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Welcome to Debate with Pagination, I am Tatia Adams and I'm here with my lovely co-host, Hannah and Anjo. How the hell are you guys?


I feel fantastic. I'm having a good day. I'm having a good day. Yeah, I. I going to get you. Are you. Yeah. Yeah. It's been a good day. It's nice weather here in Tennessee. I love Fall. Well I'm excited to talk about today's episode because we have a lot to get into. Not only do we have the click bait headlines of the week, which include, you guessed it, the return of the new season of The Bachelorette.


And I hear it's so freaking dramatic this season. But also we have some fun, fabulous guests. Reality TV stars Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval are joining us later. So we have lots of good stuff to get into today.


I am very excited to talk to Tom, Tom, The Times, Tom Schwartz, Tom Sandoval. But before we do, you guys know how it works, we got to get through the juicy click bait juice, the swearword word for me.


But I say it so it is juicy. OK, so I know we said we're not going to talk about Bachelor, but the season premiere was Tuesday night. Creer Claire Claire Crawley. That's a little bit of a tongue twister for me. Her season premiered and wow, I have a lot to say about it. It's the first episode and so much is going on.


They're shooting during covid, which I think makes it. It makes them probably want it more because they haven't been around anybody and all of a sudden you're competing for a woman and you're trying to, you know, it's like you're back in the world, but then you're in this bachelor world.


I thought it was so interesting how many people and like how many times they reference, like it's the first time I hugged somebody in like six months or like, you know, like. Holding hands, even you don't mean it's just that's just the way the world lately, and I couldn't imagine having that much freedom because, like, we've been having to put masks on every single day and so be able to walk around and date and kiss and hold and do all kind of stuff without a mask is kind of bizarre.


So do you think I know I said it is really neat, like the very beginning of the episode, Claire standing outside waiting for the guys to arrive, and Chris Harrison comes up and like hugs her. And I'm like, oh, I haven't seen that, you know, where someone could just come up to you and hug you and then you're about to meet all these different people, like it's obviously the seasons completely different than like any other season before.


But I think it's very. It's it's something that everyone can fantasize about living in a world where you don't have to wear a mask, where you're able to freely meet new people and date like you can't really date during covid, you know, it makes it more difficult to date.


It's not usually like this is not this is not fair. I'm sitting at home. These guys are all dressed up nice, looking good.


I get those butterflies when I see that limo roll up, you mean because do you guys remember sitting in that limo and feeling like, oh my gosh, what am I about to do?


I always get, like, nervous for them. Yeah, I mean, such a weird feeling for me. That limo ride was the scariest limo ride of my life.


I mean, I remember just like, oh, my God, this is really happening. This is really happening.


Yeah. Freaking out. Right. So it's nice to sit back and watch. I know, Hannah, you were you did it last year. Yeah.


I actually wanted to be the first one out of the limo. I wanted to be, you know, first thing. When I met Peter, I said, I'm going to be the first girl you meet. I'm going to be the last girl. But also, I feel disappointed for the guys because, you know, it's that first sign of walking out of the limo and you get to see the mansion for the first time. This is the mansion that you've seen on TV for years.


And seeing it in person just gives you the chills. It's like you're you're seeing the gates of heaven, but not at all. You know, it's like, wow. Yeah. No, it's like you're about to walk into it. You're not looking into heaven. You're walking into a disaster and but a bunch of drama. But just seeing that for the first time, like, I hate that the guy's going to have that experience, you know, due to covid.


Yeah, I have to agree, no, there's no real even if you are not like an avid bachelor bachelorette watcher, you know, at the mansion, looks like I mean, and that's how it was for me. Like, I didn't watch the seasons, but even just like having that guy come open up the door half an hour and then just standing there and taking it all in, is it feeling I will never forget? It's never really magical.


It's like one of the best moments of my entire life.


And see, I don't really remember yours.


Yeah, I remember mine. It was terrible, but I don't even remember seeing the mansion.


All I saw was just black. My eyes. I just went really whacked out. Yes. Oh, I loved it.


I want to do it all over again. Oh really? Yeah. I went and got to him and I was standing there like a time to say something and say hi, I'm nervous. Oh my gosh. For me it was like love at first sight. I was like, oh my gosh. Like I was just soaking up every single moment of it. But it was really love at first sight. When I saw Chris Harrison for the first time like that just gave me the chills.


Like I his presence.


When you see him for the first time and every single time after that, it was just like saying, God, I'm like, oh my God, he's dead right now, girl. There's just something about him.


It definitely makes it real. It makes it concrete. You're like, Oh. This is this dude, he's here. It's right here. Yeah, and there's moments when you're like, wow, like I'm filming a TV show right now. Wow. Everyone's about to see that. For me, it didn't feel like a TV show until I heard Chris talk because, like, he registers in my mind as like someone on TV. Yeah. Like for so long, I made sure just to, like, keep telling myself to stay in the moment.


First of all, I was also trying to figure out what the hell I was doing.


Like, I thought I got kidnapped at some point because, like, you know, I mean, like, you just get into this routine.


It's like not like you're out. Yeah.


I like, changes your life. It's slowly give me boot camp. Maybe. I'll tell you what, though.


I'm actually kind of jealous after watching I forget his name, but I love this guy already.


The Harvard guy who steps out of the Rolls Royce and the man and the white scarf. This guy is the fucking man that he's best entrance ever.


I love you like it so much. Wish you did that. I do. I was like this guy.


This guy just pulled up like James Bond. Good for him. That was awesome.


And it has Midhat injury and he chose to back it up. I was like, that was great.


That was awesome. Well played. Well played back. I, I guess you always want to do stuff that's like true to you. And I get the that's like you to him.


Then he went for it and he delivered him with that martini was so funny. I know.


If I saw that come out of it I probably like Oh well you knew that white scarf. You just like really had it all go in.


Did you guys do any do you guys just do a normal entrance or did you do something like, you know, dress up like a bird or anything like that and a little bird.


No, I was myself. I was the device. I was myself. Oh my gosh. And the guy is so funny. Like, it's OK because we've all been there too.


We're like, you're thinking like in the room, like, how am I going to come on a limo? What am I going to say?


And the people that do end up coming out with like costumes, like the guy in the straight jacket, like it's so funny how it sounds like a good idea when you're in your room and I can do it and actually do it and you see yourself, you're like, oh, oh, oh.


How about the straight jacket guy? He wore it the whole episode. He never took it off. I kept watching him like this guy still got a straight jacket on.


Maybe he was comfortable living man. Oh, oh, oh.


And another thing that drove me, guys, you know, I watch this whole episode. Another thing that drove me crazy, Claires never seen.


She's thirty nine years old and she's never seen my cousin Vinny.


Like one of the greatest movies of all time, have you seen it? I'm sorry, I'm going to have to say I haven't seen it either, like Joe Pesci, my cousin.


Well, one thing you got to what you took away from the episode, I was like, are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding? That's what triggered Joe Cousin Vinny, who got an emotional first episode.


She hasn't seen my cousin Vinny. That is actually really funny, but upset. OK, but I'm dying to hear what you guys all thought of the episode.


I, I actually thought I thought the guys were all very mature.


Everybody seemed to have their shit together. Yeah.


I thought they all handled that very well watching it. Yeah, what do you say is the best part of the episode? Well, there's two good parts of the episode for me.


One was when one guy I would expect more from the oldest bachelor. And I was like, oh. Who is that because you kind of couldn't really see them and I was like, oh, I cannot wait for that episode. And then this other part was I loved.


Oh, easy. I think he that night was like a household favorite, like he just was very comfortable in front of the camera and comfortable talking. He was really funny and I really liked him. I followed up on Instagram that night. I was like, this guy is funny. This guy is going to be a hoot.


How about how about Dale? I mean, she fell in love with them. She's like, I'm going to marry this guy, that's it my way. I mean, I but I felt like she didn't really give the other guys a shot.


That's how I felt, really. It was like, yeah. I mean, I'd be disappointed if I showed up and, you know, put my best foot forward. If someone was like, oh, I've already felt on a love. I'm like, well, have you asked, you know, about maybe maybe we could hit it off. How many a shot? I mean, I said, do you guys feel like you guys believe in love at first sight?


I do. It's happened before. I do believe in love at first sight. But I can't really speak much on it because it's led me down a terrible path.


But I do believe in it.


And it strikes you it strikes you hard. I mean, Cupid, it's me really bad.


I have to be like, OK, then why do you think it's such a hard concept for her to be like I think I just found my husband say, I don't believe I don't believe in love at first sight, you know?


I mean, I would I want to I think it's romantic and I think it's nice to think it exists.


But I believe in love at first sight the first time you fall in love. But I think after that, it takes a little more. I think you could be really into somebody attracted. I think you could be like, oh, I'd love to have sex with this person, but I to be like love. There's just too much as an adult. There's too much you need to know.


Now, I agree with you. I think if I have a personality like for me, I don't really know if I believe in love at first sight, but I feel like. It's all about personality for me, like looks. Oh, honey, like I mean, yeah, I could say you're hot thousand and one times, but looks are going to fade. He should take it.


He's looking at you like you only mean it's just those looks fade. And then also at the same time, I in my experience, you know, some of these guys that are hot, like so nice, they know that they're hot, which makes them a little cocky and they carry themselves in a bad way.


And it's like, I'm not trying to deal with a guy that's trying to compete and take photos with me. And like, you know, I mean, I did know what that means.


No, it doesn't. Because I get to I actually I think about that a lot like. I'm very uncomfortable, like going to take pictures of myself. Yeah, see, so many guys do it now. Oh, and the selfies. Well, selfie and just like. Yeah, I just don't care to, like, go get dressed up and reach out to a photographer and be like, hey, you want to shoot some photos of me today?


I just don't care to do that.


But also, if that's a profession, if they're model, their professional model, I guess that's very different. I don't know. But I never set foot in my mouth.


I don't know. I've dated lots of guys that take selfies of themselves. I don't know why I'm saying that.


Does that bother you now?


Because, I mean, if you're doing the Snapchat a what is done?


Wait, let me in.


What is doing the I mean, it's like when your Snapchat and the guy and you're like starting to get to know which. Oh my gosh. Dating rule number one, get rid of Snapchat completely because then you dream a guy Snapchat and you like, hey, what's up. And I'm like, OK, you can call me up.


Like I don't want to see a picture of your forehead on.


Is that we all for covid this guy I should have known by his like him asking if I had a Snapchat with his age because he was only like twenty four.


Actually I lied, he's twenty three but he was really big and he is just, he's really cute and he's like city of Snapchat.


He's like oh shit. Oh now they're only three years old.


That got him a cougar but not that much of a cougar. I don't have Snapchat but I would date three year old so. But I also feel so good.


I mean, I would joke with the times I my back on Snapchat or how you create a Snapchat account and I'll teach you all about it.


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So I don't know if you guys keep up with HD TV or not, but Tarrega Moossa has a show called Flip Flop with his ex-wife Christina Aanestad. Taga Moose is getting ready to get married to Heather, a young, which she's a realtor on selling sunset. And they're all excited they're doing these interviews. You know, it's a really exciting time period for them, planning their weddings and celebrating it with the world. But they did say that exes are not allowed.


Which I know. I know. And so Tareq and Christina, Christina, his ex-wife, they have two children, Taylor, 10, Brad and five. So it seems like they get along pretty well because they're still filming flip flop together.


