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Hailu Weirdo's, it's Ashton Ilina, the host of Crime Countdown, it has been such a fun year of doing this amazing show, we've had some crazy and interesting countdown's the fun, the wild and the downright macabre.


We'll be back on Monday, January 4th, with a brand new episode. But until then, here's one of our personal favorites we wanted to share with all of you. Enjoy. Everyone wants to be part of the club, the Girl Scouts, Phi Beta Kappa, the local golf course, there's just something about the feeling of belonging, of being part of a group. Sure.


Clubs bring like minded people together, but unfortunately, sometimes that leads to dangerous groupthink and sometimes groupthink leads to murder. Today's crimes were all committed by clubs, but you probably know them by a different name. Cults, deadly cults, that is. We love a good cult.


The thing about cults is they're never initially supposed to be about killing. But somehow in so many cults, people wind up dead. It's horrifying, but it keeps happening. Like I said, everyone just wants to be part of the club. Hey, all you weirdoes, welcome to the podcast Original Crime Countdown.


I'm Ash and I'm every week will highlight 10 fascinating stories of history's most engaging and unsettling crimes, all picked by the podcast Research Gods.


And today's topic is the top ten deadliest cults.


Ash, you were part of a cult once, weren't you? If I remember correctly. Not that I can remember. Are you sure? Weren't you a high school cheerleader, remember? OK, that does not count.


I'm just saying. But for real, though, what's your favorite color? You know, I love the man. I would have hopped right on that bus.


How could I forget with flowers in your hair, you'd be on that van. Exactly.


Would you go into a cult, do you think? Cults stress me out. And I think it's just all the people involved. Yeah, I could see that you're like an introvert, so I truly am. I don't think I would thrive in a cult. And I'd like to think, even though this is probably false, since so many people end up in cults, I'd like to think because they are so predictable with their playbook that I'd like I'd be able to get away from it like, no, no, but it's happening.


I got that right. I would think so. I see that for you. I see myself becoming part of one by accident. Yeah.


I mean, as soon as, like, Charlie Manson is like strumming a guitar and handing you a flower crown, I think you'd be like, well, OK. I mean, I'm a sucker for a beach boy wannabe.


The only bummer is I like all these cults, the same message. It's like it's the apocalypse, it's the end times. And that's just not fun for me.


They love a good doomsday. These cults, they do. So the fun part about this cult countdown, like always, is that we only know half of the countdown. So we're going to be learning half of the countdown right along with you.


Let's start the countdown. Ten. I'll get us started with number 10, the Fall River Satanic cult, specifically its member, Robin Murphy. In 1980, Murphy, along with a man named Carl Drew, brutally murdered Murphy's girlfriend, Karen Marsden, as part of a satanic killing.


I've heard of this one.


This one's like kind of a hometown kind of one. I was going to say Massachusetts represent. I guess let's not.


So this was during that awesome satanic panic time of the 80s, early 90s, where everyone, including Geraldo Rivera, assumed you were the devil.


You wore black. You know, that funtime where we would have been arrested? I was going to say we would not have survived all this time. Definitely not.


The murder of Catherine Marsden was horrific. Yeah, it was horrific.


It was gruesome. Member Robin Murphy, this is really gross.


Cut Marsden's throat and then Carl Drew literally tore her head off her body. Oh, my God. Yeah, this was no joke. Yeah. Carl Drew was a known violent turd, you don't say.


Yeah. And he was controlling a small group of local sex workers at the time. Robin Murphy was one of them. She banked on that satanic panic thing and said she was possessed by Satan during the murder or she never would have done it.


Oh, what a good excuse. Yeah, it's a great excuse. It was alleged that Robin Murphy also had a role in other murders and that these were also done as offerings for the soul of Satan. Oh, good.


Just really going for that satanic panic thing. Murphy must have had something on her side because she ended up cutting a deal with prosecutors. How so? She did this because she said that she would testify against Drew for a lighter sentence.


She got it. Are you serious?


Yep, she got it and was released on parole in 2004. I don't think I knew that part. Well, here's the good thing. She quickly violated that parole.


Good, good. Because all of a sudden you're looking behind you like look where she is.


Where is she? She ended up going back to prison, but she's eligible to apply for parole again in two thousand and twenty two too soon, says Suzume. That's next year. Don't like it? No, thank you. Know, this year's been good enough already. Yeah, we're done. Nine. At number nine is a cult that famously had a deadly exchange with the federal agents at their complex near Waco, Texas, the Branch Davidian. They were wild for sure.


Originally, federal law enforcement agents went to arrest the group's leader, David Koresh, which sparked a deadly shootout that turned into a 51 day standoff. And that ended on April 19th, 1993, when the members burned the building down.


Not a good outcome, not a good omen at all. They were wild. And from start to finish, they had about 130 members that lived on a 77 acre compound.


Instead of starting a cult, they should have just used that acreage for something like a sick basketball tournament or just like a little like or like a huge petting zoo actually worked.


Lots of picnics, just something pure. Exactly.


While David Koresh, the leader of the pack, had about two hundred and fifty weapons on the compound, which is why the ATF had it out there in the first place to arrest him.


Yeah, it seems excessive. It definitely does. You don't need that much there. Visit sparked a deadly shootout which killed four agents of the ATF and six of the Branch Davidian members.


The shootout ended up turning into a 51 day standoff that finally came to an end on April 19th, 1993. And that's when the members, including their leader, burned the building down. That's intense, right?


Like way find a way too. Well, because of the way the FBI handled this, the American people really changed the way they saw the government. They thought that law enforcement had used poor judgment and excessive force. And actually the Branch Davidian still exists today. Whoa. Yeah.


Isn't that crazy? That's terrifying. Actually, it's from the last nine that survived. And now they call themselves Branch, the Lord of our righteousness.


No righteous has like another meaning and all. But every time I hear it, I just think of something being like righteous, so righteous.


I just think of like the Lord of our righteousness, the.


Eight number eight on our list of deadly cults takes us back to 1989 when authorities found several bodies killed as human sacrifices on a ranch in the Mexican city of Matamoros near the US border. When they questioned suspects about an American victim, Mark Kilroy, they led police to Adolfo DeJesus Constancio, the 26 year old leader of the cult. Wow. That's young for a leader who's going to say getting started really early, like, OK, the other leader was Sarah LGT, who was a student at Texas s most college.


She was known as, quote, the Witch O say.


Yeah, which is a nickname I can totally get behind.


But she is not a person that I can get behind. No, definitely not. The cult took their cues from a film called The Believers. I looked this up because I had never heard of the believers, but I never have either. It's from the late 80s and it's about a cult who sacrifices kids for power and success cashable. So you can already see that this is not awesome. They literally organized screenings of this film for cult members. OK, this cult also looked at human sacrifices in the same way as a method to bring them fortune, protect them from the police, bring them things they wanted.


Oh, there was a killing shack at the ranch where all the bodies were found and it was a nightmare in there. A lot of decomposed bodies, decapitated, hanged bodies, throat slashed, shot, stabbed, missing organs, missing limbs. Think of it. And it was happening in there.


Yeah, that's like all the recipe. That's the full on recipe for a nightmare. Yeah. That's just like here you go to sprinkle a little bit of each of those things. Yeah. Just everywhere you look, you're like, oh, it gets worse. Like the American victim, Mark Kilroy was found in there and he had had his brain removed and boiled in a pot. No, thank you. Leader Costanzo specifically asked for a, quote, Anglo male because they said that it was going to add sacrificial powers.


It's going to make it more strong, OK? That's why they brought Kilroy in and killed them. OK, gotcha. So there were accouterments of Santería, which is an underground Caribbean religion and black magic that were found in the in the shack. OK, there was a lot of things that were saying they were not dealing in in good stuff. Yeah, doesn't sound like it. Yeah, no joke. Seven well, at number seven this week is the infamous Manson family who in the summer of 1969 committed a series of brutal murders in Los Angeles.


The murders were at the direction of Charles Manson, a wannabe singer musician living in the desert with his, quote, family of devoted young women and men.


For some reason, he always gets lumped in with serial killers. I know. He really does. He does. And he's not. He's just like a dirty little murderous rat. I know.


I have to remember not to call him a serial killer in front of you so that you don't. So I don't get angry.


Well, this one happens to be my favorite true crime case. So Manson really got full on vicious after having a super messed up childhood and after his rejection from the music industry. It's like everybody's been turned down for something to just move on. Well, he was turned down by the Beach Boys, so that's like a.. That's kind of a big turn down. Big turn. Now turn down for that. Yeah, turn down for that for sure.


Well, he would use the Manson girls to lure other men into the group until they formed this big family. The family was living at Spahn Ranch, which at fifty five acres used to be a movie ranch where they would film Westerns. They brought it way down. Yeah. As we all know, drug use was instrumental in Charlie Manson's control over this group. Belladonna is a hell of a drug.


Seriously, I don't recommend it. Do not. So as everybody was tripping, Manson would preach about Helter Skelter, which is what he said was going to basically be the start of a race war. Imagine just being like, hey, everybody. So this Beatles song feels like it's telling me to murder a bunch of people and start a race war around everybody. And then the world's going to end and we're going to be the only ones living like, are you guys in?


And then imagine everybody being like, hell, yeah. Let's go to and just imagine people being like, I don't question that at all.


Absolutely. That's a cult. That's when you know you're in a cult. Yeah. Call your dad as my favorite writer. Yeah, exactly. Well, he thought at the end of this war, the Mansons would rule the world and the murder of Sharon Tate ended up bringing this case crazy media attention because she was a pregnant movie star at the time. That's so sad. Yeah, it was really sad. She was so beautiful.


It hurt. Yeah. For real. So that is No.7. Where are we headed to? Six. Also on our list of deadly cults at number six is Marcus Wesson. On March 12th, 2004, police found nine bodies piled in a back room in Wesson's Fresno, California, home.


Among them were two adults and seven young children.


Oh, no. Yeah, this one's a real I mean, they're all bombers, but this is like a straight up bummer sub like it.


So making sure to really hammer home his evil status. Wesson allegedly had fathered several of those children with his own daughters and nieces. Are you serious? Yeah.


He was like really hitting a home run in the gross. Yeah, that's just like way up there. You don't bring incest into the cult. So how did they all end up dead in a black room, in a house?


Well, two of his nieces showed up at his home to get their own children and somehow this ended up in mass murder. How not real. Sure. Well, how does it escalate to that level?


Escalated real fast, for real.


During his trial, his sons talked about him like he was this great father, great guy, which like I'm going to disagree.


I feel as though they were confused or paid off, you know, cult. Yeah, there it is. They're happy. But the rumors were that basically he led his entire family like a cult. I mean, he was making his nieces and daughters sleep with him and fathering children with them. So that's cultish as hell. Mm hmm.


It soon came out that he was holding long and very mandatory Bible studies that lasted for like hours and hours. Oh, no, but this wasn't your typical Bible study, OK? It wasn't just straight teaching it. Tell me what happened. He was teaching that Jesus was a vampire.


You know, I've never heard that version before. I haven't heard that super metal like before.


It a weird, but OK.


I'm not convinced that he is the worst person ever. Are you not?


I mean, I'm pretty convinced. Figure there's more, but there's more.


Oh, he had staged a DIY wedding with Elizabeth Wesson, who at the time was eight years old. Nope. Nope. Got to go by.


I got to leave my ovaries here. He's a monster of the highest order.


Yeah. When police arrested him, he came from the house, just came out of the house, covered in blood all over his clothes and was just like, what was he to a vampire? Maybe, possibly even worse. I never know. Well, I don't really want to find out. I don't know. This is really intense and to be honest, I think the podcast research gods have done a good job so far. I think they're killing it so far, especially because they gave me Charlie Manson and they didn't even know.


They didn't even know. But they did know because they know it and they know in the podcast research gods.


And you know what? I'm really excited that they gave me the Fall River one because, again, not represent or represent Massachusetts.


I was going to say, like, don't represent but like hometown murder. Exactly. It's fine.


So I think we might be heading into the top five and I'm a little terrified. Are you scared? I'm scared. I'm scared.


I don't know how they're going to beat all the ones we've already done. I mean, they've done a really good job so far.


I'm terrified. Let's do it. Let's get it. Five. All right, let's jump back in with number five, Aum Shinrikyo, during the morning rush hour in Tokyo on March 20th, 1995, members of Shinrikyo, a doomsday cult, carried five bags filled with a liquid nerve agent onto the trains of one of the world's busiest underground systems.


That's a nightmare. It really is like liquid nerve agent. That's like a bad Bond villain. And can you imagine you're just on your morning commute like and you get hit with a liquid nerve agent and not OK. I don't want to imagine that.


Well, 13 people died and at least five thousand eight hundred were injured. Wow. Insane. Just like every other doomsday cult, they predicted an Armageddon where they would emerge victorious.


I'm so sick of Armageddon with these cults serious. And it's always only them that's going to come out of it. Right? It's like joint or else like it's going to be real bad for you.


But either way, it's real bad. Yeah, it's just bad. It's not good. This cult wasn't made up of your average everyday cult follower either. These members were some of Japan's top minds and scientists. That just makes me sad. I know what a waste and you know what it meant now. It's like if they can be, like, sucked into it, I feel like nobody's safe.


I mean, I told you in the beginning of this I'm nervous.


I'm real nervous.


Thousands of victims were either blinded or paralyzed in the morning attack and rescue workers had to wear hazmat suits and gas masks to attend to the victims. After the deadly attack, Shoko Asahara, who was the cult leader of the Om Shinrikyo, was ordered by Japan to be executed by liquid nerve agent.


I mean, that's what they should have done if they did it and guess.


But there are still surviving versions of the bill that are legal, but, quote, dangerous religions in Japan and are subject to greater surveillance. This just makes me scared whenever there's certain members that are hanging around doing this stuff, because it's like once the head gets cut off, I nose back stronger sometimes.


But at least we know that Japan is like keeping an eye on it. They are OK. Thank you. Japan for real.


For. Taking the number four spot is Heaven's Gate in March 1997. Thirty nine people in Rancho Santa Fe, California, ritually killed themselves. To outsiders, it was a mass suicide. To insiders, it was a graduation. Oh, it was the culmination of over two decades of spiritual and social development for its members.


So that's what you got at the end. Two very different things. Yeah. Members of Heaven's Gate, they really went for it. Their core belief was that once they kicked it, their souls would ascend to a spacecraft that was flying behind the Hill Comet, which at that point was just passing by Earth.


OK, like, did they consult Elon Musk before they get on this SpaceX rocket to a comet? This was also the first call in the Internet age, which is interesting because they made money by designing Web pages and they were recruiting online. Wow. Tveit to that. Right. And AOL chat rooms, some saying so they could reach a lot more people.


Now, all cults have a leader who is either a messenger for some higher power or the second coming of Jesus. Always that's like the rules. Well, Heaven's Gate, their leader, Marshall Applewhite, was the second coming of Jesus kind always. So he tells them he's the second coming. And he's also like, Oh, hey, I have some insider knowledge as the second coming gods and alien and doomsday is upon us. Gods and aliens. Yeah, a plot twist.


I haven't heard that one before. Yeah. That one, that one makes them a little different.


Feels like a good plot twist. I like it now. The cult went by the book with that whole cult rule, but then it totally wrote its own playbook. Oh so it had you know how usually the leaders are like, oh, in order to ascend you have to have sex with me? That's usually what it is. Well, this one had a strict no sex, no human level relationships, no socializing rule. So what was the like?


What made people want to join?


It sounds awesome, I guess. I don't really know. In fact, some members, including leader Applewhite, went as far as voluntary castration, but that's commitment to the cause.


That's some Game of Thrones shit.


How do you get a whole group of people to voluntarily castrate themselves in the name of riding behind a comet because God's an alien?


That's really impressive. I don't know. The groups also did this crazy diet. It was called the master cleanse, and it was a mix of lemonade, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. And they did this for three months. Sounds like a cold remedy, right? It does. And, you know, it's crazy.


I'm fairly certain that this was a diet, but like a ton of celebrities were doing a few years, it's like a juice club, I swear.


I saw people doing cayenne pepper and maple syrup, the Heaven's Gate diet. I'm saying they just rebranded it so better than Kita Open. You know what we know. We know and we know it. So after all of that B.S., they're told that the comet is approaching the lake. It's coming, guys. All right. You did your master cleanse you CRAs. You castrated yourselves. We're ready. The comets approaching. We're going to hitch a ride on it because why the hell not?


Why it's on. Everybody was like, let's do this. The suicides took place over a course of three days. Oh, yeah. The members ate applesauce that was laced with barbiturates and washed it down with vodka. Wow.


Yeah. And then they just placed bags over their heads to suffocate to death. What are we to go.


A lot of layers and applesauce is your last meal. Yeah. I don't know if you know if that would be my choice, but not to each other. You get to wash it down with vodka though.


I mean, the 39 members that died were wearing black tracksuits and black Nike's and they had purple shrouds over their bodies. There's photos of this and they are spooky as hell. They just all in like beds, like some bunk beds and stuff. And you just see Nike sticking out. That's like a weird ad for Nike. Yeah, it's a lot.


I don't like it. Three at number three on our deadliest cults list, the order of the Solar Temple. Whoo! Yes, the order of the Solar Temple had 53 members in Switzerland and Quebec, and they were all murdered or completed suicide in October of 1994.


Not going to lie. That name is pretty awesome.


I mean, good band name I call it really is a good name. So did you just catch that accent I got when I said bad?


No good. Bad name, good name. I call it. I like it.


Well, the order of the Solar Temple was founded in the late 70s, early 80s. That's like the perfect two decades for that name to I feel like 100 percent.


Yes, right in there. The the group was born as an attempt to renew the military religious organization, the Knights Templar. That name wishes.


Yes, if you could. Only the members looked like businessmen like my last one. Businessmen can be crazy, though they can.


And it's said that the founder luxury had the, quote, air of a gentleman.


Well, you know what? You have you ever seen American Psycho?


No, I haven't. Wow. I know. Wow. I mean, you're older than me. All right.


Well, that landed with everybody else. But I mean, also, cult leaders always look like they're so approachable in the beginning. So it makes sense. Yeah, that's part of their thing. Well, just like Heaven's Gate, these members knew the end was coming.


They always know their doomsday predictions, said that the end was going to happen in the mid 90s.


So they had time to prepare. They did. And it didn't happen. So spoiler alert. Spoiler alert. We're still here. They clearly had to get on a higher plane before that happened.


So that's why the 53 members killed themselves and others and then set the buildings on fire.


And they were in these buildings that they set on fire like, oh, and by the way, please, Will, side note there, they all died in different locations, including a farmhouse and a chalet with House Boogie, Boogie, A.F..


And by the way, the temple was bringing in a lot of money. So you can't really even blame the murder suicides on deprivation. Oh, yeah, that's true. I know it is. And I know you like it.


It is true. As of the early twenty first century, they still have upwards of five hundred members, which is interesting because like you just said, the world still hasn't ended. I know. What do you believe in? And I thought these ones were the ones who got it right. I thought so too. Apparently not.


Guys, we're at the top to the top two, top two, top two, top two, it's going to get worse from here and I'm not really sure how is it going to get worse or who's going to get better?


Maybe both.


Maybe. I don't know. All right. Well, what do you think about the last few? Well, the last I got to say, Heaven's Gate is both my favorite and my least favorite.


I'm kind of confused about how they're not taking number one. I think it's because they are also very lame.


They are very late. And I think it's because no one wants to join that call.


That's true. And let me tell you, I have no one. It's a real good.


Oh, I bet it is. I can't actually. I can't. I'm trying to think of what it could be, and I feel like I'm missing a good one.


Once you realize what it is, you'll be like, oh, my God, I'm going to eat my hat. Let's get into the top two.


All right. Two and number two is the movement for the restoration of the Ten Commandments of God.


Oh, too long. Way too long, too.


That's a mouthful. And it had more than 500 members, so. Well, that's a lot. They they all set it together.


Too many words, too many members. In March 2000, they all died in a blazing inferno in the remote hills of southwest Uganda, making it one of the world's second largest ritual, mass suicides.


Why do these things always end in flames? It's got to be a blaze of glory. I mean, yeah. So the cult began when people claimed to have seen apparitions of Jesus in the Virgin Mary around Uganda and went to see Joseph Campbell Petteri.


Kib Watari founded the cult and he actually went so far as to let it take over his family's house.


Oh, I'm sure his family was stoked. I'm sure they were psyched. Well, his wife said that he was actually a totally peaceful guy.


They never fought before this all happened. I was going to say until. So it's like he was totally. Can you imagine? No. Your husband's just like a totally nice guy. You never fine. Everything's fine. And he's like, hey, I'm just like this cult take over our house started a cult.


Yeah, that's fine.


Of course, they predicted the end of the world, you don't say. And their date was originally December thirty first nineteen ninety nine.


Why don't all these people have different dates. Like what are the dates come from. I think it's because they're not real.


I mean that they will do it. I think that's what it is. But they try ok. Can't fault them for trying. In case you're on the edge of your seat wondering, falling off the world did not end on December 31st. Nineteen ninety nine. I had an inkling.


But the good the good news is they revised their date because that's something you can do apparently.


I mean there's white out for that.


You don't know you could be wrong. So they later said that the finale of Earth was going to be March 17th, 2000.


Oh, very different day again. Didn't happen. Yeah, they just bumped it forward a little bit. That was going to be when the Virgin Mary would appear and she was just going to scoop up all the members and take them right up to heaven. Just scoop them up. She has a really good upper arm strength.


Yeah, she you got it. You're going to scoop up over five hundred members. She's been lifted like, wow. So March 17th, it comes around in.


Hundreds of members show up at the church and they are just ready to be scooped.


Imagine seeing them on their way there. You're like, where those people go? Where are you going in the lake? Mary's come in to scoop me and they're like, OK, bye.


See you, leader. Well, the building that they came to was set on fire with everyone inside. Oh, so that's not how they planned on this happening? No, no, not the same thing at all.


You think you're getting scooped by Mary and you get set on fire at the end of the world? That's just the end of that building. Yeah, that's the end of that building. And that's the end of you. Right. So the day before the fire, some weird things did happen.


There were some items from the Colts, including a copy of the Ten Commandments that was sent to Joseph's family.


So the leader, they believe that it might have been from Joseph himself, like to Joseph from Joseph. Joseph from Joseph Illi.


Here you go. It was my last. I feel like that kind of sounds strange, but when you're living this kind of cult lifestyle, like maybe that's just like a normal package that comes to your house. Nothing is strange and a cult strange to us, but they might have been like, oh great, my Ten Commandments came like you were coming.


But here's the rub. It's still not known whether that fire was a mass suicide or whether it was a mass murder. Oh, so we might never know.


Or what if it was accidental? It could have been all of the above. Wow. Whoa.


I mean, that belongs at number two. I have to take my hat off to the research gods.


I'm excited for number one. I can't believe that you couldn't guess what number one was. I'm going to kick myself.


One. At number one, on our list of deadliest cults, the Peoples Temple.


Oh, yes, if this would not be complete without this. No, there's no list of cults without this. I am going to kick myself. Do it. Do it.


I'll wake up. In November 1978, more than 900 people died in Jonestown after being ordered to swallow a cyanide laced drink at the order of their leader, Reverend Jim Jones. Nine hundred people is a lot and fun fact. It wasn't Kool-Aid. Certainly wasn't, wasn't it like flavoring off brand baby cheaper. Jim Jones began as an integrationist who passionately fought for civil rights.


Where did you go wrong? I know. It's like how do you go from point A to that wild point? Really? That's a great start. Just keep going. Yeah, well, his ministry for the People's Temple ended up being pretty influential and he rubbed shoulders with famous, influential people for a short time. You're doing great, Jim. Keep going.


He's being influential. He's talking to the famous. So far, so good. But where does it go wrong? I just don't know. Well, he takes it to a darker place and his teachings start to include preaching about an impending nuclear holocaust, sharp left turn into Armageddon.


You know, that casual stuff always. And he was also on top of that, abusing the members of the temple. Oh, not good. Yeah, not good at all. So when that abuse became public, he moved them to Guyana and South America. He would have their what were called white knights. And these white knights were like rehearsals where he would lie about why it was time to drink the flavor aid, the poison punch. And then members didn't know whether or not it was going to be poison this time.


Can you imagine being that evil that you are tricking nine hundred people and you're like, maybe it's the time.


I don't know, drink it either. You're going to have a nice, great treat or you're going to die. And also calling it like white knights, like white parties where like you all dressed in white, like that's such a cruise thing, that's such a cruise thing or like just a super buji weird thing. And it's like that's not what I was at all. Not at all what it was. No. Well, Congressman Leo Ryan actually went out to Jonestown to investigate what the hell was going on, and he got killed before he could escape back to America.


I remember this. That's wild. Do you remember this? That is very no. I mean, I remember like reading about this.


I wasn't there. But that's double checking the. Wait a minute, you're old. But that's a real history of his original message.


You will definitely not not on the same level. Well, that same day that Ryan was killed, Jim Jones insisted everybody drink the poison for real this time, except he reportedly shot himself instead of having to suffer a death by poison like everyone else. Like what? A guy that's cowardly as hell. Yeah, but it makes sense. Like you make everyone else drink. You're like shitty off brand tang for parade and you just do it real quick right now.


Don't even get them the real thing. There's also audio of that whole thing. I've listened to it before.


Pretty messed up. I don't recommend it, but I figured I put it in your brain anyway. Seriously.


That was a good countdown, honestly.


They did good like the Sparkasse research, they did good again. Tammet want to beat them someday.


I feel like you'll prove them wrong, but I don't know. Today's not that day. I never will because I'm just too nice and I'll always agree.


Feel like I love that guy. It's always so good. I mean, Jim Jones had to be number one on a list.


It's just like you'd be so wrong. He's where the phrase don't drink the Kool-Aid or they're drinking the Kool-Aid came from incorrectly. But I mean, you know, when you make a phrase like that, you're number one.


That's true. Do you feel like they missed anything? I don't really think the only one that I can think of that's kind of a fun cult is that Edmund Critchfield Holy Rollers.


Cults. Oh, yeah. But he did. Of course he did.


That whole like, I'm a messenger from God, so all the ladies have to sleep with me thing. But then he got like tarred and feathered and I'm pretty sure that was only like a couple of murders in that one.


He also like lived in somebody's floor, which is real weird. You did.


That was a weird one. But, you know, I think it's like an honorable mention. It's not really doesn't matter. Thanks for listening, guys.


And we'll be back next week with another great episode.


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