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Welcome back to Click Bait. I am so excited to be here with another episode, how are my lovely two co-hosts doing today? Oh, I'm just good, good, good, good, great. Good to see you both. I am so excited to get into our episode today because we have lots of good stuff going on. We have some really good kallick about long distance relationships, which I can definitely speak to. We have Jaylo skin care routine, which we have been asking for years for her to drop, and then lots of really good bachelor nation stuff.


So not only do we have a bachelor loving Lauren Zema on the podcast today, but we also were blessed with the announcement of the girls for Matt James season today. And I cannot wait to hear all of your thoughts because I have so much to say. So do I. I'm excited about it.


Yes, he's got it. He's got a solid group of girls and a I have two that are my favorite right now. OK, I can not wait to get into this, but I'm not going to tease them all.


Yeah, let's get into it because I'm into it.


OK, I'm so excited. I am excited to I'm excited for all the the beautiful ladies of color that's on here as well. I know they're gorgeous. Honestly, they are bringing it to us this season, but I mean, OK, so let's just get into it, I guess. Yeah. So bachelor click bait is known for just being like a thing we can actually count on. There's always something going on in Bachelor Nation. But the one thing I think that everybody gets excited for is the dropping of the cast photos and the bios and all that stuff.


So if you don't already know that the cast announcement was made for the upcoming season today for The Bachelor, and if you want to go check those out, you can go to Bachelor Nation dot com. But we already look at them and we have decided, predicted one girl from the list that we think Matt might end up with his top four. I'm really I think I'm right, I don't I don't know who you guys picked, but I'm almost positive I'm right.


I don't know why. I just have a feeling.


OK, so here's here's the rules. We only get to pick one. OK, did you guys look, I hope you didn't look at any spoilers.


I didn't look at any spoilers. I'm basing that on either.


OK, spoilers are there for you.


Well, if you start digging into the Internet, you always find something.


I guess you look for spoilers already. That's what you're telling us, the commission, because you're not allowed to look at spoilers because we do this thing. Yes. OK, ok. OK, good.


I will say this. The Bachelor headshots shots, the bachelorette head shots are always the worst. I always find I absolutely hated mine, but we have not seen this. We have not this season. And I'm basing. So I'm going to pick one girl, OK? And I'm basing this off of her bio pic and then the trailer for the show. Oh, smart.


She's really smart. Yeah. OK, let's get into it then. Tell you got was going to go first. That's Joe. I'm giving it to you. You guys. You want me to go first. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I mean you set it up so go. Yes please.


OK, so I'm going to throw an honorable mention out there. Who I don't think she's not my top four pick, but she has a very, very pretty smile.


Oh, I have to mention and I think she has the best headshot in my opinion is Bri from San Francisco.




Oh, I liked I liked her in the trailer. She came out in the green dress. Very cute. Is that your pick? It's not my pick. OK, all right. So you're just telling us she's pretty? Yeah. Yeah.


Basically, you know, just in case of my my top four would be Sabrina P from Toronto. OK, you see her.


That's what you think. That's what you think's going to win.


Yeah, I think she's really, really pretty now based on this. I mean, I'm basing this on Serena, Serena, C, P, PS and Paul, there's a P. Yeah, there's a Serena P.


She's from she's from Toronto. She's very pretty.


Oh yes. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yeah, yeah. She's Yeah.


OK, Kylie, what is it about her that like really just draws you her.


Well I think she's, I think she's really, really attractive and I'm basing this pretty much off of looks because that's all I could do. I don't have anything else but a fucking paragraph and I can't really go off of that.


So if I'm going to base it off of looks, she's got a really nice skin.


She's got she's I really like her here on Instagram. I just said that this answer could be shallow, but all I have to work with. OK, ok.


I got. Yeah. So so Jo, it's really interesting that you mentioned Bri because she is my pick, she's my pick because and I'm going off of. Yes. The way she looks but also I'm going off of her bio because that's really all I have to go off of. I love that she's from a big city. She's from San Fran and Matt lives in New York. So I love that. I also love that it seems like her family is very important to her.


She sounds like she was she says it was she was raised by her mom and her grandma, very strong woman. Matt was also raised by his mom. There's a big influence there. I also love that she's like it sounds like she's a badass. You know, she works hard and from her bio says that she knows basically the struggle. So she knows how to work hard and a hard worker as someone who's just not going to be, you know, who I think is going to keep him on his toes.


And I think that might need someone to keep them honest. So she's going to be like, well, I got stuff to do today. What? You know, like she seems like she in the hustle and bustle era.


And I think he would probably really appreciate that, especially being from New York and or living in New York and seeing that hustle mentality.


I like her. I like you know, I like her a lot.


I think that OK, so if I didn't pick who I picked, I would have picked Brad probably as well just because I did like her. But the fact that nothing was handed to her, she said like, she looks for everything that she has in life. And I could I don't know. I really like that they resonate with that. Yeah.


Oh, I'll say my honorable mention. My honorable mention is Piper and I really like her and I and I, I like her a lot. But when she said she doesn't like picnics and because she doesn't want to sleep on the floor, I was like, oh you.


You were. Almost there, you're almost there. Yes, yes. OK, so my pick is Abigale, and I think I don't know I don't know why I just get really good vibes from this girl's picture.


I think she's just a sweetheart.


She's so cute, very sweet, very bright.


Like, she just looks like she couldn't hurt a fly. And to be honest with you, I get the same vibes from that. It's like that is so like such a sweet nature. And I feel like I don't know, I feel like they would look really good together.


But she's actually hearing impaired. And I don't think we've ever seen anything like that on the show before. And I think it's going to be a really cool during the fall if that has it comes into play at all or like conversations that they have. And I think because of that, her love languages might be different. And the way you and I mean, like, she just might see life a little differently. And I think that that's really, really cool.


I think. I don't know. She might be a cool sight out of him. But my honorable mention is Maggie. I think Maggie is dope. I don't know about Maggie. She's from Ethiopia. I don't know. She just has, like, so much to her that. Again, is different. We've never seen before and I just I don't know, she stands out to me. I think when I just from looking at the pictures, Maggie, one thousand percent stood out the most as far as just beautiful.


She's gorgeous, stunning, stunning, gorgeous, gorgeous. She's pretty and she's super smart. And she's a go getter. I don't know. She doesn't I don't know. I just really like her.


I'm glad you guys dug deep because I wanted to be more on the superficial level. To do this, but, well, we we are women, do you guys do you guys think people are to judge mantle of contestants the first night?


