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Hello to all of our beautiful listeners out there, and welcome back to another episode of Click Bait, the podcast where we dissect the wildest and weirdest pop culture headlines of the week. Break it all down for you. A little bit headline so you don't have to. You guys, we had maybe one too many drinks, last podcast.


But I hope that during the holiday week, you guys ate a little bit too much as well. You did all that stuff, had so much to be thankful for today. We're getting right back into it. Natasha, we have you back with us. How is everybody doing? Hello.


I am doing OK.


OK, I'm detoxing right now. Still recovering since our episode.


Yeah, I think I went hard after that and I'm just like I ate too much. I drank too much. I'm, I'm, I'm in recovery right now for sure.


OK, did you have something, did you have some sauce. Did you have some of your sauce at Thanksgiving. I did.


I had some of my sauce and then I had a little bit of the whiskey sauce as well.


So I did company and I'm just like, oh, but besides all that, I'm feeling good today because. My body's it's getting back to normal, I'm hitting the gym, I'm working out, we're doing it. We have a fun podcast's filled with lots of click bait today.


And of course, joining us a little later is an up and coming singer songwriter, Adam Hambrick, who Tatia I'm pretty sure you know a little bit about this guy or honestly, I don't say honestly, I will tell you that Jimmy Kimmel has forever made me sweat when I say honestly, because I say it way too many times anyway, I say it a lot, too.


I get it. You're an honest person, Jimmy. That's another thing. I feel like I say it because I don't want people to think I'm bullshitting. But then when you see it too many times, people are like, you're definitely bullshitting, aren't you? I don't know. I say it's way too.


But I guess I say instead of saying, like, I guess it's one of those. That's one of those go to words. Yeah, I agree. But what I was saying is I'm very familiar with Adam because he's actually surprise performance on The Bachelorette with me and one of my dates next week. So I'm super excited that he's joining us today. You guys, he's insanely talented, super sweet, super fun. I'm here to enjoy him. I can't wait.


That's the one thing that I like about a bachelor is that, like, they do usually reach out to people that are some that are well known, but others that like might not have popped off yet. And I really feel like Adam well and his band, just because they are they're special and it was magical having them on the date.


So, yeah, songwriters that go into performers, they really do just they know what to do. The production is only so good. Serenade me, baby. That's all I want in life. OK, let's kick this off with the fact that we need to get into it was so crazy over Thanksgiving weekend and did you guys see this fight that trailer put on? It was insane. Everyone was talking about it. So many things. It was a main event for me of the weekend as my highlight of, well, actually doing that was the highlight.


But they did a really, really good job.


They did a really good job of that. Did you? Yeah, of course. Mike Tyson, how do you not watch Tyson on scene and.


You know, I never thought I would see the man fight again. He looked great. I mean, he was hilarious. We're going to get into it.


I can't wait. The story is amazing. So gay for Mike. Wait, speaking of Thriller, do you guys know this girl, Olivia Ponton?


She's a huge yeah. She's a huge Tick-Tock star. And actually, she had a bachelorette watch party. So I thought it'd be super fun to just have her call in and actually be one of the people to ask the burning question this week. What do you think about that?


OK, so then Natasha or myself have to give up one of our burning question, because it only has two burning questions in episode.


And that means these rules.


Yeah, I know. How how do you want to do this first. Ask it gets it fine. Olivia, you're a little cheeky. I'm so happy you are here on the podcast, so excited to be here. Oh, cause I'm I'm obsessed with you on TV. I watch all of your videos, so you'll just have to I'm trying to make my way back into Texas. I can't tell if I'm too old for the damn thing. You know, we would talk to chance to do next and maybe we'll do something or something is always open.


You guys should do this together.


You know, we should. Everybody.


Olivia, you're a you're a big bachelor bachelorette fan.


So I'd say it's kind of funny, like the way you always have always said, like, if I'm like before, if I'm not like happily in a relationship, by the time I'm like twenty seven, I'm going to go for the bachelor the back and do it.


Yeah. Yeah.


They're coming for you now. You put it out during the week. You're going to say that the moment you say it they're coming for you.


Yeah. Bachelor Nation is always listening to us for a year to me. And so I'm sure it's fun. I mean, I'm just so proud that whatever your life, I think would be fun.




What do you what do you think about the season so far? Um, give me your take. Give me the lowdown.


What do you think about the new Bachelorette all of a sudden? We had we had one night we got another one is like mixing it up very fast. I really like it because it keeps people on their toes, in my opinion.


Like, it's definitely I'm trying to keep up with everything. I'm like, oh, this guy, this girl. This would be fun.


It's like different from other reality TV shows, if that makes any sense.


And I feel like it's definitely something that's like iconic like a lot of people do pay attention to rather than where it's like too hot to handle, like all the other reality TV shows that they're like trying to make things like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are like me, like how we got to dust off of it.


How long have you been watching the show? My me and my mom used to watch it, like when I was a lot younger, if that makes any sense.


Like, not a lot. Yeah, like when I was living at home. We like to be watching in the living room and I have weird fun fact, but I always used to watch, I mean watch TV with her and I was Oreo's with milk.


And when I was like she was always I get my always in my milk and we were just going to watch it together and it would be like just watching all the drama happened. And I was like probably like fourteen, fifteen, sixteen. And then I was just like wow, that looks like so much fun.


I was like, oh yeah, you're not dating now. I'm like, oh fun and funny.


You can sleep through us.


I will tell you, I actually used to boycott watching The Bachelorette cause I feel like all my friends in high school used to watch me. I'm not. Oh my God. I was like the biggest like I'm not watching that show. And now look at me.


Now you're literally it's wild. Everybody used to watch it. Yeah, I have watch parties. I mean, no idea what you mean because sometimes what it's like like popular Netflix. I was like, oh, like everyone's talking about it. I'm just a nice man, Tiger.


Yeah. I haven't watched that. I just lay there and there's like a certain one everybody loves. But then eventually I feel like at some point in time I end up watching it. So it's like, well yeah I guess it was OK.




I guess I hopped on the train where you live in. Are you in the trailer house. Yes, I it's the house is in Calabasas and yeah I'm just living with a bunch of my friends. Kind of fun.


Oh yes. No. Did you guys watch the fight. Yes, we had we actually had a watch party for that and yeah we had a trailer like sentence like a whole bunch like goodies and like fun food to eat.


