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What's up, everybody? Welcome to the first episode of Click Bait with Bachelor Nation. I'm your girl, Tasha Adams, and I'm joined by my co-host Hannah and Sless and Joe Mobli. Wow. Very good. Thank you. Thank you. What's up? Everyone did a bunch of that. Anyway, we are so excited to welcome you guys to the first ever episode.


Guys, can you believe we're hearing now how insane is this?


It's I'm excited. It's very insane. It's an odd couple. We're hard or trio. We're an imperial trio. Yeah.


How you really feel? Joe, I thought you loved us at this point. I do. I feel like. I feel like we've been talking and practicing so much.


And now we're like right here that this we're practically like the Three Musketeers at this point. We are honestly. Yes, we are an odd pairing, but it oddly works. And I love it.


And I kind of like you guys. I've going to really like you guys. Wait for a few months and then I got to log on and talk to this asshole again.


Going to happen to you know that that guy from Chicago has a little accent, Mr. Amable.


Well, listen, we are so excited to be here to have this platform to connect with you guys every single week. In fact, it's every Thursday. And we will be here with the T, the headlines, the four one one. And honey, it's gonna be a party.


And you are invited a the let's talk a little bit more about what in fact is click bait.


What are we doing here? How did we get here?


So we are breaking down all the pop culture so nobody else has to, you know, you're scrolling on Google and you see like this boom, like Demi Lovato just broke up with her boyfriend or her boyfriend broke up with her.


Nobody knows what happened. We're going to break that down for you, at least like. Yeah, jus.


I mean, this is what your best friends did were your new best friends.


What do you usually do when you see a headline you sent to them immediately in like W.T. after like did you see this or like little emojis. I know in the emojis all day long and yeah. Basically. Right.


Or it's going to be those people that talk about all the headlines that you're gawking at.


And I mean, we've all been a victim of being the click bait. You know, we've all seen an article about ourselves in the title. We're just like, oh, my gosh, that's so untrue. So really what I think we're all in to do as well as, like, really break down the headline and see how it's affecting us in pop culture and really bring the truth.


And we get to have famous guests. Don't forget about that with the interview people. I know.


I'm so excited. What? I hope they're hot and maybe we'll be able to find your girlfriend.


I that's the main goal. It's a great thing. That's how I was able to get this together. You know, I'm like, I need a favor. So can I do.


Yeah. Like, I was wondering why you were like you said. Yes. So quickly to doing the podcast with us. It's because you wanted to find a girlfriend. You wanted our help, isn't it?


All right. Well, Teisha, how about this? Yeah, well, you describe yourself because people want to know a little bit more about you.


OK, so me, my Taisha, you guys probably know me best as being one of the top three girls on Kolten season season twenty three of The Bachelor.


I was also in paradise, known as flirtatious, if you will. I don't know what got into me there, but I will tell you that was definitely experience of a lifetime.


And now I'm just your average. Not really average, but you're not the busy girl next door. You're far from average. Wait for the line. There's a line coming that I've been waiting for. Yes, OK, look, I'm a walking whiskey sour with human form. I'm a classy but sophisticated kind of individual. But like, you know, like I kind of come in, there's creep up on you and give you a little little Sarcelles pop right.


When you need it.


You I mean. But always like that. That's good. What about you, Joe?


Me. How do you feel. You. I have a hard time. Describing myself and so he says, describe yourself, I'm absolutely like, oh. Hey, doing that right? Why, why? Because then I have to like, look at myself and be like, well, you know, it's hard.


Come on, give it to us, Joe. Give it to the lady coming online dating profile by the dating. Well, see, that's something that's why I never I can never even do dating apps because I'm like, what am I supposed to say?


Like, I want like, let's go have a cocktail. Like, I think I think if I want to do one, that's what I would say. But I mean, I like I like restaurants and food and comedy and wine. Coffee.


I think this is a food related Jeremy. Oh totally. Ah yeah. I think so. I, I like Japan.


It's like you describe yourself. I like Japan this high.


I'm sure Joe and I can tell you everything in the grocery store.


I can tell you it's going to be best this season. Yeah. That's a good one. That's good.


That's what I'm going to do from now on. I'm going to call when somebody says, describe yourself, they say, hold on, I'm going to call here and put it on speaker phone.


So go for it. And guess what?


I'm from Chicago and I got a crazy Italian family.


Yeah. I don't know if I can make you a good lasagna. I'll tell you why. Your Tennessee accent really just.


I need to work on the Chicago accent.


Well, me yourself.


Hannah Hanami from Knoxville, Tennessee, is Cincy girl raised in the same hometown Dolly Parton's from.


So I'd like to put that on. I look like a mini dolly. No, not exactly that. I take that back.


I don't really have her finger. You don't? Wow. OK, and now I live in L.A., which I'm really enjoying it. But describe my personality. I'm like bubbly and outgoing, but also like I'm an introvert. I feel like at times because I love to listen to people and I love just like ask people questions. So sometimes it confuses people when like at times I'm like really outgoing and like an extrovert.


And then other times I'm like just kind of sit back and listen, you know. Yeah, yeah.


I think I think I could do that. Yeah. I like to make myself a lot. Yeah, they laugh Latha line, I think, to myself a lot, according to Joe, I do weird voices, the weird sounds.


I'm very Haroen let's hear what I mean. She just said, say, pop, pop out of nowhere.


So that's why I like him, because I just feel like we'll be talking about something like addiction.


And all of a sudden you hear Hand is just like me. So this is our first episode. We want to give you guys a little breakdown of us, what we're doing here and what we all love. A little bit of click bait. We're from the reality world.


We're from the bachelor world. Bachelor Nation. That's where you guys know us from.


But for as long as I can remember, I've been watching reality TV since I was like 15, started with, I think The Osbournes.


