassi reaction and then being shut off the rest of the night could really lead to a lot more problems. The one that I really loved was taking stock in your value. And to the point of this conversation, if you have if you're taking stock in your own value, then you're saying to yourself you trust like you said, you trust that person.


They are just tired. It's not me. And I know I'm great. And I know this person wants to hang out with me. But clearly there I know them being tired or their mental health or whatever I want to call it. They're their level of excitement. I don't want you to see it as coming to see me anyway. I want I want I want a vibrant. You keep you tight. So I don't know. You don't get to read.


I see you later because I have stock in my value and that I had to learn that I that is something that I definitely have to learn because I did internalize when if a guy would say something or do this or do that, or we made a plan and they tried to change the plan last minute. Oh, don't do that to her. She hate it.


I get that. I agree. I but I it's just a known fact that confidence just helps you in general, helps you in life. I think the more confident you can become and I don't think it's easy. I think you need to work on it is only going to help you and it's going to help the relationship you're in.


And it's just going to make everything so much smoother because then you don't get caught up on the bullshit that people fight over for two days when it was nothing. And then you get over that argument. You're like, we wasted two days hating each other when we didn't have to. And it was all because you're insecure and couldn't handle it.


Oh, so you say to our listeners, if you guys are dealing with insecurities, it is OK, but there are ways to combat it.


And in putting putting your self esteem first and putting stock in yourself first. And I know a lot of people that jump from relationship to relationship to relationship, and they go from the same problems, the same problem to the same problem because they haven't fixed whatever insecurity they have.


So take some self time, y'all know, got to do that attitude.


One hundred percent. And I think one of the thing that I really like from this article is countering negative thoughts. And it really hit me when it said the truth of the matter is, when you have those fears, they're manufactured by you out of the reality. So the fact, like I've actually been told this in therapy before, it's like if I have a problem with something, do I have a problem? Because, like, it keeps actually happening or because, like, I'm contriving that thought in my mind, it's my fear that's taking over that.


If not, you have to counter it with like. Positive affirmations of things that are reality as opposed to like my mind, like he doesn't like this, he he he's going to think this way, but he didn't think that way.


And he never said that. He never said that he actually really likes it when you do that. So it's like it's called self deprecation. Me, like you are preventing positive things from happening. You are preventing, like, you know, your relationship moving forward because of your own mind. And if you just start thinking about it differently, taking stock of your value, changing and countering negative thoughts, communication and building it easier said than done. Right.


Right. But once you identify things of your self aware, it really does help. To wrap this up, I think self awareness. Taisha, you put that word out there and I think that's the biggest thing. We are aware that we are insecure and we are aware that we are feeling a type of way.


We are aware that something's wrong. We got to talk about it, to talk about it. Guys, let's talk it out.


Shout out to Mike. And Brian is a plug. Yeah, very much. Yeah, I expect the same plug on there. All right.


Well, you guys know what? I'm very excited because it is that time for our guest. You may know her from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is much more than that. Everyone, please welcome Teddy Mellencamp. Teddy, welcome, thank you for coming on the podcast. How are you? I am better now and I am ready for this combo. I mean, I took notes last night and so she is ready.


We love that. All right.


So let's get right into that. So you watch this week's episode was Fantasy Sweet's Fantasy Suite.


So I have to admit, I thought last night he was also going to choose the winner. And then at the end, I'm like panicking.


I'm like three Scorpions left laptop once. They love juicy episodes like that. We were like kind of like, OK, wait, this might flip the whole script and he might do something wild and then it doesn't happen, of course.


So have you been paying attention to this season? Yes. Were you expecting these to be the final three, these women?


I, I thought that Serena was maybe going to be in the final three because I, I think that Brie is like stunning and beautiful and fun and great. But I never felt their chemistry, so I wasn't expecting her to be in the final three. But, you know is what is. Yeah. I'm ready. He wasn't her guy or her person yet. She said goodbye. Nope. Now, Michelle, I heard you talking about Michelle. You are Michelle fan.


I am on the shelf and we're big Michelle fans over here.


Yeah, I love them together.


