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USA Network's. Dear diary, I've been going out with boys since midday yesterday. My mom is such a bitch. I'm not dumping either of them. I'm going to keep them both hanging on. Kathy Smith is the most unpopular girl in school sex chipwich. God, why am I such a bitch?


Hi, guys.


Welcome to another episode of The Diary. You're left with myself, Hannah Ferrier, and my lovely co-host, Justin Hill. Hi.


I can see you. I'm not.


So we're actually recording this week and apologies if my audio is a little different way.


The podcast is hitting the road, so I have a new microphone and a ring lot and we're going to record it but not see each other.


That would be just the most horrific thing ever to not see your reaction, facial expressions in particular.


So for you guys at home, basically the last four or five months, I've been going over to adjust and have every Winnik, whether I'm nine months pregnant or whether I've got a burrito or bunny in tow or just downstairs in the car so that we can keep this up.


But big news. Hannah's little family is hitting the road, but I'm not telling you, you sort of like hinted that you were thinking of doing it. So I had a Feria and crew hit the outback. Yes.


So we're taking Ava on her first little adventure, because let's be honest, I was always going to settle down and have a baby.


But once that was over, which is apparently for my part, I feel like she's getting something.




So I'm so excited.


Josh is going to take some time off work and we're basically going to head up north and just go to the Whitsundays, to Port Douglas.


She's naming all tropical locations to those people who died. It's amazing some of those beaches like Whitehaven Beach or something like that.


Oh, what an amazing beach. Do you know the Three Mile Beach? That so the sand at Whitehaven Beach is they apparently NASA use it to make space crafts because it's so pure and it's fine. And it's just the most incredible sand you've ever seen. And apparently they use it.


Yes. And I want to go and see like go and see the Great Barrier Reef properly before we, as a human race, fuck it up before disappearing for about 80 percent of the way there.


I saw that the other day.


There's been bad reports about the water quality or something like how we look after these things or have nice things.


No, I know, right, I know we just like basically I want to type the human race and just get to know I know the bad guy and sit on the phone and think about what you've done.


So this is exciting for us. So you are going on a road trip.


We you are basically you're taking the podcast with you.


So every time I'm okay with me, you're going to be on some kind of adventure with Ava and Josh in some crazy place. And then the added bonus for you guys is that quite a few of you had a message, just analysis to film the podcast. So we actually doing that. So you can like, say every week we get more and more time.


Yeah. And Kolia and Fresia because of the humidity.


So if you guys want to say Hannah and I shooting the podcast, you can actually follow us on Instagram and Twitter at Hannah's podcast. And the video will be up on the tell us if you like it. Have a look at wherever. Henries, in some weird location, it's going to be super, super exciting.


Well, the good thing is it's like like everything else in my life, it doesn't happen calmly or normally. So I'm going to have a whole bunch of stories to keep you guys entertained.


And even the first one, which I was going to say, what's happened so far? Oh, it's already just complete mayhem. We were like trying to stop from Sydney. And then I was like, realised how long it took to get from Gold Coast. It was like twenty seven hours of driving to get from Gold Coast to Port Douglas. So then I was like, I don't really want to do this first initial stint from like so it's Sydney to go coast.


What's that like 15, 16 hours wrong person to ask.


And so then I came up with this genius idea of like, honey, why don't you try the you know what?


You can pick us up at the airport. Oh, my God.


Please tell me he said no. Oh, no, no. That's what we're doing. Oh, God. What's he going to do by himself while he drives for 36 hours?


Listen to the last twenty seven point where if that's the case, because he's going to hear what he said about he said, we're in trouble.


It'll be one episode, one on the right. I'll be like such as the undrivable.


Yeah. You'd be like life update for you. Yeah. No.


And then it was so funny because we were going to go and stay with some friends of ours, Shane and Ben. Yes. There.


And then we hired this really big house on the water thinking that we were just going to go out there for Easter. Oh. So then we decided we're going to do this massive road trip so we can't go back and we're like, we'll just stay with Chain and Ben while we're up there. And then our messaging with a friend of mine, his captain on a yacht out there from them. We've been friends for ten years in the Med and he's like, oh, so is the house free now?


I'm like, yeah, he's like, oh, so you can stay.


So he took place decades old, but and you're like, yes, that would be one didn't it? So you can see it better now.


And so you will be doing some driving or this is like a road trip where you're going to fly it and poor Josh is going to drive.


No, no, no. I said Josh will drive up. So we've got the car there because the funniest thing is even when we were just going for a start, I wouldn't allow a car company to install the car seat that my daughter is in. Oh, yeah.


So, yeah, what I said is basically will arrive and then you get the rental car and then you've got to go and drive to like a proper bank because they didn't get carpeting, it really fitted and then come back to the airport and pick us up.


And that's where the whole debacle started. So, you know, we're going to be driving from the Gulf Coast and we'll go down to Byron Bay.


Are you going to tell him it's exactly going to take him on Christmas Island? Yeah. Yep, yep.