And we all got I think he was about twenty thirty of us and we all like Milgrom as you guys know, and we had it in the movie room and we watched it and Jake is actually out and literally our next door neighbor, like I see his house from my house, you know, and. Yeah. And so it's funny that I was like, that's my next door neighbor, just like funny. That's so wild iStore.


I think it is so cool that you live in this house with how many people live there.


There's sorry, I'm sweating all, but it does seem seven or eight of us now I think closer to eight.


Oh nice. So yeah, it's a little high powered.


There's like seventeen of us. Oh gosh. Yes.


So three of us moved out of there and. Not really create our own house, we're still kind of under the branch of everything, right? Most part. We have a weird question that's like, who makes your food? Do you make your own food?


We have a chef that comes like certain days. But I personally, because when he makes food, he makes food for boys. He makes like big like meals. And I'm like a little like I like a smoothie, please. What is a girl doing so good? Nine times out of ten. I often just make my own food. I'm a really big snacker. Fun fact. So at a time. So I'll eat like little snacks. Are you still eating Oreos?


Is that still the Oreos and TV?


Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Oh, wait.


So I'm going to tell you what we what we do here. So Natasha and I get to ask Tasha a burning question about her season.


Every episode we're giving you one of those questions so you could ask Tasha anything you want.


Now, I know I guess you were sweating like two minutes ago now. I'm sorry.


So mean really just really does shy like ask asking now I think I might go about it.


Or do you have something about it. You can't think I like other things.


Like sort of. But I was like nice you know. And you know, I think everything.


OK, wait what did you think I was going to be like. No, they are going to say, you know, it's not bad luck. Oh, I can only have one question. Yeah, maybe we'll see. You know, maybe. OK, so if your mom was choosing one of these guys for you, who would it be? Or if your dad was like or if your dad was able to like, give the first impression, like Rose, like who would who do you think your parents would choose?


Oh, that's a great question. Did she come and do your job? Yeah, really good. So good.


So I'm going to keep it to like the first impression. Right. OK, I think my mom would have given it to Brendon.


Why can I ask him. Yeah. Yeah, we got it. I'm taking notes. Right. Why. Yeah, they, they're also watching and they don't nothing. I've never told them anything about what happened. So we're going to figure this out while we're going through. Yeah. And we're supposed to be free. We're supposed to be friends.


I don't even know who she's dating. Right.


I mean, we know. OK, but let's see.


Yeah, I think Brendon, because I think he's like, super sweet and like he's like a mama's boy, kind of he's like, oh, look, how did you know that?


I just really. Yeah, really. And my mom would be obsessed with it. And like, my mom's also like obsessed with eyes and all the men have gorgeous eyes.


But I think, like, she would have like you seen. No. Oh, that's no good answer.


And I think my dad would have actually show my dad dad's a tricky one. He probably is probably nobody. He doesn't like anybody like when he first meets them. That's a really good question. None of these guys are.


Yeah, he's like, I don't know, like my daughter, I he's not. Yeah, I know exactly. My dad's kind of the same way.


Your dad like Chris Harrison. Yeah, exactly.


Why don't we just leave and just call it a buddy? I don't know.


Probably honestly, my dad likes people that are like a really like constructive like background. So military backgrounds. Good. Like Ben has a military background. So maybe gay. OK, we really glad we got Brendon in bed.


Yeah, that's interesting. Yeah. We're taking notes.


I love I have a question for you. Do you have a favorite bachelor alum and or a favorite bachelor moment that you remember that you're like, I just love this.


Oh, my gosh, who I'm really bad with names, but it was when the one girl came back, like in this season, I think it was like two seasons ago.


Seasons ago. Oh, a girl came back. Yes. Oh, when was it, Peter season? Was it my season when? I think so. I need to say that. But she came back and I was like, I don't know.


I think it was like you guys were like a studio or something. I can't remember the exact thing. But I remember she like came back and everyone was just like I was having a girl that it's kind of a moment and. Yeah, and then like pretty much I mean, this is probably like a basic answer, like whenever like the proposal happens, like everyone who is like what's going to happen, like is this you can be like I think guys like I'm like sitting on the edge of my seat like that at that point in time.


You're like so invested in the relationship that you're like, oh my gosh, it's going to happen.


So I think those parts of the show are kind of like they're like watching the shoes, like, kick out of, like the child or the car or whatever. And you're like, oh my God, who's it could be? Yeah, that's the best. When I when I got home, there's like a compilation on YouTube of like all the all the proposals or whatever and they like show like maybe like two minutes of each one. Jojo's proposal. I was in tears.


I was I was like really so good and so bad for. Yes. Then those are the best moments. Yes. That's so young.


But I'm like, I want to get married soon. But, you know, theoretically.


Yes. Honestly, you will get there eventually. Give it time. Keep having fun. And the children as honestly, you're killing it again by my ass on takes because we got it. We got to we got to bring me back to life.


Honey, I think I take talking there but if you imagine I should do a wild episode there that would be so that we were really going.


Olivia, thank you so much for coming on. And that was a fantastic question.


Yeah, we love that. Really helped me pick my top four guys yet.


Yes. Thank you so much. You're the best, babe. Have a good day.


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Dot com click bait. You guys, she came for you with that question. That was a great question. Impressive. Yes. It's like I always try to keep it to the actual episode, but yeah, girl, like, she's like, let's take it to the mother, you know, it's funny, too.


Is Brendan in Ben? Yeah. Our in my top four.


So they really, you know, shock and you know, at the end. That's funny that you say that because they early on well not really into season I'll say the next season. Now they are two of my favorites. Definitely. Definitely to him.


Well you guys, you guys have not seen I'm telling you, I continue to say this like it's weird cause I feel like this show has been on honestly for like a month already. But this is really only like my third or fourth episode this week. And you're just starting to see the guys only been on two, one on ones, you know, so that is way, just way like he's been on for years, but. Just wait, how many how many episodes is it?


Oh, my gosh, we still have like. Will, after this episode, we still have six more real wait. Yes, really? Yes, that's him saying, like, we're just like tapping into like this this week, like we started to really dive into things again. So I'm really excited. It was a good one. Good.


Let's do it. Shall we get into the PlayStation? Yeah.


So OK. Oh, I'm so happy we had Olivia on. I think she's super cute. And honestly, this chiller house honestly fascinates me. It's so the fact that, like, they are actually the company that put on this fight this weekend, which is another example of like weirdness happening in twenty twenty. Never did I ever think that I would see Mike Tyson in the ring again.