And they showed her outtakes where she was doing the push ups and all of that. I was like, OK, I want to see more of that. They have such a natural chemistry and feels so easy and good and like I mean, I would never want somebody to rub butter all over me and then make out with them. And they seem to do it effortlessly.


But I will say don't try at all. No, it felt like it felt really easy. Like I was like like, OK, I can maybe be on the plate.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Really.


I'm a firm believer that food and sex should always be separate. I always you know what?


It's just so messy and like I'm sorry, smelly. And then oatmeal sounds. It was too much for me.


Oh, the oatmeal, the squishing. They were really, really, really like giving that some air time. I was like, can we stop? Like this is not a cute sound to be listening to right now. It's the last thing I want to imagine closing. You're not good.


You could tell that she was really into him because even her reaction when she saw him in the white bathing suit shorts and she's like, look at you in the white, like she was like into it. She's like, get me to the fantasy suite now. Yes. Any chance to get met naked? Go, girls, love.


Well, I was going to ask you. So since you are a big Bachelor fan, what have you seen is the biggest difference there in this quarantine world and and how the girls are reacting towards each other and going back and forth and this and then before it was quarantine, do you think there's like a difference in what we're seeing as viewers?


Well, for me, you know, normally a lot of the drama that I enjoyed was the drama of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette trying to decide who they're going to pick, who they're into and the turmoil they're going through. We're like maybe the kind of maybe this is about, say, the douchy, your bachelor or whatever it may be. Now, it's like all the women are just going ham and they haven't been around people in so long. They're like going for each other.


I will say I heard you on another podcast and you said that you were like, if you're bitchy, just be bitchy, just own that you're bitchy. You said that. And I was like, yeah, I feel that some people everybody is just not super sweet all the time. I think you were talking about Jacintha in that conversation where it's like she went back and forth about like, oh, you're being girl, you this, you that.


And then she flipped the script when Heather came. So I, I feel that.


But no one wanted to own up to being like, yeah, my dad was being you can on your worst quality like I am a know it all through and through and like I have to be like, listen, you might not love me because of this or you're going to do great, but it's not going to you're not probably going to be in the middle.


Yes, yes. Yes. OK, go ahead.


You know, I actually wanted to go I want to go back a little bit to the oatmeal and butter and all that.


Of course, because I want you. I want your opinion. I want your opinion because you've been on reality TV. You were on for three seasons of The Real Housewives, correct?


Yes. And how would you feel comfortable, like making out or being very like with your husband?


Would you feel comfortable with that, you know, and then making out? No. I mean, I remember on my wedding day we had like a videographer. This wasn't even on television. And I remember, like, feeling slightly awkward with that make out. Like, I was like, why does that camera have to be right there? Why we're like trying to decide how to do a polite tongue, like I want you. Yeah, but. Yeah, no filming housewives with your husband there, moments where they're filming your early morning reality.


Yeah, and like you would be talking, it would be like me, like with my leg over him, like, you know, it just it's a lot for me, but I love it. I love to watch it. I wouldn't love to do it. Did you ever know?


Interesting. I forgot about that. Like, you're like, I don't know, it's your everyday life as opposed to like when we're filming, it's kind of in this setting that's not very natural. Like you don't live in a hotel. Typically you don't have like set time frames for dates and all that kind of stuff. So that's crazy that you have to film like in the morning. And like, I feel like I would not even talk to my husband the way that I normally would because I feel like there's such intimate conversations.


Yeah. I mean, it none of it is ever scripted, but it's more like this is this is what's going on in our lives. So this is what we have to talk about right now so it can feel a little like I remember. And there were certain times that I was definitely like spared from conversations that we had.


Like, I was like, oh, no, there's no like and there were dinners where I remember, like, putting my because this is our real life and that we're talking about where he would be like talking and I would put my foot on his butt like I'm like enough to calm it down on the the mescal. And I realized I don't know about you. Like did it take a hot minute to have like your life like displayed every single day like and be filming like does it take a minute to get comfortable with that.