You know, because I just look fantastic next to his gorgeous wife and also Melissa McCarthy's there at the moment.


It's where all the cool kids hang out. Byron Bay.


Oh, it really isn't Zac Efron up there. Is Zac Efron there? He's he just he just came back from Dubai and apparently now based in Australia. Sorry, America.


We have stolen now. Don't bring it up with that waitress. I heard so they were in like Daily Mail all the time, like they they were like saying going to restaurants and if they would go and get groceries and stuff like that. But now it's stopped.


And I think there were rumors that she didn't want to go somewhere with him or he was thinking of moving to Adelaide because he's going to shoot a film there. And she was like, oh, I don't want to go to Adelaide.


Yeah, that's totally fair. And no, I'm sorry, Adelaide. I would follow Zac Efron wherever he wanted to go, like no matter if it was Adelaide or Perth or who cares? I'd be like, yeah, I'll be there. Are we doing this on your coin or.


No, I wouldn't go to Adelaide.


I might go to Melbourne for him, but not that much anyway.


The fact is, it's very exciting news. I'm taking you guys on the road. You're going to come have adventures with me. We're going to be recording it. But obviously I'm a new mum on the road, so I'm not always going to look as obviously amazingly shake and put together as I do today.


Realise you are going to look amazing.


I never thought that. I really don't look very good.


I mean, honestly, I think I've got my dad's denim shirt on that I still like.


It's not for me if I have a brand that I can never pronounce and you pronounce very beautifully duku ba ba boom.


Yeah, I'm fine.


And then the other thing as well is we're going to start doing a afterparty which I'm so excited about.


So you're going to have to stay tuned for that.


Check out Sociales, both Justin and my Instagram and at Hannah's podcast, because let's be honest, it is twelve o'clock somewhere, isn't it?


I mean, it's always time.


I know I'm so excited, but I'm like, I think we're going it. So we're going to be recording it at 12:00 p.m. and we're going to go live so that you guys can tune in in the evening time.


But I'm a little worried because sometimes with me I'll have like if I have more than two glasses of wine, then I want to like, have more.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. It like uncorks. And I'm kind of worried that it's going to be like 3:00 p.m. on a Wednesday.


Am I going to be like trying to get in the car and be like, oh my gosh, we'll be like we've got to drive to Coober Pedy or somewhere like that Broken Hill and you'll be like, I'm not going, let's just stay that where we leave you in the hotel, you'll be like, you really had no time. You would never. This is going to be hilarious. I think people are going to be pleasantly entertained by Hannah in the outback.


Oh, God, why is there no TV crew following you around? This would just be the wildest I mean, this is the next best thing. Obviously, we'll get to hear about your tales of what happens. But that's a reality show in itself. It really is, it really is, don't say that they'll probably bloody call me tomorrow now. Yeah, probably like something like surcharge.


She didn't want to be on Instagram the infinity thing on ten minutes in a row. We could blow your face out if you want.


I mean, you know. Exactly. Hi, guys. So I just want to step down from the podcast for one sec to tell you something I am so excited about this week. As we mentioned earlier, myself and my family hitting the road. So we're going to have so much more to be talking to about.


So we have joined Stereo App, which is basically a place where Justin and I are going to meet up once a week and discuss everything we forget to talk about on the podcast, because it also means we always finish the podcast. I'm going to tell you about that or we'll stop talking about stuff and then we don't know when we're going to wait like it for next week. So we're actually having an afterparty for our podcast, which is when you guys will be able to come on and talk to us live and ask questions.


And like anything that you want to ask us or if you heard something in a previous podcast, you like to explain herself a little bit clearer. It's going to be super cool. Yes.


And I'm so sorry. I'm so proud of the name. So it's going to be live at eight p.m. Central Time in the United States, which is 12:00 p.m. here in Sydney, Australia. So the after party is naturally called it's 12 o'clock somewhere, which means I get to have them both sides.


So 8:00 pm central, every Tuesday you'll be able to catch us. And if you want to come along on this journey with us, you can download the stereo app and follow us at Steria dot com slash area and then you'll be able to hang out with us. It's like it's like you're in a podcast with us, but you can ask questions how exactly it is the after party for Dear Diary, your effort over at stereo.


So please come ask questions. Come hang out with us, come chat. We're going to be even longer than we are on the. One of the things as possible can be so much fun now. It's going to be a link in our bio if you do want to come up. Otherwise, folks at stereo dot dotcom area.


Looking forward to chatting with you guys there. Well, I'm so excited for today, we have some guests joining us on the podcast today, we have the amazing Cam and Carrie from Cam and Carrie to Dallas and of course, The Real Housewives of Dallas skells. Welcome.


Yay! Thank you. Thank you for having us. We're so excited to know you guys are our first ever guests.


Oh, my gosh.


Yes. So, like, I love it.


Oh, I legitimately have been going since I started the podcast. I'm going to have guests. So next week I'm going to have guests on. And then, as I'm sure both of you know, with a new ball and you're like, I'm going to put clothes on today.


