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Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another episode of your favorite podcast, Click Bait, and I am excited to be here today. We have a merging of reality TV worlds with guest Vinny Guadagnino from Jersey Shore. You see, I did that. Pronounced that perfectly. That was good. You know, I'm Italian. I could do it. Before we get into Vinny, though, we have a lot of click bait regarding the absurd pricing of L.A. real estate.


We are talking friends, zoning.


I've been there. You've been there. We've all been there. And some bachelor nation drama, as always, with Chris Harrison giving us a deeper look inside Matt James this season. And it sounds intense. I'm not going to lie, guys.


OK, guys, how are we feeling today? I'm feeling pretty good. I know you guys are feeling good because you look good.


Well, clearly, I'm masking it well, because I am actually on the struggle bus this morning. I'm on the bus. But here are car guys at my girlfriend's house, because I have to say these bachelor episodes, or should I say bachelorette episodes have me feeling some type of like I I'm like it's very emotional watching these things back, telling, reliving those feelings.


And I may have taken one too many shots or or drank a little bit too much wine, I don't really know.


But yeah, it's I was definitely in my feels. I love that you have your own bachelorette party.


Well, honestly, it's my best friends and they know not they don't ever ask me questions because, like, they just want to know I'm happy and then they're just there for me. It's kind of like my safe zone.


I mean, um, I mean, I was watching it in my feels a little bit yesterday to I'm not going to lie or not really that day but. Yeah. Yeah. Well because all right. Here I'm going to ask you ok.


All right. OK, so bad. Right. Bad. Is this a burning question. It's not really a burning question.


Just friends talk lot at this point. I feel like we could pretty much astacio whatever we want. OK, yeah. Yeah.


So, Ben, you know, he like he doesn't understand or doesn't know the emotion crying like it was, it was kind of hard to watch that, that, that ending part because I was like, dude, speak to her, say something. Yeah. Right. Yeah.


And like even then like it's still just like I don't know, all I can say about that is there's still things that are going to happen that you guys have no idea about and it's going to come through everything like. In a loop, but. Yeah, I remember those feelings at that time when I was just sitting on that bench and I was like, can you show me something like, do you care at all about me? Like, is this like is this meaningful towards you?


Is this just like how you treat every girl? Like, I just needed a little sense of validation and I feel like I didn't have any of that.


And I felt like I was hoping that as him seeing his family was going to be what he needed in order to kind of vocalize that, not saying, oh, my God, pour your heart out to me and tell me you love me in order for you to stay here. I'm just saying give me something.


I felt the same way. Yeah.


So it was just it was just it was hard. Like, it just. Yeah. As you can tell, I think I was just kind of like I had no emotion, which is kind of weird because I you've seen me cry at this point now. But usually when I feel like I start getting defensive, like protecting myself, I completely shut down. And it's just more of like fight or flight mode. You mean like I'm to protect myself?


I'm not going to let myself feel any more things because, like, I don't want to get hurt. So that's why you kind of see me shut off.


Yeah. It seems like me watching with my eye, knowing you, and like it just seemed like you were kind of guarded because he was guarded. But also I think you guys you guys almost had the same emotion there where he didn't want to say anything because he clearly Newt knows that he was going home and he thought that you maybe weren't into him. But you also were like, but why aren't you saying these things? Maybe you aren't that into me.


And it just felt like, oh, I wish I could be like, look, here. You all look the same emotion. This is how you feel. This is how you. Come on, let's let's talk it out. Let's get through it, say it, say it and say it like it's wild. Like looking back like in your dislike. Hold on a second. You were thinking that are like I was thinking that like you know what I mean.


It's because you don't see those conversations that I don't think the viewers realize this. Like, I don't know those feelings that he's vocalizing in his interviews. Like, I don't get any sense of that unless I'm watching the show with you guys.


I mean. Right. So I think it's the same thing. Like, you know, when it's when we're on that side being in The Bachelor, it's like you don't if he had any idea how these other guys were expressing themselves to you also, he would be like, oh, like, this is my shot right now. I have to say what I have to say. But you're just so unsure of how deep other relationships are. So when you sent him home, I totally I saw that because everybody else had no problem saying exactly how they felt, even though even even Brendon and what he said, how he was like, I really want to be sure this time even repressing that is still expressing an emotion to you and telling you, well, I'm a little scared.


And you're like, well, I was married to and I'm a little scared, too, like, you know, and that's like still that law.


And that was just like, I think missing in the moment that you were looking for, I guess. Yeah.


With that, I don't know what I want to hear your input because you're a guy. So what do you think? Yeah, I think he's just polar opposite from all the other guys. It's just crazy because like he was like like I said, like he's like, I don't even know what crying means. And then the other guy's Christesen walks in the door and says hello.


And everybody starts tearing up like, oh, I would have I watch it. And it was just it was frustrating because I think he does. I thought I think there's definitely a connection between you two and I think he's into you.


I think you are into him. So, yeah, it was a letdown watching it. It was a letdown because it was kind of like, dude, fucking wake up. So many people rooting for him.


I'm sure. I'm sure. I'm sure.


And I know and I think this is kind of why I'm asking you guys and I don't know why I think it's a venting session right now. I won't let it go on for too long. But I will say I think this is why I said, like, be vulnerable and like try to show yourself in the beginning, because, like, I very much so. I'm an energy person. Like, if you're going to be closed off, like, I just feel that and I end up getting closed off.


You mean. And when these guys are being vulnerable, like I was able to be there for them and also vocalize my input, which you guys didn't really see a lot of, which kind of sucks, but whatever. But that's how we connected and that's why these guys feel, I feel like are comfortable. I mean, but I also felt like it's been like it was just a constant kind of like I have to pull something out of you and like that could be exhausting at times.


I mean, like, sometimes I just want you to sort of freaking tell me and not have me beg for it, especially especially when you're you're you know, you're also dating multiple men and going through different emotions and figuring out who they are and what you want.


And it just puts more you just have to do more work. And it's a pain in the ass. Absolutely.


Well, it's just like like I get it again. I get I've been on that side. I was also really like it took me a minute to open up, but so I understand that. But at the same time, at this point when your families are starting like are here and like things like that, like and you still can't tell me then like maybe it's me and I'm just like I'm trying for something that maybe possibly isn't there. And him not vocalizing kind of validated that in my mind.


Like maybe he's just not feeling it. And it's just it is what it is that makes sense. But this actually kind of segues into some of the quick me this week, which is really interesting because. I guess it kind of starts like that ASAP, Rocky, like Rihanna say that they're starting to date and whatnot and apparently they've always had or has always been into her and like he's made advances, but we to kind of like shift it to the side kind of thing.


And I guess they finally decided to dive in to see if that's a good thing. And for so long, I think she friend zoned him that they kind of prevented this relationship and now they're really happy and they're dating. So my question to you is that kind of brings it back to, like this whole relationship thing and not vocalizing real feelings and kind of like holding back. The friendzone. Have you guys ever fallen victim to it, like, have you ever felt like, you know, like we could be a good match?


I'm having a hard time vocalizing it. And then you get friend zoned in a result as a result, as a result of the.


OK. All right, I'm going to be honest, I've never I just got into this I'm so sorry. I mean, I personally, I've never been friend zoned, so.


No, no, no.


Because you're so OK. Joe, do you have girlfriends that friends you guys, that is.


But I would say that's rude, but also like we love you. So why do you think they keep Mianzhu though though?


All right.


So I'm going to be honest, like that's a no for me. Here's the thing.


I don't I don't think like I know I'm if I'm into somebody sexually attracted to them, I'm not going to allow myself to get friend zoned.


I'm going to pretty much be upfront about it pretty quickly.


Yeah, but how but and so what you're saying is ten out of ten the girls like. Yeah, great. Is that what you're saying? Because I think I mean I was really excited about this click bait because I brought on our two of my favorite people like celebrities ever. And if you look at pictures of them, like hanging out because they've been friends for a while, I mean, the way he looks at her, I mean, he definitely was like, look here whenever you ever whatever you want to call me, I'll be there, OK?


I'll send him a jet. I'll be there like he I mean, I got to pull up pictures. So you guys, it's just it's so good, but you just see it in his eyes. But I think he definitely expressed how he feels, how he felt. But she was like, OK, you know, I'm Rihanna and I can be with anyone, so let me just be by myself. That is very true. I'm not sure, but I'm definitely not trying to compare my reality to what Rihanna may feel.


But I'm just saying, like, you never know.


Like sometimes when you I guess the timing is everything, isn't it? Yes. Timing is everything and. I don't know who knows, maybe the kid is like she could have given it to him a little bit earlier on and it just wouldn't have lasted maybe like now she's, like, ready for that kind of relationship.


Maybe she always knew you guys, OK, but like. All right. All right. You see, this is that I'm just hanging out. It's like they're at a red carpet thing. Would you say he's looking at her and she's like, oh, look at that.


This is like years ago. This is whatever that is. All right, let's talk about this.


But how do you friendzone somebody? Like how do you what do you do? Like how do you put them in the friendzone?


OK, I will say that for me personally. Yeah, I meet a person and I mean, there are very I live in New York. There's lots of hot people here. But my telltale thing when I know a guy is into me that I'm not into because that person just starts off as like friends. You're like getting to know each other. Everyone's a friend at first, for me at least.


And then if I don't even know if I buy that what you decide what everyone's a friend. It takes a while. It takes a while to even become a friend.


You know what I mean is it's like when I meet someone for the first time, unless it's like on a dating app, if I like, in real life when life is open and if I met someone, it will be like, oh, hi, you're like she in the time of day, like she's not like, oh, let's go hang out.


But she's just saying, like, I'm sweet to you.


Just because you're hot doesn't mean I want to date you is what I'm saying. Or just because I'm attracted to you doesn't mean I want to date you. So let's see if you're like if you're if you can keep up, I guess you mean.


But yeah, when I know that a guy is into me and I'm not into them, after whatever period of time that is, I immediately start talking about like someone that I am into. That's how I friendzone.


A guy that's my thing are brutal. Yeah.


I'll be like you, you look like, it's like start like one way to do it. I got and then the guy's like, I mean come on, if you're, if you're a guy and a girl talking about another guy, you're not going to be like, well, she's in love with me.


I guess that's an easy way to kind of like a soft blow. Is that a soft blow? Would you consider it a soft blow, Joe? Yeah, I know I would I would say it was harsh and I'd be very offended by that. And I'd probably get up and leave.


You know, you're just like all this guy, Joe. Look, let's just say we're in a bar, OK?


OK, we're at the we're at the bar. OK, OK. Natasha and I are together.


OK, do you think Natasha is very beautiful and you want to go up and talk to her. OK, so you start talking to her.


You're kind of inter you're trying to like lay on the little, like the little. Whatever you do, I'm going to stop you right there.


Right, because I don't know if I want you to keep going, but all I'm going to say is if you two are at the bar and I'm into Natasha. Yeah, I'm a I'm talking to you. I'm giving you more of my. That's true.


I guess I have to go.


See you said because you usually talk to the friend and then that girl starts asking him, you I've done it once.


I bet in the game for a long time, but it hasn't been very successful at the time.


So it doesn't work for me when I tell you it doesn't work for me, it does not work for me. When I when I go out with my girlfriends and most of my girlfriends are beautiful, like they are just stunning, especially here in New York. A lot of them are models.


They're they're so pretty guys talking to one of my girlfriends. I'm like, oh, they like each other. OK, I'm on to the next one. Like, I'm like, I'm not going to just that, I guess for me. OK, let me say it's a little something about this that is also true because. If someone's into your friend, let them be into your friend, yeah, the guy that has confidence to come up to me, but I will tell you, I will tell you that doesn't really happen very often.


Like, honey, do do it happens, though.


Not often. And that's what I'm saying, at least for me down here in Newport, which is why I always say, like I feel like there's a lot of boys down here that like to play games and talk to the friend and not just come up to you.


I mean, OK, in that scenario. But if you were standing actually, you know what? I'm going to contradict myself.


There you go. You mean like you think it's a good tactic, but also that makes it messy because then what if my friend ended up starting to like you?


OK, here's the thing. Right. It's I could sense. If it's going to work, I pick up certain vibes and I'll be able to tell if if I move work or if I think the move would just be to approach you.


It's all about eye contact, right? If we haven't made eye contact throughout the night, then I would probably. Figure out now if you're looking at me, I'm not going to approach the friend, I'm going to approach you, I'm going to be like, hey, how are you doing?


Have you ever had wrong signals?


Have you read the signals Rancho and Friendzone? So you said you've never been condemned. I've been.


I've been turned down. What I'm saying is I I've been turned down plenty of times.


Oh, wow. These humble guys says, no, I have. I've been turned down like that.


Yeah. It's it's it's terrible.


It's not. I mean I've been turned on myself. You have your friends in your cells. I think my friends on my side.


I have friends on my cell before too. Like, oh he would never he this isn't a I do that. I do that all the time. I don't know. It's just like my thing. OK, so at the end of the day, I'm just saying signals mean everything to me. So it's all about eye contact. It is.


But also you need to vocalize your feelings if you want the freaking girl man up or just like gab a little bit of that courage and just do it because that's what girls want at the end of it. Wow.


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So I think health was good. I think mental health is good.


But, you know, I mean, so Chris Harrison just did an interview that actually said Matt's season is going to be gut wrenching. And I don't really know if Chris has described a season like that before, he always says it's dramatic. He always said it's never been done before. But I don't know if he's ever said gut wrenching. And I don't think he has. I know.


Which is kind of what makes me a little nervous, maybe because that's never been in this in like a journey like this before, because let's be honest, it is very unconventional, but only we get it. But he's never he's never been on the other side, and now he's just went straight to being the bachelor, so I have a lot to say about like the emotional strain of going through everything and like how much it takes. But like, how do you guys feel about the fact that, I don't know, he's never really been in this world before and now he's going to take the entire lead of the whole thing?


Well, I mean, I guess I actually had somewhat of a similar experience.


I mean, obviously not the bachelor, but I went on Bachelor in Paradise without really being on the show, which was show actually.


But it's a looser it's just a looser paradise. It's much more relaxed, much more relaxed.


It's just it's a lot easier. So I think. But yeah. I mean. To be the bachelor and have to go through your dating so many women and they're constantly getting pressed about do your feelings. And that doesn't see, I'm assuming that wasn't a guy that was, like, really open about his feelings. Most guys really aren't like I wasn't so that once you start just pressing you and pressing you and pressing you and you're like, what is going on?


It isn't very common for guys to be so open and vulnerable 24/7. And so, yeah, I think that this process definitely teaches you to be like emotionally strapped and like. Maybe confront, like, the really raw things as opposed to like, oh, yeah, so like let's go out to eat and let's go have fun. Let's see if we could dance. You don't mean like it's very much like do I even want to like I don't know.


Can I talk to you about my finances. Yeah.


Well how do you guys feel about being emotionally stripped? Like do you think that's a positive thing or a negative thing?


It's a great thing. I think it's positive, too. And I also think that I mean, I like how Chris said that they had to go back to the ABC and like, they'd just be going through and he'd be like, wait, what's are is ceremony. Wait, what's this? What's that? And he didn't really know. And I think that, you know, with him being the first black bachelor, there will be a lot of new viewers watching.


And I know for me, someone who was completely thrown into the world not knowing what the first impression Rose was or anything like that. And a lot of my friends who watched because I was on the show who had never watched before. It's like I think it'll be good to kind of see them telling him and going through these things because they'll be a lot of first timers watching his season, I think for the first time because of that representation in the climate that we're in right now with social justice and everything.


So I thought, great point. Yeah, I thought that was a really great part of what Chris Harrison was saying when he was talking about kind of like retelling the story and rewinding the wheel, which was great. But yeah, you have no to answer your question, Joe. You have no emotional crutch. You know, we we lean on our family and our friends. So much for our emotional support, I think. And when you're out there and you're there, you're just with you and your feelings and people who care about you and and you want to date this person and you're all in your feelings and love.


And, yeah, I think it's a good thing, though, because since the show for me, I tell guys exactly how I feel now, whereas I would I do.


Yeah. I mean, I agree. I feel like being on The Bachelor has definitely it definitely comes with a lot of ups and downs in a way.


I like the negativity sucks, but I think the positives definitely outweigh everything. And I think the one thing that I've taken away from, like all of my experiences, is the fact that I feel like my communication and my relationships is ten times better off. And I think that that's everything. Yes. Amy, how about Natasha?


How about you? One thing you've taken away from coming off the show. Um. I wouldn't say. Well, I mean, I think telling a person when you're dating what you're looking for earlier than later, that is something that I learned from being on the show. Definitely. Yeah. Yeah, for sure.


This time is so important on the show and you translate that to real life and you're like, yeah.


What about you, Joe? I would say not even reality TV could face the grocer next time somebody get some pick up.


Joe, he's not well, he needs to go to the grocery store.


OK, listen, once the grocery grocer got it. So when people click like that, I fell victim to this week was the fact that Margot Robbie put her bundle up for sale. And it's ridiculous for how much she's asking. Like, I will say that I freaking love real estate and I love interior design and all that kind of stuff. So you will catch me sitting on my couch like searching Zillow and Redfin for no frickin apparent reason, because I'm not looking to buy a house right now, but soon.


But how much is to buy a house when there's like a bungalow that's nine hundred square feet for one point two million dollars?


Oh, I'm so sorry, but I'm going to be that is that that's the price you have to pay to live in a desirable city. A big city.


OK, but would you rather pay a high price to live like. Like in L.A. or New York, because it's just desirable or because or would you rather live in, like the suburbs because it's you'll get a bigger house and actually be happy? Well, maybe I don't know if you would be happier, but get more for your money, I guess.


Yeah, no, I think that's I actually asked myself that question all the time.


I to Taisha love interior design. If you could see my mirror for Restoration Hardware.


I actually did notice that and that's actually really funny. Joan, don't argue.


There's many layers, there's many layers to Jill but yeah I yeah I asked myself that all the time.


I have friends that live in big homes in the suburbs and then I have friends that live in the city and for me I. There's there's almost like a depression that comes over me when I'm in a suburb, I need like a lot of people, I need the energy, I need that energy.


I need coffee houses. I need people on the street swearing at each other. I need cigarettes. I need I don't smoke cigarettes.


But I mean, in New York, that's what that's.


I love New York City. So but I love Chicago and I really, really enjoy L.A. For me, I would much rather be in one of those three bigger cities than in a suburb, or I'd rather live in an eight hundred square foot apartment in New York City.


Is it worth like one point two million dollars? I'm yes. I'm sorry. I like at that point you're working the live well, but what else?


Unless you have like a million dollars, just like here you go. Like, I don't know, but I don't have that kind of money. Not yet. No, not. Yeah, I do. Just let me know. I'll move in. Not yet. But I will.


I mean I live in New York so living in New York City, you really do. It's the energy of the city that you love so much, right?


Yeah. And with that said, we but with the pandemic happening right now and like with this whole thing, it's like the energy of the city is gone. So, you know, my friends have houses and all that. Yeah. So right now, yeah, it is more desirable to be in a suburb or a bigger house or space because you're just at home all day. But the honest truth in normal life, I'm never home. I come home to sleep.


I come home to eat and I'm out most of the time. I don't even even eat at home most of the time, you know, because we're always going to fancy restaurants or this or that.


OK, what about when the husband comes in the picture and kids. Well, yeah. Then you have more space. Of course it's just me. So I have a small I have a small studio willing to compromise on. Exactly. Exactly. And it depends on how many kids. If I had one kid and my husband, depending on when that happens, I might stay in the city. But if we decide to have a plentiful family, then you will be space for that, you know?


So I think it's very important to also just but the the energy when you're a city person, like I'm a city person, I'm from Chicago originally, you being in the suburbs, you're like, OK. And so I see what you mean, Joe. You're like, OK. And and routine really isn't great unless you travel a lot. Right. So right now it's like, yeah, I'd love to have my friends have houses in the Hamptons.


We go there a lot because it's just you just need the space.


It's the fresh air. I'm sure for me I really am not an L.A. girl. I'm definitely an Orange County girl. I like being over here. It is still really expensive down in Orange County. But I will say it's better than living in Orange County or in L.A., I think. But also at the same time, I definitely want to move to New York. So I'm going to struggle quite a bit if I ever did. There did move there because.


You do I live here? Yeah, I've always what it's like to be on, too.


Can you share with me will be one big family. Let's move to New York.


I mean, not together, of course, but like all moved to New York. And you can have a podcast in New York. Any kind of fun?


I would actually I'm really considering it. I will tell you guys there's a new place being built to me. And there's also they just built a target right by my place. So that's very important. Know this is a game changer. All right. Game change in New York, I would assume. I can't I haven't been there yet because I just got back and they just finished building it like it's a brand new target. So I'm excited. You guys move Charles Kitchen.


It's fun. I have to work a lot more because I'm sorry, but I'm a girl that likes a little bit of space. I have way too many clothes. I mean, I use all my closets in my house and it's just me, OK? And it's a two bedroom. So there are lots of closets here and it's all my clothes and I need more space. Also, the bathroom is huge here and I need a big bathroom. So if I do move to New York, I'm going to need my mushrooms.


A nice size for New York, but my whole apartment is small.


Yeah, space, space and hands like four million dollars.


So. But you know what? Who knows. Who knows.


Maybe click bait really just goes to take one package. So that's a shout out to subscribe to Scribe.


Let's round this let's round this out with like if you have kids, right. Kids in a family prefer the space or do you prefer the city with less space? I'm going to still say I go city. I want my kids to be raised in a city to me.


I'm going to say space, because I I think I would love for my kids to play in the backyard and be able to be outdoorsy, like I don't want video games and TV and all that kind of stuff.


I'm going to say I'm I'm praying for a world of both. I can keep my little apartment in the city and I'm going to have my house in the burbs. I just, you know, that's right on both. I need both. And that's a response, to be honest with you. Yes. A lot of people have. Exactly. Just that sounds good. Yeah, I like it. We're to the right. That's what we aspire for here in New York.


And also Taisho bum, bum, bum, bum, boom.


This brings me to my burning question that I've been dying to ask you all to share. OK, when the episode aired a few nights ago, I saw Blake waxing an area of kini. Yeah. And there was no context. Know, like, what were you there for that what was going on?


I was like, what is what's happening? That was close to watch because I'm these guys did some crazy things, but you didn't see all of the things. It was actually it was on the date of Truth or Dare when all the guys did all these little obstacles, like drinking the smoothies with all the weird stuff in it, you know, the station stuff. And then they had a waxing station and they had to wax a part of themselves for me or like that.


I don't really know why, but Kenny decided to wax there. A lot of guys like walks like this random strip of like on their back, like people waxed a T in their leg, like with their hair. Like it was just great to back from a couple people. I'll tell you guys, I have so much like little GCT, I can spell it, but I don't want to like.


Yeah. So it was a really cute station, but maybe there was just it was odd to like to see male hair coming up. I don't really know why it wasn't aired, but.


So truth or dare, Joe, would you do that? Would you have a guy next year. Where would a guy wax for you. Where would you have someone who. Actually I would not have a guy and any part of me.


You have to if you had to wear when you would, you would you would forfeit for your bachelorette. Really? That's what you did.


I mean, if a guy is going to have them leg wax like my calf or my leg, you know, I listen, I you know, I don't know.


This is this is getting weird. We're I'm I'm done talking about guys wax.


And each time you guys, you know, I don't know where we're going with this is why it wasn't aired because it was just weird. It was it was awkward.


But I do you just for our listeners, I am very well groomed.


OK, you guys, he has to tell people about like, did anybody ask Joe?


I just I'm still, you know, put it out there. I'm a well groomed man. All right. But, you know, you guys know it. You guys know what time it is. It is time for our guest. You definitely know him is one of the stars of the hit reality show Jersey Shore. He is a reality star, a stripper, as he often calls himself an author. And so much more. Please welcome Vinny Guana Nino.


All right, the holidays are here and it is a busy time, it's a busy time for all of us. We got to get our Christmas shopping done. So much to do. I'm looking forward to a little downtime when I have it. I like to play my favorite game, best feeds. It helps me relax. It's that can't put it down puzzle game. And I love figuring out puzzles. It makes me feel makes me feel smart. What could I say.


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Now, our best friends free today on Apple App Store or Google Play. That's friends without the, ah, best feeds. Vinnie, welcome to the show. How you doing, buddy? Hey, thanks for having me, guys. Of course, cause this is so fun. Try them. All right.


So, OK, so you got you. So obviously, you know, we're all from the bachelor world. And I got to ask you to kick this interview off.


We saw you post a picture of The Bachelorette playing in the background. How are you a fan of the show? How long have you been a fan of the show? What season did you get kicked off?


Which one's your favorite? I mean, what's going on? Give us. Yeah, I was heavy into The Bachelor live tweeting for a while. I started at next season, I believe. And then I watched like Rachel's season. I watched a couple of paradises and then I started working again.


So I stopped. I stopped watching religiously until this last season. I started watching Claire's season and then I stopped watching it again. So I kind of pop in and out to the to the world.


Do you have do you have any thoughts on Tatia right now?


Well, all right. Oh, he cleared his throat and he said, Oh, wow. Yeah. So I'm kind of sweating now at this point. So what's going on on me?


So I'm going to give you a compliment. But I don't know if you actually want to hear the compliment, because Claire's season, like when I first started watching it was such like a hot mess express that I was on board. And then when you came along, it was like you're like normal and everything. And I kinda I that's not the reason why I dropped off. It was just I was more into the Hot Mess Express, and it's normal for me to say I don't want to do like an actual real human.


I want to see I want to see madness on the show.


Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry to disappoint. That is too funny. But hey, I appreciate being called normal. So it's you know what I mean.


I was like, that's a compliment, but I don't know.


But I'm, I'm still going to pop my head and once in a while stability to OK.


And hopefully I could stir up a little madness at some point.


Vinnie, would you ever would you ever consider hopping over to ABC because everybody knows that you tried to find love on your own show. Would you ever consider taking the lead and being the bachelor?


Yeah, for sure. I definitely would. I know that we've done the double shot I love show, which is like the ratchet version version of The Bachelor, which is which was interesting, but I don't know, like I'm a little insecure and you guys are like way too handsome and all American for me, like these guys, I'm thirty three.


These dudes are like twenty four and they look like grown ass men like I still way and so I'll be like I don't have I'm not like chiseled like that, I don't have like that crazy jawline, I don't look like a Ken doll. So I'm like I don't belong on ABC, keep me on MTV with the ratchet people across my chest. Yeah.


I'm, I'm, I'm a I'm Italian, Italian family, the whole thing. I got to ask you, what's the most wretched thing that ever happened on your show? Can you tell it? Oh, my gosh.


Yeah, I'm dying. This what kind of message you get yourself into. Yeah.


It's not that like anything specifically ratch it happened. It's just it's just the whole thing. It's just it's the people that were on it. It was the know. And we pride ourselves on that. That's kind of like what Jersey Shore was. It was never taken too seriously, you know, and the bachelor can be a little bit serious and dramatic and ours it got like that. But for the most part, it was fun and big and loud and that kind of stuff.


So you pride yourself on on the ratchet? Yeah.


I mean, it is it's more like three houses.


So you go exactly that. You can't be there.


Speaking about houses, we were just talking about how Margot Robbie just sold her shoebox of a house for one point two million in L.A. And I just hear that you just bought a house in L.A., is that right?


Yeah, it's funny. I heard you guys having, like the New York discussion. So literally what I go through every day comparing New York to L.A., but, yeah, I'm bicoastal because my family lives in New York. But ultimately, you get like a lot more in L.A. for what you get in New York. And I wanted, like, a nice house and a view and a pool and stuff. So, yeah, I just I'm taking a leap.


I'm going to try to go out there for part time and see what happens.


That's that's the dream bicoastal for sure, because you get both worlds, right. Exactly.


You know, in New York, that sounds nice. I was I was in L.A., I'm from Chicago.


I was in L.A., but there's a part of me like I just love that, like Chicago, New York, that big city vibe that I was missing in L.A. But L.A. still really I mean, it's beautiful in New York.


I mean, look, I'm from New York is nothing like it's the best city in the world right now.


Things are a little weird and it's very cold and everyone's kind of locked into their little condos once it opens back up. And I'm all about New York, but just for now, like, I was more about like having a house vibe. I mean, we're all staying home right now. So that's ultimately what led me to palm trees, sunshine and that kind of shit and a little bit more room to breathe.


We were just talking about that as well. Yeah, exactly. I actually have an interesting question for you. So for one thing, I know I want to talk about mental health. OK, let me know. You're a huge advocate for that. And we've been talking well, you've talked about your struggle with anxiety and you've been really open about it for a really long time. So can you tell us how do you continue to be like that and being a public figure and like you take on some big projects and how do you manage your mental health at the same time?


First of all, I has a thicker space. One of those things I mean, first of all, I had anxiety before. It was cool, OK? I had anxiety on TV before. It was like a thing I used to, like, scream out that I was having anxiety and everyone kind of looked at me funny, like what's wrong with this kid? But now it's a lot there's a lot more awareness behind it. And a lot of people are talking about it.


And people actually go back and they watch that season where I came out and spoke about having anxiety and and people like, oh, shit. Like, I get it now. Someone tweeted the other day, they're like, I totally watch that differently when I was a teenager. And you're watching Jersey Shore just for the partying aspect of it to watching it now as an adult and being like, I guess they're going through some stuff. You know, I started with that.


But basically, you know, I just I have a brain that I'm an older thinker and I've had it since I was a little kid. And as you guys know, being on a reality show is a is a someone with anxieties. Worst nightmare because you are locked up. You can read a book. You can't turn on a TV. I mean, back in the day, we were totally guerrilla style. We were closed off from the whole world.


And for the most part, I did pretty, pretty good at it. But some sometimes, like at that particular time when we were filming, we had just filmed for like three months straight. And my body, my brain just couldn't take it anymore. A lot of it is physical for me, and I just hadn't slept in like a week. And if I don't sleep, I become like manic, like I'm just not myself anymore. And I was like, guys, I got to get out of here and just sleep.


And and that's what made me end up leaving and everything. And throughout the years, I've just developed like a toolkit of things that help me with my thoughts and challenge my thoughts and contemplate them. A big part of that is physical and working out, and it just equip me over the years. And as you grow older, you start to recognize and see the anxiety for what it is instead of letting it totally consume you like I used to do in the past.


So I always tell everybody now my biggest message is to never seek perfection with it and never seek to be cured of it because you're never going to be perfect and it's never going to happen. It's really just about managing the stresses that happen that come to you on a day to day basis, because you will face those stresses and it's just about managing them, handling them and getting through to the next day. Yes, like being present and I'm in when you are present, you say Hi Thought or hi, whatever that thing is, and you deal with that one thing and then you get through it.


I am. I love that. And I'm very much you're speaking to me, too, because I also suffer from anxiety and I have meditation is literally saved my life from that. But with the pandemic happening, how has that affected your anxiety and mental health now that in the present day? So I think basically it's like you just said, like being present is one of those tools in my toolkit, going to the gym is another tool in my tool kit, being generous.


Giving is another way to shut down your ego. Sitting back and listening to your thoughts from an objective point of view is another item in my toolkit. And my point of this all is like after developing those tips and tricks, no matter what you end up facing in life, you can apply those same mechanisms to what's going on. So when the pandemic came around, it was actually easier for someone like me because I'm very used to dealing with my obsessive negative mind and saying like and laughing at it almost from going through the stuff that I've gone through in the past.


So when I was younger and I'm not trying to sell my book here because it's like 10 years old, but I had a book called Control the Crazy, and I explained to people that, you know, you don't have to be had anxiety, you don't have to have depression. You don't have to have PTSD. You can use these mechanisms of everyone should be present. Everyone should learn how to breathe. Everyone should do yoga. Everyone should work out because they're going to face challenges in life.


And like I said, this pandemic is another one of those challenges for sure. And also, like, I kind of like quarantine and stuff because I'm like an introvert and I feel like going holiday anyway.


So it's like I said, I got to ask I got to ask you before before pandemic, you being an introvert, how how is it being a stripper with Chippendale's?


How are you able to do society driven stripper question? Good question. First of all, like I said, any kind of stress and anxiety, it pops up at a weird time, like during filming. You know, it's not like I never I was never, like, agoraphobic where I'm attacked on the opposite. Like I go out, I do crazy shit all the time. But if you, like, deprive me of sleep for a week, you're going to start to see like a walking ball of jitters, you know.


But as far as, like performing and stuff, the stage is the only time where I am fully, fully present and there are no negative thoughts to me. So and I'm on stage right now. I'm speaking to you guys when I'm stripping, when I'm trying to do standup comedy or improv or whatever, that's where I feel or even like live TV, like hosting a live red carpet is where I feel like you promised because I am fully present and and all the nerves go away and I love it.


Alone in your thoughts, and you're not just sitting there like obsessing over it, you have like another distraction, you have energy from the people you have to blow.


You're focusing on this task that you have to do and you're having fun. And it's just a recipe for a good time as opposed to what you just said sitting in your house and just like alone with your thoughts and driving yourself crazy.


Yeah, I think one thing that's really important to take away is the fact that you built these tools like over time. It's not something you just develop the next day or like you just go to one therapy session and figure it out.


Like, I think you never know what lesson to throw at you. But once you go through every single one of those, like, hurdles, like you figure out how to navigate that. And now you have like you said, now you're using your tools to go through what you're doing and to mean like it's just kind of ebbs and flows with the way that life took a lot of time for sure.


I read a lot of books and like you just said, you know, you have to sometimes you have to hit rock bottom and you have to, like, really be faced with some tough situations in order to to figure it out. And then you can like you could use those and then everything else becomes a lot easier. All the little stuff becomes easier.


Right. So how was it how was it filming Jersey Shore during the pandemic?


So we filmed recently and we basically did like a NBA bubble, like we filmed all you guys did on The Bachelor to film. But yeah, we were just in a bubble. It was weird with us, though, because, like, you have a competition going on, so and you're always kind of in a bubble on The Bachelor, like when I did my dating show, like we never left the house. So you could easily do that show with us.


It was an adjustment because we are used to like interacting with the outside world and going to restaurants and stuff.


But it worked. You know, if there's anybody that's seasoned enough to make it to create a show out of locking us up somewhere, it's fun and just bouncing off of each other.


And we also had a lot of drama that was like going on with the girls in the house, that it kept us really busy because the whole time it's just like the guys trying to get these girls to make up with each other.


And we literally we had like a job to do every day.


And that is a full time job, getting girls to make out with each other that, hey, you guys are just as dramatic as the girls. OK, you guys crack me up.


I mean, your dynamic with poly is honestly, it's one of my favorite on TV. I mean, I remember watching you guys when I was your age, so I kind of grew up. I grew up with it and it's yeah. I could relate to it.


I actually listen to you in an interview where you said your mom started crying when she saw you as the Chippendales stripper.


But tears of joy and I don't know, maybe there's disappointment.


I feel I feel like I feel like every Italian mother.


It doesn't matter what their son does, as long as he's handsome, as long as people think he's handsome, they're happy.


Said My mom has literally has seen me post like the red carpet of the VMAs and this and that and, you know, kind of didn't really budge to that.


But just when she was in that room and saw people cheering for her baby boy, she started crying. It never gets old to her.


Oh, that's so sweet.


Unless it was tears of disappointment. Like I said. No, no question.


You've had so much success with, like the Jersey Shore. You've had countless spin off shows, TV shows, books stripping native Leito. We have for you what was like the pinnacle of your career, like what was your favorite? What went the most? Um hmm, I'm still looking for it, to be honest. Really? Oh, yeah, for sure.


That's exciting, though.


That's a yeah. Oh, one hundred percent. I really want to be an actor. Like, that's always been a dream of mine. I've been in school plays like my whole life and stuff. So every time I've kind of landed a little acting roles from this opportunity, I just like, I'm like, this is amazing. Like this is what I want to do. I have like a trailer and I'm reading my lines and like I'm like people get paid for this.


Like, this is crazy. So that's really what I enjoy doing. That's the goal that I always have in mind. But until then, it's really just a wild, wild rollercoaster ride of you guys know how it is like you just doing different opportunities come your way and doing a podcast that you do another show and then you're stripping.


I mean, maybe you might relate one day. No, I hope not.


You're going to get to deals.


You know, I would do it. I mean, that's all. That's how I would do it.


Called me I'm hummin whenever the best job and the easiest job in the world. Anyone who laughs at it like this there smoke. It's something because it's so easy.


I had to shower on Dancing with the Stars. I had to shower on stage. I was like, this is this is nice.


So like, you know, real sexy right now. Is that a job that we don't know yet? And slipping just might be one of those things that he's going to do next. You never know. But we fully support you. Go right ahead. Yes, please. Please. We do support that. And also so I started following your your Guido. Tell me about your diet. I think that also goes with this health and wellness and mental health, like eating well and eating right.


How did you become Kaito and is it health or is it what made you start that?


Yeah, for sure. So basically, like a couple of years ago, right before Jersey Shore came back, I started this Instagram page to just basically post pictures of my food because I wanted to keep it as a side hobby of mine. And I had just started this this diet that I heard about on a couple of podcasts that spoke about eating bacon and eggs and steak. And I'm like, I could get behind that. So I started it and I started to realize it was working and made me feel better.


And then I just became obsessed with it. I just started to just devour a ton of research and listen to doctors and scientists, nutritionists who basically explain how kind of the traditional food pyramid that we were taught is kind of not right and should be more flipped upside down. And where all the breads and sugars and pastas are at the at the at the top, like a very little bit. But the foundation should be real foods, just real meat, real vegetables and and go from there.


And then I just went with it and then it was crazy. Just because the show had already yelling out Guido has a lot to do with like things catching on, but people are truly, truly interested in it. And I just I want to help people. And I think that people have the wrong perception and the wrong relationship with food. So that's kind of become like a really big passion of mine. I started doing it since twenty fifteen. Everyone always asked me how much weight that I lose.


But it's not about losing weight because you can lose weight on any thirty day diet. It's about what becomes your lifestyle, what's a sustainable lifestyle. And to me it's not just about keto, it's just about I learned instead of eating all the process garbage that's in the middle of the grocery store, I stick to the left side, the right side and the back of the grocery store. Just eat the real food. And the majority of people did that.


That would be walking around a lot, a lot leaner and feel a lot better. Yeah. You ever read do you ever read Michael Pollan? No surprises.


He's got a good documentary on Netflix called Cooked, but he wrote Omnivore's Dilemma and it basically talks about how a lot of what you find in a grocery store is terrible for you.


And that's real. A real issue is it's eating.


Real food is what we need to get back to, you guys should check out this new one I posted on my page. It's called Sacred Cow.


OK, OK. Yeah, it's a new one. Obviously, everyone has their documentary that is biased to their diet, but I really like this one because it was just pretty honest and it's just about sustainability because I don't. I do not I don't I hate I hate the world that I was born into. I hate that I was born into a world where I feel like I need to eat meat. That's just me personally. But I don't like the way it's prepared and brought to my plate on a massive level.


But I can't really control that. I try to do my best with, like eating grass fed and farm beef and stuff like that. But this documentary is all about how we could just do everything in a sustainable way and go back in time pretty much to how the world was meant to be like the ecosystem was meant to be, and that it's called regenerative regenerative farming. And that's my new shit. So, yeah, that's a cool feel good.


All right. I'm going to take it away from food. I'm going to bring it to a lighter side. You're single.


We saw on your Instagram three things you want a woman is a good sense of humor, a dirty mind and a beautiful heart. What qualifies a dirty mind? What qualities?


Natasha Natasha has been been asking me to ask you this. So a hundred text from Natasha for me, one of the stories podcast created. You wanted to be raised. I pretty much have no filter.


So you could say spice it up for us.


I told you I'm the bachelor.


So you guys get out. We want to hear you've got the right one on here.


I just like I just what defines a dirty mind? I mean, you know, I'm very inappropriate. I'm very I have no filter. I'm a very, like, sexual person with the right person. And, you know, just like if someone just is on that same wavelength as me and has that same kind of vibe where we can make like sex jokes and stuff like, you know, like just a dirty mind. Some people you can't do that with.


So I don't put them on the sly.


You just let me put it this way.


The first episode of double sided love, I mean, the girl Maria, which everyone thinks I should marry, we love you down three within three seconds. We were like talking about, like, squid porn.


OK, not that I watch squid porn, but like I just. I know. I know it exists. Yeah. And like, we're having a conversation. And we were just looked at each other like, oh my gosh, you know what that is? I know what that is. And then all of a sudden they just click like we're two aliens on Earth and like everyone else is walking around not talking about square more. And then we found each other.


Do you do you.


I do not watch porn. OK, do you have a favorite?


Do you have a favorite type of porn? Do you have a go to porn. Um, my favorite type of porn.


Yeah. Actually there's a I actually don't and I'll tell you why, because there was a study or I read some research that like what do you think the what do you think the number one thing that men look at during porn on the woman. Right. And most men said Summerset said breasts, some said the ass or whatever the sex part. But really, it's it's it's the personality.


I feel it's a story saying Good Stalins.


But I'm a big storyline guy, really. I'm looking I'm looking at the person I'm looking at the two people are actually enjoying the chemistry, the chemistry, like she's really there and she's really present. And like some of them, some of them are not even doing anything crazy. But I just get like a vibe from like like she's really enjoying this. Yeah.


And I and I look for the same thing, obviously, in person to videos. So, yeah, I think about this.


Wait, wait. I want to I want to get right. Go ahead. So go ahead. The I think it's you know.


Do you know what determines a good bjerg. All right, what is it, or separates a good one from a bad one? Oh, I need an enthusiasm.


Oh, I was going to say, oh, no, see, it's not as big thing, but it's also just like being into it, enjoying it, as opposed to just like you trying to go out there and like act like you're enjoying yourself or going to do acting out some kind of porn that you saw.


Yeah, you just stick with the disease.


I mean, I love telling her to do that. I agree, though. I agree.


You want some of that, because if I you know, if I go down on a girl, I enjoy it like I do it because I want to get.


Well, I've already since since we're going there, I'll say no, we're going.


Yeah. I mean, we we went there. It also makes sense we're going there. I will say that it's a challenge because I've met guys who's been like, I don't really like that. I'm really like I really like, you know.


But I was like, yeah, I've I've had guys I've heard guys say that a lot of guys, actually. And I'm like, yeah, for me, my dick, get out of here.


You know, my favorite thing in the world.


No, I've heard so many guys say that. And so for me, I'm like, who are these people? And I'm like, so I take that as like a challenge now. And I'm just like, well, today you are going to enjoy it, you know what I mean? Like, it's something that when I hear I, I again, you guys don't, of course, have these relations with other men. So I guess this is the thing.


But you've never met a girl who was like, I don't really like that.


Yeah. Girls, you meet that a lot. I've never heard of a man saying that. So. Yeah, but I mean, how interesting. I'm telling you, it's I've heard multiple guys say that and then I maybe they just say because they know that like to see what I'm going to do about it.


I don't know, maybe in my head now that's a bit like I can see like where it gets to a certain point where like I'm over it and I want to get to like the sex part. I know guys literally say, like, we don't have to do that because I don't like it. And I'm like. Who is that? OK, so be. Is that an area of concern if a guy says that to you? Yeah. Should that be a red flag?


Wait a second.


I think so. I think so. I've never heard it before. I've never heard it. It's a red flag. Yeah, it's a. I've never I've never encountered that either.


So it's kind of strange.


I will say after the fact, like this is before like our first encounter, after the fact, they're like, oh yeah, you can do that whenever you want. But but maybe, you know, maybe about it, maybe he didn't shower. So you maybe in the shower that he's trying to be a nice guy.


Like I don't need that baby. Like that's like that's not for you.


And then next time I will say that that is something that happens a lot.


And guys, you probably like guys look at me and they think that I'm going to be like, really, I guess, prude and I'm not. And so that type of thing will happen and and I'll be like, well, you know, lady in the streets maybe.


I mean, there are times where I don't want like if I really like a girl, like having sex with her is really not the first thing on my mind. Right. So they might be taking you more seriously and they should see how you know that you're actually into a girl when that's not the first thing.


Hundred percent. Yeah, well, I'd rather it actually happened later, like.


I love that build will build up to it, you know, yeah, I really have. I rather I actually have. It happened later too, but it's, it's definitely like but it never our mind. I mean, I mean it's. Oh yeah. It should be. I mean it should be, it should be on your mind but yeah.


No it just happened. It's so weird how that happens naturally where you just literally don't really think that much about it. But then some other people, you're just like I want to f this person right now about all of this because this is very interesting.


We were just talking about mixed signals earlier. So say you don't you respect the woman, you kind of want to take it slow in that regard. Are you slower to other things, like telling you that you're actually into her?


No, usually I'm the opposite. Usually if I'm really into her, I'm like, you know it.


Like, I hope that's exactly what I said. Things said, OK, exactly. Full circle. You don't let yourself get friend zoned, right?


Let my son. Oh, hell, no, no worries, I'll just I'll just move on. Have you ever been friendzone before?


Oh, yeah, I've gotten friends on. I've gotten friends on. And like recently, Lee and I, I rarely will stick around and be that person's friend. So maybe it's someone that, like, I really, really want in my life. And I've gotten better at that. But I'm stubborn. And I'll be like, no, like I have enough friends. Goodbye. I don't need you.


It really it's just me being mad that I couldn't get the girl, you know? Right. Yeah, but yeah.


OK, so I have a question for you since we're you're here with the bachelor people, is there any one in bachelor world of the seasons that you've watched since next season that you've had a crush on, that you've slid in there, that you were like that girl?


Is it?


And it's funny, actually, with The Bachelor, I've become friends with a lot of girls from The Bachelor. However, it was always more like friendly for some reason. I don't know, like I'm friends with I'm friends with Taylor, my friends with I was friends with Vanessa, actually, when I was watching Vanessa Grimaldi, that's her last name all day. I was like, oh my God, I like this girl is like like perfect would be perfect Italian.


She speaks Italian. I love Canada and she's Canadian and she's like, I love I love women from Montreal. Like, they speak like four different languages, like effortlessly. I'm like, that's so sexy. But then, like, we just kind of just kick it like I kick it with bachelor girls all the time and bitchy friend friendzone, you know, I don't know. I think we friends on each other honestly.


OK, no, I'm saying it never was like I was trying to actively pursue somebody like that. So maybe the answer to your question is no. I haven't really liked someone enough to be like, oh, my God, I want to take this person out and and had a relationship with them, you know? Yeah, well, I have a little story time for you. You did live tweeting during my season. Peter, I'm sorry. I apologize.


No, no, it's all it's all good. Now, you mentioned in one of your tweets, you mentioned one of my friends, Sydney, and you said that she was really hot. Which one is Sydney? Oh, yeah.


He's Googling her.


She has a boyfriend now. Yes, she has a boyfriend. And we love Fred. He's amazing. We love him. But I will say and I have to tell you this, because she would kill me if I didn't. Jersey Shore's her favorite show in the whole entire world. And she when you tweeted that she was at the time, she didn't have a boyfriend so excited. So I just. Sedney If you're listening, shout out to you, Vinny, give me some love.


Yeah, she was, she was dope. I still follow her and everything and yeah. You could tell I guess who like what, what girls know who I am and what, what don't. Because like as I'm tweeting and looking up their handles you can see like they already follow me or what. That's right. But yeah I talk a lot of shit is a turnoff for you when you're looking for someone.


If they really follow you, they are.


Hell no. I guess I use that to my superpowers. You these sparks it from a woman's perspective.


I actually don't really like it when a guy like knows you know, I watch the show. I think it's really it.


His last name. Right. Where would you be right now? I wouldn't I'd be like where you want to go, but you want to go.


Oh yes. OK, so let's get into this game. We're going to do the games, see if we have a game to play with you now that we're all now we're all refreshed and fun and we we feel like you're like the family now. You're like manly. Now, there's a game that we want to play with you. Since both The Bachelor and Jersey Shore, one of the biggest reality show franchises in most iconic and most long running, we want to test your skills and see if you know the difference between bachelor quotes and Jersey Shore quotes.


OK, yeah. And this game is miserably this best. This game is called. Are you Jersey Shore?




Yes, you got that right. All right. So I'm going to start and you just you know, if you know the person that set it, that's great if it's from your season, you know. But you just have to say if it's Jersey Shore or Bachelor, The Bachelor franchise. So it could be paradise. It could be Bachelorette or The Bachelor. OK, all right. I'm going to start with the first one and then Joe, then Tatia.


In that order, you're the worst argument person. Is that a jersey or is that a bachelor club? Yes. You're the worst argument person ever. Due to the bad grammar of it, I'm going to say Jersey, but I could be wrong, you could be trying to throw me off, I might say no.


Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.


OK, yeah, OK. I don't know if you're trying to throw me off or not. So we are kind of are we against humanity? He has 12 abs.


You should only have six. What do you do for a living. Stop working out. I don't trust you.


I'm going to say bachelor. Oh, my God. You're a bachelor in paradise. Well, I was thinking about who has 12 abs on my show. Not really anybody.


I don't have crazy abs.


Let's see. Pure evidence of tree. I've just seen treachery. Oh, there you go. See your evidence of treachery.


Mm hmm. I don't even think anyone on the show knows what treachery means, so I'm going to say The Bachelor. Actually, it's Mike Jersey Shore. Sure he knows what treachery treachery is.


Yeah, apparently. I don't apparently like to say it, but that's a Jersey Shore one.


Well, that's what, two. One. Yeah. Next one. I'm taking his sperm and making babies out of it. That has to be a Snooki quote, jersey. Now, that is guy's good, yeah, I like these are deep cuts, these aren't known quotes like that. Yeah, we do our research.


All right. I don't want to have to physically fight you, but if there's no way to stop you from saying what you are saying, then I will have to physically hurt you.


OK, so if that happened on Jersey, I would have remembered it. It's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette from The Bachelor. OK, good on Jersey. We just swing and punch.


They don't talk about Ronnie would just knock someone out.


The difference between MTV and ABC. Yes. Yeah. Dega. OK, if this relationship continues, I'll kill myself.


That has to be a Sameena. If this relationship continues, I'll kill myself. Know, I can't see that happening, saying that on ABC Jersey.


It's Polly, OK? Oh, he was talking about Ron in San Diego. Yeah, I know. It's made us all want to kill ourselves.


Hey. So that could have been anyone I love that. All right. Actions speak louder than words, and we're waiting for your actions to change. I wish I had said this earlier. Fuck you, man. Honestly, you're a psychopath. That could be Sammy or anyone from The Bachelor, The Bachelor. Yeah, that's Laura Connor. Good. All right, Dominican girls are hot because they can dance, they can move. They got their hands, big butts, nice full lips.


I said that. I said that did. Yes, you did.


OK. After the fiasco of the champagne stealing incident, you recall, which I remember.


Yes, that was one that I saw. I watch. I said, yes, I'm like a pretty deep dude. Any guy can say that I'm like a pretty deep dude, I probably have said that myself.


I'm like a pretty deep dude. From Mark. That's a good one. No, it's my contention that was that I don't like that one. That's like Jesse Short. Yeah, it was hell has to be just like this.


I said that now, but that was you.


It was OK. OK. Michael Jordan took naps a blink and took naps. Why am I getting in trouble for napping? Oh, Batcheller Curran said that right? Yourself shout out to Corinne for the best line, that's the best line.


I was like, I want that. That's it.


Yes. All right. OK, Krail, you want your tears? Don't mean shit to me. Ronnie Jersey.


Oh, my God. There's like a there's like a Jersey Shore Valentine's cards you can give to each other. And that's on one of the cards.


I thought the best line ever. You stay in your freaking lane. That's another show what I'm going to say, I'm going to say that's a bachelor. Yeah, and a B Brown. This is Hannah Brown. OK, last one in Denton.


They're talking about ethen relationships, my sneakers are dirty, that's all. That's a great line. I love hearing that, too.


I want to say scripts, but the two lines of dialogue dialogues like juxtaposed to each other, it really shows you a lot.


It's amazing.


We're all very similar.


I should have honestly, I should have been on the Jersey Shore. My line was tomatoes are good.


Thank you. You did. You did great. You only got two wrong. And that's like. That's really good. It's really good. That was good. I like them.


All right. Very well. We really appreciate you coming on. This has actually been a blast. Thank you so much. Thanks.


Before we let you leave, can you please tell our listeners where they can find all your stuff, where the ladies could send their DMS are wide open?


It's just Vinny Guadagnino on Instagram and Twitter and Guidroz, my other page. And Jersey Shore is airing right now at 8:00 p.m. on Thursdays on MTV.


Great. Yes.


Vinnie, thank you so much. Tocsin I oh, that was so awesome. I'm so sorry, but I could talk to him all frickin day. I love him so much. I know he thinks I'm kind of boring, but I'm not kidding. I want to be his friend, ok. I don't know for any new friends you have to tell him dirty. Yeah, well I love that.


I love that you guys want to be his friend. What I say when I say what I say about the friendzone, you guys laugh at me and yell at me. I told you I'm not the only one that thinks that way.


Well, but he but he owned up and he was like, yeah, friends. But out of jail. Yeah, literally.


You never been friends, don't you like what I said? I don't I don't allow myself to be friends. I said I've been turned down, but I don't allow myself to get friends.


But then again, Vinny did say that he is friends with girls from Bachelor. So I don't know, did they hook up?


Did they not know each other? He said, I don't think so. I feel like honestly, he's the type of person to just say how it is. Like he would be open and honest, like, yeah, I kind of hooked up with her, like, whatever.


I agree. I agree. I definitely get that. But he's a very honest dude.


I was not I mean, no judgment, but I'm just saying I was not expecting him to be so like chill and lax and just like so easy to talk to. I really liked him. That was a lot of fun. He looks great as always.


It's been frickin real. We love hearing from you, so please make sure to check us out on social and like comment DMAs.


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