Because I know like it kind of like, you know how you can tell when I'm with Matt you can tell he's thinking about what he's saying. Yeah. He's definitely wants to make sure he's doing the right thing and saying the right thing. I think that's the case on all reality television show. But the difference is like on a housewives, like I'm not trying to find a wife or husband. I am there trying to live my life. And if I'm to in my head, then I can't focus on what somebody is even saying to me.


And I can't have my natural reactions. Right. But it does take time and it takes but then you start to get super comfortable with production, as you guys know, and then they're like family and then you don't care what they think and then all of a sudden all goes to hospital and everything.


I would say by the end of my life, I mean, going in my first season, I didn't know anybody. So I was like kind of like a deer in the headlights, like what's happening here? I'm going to have to develop all these friendships. But then once I started, I would say five episodes. Then you start having real relationships within the group. Then I started feeling easier. And then you start to see, like the producers that you gravitate to that you go to for advice or whatever it maybe be.


But who do you watch The Bachelor with?


You know, I have a group text called Bache Girls, and it's like my eleven best friends that I've had since I moved to L.A. and we used to watch together. And then now because of covid, we can so now we just text about it. But, you know, a lot of them fell off this season. So I got to like I'm doing the work for all of us.


Oh, we thank you. We thank you. I really do.


Do you watch Paradise? Do you guys get together? I watch Paradise. Paradise is our number. What, like it? I didn't watch any of those all stars, all stars or the Skating or the Olympics or whatever it is, summer games.


And when I got I did Paradise. Yes, I know all about you guys.


I'm wild. Oh my God. I forget. Like people watch the show and I know it's just scares me to know that you saw me do which which is your favorite of the franchise, Paradise.


Better. I like it. I mean, even though paradise is like more it's tamer now, but I still I still love paradise, I think because you're seeing everybody together so much. And I think I'm just assuming so. I mean, I think some of everybody's so bored that they're like, we have to get to know each other. Well, that's what it is. We have to have our conversation. You don't have a choice.


And that's what I said. When people ask me because I had gone on it and they asked me like is how is it? Is it real?


I'm like it it's more real than actually dating in the real life, in real life, because you don't have a phone, you actually have to have conversations. So you get to know somebody within a ten day period more than you get to know somebody within like a two month period. Being in the real world because you're playing games, there's texting, there's work. So I think it works.


But this we were talking about how this season's going to pretty much be a shit show because we miss the season and we have all these cast members coming.


Oh, yeah, that's going to be like, do you guys think the queen is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise? I want to see how can she not? I really don't. I don't want to see her on. I think there's a difference between, like, polarizing television and someone that is. Just trying I think there's a polarizing personality and someone that's trying to be polarizing television.


Oh, yes.


Yeah, and I think that's I think we are we've been seeing a lot of that in this show because I feel like people know it so well from watching it that people put on these personas that aren't really themselves.


And it just comes across it just because then you can't even when you're talking about the behavior, you don't even have an answer for it because you're like, I did it for TV, so you can't give that answer. So then we're watching. You know, she pretty much was just trying to say, like, well, maybe that didn't happen. Maybe like, yeah, I can take it on my Instagram, I can handle the the hate or whatever, but there was never like OK, like I'm just kind of like that.


Yes. And the thing that I find interesting is all the women tell all I feel like that's when people really own up to their stuff and she just didn't. So that's where I'm like, I don't think it's an act. I think she really is just delusional. You know, I don't think it's crazy, though.


How can you watch yourself back and see all this stuff like to inspire because of your words and not be like like that or that was messed up.


Yeah. She was like, oh, girl.


Flaws like and not doing it with a smile on her face. Not that that would make it better, but yeah. She's I wouldn't mind. I mean who else got the bad rap. Like I wouldn't mind seeing MJ. Was that her name on. Yeah. I'm sure she'll be nice and nice and what we need in paradise. Yeah. Yeah I think, I think but if I had to put my money on it, I think Victoria's going to be there to be honest.


I don't remember Chad on judges season. He was also very controversial and he was kind of like aggressive at some point. Yeah. And he went on paradise, didn't he? Yes. You mean, like, have to go home because you've gotten to have something?


What I'm saying is, like, it doesn't necessarily like take you out of the game. It could possibly happen to have or go in like, you know, be a hot mess for us. But we'll see, I think about paradise. Pardon? Yeah. I have to agree with you.


Give us a couple. Give us a couple you would love to see that would come out of paradise in a couple of you would hate to see come out of Paradise couple.


Yeah it is because I didn't watch last season so I don't know all those people that would be coming in. I don't know all those guys like I don't know all your guys.


OK, ok, good to have them. Besides I don't because I was already done vidale.


Oh yeah. OK, so you know Dale. Yeah.


Yeah. Well see this is the problem with me. Like I love The Bachelor but if I am watching and like I'm like now then I have to be done because of that. And then I was like the mysteries out and I'm out.


So I am shinjo this. If we don't know if Clair and Dale are back together, it's all this back and forth. Would you like to see Dale on the beach if they are not together now?


He had to stop. So I don't need to see the curated personality of perfection. I'm good. You do. You like. I hope that if they're happy. Right, more power to them. But I don't need to see it.


Yes, yes. Yes. OK, I love that love that.


Would you would you. Because I know you have little kids. Would you ever be OK with your kids going on reality TV?


I mean, my son, he was the one that was the only one of the kids that was like bummed about housewives, so I'm like, you're going to do it yourself.


But the kids, you know, famous, like, yes, it's so funny.


But I mean, I want them to do whatever they want to do. Never in my mind. Like, when I came out here, I wanted to be an actress. I never thought, like, oh, thirty seven years old. I'm sure I'll go on a reality television show. It wasn't something that I envisioned, but it changed my life and it changed it for the better.


Before we let you go, can we play a little quick game with you? We do a little bachelor game. Yes. Yes.


Let's get into it here and click bait. We love to get to know our guests a little more, so we'd like to play a game with each of our guests when they come on. And your game today is going to be called The Housewives of The Bachelorette. We are going to put together your dream team of Bachelorette for your version of this show called Teddy Maylin Camps, Real Housewives of The Bachelorette. We're going to put up a graphic on the screen and we're going to read quote from each bachelorette that you see on the screen and you will get to pick who is going to be a part of your special season.


Is this to make a good show or to have, as my friends, this this is a good show.


This is very important either, though, because you this is your show. So you are you are the EP of the show. So do you think you wanted to do a successful show?


So I got to go in with that exact TV. You know, I really hate that I'm included in this.


So no hard feelings. So you do you want to see your show?


I'm going to read the first one, and it is our lovely co-host, Tasha Adams. And she said, As much as I want to grow with someone, I don't want to teach them how to be a man. That is a quote from our Teisha. And then there's also, Ali, your B.S. detector needs to be out show. Who is going to? Your housewives, obviously, I mean, come on. Oh, yes, yes, OK, that was the easy one.


That was easy when one. We don't have to cut you off the interview now.


She's made it her own. Yes, yes, yes. All right.


I'll read this. Let me try to pretend it's not coming from a Chicago accent, I guess. All right. So, Jillian Harris, do you know how long I've been waiting to tell you I love you? Kind of boring. Caitlin Bristol. You haven't seen my deeper side, Caitlin, for sure.


She's one of our favorite bachelorettes of all time. I mean, I. I mean, I never even watched Dancing with the Stars. And I started watching Dancing with the Stars, and she was.


Oh, wow. Oh, yes. Yes. We love Caitlin, too.


OK, this next one we have with this one, Annie Dorfman says, I think that's something that should be private and kept private. Or we have Jojo saying, bring on the men.


So, OK, this is where I'm torn because I feel like I would probably get along well with Jojo when I feel like Andy and I would like we may be butt buttheads might have better to do. OK, so are we going with Andy? So Andy, we're making a show. It's going to be Andy and. OK, so you're keeping score, right? I'm keeping score. OK, our next one, we have Emily Maynard. I want to go to West Virginia.


Oh, sorry I said this right.


I want to go West Virginia hood rat on his ass or we have our our clear. I love LeClaire. And that's why I didn't settle for men like that. OK, so even though I dropped out of Clear's season, I think Claire is a housewife would be, yeah.