I mean, their limo, limo? Yes, the limo entrances, it's like some people who have, like, a shtick, I think either it's a good thing or a bad thing and they stand out. Right. So that's why I think the people who don't have a good shtick on the first night that remember, like the straight jacket guy for Claire's season, like just like he's the straight he's a straight jacket guy, like that's like that's what people known him.


So the first night, you know, and he wore the whole time to the time I was like, Jesus, take that off.


Yeah, but this thing. No, I feel like if other people are put in that they could talk shit about it all they want on the comfort of their couch when they're wine and hand and their sweats do anything. But if they ever put to like. To do that, you need like they'd be shitting in their hands as well, so I think everybody's very judgmental, which I remember coming on that limo and I was like I was like I lost.


I blacked out and I know what the hell to say. I was like, Hi, I'm Tia. And like, no, nothing else came out.


So I. No, no, no. But here's the thing. I think that's also what's fun about the first episode is that people. Our watching it to be judgmental, it's kind of like part of it, but, yeah, I mean, I agree like that first night coming out of the limo. I mean, I clearly didn't do well because I left the first night, which was horrifying.


And oh, yeah, I did the same. I mean, I, I blacked out. I mean, when I went outside, I remember walking inside and going to the bathroom and walking the bathroom and looking in the mirror and going, oh my God.


Like, I can't fucking turn back like, like this, like, you know, like, you know, like when you're out at a bar and you have like whatever, you have too much to drink and you're like, oh, I looked like an idiot last night, but then you're like, everybody was drunk.


No one really cared.


No big deal. This is like, fuck, so many people are going to see this shit. I can't turn back now.


I don't know what I said, but I mean, the nice one for the girl I was just the right one for the girls was also really great because I mean, I remember for me or good or bad, I guess. I don't know. I remember my first thought when I met Peter. I was just like tall, very like I not think that he was that tall, really tall in person. He's really tall. Yeah.


And I was just like, oh and like yeah. So that was like my first like oh like I don't know then that's funny too because he doesn't look tall. No. You can even see it. Yeah.


He doesn't seem like he's a tall guy but yeah he is talking, he's really tall. Yeah.


Yeah. I don't know Net1. It's a lot easier said than done, I feel like, but also it's kind of fun because, like you said, it's fun to make the judgments and all kinds of stuff, but people like change and grow before your eyes throughout the entire season. Like, you might think someone's to be the villain and they completely change. And you don't mean it's just it is kind of fun and games, but I can't.


And how about you, Taisha? You had some people who redid your night like your night, ones like like you had. Well, it was for people that came for your night one, right? Yeah.


There is a very surreal moment. Yeah. I don't know. It just it feels crazy. And I think partly that is why I gave Spencer the first impression, Rose, I think because, like, I had an experience that feeling and then having it like come out and also he's like gorgeous. And I was just like, oh really. My heart did kind of like skip a beat. I was like, oh, damn.


And then all of a sudden, you know, do you think you were more nervous being a contestant or being The Bachelorette on your first contestant contestant?


Hands down. Hands down.


Didn't feel that like black out feeling like I'm freaking out when you were the lead or while you're the lead?


I think maybe in a limo. Maybe in the limo. And once I saw Chris Inamine, that kind of was like, oh, shit. Like this is actually happening.


And I think that was kind of like the scariest part. And then I walked in the room and like everything went away, like, oh, like this is I'm telling you guys, I was like, literally float this shit my best lie. Like, I was the best guy.


And I and I wonder what that's going to be like for Matt because he hasn't been on the other side like you asked. So I'm sure he was probably just as nervous as the girls then. Wow. That's a great question, Joe. Wow.


I think about I think for Matt, it's going to make it I think it's going to make it that much more interesting, interesting and entertaining because and it's going to be raw.


You know, he's never been through the experience.


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Download Best Fiend Free today on Apple App Store or Google Play. That's friends without the our best fiend. But yeah, OK, so we got our pre picks, we are pre picks, I'm Serena P Teisha. You are Abigail and Natasha, you are Bri from San Francisco.


That's what we're doing. And they can change. This is our pre season. Once the season starts, they may change.


OK, now let's get into let's get into some articles because I was doing a search write research and I don't want to just do celebrity, just celebrity click bait.


I like actually looking at different articles, too, and I found a good one in The New York Times. It's about a long distance romance comes full circle. So this couple met while they're away at college.


They were at Stanford. They met they basically fell in love when they were twenty one, got jobs across the country, West Coast, East Coast, and they stayed together.


They basically said, we're best friends, this is what we're doing. And they did this long distance relationship for years.


And now they're together, married, living together, the whole thing. I was in a long distance relationship. I wasn't in one, but I was debating if it was going to work.


And I just don't I don't think I'm the type of guy that could do long distance.


It's hard for three years. Three years.


I'm really in college, OK?


And I mean, that's yes, I was with him for six and a half, seven years. But the first three years were long distance because he had moved back home and I was still in college and I was a sophomore, I think. Did you guys meet in college? Yeah, we went to same school. OK, so of course we didn't start dating until he moved home, created it.


So you started the relationship long distance?


Yeah, I actually we met each other in college, but we actually didn't start dating until he moved back home. So we did long distance for three years.


And I will say it is not for everyone and I don't know, long distance. It's hard. You have to be creative. Do you do you think it was easier? Being younger. Opposed to as you get older, like I think assuming it was probably like one of your first relationships, right?


It was my first and I think that my first serious relationship and I think that at that time you have less responsibilities. So, you know, I mean, the only other thing that you're juggling is really like either school or like your job and friends. So I feel like now I don't know, like I couldn't leave every weekend, like I was to go visit somebody and I mean, or it's much easier at a younger age, I feel like.


And that's my question to you, Joe, if you and Kendall were younger, do you think you would have actually tried the distance thing? I just don't know.


No, I mean, we're digging into past relationships here. Let's do it. Let's you know what?


Oh, God, you know, differently. No, no, no.


I don't really you know, I never really talked about our breakup in our past relationship, and I don't want to get too deep into it.


But Kendall had expressed to me that she would never want to live in Chicago, like she just wouldn't.


She knows she loves L.A. She doesn't want to leave L.A. That's her thing for like I had a hard time with that because. You know, if I'm living there like I want I need there to be that cop, that compromise needs to be opened. And she did express at the beginning, at the beginning of our relationship, she would never want to do it in my head. I thought maybe that would change as time moved on.


But she just would never want to live in Chicago.


So for me, that. There's a line there where I'm just like, well, if you're not willing, then I don't know because you never know what can happen in the future. And the way I looked at it was, what am I doing in L.A. at the time? Like, there was not really much for me to do there. I didn't want to be the guy that was on a reality show just living right off of or it was on The Bachelor a year ago.


Like, look at me. Yeah. So I got like I needed something else.


And yeah. So if I was younger and wanted to really make a career in L.A.. Yeah.


But I think it was just the fact that she would never want to live in Chicago. So I feel like talking about it now was actually just assess but talking about like where everybody lives and like the your willingness to move for the other person is something that I don't think is really taken seriously in a relationship at times, especially in the beginning. It's just like and whatever will figure it out, like, you know, like as we get older, that is something that is honestly a non-negotiable, makes it or breaks it and gets to talking about this.


I definitely feel like at a younger age, like I said, the reason you have less responsibility, it's less of like, well, no, I have an established career here and I don't want to leave it. I mean, this is where my dreams coming true, you know?


Yeah. I don't I don't blame her either.


Like, I don't blame her for I mean, she was always open and said she never wanted to leave L.A. So it just not like she made it seem like it could be something else. Yeah. Yeah, it was there. So yeah. And she was honest about it. And you knew that, you know. Yeah. What that said. Do we have any last words about the.


Well no. God no.


I was just going, I was going to say I was going to go on to my crazy crazy make that I have that I want to talk.


I do want to before you go on, I do want to talk about it because I looked I looked up a little more click bait in this in this little article.


And then we I went down the rabbit hole.


And Miley Cyrus says she has a lot of face time sex so much, which goes hand in hand.


You would be looking into Miley Cyrus's life. I can with you. Well, let's have a little fun with it. Right. I'm going to do long distance.




Like, you know, you got to get off once in a while, especially as, you know, even younger or older.


I mean, it's a thing. Yeah. Would you love Miley? Would you do face time like sex with your you know.


Partner, no. I don't think I personally I don't think distance has anything to do with the same sex, you know, I could just leave and be like, oh, would you miss me already?


What do you mean, distance? It has something to do. No, I'm saying that I don't think beyond distance to have face time.


Sex is what I say. Oh yeah. Yeah.


Well she was she is saying, Joe, that's what I mean. I see.


Again, I have an answer of. Well, I don't think I'd be dating someone that's. Far enough to words like, I can't see you as often as I need to see you. Yeah. That's just my answer. I don't know. I think, though, so it's a yes all around for face time sex.


So what I'm gathering here today is no, no. So I guess that's why I gave such a conservative answer. I just wouldn't I don't know. I think that, again, I take relationships only in real time when I get that cell phone call. Yeah. In real time is better. Yeah, I got you. OK, I am going to talk about my celebrity click bait that I was just like, what? Jaw dropping. What's happening here?


Jaylo finally after all the many DM's that we've all sinter about dropping the skin care routine, she finally says, hey, she said olive oil is the reason why she looks as flawless as she does at fifty one years old.


Um, I, I and she says she's never, ever had Botox before. She's never done Botox. So I think you've got going before you keep going.


Olive oil when you see olive oil on her face or drinking, is this like interposes like going to kick in from inside. From inside out Joe from inside out. She puts it all over her body's just imagine Jaylo blathered all in olive oil, drinking it, slathering all over it. Can you imagine that you got that that was the greatest response you could have ever given.


That was so cute. You know, it's just like if you drink, like, I don't know, like, I don't know. But to say anything. Yeah, exactly. But you have better style or something like smoke, you know, it's olive oil on her face. And honestly, Jaylo is so influential that, like, if she did say that, I feel like a ton of people now start putting olive oil over her face. Do you really believe it?


That's what it is, because I like to try it. I might dabble in lighter, too, but if I break out, I'm coming for her.


Yes. Yes. And I think, well, you know, it's so good to because she's dropping this the skin care line now. She has this whole thing that's coming out of her. And I think the bigger question is there's a lot of celebrities, the Kardashians, they always talk about the Kardashians and this they talk about Haley Barbour. There's so many celebrities that the heads that are gorgeous and people are like, oh, my gosh, they're so pretty.


They can't look like this normally. Right. So what have they been doing to their face? So do you guys think that it's important for celebrities to be transparent, like I've done a little nip and then a little top?


I remember that show Nip and Tuck and or is it is it anyone's business like like to not say it or not? I don't think it's anybody's business, but I think that as being a person that so many people that look up to, especially young individuals, I think like if you really do get a lot of work done, like let's be real, like don't because. I mean, I think we've all probably compared ourselves to others at some point or another, like, why don't I look like that, like like this and that and this.


I don't know if that's a guy thing or if it's just strictly for women, but especially like the people that you're influencing, like, just be honest about it. I mean, but then I see the downside of doing that. And maybe you're encouraging for girls to go get stuff done to themselves. I think it's a double edged sword. I don't really know that. I think I think it's part of the celebrity.


Right. I think it's part of the celebrity of how they look and how do they look so good and and.


All that, but if you are going to promote your own product or if you are going to put out your regimen of what you put on your face, then yeah, I think you should be honest, honest, fully.


I think you're right with that with that statement. Yes.


I mean, money has gotten because you want to go finish the money, money and having a lot of money and being a celebrity, you have access to so much.


You have time.


You have you're in places with better weather. You probably get better sleep. You have maybe probably a better stock in your underwear.


Probably feels really more money, more problems.


So I'm not saying I'm not saying she doesn't have stress, but you also have access to live a healthier lifestyle more if you choose to use to because you have money and with money, you could buy better products and vacation and do that.


So, you know, I always put that in consideration.


Yes, I. I think if you're going to be a spokesperson or you have a skin care line or something like that, I think you should at least I want to buy the stuff that says, hey, yeah, I've done a little Botox, a little filler. I done a little this and done a little of that. But this is what's going to turn your skin inside out and make you feel and look great or whatever. You know, this is what's going to revamp and replenish your actual skin.


So with all this said olive oil maybe, or Botox, do you think Jay Leno has done the Botox or not? Yes or no? What do you think, Jay? I'm going to say she's done it at least once. OK?


Yes, look, I want to believe my queen said I'm going to say no, but I feel like she's done. But I'm going to say no because I trust her.


You're going to say, OK, I'm going to say I'm going to hit I'm going to side Joe here at least once.


Not saying she has every day she has. And she has done it at least once, at least once, at least on Jay.


Well, we'll see. Yep. Yeah, yep, yep. But we like we love you. Absolutely. So I have a topic that I do want to talk to about you guys next time. So you all have to tune into then, because I have a weird thing that keeps happening every single day about multiple times a day. And I want you guys input if that's happened to you. So I'm just dropping that there because it's just. That's right.


Now, that's a cliffhanger.


And if that's what we like to do, Bachelor Nation, have you not seen any of my episodes?


All right. That is true. It is time for our guest. Lauren Zema is a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. She's also host and creator of Roses. And Rosie, I have not seen it. It is hilarious. And I don't know. I love her because of that show, to be honest with you. But now she is even dating our godfather of love, Chris Harrison. So she's basically family with all of us. So please welcome Lauren Zema on Clippy.


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Dotcom click bait. Stay safe, my friends. Lauren, I am so excited to have you here today. Welcome to the show. How are you? First off, I am so excited to be here.


Thank you guys for having me. This feels like a reunion. I don't know. I to talk to Joan Natasha for a while. She talks more recently, but I don't know. Are we in a paradise? Tell what's happening. Right. The roles are reversed. Lauren, I know you. Are you nervous at all? You shouldn't be, but are you nervous? Well, now I am. I don't know Joe going to grill me. Joe, are you going to ask me about my favorite foods and test me since we're both from Chicago?


I don't know.


I am on my way to see how long the accent actually gets pulled out of.


You know, it's coming this way. Let me get a little nasally, buddy. Yeah. I'm so happy to be here. Thanks for having me, you guys. Of course. Yeah.


I know that you're a huge fan of Bachelor Nation, obviously. Yes. And you have a hilarious show called Roses and Roses, which I tell people if they have not seen, they need to go see it because it is hilarious. We need to know your thoughts on what's happening on the current season right now, because we know you have some opinions and I know you're watching. So give us the lowdown.


Yes, let's watch it. Thank you. Well, at first I need to know, Tatia, have you? And you can be honest, have you watched, like, the most recent episode of Roseanne Rosie? Have you seen anything I've said about it? No, I have not. Reason one, it's OK. So that's good. I mean, I've just been singing your praises and girl actually watch them. It's actually a little relieving because this would be awkward.


I'd be like, you didn't see where I talked about how beautiful you are for ten minutes. Is that OK? Right. Yeah. So I actually now I feel better. This is good. OK, I got my thoughts on the current season. This is so interesting to just straight up tell you, but I suppose I always do it. It's just never usually recorded.


Right. I don't you know, my general thoughts are that we've never had a group of men open up and be this raw and emotional and real on the show in its entire history. The stories that they are sharing, the personal struggles they're opening up about and normalizing for this nationally televised audience are right. Really, really impressive. And I raise my glasses to them. And my prediction, because here's what I think is coming together. These guys, they're mature, as you've said, you've got a group of men here, OK, do they ready?


They are emotional. They're not afraid to share those emotions. Then we got a little girl named Teisha. Tatia knows what she wants to shirt isn't messing around. And Tatia is also an amazing listener, gorgeous kind like who wouldn't fall in love with her.


So what do you predict for the end of this is like an emotional bloodbath of tears? I don't know. Anybody walks away unscathed here. I think hearts are broken here in ways that we've not seen before. So, Taisha, let me gauge the reaction to that. What happened?


I honestly I will say I think you're on the right path because I for several weeks I was like, can I just leave with all of you? I can't possibly make a decision at this point. So I love things about you. You you like. Let's just take this from Palm Springs. Go to my house. Like, what's the difference? You know, I mean, piggybacking off what you just said of, like, the emotions. Did you watching this last episode, did you feel when the lie detector test thing happened and they asked, are you in love with with multiple men?


And they plan to Zack and he had those he had that look like what? And then he had that whole breakdown when when when Jojo came in, I was like, oh, me.


Oh, my God. And all the way. I love you guys. Sure. When Zach sat down to take that lie detector test, he was like staring into your soul. I'm like, this guy is not going to he's not going to tell a lie. No, no, no. He doesn't want to screw this up.


Let's talk about Zach crying in the middle of the day. I mean, OK, we see the tears happened on the day our boys, Zach, broke down Monday about making his parents happy and wanting them to see him. Happy with you, Joe? I don't know. I guess. Give me your thoughts. As a guy who's been on the show, Joe Guesclin, when Zach's crying at noon on a Tuesday, I don't know.


OK, all right. You know what? I appreciate you getting that question towards me. I so there's nothing wrong with the man crying, of course.


No, there's not the love.


It will open it up this season. And that's how it you know, that's how it's going down. Now, me personally, I wouldn't want to cry on the show. That's just that's just who I am.


I would not want to open up like that on the show, I don't think. Yeah, so I mean, they're emotional and you could tell it's getting to them and I appreciate it. I mean, it's it's entertaining TV and you're.


Getting to I really do feel like you're getting to know these guys, and it's probably like the first time I've ever seen it this soon in a season, because it seems like you get that like around the final four.


But we're really seeing it like the past couple episodes. These guys are just airing it all out. The you guys walking around fucking naked. What's going on?


You said you sense. Do you think it was in part affected by that when the guys had clear they really weren't talked to or they didn't get that time? So were they really ready to dig in with you? I mean, you are an amazing listener. You're so good to talk to. But was that part of it?


I think you OK, so I've been saying this quite a bit. I think like 20, 20 had a huge effect on a lot of people in multiple ways, obviously. But I think it also plays into the men being so vulnerable. Yeah, I mean, think about it like we've had months go by. We I mean, everyone was like non interaction with humans like that. We normally do have. And, you know, in a normal setting, it's kind of nice to have like your own like, I don't know, twenty five minutes at home and never want to see anybody, don't talk to anybody.


But at this point everyone's like, I want attention, I want like physical touch, I want to be vulnerable with somebody. And I think like that came into play because I was shocked. Clearly I started crying when Spen got naked that like they were willing to be. By the way, have you ever said that since I started crying. I mean, what a moment. What a moment. It's like it's a good thing.


It doesn't sound like something, it's a compliment if you are listening to the podcast.


But what I'm saying is just it was so raw and real, like these guys really, like, pulled pullbacks and layers. But I will say when Zach did start crying, I was like, what is exactly happening here? Like, these guys are really in there. Feels like I was when because I don't know anything that goes on behind the scenes. I mean.


Lauren Oh, goodness. Oh.


Oh, well, I was going to ask you, we always ask people when they come on the show, when did they actually fall for the franchise?


Like when did you actually fall in love and when did you start watching it faithfully because it's been on for so long, something like, oh, so for you, when was it for you that you were like, I'm hooked on a show?


Right. And I mean and I said, you're saying I think this is the most run real. And I have to say maybe it was in the early seasons and I wasn't a watcher because like when I do my show, Roseanne, Rosie, sometimes I'll be like, is this the first time bachelor historians let me know? Because I started watching dabbling around Crystal's this season and then I got, like, really committed and like Alif at Hatalsky. And I would maybe that was before his little bit around Kaitlyn's.


And then seasons like I'm really kind of a newer one hundred percent. I'm watching every episode know. So I will say my reference points. I don't know. There might have been an earlier on season where these dudes were like back in the day when the guys were typically older, when they dug in. I get the sense from Zach that he is, especially when he talked about making his parents happy and how the show had made him realize he was ready for marriage.


I get the sense from Zach that the show is like he's someone who's obviously has dealt with addiction and talked to you about that. And I think I mean, I guess I know from personal experience, from from knowing people who've gone through that when you get sober, that brings up emotions that you faced before. And then I think also like he's now having a new experience of that with really talking about things on the show. That's the sense of.


Right. So it's been quite powerful to watch. I kind of feel like these dudes are all into you and it's just going to be honestly about like who you're into at the end of the day, because I'm like, they've fallen phone.


Oh, darling, you just keep watching because you when I say, like, it's going to end unexpectedly or just going to be very unexpected, it's it's it's kind of a mess. So just wait.


Just wait. But that's enough about me because it's one more question.


Yeah. How that death. Here's the thing then.


I keep playing Captain America. I mean, dude is like tall, handsome. And when he's kissing you and he's grabbing your face, like, is this how good of a kiss her husband?


Can you just tell me I get this and I'm going to give mine up to Lauren.


Lauren, we get to ask burning questions, these episodes. So there you go. Answer it now. You got to answer it. He's a really good kisser.


So there you go. There we go. Oh, God, thank you. Yeah. So like top for good.


Is it is it the best kisser. Questionmark.


I mean, and you know, this is really funny because Ellen just asked me this yesterday.


Oh, man. And I actually I couldn't narrow it down. I just said there was four top kissers and that would be Ben is one of them. Blake surprisingly, she was very surprised by I left field.


I was getting Blake on the show and this. Claimable Grundon, that's I, I will say every time I see you and Brendan sitting down, it's like you're leaning in your right, like you're just like Honey come on I don't what I'm going to say, I'm going to save you right now.


Let's push back and all that. That's our stuff that we're going to switch to.


Matt and Lauren, I want to ask you a question because you're from Chicago. We all know you cover The Bachelor, but what made you want to get into entertainment journalism?


You know, I have always felt really blessed because I've always known what I love to do. I loved from a very young age acting and writing like I did my school plays and community plays. And I was always great in English class. And then in high school, I started doing like school newspaper and all that stuff, and it just kept growing. I knew what I loved. And I think entertainment journalism became evident to me that it was the perfect marriage of those things.


I could be performative, especially doing broadcast, but also like get into people's stories, which I love to learn about and doing roses. And Rosie has really been the pick because I can like, report on and talk about this great franchise and also like get paid to drink at work and activity and like it really funny. So it's really it's all coming together here.


And, you know, I answered the Daily Herald in in the day, but when I say it was like a thing that I think they did sixth or seventh graders and I was really little and they called it an internship, but that was my first newspaper experience. So let's throw it up to our hometown paper.


There you go. I am also from Chicago.


You are sure that when when you move to California, Lauren, was it easy to get it like where you were you already in? Did you already work with The Tonight Show?


You know, so I graduated in two thousand nine, which we're going through an unprecedented pandemic and economic moment right now. But that back then it was the Great Recession. Remember it? Remember the housing market? Yes. Yes.


So I ended up like everybody saying you're not going to get a job. So I ended up staying an extra year at school. And my university, Missouri, had this great program where, like with a certain level of grades, you could get your masters degree for free in a year. So I did that. And that kind of got me to broadcast journalism because I'd been doing my writing and my undergrad. And then even still, I could not get a job.


So the only thing I was able to get was an internship at Variety. And I really wanted to get to L.A. because I sort of felt like I could do all I could do in school. I was like, I can't get a doctorate in journalism. I got to get out of here. I need to go. I'm ready to begin my life. So I moved to L.A. with an internship, a little some money I've saved. And I slept on the couch of a friend of a friend, and I knew no one.


And it was like I would go. I was doing a lot of improv comedy at the time, so I would go to the improv theaters by myself and watch a show and then afterwards go to people and be like, I don't have any friends.


How are you doing? I love that about you. I love that.


Thank you for literally speaking life into me right now. I literally did the exact same thing. I came here on an internship with Paramount, literally the same exact thing. Why have we so crazy talk about this one?


I didn't. We'll have to season. Yeah, we'll have to audition. And that was it. As hard or not as hard or harder than you thought it would be.


It was even moving cross doing the door.


Yes. Yes. Oh, it was definitely hard, but not as hard as I thought it was going to be. OK, what made it good?


What advice would you give to someone doing it? You have to just play is the only place. I will say you have to be there to make things happen.


Everywhere else is like people like, oh, I'll find a job, I'll do this, I'll, I'll get the job and then I'll move to L.A.. Like you said, you went up to people and you made friends and you kind of have to be in the city to do that. Right? That's how I feel about this particular city more than any other city.


I will say every job I've ever gotten has been from knowing someone or like having met them even versus like applying for something online. And I tell people that all the time. It's all about relationships. Like you're probably not going to get the job of your dreams sitting on your couch at home. Right. So, yeah, probably not. So you know what?


In today's day and age, it's like turn that. I don't know, you could turn your camera around and your show is I'm sitting on my couch at home and you could make it. But I don't know. I think you build and grow from connections. Connections are very important.


Do you think you should focus on the job of your dreams or just go for it and be open to what happens?


Like try everything versus like focus on the one thing. I, I, you know, I hate to I think there's a medium between like I do think people should have a focus, but I think it's about stay open, because my focus at first was on writing and my mom was always right. She was like, OK, you've got to be on camera, be on camera. I'm like, no, mom, I want to write. I was so wrong.


So be open.


But like, I do think that that focus is critical. And I think that it's about finding your own spin on what you love. Like people people tell me all the time I want to get into entertainment journalism. And I'm like, OK, what do you have to say about it right away? Or what's your take on it? Because that's really what matters, right? That's a look and act, too. So, yeah, I mean, I didn't know back when I moved to L.A. and I was actually doing a writing internship for Variety, I asked them as looking, can your stuff on camera?


And I was trying to get them into it. I just kept pushing and like I was working like two jobs and interning at three comedy theaters and like meeting people as much as I could. And it was lonelier than I thought it would be. I felt like I had a lot of acquaintances, but no close friends like you're from the Midwest want your people. But I like again, everything that I've gotten has been because I met somebody like I.


I would not be here without, like, going out and sitting by myself alone at comedy shows.


So I really recommend that as a tactic.


They really shaped you in being able to like even like when you come on to the show, interview us as contestants is like that. I feel like it makes your super adaptable and you can relate to everybody.


You know what I mean? Oh, thank you for saying that. I tell everybody, take an improv comedy class and you could be like whether you want to get into it, like for interviewing, it's great because improv is all about you make everything up on the spot. So it's like you really got to listen to what someone says and then respond to it. But also it helps you get out of your fear of public speaking like I did my improv comedy group in college.


And I would we did it like in the student union and then any lights or anything. And like two hundred people came every week. But if you made a joke and it wasn't funny, you saw every face staring back at, oh God.


And it really made me unafraid. So now I'm just like, well, you didn't think that was funny going on? I don't know.


Well, you're very, very funny. Are hilarious.


And would you say that, like, Rose and Rose is more of, like, your fun, like outlet? Because I do like. You mean because you have like it is being your entertainment journalism side. And I like Roseanne roses were more like your theatrical like completely creative.


Yeah. Yeah. Your creative side. Yes.


Chris Harrison watches every episode, which is very sweet. Sometimes I'll call him and he'll be like you just in terms of watching. But he feels like like you really got loud this week. I'm like, you know, it's not like that at home all the time because like you had some some vocal notes, but I didn't know you were capable of, like, the fact that you just called him Chris Harrison makes me laugh, you guys, so that people feel good.


So I can't not call him that. Chris Harrison. Right. Like carrying big I don't know. I can't not call him because we I call I call him play. He played Peter's dad in my season. And one of the other stuff. Oh yes. On your soap opera. Your telenovela date. Yes, yes, yes, yes.


It's so good. So good. Hey, Joe, what do you call him.


I got Chris, Chris or Mr. Harrison. But, you know, here's the thing, Lauren. I don't want to pry.


I don't want to get into your purse, your here's your personal life. But at the same time. I do. I'm sorry.


Know, I want to say I think this is personal lives always. So this feels. Yes.


You can I ask you, how did you and Chris start dating? Like, how did that go down?


Yes. Well, you know, I interviewed him for years then. It was just like truly platonic. Like, I'm like I'm doing my job. Like, I got to I mean, some of my friends from college would be like this. Chris Harrison is handsome in real life, as he seems like they're sending me a text.


I'm like, he's fine.


He's really, really you would say one hundred percent because I was so focused on, like, ladies, do everybody do your job?


I was like in my job, you know, and yeah, he's such a great interview. I knew I'd get good sound bites from him. So I was always like, I got to get a great headline out of this Chris Harrison interview. And he told me later that he would get nervous because I always ask the hard questions, which I really appreciated.


But yeah, one day we were like, we I got I don't know if it was no, it wouldn't have been here. It was somebody paradise. Till I forget what season it was and we ran into each other at craft services and had what we called like our first human conversation, like for the first time, we were not talking in this interview setting.


I saw that you saw I will be watching you up till I was I think it was my paradise because I think I picked up on that. I think I saw because I remember being in the room and just being nervous and overthinking everything and then seeing you and Chris Harrison talking.


And I don't know.


And you realize, oh, really? Totally.


But I feel like I feel like that have I'm going to have to go back and look this up. Now, I'm wondering this, OK, I've got to do the math on this. No wonder he acts like he saw it in the beginning from the get go. Yeah, I'd love to.


I'm wondering I'm wondering, Lauren, how are those FaceTime time calls?


When he was in the bubble, he was like, I mean, Taisha, you know, I think for him it was so freaking hot there. I've actually never seen him. So the man literally doesn't sweat and he would say it is we are on the surface of the sun.


Yes, it is. And I keep thinking about that with the wardrobe you guys are wearing. Like this week, you had that gorgeous big white dress on, but it had like a short to it and it was strapless. And I was thinking, is that because she's like, I'm so fucking hot, I want to wear a dress. I'm so fun. Fact. That's the inspiration behind my promo outfit. That's the dress I wanted to wear my night one because you can take off the skirt and it's actually a romper.


And I was fighting for me to wear that. And they said, no, this is not a fashion show. And I said, yes, it is.


But, you know, perfect that you wore this episode because look, Ben, I was driving her out. She did that thing.


She was not one minute the next T-shirt.


I don't for one moment about that. I sure I had never people I know I've compared it to like the Christian Bale character in American American Psycho, like I think just in comedically. Obviously, he's not a killer. We love Beneke, you know. Right. Right.


When he came back to you on this episode, some of the stuff he was saying and in the tone he was saying it like I think he said, I am deadly serious about it. I was like, oh, shit.


But like, he walks into your room and he said, smells great in here.


I was like, oh, my God, you saw I was taking the door hit me.


And I was like, I was the last person I expected to see him. I want to do this podcast. And I was like, Taisha. Oh my. I feel for you so much more now. When I was there, it was intense. It was intense.


He's very intentional with his words and he like stares into your soul. I mean, I love that. I think he's I adore him. I think he's a great guy.


So all that aside, I was still like, are you like are you should I be concerned? But there was a camera guy always with me, so I was good to go. But I showed up on your doorstep in the middle of the night, told you he was deadly serious. You love the way the room smelled. I was like, run, run. I don't know. Get out. He's getting this is getting a little dark.


You know, you're turning the tables like a lot of questions about me being the Bachelorette. So I actually have a little game for us to play.


Oh, this director of The Bachelor World.


We're going to ask you several questions, OK?


And we're we're going to reverse roles. You're actually going to be The Bachelorette? Oh, well, as a cast member. And so we're going to ask you questions. And I want you to see I want I just want to get your answer as to how it would go in your eyes, OK? So much fun. So much fun. So here's how we're going to play. We're going to be asking you a series of questions. We're you'll have to answer them from the perspective of being Laurenzi with The Bachelorette or Learn Zema, the cast member.


OK, contestant. Oh, wow. OK, are you ready?


No, you should be OK. So question number one, I'm going to ask it and then Natasha and Jo take it from there. OK, you have just been announced The Bachelorette. What is your promo look like. What song is playing. What's the tagline of your poster. Paint the picture for me.


Oh gosh. OK, well the full, the full deal. The full package. OK, yes.


So. I mean, I think if I was The Bachelorette, it would be because I've been so focused on my career that it's finally time for me to find love like I've been killing it. I've been out here doing my thing. You no, son. Let's go independent. Is it woman or women by Destiny's Child? I never remember you talking about like a woman, one woman.


All the ladies who independent throw your hands up at my own diamonds and I buy my own rings. That would be a little glib that I love that independent woman. Part one. That's is from the Charlie's Angels soundtrack. Another throwback for all you millennials out there.


And then my tagline, let's stick with that, but let's make a fine little sexy. She's been in her career building your brand. So now she is open for business.


Oh, do you think you big you girls girls. I'm just kidding. I'm subscribing to that.


OK, I will tell you right now, it's like business like also isn't it business. But it. Yeah. Yeah. Explain it. Yeah. OK.


OK, we're good.


OK the approval. Yeah that would. Yeah. Sign him up. Sign him up baby. See. OK, so now you're a contestant. Chris Harrison is our bachelor.


Oh you're on his team. Get ready for bachelor. You're a contestant. What does your limo entrance look like. Are you doing any gimmicks. Is there costumes online? When you get out, what are you going to say?


Come on, you got to talk about who are you wearing? You know what? I would I think if Chris Harrison's The Bachelor, I just have to, like, play it for real, like as if, like, is if we wound up at the same result right now. But we went down a different path. So it would be like, you know how like I'm on Nick by all season. That woman who he met at the wedding, I think it was Liz showed up on night one and they had, like, hooked up before.


I think I'd have to show up. Chris Harrison is bachelor. I have to show up. And it's like I get out of the limo and he's like, oh, shit, I know her. Oh, shit. Like, we had a date. But I just be like I've interviewed you for years and I always had a secret crush on you. And like, now I'm here to get the real answers to my questions.


Oh, my God. I just thought, wow, this is amazing, Chris. It's really this this is a good idea to roll out the red carpet.


I'm like, come with my microphone. And I'm like, OK, it's time for a sit down. Oh, my God, I love this game.


So why didn't we do this? That's it was way better than the craft services story. Hang it. I got to go back. Rewind time back. Twenty twenty. I got to fix this. I just give up with the way. Better narrative. OK, literally. This is good.


All right Lauren. OK, you ready for me. Oh there's more. Oh. Oh yeah. We're just getting started guys. We're getting into it ok.


Oh you use the word this past night one which is it the easiest thing to do.


I don't know. You are now a group date which five women from Bachelor Nation do you want on the date with you.


And you can't choose these two.


Oh, I can't. OK, well, I think I will say every time anybody's ever asked me, would you go on the show? I think the hard thing for me is I really I really would want to be like I'm because I love, like female friendships. I'm like, I would want to go on the show and, like, make friends and travel. I really would do.


So I guess they're just going to pick if I can pick these two, I'm going to pick the other women who I love in the franchise. Five, Caitlyn Bristo, Jojo Fletcher, Becca Ghufron. I'm blue. This is like hard because I'm like Raven Gates. I love Raven. Yeah.


And let's get Rachel Lindsey in there. I guess this is. Yes, great. OK, cool. This is fun, right? Yeah. Leads except for Raven.


Which way to go. She's a good one.


I'm just telling people I want to drink tequila that says honestly, yes. I agree with you that you have to you have to have a good time. I put a glass of white wine. Is this block for you in honor of you today, Chris?


I will say Rachel and Back are very great drinking partners. Yes.


OK, let's see. You got the group. Pete Rose, fast forward to the next week and Chris Harrison is taking you on a one on one. Which date is he going to be choosing? A private jet to Italy for dinner? Oh, ATV across the forest of Costa Rica.


Yikes. Netflix and chill at the El Presidente Suite. Looking to help with a good bottle of wine and takeouts, I have my idea what this would be. I want to know what you're thinking.


Is this what I would choose or what he would choose for me? Which state is he choosing to take, you or me? OK. I mean, I think if it's our first one on one, he's doing the jet to Italy because he's that guy, you know?


Absolutely. One hundred per cent when I agree.


He just is that guy like, he's the I don't know.


He's never not lived up to the completely. And the thing is, it's not in a cheesy way or a Segway. I just he is the person who wants you to feel loved and wants you to feel made special. So he he's that person. He's like an old school Hollywood guy, too, you know, he's up in a suit with a great watch on and he's like, let's make it right now.


He's learned a thing or two from watching. All of our relationships is full of years of ages. I've got a masters degree. He's got like ten doctorates and love. OK, yes.


Yeah, yes. OK, so we have been a few weeks into this journey. You are bachelorette and it's a few weeks into your journey. Are we pulling a Claire and calling it going because we know we want to. Or are we, are we are we really taking our time?


Are we taking it slow? Are we feeling it out? Are we trying to bring ten men to the fantasy suite?


Yes. No, there's a quick answer that I just answered as quickly as when Claire answered. What's next, baby? No, it it's not because it's just not for me.


Like, I think when you when I watched Claire and Dale, Claire seems like such a spiritual person and like, she's really instinctive and goes with her gut. Like, I totally understood how knowing the deal was the one for her was the way that she sees the world like she felt it. I would be more I'm just more like I really believe in like time and that you've got to have a lot of experiences of like, you know, it's what I've gone through to I've gone through some big stuff in my life where I've learned, like, you don't know what life's going to throw at you.


So I need to see what how that person is going to interact in every moment. And this advice my dad gave me always sticks with me, which is life gives you tons of different seasons and you have to find someone to weather them all with sticks with me.




But yeah, also, if you have your crystals by your side and you know what you want, then do it.


All right, Lauren, we're almost done. We're at your home town. Tell us where you're going, what you're what you're seeing and what is your hometown date you're taking Chris on?


Oh, wow. It's like Joe, I was my first instinct.


Portillo's, I'm like, let's I knew was chocolate cake cheesy prior really out of it. I've never been in Chicago. I need to go. OK, go.


Oh my God. That's Italian. That's my first instinct.


But I will say, gosh, I also like feel that someone needs to be. You know what I would do, I would tell my mom to plan the whole day and be like, let's let my mom take me on a journey because we need to see if you can handle Donna's asthma. And, oh, that's what I would do. Have the parents ever plan the dates? Let's make it happen. Let's go down a fun twist, to be honest with you.


That would be kind of fun. Thank you. Let's let's come up with some stuff that would be very romantic, but it would be more like an embarrassing, kind of like fun kind of date. I don't know some parents.


I feel like Barb would be like, go make me a grandbaby right now. And it actually be, you know what I mean? Like, she would like I would not be surprised if Barb did that. So I don't know. But a good old from the parents, you know. That being said, we're going to go ahead and skip over the fantasy suite because we appreciate the sportsmanship, but we're just not going to go there. But look, you made it.


Yeah, we got it. We've made it past fantasy suites and we're not the final stop of the journey. OK, so you're about to receive the final rose. What is your ideal location? A, the Maldives.


Oh, be the Gold Coast of Australia. Or see the bachelor mansion.


It's clearly not the bachelor mansion in the mansion all my life currently available on Airbnb.


Right back to a little too typical. This a little bit. Gosh, I guess so. I have to pick between those, OK. I well, I suppose in this moment I'm hoping my final rose is coming from Chris Harrison. So I will say Australia because we went there together. So it would be a very fine place to go back to if it was a mystery person.


And we're in an alternate reality. I'll see the Maldives because that feels like sexy. I don't know.


I just thought about how you guys don't get to choose. That's just kind of go with the flow issues if you could choose. Yeah. Yeah. What about location?


If I could choose, I would choose. Oh, Napa in a hot second.


Yeah. Because I mean I just like it's all the things I love.


It's wine, it's wine and it's wine and I love it here and you can't have a bad time there. You know, it's like beautiful California weather, great food, kind people, culture, wine. And again, if it was Chris Harrison, that's a very special place to us. So I'm going to say Napa and Joe, thank you for asking me.


You got it. You get to check here. You get to choose to be if I was if I was the bachelor, that's how I would do it.


I would I would ask, where do you maybe you want to maybe, you know, I'm old school like Chris. Here's the jet, baby. Let's go.


I love my Lord. Well, thank you so much. A lot of fun.


Oh, happy that we were able to reverse the roles and interview you.


For once, I my armpits are sweating. You guys mind. Yeah, I know this whole time Joe's been like crap. We can't take this too far. Hold on. She can be. You know, Joe is like wrangling all of us because he's thinking both Lauren can't ask too invasive of a question of Tatia and we can't go too crazy asking questions about Chris Harrison. The tension on Joe's face. He is just holding.


He's treading lightly, wears it so well. He really does. He has all the time Lorenc. So we're like, really? Thank you, Joe. Just so you know, as I exit here, Taisho, who do you choose? Yeah, sorry, Lauren, we got to go. The episode has to be right.


I'm going to ask you this if you guys want to see your podcast, because I am curious to know, like I said, it's been a season of like emotional moments, nonstop amazing moments to watch. What was the most emotional moment for you so far, whichever guy it was with, whatever tears were shed or not? What was the most intense emotional moment for you on the season up to this point?


Up to this point? I honestly, it was kind of like a joke, but really that art date was it was the men probably took each of them for about 15 to 20 minutes about what their art meant to them and their self portraits. And they were very deep. I think once one person went there, every single guy followed. And honestly, that's the reason why I cry, because it was like these guys were talking about their upbringing, the struggles in their parents marriages, like everything.


And it was it was a lot. I think it just all hit me then that, yeah, sure, we have cameras and everybody around, but these guys are real and they're really laying it out there. And like even like I understand it's kind of like a laughing thing. It's like Ben getting naked. But it was it was very real in the moment of. He was he could have cried, it was just like, I'm really being here for you and it was just like I was I was dead.


I'm like, OK, I'm just going to walk out really quick and go get some water. And I just I didn't expect I just fell to the floor and I started crying. And I think it just hit me like I'm really looking for my person and these guys could really be it. So but again, every conversation that I've had on the one on ones are also really deep. But it sounds like that was the moment you knew like this could be.


I really could find the person here because these guys are awesome. Yeah. Wow. Yeah.


OK, well, Lauren, that's those all the questions all of you have. You were going to say, why is my zoom going dark? You go over to Chris here, Susan. We're good. Seriously, thank you so much for having me. This was so much fun. It's such a treat to see all of you tell us where we can find your amazing fabulousness. Tell us give us all the drop's. Lowering the passion. Thank you.


Instagram, Twitter, Tic-Tac and the Kameyama at Lauren Zema. And then please check out Roses and Rosny if you don't watch already. It's my bachelor bachelorette TV show and it is on YouTube channel. And then I'm on Entertainment Tonight if you're free to check your local listings.


Thank you so much, guys. That was so amazing, she's so great, we love Lauren here, and they know honestly, she gives me life. I don't know what it is about her. I just love she's just so genuine. But also I love how animated she is. And I don't know, she's a really good interviewer. And just like I don't know.


I just love her. I love it. I love I love how she turned the tables. She was like, I'm going to take this opportunity, Taisha. And we don't get into some things. I was going to say, hold on a sec.


She's a woman, always working, always working. And she's very professional.


You could tell she got great at her job. She you know, I always got to give props to Lauren Zema because when I got kicked off the first night on Roseanne Rosie, she made a big thing out of it.


So I was like, oh, and then I looked her up. I'm like, she's from Chicago.


So she's a of honor. She's always going to be my girl. So she's also I just love that she's dating Chris. I don't know what it is about them, too. I feel like they're just I don't know. They're so good. Chris is such a good spirit. He's so he's so funny.


And also, I just I would love to just go to but just be a fly on the wall at their dinner like, you know, could you imagine I wonder how I need to go sit at a dinner table and have a conversation with them. Exactly. I got the godfather and godmother of Bachelor Nation.


Oh my gosh. It's Lauren Z. So true. These guys.


She's so funny. I love them. Yes, it's been. It's been. She's great. We love her and you guys. And it's always, always so great to be here with you guys. We love hearing from every single person messages us on social comment. D.M. get at us. Let us know what's up. You know where to find us. Click bait, be in on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


And please, please share your stories with us. We want to know what stories you want us to get into because, hey, you're our listeners and we love you guys.


Absolutely. And of course, don't forget to subscribe.


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