I'm going to put clothes on like, you know, how old is your baby now? It is four months. Oh, my God. She's the cutest hand at all.


Yeah, I know, but she's growing up too fast.


We had we had our mother nurse come over on Saturday to do the kind of four month thing. And she's like, OK, she's starting on Sunday and she starts sleeping on things she's doing. And I was like, no, I'm not ready to.


You might as well enjoy it because I swear to you, they grow up. So enjoy it. I don't understand how my daughter's ten already and my son is seven. I really have no clue how it's happened.


You guys see by the photo shoots that Hannah is done with Ava, though she not them. Yeah.


Beautiful baby mean. Yeah. I mean gorgeous.


I mean like, like what do you do that you like theater right before the social issues and cry though.


The trick is my best friend's a photographer so we're just always photographing and so that's that you're able to keep these memories because you're lucky. Oh no I know we're so lucky.


We were just down south with that last weekend and it was literally like we'd had pizza in a few lines the night before. And then we had her on the carpet in the morning doing a photo shoot. Josh is like, do you guys ever stop? I'm like, no, look at her.


Why would you want to stop now and never stop? I don't feel like I have enough photos.


It's always those cute little little chubby cheeks that you just want to grab. Yeah. When they go away. So enjoy my kids, you know, they're like in their twenties, like three of them almost. And so my kid, you know, when they were growing up I had the camera. So I only have a little you know, there's no phones.


Yes. You know, how old are all of these. Like what are they called now? Like the the film. The film? Nobody.


I do the black. Yeah. You know, I'm like the roll film role. Oh, I can't even it is horror or like I have to go, you know.


Can you read this and make sure you get an oil pistol done before they're in second grade because they're a little risk. They lose their pudge on their fingers and their wrists first grade. So like enjoy holding their little pudgy hands because at first grade it starts going away with photo shoots.


Kari Oh, my God.


I was literally sitting there throwing Doritos at the taping and going fucking you had. You look better than me. I know.


I know. And we were just talking outside. We were like, oh, we feel so gross. We worked out like a week as a snowstorm.


And she's like, looks amazing. Still, I'm like, oh my God, I'm like younger.


I mean, I was like, yeah, I'm going to be fifty. I want to do a photo shoot, you know, and just remember that. And I wanted, you know, my girls and every woman up there to be like a bitch is just a number. And you don't need to be scared to turn fifty or to be love yourself and your body. And you can be a mom and you can feel right behind you. I would love myself.


So, yeah, it's easy to love yourself when you look like that. Yes. Yes. No, I mean but yeah.


You guys mentioned the snowstorm as well. It's been wild for you in Dallas and like you guys haven't been able to get home, but then today it's all completely changed. Talk us through what's been happening on your.


Yeah, yeah. I mean, it was like Aspen and today we're in Cancun. Yeah, this is really I mean, it is. So I'm wearing a sweater right now and I don't know what I was thinking this morning. I'm wearing a sweater and it literally is so hot right now. My daughter was playing with the snow on Saturday, building a snowman.


When we got back in town, I literally had three flights canceled on me to try to get back in town. So I ended up, you know, I going to Palm Springs and I get Kalua camera is wearing a sweater.


Yeah, no, because Cameron plans her wardrobe a week in advance. So she has her little personal budget wardrobe. So camera. And I tell her, you know, you have to dress for the day. You're in Dallas. And I don't know how she does is she has somebody to come and help her. She has her party she's going to wear. And that's why you're wearing a sweater, because you're just the weather. Yeah. You get this picture like that.


Yeah. Yeah. Like get off track on track.


This is Monday and it's just fancy. Just fancy you and your dog. Yeah, this is my new dog house I work at going oh it's going good.


But she has not had her treadmill today, so she's a little wild. So she does have a treadmill workout. Still a while, but I just bought a baby monitor. OK, so she can walk on the treadmill and I can watch her on camera so I don't have to worry about her falling off of it. And so I've got a baby monitor and I think it's going to help me with her workout.


That's his favorite tool, isn't it? Your favorite little gadget that you've got Favre, isn't it your little baby mine? Oh, it comes everywhere we go to head for a barbecue and then the little baby one, it is always with us. She sits on the side.


Oh, yeah. I mean, they're the best. It's been a great season for Dallas. It's been a lot of fun to watch them.


And then it's obviously been a very big week with Bernoulli's news.


Well, we don't really know what's going on, actually. Yeah, I mean, you know, back and forth, I'm going to blame it on hormones. You know, she's like at 5:00 in the morning breastfeeding the baby. She has all these sounds and then she's rising up it like an official.


I'm leaving post. No, no, it's not official. Is Develin individual. Now, we're still thinking maybe it's hormonal and she's going to get over it.


OK, I hope I understand that, but I think her reasoning is all very legit.