Oh, you only mean but the fact that he did that and also we had like social media stars also boxing now like what is going on, what is happening, but shriller social media discussion over what's going on.


I mean, here's the thing, right? Yeah.


So well, Jake, Paul is has been fighting, so I guess he's a fighter. And then you've got these guys that they they have such a big influence, so many followers.


And if I'm a business. Yeah, I want to run my ads. I want to run I want to run that through these kids because, I mean, what would you rather do?


Do you want to do you want to run an ad through a, you know, a television show that's getting a hundred thousand views or Jake Paul who's getting thirty six million?


OK, this is the thing I, I still don't understand. Like the social media, like fan base is wild to me. What do you mean by that? Like YouTube stars, like the amount of people that are watching and like their die diehard fans. And I mean, he's wild to me, like Jake PAB. Well, he used to be an athlete and then he became like a YouTube star, right?


No, he was actually Jake. Paul was actually a Disney actor. Oh, really?


Yeah. No, Jake, Paul was a Disney actor. And I don't know if he was an athlete or not.


I mean, he's he's definitely athletic and then definitely not now he's he's a YouTube star. But yeah. I mean, YouTube is. I love you, too. I mean, I'm constantly watching it and these creators are creating. Shows that are just as good as TV well, but they're shorter. I have a question for you guys. If you don't think do you think that if it wasn't for the pandemic, do you think that this event would have been such a success if the regular world was happening the way that it normally is?


Is it because we haven't had sporting events? We haven't had boxing? Las Vegas is shut down. Do you think that's why this was such a big success or does it have something to do with it? I definitely do.


That's a really good question. I mean, I will say that, like, I feel like tick tock, people blew up more than like I think they would have ever I mean, if the world was still going the way that it was. But at the same time, not really because, like. Chiller has been around the chiller house, has been around the house, all those houses have been around and they do have a huge fan base. So I think it's just going to show how powerful they are.


Like, it just I don't know. I think it would have came about anyway, don't you think? Yes, I think so.


I think it would have to be about. But I think that I love that no one's taking advantage of the pandemic more than people on the Internet. You know, like they and I my hat is off to Thriller and also all the people who are like, you know, I'm not just going to sit at home and do nothing. I'm going to try to make something happen, you know, are we waiting for life to get back to how it was or are we going to create something new?


And I I loved it. I love the whole event. I thought it was amazing. But I definitely think that, you know, this could be the future of how things are and the new normal. Right.


Well, it also goes to show, like, our celebrities, even like. Like how far away is like an influencer from a celebrity, you know, I'm saying because I feel like we'll each have like a different kind of fan base, like think about it like Jake Paul has.


You just said. Thirty five million views on things that he does, right? Yeah.


I mean, like celebrity. It is a celebrity. But I'm saying like I'm talking like Jennifer Aniston, like. You mean like Denzel Washington who have made like, insane frickin movies that like our older generations know. But now, like the younger generations are looking up to these influencers and YouTube stars as like they're huge celebrities. Well, yeah, I think because when we were when we were kids, right.


The celebrity was the actor and the actress and the athlete.


I mean, those were kind of the only celebrities.


But now, because there's all these different platforms, it allows for anyone to be a celebrity.


So it doesn't really matter, I guess, what your profession is like before.


Like, the only respect that's like that can even bring it back to us with, like, reality stars, like reality stars were it was kind of like it was more of a joke. Now, a real respected celebrity was kind of the actor or the actress.


But, yeah, I mean, that's that's changing because people want to watch what they want to watch.


And short form content is blowing it up huge.


It's easy to watch you finish it in five minutes.


I think, like Logan palls, his YouTube blogs are literally five minutes and they'll get 15 million views.


Wow. And I don't want to keep talking right now, even though we're on a podcast. So it only fucking makes sense.


Regardless of regardless I want to go back regardless of the pandemic. Mike Tyson is always Mike Tyson coming back. Fighting in a ring is always going to draw. Yeah. Is insane. Insane. Yeah. I'm so proud of him. I'm just so happy. Like he's like comeback story. I mean, I love it. He was hilarious too. I thought it was so funny. And also them having seen a dog, I thought that was great.




When I was playing I was playing NHL when we were on I don't play video games, but we were really locked down in core team.


Joe, are you OK this morning?


Yeah, I no, I don't know if I'm OK anymore. You can leave the house. You can't leave the house. I still don't know what the fuck is going on.


But anyways, I agree.


I was playing NHL on PlayStation and Snoop Dogg's the announcer in the game. And I was like, that's Snoop Dogg. So I don't know. I don't know. I guess if you could do the job, you could do the job. Yeah.


I mean, I will say when Jake Hall, when he knocked out Nate Robinson, the commentary from Snoop Dogg, he yelled, Oh, it was fantastic because.


No, no, I don't think a normal one would ever a normal commentator would never have given us that. They wouldn't let them know. And he is Kayode like, no, he was freaking out. Oh, God, it was great.


It was like a street fight. It was just great.


But that's. Yeah, and that's fun to listen to, too, because you could relate to it. Yeah. Oh, that's exactly how I would have announced exactly what I said when I saw it. I was like what. I had to take a breath. I had to say everything I said is getting up. Oh jeez.


But I will say I saw I followed this on social media and I and then they said that Nate Robinson had the biggest he he he got out of it and was like super sweet and and took all the heat that he was getting.


I mean, they had like a Nate Robinson challenge where you would just lay on the grass and like I mean, they went for I mean, the names on Twitter were insane. But everyone said, like, I thought I saw some of the basketball players saying, like, he came right back into our group chats and was like, yeah, man. He got me, like, completely cool about it and not upset. They got to could play it up because I will tell you, the Internet is brutal at times.


OK, so do you want you don't want to do anything bad or mess up or screw up because they will come after you. Yeah.


And he I think I think he you know, he was like, you know, I yeah. I got knocked out. I'm going to just get to own it. I like that. Yeah. It was, it was it was really great. And the best thing about this is because it got so much they talked about it so much. Trailor, I'm sure has a line of people now that want to fight Jake. Paul, so I called out so many people.


He a lot of McGregor. I'm like, what do you want to die unconfused? Yeah.


There's definitely a difference between an amateur fighter against Conor McGregor, who's actual who's a champion and.


Well, yeah, boxing is.


Yeah. You you need experience with boxing, like you can be the best athlete in the world. But if you don't have experience in the ring. You're going to get knocked out, and that's exactly what happened, and he he got knocked out. He walked into that punch. I mean, it was it was brutal.


Yeah, it was it revenge that I box quite a bit. Well, with my trainer. OK, not like that. But like I tell you, like, if there was a minute when I was entertaining, getting in a ring and finding another chick and I still do entertaining, I actually like it way more than I let on. And also and it's really fun and I think you feel really good, just like but like kick boxing someone right now you're the Bachelorette.


Are you out of your box a lot. I can do a little disappointed and basically I dress and I could work with my hands and I put some gloves on too. But it's like real boxing, like what they were doing. I'm talking like a real boxing like, oh, I just I just box one on one with my trainer and he. Like teaches people to be in fights and all that kind of stuff, so like he trains me like I'm trying to go into a fight, so we'll try to get the best.


Oh, my God. You want to go pee so good, it would be so good. Yes, I love that. That would be so good. I'm not kidding. Like, I think I would really thoroughly enjoy it. But anyway, we love that. You never know.


You never know. I think exercise and working out is also a very good way to relieve stress and get rid of negativity. And I think it'll be good for you.


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I don't know if you guys saw, but like Chrissy Teigen almost had me in tears about her and about her post. And then also Camilla was talking about falling in love with Sean Méndez. And that was a whole thing. And our own girl, Claire, went on her Instagram also, and she had some heartfelt words about rising above the negativity. Yeah. And just how people pass judgments on her because she was the former bachelorette, now The Bachelorette.


And I'm sure she's just been getting a lot of just in her post, I felt her post as social media people. We feel we feel her posts. And I think being in the public eye, I mean, everyone's looking at you right now. Everyone is zeroed in on you and your life and nit picking every little thing. How how does that feel? How do you deal with that? It's a big thing. Well, I feel I mean, we've all experienced it because we've had a little bit of moments on television, but.


I think the hardest part is just knowing that, like. You're actually living your life when you're doing all that and then also making a TV show so people see what the show is supposed to see and they forget that like your heart is invested and your decision making, there's way more things that play into that decision that you make than what they're sitting at times. And it does hurt when people start to, like, brag on you because like you want to defend yourself, you're like, hold on a second.


Like, if only you knew, like, you wouldn't be coming at me right now. But it's like it it's you have to have tough skin. And it sucks because. I am not the type of person that is used to having people question me or like come back at me and like, oh, no hate on me. And I will tell you, I experienced that on, like, BATCHELLER at some point. And it was really, really hard.


Like I took Michael. Like I was like in a state of depression for a hot minute, just because it's something to like. Get used to to learn to not let affect you, and just like these people don't know who you are and it's. I don't know, what do you guys think? Have you guys ever did you guys experience a little bit of hate on your season? Yeah, I think I you know, when you have so many followers, it's not normal to you're never going to be able to please everyone.


I mean, it's always, always disagree with you.


There's going to be people all of there's always going to be somebody that doesn't like you and yadda, yadda, yadda.


But it's the nature of the beast. Right. You have to weigh. Claire. Yeah.


She's upset that she's getting hate at the same time. Right. And we could all do it if I wanted to. I can get rid of my Instagram, open up a new one and have a thousand followers that I'm close with. Yeah, that's it. But I outweigh the bad with the good because having a large following on social media opens up.


It's not just money. It opens up a lot of doors.


It allows you to do other things. It allows you to better your life.


So like you said, you got to have tough, tough skin, suck it up, deal with it.


And if you don't want to, the truth is, if we didn't want to not show you're a little different, you're currently on TV.


So it is different for you. But if we don't want to, we don't have to deal with it.


Like, I really don't have to buy. Like, I could just get rid of my social media. Yeah, yeah.


I mean, I understand that people always say like it will and don't sign up for reality television. And like, I get that at the same time, you're still human. You need me. Right. Right, right. You do still. I understand. Don't go do it if you don't want to get anybody's opinions or criticism and all that kind of stuff. But at the same time, it's like. I wanted it I wanted to go on the show originally just to give myself a chance that something really had nothing to do with the TV show.


I mean, I know it's such a wild concept for some people to grasp, but it's just like sheer like you knew you were doing something. But like, I thought it was just a fun opportunity to take, like, what if I did fall in love? That would be super cool.


You know, I, I definitely on my season, I got I got so much. Yeah. Like you said, it was a state of depression because you have people that are saying things to you, especially when you are a person of color. And the main thing that they have to say is about color, the color of your skin, so that it was really rough because in my normal life, I don't have to deal with that and know.


Yeah, we signed up for a show. But you don't think that you sign up for a show and people are going to send you hateful things and hate speech because of the color of your skin? You know, like Jeez Louise, it's like when people said things about me in conversation that I had with Peter or whatever this or that or OK, I get that. But the other part of it, the hate speech. No, no one signs up for that.


Right. So I do think that I do think that it is it is rough. But like Joe said, you can't just I mean, I deleted Instagram for two years before, of course, I was on the show, but I deleted Instagram for two years. And I yeah, I didn't deal with it. I didn't have as big of a following. But to Joe's point, again, I feel like I can influence and help people more than that in that drowns out the when people send beautiful messages to me about things that I post that have helped them, that drowns out all the ridiculous, all the all the hate.


But when I first got off the show, yeah, I would be dumb and people would be bad left and right. People are like, don't comment and say some crazy stuff because I'm coming back, OK? And then I got I got over it. I got to I said like a thing or two. It's funny though, because I feel like if there's one thing I've learned, as someone has said, like have these people would never actually say these things to your face.


And it's just like you just me outside standing outside because there are so real the times like I have called somebody out be like, do you feel better now? Like did you get off your chest?


And they actually like, you know, I'm so sorry. I was drinking a lot of wine last night and I was like in my frickin feels and like I'm like, that's fine. But like not realizing I'm a person too. So it's just like. At the end of the day, I will say that I am such a lucky girl because I. I have so much love right now from this season, everything that I feel like people are really happy and it's exciting and like.


I am so blessed, I will say that because I know sometimes not everybody gets that, but I will say those people that are using, like all the negative stuff like that, it's usually one percent of the people, but they just are a little bit louder because it's negative. Right. There's so much love out there. There's so much like positivity. And the thing is, also social media, as silly as this is, there's some people that are not on social media.


And like you might think, the whole world hates you on social media because there's like ten people that are like giving you shit. But like, you could talk to you about it, like your neighbor, like like really like people thought that about you, like. It says one percenters that are thinking those negative things and you just cannot give attention to it. OK, so here's the thing, right? Because I agree 100 percent with that. But how do you stop yourself?


Because I go down the rabbit hole as well. I'll read something and then once I start reading, then I can't stop. And then I start forming my own your own opinions.


And I'm like, all right, all right, let's do this.


I think the way you stop is not to do it in the first place. Right. And if and if you do and if you do do it, I think going back and then looking at it, literally looking for the positive, that's what I do. If I see someone say some stuff, I'm like, OK. And then I go back and I look for the positive and I'm like, well, you know, f you because this person thinks I'm pretty cool.


This person liked what I believe. This person this, this and this. Right. Also, like you said, no one's coming to me, especially after this podcast. And you're a boxer. Nobody saying the same thing. No one is saying to your face, it's like, yeah, when you think about that, you're like, I'ma let you be the miserable person.


The one thing that the one thing that Claire said, she said, hurt people, hurt people. And that's when you really get down to it and you say, you know what? This person has something going on in their life and they want to bring me down to so and that's not for me and it's my choice to be brought down there as well or not. It's different when, you know, a family member or someone very close to you has something negative to say to you that hurts a little a little differently.


But I think people who don't know you at all, it's like you're projecting and that's really what they're doing, is whatever bad day they had onto you. And it's and it's unfair and that's unfair. So I think realizing that and knowing that, I would never say anything hurtful towards you because I'm having a great day. Right. Yeah. And it's you're exactly right. And I feel like one thing that I do do is I go to my closest friends and family, like, did I screw up?


Like, if I screwed up, they would tell me. I mean, half the time everyone was like, no, what are you talking about? And then you just talk about these fears and then you kind of let it go. Yes, yeah. Yeah.


Social media, social media isn't real life.


It's something I'm doing now is when I catch myself on it and reading and scrolling and scrolling, I stop and think, OK, what can I do to make better use of this time?


And I'll go work out. I'll read a book, I'll write something out. He just you can't won't you get lost in it.


It's just so hard to pull yourself out of it.


So you just it is. And then we forget to live real life like and this is you know, this is a pop culture podcast that I saw.


I think Drake posted a photo where he it it was it was recently he just posted it where he said, I have to look it up.


He's just actually put this on it, not with it. I, I'm not sure if it was with this some, but I really liked what he said. Oh yeah.


People love to hate Drake, but they been to his music though. Oh that's what he said.


Life when you say life could look good in a picture but we don't live in pictures. Just know that.


And that's the truth is that it's a highlight reel that yeah.


When I read that, that really helped me because I got myself like lost and and I'm like, what am I doing? Like, what am I doing?


Why am I looking at all this stuff, you know? Yeah. So that's so good, Joe. It's that and it's thinking about the other thing that gets me to get out of that point is thinking like I'm literally giving this person so much. What is that word and so much power over my energy and how I'm thinking about myself. Like, why am I giving you the power? Like, honestly, move on. It's like that's why it's like where that's why I'm giving you the power of my life.


You don't know me like I mean. Yes. So anyway, negativity, honestly, if you're out there and I've ever said a negative comment, be better if you haven't just continue to spread. But because honestly, at the end of the day, like, why does it make you feel better to spread around hate like now, but it makes you feel good to be positive.


And if you ever said a negative comment to me before, you know, it really you know, it really helps me out is I was celibate for a year.


And Joe, look, OK, Joe is a truthful, truthful podcast. Joe, this is a podcast. OK, we tell the truth. I'm lying. I'm lying, I'm lying.


But I did find this one article about this.


This woman was talking about how she was celibate for a year, and it really helped her during this quarantine time of just being comfortable with being alone because being celibate for that time just helped her rediscover shit about herself.


And she was getting more into the arts and just she just really learned how to, I guess, love herself in a way.


What she said, it's nice, but that means no sex.




Which some may say that is the greatest thing in the world. Right.


So is that what you think? Do you think that sex and food.


Yeah. That together.


But I think like those are you you've never had you know, I don't know.


I think I don't you need to marry a like a chef. That's. Yeah, but I don't mix like when it comes to bedroom stuff. I don't want any no food. Not even like I'm not even like a whipped cream guy. Like I don't need any of that.


I agree. I, I like, I don't like dirty. All right. Let's talk about this though. What is the long as you think what is the longest you've been celibate for and what's the longest you think you could go, go, go, go.


Oh, how do you answer that question first? OK, I would say the longest I went and. Sure, including everything, because blow jobs, the whole thing.


No, no, no, no, I'm just saying we're this we're including nothing.


I think I went twenty four hours.


No, no, no. I've definitely gone for I've probably gone for six months as a as a young lad back in back.


And I don't know where I'm going with that.


I would say probably six months. And I think in your 30s, how long have you went with in your 30s. OK, fine. That's a fair question of calling you and saying, oh, my gosh, so I would say the longest I would probably be in my thirties, probably, probably three months to that is surprising to month to month.


How about you guys? Natasha, she's ready to talk. Well, I will say this again. I mean, this is I mean. I will say, I don't know. I wish I had the person I wish I had taken this quarantine because she had a lot she didn't have to worry about the.


It's men ready to do whatever she wants it, but when I got the look, y'all got me on this thing.


Natasha, are you all right? OK, now.


OK, how long? I have went very long. I'm going to I'm going to answer this question. I will say this now that I am dating with purpose and I am not into what the term empty sex, I could I could wait a very long time because I that we talked about this before, about going back to exes and blah, blah, blah. It's like I just being with someone new for me. I just want to know that this is growing into something, having a frivolous thing, unless he is like drop dead gorgeous, hot, like, just like just all the things that I need and want in that moment.


And I'm probably drank a little bit too much that I'm not. Never say never. But yeah, it would have to be one of those circumstances a lot. And one night stands. I've never been into that.


So I feel like I could go pretty, pretty long without actually hooking up with someone because I'm what I'm looking for now is so much more substantial than just a hookup. And it's like deeper than an empty sex situation. That makes sense. No, but I mean I mean, Joe doesn't like the the very covered up response, but, I mean, you're going to get much out of me either because I'm serious, though. I'm anxious. I want to get in my mentality.


Nine months. There you go. I went nine months without.


OK, let me ask you this before. OK, OK. During those nine months. Yes.


No, Joe, don't ask that. Joe, don't you dare.


I'll talk about denial, Tom, and ask it. You don't have to respond. OK, go, go, go.


How long were you master of your domain.


Oh my God. My mother. My poor mother. No estate again. This might not be a nice answer that you like, but I will say that I believe in the release of energy. So if you feel that you like, so do I will say so. Here's the thing. I work out a lot and normally that is my release of energy. Right. But during this pandemic. There hasn't been as much, Jim, and this and that.


I mean, I still work out, but not like vigorous working out. So I understand why the sales on sex toys and things like that went up during the. I get it. I get it. I understand it. I get it. So I think that what I'm saying is if you feel the urge. To release your energy, you should whenever whenever you want truth, I don't think there's a I don't think there's anything wrong with that.


I personally went I've gone 20 I think like twenty two or twenty three days before of what is it, a long time doing it every day.


Releasing your.


No I went, I went twenty three days without, without oh.


Being master of my domain which I thought was pretty good but it was bachelor in paradise and there was really no where to go. That's how that worked way.


But I'm saying I didn't, I didn't I, I can masturbate during bachelor paradise.


Why only one days I didn't do anything because it would be weird because first of all, you live in a room with like other people.


Yeah, I would have been weird. Do you think celibacy can help you be a better partner? Do you think that if you were celibate for this whole time and then you met Bay and then you guys started dating and you had not been with someone for a very long time, do you think it could help you in that relationship?


Do you think that's something, Ray question?


I mean, I think that if like I think that if your relationship is like sex, basically everything, if that's like. One of the main foundations of your relationship, I think that you might want to explore that other like celibacy as with your partner, just because I don't know, like that's what you are going to have times where, like, that spark is just like on the rocks or not. They're like, what do you just like not you don't have anything in common anymore.


I don't know. I waited till marriage. So that being said, like. I now have a different outlook, I think I've said this before on a podcast. I now have a different take on that. I feel like it's like. Before marriage is important, because that's such an intimate thing with your partner and you need to. I think it's something you have to explore. To be honest now, I'm not saying like, go. Do you, like, have a one night stand?


Every single day. I'm just saying, like, it should be the foundation of your relationship. I think it should definitely be a thing that you can connect on because I think it's very, very special.


But I'm like you. No, I don't know. I have a different take on that stuff. I like how you said earlier. You date with intention. I've always dated with intention. I don't really I married my first boyfriend, for Christ sake. Like, I don't really have many past hookups. I'm not a girl that does that kind of thing. But I don't know. I just find intimacy is very, very sacred.


So that's I think that's I think that's really nice. And I think that's how honestly, I think that's the way to find yourself in a healthy relationship.


I really do.


So I think if you're just going around, you know, humping all over the place, it makes it hard to actually meet someone.


Absolutely. Someone that you can actually spend your life that you want to grow with. I mean, like if it's there, it's frickin there. I mean, unless it's something that you hear, it's going to just make your relationship even better. And it is true. I do think it is true when they say that a woman knows within the first five minutes of meeting a guy if she would hook up with him or not. Like, absolutely. Women know.


So, oh, let's let's keep let's dig a little deeper into what does that mean?


You know you know, a lot of women well, you know, we know whether we hook up with you in a year from now or whenever we know if we would or we want it. We we do within I think within the first five minutes. Yeah. Well, I'm somewhat intrigued with someone like it's like I'm like, oh, yeah, I would give this guy more time, but I mean. Do you ever look at do you ever look at a guy, is there ever is there ever been a scenario where you've looked at someone and said, I would hook up with him based solely off of looks?


Or do you see Liam Hemsworth? Have you seen any of the men on my season?


So so that so looks sexual attraction is the answer to that.


Yes. But no, they don't sleep with everybody. Doesn't mean I don't have like that thought.


You don't mean that. You bet you would. Yeah, but I also think that for us it's like a conversation because some guys just how just like guys have like a type like maybe they like this or that, whatever. I think women, there's certain things about men that we like. For some women they are what do they call sapience, sexual? They are into their mind. Right. And so talking to them, they might say, oh, wow, yeah.


This guy is really smart or he's this or that. And so I think some guys, maybe physically they're not your type, but then you feel this like energy and you're like, oh, this feels different, right? I feel like I feel like I have that moment.


I remember that moment on the season. She had that with a guy. You know, I'm more of a person.


Like if I if I personally if I feel safe with you, you I'm more like me. OK, OK.


What's your burning question. Question time. Oh shit.


I will, I will refer to you Natasha, because that's just the kind of gentleman that I am.


Oh really. Oh really.


Yes. Oh wow. You know what Olivia has she had such a great question. Did that's why you go OK, fine, you go you take this.


Thank you for being a gentleman though. We appreciate that. Yes. Yeah.


Is there any one right now after this current episode? OK, it's not how you feel currently, but after this current episode. You feel is there one person that stands out that actually you feel safe with? Yes, I know the answer. OK, what is his name?


OK, guys, I am so, so, so excited to introduce you to our next guest, Adam Hambrick. I had the pleasure of watching him perform at a very intimate date of mine. It was a little private concert for this my which you will see next week. But I am so thrilled that he can join us here today. He is not only an insanely talented singer, but a brilliant songwriter who's probably written for some of your favorite artists before.


So like I said, you guys will see him next week on The Bachelorette. So make sure you tune in. But everyone, please say hi to Adam. Adam.


It is so good to see you. It's so funny. I actually just messaged back on Instagram, but. Hi.


Hi. How are you? All right. Are you crazy life right now.


Oh, my gosh, it is it is a whirlwind, I will tell you that much, but I am so thankful for everything and the fact that I got to meet you. During that entire journey, which made it so much more special to me and now that we're here talking and it's been like a secret for so long now, we can talk about it. Let me know what's been going on since I saw you in. Be honest, Natalya's, when isn't it?


It's it's been like everybody in the music business right now.


We're like we're all just I mean, we're all just like shut down. We're not touring. So I've been just a ton of work on the music and and just kind of like getting ready to put some new music out at the top of the year. But really, it's been a good time, but with family and stuff, too, because we moved this way, we kind of moved houses this summer and then so we've been trying to get settled in.


But then also I just kind of dig in and and get to spend time with the kids and and just kind of be like at home dad for a little bit. But it really is an.


Yes. That's a good job when it comes to. Right.


When it comes to writing music and just making music. Do you find it harder now to find inspiration opposed to pry?


