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What is that? Good morning. It is your public safety, we are here with another episode. You know, I really feel like you really know what I'm about to say. There is never a dull moment in Bachelor Nation and. Well, yeah, we have The Bachelor Nation breakdown filled with a lot of juicy tidbits, as well as Kikwit of the Week that I'm actually really, really into because we're dispelling insecurities in relationships as well as having an amazing person.


As our guest on the podcast today, we have Piper James and I love this girl through and through. I've never met her, but I'm excited to get into it with her and really get to know us more. So let's break and get started. Wait a second.


Wait, what a frickin week.


You know, Piper is the first person we're having from the current season, so I'm excited about that. It would be a good one. She got it.


She got us some extra tea.


I heard her on on Happy Hour, and she's going to click bait and really spill some tea about this house. We're together. OK, guys.


Well, let's start this off with some really I don't know some some good news. The executive producers have released a statement in support of Rachel Lindsey. And I know that you guys, but I feel like this is the support we need right now. And I think that coming from then, it means a lot. How do you guys feel about it?


Yeah, I think it was very I think it was the right thing to do. Oh, so here's the thing. OK, here's my take on I'm going to give you guys my take on what I think. So I remember and Peter, Peter, Susan and I think it was the Pasha. Correct me if I'm wrong. I think it was the day after the rose or the woman tell all where the show addressed all the hate. Yes. Women tell yeah.


Which I watched that and thought that's a mistake. That's a mistake to be addressing this. Because in my head I'm thinking the people that. Do talk shit and are saying all these horrible things to contestants and to everyone, and everyone's getting it right now, it doesn't matter what side you seem to be on. Chris Harrison's getting it. Rachel Lindsey is getting it.


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I almost feel like that's. Feeding into these people because they're not logical, they're looking for a reaction and now they're getting a reaction, and I know we're trying to do the right thing, which I think still needs to be done, but it's how are we going to. Stop these people, and I don't know if it's possible, because people live on the Internet and they they there's so much hatred, like there is so much hatred out there. The shit that people are saying to everyone and I know it's easy for me to say because I'm somebody that says, well, don't look at it, who cares?


Because if you guys said a bunch of mean shit to me now, I'm going to be like, I'm going to feel it. But if you say it, I take my headphones off. I don't feel it. So I don't know if there's anything positive to take out of that. Well, that's interesting, Joe. I'm actually really sure that I understand what you mean by that. But I also think that it was a very great call to do just because there's so many people are unaware for the let's say for the people who don't maybe fly into people's dorms or maybe, you know, somebody who does that shit.


Right. And you just the people aren't aware of the how I think the severity of it. You know, any time I post something on my Instagram and I just screenshot some bullshit that someone sends me, it's flooded. It gets flooded by, oh, my gosh, I can't believe people say these things to you guys. Right. So I think the awareness is what they were trying to achieve at the woman tell all during Peeta season. And, you know, I don't think it made it worse, but I have to believe that in some world it made it better for someone or or something.


Right. Because like you said, they are irrational people out there. There's a lot of hate out there. And but if we keep it in as people who are who have followers or have a following or whatever you want to call it, it's the same thing with bullying at school when kids are being bullied at school, when kids don't say anything to someone or to their parents, it's like awful. And then they continue. This thing continues to happen.


But then when people speak up, the hope is that it stops or something happens to it. Now, of course, you can't reprimand every single person, but guess what? You can block them. And, you know, regardless, we all look at our we all look at our DMS.


We all do. Right. Like we just do. I mean, I don't know. But the executive producers coming out in support of Rachel, I think that if she just went offline and never said why, people would come up with their own reasons why and it probably would be negative, you know, like, how bad is that? We had to just let people. So because I was really bad, no. Is it another option? Yes, but I also think that letting people know that because right now I bet everybody there's a lot of people, even those trolls, want to know what Rachel Lindsay has to has to say about the executive producers coming out in her support from what she has to say about all these things that are going on.


Guess what? She's not on the Internet right now, so no one knows what she has to say but the people who are in her close circle. Right. So what I'm trying to say is, is that and also it's good for her mental health to take this break. And I'm glad that she's doing that.


I agree with that. That should be everything, but above everything.


Yeah, exactly. It's good for her mental health and the executive. If she hadn't if she just took this break. If she hadn't if she hadn't expressed exactly why would we be getting the support from the executive producers? We don't know. But I think it all lends in all as someone who you know, who knows her personally, we all have met her. We all know her. It's just awful to to to know that someone that is so helpful in normal everyday life is is going through this and the executive producers coming out in her support.


I mean, she is always there to support them, right? She has a life outside of being The Bachelorette. She has a husband that she is with because of the results of the show. And she does show up for these women to us and have these uncomfortable conversations with people. I just think that we shouldn't have to wait. And I think this is an individual thing that the producer said and did. We shouldn't have to wait for the franchise.


No one should have to wait for the franchise to say an apology. And I think that's what the executive producers did here and doing this.


I like both of your perspectives. And I feel like my opinion is I understand what you're saying, Joe. Like, I always feel like it's why some people like to speak out and not speak out about things, just like the one you're highlighting the trolls. Why would you want to give them energy both at the same time? You have to highlight the problem in order to fix the problem. So I understand as well.


I mean, as being just a person, like a person of the franchise. I think it means a lot for them to say something, but as being a lead, I think it means even more just because this is such an intimate experience. I mean, like you, they they know you very, very, very, very, very well.


And to feel like they have your back, I think is the biggest thing. And I think that that's what they want to provide that comfort for her.


Just knowing like because they didn't say anything is just like really like I am in this because of you guys, you know what I mean? Right. Like, you guys gave me the opportunity. You guys gave me this platform like I'm making a name for myself with you guys, you know, as part of my foundation. And if you're not saying anything like how does that make me feel me? So I feel like it was a really good thing for them to say something just because she needs to feel comfort in this and supported and supported.


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Moving on. And this is just like my stomach just like job like I really want to talk about it. I'm not going to lie to you guys, but this has to do with. The next battle is to break down, as with terror Norns, a very, very problematic tweets. OK, so Taylor Nolan's tweets and not just tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, all these different things from her past that came up. And yet there's just a lot to unpack here.


No one. The comparison that people are trying to make with Chris Harrison and Rachel Kirkconnell and this, there is no comparison. There's not a very different way. They're very different things. So I need everyone to stop. It's got to be shake. It's actually it's really it's really, really a big, big difference here, OK? Also, as someone who is you know, I've never met Taylor in person, but we are Facebook or we are Instagram friends.


Right, on Instagram. And she has been advocating for equality and been doing all these different things for as long as I've been a part of the franchise, at least as far as I can, as far as I've been following her as what I can say. I didn't know her before the friend before I was a part of the franchise last year, but she has. Single handedly offended. I can't name a community that she is not offended. Right, like she's offended pretty much every community.


So with that said. One of the things that is a culture that I don't know where it came from is, of course, everyone in your DMS, why haven't you said anything? Why haven't you said anything? By holding people accountable, holding people accountable? Yes, we want to hold everyone accountable. I don't care who you are, right. I don't care what the the offended people, who the offended people are. If you offend someone, you should hold yourself accountable for that.


Now, she has harped on telling people to speak up, say something when they have done wrong and then put action behind it. Right. So she had these tweets a long time ago. She never said anything. And then they came up and now she's saying she's done all this work and she released a apology that very quickly, which I was happy that she acknowledged it. But the apology, the original apology that she said was very ill. But it just it wasn't right, it wasn't right, it was awful because but again, this pressure that people put on people in her as well to say something right away, say something.


But that's the problem. She's there. She did that to everybody. Well, that's what I'm saying. Then it came and kicked her in the butt. Right. Because she is the main the main person who harps on say something immediately, say something media. Then she said something media. And she wasn't ready. She hadn't even seen everything that came out. She's seen a few tweets here and there. But and that goes for everyone in the nation.


Right. So this is I'm saying everything that everybody knows. And so this that was one that's of all the teachable moments here. That was one you can take your time to say your apology or to speak on something if you need to. That's we talked that we've talked about that in our podcast before. Right. So that's the first teachable moment. And she learned that firsthand. Take your time, girl, because you people need real space for this apology that you're about to say.


Maybe don't take six weeks. And if you're going to take longer than a few days, just acknowledge that you messed up and let people know that you will be saying more and having a little more drawn out apology so you can really give space and time to address the communities that you have hurt or the people that you have hurt. So, yeah, there's no real timeline for anything, but I think more so than ever. What these all of these instances have shown us is that people who are hurt want people to show accountability and.


They wanted people to show remorse, but also just recognize I messed up, and in her second apology, she mentioned that it was a reaction and not a real apology. So she called herself out on that. And also she said more to come, meaning I have plenty more to to say. And you guys deserve more from me. So we're waiting for that. The only thing that she can do now is, is continue the work that she's been doing in show faith.


Yes, you have to apologize and acknowledge what happened. But the number of people that she has that, you know, and it's deeper than just saying words, it's it was a mindset because there were just so many tweets, so many posts. This was a mindset. This seems like a very angry. Unhappy human, so I reached out to Taylor when I saw all this stuff go down and I messaged her and I told her, you know, because again, for the record, for everyone listening, never has anyone on this podcast attacked Chris Harrison, attacked Rachel Kirkconnell.


And I will not attack Taylor Nolan. I do not believe that we should be attacking anyone. I don't know Rachel Kirkconnell personally. I don't know Chris Harrison personally. And if I did, I would have reached out to them as well. I do know, Taylor on a more personal level than I do those two people. So when I reached out to her, I just let her know you need to take a break. You need to sit back and you really need to think about what and how you're going to address these things because.


Being so damn happy to say something is not the way to go here. That was my advice to her. Taylor Nolan. Yeah, OK. Now she's somebody that is really into calling everyone out, like even in her statement, it was it was the Bachelor franchise is racist. Do you think they would ever do it to somebody like Jojo Fletcher now? For me, it's like you're just bringing that name in there. You're just do what you think.


They would not have Jojo Fletcher's back like saying it's just like you're bringing somebody in there that really has never done anything wrong and you're just putting their name in there and you're using hypotheticals and you're accusing people of all. I don't think that apology was real. What did you do? What did you do?


I don't like that. I don't like the just calling people out. I think it's like, hey, you know, if you want to make a change, make a change, but you don't have to call people out while you're doing it. Just work on it yourself. Go out there, do something. OK, now we look at what her tweets. OK, so this is like basically Mrs. Council culture herself. It just said some really fucked up shit that for me it's like, whoa, like that.


Like. I'm not perfect and I've done fucked up things, and if you like the movie The Hangover, when Tyson said we all do dumb shit when we're drunk, I'm guilty. But I mean, those tweets are pretty fucking evil now. Should she get canceled? Well, she doesn't really do anything, they get canceled anyways. If I was the show runner or an executive producer of a show. Yeah, she's getting fucking fired for that shit because it was bad.


Should she be forgiven? I believe everyone should be forgiven to an extent, I think words are much less harmless than actions. I think when you murder somebody or you kill, those are certain things. But it was pretty fucking bad, it makes it really, really, really hard. To try. To educate people and teach people. When? The very the very person that a lot of people are looking to because she had a lot of points to say and a lot of points to make and and was trying to shine light on what was wrong with that interview between Rachel and Chris.


It makes it very hard for us to progress forward when the very person is also. Tearing down other people. We didn't really know that I mean, I didn't know any of this stuff until I started coming to light, so I think a lot of people, like, really valued her opinion. And even though she delivers it a little bit more intensely at times and some others do, but she did have some pretty good points that, you know, when she was trying to shine light on some things.


But these comments really make me take a step back and just being like. No one should really yell relations, say anything about anybody like. Well, you have no right to be like he should be canceled. He did this wrong. You can say, hey, this really hurt me and this is why it hurt me. I didn't like this. But you don't say you should lose your job. This should happen to you. This, that, this, that this, that.


Because that's what I think. You don't have the luxury of doing that. I because we're all wrong to some capacity. We've all flawed. We've all made mistakes. I'm sure at some point in life we've all said things we probably shouldn't have said, you know. Yeah. But with that being said, it's just like. I mean, I don't know, I'm not going to lie. I mean, I don't know if I should say this, but, like, her apology is very hard for me to accept because she was so quick to denounce a lot of other people's apologies as well as their actions and really make them seem like a really bad people.


I'm not saying she's a bad person. I actually I don't know what I'm saying about this guy. I'm sorry. I don't know.


I feel like it's making me feel like a lot of a lot of things, like I'm sure she's grown with since she's said all that crazy shit, but. Right. And of course, she's going to be able to make a valid point and still do good with having a pass that she was clearly pretty evil in her words. Right. But she was it's hard because honestly, she was the first one to call people out on everything they tried to tweet.


It's hundreds of tweets.


Yeah, at one time being like, oh, like saying to me it's hundreds as a as a person to practice mindfulness who you are today. Really matters to me personally. Right, so if I found out in college you did this, you did that. It's like there are people who have had terrible pasts and they have resurrected today. It's like, do we condemn them for what they did back then or do we or do we take them for who they are today?


Right. Yes. So so that's where it's like that's why I'm saying an apology. For those tweets, I don't know how you apologize for that. Yeah, I don't. I understand that.


But the apology wasn't even like an apology at times. It was a kind of like it was like people are coming back kind of where it came at, like came from you.


To me, it's just like if she would have just been like, I really fucked up. I'm really sorry. Yeah.


And I do think I do think she should have she said she knew that they were out there and she never deleted them. I do think she should have deleted them because they're hurtful.


Honestly, if she especially if you've done, you're not that person anymore, be like, get that out. That is trash. Yeah. Why would you want to ever figure that? I get that. I understand that was a journey. I read it like I understand that was a journey for her. And she was like at this low point and she's that was part of her journey to become the person she is today. I understand that. Like, if you need to look back and see those, I don't know, print them out and have them in your notebook of growth.


I don't know, like, you don't need to be out there.


Yeah. Yeah. Really, people need to start putting thought into what they're typing and what they're saying and everything they're doing because you don't know how it's going to be interpret it. You don't know how you're affecting your.


It's just I think it's it's really like a drug. It's social media is a fucking drug. It's addicting. And I think it's one of those things where if you're a troll, right. And you hate on somebody like I'm sure the first time you do it, it's probably like a rush. And then eventually it just becomes constant. Right. But whatever let's get let's let's let's get some positive going here.


There is so much going on. And I know that I've said this even on my stories. I feel like every step forward we take we take a couple of steps back, but. With that being said, I feel like we are trying to progress forward and I think that with the executive producer statement. You know, we got to start looking at the good things that are coming to the franchise, and I think that one of the good things that are coming to the franchise is a manual on how hosting the after the final rose, he was first a guest on talking it out with Mike and Brian.


And he is a man that has an online series called Uncomfortable Conversations with the Black Man. And with that, I feel like he is definitely the man for the job, because this season is this past year, like a lot of things that we've been going through is having a lot of uncomfortable conversations with the ones that we love, the ones that we see on television. I mean, Piers, whatever it may be. So I think that this is definitely the right direction.


Yeah, I think I, I listen to I listen I listen to talk a few times. I think he's very charismatic. I think he's a lot of fun. I think he's going to bring a lot of fun to the table. And I also think he's somebody that can have hard conversations with it still being like, you know, like he's is biased and he makes you feel comfortable.


And I really liked when he said he said it on Mike and Brian's podcast that I hate to be somebody that's complaining about a problem and not working at it. So he really thought about, like, how he was going to. Yes. You know, just speak on everything and do everything. And I think he's very logical. So I'm excited. I'm excited to see. How he's going to host it? Yeah, into in to expand on that right to expand on what you just said within Mike and Brian's podcast.


He said that he looks in the mirror and he's getting flabby and he's like, oh, man, I'm getting flabby. I'm gaining weight. He was like, but no, I so I need to go work out. I need to go to the gym so that that action that he's talking about putting behind it. And, you know, the same thing with the franchise and everything that's happening. And even Chris Harrison like him deciding not to do that after the rose and just sit this one out and and probably educate himself and do some things.


I mean, to be honest with you, I again, I'm not of the cancer culture either. I think that people can do better and think in people if they want to, they will do better. And when we hold people accountable, they see that. So I would love to see I mean, I love Matt and I love his top three, but I want to see a man. You will talk to the person. That's what I want to see.


Yeah, right.


Would that be amazing and just really talk about and dissect what's what how people were feeling. And that, I believe, would just build so much growth. I mean, I don't know if you guys watch the show, but I watched the one with him and with him and Matthew McConaughey. It was fantastic. It was great. And, you know, we all look at Matthew McConaughey. Is this cool? You know, my husband, the actor.


Yeah, that was where I was when is cool after.


But also he he is Tatia. If she never met Zach. Do you know. Zach knows. That's my first my first man Zach is the mister.


So but even hearing some of the things that he said, he was just like, you know, his mind was just blown open and and we as even as black people, that does not mean that we can't be we can't do something that's wrong. Like when I was younger, I was obsessed with Pocahontas. I always wanted to be Pocahontas and dress up as Pocahontas. I did not know that dressing in Native American wear is wrong. I didn't know that when I was younger.


Right. And then you get older, you do better. And now you can say to other people, if you see them doing something like, oh, maybe you shouldn't do that and like, you know, spread that word so no one is exempt.


Just because I'm black, no one is exempt from doing better is what I'm trying to say. I feel like he's a really good person to have kind of also be another leader in that. Um, so I love that. It's something that's not from the franchise. I love it. It's someone that is very well versed in these kind of conversations and can really maybe like tweak our perspective in a different way and making our head tilt like, wow, I never thought about it that way and think used to be really good, impactful change.


So, yeah.


And so the listeners give them a chance. There's so much passion and stuff, of course, that went on this week. We we just we got to get to Piper. We do not have any more time to talk about our click bait, but we got you guys next week with our bit of the week.


All right.


So everybody, right now, it is that time for our guest. We are so excited to have her on the show. Everyone, please welcome Piper. James, Piper, what's up?


How are you doing? Hi. Hi. Can I just say, when I see you, I think of my sister because I feel like you, my sister, look very similar.


And so basically, if you want to be friends or sister, like I'm down, I'm so relieved when you ask, how are you?


I'm great. I'm doing super well. How are you guys? We're good.


Good. All right. Really good. So here's the thing. All right. What do you want to talk about today?


I want to talk down here for real. Real. For real. All right, cool. So women tell all of us this week women will always this week.


How do you feel about the way it ended and your relationship with Matt James and everything right now? Yeah, yeah, I mean, I think it ended. It was a good closure point. It was nice to kind of come back and see all the ladies and have conversations and whatnot, but I mean, I feel like I did get the closure I needed and just kind of kind of went into it, not really expecting anything. So it was nice to just kind of close that chapter down and have those those conversations and then just be like, that was good.


That's what I needed. That's really there with no expectations. I think that's kind of how you have to set yourself up in this. Now, in that situation, specifically, just because if you. Are looking to hear a certain answer from somebody or looking for an apology, this, that this that you can get let down once again. And what we learned from you exiting was that it's not always easy for you to kind of open up and be vulnerable and really let people in.


And so I think that you took a lot from that. And I'm really proud of you.


And I think that. When you do that, you learn so much more about yourself. Yeah, yeah, for sure. Yeah. And I think that now I just have this like new set of tools to take into any any relationship I go into into the future. And I'm I'm thankful for that. And that that's enough for me that learning experience is exactly what I needed. I think yeah. Yeah. I really I really resonated with your story and I'm sure a lot of people out there did.


And, you know, I like I, I literally cried when you were like got in the car. You were just like I opened myself up in the worst thing happened. And it's something that it is hard to do, especially if it was one of the first times and it was it the first time that you felt you really opened yourself up?


Yeah. Yeah, for sure. I mean, I think that I had in the past probably two or three years and started opening myself up to like just my friends and being able to have those open conversations with just in terms of friendship and how you feel about your friends and whatnot. So doing that in like a romantic setting, that was definitely the first time I did that. And that was that was hard. But it was it was good. Yeah.


It does get easier. I will say good. Yes, it does. It gets easier. You start picking partners that make you feel safe enough to do that. Right. So that is that's really good. And I really I really felt that also. I heard you on Happy Hour and you were talking about your love languages. Yes. And I want to know from when you went on the show to now after the show, do you think that there's something different that you're looking for in a partner?


Yeah, I mean, writing the love languages. Yeah. I think that now that I'm able to express my feelings, I kind of view relationships in this, like, kind of new way in which I'm like, let me just go in here and be a hundred percent honest at first up front. I mean, obviously not like spilling all of your your dirty secrets on a first date or anything like that. But, you know, just going into a relationship, you don't do that, don't you?


That's just going to a birthday and being like my full, authentic self, because I feel like sometimes I, I had a tendency to hold back. But, you know, just going in and being my full personality and realizing that that person either accept it or not. And I think that that's kind of how your relationships now and having that open communication and that quality time is so important.


Yes. And this is click bait. So we like to get a little messy sometimes a little just a little messy pyper. I want to know, do you what do you think James is love language is after dating him?


I think that's a great question. I honestly don't know, because you have this very, very good presence about him with all of the women where he made everyone feel really special and I said it a few times when I was there, that in doing that, sometimes nobody feels special if everyone feels like they're getting that same that that same thing. So I think that he's really good at giving words of affirmation. But in terms of what he means and what he takes in a partner, I, I honestly couldn't tell you because he is so good at making everybody feel so seen.


So I don't know what he needs.


OK, he's good at giving what I feel like. People give what they want. Maybe, maybe. Yeah. We'll just we'll just say his language. His words of affirmation will say that. We'll say that.


So for that, Piper, I heard you say before that you didn't watch the show prior to going on it, right? That's correct. Yeah. Yeah, I'm I'm the same as you.


So prior to going on it, though, did you think that you are going to be able to get to the place that you were with, Matt? Like, did you think that was even a possibility that you were going to be able to open up and do all this on national TV?


Yeah, I think that I kind of went into it again with no expectations, but hoping that that was going to be the outcome. But I didn't want to put myself in a mindset where I was like already saying, like, I'm going to fall in love with this guy. That's going to happen because I felt like that wouldn't have been authentic. So I definitely went in with an open mind. And I was like, I'm I know that I'm open to the possibility of love getting engaged, falling in love, getting married, all of that.


So I was like, yeah, let's do this. But I wasn't going in there being like, I will fall in love with my James husband. Like, I was just like, hopefully, yeah. I have a question. I want to bring it back. It's like when you were saying more so recently, just started opening up and it's kind of started with your friend group. What really prompted that? Like, because that's I think that that's something that people ask a lot, especially when it comes to transformation.


And it's just like, OK, well, how did you start, like breaking down walls and like being able to be open and went on the fact that you said that you started with your friend group.


It's very interesting to me, so I would love to know more about that stuff like that could help a lot of people. Yeah, yeah. I think that, you know, a lot of my best friends, we met freshman year of college and it was like that whole story. And I was still friends today. And I feel like in the beginning of those friendships, it was all because we were like uncomfortable going into college and. Yeah, but I feel like the freshman year of college was any time in your life when you're transitioning to something new, you kind of just like gravitate towards the people that are around you.


But it wasn't until graduating and like being in adult life that my friends and I were able to kind of step back and be like, why? Why were we able to hold hold on to these friendships? Why did we become so close and kind of breaking that down? And then, I mean, it helps. One of my best friends is in grad school also to become a therapist. So conversations. Yes. Yeah, I think a lot of it, they lean into those conversations.


It started because we were all kind of just like looking back. And we're like, you know, these friendships didn't have to stay strong for this long. And they did. So like, let's talk about why that is and why we value each other. And I think that that's that's where it started. It's just kind of been growing from there, which is great. That's really cool.


Can you tell me why you value Teisha?


What I actually on just on the spirit and I just want you to know, Piper, Jill puts me on the spot all the time. I didn't forget about what you did with Vinny a long time ago. I didn't forget. There it is. All right. OK.


Why? I value Tatia because I was really excited. Yeah. All right. We're doing this. All right. So she was on this podcast. We were on this podcast from the beginning. We weren't friends at all. We barely knew each other. And just talking to her once a week, I think we formed a pretty good friendship. I look forward to making her laugh because I think it brings up the whole room. So I think just her being her.


For the gun rights, we feel that I feel like I have to say, like I feel like that's something that you learn like through age and like I feel like when people push you to do things like that, it's not a very common thing for us, especially for a guy to do. And I feel like. In this show and in this setting, it if you really do lean into it, you learn so much more about how to communicate, be a better person, be a better partner, a friend, whatever it may be.


But thanks, Joe, I love you and not afraid to to say those, to say those things. So, yeah, I, I when I had to do that too. Thanks. Thanks. Bye bye. Thanks for the tip.


You know what, let's, let's, let's have this conversation because there is also been there's so much hate going on, on the Internet. Who knows how it's if it's ever going to stop or whatnot. And it's kind of out of out of our control. But a lot of the producers on the show get a lot of hate for overproducing or manipulating or whatnot.


How is your experience with the producers?


Yeah, I had a I had a great relationship with the producers, with the producers that were I was close with was I mean, we still talk and kind of just like talk about life and whatnot. So I, I feel like that's maybe a misconception. Misconception, but it's also not everyone's experience is different. So my personal experience, I you know, and I didn't feel that at all, but I would never try to speak for everybody that goes on the show.


Yeah, I think it's important to highlight that because I feel like I think we're all kind of put in a box, too, when people start talking about their negative experience, like, I want you to speak on that, if that's how you feel, because that's your experience. But like for me, like I had a really good one. But I think it also depends on where you are in life and if you're ready to start accepting it and liking and who you are.


And also and also, like you said, people like you going on the show and just being open minded and not with like, I'm going to fall in love, I'm going to this and not to say any names, but there are a lot of people who go on the show for specific reasons, as we know, for the right reasons is such a big thing.


And a lot of those people, unfortunately, probably don't have as good of an experience because they are looking for something to come out of it. And when you have an open mind and when you don't watch the show prior and things like that, not saying if you do watch the show, but regardless, you just kind of just you don't know what to expect. And so you're just being authentically you. So you you connect, I think, with people and the Bachelor as well, or bachelorette differently because you're just trying to figure it out.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. That speaks to it as well. What did. So you watch the women tell all I'm sure this week. What did you think of it? I know that you said these were your words for an unhappy hour, a surprisingly cordial, apologetic and insightful. Now that you've had some time since it aired and so many things have happened, do you still feel that way? Is there were there any things that came up after watching it now that you've had some time away from it?


Yeah, I mean, I think that obviously you filmed for so long with the show, you filmed for so long and then only so much as shown. But I mean, I still stand by those words based on my experience when we were actually filming it. I don't know if everyone would agree with me watching it, but I still feel that way. I feel like it's it's good now to kind of see how different relationships in the house were kind of shocking.


I think that that's that to me is one of the most important things, because I think that we were so caught up in the drama, especially at the beginning of the season, so kind of seeing like some of us were really actually friends or some of us still aren't really good friends or a lot of us are actually.


So I think that was something that kind of got a glimmer of that elemental all.


And going forward, people can see that.


Who are you friends with mostly or who do you still talk to? I guess that question, several people still not good, Chelsea and Abigail. Definitely, Bri. Actually, I think we're going to be living together in New York. So that's exciting.


A shout out to me coming up here in my city. I just called it my cell phone on this case. It's been here for five years.


We've been here for a New York minute, and now it's our city cause I don't hate the player, hate the game. It's my city. That's all I got to say. But you're going to see fans. They're like, really?


I just like the fast paced organ is very slow and outdoors and I love that. But I need like I need to stress out a little bit. Yeah. We'll come to New York. Yes. You will be stressed it.


All right. So now you're going you're going to New York. Now you're single, right? Yes. OK, now, how are you going to go about that? Are you ready to that? You're going to jump on any dating apps. What's the deal? What's next?


Yeah, I don't know. I have never been one for the apps. I just my flirting skills are out like a zero.


My God, you literally sound like me. Right. Can you give us an example of a flaw? What is a pipe surplus? If you're going to if you're going to walk up to somebody with an opening line, let's go on here.


Oh, my God. This is so the girl the spot.


OK, Piper, give us this is like they welcome to Piper. Give us your line. What is my life?


I don't the thing is, I don't have a warrant. It's like high end, like internally.


I'm like hoping and praying. They think that I'm cute enough to respond.


It's good. I would say that's probably the best one you could.


I always say it's good. It's real. It's not too many words. Perfect. So where are you going to.


Go to paradise. I right now, no one's asked me. I think that a lot would have to change in order to convince me to step foot on the beach, because right now I'm like, if I want to hang out with my friends all this long vacation. Yeah, I just think that there's a lot of changing to be done in the franchise and everything else in order for me to feel comfortable putting myself back in, you know, a producer driven, show driven environment.


I love that you said that. I think that's real and that's how it should be.


We like to do a little game on click bait sometimes with our guests with fun. Yes. You know, like you, it's called this or that. I'm sure you played it before. We're going to ask we're going to ask a series of questions and you have to tell us this or that. OK, I'll start. What do we prefer now? You live in Oregon. You're moving to New York. Do we prefer warm weather or cold weather?


Warm weather? One hundred percent. OK, fiber. It's dog or cat. But we're going to get a little more into it. I don't know, different types of cats. So I'm going to go to Derksen Boxer or a poodle fu boxer.