And I agree with a lot of the stuff she's saying, like, you know, with wanting to spend time with her family. I totally get it. But I don't know, maybe maybe we'll keep her. Yeah.


Now, I completely understand that I left my fiancee about 10 times in the first month after. I completely understand the reality show. Exactly.


I mean, and selfishly, you know, obviously we love Brandy and I want her to live. But, you know, and obviously I'm having a tough season decision. I'm looking like a big bully. Everybody is going after me. But hopefully it'll all turn around and they can see every side of the story is 100 percent not a bully.


I'm making that very clear right now.


OK, like she's just fun and life of the party. And I think sometimes people get a little intimidated by her because she's so much fun and she's outgoing and outspoken. And, you know, people are a little afraid of that sometimes. But I personally, I do love it because you're always entertaining me and there's never a dull moment.


I mean, I like to have a good time, but I definitely get passionate is my Latin heritage.


Yes, but it's never mean spirited, though. Yeah. Whenever you're upset, it's like I get why anyone would I get why it's justified.


Now I Carey, I got called a bully a million times on below deck, you know, and it was like for me I was like, look, I'm going to do a job. I'm not here to hold your hand and be your best friend.


So, you know, occasionally I think sometimes when you're it's almost like we still have that double standard in in twenty, twenty one, which is so sad that if a man kind of did that, it would be him just being, you know.


Yeah. Standing his ground that she's a bitch or a bully.


So I mean that, you know, I mean, the funny thing is like, you know, when I was in below deck with Annette and she was working, I mean, you were my favorite. Like, I love your personality because you were like always like super like you were not like, you know, kissing anybody, but you were always you. And I tend to gravitate to people like that. You know, I was like, I think she's so cool.


Because when were you on with along with Jason also? I was kissing something.


Just no, I'm not gonna kiss her. But yeah. Yeah, that was I think she's on to.


With Jason and Gina and yeah, yeah, yeah, she's just trying to think that, guys, I don't know if you could see her face, she's like literally like season to season two.


It's so hard because I have people like messaged me on Instagram and things like that. And they're like and it's like they literally try to guess that I'm spend three days with them, but I go when you're in that environment and you've got nine different people coming every three days. Yeah. It's like it just becomes a blur. And you so sleep deprived that you can hardly remember your mother's name, let alone the biggest newborn baby, Hannah.


Oh, yeah, exactly. I know.


But I know I can't believe I even did that. And I'm like now in Dallas. And I was very, very like I was like is kneepads because I was like, I am just here to watch. I don't want cameras around me. Yeah. I was just going to be like really under the radar. And of course, everybody goes, wait, where are you in below deck.


I'm like, oh, by people are investigating. And the crazy thing is, is actually I was on Top Chef, OK, so we both were on Bravo before.


So I know all my guests as guests on.


If I was doing these things in chem, I would need you in forensics to come on. Oh my God.


Yes, fiancee would love it. Should have a whole outfit prepared for every single thing we did. Yeah.


And I get it. One of my stewardesses wasn't behaving. I'd be like, OK, so you fly fancy around and clean up. It's oh yeah.


That'd be a fabulous if I didn't have to do it. Oh OK.


Now that we're coming up on a year of the new normal, it sometimes feels like we're never going to get our old lives back. The uncertainty of not knowing when this will end is really frustrating and obviously a little scary. I miss my old routine and I really miss being able to see my friends and family whenever I want. Now, more than ever, therapy is a way to find a way when things feel especially tough. Just talking through my fears and anxiety, it makes me breathe easier and makes me feel hopeful again.


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Hey, I wanted to ask yours, you know, now that your your podcast pros coming from something like a Real Housewives TV show where, you know, you obviously get to see an edit and like we were saying, you might get the Bulliet it you may see a very different side to what's actually happening now that you're the boss. Cheek's on your own podcast and you're telling it like it is. How different is it, you know, you finding from coming from a TV show where it's very I guess it's one side of the story.


And now in your podcast, you can say whatever you like. Right? I think we have a lot more freedom in our podcast because we can delete things if we embarrass ourselves. That's amazing.


Well, we actually we haven't yet at all. I think we're just pause and it's kind of nice for our fans and for people to just kind of heroes talk and you know how we are moms. We, like a lot of people, want to do. What do you do for your work hours?


What do you eat? What's your body? Yes, exactly.


The party trick. Yeah, all that stuff. So we're just like friends. It's a lot more relaxed and laid back. Yeah. We just talk about whatever.


I mean, some things may be more interesting than others, but we're just hours. And, you know, some people may want to like, you know, it's funny that things like you may think like, oh, this was horrible. Nobody wanted to hear about that. And it's the one that you get the most like, you know, feedback on. So it's been interesting learning, you know, all of that. So good.


Now, we obviously in our podcast, we we go through Hannah's old diaries, which give us, you know, days and days and days worth of entertainment. You know, we've we've gone through the Yellow Daisy Diary already. We're now onto the one that has Destiny's Child on the front of it. And last week, the entry that Hannah was talking about was when she finally got her first real grown up job. So she's working at a cafe in the middle of Sydney.


