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A warning today is grosser than usual. Yes, we know you're tuning into a true crime podcast listing the worst crimes we can find. We know you expect us to Riggall you with the creepy, the morbid and the unsettling.


Some of you weirdos might be saying, oh, come on, just tell me the details already. Well, today's episode is the top 10 creepy cannibals. And as much as we all love food today, we're talking about the food pics you never want to see on Instagram. I mean, like we said, today is grosser than usual. So some of today's crimes might be too disgusting, especially for any younger listeners out there.


And if that's the case, we won't blame you for bailing. But for those of you still with us. Time for a stomach churning countdown. Hailu Weirdo's, welcome to Crime Countdown, a Spotify original from podcast, I'm Ash and Emelina.


Every week will highlight 10 fascinating stories of history's most engaging and unsettling crimes, all picked by the podcast Research Gods.


This episode, we're counting down the top ten creepy cannibals.


There's just something about cannibals. And I think it's cannibals horrify us and they fascinate us, too, probably because we just can't fathom the thought of switching places with the meal on our plate.


That was like really poetic. Thank you. Look at her. Even while talking about, like the grossest planet you eat with words. Elena Urca, everybody. Thank you. Thank you so much. I think it helps also that I've seen and like held with my hands every piece of the human body at one point or another. Cross Yeah. It's pretty awesome.


So to me, cannibalism is obviously disgusting, but the human body itself is just endlessly fascinating.


I can't really say that I've done the same thing as, you know, holding everything in my hands and I'm not into blood and guts or anything like that. So my stomach's already turning Thatchers.


I have a stomach of steel, you know, you certainly do.


And hopefully everybody listening at home does, too. Yeah, because this countdown is going to get gnarly. Elena has five creepy cannibals and so do I, but neither of us knows who has the worst dinner guest.


Let's start the countdown. Ten. I'll start us off with number 10, Leonardo. In Chile, by the 1930s, Leonardo was married, living in an Italian town and running a small shop.


She was well liked, but she was also a very superstitious woman and that led her down a dangerous and disgusting path.


We love a disgusting path and it starts with a fortune teller, which we also love is spooky. So she was warned by a fortune teller that her children were in danger and she became convinced that the only way to protect them was through human sacrifice. That's a leap. It's a very big leap, a huge leap. I wouldn't necessarily call it a faith. No, it's a leap of nasty, nasty doing.


Nineteen thirty nine in nineteen forty.


Leonardo Leard, three middle aged women into her little shop. She drugged them, killed them with an axe of all things. Wow. And then disposed of their bodies by boiling them in caustic soda. Wow. Like she was dedicated in the most horrific manner.


What a moment. Yeah it's nasty and it gets worse because she turned what became of at least one of the victim's bodies into soap.


Oh, soap. And she later said, quote, I gave baths to neighbors and acquaintances because who doesn't love a nice soap like you're not being a friendly neighbor, ma'am. A nice decorative soap. Oh, she also made tea cakes with her victim's blood, which she served to people. And she also admitted to eating them herself. Yikes. Bloody teacakes.


Not just rasberry, let me tell you. And a suspicious relative of one of the victims drew attention to Leonarda shop and Leonarda immediately confessed. And then she died after spending just thirty years in prison.


I love that. They're like, hey, are you eating people and also baking them into things and soaps and giving people jewelry?


Oh, yeah, it's me. Sure. And then just like died in prison. Nobody turned her into soap, though, at least. Nine at number nine is Austin Harris. In August 2016, at just 19 years old, Harris murdered two people in the garage of their Florida home.


When authorities arrived, Harris was gnawing on one of his victims faces. So we already went to a very dark place just to into the countdown. But, you know, there's further to go. She's going to barf.


And by she I mean, she will never hit the bottom. Austin Harumph is believed to have been in the midst of a schizophrenic episode when he carried out the attack.


All I know, right?


That summer, he had started to experience grandiosity and a sense of self-importance plus hallucinations of demonic things.


That'll all do it. That's a cry for help. Yeah. He had no drugs aside from THC in his system. He did have a long history of drug use, including Adderall, mushrooms and cocaine.


OK, so again, that'll do it. There's some things working against each other.


Right. Harris also attacked the couple's neighbor when he tried to intervene and help the couple that night. Are you serious?


Can you imagine trying to intervene and help them and then getting away and knowing what would have happened had you not gotten away?


Like what? A neighbor. I'm looking around my house. I'm like, what? Any of my neighbors intervene on that? Or would they just be like, it was really nice that you kept your lawn.


You know, I think some of your neighbors would totally intervene. She says a beautiful neighborhood is, but that's a great neighbor.


As authorities escorted him to the hospital, he said he'd, quote, eaten something bad, shut up, then explained that he meant humans.


Oh, my God.


So he didn't mean like I ate something that made my stomach hurt. He done something that I should never have. I probably shouldn't all my life. And that it wasn't good. No, and it's not. Treat me good. Oh, no.


Can you imagine the hospital staff? They were like, oh no, not like just bad like ground beef. He was then declared legally insane at the time of the attack. So this is sad. I was going to say this is just a sad one.


Yeah. Eight. Number eight on our countdown of top ten creepy cannibals is s.A.


Segawa in nineteen eighty one, Segawa killed a woman in Paris and spent the next few days eating parts of her body as if it couldn't get worse. This monster escaped justice for his crime and actually profited from it. This one blows my mind.


This one infuriates me. It's horrific. So in nineteen eighty one, Sagala was going to school in Paris and he invited a Dutch student to his flat. And I think it was under the guise of studying together and that's where he shot her.


And eight part of her body. What the hell. Yeah. So he was caught trying to dispose of the body in a nearby pond. Before he could be tried, though, a court found him mentally unfit to stand trial and he was committed to an asylum instead. OK, which is great. But then his wealthy parents petitioned the authorities on Paris to release their son, and they did. And he was sent back to Japan. Can you imagine being that bad of a parent?


Know that you're like my child, literally murdered and eight someone and you're like, what, about a mile from what? It's like, what?


Like, no, he needs to pay for that. Being a parent is being like, you did something wrong, son, or you need to get some help, at least consequences. So they actually made a movie about him which audiences walked out of at the Venice Film Festival in twenty seventeen. You know, that's either a really bad movie or really great movie.


If they walked out. That's true. I'm willing to bet really bad. Yeah, I'm leaning more towards that really graphic. Some good news.


He's gone from having some relative fame for a disgusting act to living in relative obscurity and failing health. Good on the up and up for us on the down and down for him. Good.


Seven at number seven this week is Andre Thomas.


In 2004, Thomas killed his estranged wife, their son and her young daughter before removing their hearts from their bodies.


Oh, my God. Once you hear his excuse, you'll think, oh, he's crazy. But keep an eye on how he takes the insanity to absolutely new levels. I'm scared. Get ready.


So Andre confessed to the crimes and he said he believed that his son was the Antichrist and his wife was a related evil spirit of some sort.


So, of course, you're like, OK, sounds like Lori Valo.


Yeah, you're like Paratus. After he was arrested, Andre gouged out his right eye because he read a Bible verse, Matthew Eighty-Nine, about plucking out ones. I was supposed to do something. So so far everything's fine. Yeah, everything's fine. I don't like, I think, smooth sailing for this. And if your eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. Shut up. Yeah. So it's better for you to enter life with one eye than with two eyes to be thrown into the Hellfire.


What? So, you know, if you got some sin, just pluck out that eye real quick.


What if you're good? What if it wasn't my eye that caused me to sit and make sure I don't just pluck it out, throw it away. Gee, throw it away.


The trial became a back and forth of whether he committed murders while in a drug and alcohol induced psychotic state or if he was just legally insane. So there like which one is I don't know.


You would hope that he was legal because there's no way you were sober and sane during this.


You had to be one or the other. You plucked your eye out, sir.


Well, he was convicted and sentenced to death and his original trial in 2005 after being convicted, he wasn't done. He gouged out his other eye and he ate it. I'm closing my eyes right now, and I just I know the countdown is done. Good night.


I know I'm, like, rubbing my eyes right now. Like you're in there, right? You're OK. I'd stay in there.


I feel like you must have been like something's up. Yeah, he was going through it.


Six. Also on our list at number six is an Australian cannibal with a history of violence, Catherine Knight.


There she is in February two thousand, the then forty four year old mother of four stabbed her boyfriend, John Price, thirty seven times and planned to feed his body to her children. This case, bananas, insane.


But we've never done another case like that. Like we covered this on morbid and wow who. Wow.


So Katherine had quite a track record with her relationship sharded. She had knocked her ex-husband unconscious with a frying pan, burned her boyfriend's face with an iron, and then stabbed him in the stomach with scissors. After that first one, I was like, she's a cartoon character. Yeah. The other two come and you're like, Oh, no, it's not.


Well, then she met John Price in nineteen ninety four and everything changed for the better. Of course. Selina Yeah. Everything was fine after that.


Except not at all, no. So they moved in together the following year and their relationship really quickly turned violent. So violent in fact that John got a restraining order. At one point I would too. Yeah well it didn't work. Unfortunately his co-workers called police when he didn't show up to work. And when police arrived, they found Catherine comatose on the kitchen floor. And there was like a lot of food, still warm or cooking, including, you know, potatoes and pumpkin pie and parts of John Price.


Oh, never had that before. Me either. Never planned to dwell on it.


She also had set the dinner table with the children's names on their place cards.


That part is so stomach churning. It's like the idea that she was like, here, kids, you're sitting here and you'll have the arm and you're sitting here and you have a phone call like, that's so sad. I think his kids were there, too. I think so. Well, thankfully, authorities got there before the kids did and double. Thankfully, Catherine Knight became the first woman in Australia to get life without parole in 2001. Stay in jail.


Nanna, Nanna.


Wow, I'm glad to see Catherine Knight on the list. She had to be on, she had to be I'm looking out for a couple more, but I know they're going to be toward the bottom.


Oh, yeah. There's a couple that are like they got to be you know, they're going to be, like, really high on the list. Definitely just saying I'm excited.


I hope everybody's hungry. You.


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Five. All right, let's jump back in with number five on our countdown of creepy cannibals starting off. The second half of our list is Gary Heinicke, who's sick perversions are what partly inspired the character Buffalo Bill in the movie The Silence of the Lambs.


Shut up.


One of my favorite movies between 1986. In 1987, Hynek kidnapped six women, held them captive in the basement of his Philadelphia area home and tortured them daily, eventually forcing cannibalism on some of his victims. Now, that did not happen in Silence of the Lambs. No, not that we saw, Wolf. Yeah, he was called the House of Horrors Killer.


And I think we can see why. Yes, because he kept the starved women chained in a pit in the basement of his home.


My God, I can't believe more people don't know about this guy. Like this is not one of those. I feel like Gary Heinicke is not like Newton. Well known. Yeah.


Which is crazy. Yeah. Survivor said he subjected them to electric shock and stabbed them in their ears with a screwdriver.


That makes my ears.


I think they also had to like, sit in like water a lot. That's why he would electrocute them. That's so messed up. Two of his victims died and he dismembered one and forced the survivors to eat her remains. Not just that, but he mixed them with dog food.


That is just another level of pure evil that you just wonder, like, did he sit down and be like, what is literally the worst thing?


I don't understand. Yeah.


One of his victims escaped and flagged down a police officer, which was a woman. Yeah.


Like, seriously, when authorities arrived, he opened the door and came out and wouldn't let them in.


So he just came out. It was like, no, nothing to see in here. It's like you're not letting me feel like there's probably a lot to see what's going on, what's happening. But police picked up on the stench from one of the victims that died and they busted him right then in that perfect because you can't hide decomp for that long hide. Nick tried to claim insanity during the trial, which was honestly like a good bet at that point.


Seriously, the judge wasn't convinced Heinicke was sentenced to death because he was just evil. Right.


He was executed by lethal injection in July nineteen ninety nine. And he was the last person to be executed in Pennsylvania while they ended on a big note. What an honor.


For. Landing at number four this week is Armin Meyvis in 2001, Meyvis put out an odd and very specific personal ad. He was looking for somebody who was, quote, well-built and who would agree to being eaten.


And someone replied, there is someone for everyone.


This is your beach, isn't it? There never give up. I don't know. I said, that's gross cannibalistic cannibals. You got food on the brain. You so a man named Bernd Brandis arrived at my home and a small German town. After responding to his ad, he drugged himself with sleeping pills and shops before Meyvis removed a piece of his body, which they both ate together.


It's like a real bonding experience. I don't think it's. Brenna's then took a bath while my Meyvis read a Star Trek novel. While the details there really paint a picture, you take a bath.


I'm going to go catch up on some light reading that I've been doing. Have you heard of Star Trek? You know, a galaxy beyond I mean, at least there's consent here.


I guess that's the only thing I can say. I mean, everybody seems chill about it. I also want to know who printed the personal ad. I really want to know how that got passed. An editor. Yeah, same.


Well, anyways, German prosecutors described how Meyvis had fantasized about killing and then devouring someone, including his classmates, since he was eight years old. I'm sorry if your eight year old is like mother. I'd like to eat some.


I've been thinking and it would be nice to eat another human being. You should call someone. Yeah, take it back.


Well, the unprecedented case was difficult for German lawyers, since cannibalism is not illegal in Germany. How'd that happen? I don't know. I feel like after this, maybe they wrote that down like.


Yeah, like on the to do list. Did someone forget they were too. Oh, we always meant to put that on the books.


Next up, make cannibalism illegal or would they just like is this common sense that maybe you just should eat another movie or maybe they're like, well, he said he wanted to be near. The main evidence for defense was a videotape made by Meyvis in which Brandis gives his consent.