The Osborn's were the first we had The Real World, The Road Rules Challenge. You guys remember the challenge? I was obsessed with it.


But, you know, but reality TV has really changed everything, right? It shapes social media. It's changed the identity of the celebrity.


So I want to actually get into our experience off of reality TV after reality TV, how it changed our lives.


I know how to change mine, but I want to hear how it changed your guy's life.


And I got no I mean, I feel like there's good and bad things that I've definitely come from it. I feel like there is so much I am thankful for since being are taking that leap of faith with reality TV, I feel like. Well, no one, I'm no longer working in the medical field, if anything, I'm doing something that I'm more passionate about, which is being the lifestyle and beauty space and in creating a brand in that to hopefully.


Empower and build women, like build up women. I feel like that, especially for me, someone of color is not something that I always had someone to look up to. And so that is definitely something that I'm hoping I can relate to a lot of women out there, especially in reality. It's not something like you see quite often. And what I do it over again, absolutely. A thousand and one times because I was the most authentic version of myself.


So it's not something I regret by any means. But I will say that with that. And I've only I've done one thing I haven't done much, but I, I get a little anxiety now. I'm not going to lie like public. Opening your life or public scrutiny is something that is not a common thing and not everyone is prepared for.


And that's something that I kind of struggled with quite a bit, especially coming off The Bachelor, but. At the end of the day, there's so much more that I'm thankful for, and it's made me a lot stronger, so yeah. I'm like happy for role model. You're such a good role model. Thank you. How are you, Hannah?


I don't think I'll ever get used to like going to coffee shop and maybe having someone recognize me like it's sometimes it will throw me off. And I mean, I'm so grateful for the experience and I definitely would do it over again. I mean, hindsight's 20, 20, but also at the same time, like, it does make me anxious, like I'm definitely outgoing and I'm an extrovert and a lot of ways.


But also there's just times where it's like I get insecure, like being out and like maybe I don't feel like my most confident and like someone wants to take a picture like say hi or something like it. It's an adjustment. You know, also it's an adjustment.


Like people like knowing all of your business, but at the same time not truly like knowing you on a daily basis, which sometimes can get like frustrating, just like what I was saying with the click bait, like having an article written about you or having like something like I feel like written words just have so much power. So like when you write hear something or when you read something that's like negative about you, it's not just like back in high school where someone was like being mean to you.


It's like publicly, you know, someone being mean to you. Yeah.


Just having to, like, drive that out and just like surround yourself with like your family and your friends.


I love it. And so, you know, it's great. And I you know, I was riding my bike the other day and I was riding past the CTA bus and this couple were and they were knocking on the window, waving at me.


And I'm like, oh, my goodness. You can say you don't like that stuff because it is it's actually pretty fun. And I go, yeah, it's fun.


And I've been able to travel the world because of it. And I have so many different experiences and meet new people that I would have never met. I dated someone I would have never had the chance to date. Right. Yeah.


And I kind of remember growing up like I feel like for a long time reality TV was. A joke, in a sense, like it was it wasn't taken as serious and yeah, I think now it's great because it's an actual thing, right? It's an actual platform. And there's a lot to say about people that put themselves out there for the world to see.


It's like everyone thinks, oh, I could do that.


But I mean, you are putting yourself out there to get judged by millions showing the good and the bad, like part of being a public figure showing like your full self, you know, which is an adjustment, you know, because I feel like a lot of social media.


We just want to share, like, our best selves and stuff, which is great because like, you know, I want to show positivity, but also the same time it's like even like being open about, like, personal struggles, which is something that I am working on.


You know, it's just being more transparent with, like some of the people that I'm connected with on social media to be more open about that, you know, like not always trying to show my best self, trying to show things that I'm personally struggling with to help others.


I've struggled with that, too. I don't know, just being more. Yeah, not not as a highlight reel.


It's a good thing. But at the end of the day, there are so many good things that came with it, like doing this podcast. No way. I don't think we would ever have the opportunity to do this with each other. And like you said, traveling the world. I mean, there's so many things that I'm so grateful for and blessed.


And, yeah, I feel like a good and at least a good case. The good. Definitely the bad for sure. Would you guys do it again?


Hannah, would you do it again? I know you said you would.


Yeah, I would definitely do it again. But on top of that, I wouldn't change anything about my TV experience. I really. What? Maybe I would have had another cocktail or two, but I.


I don't know if I would do it again.


Well, come on, Joe, you're a little hard to get. I guess you got to play a little, you know, I don't know. Call me and I'll let you know if I'll do it again. I'm not sure yet. I got to see at let you wait ten minutes and then I'll say, yeah, don't worry about it. I need to be the next bachelor. You know, I'm all for it. So can be a good quick headline.


Now you don't. I mean is a Joe for bachelor. As Joe mentioned, this is a pop culture podcast, and what I love most is that we are all so friggin different and I love the fact that we have such different backgrounds.


We're all different ages for different sexes.


Like we're just I don't ever think that people would put us three together. And I love that we're able to be honest and open, but also connect and show each other's different perspectives on things.


Which leads me to believe that it all cut, like when it all comes to moments in pop culture that have affected our own lives, we are all going to have vastly different answers. So let's talk about this for one second.


Like I feel like I am curious to know from you guys, what is your favorite pop culture moment that has affected you, whether it's been like negative or positive effect?


What's one thing that you will never forget? I know I have mine, but I definitely want to hear you guys because it's essentially brought us all together.


Yeah, OK. For me. Did you guys ever watch Anthony Bourdain? Oh, yeah. Yeah.


So that that was so if you don't know Anthony Bourdain, it was a he was a an old ah I think retired chef and he was a food writer and he traveled the world in a food and all these different restaurants, but it was like a food travel show.


