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I'm Tig Notaro. Comedian and non expert and I have a new advice show where my friends and I are here to answer your questions. Some of you have already written in. Like Wendy, Wendy writes, What do I do about this problem, toenail? It's been an issue for about 18 months. It's unsightly listing from the nail bed and crumbles apart.


Oh, Wendy, that's disgusting. Don't ask me that.


But I will be answering all kinds of non toenail related questions starting July. Twenty second, my friends and I will offer the best advice we've got about heartbreak. In-laws, co-workers, toddlers. Subscribe now to Don't Ask BTIG coming July twenty second from American Public Media and you can ask your own questions at Don't Ask BTIG. But no more pictures of toenails, Wendy.