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USA Network's. Dear diary, I've been going out with boys since midday yesterday. My mom is such a bitch, I'm not dumping either of them. I'm going to keep them both hanging on. Cassie Smith is the most unpopular girl in school sex chipwich. God, why am I such a bitch?


Hello, my lovely listeners. Welcome to another episode of Dear Diary, your effort with myself and my lovely co-host, Justin.


Oh, my goodness. I just thought I just remembered that in the story that you put up of one of our followers doing the opening to.


Oh, yes. So she's hilarious. She's actually one of my Silvis students as well, who's got the time she likes this city to the podcast, apparently.


Oh, well, I love that.


But that was so good. I'm like, that's it ticked up when that happened.


And yes, you have me in a very good mood today. That's nice.


Usually I'm just walking around stressed and pissed off.


So I've been putting your ducks in a good mood today. I know. Because she missed me.


That's well, I think so. Let's not mention that I kind of maybe forgot her.


Now let's talk about how and literally, like, meet me at the front of my building so that we can go and get coffee.


And as she's walking towards me, she goes, oh, like the most dramatic noise you've ever heard, come out of her mouth. And I'm like, what? Thinking like something really bad has happened.


She goes, Oh, my God, the dogs to go all the way back and get a little bunny. I was legitimately on a work. So as I go out and trying to navigate paying for my parking via my phone without flipping it off air pods and actually still concentrating on what my manager and she seems to me, a dog, she's not she would never bark.


She would have been gone the whole time.


Yeah. But I was just like, oh my God. And I'm walking back and I'm like, I'm the worst bomb in the world. And this man comes up, he's like, hand up. Did you can we get a selfie? I'm like, I'm trying to brush my teeth.


OK, and that's the thing too, is that the last thing you need is those pictures in Daily Mail.


Hannah Anaphora leaves, poor dog tags and it's not hard. No, it's not hard to leave her in the car. It was literally about three minutes and she died.


Please don't tweet me. I feel bad enough. Okay. Leave me be.


Do you not like the new Tesla have like I think you can leave your dog. Oh yeah. And he comes up on the screen. Yes. And it says my owner will be back in X amount of minutes. Yeah. I guess it like that's so good. Dog friendly cars. Why the future. Yeah I know.


Now the last time we spoke you were doing I think it was like you'd started Tibo or something. Oh my. To get that same time.


So how's it going. Well I couldn't pick up my daughter for two days like I'm not even joking.


We're kind of the color of a baked treat the last time. Oh I did already finished UCLASS an hour before.


Oh yeah. And you know what was it. Just got voted Sidneys. Toughest workout dog. Yeah.


Well I mean, that's pretty right for you to do, like we said, rodding the deep thing to Sydney's toughest workout.


Yeah. So I was actually quite excited. I was going to go to a technique class on the Friday.


And another thing no one fucking tells you about having a baby is when your time of month comes along for the first time.


Oh, it's like the clock start working. It's like putting on a fucking Ferris wheel after you've just left it there and have enjoyed it for a year. Oh, my God.


You did not just call your reproductive organs a creaky Ferris wheel that hasn't been oiled.


It was. Oh, so that happened.


I called. You know how this the twenty four hour medical care nurse hotline, I call them at four seventeen and I was like, something's going on guard.


Either I'm dying or I just woke up next to Freddy Krueger. This is not good with ELAC.


It's normal. It's because. Yeah well I think it is normal because it's like it's your first kind of. Well I was going to say there's been a bit going on down there. Yeah. No. Oh, oh oh.


And that's what I really liked. So she said like, sorry to get into detail, you can't use tampons, you can only use pads. Yeah.


And she was like, have you had any trauma or anything to your, to your region down there. I was like let me see, I'm looking at it right now. Are you fucking kidding me? But you're not listening when I tell you. I just said, did you not like tell her straight up. Yes. To baby am on your side did.


And she says, oh but that was three months ago. I'm like, you know what bitch. You don't have a child. I was going to say, you obviously don't have children. Well, she's one of those women that when. And the baby came out.


Yeah, exactly. Oh, my God. My water is broken. We just made it to the hospital in time. I'm like, that was my mom with my sister.


My gosh. Like, my sister was the fourth child. My mom literally was like she we nearly had her in the car on the way to the hospital, I think, though, like, once you've done it before. Yeah, yeah. It's like you can't break your hymen twice.


You know, ain't nobody at least never twice.


Well, especially so it depends what you tell the person.


Yeah. Well, wow. So she was like, oh, that's not trauma.


And you're like that. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. This is the first one that I've had. Exactly.


I know. It was just actually last week was insane. As I told you, Joanne Poppins started. Oh yes. I've literally got her saved. My pain is Joanne Hoppen. That's not her real name because we don't give out people's real names on these podcasts.


Oh, no, it is not open Poppins yet.


I say I haven't given out a last name. So she started and then started the moment I started the Ferris wheel again.


And all I can say period, like I mean you say, you say fuck and you say everything else on this podcast you can say I'm not going to be offended. It's part of the human life.


Uh, yeah.


It's just so fucking weird cause I have you like I know it's been like a lot you having a baby and just even getting used to having a baby. I have you missed it. No, it's not like I know it's not a it's not like a nice thing to have you period. But like now you like classic Justin. From 12 years old, if somebody came and smacked you really hard across the head once a month and then they didn't for a year, would you know what I'm saying?


Like, have you enjoyed not having it? I don't know.


You don't really notice, honey, because there's all the other shit going on in three months. You're not like, oh, yes, oh, the easiest three months of your life. I know.


OK, I think out there, people are going to understand where I was getting at. I think people definitely understand where I'm coming from as well. Yes, I was I spent those three months going, oh, this is so luxurious. Not having my fear is you're you're like, why do I even have a vagina yet? No, I didn't even realize it was gone. Just to be honest between them on, I would be trying to be nice.


I tried to say something and now she always takes it and twists and turns it around on me. I hope you all enjoy that at that. I'm very good at that. Just as Josh.


Yeah, well, I started yelling at him and he's like, but I just said, you look nice. I thought it looked nice yesterday. OK, well, that's really nice to say to a pregnant woman, honey. And nice doesn't make nice. It means bad. Yeah, exactly. Oh OK. Well, there you go.


So you back on your period. Back on my period and. Yeah, back on my period. And did I mention to you the house that we went to see. Oh yes. White was this the one with the amazing pool.


Yeah. Oh I'm so jealous.


So I'm going to the auction by Friday. You had Aperio. Always gets their own way. Sakwa Oh, but it's amazing.


It is so beautiful. Yeah. So you're going to go to the auction. Yes. This house is yours. Yeah. What do you reckon. 100 percent.


I am so excited. So it's actually on Friday. So by the time you guys hear this. I already know stop society. I know it is so exciting. So that's all my news for the week. Yeah, I feel like it's pretty hectic. A fair bit.


But that's good, though. Yeah. Yeah. There's a lot going on also to it.


We haven't spoken for ages about Ocean International Training Academy and I saw you that you had a graduation with. Oh yeah. It's I forgot that was actually big as well. So on Sunday, two of my students graduated from their TCW, Meg and Ryan. Hi, guys.


If you're listening and Hawaii and if you're not and you don't mention this Silver Train, cause I know you don't listen to my podcast, it's something you're going to fail because she's in no job for you. One of the criteria is, did you listen to your after this week?


Exactly. So no.


So we went up to the northern beaches where they were graduating and watched them do their final bits of training with the flares and everything.


You actually physically go out and do like, oh, dude, you're still S.W.. Oh, right. Yeah, I don't do it when I get flare training. No, no, no. I did that like 13 years ago. This is the thing you have to do. Exactly.


So it's like my course teaches you like the how, who, what, where. And then the CCW is like your first aid, your firefighting.


No one wants to go into a burning building with me. Honey, trust me. I'd be like if you could just hurry up and put that fire out. Guys, it's a bit hot in here. I thought Justin's apartment was hot when we had to close the windows. But this is taking it to the next level and we joke.


But it's actually so yeah, I was really proud of them, but I was halfway through the Ferris wheel starting again.


So I was kind of like, congratulations, guys, I'm sorry, but yeah, it took them some champagne and then they're in their silver service course this week, which I was actually going to go up. So they do like a lunch.


Yes. So they serve like a fake lunch? I guess.


So I was going to go up, but that's on the Friday and the auction is at six.


And I'm like, if I go up there, I'm just going to be like, service is great.


Just bring me a bottle of champagne and leave it here and leave me alone. So like an actual customer. Yeah, exactly.


Pretty much. You're just like, Momma's going to go and buy a house, guys.


Yeah, nice. At my place and my mom's taking the Friday off, so she's coming on the Thursday night to keep me calm. And then on the Friday we're just going to walk around in circles. I love that.


Just to keep me calm, just to keep me calm. I'm like, OK, well this is the thing is I like I don't want a girlfriend to come over. Yeah. Because then I'll just drink wine. Yeah.


And always have that ability to just calm you.


Like, you know what my mom said to me last night when I told her I was having anxiety?


Oh, what gets them first? Well, I'd be having anxiety, too. Look how much money you're spending and the commitment you're taking on. Oh, it's like my mom.


Perhaps not a good idea to have your mother there on Thursday. I cannot be scared about tomorrow. To Stateway.


How are you even going to sleep tonight? Growing up all over the place? I'll be sitting there with straight tequila in my eye. I need a Valium, but just rocking back and forth in the corner. No, just think I've seen the photos of the house. It's but I think I just want it too much.


And you know what? I worked it out last night, my issue, what I can't control it one oh yes, I like that out of your control and know exactly what you that drives me.


It doesn't it give you like a hit in your stomach?


No, my whole stomach is like squirming just constantly, because if it wasn't an auction we could just put an offer to get it counted.


Signed by this is like what if somebody comes in whose mother lives up the road? What if somebody comes in who lived in this house 10 years ago and they have an emotional attachment? What if somebody comes in and more money?


Exactly. Which is impossible. But like, that's very possible with our budget isn't like that. Like it's not like a fuck. You like we're walking in, you know, we want this house and we're going to shit all over everyone that makes you feel about you. Oh, that's right. I bloody I I'm just being real with you. Hey, by the way, I forgot to tell you to remember at Christmas and when we came to your house and you had those things on the table and this washed away, what do they call.


Oh, yes. They owe you money because you know how many people I have seen how many people messaged me about those I know.


And now people on my Instagram stories, I've got them. Yeah. I don't like those people. They are human. I know.


It was like, wow, I actually didn't get gifted that anyone who's not sure I'm talking about, it's like they don't promote them more.


Oh, I just want to give them context.


It's like a little spinny fan that you but it's like really bendy. So you put it up in amongst that look like salt and pepper shakers. Yeah. It's your food and it keeps the flies away. So yeah, basically it's got a blade that goes around and around. But you can use Sandin. Yeah exactly. You can still grab it and say I know you can still get your problems.


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, they give you the exact amount you need for your meal. And I actually came over and we cooked, what was it, the Caribbean tacos or something the other night.


And I saw that I have this. You can, like, make meals in ten to twenty minutes.


That's what by the time we talked I was like, Josh, I'm going to work at. Yeah. Just like really we were sitting here for eating to standard us.


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And as you each know that technically we just bought you dinner you owe us. Exactly.


Now we are getting to a very important point of your diary. So previously you had you left school.


I'd left school. You had done so with school done. And you had gone for a job interview. Yes. With the owner of the cafe.


Spoiler alert. I got it. I can't help myself. I really can't. Sorry.


I was like, I'm so excited this week because, like, I feel like I'm that fourteen year old girl again getting my first even though you enough time didn't you.


Oh yeah. She was a bit. No I hated her.


Yeah. But you were getting paid. How many dollars an hour was it like still.


I think I've got it actually in two hundred dollars a week or something, you know, like it's cash in hand in this podcast.


In this diary entry. Yeah. I still have mommy brain. That's what I think. It lasts like another eight years and then. Yeah. I don't know why you don't have any other children.


Oh oh.


Maybe, maybe just in case Josh is listening. Tell him I'm still thinking about possibly.


I mean they are buying a five bedroom house right now.


It's not for sale.


Sorry, it's actually more like six because it has like a study room and in this room and then I work from home.


I need a study.


I do too.


I have a desk and he plays. Regale us with this week's diary entry.


OK, dear diary, look at this. Look at Stutts. Holy fucking shit.


We've legitimately about one. Thirty exclamation points, I reckon, very on Brand for that time. Yes, yeah. And then I followed up with I seriously can't put enough exclamation points even I thought he was it, but no.


And then I got there, Joe. But with lots and lots of bees, with laptops above them, that's key. I got the call after my after my interview. I like this and I'm now officially a working girl.


You're a career girl. You know what a working girl is?


Also hookers. Yeah. Oh, the innocence of, what, 14, 15 year old? I didn't really understand. I'm like I just love that. And I'm now officially a working girl. None of that age. Dallen No, not everything.


That area may be better known in the cafe. No, not in the cafe. Yeah.


So so they said they were impressed with my tenacity that felt wrong, which I had to ask my dad for it.


The less I know, I would have just been like, oh I'm like, OK, well I assume because I got the job that it's a good thing because I've got blond hair.


Daddy, what does tenacity. Yeah. Standard. I mean, that's not gone anywhere, which is good.


No, they're asking Daddy all the tenacity by now that tenacity continues.


And then I can start on Monday. My speaking of my dad, my dad has given me his Discman, thank God, because I broke mine. And I just can't live without Whitney on my train ride.


Bill and it was so cute. I remember. So the train ride was an hour there in an hour back, plus ferry. So it was like probably about three and a half hours of travel time and day for you moved to the city.


Yeah, this is I was still living on the island. Yeah. And you want a job in the city right around.


Yeah. So instead of like most normal people would go to like the cafes in Brooklyn or make any money and get a job there. But you know what, if I'd done that, I'd probably still be at a cafe in Brooklyn or maybe maybe.


But no offense to anyone who works at a cafe. And, you know, if anything, it's good to have a job. Exactly. And I walk.


So three hours of travelling time, three and a half, I reckon. And so I used to have one of those folders with the CTD and I used to take about 60 CDs with me. And it would just be like, yeah, what I always like listen to music. If you've watched the show, you always see me with my headphones on. We weren't supposed to do that now.


Well, but they got sick of me.


Follow the rules on my show. I love her. She's like, I wasn't supposed to be listening to you.


That wasn't the only way you could get your Valium off the point.


And prescription maritime law. I like beach. What do you think? I need Valium. I can put up people like you if you watch the show. Yeah, exactly. So, yeah, I used to legitimately take my Discman. Yes. With my big headphones and these big foda everywhere.


I'm so jealous of you. If I'd seen you on that train.


Oh look at how many CDs that because that was legitimately that was two thousand. Yeah. So that was twenty one years ago. Sady player was.


So my mom gave my dad and me a Discman for Christmas and then I broke mine. Yep.


And you know what I just realized what. So then he gave me hers and I just kept it. Yeah. And then for my dad's birthday I bought him a pods and then I was like when I started the business, I was like, Dad, I kind of need another pair of airports because like, hey, like you think I know what your battery.


And then I took his airport.


Just remember, we were doing something once and I was like, what's your dad's name?


Right. I was like, who's raise? I point you. You're like, oh, I took them. Yeah, well, I've got because like one runs out of battery, so I need another pair to back it up while they're charging.


So and I was when I was starting later, I was literally on the phone for like twelve hours a day or Oita Ocean International actually call it Oita.


Yeah. Like I'm not going to say when I started I had an international training academy every time. Hey. Okay.


So like literally you've repeated every player is stealing something off you. Dad, I just I borrowed and borrowed permanently.


Yeah. Yeah. Kid he well he doesn't use them. No.


So I can wear the same. I can't live without mine I, I swear to God I have them in my eyes most. I've got to both pairs.


Like if we could do this podcast wouldn't that be nice. Actually I just realized you haven't even got.


Oh yeah. Oh my God. I hate guys like I explain to you what just happened. So can you hear me now. We wait wait twenty minutes into this podcast and I had I didn't even have it for like we literally sit here, we've got beautiful microphones and podcast is very expensive equipment from our podcast company.


She wasn't even wearing headphones. Why do we wear them so we can hear each other. But I can hear you don't play that.


You can't either reach tones of my voice. Yeah, I like it without them.


We. Maybe you should put the airport in there. Yeah, exactly, I was like, that would be great instead of, oh, wait, there's nothing off my head right now.


I love that we both realized at the same time we were like, well, it was like, huh, you're not wearing any headphones. Oh, I'm special. Oh, I can hear myself now.


Well, the other things like how loud you're speaking, because if you're too close to the microphone. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I can I get it. So guys, as you know on this podcast, I think weekly we discuss my breasts. Hey, it's going to happen. I've just had a baby, but I wanted to talk to you guys about a bra that I have just started using it by Third Love. So they basically have a fitting room quiz on their website, which I found amazing like and the detail it goes into, which was so helpful for me. There's more than 80 sizes, which, let's be honest, I'm at the very top of those 80 sizes.


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So while you are helping yourself be more comfortable there, helping others in need.


So third, love guarantees you. There's a perfect bra for everyone. So right now they're often offering my listeners 20 percent off your first order. So if you go to third love dot com slash dear diary now to find your perfect fitting bra and you can get 20 percent off your first purchase. That's third love dot com slash dear diary for twenty percent off today. You are welcome and hopefully I can stop complaining about my breasts. Hmm. I had but mom is not happy.


I knew she wouldn't be. She just wants me in school even if I'm spending my whole life in detention. Well bitch.


Maybe stop getting detention. Yeah. OK, yeah. I love that. Like your, your solution to not being in detention is just to leave school. I'm out of here as opposed to just stop getting yourself into detention.


But whatever. Now I'll have my own money and soon my own apartment and freedom.


Wow. That's a lot for a fourteen, fifteen year old to be thinking about.


I'm so excited to start my job and I just know that soon I will be a waitress. I didn't realize until we started actually reading these out loud how obsessed I was with becoming a weight.


Really obsessed, like you're obsessed to like move through the hierarchy of like from high school to like, was it head waitress or not?


I just wanted to be know. I wanted to be the order taker. And then from there, you move on to the Holy Grail, which is waitress.


Oh, right. Yeah. So and technically, I just, you know, kind of was a waitress on Yats, the world of waitressing, on yachts, on camera.


So really I'm still living out my childhood fantasy.


Well, if that's the case, can you get me another coffee?


Because you want to be a waitress on a podcast, you might say, no, no, no, no, no, definitely not. So, OK, I'm so excited to start my new job, and I just know that soon I'll be a waitress. I can't wait whenever I see them. I'm always so jealous. It's so much more fun than school. So I've worked out I need to catch the six ten fairy and then the six fifty am train to town hall and then I cross the road and walk down to the cafe.


And sometimes I could stay on Dad's pullout couch, but I know I can't stay there too much because I don't want Mom to get too sad.


Oh that lasted like six months. Yeah, apparently six months. I didn't care if I was sad and he was like, I'm sleeping on that fucking couch. And now you're like, Mom, can you come over and make me feel better before I can you strike my head and tell me that everything is going to be OK and he'll hold my baby exactly like you pour the wine.


It just kind of. Yeah, everything. Oh, I feel like I'm floating in the clouds and I still can't believe I got it.


Now I need to get a fake I.D. because there's a pub called The Australian across the road and I already know I will have so much fun there. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh my God. Wow. You were big on the lots of letters.


Yeah. Entry sucks shit to all those bitches at school. That said, I wouldn't make it now I'm going to be working while you're in class. Sucks shit.


And I'm going to have so much money over two hundred dollars a week anyway. I need to go put my music on and dance again. I start on Monday. And it's Tuesday now, so I'll be really saying I love you, diary, always a night here. Wow, 200 dollars a week.


That's what over, you know, that little pocket in your jeans that you're not really sure what that's for. Hannah often just puts 200 dollars in.


Well, what's that in there? And finds it in the wash. At least our money is plastic. Yes, it is. Our money is plastic for anyone wondering.


Yeah. So we can literally put it through the wash.


It just comes out clean up and then you go to the nice clean five dollar bill. Exactly. So that was my big, exciting, happy, loving life.


It's nice to see you happy again cause you were angry there. I was, yeah. All those cheating boys and annoying teachers, school and school.


But now now I mean, I know it's coming. It's not going to last that long because I always come back.


Yeah, but we're in the city now, honey. Yeah, but your place doing detention for better ties.


Yeah, exactly. I was so much happier. Yeah. That's good. Yeah. It's nice to see you happy. But if anyone is listening who is young, stay in school. School is good. Study hard. Go to college. Be righteous on a podcast. Yeah exactly. You do not want to go from being a waitress in a cafe to a waitress on a yacht to a waitress in a podcast. If you do want to be a waitress on a yacht, you definitely look up later.


Eye to eye.


Asian International Trading Academy.


I love it so much, but oh what a good diary entry was that.


Maybe that's why I was in such a happy mood today and forgot your dog. Yeah, I.


You really bitch. Don't kill my body, OK? She doesn't mind. She's happy. She's wagging a tail and stuff. She's so good. She's right time. Wherever she is she's down here at my feet. She's fine.


Yeah. No I must admit though this morning I was waiting while I was getting dressed and getting ready and so I you very much know when babies are doing Puth.


Oh really?


Yeah. And I swear to God all and face.


Oh that scrunched up concentrated groaning.


Grunting And I looked at the clock seven fifty to Mary Poppins start today.


I was like, are you literally shitting me. Literally eight minutes. Eight minutes.


I was going to be like oh I'd just be like and what's that over there.


But you can't you do you know what I'd love to be able to, but once you know it. Yeah. And you're like you sitting in your own shit eight minutes sitting in a chair. Yeah.


But sometimes I swear my baby doesn't do them overnight, but sometimes they must do them at like midnight and sleep in them till six I guess. So eight minutes isn't the longest but I still just couldn't do it.


So she came in and she was like, oh what are you doing there. I'm like changing the dirty nappy. She's like, do you want me to take over? I'm like, No, no, really, you did it.


Oh God. I be like getting their Poppins. You do it. I can't. I can't even like. So she Plesser cotton socks. She unloaded the dishwasher because she's like she's our nanny. But then she's like, Eva sleeps a lot.


So she does like like laundry and dishwasher and things like that. But we opened our glass cupboard and it was all the glass is just muddled up together. And we have like our short Japanese short, tall bowl shortfall lobal. Sure.


Tocal Lovo glasses. Lacau Yeah. We see glasses and then like a large stimulus wine and our small step aside and they were all mixed. Oh good.


Josh was just like so Josh he just gets to tell me what's wrong and maybe go to work.


I have to say Hannah. Yeah, I have to take classes are all mixed up. He doesn't talk like that. What are you talking. He's Scottish. Oh, I thought you would try to say he was Russian. I'd like to guess he's Australian, though. He's Scottish.


Yeah, but that was not Scottish. Okay, keep going. Sorry, honey. That was awful. That wasn't that. Just just stop. Just stop. So I'd like but it's just so like I feel awful even though like I'm really nice about it and I am paying her.


And to me it is like the way Josh kind of explained it, it's like honey if we have a for two years, if you're rearranging glassware in two years time, it's going to be doing your head in. So it's better to just nip it in the butt. But I'm like, so I'm so sorry. Do you mind awfully if I just ask you one thing, just say that and it takes me like half an hour and she's said, can you just fucking like to hang me by the hour?


I should have been.


We should like walk past the glasses and be like, oh, just those glasses so disorganized. I wish I had time to organize because I want her to do it in the way that we do it.


All right. If she goes in and reorganizes, then that's not how we want. You want it done then? Yeah, exactly, so yeah, and she's like kind of looking at me like, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.


I'm so sorry and mean like and he some instructions on how I want it done. Yeah, you do that.


Didn't you know I'm the worst. He said, do you have a system.


Yeah. I must have just said we just know because I unloaded the dishwasher. So then it is now how I want it done. So go and see and visualize and then repeated reference this repeat here.


Exactly. If you want to take a photo with your iPhone so that you have a reference and potentially you could create your own.


Hey, look, I'm sure there's a market out there for selling photos of the inner workings of your cupboards. Oh, my God, winky face.


I'm actually like hiccuped sneaky, sneaky fake pixie so I can sell them. Oh, that doesn't surprise me. OK, honey. All right.


I'm going to go back to my daughter now. Yes. Oh, don't forget your dog. Don't forget my dog. Thanks for listening, guys. Chat next week. OK, guys, thanks so much for listening today. Please go online and get involved. You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter at Hannas podcast. Please subscribe on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcast.