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Good morning, Batur, is it is your crew, and we are here to give you another juicy episode and we have a lot to talk about. Obviously we have The Bachelor Nation breakdown and it does not disappoint. But in addition to that, we actually are talking about spicing up your Valentine's Day.


Some tips brought to you by only fan creators. That's the click. And we also have a bomb ass guest. Her name is Shannon Ford. And if you don't know her well, you're going to know her now. So, guys, should we get started for our Bachelor Nation breakdown? We have this one gets a little bit closer to home because I know this individual, but we have Heather Martin.


Coming on in to The Bachelor, yeah, everyone's talking about it, she's OK. So Heather Martin was on your season, right? Heather Martin was on my season and she was actually down here near me. She's in San Diego.


And she was her whole thing was I've never been kissed. Is that real? It is actually real cute. It's like most like shy like I don't know how to describe it. She's just adorable. But I can definitely. Yes, her not being kissed is definitely true. Were you guys friends on your presentation? Yes.


Heather and I, she was actually probably one of the first people I confided in and vice versa. So that friendship kind of trickled up like outside of Bachelor. But I have to say, like, our lives have been so busy lately that I haven't really seen her. But her family's amazing. I've been on over and her mom makes a bum breakfast.


Well, I'm glad we have so many nice things to say right now. I have to say, this week I was not I if I was one of those girls, I would not have been happy at all. We are about what are we in like four or five weeks? And now The Bachelor and we have already had the original crew. We've had a new crew come in. And as people are comfortable starting to form relationships like we're really trying to get to know these girls.


My sweet little friend Heather decides to pay a visit to Matt. So Heather, my sweet little friend here, just walks on in when Matt is actually talking to Piper and Famo. For a while now, we have known that Piper has been dying to get time with Matt. And of course, she gets interrupted by not only another girl, but a newcomer, and this is interesting, girls up like no other. And in fact, Matt, I think is incredibly uncomfortable and starts laughing uncontrollably and it's just awkward.


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Visit Madisen Dash read Dotcom now to find your perfect shade. That's Madisen Dash read dotcom. Yeah, and Piper, looking at him like, what's funny, what was funny, do you. Yeah, like, wait, what? Like, I would have been like, yeah, she came in.


I will say her dress is very beautiful. I will be stunning. I mean, she's an angel. I'm sorry. Well, I don't know about her being an angel right now. I don't think anybody believes that. I will say that it was it was kind of cringe for me not to not to talk shit about your friend, but it was a little cringe. The whole thing was a little cringe for me. I was like, it's the middle.


I could see if she came with like when the when the new girls came in, maybe because there was other people.


But after that, now another person is like, everybody want a date.


Matt Wow. I mean, this is going to show up.


I guess the real story is like, is it normal now for people just to show up out of nowhere in the middle of the hurricane season and the middle of a damn pandemic in the middle of me trying to find my man like, well, I'm not trying to hide my magazine, OK? But like but you know that.


Speaking of that, Taisha, you came in mid season to these guys, which I share, which they were really happy about, that you're a breath of fresh air.


But also you had new guys on your season who came in, even though they were they were everybody was new to you. They were new to the guys in the house, which is all which is. So is that the first time that we did this and bachelor world, is that a new thing?


You know, and I think Italy also came in a little bit later.


I don't think I don't think this is necessarily going to be I think always they'll they'll take somebody from the franchise who really wants to meet the lead. If they think it could work, I could see it happening.


I think the new like people showing up later on is just to replace the traveling aspect of the show because we're kind of missing that. So it adds a little more excitement to it.


So you bring excitement by like breaking people's hearts.


Well, yeah, just and we have had we haven't and we haven't had paradise, which has been, you know, that's the game in paradise. So maybe it's just like a you know, adding that little aspect then makes it fun to watch as far as Heather's concerned. But let me ask you this, OK? Is it fair? Is it fair, I think anything that happens on the show is fair. We're all both like the lead and the contestants and in the person.


Yeah, I think it's fair.


Why not? One I'd like for the lead. It's one hundred percent. They're right, but it's also it's also equally effed up because you're forming all these relationships, you clearly have your mind set on these relationships and now you have someone and now there's that. What if. Right. They say people in New York are so single because there's so many options.


Yeah, but I know I'm a hopeless romantic.


Got a shot. I'm sorry. So I say, like, at least you had balls to go, you know, confidence. It takes a waltz in there. Give me, you really know, like how stressful it is to come off the damn limo at night.


One imagine going into an entire like, you know, sea of girls that have already started form relationships and be like, hi, I'm here. Can you talk? He can easily. If they're like, no, you got to go. Like the fact that she had the balls to do it and like, basically pour yourself out there and just be like, look, I think we would be a really good match. I think that's amazing. But also at the same time.


And I know it's always I know you do it. My question, would you do it? Would you would you do this? Would you be Heather?


Yes, I would have to know how far along he is in the process, because I don't think it's not fair to the contestants because they already have formed strong relationships with them. So if Heather is going to break any of those, then you know what? You're in the beginning. Yeah, they weren't strong enough. But if I was in Heather shoes, I would be like if I was, like, really into whoever the lead was, I would say I need a fighting chance.


So I want to get in there while before some of these serious relationships have formed.


And you don't never know. Some of them already have. Yeah. That's why I don't think she should have did it. I don't think she stands a chance.


Yeah. Yeah. I definitely think too personally. I probably would have prayed that, like if this is my person, he won't find the person he's supposed to be with. And after he's been the bachelor and after all the stuff, I won't be like, yo, she said the whole reason why she did it was because her friend Hannah said that they were they were a perfect match. I would be like yo and make me a part of the quarantine crew and let's see if this thing really worked.


But he could have met someone and got married and then you missed out on your person. And that's so sad.


And, you know, if if they were a perfect match, she should have matched them up well before he became The Bachelor. So I. Oh, good point, Joe.


Good. I mean, yes, but, you know, wrapping this up, I will say the one thing that and I, I have to bring him up because he's my man.


But also Zach told me he's one of the new guys came on our season. It was like, bring in everybody. I want you to if you need to have that time to, like, make sure I'm the person, then fucking do it. Like, go talk to everyone, make sure there's a there's not a connection there. Do what you have to do in order to know that we're good. You mean so that the time I let her or whatever it is, if she's doing the right thing, that's for her, which is seeing if there's a connection with Matt, what if they would have hit it off and they would have had more chemistry than anybody else there?


I mean, you didn't want to me, but at the same time, if she tried it out, he saw somebody new walk in like, you know what, I really love this or I really like this girl, then let it. So be it. And then you know that they have a strong connection. So good for Heather, but also good for everyone. Maybe a little too late, baby.


Don't think. OK, predictions show. Don't think it's going to happen. Well, I don't think it's going to go down well.


I actually think Heather is going to be on the next season of what she's about to talk about.


Oh, speaking of that, so you guys I franchise is huge. In fact, it's so big. It's in multiple to multiple countries. And The Bachelorette South Africa actually airs today. And I think this is so cool because it is the first season and our bachelorette name is Kinzel and she is stunning. And the fact that this is like their first time having a bachelorette, I don't know.


I think it's great to know South Africa. Have you been there? No, I haven't.


But that's like that's one of the places I really want to go. I have been in South Africa. I've been to Africa. I've been all around. But South Africa is definitely a place to vote especially. Well, I can't go now.


But I mean, have you seen their bachelors? Well, yeah.


And watching the preview, watching the previews of this, you know, watching the preview for this.


I don't know if it's just the accents, but they all seem so sweet and nice. Everybody just seems so nice. And it always makes you, you know, sexier, more approachable, sweet and kind. And you can literally curse somebody. But it sounds like, oh, that was so kind.


So right up to you can be evil, you could be evil behind the accent and get away with it. Yeah. My grandma my grandma lived in South Africa. I've been a few times. And honestly the people are very nice. They're very, very nice. I mean compared to what I guess what you see on the on the western side of the world or in the cities of our world. But the the the bachelors are the one bachelor. I think his name was Lee Thompson.


Lee Tom. I think it was Lee Thompson. He so hot. I was like, where where do they make that. Oh, in in South Africa. Wow. Very, very nice. Anyway, it just goes to show like how you know, amazing shows.


Yeah. How big our show is. I mean like Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, like Greece, like it is freaking everywhere.


OK, if you could be a part of any bachelor in any country. Where would you go? Not ours, not ours. Get to the US. Oh, Greece. That's a good one. I'd probably say Australia. That's a good one.


Oh, yeah. Good. What about you, Joe? I do. I think I do Australia as well.


I think most Australians before.


Have you ever dated an Australian person? No. In fact, I've stayed away from Australia because I know if I go, I will never come back. I haven't.


But I know, like, there's a lot of Australians like Instagram, including supermodels on there on his explore options being always out by warpage and they all look pretty good.


So gorgeous. I would yeah, I would do Australia for shits are going to be talking about some, you know, are we going to get into some only fans.


I just got to say I have met a few Australians, two to be exact, in Old Tosha.


OK, so if anybody thought that Joe left for our listeners, what Natasha said is that they are all while in doubt the whole meaning, the two that I met.


But it is a it is something that people say about Australians. They are size matters. Interesting what I had.


I never heard that one. I just heard that they were really sweet. Kind. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. OK, look at it.


OK, I got one more question on this. Yeah. So we saw when they did bachelor Winter Games and it was universal. Do you do you think we're going to get another one of those. Well then you can meet your well-endowed Australia man.


I think that vidoe I mean, we have a lot coming right now. I think maybe next year, any winter games, summer games, something like that. I want to host it. I mean, bring it on. If I can't participate, I'd like to host it. At least you want to be the host. Well, you hear that Chris Harrison should come and say, yeah, well, I won't even let us.


So we have one more Bachelor Nation click bait article that I won't even let you introduce because how she can introduce herself.


Speaking of hosting. Yeah. Speaking of hosting her dream job. So I actually want to find out if this is your dream job, but Patia cohosted Entertainment Tonight. So that's obviously different than being the lead of a show, because when you're the lead of a show, you're you're more of a character. When you're hosting something, you're doing a job. What was it like? I honestly felt like I was in another planet, like I was so in my element.


It was amazing, I got such a rush of doing it, it was my first time honestly reading from a teleprompter and really not having much like time to put my own spin on things. It was very impromptu, but good thing I had Kevin by my side, which Kevin Frazier, we are coming for you. We are going to get you on the click bait podcast. He has said it time and time again. He's a huge skeptic of the Bachelor franchise, so let's put him on the spot.


But let's do it. He is so good at hosting. I mean, he's been doing it for ten years, specifically on it. So clearly he can do it in his sleep. But just like working alongside him was just it was it was incredible. And I think if I had the opportunity to, I would do that tomorrow. Were you nervous? No, not at all. No. Honestly, honestly, if I have and it sounds so silly, but if my hair is done with makeup done and I have a cute outfit on, I can do freakin anything.


I actually. Yeah, yeah. OK, I understand the feel good already.


I understand that my, my friend and I talk about that all the time and there's something like. When you're when you like your outfit and your hair is on point and you look good and you feel good. You're just you're ready to pretty much take on anything, can conquer literally the world, and I feel like with that, especially like being my first time, you know, being in that world and actually having it on TV, you know, it should be really nerve wracking.


But I was just like, I got this like just like I look good. We're just all really shallow.


I think they should just go. Really.


Did you also did really good as well. You did really good. You look like a natural so that you and someone like Kevin.


It's I you know, I've been watching him forever on TV and, you know, he'll really get people messed up because you can't tell that he's reading from a teleprompter. You can't tell that like he makes it look so easy, like, oh, I'm just saying these things, you know, it's hard. You know, it's not necessarily easy. And I think that people hear a speak and talk and say our opinion and then you have to merge in the work aspect of it.


And I'm here for the honey we hear for.


We got to do what we got to endorse. What do I fine. Because I also did the edingley pop like earlier that morning and like that's a completely different vibe, but it's also. It was kind of like this, but we were all in the same room, right? It was one of the guys I don't know, have you ever have you ever hosted in front of a live audience?


Um, I don't think so, I think I've I've spoke in front of a lot of people before. I mean, there's this one thing in high school and we keep this really short because it's honestly embarrassing. But I went an all girls high school, and there was one thing that we did every single year, and it's called red and gold in the entire school had to participate within this thing. It was it was beta, basically. It was a performance.


Half the school was read, half the school was gold and each team had departments. So there is a lighting, an art, a scriptwriter, acting dancers, whatever it was. And so and every day they would take forty five minutes out of the day and you would have to do what you had to do to rehearse in order to put on this production. Like we would have people come from like Disney and like review and like see who would win.


Like the team would win anyway. I was always on drama and surprise, surprise and I was Marie Antoinette one year and I had to own that thing. And I did it in front of many people and I had to put on this fake English accent. And if I can do that, I can do anything. I'll tell you right now, that was the most embarrassing thing I've ever done.


I was also a lion tamer. Can you give us your fake English accent right now? I need it. I need it. I need it. Come on. Give it to us.


I don't tell me to say something.


Hello? OK, yes. Say Australian. Yes.


Say you say I just created an only fans. OK, that's just going to get picked up.


Click Boom. Before we move on though, before we move on I that just made me think of a story because when I was, I was in high school I went to an all boy high school. I was homecoming was coming up. It was I think it was sophomore year, sophomore year. And I asked this girl Angela to homecoming and I, I she was a cheerleader and all the cheerleaders were lined up and everybody was there was a football game.


Everyone was there. And I had to walk up and ask her to homecoming because, you know, you did everything in person back then, right? Actually, or anything like that. And I was so embarrassed that I stood there and stared at her. No, for like three minutes, didn't see anything. Everybody was looking at me and then all my friends were in the back just cracking up. And then her friends were going, just ask her already, just ask her.


And then finally I was like, hey, you want to go to homecoming?


And she said, Yeah, oh yeah, we made out. So, oh, she'll see people owning the space, being in front of people hosting. It's definitely it puts you on the spot. But I really, I really, really enjoyed it. Yeah.


And in speaking of red and gold, what are the colors Joe and I are wearing? We're on your team, girl.


Well, you two guys OK? Well, honestly, fingers crossed. Put it out there in the universe. I want to be a host of something. Yeah, right. Anyway, that she is the host of this podcast. That is Tuesday. I'm going to be a TV host. I'm not done, I'm telling you. Yeah.


I already host added the to add more to the make. Well, that was the bachelor nation breakdown. Let's let's get into the clip by we end of the week now, guys, we love talking about the fun stuff. I like to call it fun stuff. So this click bait of the week is all about Valentine's Day. I hope you all have in some good times for some Valentine's Day, even if it's by yourself. I'm a bit by myself and I'm having a good time.


Still a funky. So only fans creators are giving us sexting tips for Valentine's Day because a lot of people are in a pandemic. Right. So, yeah, some people might not be able to meet up. Some people aren't traveling. So there's many different things that are going on. So we got this click bait because we really wanted to know how to sext. And it can be a little intimidating at first. Right. So we're going to start how do we initiate this?


The girls do it. Do the guys do it? Does it matter? Joe, Teisha, what do you think?


OK, so just sit back and listen to Joe on this one because he is eager to go. No, no, no.


Not unless I show you. Not lies, guys.


Lies. Any time there's something about sex on this podcast is like, I can't wait. No. OK, listen, I prefer to have do all my sex thing, sex, all my sex things in person with a girl.


You know, I don't like to do any of it virtually, but sexting is when it's cool. Like, if I trust the girl that I'm with and she throws something out there, oh, I'll go back at it. I'm not one to lead a sext text because I'm more just call me.


Let's get to the point. I rather do like a face time sex thing. Oh, not yet.


Not phone sex. I thought when you said call me phone sex.


Well, oh yeah. Or just like let's get to the point. Let's talk.


So yeah I guess it doesn't do much for me. I mean I can't let's be honest, like I'm not going to be off reading attacks like you're you're not.


But do you think some guys will. But do you think some guys will. I think those guys that probably would. Yeah, I'm more of a visual person. So if I am going to ask if I'm going to masturbate, I prefer to be watching porn. So do you text?


So if a girl sends you a sext, do you like how do you keep it going? Do you keep it going and you reply or do you say, hey, that was hot, call me. Like what.


Like well well first of all, I have to trust you one. So let's just say we're dating. OK, so you are dating. So tell me what your sex would be. Go sex me, baby.


All right.


I said she will say yes, my voice.


I would probably start in Gagin and say. I'm in a bar thinking about you. Oh, OK, OK, all right, so that's what I would say is getting up and readjusting his.


I'm just having you guys giving you the visual because he is flustered.


OK, so you're in a bar thinking about. I would say I would probably reply. I would probably say. Great, call me. I would say, what are you what are you thinking about?


Oh, see, this is getting me all flustered. I can't do this, especially looking at you in front of me. Lose it. I could do this all day. So I would say I wish you were here. Not only know, I would say I would go back to that and say, if you said I wish you were here, I would say. I would say. Sen. I honestly, I would know I would probably say I'm getting hard just thinking about it.


So let's say, look, we're dating, we're dating, so I would get right into it.


Yep, yep, yep. OK, so with that said, that means that you would keep it going. Keep it going.


Yeah. I said I'm not, I'm not going to initiate. Right. So the girl. OK, but so when do we get creepy.


You know. That's great. Yeah. You know whether you call or or does it keep going.


It's like, like well if you're, if you're in the bath we're going to probably get to the phone call because you're you're in perfect position. So a phone call or face time face to face. OK, OK. So if the girl initiates the sext, do you initiate the FaceTime. Yeah, I say, yeah, I see. Do you have the yeah, I first time you OK? All right.


And then that's when everything gets going. OK. OK, ok. Now now, Taisha, I'm breaking into this.


I'm sick of you, Maddy.


Do you or have you ever or would you ever initiate a sext and or a face time?


Mm hmm.


I'm trying out the whole hosting opportunities to socialize.


I know this is going to be a headline, OK? I mean, um, yeah. So you would initiate it? Don't, don't don't let her off the hook with the yeah. What are you initiating a sext or a face time? Yeah, it would actually. It would. Probably a sext. OK. OK, now here's my other question. Has a guy ever initiated. We know Joe doesn't do that, but has a guy ever initiated a sext with you named?


I believe, yes, yes, yes. And you were fought with it, going for it. I mean, honestly, sometimes people just like to shoot the shot and sometimes it's just like really premature. And you're just, like, never texting him back.


Right? Right. Like, when you get really awkward about it, you're just like, what is that? And then if you're dating, I think we could all agree, don't send a sext unless you are. In a relationship with that person or you know them pretty well and you guys have had sexual encounters or you're getting there, but if you're just like like you said, you just met this person or you stand there and you're like, hey, hey, you don't want to say.


Yeah, I will say Tinder. I will say, you know, that's a thing that people say, like people get on Tinder and they get dick pics or whatever you want to call. Right. Which is like. Right, not good.


OK, so here we go. When a guy initiates it in my in my personal experience, normally we're just talking about like we're just already texting like a bell. How's the weather? Whatever. How are you doing? How's your mama and momma?


Yeah, I'm just saying, like, we'll just be talking normal and the texting will go so far. And, you know, it's funny because, you know, they say, like, men are always thinking about sex. It's like we could be talking about what we just ate. And then it's like, OK, clearly they're over it and now they want, what are you wearing? Oh, my God, I hate that text message, man.


Know, it's that men are always thinking about sex.


Everyone's always thinking about it's not funny because it's two of the guys that said this and they're like, that's not even true. I'm like, what are you talking about? It's like a proven fact that men think about sex ten times more than women do. I don't think so. I don't think about it just as much. I think I just think they're smarter about it because, OK, let me go back. I don't I'm almost positive it's a proven fact.


Maybe I should Google.


OK, here's the thing, though, Joe. Well, I'm one of those guys. Stimulation. Stimulation, right. They say that got it all about how like FaceTime or how many times a guy's penis gets hard. Right. I would go in there a day. It could just go there for whatever reason. Right. Like you wake up with one, right? Like women don't just wake up in a puddle of, you know. Yeah, we don't.


We just don't, you know.


OK, so I'm just saying that, eh, OK, we're OK. We're from ABC. Hey, this is the wonder.


You know what is twenty, twenty one. This is where we got to go with it. OK, otherwise we're just going to be casted a bunch of people that have never been kissed and that is not.


Don't worry. Thank God. Oh, God. No, I was going to say, all right, so taking all that into consideration, um, we're going to look this up and I'll come back next week and let you know the stats on how many, how much how much men are way more hornier than women. Just factually, I'm going to bring that back for you. But my last thing that I want to say about this or a question that I want to know about this, sending nudes, sending nudes, men sitting in is women sending nudes.


Do we do it or do we not do it? How we feel about it, facing it. Not in it. Just the good parts. I don't trust people. You don't trust people. I don't trust that also. Do you trust that? Yes, that's a completely different story. But I don't trust people, to be honest with you. It's always I always I really have a hard time thinking about, like, how much you give yourself to a person in a relationship and then breaking up and then just like them, like living their life as you like, gave them so much of your intimate time.


And then with that being said, sending news and whatnot and then breaking up like they have that like you and me, like I just think about people on shows now. Like what if, like someone like an old ax would try to get back at them just like Lincolnwood, like, no, no, no, no. I think so. Taisha is a no for nudes, Joe.


I'm not big. I give and I'll receive them. But I. You will. I'm done.


I'm proud of my naked body, but I don't, I don't. It's just the thought of like taking that photo. It's just like what am I I'm a grown man. I'm taking a photo of myself.


But have you ever even in your opinion, you're a younger college, whatever. Have you ever sent one? Have I ever sent.


Yeah, I mean, actually, I don't know.


I don't know if I have listened, you know, I might have maybe. Maybe Nitasha. Oh, I'm going to say that, yes, I have seen them before. I am also proud of my body and if they were to be linked, the world would love it.


Well, I. I love the kind, so I love that.


I'm saying, like, I can't change my body. I can't change that. I sent it in. But I do like to date grown men who I would hope would never do that. All right. Also, I take pictures of people when they're sleeping, so. Oh, wow.


The retaliation I need is just I would never I I also I would never show anybody a nude of another girl.


I think that's so it's of so many guys. It just shows us how low you go. So that's awful. That's not that. All right, let's.


But we're done. I think we're done with this at this point. We'll definitely get back into it. And what's good, as our guest coming on today, Shannon Ford, I just listened to her last podcast and she was talking about sending nudes.


I know she's big on something new, so we're going to talk to her about that. Yup. It is time, girl. Everyone, it is time for our guest. You may know her from very Cavaleri sometimes portrayed as the villain on the show. She has a very successful podcast called Probably a podcast. Everyone, please welcome Shannon Ford.


Wow. Shannon, what's up? How are you doing? I am so happy to be here with you guys, I just spit on my computer screen, actually, you guys. So you look great. Thanks.


So I got to be honest, I've been I've been listening to your podcast and listening to how you were talking about nudes and sending nudes.


And we were just talking about an article about a click bait article about sexting, right? Yes. Are you a sex there? Oh, my God. I'm so good at it. Like, I should write erotic novels. I'm so, so fucking good at it. But my boyfriend doesn't sext.


It's not a Sexta. So do I respond? Like what?


What how he just like would rather do it in person. Like he just it just doesn't, it's not his thing. And like we've even talked about it because it kind of bothered me. I was like, you really don't ever respond. But well he's like, babe, it's just like not my thing. I just would rather just be in person. And I'm like, I mean, I get that. And that's a compliment. But also, like is they're only fans for just like dialogue because I would make a lot of fucking money.


Wait, wait. Can you give us an example? All right.


OK. Can you give us an example of exactly how you would lead one, an example of a sex?


Yeah, I feel like it description's everything. If you could just like you have to just be very descriptive. And like, I think it's like you can be so much more like dominant over sexting to like just opens the door for so many things that you may not feel comfortable with in person. You can just like lay it all on the line. And I never I never feel bad about anything I say over sexting. Like I say, some really weird shit over sexting.


And I'm like, fuck it, we were sexting, burial, initiate with John.


And then like, even though, you know, it's not his thing, but you still initiate times, just you son.


I used to. And then like one time he asked me whether I like the fucking router, was like I like sent a nude and he was like, where's the router?


And I was like, my tits are like text messaging, you know, it's like, oh, baby, I can't wait to see you.


Missed you too. But we quarantine. We've been we've been very together so we haven't. Right. Felt the need to sexton from downstairs but that's fine.


Yeah. He's had it in person many times. Yeah. Flip Flindt.


If he was, if he was going to do it to you. Right. What would you rather get. Would you rather get a nude or would you rather get just like a sext sext.


I'm not like I don't I could be just me, but I don't ever like look at a dick and think like.


Yeah, like I and it's an important thing for me unless it's the first time, like and like the for whatever reason you haven't yet seen it yet and you've done other bases but not repaired, not the home run I guess then maybe I'm like, oh I'm interested in that, I'd see that. But otherwise it's like no.




Or I'd be into like a gray sweatpants like owner boner in a gray sweatpants pig like that's, that's way more attractive to me. Me too. So I don't want to see like the fleshy flush weasel situation.


I don't like it. But the sexting, the sexting. I would like words more than photos from a guy. I'm sure it's opposite for a guy, but. Yeah, it's opposite for me, it's opposite now, open to everything, though, Joe wants a grey sweatpants camel toe picture, sent his way all the band's yoga pants.


Can you imagine? Girls are dropping him like pictures. Oh, God, I'm going to die. Oh, my God. No, listen, I hope that is a call to action.


Ladies, send Joe your camel to yoga pants picture.


You want to turn? I have a lot of I have a lot of gray sweatpants so we can make that. Oh, we can do this.


So yeah, we could talk. This is going to just end up being our show is going to end up getting picked up by like Playboy or something.


Yeah, exactly. You're welcome.


Shannon, do you watch The Bachelor and you pay attention to it. I watch it. No, no. I watched last night and I yeah. I think everyone who doesn't like. Yeah. I mean, it's actually gone crazy. All right. So there's some girls right now that are being portrayed as villains. And I guess when you were on very Cavaleri, you were the villain to a sense, right?


Oh, for sure. Yeah. What do you see a difference in, like, what they're doing and like like the difference in villains, I guess.


Yeah, I think I think girls are much more aware now of like sort of like click bait and like what will make them get total screen time which. Yeah, that's like what I did a little bit of that for sure. But two differences. One, our cast was much smaller, so it was it felt more like real. This feels more on this season of The Bachelor. It feels I mean, I've seen cattiness on The Bachelor before. This feels really malicious and feels like low blows.


Not that I'm like this. You can't take that back. That's like that's like it's out there. Yeah. Yeah. It doesn't it doesn't feel it feels more like they want screen time and not like the normal screen time grabs, but like they're just saying anything. I'm like what, where did that come from.


Correct me if I'm wrong because I remember us talking a while ago and like you, we were talking about you being on the show and saying, like, you kind of knew you were going to kind of like look like the villain or like you have to be, like, edited to look a lot more. I don't know than you are OK with it because you, like my friends know me for who I am.


And like, it's not really. And we were we were a first season like The Bachelor, such a successful franchise. We kind of like who knows what will happen? And it ended up being successful. But our producers basically were pretty straight up and said, like, this is got to be polarizing. It's got it. We need someone to like have like a romance. We need someone to be like we need all these things that make a good TV show.


And I was like, if I'm going to do reality TV, then I'm going to fucking do reality TV. So I was like, oh, they're like, OK.


But the difference is, is like you knew what you were doing. Like you kind of like no sense had a role. You're still yourself, but like you kind of like played into a little bit more like these girls are themselves like no one told them to see.


Let's pretend to be catty today. And I mean, like, that's just fucking them. Yeah. And I think I think more so since the shows like Erin and we're finding out more and more about the girls, some of them, I'm like, oh, like that's like who they really are.


Like after our show aired, everyone was like, oh my God, I know Shannon. And she's so nice. Like it was easier for me to come out and be like I was hamming it up for the show. Like these girls that are being villains. They're, you know, people are coming out being like, you know, that's who they are. And you're like, whoa. Oh, yeah, yeah.


And that's also what I realized watching the show this week is there's so many unproblematic girls as well that just just no drama that the drama girls, it's like heightened because you're like, look at them. They Yeah. Happy with Matt and they really should this person happy where all these people are like having a adult. There's so many adult relationships. I totally are just good dwelling relationships with Matt because he's such a great guy. And so the drama is just like everyone's literally what you said earlier.


Where is this coming from?


Yeah, like, oh, Michelle, I like, love Michelle and I'm like watching her and she's just like girls offstage and she's like. That's why it looked like all like, where does this come from? So I yeah, you got to it makes those girls look even better because they're not even remotely, like, dip in their toe in it. Did you enjoy doing reality TV? Oh, my gosh.


I loved it. Like, I loved I even loved you, like, miked up. I don't know. I'm like maybe it's like a little bit of narcissism coming in, but I thrived. Now I get you. I completely feel the same way in the world. I think we're all a little bit narcissistic.


I mean, or we want to go on TV. Yeah. I mean, yes, that's true. As I, I will say, the mike that part hated that part. I even got a birthmark on my back. I had one time I was there for so long with it on my back and I was like telling them.


I was like it's burning my back. And they're like, we're almost done, almost done. I was like, yo, it's like hell of burning my ginger skin back here. Like, I think we might check on this. Yeah, I really like the process of it. It was really fun for me. I like the interview process. It was cool. Would you ever go back there? Well, I got my ass got kicked off our show and I really, like, leave it on my own terms, so.




Can we talk about that? Can we talk about that for a second? Yeah.


Like so so you got kicked off the show because you got fired, right?


Yeah. So I got fired and they were totally like, you're going to still be on the show. And I was like obviously but what to do about me. And then then I think Kristen and I just had some personal beef it like extended past just being fired from the job. It like went it got kind of personal. And I think she was just like which is that's what you could do. When you're the executive producer, you get to be like, oh yeah.


So if I don't want her on it, she's not on it. And then I wasn't on it. So that's what happens when when you're in charge, you get to make those calls. I was in charge.


Are you guys friends at all anymore?


No, certainly not. So that was kind of like a done deal, huh? Yeah, I haven't spoken to her since the day I walked out of the office. She did message me, like, once and ask for some password. And I was like, no, I'm out of office at the time. Sorry. Were you shocked?


Were you shocked to see her and Jay get divorced or did you see that coming?


Nationals of small towns are like the everyone kind of knew it was coming and then, yeah, I wasn't shocked and I saw like the headlines. But I mean, I didn't really think that they were a bad couple at all together. I thought they seemed happy. But as far as the headlines, I think everyone in our town and kind of known it was coming for a few months.


Yeah. But I was sad to see it because they're kids and stuff. I mean, they have three kids and they that's just I don't ever want to see anyone get divorced that are just people that drifted apart. That's sad. Yeah.


Right, right, right. We feel like you because it's OK. So with all of that, that was in Nashville. The show is filmed in Nashville. Yeah. Everything was on the national. Yep. We said Joe, why is she in Chicago. Well, there's an uncommon James in Chicago. There's so she comes more often. Yeah.


Joe has a massive crush on Kristen by the way. She's no shit. I think she's I think she's hot, but I wouldn't consider it. He said what he meant when he said that is not OK. He's trying to play whatever maybe today.


No, she's not. I'm damning her, I'm sexting, I'm sorry. I bet she'd be good at that if she feels frisky. Do you guys have any Valentine's Day plans coming up with John? No.


Valentine's Day always creeps up on me. I always forget about it. And we're both like, what if we just do something super romantic at home? Like, we're both bad at it. I've never been on a Valentine's Day trip or anything. It's not I don't like put a lot of stock into it. Of course, if you had nothing planned, I'd be like, what the fuck? But obviously, I'm not like one of those people that, like, I'm not one either.


In fact, I don't I think that these kind of weird I don't want to go out to dinner because it's packed anyway. I really don't want to. I don't know. It's not my thing. I don't like something new and intimate. Yeah, I hate prefix menus. I make something cute and internet home. Like I obviously I would want something to be done for me, but I don't know, maybe get something a little, a little gift.


But other than that it usually puts like roses on the bed and we have like a little bit freaky sex to normal and that's good for me. Yeah.


Yeah, yeah. But I don't ask for much. Yes. Yes. That's actually what I was going to ask you.


I was going to say. So the Valentine's comes in the bedroom.


Yeah. I'm like, yeah that's fine. Yeah. That's, that's a gift enough. Right. And we can eat steak any time baby.


Yeah that's what jogo. I know you got something good. No, no, no.


I know. I know. I want to know, do you have, like, a great Valentine's Day story or like something that we can give our listeners? Like Shannon says, if you're going to do Valentine's Day, this is one thing you should do or not do.


Oh, I definitely I got dumped on Valentine's Day, which I although I think I've heard of that before, people are getting like, well, the guy didn't realize it. He broke up with me and was like I was like, it is fucking February 14th. It's like, oh my God. He actually apologized and was like. She would you want to talk tomorrow, and I was like, no, no, you can do this tomorrow.


No, OK, that is the only time that Valentine's Day really matters. Don't break up with someone and stay. I think I broke up with a guy on Valentine's Day now that I think about it.


That was so rude. We were so rude. Oh, my God.


I wasn't into it. And then. And then he didn't want to see him on Valentine's Day. Is that why.


No, I was with him. We were out and about actually on Valentine's Day, on Valentine's Day. And I was like, yeah. And now he gives me a gift. And I'm like, it's really not. Yeah, no. And now and I was like, I'm just going to ask myself, yeah.


Oh OK. So bad. That bad. I don't like the date gone wrong. I think it's more so like if you're like you wake up in the morning to a goodbye text and you're like, but it's Valentine's Day, it's like, you know, when you're really not into it and someone keeps trying to come on to you and you're like, OK, I can't do this anymore.


Yeah, OK. It's more like that kind of thing. It was like just to hold my tongue and make out and then I'll just tell it the next day.


Oh God no, I can't hide it. Yeah, you're you. And you'd be like, no I, I can't hide it. I can't. You'll see it on my face. I mean my actions. I want you to touch me like it's like I got to go.


I don't know that. I feel that. I feel that. OK, good people on Valentine's Day though.


Don't dump anyone on Valentine's Day. That's that's what the takeaway from this podcast. Lesson learned. Shanna, before we let you go, so you have your podcast. You want to explain a little bit about that? Yeah.


So one of my best friends and I see she is she's very successful in the country music side of things for radio. So she's got all the knowledge on that end. And then we were just like drunk on a pontoon boat this summer. And after very cavaleri everyone's like, oh my God, you chef podcast, you have a podcast. And I was like, it never felt right. I don't know if any of you guys can imagine doing this by yourself.


It just feels better with a co-host. Like it'd be so hard. Yeah. And one day we just talked about it, we decided to do it. And as Joe you mentioned before, we really nothing is off the table for what we talk about and we just keep it nice and spicy. And I'm realizing, first of all, everything we talk about, I feel like everyone talks about behind closed doors anyway.


So it's one hundred percent normalize these things. But she yeah, we're both realizing what the response that, like, there's a bunch of fucking freaks out there, like you guys are just as nasty as we are.


So so I think it's so much who thinks about sex, more men or where we go. Isn't it the same overall, I feel like probably men are like thinking of doing it more, but I bet women think about having, like, the times they've done it, like I always think about the sex I've had. I think men are always trying to think about the sex they're going to have.


Does that make. Oh, that makes sense. That's so good. We're always that's all experiences talking about things that happen, talk about it. And guys are always like thinking about having sex again another time in the future, like they don't think about the past, like what they've had or they're looking for the next one. Like women do that like they can imagine how something would be. And that's good enough. Whereas guys are like, no, I have to figure this out.


You have to figure out how to do it. Right.


Dude, I totally agree with that. And, you know, I have like a really sick, sick issue with every time I see a couple, I can not help. No, I cannot.


I oh my God, I oh, it actually makes me cringe a little because it doesn't always shake out like I always think about them having sex, like thought about you and Zach could think about it. No way. Go see my brain. I'm like, oh I wonder what they look like having sex.


Oh yeah.


I think that's normal. But we like that too. Yeah. Look, you mind if I ever thought about having sex? I haven't done that now I will. I mean you don't have to but like I'll be like looking at someone. I'm like, oh yeah.


But he's real gentle. I'm like, oh like what would you tell someone like. You mean, you know, I'm always just thinking about it. So maybe that's like my one male characteristic is just creeping in right there. But I don't know.


Very interesting.


Rough if you guys have not listened to probably a podcast I'm telling you right now, go ahead and do so. It is so freakin good then. Yes. I think that's why everybody loves it so much. It's because it's super relatable and it's like a more. I don't know. Give me like a call your daddy kind of thing, but I feel like it's like girl talk. I mean, yeah, we just both of us. It truly is just us sitting down.


And we'll we'll talk about, like, what we're going to say beforehand. But funny, every time I'm like, that was the funniest part. It was literally nothing planned. So trying to just make everyone else feel like they're sitting beside us, like in you know, there's a million trillion fantastic podcasts out there like you guys included. I just I think we just wanted to make it feel very us. And I feel very happy that, like so far, seven episodes and I've not listened to one thing that has not felt just like you and I sitting beside each other in a room.


So I am happy about that. And we are genuinely having so much fucking fun doing it. So that's another plus. And you have so many freaking stories to tell. So I keep telling them I don't even know why you're still I don't even know how you have more to tell, but like, I cannot wait to hear more. And your voice, you have a really great voice to thank you.


So it it doesn't sound like you're slowing down any time soon. Before we let you go, can you let our listeners know where they could follow you on social media?


Yeah. So you can follow me at probably Shannon Ford and then you can follow the podcast, probably a podcast. And I had so much fun talking to you guys. Let's do it more often.


It's early, so over drinks next time. Spicy might be so fun. That sounds good to me. Once we get to start traveling again, we should do something in person. That'll be super fun.


Thank you guys for having me on in my slow. Oh, she's so cute, she's so cute. Honestly, I love Janet, I feel like she's definitely the one you want when you just in general. I think she has, like, the best energy. You would never have a good time with her. She seems like she's very real. And I feel like you can generally get, like, good advice from her or just like if you were down, she could give you a good laugh.


She's bomb. I love her. And you guys, I have to say thank you so much for listening again to another episode. I hope it got a little juicy for you. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. And thank you to Shannon Ford for coming on the show with us, spicing it up as per usual. You did not disappoint. Yes.


And be sure to check us out. And social like comet DMAs. You know where to find us. Click bait being on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Share your stories with us. They could get as dirty as you want. You know where to find us. We're looking at all the click bait this week. Yes.


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