She's traveling like three hours a day to get to this job because she just wanted to do it. She's making two hundred bucks a week cash in hand, guys like two hundred and seventeen.


All right. She's a boss lady. So I guess we wanted to ask you guys about your first jobs. Do you do you remember what they were? And there any crazy stories?


Yeah, my first job actually was at Bebé, the store, baby, baby, baby. Well, people say Bieber baby and I work there and I don't remember what it was anymore. That's why I'm like, I can't remember this baby or baby, if you're right.


Me, it's been it's great. It has to be better. Just me pronounce everything wrong before.


Well, I pronounce everything wrong. So I worked at Beeby and that was when like that the Beeby trend was in and everyone was wearing baby stuff and it was like I wanted every single outfit in there. So I literally worked for hours and hours so I could have every outfit and I literally walked out looking like I'm from the store. Like it was that awkward because everything was so matchy matchy and everything there says baby.


Yes, it was, yes.


Including the pain. Yeah. And then I wanted the store. OK, so you're going to die. Laughing But the one thing I said to my manager and I only could work the first summer, so I only work for this first summer. And I said after the end of the summer, I want the store posters in the front of the store if I work really good all summer. And he gave them to me and they're literally like life posters of these BB models.


And I had them in my college apartment, my first college apartment. I brought them with me and I had the framed on the wall. And they're literally like models like this and they're like naked with like, you know, like their boobs kind of hanging out and, like, crazy outfits.


And every guy that walked in there was like, oh, my God, this is like a little comfortable because I have these huge Beeby posters. But I mean, I work my butt off and it was so tiring. And I realized I did not want to stay in retail because my legs hurt, like how I would hurt him.


Yeah. Yeah. So my back would start hurting. I mean, I was so tall and like awkward, like the way I stand my back with her. And I realized I would find myself in flats. I couldn't wear heels.


And so we had five or six years ago. Right. Oh, let's see how many. This was probably like maybe 15 years ago that 15.


Yeah, 15 years ago. I mean, but that was my first job. And then. Yeah. And it was retail. And then I ended up going to gap the next summer because they couldn't, they couldn't take me.


So the next time I went to get were like we're not going to have the life size, we want to eat food. Yeah.


We want to keep post stuff like I had like the craziest outfits.


So when I went to, like, the freshmen parties as like a college, you know, sorority girl, I had the coolest outfits. But when I look back, I'm like, I don't know, those were that cool.


I kind of look back. I'm like, Mom, why did you let me wear those outfits? I'm so embarrassed. I'm like, oh, my God, those outfits were so inappropriate.


But a, yes, but I worked my butt off and that was so my first job was a lot less glamorous than yours. You were always in the fashion industry. My first job was like so I lived in Colorado with my dad. So my parents were divorced when I was little and I went to go live with him when I was just turning sixteen. And I remember that my dad, I think, was so scared that I was coming from Mexico and is like a spoiled brat daughter that I don't really know all this stuff.


So he made me get his job during the summer, working at a nursing home, being a nursing assistant, OK, and with people with Alzheimer's. Oh, wow.


So I then I had to work the graveyard shift on top of it, so I would go to work and, you know, and then I had to like, you know, clean the beds and all this crazy stuff. And I yes.


I mean, it was just like a really, really tough, tough, tough job. I mean, after that, every job was so easy going, oh, my God, I was like when I was there any, like, old old men that would hit on you when you were there?


No, but you know what? He was so good because he was this cute little old lady and she was so sweet. And she told me that the one thing that she like me so much and the only thing that would make her so happy is to go and get ice cream. And I mean, I'm thinking, oh, well, that's not a big deal.


So I took my car out of her. I kidnapped her.


We went to go get ice cream. Like, you just I got in so much trouble, like my it could have happened. The family would say to us, oh, my whole life. But I mean, she was so happy.


So, no, I don't know what it was.


I, I was like, it's not a big deal.


I'm just taking this ice cream and we like I'm 16 and like, you know, you kidnapped our nursing home patient, nursing home, resident security, kidnapped someone.


And what about what about your kids carrying up today work at the moment? OK, so my oldest daughter graduated from college, so she got her real estate license and is, you know, trying to figure it out. And then my second daughter, Olivia, she's in L.A. for college and she's supposed to be getting her degree in fashion design. But, you know, in L.A., with all the schools closed and fashion design is a really tough thing to do online.


So she's been working for a stylist and she's really liking that. So, yeah, that's like and then my son Legs, I made him get a job at Chick fil A because he just like doing nothing.


And oh, my gosh, he thought I was like, daughter, mom, you know, like, I have to be in the kitchen cooking these nuggets that you want to make the nuggets at home. Now, you know, how are you going? He was so sick of it. He was, like, never cooking again. And he's like, I never like you. You love tequila. You go go to tequila every day to throw the kitchen cooking at mom.


I mean, I'm like, oh, my God, these kids are so spoiled.


Like, I'm thinking, how did my dad get me to be to do that job and actually do it? Do you ever get. I get my sons count now, though.


This CAT scan article, I know he quit or should I take a step back and should I say so, a discount is for poor people who, you know, need to get some money off you guys. I don't know what they are.


Oh, no, I love this. I love discounts or sales. I am all for that.


Yes, I buy things I don't need. Like I like when we were shopping. Oh, it is on sale. I'm like, oh I need that.


We spent so much money on. Yeah, it was ridiculous.


And then I just sit there because yes, there's a sale away and you always have places in, in Sydney at once called Birkenhead.


One's called defo and it's like all the designers but like last season.


Oh and I'm not a very like fashion trend kind of dress up.


So literally before I had AIBA every single week, one of my best friends and I would go out there and it would just be like our therapy with shop.


We talk and I come home and I'd be like, Babe, it was five ninety nine.


I got it for hundred and twenty five dollars. I just wanted this again.


I love. Yes.


And nothing like a good talk and some discount just to make you feel a little better. Hey. Oh yes.


And then you have to go like tell your friends how excited you are about it. It's like show and tell. I love doing that after.


Do you guys like any basically any outfit with pockets. Yeah. Have you seen the kids. Yeah.


I love the fashion show. After you've been shopping as well. I always make my boys to bed and look at what I purchased.


Yes. So, guys, I want to chat with you super quickly about this new brand that I have found for the most amazing sustainable shoes and bags, it is called Rosses. So it is basically a company that uses biodegraded plastic water bottles and turns them into ultra comfortable shoes and bags. So basically, you can shop but feel like you're helping the environment at the same time.


You cannot ask for much more than that.


So I've bought a few of these to take on the road with me due to the zero break in period, because they've got these to shape designs.


So they basically just mold to your foot with so many styles to choose from. They are the perfect way to add some comfort and style to your closet.


The one thing that I loved when I was looking up this company is one of their best selling shoes, which is the point in black has literally three thousand me perfect reviews.


So roses are available in a range of styles and come in an ever changing array of colors, prints and patterns. I personally love their animal prints and their standard white because you can't go wrong from that. And like I mentioned, these are made from plastic water bottles. So you are doing your thing for the environment as well. CNN says Rothko's of a comfiest slip on shoes I've ever worn.


And Julie Jay says they're her favorite shoes of all time, so you cannot go wrong. They've transformed seventy five million bottles into beautiful shoes, handbags and facemasks. And another major bonus is they are fully machine washable.


So check out the amazing shoes, bags and masks available right now at Russkis. Dot com forward slash. Dear Diary, that's Rosses r o t y es dot com slash. Dear diary style and sustainability made to create your new favorite shoes right now in Australia said like summer, right?


Yes. Oh, so nice in the house. Everything going. Is everything open.


Yeah. So we Australia has been so so strict like.


I remember at the start of the pandemic, my American friends were like, how does it feel to live in one of the like over most overdramatic countries in the world?


And now, yeah, they don't take my calls, but has legitimately we had a case the other day in Western Australia.


We had one case of covid no way. And the the city shut down.


And so we went into lockdown for five days.


No way with one person.


Seriously, we've worked with one positive case, like multiple state borders closed for months on end. We had, you know, a place here, Melbourne, which was in lockdown for what was it like 200 days or something like that? It was it was so bad.


Honestly, it is the only reason that we've been able to get we're not back to normal, but we've got some semi, you know, like we still see a lot of precautions, a lot of masks.


And and like when we go to cafes, we sign in. So we just have, like, a little code. But all our restaurants are open, bars are open. Like, it's kind of life is normal. Wow.


Oh, good. That's amazing.


I also think, too, people don't realise how competitive Australians are and how to tell me if you agree. But it's almost become like a competition between each state as to who can handle it better and who's not handling it well.


So as soon as like a state has a case, the other states like.


Well, that's hilarious. Australian, Larry, competitive.


I don't think people realize in other countries it's almost like we close the borders and we're like, now go and sit in your own state and think about what you've done.


Come to. Is this tourist open?


No, not if you come into Australia. You have to have a reason and you have to go into hotel quarantine. So into a room with, like, no balcony or anything for 14 days. And then it's like for for negative covid.


Oh, my gosh, that's amazing.


We did the Australian Open tennis here and a lot of international tennis stars like Serena Williams came to Australia. And in order to play in the tournament, each one had to do a 14 day full quarantine in a hotel before I could eat. Oh, wow.


Yeah. And then they got really mad on Twitter. Really? Oh, my gosh. They were like practising their tennis up against the walls of the hotel room, like hitting the ball because they didn't where to train.


And, you know, they're like they're athletes, so they've got to stay super fight.


And so they try doing it in their rooms. I think you're Latif's at thirty minutes a day or something like that. They take you know, they take you on a walk.


Yeah. Like a god. Oh my God. That's insane.


It's super strange. But honestly, it's, it's what has helped us get to for sure normalcy. I that's it.


No you don't want to come here that's for sure. Don't come to Dallas. Yeah. Yeah. You'll not go home completely open snowstorm's day then you got everything's open but you still have a lot of cases.


Yes. Yes.


Cases. I mean we're like we're hot spot. Yeah.


Everybody that we know is hot in it. Everybody knows how to accept myself. I mean, we're, we're both like, oh, positive that. So maybe that's why, you know, the rumor my husband that my husband got it and I was like sleeping in the bed with him because I was like, OK, I might as well get it.


And then never got it.


I was like the same blood type. What is the what are the chances I know in that crazy and you know, and my sister has the same blood type. She didn't get it. I'm just wondering if the rumor is true. I wonder, you know, what's your blood type.


Then I know to find these out, because I want to know if it's like a podcast hosting, if you have the same blood type, that would be freaky. Are you going to ask your OBGYN?


And because when you you probably have it fresh because you just had a baby recently and and then you want to find out what your baby is to see if it matches because sometimes it doesn't match.


What's your blood type B negative. Oh. Which apparently is. You get it.


I thought it was like very I was like, oh, how boring. I want to I was like, why don't why am I like, oh, because I like the fancy one that everyone can have. But then my doctor said to me he's like, oh no. Like B negative is is really real. It's like not a lot of people are being negative. And I was like, that's better.


I want to there, you know, is not is actually not better because if you are dying and you know what is habit to me in the middle of the night and stabs you, you need blood and you know, he's with you and you need to keep your own blood.


B, negative stuff. Oh, God, I need it.


Yeah. I mean, yes, I know that that would be very curious to know what blood type you had.


That's fine. But no, I haven't had it, but I am literally like we're just starting to roll at the vaccine and here here in Australia, I think it just started this week. So I'm good. So carry like in Australia.


I don't know one person. I don't know anyone who knows anyone in Australia that had it. Wow. Whereas in Europe, like my best friend had it, like I've got about 15 people I know in in Europe that have had it in twenty five or thirty in America and not one in Australia.


Wow, that's awesome. Oh my gosh. I want to go there.


I know I actually was in a hotel with an aide. Yeah. Australia there is top, top, top of my bucket list like I want. I'm dying to go so. Well you have to come visit us. I will. As soon as everything opens up, I will be coming out.


So we actually were like looking into different like residences because we started freaking out with Kodet. I'm like, where can I live? We have to leave the US.


And we looked at Australia and since my husband is Intec, actually they have like a secret, like it's not secret, but they have a program where you can apply to be a resident for only a couple years.


And so in the back of my head, I'm like, it gets really bad. We're going to Australia because he's attacked the taxi industry and then accept that.


So, yeah, I'm like, that's our backup in case anything.


Plus I'm wombats. So that's wombats.


I'm obsessed with wombats, you know, like the baby rabbits.


You know that they do. Yeah, they I swear to God. So when they poop tubes look it up. Yeah, it's true.


So yeah, they're adorable and they are such beautiful little creatures. I eat.


When I was a kid I used to leave me like a nature reserve and they, they put cubes so that you go crazy.


Like I like when I see a wombat my voice goes from like here to like up here like I'm just like, oh my God, I have a video I'll show you on my phone, give me a wombat. But they have to be babies because they get really grouchy when they get older, right?


They do. Yeah. They like little tanks. They let you know they like very, very solid. But also to wombats, a very well known for like we have a lot of bushfires here in Australia. They're actually very well known for letting other animals into their burrows to make sure that they're safe.


Really. Yes, like hard exterior, but very soft and squishy on the inside. Like.


Oh, so you're all that hard. Yeah. Oh, my God, that's so sweet.


I love them even more, right? Yes, I do.


I mean, I completely broke someone the other day. It was an American and they were like I told them, I always go to Tasmania. They were like, oh, I love Tasmanian devils.


I was like, so do I.


Until I found that that they're like psychotic rapists. Oh, my gosh, they are. You're crazy, right?


That has put the women down into their burrows and might take them by the neck with their teeth and then write them and then like, pillage them.


And the women come out like all bloody and. Oh, not anymore. I actually been in Tasmania actually. That's right.


Really. Oh my gosh. That was the cutest town we walked around and it was so amazing. But I speak about Tasmania. OK, the Tasmanian. See you guys. I will never go on that sea again in my life. That was the decision. I literally was crying, holding on for my life in the cruise boat, calling my dad, saying, get a helicopter ready, come save me barfing everywhere.


I mean, the waves were like going over the cruise boat. I mean, it was so scary. It was so scary. I my life was a storm.


No, it's just really rough. It's the roughest one of the rough seas in the world. Right. That's because it's the next basically south of Tasmania, the next thing is Antarctica. So it literally says, oh, my God, on the ocean about the oysters. What about the wine? It's worth going back. They just for that, just don't go on a boat.


Yeah. Yeah, that's true. I need a fly next time. Yes, I am.


I was going to ask you guys, like we were talking about diaries before. Did either of you have a diary when you were growing up? I am glad you did. I actually I had is called it was called, you know, this is funny.


I wouldn't handwrite anything in a diary because it's afraid my brother was going to find it.


But I had this little thing called my pocket diary. It was an electric diary. And you opened it up and it was called like my pocket diary and had a pie.


And you had to have a code to get it. OK, so I did little things in that. And actually, I think my mom might still have it somewhere at my house.


I don't know if I could get in anymore, but I had everything in the little database because I knew my brother was going to find it and he could not he could not crack my code.


I had a day or two in my diary.


I had, like, a little key. Oh, yeah. You have to have the key to open it in my diary, you know, don't like that. I never remember the back of my diary. Like, I would write down all the guys that I kissed.


Oh, that was my agent. Like I had I loved the kids.


I loved the kids. A lot of people I remember I would go to school with my girlfriends and we would have beds to see whoever kids the most, boys not on one night.


So why were you wait, that was like summer camp. Wait, no, that was when we were in, like, you know, college or high school. So we woke up. We would go on trips like for spring break. Yeah. And we were like, OK, let's see who can kiss kisses the most boys in one night. Oh my gosh.


So I'm too much of a germophobia.


And who did you win. Oh, I would always win. Oh my God. I was a kissing bandit. I was like, OK, you do. I met up with a guy and then just like, oh, thanks for my my drink and my kids. And then you go, yeah, you're like, thanks for the free. Check my diary. Oh no.


Well, that's what my dad used to joke about when I used to come back after filming below deck and I used to stay with him for a few weeks when I when I would come back into the country while I looked for a place and he would come home from work and I'd be getting ready. And he was like, we going out for another free meal tonight?


Honey, I had a great idea. And he was like, you know, I want a relationship. You're just hungry.


You're like, I want to go. Oh, I know. It's hilarious.


Hey, guys, I has been so much fun chatting to you today. We would love to do this with you again. So if you again, we would love to have you on again. But thank you so much for being our guests. And it's been very, very enlightening hearing about diary and first job experiences. So thank you so much from both of us.


We thank you so much for having our first guest of the season. Ladies, I'll be watching you.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Bye bye.


Oh, my gosh. How much fun was that? I love those girls.


So lovely. Like, I, I have listened to their podcast and they were talking about the most hilarious thing in the day, which was one of the girls figuring out their potty trick and it just getting it so wrong.


But then I thought to myself, the housewives like it's actually so right. Like what? Because it's wrong. Yeah, that's right. But yeah.


Yeah they know exactly. No, I'm so there's Dallas in Atlanta on at the moment and Atlanta just beat Dallas in my book this week. But that's only because like two of them, Shaq the stripper.


So you can't really top that. That's all right. I love you guys.


But Atlanta got you on this way because with this massive Shillong court action from two of the Atlantic housewives.


So that's what it takes to win and had his book. Yeah, exactly.


And I'm glad to hear that. My good brandy that wasn't an actual departing of Real Housewives of Dallas.


That was like the best hook. And Tay's those girls are so well changed that were like, well actually she may not be leaving and we both feel like home.


So do know they've worked in TV for so long that they know what to do to get us hooked.


Yeah, no it was great to chat with them. So as I mentioned, Hannah and family are hitting the road, which many Dear Diary is hitting the road. Justin, you've got to stay here and look after Bonnie.


Well, you know how some of us have got to stick around in the big smoke.


We can't all go off travelling.


But I'm so excited that I get to take you with me and take everyone with me on the road and tell you guys all my adventures.


And like we said, the podcast is going to be filmed now. So each week you'll be able to see some video content up on our Instagram page at Hannah's podcast of the hilarious stuff that you get up to. With whatever random city you're in, in the background, it's going to be so funny, I reckon she's going to be on dial up Internet guys. She's going, Oh, I know.


That's what I'm so nervous about. I think I'm actually going to go and get those little dongles the USA would or.


Oh, my dongle, it's almost as bad as slang that you just said that my oh my God, OK, I feel like I'm actually doing my podcast with one of the bands that I dated in music.


Hey, that's a really mean thing to say for bands. Yes. If you want to see any of that content, guys, you can follow us at Hannon's podcast. I'm Hoplite. I'm so excited to see this. It's going to be such I mean, it's going to be had a Feria. So, you know, it's going to be hilarious. Exactly. And we've got my engagement party coming up on the 6th of March, which will be so much fun.


So much. Sorry, it's on Mardi Gras. Can't come. So he's going to kill me, which is why he's staring at me like he wants to kill me.


Great. We'll catch up before then. We will. OK, guys.


Well, thank you for listening. Thanks, Cam and Carrie, for coming in. It was so much fun and we've seen it and see you next week. Bye bye. OK, guys, thanks so much for listening today. Please go online and get involved. You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter at Hannas podcast. Please subscribe on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcast.