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All right, we got the girls back together, we are kicking Joe and Hannah em off this week and we're taking over click bait because, you know, Rachel and I have been into issues before and we had to get all the dirty deeds from our girl again to really break down this week's date. So thank you for letting us hijack click bait.


Absolutely. Welcome to my neck of the woods. Click there. We have you guys from Happy Hour to finish this podcast out. And I cannot wait to get into the nitty gritty with you. Can I just say that on click bait, you guys has had some phenomenal guests. Now, like, we have good guests, but you guys have had some fantastic guests, some fantastic guests. Listen, this is pure jealousy. That's all that's coming out of.


This is pure jealousy freaking out.


I'm like, I'm looking at your page. And I'm like, OK, they have this person in that person and why have we got them?


But we just have to hijack more. It seems like you guys are coming over whenever you want. It's a fun time, I tell you. It's really great, like we've congratulated you on being The Bachelorette, but we have to congratulate you on click bait.


That's fantastic that you guys are like, you know, stepping outside of the bachelor bubble, talking about things that our audience does care about as well. So there's a bit of a crossover there, but also bringing on such fantastic guests. Thank you.


Thank you so much. I just feel like there is a space for it. And here we are and we're able to still have you guys to. Thank you, guys. I appreciate you.


And I can be I can't even imagine how much more it's going to blow up because you're now officially The Bachelorette. So people are just coming on to get the news like they want to hear the inside scoop from you, too.


So it's going to be like the best of all worlds. I only get to allow Hannah Añejo to ask me, like one like. Dying that they have, but that rule probably won't do that.


So tell me truth.


It's so funny I killed it, but that's that's what's so great is they have the inside scoop, literally as a co-host. So why would you not pick her brain as to what's going on with your season and these men? And when we back up, we haven't even asked her the question that we always ask. Hacia put both hands up into the camera. Oh, yeah. One girl. All right, just checking. Is there any jewelry, all those people on the DL girl?


It's all smooth around here. This is what I love, though. I feel like it wasn't a well-kept secret that, you know, there was the whole switcheroo and that you became The Bachelorette. But like now after this, no one does anything. It's like radio.


It's like people are trying to pick through the air to grasping at straws because no one knows I love it.


I love it. Well, it's just I don't know. It's an interesting season. I have to tell you. It's like, you know, I will say. I mean, I don't know, Claire had some pretty intense episodes, I don't know if I'll have as intense episodes as that, but like, it's pretty good. I'm not going to lie. You just have to keep watching because it's just things come out of nowhere.


Well, the teaser I mean, we see you crying, standing in a white dress, which we can only assume that's the day of the engagement. And you're crying. You're like having a breakdown. So it's just like, good grief, what's happening here? It's you think you know that you have no idea. I mean, even as a person who was down there, I would think that I was privy to so much information because I was there towards the end and I'm like, I have you guys.


I have no idea what about this? And I'm not asking because I mean back and I like to watch and not be spoiled. And and I think that's what was great, too, about this. And I want to definitely get into this first episode and dive in because so much happened in the first episode at four, you know, as it should. And I just feel like we're getting to know the men that are actually on this season. And we're not just getting a bio and a picture.


We're getting some personality with it. Absolutely. So let's dive in. OK, OK, so you have a group date, a one on one. A first night extra man. Am I missing anything? Multiple conversations with Chris Harrison. There are animals involved. There's a there's a there's blood. I mean, it seems like your point.


So we watch it was this big ass and titties we got.


So that's. There's so much happening. So much happening. Episode one.


And we are thrilled if we know I need to ask this right now, OK, we're going to just get into the group date when the guys were in their Speedos.


Did we have any wardrobe malfunctions?


Uh, no. No, we didn't.


Unfortunately, the actual black box didn't happened because, like, they were vigorously fighting in that water. Like, I've never seen anything. Like, I got kind of scared at some point. So sometimes they would pop out. There's little like ass cheeks showing our little butt cheeks showing, but like nothing but the best body.


I mean, you guys, you can't ask me that because did you see all of their bodies? Yeah, but who had the best? Kenny.


Kenny does have we talked about this? He was on the dodgeball date. He is a really good body. Oh, my God. I have to ask you this. What if it's just my nerves?


I'm getting nervous, but I love what you would you want. And then she'll she'll sit back and take a sip, take a deep sit, because I want you to answer honestly. Oh, God, what I don't want to ever do is we've talked to Claire. She is beyond happy. We're talking to you. And you are happy, too, and for different reasons and whatever. And what I don't want to do in this podcast is pick the two of you against each other.


It's two different people, two different seasons. So I don't like the way I don't want to say one and two original and like, you're both bachelorettes and it's beautiful. We welcome you into all of this. But so, girl, that I got that for now.


But it's no secret and I'm sure you were told this when you were on Colten season. Colton Sisa, you are on its. Or without. OK, I producers will tell you people from past seasons slide into your DMS and they'll hit you up. You're always warned that as of as a female, we all know this. So moving into Clara being The Bachelorette, you weren't originally chosen. So guys are are hit in February, maybe early March. And so that happens.


But they're just out there knowing they're a part of the bachelor world but don't know what's going to happen. Then Claire gets picked up and gets sent home. So the big question is, did anybody slide into your MS. Oh, before you were announced as The Bachelorette? That was from Claire season now. It you see the way she answered that and as if others did. Yes.


Who are you working with here? No, no, no, no, no.


They have not slipped into my DMS prior to maybe after you give us. We need to know. They mean who slid into my dreams after they were gone, after they knew that you were the bachelorette.


But obviously rumors. Oh, from Bachelard, nobody I've had a lot of people just in general, but nobody, you guys.


Well, he's had a lot of people in general. Next question, who is the most famous person that has slid into your DMS blue check? Oh, that's a good question, Christine, Christina, this on the podcast as well, Valy. Well, I've talked to you, I'm not going to say the name, but I've talked to L.A.. Is it cause? Maybe because he likes to pop and maybe I'm just saying I have talked to kids, I have talked to kids and actually I've talked to.


Now, I'm not convinced. Was it LeBron? No, I wish I. But if it won LeBron, it doesn't matter. Believe me, no one exciting. I wish someone really good, but no, nobody exciting.


But honestly, people that would excite was Anthony Davis. I mean, that is just great. Oh, my God, you better you better work that unibrow. I died, I literally died. My little boy died, too. Now, nobody is that exciting. I wish I the tribes, as it's called. I'm so sorry. I wish I had.


Here's what you're going to find out, though. Also, too, I think we probably all have the same demographics where it's ninety five percent female between the ages of twenty four and thirty five or six or whatever it is. Yeah, we're not a dude that's like getting hit up by all these. No host in my bikini all the time, I don't do any of that stuff, so that's just us. When I talk to other people like Demi, maybe like her grasp, her demographic is 13 to 17 year olds.


But this is amazingly girls to you. Yeah. And she also I feel like and I love that about her, too, and I feel like the same as with Hannah B and Hannah G and like some of those girls, like I feel like their demographic is just like a younger man base and with damage like jokes, like with video games, like all that kind of stuff.


So she can like I can't relate to that. And so she has a really good fanbase because of that. Yeah, but not if anything at all. I just I just want when the world opens up courtside seats. Is that too much to ask for? Is it worth your time?


You know what? We should get a bachelorette box, if anything. Oh, I'm more well, I don't know if The Bachelorette's would want to join, but definitely contestants that would want to hop in now. I definitely know, OK, now that we've just tried to tell all your business, your business people, I ask because technically this is Baso happy hour on Kallick Bay right now.


So, I mean, the T is I think this is the definition of true. Adams and Anthony Davis and the D and this is certainly. My God.


Oh, my God. That was a special correspondent for Kallick Bay. Because I can get now I can see it now. Oh, my God.


We understand that you've ever gotten like have you gotten the ones from older guys where they're like, show me your feet? Oh, I've definitely gotten those.


I get a love novel every single day from this guy named Drew. Why haven't I belong to me? I don't know. It's kind of interesting to pick you up in the morning.


And it's it's really interesting. There's some guys people are crazy, but funny. Oh, settle down.


OK, I want to get back into your guys, though, into one, because we obviously have so much to cover your entire first week there. But so we saw you give your first impression or suspense, Spencer, which we have said very easy on the eyes, but we're not quite sure how we're feeling about it.


And as I said, this is a record for saying that to me the wrong way. First is like, oh, hello. But yeah, but you guys opened his mouth a little bit too much.


He walked into it all the guys treating him not like, you know, just kind of give him the cold shoulder.


I think it would ask the same then they were not like any of the dudes I walked in and maybe I'm partial to that.


I didn't think they gave him a cold shoulder. It was jarring to know that there was a limo coming out. There was a guy coming in and he was just kind of like he didn't seem very warm and inviting. What I did notice is that thereafter, Zach, see, I think that's his initial went up to the person. Shook the hand. Yes.


Oh, that was the one, Rachel. That was the one moment where I was like, what? I mean, like, what heart? Yeah.


I mean, he shook hands with whoever it was that came through the door. And maybe maybe the first person was a little I think it was awkward on both ends.


Maybe that's what it was. Yeah. OK, you're right. You're right. You're you know, I get it. Like the sixteen guys already had lived together for a couple of weeks. They formed this bond. They were already going through hell. They had no idea what was going to happen. They didn't know who was going to walk in. And then the fact that Chris is like, hey, we're going to bring in new dudes now to take even more time that you guys like, really, I get it.


Regardless of who were to walk into the room like right away, they're not going to be overly friendly to them.


But I think the first thing that came out of Spencer's mouth was, so who's the one that pissed Claire off enough to leave her? So, yeah. Oh, honey, he was looking for it.


He was searching for you. Obviously had a good time with him that first night. Did you feel an instant connection or what was like the moment where you're like, I'm going to give him my first impression?


Rose, to be honest with you, I think it was like who caught my eye?


Like like give me that little like, oh, I mean, like he walked away from the limo and you were like, he is hot.


No, hot. Yes. That's also fun. Fact reminds me of someone I used to date. So it first came out. I was like helli like fix my eyes a little bit because I thought it was somebody else and you just made my heart skip a beat a little bit. And I think that's the first impression, isn't it? So so I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, Spencer, isn't it? Oh, the reason I say that is because the reason I say that is just because as a person who gave their first impression rose to their husband.


Mm hmm. And and this isn't a nod towards you, but you came in and such like you came in, you were meeting men who had already been a part of this process. And you find out mid date with someone that more men are coming. It was just it's like, what? Can you base it all off if you didn't have the typical first night? So if I were you, I would have been like, oh, gosh, this guy had my immediate attraction.


He made my heart skip a beat. There was something there, I think with fact and I we could more digest the conversation that we had with that person versus other people individually. They came out of the limo. Exactly. So you're what you were able to base your opinion off of your first impression? Rose, is different from what X and I got to do. And so that's why I say if you had had more time in a different opportunity, different place, I don't think you would have given it to Spencer.


I think you would have given it to someone else. That's why I say I don't know if it's just going to be there all the way through. I die on that hill, I die on the back side.


Someone was it was it just I screamed, but did centers face look very red when he was talking to you? I don't know I don't think you use this on my computer, but I was like, oh, somebody needs to film. I know it's very hot there, but OK, first of all, I'm telling you right now, we've got to clear the air on this because the first person that comes at me.


We're looking a little puffy or swollen or looking a little hot, a little flushed.


It is one hundred and twenty degrees out there in Palm Springs, California, where both of you guys came to visit me. And I will tell you, your body does wear things in the heat.


Don't look that way, though. You were the only one.


There was one day address for it and the next day it did. Not just because, like the heat, like it's just like your body just reacts to different things. And so it's just like I've never experienced that before.


And so if anyone tries to come at me, I'll be like, you tried being in one hundred and twenty degrees here, but you did not look like you were affected by the heat in any form or fashion. No.


After after the date when I saw you and helped you host, I was you walked away and I was like, what. Like what do you guys give her. She's not sweating at all. She looks gorgeous. I'm over here, literally. Sweat beads are dripping on the backs of my abs and she looks like a goddess, like, can I get some like whatever she's having right now, I will say thrive in here.


I've said that since day one. I couldn't do it in my season in Nemacolin. Absolutely not, because it's way too cold. But in the heat I can definitely do. But I will tell you there are some days I'll tell you it gets pretty hot. Yeah. I mean, I had a pool party daily which speaking of let's get into that.


So obviously first night no one has a rope, you don't have a ceremony. So everyone's safe, which I think was so good for the guys. They're like they needed that. They needed to know that they were all safe after just meeting you and after everything that they went through. So you we obviously crystals all of the guys that they'll have dates this week.


So the first one is the group date slash splash ball. And that's when we see you come out very Haileybury. Ask in your beautiful orange bathing suit, how did you go that?


Because that day was obviously like men all over the place, balls flying everywhere in the pool, very wet and hot and steamy. You went from quarantine to probably not seeing anyone to now having, what, ten plus guys on this date in their little Speedos hopping all over the place. What was going through your mind?


I was living my best frickin life. Twenty twenty. Who like honestly I. I had no cares in the world.


I was the happiest girl probably that's ever like twenty twenty. To be honest with you. I was the I'm the only girl dating twenty men.


Right. Kissing, dating and going on dates like having interactions, hugging, doing all that kind of stuff freely. Granted it took a while to get to that point. We had to do a lot of testing and whatnot and continuously getting tested. But happiest girl, obviously.


Poor Chris Harrison. He assisted through the strip dodgeball enough place.


I said like to show that I was making Chris Harrison money.


Yeah, that's true. He can't complain.


Honestly, he's the best he's the best sidekick to have when you're on this journey. To be honest, it did because he was he's a hero. He helped so much.


You know, when you came in the first night, I believe you said this and please correct me if I'm wrong. I felt I think you said you felt like your husband was in this room. Did you really feel do you say that the love of my life, actually. OK, even better. I love that you said that. You said the love of my life is in this room. Did you really feel that or did you feel like, you know what, I have to air on the side of caution when it comes to this, because I know how it is and people are asking questions.


Do you think you met the one? Did you have love at first sight? Do you think your husband's in his room and you're like, chill out? I don't even remember names now. So you feel like you really did feel like the love of your life, or were you just hopeful for it? And I'm just going to air on the side of caution now. I actually said that after I. I had talked to and I don't really remember, but either the 16 men prior to the limo coming or all of them, and I'm not kidding you when I say the conversations exceeded my expectations, like by so much.


They we were had we had really good conversations. And I think I was allowed to have more time with the men because there wasn't as many, but also because it was really important for me to actually get to know these guys. And I wasn't going to have like and I didn't have a ceremony, so I was able to actually talk to them without. Having feeling like there was going to be pressure mean. But now having those conversations, like I feel like my heart is in the right place and like I feel like their hearts are in the right place and it just felt so different.


Yeah. And I think that's the other part that people don't realize or like they just forget about it. Like you go on this show. With your heart open to finding love, it's very different than going out to a bar and just meeting a guy, you don't know if he's ready for it, you don't know if he has a girlfriend at home or whatever it is. So it's like being in this situation like you already have, like that kind of out of the window.


So you're kind of a little bit vulnerable, more vulnerable than normal. And I feel like the way that these guys like their journey started and then start having me like they were just so there and it was like nothing I've ever experienced. So, yeah, I really did feel like the love of my life was in that room. When I tell you I, I didn't have a good talk to you guys, it's because I really, truly was like, holy crap.


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I like that you went in and didn't necessarily know who your top guys were going to be right away because like if you like, when you're just in that mindset of openness, of giving all of these guys the equal time and a fair shot, it's so different. And if there's anything we've learned from this year, it's like all the rules are out the window, like things change things. You know, you just kind of have to go on the fly and and wing it.


And that's why I think as a viewer but also just seeing the men's reactions and interactions with you is so refreshing.


It's truly like we have never seen this before. And so it's a really refreshing thing to see you just go in wholeheartedly. I will say there. Rachel, I'm glad that you asked this question, because there I think, like you said on the podcast, actually, I'm happy hour one said, it's like the producer's dream to get that sound bite out of you of like, oh, my husband is in the room or my fiance is here or something like that.


And I always felt so uncomfortable, like there was a moment like halfway through where I was like, OK, I really, truly think like the person's here.


But at first I was like, oh, I just met these guys.


Like, I don't know, I'm cool. It it's it's it's hard to gauge. But I love that you took your own approach on it and you're just like, I'm open to it.


Well, because I, I truly did say to myself, OK, I'm not going to say unless I actually feel it. And like instead of saying I feel like my husband is like what came out of was loving my life, like I just went with it and. Yeah, so the first week I know ACIS, I'm happy hour, but first night you only kissed Spencer, he gave the first impression or two and then obviously the more time you spent with the guys on the group dates, you kissed a little bit more.


So I have to ask this, who's the best kisser?


And. Anyway, the ones that you've seen so far will actually Breton's of Kesar. But I guess how you read into that, yeah, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you really that because he couldn't even finish saying how much he's been waiting to kiss you and you went in and I actually like that you took control of it because what our our viewers don't understand is a lot of times these guys are very shy to make the first move.


They don't want to come off a little too aggressive. And I like that you were like, just shut up and kiss me. You didn't say that like your actions did, and I appreciated that.


But she did say, I think one of your items you said, like, I think he can't stop staring at my lips and I can't stop staring at it either. It's the first day I for sure thought I was going to kiss him because he really was staring at my lips. But I was staring at his I don't even know what that means, that the person I honestly I heard a couple of things and I was just like mesmerized by him.


And it didn't happen because Chris came. So that kiss was long awaited. I'm telling you which speaking of Brendan, I made a mistake a couple of weeks ago. I thought Brandon, who was unclear season, who went home, who turned out to be not great. I thought that was be money. And Rachel, it's really this Brendon who goes by B money and he's the one that we like. This is the one that we like in the BIOS.


So I'm glad that he's getting more airtime.


This is the good we see corrected what it is B money. So what I did like oh shoot. I lost my train of thought. Something about the money. I was going to say he wore a turtleneck.


He said he looks just like has such a childlike soul like heart.


I feel like that. Just very sweet. Definitely. Definitely. And I think that's why I had so much fun with him on our date, because it's just like it was so hot that day. Oh. Riding horses around. What was it? Tell me.


Well, something that you said. You said it was so hot. You know, you're riding around horses. That's always a lot of fun. But, Teisha, you were ready to call it quits. And I was like, oh, my God, do we have another Claire on our hands at this point? You said, I'm ready to rope him up and and saddle up and ride. I'm paraphrasing here, but ride off into the sunset with him.


And I thought, oh, my God, it's happening again.


Bessler it.


But you guys, I Morsan, like, what was it about Brenston that really had you feeling all those feelings about him? I did say that and they aired it.


This is why she's like, I don't know.


Do I want to know?


I did say that. And I think it's just because to be honest with you and. I told him we had a long discussion about being married and divorced and all that kind of stuff, but it was the first time that I've had a conversation with a man that. I could really relate to me, kind of understood where my heart and my head has been, and I was the first out of all my friends to get married. So, like, even going as divorce process was so hard because no one could relate to me.


No one knew what I was talking about. No one could even like except for like give me another glass of wine and like rub my back to be like no one had any insight into that. And I just remember sitting there and having him tell me exactly how I was feeling like how he dealt with it and. What that meant for him, like I swear to you, he was like speaking the words that were like everything I've ever felt. So it was just it was we connected very deeply, very quickly.


But also, he is super hot. He's a really good kisser. And like, I just had fun with him and like, honestly, it was just like this lighthearted, fun date that I was just like, I can do this.


Like, this is fun. I can at least do it. What made you want to pick him for that first one on one?


He caught my eye and I won the turtleneck. You know, it's funny because they always like so much fun of them because of his damn turtlenecks.


I mean, rightfully so. I like any of these and some other degrees. But you guys, yeah, it's the desert and the fact that. Twenty five old.


There is something about the first date that you have your first one on one ECUs was with Blake. Mine was with Peter versus with Brendan. There's something that there's initial an initial attraction that makes you give that person the first date card. But then there's something that surprises you on that date in a way that you never expected to be surprised with before. And it's it's it's a beautiful surprise. And you're not I just you you you ladies know exactly what I'm talking about.


And it's something that carries through throughout your season that no matter who else you start falling for, you say, but the one person I have the date with because you surprised each other in a way that you thought, oh my God, this can actually work. And that's what you hold on to. So Branson is a person to watch because being past leads, we know how important that first date is. It's not just reaffirming for the guy who gets it.


It's just the way that you are surprised by that person that you're like. But Brendon. But but Peter. And we've have all been there. They go far that.


Yeah, it's like they're the ones that you spend the most initial up front time with, but you really form such a special bond and connection with them that like they for the most part, they're the ones that make you have that switch in your brain where you're like, this is working. Like, this is why I'm here for this feeling right now. Right. I'm getting chills thinking about this.


I know. But you guys are only you guys would know that like only you guys would understand that feeling and be like. I can identify with that because it's true, I feel like that was definitely the turning point. Yes, sure. Like being rational is fine, like all these guys are here, but like having that initial connection and being like, hold on a second, I'm feeling some type of way.


This could possibly be something. I'm just going to start leaning into it and like, yeah, you're right, they're special.


But this is also like one of the first times we're really able to see him. I don't even think he was still around. That's my favorite part is like. That nobody remembers any of these guys like like I said, everyone thinks that they know who these guys are, but they actually don't like so many people are to come out of the woodworks. I'm so excited for you guys to get to know because I have an incredible group of men. Sometimes when I'm bored, I like to play games on my phone.


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But McClair, you know, she fell in love very quickly. And there's no and there's no fault in that. But we kept saying, these are really great man. They have jobs, they have death, they have personality, nut jobs, careers. And I'm glad that the someone and it being used specifically was able to come in and experience that. Now, everybody wasn't as open to the fact that there was a new Basharat. And specifically with that, I mean, Jason and Blake and you're watching classes.


And so you saw the lead up to you coming in. So you saw that the men were given a choice of whether or not they wanted to leave, knowing that Claire had moved on or they wanted to stay or to open their hearts up for someone else, which they all ended up staying, which I thought was a smart choice. Let's at least fill it out. And I'm glad they all did. So there are no regrets. But then we see Jason constantly struggling with the fact which he in a Claire had a very intense date and he opened up in a way to her that he never has before.


So rightfully so, he's a little lost and confused with the fact that, as along with The Bachelorette and can I give myself to another woman that way? What was your take on Jason? Because we see how things play out. But you said you've already told us both, and I don't know if it was your unclick batter batter happy hour that both Blake and Jason were very honest with you, that they had deep feelings for Claire. What was your take on Jason?


To be honest with you, Jason caught my eye when I walked into the room because he is so tall and he looked so good in that suit, but also. It seems a good guy I would like naturally gravitate to and. When we had our first conversation, he has the most fun, bubbly like. If your personality that matched my own and so we had a pretty good conversation, but I'm glad that he brought up to me that he was still kind of fighting feelings.


And I actually told him right then and there, I want you to feel it out and continue to see where that goes. If you feel like you can't be here, come let me know. Give me a chance and give yourself a chance. And you did see me say, like it, I hope. You know, he doesn't take this and still continue to close off to something that could be right in front of him, that could be what's meant for him, because it's true.


I know that he invested so much in that. And he even said, like, I finally opened up to someone, I actually trusted her. And that's a lot for a guy. And when he came to me and spoke to me, it was more sort of like. I could feel the hurt that he was feeling and I can feel it, he was so lost and just trying to navigate all the feelings that he was feeling and I couldn't ask him to stay and continue to try to push through it, like it just wouldn't have been fair to him myself.


Like everything. Like the guys. Nothing. So I'm really happy that he took my advice in the sense of be honest with yourself and then come be honest with me, because at the end of the day, like I as much as I was just getting to know him, I still want him to be happy at the end of the day. I mean, so and I was there to find my person. So if if I was going to spend, what can you imagine if I took them on a one on one and then just like he continued to like actually I will clear.


Wouldn't want to waste like some other guys I loved. And I'm curious if he's off to back. I left filling in another world in a different circumstance. You and Jason really could have hit it off. It was the fact that Claire came first. You had a lot of respect for him about the way that he handled it. And now we're getting more insight to know that they actually did have chemistry and you connected in and bonded on certain things.


But, you know, he was affected by the fact that Claire was first. And I thought, man, timing. Ryan always says this timing is everything, everything. And and with you guys, if the timing had been different, I'm not saying you would have picked him in the end, not unless you picked anybody, but he definitely could have made it far. And to be honest, I mean, I barely saw I got to know him a little bit.


And I think you might be right, to be honest. We connected on a lot of different ways. And I think that his personality was amazing.


I think like he the way that he went about everything, though, as you said, was so respectful, was such an adult thing to do. And in a world, especially when and I'm not going to say this season because I don't get it as much, but in past seasons, it feels like a lot of the contestants go on, not necessarily for the right reasons. They go on for the fame and the followers and what's to come. And they just kind of keep going through the motions, even though, like, it's very clear if they're in or not into The Bachelorette or The Bachelor, whoever might be in.


So for him, I think it was such a brave thing for him to say, like, look, I respect your time and these guys, his time and my time.


And if I don't feel like I just have to remove myself and we really haven't seen that too often, especially in this way, this is the first I miss in this way. But we haven't seen that too often. And so kudos to Jason for still just being so respectful. But there was like a moment when he was leaving, and I think you're giving an item talking about it.


And I was like, well, I gave a little twang. I was like, oh, what what could have been let me let me pull on that little twang for a second.


Now, let me see if if anybody is listening to this and knows Jason or knows Jason's handle. And he clearly, we know, removed himself at this point from Tatia season. So I need you guys to click this bait and slide it back is OK, because in a past life, Rachel loved herself a football player that is on the line, whether it be defensive or offensive line.


And I'm just saying going to slide on back, gets in. It gets about back Ghufron a bit. I think you said I think you guys could make something happen. No, I'm getting I'm getting that needs to be hashtag, by the way. Click this mess. But I know I have is the same click as bait, you know what I mean? I just I love it. I got myself tickets to a basketball, a professional basketball game and now professional football game.


And I love every single bit of this.


Love not only a co-host, she's also a matchmaker, matchmaker.


You've heard me say this before. I have matched three couples that have married. I'm just say, have you really? You're a good woman. Listen to me, my children. I'm just saying I wait. Wow. I'm waiting for the day when you can take me. Oh, what are we waiting for? Hashtag Kallick this week. So we're gonna go to dinner when I come back home. Can we do that. Yes. One thousand twenty seven percent.




I'm loving this. There's a certain point in the conversation where you stop talking and the wine starts talking for you or whatever it is that you're drinking. And and that is where we have come to in this show where you getting a little bit of rage, a little bit of back and Taisha. But you're also getting whatever is in our other hand or in our cup, our glass, our flute, whatever it may be.


Those of us who didn't drink for thirty days, it kicks in a lot faster. Well, Rachel, speaking of wine and what's ever in our glasses, I think now that we're loosening up a bit, it's good to Taisha what we've all been dying to know.


What does the ring look like?


Oh, well, my doorbell looks it's really cute, actually. It's like lit up and in the ring.


You got to be clever. Clever. I like yours. I know. But in all seriousness, what, like without giving too much away, what can we expect from the rest of your season?


Einasleigh. A girl just really trying to find true love, but also navigating. Just like real emotions, and I know that that's stupid to say, because I feel like we all do that, but I really was thrown into this thing and just kind of took it all on like. I don't know, without any preparation, without any mindset, I just like went full throttle and there's a lot there's a lot that's going to happen that I haven't seen people expect, especially the ending.


Yes. Yes, good. I want good. Before we let you go, I want to know, because obviously you were on The Bachelor. You did a bachelor in Paradise.


And now as the latest bachelorette, like, did you, like do shows did you expect enough to know what you were getting yourself into to be a lead?


No, I mean, if you like, you know, the Internet, like, you know, you got to interview you, you got to like kind of like guide the conversation a little bit, but like not like I just I love to be surprised on everything. I didn't want to know anything prior to so I just kind of walked in and was like surprised with the guys. Like, honestly, I was more concerned with the clothes and stuff I was about to wear.




OK, that's a shout out to Gary Cavitation. I have to ask you this very selfish. I don't want to do spoilers, but I want you to go back to the conversation that we had on your season. And I was listening to you talk about the man and I kept saying, remember, I kept looking over my shoulder and I was like. Wait, like maybe this will happen. Yes, tell me that happens. You're just going to have to wait and do you know what I'm talking about?


Yes. Oh, I am so freaking freaking happens if freaking happens, I was like, you never know. Oh oh oh hold on a second, hold on a second. Guess it. I think if I knew it, OK, I do things like this is living up to its name because I'm so afraid I don't know anything, even if I, I kid you, not my dog even just came over here.


And we have to know. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. OK, so it happens.


Do we do we do we go right or left with that or do we embrace it or not embrace it. OK. OK, ok. OK, ok.


I have to put on a poker face now because I can't let after I have to put on a room because I just and I wanted to ask you that before because I was so like, just like listening to you, I just was like. I feel like this could happen, you know, what we were talking about in it and I was like, I just feel like. I just feel like it could happen. I don't want to say what I was about to say because I feel like it's going to give it away.


Happy to know that it happens. And and the reason all my what do you call your guys are my beaters, all my beaters, my click baiters out there. The reason I say this is because I feel like you should have the opportunity to make to see everything through and flesh things out and. OK, that's great. I agree. I agree. And honestly, we should do this another catch up like midseason. Come on over again and we could do a little, a little little happy hour click bait shop so we can do it from one of our kitchen clothes.


Why are you trying and why are you crying in a white dress at the end?


Because it's hot.


I don't know, because then based on the timeline, we're closing out the summer. So things are starting to cool down just a tad. And I imagine that they didn't make you do that in the heat of the day. Why are you crying?


My contact got dry. Look, I love you both, but at the same time, I feel like it is time to go out.


Did you pick up the ball gown in the in one of the teasers? I al the ball gown, the ball gown, how are you not sweating everything off, you guys? I actually really don't sweat in the heat. Oh, I have friends like that. My my back might get a little bit, but like I used to understand, listen to me.


When you get like this opportunity and like you never in your wildest dreams that you would be there, but you're just so frickin happy like you'll do anything.


And I was really just like living my best fucking life, doing anything and everything it took like. I try not to complain. I mean, my ass almost like passed out in the middle of fun, but like. It I wouldn't let any moment pass by just so I can really just see every single moment through right to know that it was a wave that would do anything springs and her name was Tatia.


Take her. This has been absolutely fantastic. I feel like I'm so I'm like, really? Because now I'm really thinking about our conversation.


But this has been so great. And I know it hasn't just been great for our Basser happy our listeners, but just great for our click click. I told you I love it. I love it.


It's just been great for your audience as well as click bait to get some insight into your season, into your men and into who you are and what you experience going through all of this. Like we've heard the rumors now we have we know they're true and we can talk about it. And it's just been really great to dive into all of that. So thank you. Yes. No, thank you, guys.


Well, I want to just say from the bottom of all of the past bachelorette leads hearts, we are welcoming you into our crazy family. We're so happy that you're part of us.


Now, I will add you to the group chat before you go. We always ask this. So obviously we just saw your week one go down. What was your rose and what was your thought of this first week?


Um. I think the rose was. I don't know the fact that I had the opportunity and I walked into that room, those guys were like so excited and loving and like open welcomed with open arms. Yeah, the thorn was my fear did come true that some people did have feelings invested with Claire and I didn't have the opportunity to meet them because you never know what would happen, but. I think that that was really scary for me at the time and.


I did start second guessing a lot of things, but. Yeah, let's keep watching you guys. Thank you so much for being with us today. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it, because this is one of my favorites. So thank you for having us. I'm so happy that we were able to hijack click bait today.


Absolutely. You guys are welcome any time. And I expect to see you guys again soon. But guys, don't forget to subscribe to our podcast on Apple podcast, Spotify or whatever. You guys are listening.


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