Yeah, maybe that wasn't. But I think Claire would make an excellent housewife. She says what she's feeling. I think she's not afraid to get macing I. Player yet.


Got it. Listen, Bravo. Hit her up. Yeah. I think where she living now that she and Dale moved to New York or where we are, we don't know.


We we are on the move. Don't show.


She missed the she was on the wrong show though. I agree 100 percent with that. OK, we feel that way too. OK, I agree.


I agree. I think she would be right from the Housewives seasons. She was six seasons. How could it be the wrong show?


All right, baby.


She was good on one season, I'm gonna say. Yeah, yeah. I also love that season all together and I love that quote. She did not settle for men like that. Like that. No. All right. OK, next one. All right.


Trista Sutter. If I had a fifth rose hands down, I would give it to you. Another one little little little little lady back, a cool friend.


Let's do the damn thing up very well. I watched Trista season, but I didn't watch Becca. So I feel. Can you guys give me like, do I get. So I get to phone a friend. Yes.


You get to vote. You get the phone. A friend.


Yeah. You're on the show with me.


So who is it. This is the thing I watch because I didn't see Trista, so I would have to say.


Becca could be some fun TV. I feel like she she also is a no bullshitter, so I feel like she would also call some people out. Did you like Trista? I mean, she Trista was like the O.G. Like she was one of the first ones. I mean, she was the first, I think. Right.


I think that kind of makes it fun, though. When you look in OG, you mean like you need someone that's like from the very beginning.


Maybe we need them both. Oh, shoot.


OK, so Trista and back like this is a bigger housewives group because we're coming out of covid. So like let's just.


Yeah, we're doing both. Yeah, it'll be fun. I think I could be actually really fun. OK, so lastly, we have Rachel Lindsay who says, let me tell you something, I'm not here to be played. And then we have Ashley Abair.


Yes, Rachel Lindsay. OK, so wait. So drum roll please.


Taisha OK is our Housewives of Bachelorette.


We have myself Taisho. We have Caitlyn Bristo, we have Andy Dorfmann, we have Claire Crawley. We have Trista Sutter and a crew friend. And Rachel, it actually sounds like a really good cast. Know, I really love who's going to get it done. Yeah. No, really deliver up watching it.


I watch and it will be Teddy, can you hire me as a producer because I'll be there and produce the shit out of that barge and I'll do what I need to do to make it happen.


I have one more question for you, Teddy. Who of the housewives do you think would be a great bachelorette, hmm? Well, my favorite housewives to watch are Potomac and Jersey. Oh, my God, I love Teresa LGM.


She just started dating someone. But could you imagine her in paradise? I would die.


I would be so good. So good. So good. I mean, that would if someone tried to take one of her, she would be like all kinds of stuff.


Teddy, thank you so much for coming on. If you could tell our listeners where they can follow you on social media.


Yeah, you could follow me at Teddy Mellencamp. Yeah. That's where you can find me. OK, I was definitely fangirl with having Teddy on my screen and never did I ever think that she would be Zoome with us or me, but I'm so friggin happy she came and she's so real and fun.


I'm glad we were able to have her on the podcast. Did you guys like that? Yes, yes. Yes, she was great.


And hey, you said you always wanted to be on The Real Housewives, so she picked you.


Yeah, that was great. Oh my God. I actually would love to see that. That was a great line. I love that line up. Yeah, it would definitely. There's a lot of personality on the line and I feel like it would definitely get a little a little fun and crazy.


Honestly, this should do a show like that doing all like bachelors and bachelorettes in the same house and catching up, catching up with everybody.


But we have a lot coming up.


As we talked about on the podcast, we have PARADICE we have another season of The Bachelorette. We have Real Housewives of The Bachelorette.


So we'll see you and I something like really say Bachelor Nation never leaves you dry. We have lots of piping hot tea coming out. Thank you so much. Clockmakers for tuning into another episode. And thank you so much for being on with us. That was a dream come true.


And please make sure to check us out on social and lay comment dmoz. You know where to find us. A click baby on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Share your stories with us. We want to know a click bait you're getting into this week.


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