But which makes me think about like how close is too close with your ex, especially when you have kids and you're filming a TV show together. Like, how do you feel about it? Oh, I personally. Yeah, I mean, OK, let's get into it. Well, first, I think I if I was getting married, I wouldn't invite any of my exes, nor would I want my future fiancee to invite her exes. That's just who I am.


I don't want I don't want to see her ex's kids. That's on you and you work together and you do, you know, see, that's where it gets a little sticky and you're publicly so together in the public's eyes.


I'm actually shocked that they still have a show together. Yeah. I mean, I watch the show. It's like is the how is the dynamic?


Honestly, they said that their views went up when they separated, but that's because it's like it's intriguing to see how that works out, because usually when you cut off with somebody, like get a divorce or you don't go back in and do another season with them. And it's so funny because. It's my ex-husband and I, like, really said we were good business partners, we were a good team together, but we're all it would be really good business partners.


So just because a relationship doesn't work out, I can still see the business aspect working.


So I think it's really cool that they're doing that. But also that's business. Yes, they do have kids, but also. Now there's a new woman involved, so it's like, I think I would do the same thing that Heather was, I would say your kids can come, but there's like a fine. Like, you have to build a line and you have to put a wall shoot. I'm like, not making any sense.


No, you are draw a line somewhere. I know, but I could not get that sentence out. I do not know why. It's because I barely had my coffee this morning. But it's just like you have to draw a line somewhere. You mean like you have passing boundaries? Exactly. So I'm really proud of her for doing that.


Well, here. Can you.


OK, so everyone's like, oh, can you be friends with an ex but could you be friends with an ex that you were truly like in love with or an ex-husband or somebody that you took it to that next step? Can you really be friends with them? Because I could stay friendly, but friends, it's difficult.


I'm friends. I actually have become friends with one of my exes that I dated a couple of years ago. We recently have just like decided to be friends. And I it's working out good, you know, like it's fine. Like we obviously at one point in our lives, like we were together for a couple of years. We had a dog. He built me a house, like the most amazing person. It was just we're just on two different paths, but we still care about each other.


And we're friends. Like, I don't see my ex dog. I don't know what the next dog I asked to see the dog. I asked not to see photos of the dog. Like, I don't want to compare it. Like, that's another thing like, oh, another didn't have don't get a dog on unless you're like engaged or married. That is so funny. Don't do it because it's so hard because the co parenting with the dog.


But no like we're friends but like whenever she gets a girlfriend and like I find like a partner we're probably not going to like be friends, you know what I mean. Like our partners probably are going to want us to like. Yeah, every once in a while, I mean, what does it do? I think it's it's kind of hard already. Like if you watch the sunset, like you see her talk about the kids and the relationship and like going to the birthday party like that would be hard for me, I think as like Christina to see my ex's girlfriend talk about my kids in such.


And I mean, yeah, I don't know.


I think I'd be a little hard to I think in order to get at least in order to get over someone, I feel like you have to have a cut off at some point and then maybe later in the future you could become friends.


But if there's no real separation, at least for me, that's difficult for me.


A couple of years have to have gone by. Have you guys ever been dating someone new and then run into like your ex while being on a date or being out and about? No, really not. How I haven't either.


I never really had long relationships, my my last relationship was like a little under two years and that was. Long Island is a long time. Yeah, it was like a year and eight months longer than every other relationship. So but also I would say you're not in the same city anymore. Yeah. If you're not in the same city, you're not in the same state, you're not going to run into them. But yeah, if I ran into I mean, I just say your name or whatever, if I ran into Kendall on a date.


It would be pretty awkward. It would be really awkward, awkward as that have deal, I not when I'm going on another date.


No, but like just in general, just running on and running into someone. And they've been on a date before, like, hi.


Oh, Bailey, you had seen like an X and then they're on a date. Is that like what was it like? How did that make you feel? Oh, I was perfectly fine with it, but I think it's because I'm the one that was like, it's not gonna work out. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


But it's just so awkward. So I couldn't imagine being at my wedding.


This was like my happiest day in the family and friends being, like, super vulnerable and being like, by the way, especially if they're not in a good deal, have a really good relationship.


So, I mean, I'm pretty sure we're all on the same page here. We're not inviting our exes to our weddings.


On to our next topic. There's a new rom com on Netflix, Emily and Paris. Now, I don't watch. I might watch because I do like a rom com occasionally.


So why are you getting unflashy like you do watch Avellino parents, don't you?


I don't watch it, but I might. I might, so I don't watch. But I came across an article how in it they dissed the Chicago deep dish pizza chain. Lou Malnati's making fun of them, saying it's a quiche made of cement, which is actually kind of a funny joke.


But the owner of Lou Malnati's, Mark Mollenard, he got very offended, saying it felt heartless and not humorous in the midst of covid-19. So, Mrs. covid-19, I feel like everybody's using Colvert for everything and. It was a funny joke, like, why can't we joke anymore? And I know people are going to think that I'm going to take the side of the Chicago deep dish pizza place because I'm from Chicago and I eat all the time, but I'm not that big of a fan of deep dish to begin with.


I think it's overrated, but I feel like why why is everybody so sensitive? Like, I feel like that's too sensitive, right? I don't think it's too sensitive. And as an opinion, tell us. All right, go ahead. I think I know that the actress was just saying her lines and she was a character, so I don't think she should get any I don't think she should be put down because she's saying her script. That's not her personal opinion.


So I do think to some degree like this shouldn't have been blown up as much as it has. But I do see the side of the restaurant and they're like, hey, like you could have just used like a made up name. Like, why do you have to target us saying that, like, our pizza sucked or whatever? Like, that's not nice. That's that's like hurting the business in a sense. Like if someone went on Instagram, it was like, oh, Hannah and cauliflower and and's but Hannah's cookies, Hannah, Buffalo, cauliflower, Hannah and any of my recipes that they said like it tasted like cement, I'd be like, oh OK.


Like that kind of hurts my feelings. Why not just keep that to yourself. Why do you have to go out publicly and say, my recipe sucks like that would hurt my feelings. I'd be definitely salty. I mean, I definitely I see both sides like I agree. I feel like they could have used any restaurant name or just make something up. It would have been great. But also it's kind of fun when you're watching a show and you could kind of relate and hear the name like, oh my gosh, I know that place.


I it does suck that they said something like negative about it because I mean I would to exactly.


I know that place. I don't want to eat there because you're the man but you're a popular restaurant.


You're going to not not everybody is going going to be pleased with your food.


But does it suck. This is my point. Does it suck? Does Lou Malnati's pizza suck? Yeah. And my personal opinion, I'm not a fan. OK, we'll see. I was going try to help them out. I was like, if your pizza didn't suck and like, everyone thought I did it, then I tried it and they were expecting for it to taste like cement. And then it tastes like heaven, then that would be like really, really good for you because you're you're not a character.


You're not on a you're not on a movie, a TV show or whatever on a podcast. But that's your personal opinion and that's fine. Ever going to personal opinion. But to go after like to write that in a script. Oh, I'm going to write this. I'm going to do this. Pizza company is a little like intentional. Call it something else. I agree.


Then it does that it loses a little bit of its credibility because like you said, I do like hearing that, like, oh, wow, I know that restaurant, that restaurant actually exists as opposed to a fake restaurant.


Yeah. Yeah, I do. I see that.


But is associating like a negative comment like now in my mind I'm like, oh, this place in Chicago, what is it called, Lou Malnati's.


But think about it this way. They have in my mind, I think it tastes like cement now. OK, I'm probably going to try it, but they also have ten they also have ten restaurants or fifteen restaurants, whatever it is.


I don't know the exact amount, so don't quote me on it. But they're very successful. So there's a lot of people that do like their pizza. So, you know, no press is bad press like. I don't know. I think I mean, if I'm going to Chicago, I'm definitely going to hit them up. I'm going to go by the restaurant and I'm going to take a taste test. And really, this business, if it's good, then I hope we can change people's opinion.


And if it's bad, I'm not going on Instagram and talk bad about it because this is good, hardworking, family owned business. It's just trying to make better, trying to serve some pizzas, trying to like, you know, make their lives better living, trying to make a living. I caught my hands for I don't know, I was watching your stories and I see you're doing a lot of baking.


It looks great. But one of your spider cookies, OK.


Oh, oh, that's right. A spider cookie. And I was like, honestly, this doesn't taste good.


You like it's not like why would you be that offended? I mean, you just if you went on your public platform and went away way, I was like, oh, this spider, because he has like way too much sugar. And I'd be like, Joe, keep your opinion to yourself. OK, shut up, please. Honestly, when I was actually I was going to make. What about all the products we generally review, you want to give an honest opinion to people, right?


I do. Right, right. I'm an honest person. If I try something, it doesn't taste good, going to be like, hey, it doesn't really taste good.


I'll say it to my own my own food that I cook. Like, I made a breakfast sandwich this morning. It was great.


But there's times where I make sandwiches and they're not they're not as good. I feel like people should just be honest.


I'm all about improvement. But when you're going out of your way to tear someone down, that's just trying to work hard, trying to do something for themselves. I agree. But I don't think that was the intention of the show. But that owner of the pizza chain, I feel for him because he's waking up every morning and he's bustiers, but he's making these pizza chains like he's he's really trying to build a name for himself, you know, getting paid.


No, he is Busmalis, but trying to make a living, OK, and he doesn't want a silly old Netflix show to talk bad about his business. I completely agree with you. I'm here. Let's go support what is it called the gony or whatever.


OK, how about and maybe we can get them to send us a pizza and then we can try it for ourselves. Have you guys watched Emily in Paris?


I love the damn show. I cannot stop I now.


Oh wow.


Favorite rom com. Go ahead. I want to hear your guys favorite rom coms and I love how to lose a guy in ten days. What can you think of anything? Oh, the proposal, one of my all time favorite rom coms in the entire universe, Harry Met Sally.


Oh, that's a good one.


At one house I loved. Devil Wears Prada is my favorite. I like Devil Wears Prada. So good. All right.


And now the about rom coms. We actually have the best couple ever coming on the show right now. Our guests, you know, these two dudes from the world of reality TV, they are cast mates, their best pros, and they are now even business partners. And if they didn't already share enough, they also have the same freakin name. Please give a warm welcome to Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandwell.


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So this is just me slowly coming out of my hermitage. It's good to have a little more human interaction. I don't think I've done a podcast in a year. It's been a while.


Gosh, I'm glad you guys are in the same room right now.


Yes, we've been we've been working together on stuff throughout this whole situation. We we did cameos initially. We raised money for our Tom-Tom employees, ended up getting up to about 50 grand. We have employees. And then and then we've just been working on other stuff. We have a whiskey coming out and we've been working on.


I'll stop. I'm such a whiskey girl.


It's early on in the process, but early on we just finished the packaging and stuff and we finished and we finished the packaging. It's already been made and we're basically going to be doing our promo shoot for it. We're doing a blended bourbon and we're doing a rye. It's a very unique rights. It's actually kind of has a slight taste to it.


So I am really curious about this new whiskey coming out. What's the tasting like for it? Like is that like a fun day where you go and you taste different whiskeys? Like is like what's your combination?


So, OK, so when you're when you're tasting, when you're doing cocktails or tasting different spirits in general, it's kind of like going like cologne or perfume shopping. OK, you can only do a certain amount per day because after a while they all start to taste the same with cocktails. What we do is we can only get through about five in a day or maybe six at the most, because then when we were when we were making cocktails or Tom-Tom, I mean, we made a good like created a good like 40 different cocktails.


But what happened was what would happen is you'd start making them and it's our sixth, seventh drink. And you're like, yeah, yeah, well, put it on the menu. Everything's great. You think Rosie was all the same? So we were creating this cocktail, which we did. We would I would take this and we'd be like, OK, that's right. That we feel like we're in a great spot with that. So what I would do is I would strain all the ice out of it, put it in like a glass and market, and I put it in the fridge and then we move on to the next cocktail.


Then we would keep it in the fridge overnight and shake it the next day and say, OK, is this string still good? And we would try them in reverse order. So we would so so we could see, like if it was good the following day that we knew and some of them or not. You guys, first of all, I ran on the record, not a big fan of Tom wanted to make a cocktail rant. No way was so gross.


Well, what was in it again? It had beaches and ranch and the ranch in it. It like separated and it turned into a bit. So you're like you take a drink of chewing on your nose.


Is that the craziest cocktail you've ever created is an abomination?


No, I'm definitely not. There's definitely been some flaming ones. Yeah, that one was pretty that was pretty crazy and just a complete failure. He's more outlandish to me. Needs to be real back in sometimes.


Let's do this. What is your drink on your worst day and what is your drink on your best day?


I love that question. You probably the same thing I got.


I listen, I think it's it's no secret that we like to drink, we like to booze. But as I've grown older, I won't say matured, but as I've grown older, I've started to like bourbon and whiskey a lot more like it's always been like, come on, have one or two just like feel comforted and warm and grounded. But now it's slowly becoming like my go to drink tonight. Well of course this was like the life that's that's our baby.


Yeah. Light beer is great on my best day and my worst. That's like our blanky like.


Yeah I like that when I'm golfing. It's a good one. My thing that's the only time I have a Coors Light beer pong is only that. But I don't do that very often right now. And honor. Oh The Bachelor Bachelorette. We are drinking a cocktail called The Alchemy Rose.


Oh this is it. This is at Tom-Tom. It's on the menu. It's. Tom, it's also in the fancy cocktail belt that Arianna and I came out with lots of plugs. Well, funny story.


I've been to TomTom's before. I absolutely loved it. And what makes this story funny is I saw you guys there and I was so starstruck and nervous I could even go up and say hi to you guys. But it was beautiful, like the cocktails were good, the aesthetics, and then I saw you guys over at the bar. I'm like, Oh my word, that's Tom and Tom. I can't. I can't. And now I'm here to be interviewing you.


You guys are awesome.


Thank you so much. Yeah, it's a barrier entry is very is very thin.


It's very low. We're like the most approachable guys. Yeah. That's the thing about us is that we're so approachable. Like if we were in a room and like Channing Tatum was in the same room, people would be like, oh my gosh, Tatum. But they will come right up to us. They'd be like, Toms, we're taking a shot together. Usually everybody does know, everyone knows you guys.


They all know everyone. How does it how has been having a restaurant in this time?


Because like your new restaurant owners do borrow from our owners.


What's it been like? I mean it's been the sports tired, but it's unprecedented. And I know a lot of a lot of local sports have gone out of business permanently around the valley. I've seen it in West Hollywood, all around Los Angeles. People are struggling. It's rough, but also people are evolving.


They're adapting. You guys have been going out like lately at all.


I don't know what you're no telling what happened next. Yeah, but a lot of places are starting to build outdoor seating with, like, picnic tables. And, yes, they're finding a way to survive and thrive. And it just honestly kind of sucks. It sucked. It sucked overall. I mean, look, when we obviously when we first opened up, it was so exciting. I mean, being and being in the heart of of West Hollywood.


Right. By legendary places like the Abbey. It was so exciting from the first day I picked up shorts and a motorcycle side car all the way until the expansion opening up next door. I mean, I was just which, by the way, that was one of the happiest days of my life. It was so exciting. I have a ball to pick with you, actually. I say, because whenever he recounts the story, he tells it so beautifully.


And it's so it's such a moving story. But one little detail bothers me because he always tells people the song he played is There Goes Your Hero. And the reason he plays it because he thinks my favorite movie is Varsity Blues and it's not my varsity blues.


I love it. I love it. Like, I love a bag of, like, maybe cheese Doritos or something. It's company. So not at all. It's a good one. But I know what's up there with, like, full intention. Yes. It's not like it's it's not it's not like Shawshank Redemption or like movies or it's like overall like are once upon a time in Hollywood. But it's it's like that nostalgic sort of ideal. Good movie.


I love it. I just I just want to be on the record shows. No, I'm not Regina George. It's not my favorite movie. But I do think that James VanDerBeek is criminally underrated and I love him. He is great. Have you guys seen that show? What would Diplo do?


He plays Diablo and now I recommend it.


It's ok. Well, OK. Sorry. Wait, did you guys spend a lot of things during quarantine?


I've actually been doing a ton of action movies because before all this happened. Yeah, thank God I did this, but I built like a gym at my house because that's not like a lot of great gyms around where I live. So I wanted to have a gym house and it's a great gym. It's awesome. Your lighting, treadmill, bike, weight machines rack. It's got Jamie Dorians sex dungeon vibe.


So basically when I get up in the morning, usually, like Schwartz will come over and we workout and we'll throw in like an action movie. I got like a surround sound on there. So be like we're like lifting and watching, like, oh my God, I like you.


She's going to get the adrenaline pumping the astral because you want to be. I just one thing. I've found myself developing some really bad habits, especially in regards to eating and drinking through all this. How are you guys splitting up in regards to your daily routines and your in your mental your mental health?