I think inspiration as well as things where when you look for it, you find it.


And and like a lot of people, it it's kind of like ethereal thing where you like you just wait for it to come. But it's like anything else, man. It's a discipline. It's like if you if you put yourself in a position to be creative, then then that stuff kind of comes. I mean, if you're thinking if you're thirsty to create, you'll make good stuff, I think.


Yes, honestly, I am so excited for our listeners to see you perform next week and hear the song that you are actually doing, Carentan, and which is it's beautiful. So aside from that, you are writing that song and then having the opportunity to sing it. Did you have fun? Did you feel like it? Did the song Justice for one of US?


I've never been on TV before, so I was nervous.


But I want to be your date with your son.


It was it was special for a lot of reasons. One, because of that, I mean, it's the biggest opportunity I've had since I started this kind of artist and my career. And then also there's my daughter.


We like dogs and also especially just the song itself.


It kind of plays like a love song. But for me, I wrote it in a lot of ways for my wife, who she's a physician assistant, and she's kind of on the front lines of all this covid-19 stuff. Most of her job and all this has been like just some people for this virus and stuff. And so so it's kind of like had a direct impact on our family. But then, like, I wrote this song, kind of like as a as a love letter to all those people who kind of step in when stuff sort of goes wrong, like our medical professionals.


But firefighters, military police, like just people who step in and put it, put themselves on the line when things kind of go sideways and that's it. But that can also be like your friends and your family the hard time. It's just like the people who lay themselves on the line for you. That's that's what this all that's good for. Oh, so beautiful. I love that before you before you went on the show, were you a Bachelor fan?


Did you watch the show with you? I actually did not.


So I think before this time of the season, I've seen a grand total of I think maybe a half an episode, like maybe maybe a hundred cumulatively.


But I've like gone all in this season. I like I like from the word go, I'm like, OK, we're just we're just going to dive in. I've been doing these weekly recaps.


Yeah. I saw that.


I was going to say for someone that has a watch recap, it is just like a silly thing.


Some friends of mine, they started a Rosie Rosie company.


So I thought it'd be like funny to have a dude watching The Bachelorette and drinking only rosé out of a hands in superfans that time out there out of there all day.


OK, OK, so who's your favorite and then who's your not so favorite. Give us give us your favorite team.


I can only go through favorite from a TV from a TV perspective, but from the TV.


Exactly. Exactly. You don't know his name personally but then it cracks me up and it is like he's building his he's got a shtick that is just unbelievable. And I know he's a really smart dude, obviously a really smart dude. I got to like I'm really curious, like how much he's in on the shtick attitude and like like how much is he just like right with that and how much is like real. Because when he gets real, like you can tell he's like, OK, this is real me mode.


I feel like I don't know. Right.


But that's what I'm so confused about with him. Is Zahavi a guy that date will have to answer the answer, the questions.


It was like, how come that I would say very funny. And it's funny because I don't want people to think that that was edited. It was so funny. Like it was like one after the other. And I was just like, where did you go to school? It was so funny.


It was so it was we called him out.


And I want to bring it back a little bit back to your music career.


So you've written you've written some number one songs written written for. Monster artist, do you find it more rewarding to write and perform your own song or write and watch somebody else?


That's a good question. It's like 10 years ago, I didn't even know any of this was a thing like I was I was making music on the side of it back home in Arkansas. And I love that. Like it was it was just like I was working two jobs, doing a video graphic design work. And then music was just kind of like the fun thing I did on the side, like I always sang with my family growing up. So I guess music has always been a part of my life.


And so, like, even just getting a step in and getting into music full time is a career that was a big deal to me. And and so like so at that level, I'm grateful for all of it. But to kind of write songs I kind of like slowly started to realize like that music was just like the writing and performing the singing, like the whole thing. Like it was all sort of one thing. And the more I kind of like leaned into the writing, the more I wanted to perform.


And the more I performed, the more I want to write for the performance.


And like, I just kind of flows in each other in a way that I think is really cool. And if you love being creative and you love the idea of creative and you love making stuff, I believe that that's like when I was kind of put here for was to make stuff and love that.


What age did you start? I think I wrote my first song when I was in the fourth grade for like nine or ten.


I just like it just like feel like whatever. But then I gave I gave a girl a cassette tape with a song that I wrote in eighth grade. Oh, my gosh, it's hard to get together.


Oh, you didn't get out either, but she's really kicking a 10 year old Adam Hambric girl and I know that she's telling that she's telling that story to someone right now.


Like you said, we're still friends.


She's not saying that. Damn it, Adam, you're in you're in Nashville, correct? Oh, nice. Is that do you feel like that is the music capital of the world, man?


For me it is. I can see, like, there's so much great stuff in it and there's so much great stuff. Even still in New York, less so now. It used to be, but but I feel like there's such a wide range of stuff that you can do.


And more and more people are moving to Nashville reasons. And so for me, it's definitely the capitals of of the music world. I just think there's so much that you can do from Nashville now that you couldn't have done 10 years ago. So, yeah, I kind of I kind of think it is I kind of think it's the future of the future hub of music.


What's a dream artist you can write a song for?


That's what want man Garth. Garth would also be happy if he was the first artist that I am. Al Jackson would first like to artists that like really latched on to. But the other one, the one that has become like just my dude is John Mayer. When John Mayer was first released, that ran for Square's record, like that was a game changer record for me, like kind of stopped me in my tracks and like, I want to play guitar like that, do that.


And yeah.


So I mean, he would be a dream collab, but I mean, it's like we'll see. I got them down to levels.


Where do you if you what's for you as an artist. What's the end game. What's your what, what, what do you want.


I feel like music a lot of times, especially right now. And all this like uncertainty like music kind of is every song is like. Sending up a balloon and you just like see where it goes and I feel like I feel like for me that's what it is like if I if I'm here and I'm here to create and I'm here to make stuff and connect with people and kind of like let my music be a part of their stories the way it's been mine.


That's like the connecting thing. Then all I can do is make it put it out and hope that people connect to it. I can't really I can't really say what the end goal is, because the more I know, the more I try to control stuff like.


The more is the you. Do you never know where it can go, so why put yourself in a little box and mean like I like the whole thing through definite? No, I'll take you.


Do you I want to know, since you had this amazing journey from writer to performer and now you're doing all of it. Do you have any advice for young future writers or singers or performers or people that maybe they put it on the backburner, but now we're in quarantine and you can get that pen out and you can start writing? Do you have any advice? Man, that's a good question.


In Nashville, Nashville can be kind of a funny place because everybody's right, everybody's next to everybody. The people who haven't had success yet, right next to Ashley and 60, No. One, the astonishing number is and and so you kind of run again, you bump into people. And when you do that, you look at them, you see their success, and people kind of wear success like clothes, like I don't have any clothes he's going to go hide.


But I think that's I think that's becoming more true now with with social media. Like everybody looks at the success of other people and you're tempted to, like, either try to dress up what you have and make it look like success, which is trying too hard, or you, like, retreat into yourself and you don't try. And the best thing you can do is write in the work and be inspired by other people, be inspired by their success and be inspired by where it can take you.


But but but don't use success as a measuring stick because it will always, always, always leave your it'll leave your work not as quality. It'll it'll make you less authentic. And I mean, I struggle with that every day. And I think everybody who is in music and in art in some kind of way kind of can do that. So I would say, just like all you can do is work and and and hustle and look for the opportunities as they come.


But let the opportunities come because of the work you're doing, not because of you're trying to fabricate some sort of like facade and all that stuff I've been guilty of. I'm still guilty that sometimes. That's so good. Well, OK, I have one last question to ask you.


I know that last of the song that you performed, which is the word. Which I thought was a perfect song, but if do you still think that you had chosen that song to sing on that date or if there was another one that you also really love, like there was a song that they requested for me, for me to play. So I was like, I mean, you guys you guys pick, you know, what the vibe of the day is supposed to be.


And we put out a song called The Long Life Here.


That's that's which I like.


Which I love, which I love. I really do love it. And so so that would be one if I if I had if I had to do it over again, it'd be a coin flip between those two, probably because that song, when we got it, we run.


We we filmed the show. The longer I lay here by Adam Hambrick, people there, it is so good to us. I'm I got one more question.


Are you going to continue being a bachelor bachelorette?


I think so. Like, I don't know if I'll be, like, in every episode of God, but I will. But I will pay attention in a way that I have not yet. All right. Thank you.


Watch this. As long as you watch our show on our ass, OK? OK, we got one more question. I have one you say.


I was going to say that I sent you essentially that message because I was so excited when you came in and I was really excited because there's like this element of like reality TV ness, a lot of people that I've seen on the show.


But like when you came out when you came on the show, it was like it was a different thing. It was like it was like this is a real human being. Like it didn't feel you didn't feel like put on it. It didn't it didn't have any air of life, didn't have the drama air. It didn't have like all this stuff is just like she's being herself and these days are lighting. Oh it was awesome.


Thank you. Thank you very much. It means a lot to me anyway. Yes. And I went with the reality shows. My last question that I have for you is there's a lot of music competition shows as a musician. What do you think of those?




Oh, my deep breath. Hmm, oh, a lot, a lot to one of them in particular, so American Idol, my buddy Kris Allen, we went to college together and Chris Chris was on that show on season nine. And before that, I had never known anybody who had done anything in music. So like seeing Chris go on there and do that inspired me to make a record back home in Arkansas that kind of landed here in Nashville.


And so if I hadn't had that exclusive watched him go through that, I would have done it. But I have seen I've seen firsthand just with several different friends going on there. I mean, those things can really cheer you up and spit you out because there's not a development aspect to that. Like, you could go on and you're a good singer. Awesome. If you don't have, like, a full artist palette with colors with which to paint.


If you're not a good songwriter, if you're not if you're not ready, it's it's going to be easy and you're going to be there for a second to wash out.


There's only a few people who've really made that thing work for as many seasons as it's done. So I'm not saying don't do them because they're really cool and they can be a really cool moment for people. But it can also what we can also like some people as an artist. And if you're not careful and that's that's just me being honest, I don't want to deride anybody or anything like that. But no, I love that answer. I really do.


I love that because I'm not a musician. And so when I watch them, I'm like, oh, but I never thought about it, like you said, with all the different colors. And you kind of should have a little more than just being a good singer. That's wow. Yeah.


And that's just that's not to say anything about, about those shows, but but there's just only a few people who've been able to really use that as a springboard to go from there into like a kind of a great artist.


It makes total sense, really does.


You got to be able to you've got to be able to know the work and put in the work and just get that hard.


Right. Got to go hard. All right. Before we let you go, where can you tell our listeners where to find you and listen?


You can listen to us music everywhere that there is, everywhere you listen, music, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, anywhere. You can also go to your. Com listen there to all the above and just just all the regular places as Adam the first man and having to break everything.


But thank you for this is this has been a this is a huge deal to me. It's a really huge deal to my sister in law, Hillary, who is a incredible fan of the fact that I said her name on his podcast.


She's going to probably appeal by Hillary.


Oh, I am. So it makes me so happy that people like you who are so genuine and honestly talented, get like an opportunity like that. So I really hope you like I wish you all the success in the world. And I know everyone's going to love your music just as much as I did. And I truly wish the best for you. And thank you so much. Thank you so much.


Come see us in Nashville when this cold stuff slows down.


Oh, yeah. You better watch yourself, cause I will come see you just way. Thank you all. So thanks. I think and I. Isn't he the sweetest soul. So good.


So good. His answers. Great and great answers.


I didn't even think about that.


I've been dying to know about these competition shows. But yeah, you see these people who don't make it after and you're like, wait, but I mean that hard work, he hit it on the head. He's great. Yeah. He did, and you could tell like you could tell he's not just like, yeah, like being a songwriter or being able to play an instrument. Being able to sing like, you know, especially nowadays it's 20, 20.


You got to you got to bring it now.


They have it all. I just love how genuine he is. Like you could just tell he he genuinely writes music because he's like into it and he wants to perform people to make them feel a certain way. And I just can't wait for you guys to see him next. It's going to be great. Yes. Yeah, yes.


I'm into it. This is this has been a interesting podcast.


We've gotten we've gotten pretty deep on this. I know you're everywhere, you guys.


As always, it is been a blast. I know we always say this, but please follow us on Social at Click Baby and on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Yes, we want to see all the clips that you guys are getting into each week. So send us over on the TV because we want to talk about it. We love to see it and keep the Dems coming. Well, that but also, please don't forget to subscribe to our podcast on Apple podcast, Spotify, the one free app or whatever you guys are listening to now have the best weekend and we will talk to you next week.