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Welcome back to my colleague baiters, we are here again for another episode. And like always, we have the juiciest Bachelor Nation breakdown and we also have some quick bay which calls out men being useless.


And in addition to all that, we have our guest, Crystal Nielsen, here today. And we have a lot to talk about, so. Without further ado, let's just get into it, because we got some juice, the battle nation breakdown we have Caitlin Bristo admits that she was being ignorant regarding comments that Chelsea had made during her conversation with Matt. And to be honest with you, I have to commend Caitlyn for coming up and apologizing immediately as opposed to.


Being scared and nervous for all the criticism and just not talking because silence is also a response, so. How do you guys feel about this? Yeah, I think you guys, you and Natasha, are better off having this conversation because let's face it, I'm a man, I'm white, and I can't really relate to what it's like to be a black woman. So I'm going to sit here and listen to you, too. And if I have any questions, I'm going to chime in.


I think it's great that you're listening. Thank you. I feel like this is like this is the part of like education is like hearing women talk about their experience and that's how you learn so.


And. Yeah, and just listening. So thank you, Joe. Thank you.


I'm going to go off the rest of the podcast, though, so, yes, this is going to be a podcast about black women and their in their hair budget. But yeah, I really thought that I actually spoke to Chelsea and I messaged her after seeing all of this because I know it was not easy for her to share this truth. And this is something that a lot of people deal with and go through. And even on my season, I am close to Sheyenne and the messages that she got from so many people, black women included, being like, yo, what's wrong with her hair and shaved her hair off because of all these crazy messages that she got from being on a TV show.


So it's a real thing that black women deal with, because in everything that Chelsea said to Matt was so relevant that, you know, I even think about when working in corporate America, going to the gym, having to wash your hair in the time that it takes for you to straighten it, blow dried and do all those things. Whereas another person, society, said that it was OK for a white girl to come into work with her wet hair and just let it dry.


If I did that, people would be like, Natasha, what are you doing? Why are you here with what was going on, you know, for work today?


Cool. Exactly. And I would be undone. So there are these these stigmas that people don't even understand or get that are placed on people of color. It's not just I don't think it's just black women, but other people as well who have a different type of hair. Or if you are someone who makes a person who has really curly hair, someone might say that to you as well. So it was a great conversation. And sure, like you said, Caitlyn saying, hey, I fucked up, I messed up, I'm owning it immediately, not waiting to be canceled by everybody, not waiting for people to pull this and pull that and call her race.


And she was like, this is a teachable moment. And I I want more people to have those teachable moments, because if you don't understand something that doesn't mean that you're stupid, it means that you might be ignorant to another person's, to another person's, to how someone feels. I think it speaks to Chelsea also, I think it goes to show her, you know, her confidence in herself. Look how far she's come and she's done worked on herself and the fact that she's looking for that in a relationship, you know, to be able to be vulnerable and open regardless of what the conversation is.


But that's a big pillar in her life that she overcame. She now is proud about is like how we talked about last week about how Becca thinks it's important to talk about politics. Well, guess why it was important for Chelsea to talk about this pivotal moment for her and in her journey defined by her hair. And I mean, I actually really related to her story about trading her hair since she was very young, at a very young age, because she did predominantly go to school with all white girls.


And that's the truth for me, too. I had always wanted straight hair and I used it. It had chemically straightened my hair. But I constantly ask my mom's like, blow dry my hair and do all the steps. I wanted straight hair because, I mean, I don't think at a young age you kind of realize that, like you're trying to fit in or anything like that. It's more so you kind of want to be like everybody else, right?


No, I. I wanted to present a girl he identified with her, but I think it was very big of her. And I think that this just goes to show once again, we are just having real conversations on the show. It's it needs to be less superficial conversations. And these are things that I don't know like. Let's just say a good girl was dating you and she brought this up to you, like, how would you respond to it?


It's. You know, these are conversations that need to be brought up so that we other people can learn from it in this situation. Yeah, I think have a I think just having the conversation, even if you're ignorant about it or you don't know, like you said, just because you don't know it doesn't mean you're a bad person. I think you're having the conversation is when people start to learn it just that's how you learn from other people.