Talk to us, you guys.


My date, my daily routine is all over the place, constantly changing.


But yes, drinking is I will have an afternoon drink almost every day if you're on it.


But you know what? It makes me feel good. Good about myself, so I like that pour a cocktail and I am a I'm a mezcal guy. Yeah.


Do you guys feel during covid you've been more creative with creating cocktails? And I know santaville you have a book. Cocktail book.


Yeah. Fancy. Yeah, actually I do. I mean, I feel like there's definitely been times when I've had mixed sessions where we just get together and I mean I have like man well over one hundred different bottles, like well over one hundred different bottles of alcohol over there. Yeah. I called the lab. Yeah. Wow.


How long have you been a bartender for. I have.


Then I would say I started bartending and so like probably since like 12 or. Yeah.


Yeah. I mean some shit since a bit. How are you guys, how are you guys going from going out partying, owning a bar, a restaurant then being stuck at home for what, seven months.


Well, one of the things I started doing, especially early on, obviously now we're in a different place than we were six months ago, like six months ago, where, like, if I go outside, am I going to get it immediately? I'm wiping down everything I get from the grocery store. Everybody's in, like, apocalypse mode, like nobody's going on. Nobody is seeing anybody whatsoever. So, you know, what I would do is I work out, I do whatever around the house, and then I would just get ready and, like, go to the gas station.


So I know.


Would it help me? It helped me. I would get ready and cook dinner, like I would, like, take a shower, fix my hair or whatever. And then I would like. Big spenders go to the gas station or just get my car and drive around and then just come back. Arianna would be like, what do you what are you doing? And I'm like, the gas station. And I'm just going to drive around. And that is so funny.


I remember when I left my house for the first time just to go get gas. I haven't got gas in two weeks and I record it. And I was like, I'm such a rebel, I'm going to go get gas to get back inside. And like, OK, OK, I'm going back. But it's just so crazy how you go from, I'm sure, like nightlife, like having a bar. It's just so much like people energy.


There are some things that I've learned that I don't think I'll ever go back to when we go to Tom-Tom, on average, every person I met, especially guys, every guy that I would shake their hand on average three times. Three times.


Oh, so I guess Sentebale dude, I love you, man. Like, wow, so nice. And you shake my hand and then you tell me be like, dude, I got to tell you, I love the show. Shake my hand again and then we take a picture and then and then as we're like the party did a very nice meeting and shake my hand again three times. What a shot together. Like a shot glass. Not anymore.


Nope, nope, nope. And those days are over. Say that it's over and it's October on the norm. I would have been sick at least twice. I would have definitely gotten sick after Coachella, probably after life and sometime in between that. So I would have been like one time, probably in May, April, April, May and then maybe another time, like in the middle of July and then again in like September. So I have not been sick once this year.


I mean, I, I get tested almost every week, every other week. But that's one thing that I don't I'm not going back to. I am not shaking anybody's hand anymore unless like closing like a big deal or something doesn't speak for me. I'm yearning for human contact. That was like one of my favorite things. I'll do this.


Nice to me. I'm not a natural mothering hugger, but I am a hugger. And like, when people come in, we get people that are often like these guys or they're just about to go on their honeymoon or they're celebrating an engagement. Right. Or, you know, it's their birthday. Lots of twenty first birthdays that are celebrating like milestones in their lives and they're on this awesome national high. Sometimes that's unnatural, too.


I just I miss embracing other human beings and just indulging in getting lost in those moments. And now I'm going to have to be a little more precautious and neurotic and like, I don't know. It's the one thing that really kills me, guys, is that there's not really a clear end to this. Like, I know we're going to get through the most cliche comment at all in this together. We're going to get through it. But it's not going to be like one day where everything's just like Dory.


No, we go back to normal. It's going to be gradual, slow process. And that's kind of hard for me to grasp.


So were you planning on, like, possibly expanding before the Cauvin because everything was going super well and maybe the location?


Yeah, we had just literally just expanded. Fortunately, we were able to to have people coming. Let's come in for like a two months, three months and a little over two months. We just opened the expansion. It was kind of like this. How do you describe backstab? Well, it's the romantic industrial beautiful, but it was a little more like rainforest chic. Yeah. We're like, oh, wow. Enchanted Forest.


Oh, I saw the garden. There's like a garden back there. Yeah. Yeah, it's really weird, but it just it was it really took the wind out of our sales. But this is sort of coming from a place of privilege. We're OK. I mean, we're going to be OK. A lot of restaurants, bars aren't. Yeah, we're still I mean, we're still currently closed down. Hopefully we can open back up slowly and carefully in the next month or so because we do have outdoor areas and we want to we want to definitely get get our employees.


A lot of our employees went back to like Hannah, you're back visiting. Your parents know a lot of our a lot of our employees have gone back, had some go back to St. Louis or to New York to stay with their their families and get rid of their places. Because what we want to bring people back and we want them we don't want them to not be making our unemployment. So we'll keep them under a certain amount of hours, week, weeks.


They can still get their unemployment, but still make some extra money and obviously want them. We want them to feel comfortable and safe. A lot of people still don't feel safe going out to bars and restaurants, and so it's kind of the main thing. Yeah, yeah, there's a lot of there's a lot of variables here.


It's kind of stressful is, you know, you guys we were actually just talking about this is going to be a different change of subject. Yeah.


So we were just talking about bringing exes to events. And I know that you guys kind of have like a really close, tight knit group where some of you guys have actually dated each other and work with each other and all that jazz. But I just want to know how close is too close for you guys when it comes to your ex?


Well, would you invite them to your wedding?


Would you invite them to play here? We do. And we use a funny part. You know, obviously, we all started off. It was basically me, Schwartz and Jaxx, which we live together, basically became best friends. I've known Jacks. I mean, I've known him for about 20 years now and. Then I was with my girlfriend and her two best friends were with my two best friends, basically is what Sports Katis, Westworks and Jacksonville Stassi.


So it started off that way. And then right when we first started filming Season one, literally the second day of filming, we had all these ideas of how the show was going to go. Like it was like, OK, guys, we're not going to talk about this when I could talk like this. Scared or so scared.


It was uncharted territory. Yeah, obviously. And so it was so funny. Like, right. One day to a filming season one Jackson Stassi broke up and shit hit the fan. And immediately it was like all that went out the door and oh my gosh. And we all did have to create a huge divide in our group of friends. We all had to kind of be around each other. That's like even my first season for season one.


So, you know, like normally on a normal situation, I would prefer not to see my ex for like a good year when we broke up, like, I'd rather just not see them just just get over that on both sides. But that was not the case with our with our show. And I'm sure you guys have had similar situations being on Bachelor Bachelorette and also, like I would assume, Bachelor in Paradise is very, very tumultuous in that situation.


I'm I'm with you. I, I need a clean break. I need give me a year to year and and let me figure things out. And then we could be friends.


But I think it's difficult.


Yeah, it is bizarre. But we also have we have so much history together too. And we do have an underlying love for each other. Even if, you know, there's often times when we do hate each other and we want to kill each other. But there's a lot of history and a deep connection, a deep rooted connection there. So, yeah. And no, you're right. And there's also there's also a this weird sort of level of respect that we kind of have for each other, because even though we might not all be getting along at a particular moment in time, at the end of the day, there is a respect because everybody, whether we're friends or not, is all really putting themselves out there.


So if they're doing that. Yeah, and it's like, I can't I can't help but respect them, even if we're, like, butting heads or not agreeing or just broke up or whatever.




Right. Especially when everything's being captured in front of the whole world to see. And judge, has your life changed at all since cameras aren't in your life right now?


Oh, well, I'm a bit more peaceful and enjoying some time apart by Vanderpump Rules standards, by our group of friends standards, I should say.


It's been the most calm. Yeah, six months, because obviously our priorities and our concerns have shifted significantly. And we're all trying to navigate this strange time and do the best we can to stay positive. And so we're starting to feel it right now. I don't know what's happening.


I feel like I need that. I feel like I know I'm jealous.


We need to be in this fund. I didn't prepare you guys. Can I ask you a question?


What with pop culture references and minds and not to make light of this situation, this awful pandemic, when was it like when did it become real, real for you maybe with a pop culture reference in mind, like any stand out in your mind? What do you mean? Like for me, warning of the pandemic. Yeah. Yeah, sorry about that. Once they cancel Coachella, I was like, oh my God, what's Tom Hanks got coronaviruses.


I was like, this is real.


This is real. Yeah, great question. I don't know.


I say for me, I think once they canceled Spawn's one, sports was like, yeah, more sports. I was like, well, this shit's serious. Yeah, right. That's billions of dollars. Once they're canceling something that creates billions of dollars of revenue, you know, that shit's real. Yeah.


I think for me was like when I see when people are getting sick and whatnot, but like it was like when 4th of July came around. Fourth of July is a really big deal in Orange County. I feel like everyone's on the water with the boats and like and literally nobody had planned with. Well, I'm just giving my sweats and Hamet how for me is when the beach is closed in Los Angeles. Yeah, that was so hard I could even go to the beach.


What have you guys gotten any good news during this time or has it just been all kind of like one thing that has happened during this whole pandemic is the rarer the mushrooms have become, the whole city's dried up.


It's like like like a currency. Why do they keep them in moderation? We're talking we're not like losing our minds on a weekly basis. Shots, mushrooms.


I like I like the way this podcast is going to be the best, literally some of the best ideas. And I've held myself accountable after taking mushrooms. I seriously like I think they're honestly like micro dosing mushrooms has been like an amazing thing for me.


And they're doing I mean, they're they've made a lot of progress in regards to researching how psilocybin can help with addiction, depression, PTSD, lots of good stuff people want to read up on out there, the conversations, the ideas, the things that come up with in that state of mind with my friends like and I've done. I can't even talk about all the things that I've done because they're in the works right now. And I have to like, make sure creative, very creative and also very accountable.


We have to get into this Hanah, where I know I am in a muse. I mean, this might be the key thing.


Piggybacking off what Tom was saying like this, we'll say this has been a good and sometimes not so good time for self reflection, introspection, and just like thinking about reassessing what's important to you and where you see yourself in the next, I hate to say it out loud.


I know it's my worst rated question.


Where do you see yourself in five years? I always am hopefully alive. Yes.


So, yeah, maybe I get a little too much time to think lately. I need to stop. I need to get out of my. And now I'm back into analysis paralysis again. It happens from time to time and I just need to do more and stop thinking. I put too much time to thank you guys.


Well you were saying that you became kind of like a hermit during all this stuff and now you're starting to slowly come out. This is something that we all kind of experience. I know I definitely did this down.


This is our coming out party, your guys podcast, Tatia Party.


You guys had a little party. One thing one thing we do on this podcast is we talk about pop culture. Do you guys have a moment in pop culture that shaped your life?


Since we're getting a little philosophical, I want to talk about like a video, some artist, maybe something that is a show.


I have a couple. I don't know. I mean, they go way back. I remember growing up, I went to Catholic school and I thought, like. I remember we had to make these like, well, like we had to make these like bag puppets of, like somebody we thought was a hero and I made mine George Michael, because back in the day, I literally thought George Michael was like the coolest dude ever. And my parents stood over my parents.


I mean, I was like fourth grade. My parents got divorced and my dad started dating this girl. And she said, I'll give you a diamond. If you if you pierce your ear, you get your ears pierced. So my dad got his ear and I was like, not dead. You got your hair. So that means I should able to get my ear pierced. So you let me get my ear. Give me. All right.


Yeah, that's awesome. Give me a gold a gold chain with a cross on it. And I showed up the Catholic school, very strict, very strict Catholic school, first day wearing that cross off my necklace and put it in my ear. And I had dangling cross in my school uniform with my spiked hair, showed up the first day of school, and they were like, the fuck is going on here with this kid? Like, they immediately called me the principal, looking like it was a big deal.


So George Michael was like a huge inspiration to me as a young kid. And then also I'll never forget, like when I first saw it, like Fight Club. And I remember thinking, like, obviously Cool Tensions was a huge style movie for, like, every guy, like wanted to be Ryan Philippe back then.


And I didn't dig his hair so hot and the style and everything. And then and then obviously, like Fight one fight club came out. It was like, dude, I want to look like Brad Pitt and Fight Club, but also like every dude, Brad Pitt, straight or whatever. I thought he was like so fucking sexy. Like he's like, dude, this guy's so fucking sexy, is aging like a fine wine.


And, you know, I was going to say he was he still is.


He meant that. But that was like the first time I was like, dude, this guy's Clooney or he's hot.


I go Clooney over Pitt.


Clooney, man, I remember Clooney just got that start up. So obviously Brad Pitt does, too, but they were both just porn stars there.


So I feel like they glow when they go, yeah, yeah, man, your attention and they light that room up. I wish I had that much in the same thing.


Sean Schwartz, for you. Besides besides blues. So what does your pop culture does you honestly.


So lately I've been waking up way to like four or five in the morning and I'll listen to podcast so much that I listen to and love. And today I woke up super early again and this one called Supernatural.


If you guys ever heard of that with and something now but supernatural, they were doing that. You were talking about the curse of King Tutankhamen's tomb. So I don't know if you guys know King Tut. When they found it, they found his tomb in nineteen twenty two. And it was like I didn't I've learned about it growing up and everything in their songs about it and stuff. I didn't realize what a pop culture, global phenomenon it was, you know, like they called it tut mania and it swept America especially.


But it was huge all around. Like what. Like ninety radio and the newspapers were king like mass media was just blowing up because it was the most beautiful sarcophagus they'd ever found.


Going back to when we were talking about pop culture and everything, I didn't realize what a sensation it was around the world. And just like I mean, Tut mania was real.


What's what's going on with that picture in the background? There's no turning back. Once you find out I'm in it, I'm in it.


Now, this is a picture that Schwartz had a commission. He commissioned that, and that is James Earl Jones. This is a sexy body as a woman. What happened was I so I told so I woke up one morning. I had this dream where me and James Earl Jones were basically like this old like married couple, been together forever. And we like we're getting I remember we we had like these like velvet red sheets and or blank whatever.


I think we're out of water now. And we had to go to a birthday party.


So we got together, we went to this birthday party and then we came home. And James Earl Jones was like a woman from down there, from the waist down, from the waist down, like I really saw in insertion. We were having sex.


This is an intimate question on my. Grow mushrooms in their. No, I work this is like you actually in your own state of mind. Yeah, yeah.


So I told this story to Arianna and then we were here in Japan. We're in Kyoto having breakfast. And Arianna told Canadian Shwartz this story.


And for my birthday, Schwartz had this lovely piece of me delivered and commemorate that dream.


I didn't want it to be like most dreams. Do I get it?


Like like I'll never forget what James Earl Jones is. The vagina looks like.


Oh, my love. And it's very transparent.


Well, you guys, it was so nice having you. So nice talking to you guys.


I love that we were able to do this. And I love that we're your first podcast back. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


We were left wanting more. Well, we'll do this in person, hopefully sooner rather than later. Absolutely. I'll say it sometime.


Absolutely. I will be there opening day and you guys tell our listeners where they could find you and what you got going on.


Now you can find me moping around Valley Village just pondering the universe. You can find me on at Sentebale One, on Twitter, on Instagram, Schwarz's. And I'm yeah, I'm coming out of my shell. I'm going to start making more content.


So, yeah, I love it. Check out check out fancy cocktails, our cocktail book. Everything's super easy, super. Very like self-explanatory. Go watch. Clear and present danger. Yes. Think about James Earl Jones that way.


Yeah. Yeah. You guys are awesome. You guys, how much fun was that to have them on? I love their dynamic, they were great and they are very I love seeing two guys that you could relate to because they've been stuck at home and you see them kind of going crazy because they were your party animals.


And I just I just relate to them. I'm like, I want to hang out with these guys.


I feel like they would be such a good time to hang out with at home. To be honest, if I was stuck with anybody in quarantine, I think that would be a good idea to be stuck with.




And it was really neat to see, like two friends that not only are great friends to each other, but also they work together so well on a professional level and they're able to like to bring their best qualities together. It definitely shows as to why it's successful. You mean? Yeah, for sure. Like, they're both super creative. They work well with each other and and they balance each other out in the right way, like a cocktail. Jealous of the James Earl Jones picture.


That painting. I want that painting in my apartment.


I'm a little concerned for Zindel, the fact that he had such a vivid dream regarding James Earl Jones. But it's a painting in his house now. And it's kind of a funny thing to talk about.


Thank you guys so much for hanging out with us today. We had so much fun. We can't wait to see you back here next week for more juicy headlines and awesome guests.


And you already know the drill, go follow us on Social Act. Click Baby. And on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we're dropping all sorts of fun stuff and we want to hear from you. And last but certainly not least, don't forget to subscribe to our podcast on Spotify, Apple podcast, The Wonder App, or wherever you listen to your podcast.