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Welcome back to Click Bait with Fascination, we are so happy to be back with another episode for ya. So last week we really wanted to give you guys a chance to get to know us a little bit by sharing a little bit about ourselves or in Joe's case, a lot of it I present to that.


But that's OK.


But this week we are on track to give you guys a full fun episode that's less about us and all about what's going on in pop culture. We're going to kick this episode off with why we all are here, the juicy quick headlines of the week. And we're not just talking about the headlines. That is how we really win. Honey, we're going to be talking about the big picture of it all, discussing how these stories affect us and the world that we're living in.


And that is not all you guys. I am so freaking excited because today we have our very first guest. That's right. Stay with me. Very first guest. And I'm stoked about it. Yes.


Said it to you that I was kind of enjoying that little dance you were doing with it, honestly.


Oh, my God, I'm so excited. Yes, I'm so excited to announce in just a little bit we're going to be having these very own Justin Sylvester on the talk all things pop culture. I'm a huge fan of his. He is on E Daily Pop. I'm sure many of you guys have seen him. He's also known as the lady sitter. I've been a huge fan of his for years. Obviously, I'm a huge fan of Housewives of Beverly Hills, which is where he got his start from.


So excited to pick his brain. There's no one else that knows more about pop culture than him. You guys, I'm so excited. He's like the best first guest we could have.


Yeah, I'm excited, too. I'm excited because I was watching a lot of him on E Pop and this guy, he goes in on people.


So he does he's not afraid to speak his mind at all. And so I want you guys to be honest with me.


How many times did I say, like in the last podcast, I am like one or two, like maybe like one.


I OK, I was listening back. I did not realize how much I said like in a podcast. I guess my nerves kind of got the best of me. So you guys be patient with me.


I'm not I don't call you out on it. Yeah. Or maybe just take a shot every time I say like wow, I'm not a drug addict.


I mean, 11:00 a.m., you know what I say a lot is basically and I don't know where I got that from, but I say it a lot basically.


Well, apparently I say in the sense of or I say in this. So, yeah, in a sense of I don't know, I've been called out recently about phrases that I have. So, you know, we all have our thing. Who cares what happens.


I've been up since I woke up this morning at four thirty in the morning. Four lions. Why does I will I just, like, woke up and because I'm watching this show succession, I don't know if you guys have seen it. It's on HBO. It's I'm saying that it's the greatest show ever. Right now, I love it. I'm obsessed with it. And I don't know, just I think it just kind of.


I don't know if it stresses me out, but it's just like the what was it like yesterday? So the show's about business and it's about a big media conglomerate, but I get so into it and then I, I don't know, it just maybe puts me in a weird mood when I fall asleep. So I fell asleep and then I woke up really early and then I worked out and I think I pulled my back.


No, no. I'm just like getting older as the days go on, like most people do.


But I don't know why that made me laugh so hard. I get this amount and I was like, oh, oh, it's five thirty in the morning.


I pulled my back. I'm like, what is was going on in my world.


All right. You know what we're going to have I pulled my back. We all know about it. We're going to have Justin coming on in just a little bit. Before we do, we have to get into the click bait while why we are here, what we're doing on this podcast. So let's get into these articles.


OK, so I'm sure you guys have seen it because it is literally everywhere. But there is this video circulating online that's been honestly making everyone go crazy. I think I got it sent to me maybe, like, I don't know, 10, 15 times. But it's a video of a thirty seven year old Idaho native and Nathan Apodaca, which I think I butchered that.


But it's fun who is in this video? Skateboarding down the highway, literally chugging a gallon of cran raspberry juice while singing my favorite song, Fleetwood Mac's Dreams.


And I'm not going to lie like he cannot be bothered like he is a whole mood and I love him so much. So then Mick from Fleetwood Mac, one of the co-founders and drummers, he actually recreated the song, also drinking cranberry juice. And I like honestly, the world's going crazy about it. I can't I didn't think that anybody could talk Nathans, but this is I love it.


I love it so much. I mean, it makes doing it must be cool. My question is, where did the Cranbury come from? Like, does someone have like a UTI or something? Because that's the only time I'm drinking cranberry or.


Well, you're kidding. Well, yes, I like you. I love cranberry juice in general.


Really clean, literally growing up. It's always been in my fridge.


Right. My dad is obsessed with raspberry or cranberry juice, but the raspberry, it's like why Costco has to be your favorite video of all time.


It's your favorite song. OK, and your favorite.




But what's cool is, is he is a regular guy, a working guy, a hard worker, and he's blowing up on social media. He's got a million followers, one point one on Instagram, at one point eight Tic-Tac. So, I mean, these are our new entertainers. I think that's the best part of the quarantine, though.


Like, I feel like it's kind of just put a highlight on the person. Like the guy next door, the girl next door.


I mean, like, yeah, I just I don't know, so cool. Like, how you can literally post something on the Internet and get the attention of someone famous like Week. But, you know, like it shows how you can instantly become so connected.


You think this is going to last after quarantine or do you think this is why it's happening?


I do. I think people just want to see something real, something that they can relate. Yeah, like, I. I can be Nathan. I can be Nathan.


And the fact that people are so invested in his life now, I want to help out. And just after this video of him just being a total vibe, I think it's great. I don't know. I want to bring in a ton of money.