And I started watching that when I lost my job and I was twenty four and it, it like opened me up to like I never really wanted to travel. So it like opened me up to wanting that and it motivated me at a time I needed to be motivated.


So his show was probably the biggest.


Influence in my and my life at the time, especially in pop culture. And it was great.


I mean, it's a great I still watch I still watch old ones. I mean, I feel like he just died recently. Yeah, he committed suicide, which is sad, but but at the same time, I feel like so many people had spoke about that and they like he affected more than I even realized. Yeah. I mean, he impacted more people's lives than I realized. Yeah. I mean, he made celebrities, not celebrities. I'm sorry.


He made chefs, basically celebrities.


He showcased all these different restaurants, different cultures that like for me, like I was so like like even like Japan. Right. I just never even took the time to learn about it. And it just like really opened me up to wanting to.


And yeah, it changed the whole image of like the food industry to like showing that.


And yeah. And he was also he was also his own reality show because he was himself. Right. And you saw that like I would watch and to be like this guy I can relate to this guy, he's cool. Like I could have a conversation with him. Like I know like if I see him in public he's still going to be him. And I love that. So it was like an open book.


I love that about you. Mine is definitely watching the Hill. So that was like one of the first reality TV shows out.


And I was like, wow, young girls like Lee Elementary School and I wasn't really allowed to watch it. But I would like sneak in to my mom's room when she was like in the kitchen cooking and like, turn it on.


And I was just like, so amused by, like, how they, like, struggled with, like, the same dramas that I would like to have in school, you know, like drama with each other. But they would live like such a glamorous life and like and like even like them living in California, like you're able to like at the time I was like able to see a different way of life and see someone that lived completely differently than I did.


And it was just fascinating from like the close to the restaurant. So the scenery, I'm like, wow, if people like this is someone's real life. But you know what I mean? It is reality TV. But just seeing, like, a different way of life was that's a little different now that you like kind of being like.


Yeah, is no, I'm sure you're very different, but that I just remember that what was yours.


OK, so.


I growing up, if I think about like what like really feels like a big deal for me growing up, it was absolutely 110 Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and I feel like I remember VH1 in the morning when they would have like the music videos and, like, get ready with them.


And I think Britney Spears like on top of her game. And then she came out with, like, Slave for you music video.


And for that I was like, oh, she is so hot. OK, listen, it's to this day, I still watch it because it was so iconic and it was just like in Christina Aguilera is like dirty music video.


I just it's not that I'm like crazy scandalous, but it's more of like these girls that, you know, have a picture perfect lifestyle, like they're like on top of the world, like, ah, I don't know. They're kind of like also. Powerful, yes. Well, I'm looking for a word. I don't know, I can't come out with it right now, but there what does that word like? They're confident the rebels, but like, they're coming out, I don't know, whatever.


Anyway, I'm like a beer. Yeah. But I'm a very sheltered girl. I went to a private school my whole life, wore uniforms my whole life. I didn't wear anything like crazy scandals. I was always grounded. OK, but then watching these music videos, these girls like just like being family, being something different is something that made me want to be like different and like reach out and like, oh, God, you don't understand.


I tried to learn all those dance moves. My. Do you like yeah, show us some news take oh, we going to start a snake, first of all, but like Christina Aguilera, dirty music video, I mean you guys like those things were things I've watched million one times and like they just shaped everything from Mickey Mouse Club to play for you and dirty like, come on, bad ass bitches.


And that's that's what I want to be like. Yeah.


Were you a troll? Yeah, I did watch TRL.


Remember that. I used to watch that religiously every right after school. I would watch Total Request live.


Carson Daly. Yes, I do remember that. But hey Lexi whisky's are a sophisticated, classy, but also a little bit sassy. There you go. That's where that comes from.


And these are the days before social media, you know.


I mean, now on top of like everything else, I just like how do you think social media is like changed pop culture, pop culture?


Because at first, like, you know, it's like my biggest mom is watching the hills. Like, I had never seen anything like that. Now with, like social media, you're able to, like, see and be aware of so much more, be part of their lives, way more.


Can I have more?


Well, it's given it gives it's it gives so many more people a chance. It's a platform for everyone.


So social media has just broadened that to an extent that we never thought we would see again.


It's given us a chance. And I look at us. Yeah, I know it's given us a chance.


Information travels way faster than it used to. All right, you guys. So let's get into our first headline this week. I know you are here for the click bait, that juicy scoop. So let's get this party started and let's dive into our first click bait of the week.


So it is October 1st, people, a new month means a new Vogue cover. And this month's star has a lot to say about the bodies, about the body positivity trend that we're seeing everywhere. Singer Lizzo graces this month's cover of Vogue and discusses the issues of body positivity, referring to the movement as too commercialized and quote unquote, cool. While she is glad the conversation has moved into mainstream, she doesn't like how people for whom the term was created for are not benefiting from it because she wants to normalize her body.


Now, I think it's really cool that she's coming out and talking about this because I feel like this is one of the downfalls of social media is taking a very positive movement and kind of glorifying it and taking away its real meaning.


When you mean like because people just want to jump on the bandwagon because it's cool.


It's cool. Well, I feel like whenever anything gets commercialized or whenever the big businesses see money, yeah. It loses its true meaning and that sucks. But that's, that's like that's what happens.


And I think it happens so much faster now with social media because so many people jump on it, right. Mm hmm.


Yeah. I definitely see why she's like upset. But also at the same time I think that's great that like other women are coming out like feeling more confident to share their bodies, whether that's plus or whether they're you know, I just I think that's great. Like, I was on Tick-Tock the other day, someone did hashtag skin positive, like I think the body positive skin positive filter three, positive, whatever it is. I think that, you know, her intent is great and I understand why she's upset.


But it's also has like changed social media. I feel like it's changed like the market. I feel like a lot of companies now are feeling more confident to, like, advertise women from different races and sizes. Absolutely. So I think it's been great.


But also, I could understand what she's also trying to say, like, I guess I don't know, maybe she doesn't want this to blow over.


You know, the thing that she's trying to say is like. I'm sorry, but like the average pant size of a woman in the US is size 14, it's not a size tuna size four and she's just trying to normalize a normal body. And what we do see in the social, like in social media and like in Hollywood are like generally more slim figure and all that kind of stuff. And she's trying to say is like, no, you guys are glorifying me for being a woman of, like, my size and like just being confident about it.


But actually, like, this is normal. This is real.


Yeah. So I love it.


She's standing up for it and I love that she's having a voice for it because I don't want the message to get lost. But I also agree with you, I'm so happy people are starting to like stand up for themselves and really be comfortable with the body. So it takes a lot to do that.


There are so many trends on social media, especially during this time quarantine.


We have nowhere to go. And I feel like I feel like you see a new trend every day, right?


Yeah. You're starting to see overconsumption of food, drugs, alcohol. And people do make light of it like we think it's funny.


And I'm someone that could as well because I'm able to kind of do everything in moderation.


Not that like I'm I'm a big drug guy because I'm not I don't but like alcohol, like I'm able to take a shot of tequila and not have a hundred shots or I'm able to eat a couple slices of pizza without eating a whole pizza.


But there are people that struggle with addiction.


And if you guys haven't seen DAX Shepard, his relapse with drug prescription pills, he was sober for 16 years and he just opened up to his wife, Kristen Bell. I know he said it was destroying him inside because he had this huge secret that he was hiding it. I think it's I think it's rough.


The fact that he can come out and be honest with literally the world on his podcast is huge of him. Yeah, I know. Yeah, that's such a huge leap of faith to come out to not only like himself, but to the entire world as well, like, that's just huge. Would you guys ever date someone that struggled with that before that? It's like sober now, like, have you guys ever experienced? Because my first thought goes into, like, his family, his wife and how they're coping with it.


Right. Yeah.


I mean, for me, I never dated anyone that had an issue, or at least I didn't know they did. I want to say I'd be open minded and I feel like I would, but it would bother me a little bit if I'm going to be completely honest, I would just always worry about, like, what if? She slips back into it and I don't know. So I know the kind of person I am and I know it would drive me crazy and I know that's something I would probably need to work on because that's me.


But I would have a hard time with it.


I would, um, and honestly, that's valid.


But also, you have to do what's right with you. And I actually have. Dated someone that has had addiction in his family, but also I have dated someone that is sober, so they're both very, very different and they're each circumstance is very, very different.


I feel like you have to be really open with your partner and talk about what exactly they need.


No one, someone that's already sober, like, are they OK with you drinking? If they're not, then that's obviously not someone I can date. Just not saying that I don't have control over not drinking. But it's something that I like to do socially with my friends. And it's it's a lifestyle. You like lifestyle differences.


And I never want to trigger somebody, but also someone that has it in the family. It's also a really scary thing.


And I have dealt with that and hiding things as the drugs and alcohol is. It's a really scary thing to go through.


And I have dealt with that in. I don't react well to it. I can tell you that much just because being lied and lied to in communication is something that's really scary.


So I can only imagine I mean, DAX even said, like, I was making Kristen kind of feel like she was going crazy because I was denying it. So I can kind of relate to that feeling. And it's a very scary situation to be in, to be in. But I'm so happy she came out and talked to her about it and was honest about it because. You can't get help and you can't let the person you love. I mean, you can only do it for so long until it's like taking away everything and stop lying to yourself.


You have to be honest, this is going to sound really selfish because it is going to sound selfish because it is.


But I am like, I hate to drink alone. Like, I don't want to go to dinner and drink and then my girlfriend isn't like that.


That would that would also be really. Yeah. I don't know, I don't like to drink alone either. Yeah. I just don't like to drink alone.


Like, not like I'll have a beer by myself at my house but I, I'm going to dinner and I have a glass of wine. I prefer the other person too and that's crazy. That's crazy thinking. But you know, I don't think it's crazy.


I mean that's all I am like you know, you want like a little buddy to do cheers with and you know, like the lifestyle and crime.


That's what you want. But also, like, if you're dating someone and they are sober and they're like, no, I want you to continue to enjoy yourself. Like, I, I don't see I mean, sure, I'm not going to drink alone. I'm not advocating that. I mean, like to be honest with you, you guys are both liars because you guys have both drink by yourself in quarantine, both of you. But don't lie to me.


I don't think I'm saying it was a pandemic. We don't drink alone liars. It's not about not drinking alone. It's about being the one drinking in a situation and then the other person isn't. So being at dinner with somebody and having a drink when the other person is like, no, I'm good, because then I'm like, oh, well, now I feel like I mean, I get that.


But also at the same time.


But it's like, come on, if I'm going have a really good friggin postern, I'm paying friggin three dollars for it. And I really wanted to get gas a cab like I'm going to enjoy my meal.


Yeah. No I, yeah I definitely zero point.


I just always enjoy like oh what cocktail you get in tonight. I see both sides of you not wanting to drink when other people aren't. I've done the same thing. I'm just saying that's not going to I think when someone's sober or when someone has and is struggling with something and it doesn't make me feel any different. And that's that's something that I'm willing to take on. But if you're not comfortable with it, then that's up to you to transcend just the selfish person somatic.


On the topic of trends, because that seems to be a theme here today, there is one trend that I've been really excited about that's been happening during quarantine that has not only brought so much joy to us, but also is raising money for awesome various charities. And this trend is reigniting the old cast mates from various movies, from online table reads to end to end prompt Zoom. Zoom with fans to virtual Hangouts is a trend I am living for, especially when it relates to this next headline, Father of the Bride, Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and Mark come together for part three ish of the Father of the Bride movie.