Right. And meet new people and we learn. So, yeah. And I think everything you guys said makes a lot of sense. And for me, it just kind of aggravates me because now people are going to listen to this podcast and think we don't really need Joe on this fucking podcast.


So I know that. I know no, I agree. And I think. Yeah, and I also think Chelsea is, you know, from a superficial standpoint, she's very beautiful.


I mean, she's not so good with or without the hair right out there. Yeah. Yeah. And it's so funny that you bring that up to talk about when you were growing up and how you told your mom to straighten your hair. My mom actually she is Haitian, but her texture of hair is very straight. It is not like my hair at all. And and growing up, I was a very young age. I had kids. My hair was chemically straightened because my mom just couldn't put up with my hair.


She was like, I didn't have to deal with this hair. Even though my mom is Haitian. Usually I don't know what to do. I would I would be so it was just it was a real struggle. So regardless of what it is, whatever your hair struggle is, I'm not saying that white women don't have hair struggles as well. It's just a different thing when it comes to the pressure that you feel societally. Yeah, it's learn and keep it moving.


And Chelsea said to me she was like, hey, she apologized to her apology, was sincere and I accept that. So yes. Yes, ladies.


And, you know, if your man isn't understanding, then maybe you should just pick a different one like you.


But I will say, like Andy Dorfmann, you know, Andy Dorfman is talking about if she did have the opportunity to do her season over and again, she would have actually picked a completely different man. And I think that this is such an interesting article.


Yeah, she she said she would pick Chris. All right. Right. Yeah. Who was the number three guy? Not to, but why are you saying why are you saying you think it's a very interesting article? I think it's interesting because I've been in her shoes to where you you feel like you have to make the right decision because you have your you know, you have this opportunity. You have honestly, I mean, for lack of better words, the pick of the litter, you know what I mean?


In front of you. And do you want passion? Do you want friendship? Do you want someone that makes you feel the type of way or if you want what you who you think everybody thinks you should be with? And I think even though there's not that pressure put on you directly, I feel like it's an indirect pressure. It's like a subliminal pressure, you know, I mean, to make the right choice because you have this opportunity and this is an opportunity of a lifetime and like.


I don't know if I got yeah, but how did you. OK, so. So I guess one of the biggest mistakes, yeah, if it turns out to be a mistake, is you choose passion over friendship.


Yeah, right. Because friendship is or the other way. You choose friendship. Yeah, I guess so, I guess I guess it's finding that balance, that's that's how you find an actual partner. So I think in a situation like The Bachelor, because it's so quick and it's it's in your face. You have to almost put passion to the side.


I like not like fully, but I think you really have to see who you will get along with in the real world, because once the show ends, there is no more show. You're not going back. You're not calling the producers for your help and trying to figure out your situation. You're in the real world with this person. This is who you chose.


So you really have to focus on who you actually get along with, like a lower class situation. I mean, you know, I think. She chose passion. I mean, it was it was evident she was sniffing his underwear two weeks in, I thought she did. She chose me. Yeah, yeah. And and I think and saying that she would want to be with. Chris, she said he was her safe space. She said that he, you know, she just felt much more safe with him than apparently the person that she picked, maybe with Nick as well, how he was the number two person in now that this was how long ago was this that she was bachelorette?


This was a long time ago, five years or so now in her life, she might be like, I'm looking for that forever friend that I will end up having that passion with. But my question for you and Joe Taisha is, do you believe which one do you think it's easier to create passion once you figure it out? You have a really great friendship and you can trust someone, or is it easier to create that friendship once you've established like the heat is there?


We got that passion.


You have experiences in both games, which is very important. At the same time, if you just don't feel it, I don't know. I feel like. I don't know, you can't you can't create that spark if you just don't have it in me. But yeah, I've tried that before and it just never happened. And instead, obviously, that relationship didn't work out for the better. But I think that. A pattern shouldn't be everything like lust, shouldn't be everything you have to be able to like who's going to frickin take care of you when you're sick, who's going to help raise your kids?


Like, who's going to ride a family member passes away? Is that person just going to be, like, consoling you or just be like, hey, when are you coming home like you are doing there? Who's going to care for you? I think what you're saying is. But but what you're saying is Lud's passions. You can't create passion right now, you can it's either there or it's not, so that would probably be I would say they're both pretty equal, but that would probably be the one that.


Oh, I see, but then then I contradict myself with what I'm saying on the show, so I don't know, I think it's hard. I think you need a little bit of both if you're going to make it what you do.


You do. I definitely I definitely think you need both. But I do think that there's a way to I think each person's different and probably depending on where you are in your life as well. Some people not to call your men out, but you'll be looking for it for that sexual trait with a woman. And sometimes the the friendship lags it when they're younger. And we don't talk about that later. But, yeah, OK, you know what?


I'm I'm I'm over this this topic.


But I'll tell you what, like you like women don't look for the passion to trade either. Natasha, I'm just.


I'm just saying at a certain age, I'm like not like I want I want that feeling with my partner. Of course, for me personally, I can say I definitely want that feeling with a partner.


And I just feel it, but. But that's why I have good friends, because they just my friend, I don't have that feeling. The next batch of nation break that we have is we have Victoria Larson apologizing to fellow contestants and vows to do better. Well, we all know Victoria Larson is the villain of the season. And to be honest with you, I don't think any of us can stop watching because we were just anticipating what she would do next and just cannot believe the dumpster fire that was happening before our eyes.


But I want to know, because I think this is really a. I feel like every season it amplifies and do you think the villains are starting to do the most because they're going to get more airtime? I agree totally. I think what we're starting to see now is. People are. Doing more for air time, at least that's how it looks. Watching it like it's more put on, like I don't think Victoria is who she is on the show.


I'd say there's a part of her that you don't know. I don't know now. I don't know. But it just it seems like. Yeah, like I remember. OK, so we have Crystal Nielsen coming on the show. She was the villain of her season, but it wasn't right. It wasn't that she was bullying the rest of the girls on her season. She was just the villain because she was more aggressive towards R.E. She was going for him more.


She was.


And now. And the girls. Exactly. And now I think it seems like it's it's just so we're going to gang up on people. We're like, if we don't like what you did, we're going to bully you. We're going to it's just it's childish. It's fucking very childish and it's. In a sense, kind of running the show, I can not believe my eyes when I was watching the episode, I I mean, the way that she came up to me that she was leaving was like.


I feel bad for you. I was appalled at the things that this girl would say.


Yeah, but at the same time, if you're if you have someone behaving in this way, why wouldn't you show it? I mean, that's that's what I would think if I'm just saying I'm just saying I agree with you. I mean, yeah, I've always said that about I've always said I agree with that. That's why they can't make you do anything that you don't do. They can't make you a villain if or if they make you do the obnoxious thing that you're doing if you don't actually do them right.


So clearly, she was doing this and clearly she gave them and see that. However, I will say. I would never act like that in my right mind. I've never met anybody that would just. But you're not like that. No, you aren't like that.


I've seen so many things. Like, again, you look at these really crazy shows, like think about like Jerry Springer or remember that back in the day those were paid actors.


Were that as.


No, no, no. There's no way there are people I don't like. There are people like that. Should I cry a lot? I'm just saying that I look at them, I look at her on my season, the whole cat and the rats thing. Right. That was a whole thing because people were very aggressive towards Peter and there wasn't any type of respect. Right. So in my opinion, these things are said. But it wasn't ever said specifically to a person to directly.


These are direct things that are happening. And I think people know that there's always if you watch the show, there's a villain or whatever you want to call it. In my real life, I use that term. I have used that term in my life. I didn't come on a show and be like, oh, what can I say? That will be cool, that people will think it's funny. No, in my real life I did that.


So that's why it's hard for me not to believe that the people who go on these shows and act this way don't actually act this way. I personally think they do. And I think they see themselves on TV acting a damn fool. And then they they modify and they change it.


One thing I think that's happening, I want to say before we move on, one thing I think that's happening is I think a lot of people are. I think they check out. I think they check out of the show like why they're because here it's it's obvious what happens when you become popular off the show. You then get a social media platform and you could take advantage of that. And if you act like you don't know that going in your life, that is something that's there and it could be great and take advantage of it.


I do. I mean, at least I try to. But I at least on this season, it's it feels like people are checking out of like, well, maybe that's not into me. So I'm just going to be this, you know, just showcase my whatever my villainess or whatever the fuck I'm doing. It's like then I don't know, in the beginning, I will say from the beginning, Victoria was a lot when she it was I was it was done for me when she took that crown from from the girls, I was like, whoa, I think she's like that.


That's just what I'm trying to say. It's like there is a part of her that is probably like that. And not saying that she is just a malicious person. I'm saying that when you are in a position and you guys are dating the same person, some people are going to the courts are going to come out.


Yeah, all I have to say is this. You can't be trying to be somebody that hard and do all those things that act gets. Exhausting, and wouldn't you start feeling better at some point, so that obviously just means that that's who she is as a person.


She feels bad and that's why she's apologizing and she thinks she's going to do better. What your actions are being displayed on television and you have nowhere to hide. Everybody knows that you are acting a certain way who not like I'm sorry, like anybody could be treating something like that on the street every single day. But nobody else is calling them out, so they don't apologize for it and have respect for each other.


You guys are all there doing the same thing. Exactly. Not one person has the right to be in that situation more than the other one. Even if the girls came in late, it wasn't their choice to come in late. So I have respect for everybody on the show. You're all doing the same thing. You're all going after the same person. You're going to catch feelings. You're going to get upset. But respect your peers. I mean, how fucking hard is that?


OK, yeah. All right, let's move on that. Seriously. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


She listened. She she she's apologizing and we're hoping that she will do better now that she is on display. She can do better. And that brings us to our click bait, where we have someone who we all love on the show. I think everybody lives in the world. Jay Leno. Jay Leno goes on a show. It's a YouTube show called Tinder Swipe Sessions. And she's there to help people with some relationship advice and love this.


I love it. I love it, too.


And her number one thing that became clear from this relationship advice that she said was, you ready for this woman under thirty three are useless men under 30. So she's in. So I'm going to play it out for you guys. She swipe in with this girl, tell it to a guy that's twenty nine, pops up and she's like, oh he's kind of cute when she doesn't girl a minute or thirty three they're useless. Keep moving and keep swiping.


What do you think that know. I don't love it. I don't like that at all. I mean because here's the thing. If I said all women under twenty four are useless we're going to shut down production. But that's all about it.


She was clearly I, I mean I didn't take her seriously. I watched her say it. I think she said it in a joking matter and I actually thought it was funny.


You know, so I thought it was funny, Joe had some good points, though. Yeah, it does. How old are you, Joe? I am thirty four.


Made it, honey. I did make it.


So I'm actually if Jay Leno ends up getting divorced, I am on that list.


Oh, my God, I'm an idiot. OK, so that's a good that's a good sign right there. So do we think. If a guy said something about a woman's age, they would be cancelled, Jaylo would be canceled, joking or not? I mean, clearly the article, everything about it was a joke. They were talking about it as a joke. But it's because she's a woman. There are guys who replied to this and said, yeah, I would be killed if I said something like that of a woman over 50 was useless, I'd be killed.


Let me ask you about this, Joe. As a 20, I don't know, nine year old man. Do you think you could take care of a woman as well as you can do it now that you are thirty four years old? Yes, I don't think I don't think age matters as much, I think it's all a state of mind. I think if you're mature, you're mature. I think there's guys that are twenty two that are just as mature as guys that are 40, vice versa.


I think the same thing for women. I also think Jaylo was kidding. So I think we're all smart enough to know that she was kidding. So let's just have the conversation of what it is. Yeah, I don't think age matters. I really don't. OK, so let me ask you this. Think of yourself in college what your type was. Think of yourself post college, what your type was. And now that you are in your mid thirties, what that type is, does it has it changed?


Is it the same? What tell me. A stomata. Yeah, let's talk about the AIDS thing now. So. If I'm physically attracted to you, I'm physically attracted to you, that's in college post college right now, got that when you are younger, you might just want to have fun and hook up. But I do believe, like, if I was 20 when I was twenty two running around Chicago, if I would have met somebody that I was really into, it could have turned into a serious relationship regardless of my age.


So to all the girls that Joe hooked up with when he was 22, he really wasn't into you. I just. Well, yeah. I mean, I would say not that I want to say. I mean, yeah, I agree. Like, what are you guys looking for? What are you looking for? Throughout the day, I found that you did Natasha say that again, Teisha? I was looking for a mature older man and that's exactly what I got.


And I pursued and it's working out quite wonderfully for me. Yeah. But I also think that I had a lot of amazing men that were younger than thirty three, but I feel that I continuously went for that type of guy, a younger guy that can be mature at times, but. Really, I felt in. In that circumstance, I felt I couldn't handle some of the real situations that I've been through previously that I would need a strong partner for so.


Yes, yes, yes, I hear that. And you found that what up to Zech? And for me, it's definitely changed in the sense of what I felt like I needed or what I was looking for when I was in college. I was so I was working full time and I was going to school full time. I was like, I just need a warm body. That's fantastic. Know that's what that was all. After college, I was so focused on my career in climbing and working 18 hours a day.


It was similar in the sense that, like, it's OK if we don't see each other all the time because, like, I'm busy. But now it's so different where I want someone who I want to spend time with, who are making those changes for and who is also doing that. For me, the excuse that I work too much or I'm too busy. That does not work when you're an adult because you should have better time management and in manager relationships is better.


So older men, I do think age doesn't matter to a certain extent. I have dated men who are a lot older than me and they just have a better grasp on their time.


Do you my opinion, do you think and Tatia, this is before you became The Bachelorette. Once you know what you're looking for, don't you find it harder to find that, like Dany becomes more complicated? I think when you, like, are going after something and you know what you're looking for, which. Right. Just like I think it. I think then you're dealing with a purpose, you know what I mean? And that does make it harder because you don't you're not settling for anything.


You're that you're looking for someone that is on your level. And I think with that.


That's a good thing, it does definitely make this playing field a lot smaller than being put up with a lot of shit, but when you find it, it's like boom when you are picky like that, which I am definitely picky, I feel like. But you kind of have to be because guess what, you're just going to keep doing the same things over and over and over again and you're just gonna keep experiencing that. So I think that's why, like, I was just so.


I don't know, I didn't waver on the things that were actually necessary in my relationship because I know how I'm going to react in that situation, I know that I'm going to get fed up with this or that, and I'm not going to be longing for something else. Like why not find the person that actually fits the bill?


Yeah. So I love everything that you said with that Tatia. And I'm going to relate this and wrap this up and relate it back to our batcheller men. Or in jail might be onto something here because the bachelor men that have been in successful relationships, Zach included, Zach was thirty six, Joe Jo and Jordan, he was older than her. Brian, he was the oldest guy on Rachel lindsy season. They're together. Jo, when you were on Paradise, how old were you?


When you get to thirty, thirty two, you were in a long term relationship. You know, there might be something to that, what with what Jaylo saying just as far as the guys being older, not necessarily thirty three, but with the guys being older on this, on this franchise at least. So I'm here for it. All right. Well that was great.


But you know, if you're immature, you're immature. I don't know what else to tell you. But now it is time for our guest. She was portrayed as the villain on our season of The Bachelor, but she's much more than that. We don't think she's a villain. She's a health and fitness coach and now in a happy relationship with a baby girl on the way. Everybody, please welcome Crystal Nielson. Thanks for having me. You got it, Chris.


How are you doing? I'm doing great. I'm actually having kind of like a little bit of a pregnant day, like a model pregnant thing. But what does that mean exactly? What does that tell us?


What tell us what's on your mind.


Sometimes you just wake up and you just feel really emotional and you don't know why. And it's the first time actually in my pregnancy. But like I just felt. Like, cry, I was like crying, I was like, why there's so much good stuff to be happy about, but.


It just happens one day you will no, no, gosh, you're crying, but I'm glad you're emotional on this podcast right now so we can really get into something that's like watching last night's episode, which is why I was crying today, because I felt such a relief.


Just tension.


Yeah, we were actually we were talking about the episode on the podcast earlier and how there's been girls portrayed as villains. And we know that you were portrayed as a villain. It does seem different because I watched you on your season and I'm watching what's happening now. And it just seems very.


Like malicious and a lot of bullying. What do you see when you watch it being on the show, as everyone here knows, can bring out a lot of insecurities and different you and have a lot of stuff that where you just really triggered, having gone through The Bachelor, having gone to the villain label, always tried to give a second opinion as to like, is there more than what we're seeing, however, watching this season? I'm just such like face to face moments where I'm just like, this is a very mean girl talibe going on, which I haven't seen on previous this level of meanness.


I would say that, too, to your defense, like I think the quote unquote word villain had a very different meaning back when I would say, like you were the quote unquote villain of your season. I think it was more so because, like, you know, your mentality is more towards like getting more time with Ari. And that's where your energy when it was it because you were like putting other women down or being malicious to them, look at their face.


I mean, so in that regard, I think that you guys are totally different in that context. But, yeah, now I feel like it's very I don't know, it's it's scary because I really hate to think about what the coming seasons will look like if this is what the girls are doing now. Absolutely. And one thing I kind of ponder is the movie. The social media influences really come out of the franchise. The more screen time girls really want to get the stronger personalities that we've been seeing each season because we know it's going to play well.


They know they're getting their screen right. We know opportunities come from more screen time. Right. And so it's just really interesting that we're seeing that kind of pairing. I wonder if that has something to do with we.


I love that you bring that up. We literally just said that earlier. We're were talking about that.


We really like are the villains doing the most because they know they're going to get more airtime if they do it.


Yeah, yeah. And I also think it's something that. On my season, it was like, if you called a girl out, you are being a bully, you are the villain. This person, I don't like what this person said or I don't like that this person does this. And so that person who was doing the callout was being called a bully or a villain. Whereas what we just saw in this episode that we just saw this week, it was so much more than that.


There was lots of name calling.


There were saying that people were cute, accused of doing things that we don't know is true or not. That person to know was true or not. It will be completely different. If you knew for a fact and you accuse someone of something factually. But yeah. So the whole term a villain, as Taisha said, it's just flipped. And is is that because people are now being caricatures and as we were talking about earlier and people being caricatures of themselves, like we're on this podcast right now and I go crazy if I know the camera here or I could just speak how I'm normally speaking right now, literally.


So these girls that are on it now are already going to be the villains. That's just what it is. Right. And what advice can you give them right now? Because they can't change what happened? I'm hearing absolutely. I say for me, go on the show was just a really big magnifying glass of areas that I wasn't even really aware of. These insecurities that I had watching it was really painful. However, I was like, look, it's one person saying something.


That's one thing. But a lot of people are saying the same thing. This is something that I should act within myself and use this as an opportunity to grow in some areas maybe that I'm not seeing. And so my advice would be for these women washed back, just kind of use it as a mirror of where they can take radical responsibility, maybe insecurities they have they didn't know. And just really where they were over here, I think to is just really taking responsibility for what you say, what you did, your actions, because we know editing and we know post-production can happen.


But the words coming out of your mouth, that is you and that is you like you can. And honestly, I think when you can just really own your shit, you can feel really empowered from it and not feel victimized. And once I was like, what? I was really insecure. And I did come across really strong and a little fake. And because I was really insecure deep down, afraid of letting people really see who I was.


So it was acknowledging that those insecurities and letting myself feel I really realized that's where my strength is and I've been hiding it this whole life of mine. And so that was a huge point for me. So I hope that girls have that same beautiful growth. I think that's a great take on it. And I think that's helpful advice for anybody that's on the show and feeling all those insecurities and coming off. So let's get into what you're doing now.


Right. You are a health and wellness coach. Do you feel like that has helped you just in life and mentally and physically? Oh, yeah, being able to really focus on empowering myself, whether that's through moving my body and eating foods that make me feel just healthy and vibrant, I mean, learning how to journal and just express my feelings has allowed me tremendous growth and insights and a lot of healing, honestly. Yeah, I know how much healing I really need to go through.


And we're going on the back feeling so confident. It was really just kind of a face of, oh, I didn't really realize how fragile it was. And I see elements of that part of myself kind of in Victoria. And I was watching her. I was like comes across. So so really, that's when we know that our biggest can happen there, right. When we try to be the big bravest, like the small dog mentality, the dogs, the bigger the bark.


Right. They're overcompensating. So, yeah, I'm really grateful to answer questions about the career that I do. And I love helping women connect with their bodies and really love themselves. And I think it's important to point out what you said about that was feeling similar to Victoria and you didn't even know these things, it's because No. One, this is an impossible situation. No one go. No one's willingly dating a guy with 30 girlfriends, so you don't know how you're going to react.


So all these people who have these things and chime in and they say, I would do this, I would do that, you don't really know even yourself how you're going to if you're going to be that bigger dog or the smaller dog or how you're going to react in general. So I think that's very important in that reflection that you were talking about. And, um. With the money and like you said, being talking about the different foods that you were eating and how that also has helped your mind, now that you are pregnant, you're having this emotional day.


Do you have a food that you gave up that now that you're pregnant, you're like for these nine months and eating it? Is there something that you eat now? Yeah, I like add me all day. So funny cheese on everything. Really everything girl. Oh my God. These sticks like little cheese cream cheese sticks. Oh my god. It's so funny. And we have a whole charcuterie board to myself. Probably if I was you the first trimester I was like, no, I missed that because I got a great spot with like a great ocean view.


And I just love having a good cocktail. I really miss that fun part of my kind of lifestyle. I'm so happy for you that you're such a good place, though. You took a long time to get there. But I feel like who doesn't go through a lot of things in life? You're just kind of in the last couple of years, most recently. But I feel like you're in such a good place now and you're so happy and we're happy for you.


So happy. Yeah.


And I would say if any girls from the show are listening and are having issues after the show, that you should really take that advice because you really do seem happy, Krystal, and we're very happy for you. And you went through so many ups and downs, you know, in the franchise and just in life. So you are crushing it. I couldn't be happier for you, but unfortunately, we play a game on this show.


Natasha, give it to her because we have a game called Crystal Clear.


Let me just forewarn you, I do have pregnancy brain. Sometimes I think I forgot my home address. The first question, where do you live now? Don't, don't, don't, don't know. No. All right. No, it's good. They're good. They're good. Simple quick questions. Ready for the party. Ready, celeb crush. First celebrity crush. Yes, but that's a good one, good one. Oh, yeah, stealth crashin favorite cheat daimio.


He said they're going to answer, OK, if you want to turn your booty, what's your go to workout? I would say see lunges. It's a great scene with a band, with a band of dumbbells to do that right after this.


Thanks, Coach Crystal. Thank you.


God, girl, best pregnancy advice you've received so far. Drink your water. That's a good one. Important advice for life. Let's see, how about protein shake or green juice? Oh, that's really hard. I know it's a hard one for you because I see you make your shoes and I see but, you know, I put like greens in my protein shakes.


I would say protein shakes and high protein satiating, you know, how many kids do you want to have?


Therefore, we're kind of girl.


I love how miles. How many does he want to have? As many as I want to have a baby.


They try to. Do we see what you can do.


All right, Crystal, you're the first cocktail you have right after the pregnancy margarita.


Yeah, I'll be there. I was going to say salt, low salt and good ones. A little bit more scandalous morning sex or night sex morning.


That's always what's really. Yes, Crystal, we need one.


We need to throw afternoon in there at the lights, although it's not that bad, was it? It was right. That was it. That was our last question. Is it? Yeah. Is it rapid fire. Yeah. We got crystal.


Before we let you leave, tell our listeners where they could follow you on social media. Yes, they can follow me on Instagram at Coach Crystal Underscore coach with AC crystal meth. OK, we're so excited for you. So excited for you. Tell Myles we say hello and we can't wait for your baby girl to come home.


Thanks, Crystal. I actually met Crystal a couple of years back. We've done a couple of trips together and I just love her. I think she's grown so much since she's been on the show. And that just goes to show that you can take a lot of your mess ups in the past and things that you said and just really turn around for the better and just become a better person out of all of it. So I'm so happy to be here.


And she was able to drop some knowledge.


Yes. Yeah, she seems very happy. I'm very happy for her. And I agree. I mean, she's got to learn, learn from the past, do the best you can own and maybe own it.


Well, I just want to say thank you to our listeners for tuning in once again. This was so much fun. And thank you so much to Crystal for being here today. I think that a lot of girls can benefit from your advice.


So and make sure you check us out on social and comment DMAs. You know where to find us at Click Batebi and on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Share your stories with us. We want to hear from Dmoz. We're looking forward to it this week.


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