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All right, guys, you hear it everywhere. If you're comfortable, you're not growing, and that goes for everything from your job to your relationships to the conversations that you have and the new people you meet.


Oh, you guys, I can't wait to tell you about this. Talking it out is a new podcast hosted by Bachelor alums Mike Johnson and my husband, Brian. Absolu, Mike and Brian will talk about love and relationships. And as former ambassador contestants, they're kind of experts, but they'll also dive into the ins and outs of dating marriage. Brian better not be telling our business, family, career and self care. They'll have real conversations with actual experts, celebrities and, of course, your favorite bachelor stars.


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So I've got to start it off. Hottentot and ready. So. Sex on the first date. Oh, wow, you are you weren't kidding around, I'm going to say I will allow it. I'm very big on energy and vibes on a first date. And if two grown ass adults are feeling each other that much on a physical level, on a first date, they should have the right to do what feels best for them. Now, I do know that there are tons of examples of exceptions to the rule where, you know, you have sex on one night and then 30 years later they're still married and have five kids.


But in my experience, what starts fast and fast, I feel like this.


No, he didn't. No, he didn't. Yeah. Yeah, I did. I feel like if a sexual connection is established very fast before an emotional or mental connection is established, I think the tendency in my past has been for the sexual connection to overshadow the other two points where specifically the emotional connection is pretty much never established. And yes, I know for the people out there that are probably looking at me sideways, they're going to point to Rachel and I and how fast the Basser process was.


But for us, even though our physical chemistry was on point from the jump, pretty much I feel that we had established a very strong emotional and mental connection going back into the real world.


And that was definitely key broker about you, man.


How much how the hell am I going to top that? I do have a follow up question to you, but first, let me answer it quite quick. I think that you can't have sex on the first date.


I will say the the people I have dated and thought seriously of and or the only woman I ever loved, they have made me wait and or I have made them weak.


But with that being said, I again, like you said, I'm echoing your words. I do know people that have had sex on the first date and are there together forever. So I think kind of what we're both trying to get to is know you are both grown ass adult, so let your intentions be known.


Intentions is a big term, right? Sometimes it's just communication for me personally. If the woman I'm dating, it tells me upfront she's going to make me wait minimum 90 days. I think I'll be OK with that as long as I know, because. Like I said, sometimes at least she's honest, she's she's showing that she has self-respect, right. So I'm all about self-respect. You show me now she's talking about wanting to marry just some you boys not seen enough for.


I can't do that one.


Let's talk about a little bit of finance talk. So who do you think should be the breadwinner in a relationship? Is it the man or the woman?


Brodeur is twenty, twenty one, but there is no breadwinner. You feel me like if you make a bank, you make your bank is as simple as that.


If when I was in my past relationship, when we lived together, I made about 60 percent more than she did, I believe. So I paid 70, 60, 67 percent of the bills in the household. Right. That's how we decided to do it in our relationship. But if I'm dating somebody that is making millions of millions of millions of dollars, I'm still going to be just as happy with them.


Jack, they like. That's not you not affecting me. I don't got a small guy energy. You feel me, you know, you know, affecting me in Okinawa.


What about you? I totally feel that man that that just shows the level of maturity that you have. I mean, my answer is it's both for sure. When I first met Rachel, I told I told her I wanted a woman by my side who I could grow with. I told her I wanted to be a power couple. And to me, a power couple isn't defined by one person in the relationship or lying on the other financially or defining who should be the quote unquote, breadwinner.


To me, it means that both people are going to grind individually for the benefit of the two people together as a couple. You know, and to be honest, one of Rachel's best qualities for me is her ambition. I mean, my woman hustles, OK? I can't even keep up with all the jobs. She has some time there, but I think that is so sexy in a significant other. She makes me a better man straight up.


She pushes me to strive for greatness. And if we both are doing that for each other, I mean, imagine the possibilities, like it's only going to lead to a more successful relationship.


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