And so basically what's happening is one of my favorite movies. Father of the Bride grew up watching that with my mom. They have come together to do a mini sequel to benefit a worthy cause during covid-19 and the charity as World Central Food Kitchen or sorry, the charity, the Central Kitchen, the potential kitchen.


I no doubt the World Central Kitchen, which is supplying food for Third World countries.


So, yeah. Father of the bride, father of the bride, first I want to say, Joe, have you seen it? Yes, you are. Yeah, Father, the bride. I was a kid. I love that. I love Steve Martin.


I thought he was the funniest, really is. So I was. Yeah.


I love Father Bride, Father of the bride. I love those movies. I love Steve Martin. I love the whole cast.


Diane Keaton and Steve Martin. Huh. Anything. Steve Martin in it. It's OK.


Yeah, I have a question going. Guys, when you guys watch this, how do you really feel about it?


Because as excited as I was to watch this part three ish and I love that it's for a good cause.


I mean, how did you really feel like? Was it a little awkward to you or. It was it was a little cringe worthy unlockable I saw at the beginning when it was like, mom, dad. But they get into it, I get it.


But I think, like, I think seeing celebrities do this and doing it for a good cause for charity and like these new Zoom's that are revamping all these old movies.


Right. I think it's really cool right on the wall. I think it's great content.


I think it's really great to see, like, you know, people being creative, dishing out something different, you know, the father of the bride, like any any kind of like sequel, any kind of second or third version of a movie. You just need to go back to the classic, to the original. I could have been fine.


Was just seeing like a picture of all of them together and be like, oh, that's cute.


But no, the point is for charity and like I that's awesome. I think it a spring in so much more awareness towards different charities because it's more than just Father the bride. This has been frozen. This has been the nanny, the Princess Bride.


I mean, it's also you have to be inventive now. I mean, think about businesses are changing. Things are changing. You can't go see shows 19 has ripped so much away from us. So it's cool to see big celebrities and just regular people just being inventive how we could do and interact with each other and do different things. Because let's face it, what the fuck is going on?


We're still in quarantine and we're still locked down. Restaurants are still only allowed to have twenty five percent of people in a restaurant.


Literally, everything's changing. Everything's changing. Any sense of normalcy is nice right now. And I feel like it's kind of fun to bring something that's a little like, you know, back from the past. Nostalgic. I'm so sorry.


Does that when you say this nostalgic, nostalgic. Shut up, Joe. We get it. Joe, I butchered the word close nostalgic. OK, it's a little nostalgic to have a movie from the past to come back up. I mean, look, I'm excited for Father of the Bride, but what I'm most excited for is the fact that the cast of Hocus-Pocus, the Sandison sisters, are getting back with each other this Halloween because they're going to do another thing for charity.


Have you guys seen the course? I've seen it focus. I love Hocus-Pocus on budget every year on Halloween.


I swear I love that movie, but I haven't been able to finish it really. And when I was little, I would I would literally get terrified.


I would have to sleep with my parents, like when I was little, I could never watch it. And then, like, watching it to this day, it still gives me like eggs and I have been able to finish it.


You are bringing that movie on.


It's like daily life. Like I watch it with you. It just last night I was I have this thing where I lay in bed and I yell out, boo like that, how she does it out of the window.


You guys are not my is not. Yes I do. Yeah I do suggest comarca. I remember that.


Yes, yes. In fact in paradise Caitlyn, Demi and I were known as the Sanderson sisters and if you crossed us we made it happen.


Oh I think it's that one movie that scares the shit out of you.


Me, I can't watch the moment you ever see The Omen.


No, I don't watch demonic movies. Oh, they shoot a six six six across.


I couldn't go to sleep only week. It freaked me out. Some people don't get scared of that.


So I guess I don't like demonic scary movies or my favorite kind of movies, my favorite genre. However, I do not watch anything that's demonic. So six, six, six. I'm out bro.


No, it's. What seems to be the trend, honestly, is fake news, there's so much fake news going on in this world and now you saw you guys remember we talked about that last week with the celebrities that are now freezing their Instagram accounts for twenty four hours. And I saw Kim Kardashian did it.


Leonardo DiCaprio, who I'm pretty sure that's not as Instagram, but he did like all these big celebrities.


Twenty four hours we're not posting and now they're starting to get some.


Take on it, which I understand, because people are like, hey, you guys are freezing your account for twenty four hours, then what is it?


Twenty four hours later, you go back to your regular pulse. What are you actually doing?


When we first heard about this happening, it was last week and. There is just an article being written about the fact that there are celebrities that were freezing their accounts, and I think we both we all talked about how it was odd. Well, it was because it wasn't like, yeah, it's like you have some of your biggest social media accounts freezing their accounts, but it wasn't that big of a hype, right? It was just kind of like, was there it happen and went away.


I don't I don't understand is when you have some of the biggest platforms. I mean, what is Kim have like twenty three million followers. Twenty three. Try like one hundred and five even bigger.


Look, the fact is, like if you were to post about it on your Instagram, it's going to be way more a bigger impact than just being silent about things.


Sometimes being silent you don't really doesn't really make your voices heard so silently sometimes. But I feel like if she would have maybe done like a post about it, educating people about it, some of them did, but not all of them. Did they post it? It was like hashtag stuff.


I'm sorry.


It is hashtag stop hate for profit campaign. So they did post, but it's just like it's just like one of those things. It's like actions speak louder than words.


And I don't feel like that is a strong enough action to make any change.


At the same time, how are we going to change fake news and hate on Instagram and Facebook when there's hundreds of millions of so many accounts and so many fake accounts to like people just like creating fake accounts to like throw away like sometimes I'll read like a mean comment and then I'll go to the account.


It's like their profile picture is of like a cartoon cat with the cats.


Watch out. Yeah, I like the Qataris. How are you? Like, how can you control that?


Like, this is obviously like a fake account. Well, I mean, even with that being said, hate comments, all that kind of stuff, we've all experienced that as well. And even Bachelor Nation has just released the fact that they're not going to put up with that this season or from now on.


I mean, I think it's great. I mean, we've all experienced that. We've all experienced social media scrutiny with trolls and bullies and whatnot.


I mean, to be honest with you, I will tell you, I haven't I didn't have much confrontation on my runs of being on The Bachelor and on Paradise. But when I did, I mean, I think I have about seventy words like blocked from being used in my Instagram. If I say like nasty words that I would never even fathom typing to somebody.


But the fact that I have to do that on my own Instagram because of people that are upset, the fact that, like, I called somebody out like, you're kidding. Yeah. The hate has to stop in that aspect.


So I'm glad Bachelor Nation is standing up and making I don't know about what was in here.


Here's what's going to get those bank accounts. OK, here's my problem, right?


What those people that are saying these horrible things to whoever and I've gotten I'm sure, like you said, we all know how we have. We all have. Those are not rational people.


So when you show them attention or you show that it's hurting, I feel like that fuels them. It's good.


I know. I don't know what to do. I agree. Like, I think it's like it's it's there's just.


Sometimes we just have to come to terms that there's just shitty fucking people in the world and there is going to be there, so it's like you are what I do for me because I have one guy that will do me like every week, just like I hate you and I hope you die.


And I have one like that not. But yeah, but I just think you can't you can't put energy into it. I'm just saying give it energy.


But all I'm saying is like if I had control over someone I don't know saying like. Calling me something gross, like I'm going to prevent it from happening. Yeah, OK, I like walking and punching boundaries. You know, I'm saying is like I'm going to put I'm going to have a little bit control over my Instagram because it's mine. I mean, you could block them. Oh, I agree with that. I agree with that. I think.


I think it's like.


It's hard because even I remember they did it, I remember Rachel Lindsey came out on one of the reunion shows and talked about it, and I just I felt like the people that say. The shitty things will watch that and then almost like that fuels them, but then again, what are you supposed to do, not talk about it? And then they went that way. So I don't know.


It's a saying, not talking about it, freezing your Instagram story. What are you doing? Yeah. Yeah.


Like say something about it. Like let's bring awareness to it. Just like how weird. Twenty is a year of awareness waking up being woke. Like I had no idea that they were doing this huge thing of freezing accounts and whatnot. It would have been cool to like. Sure. Once I found out I didn't post either.


But like I don't like that. Do you really mean they're just trying to get it picked up as a trend? Yeah. And speaking on trends, I think the biggest trend that I've seen all throughout this year is break ups is engagements and divorces and splits. And, you know, this makes me so sad because I love, love and I hate hearing, like, couples breaking up, especially during the pandemic when it's just been a rough year for absolutely everyone.


Right. And this leads me to the next headline, which really like broke my heart. This is Demi Lovato ended her engagement to Max Airlink after feeling he wasn't being honest.


I've been there is a box box, says Demi Lovato and Max Airlink engagement ended for several reasons after news broke up their engagement.


So, Max Airlink is from The Young and the Restless and which I don't know who he originally was from. But then when they say you're restless, I was like, OK, so they announced the end to their engagement.


However, a source revealed Airlink was told the relationship was over before the news of the split was made public.


So basically he said that he didn't know what was going on, but he really didn't know what was going on.


Yeah, I mean, you know, when a relationship is about to and yes, he said she said kind of, you know, and it's so hard because it's public and people are going to be like picking sides. And another like inside source says that they lived in a bubble with zero stress and it was just fun. And then once, you know. Yeah, they, yeah, like kind of settled in, they kind of went a little bit more back to, like their career, that's when they decided to split because they were just like too invested it into like their work.


And they just wanted to respect another not like stick it out, which I just sucks.


I mean, some couples are splitting because they're with each other too much and they're the opposite. They were like everything was great in this bubble. We got together during quarantine. We love each other.


We're engaged for two months.


And then they go their separate ways and they're like, I actually didn't really, really like you. I mean, everyone had a quarantine bay, right? I guess you're kind of right.


Yeah, I don't know. I don't know. I just try to be all modest when he needs a little break in my house. Really, OK. Reading about produce, reading books? No, I mean, God, no, I think it's very interesting that, you know, yeah, most people break up during quarantine, but the fact that she found love and it makes me really sad, like I hate.


When marriages or engagements and all that kind of stuff break up, and I mean, obviously, it pulls at my heart a little bit, so I kind of know that feeling and I never want anybody to go through that. But it sucks and I feel bad for her and him. But the fact that they're such big stars, it's it's out there. It's a public relations run. Public relationships are they're very difficult.


And public breakups because I mean, we you know, I mean, I've gone through one and then you have to, like, keep being reminded like, oh, yeah, that should happen here.


Many people you hear people talk about it when and then they change your words and it's not true.


And then you're like, wait, did that actually happen? That I do that?


And it just it ends up being like here for really if a breakup takes a couple months, I feel like once it's public, like it just adds more time to it and just makes it that much harder.


Well, another recent breakup that just broke news last week is Christina Anstead and and Anstead. So Christina, she's originally known as Christina Mooz from the flop.


She got obsessed with Christine. I know I'm sick about it.


I'm her biggest fan. I'm obsessed with her. She is separating from and Anstead and he has like a car show.


And the there has been a little like private, but also messy because like she posted the other day on Instagram about just like her role of like being a public figure and how like it's been stressful and basically like is wanting to keep this breakup private.


Well, then that next day aren't posted on Instagram that it was basically her decision to leave.


And yeah, again, it's he said she said thing.


It's so it just I mean, you just have to try to be as mature as you can because I think once you start going back and forth with each other in the public eye, the shit just gets that's the thing.


That's the part that you don't want to do. But like it's kind of like a contest to see like who could hold it in the longest and not say anything because a second something is said, it triggers the other person you need, like, oh yeah, we were going to say anything, but you went ahead and said it and then it just becomes like this. That's why you grab the popcorn, because you're like, oh my gosh, this is like unfolding before our eyes.




And I hate that.


But also at the same time, like I mean, it got when this happens, everyone just kind of got to like, stay on their own, like stay in their own lane and not say anything because then watch now we're going to keep hearing it every single week.


Someone new is going to say something like, I wonder, like when things do go back to normal, whatever that is.


I wonder if, like, break up people who broke up during, like, the pandemic, if they're going to look back and be like, oh, darn, maybe she stuck it out, you know, because I feel like everyone is grieving a loss of their old life, you know, grieving the loss of, like, the lifestyle that you had and things you were able to do and to enjoy.


And I think that affects people like emotions and they absolutely quittin brain is different than real life brain, I feel like.


Yeah, you're right. People are going to probably wake up and be like, hold on a second.


I did what? Yeah, exactly. It's kind of like living a nightmare.




There's only so much time you could spend with someone to you're like, OK, I'm sick of this person. Yeah. Yeah. Like if you started dating a girl if you had a quarantine bay. Yes. Do you think that you'd still be like would you have made it serious by now? Would you still be into her, do you think by the time going to Dover, like you'd be like, okay, got to go.


She like, no, I don't think that for me.


I don't think that would have played a like I unfortunately, my relationship ended like a month before fucking quarantine.


The worst time, like the worst time. I hate to laugh. I'm so sorry. I didn't. No, it's fine. It's fine. I always find the funny in everything, but it was like the worst. Yeah.


For me it was the worst timing.


So I would have preferred to have a relationship during quarantine. Yeah. Because I was talking to myself for a lot of it. Yeah.


Oh yeah. We're still in it because it's not over. I mean we're still basically in this shit.


The fact that you didn't hop on dating apps while you were in quarantine is, is huge. I didn't have to. I had my damned.


I didn't have to, OK, just see there is a little side to you. I cannot wait. Joe, how many times did you go into some dates?


Did you have none? None. None of what?


You were one of those people that like, hey, you think you're going to be like, come on, do you think we're going to last after going to like, who are you? I'm so sorry, but I'm having wine only if you drink. No drinking with me. All of you have a glass. Yeah. So we did have girls over in quarantine. You expose yourself.


No, no, no, no. Oh my God. I love this film. I love I love going with you because you can't lie because you smile and you get peek in the cheeks.


Tatia, please. Well we all. What about this old way?


OK, now that we had time to introduce ourselves, we're really going to see how well we know each other. Maybe, maybe er some of our dirty laundry. So let's get going and play a quick game called What's Your Baggage. So here's how it's going to work. We have each chosen some random facts about ourselves that no one here knows about and we'll have to guess who we think it belongs to. So let's unload this secret baggage.


OK, first question. Sorry I'm so guilty already. I already think I'm laughing. I'm laughing because I love games so much. You're actually turning right and you have. Do you read the damn question? Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I'm not ready at all to walk into a three and a half hour every week. Sorry I was.


Ah OK. You guys are just making me laugh so hard. OK, all right. First question. I keep a box of stuff from every person I've ever dated.


Hannah and Sloss. I'm going to go hand in hand to. Yeah. Is that right.


You're. Exposed yourself. Oh, my gosh, give us the juice. It's like the biggest. Oh, my God. You have more items from like, OK, so I'm back home in Tennessee and my mom placed as I walk into my old bedroom, I walk in and I have all these boxes and I'm like, what?


And so I look through and I have a box for every boyfriend I've ever had. And I have their name on the box. I've saved stuffed animals. I've saved every single card.


I've saved every single piece of like little candies, like I said, wrappers. I've saved movie ticket. Oh, my gosh. You're not the first girl I know that does that.


I think that's pretty. I'm very sentimental. Not every boyfriend, maybe a few.


But like, I don't know how exactly. I have like seven or eight. Wow. I've had a lot of boyfriends, but this is like stuff that I've collected over the past.


Like I have a box from the show, do like little things.


Do you tax that I use more. No, they all mean a lot. They all do. And so when I find the person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with, I'm going to be like, hey, here's all these boxes is all the crap I had to go through to get to you like them.


It's taken up some. Is it? Honestly, by the time I get married, I probably have like 20 of them. So I'm excited for I'm excited for this. A full closet.


OK, I'm going to read the next one. Let's do this. I've been hit by a truck. Joe, Joe, you know, I've never been hit by a truck, really. I'm going to go Taisha. Hannah, oh, it is me. What do they know you're OK? I actually was not even dead. I was actually ran over. Oh, no.


Ran over. Oh, yes. You guys OK? Where you walking? OK, so actually this is my first weekend at court, like in college.


Oh, OK. We're in college. First college, Concordia in Irvine, 15 minutes down the highway from my parents school had just started. And like the first two weekends I had gone home because like, I don't know, it was fifteen minutes on the highway this weekend. I was like, you know what, guys? I'm staying at school.


Like, I got this like I'm in college now, a big girl, whatever. And all my friends were going out to a party and I was going to stay in. But I really wanted Skittles and there's a vending machine downstairs. So I went downstairs, got some Skittles from the vending machine.


And as I'm like pushing little buttons to get my Skittles, I hear like a like loud music. And any time I hear music I like, I'm dancing. Right. So I was like really into it. And then I see my friends in a truck and I was like, oh my God, how fun. So I went out to go talk to them. I'm like hanging on the window, just talking and eating my Skittles.


They take my Skittles inside the check, whatever they're eating. Next thing you know, I'm OK.