I mean, I'm not me personally.


I'm not a big fan of short form like camp because I guess he's like a comedian, right? Like, this is like the new comedy in a way.


And I'm OK.


I just got into it. Are you waiting on the parade? I, I want the best for Nathan.


I really do. And he's blowing up as well as he should be. I'm just not going to watch it.


Cool. I think you and that's why I love to talk. I love to talk because it gives you an escape from like everything that's going on from the world or your work, like you were able just to go and talk and you're able to see people from all different walks of life. I feel like now more than ever, day to day, people are being more recognized and celebrated than prior, you know, like ten years ago. It's just the models and the accolades now.


It's like, yeah, it's only in Hollywood now it's broad. And I think that has a lot to do with our society and what we're taking interest in and how heavily we're influenced. He literally wasn't doing anything except for literally on his way to work, drinking cranberry, listening to music on a skateboard. Like that's what I love. So I don't know what else you want Joe to do, do a backflip on the damn thing. I want to see, you know, OK.


I mean, what if he was eating possum that make you happy or is it some sort of like that?


Well, he's working he's actually working in produce coolers like I used to. But I don't know. Tic-Tac is a world of its own.


I guess I'm too old for it. I don't do it. I mean, you guys are tech talkers, right? You guys have to. Yeah, I dabble.


I don't really do take talk. I just watch tech talk. I watch, like, the cooking videos.


Well, you know what?


I used to watch movies, the movie theater that feel like it's basically being ripped away.


Did you see a big a big company? Riegle They opened up their theaters and then once they had to shut down the box offices are getting crushed because no new movies are coming out. The experience of the movies. Are gone, or at least I feel like they're gone. No more date nights, candy, pop. The movies like your first date, would you take a girl to the movies? Yeah, when I'm in a relationship, I'm going to the movies, then I really I wouldn't want that.


And I don't I don't want that.


I want someone to take me to dinner. And like us, we will talk more versus having to sit in a movie and not talk.


OK, but what about when you're dating someone for like a year and then you go to the movies? You don't see? I'd rather stay at home.


No, I see I'm going to split because Regal Cinema is actually their headquarters are in Knoxville, which is where I'm from.


And so it's really sad to me because I know people that have lost their jobs from this, you know, the theaters being shut down. But at the same time, I understand why people want to be at home like there's covid. And then on top of that, like people are more comfortable, like more content being at home versus like feeling like they have to go out. I mean, I get that I feel like my only thing against movie theaters is the fact that you pay like one hundred and eighty seven dollars for one small box of popcorn and like a soda and your movie tickets because it's so frickin expensive.


But like, I have literally been to movies my whole life, like my dad is a huge guy when it comes to sound systems.


And we would always go to the movie theaters watching everything that would come out because like I just love sound. I love the big picture. Me, my one of my best friends literally going to movies. We would go at least twice a week before covid.


Why this is more like this, more like the private movie theaters where you can actually order a bottle of wine, get some like sliders, put your feet up.


What you drink wine in the movies? I'm sorry. Yeah, it's a very pleasurable experience. You disagree with that? You have to go to your chair. You're just in. Look, it's great. I don't understand. Like, the movies are like something that I truly love. I love you. Yeah.


I love the movies. I don't like to drink wine and watch a movie.


I don't think wine with movies.


I think a coke and popcorn goes movies and some gummies. Yeah. OK, sour gummies.


Wine goes with dinner, romance, conversation. You know what, I don't I don't think wine belongs where you start a pool.


I would like to know a pool. I would love for everybody to please select something on our site. Click bait story.


It's going to be do you drink wine on a day at movies or drink a soda wine into my DMS water bottle, popcorn and candy drinks water at the movie.


Oh my God, I'm done with you saying I'm not saying that the soda isn't spiked. I might have a little bit of vodka and a sexy look at you. You I like. Do you guys. Well, there's no need for zombie movies to be released any time soon because the video of does and Camila Cabello has resurfaced and Sean is finally speaking out on why the two of them looked like absolute zombies walking down the street. So Sean speaks out about the video months after the Internet went wild, expressing what the heck was going on while they were walking down the street and Miami, literally.


You guys, I don't know. Have you seen the video yet? I saw the video.


I mean, obviously, it's an old video from the beginning of quarantine, but they're walking out. Looks like their house in Miami. And it looks like they're coming out of the walking dead like they look very strange. And I don't know if they're just caught, like in a bad moment, bad hair day, bad outfit, option of the day. But they just looked on the enemy went wild about it. So, yeah, I don't know.


I don't want to be arguing with you guys on every topic.


I don't really have an issue what they were doing. I mean, they were just like they were you know, it was quarantine.


They're walking in the morning. They're chilling. They're walking a little slow and I don't know.


Well, and then everyone after that started speculating because they looked miserable. They looked not happy to be with each other. Then people started questioning them and like, if they're happy and if they're relationships going to make it.


And I can't help to think the same when I saw the video. I just can't believe it must be exhausting to be like a full blown celebrity like that to where you just literally minding your own damn business, walking down a sidewalk with your boyfriend and looking around.


Everyone has something to say about it. You mean you can't even walk? God forbid. Like, what can you do? I mean, it must be exhausting, honestly, just the fact that they can't even go for a walk, just like being in whatever emotion they are without people even speculating if they're even doing well, if they're really in a relationship, if this is happening, that's happening to like for them to come out months after the fact about a video of them walking is obnoxious.


And I'm sure that has to be so annoying for them that they even feel like they have to stand up for themselves or, oh, any kind of any kind of explanation to anyone.


I'm sure we've all kind of experienced it in our relationships at some point.


It's just, um. You do what some people get into your head and then you start questioning things and then like even like when I was dating someone anyway, I thought it was paradise.


I was dating I was dating John for a hot minute. And I went to dinner with one of my business partners. And we had just gotten off work and we went out to dinner or whatever. It was the only video recorded saying that I was cheating on John. Like I do things for family. Are you joking? Like, I literally went to dinner after, like, an eight hour day. And it's just like I'm not the kind of person.


But some people take those headlines and like, associate that with, you know what I mean?


And that's especially if you guys are like living in different states and then he's got to hear it from the Internet. It's hard not. It's hard to. Trust somebody like that, yeah. Which when the media is trying just to tear people down and tear people apart, relationship, these people get off.


I just let them live, like let everybody live. Like they're walking down a damn street. Walk slow. I love cooking, but honestly, most of the time, I just really don't have the time and I feel like when I do go grocery shopping, I end up wasting so much food. So I'm just cooking for myself. And I have to tell fresh in the past, but I just got back on the train and I started using it because it takes the guesswork out of cooking every single night.


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Click bait eighty. So until another headline is award season and the filmmaker Steve McQueen has a lot to say about the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, also known as BAFTA, as he warns them that they will lose credibility if they do not show more diversity in this award ceremony. So basically, Steve McQueen is the filmmaker that made 12 Years a Slave, which is an incredible movie.


But he's fed up and he just thinks that people of color are just repeatedly snubbed at the awards ceremony and that if they don't show that they're moving forward, especially this day and age in twenty twenty, when this is such a big topic of concern and awareness now that they might lose credibility, just like other award shows. And so he's basically saying, like, get up or like, what the heck are you doing? What's the point?


Yeah, I mean, they is you know, they'll be left behind as well as they should. I mean, we live in a diverse world, so we should showcase that. Right. That's real life. Yeah. And life should imitate art or art. Imitate life, right. No, it's true.


But I mean, that's real life and I want to see that and I want to see it on the screen. And if that's not going to be showcased, then what are we watching?


I think this year has just shed light on a lot of the issues that are probably going on behind closed doors with a lot of companies. And that's been going on for years and years.


And it's just being brought to people's attention, bringing things to light.


And I feel like such a prominent space, like filmmakers know the impact that they can have on the entire world. They should be utilizing all that. I mean, like even like Rihanna, she just had this savage Fanti like fashion show. And that girl, like, honestly, like although she is very influential, something as small as like just like her line had every single type of body shape, color, skin, men, women, whatever you are, was on that.


And like everyone is glorifying her for it because it's just like it's real, like that is so much more interesting.


But the fact that it's such a big deal that you're seeing, like people that are your average guy looks like it's crazy.


Yeah. And I think on multiple different platforms, not just movies, but to and Instagram, like people like to see real life. They like to see the Nathan. They like to see someone that is. Different than just the Hollywood perfect model or actress? Well, yeah, that's that's why those platforms are blowing up, right?


That's why they're getting so big, because you're actually getting to see real life. And I think the bigger companies need to follow suit.


I mean, there was there is a guy and I I really should know his name. There is a guy that was on in her fashion show that's just like the average African-American male. That's probably two hundred three hundred pounds.


And like people were saying, like, I've never seen a guy like me in like a fashion show. And I know I can like I know I can wear those clothes because it fits a guy that with that body type, that's my body type. So it's just like the fact that you just like this is called exclusivity. Like Jessica. You think that's life.


Yeah. And you think that also helps with self-esteem. Absolutely. Yeah.


I mean, yeah. I mean, I think I think we'd become a happier. Coming up, your world, if people feel better and feel encouraged about who they are, being comfortable in your own skin, right?


Exactly. I think everything stems from how you feel about yourself. If you feel good about yourself, feel confident.


If you feel like you're living in a world that at least makes you feel accepted to some extent, then you're going to make better choices because you're going to be like you're going to be more secure in your identity and who you are. And something that I saw recently that makes me happy to see things like the modeling industry, like they're having women of not only all different shapes and sizes, but different backgrounds, too. So they're having models with Down syndrome, which is I think is something really special and something that is being acknowledged like Winnie Hala, like she has a skin condition where I'm sure she was made fun of a lot as a kid just because she doesn't look like everybody else.


But the fact that she's so strong and she's now known as a well known model and that the world has accepted her for that, I'm sure that she is inspired so many other women and and children, even though just like her, she's giving them a voice, a platform and to something to identify with.


And I feel like if you haven't learned that in 20, 20, then wake up, baby. Where are you?


Wake up, everyone. Jump on the train. So I'm super excited. Bring up. This next article is probably one of the most exciting articles we have today, and I will tell you as to why in a second.


But you guys, EA has released the nominees for this year's People's Choice Awards, including the recipient of their Peoples Icon Award, who's also my freaking icon. I am so fucking excited. Jennifer Lopez is to receive the People's Icon Award at the Twenty Twenty People Choice Award.