Yeah, I like, but I'm going to go get my multiple give her some love about. Do you ever come to New York. You go lover.


Let's see what is the best. This is not really a venture that I just want to know more about you. What is the best advice you've received in life. Something quick, simple, just nothing too crazy.


I remember one time I was going on vacation, my mom told me because I was like, oh my gosh, it was in college. So she was like I was like, oh my gosh, spending so much money. And she was like, you can always make more money, but you need to enjoy your experiences. Obviously don't go crazy, but enjoy your experiences in the time. And if money is really an issue, you can always go on to the world, hustle and make more.


Oh, yes, Mama.


Yes, we only have today.


That's it that you want YOLO beautiful.


You just incompetent to go buy. So now to go buy some new sneakers today. I've been doing it. I should go. So going to blame it on you.


So that brings us to the next question. Work hard or play hard. Work hard.


I want to be stressed. I want to be strong. I want to say you are in your twenties, right? Yes.


Oh, honey, when you get to your 30s, you can be like, look, we need to balance this shit out, OK?


So upward trajectory of like working hard and stressing myself out. All right.


So let's say you are you're in New York, you're all stressed out. You're in Manhattan. You don't know what to do. You just have one of those days. You want to go have a drink. You want a cocktail? What are you drinking? Depends on the mood. Maybe a gin and tonic or if I'm feeling like I'm just over it, I'll go for a margarita and just quit the day.


OK, I've got two really good ones. OK, this is to be a two sided question because I want to know more. OK, so when it comes to girls, do you usually call or prefer a text call, someone who will always call or FaceTime before?


I love that. Now, do you get a heart attack if it's a guy that's trying to call you or would you rather have him text you? Oh, heart to heart attack palpitations. Like I told myself before, I answer the phone literally.


So. So good. Is your celebrity crush.


It's not of this or that, but goodness, who is my celebrity crush? Piper, come on, Piper. We all got one, honey. I think it isn't too many. OK, I'll give you my Bachelor Nation crush.


Oh, that's even better because I was going to follow up with that guy. Some click bait scene.


We are going to see my documentation crushes Mike Johnson.


OK, let me let me call Mike that number right here. OK, watch. This is going to be really nice time.


So many times we love Mike. We really do. Should I be saying, Mike, right now with the girl show guys she's open with you. We are just having fun.


Piper's unless you want me to wink twice if you want me to.


OK, I love that, I love that, I love Mike, he's really great.


OK, I'm skipping lip lipstick. Come on, you want to announce it? I'm skipping it. OK, what is the best dating advice you could give to our listeners?


Who? I think it's the advice that I give to myself is just be yourself, which is so I know so cheesy, but like figure out who you are before going into a date. And I think that for me, I spent a lot of time like being very comfortable being single. And I was really good for me because now I can go into a relationship and be like, this is all of me, take it or leave it. I love that.


I do want to know heels or sneakers. I organ, I'm a naked girl, but I love heels. OK, OK, I hear you, I hear you, baby. All right.


Well, Piper, thank you so much for coming on and joining us. You were great pleasure to meet you.


I know you're going to do big things and I'm going to make sure to reach out to Mike Johnson after this going and let them know what's going on now. But thank you so much for coming on.


Oh, I told you guys I love the girl. I think she's so fun. I'm so happy we had her. Yes. I'm so happy, too. She's really great. I mean, I really do love her journey on the show in like I'm not kidding. I literally cried and that was like, I feel you, girl. I feel so much when she was in that limo. So I'm so happy that she had that full circle moment and she's great.




And I think somebody like her is a perfect example of how you have to be going on the show. You can't you just got to go in there and be hopeful and not have any plans before you go on to just go on their show. And hopefully the Internet starts chillin. And I think she was a great way to wrap this thing up because she's so positive.


Well, as always, thank you so much to our clockmaker listeners. We appreciate you guys. And we're so happy to have another episode with you all. But thank you, Pyper for coming on the show. You're a gem, and we can't wait to see what you do in the franchise.


Yes. And check us out on social inlike comment DMAs. You know where to find us. A click may be on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Share your stories with us. We want to hear from. And subscribe to our podcast on Apple podcast, Spotify Laundry App, or wherever you guys are listening right now, hit that subscribe, but let's go.