I'm going to go you guys head out to the party. So I hop over the window and I'm like grabbing my Skittles back and I'm like hanging on the track. I'm like, this is kind of fun. My guys like I got you. They're like guys like we're going to go. And I'm like, OK, I got to go. And my friend Charlie is like, No, I got you. You're fine. Anyway, the guy is hanging out, holding on to me.


The driver hits the gas and there's like a really skinny yellow speed bump and he like hits the gas and then like it hits the speed bump. And I'm in the truck and like, like pop off. And then all of a sudden my body's hanging.


My legs are on the floor of the truck. Baktir goes over my leg.


I had tire tracks on my legs for two weeks, fractured my pelvis, took me out of my running career.


But oh my God, that's yeah.


All over Skittles. And honestly, my family to this day, they're like, what if anything like that were to happen?


It would be Tatian. It would be because of candy. So yeah.


Oh, you're going to get a Skittles ad soon.


To be honest with you, we've been in contact and I've have a lot of Skittles now. Sent a big I have a big thing of Skittles they sent me to because I tweeted something about Skittles and all of a sudden, like a week later, I opened my door and I just have boxes of Skittles.


Oh, I love Skittles. It's a thank the sour Skittles.


Yes, love. How long were you in the hospital? Actually, like about like two weeks.


And then I had a really when all that kind of stuff and at a moving college dorm room out of you guys, I had a friggin walker. I had a walker in college. Let me tell you, I didn't have a boyfriend my first year at college. I'll tell you that.


That was the weekend you should have went home. I know. Next is me. OK, yeah, this is juicy. OK, 19, I hooked up with a 40 year old and fled the scene first thing in the morning.


Joe, I know you're trying to Hannah, Joe. Well, I mean, they wanted these to be scandalous.


Yeah. When I was when I was wishe hot.


Yeah, she was hot. Would you meet her at a restaurant? At a bar in Wrigley Field.


So when I was nine, so basically when I was 19, I was a I started trading at the Merc, so I was working with a lot of older guys. So we would go out and, you know, I would I would do shots and drink with them. And there would it was kind of like an older crowd. So I ended up just hooking up with this older lady at the time who was very attractive.


And then at like 5:00 in the morning, I. I didn't know.


Oh, so, yeah, I mean, I was that was my to remember, at least that was my college.


Well, yeah, I would say it was a night to remember I, I don't know about for her, but for me, I love actually I love that I would have never guessed. Joe Uloth scandalous man.


Yeah. OK, Hannah, your turn. My turn.


I have a twenty nine minute teeth cleaning routine, which includes special methods for the tongue.


Taisha Hannah to I would like to say me, because I feel like I do that, too, but I'm going to go Tatia Oh, to go there so clean you guys. This is so funny, to be honest with you.


My best friend actually came up with this one and she makes fun of it in front of me all the time. So usually emphasizing here, but I'm getting ready for bed.


She's always so fascinated by my nightly routine. So yeah, I like to brush my teeth and I have a lot of things I do.


And I have like a lot of like little knickknacks. OK, I like it. Hi, Joan.


It's important. Exactly. OK, nine, I'll do I'll read this, I'll do this, I won my seventh grade pie eating contest.


Hannah. For sure. Yeah, that's a that's a Tennessee thing for sure. I've never eaten pie. I did.


I won it and it was so disgusting. I was like throwing it up after I even came out of my nose.


But, hey, I won your nose, Hannah. Yeah, I could eat lemon pie for, like, years.


I was going to say, what pie. Lemon pie to have that choice. OK, that's my favorite. OK, I fell asleep on a first date, my date recorded me sleeping and then left.


Oh, Joe, you know, yes, this is actually I mean, this is actually a good story, though.


So I'm going to I'm going to start this off with I don't do drugs. OK, OK.


That's good to know.


I don't do drugs. All right. All right.


So I use I'll make this quick. Right. I used to work in the produce market. I used to wake up every day at one thirty two in the morning. I'm like twenty seven at this point.


So this is your first date and. No, I'm, I'm kind of processing it. So like I would wake up early. So I'm, I'm by six, seven o'clock at night. I'm actually really tired. So I go out with this girl.


It's a first date.


I'm getting on a plane the next day. So I was nervous about flying. So my friend gave me like these muscle relaxers and I was kind of nervous about the date. So I took one of the muscle relaxers on the date and she was at the Soho House in Chicago. She's talking to me. And next thing I know, I wake up in the morning, I'm at work, and I don't even remember any of this.


Remember any of this shit. I get a text message two hours into work of a video of me sleeping.


I'm like, oh, my God, I took that girl out.


My friend calls me and says, that girl that you met last weekend, she saw me and my wife eating and joined us for dinner.


We go, Yeah, yeah, that's a true story. So there was never another date after that. But yeah, that happened. Sounds like a lie, Joe. There's a reason why you kind of do you suck at dating. She's snoring. I was snoring. I watched the video. This girl's got me snoring on a first date in the middle of a conversation like know, you obviously were very interested in her.


No. And I think it was a combination of everything.


You guys. OK, first of all, I found out some very interesting things about you guys.


Yeah, same thing. There's a reason why Joe is a little. No, you know what I think?


I think listen, I think I just told more scandalous facts and you guys took it easy, OK? And that's what happened.


I mean, I'm just curious to know what the girl thinks of you. You fell asleep on her on the date.


I've never been reached out since.


If she has, I haven't responded. Why?


By the way, you don't even sleep on a girl and not respond. That's you know what? You are something. You're a piece of work. I know.


I know. When I got home when I got eliminated off The Bachelorette the first night, she was probably like, yep.


So a lot of sense, well, guys, we did it our first week in podcast with Click The Bachelor Nation. I'm so proud of us. Thank you so much for hanging out with us. We are so happy. We are live because we are out here.


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