I am excited for the black.


I'm so excited. She's so deserving. Honestly, gaolers African icon. You guys, what hasn't that woman done?


She's been in movies. She's made music. She's the formula dormers.


She doesn't do that.


Honestly, if she could drop her skin care routine, they'd be frickin great in her award speech.


I wonder what it must feel like to be nominated for a People's Choice Award. For those of you who don't know our very own Hannah and was nominated for a People's Choice Award, the competition contestant of Twenty Twenty.


Oh my God, we are sense of a celebrity. I'm so I'm so excited. You know, something that's funny as my dad, he so I'm OK anyways. Back story and back home in Tennessee, in Knoxville for a little bit. And when I found out I told my dad, my mom, my dad had no idea what it was. My dad's very like country. If you watch TV, it's like the news or hunting shows. So he went outside and he was on his tractor mowing our eight acres and he wrote in boat in the yard.


Oh, yeah, yeah. He was like, you need to take a picture of this. And I'm like, oh gosh, that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Vote for me before the election. But what about you?


How did you hear about it. Did they email you or call you. Yeah well yeah.


I got a text that morning because my mom saw it and I was just like, wow. And then I ended up getting emails like, oh OK. Like this is real. Like this is a fake. That is.


Did you freak out? Like, what was your first reaction like? Were you I so were you nervous. What?


No, I was so excited just to be a part of something like this. Just exciting. Obviously things would be like virtual this year. I don't know how the event will exactly go down, but I'm excited to ask Justin.


I mean, it's their thing. So he is probably going to be he's going probably interview you. Um, I don't know. Maybe this is kind of fun. I say you've got a speech. Prepare enough about me. I'm really excited for this next part, talking to Justin on here, because if anyone is going to have something to say about what's going on, it's going to be the king of Pop. So please, everyone, give a warm welcome to Justin Sylvester.


Justin, I am not going to lie, I'm so happy you are here today and this is for having me, I really think it's going to be fine because No.


One. How are you doing? She is good, I'm chillin, you know, just trying to get my life right now in this quarantine, right.


I think we're all trying all that.


Before you guys, right before you came on, we were actually talking about the People's Choice Awards and the fact that J. Lo is going to be our icon of twenty twenty. Tell me about it. You love her, too, obviously.


Oh, my God. I mean, when you think about like that, only an icon. Just a performer. Yeah. She is one person that I've seen in concert a dozen times. And every time I see her on that stage, she lights it up. It's unlike anything you've ever seen. And I think what's really important about Jaylo that we need to point out is that there are a lot of singers out there that don't give it 100 percent because they never had to work for it.


I love Mariah, but Mariah will give you the right will give you a little bit, because Mariah only has to give you a little bit right in.


Whitney squandered it. Jennifer worked for it every step of the way. When the odds were against her, she said that she was still going to do it and do it her way. And you know what? Bravo to this woman. She really crafted that. Just all of it.


She really does. And this has been a big year for her. I mean, she hasn't just done one thing and now she's a movie coming out on Valentine's Day two and she's going for it.


I heard about that movie in that movie. Oh, you're in it. Oh, there you go.


Well, how do you how do you feel right now with OK, so quarantine.


These award shows are not live. You're a correspondent.


How is that like are you as excited as if it was live. I love it. I know.


Really crazy.


Yes, I know this sounds crazy, but does back in the day like back in the 50s and the 60s, if you look at what the Oscars used to be like when Joan Crawford was kicking it and like Marilyn Monroe, what they would do is they would televise ah, sorry, they were broadcasted live on the radio and then the star would walk out of their house with the night gown or the gown and their kids and give a press review of how they felt.


And it was like this intimate thing to be invited into this star's house. And I almost felt like it was that moment all over again.


It was Hollywood and it was this invitation into a world you would never be able to be invited into.


Yeah, I mean, OK, so do you think you're going to be virtual or are you going to be on the red carpet, you know?


Oh, for us, I think we're going to be completely virtual. I think E likes to take I'd like to take any chances. Yeah. You know, if you go back if you go back to the Golden Globes, rewind the Golden Globes and you look at how many people weren't feeling well in February.


And just talking on people's mikes and shaking hands and posing for pictures and the report is so true, a lot of people are not feeling well.


I was at a motherfucking motherfucking breast cancer research foundation, shot out to be CRF had this huge like they have this huge gala every February.


It was bumpin. Yeah. And Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were there and they weren't feeling well.


Right. No one knew what was going on.


Like no one had the words to call it what it was. But it's very crazy.


And there's a really big celebrity. There was a really huge celebrity there whose partner is has underlying issues, medical issues. So as somebody who was on the board of this of this charity.


Right. We were told don't go too close. You know, blah, blah, blah, has underlying issues.


And motherfucking Tom Hanks is sitting right next to him. Oh, no. Oh, my God, yeah. No one knew, like no one knew better play it safe than sorry. Then let's just make everything virtual. I mean. There's no point at this point, let's just be safe, you can see the whole dazzle thing. I mean, on your own, you're going to be fine.


Do you think we're going to get that? Be like you're calling it that guy Derby. You're still going to get that dress and true.


Jimmy Kimmel, I know you don't get paid a lot of money for hosting an award show. By the way, you don't make any money for hosting an awards show. It's what you get paid like ten days.


OK, I know that.


But you better come out of your pocket and kind of go find me only fans for Jimmy Kimmel because he literally made that whole award show go by so quick and so painless. It was good.


And then we have Hanahan, who actually is nominated. Congratulations, Hanahan competition contestant.


Yeah, competition contestant. So how is there something that that's going to be new this year? I know that it's virtual, but are they going to like add in the other elements to make it more interactive for the nominees? Maybe.


The thing I love about EA is that the people's choice of words is kind of sort of their first priority, like it's like their pride and joy. And I know for a fact they have some really big things planned. They never let us in on the conversation because they never wanted to get out, because they know he's going to want to be like, oh, my God, there's going to be an elephant that delivers your Shazam.


Or, you know, I would tell all the teeth and keep it so close to the chest that we don't even know what's going on until the day we get really.


I will maybe you'll be showing up to my apartment. I hope so. I hope so. You win over.


Were you up against Candy Burris, who I'm a huge fan of love, Candy Burris, Madison Pruitt, who is also on the show, and a few others I can't quite remember.


But I mean, it's a good group. It's a good group, but I'm just happy just to be a part of it. I mean, it's something that I've always watched and like I had fun voting for.


So can someone help me get on Bachelor Paradise for you? What do you want to do? Do you want to actually be someone today or you want to be like the bartender? I think the bartender like stirring up the drama. You could be the bartender.


Absolutely. Honestly, that's what I want to do. And I know what I don't want to take a job away from was Atom's. I want to poach somebody else's job. I can also be the barfly who's always sitting. There is a good one, too.


And you have somebody to talk to you like while you sit at the bar. That is my ultimate fantasy because I think there's a lot of things that straight men are scared to ask women, but I don't care about that a little.


Dude, I'll be in the hot tub just coming out of the water. Be like a.. I see you can nominate if you could nominate one celebrity to be on The Bachelor, who would it be?


Oh, or or bachelorette, everybody's married over there. It's like the saddest thing I know I want to know one single.


I would want to do it, but I wouldn't want to do it by myself. So if I was the bachelor and there was like gay contestants, I would want there to be a bachelorette at the same time. You can get dressed together. We can talk together.


We seem to be super fun. We can go together.


I would be that windmill the whole time.


Oh, my God. The windmill just isn't a windmill. At our season in paradise, you would die. You would have the best time.


It's so, so much juice. But there's all these unspoken things.


I know you guys had a big drama in paradise that never really got explained. I'm still concerned about that. Which were. Oh, yes.


You know. Oh, thank God. Well, OK.


Ask me a question until, you know, I'm just saying, like, you know, there was that whole Demario thing, you know, like that whole like, OK, but they just swept under the rug, like, we don't know what's happening.


Yeah, well, I don't know about that. Yeah, we don't know that part either. I wasn't there. You were there. You weren't there. I don't think the next season I believe. Let me ask your question.


I was the next season and then. Then it was me two seasons after I was two seasons after. And then it was you.


Let me ask you a question. Well, when you're in paradise, because like on the real world, I like Big Brother. They knew where to go to, like, do the nasty.


Yeah. Is there, like places to go that you can hanky panky without anybody catching, you know, without anybody catching the boom boom room kind of thing?


Yeah, there's still cameras.


OK, but there's like a you know, there's like a video village where like if you snuck behind a tent you can like go preview some shit.


Like we're people doing that on your seasons of actually paradise.


Know, I don't know if we could talk about that. What happens in paradise stays in paradise, but it ends up on everyone's TVs.


But for me, like I was going into those shows, I would be so nervous. So what is it like for you to host or be a correspondent at a big award show like People's Award?


You know, you get nervous.


Yes, I get nervous sometimes, but at the same time, I just like I have a few drinks before these things happen, you have to I'm sure you just have to do it and you just never know what's going to go down.


But, you know, it's funny because I feel like as far as the audience goes, I feel like I know her. I feel like she is my friend. I feel like I have been talking to her since I was in high school, since I came out here. And it's easy for me to do live TV.


I'm also not afraid of Twitter anymore. Right, right is going to be a platform I don't like Twitter, it's it used to be scary to me. It's very scary.


I don't do that. I don't know, I stay off of it. Those people are vultures, but they're also very funny on Twitter.


Oh, I always tell Larry they're going to curse me out. If you're going to call me every name in the book, at least hashtag my show.


So people to watch me, tag me.


Yes, I do live TV every day, though. So for me, it's like you have to get used to people not always agreeing to what you say about what you say or how you do things. And once you get over that fear that you're going to get canceled is just like, you know what I'm going to show every day where I give my opinion. And if you don't like it, that means that I'm actually invoking something in you. And if you know me, if you're my employer of three years or my friend or someone who I've worked with, you know, in my heart is so I'm not getting caught up.


Well, speaking of your friends, I'm a huge fan of Kyle Richards. I'm a huge fan of Housewives Beverly Hills. I have to ask, what is it like working with Kyle Richards or have worked with her?


It's kind of a joke. I love it when you hop on their season, it's just so much fun.


Why is that a joke? It's a joke because we honestly spent every day like the first four hours of our days sitting in her closet talking like that, like we didn't get anything done.


I think her husband was, like, mad at us for the first year that I worked there because we just had, like, never like, I don't know.


It was weird. It was my first year in L.A. It's my first month in L.A. when I met her, she had never had an like an assistant our lady sitter. And we honestly would just sit and talk. And we became like really close friends very quickly. And then one season one had ended. She had went through so much in season one that we honestly became family and love that.


And it's just it's been like 11 years. And no matter what she asks, I would drop the phone off, drop everything tomorrow. And she picked up the phone and said, hey, I need you because and she would do the same for me. It was weird. I was like I was getting paid to, like, sit with the like.


It was honestly strange. I looked back at it.


I mean, I feel like I can kind of relate in the sense of like even mean manning myself with like older kids, like I'm just hanging out with you.


This is like a fun thing. And or like in their moms, like, we would end up just having cocktails after just like, hi, but can I get a paycheck? It's just kind of weird, you know, to be like your friends.


No, we just kinkead I mean, look, we got a lot of shit and I don't think she knew what was going to hit her. That was the funny part.


Yeah. I started working for her. Atlanta Housewives, New Jersey and New York had already been out. So I had and I knew what to expect as far as what Housewives was like.


She had never seen the show before. So she was like, wow, it's going to be fun.


We're just going to film. It's going to be great. And I'm like, the filming is not the problem.


It's when you have to do press. It's why fans start to react. It's the blogs. It's the reunion. Like you have to sit there for twelve hours a day and like, filmed this reunion and she honestly went into it with, like, Virgin Eyes.


And after it was all said and done, she was like, oh my God, how did you know that? I'm like, this is like what I do. Like, I am on the policy, my fingers always on in everything. So and it was interesting because I was only supposed to be there for 90 days. And then five years later I was like, hey, I think we should stop this.


Do you feel like because it was her first season and then your first time in L.A., your first job in L.A., it made you closer like a better bond?


Oh, one hundred percent. Yeah. I think that we started, interestingly enough, started to really major life moments. At the same time, I was moving to Los Angeles. She was starting Real Housewives. I started the first day that she started filming and we bonded in that.


And I feel like sometimes like even when I talk about the show now, everyone says, oh, my God, you're so biased. Like, I'm like, you know, she's my friend. And we started this journey together. So, yeah, she is my best friend. But we're also very real with one another. I can say to her, like, you fucked up and she could be like you.


You really screwed that up today on TV. And that's what we love about each other. And, you know, it's interesting because the show is kind of the thing, that thing that bonded us together. But now we don't really talk about the show.


We don't really talk about the show.


What role would you say she played in getting you where you are today?


You know, it's it's really funny when I look back on it and I look at, you know. How she kind of sort of she's always supported me, she's never, ever been like one of those people who thinks that you're claiming you're going to be right.


There are certain people in Hollywood that if you started with them, they see you as a climber because you want bigger and better things.


And from the start, I will never forget this. She would tell me all the time, like, you're too big for this. Like you should not be just doing this. So when you have a big personality, she would you really do you off.


But you have like that when you have this energy, you're like you're bringing it. You are your own person. Like you're you know, I feel that for sure.


Can you imagine can you imagine this 17 years old, my mother be like, get the fuck out of me so much that she that she was just a real with you that she wasn't she let you be you. But also she wanted more for you. And like. You mean like she let you have chemo and you can still have that.


And you guys supporting each other, right.


Oh, one hundred percent. Like I might be the salt and pepper. Sometimes she might be the Spinderella and vice versa.


And she's like the height man of the century. Right. There's never if and ah but like there are times where I laugh all the time because if I called her and I was like, hey, I need a favor and she'll be like if I said had any ten grand she'd be OK, let me just write the check and then she'd be like, what do you need it for.


Like but the question is like she's never like, like me. Like I'm like, hey, I need to borrow your car for a week.


It's never like she's a real that's you know, it's that's it's love art. She is the funniest thing about her. She's going to kill me for telling you guys is I want to know.


Oh no, I love being a hypochondriac in the world now.


And there have been times where she's like, hey, can you come to my house? I can't feel my right arm.


And I'm like, I'll be there in five minutes. We live like an hour each other. And I know in my mind that she's perfectly fine. All right.


Let me just call the doctor.


I'm like, hey, you need MRI like this and I'll sit her in the MRI. I'll sit there and, like, bring magazines and books. Wow.


Oh, my God. So sweet.


If it happens once a year, she gets really like she gets she has a lot on her plate. She's like a mother of four who does it all like she does it all.


Yeah. She's always there for her kids.


She's always there for her husband. She's always there as an employee, as a talent on a TV show. Like she really honestly does not delegate anything to anyone else. I know it's a stress. I will say there is one other thing that I want to say, because I feel like. Both of you guys started at the same time, and it was really interesting to me that how you feel more comfortable now being able to say what you want to say and not worry about cancer culture.


And I feel like it's something that we have kind of experience of, like people like hanging onto words that we're saying. And I kind of like jump on you and like make it to be a villain. How did you guys did you guys help each other get through that? Because I'm sure like Bill Housewives, everybody comments on it like it's a fair criticism all day, every day and same as you with your job now.


Well, I got to watch somebody go through it. Yeah. Yeah. The first season of the show, even though I felt like I knew what was coming, I had no idea.


No idea.


Like people on Twitter were mean to her. And it's because when you're on a reality show, people think that they know your lives and they think that for forty two minutes that you split with twenty five people on the show, that they have the idea of who you are.


And they feel like because you put yourself out there that they have the right to tear you down. Yes. And season one, we were the fan favorite up until Episode 17 and then shit went downhill and then every season it would happen where there was an episode people didn't like or edit people hated. And you can't like you can't say, you know, you can't tell yourself, OK, we're only in it for two more weeks. Episode four, we'll be fine.


And watching her go through that and go through the range of emotions of hating it and then being OK with it. And then, you know, getting to a point where she didn't let it affect her really taught me a lot about not hanging on to every single little thing.


Can we go can we go back to your fifteen year old self? Do you have like a moment in like that time your favorite pop culture moment or the moment that shaped your little. Because you came out to L.A., one came out to L.A. when I was 19, 20, 20. I thought you were 20. So I moved here when I was 20. I turned twenty one here.


And I was living here when the Britney fiasco went down. Oh, was that.


Is that your biggest moment to moment?


Kinda one of them. I have to admit something. A lot of people don't know this about me. I worked for this guy named Chris.


A.J. Do you know that is. Why is that sound familiar? He was the guy she started at Hardy. OK, yes, yes, yes. I like what I know his name. I fucking work to Ed Hardy at the height. Had already had good jeans for Ed Hardy. Look, look, you know, I worked with I worked for I worked at Ed Hardy at the time that Ed Hardy was a thing for the guy who started at Hardy.


So I got like. A crash course in fashion, branding, marketing and just fucking like debauchery, like I didn't know what I was doing working for this 50 year old insane dude who started one of when I tell you that Madonna used to personally call our offices.




Oh, my God. Elton John.


I know you used to it was like the biggest shit show ever.


And you would talk to them on the phone and have to tell them, no, you are like Cambage.


We can't get you 17 jumpsuits at your motherfucking house tomorrow in London by nine o'clock we're in Los Angeles and he would be like, fly them there and I would have to fly them there. Oh my sweet.


Who's like the biggest celebrity that you had to like do some ridiculous request for?


Michael Jackson came in our office, came to me and Cardie, you know, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson at a Michael Jackson Christian Odagiri.


I had a birthday party. It might have been his forty fifth birthday party. It's huge birthday party.


Michael Jackson came. Kanye West.


Oh, my God. She's like Kanye West. Came to our office before Kanye West dropped like his first mixtape. Like it was wow.


Saying I remember thinking little Wayne up from the airport, little Wayne picking up Lil Wayne up from the airport, you guys.


And literally when I say the biggest contac high of my life, I think I passed out in that UBA. Right.


Um, I've actually met Lil Wayne before its crazy name. It's weird.


He's a he's a funny little man. I'm meeting him.


It was just like, by the way, when you're in a storm, like we had a tornado, you don't even think about being in the tornado. The tornado puts you back into reality. Yeah.


As a six months after a year after I started there, I had to go back to school, to school at LSU and just to, like, think about all the things that I had done in that twelve month span was kind of nuts. Yeah. Wow.


Well, you never get nervous at an award show that basically you don't do the. I know I used to because I'm a very like funny off the cuff kind of guy. Like I like to fuck with people, you know what I mean.


Like yeah. Yeah. And some celebrities aren't really used to it, but they like but they not used to it. So if I ask a question to a celebrity who wants to answer it, normally they want to answer the question. They just are afraid that we will chop up the answer and take a bit our right.


What I was really nervous about when I first started E was E prides itself on having these relationships with celebrities and having access.


So my fear and their fear was always, we don't want you to say anything that would cause them like to freak out because publicists normally are the ones who freak out. The celebrities don't mind it. I just don't want to have to clean up the profile. I mean, so I think I fucked up early on in my career and I realize that.


And then they realize, like, this is who he is, like, we're not right. And we're just going to let him be him.


So you feel like an iconic career wasn't a highlight of your entire career so far because you put every celebrity, this is going to be weird.


Me. I think my highlight this is really kind of crazy was. Tiffany Haddish sent me a voicemail. And when she say she said the nicest voicemail we were talking, she came up in conversation and by the way, every time I interview this woman, she, like, understands it. Like she gets like she's just professional. And a lot of times celebrities have. And it doesn't happen often.


Actually, it happens a lot where although they know they are supposed to be there, although this was on the books for months at a time, there are still certain celebrities who and you don't know what happened. The interview before you you don't know what happened the day that they came to that studio. Something could have happened. Something could derail their lives. You know, a lot of things I take into account, a lot of things. I never take it personally, but a lot of celebrities just aren't here for it at that moment.


And Tiffany Haddish, every single time I've interviewed her, not only is she professional, but she understands that this is hard for me. Right. So let me make it easy for you. And she's always been that person. And, you know, we had a really hard conversation about some things that she had brought up about her life. And like just like some really deep conversation on Daily Pop. And I took it from a more personal standpoint, and I kind of not defended her.


I just highlighted the great things that she had said. And I thought it was an important story for people to hear because I think we sometimes forget that, like, yeah, she's a comedian, but. Just the underlying tones of what she talks about is so important, like self-love and accepting yourself and not being afraid of your past and growing and and really achieving your goals, like she is really an important person in our Zangas for black women, for black men, for everybody.


So I just wanted to point it out one day and she got a hold of the end of the segment and she called me to let me know that she appreciated it.


Wow, that's amazing, because I feel like sometimes it might be so little to you that you were just talking about how you feel about the moment, but the fact that she acknowledged it and then reached out to you and told you thank you is like one hundred huge.


That's busy days.


One hundred percent. And I think just Jaylo. I love her literally.


I love her so much. Are you Ramona, are you a destiny?


And, you know, it's just an affair like, you know, just sleeping.


I watched Hustler's so many times. It's a problem. Like, I just I want to be like, how am I Ramona?


Moment that like we all want to be a stripper. OK, but she said to me, like she is I have issues about that business.


And I there's always that moment where, like, you went too far. But they appreciate it, you know what I mean? Like there are times where I'm like, fuck it, I'm going to ask. And like, I know when a celebrity is like, oh, motherfucker, you oh, you think you're going to go there.


But every time I go there, she is ready and she like she doesn't she.


So when I tell you, like, she's got this like very few people have it. Tom Cruise has it. Michael Jackson has it. Jennifer Lopez has it, it's this. You're nervous, but you feel welcome because there's this intense look that I need to connect with you really quickly, like I need to, like, let me connect with you. And you're so nervous that you're like, holy fuck, you're staring me in my soul. Oprah has to like it's like, hi, it's just you and me.


And then you're like, wow, there's not many people who do like who like who can actually do that. That's amazing. It's weird, it's like a week back, but I know that look that you're talking about, too. I know exactly that look and what you mean. And my apartment is.


But it's yours right now. Yeah.


You're just saying, oh, yeah, it's great. You lose everything.


You lose every fucking word you came with. I want to ask you one thing. OK, so as of recently, the biggest headline that's make you like, kind of like shake a little bit, that's kind of shocked you. Anything juicy. That potentially, allegedly Armie Hammer likes ropes and kinks, yet ballet performance that excite you, is that excite you?


I am really excited about it, if it's true.


I mean, like, look, I've dated some men in my life. I will say this. The most conservative on the outside of their freak is on the inside.


So it didn't shock me and shock me that he had been in a relationship so long that if it is true, he just got sloppy with his Twitter fingers.


And that's out there. That is a great way to hear this.


Did you know I know you guys out here, that whole thing now. So it was like a Twitter conspiracy. But then the craziest part about the whole fucking thing.


Oh, my God. I'm going to get in so much trouble for this. Everybody, this is allegedly this is all allegedly I'm all ears on.


Remember, breaks up with his wife. They separate. It's like this thing. He's back on the market. He's going on all these dates, like randomly like in a three day period.


He when I would Rumer Willis and we are with this other woman who was Josh Lucas is like X Y and then went out with this other lady, which I support. I'm here for like a ten year relationship.


You better so those oats and drip all around the me, OK, because I already know he's got a wife. I know he's got a wet ass. I know he's ready to spend some cash on some dinner dates, OK. Yes. And it was like this whole thing. And then all of a sudden a few days later, a week later, this these reports came out that he was liking all this like BDM stuff on Twitter, allegedly.


Fast forward three or four days. Rumer Willis posts that photo of her wrapped in all that bondage with the caption along the lines of, I like it if you like it. Oh.


So I was like, oh, shit, this guy is getting good. She looked great. And I'm not even into that kind of stuff. But she looked amazing. And I thought to myself.


If Armie Hammer was like kind of into me, I would have bought some rope and I would have went to the hardware store and put some latex on my ass, like I would have totally done it, that she hit me for a loop.


Did you also see it happening on The Bachelorette? I think that's what we're saying about. Can you let our listeners know where they could find you and what you got coming up?


You guys, you can catch me every single day on Daily Pop, Monday through Fridays, every day at 11:00, 10:00 Central. And every Wednesday, justiceship drops on every podcasts platform, even Pandora, because on their door you can find it in.


That's me everywhere. It's so much fun and you can follow me at the ladies dinner, I'm giving you commentary, I'm giving you voter registration on this, I'm giving you laughs all day, giving it all in all, I am so happy you here.


I'm like, I'm living my life. Oh, guys, he was awesome, right? He's so good, he's so much fun, his energy is honestly everything. I love him so much. Well, I love that.


I love the L.A. success stories. Right. Come to Hollywood at a young age.


You work as hard as you can and you make it and you make it as yourself like. Look at this guy.


He's one hundred percent him and he's crushing it.


I mean, he's had a pretty insane road in L.A. I mean, first, starting with Ed Hardy and then having his first job with, like Carl Richards in that aspect and like that being filmed and whatnot. And then now the Daily Papic, why he's had a really good run, but he definitely deserves it because you could just tell his personality just.


He's meant for it. Yeah, and it doesn't seem like he is slowing down any time soon. I know. Neither are we.


You guys, our listeners, thank you so much for hanging out. We love you. We appreciate you. I want to hear all your all your opinions.


Send me all the details. I'm here for you. Make sure to tune in next week for more exciting news.


And we're going to keep having the awesome guest every week for you guys.


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