Oh, this is really creepy. It really is. I don't like this seems fake, but it's not like gross feeling.


I know. So my dad said he had felt lonely as a child and had fantasized about having a young blond brother who he could consume and keep forever. Jeffrey Dahmer. Wow. Maybe that's like a psychological thing. That is. Yeah, because that was Jeffrey Dahmer. Thank you forever. He was lonely.


And there's a piece of you with me not to be gross here, but they're not going to be with you forever. No, they're going to vacate eventually. Everything does.


That's just biology. Number three on our countdown of creepy cannibals is the werewolf of Bredberg Peter Stump Stump was executed on October thirty first fifteen eighty nine on charges of murder and of being a werewolf.


The huge you know, if the stories about him are true, Stump apparently confessed to eating men, women and children, including his own son. And it was all with the help of a special belt that he wore. Stumps story may very well be the stuff of legend. What crazy amounts like it? The information is kind of limited about it. But most public records were destroyed in the Thirty Years War. So no, you know. No, it is.


No, no. But it is believed that before Peter Stump had the ability to transform into a werewolf, he was already a little evil at the age of 12.


So first he was evil and then he figured out his transformation.


He'd like like an ability to be evil. He was just having it. The legend goes that the devil gifted him a pelt belt pelt belt about belt, which is a belt made from the skin of an animal with the hair on it. Yucky.


So he was like, here's this hairy belt, you know, that's like when you're like rotisserie chicken still is a little bit hair on you.


That's really gross for this guy. But that's what that's like. You're a cannibal. That's gross. I am not. Oh, that was really gross. When Stump wore the belt, he would assume the likeness of a ravenous wolf because that's what happens when you get a furry belt.


I was just a dumb apelt belt and upon removing the belt, he would be human again.




So Stump was reportedly an insatiable bloodsucker, one of those he was just murdering and devouring, not just humans, but he also wanted to eat up sheep and goats and lambs and cattle.


He was just carnivorous all over the seas to draw a line somewhere.


I mean, it's not good for you to add a little greed in there, right? Like Ibbs is a thing, dude. Also, are you hydrating properly, Stump? I don't know. He also confessed to having intercourse with Succubus, a seductive female demon or supernatural entity. So stumblingly really liked it. Everything that's just saucy of him. He was evil at twelve already. He got a pelt built. He became a werewolf. You skipped met the devil know you well.


That's where you got it. But you're right. So I thought it was a bluff.


And then he's also just like doing it with a succubus.


Calm down, Peter Stump. Well, the magistrate sent men to look for the belt, but it was never found.


You don't say, which I don't think means it didn't exist at all.


I think it means that he has it in the afterlife. He has his pelt belt.


While there is a lot going on in this downtown, I personally always love the people involved and the palpable has lost all meaning for me and I never, never even had and I lost whatever meaning it didn't have in the beginning. I was also very happy to see Nanna Catherine on here. Oh, yeah, we wanted Nana, Catherine and Meyvis.


What is Mavis doing? Too much. Too much is what he's doing. He's doing the absolute most absolute well.


He was like turned down for work so growth messed up.


Well I know this too that I'm looking for and I'm sure everybody else is. And look at that. We have two more left and I know who I have and I'm assuming who you have.


To. Right down to the final two spots on our countdown of creepy cannibals, at number two is America's boogie man, Albert Fish. There he is. Fish was a serial killer in the early nineteen hundreds who exhibited a vast number of perversions during his life, including cannibalism.


He confessed and was eventually convicted in nineteen thirty five of the kidnapping and murder of 10 year old Grace Budd, whom fish had eaten in a stew.


Oh, poor little girl. I do have to wonder if it was fish stew. As a young child, Albert Fish ended up in an orphanage where he was abused and began to enjoy the physical pain from the beatings. Well, that's not good.


So we're really off to a great start here. Nope. He said I was there till I was nearly nine and that's where I got started wrong. Oh, he did get started wrong. He certainly did so as an adult. His enjoyment of physical pain turned into self-harm. Then after his wife of 19 years left him, he developed a taste for raw meat.


Weird that those two are connected, divorce and raw meat. My wife left me. I would like to chew on a rock or just get some sushi. But you do you, Albert.


The case that is discussed most with fish is the murder of Grace Budd, which led to his death sentence.


So he kidnapped, killed and ingested parts of her body. And not only is that horrific, he went one step further. Oh, yeah, he did. He sent her mother a letter confirming everything he did, i.e. serial killer letters, episode of Crime Countdown.


Go listen to it. It's great. But also at the same time, all of the above.


That letter truly is awful. It's horrifying. It's so sad to.


So during the trial, his attorney cited Fisher's fondness of eating human excrement as evidence of his extreme abnormality, that he's like, guys, he's weird, he eats poop real weird.


It's like, yeah, I think that goes without saying, hang on, January 16th, nineteen thirty six. The man who, by his own admission, had murdered at least a dozen children, was executed at Sing Sing Prison by Albert Seeya.


Never hopefully. One. And that brings us to number one on our countdown of the top ten creepy cannibals, Jeffrey Dahmer.


Yeah, one of the most notorious serial killers in the world.


Dahmer was also a necrophiliac and a cannibal nasty who ate portions of some of his 17 male victims between 1978 and 1991.


But he's not just creepy.


He was also very lucky.


Dahmer repeatedly lured men to his Milwaukee home, drugged to them with sleeping pills, strangled them and then just dismembered them.


Yeah, he also put pieces of his victims in the refrigerator freezer and would dine on those just every now and then.


Like, it's not a little thing of talenti. Like it's not like you just grab some cookie dough off the roll.


Now it hits different. It's very different. Very different. I imagine there were several opportunities for her to be caught, which is so frustrating in this case.


It's like extra extra frustrating. You want to scream hearing the tapes? Yeah. He had a record that pointed to him becoming worse and worse, too. So if he had just been caught along the way at some point, we could have saved so many people. I say we like I was there. I was like, we could have saved them. No, but these people could have saved they definitely could have.


The things that were happening were including he was accused of rape and assault in the army. So right there already it's like what's going on, Jeffrey? He was arrested for indecent exposure. And I believe this was in front of like minors.


I think you're right. Yeah, because we covered this on morbid and Wowza. He was caught drugging patrons of a gay bathhouse and he was kicked out of there. And the thing about that alone would get you some time. Yeah. And you think there that somebody would be like, maybe watch out for this guy. Yeah.


Like somebody needs to stop this while in nineteen eighty eight. In nineteen eighty nine, he was in prison for drugging young boys and sexually assaulting them. And this all happened while murdering other victims. And it's like how do you get out of prison after drugging young boys and sexually assaulting them.


And then you just go back to doing what you're doing. You also had a job at this point too. And I'm like, how did you have time? Didn't he work at a chocolate factory?


He did. So you might have meals like a Donmar bar? Yeah. No, it's a thing. It's not the golden ticket.


Absolutely not. So in May nineteen ninety one, according to Dahmer, he drilled a hole in the head of a young boy, important acid because he wanted to make a zombie a terrific. Yeah. He figured if he did that, that it would just make them like a lovesick zombie and he could keep them from that. He could keep them and do whatever you wanted, but they wouldn't leave. It's like eventually that's going to stop working. That's such a weird pathology that you're like, I don't want you to leave, so I'm going to drill a hole in your head.


Unprecedently, why don't you just find somebody that you love and loves you back? Someone will love you. I mean, maybe not you, Jeffrey. No one will love you, but maybe everybody else.


Maybe they could have before this all. Absolutely. And Jeffrey himself and his victim both encountered police then that happen.


The most frustrating part, it's awful. They literally released victims back to him because it was like basically homophobia back then, that they were like, this is a gay thing. We're just going to let them deal with it.


The officers involved said they believed Dahmer when he told them that the boy was his lover and he just let them be me because, again, they were like, we don't want to deal with it.


He ended up killing the boy after these police were temporarily fired, which is a key word, temporarily.


How do you get temporarily fired? Fairly. It's very. You got laid off for that. Yeah. You got a vacation. It's what you got. Dahmer was captured in nineteen ninety one and sentenced to sixteen life terms and he ended up being killed by a fellow inmate on November twenty eight nineteen ninety four. What a bummer. By Jeffrey S..


Well, what do you think to the research gods do a good job, the Milwaukee cannibal had to be number one. Definitely, and I mean, I feel like nothing else could have been number one. And I expected to see all of these people. Yeah, I did, too.


But I have one that they missed, and I'm so excited. You have one. Have you heard of the Greyhound bus attack? Oh yes. Bensley what I think is Hannibal. Yeah. Wow.


Killed a man named Tim McClain and started the memories of him.


I didn't know he started eating them. That's crazy. Oh and that attack is horrific, gruesome, horrific.


I don't think he got a ton of prison time. I think like people were really upset about the outcome of that.


I don't remember the aftermath. I remember vividly that happening. It was huge. Yeah. Wow.


Good for you. You got them. But honestly, otherwise, this was a perfect list. It was incredible. Well, thanks for listening.


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